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Tahar Joblissan Deployments (WWIX)

10-11-2003, 19:24
OOC: Tahar Joblis makes its opening moves in WWIX...

Press Release:
In of recent aggression by the capitalist imperialist warmongers living nearby to us, it has become necessary to secure our regional interests. Do not be alarmed, but reassured that Tahar Joblissan troops have begun to move from our soil in great numbers for the first time in recent history. To preserve democracy and freedom, we find we must act now with daunting force.

Public Actions, in Brief:

A large fleet of transport vessels has been launched under heavy naval and air escort to Tunisia, landing an estimated 50,000 personnel in each of three waves over time; a lightning fast landing of a similar quantity of personnel has been made directly from Cyprus to Syria.

Tahar Joblissan traffic to and from Greece and the Aegean isles has increased noticably, and Tahar Joblissan soldiers have been sighted moving around in large groups therein, if you have regional intel.

Most NDOTJ vessels deployed to the Pacific have begun to move west towards the Indian Ocean.

NDOTJHQ Memo, 11/10/2003. Mediterranean Security Imperatives.

1.) As current Mediterranean fleet deployments total approximately one third of the total Tahar Joblissan fleet in approximate fleet power and the water routes to the Mediterranean are under close control by CHS Citibank Corp and Armacor, it is imperative that secure external bases for naval operations be established quickly outside of the Mediterranean in the likely event that a global conflict ensues.

Indian and Pacific Fleets:
(a) Tahar Joblissan marine forces, reservists, and naval personnel are believed to be of sufficient numbers to effect the secure military acquisition of a small isolated island, possibly as many as three, although not in the strategically important Baltic region. If passage through the Armacorian region of control may be obtained, ports for the Indian Ocean fleet may easily be obtained and securely defended against casual infantry or armor assault with little difficulty. Fleet elements currently deployed to the Pacific will move with immediate recall towards the Indian Ocean.

Atlantic Fleet:
(b) Diplomatic means to acquire use of a secure and ably defended port in Ireland, Iceland, England, Norway, or Burgundy should be pursued. In the mean time, infiltration of all ports in such regions to monitor them closely with the eye for a contingent military seizure thereof is of chief priority for the Marine Special Operative and Naval Intelligence divisions.

Mediterranean and Black Seas:
(c) The true intentions of Malatose, Dark Terror, and Artista being unknown, as well as their relationship to Isolated Peoples being unclear at this time, with control of the Black Sea and its exit into the Mediterranean being a powerful tool regarding both the eastern Mediterranean, in which we reside, and eastern Europe/western Asia, in which the three abovementioned reside, some submersible elements of the Mediterranean (Home) Fleet should be quietly deployed to the Black Sea in the event that interdiction of it becomes necessary, without catching the attention of Isolationist Peoples. This may require some time.

Tahar Joblissan Ground Army:
2.) It is clear that the TJGA is pressed by circumstances to move to our greater security needs.

(a) As security of an oil supply is imperative, even for a country as dedicated to the exploration of alternative fuel sources as Tahar Joblis, be it resolved that the 1st and 4th through 9th Tumens be deployed with full armor support under the heading First Army to the Syrian coast immediately.

(b) A base of operations there should be established, with an eye towards future deployment towards northern Iraq, possibly in the immediate future.

(c) Tunesia being of geographic importance as well as possessing modest oil reserves, the 2nd as well as 10th through 17th Tumens shall be deployed there under the banner of Second Army to establish an air base and secure oil supply, and should apply to the sensibilities of local residents in controlling Tunesia and a certain portion of northwestern Libya.

Geographic Security and Furtherment of Tahar Joblissan Ideals:
3.) Being as it may that our Tahar Joblissan brethren in Greece may be in danger, and the security of the Aegean Sea and its ports being of utterly vital importance, we must move to control Greece.

(a) The dispersed deployment of the 18th-25th Tumens and the 1st and 5th Independent Rifle Companies under the 3rd Army banner with light armor support to Peloponesia, northern Greece, and the smaller Aegean isles should be done quietly. The 3rd Army is to install defensive positions, rouse the populace, train snipers, and prepare for land invasion from the north. Small arms factories, ammo dumps, concealed bunkers, and mines are all production priorities.

(b) The 3rd Tumen shall be deployed to Crete to install and defend a missile base with a small air base there. In addition to fortifying the island, its industry should be turned towards the manufacture of munitions for quick resupply.

(c) There being the natural metal supplies available in Greece, and there being fewer Goliath tanks than would be needed to fight full scale land conflicts, the 3rd Army is to look into siting manufacturing plants for it.

(d)The TJAF is to increase air patrols and interdict all unidentified craft entering Tahar Joblissan airspace.

*Tumen = 10,000 combat personnel, commanded by a colonel.
The Macabees
10-11-2003, 19:31
OOC: Maybe I should declare my mobilizations in the same thread...the thing is that I fell lazy right now hehe. Oh yea.. and technically, as war leader, I don't know the exact specifics of this, just an all around number based off intelligence...but this is technically unknown.
10-11-2003, 19:36
ooc: Exetonian deployments.

All reservists have been called up due to increasing tensions accross the world. Bunkers are being constructed and the navy has been launched to English waters, 5 NM out of Plymouth on the Cornish side. RAF st Mawgan is on high alert and 4 hours notice to launch. The b52's and other aircraft are being prepared right now. We hope it does not come to all out war however, if it does, we shall be there.

This is all.
10-11-2003, 19:51
ooc: Exetonian deployments.

All reservists have been called up due to increasing tensions accross the world. Bunkers are being constructed and the navy has been launched to English waters, 5 NM out of Plymouth on the Cornish side. RAF st Mawgan is on high alert and 4 hours notice to launch. The b52's and other aircraft are being prepared right now. We hope it does not come to all out war however, if it does, we shall be there.

This is all.

Sealed Courier Pouch*, c/o Lt. Morgaine Bleys Akhaiven, TJMSO.
Destination: Exetonian high command.
Requested: Reply via courier, confirmation of receipt of message with seal intact.
Security and peace are fragile things; as you may well be aware, Tahar Joblis has a powerful Atlantic Fleet that is in distinct need of a base of operations in the critical Baltic region, which could erupt into open war any day now.
We are aware that helping feed and fuel our fleet may put a strain on your production at a time when you, too, are gearing up militarily. However, even though we may not be able to offer any substantial, immediate, and garuanteed recompense, we feel you may find the natural benefits of having a constant and friendly NDOTJ presence in and around your harbors quite reassuring in times of trouble.
Status: Sent, receipt not confirmed at this point in time.

