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20-11-2003, 03:16
IC: "Lemme see.. how much budget surplus did we have again?"

"42 billion"

"Dammit, if the populance finds that out... they'll want a tax cut..."

"I got it, let's give it to.... lemme see... who needs it..."

"Ruhr just had a ship sink."

"There we go, Ruhr it is!"

42 billion DNS credits(~USD) is wired to Ruhr, along with a note to use it well.
20-11-2003, 03:20
OOC: Now will you guys get away from me?

What, you don't want help with the rescue? People are in danger out there!
The Territory
20-11-2003, 10:45
Tag for happy fun.
20-11-2003, 11:34
OOC: Errm, Watfordshire: How are you looking at my person? Last time I checked radio doesn't transmit faces. None the less. I will continue. P.S.: Schilling, if you read correctly, is a radar officer, not the communications officer. Good try though. ;)

OOC:apologies for my poor etiquette, (also please bear with me in terms of erratic posting - I have limited time yatta yatta) - I shall remove my 'mind' from your ship (please don't mind my mind though - it is really quite beautiful)

IC: "Rapier to Red Tester. You are requested to clear a twenty-five nautical mile radius of the battlegroup. Oh, by the way I am not a diplomat, that is not my job. Over."

The Red Tester maintains its parallel course within a twenty-five nautical mile radius of the Rapier until

"the Tolkin is sinking!"

The Red Tester will respond to any 'M'aidez!' call, otherwise maintaining visual contact with the Ruhrian taskforce. at a 'respectful' distance of 5 nautical miles
20-11-2003, 18:57
[you know, you can't VTOL an F/A-22. You'd need twice the the Raptor's thrust-to-weight at least, plus dramatically increased thrust vectoring capacity, and the change in engining couldn't be accomodated by the fuselage. Can't be done.]
20-11-2003, 22:27
[you know, you can't VTOL an F/A-22. You'd need twice the the Raptor's thrust-to-weight at least, plus dramatically increased thrust vectoring capacity, and the change in engining couldn't be accomodated by the fuselage. Can't be done.]

Ah-Ah-ah! They have built a prototype F/A-22 Raptor VTOL! Watch your History Channel young man!
Sacco and Vanzetti
20-11-2003, 22:56
The pink glow over the horizon was clearly visible from the wheelhouse of the Daisywheel. Four bright flashes were unmistakeable explosions.

“Good grief,” said Nanette through the pipe still between her teeth, “they’re in trouble. The eejits, all that technology but they just don’t know these waters.”

Pietrov, the wheel clamped firmly between his one remaining hand and the hook where his right had once been, nodded.

“Aye,” he said. “Sharks’ll strip any man in the water. Seen it. Seen it many times. They’ll be feeding up yon if theys men in water.”

Nanette grabbed the radio again, the whole situation was getting out of hand.

“Taskforce,taskforce, this is Saccolian western fleet fishing vessel Daisywheel, skipper Nanette Newman speaking, do you require assistance?”

She listened for a moment to the crackle of static in reply before the full horror of the true danger started to dawn on her.

“Taskforce, taskforce, this is Daisywheel, am approaching fast with Red Tester, will attempt immediate salvage of nuclear engines if necessary.”

She looked over at Pietrov. He was staring straight ahead at the mounting sea. His brief nod signified he understood they could all be sailing into a radioactive hell in order to protect the sea they loved from a nuclear nightmare that would scar it forever.
20-11-2003, 23:02
"Ruhrian Battleship Rapier to all non-Ruhrian Vessels around grid 12-53, I repeat all Non Ruhrian vessels around grid 12-53, you are asked to please maintian a twelve mile distance off of the battlegroup. Repeat: Ruhrian Battleship Rapier to all non-Ruhrian Vessels around grid 12-53, you are asked to maintain a twelve mile distance off the battlegroup." The message repeated itself over and over. On the Intra-fleet signals, ship-to-ship communications were red hot. The vessel was now completely underwater, and the floor several hundred feet down. The RNS Tolkin had hit the bottom, and deep-rescue vessels would take at least a week to get to from their current fleet-assistance position off the west Aperin coast.

