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Exetonia Prepped to invade Russia Forces gothrew germ (WWIX)

10-11-2003, 20:09
The Following information has been made avaliable to the Exetonian people:

The Plymouth Naval Battle group consisting of:

4 x command ship
12 x Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers with 170 F/A-18Es and 850 F-14 Tomcats
1 x Franklin Osis Class CVL
2 x hospital ship
25 x Arleigh Burke AEGIS Destroyer
12 x Iowa Class Battleship
8 x Arsenal Ship
10 x Long Beach Class Nuclear Cruiser (CGN-9)
40 x Oliver Hazard Perry Class ASW Frigate
1000 x Brahmos missiles (anti ship, sprea evenly accross fleet
12 x Helicopter Assault Ship
480 x Sea King ASW Helicopter
20 x F16A/B - Carrier capable
170 x F/A-18E - Carrier Capable
23 x Sea Shadow
1000 x N-435 Stingray Armoured Hydroplane
400 x Weathered Class Torpedo Boat
4 x Hovercraft Deep Sea Transport
30 x Scout Hovercraft
Are currently enroute to the North sea and are awaiting further orders. They are on Full Alert but, acting in a non hostile action.

The first Cornish Special Forces are now deployed along the border with southern france preparing for an invasion or attack. As yet, this is undecided.
45,000 x M-60 machine gunners
477 snipers
47,000 x fully armoured men armed with m16's and Desert eagles
all armed with 3 fragmentation grenades

The first Cornish regiment will then support these forces from hulled up positions These consist of:
50,000 x M-60 Machine gunners
10,000 x M224 60mm LWCMS
500 snipers
350,000 fully armoured men (same armament as special forces)
all armed with 3 fragmentation grenades
100,000 wagooneisers

There are then the reservists who will be used as and where needed:
7.2 million armed with ak47's and full body armour each with 3 frag

The First Cornsih Armoured support are on standdown in Morlaix.
1,000 x SNAL-1-B
420,000 x rockets for SNAL-1-B
100 x M48 medium tanks
40 x T-62AGM Soviet tanks
200 x 152mm MSTA-S Self-propelled Howitzer
5,000 x Gaz-3937 Mortar Carrier - 1bil
5,100 x Upgraded GRAD MLRS
510 x 9K58 SMERCH-M Multiple Launch Rocket System
1,100 x 120mm NONA-SVK Self-Propelled Gun/Mortar System
2,000 x DIANA 25mm AA Cannon
50 x Military Landing HoverCraft

Finally. RAF dt mawgan is at full alert status and on a 1 hour notice for launch. The Cornish Airforce division consists of the following:

200 x F-15E Strike Eagle
200 x JAS 39 Gripen
100 x F-117a Nighthawk
100 x F-15c
10 x AC-150 Tanker
10 x F/A-18 Super Hornet
10 x AN-70
10 x A-1 AMX
20 x B-52 Bomber
11-11-2003, 17:27
The Stingrays ahve been redeployed to defend the Isles of Scilly and the sealane between there and Lands end cornwall.
11-11-2003, 17:49
It is suggested you dont attack my fleeet as it moves through there, wich it will be doing in a matter of days. We mean no harm to your fleet at this time but if you attack we will be forced to do the same.

Bernard Hingston
Head of Largent Naval Operations
11-11-2003, 17:55
Freedom to pass granted. Transmitting of clearance codes u will need will begin on a secure chanel within the hour. That is all.
The Sword and Sheild
11-11-2003, 17:57
Iberian Naval Command, in it's need to obtain more bases outside the Mediterranean and Iberian, has sent a request to Exetonia for either basing rights, or parking rights to his bases on England for the Allied Navy. This would entail that as long as those bases exist, the Allied States will not attack Exetonia
11-11-2003, 17:59
Thank you, no hostile movements are needed now Exetonia.
11-11-2003, 18:05
Iberian Naval commad, permission to use Flamouth Harbour as a base oif operations is granted. Also, you may make full use of cornwall for and Plymouth for shore leave. No actions will be taken against the Iberian fleet in fact, another 250 stingrays shall provide you with an escort. Since 250 are also noe accompanying Largent, this leaves 500 to protect The Isles of Scilly. The main naval fleet is being moved to just outside of the Lizard peninsual to provide air and navla support from Plymouth to the Isles of Scilly. All airbases are on intercept alert should any hostiles seek to engage Iberian fleets, the Largentine fleet or the Extonia fleet.
The Sword and Sheild
11-11-2003, 18:21
Iberian and Allied Command send their thanks to Exetonia for granting rights. A naval force is being formed to base itself there for operations in the North Atlantic and French coast, and Channel, the forces makeup are as follows.