*OOC: If you act on this knowledge at this point in time, you better have a good IC reason. I'm putting this out in public rather than TM for a reason that shouldn't be clear immediately but might become clear later.
10-11-2003, 20:16
From: Exetonian High Command
To: Tahar Joblis Command

We confirm recieving your message and must take time to decide upon the action we will take. We will get back to you in due time. Thank you again.
En message. *seal placed*

The courrier was desptached at high pace to the Tahar Joblis command center.
11-11-2003, 04:17
Tunisian News Television Report, English Subtitle Transcript, First Broadcast:

"Welcome to TNT news, the new news station operating out of the new Tunisia, just up in time to bring you a speech from Hosni Dali, the President of the newly formed Tunisian Socialist Republic, where Tahar has become a very popular name to have!"

*scene cuts from a sparse news room to a podium outdoors*

"Greetings! Peace, prosperity, and a clean enviroment have come marching in with green and blue flags, and the TSR is ready to greet the future with the help of our Tahar Joblissan friends, who have come to further peace, democracy, and clean living throughout the world and defend us from the evil men who seek to clutch the world in their grasping, greedy, greasy hands. I understand change may come as a surprise to you, but it is a good change, a healthy change. I am here at the air base, and they are taking volunteers to aid them in their struggle to make the world a better place. We, too, can make a difference!"

*cheering from an enthusiastic crowd. camera pans across many happy north african faces, some waving Tahar Joblissan flags, and some waving Tunisian flags.*

All Things Considered, NPR, Excerpt:

Out of the chaos surrounding a large Tahar Joblissan movement to Tunisia, a new nation called the TSR has been formed, covering nearly three times the area that small nation of Tunisia once did - including Tunisia, a slice of what was once Algeria, and a noticable chunk of Libya. The speed with which the Tahar Joblissans have - well, it's simply astounding. With me here today to talk about it is noted historian Johnathan Smith, an expert on the region...
11-11-2003, 08:30
any probs with mine?
11-11-2003, 13:28
11-11-2003, 13:50

OOC: Hmm? Problems? Why? OOCly speaking, most things are running about the way I expect them. I'm noticing a surprising lack of problems so far between players for the most part, actually...

Official Report
Colonel Jessica Silvus Jr, Commander, 3rd Tumen
Operational Command Center: Iraklion, Crete
Section 1: Hardening and installation of defenses in central airport.
Section 2: Missile bunker positions.
Section 3: Manufacturing centers.
Section 4: Local training centers in current use & planned locations.
Section 5: Port defense initiatives.
Section 6: Local strategic stockpiles.
Section 7: Supply requests.
Section 8: Tracking and targeting in the Aegean.
Section 9: Local political issues.
Substantial progress has been made towards making Crete a secure secondary airbase and missile base; cooperation with the locals has by and large been achieved, and the native terrain allows for numerous concealed and hardened firing and tracking positions around the island. Issues remain with IP naval presence nearby, restraining overeager Greek partisans, and keeping a low profile, but mission success is highly positive for the 3rd Tumen thus far, with a small arms plant having been converted to the manufacture of TJAR-MX and TJAR-MG light assault rifles, ammunition manufacture, and various other sites looking promising for secure manufacture.
11-11-2003, 14:16
well we meet tomorrow (today) in libya... :-)
11-11-2003, 15:40
well we meet tomorrow (today) in libya... :-)
Actually, only if you take the eastern two thirds of Libya tommorrow (today) and keep going thataway... the TSR is prepared, however, to defend itself against foreign incursion. With, naturally, heavy Tahar Joblissan help :D
11-11-2003, 16:57
OOC: Dangit, those who have yet to post their first WWIX deployments need to start doing so... before things get too boiled up. Think I'm going to have to wait for some of the slower people to move again a time or two before I follow up on this set.

Directive from Strategic Commitee on Current Military Affairs:
Current tensions in the area have merited continued escalation of military activity. Although outright hostilities have yet to erupt between Tahar Joblissan troops and Isolationist Peoples, it appears to be at this point an inevitability; our Atlantic Fleet is in potentially dire straits and of little use in defense of our main bases of operations; and our Indian fleet could become largely isolated if Armacorian relations take a hostile turn.

1.) The combined Indian and Pacific fleets, operating out of Sri Lanka, are in a prime position to sit, wait, and prepare to act if our interests are threatened; however, as lacking any immediate objective target, the following measures shall be taken with regard to them:

Redeployments to/from:
(a) As the Suez Canal has remained open, the transfer of transports bearing the 26th, 34th, 37th, and 46th Tumens, under banner of 4th Army, support personnel, and support materials, shall continue until fully complete. As the supply of smaller attack and transport vessels in the Pacific and Indian fleet exceeds demand, and as there is a need for such in the Mediterranean, 20 Kraken class destroyers, 10 Sea Serpent class destroyers, 2 Tentacle II class light cruisers, 4 Ink class corvettes, 16 Serpent class light missile corvettes, 20 Spitting Cobra heavy missile boats, 12 Goldfish missile boats, 1 Squid class cruiser, 10 Manta class submarines, 10 Otter class submersibles, and the TJS Harrow Reef are to be sent north individually through the Suez Canal to reinforce the Mediterranean Fleet.

Air base:
(b) Among the transports and support materials shipped shall also be the materials, personnel, and disassembled planes to staff a fully equipped air base capable of handling TJB-3 Cyclops and TJB-2 Magus bombers; air defense systems shall also be installed on the island, as a normal precaution.

African Coast:
(c) The Indian Fleet is to maintain full sea and air patrols, including a careful watch on the African Coast. Unless fired upon, fleet elements are to not engage in combat.

2.) The Tunisian Socialist Republic is fully willing to fight by our side and supply us with oil securely in the event that trade relations break down. However, their defense must not be neglected.

