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Meeting of the minds (APTO members RP only)

02-11-2003, 00:26
OOC: Just a few ground rules

• APTO members only (members of the region "The Allied Powers"). Which means that no one else is meant to know about it. So any non APTO people may only observe, not participate.

• Anything said in this thread, unless properly marked OOC (Out of Character) will be treated as IC (In Character).

• The meeting takes place in Ticonderoga City, capital of the Republic of Adejaani. You're free to bring along a small (twelve person) Secret Service detail, as well as a small fighter escort, but the Adejaani Air National Guard will be on constant patrol. You're also welcome, should you be worried about terrorism, your Intelligence services are welcome and are free to Adejaani's police and intelligence services and police facilities.

IC: President Morghan J. Harrington wheezed slightly as she shuffled through the corridors, at the head of a respectful (if getting impatient) entourage. Medical personnel were standing by in case anything went wrong. It was pretty much the first public engagement for the leader of Adejaani, well, for many months. Vice President Aireserkeiel had been tending to the country while the President had been laid up, a severe chest infection practically crippling her lungs. Only through the miracles of modern technology and science did she have a new set of specially made lungs "grown" for her.

Harrington nodded as the two Marine guards opened the large double doors and came to attention. The reporters and camera crew assembled on the front lawn paused to applaud, a sign of genuine care and affection for the leader who brought a humble nation from the smallest of city states, to a fairly respected, bustling and independent power in its own right.

"Good morning. At least I think it's morning, I feel like I've just woken up." Everybody laughed politely at her attempt to make things seem normal, despite the fact Harrington was leaning on the podium for support. "Well, things are looking great on all fronts, especially with me back to haunt the halls again." More polite laughing. "Even as we speak, the first dignitaries and leaders are arriving. They're here for a summit between the various APTO nations. Talk about stuff like foreign policy, trade, defense, basically everything. Well, I'll talk if my voice is up to it." Yet more polite laughter. "Sorry, I don't have time for any questions. But I'll try and ask one of these rifraff" The laughter became much louder, especially from the 'rifraff', the Vice President, Secretaries of State, Defense etc, roared with laughter "to give you a briefing. Thank you, one and all. It's good to be back."

"Thank you, Madam President!" Once again, there was applause as the first black limousine rolled up to the Adejaani Capitol Building marking the first APTO leader to arrive.
02-11-2003, 01:03
The dozen or so fighters that flank the great Panteran jet break off as it dips below the cloud cover and begins its long descent to Adejaani, stretched out below them like a quilt.

Aboard the massive jet sits the man known as Caval the Warhound. Strange for the Hound, he is clad only in light chainmail and silks, rather than his customary platemail.

As the Sworn Sword of the Lord Reaver, his place was in Pantrea, not jaunting off to Adejaani to bicker with these dignitaries and listen thier soft, craven words... Grunting softly, he takes another long swalow of brandy and nods his approval as the pilots voice crackles over the intercom and informs his entourage to prepare for landing.

He had no taste for this diplomacy and intrigue, but Bastien had chosen him, and he must not fail...

As the jet touches down and slowly on the airstrip and the party makes its departure, The Hound eyes the surrounding countryside thoughtfully. He wasn't too impresed by what he saw, but the fields looked lush, and the people strong. A good land, he thinks as he moves for the car, waiting to speed them to the meeting place.
02-11-2003, 01:34
"His name is Caval the Warhound" Secretary of State Charles Burke hisses in Harrington's ear as he strode up the stairs. More than one person seemed pained the man wore chainmail and not something more appropriate than a formal Diplomatic function.

"Welcome to the Republic of Adejaani. I'm President Harrington. I hope the ponds between our two great nations can grow ever stronger and that you enjoy your stay." Harrington managed as she shook his hand and smiled for the cameras. She hid her reaction to his strong grip, which was crushing her hand as well as his cold stare, which made her spine do backflips and gave her goosebumps.
02-11-2003, 01:48
His lip curling in slight disdain aws he eyes the cameras, the Hound releases the hand of President Harrington and lifts his voice."It does my ehart well to see you, Madam President. My Lord Bastien the Bronze offers his apologies that he could not visit himself, but discontent abroad demands he remain in Pantera. I am Caval the Warhound, and I am here in his stead to meet with our honored allies."

His worn and handsome face stern, he makes a respectful bow.

OOC: Sorry so short. Things are hectic in my house at the moment, but I'll be back in a few withsome quality posts...
New Empire
02-11-2003, 01:57
In the high-altitude supersonic jet, President Corinth Dleroes looked over the reports from Somalia, and turned to the TV screen, picked up the remote, and shut it off.
"How much longer?"
"We're beginning final approach now."
The 4 SF-109C fighters broke away, and streaked into space, as the jet seemed to fall toward the flight path.
Corinth herself was not a big fan of large confrences. But it was her duty as President to do such things, so she was going.
Imperialism, Occupation, Genocide, Treachery, Terrorism, outright war is not our main concern anymore.
And she was half right. In fact, the closest the country had last come to war was after a foreign fleet sunk a casino ship and a coast guard cutter during a drug bust. As many of her best generals put it, "It's a screwy world, and we're the ones getting screwed some of the time."
The plane lands, and Corinth, followed by 4 Secret Service agents, descend the walkway.
02-11-2003, 02:24
OOC: I just realised the huge number of spelling mistakes in my post. "The ponds between our great nations" :lol::oops:

IC: "Ponds? Ponds? I meant to say 'bonds'! Honestly!" Harrington laughed gamely. The reporters and most everyone else has gone into peals of laughter, most of which fell silent at the stony glare from Caval. Surely he understood this was a matter of being friends, not an intentional slight against him or Pantera. Of all the major nations within APTO, Pantera was probably the one Adejaani had the least dealings with, something which Harrington sincerely hoped would change very soon.

"President Dleroes of New Empire is on her way" a Secret Service Agent whispers in Harrington's ear as the Vice President and a few others ushered Caval inside so he could wait more comfortably.

"Do we know if anyone else is coming?" The Agent shrugged. "I really hope some of our greatest friends sends delegates or come in person. Sambizie, Imitora, New Genoa, Liberty Fighters..... I really hope they come......" Harrington leaned forward to tell another joke to the assembled reporters until the next person arrived.
New Empire
02-11-2003, 03:00
Corinth walked up, the entourage of agents behind her, and approached Harrington.
"Hello, President Corinth Dleroes. I believe this is the first time we have met."
The agents stand on guard, just wanting to get inside and out of the open areas, which in their minds symbolized snipers and ambushes.
02-11-2003, 03:55
Harrington smiled warmly and shook Dleroes' hand. "President Morghan J. Harrington. It's an honor to meet you." New Empire was another of the bigger APTO nations that Adejaani was only now beginning to deal with. Indeed, while Harrington clutched Dleroes' hand and smiled sincerely for the cameras, somewhere over their heads, New Empire ships were being built in Adejaani's shipyards up in orbit.

Finally, after the requisite poses for the cameras, the smiles, the handshakes and the words of peaceful cooperation, Dleroes was ushered inside as well, leaving Harrington wondering once more if anyone else was going to show up.....
02-11-2003, 05:05
High Lord Enroth was almost excited about this meeting, for it would be the first with many countries. The jet he was in had a few fighter jets escorting and 8 of the Claw, his agents and bodyguards, were highly alert, for he knew not if he had any enemies. As the plane landed, he strapped on his black-tinted mithril longsword across his back and exited. "I wonder what will happen..and what we can gain in this.."
"What is that sir?", a Claw. "Nothing you should know." The Claw went into respectful silence.
As President Corinth comes into view, Enroth readies himself.
"Hullo President Dleroes, I believe this meeting will help us all immensely."
02-11-2003, 05:27
OOC: Give me a bit and I'll hop in.
02-11-2003, 05:49
Harrington spotted High Lord Enroth striding forward just as Dleroes was being bustled inside the Capitol Building. "Ah, High Lord Enroth." Harrington said loudly as she stepped in his way, feeling annoyed that he was bypassing her, as the host of the function. Rouin was one of the younger (both in terms of date of founding and date joined) nations of APTO and thus, this was their first plunge into APTO politics and "the world" at large.

"Smile for the camera." Harrington murmurs behind clenched teeth.
02-11-2003, 06:21
OOC: WOOPS! I meant to talk to the host! I am so dumb.. :cry:

IC: Uh oh.. seems I just made my first misstep in this..
"Oh! Hello President Harrington, I didn't see you, my apologies" he smiles for the cameras. Enroth motions for his Claw to follow into the Capitol building
02-11-2003, 06:50
OOC: It's alright, this is what makes the fun in an RP. :wink:

And yes, the incident regarding Burke and Ngyuen really did happen and that was my first RP on Nationstates and the thread is still alive somewhere in the murky depths. :lol:

IC: Enroth was escorted into the Capitol Building, despite his messing up of protocol. "Well, at least we know Imitora will be sending someone. At least Rouin didn't trip or throw up." Harrington got a mischevous expression and looked over her shoulder at Secretary of State Burke, who blushed.

In a somewhat ironic twist of fate, not too long after Adejaani's founding, then Diplomat Charles Burke was sent to make friends with one President Ngyuen of Imitora, no less. An embarrassed Burke had gotten sick during the trip and threw up, practically right in front of the cameras and for most of the world to see.

Although Burke cut the trip short, Adejaani and Imitora would cross paths again when Adejaani was inducted into APTO. In the beginning, there were differences and voices raised in argument, but Harrington was glad Imitora was on their side. Indeed, they were rated the Number 3 Ally of Adejaani. The sky started to darken as the sun crept to the other side of the horizon.....
Liberty Fighters
02-11-2003, 08:23
9 vessels de cloaked over Adejaani skies, they open communications.

"Adejaani Command, this is DS flight 1. We have a couple special visitors, An Emperor and a High Marshall. Where do you want em?"

The pilot on the comm obviously had a light humor about the whole affair, most likley having done similar before.
02-11-2003, 08:46
Emperor Arys stood back in the bridge of the lead Shadowblade FAV, he leaned towards High Marshall O'Connor...
"You dont know how crucial this is to my people. This will be one of the first oppertunities for ThirdEye to demonstrate our indipendence, even more so due to the fact Pantera has a rep here too. I do love these new craft though Will. I really do. "
02-11-2003, 08:48
The Hound eyed the goings on thoughtfully, slightly uncomfortable in his silks. Even if his chainmail was some protection, he felt naked without his plate, and he hated it.

Leaning over to make a soft jest to one of his attending Reavers, his worn face eases into a smile as the man quips a curt reply.

Gods,he thought, I hope the ones they send are not too big of fools... He remembered this Aireserkeiel from the NATO negotiations. A hard wench, in his opinion, but an interesting one nonetheless.

Inclining his head to a passing woman, he motions to a servant, or employee, he wasn't sure which. "Get me a spot of whiskey, friend? I tire of my brandy, and I'm sure you have something to my taste..."
Liberty Fighters
02-11-2003, 09:15
02-11-2003, 09:16
son of a bitch ate my post, I'll redo it in a second.
Liberty Fighters
02-11-2003, 09:19
The communications officer on board DS flight 1-alpha again opened a transmission to Adejaani ground control.

"I may have mis quoted our cargo, it states: High Marshall and Chancellor William Thomas O'Connor, representing the Commonwealth of Liberty Fighters, along with his secretary of State, Sec Powell. Additionally we have aboard Emperor Arys Oakheart of the Empire of ThirdEye, and his daughter and second, Syrla Oakheart. For security purposes we wish to send 12 DS RLD's and 12 Trinesee SEA's. I repeat, where should we set down?"
02-11-2003, 09:30
OOC: Sorry, I'm going to have to skim things along so as not to drag this out too much. And no, I'm not going to place pressure on people to "answer immediately", but I'm still going to compress time slightly.

Oh and if anyone else (Imitora, New Genoa etc) wishes to jump in, jump in, you'll just have to read the "official transcript" of what's said to catch up (as in like the documents).

IC: President Harrington strode into the large dining hall which had been converted to a rather plush and informal area. With a bar on one side and comfortable couches, the delegates from the other countries mingled with each other and some of the Adejaani officials.

In tow was Emperor [OOC: Sorry, LF, I don't know your leader's name :oops:] and Marshall O'Connor of Liberty Fighters and Emperor Arys of ThirdEye, who had arrived late in the night, their arrival recorded only by a handful of diehard reporters and their camera crews. Harrington stopped in mid stride as a loud burst of laughter from one side of the room echoed. Secretary of the Treasury Raffles, his face red and swaying slightly was apparently telling a somewhat rude joke to one of the more junior Adejaani officials.

On seeing the reproving look on Harrington's face, Raffles seemed to sober up a fair bit. Vice President Aireserkeiel magically appeared at her side with an extra glass of champagne while stewards made sure everyone had a full glass. Despite her focus on the speech at hand, she noticed the poker face of the Vice President boring her gaze straight at Caval, the Panteran delegate. Harrington couldn't decide whether it was disgust, admiration or sexual in nature that the Warhound seemed to be expressing. Anyway, what next? Oh yeah.

"Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to officially welcome you all to this conference between the various APTO leaders or their delegates." There was a brief and polite round of applause and another round after all the delegates had been introduced. "Since it is late at night and I am sure you are fatigued, you will find comfortable sleeping quarters within this building. The conference shall begin in the morning. For now, a toast....." Everyone raised their glass. "To APTO." Everyone echoed the sentiment and drank. Although there were a few who drank into the night, most got some fitful sleep, trying to adequately represent their nation in the long days ahead.

The next morning......

Despite her strength still being sapped by illness, President Harrington awoke, showered and dressed, waiting patiently and smiling as the delegates filed into the conference room, with an absolutely beautiful circular black table, made of black granite polished so well, people's faces were reflected.

The setting was remarkably informal, despite the nature of the conference. Even despite Harrington talking, Aireserkeiel had got up to get herself a cup of coffee. Others got the hint, occassionally getting up to refil their glasses of water or cups of coffee. "Welcome, one and all. We already know each other. Is there any sort of anyone who wishes to make an opening speech before we begin the conference?"
02-11-2003, 09:32

Immy: Just jump in to either the party or the beginning of the conference, where we are "now".

LF: Just land, I abbreviated the entrance thing. :P
02-11-2003, 09:47
The rather attractive President Waitkus and quasi rugged looking Giovanni Forio (who holds no actual posistion of power, hes just along for the ride) sat, drinking teh coffee, and waited for things to begin.
She looked rather intrested as this was meant to be of some importance, and Forio just sat back, comforted by the custom 10mm Berretta he was hiding under his jacket.
02-11-2003, 13:23
OOC BUMP for the night. I'm going to give this time to let NG and the rest of APTO responds. When I get up in maybe seven hours (from the time of this post), I'll start the actual "conference". Until then, feel free to have an RP amongst yourselves, talk about projects and stuff.
02-11-2003, 17:55
Edit: OOC: Woops.. posted too soon.
Enroth got up from his seat, took a sip of his coffee and started his speech. "Hello fellow APTO leaders or representatives. Rouin is quite new to APTO and the world, this will be her first time to be involved in world politics at large. I'd like to get to know you all and to create great relations between our countries. Hopefully this will make life better in both our countries and all will prosper. I believe that the defense of our countries and the furtherment of military technology are needed in this turbulent time. Trade is also essential, for it is how ideas are shared and how prosperity is made." With that, he sat down and waited for the applause to end so the next country could do their speech.
02-11-2003, 18:17
OOC: 1.)LF's leader's name is William O'Connor, and I dont think hes an Emperor, High Marshall/Chancellor right now.
2.) Lets just say we arrved during the night to speed things up.


Emperor Oakheart strode in with his SEA(Special Escort Agents) numbering 8 in total. He sat down in his designated seat at the table as one of his agents brought him a very large cup of coffee.

"Good morning all, beautiful I must say. I am sorry for my tardiness, The Marshall and I have bee quite tied up with some pressing issues elsewhere. That can also explain the number of 'helpers' I have with me. I also apologize for the number of security personel who follow me, ther eare alot of outside nations who would like me dead right now to be frank. Haha, but that is not the issue. My main issue as of now is to thank you all personally for your kind hospitality to myself and my people. Being a new member to this glorious alliance, it has been very ompressive how openly you have accepted us. We hope we can help you in ways to make it up to all of you. I thank you on behalf of myself, and the Trinesee people. Thank you."

He then sat down to his large cup of coffee, the trinesee but he in particular we large fans of coffee.
Liberty Fighters
02-11-2003, 22:40
High Marshall and Chancellor O'Connor walks in with his secutiy detail who assume positions along side thier Trinesee couterparts.
"I am sorry freinds for my lateness as well, as I hope Arys here has explained we both were busy. I am also sorry for my atire(he was wearing slightly dirty fatigues) I did not get to change and my clothes should be here in a couple hours. Haha, oh good coffee...
He the nheaded over to get some coffee, he grabbed two cups
02-11-2003, 23:42
OOC: Hmm. NG has been active in the HQ, but he never showed up..... :cry: Anyway.

You're still welcome to make a little speech, I'm just going to push on ahead.

IC: "Well." Harrington smiled. "Let's get on with business, shall we?" Aireserkeiel dutifully got up with a stack of briefing folders and started walking around, placing them in front of each delegate. Thanks to foresight, there were extra copies, so everyone got one. "First topic....." Harrington said, opening her own and putting reading glasses on. "Military defense." The glasses came off (she wrote the material herself, so any review of the folder was for show) and looked around. Most of the civilians looked polite, others neutral. Caval (the Panteran delegate) seemed to lean forward slightly as if wondering whether or not he should stay or walk out. Or that he was just plain interested. Always the warrior.

"We in APTO stand well together in everything. Should even the slightest threat of a foreign invader arise, strong echoes and sentiments of support come rushing forth." There were numerous nods and more than one 'Hear, Hear'. Harrington smiled and pressed on. "And while we have made great progress in various joint projects, like the KAF-90D and later E model tanks, as well as a few other technological sharing processes, we never have done anything else on a whole. Each nation sitting at this table and those unable to make it have vastly different defense policies and outlines. That will need to change."

At those words, more than one delegate exchanged an 'Uh oh' facial expression, but returned their attention once Harrington continued. "We have little to no common goals as far as military defense is concerned. Therefore, it is my hope that, if this conference is to accomplish one thing, it is this. And it breaks into three sub categories.

"The first part is our equipment. While I'm not saying we should be buying the same military equipment, there should be some sort of universal nature to our systems. Same air to air refuelling methods. Computer and communications systems, such that my units can share radar and other information with your units. Uh..... Stuff like that. Basically, such that we can support and maintain each others' units so that if we find ourselves helping our neighbors, we can ease logistics, repair, resupply etc.

"The second part is the lack of coordination as far as Regional Defense goes. APTO defense and deployment (in an offensive situation) has always been 'Come as you are, Fight as you may' because we're not coordinating our efforts, apart from 'I will hit this target if you hit that one' or similar. The solution is rather simple, if we followed with the first part." Harrington paused to sip at her water and cleared her throat.

"APTO is an island region. We are surrounded by water and oceans on all side. Which means that while we are essentially self sustaining, a concentrated blockade would starve us to death. Wargaming has shown, even as far as just Adejaani is concerned (at a wargame run a few months ago), a lightning quick raid by carrier aircrafts could have decapitated much of my nation's government, industry and military infrastructure and drastically crippled my ability to respond to any further attacks. Not bad for the loss of say, twenty aircraft once the defenses kicked in."

People started to protest, but Harrington held up her hand for silence. "I'm sure each of you have greatly developed defensive belts, but that was just one example. The fact is, we could wake up and suddenly find ourselves literally surrounded by a hostile fleet and our ships could not sortie, our Air Force could not do enough damage and still survive against the enemy's air defenses. Therefore, we need some sort of Outer Defense Perimeter. The construction of a large artificial 'city' is almost complete at the northern edge of APTO, capable of docking and resupplying ships, operating AWACs aircraft, tankers, bombers etc."

Harrington put on her glasses and flipped through the briefing folder and found the schematic. "Such a forward base would buy us time to detect and blunt down any hostile force encroaching on our territory. I don't know if it's adequate to stop a full scale invasion, but it gives us time to marshall our defenses such that when the perimeter is overrun, each nation has been alerted and they will find us not easy pickings. I only ask that other platforms be built at each cardinal point and every nation contribute in some way to the defense perimeter, even if support staff. For unless we unite, we shall be destroyed......"

Pens and pages rustled as some delegates wrote down their notes. Harrington felt sure more than one person would contribute. "And third and lastly....." Attention returned to her. "We need some sort of regional contingency plan. Where can we find safe havens to fight another day? Where can our forces go such that they'll be safe from attacks nuclear, chemical and biological? Are there underground facilities we can use? Island airbases where our bombers and fighters can retreat if their own are smoking craters? Do we have enough forces to combat enemy induced plagues or radiation? We need backups. I need to know, in times of war, can I count on my forces being able to find themselves homes or launching platforms if worse comes to worse. I need to know, if my country is nuked and I an my staff and people are evacuating, that we can take refuge in your country, to rebuild and try again."

Harrington stopped a moment and took off her glasses, speaking from the heart. "I need to know whether or not we are each alone to chart our destinies or that APTO can take one blow, but are able to recover, to disperse our forces and to rally, to deal our enemy the knockout punch. I need to know whether or not we in APTO are together in name only..... Or as fellow brothers and sisters."

The silence that followed was broken by Aireserkeiel, who was blowing her nose, with tears in her eyes, seeming to be genuinely touched by the speech. Harrington reached out a hand to her Vice President, but she got a shake of the head. "Well then. I'd like to hear what each of you think." Harrington paused to take a sip of water, unsure of what the delegates would say.....
Liberty Fighters
03-11-2003, 00:16
O'Connor stood up in applause, he then waited for the applause to end, he seemed inclined to speak

Madam president although you and I have barely had any communication due to your recent ill takings. Which bye the way it is very good to see you in such better health. But even though we personally haven’t had much correspondence, your nation has been crucial in making our republic what it is today. On a personal note I would like to thank you for that.

But down to business. By think tanks have been researching contingency plans, we too have had similar fears and to 'what-if' scenarios. I full heartedly agree with you. We DO need an outer perimeter, we DO need back up plans and we DO need to compile and coordinate support plans and make it easier to aide our allies. Having said that I would like to pledge the full support of the CLF to the outer perimeter project.

I believe the USNE already has something that would work very well for the idea.((OOC: I think it was you NE, if not It is one of the allies)) We have for some time now been worried about our vulnerable state, analysts have proven that under certain circumstances, it wouldn’t be that hard to eliminate our land on earth as a threat to them. Our main problem is funding and technology. Our answer until now was just to make sure we had a Fleet in the water, and a fleet in orbit at all times. But that wont do, as we progress.

Secondly, the contingency plan also sounds good to us. As new Genoa was attacked earlier this year by terrorists, what if the strikes had been more severe. I hate to bring it up, but what if that Criminal Stan Ryan had done more damage? I agree, with the right know-how, the central 'brain stem' if you will, could be cut out from the ATPO. I am sure every single person here does not want that.

Lastly, the vast ranges of equipment between the allies proves another problem in cases of aid as you said. There are a handful that use the models developed by the allies, Like the SA aircraft, or the various products offered by NG and NE designs. But we for one use a vastly different aerospace fleet than most. You all may or nay not have seen it before but we call it our vanguard tactics((OOC: if you're really that interested let me know ill explain in great detail as well as provide Visual Aids)) But I fear that we all have different fighting styles, to be blunt. I am positive that my generals and I would be very hard to convince to change the vessel classes we use in space. Let alone the difference in technology ad systems. Naval vessels are similar in this respect. Our navy uses common classes, but there are numerous other classes that use numerous other systems just like space vessels.

There are ways to fix the problems you sighted Ms Harrington, but will some seem un-fixable, and others are difficult to achieve, how can we rectify that?
03-11-2003, 00:40
Harrington smiled at O'Connor and raised her water glass in salute and thanked him. It was true, the two nations were rather close, guiding and shaping Liberty Fighters throughout its time in APTO. They'd come a long way and while Harrington was sometimes alarmed, they were doing much better and could stand on their own two feet.

"Funding may not be a problem. We generate far more funds than we need to use, we can help offset the lack of funding." Aireserkeiel leaned in to whisper and Harrington paused to listen. "Yes, my Vice President assures me that with the northern (our) one complete, we can devote somewhere between half to a trillion dollars to building the other ones." O'Connor looked a bit shocked. That was practically a third of his national budget right there and almost double his military budget. Harrington couldn't help herself and laughed. "One of the advantages of having a much more robust economy, industry and commercial sectors, as well as more population."

O'Connor calmed down a bit and everyone chuckled. "Back to the matter at hand, I don't know how we can effectively coordinate and 'unify' our militaries. I'm not a scientist or engineer or ever worn a uniform. I wasn't saying we should be walking out of here with a unified battle plan, I was saying these should be the issues we should look at and at least agree on, if only in principle."

Harrington put down her pen, took a sip of water and clasped her hands on the table, signalling for the next person to speak.
03-11-2003, 01:14
"Madame President," Elizabeth rose to talk, "have you been living under a rock these past few months?" She wiated for the chuckles and gasps to finish before continuing. First off, you speak of making a quasi universal system. So are you to say that the advancemnets made in my military are going to have to be scrapped because other nations can't or wont keep up? You use air to air refueling as an example. We just recently begin retrofitting localy produced version of the SA-43 Hammerhead fighter with thermonuclear powered engines. There is no need for air to air refueling. Communications? EWll, unless all the other nations wish to step up to an advanced AI based communicaiton and computation system, I again am afraid there is no chance for standardization. And you mention the KA-90 serries of tanks. While I'm sure that they are wonderful weapons of war, I'd like to see how one fairs against one of our Scorpion R or G tanks. Now, I hav no doubt that we can support and maintain your units, but I don't believe thta I will be making any concesions to my military in order to support others. Especially now, with the retireing of our Northampton frigates and teh start of regular construction of our Halcyon class cruisers and Pit Viper fighters."

She paused,letting all she had said sink in, and continued. "As some of you may or may not know, my nations recently attacked teh nation of Deazeman. In one swift move, they incured 100% civilian and military casualties. Everyone on the island died. Ever since then, we have maintained a defensive set up of 6 Hlacyon class cruisers and two Northampton class spacial assault frigates over Imitora. We will esily see any physical force comming, and decimate it before it reaches APTO waters. Furthmore, I have brough my," she paused, "good friend, Giovanni Forio to speak to you on matters of terrorism, but we shall wait in the confrence till that comes up to allow him to speak."