Atlantic Command
1 Ark Royal class Fleet Carrier (124 Aircraft, 28 Rotary, 96 Fixed Wing)
2 Athena class Light Carriers (45 Aircraft, 12 rotary, 33 Fixed Wing)
1 Excelsior class Battleship
2 King II class Battleships
3 Des Moines class Heavy Cruisers
2 Alaska class Heavy Cruisers
7 Ticonderoga class Cruisers (w/AEGIS)
9 Arleigh Burke class Destroyers (w/AEGIS)
10 Spruance class Destroyers
18 Gearing class (Modernized) Destroyers
15 Benham class (Modernized) Destroyers
12 Minesweepers
6 Mine/Sonar Net Layers

Total of 20,000 Marines stationed there.
An Army force of 18,000 is also being stationed there.
11-11-2003, 18:28
The first cornwall special forces have now been ordered to invade Britanny. This will take place effective immediately. Forces have just left on hover craft via Plymouth and are being supported by a B-52 bombing run of the landing area to wipe out any positions. ETA: Bombers - 1 hour, Special Forces - 3 hours.

To support this action, 1 nimitz class carrier and the 5 AEGIS cruisers are being deployed of the coast of Brtitany. Any support that can be offered by the Iberian fleet or Largent would be appreciated. That is all.

To: Iberian Command and Largent Command
From: Exetonian Military Command
Encryption level: Top Priority

We would be interested into entering a full blown alliance for the duration of this war as, three forces, are better than 1. This assures mutual support between us and, a chance to hold of any counter actions taken against the actions we are making.

The Sword and Sheild
11-11-2003, 18:33
Allied Command accepts an Alliance with Exetonia, and have sent their own overtures to Largent concerning an Alliance. To these ends, once the Atlantic Fleet arrives (1 RL hour), 1 Athena class carrier the ANS Justinian, 1 Des Moines class Heavy Cruiser, 2 Ticonderoga class cruisers, 2 Arleigh Burke class destroyers, 1 Spruance class destroyer, and 3 Gearing class destroyers will be dispatched to support your forces in securing Brittany.

Besides the Naval Air Arm in the area, no other Aerial forces can be deployed to support your invasion except long range Strategic and Tactical bombers from my own base of operations in Marseilles and Barcelona, as most of the Air Force is still being transported to the Mediterranean. Should your invasion grind to a halt for some reason, once the Atlantic fleet has based itself 3,000 Marines can be made ready, w/equipment to support your forces.
11-11-2003, 19:27
Sucess, the Exetonian special forces will enter Britanny through Roscoff with little to no resistance after the sucess of our B-52 bombers.

When they enter Roscoff, they will sweep through Brittany quickly securing sites of military interest and air fields to advance our aircraft another hour or two closer to our next targets, unconfirmed as yet.
11-11-2003, 19:47
The special forces contingent have walked into roscoff city as yet unopposed bar a few rocket shots from the resistance fighters over there. They are being dealt with quickly. Air craft from the ENV Exetonia have just taken off to bomb morlaix, and other important sites in Britanny including Morlaix Airport, a perfect launch pad for exetonia air forces. Largent and Iberia are noted to be moving in to support. (guys?)
11-11-2003, 20:39
The Special Forces, now split into two divisions (1/8th at roscoff, the rest going to morlaix) have dug themselves in awaiting full armour support from the armoured company. The bombing run prooved a minor sucess with many civilians surrendering however, it is still believed that 20,000 fighters remain. Vicious street fighting is boun to ensue
11-11-2003, 21:08
Following the bombing of morlaix by Largent forces, and the arrival of the Exetonian armoured support, the special forces began to enter morlaix taking light casualties with n o fatalities. All resistance was captured without much of a fight and, are being shipped to a POW camp in penzance. There are no reports as yet of how the people of Briuttany have taken this. 1/8th the Exetonian airforce is enroute to Morlaix airport including 5 of the 20 B-52 bombers.
11-11-2003, 23:13
Johnson and his team approached the last area of Morlaix unsearched, the airport. They wern't expecting anything. He and his team were the best trained men bar the EEG in thw whole of exetonia but, this time, he would miss something.