(a) Being as it may that three military grade airbases now exist in the TSR, the TJAF will provide full air patrols covering TSR airspace. TSR airspace will be held off-limits to foreign military craft without explicit permission for overflight.

Air Defense Systems:
(b) Libyan air defense systems will find ready adaptation on the eastern border of TSR with minor repair. Central and western TSR will require new systems installed from the ground up.

(c) Tripoli, a strategic port city located just outside the eastern border of the TSR, shall be carefully infiltrated with an eye towards monitoring, participating, or covertly controlling trade from it. The shipment of 10,000 AK-47s, 5,000 TJAR-MXs, 2500 RPG-7s, and 5,000 crates of ammunition that disappeared in Tripoli just before the end of the war is probably gone, but it might be a good idea to see which Libyan resistance groups start brandishing Tahar Joblissan assault rifles at either TSR or Armacor.

TSR Army:
(d) Training of the 1st-4th Tunisian Tumens shall include close familiarity training with Great Toad and Goliath tanks, as factories in Gafsa, Kassserine, and Tunis have begun to produce Goliath MBTs. Once the tooling of assembly lines and quality control training have been dealt with, TSR will be the primary source of Goliath MBTs. A secondary factory in Tunis is producing a full line of Great Toad tanks with no defects, although munitions manufacture supporting armor in Tunisia has not yet extended to the full range of ammunition.

Missile basing operations:
(e) Missile launch systems in Tunisia are not a high prority at this point in time; for such, we also ask that mobility and concealment be emphasized over hardpoint style bunker systems.

3.) Control of the expansive Middle Eastern oil reserves is not an option at this point in time, although strategic denial remains within our capabilities. However, it benefits us more to stay put and prepare to tie down IP forces in Syria should outright war break out between us and our nearest neighbor.

Northern Iraqi Oilfields:
(a) The hopes of an independent Kurdistan have been fanned, and continuing the covert arms shipments will only serve to provide distractions in the region. General Hakthrop will, in the future, inform Central Command when he initiates a new strategic program, or face a court-martial. In the mean time, he is commended on his creative efforts involving "deserters".

Golan Heights:
(b) Continued installation of heavy artillery and missile battery positions in the Golan Heights shall continue, freeing up naval fire support assets for redeployment in a less exposed position.

1st Army Engineers:
(c) Preparations should be made against Isolationist Peoples invading the zone under our control. Such should center chiefly around eliminating IP armor.

1st Army:
(d) The 1st Army shall be reinforced with the 27th and 28th Tumens, including heavy anti-tank support weaponry and PBA systems. A repeat of the tactics displayed in the Amerigan War and the Allanean War could well prove the undoing of an overeager IP general.

4.) Preparations to defend Greece and deploy troops therein have been hampered somewhat by increased IP naval presence. Greek partisans are eager to beat back the Turks once more, but plans to use Greece as an armor platform and production center have fallen awry.

Aegean Fleet Destruction Initiative:
(a) With IP aggression within sight, a plan to issue a sudden deathblow to IP fleets in the Aegean will be constructed and supported with Aegean resources where possible.

(b) Crete will doubtless prove a central point in this plan; thus, measures should be taken to insure local security against marine operatives and IP airstrikes.

Armored Warfare in Greece:
(c) IP's numerically greater heavy armor resources will prove worthless next to mobile amphibious light personal armor resources in any protracted struggle for control in the Aegean; however, careful anti-tank tactical training should be submitted to Greek partisans to insure victory.

5.) The Atlantic fleet is in need of a base of operations, but lacks the manpower required to conquer; in addition, Exetonia has yet to respond affirmatively or negatively to our offer. Therefore, be it resolved that small neutral ports somewhat out of the way be investigated.

(a) The Walrus group under command of Commodore Tasha Hsia is to enter diplomatic negotiations with Iceland towards basing operations.

(b) Admiral Gorvas is to take the TJS Kiki to Liberia and see about securing a port there.
13-11-2003, 00:32
Crisis Commitee Report to the Armed Forces:
A full scale war with Isolationist Peoples has erupted over possession of southern Syria, Lebanon, and northern Israel. Armacor has remained neutral, but care must be taken, as Tyrador appears ready to take advantage of any sign of weakness. It is well possible that the TSR could be facing attack from north, west, and east all at once; it thus behooves us to try to limit the scope of our conflict with Isolationist Peoples.

1.) Recent negotiations with Kisnesia have resulted in their opening Atlantic naval bases to our use, among other concessions to both sides which have little bearing on the current conflict with Isolationist Peoples.

Atlantic fleet bases:
(a) The Atlantic Fleet will begin primary basing operations out of the Azores. Secondary operations and hidden supply depots will be maintained through Iceland quietly in the event northern operations become needed, as negotiations with the locals there has been successful.

Support operations:
(b) Munitions resupply will be by long transit where necessary, as Kisnesia does not produce the Snake family of missiles. Secure transport of small numbers of Snake missiles may be readily effected by cargo plane from the TSR south over the Sahara and looping around the bulge of Africa currently; as Gibraltar is currently unsafe for transit, such flights will begin immediately in order to build a stockpile for the Atlantic fleet.

Atlantic operations:
(c) Maintain careful intel and prepare for the possibility of major operations in or near Gibraltar; defend against direct attacks on the Atlantic Fleet or its bases of operation.

2.) Active conflict with Isolationist Peoples, having begun, needs to be ended soon.

Diplomatic solutions:
(a) If it is possible to contain IP fleets to the Black Sea and IP ground forces no further west than the Turkish-Greek border, there is no real reason for conflict.

The ground war:
(b) It is highly doubtful that the First Army will be able to prevent IP forces from securing the region, at least temporarily, should they continue to advance. It is equally doubtful that they can afford to sit massive armies in Syria and Lebanon while at war with us without taking hideous losses at a protracted cost, which could cost them Armenia should Malatosian forces look south and east from their position near Crimea. Additionally, the Lebanese will chafe greatly under IP rule; thus, be it resolved that General Hakthrop is to prepare for a long hard war on his own power with current forces.

NDOTJ directives for the Mediterranean:
(c) The complete eradication of the IP fleet exterior to the Black Sea is at this point in time desirable and, to all intents and appearances, possible. However, as IP controls the exit to the Black Sea, IP will be able to easily remain a naval nuisance through use of submarines.