She again paused. "Now, I'm not arguing against this standardization due to cost. If we skip production of one planned Halcyon, we could easily provide for up to 80% of the cost for all this. I'm arguing aginst it becasue there is no need for it. It will be throwing resources away that could be put elsewhere. Why put money towards a contigency plan where there is no need for one. Biological warfare? Our very close ally, Celeborne, has made leaps and bounds in the field of Chemical and Biological resistance. If an enemy launcehd a chemical or biological attack, then we could have it under control before three days time. Nuclear attack? Assuming the weapon made it into any of our countries, or that the missle was nto intercepted, teh current Imitora plan suits our nation just fine, and I'm sure it wuld suit yours just as well."

OOC: If any of that sucked, kiss my ass. I have a throbing headace, so I dont care if it dont make sense.
03-11-2003, 01:41
Harrington's nostrils flared at President Waitkus' extreme bluntness, but stamped it down and decided to go back to Diplomacy. After all, this is not Amanda Ormsby, Harrington reflected with a pang of sadness.

"I'm afraid you misunderstand me. I didn't mean to imply that we should all use the same equipment, I'm just saying standardisation of interfaces, such that we can tap into each other's resources and information in a conflict. You're still free to maintain your own technologies, that we never denied you. But we just ask for a standard sort of interface to ensure things go much more smoothly so that we can work together at every single step of the way, not wait while our liaisons send the requests for information to your units, which then get a delay while that's transmitted. That is only what we ask.

"Further, we didn't say that anyone should be burdened to foot the brunt of maintenance and operations, I was asking that the capabilities be made available, in war or worse situations. While it would be appreciated any support for our units, we would, of course, try to bring as much on our backs as we can. We would never ask to divert your own stocks for your use to help, though we would appreciate it.

"For the defense perimeter, that was only just a proposal. That's why we're here, to hear the pros and cons of each issue, such that APTO can come to a consensus or otherwise.

[OOC pause. Immy, while I do genuinely like your idea of an orbital battle group to Ortillery an invasion to bits, I'm talking more like the idea of a Modern tech war. While I do remember that the general rule is that if you invade, you have to accept the tech, I'm just punting this idea around to give us breathing room, as well as a fallback position, should such a thing be considered far too Godmoddy, if not logical. Resume.]

"This question of terrorist attacks using Weapons of Mass Destruction..... You have identified quite a lot of threats, however, as O'Connor pointed out" Harrington acknowledged the Liberty Fighters' leader with a nod "that it could be from within. After all, Adejaani experienced a coup not too long ago and faced the threat of internal nuclear annihilation.

"And after a review of the original 'dispersal' ideas, while I am sure your reaction teams can handle it, it's the fact that it could happen, not just by a bunch of fanatics, but a full scale strike. I'd just feel very safe at night knowing we could have enough forces to defend and strike back."

Harrington's gaze bore straight at Elizabeth Waiktus, wondering if she felt as confident as she looked.
03-11-2003, 01:48
OOC: Yeah I know. And if you think that was harsh, it was alto better than what Ormsby would have said, lol. Also, I think Elizabeth is hella better looking than Ormsby. Also, Im working on a better post now, but just to get one part out....

that it could be from within. After all, Adejaani experienced a coup not too long ago and faced the threat of internal nuclear annihilation

"So," Elizabeth started, "Your saying the APTO should all adjust just because you yourself cannont control your citizens?"
03-11-2003, 01:59
OOC: Better looking than Ormsby? Heck, Immy, now you got me wondering what she looks like. 8)

IC: "You are missing the point." Harrington said, somehow managing to keep her voice level. Behind her, Aireserkeiel's teeth ground together audibly. "We do not excuse internal dissension, we are talking about the bigger goal and the bigger threat. I should, of course, take this moment to note that Adejaani has never had or sought to acquire nuclear devices. They got them elsewhere.

"No, I am talking about the contingency plans if, for example, they managed to roll back our layers of defense, such that our primary staging bases are destroyed and need to relocate our forces."
03-11-2003, 02:04
"Well, Madame President," Elizabeth took a sip of water. "If they managed to roll our defense back that much, Nuclear Chemical, and Biological attack on the invading government, I fear, is the only response. However, I also fear that if our primary staging areas are destroyed, that it may be to late to form any form of couterattack."

I can get you a few full body shots if you want.
03-11-2003, 02:13
OOC: That's right, now I remember. You used that headshot in the R&D thread. :D

IC: "You've got a point there. How about a rephrase, such that we be allowed to base some of our fighters and bombers in others' bases to contribute to national air defense and the like?" Harrington smiled, trying to smooth things over once more, even if Waitkus was getting her nerves a bit.
03-11-2003, 02:52
"I assume that would be acceptable, as long as your aren't trying to suggest an regional army." She shifted in her chair, and stared right back at Harrington.
03-11-2003, 05:36
Arys stood looking at straight at Waitkus.

"I belive you are gravley mistaken madam. You seem to accuse and automaticly shoot down Ms. Harrington's ideas before even hearing them through. And then you come off with the suspected implication of a regional army. I can assure you that will not happen. The thing that bothered me the most, is your lack of faith in the armed forces of your allies. Unless I am mistaken, you think that after a large scale WMD strike and destruction of several primary launch points within a country, you think it is too late to still come out victorious. With al due respect, I dont know what your military stands as, but ours is quite capable of over comming odds...

Ms. Harrington, altho Ms. Waitkus seems to not want to hear you out unless she can chew you out, doesnt mean we arent listening. You have brought up several points that I deem valid. But a few questions; Are you trying to make it so that if need be, an invaded nations forces can use neighbring natons bases to launch from? I was udner the impression that that would be done anyway. I belive we need sometihng moe radical, underground shelters, and even a Cooperation between nations to jointly strengthen defenses against mass strikes of such a degree.

Another thing, yes we may have superior technology to other allies, but doesnt it benifit most to offer the technology for sale, and/or to teach them things? Who loses from that? It is a win win, one gains more capable allies, and gains capital from the sales of tech, let alone the other trade venues it will open. I feel Imitora may have some valid points, but Ms. Waitkus isnt going about it the correct way. As the CLF has already done, we now too do. The ETE also pledges support to Adejaani and thier defenseive plans.

He sat down to his coffee, seemingly upset that his delight in coffee had been ruined by the attitudes displayed
03-11-2003, 06:09
Elizabeth shrugged. "With all due respect, I think you should pull your noes outa Harrington's ass." She took a sip of water and continued. "I shouldn't need to have faith in other nation's militaries. I have faith enough to know that should anyone attack Imitora, my nation's military can handle any problems. Now, if you wish, I can always set up a wargame in whcih all your major population centers and militayr bases are destroyed by an NBC attack, and we'll see how it turns out."

She paused, sipped some more water, and continued. "So you say we need underground shelters? Are you saying that our initial defences are so weak that in a time of war we should retreat underground? Are you saying that our early warning systems are so horrible there is no way we could possibly do anythign to defend against any inbound attacks?"

She paused again, before finishing. "Technology sharing is fine., but tell the slower nations to hurry up and get with the times. We'll teach you how to build weapons, but we wont do it for you. We'll share rail and gaus weaponry technology with you, but you have to be able to build it. We arent going to baby you along."
03-11-2003, 07:04
"Whoa, whoa" Harrington had stood and had raised her hands upwards in surrender. "Let's just try and keep this civilised, shall we?" There were two grudging nods. "Okay." Harrington closed her eyes as she ran her fingers through her hair before starting on track again.

"Emperor Arys, while some may call Politics a haven for pansies, corruption and back scratching, nevertheless, one of the lessons you must learn is to swallow your anger and grit your teeth. President Waitkus, while brash as she is, speaks more in one blunt sentence than most politicians say after a ten page soliloquy." Our of the corner of her eye, Harrington saw an involuntary smile twitch on Waitkus' lips, but it vanished soon after.

"While it is perhaps true, should our military forces be depleted to less than say, 50% of prewar size, either by conventional warfare or WMDs, it is not the knockout punch, but I do believe it is President Waitkus' position that it would be extremely difficult to fight back with such depleted numbers. I'm afraid I have to agree with her, further, such that the use of our own WMDs to blunt off the invasion may become necessary.

"The question of safe shelters with which to launch 'Ace in the Hole' strikes has become a bit prickly. The question, of course, is where to build them, the resources and materials necessary and the practicality. And that is why we are here, to examine if there is a need to go to such drastic measures.

"The sale of technologies is a prickly issues, as generally, it allows lesser developed powers, to gain power without the knowledge and wisdom to use it properly."

Harrington nods at Waitkus and starts addressing her. "Emperor Arys does not have her nose in my ass, I have enough of my own Ministers in line for that role, thank you very much." There was pandeomonium as the room erupted with laughter, ending up most clutching their stomachs or wiping tears from their eyes.

"As I said just then, I do tend to agree with you that, in such a scenario in which, possibly, should our forces be exceptionally depleted in times of war, the use of WMDs may be used as a last resort. Which is not intended as a slight as our very capable and superbly equipped forces would do everything they can to not let it happen.

"However, the use of emergency shelters to hide our forces may be a worthwhile act. Again, see what I said to Emperor Arys. It's a hidden dagger to strike at our enemies, if the cost is right.....

"Last, what you choose to share is your choice and yes, you shouldn't help anyone along, or else they'll never gain independence and self sustainability."
03-11-2003, 11:01
As Harrington quiets and resumes her seat, the Hound takes a deep swallow from the glass of spirits the servant had provided and raises a gloved hand. As the members of the assembly quiet, he rises to his full height and inclines his head.

Worn and handsome, he is sure all gathered have heard of his exploits. Through peacetime and the long years of war, he had served the Lord Reavers for some forty years. As a wartime commander his cruelty to his enemies and utter ferocity in battle coupled with his tactical brilliance had made him famous, and during peace he remained the Lord Reaver's Justice. Criminals and traitors alike trembled at the mention of his name, while the innocent had no fear, as he was a just and fair man, and a sharp judge of character.

Clearing his throat softly he begins, his voice deep and resonating,"Honored Allies, I am Caval the Warhound. While I hold no Lands myself, my Lord Bastien has bid me take his place in this gathering, and sends his respects and his full authority at my back."

Pausing to let that sink in, the Hound looks from one side of the room to the other, none spared from his gaze. Finally he continues,"
I'm sure he would disaprove of bickering amonst ourselves, so please let us not forget the bonds we share.

"The Lord Reaver will agree with President Harrington's initial statements that the defense of our homelands is paramount. Together we are a mighty region, held together by our bonds. Fighting for the same cause is all well and good, but fighting together for that cause is another matter. The next time fools think to come to our lands, they will not be as the cowards of Tilsitsin, but a strong attack, led by men of strength. We must stand firm if we are to survive and conquer, rather than simply survive."

Offering a thankful nod as a spattering of applause sounds, he waves a hand curtly for silence and goes on,"The idea of an Outer Defense Perimeter is one long pondered by the Seastone Council and the Lord Reaver.

Such a perimeter would allow concerted strikes against impending invasions, and should an enemy attempt to bypass them, a bludgeon-like assault force left behind to assault thier rear or flanks.

Pantera currently holds an island some 600 miles east of the bulk of the Panteran homeland, and has long been fortifying it. Braavos is a large, sparsely populated island, and would be most fitting for the eastern bulk of Allied Defenses, though I must demand that Panteran presence there remains larger than combined allied forces..."

Pausing once more to reach down and take a swallow from his whiskey glass, the Hound glances about and jests,"I need some more spirits. You people starin' at me without my armor makes me uneasy."

A few nervous laughs echo before he resumes,"The question of a new Panteran Homeland, or 'haven," He tinges the word with scorn, "Is no question at all. The thought of sneaking off to rebuild what was taken from us is foolish, and almost an affront. Should the day come when the Reavers have been driven from Pantera is the day there is not a single drop of Panteran blood carrying life through the veins of any man woman or child in the Free Lands.

"Should you feel otherwise and be prepared to abandon the home of your ancestors, I'm afraid Pantera will not be able to aid you with our own lands.

Should your own nations be overrun, we will of course be willing to allow you to use our lands as a springboard to retaking them, but we cannot allow such a large body of refugees into Pantera. The banners would be called and warfare would grip the Reavers, this is unnacceptable."

He steps back from the table and begins to pace, his movements are well balanced, showing the roaring ferocity the man is capable of in no more than the shift of his weight and the crossing of his arms,"An interface allowing better logistical readiness is a blessing, and nothing to argue about. We will readily agree to aid you in this...

"Now, for my main concern. The Allied Powers as a whole, and thier involvement in conflicts abroad. It is my opinion, one shared by the Lord Reaver, that when we operate as a whole, that Allied forces be placed under command of a small council, elected by this very assembly."

The Hound's eyes narrow briefly as a few angry mutters sound from around the table, but he persists,"Not a regional Army, my allies. Hear me out. This small council would assume supreme command of all AP forces commited to a particular conflict. This would allow for ease of logistics and deployment, and thus ease of tactics on a massive scale.