Richards, a younger man was performing his routine rounds when he spotted something in his right eye. Before he could yell to the commander, a sniper put a small hole through his head and moved on. The course of war never did run smooth.

Johnson looked around for his mound and was startled to come accross a corpse. He immdeiately jumped on his radio. "Command, we have a problem. The airport is not clear, repeat not clear. Request immediate extra support from camp delta"

***Support denied, Forces required north of morlaix. A French armoured division has broken through and is running rampant. Sit tight, air support in bound repeat inbound.***

Immediately Johnson turned and began running at a pace but, it was to late. On the horison he could see the 31'st French Brigade from Brittany heading in on their position. Would air support arrive in time? Who knew, he didn't. His men dived into their makeshift bunkers, knowing in the back of his mind this could be 49 elite men v an entire infantry division.

####Location: ENV Exeter####

***Loud Speaker: All pilots report to your craft repeat, all pilots report to your craft, this is not a drill, this is not a drill. Forces under attack in Morlaix. Your orders are to bomb the incoming French Tank and infantry divisions and intercept any aircraft. We are requesting immediate help as we speak***

Within minutes, the Naval air contingent based on the Exetonia was getting airborne and en route but, would they be in time?

####Location: Exetonian war room, plymouth####

Gentlemen, we are faced with a dilema. If you would open youe envelopes please. The ministers opened their envelopes and all let out a gasp. In front of them was a form asking for permission to operate project X, the launching of JAXMi2 missiles at targets. 1 Seashadow was to eb the launch base as, it is virtualy (ooc: only virtually) undetectable by radar. Within two minutes the result was in. The decision was a a total majority with all 20 voting yes. An encrypted comunique was sent immediately to the ENV Covert:

To: Commander Lomax, ENV Covert
From: Exetonian High Command

Please open the red envelope in the locked draw of your desk and follow the instructions to the letter. This is an order that can't be counter-manded repeat, cannot be countermanded. That is all.


It was done and, the exetonian people would have to live with their governments decision for a long long time.

####Location: Command Room, ENV Covert#####
Alright men, listen up. We are to procede 25 NM north west of Plymouth and begin stealth running. Exactly 1 hour after arriavl, we are to launch our three JAXMi2 missiles at these targets in France. These orders are from command and cannot be countermanded so, get to it, we have a job to do.

The Covert set off at full power for it's new position. Launch would be in 1 hour and 30 minutes. The targets, Paris, Orleans and Lyon
11-11-2003, 23:51
OOC: What kind of missiles are JAXMI2, exetonia, and do you want us to join? The spoils of war are always fun to grab, :P .
12-11-2003, 02:42
Largent is cutting off 1/4 of the origional fleet it sent earlier in the thread to aid yo in Brittany. If more forces are needed just say.
12-11-2003, 03:13
OoC : JAXMi2 missiles! :shock: My missiles! :shock: They can destroy entire LARGE cities! :shock: More information HERE (!
12-11-2003, 03:18
OOC: would be interesting to see the effects of this missile. Wonder if it would produce the effects of a nuke, w/o the radiation, though.
12-11-2003, 03:58
He'd win the war... He could blow up entire cities with that thing. Stronger than nukes, although w/o radiation.
12-11-2003, 04:00
so not modern tech? so scaled down to be modern tech for this war game?
12-11-2003, 04:13
He'd win the war... He could blow up entire cities with that thing. Stronger than nukes, although w/o radiation.

OOC: But what about blast waves and thermal pulses and the trademark cloud? That's what we're looking for. Plus the vacuum effect after the blast pushes all the air away.
12-11-2003, 04:14
well he can use them... the agreement was anything goes...

so it would just make the war go nuclear....
12-11-2003, 04:15
CCC looks like gibraltar will appear nuclear... :-)
12-11-2003, 18:19
To: Largent and Iberian Forces entering France.
From: Exetonia High Command
Encryption level: maximum - Delta Band


End Message.

####Location, Morlaix Airport####

As far as Johnson could tell the infantry division advancing rapidly on their position was about 20 minutes away and from the rumblings, the armoured division was already entering the city. They were outmanned 2 to 1 and out gunned nearly 3 to 1. This was gonna be a tough fight. Where in hell was that air support....