Control of the skies:
(d) TJAF forces do not enjoy an overwhelming advantage in critical areas of the skies above the conflict. However, preventing the heavy use of IP aircraft against our naval assets will prove a sufficient condition in the long run.

3.) Indian operations and the TSR.

TSR armor assets:
(a) With the development of TSR ground, air, and armor assets, it is currently not necessary to further reinforce with ground forces the TSR.

TSR security:
(b) With Tyrador beginning motions nearby, development of TSR missile assets is now advisable.

Indian Ocean operations:
(c) The combined Pacific and Indian Fleets are to hold, remain cautious of activity, further reinforce their position, and seize any and all IP merchant traffic they can find in the area. IP naval assets, should any find their way into the Indian Ocean, are to be disabled with all due diligence.
13-11-2003, 00:53
Satcom reports multiple nuclear detonations in france, with little radiation. Suspected originator is Exetonia.
13-11-2003, 03:17
ooc: hey TJ, do you have aol or msn messengers? i have both, for msn and sn bjgmantz on aol.
13-11-2003, 07:20
***Tight Beam Encrypted Microwave Comms***
***FROM: Armacor NCA, ALLCINCS***
***TO: Tahar Joblis NCA***
We refer you to the situation in the med. It seems of our 25 opponents 10 are in one alliance. We propose you end the hostilites with IP, and join us against them.
13-11-2003, 08:44
OOC: posted the results from your attacks in my thread. ground units still pushing at the moment even though I'm gonna propose this, just to let you know

***Diplomatic Message to Leadership of Tahar Joblis***

To be simple and blunt, we propose a cease-fire between our nations. Our attacks against our navy have been great, which has lead to a change in the minds of our leadership that our two nations should not fight each other. Through Armacor, we have learned that an alliance between several nations of Europe has been made, and that the combined forces of Armacor, yours and our own with a few other nations can counter this alliance. Therefore, we propose the cease-fire. We are prepared to stop the advance of our ground units in their current positions, and we can negotiate the division of territory already in the possession of our two nations concerning Syria. In addition, we propose a Non-Aggression Pact, and possibly an alliance with Armacor to counter the Europe alliance. We await your reply.

***End Message***
13-11-2003, 15:12
OOC: posted the results from your attacks in my thread. ground units still pushing at the moment even though I'm gonna propose this, just to let you know

***Diplomatic Message to Leadership of Tahar Joblis***

To be simple and blunt, we propose a cease-fire between our nations. Our attacks against our navy have been great, which has lead to a change in the minds of our leadership that our two nations should not fight each other. Through Armacor, we have learned that an alliance between several nations of Europe has been made, and that the combined forces of Armacor, yours and our own with a few other nations can counter this alliance. Therefore, we propose the cease-fire. We are prepared to stop the advance of our ground units in their current positions, and we can negotiate the division of territory already in the possession of our two nations concerning Syria. In addition, we propose a Non-Aggression Pact, and possibly an alliance with Armacor to counter the Europe alliance. We await your reply.

***End Message***

Open Communique from Cyprus to Istanbul:
We accept your offer of a cease fire and are willing to begin negotiations over territory and future relations.

Memo from the desk of Admiral Stromsveldt
CC: Executive Commitee, Strategic Commitee on Current Military Affairs, Crisis Commitee
IP naval assets are at this point in time not a threat. Analysis indicates their intelligence agencies stumbled severely; at this point, it is clear that any future wars with IP not preceded by further Tahar Joblissan advancements will not turn out as well for us on the water. However, they will surely be aware that with time, further reinforcement of the First Army, and the substantial addition of TSR produced armor assets, it will become virtually impossible to disentrench our forces from Lebanon and southern Syria.

Memo, Kathleen Fett, Secretary, Executive Commitee
CC: Strategic Commitee on Current Military Affairs, Crisis Commitee
The cease fire is to be treated as a current and enduring state that may end in time. Reinforcement to the First Army positions will be carried out only in a politically appropriate fashion.
14-11-2003, 19:39
Memo from the desk of Admiral Stromsveldt:
I see the Atlantic Fleet is eager for action. Well, it may well see action soon. With matters coming to a head over Gibraltar, the Atlantic Fleet is to prepare for the possibility of interdicting and destroying Exetonian, Macabean, and/or Sword and Shield naval elements.

Submarine operations are to continue as per normal; should signs of continued hostile submarine activity be present, full scale hunt-and-destroy operations shall commence.

Should hostile action begin peremptorially against Tahar Joblissan elements before negotiations with IP over peace terms finish, NDOTJ local fleet command is authorized to use all due force to destroy all opposition, up to and including the following steps: Interdict all enemy controlled surface vessels traversing the Straits if necessary by long range firepower and close submarine interdiction, eliminate all enemy naval forces in the Atlantic, begin bombardment of critical land positions, supply routes, and airfields, and initiate long term seiging activity. Local fleet command is trusted to use their discretion as to which steps may prove needed in the event of hostile action.
15-11-2003, 01:39
Tahar Joblis and Isolationist People have arrived at an agreement after the close of lengthy negotiations; the terms publicly released are as follows:

Tahar Joblissan and Isolationist People forces will cooperate with one another in the Balkan region.
Tahar Joblissan naval forces shall notify Isolationist People of all passages they make into the Black Sea in advance.
Isolationist People naval forces shall notify in advance the NDOTJ when entering the Aegean Sea.
A state of peace shall exist between Isolationist People and Tahar Joblis, as represented under their current governments.
Normal trade relations shall resume between the two countries.
Tahar Joblissan engineering expertise will be available to construct efficient, clean refineries and pipelines west from Iraq.
A demilitarized zone shall be established across Syria; the DMZ shall be 5 miles wide and barred from military elements of both countries.
Isolationist People relinquishes all claims to the territories lying south of the DMZ.
Tahar Joblis relinquishes all claims to the territories north of the DMZ.
15-11-2003, 19:11
Directive from the Strategic Commitee on Current Military Affairs:
Peace has been settled with Isolationist Peoples, but continued aggression indicates a war with the Macabees and the Sword and Sheild and their ally Exetonia is quite clearly possible.