"As this would be an elected council, from the ranks of the finest military minds of the Powers, you can be assured no nation will stand above another. I reccomend a three member council, with minor marshalls being chosen by the three members.

"I will say once more that alone, we are mighty, but together, my allies, we are undefeatable. This very assembly will determine the future of our great region, I leave it to you that our future remain bright.

"Drag the Waters."

The Hound quiets, making a small, almost mocking bow to the assembly before returning to his seat and tossing back the last swallow of whiskey.
03-11-2003, 12:17
Harrington nodded approvingly after Caval sat down "Well said, Great Warrior. Based on Warhound Caval's thoughts, notes and recommendations, I should propose, the following.....

"First, the proper and completion of this Defense Perimeter." Harrington held up her hand as President Waitkus of Imitora began to object. "I know. We also welcome your mighty fleets as they stand guard above us. But, nevertheless, the creation of these outer zones of defense may well prove to be the safe haven from which to launch attacks should our primary bases be knocked out, heaven forbid.

"Concurrent with this perimeter, there will be one "senior" nation, which is in charge of coordinating the overall defenses of that sector (North, East, South and West) with responsibility for command, resupply, logistics and training of those forces. As such, it currently appears that my nation (Adejaani) will take charge of this Northern Sector and Pantera the Eastern Sector, unless anyone has objections. Further, to sustain the commitment, funds shall be allocated to the completion of similar bases to the Southern and Western Sectors.

"Which leads into the second point. One of the lesser known parts of the APTO charter has been the appointment of a Head of (APTO) Military Operations, which is Lord Reaver of Pantera." Harrington bowed gracefully at Caval the Warhound, the Panteran delegate, who returned it, grateful for the mention. "As such, I propose that every year, at Lord Reaver's discretion and direction, that APTO hold joint training exercises, with an emphasis on together dealing with situations using the full spectrum of our forces, with participation from every nation.

"Third, it is hoped to create several multinational forces. What do I mean? For example, a fast reaction destroyer squadron of naval vessels; or an Airborne/Air Assault/Marine Division; or a Combined Wing of fighters and bombers. Not only does this mean our forces are actively training, learning and preparing alongside the forces of each of our fellow Brother and Sister nations, it also gives us a flexible, multi layer, multi strength 'ready' force to go at a moment's notice.

"Fourth, and this ties in to Warhound Caval's thoughts, that the Sector Commanders (mentioned in Point One) are the 'Marshalls' that he has proposed. Lord Reaver shall maintain the title of Head of (APTO) Military Operations and it is the responsibility of Sector Commanders to ensure that fully packaged military units are trained, coherent and ready. This would, of course, have a small catch, as they say. While it is recognised a need to coordinate and plan the campaigns, on an operational level, each unit commander still retains that, with the Sector Commanders and Head of Military Operations controlling only those aspects of Tactical and Strategic planning.

"Now please, I wish to hear your thoughts, opinions and objections."
New Empire
03-11-2003, 22:30
Corinth rose.
"We agree with the defense perimeter. We may already have the answer to the Southern sector. Along the south coast of our nation, there is a long chain of artificial islands, called JAOBs, or Joint Advanced Offshore Bases. These are made up of large artificial islands containing airfields, weapons, barracks, shipyards, docks, EW and comm gear, and many other facilities. It was started 10 years ago by President Graystone, and is now fully operational.

We also agree with the joint training proposal. We must teach our forces to operate together, but we must go beyond that. We believe the establishment of a Strategic Defense Council would be a good step forward in the preparedness of APTO for military threat. This council, with members from all APTO nations, would formulate defensive strategies for the APTO as a whole. During the attacks, the Head of Military Operations will choose the Operation Plan best suited for the situation, which will be forwarded to the military commands of other nations in order to give an overall plan for action.

These multinational forces are a good idea, but the matter of choosing equipment is going to be the main problem. However, these forces should be assigned to different sectors of the defense perimeter, and not kept at standard military bases."
Liberty Fighters
04-11-2003, 01:14
An officer, from one of the craft who arrived with the Emperor of ThirdEye and Marshall O'Connor, ran into the room. O'Connor recognized him and walked towards him as the officer began to whisper something to O'Connor. O'Connor obviously wasnt pleased...

"He did WHAT?!...he wasnt supposed to land in direct line...hes bringing in the guns also?! Who is in charge in the region?! HE IS?!"

He then truned back to the council which he had disrupted
"I am sorry, some rather disturbing news about my son...excuse me"

e then exited the room with his agents and the officer
04-11-2003, 02:29
High Lord Enroth, a little startled at the immediate departure of High Marshall O'Connor, but he took a swig of his coffee, asked for some tea and spoke. "I agree with President Harrington on all four points. The defense perimeter interests me and I would like to contribute to it. On who takes care of the western defense, I think that High Marshall O'Connor would be a good candidate, he sure has the military for it!"

He acknowledged the applause and laughter, then sat down.
04-11-2003, 07:34
The Hound clears his throat roughly and hurriedly interrupts,"While no one doubts the prowess of O'Connor or the brave soldiers of Liberty Fighters, I must point out that LF is yet a fledgeling nation, new to the AP and our ways of warfare. I would have to demand a joint venture, if LF is given the task. I'm sure you will all agree that this is not a matter to be taken lightly, and that while O'Connor is a brave man, I would hesitate to allow all of the West under his command."
04-11-2003, 07:59
Harrington kept quiet, taking in the support and silently thanking President Corinth of New Empire and High Lord Enroth of Rouin. Finally, Caval the Warhound spoke again, with obvious logic.

"Warhound, you speak the truth. But nevertheless, at some point, we must learn to trust and hope that things will turn out alright. I say let Chancellor O'Connor take charge of the Western Sector for a probationary period, with us looking over the man's shoulder. If he does well, let him stay there. If not, one of us will take over and deputise him until he learns the trade." Harrington tried to smile and hopefully broker another compromise.

"So that's pretty well agreed on. The creation of four Sectors, headed by myself (Adejaani) for North, Pantera for East, New Empire for South and Liberty Fighters (provisionally) for West, to be generally responsible for the overall coordination, training and logistics in the countries that fall in each sector. Are we in agreement?"
04-11-2003, 08:21
The Hound bobbed his head amiably, saying,"Pending O'Connor's return and assent, I shall agree and applaud the council's decision. I'm sure the Lord Reaver will be more than happy to be most generous in the funding of the Western sector, provided Liberty Fighters proves thier worth on that front."

Resuming his seat and thoughtfully scratching at his jaw, he wonders what is next on the agenda.
04-11-2003, 08:38
Hmm...trying to figure out how to adjust my argument now that I dont have a spcae fleet, lol.
04-11-2003, 09:09
OOC: Do we have a new map?


Waitkus listened to the ideas, trying not to scoff outloud. The truth was that the Colonial Marines wouldn't go for this. They were't one to serve under anothers command. THis was obvious when Imitora was part of the UN, and Colonial Marines refused to follow any UN rules for combat. Screw prisoners. "If I may," she said standing, "I'd like to know exactly how this force will be made up. What will it be based on? Who will control it? Who will be all the comanders? While I cannot speak for your militaries, I know very few Colonial Marines who will fight under the commande of anyone other than an Imitoran. Even then, if they feel as if they are being represented fairly enough in the chain of command, then you'll have trouble gettin the commanders to respond."

She paused to take a sip of water. "I still feel as if all we are leangin towards is the creation of a regional army that could be used out of its proper place. Whose to say taht who ever has command of this regional army just wont use it to off and fight wars taht no one else wants a part of?"

She spoke again. "As I look at this, I fnd teh same thing I found back at the AP/NATO merger talks. These four commanders will be in charge of logistics, training, etc. Are you saying that I dont train my Marines well enough? I will not let anyone other than certified ICMC Instructors train my Marines." She seemed to be gettin passionate about the subject as her tone rose. "You said it your self, that Liberty Fighters is still a young nation in many ways. I doubt even his best could stand up to one of my Colonial Marines. I refuse to commit Marines, MY Marines, to the control of any other nation in any aspect. Ever."
04-11-2003, 09:24
The Hound grunts softly, his jaw clenching as he rises,"I understand your concerns well. If one of your own commanders tried to order any Reaver about, he would quickly find his head gone missing. But this is the reason we shall elect the members of the council, rather than appoint them. The primary members of the council will serve the interests of all in the Allied Powers. As President Harrington stated, your own nations Marshalls shall remain in full command of your nations force. These Marshalls will in turn be under the command of the Council, for reasons previously stated.

"Rather than one regional army, we will be numerous armies, all part of a larger beast. Should you worry that your interests will not be met by one of the delegates, then by all means garner the support of other nations and take your place upon the council. Also, bear in mind this will only be pertinent when the AP operates as a whole."

OOC: It would allow for ease of fighting wars on a grand scale much easier OOCly as well. Rather than all 20 of us posting away, the confusion would be eased with just those chosen, with minor conflicts being fought by the Marshalls.
04-11-2003, 10:29
Elizabeth nodded slowly, she seemed to agree with the Pantaran.

OOC: Yeah, I agree with all of it, I'm just adding a bit of IC flair.
04-11-2003, 23:27
Harrington nodded, greatful for Caval's input. "The reason it is proposed that each Sector Command and Head of Military Operations be responsible for logistics, supply, strategy and training (etc) was that and I am sure, President Waitkus, Warhound Caval and everyone else, that we all have our different strengths and weaknesses in the field of battle, no matter where it may be. The purpose of this training is not to hone your 'warrior' skills, it is the ability to work with your Brother and Sister warriors in the field of battle. Such that your fierce tactics and skill can be used while we make sure your back and flanks are protected, say. And that in turn, you can keep our backs safe when it's time for us to go forth into the Valley of Death."

The circles underneath Harrington's eyes had become alarmingly apparent, her strength still being sapped, but she resolved to go on. "And furthermore, part of this joint training is to work with you, to know how you folks fight. Such that, as noted in the APTO charter, when it comes time for the Head of Military Operations (Lord Reaver of Pantera), when an order is issued, you will find yourselves nearly perfectly tailored for the mission as part of the overall larger plan. As I have said, the Head of Military Operations and the Sector Commanders only dictate strategy. How you decide to bomb that column or flank that troop position or interdict their lines of supply is left to the commander of your forces.

"We will either fight as one or die as one, President Waitkus. That is why we were pushing to unify our military responses in this way, in organisation whilst leaving each National Military intact."
Liberty Fighters
05-11-2003, 03:12
OOC: Damn forum keeps eating my post, so im gonna resort to this.
O'Connor came back in the room. Read the digital minutes, was very honred, shoked, and thanked everyone.
06-11-2003, 04:15
OOC: Gonna speed through this to get right into it.

IC: A shuttle that looked like a scarab beetle lands and only four figures step out. They quickly travel to the designated meeting place and enter the building.

After confirming who they were to the gaurds and security, they are admitted and enter the room.

Two are obviously gaurds, armed with light rifles and sidearms. One of the others is fully covered in dark robes, to keep his appearence hidden from the masses. The other is a woman in a Crimmond Fleet uniform, the insgnia of an Admiral on one shoulder, the symbol of a sword sticking out of a bear on the other, the words CSS Doomslayer circling it.

The one in the robes pulls the hood back and looks around, reptilian hide shifting colors slightly, "I am Ambassador Krall'c, head of Foriegn Relations of the Crimmond Empire. This is Fleet Admiral Telsia Munro, military advisor and commander of the Second Fleet."

The two take their seats and review what has happened since they were briefed in the capital.
06-11-2003, 04:19
Harrington pursed her lips as she looked down at the list in front of her.

"I do believe the military section of this conference is about over. I cannot, in good conscience, force a vote to ratify anything, as less than half our number is represented here. However, considering everyone's support, I doubt whether anyone would have issues. But, we shall present it later. Moving on!" She took a sip of water.

"This is probably more dull than the earlier topics, but we should still take a look at it anyway. A few nations have already talked about a joint APTO Space Station of some sort. To be built with funds and resources from those few nations. While not all of us desire a spaceflight capacity or have recently given up......" Harrington paused to nod at President Waitkus.

"Nevertheless, it is worth considering. Because apart from our more notable nations. Pantera and Imitora being the most prominent, APTO is fairly unknown within existence on a whole. Which is why, the Space Station is, I feel, meant to raise other nations' opinions of us, to gain international respect. Not to mention boost tourism, which in turn gives us a knock on effect to our economy. I am not saying" Harrington had to raise her voice slightly over the objections "that we open our doors to everyone. No one's forcing any nation to do that. But I feel, a bit more spotlight on APTO as a whole. A bunch of vibrant, dedicated and loyal Brothers and Sisters. We would gain increased respect as well as more power to do things.

"Thoughts? Opinions?"
06-11-2003, 04:25
or have recently given up......" Harrington paused to nod at President Waitkus.

OOC: Im RPing as if we never had it. Not that we gave it up, I'm just saying its gone, we never had Northies or plasma research or anything.