####Location, Nimitz class carrier ENV Exetonia, Command room####

Excellent yelled the commander as he watched the 75 radar blips flash left towards their targets accross Brittany. It was at this point the problems arose. From no where, a hail of missiles burst onto the radar and the comms channels became full. The group split but, to late as 109 stingers flew into the lead aircraft leaving the pilots with no chance. From the ground positions in morlaix burning wreckage could be seen in the distance.

THIS IS FLIGHT COMMAND, WE ARE UNDER FIRE REPEAT...., the communication was lost as eagle squadron commander Alex Baileys Fighter was blasted from the sky. The last 64 reformed and moved on the stinger positions close to their primary targets, dropped to 50 ft and opened up with there 15mm Vulcan cannons. The French positions stood no chance as there flesh was ripped to pieces. In a second, the fighters had soared to 25,000 ft to begin their bombing run on the infantry division heading to re-take the airport.

####Location, Morlaix city, Main Battle front.####
The Special forces had now dug in with their Mod 3 machine guns waiting to blast open the French tanks, modernised shermans left over from previous World wars. It was then thr first ttank burst over the street and opened fire. The first machine gun position was gone in a second with 12 men. Shrpanel flew everywhere takin g out many more men. The Special forces returned fire, where was that armoured support

####Location, Morlaix, 5 miles from the battle front.####

The 100 M48 medium tanks 40 T-62AGM Soviet tanks were rolling at full steam towards the city. They knew the special forces were in trouble and so had accelerated to full power. They could see the blasts in the distance and wondered how many vehicles the rench were using. They would soon find out, Morlaix was now only 2 miles away

####Location, ENV Covert, war room####

45YTGF86547825ALPHACOMMAND7, the final letter was pressed and a box holding a red button flipped open. May God forgive us for what we are about to do..., The commander pressed the button and Klaxons sounded accross the entire ship. Seconds later, three tubes fired the JAXMi2 missiles at their sepperate targets. The first to be hit would be Lyon, followed by Orleans then Paris. The effects would be devestating. An officer piped up T-Minus 25 minutes and counting to blast.

May God Forgive us all, came thew reply from Lomax.

12-11-2003, 19:49
####Location, Paris, France####

Jaques and his family were happily enjoying their meal as the airraid siren sounded. He, thinking it was a drill, ushered his family towards the local Bombshelter. The family rushed to the outside just in time to see the ICBM streak through the sky towards the Eiffel tower. This was the last thing they saw as the Missile slammed into it exploding instantly. The effect was devestating, within seconds the entirity of Paris was flattened to the floor with debris being thrown out everywhere. The blast expanded without stopping for 75 miles without stopping consuming everything in it's path. A mushroom cloud could be seen rising from Paris with all that satellites could pick up being a ruined city scape. It was all over in less than 25 seconds and in it's wake, a huge crater was seen at the center of Paris from the sky. The same was happening accross France at Lyon

####Location: Lyon####

MERDE, yelled the commander as a contact appeared on his scope. He ordered the entirity of his airforce to get up and intercept that new contact however, it was to late. As the last of the 120 F-16's were taking off, the missile hit dead center of the army base. Wiping it and the escaping fighters to the floor. The Fighters alrady airborne could do nothing but scream as the EMP blast hit them crashing their systems and making them plummet to the ground. The blast continued out towards the city blasting everthing in it's path. As the dust settled, another crater could be seen with a mushroom cloud forming over the top of it. Lyon, was rubble.

####Location: Orleans####

It was a quite day in Orleans with people going about their business. A young girl crossed the road with her mother as the missile streaked through the sky. A few seconds later, it collided with the hills on the outskirts of the city. The blast expanded as with the others knocking everything in it's path flat but, cause another problem as an earthquake in a direct line to Sain started coming in at a 10 on the richter scale. Again, as the dust settled, a mushroom cloud was seen rising and, a huge crak surging at an incredible rate towards spain....

####Location: ENV Covert####

Inform command that the missile launch was succesful. Our orders now are to return to Fleet HQ just outside of Plymouth. That is all. The message was sent and the seashadow class vessel set out on her return journey.