1.) The reinforced Mediterranean fleet has been reduced to nearly its previous strength by conflict with Isolationist People. However, with Isolationist People naval elements withdrawn to the Black Sea, NDOTJ elements now share control of the eastern Mediterranean with the fleets of only one other power. The western Mediterranean remains a mess, in brief; neither we - nor, for that matter, any three nations - can be described as having control over it.

Mediterranean Fleet Redeployment Initiatives:
(a) The Mediterranean Fleet shall be by and large be deployed in position to respond to potential aggressors and those who may wish to dispute Tahar Joblissan and Armacorian control over the eastern Mediterranean. This entails a general movement westward by hunter elements. Shipyards shall concentrate on reinforcing anti-shipping elements and replacing the vessels lost in the Isolationist People conflict.

Missile Bases:
(b) Missile emplacements from the vicinity of Tunis and Northern Greece shall be installed with all due speed; production from Cretan, TSR, and home Cyprus facilities of Snake (and also, to some degree Sucker) missiles shall be a priority.

Air Superiority of the Central Mediteranean:
(c) Being as it may that air control of the region, be it resolved that air bases in Greece, Crete, and the TSR be reinforced and supplied with ample air superiority craft, most particularly the TJF-2A Lightning Bolt and TJF-4 Javelin. Production of these aircraft is to become a priority, along with TJB-2 Magus and TJF-10 Chimera for long range air support.

Balkan Initiatives:
(d) Elements of the Third Army not actively engaged in training, building, scouting Macedonia, or assisting the Isolationist People takeover of Bulgaria, shall move with all deliberate speed to secure Albania. Third Army shall be reinforced with the 29th and 30th Tumens as well as armor shipped from TSR, namely 400 Goliath and 200 Great Toad tanks.

TSR Ground Forces:
(e) The 31st-33rd Tumens shall be deployed to TSR, under banner of the Fifth Army. The 10th and 11th Tumens as well as the 4th-8th TSR Tumens shall be assigned to the Fifth Army command.

Submersible Elements:
(f) Submersible elements are to track and prepare to begin sinking enemy naval assets. Particular attention is to be paid to the possibility of the sudden elimination of enemy carriers.

2.) Atlantic security issues remain the same as they have been; namely, security and control of the Gibraltar Strait is of primary importance, and the NDOTJ shall be prepared to support our strategic interests on the Atlantic Coast.

General Initiatives:
(a) Particular attention is to be paid to SnS and TM naval elements in the Atlantic, as these may prove hostile. NDOTJ elements in the Atlantic are fully authorized at the commander level to initiate self-defense operations.

West Africa:
(b) Atlantic Fleet shall continue to track movements in, to, and from Western Africa. A Finback carrier group reinforced with full battle support is to move to off the coast of Morocco.

(c) A missile production facility and several small munitions factories shall be installed on Iceland ASAP in order to provide secure supply to the Atlantic Fleet. Such shall also supply fixed emplacements built by NDOTJ engineers.

Submarine Warfare:
(d) All carriers in the Atlantic shall be tracked closely; not a difficult task with satellite surveilance and high altitude spy plane imagery generally available. Submarine fleet command is to prepare to begin sinking carrier assets of other nations.

3.) SAVX is highly occupied with India at the moment. This is by no means an undesirable state of affairs, but we cannot tolerate desertation.

Lt. Colonel Martin:
(a) He is not to be supported. Sympathizers are reminded that Tahar Joblis does not appreciate desertation.

Indian Partisans:
(b) As Martin mentions, Indian partisans require little additional aid in order to drag out the conquest of India a great deal. Sealed information in the orders for Project Marsh is to be made available to combined Indian Fleet command.
17-11-2003, 00:07
Executive Commitee Directive to the armed forces:

The TSR shall prepare for imminent action, invasion, and counterattack procedures.

The 2nd Army is to finish securing Albania and Macedonia. It is imperative that Tahar Joblissan troops present an utterly respectable image to the Albanian and Macedonian populace.

Operation Ogedai Revanant:
The Sixth Army shall be assembled from the following Tumens to a staging area in Kazakhstan, being transported through Isolationist People territory with prior diplomatic arrangements made with Isolationist People:
35th-36th Tumens
38th-43rd Tumens
49th-50th Tumens
11th-12th TSR Tumens
1st & 6th Greek Tumens
3rd Cretan Tumens
The Sixth Army shall be equipped with a recent listing of armor and equipment listed under the heading ARC/SIB-1400 in the TJGA Standard Armor and Variants manual, most recently released version.

Further sealed orders for this operation have been sent with unit commanders; further directives will be issued after the 6th Army has assembled at the staging point.
20-11-2003, 18:47
Directive from Strategic Commitee on Current Military Affairs:
Although not currently directly involved in raging war for Africa, Tahar Joblissan security is nonetheless closely tied with it. Careful attention needs to continue to be paid on all fronts.

1.) It has been decided that the Indian Fleet shall retain operations from Sri Lanka, but that a weakened Pacific fleet shall be issued under a separate command.

Pacific Fleet:
(a) The new Pacific Fleet shall, for the time being, consist of primarily long ranged vessels from the old Pacific fleet. These shall be redeployed immediately in the direction of the Bering Straits. Further orders will be issued regarding specific deployments later.

Indian Fleet:
(b)The Indian Fleet is to continue monitoring the area and avoid engagement unless attacked. A secure zone around Sri Lanka shall be maintained.

(c) Light long range patrol elements of the Indian Fleet are to begin close observation of the island chains separating the Pacific and Indian Oceans. We anticipate a flash point in the region, possibly between IP and TM over Australia, possibly between Largent and SnS over the Phillipines, and possibly several less likely scenarios.

2.) The Tunisian Socialist Republic remains close at hand to a very large war in Africa between Macabean, SnS, Armacor, and quite probably TheFearful forces.

2nd and 5th Armies:
(a) The 2nd Army will continue to train and reinforce in the TSR, adding heavy armor elements and artillery pieces.

(b) TJAF elements in the TSR shall be reinforced; patrols are to be doubled. Air superiority and ground attack craft are in priority.

Missile Operations:
(c) The TSR's missile based and fixed emplacement defenses shall be based on the proposition of destroying or disabling 75% of attacking vessels by the full fleet of Tyrador without NDOTJ support. This shall require continued production of Snake missiles and of coastal Snake batteries, mobile or fixed.