Waitkus didnt quite understand who or what that comment was directed at, but after teh nod, she was convinced that Harrington was a total loon. She sipped her water and listend to her go on about the space station. "How much is it gonna cost?"
Liberty Fighters
06-11-2003, 04:30
"Ms. Waitkus, One thinng you must understand is, this isnt a manditory thing, you contribute more, you gain more of the benifit. And the more nations who help, the less it costs for all. You are in no way obligated to support it, we dont want to force it upon you by all means. The fact of this space station is, it will be like on regional customs facility. While also being an international 'city' if you may. It wont be manned by armed forces other than an international coast guard in charge of regulating immigrationlaws and basic secruity. Because there will be civillian residents on it, we in no way want it a target to hostile nations."
06-11-2003, 04:32
The Hound rises, eyeing the strange, robed figure of the Crimmond delegate. A strange folk, and one he did not trust entirely, himself.

"Pardons, President Harrington, but if possible I would like to hear Ambassador Krall'c's statements on what Crimmond intends to accomplish within the Allied Powers, and his what are they prepared to offer to the Alliance as a whole."

"The Lord Reaver has also authorized me to offer some funding to the Allied Space Station, and his approval, though Pantera has no plans to have any noteable presence in space."
06-11-2003, 04:40
Krall'c pauses at this. He considers, then speaks in his usual Germanic accent. "The Empire is able to offer funding for the most part. Second would be economic trade and third... light military support, should it be needed."

Admiral Munro nods at that last point.
06-11-2003, 04:50
"Ms. Waitkus, One thinng you must understand is, this isnt a manditory thing, you contribute more, you gain more of the benifit. And the more nations who help, the less it costs for all. You are in no way obligated to support it, we dont want to force it upon you by all means. The fact of this space station is, it will be like on regional customs facility. While also being an international 'city' if you may. It wont be manned by armed forces other than an international coast guard in charge of regulating immigrationlaws and basic secruity. Because there will be civillian residents on it, we in no way want it a target to hostile nations."

Waitkus, after allowing the Crimodian (is that right?) delegate to speak, looked at the...Liberty Fighterarian. "I dont believe I was adressing you with that comment, and I'd like you to know that I meant on the whole, how much is this going to cost in total. For all you know, I may not put any money into it at all, or I just may bear the full building cost. My question," she turned, "to Presidnet Harrington, is in total, how much does this project look to cost?"
06-11-2003, 04:59
OOC: Crimmond is singular, plural and and adjective in this case.
06-11-2003, 06:47
OOC: Crimmond is singular, plural and and adjective in this case.

06-11-2003, 10:36
OOC: Welcome aboard, Crimmond

IC: Harrington looked straight at Waitkus. Maybe it was the illness or the lack of sleep, but Harrington wondered how much effort it would take, to take a mugshot of her face, scan it, enlarge it, print it and stick it on a dartboard.

"What price should we pay for international respect? It should not be about the price, but the efforts involved. The hard labor, the sacrifice, the pouring of our heart and souls into the project....." Harrington paused a moment as her Vice President leaned forward to start whispering in her ear. There was an uncomfortable silence, followed by Harrington's eyes widening and a round of fairly loud hissed whispering.

"As I was saying....." Harrington muttered two minutes later. "The cost is not relevant. However, we ask for a general contribution of roughly 50 to 100 billion Allied Credits. Which will allow for 'exclusive' levels for your use (they still belong to the station and the public, though, just that you are guaranteed them and we cannot 'evict' you unless you violate the laws of the station). I can't remember at this stage what the population and size projections were for the station, but your nation would be guaranteed room for anywhere between two and ten thousand citizens, should you so wish, aboard. Other nations not contributing can also apply for space, but it's pretty much first come, first serve."

Harrington sat down and very quickly and resolved to have a talk with how the budget was balanced. What she hadn't mentioned was the cost. The development cost of the New Genoa class Space Dreadnought program had bloomed into twelve Trillion dollars over the course of several years. And that earlier whisper session had said the station's cost could end up being almost a trillion and a half. Sure, Adejaani's coffers were overflowing with trillions, but the huge blowouts of money weren't to be stood for. Harrington cursed silently as she mentally shifted money around the budget to cover the gaps that the other funding from other nations didn't.
06-11-2003, 15:10
"Ah," Waitkus commented, "so now we can purchase respect. I didnt know it had a price. Well in that case, put my down for 100 trillion, after all, I dont think I get some of the respect I deserve among other nations," she said, sarcasticly. "Madame President, You cant buy respect, you earn it. I fail to see how pouring," she did a quick count in her head, "trillions of dollars into a space station will buy us anythign when there are already many space stations to be had."

"And contributing to it will secure us rights to its use? So are you saying now its a private investors club, where those who gave money to it can use it at their whim? Those two to ten thousand citizens, should they choose to go, will get acces based on how much of their tax dollars were spent on a project like this? You say first come first serve, well if I show up in line last, but toss around a good amount of cash, do I get bumped to the head of the line. Frankly Harrington, you might want figure out exactly what you wish to accomplish with this station before you start asking for money. For those of us in the APTO that do not have mass space fleets, or orbital expaditionery forces, this serves no benifit to us."
Liberty Fighters
06-11-2003, 15:22
O'Connor stood up again, you could tell he was getting tired for Waitkus' arrogance, especialy when she was wrong.
"Excuse me Ms. Harrington, this will be short. Ms. Waitkus, I am sorry for upsetting you with my comments but I dont think you understand. The whole Idea for this station was of the CLF and Rouin. Secondly, this space station is to be an international trade and toruism hub. It will expand both of those markets for everyone who participates, reguardless of thier level of space tech. Does that still count as no benifit? And I would just like to advise you, next time you wish to blaitently disrespect a national leader, make sure you know what you're talking about in full, and also who you are talking to. If you would have a little more respect for all of us here it would make these talks alot easier, but if you continue to just reject ideas, and not even contribute to improving them in the areas that you deem flawed, you accomplish nothing. Another piece of advice, if you want to gain anything out of this, I suggest you cooperate and--"
Emperor Oakheart pulled his friend down, knowing his temper could make him say things he would regret.
06-11-2003, 15:35
Waitkus stiffled a laugh. "Thats nice, you thought of a space station. Would you like a cookie for it?*" Amid the gasps and occasion 'ohhh' Waitkus sipped her water. "Nice, its a hub for trade and tourism. Good idea. Now, back to earth for those of us who dont have a space armada, or dont have the time to fund a full scale program just to go into space," she said, extending her hand towards the window.

"While your all off in space throwing around cash for another hunk of junk project, doctors in my nation are studying to figure out the cause of a new wide spread epidemic which has currently killed off," she looked at her reports, "13% of the population. So, I think I have every right in all hell to criticize this shit. So, with all due respect, O'Connor, you can take your space station, and shove it. You wanna talk about respect? I'll restate my point by saying you dont buy respect with a space station, you earn it."

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07-11-2003, 00:04
Interior, President Harrington's office

The laughter could still be heard from out on the lawn. There had been a brief break in the conference to get out into the sun, for a picture between all the delegates, especially to welcome Crimmon into the APTO fold. While some had decided to stay to make speeches and publicly declare the ties between their countries better, Harrington had excused herself, citing (and rightly) that she was still the leader of her country and had important matters to attend to.

"Well?" Harrington's hair was stringy and she seemed on the verge of collapse, but there was still a significant edge to her voice and her gaze was as strong as it had ever been. To their credit, Vice President Aireserkeiel; Doctor Marianne Brooks (head of Adejaani Aerospace Inc, who was in charge of all aircraft and space projects); and the Secretaries of State (Charles Burke), Defense (Doctor Mark Bunker) and Treasury (Alan Raffles) barely flinched.

"Madam President....." Raffles began, but paused to wring his hands.

"No, Raffles, NO!" Everyone's backs straightened as if in the military. "I am asking you just how you expect us to do anything if it costs us several Trillion dollars every time we initiate a major project!" Harrington had stood up to pace, but everyone kept their backs straight and their eyes forward, even her Chief of Staff, who normally would insert a joke or try and defuse the situation a bit. "Where does all that money go?" Harrington stopped pacing and stared straight into Brooks' brown eyes, behind nerdy glasses.

"Well," the engineer paused to look down at her clipboard "The fact is, you've always just thrown money at it. At first, it was a modest sum, considering our economy at that stage being a growing one. But then it became the norm to have much more funding than we needed piled onto our desks. So we put, legitimately, using a lot of that to upgrade and expand our equipment. If truth be known, some projects do take up that much money. The New Genoa did cost the entire twelve trillion budget because we were dealing with so advanced technologies, difficulties merging them and because it was just a new thing....."

"Then where did the rest of the money for the other projects go?" Harrington roared. She turned to face the Secretary of Defense. "We spent twelve trillion on R&D, design and manufacture for a ship which works marginally at best and you had to request another hundred billion to outfit it with an Air Wing and replacement training squadrons. Do you know the maintenance upkeep of four New Genoas chews up a full 4% of our military budget in total?!"

Harrington stepped further down the line to her Secretary of the Treasury. "And you! You just throw trillions at a project! Sure, we get it, but we could've spent that money on new hospitals, civilian infrastructure, schools, anything!" Harrington paused and tried to calm down a bit. "Yes we always have money to spare in our budget and yes I agree you're the best Economist we've got. You've always balanced our budget, we've never had any foreign debt and our trade is robust, even to the non APTO folks. But the fact is, you had better tighten up. We are not going to lose so much or spend so much money next time on another project. We are just not or else I'll haul you folks up on charges of fraud and corruption, despite the fact you are my most senior and trusted government officials. Now go."

Interior, APTO conference

Harrington sighed as she massaged her scalp. "President Waitkus, we are sorry to hear of the endemic and I have doctors and scientists headed your way to help out." She paused to turn to her Vice President, but she had already left without being told.

"As for the intents about the station, I do apologise, it was a poor choice of words. Fact is, in 'the real world', where everyone is strapped for cash, if you contribute big, you get things named after you or various benefits. We understand your anger and your concern at this station. And given them, I do not know how to respond. What do you think we should do, President Waitkus?"
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07-11-2003, 02:09
07-11-2003, 02:13
"What do I suggest? Well, first, I'm gonna say I cant dictate to you how to toss your cash around, but stop with all these outlandish projects. If President Uganda from Sambizie wants to throw his nations budget at massive projects for space domination, let him. Your forgetting that he is in the process of fighting some war hundreds of some odd light years away. We aren't. Instead of looking to purchase respect with a space station, why dont you look here in Adjeanni. Deal with problems you may have here before looking off to build a massive project. If Liberty Fighters, Third Eye, and the like want to go build a space station, let them." She was about to continue when a cell phone rang.

The man who had been sitting next to her this time answered, spoke enigmatically, then hung up. "If you'll excuse me," he said, then whispered somwthing to Waitkus. She nodded and he left.

"As I was saying, we should let the nations who want to pour trillions upon trillions into a space station do it. And if you want to do it, then far be it from me to stop you. However, I know that you know that more problems could be answered if we just stick to earth."
07-11-2003, 11:40
Harrington stood up, leaned forward straight at Waitkus and lowered her voice (but still loud enough for everyone to hear). "I do not need to remind you, Madam President, that Adejaani is part of the League of Free Worlds and we have a significant combat Fleet alongside Sambizie, the Zoarg and everyone else fighting the ShaRa. You also forget that Adejaani has committed itself to a sizeable one and a half million settlement on Siesana, as well as the manufacturing sector and shipyards belonging to Sambizie. They are my most important ally.

"And nobody ever asked you to contribute! We did not force you to give your money to this! And while I said I appreciate your input, one more disrespectful outburst like that and I'll will throw you out of this office myself, you cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit!"

Harrington finished and flopped down in her chair. Despite the obvious humor, no one was smiling. "What, President Waitkus, do you propose as an alternative? You seem to have an opinion about everything and I've got faith in you. So what is it?"
07-11-2003, 11:56
Harrington stood up, leaned forward straight at Waitkus and lowered her voice (but still loud enough for everyone to hear). "I do not need to remind you, Madam President, that Adejaani is part of the League of Free Worlds and we have a significant combat Fleet alongside Sambizie, the Zoarg and everyone else fighting the ShaRa. You also forget that Adejaani has committed itself to a sizeable one and a half million settlement on Siesana, as well as the manufacturing sector and shipyards belonging to Sambizie. They are my most important ally.

"And nobody ever asked you to contribute! We did not force you to give your money to this! And while I said I appreciate your input, one more disrespectful outburst like that and I'll will throw you out of this office myself, you cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit!"

Harrington finished and flopped down in her chair. Despite the obvious humor, no one was smiling. "What, President Waitkus, do you propose as an alternative? You seem to have an opinion about everything and I've got faith in you. So what is it?"

Waitkus smiled. She had been called worse. She stood up, and walked towards teh window, and looked out of it.

"Nope, no ShRaa fleet to worry about. Just like I thought. Now, if your worried about your people off fighting along side the Sambizie," she looked back out the window, "then pull them back. Simple as that. Again, as I look out the window, I dont see any ShaRaa fllet attemptin to attack earth. And if they are your most important ally, why are they up there when they could be down here helping us on earth. They're asking you for support, but I dont see any Sambizian troops down here helping us out with our problems. Kinda selfish if you ask me. Oh, and that crack about being dickless," she looked down at her breasts, "I would hope so."
07-11-2003, 13:56
Harrington paused to put down the pen she was holding, lest she live out her new favorite daydream of imagining it embedded in the middle of Waitkus' forehead. "The campaign against the ShaRa takes place millions of light years away. It has absolutely no bearing on our Earth operations. I have never said, support of that campaign would have any effects on us here at 'home'. Likewise, I never asked Sambizie for help, because I know, if at all possible, Mw'toar would help, no matter what.