12-11-2003, 20:24
OOC: :shock: Wow! What a powerful nonuclear weapon! Three cities blotted from the face of the Earth. Are there any thermal effects (heatwaves) coming from the explosion, or is it just the blast?
12-11-2003, 20:26
ooc: you'd have to ask Jaxism about that although it think this liquid when it explodes acts like a very powerful form om semtex
12-11-2003, 20:28
Picture of the destruction of Paris, from a plane 120 miles away:
12-11-2003, 20:32
ooc: thnx for the picture, that's how i imagined it to look :P
12-11-2003, 20:33
Another photo, this time of Lyons:
12-11-2003, 20:36
Another daring plane took this shot of Paris:
12-11-2003, 21:05
####Location: Morlaix Airport.####

The Infantry division crossed the far end of the air field and thought that there was no resistance. The sniper began to run towards them when Jackson struck. He pulkled the trigger on his m-16 and it streaked through the air ripping staright through the sniper. He then moved of as thousands of AK shots rang past his previous position. Then, as if out of no where, 30 jets soared above the division and ropped there payload - napalm. Most of the men managed to run for cover but 500 were caught under the blast. The fighters banked hard right before returning on the rest of the division and unloading with their vulcan cannons. Many more of the French were cut to pieces as they began to retreat. The Fighters swooped off towards the coast and the Exetonia waiting for them. Jackson decided to hold hsi ground as the men ran for miles.

####Location: Moralix main battle field####

Having taken 15% casualties, the Special forces were preparing to retreat when the armoured division crossed into the city and opened up. The French stood their ground well, taking out many tanks however, the shermans were never designed to hold out and they were wiped out with the final casualties standing at 20% for the special forces and 5% for the armoured core. Morlaix had finally fallen and soon, so would the rest of Brittany and the rest of France.

12-11-2003, 21:40
Actually, the USUAL explosion is 18x that picture. The only after-affect is a large layer of smoke floating in the area for 4-24 months, depending on the area's other pollution.
12-11-2003, 21:42
ooc: then consider for all purposes that they are scaled down and you really should update your stats. that means it would take out an entire country. I only wanted to take out a few cities so, they have been scaled down to wipe out countries.
12-11-2003, 21:44
I meant 8, not 18! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! 18 would probably blow up all of Iraq...
12-11-2003, 22:29
From: Exetonia High Command
To: All Force Commanders
Encryption: maximum
Subject: New orders.

The Plymouth Naval fleet is to now mour itself outside of roscoff with any re-supplies being made at Ply,outh before leaving. 1/2 the airforce is to fly to morlaix airport to give us an advance platform into France and the special forces are to regroup and hold the entire border to the rest of France.

1st, 2nd and 3rd regiments of the Exetonian infantry core will be sent to re-enforce the psoition as will the rest of the exetonian artillery. We have 4000 MBT's en route aswell but, more oin these when they arrive.

The Naval airforce is to perform reconaissance on the regions of Paris, Lyon and Orleans to see the damage done.

That is all.
12-11-2003, 22:33
OoC : Exetonia, remember to post where you use my weapons in my thread. :lol: I like seeing them in action. 8)
12-11-2003, 22:54
A message from the TSD high command, Army Sector.

To all french Troops and all nations fighting in or near france.

We have been monitering your little, war and we wish to make it clear that if any french or other nation soldiers crosses the boarder into Germany they will be shot for spying.

You may travel in Trasa Germany only if you recive special Permission from the High Command.

That is all.