Production Initiatives:
(d) The production of "dune buggy" mobile artillery pieces for use in a Saharan conflict shall begin, although not at the cost of tank production; merely at the cost of expansion of tank production lines. With massed infantry in use, the production of Bob/Saur tanks in limited numbers shall proceed with all due deliberation on one or two production lines.

3.) Control of the Balkans will be critical to our northern security. With this in mind, the Third Army is to continue to advance, expand, reinforce the region, and

(a) The Third Army shall be reinforced from home with the 44th and 45th Tumens.

Albania and Macedonia:
(b) Quick solutions towards long term holds on the area shall be investigated.

Advance line:
(c) The Third Army is to proceed northwest towards Montenegro and Kosovo, slowly, carefully, and with an eye towards avoiding future difficulty in the area. Local arms are to be seized with all due haste when found.

TJAF Support Operations:
(e) TJAF operations shall continue to support TJGA and IP operations in the Balkans.

4.) Activity in the Atlantic has begun to step up. It is imperative that our Atlantic Fleet continue to hold and cultivate native assets in Iceland, as resupply continues to be a major issue.

Submarine Operations:
(a) The NDOTJ is to maintain submarine security where possible. Normal operating procedures shall continue to apply.

Surface Fleet:
(b) The surface fleet is to prepare to engage enemies with all due caution. Of utmost importance is caution and survival.

5.) The establishment of a friendly state in Eastern Asia having been an unqualified success, and with local powers having backed down from potential conflict, the region is no longer as imminent a security concern.

Expansion of the Free Siberian Republics:
(a) The TJGA is to propose and support, should native elements prove cooperative, investigate adjacent Siberian regions to consider expansion.

Seventh Army:
(b) Once assembled, the Seventh Army is to proceed carefully and deliberately eastward. Haste does not appear to be required.

Local development initiatives:
(c) Establishment of military academies in Irkutsk and Mongolia shall proceed swiftly, along with training camps around the entire nation. An offer shall be made to establish a civilian university, with full research facilities, sited in Tuva.
24-11-2003, 03:47
Crisis Commitee Commands to Satellite Operations:
With orbital attack upon Cyprus itself having been committed, several things are clearly needed.

First, destruction of all orbital assets of the perpetrators and interdiction of further launches.

Second, substantial retaliation with our own orbital assets, as allowed by Resolution 33-2445-2432-24-B-334-X-393253008, shall immediately be visited on the perpetrators, which you have issued to us a tentative identification of. Targets shall include military centers, enemy carrier groups, air bases, factories, and buildings of noted significance or any strategic value. All restrictions are off.

Third, a public warning shall be issued; you are to be on hold to cease or resume operations on an immediate basis in response to diplomatic developments.

Fourth, authorization of the use of future orbital strikes to support strategic operations against the perpetrators is hereby issued to you. You are to operate under full red condition. Emergency status is declared in Cyprus, and full security lockdown of command centers has begun.
25-11-2003, 03:21
The Day it Rained Crowbars

In the skies, war was being fought; a war of silent annihilation and careful orbital tracking as Tahar Joblissan satellites worked hard at annihilating every trace of Macabean and Dark Terror space programs from the heavens that they could identify... particularly missile attack satellites. Below, panic reigned. Craters lined the streets of Cypriot cities, made by incoming Macabean missiles, and Tahar Joblissans moved to emergency status, preparing for further attacks. "Strategically important" commitees moved to secure hidden locations to continue directing operations without interruption by attack.

Satellite Operations Center, Secure Location:

"Hey! Lookie here, the Crisis Commitee has authorized us to THOR the stuffing out of those thrice-cursed Macabeans! About time. Says here we're authorized to target enemy carrier groups, command centers, and the whole shebang."

"Funny they specifically mention carrier groups. Guess they want those specifically vaped."

"Mmm. That's a can do. Let's review the area footage and work out target priorities. We've got a lot of reserves up there, haven't used them since the first Rukemian War. Guess it hasn't been an emergency yet."

"Central Command prefers to reserve the system for really tight spots. It may not be a personnel heavy department, but it's long expensive work to get THOR satellites working up there, of any variety, and that work gets much harder if people start thinking to clear them away."

"So, let's see here... well, this chart has Kisnisian asset current positions clearly marked... the rest are all colored red, must have be Stan working tracking up there. Stan! Which ones are Macabean?"

"The red are Macabean and their allies' forces operating in that theatre... heck, it's all good, Fred. These are the ones we're pretty sure are Macabean though." He tapped another chart with yellow Xs. "Pretty sure. Won't hurt to spread a couple strikes around on the others though."

Near-Earth Orbit:
Hundreds of satellites, most disguised as refuse, nonfunctioning satellites, debris, rocks, and so on, came to life. The first warning were explosions, as if someone had commanded a vast minefield in orbit to detonate. The explosions rippled through the sky, and debris began to fall - surprisingly regular debris. Spears of steel and tungsten, by and large, many tipped with titanium. Long, thin, smooth spears, ranging from five foot long tungsten spears with ablative tips in bundles to a handful of great steel spears a hundred feet long, deployed individually and forged from nickel-iron asteroids and slid carefully down the sun's gravity well into near earth orbit by eccentrics in the asteroid belt who felt they owed their original homeland a favor or two.

Raggedly, they began to enter the atmosphere, with extraordinarily high velocity from their interrupted orbits. There is nothing in the natural world quite like the potential and kinetic velocity of a deorbiting projectile; far more aerodynamic and dense than natural meteoroids, they would strike with kinetic energies of up to the chemical energy released by exploding ten times their mass in TNT*, in some cases. Air resistance would prove sufficient to heat these projectiles white hot; in the case of some of the more poorly constructed steel spears, this would soften them slightly, producing a softer and wider impact zone.

The least of these crowbars from orbit, the scattered bundles of five foot tungsten spears meant for area denial more than demolition, are fully capable of threatening the fish beneath a full sized aircraft carriers hull. The greatest, some of the vaster javelins of truly godlike proportions, would strike with force equal to a small nuclear device - around a kiloton. After the initial burns vectoring them into their positions to strike, there would be little warning as the spears fell from the sky at high speed, visible as white streaks of light in the sky. A thunderclap would follow each one, as THOR, god of thunder and lightning, smote the enemies of Tahar Joblis.