"The question I asked you was, what do you believe would be beneficial to us here? Or better yet, if you've got a problem with me or APTO, why don't you take a moment to spell it out for us, because we can't help you with problems we don't even know about!"
07-11-2003, 15:05
"If the ShaRa situation has no effect on us here on earth, then why waste resources to fight someone else's battle. The APTO is in no way threatened by some alien being hundreds of light years away, so let someone else fight the fight."

She paused, and sipped her water. "Before I answer that, I have one question for you. How are you funding anythign? You want to throw a few trillion Alied Credits at a space station, and not to mention those trillions your tossing around to create your space fleet, and maybe a billion or so to throw at this APTO defensive island, then something, or things, back here in Adjennai are being neglected. With all this money your tossing out there, somethign isn't getting the cash flow it needs. So again I ask, how are you spending all this money?"

OOC: I'm assuming teh Adjaani branch of the AeroSpace company is privately owned. Unless its a government owned buisness (ala Imitora Military Industries), the government doesn't, or at least shouldnt get a cent from it. If nto, continue to banter among yourselves, as I'm taking this somewhere, but I wont be able to until after classes.
Liberty Fighters
07-11-2003, 15:09
O'Connor showed deep hatred in his eyes when Waitkus mentioned the ShaRa conflict. The CLF had just recently entered the fray, and O'Connor's youngest son himself was commadning the CLF's flagship in the system. He was firey mad. He went to the digital terminal(sorry adej kinda modded the table, just pretty much thot it would be helpul if there wasa digital terminal in front of everyone, looks like those pads from ST? and it keeps minutes and can send PM's) and send a PM to Ms Harrington; 'Very proud to know you Ms. Harrington, very proud indeed.'
07-11-2003, 15:18
"While your all off in space throwing around cash for another hunk of junk project, doctors in my nation are studying to figure out the cause of a new wide spread epidemic which has currently killed off," she looked at her reports, "13% of the population. So, I think I have every right in all hell to criticize this shit. So, with all due respect, O'Connor, you can take your space station, and shove it. You wanna talk about respect? I'll restate my point by saying you dont buy respect with a space station, you earn it." Krall'c lets out an offended sound that might have been a low growl. "I may be representing a new member, but I find your arrogance apalling. The Empire not only has adeath toll of less than 1500 a year, the average lifespan is nearly 800 years for humans. For my species it is 500. For the geneticly bred Beta and Gamma Humans it is in the thousands of years... And we have a space fleet and several space stations. I would... advise you to watch your words more carefully in the future.

He looksto the Admiral who nods, then looks to the others. "We shall support the station project with funding."
07-11-2003, 15:50
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Before any response could be made, the doors to the meeting room opened, and twelve obviously Secret Service types entered. Next was an older looking man, dressed in a navy suit, and looking deadly serious. Whispers were exchanged between him and Waitkus, and after a few moments, she left.

The man picked up the pad (ooc: Ugh, ST/SW tech), and quickly scrolled through the minutes of the meeting, as well as a quick recorded diolouge. "Intresting," he muttered, several times, and sat.

"I appologize for the interuption. My name is Ross Oliver, and I have replaced President Elizabeth Waitkus. She was impeached and removed from office for reasons that do not concern anyone here, and therefore will not be discussed. After looking at the minutes," he said, picking up teh pad, then dropping it back on the table, "I have a few things to say. This defence perimeter and what not, sounds fine. Same with the joint training set up, but I think a nation as young as Liberty Fighters shouldn't be in charge of such a large force. Now I'm not saying Imitora should, but as the minutes have shown, the Liberty Fighters delegate seems to be a bit, how do you say, enthusiastic. Enthusastic leades can throw troops into a situation that no one knows about, and troops can die. Theres nothing wrong with being go getters and full of energy, but I think someone with a touch more expierence should be heading this up."

He paused, and took a sip of what was Waitkus' water. "I'm sure I can find somethign worth giving money to for the space station. Although I do have to agree with Waitkus, the fact is, I dont think any of APTO troops, regardless of nation, should be off fighting the ShaRa. Its not our fight. But I dont control your troops. However, I must ask, President," he paused and looked down at his own PDA shown briefing, "Harington, in a recent release to the Omz222 government, you stated that your forces are comited elsewhere, and it would be a very difficult situation to bring any of your forces to aide Omz222 in case of conflict. After many an inteligence breifing, I have yet to see where any of your atmospheric based forces are located, and wonder, if Adejaani's presence in the ShaRa conflict is pulling away support for our earth bound allies. While Imitora may not have teh close conections with the Omzian people that yours do, we wont leave them should Sniper COuntry choose to invade. Will you?"

OOC: President Oliver
07-11-2003, 19:37
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OOC: Immy, I was glad you solved this, because I saw, as you said, that in the Omz threat thread you had another President. I was getting worried when both Waitkus and Ross were President. :lol: Second, have fun. Enjoy life. :wink:

As for Adejaani Aerospace Inc, it's a strange thing. It's government owned, but civilian investors are allowed to invest in it (Stock Exchange). Meaning that they get most of their funding from the government, but civilians can also apply for "grants" to fund their personal aircraft or spacecraft projects.

Last OOC comment. You'd note I commited some forces to the Omz thing. :P

IC: Harrington plonked her fist down on the table, wincing, as the table was solid granite. She hadn't interrupted the earlier exchange, but had caught the text communication from O'Connor. Although most preferred the old fashioned way of pen/pencil and paper to scribble their notes, everyone had mini laptop data slates, which are basically a flat keyboard and touch screen. Though big (somewhat similar in size to a place mat at the dinner table), they were portable, but sucked up a heap of power. [OOC: There's your "PADDs" from ST]

But before she could respond after the room had gone silent, Waitkus was removed and replaced by someone who Harrington felt an air of warmth coming from the man. Sort of like her father..... And Although this new fellow, President Oliver, seemed as brisk (and arrogant) as Waitkus, Harrington sensed that he had a heart and cared for his people.

"First off, welcome to the meeting. Second, you very plainly misunderstand. The ShaRa conflict has its own 'pile' of resources dedicated to it. True, I also said of the squaring off between Sniper Country and Omz222 that my forces were indeed 'indisposed'. They are currently running a massive series of material upgrades, 'power projection' exercises and rearrangement of the military infrastructure, both real and organisational. Meaning, that while we're not as good or as big a military power as Imitora, we just tightened our quality screws and we've gone much leaner, meaner and more powerful than before.

"Which does not give you the right, sir, to make me accountable to you, much as I respect you on a personal basis and your nation. I can assure you that we will reenter that fray very soon, as soon, in fact, as the day after, when my forces are resupplied and last minute orders can be cut and authorised.

"And lastly, to acknowledge what Waitkus said before you entered, while I do acknowledge Adejaani wastes a lot of money currently, we are beginning to tighten up the losses and rearrange how we do our business. Furthermore, I should note that these projects occur over the course of several years when that money is gradually injected into the various programs. And I should like to remind you, as we speak, Adejaani has an extremely robust economy. Based on the numbers that I pulled in my morning briefings, you've got half a trillion more in national budget than I do and only one hundred billion more as far as military budget.

"While I do admit we're spending money like crazy, we are not exactly starved for cash. The schools and hospitals and police and firefighters all still function. The public trains and busses still run. Our stock exchanges, supermarkets, sports stadiums and everything still operate. People still have jobs, people still get their benefits or Social Security and there's still money left in the coffers. We have never gone into debt, either as a nation or among our neighbors, because we always have enough left, despite this great excess waste.

"Anything else?"
Liberty Fighters
08-11-2003, 01:05
O'Connor stood up, "Welcome Mr. President, I can tell already that you will have a little mroe respect for this meeting than Ms. Waitkus did. As predicted, I am going to defend myself shortly. Can you realy base enthusiasm as a ground of a risky force commander? If we must, I would like to point out recent successes in the AO civil war, the current Trojan conflict, and the Middle Eastern conflict where CLF forces faught along side elaran forces. All campaigns were very successful and all lossess were far under the projected numbers. Although I respect your opinion seeing as you must be quite informed(no sarcasm here, all straight up) I would request you do your research before you deem someone an unfit commander.
Lastly, although interesting, I am merley wondering, why is the economy of Adejaani a subject that demands the attention of the whole alliance? I really dont see the importance of this subject, at least not to the lengths it has been taken to."
09-11-2003, 00:00
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While I am waiting for him to return and resolve the current "dispute", there is nothing saying that everyone else can't oppose, approve or make an alternative suggestion. So please can the rest of us say something? Anything? Post Count +1? :P
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"Presidnet," Oliver looked down at teh pad, "O'Conner, you should note that you were fighting alongside forces twice your size with more power. If you had attacked any of those enemies alone, I fear to say you would have been vaporised. And there would have been little sympathy. You need to learn the differnce between skill and power."

OOC2: You all are gonna really miss waitkus when Im done with Oliver. In fact, after certain things come out later on in my RPs, Oliver is gonna be hunted down in the forests of Imiotra by one of my special ops teams.
11-11-2003, 02:09
The Hound once more ground his teeth and stood, his face creased into a fierce scowl,"Now that the Omzian conflict has been touched upon, I will convey a message from the Lord Reaver concerning all involved nations.

"It is his will that I inform you of Pantera's intentions in this war, and our... displeasure at comments made by a certain few of these we call our allies."

The Hounds eyes rest a moment upon the Imitoran delegate, Olivar, but he curls a lip and flicks a wrist dismissively,"Pantera was one of the original members of the AP, and has on many occasions prepared to make war upon those who would threaten our homelands. Billions of dollars have we poured into fledgeling nations, the defense of the region, and scientific progress.

"Omz222 is a member of the AP, it is well known, yet I see little that they has contributed to this alliance. Sniper Country, on the other hand has long been a friend of Pantera, and a staunch supporter of our Alliance."

His left hand curling into a fist, he looks around the table slowly, his eyes intense,"The Lord Reaver did declare his support for SC, while pleading for both sides to come to peace. While support for military action furing the war was at a minimum minimum, and praise for the AP as a whole was stunningly high among Panteran citizens, this has changed drastically over the past days.

"Comments made by Imitoran officials, declaring thier intent to fire upon Panteran craft if we did indeed make war upon Omz. This is utterly unacceptable, making commoners and nobility across Pantera call for our resignation from the Allied Powers, and for war upon those who would offer us insult. While the Lord Reaver would rather keep our alliance intact, his honor has been injured, and will have retribution, whatever the cost.

"And so, Bastien the Bronze has bid me come before you today and ask this council if we will allow a nation of craven dogs such as Omz destroy the mighty alliance that we have created here. He has ordered me to demand the dismissal of Omz from the Allied Powers, and this councils decree that the Imitoran government issue apologies for thier threats to Pantera and the Lord Reaver, who have always been firmly behind them.

"If these demands are not met, I have been authorized by the Lord Reaver to withdraw Pantera from the APTO, and to declare publically that the Allied Powers are in truth, not allied.

"Once more I will remind this assembly the many kind deeds that may be placed at the feet of Pantera, and the atrocities that will surely come to pass, should honor not be met."

Grinding his teeth once more, the Hound resumes his seat and watches, cold eyed and visibly unafraid.
New Empire
11-11-2003, 02:58
"We agree with Pantera that Imitora's comments were uncalled for... But Omz222 is a valued AP member. Perhaps it is not only a few's choice, but all our choices. If you wish to pursue this, I recommend we hold a vote. It is neither yours, mine, or New Genoa's alone, place to decide."
Liberty Fighters
11-11-2003, 04:27
O'Connor stood up violently,
I'll deal with your pompus overblown emptyheadedness in a second Oliver..
Warhoud, how can you demand we expell Omz from the APTO with no just cause? Have you not seen the reports? SC is making a fully offensive move on Omz, they havent doen anything wrong, I belive your people may have good reasons, but what are they? I havent seen any of them.
11-11-2003, 04:51
His eyes narrowing in irritation, the Hound rises and says,"It is not for me to question the motives of Sniper Country, so I do not speculate. Agressor. Just a word. Conquerer. Another word. There are no agressors, only men who would conquer, and those too weak to defy them."

"However, That is -not- the matter at hand, and does not concern me. The problem, as I see it, is that the Lord Reaver and his late Lord Father both have dedicated themselves to the Allied Powers. No deed would have been to base, no request would have been denied. We were your staunchest allies, and to your enemies, thier most implacable foe.

"Are there any at this table, save those of Crimmond, who Pantera has not aided in some way in the past?

"Can any of you deny that without the support of the Reavers, the Allied Powers could easily be just another piddling alliance, making grand plans but living none of them? Instead, we are a power to be reckoned with, feared by many and respected by all.

"Yet, Pantera is repaid by the slander of those we once counted among our closest allies? They plot upon us and announce to the world that they would fire upon us, forsaking the alliance we are all pledged to hold. And for what? To aid in the defense of a nation of cowards who will fall anyway?"