Signed Grand Admiral Holz of the TSD High Command, Army sector.
13-11-2003, 00:14
OOC: If you're wondering, the pics are from the anime movie AKIRA, of which the setting (NeoTokyo) is one of my puppet nations. The real explosion came from a kid (Akira) so psychically powerful, that he can destroy an entire city, or n00b nation the way the pics show. Just some trivia.
13-11-2003, 00:42
OOC: Erm... modern tech... erm... nukes = bad RP... I don't know how the rest of the WWIX participants feel, but the use of MT-range detonations is entirely too cheesy for me, particularly with the map so small compared to the nations operating on it...
13-11-2003, 00:43
13-11-2003, 00:58
ooc: these are not nukes and, i rp'd them well. the use of these weapons is totaly viable and not outlawed in the original settings. THEY ARE NOT NUCLEAR WEAPONS! I have not done this as a bad rp and merly did what a government of my type would do. That is all, for now (an no, i shall not use them against any active nations (eg rp'ers) in this game.
13-11-2003, 01:03
ooc... i know they arnt nuclear... but they appear to be nuclear without radiation.... and it was a civilian target... and my ppl dont know that you wont use them against us...
13-11-2003, 01:05
ooc: Proove IC that you know those missiles came from me...., that they are nuclear and that iw ould use them on u and then maybe wqe can go all out but i don like being accused by any nation of being a bad rp'er. I think i rp'd the way they were used pretty damm well.
13-11-2003, 01:07
Assuming your missles aren't neclear and have no side effects we are preparing to set up a military base in Paris. Please tell us if this is a mistake. Also, Our troops entering Scandinavia may meet resistance from the nation of Foxxina. We request aid if hostilities break out. We also are putting all troops in Brittany under your temporary command.
13-11-2003, 01:10
i never said you were a bad RPer, as to the weapons.
Large scale detonations (visible from orbit) generally indicate nuclear blast.
you are the primary attacker in that region. (right?)
we have not had anything to do with you before and a nation that uses *nuclear* weapons against a civilian target is possibly unstable, and possibly will use them against us.
13-11-2003, 01:12
Considering paris is a crater, umm that';s not such a bad idea but, any suppoert moving into Normandy to establish a base would be gratified also, you may use morlaix as a temporary airbase/Filed HQ for the time being and thanks. P.S, yes, we will send 10 nimitz class carriers, 10 Helo carriers and 25 aegis cruisers to support you and one sea shadow class vessel JAXMi2 capable....
The Sword and Sheild
13-11-2003, 01:26
OOC: Couldn't these weapons be classified as WMD, becuase they destroy cities. WMD is restricted from WWIX, and I don't think it is becuase of radiation
13-11-2003, 01:29
well i think it isnt actually against the rules... i will have to check tho...
13-11-2003, 01:29
ooc:dude, 5 well loaded B-52's could destroy an entire city, several standard icbm's could do the same. Well, best leave it up to the dude who started it to decide wether or not they r WMD's. If that is the case, Paris, lyon and Orleans being destroyed shall be ignored but it's a bit late to kick up a fuss now isn't it? I mean, i posted that post a whole day ago.
13-11-2003, 01:29
well i think it isnt actually against the rules... i will have to check tho...
13-11-2003, 01:32
Also, reinforcements are allowed, total war is allowed, and the conscription of troops is allowed...
13-11-2003, 01:35
ooc: then exetonia just escalated a slow war..... (whoops)
13-11-2003, 02:58
ooc: Bumpm for reading and response purposes
The Sword and Sheild
13-11-2003, 03:05
Well WMD are not allowed according to the rules, but since Total War is, I guess these weapons fall under that. My only question is why you would want to destroy these cities, the French Resistance is pretty much destroyed after the assaults by me and Largent, it is doubtful a large force would be in the North, and those cities could be used as a base of supplies and for R&R for your troops, and are strategically important should an enemy blast across Germany. Also this has potentially escalated you into a war with more enemies
13-11-2003, 03:07
1: France is a very big country and it's not just resistance were fighting. 2: it would force a surrender by any forces and/or the government in there little bunker and 3: we neded to do a test of this weapon for ourselves. Oh, BTW Total War means WMD!
The Sword and Sheild
13-11-2003, 03:12
1: France is a very big country and it's not just resistance were fighting. 2: it would force a surrender by any forces and/or the government in there little bunker and 3: we neded to do a test of this weapon for ourselves. Oh, BTW Total War means WMD!