Near a hundred small spears would strike down towards each carrier group targeted, centered on the carriers; the fellows from the SOC felt it better to target groups that were "probably" Macabean in and around Iberia (both to Atlantic and Mediterranean sides) than leave the possibility of Macabees retaining warships**. The rest of the ten thousand five foot tungsten spears that rained down on Iberia targeted military concentrations and strategic targets - large assemblies of vehicles and military bases, communications centers, power plants, suspected munitions factories, and a few bundles found their way into large Macabean cities. Not many, though. Four thousand larger steel spears, ranging to ten to forty feet long, would strike fortifications, hardenened targets, and more military concentrations. Four hundred twenty foot long tungsten spears would strike "targets of importance" in TM held territory, and a sparse dozen vast godly javelins would hammer kiloton range fear into Macabean hearts in locations picked more or less at whim by the operators based on their personal hunches as to what was truly important.

Similar strikes of about half this magnitude struck Dark Terror in and around Leningrad; preferred targets here included television and radio stations, telephone switching centers, power plants and distribution networks, and munitions factories in addition to military bases and military concentrations.

No explanation has been given, and nobody has claimed responsibility for the continuation of a secret orbital war, involving thus far Macabees, Kisnesia, Dark Terror, Tahar Joblis, and Malatose - at least.

*KE for most small projectiles roughly equivalent to 0.1 ton TNT. Rated accuracy is 50% of strikes landing within around 25' of designated target, although terminal guidance is relatively primitive and limited.
**If you aren't someone who ICly would be in the habit of keeping Tahar Joblissan intel updated on your carriers' movements, and have ships within a thousand miles of Iberia, this could be you!
Super American VX Man
25-11-2003, 04:55
OOC: Sounds a lot like my railgun satellites.
The Sword and Sheild
25-11-2003, 05:25
OOC: I have serious problems with these new weapons, I didn't mind the Leviathan thing, but these things are just going way out there to something I have absolutely no defense against, and no idea who is using it, but what the hell.


Scattered emergency reports flooded Iberian Command in Barcelona, out of no where the major fleets had been bombarded by strange "lights" from the sky. The waters had turned to gigantic waves where some hit, capsizing some of the smaller ships, and some larger ships had even been hit directly.

The Pacific Battlegroup remained intact however, and no reports of anything of this type came from Manila. All over the Continent and North Africa, ports were swelling with damaged ships, Algiers, Marseilles, Barcelona, all of them swamped with a flood of hulks barely making it in under power. The Federal Navy was now reverting to a defensive role, still maintaining for more then enough ships to do the job, however there was serious talk in Philadelphia of pulling all forces out, with increasing destability in their neighbors, and their alliance in LAGD, they could not afford the losses they could have in the beginning.

Immediately the Admiralty called for an answer to the question in everyones' mind, who did it? Kisnesia was the obvious answer, however Intelligence reports said they had honored the Cease Fire, and this attack was beyond them. Armacor was another serious competitor for the attacker, but lack of information on what tehcnology was available for them could not cancel them out, or confirm them. Tahar Joblis was coming under suspicion, the relative inactivity of that nation in the Med. was beginning to make some wonder, but there again was no concrete evidence.

The only other nation the Command could think of that had access to this type of tech was The Macabees, however the Macabees were allies of the Federals, certainly the attack could not have been carried out by them. And the attacks on the Macabean Iberian made it look less and less likely to even the most cynical commander that the Macabees was behind it, but still some level of suspicion remained.

Another point noted by Intel analysts was reports from the main fleets of ships shadowing them. Picket Frigates had reported contact with submerged vessels, never lasting quite that long but they were following. The Frigates would drop a few ASROC missiles at likely positions, but no hits were ever recorded. FCA ships had also spotted smaller ships shadowing the Carrier battlegroups, and a Cruiser had even fired on one, but since they had never approached within weapons range, or showed hostility, no serious attention was paid to them.

However new orders stipulated that the entire Fleet must stop when an unidentified vessel is seen, give it a warning, then use all means to sink it.

Fleet Report
2 Ark Royal Fleet Carriers Sunk
4 Ark Royal Fleet Carriers Heavily Damaged (In dock for repair)
3 AR Carriers Lightly damaged, repairing at sea, flight ops impaired
1 Athena class LC sunk
4 Athena class Light carriers heavily damaged
2 Athena class LC's lightly damages
1 Excelsior class Battleship Heavily Damaged
1 Excelsior class Battleship damaged
2 King II Class Battleships heavily damaged
2 King II class Battleships damaged
5 King I class Battleships Sunk (Capsized, bad stability)
4 King I Class Battleships damaged (Again, bad stability)
2 King I class battleships heavily damaged
1 Warrior class Battlecruiser sunk
2 Warrior class Battlecruisers heavily damaged
4 Ticonderoga class Cruisers sunk
8 Ticonderoga class Cruisers heavily damaged
7 Arleigh Burke class Destroyers sunk
4 AB class Destroyers heavily damaged
2 Spruance class Destroyers sunk
7 Spruance class Destroyers heavily damaged
4 OHP class Frigates sunk (Capsized)
8 OHP class Frigates heavily damaged
11 FCS Ammo ships sunk
13 FCS Supply ships sunk
2 Oilers sunk
2 Oilers heavily damaged
3 Los Angeles class SSN's heavily damaged
1 LA class SSN sunk
1 Sea Wolf class SSN sunk
1 Sea wolf class SSN damaged
1 Virginia class SSN damages

Land Forces
2,245 Dead
9,604 Wounded
1,540 vehicles destroyed or unusable
3,640 vehicles damaged, in need of repair
25-11-2003, 05:57
ooc// ok as an ally i am assuming you know where my western med fleet is... so i assume i am safe...
25-11-2003, 09:14
OOC: My apologies here, but you have to understand that once the orbital playing field was opened, I couldn't let it lie there. Before, I really could've ICly and OOCly kept those in reserve, but TM did open up the orbital bombardment box. I prefer to keep the rest of this conventional, provided it lasts much longer. It does seem to have... well, started to tidy up and slow down, by and large. Oh, and I had a couple things that I should've posted at the same time or so... and yah, suspicions should be arising with DT and TM targeted with orbital strikes of one kind, and Kisnesia, Soviet Trasa, and Tahar Joblis targeted with another kind.