Laughing scornfully, the Hound gives a shake of his head and concludes,"Once I would have gladly took up my sword and warred alongside everyone at this table. Now, I am no longer so sure, doubtless the Lord Reaver feels the same."
11-11-2003, 05:04
Oliver sat back in his chair, and let everyone get what they needed out of thier systems before talking. "Hound, I take it you were never a fighter pilot. Humans can determine freind from foe. Missles cant. If my pilots," he put the emphasis on the 'my', after all he had been a squadron leader back when Imitora used F-14Bs for frontline combat, and then a CAG, "are fired upon, they are to return fire at will. Standard ROEs. Always have been, always will be. And you might want to speak with your propaganda offices. We stated taht should we be involved in the conflict, and Omzian aircraft fired on by Panteran aircraft, in defence of Omz, we would return fire."

He paused, sipping from a cup of coffee he had brought over and continued. "If Sniper Country so values the AP alliance, then why would he attack an obvious AP member for no good reason. Once again, the true colors of a nation are revealed, and Sniper Country, who supposdly once fought for freedom, has turned out to be just another nation of war mongerers."

"Furthermore, we see no need for the APTO to loose a founder. Should the decision come to expell Omz from the AP, then I myself will remove Imitora from the organization. I would also go on to encourage all of you to leave as well, for what alliance turns it back on a member, regardless of what they have or have not done for the alliance? You talk about honor," he said, looking at Caval, "well what honor is it to turn your back on an ally? Sniper Country may have suported the APTO, but he is not part of it, as Omz is. By the mutual protection pact in the APTO (OOC: We do have one, dont we?), you are obligated to protect Omz, like it or not. Unless you wish to show cowardice," he knew this last part would get him, "and run from the fight."

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11-11-2003, 05:28
Roaring in anger, the Hound surges to his feet, his chest rising and falling with his rage. His eyes blaze madly as he stares at Oliver, the muscles of his jaw knotted tightly. Finally, he speaks, his voice hoarse,"If it did not mean war between our nations, and the end of the AP, I would take your head, here and now, bastard. But as I retain a slight shred of respect for your nation, I will stay my hand. But know this, fool. Should you ever choose to insult me or Pantera again, I will spill your guts, the Alliance be damned. I had killed fifty men for Pantera before you came squalling from between your whore of a mothers thighs. Speak not to me of cowardice."

"I urge you to guard your tongue when you next speak to me, boy."

His eyes remain on Oliver, but the tone of his voice is obviously meant for the entire gathering,"Omz is a member of our Alliance, is he? Then please, tell me, what exactly have they done for us? Can you point to thier nation on a map of our region? May you show me a document where the Lord Reaver aknowledged an alliance between Pantera and Omz? No can not, because such a document does not exist."

"Had Omz shown the slightest interest in the Allied Powers, our stance might be different. However, aside from lip service, I have seen the hand of Omz in nothing that has benefitted Pantera, and therefore is NOT counted as an ally."

"You say that our propaganda offices need work? Such an office does not exist, as the truth is enough. You claimed that should Pantera war on those who we consider our enemies, that you who we considered a friend would fire in their defense. Instead of contacting Pantera, you immediately declare your intent to protect those we name enemy.

"A slight upon the Honor of Pantera, and one that will not be forgotten. I will remind you that the populace of Pantera has called upon Bastien to make war upon those who would name themselves our enemies. Instead of doing so, he has dispatched me to attempt to mend things diplomatically. I would urge you all to do the same, for if Honor is not met here, then it will be on the field."

The Hound reseats himself, his fury finally subsiding.
11-11-2003, 05:41
Emporer Arys stood up, having remained quite, it had only let his rage build. Luckily he was acting on wiser impulses. He grabbed Caval's arm to help restrain him from beheading the ignorant Imitoran Leader.
"Now Mr. Oliver, you claim to have military experience, and it is warranted. But do not assume for a second that it surpases everyone in this room. My dear friend Caval Warhound here, and also Marshall O'Connor have proven themselves on the ground in battle more times than you could count, reaching the highest ranks they could and obviously surpasing rank. You speek with no respect sir, and if you haven't noticed, that is why your are not getting any in return.
Now, I suggest that you reconsider your attitude, needless to mention, trinesee children not older than 5 are able to hold thier temper and mis-guided opinions better than you are diplaying.
11-11-2003, 05:50
Oliver just sat back and smiled, unafraid of the Panteran. He had been in worse situations*. "You know, threats really aren't my strong suit. I deal in action. And yes, I will protect my allies, even if it means firing on another who may attack for no reason other than war mongering actions. You claim Omz would fall? I ask how you know?"

(OOC: He has, considering technically Im Oliver, and I've had 6'5 guys holding foot long knives in my face screaming at me. Best thing to do is not show fear. God love Downtown Dallas...)
11-11-2003, 05:58
OOC: Wait huh? Do tell, I dont think anyone would mind a massive OOC story on this, sounds quite entertaining to hear. So please elaborate :D
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OOC: Well, I'll give you the short version. I was in DTD (down town dallas) with some of my friends, and we're just walking along, and like the imature 18 yr old males we are, we start eggin on a coupla drunks. Well next thing I know, one of them who was about 6'5, 200+lbs all muscle has an easily foot long knife in my face, screaming about how he was gonna kill me and all that shit. All I did was look him straight in the eye and say, "Mister, you better know how and be ready to use that."
11-11-2003, 06:04
The Hound draws a deep, calming breath leans forward, his lip curling into a sneer as he speaks."You claim they won't fall? Against the Reavers, I ask you how he could not."

His tongue clicking softly, Caval waves a hand, as if a reply would not be worth listening to.

OOC: Gangsters from Downtown Dallas won't bring ten million Reavers, and the attending death, rape, and cleansing fire down upon everything you ever held dear.
11-11-2003, 06:09
OOC: They also wont bring down enough cruise missles to sink your country into the sea. Your also assuming you can get your soldiers to Imitora in the first place. And In DTD, I cant just start over, and I didnt have 12 men with FN 5.7s standing behind me either.


"They Omzian are a smart people. I'm sure they could just as easily destroy your forces as you claim to be able to destroy theirs," Olive said, non chaulantly.
11-11-2003, 06:17
Snorting his contempt, the Hound grunts, waving a hand,"Well, if they manage to keep their land away from Dreadfire and Sniper Country, I will be sure the Lord Reaver is aware of their prowess. We always search for worthy enemies. The gods know you would make a poor one."

Turning and looking across the gathering, Caval raises his voice,"I tire of this foolish banter with this fool. I would hear the opinions of the rest of you, please. Perhaps you all will show a bit of the wisdom the Lord Reaver had come to love about the Allies."

OOC: I would rather not have this blossom into 20 pages of nothing, so I'll bow out until Adejaani, NG, and the others get a chance to reply.
11-11-2003, 06:26
"Or maybe you known I'm right." Oliver thought for a moment. If he played his cards well, this would all go as planned. "I think thats it. You know that your not as strong as you think you are. Sure, anyone can go and beat on a tiny nation of less that 50 million, but it takes balls to go after one of the bigger ones. Balls I think you and your Lord Reaver dont have. You dont have the guts to take on a nation that could put up a fight. Your Lord Reaver is just like that pussy Dreadfire. You think that because you can shout and scream and scare a tiny insignificant nation, your a proud group of warriors. I have news for you. Your not. Your no better than those miniscule nations you pick on." Oliver sat back, and awaited a reply.
11-11-2003, 06:55
The Hound cocked his head, running his tongue slowly across his teeth before rising from his seat and gesturing to his attending squire, who quickly scurries from the room. In the stunned silence of the chamber, the Hounds voice echoes powerfully,"Had you a shred of Honor, I would offer the challenge. I am sure, however that you would cower and refuse to meet me as a man would. Instead, I will allow you the chance to walk from this room, unhindered, with your men alive."

"I had thought you would be man enough to dispense with the insults, and at least conduct yourself with Honor. I hadn't thought to need my Rigante here, among allies. But I see you are too craven to handle yourself alone. Now we have evened the odds. I have had quite enough of your shit, and it is now at an end. Take you and these coward bitches you call soldiers, and get from my sight, or we shall see how well they die."

The doors of the chamber bang open once more, and in marches a fist of Reavers, armed and armoured. Wild, bearded men, these are the Rigante, the death clan's that populate the ranks of the Hounds own berserker guard, and the legions under his command. Armed with automatic rifles, small arms, and their ancient blades, they are quite imposing.

The fist marches smoothly, and the Hound nods his approval as he takes the hilt of an ancient broadsword from his squire,"Valhalla awaits us, bastard. We shall welcome it. There is naught for you but a cowards hell, ruled by the coward you call 'God'. I assure you, you may kill us all, but we will return the favor, and then there is Bastien, and millions of Reavers to deal with. The choice is yours. Arm yourself and meet me as a man, open fire and have better men do your work, or get from my sight and show the world your cowardice.

Come, craven whoreson. Show me your fear."

Silent fury burning in their eyes, the berserkers of Caval's guard stand rigidly, awaiting the first hostile movement of the Imitorans and the beginning of their Crows Feast.
11-11-2003, 07:06
OOC: This is about to get very real, very fast...


Oliver signaled to one of the ISS agents, and whispered somethign in his ear. The agent said something in return, and nodded. He signaled over his fellow agents, and spoke to them. A consensus was made, and the men looked at Oliver, and left the room.

Oliver let a wry smile cross his face. He looked at the Hound, and suppresed a chuckle. "I'm offering you and your men a chance to leave alive. If you choose to stay, then the blood of your men will be on your hands. If you choose to leave, then maybe things will be worked out. Its your call."
11-11-2003, 07:12
OOC: I would call your bluff and shoot him down, but like I said, I don't want this to get out of hand before Adejaani gets a chance to respond. IC she's right there, and wouldn't allow this to go down in her country without a very vehement protest. This is exactly why I wanted to wait. Put it on hold.
11-11-2003, 07:15
Exaclty. Anyways, I need to go spend time with the female friend, so I'm off like a cheerleader's shirt at mardi gras....
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OOC: Sorry if this is short, my mind's elsewhere..... Oh and good work, everyone, on a fantastic RP!

Oh and I think that this is the only solution to this Omz/APTO fighting each other thing, unless you can come up with something better

IC: "GENTLEMEN!" Harrington said as she stood up. "Despite popular fiction, Omz is not an APTO member, even though he has the rights and priveliges as if one. Further, it is by definitions, that we cannot make decisions which affect another sovereign nation who have their own right to make decisions for their country as their leaders see fit.

"Posturing, testosterone use and male egoes aside, you've each got your strengths and military prowess. But I also do not care what you think of each other, especially what it means to APTO on a whole.

"Given what I said, I cannot force you to accept the Rules of Engagement, but generally, military units of APTO nations are not allowed to fire on each other. However, if you do wish to fight with each other, I will personally call for a temporary order to have you" Harrington paused to look straight at Warhound Caval and President Oliver in the eyes "both temporarily suspended as APTO members and you two can go fight each other (and help in the APTO war) to your heart's content. Whatever pieces are left after the struggle will be let back in.

"Is this acceptable or am I going to have to do it now, not only have you removed physically from the room but from APTO too just because you've got an itch to fight, to prove something? Hmm?"
11-11-2003, 08:41
Oliver shrugged. "Its up to him. Not that there would be much of Pantera left to let back in."

OOC: It doesnt matter. SC/Omz agreed who would and would not be involved in the war. So if we do get temp. booted and fight, its gonna be one on one for no odd reason.
11-11-2003, 15:24
the 12 SEA's and 12 RLD's (sorry for the mod buddy) drew thier weapons, a small green lazer sight on each of the Imitoran and Panteran armed mens head's. Arys Spoke.
"Put the weapons aside now, get your legions out of here. Both of you, you are taking a meeting where we are supposed to speak as allies and turning it into a beginning of a war. We all do not want that.
My dear friend Caval, we shall speak of this one day and laugh. But Mr. Oliver, you have acted with little to no honnor, even with Caval threatening you, you are a disgrace. Because I have thought twice I wont insist you leave. But I am warning you, you are pushing it very close sir, I did not think you to be as stupid as you proove. I dont like being wrong, so for both of our sakes, end this foolishness."
11-11-2003, 15:39
OOC: My guys are outside of the room, but technically, by now they should have stormed in and wasted your guys for drawing weapons on my president.
11-11-2003, 15:41
Krall'c drags his talons across the table top, creating a noise worse that nails across chalkboard. "That will be quite enough, good sirs. If you would kindly sit down, maybe we might actually get something accomplished here?"

His tone obviously suggests he thinks they're all fools and that he'd rather be somewhere else, doing something useful.

If anyone would stop long enough to take a good look around, they would note the two gaurds that were with the Ambassador and the Admiral are gone.
New Genoa
11-11-2003, 18:01
Suddenly, President Carter burst in through the doors.

"Order! Order!" he screeched. "I've recently received a phonecall from one of you of the disorder and bedlam here. I'm sorry I couldn't attend. Now, let's end this childish bickering."

He straightened his tie and spoke, "APTO has brought our nations together. We have fought beside each other for years since our founding. I will not let this conflict tear us apart. No, I will not.

Firstly, all APTO membership, including mine, has been suspended. Thus, any inner-regional wars will be 'legal.' But before you blow each other to pieces hear me out: are you willing to end so much companionship die over the warmongering of Sniper Country?