Actually it means everyone is affected by the war, and no is spared from it's destruction. WMD escalates it from Total War to Nuclear/Biological/ or Chemical Warfare, a decidedly more lethal form of War. And WMD Are not allowed according to the rules stated by The Macabees
13-11-2003, 03:14
The missile i used is neither nuclear/chemical in the sense u are meaning/or biological
13-11-2003, 03:18
OOC: From a basic standpoint of physical reality, any bomb powerful enough to level a large city would either require a.) extremely large size b.) enormous kinetic energy or c.) a warhead based on a fission, fusion, or antimatter annihilation reaction... and politically speaking, I for one am interested in wars of conquest here, not annihilation, which inevitably results from an escalation to nuclear scale weaponry.
13-11-2003, 03:20
correct, but i does appear nuclear to sensors designed to check for nukes. Also if you are allowed those, and we cant use our nukes, then you win. (i dont think it right to purchase from your supplier during the war)...
13-11-2003, 03:20
ooc:FFS guys, this is not an illegal WMD, just a weapon with the equivalent of a large amount of volatile liquid semtex designed to explode on contact with target area. A nuke without radiation so to speak.
13-11-2003, 03:23
meh true or, you can buy from my supplier. Thats what vhappens in war. Neutral countries make billions selling on weapons during conflicts. I only got 30 of the damm things and well, go ahead and nuke if you wish but, i did post that over a day ago so you could ahve said then you bloody idiots, it is to late to ignore it now....
The Sword and Sheild
13-11-2003, 03:25
It's the fact that if we all buy these, we will just use them against each other to destroy all the cities and bases. Which is probably why Nukes aren't allowed in the first place, becuase it would devolve into a Nuclear standoff, just becuase these weapons don't make radiation doesn't mean they are not destroying the RP.
13-11-2003, 03:29
the reason *i* didnt post about it yesterday is becuase i was probably in bed, (or studying)... (im in australia)
13-11-2003, 03:29
I did a really good RP of bringing them in and destroying the cities so, live with it!!!! I now Prmoise ooc not to use those missiles anymore but, those actions have been made and cannot be taken back, react to it IC because that was a lot of hard work writing all of that and i get no fucking appreciation so sit down shut up and get on with the war!
13-11-2003, 03:33
i personally didnt have a problem with it... i just rolled with the action and responded with flash traffic :-)
if you dont use any more the its fine... if you do, its also fine (with me), if you use them on me or my allies then i will respond...
13-11-2003, 03:34
Oh, if i use them on you i expect the beautiful region of cornwall and most of England to no longer exist :P
13-11-2003, 03:35
Lots of troubles my missiles are bringing... Tons of people seem to agree with them... Although Im not sure about the rules of THIS war so Im not commenting... Lemme just say, they are perfectly legal in NS. Then again, this is not my war to make rules on...

Exetonia, I dont think you really need to not use the missiles. Just dont do it in people's threads like this... Some just dont understand the reality of life and what CAN happen... If you do decide to not use them, which I really think you shouldnt, TG me and I shall pay for your purchase loss.
13-11-2003, 03:36
ummm dude, this is my thread on my actions in the war....
13-11-2003, 03:37
as i have said, i wont stop him, or complain if he does... i will just take appropriate action, just like a RW nation would...
13-11-2003, 03:38
I know... But started the war, exactly. If its you then my mistake. If not then I still cant comment.
13-11-2003, 03:40
macabees was initiator for the threads about this war... it would be up to him in the end, i guess...
13-11-2003, 03:42
Thats what Im saying... But I still think these are perfectly legal.
13-11-2003, 03:47
Exetonia do you really have 12 carriers for an october nation?
13-11-2003, 23:03
It's possible, as he's a powerhouse economy. The carriers probably sucked up much of his budget though...
20-11-2003, 03:08
Hey Exetonia, I know I'm entering late, but I'd like to join your alliance with the Sword and Shield. I'm playing as the Channel Islands (as approved by the Macabees). My troops have seized the English Channel, and are invading Mozambique. If you let me join your group, I could committ troops to opening a second front against Scandinavia, attacking from the east side, near the White Sea. Let me know if I'm in.
28-11-2003, 20:30
ooc1: sorry for the long downtime, BT discconnected me for not paying the bill (whoops)

ooc2: sure

IC: Exetonia began to mobilise along all it's borders, it was now a time to consildate and build up forces (ooc: i need to arm up and, 12 carriers is no problem). There next move would depend upon her allies.
01-12-2003, 19:59
02-12-2003, 17:04
Official declaration of War:

As of 17:00 hours today, Exetonia has declared war on The part of Germany held by Soviet Trasa. For the meantime, this will be a campaign of arial and naval supremacy with the entire Exetonian Navy sat outside of the Coast of Germany keeping a constant block on Trade Traffic and shelling up to 25 miles inland. The entire airforce is enroute along with the naval contingent. All borders with germany are being re-enforced by 3/4 of our reservist core. That is all.
02-12-2003, 20:17
The declaration of war has been removed and a new one entered. Exetonia is preparibg to invade parts of Russia through to siberia.