Atlantic Fleet Command:
"I don't care! Get me on the horn with Satellite Operations!"

The admiral fumed silently at the phone for a moment.

"Yes, this is Atlantic Fleet Command. Why didn't you tell us what you were doing? Do you realize that you just sank several of our ships out shadowing enemy carrier elements?"

[SOC]: "Sir, it was an emergency, and we were to act quickly... I understand that perhaps we screwed up a little, but you have to understand, there are about fifteen thousand dead civilians and at least as many soldiers dead from ortillery strikes, with possibly up to a hundred thousand wounded, stranded, or displaced... we couldn't let it lie there."

[AFC:] "Ech. You apes sure aren't bright. By the bye, those were not by any means all Macabean ships that you hit, even the ones that weren't ours."

[SOC:] "Erm. Well." (pause) "Fred, which charts were you using?"

[AFC:] "I promise you, you haven't heard the end of this. Next time tell us before you drop presents like that in our laps."
25-11-2003, 12:37
ooc// now im a little worried... but happy i didnt have any vessels in the western med...
25-11-2003, 18:31
OOC: Lost 2 cruisers and 1 battleship, due to faulty intel. at Tahar Joblis.

IC: Have demanded Macabees (who we are blaming for this incident) pay for the lost ships and pay the families of the lost men, or we will resume hostillities against them.
The Macabees
01-12-2003, 05:17
OOC: Yea, this sattelite buisness is getting out of hand... and I dont have time to read all of the attacks... so, I've decided to announce OOC'ly that the sattelite system has been destroyed (if you've attacked it)...or if you haven't attacked it, its going to "sleep" so to speak.


To: Keynesia

The Macabean High Command will pay for the lost ships immediately but willl not pay for the families of the dead, as you're men have killed ours on the beaches and ourselves suffered missiles attacks from unknown sources.

We, however, do not take responsibilities of the missile attacks but will pay since we do know who the machine belongs to, a deep ally of us and currently embroiled in the Baltics and in Scandinavia (OOC: This gives you three other suspects.. DT, Largent, and Foxxinnia).

Also, we are not a Carthrage, we are not formally beaten at war. Quite to the contrary, I hold high belief that any renewed conflict will end in your utter defeat and in the deaths of thousands of soldiers, who had fought in a lost cause. At this date, all bunkers, trenches, and defensive positions have or are being rebuilt and the addition armies are a deterrent to your efforts. Do not waste your resources in suicide.

[signed] Finegold III
01-12-2003, 07:22
OOC: The sat system was attacked, as well as ground and naval elements belonging to you and DT in retaliation, rather massively so... you should scroll up and read "The Day it Rained Crowbars" up there when you have time. I spent considerable time and effort working on that post...

Brief to the Executive Commitee:

Seventh Army deployed east, Eighth Army deploying north into the Balkans pending its final formative motions. Granpais forces have been putting up little resistance, and shared dominance of the region with IP forces seems a readily accessible goal. The TSR does not appear to be under threat anymore, with SnS beginning to adopt a defensive posture. It is important that we finish repairs on the Kazakhstan-Pan Mongolia rail system before the harsh times of winter set in, which will be fairly soon. The possibilities of a diplomatic pact with Malatose cannot be ignored.
The Macabees
01-12-2003, 07:30
OOC: ok then..


Battle Casualties ::

4 Rommel class Battleships destroyed
8 Seydlitz class Cruisers
10 Manstein class Destroyers
1 Nimitz class Carrier
1 Halder class Battleship

3,700 infantry dead
14,000 infantry wounded (75% non-recoverable)
700 armored and assault vehicles destroyed'
4,000 artillery piece destroyed

Imperial Directive No. 12

Due to recent attacks the reinforcements to replenish all forces to original numbers will arrive in a series of 4 days. The ships will also be replenished but in a matter of 2 months.

All missile launches have been cancelled and space command has come with the news that most of the system has been destroyed. Other sattelites belonging to the system have been disactivated to avoid detection although they will remain in orbit for a future reconstruction of the system.

The invasion of Russia will not be hindered, as Macabean power grows. The days of terrible casualties (ca. 1.8 million) in Africa are over and we have again an opurtunity to expand!

[signed]Finegold III
01-12-2003, 19:51
To: Keynesia

The Macabean High Command will pay for the lost ships immediately but willl not pay for the families of the dead, as you're men have killed ours on the beaches and ourselves suffered missiles attacks from unknown sources.

We, however, do not take responsibilities of the missile attacks but will pay since we do know who the machine belongs to, a deep ally of us and currently embroiled in the Baltics and in Scandinavia (OOC: This gives you three other suspects.. DT, Largent, and Foxxinnia).

Also, we are not a Carthrage, we are not formally beaten at war. Quite to the contrary, I hold high belief that any renewed conflict will end in your utter defeat and in the deaths of thousands of soldiers, who had fought in a lost cause. At this date, all bunkers, trenches, and defensive positions have or are being rebuilt and the addition armies are a deterrent to your efforts. Do not waste your resources in suicide.

[signed] Finegold III

Accepted. In order to keep the terms of the peace, the Kisnesian government will instead pay the families.
02-12-2003, 01:54
The possibilities of a diplomatic pact with Malatose cannot be ignored.

***Secret Encrypted Transmission***

We wish to enquire to know if we would have your support should hostilities start between Maltose and ourselves. You do not need to send units or material unless you wish, we just ask that you give us your blessings so to speak. As far as we know, you do not have a treaty or NAP with Maltose. We ask that you do not sign one with them. They have become very hostile towards our expansion, though we have not shown any agression towards them. Yet they threatened us. We have cut off their supply of oil from ourselves and Armacor. It is our hope that this will cripple any plans they had of attacking us. All we wish is that you do not sign a treaty with them, and possibly being open to helping us should the need arise. For now, we just wish to have your unofficial support.

03-12-2003, 08:29
Sealed Communique from Cyprus to Istanbul:
We will support Isolationist Peoples in the event of a Malatosian attack upon Isolationist Peoples.