Panteran diplomat, I know Pantera is an honorable nation who will not break its oath of allegiance -- but does not this warmongering and unexplained invasion stand against what other APTO members and your Reavers have fought against? We understand your will to honor an alliance and your perseverance to insist that Omz has done little for this alliance. It is true, Omz has offered little to our alliance. I admit it. But, Sniper Country has intruded a sovereign nation for no reason. Automagfreek, led by Damien Dreadfire, has declared his support. Why? Because of a devoted alliance. Not because he thought it was right, because of an alliance. Please, hold back your Reavers. Spare our friendship.

Imitoran diplomat, I can understand your perseverance to rescue a nation in turmoil, Omz. I, too, damn this warmongering of SC, but is the rescue of one nation worth the death of an entire alliance? An alliance that has done so much for you? I ask you, in the interest of APTO to pull back. Please do us this favor. I implore you, keep our alliance together. Spare our friendship from utter destruction.

Thank you for your time, noble friends and allies."
11-11-2003, 18:17
"Finaly," Oliver spoke, "someone who knows whats going on." With that, he sat down, and sipped some more of the coffee. Not quite strong enough for his tastes, but close.
11-11-2003, 18:35
Krall'c nods. "Indeed."
11-11-2003, 18:55
High Lord Enroth, being a man of caution, had not said anything the whole time. I wonder what we'll be talking about next.. When the New Genoan President had entered, he simply nodded and continued watching.
New Genoa
11-11-2003, 21:54
"Furthermore," he continued. "New Genoa will be withdrawing all economic and military support (special discounts) towards the Omzian Nation in order to set an example that we are willing to sacrifice our support to Omz222 in order to keep APTO together. Also, we have asked Omz to leave APTO until the war is finished and relationships patched up. I hope my fellow nations can follow our example and withdraw all their support from either side of this wretched war. Please."

He sat down and waited patiently for a response.
11-11-2003, 22:42
OOC: I was laying awake. This is sort of what was "meant" to be my original post.....

IC: "President Carter..... So nice to hear from our friendly neighborhood leader....." Harrington acknowledged with a nod and pointed to a seat which had been put there. After all, while he was the Regional Delegate, Harrington was still the host of this summit.

"I have only taken such drastic measures only because these two neanderthals" Harrington waved a hand in Caval's and Oliver's direction "have decided to be all macho. Despite their warlike tendencies, I still believe there's enough civilisation left in there. But now that you're here and my outburst has produced the right effect, it is time to make the real proposal....." Harrington paused briefly to signal her Vice President, who went to the doors and stepped outside. She returned a few minutes later with the Adejaani Attorney General.

"Here....." Harrington said as the AG plonked two folders on the table "is what we have. A legal waiver which is not talking about suspension of APTO membership, but acknowledgement that any aid or military forces which is in or near Omzian territory is considered a hostile unit, just like any other, which leaves APTO forces free to attack them if they so wished, but only those forces in or near Omzian territories. This is all perfectly legal.

"I understand" Harrington began with a bow towards Carter "that you are the Regional Delegate. But the fact is, nations of APTO should not just 'blow up' at each other. This is probably years of fomented hostility on a national and personal level. So I say, let them solve this. A 'gentleman's duel' so to speak. It is your choice. My proposal is to let them aid Omz, without legal repercussions. If they want to fight, let them....."
11-11-2003, 22:48
OOC: Sorry to bug in like this, but I already started the thread to withdraw on our boards, on request of New Genoa and in order to not let this split. No need to fight now.


EDIT: Also, like Imitora said, yes, the list is already chosen. Basically Liberty Fighters and me are the only APTO people in the SC-Omz war (LF's sending SpecOps). If the anti-me side disallows LF to fight along with me, I would try to talk to SC and choose a new person. Possibly someone from UNAOTO.
New Genoa
11-11-2003, 23:02
"Here....." Harrington said as the AG plonked two folders on the table "is what we have. A legal waiver which is not talking about suspension of APTO membership, but acknowledgement that any aid or military forces which is in or near Omzian territory is considered a hostile unit, just like any other, which leaves APTO forces free to attack them if they so wished, but only those forces in or near Omzian territories. This is all perfectly legal.

"I understand" Harrington began with a bow towards Carter "that you are the Regional Delegate. But the fact is, nations of APTO should not just 'blow up' at each other. This is probably years of fomented hostility on a national and personal level. So I say, let them solve this. A 'gentleman's duel' so to speak. It is your choice. My proposal is to let them aid Omz, without legal repercussions. If they want to fight, let them.....""Agreed, my mistake," said Carter.
12-11-2003, 00:18
OOC: Omz, my dear friend, this is an APTO member. And while we continue to say you are an APTO member, you are not "physically" in APTO. While I'm afraid to step on NG's toes, you, sir, are not part of the decision making process, so please butt out. Sorry, but that's the fact of life. :roll:

And I should note this is no longer about helping you, it's about internal "issues" we have with each other. :?

IC: Harrington flinched visibly that Carter had agreed. "Let me state once again" Harrington began cautiously after she found her voice "that we do NOT want to see senseless violence. But if you've got a problem or an itch you need to scratch, just sign a legal waiver and go punch each other's lights out as you wish. And when you're done, we can get on with life. If you've got something to say or do, go right ahead.

"Now, can we either do this or go back to the agenda?"
12-11-2003, 00:24
"You would allow this bastard to slander Pantera, my Lord, and this very council with his filth, and you speak to me of calming myself," His contempt written across his face, the Hound pulls the sheath from his broadsword and slings the heavy blade down onto the table, some six feet of steel clattering to a rest in front of the gathering,"You would allow his treachery and attempts to tear the Allies apart to go unpunished?"

Gesturing to the bare blade atop the table, the Hound laughs scornfully and gives a toss of his head,"If you would allow this cur to remain among those you name allies, then you are not worthy of the friendship of Pantera. Suspend your memberships in manhood, not the Allied Powers, because this bastard has played you all like children.'

"Chip the ice from your eyes, you who I once named friends. This Oliver is a disgrace to Imitora and to the Powers. He should be sweeping the floors, not speaking for a nation."

His eyes hate-filled, Caval points once more at the great sword,"Surely he is too craven to meet me himself, so, there is my blade. Unbound and unbroken. Use it to fall upon, fools, for you are not those that my Lord named his allies, and pledged all of Pantera to. No. You all are but wisps of shadows of those honorable men and women.

"Men and women who garnered the respect of my people through word and deed, but allow it all to crumble because of a fool who recently came to power. Praise him and raise him on high, fools. I hope he is able to replace my Lord Bastien, who served and dedicated himself to the Allied Powers, for years upon years. Now, let this fool drive us apart. My Lord Reaver will be saddened by this. To think that those whom he served so faithfully, through war and quiet times, that they would turn thier backs on him and allow this blight upon the honor of the Powers to remain..."

Growling an order, the assembled Reavers of his guard turn quickly and move for the door, the Hound moving along behind. As he reaches it he turns, and speaks once more, his voice almost somber,"I would urge you all to have a care in the coming weeks. Our alliance was meant to be great. In starlight upon silver it was written, to bind us once and forever. Now those bonds are broken...

"Starlight and Silver... Drag the Waters."

And with that, the Hound departs, his somber gaze strangely at odds with the painted fury of his guards.
New Genoa
12-11-2003, 00:39
President Carter sighed. "Damn this cursed war. Damn them all."
12-11-2003, 00:43
Harrington raced to the door and slammed it behind her. Despite the padding and insulation of the conference room, her voice was clearly heard. "Caval the Warhound! I charge you upon your notion of honor and rightness. I challenge you to a duel, coward. If you win, you walk. If I win, you stay and you work this out. Now. Are you man enough to take the challenge?!"
12-11-2003, 00:52
OOC: Edited.
12-11-2003, 00:56
The Hound snickers, turning slowly and eyeing Harrington for a few long moments before he speaks, his head cocking to one side curiously,"Indeed, Madam President? Perhaps you should rethink your notions of dueling.

"I am the Sworn Sword of Pantera. I have killed enough men to populate a small nation with my own hands, and I do not play at swords. If I win, I would indeed walk, and I would carry your head in my fist. If you won, the only reason I would stay is that I was dead. There are no half-measures, here. Retract your challenge, and return to your conference. You are one I still carry a slight shred of respect for, Madam President. Should you choose to lose that respect, name your champion and I will destroy him and snuff the flame of your life in the same instant."

His fist of guardsmen snickering among themselves, Caval watches this strange woman cooly. He had no desire to kill her, any woman really but especially her. He would, though. Peace be damned, he would.
New Empire
12-11-2003, 00:56
Corinth rubbed her forhead, swearing.
She stood up.
"United we stand, divided we squabble like fools, and fall on our asses. I will not stand to see this alliance fall apart like this. But if you cannot hold this great coalition together, then god help the members who rely on it."
She walked out of the room, heading for the plane.
12-11-2003, 01:44
OOC: Crimmond, stop it, this is an RP :roll:

IC: "Good. I've got your attention. I have no desire to fight you, Warhound. But what you are doing is silly, to say the least. I know you don't think this, but you know for a fact that despite what we have said, we can and will die alongside you, if not for you and the rest of the Panteran forces. President Oliver is an idiot, yes, but he will fight with the same ferocity as my forces or anyone else's. I urge you not to leave. You do not have to deal with him if you don't wish to. But do not harm APTO by doing this. Remember why you joined. Remember why you are here.

"I cannot stop you. I acknowledge that. But I withdraw my duel. But I ask you whether or not you really believe you are doing the right thing. I'm going to walk back in that hall. I remind you that you do not have to talk to President Oliver. It is your choice. And you are more than welcome to enter that room and welcomed back." Harrington started back into the room again, wondering if he would.....
12-11-2003, 02:23
The Hound's worn face relaxes into a smile as he watches Harrington move back towards the door, his fist clenches as he calls,"Nothing would please me more than to return and continue as we were. Pantera had a home in the Powers, and a happy home it was...

"But, if I returned to that room to speak of peace, rather than to destroy Oliver as he deserves, Bastien would hang me by the ankles. Were I you, President, I would speak to that bastard and urge him to issue a formal apology, and offer appeasement to Pantera. Bastien is most unforgiving, as you well know, and he will not be pleased when I return with this dire news.

"As I said before, that bastard had the gall to slander Bastien, and Pantera. The fact that the council allowed this unpunished is dishonorable, and you can be assured the banners will be called upon my return to Pantera."

Shaking his head he begins off once more, but halts and calls over his shoulder,"It pleases me I did not have to kill you or one of your men, President Harrington. I would have hated it, but I would have done it. Remember that. The Honor of Pantera is Paramount."
12-11-2003, 03:28
Harrington nods. "I shall try that, Warhound. But do not hold hope. Oliver is a pain and you can't exactly get a son of a bitch to play nice now, can you? Oh a personal note, Warhound, I thank you for your input. You have done well and may you die with honor!"
12-11-2003, 04:15
OOC:Nice...I understand that the reavers can be a dad dramatic, but its a good thing I wasnt on earlier when Caval pulled out his sword, or else wise now he would be dead, popped up with a nice amount of 5.7mm...


Oliver watched as Caval left, and signaled one of the two gaurds over to him. He whispered to the suit clad man, and got a nod in response. He went back to sipping his coffee, and waited.
Liberty Fighters
12-11-2003, 05:19
OOC: Imitora, I would like to point out that there were 24 armed men, both mine and TE's. Second, did i ever say anything bout them having you at gunpoint? No it was the guards. Im not that foolish as to point a weapon at an allies head of state.


"President Carter, it is great to finally meet you in person, and it is even greater to see you healthy after your peril with terrorists. I hope my men did all they could to assist you.

But as for you Mr. Oliver, I have no idea who you wish to be in this world, but it is lookling like you wish to be a dead man. If there is to be a split within this mighty alliance, it is to be on your shoulders, I can assure you of that. I have nothing else to say to you sir, at the moment at least..."
12-11-2003, 05:26
OOC: They were armed and showing hostile intentions.

Oliver shrugged. Carter had just said taht all memeberships had just been suspended. He tossed the idea in his head around for a bit. A new Imitoran colony, that would be nice.
12-11-2003, 05:26
Arys who was still standing (im guessing the guards have put thier weapons down...) truned to Oliver,

"You rat bastard... Have you no brains in that disgustingly pathetic skull of yours? Do you not know the value Pantera has in this alliance? Do you not know the proverbial "can of worms" you have just opened? I am guessing not."
He then truned to the rest of the council...
"Mr. Carter, I wish we could have met on better terms, you are a great man I have been assured. When Mr. O'Connor told me about this alliance, the last thing I expected was to have a numbskull like this rat here. It is hard for me to comprehend how you put up with him, or his predecessor(sp?). But I do know this, he will get what he deserves..."
12-11-2003, 05:59
Harrington returned to her seat, completely oblivious to Oliver, O'Connor and Arys arguing. "Out." Nobody heard her. "I said, out." The conversations stopped and people turned to look at her. "Get. OUT. This conference is over. Go back to your nations. Go!" Nobody moved. "Get the" her water glass breaking muffled the next word "OUT OF HERE!"
12-11-2003, 06:03
Oliver nodded, and stood. He signaled to all 12 of his men, and they followed him out. One of the men leaned over and whispered to him. "Gerogia?"

Oliver puased for a second. The back up plan sounded nice. "Russia or USA?" he replied.