Not only that, but there was no telling what caused the vessel to sink. The Arctic Attack Fleet was now racing down the coast to get to the arena. Captain Bradbury was coordinating a rescue operation inside the battlegroup. Men were pulled from the deadly sea, and what evidence on that managed its way to the surface was collected. Admiralty had ordered a state of emergency for the fleet, and Admiral Brumos was loading his guns. This was the first vessel lost since the Ruhrian Civil War, where the Arctic Attack Fleet took on the Pacific Fleet head on. The Arctic Fleet suffered a thirty ship loss before giving up, losing a carrier, a battleship, and three cruisers. Brumos did not want this catastrophe to turn out like the Ruhrian Civil War, but he was looking to hang whoever was responsible.

Divers were now in the water, heading down to the wreck. It was only a mere hour or so before they would find out some hard evidence of what went on. Ofcourse, there was always the possibility that nothing would turn up. There needed to be a reason for this, but the fact of the matter is that no one would really know.

Bradbury ordered that if any of the fishing boats came within ten miles that they would be shot. They have been fairly warned, several times in fact, and were even given some lee-way. The Captain could not deal with the twenty-five mile limit the Navy set, and instead gave them less than half the distance to mind their own business. He did not need drunken civilians helping with the rescue operations of a multi-billion dollar warship's crew! He had lost his patience for them, and was now prepared and allowed to fire upon them. After ARC-HQ replied to the may-day, Bradbury was authorised to fire upon any foreign vessel within twelve miles without being given permission.

The fleet was at red alert. The crews were anticipating orders and a chance to find their friends, if they were still alive. The people back in Ruhr were just now learning of their loss, and families being notified. Then it hit Bradbury: media. That was the last thing he wanted, a bunch of pokey reporters bugging him for questions like 'what went wrong?' It was not an ideal situation. Hopefully he could avoid it though. Thusfar, his stay in Aperin was in no way what he had hoped it to be.


Sacco: The Munich Class' reactor is actually in the middle-to-rear of the vessel. It is also the most heavily armoured sector of the ship, I believe it would have survived and not be the cause.
Sacco and Vanzetti
20-11-2003, 23:58
Nanette nodded at Pietrov and he slowed the engines and turned in a wide arc away from the chaos, calamity and farce up ahead. Daisywheel was heading home.

Maybe they knew about the storms that wracked these seas at this time of year and maybe they didn’t. Frankly, she was beyond caring. The fools had come down here to this peaceful ocean with all their bullying hardware and through their own ineptitude they had somehow come unstuck.

The boy was back in the wheelhouse with them and she could see from his eyes his was phrasing one of his questions again.


“What is it boy?” She was trying hard to keep the strain out of her voice.

“Why was that man so rude on the radio?”

She shook her head slowly, a little with love for his innocence and a little with sadness.

“It wasn’t his fault. The way he lives, he gets orders you see. One man tells another man what to do and he has to do it. He has to do as he’s told. I know it sounds strange but you got to remember, he’s not free like us, he’s still a slave of capitalism.”
21-11-2003, 04:11
OOC: As opposed to becoming a slave of the government. But I am not here to debate politics. As I said in my post, it is a pride to serve for the Ruhrian Navy, it is their duty to become one of the most effective naval fighting forces on the face of the earth.

To clear things up: There will be a much heavier concentration of Ruhrian vessels opperating in the rescue operation. The only thing I ask OOCly of you is that you respect my wish to save as much life as possible, if I can that is. I will have the vessel salvaged and out of your waters when I am done with the RP. It will take some time which means Ruhrian presence will be, errm...extended.

Thank you,

21-11-2003, 14:42
LickaBill Smilies sent his encoded report back to Watfordshire via Bri-SAT and poured himself another treble-espresso - his caffeine-fuelled feet tapped in time with the Demo-Bobylonian Breakbeat tune that his son had given him for 'Magneta'. The Shiree Captain was still a trifle flustered by the mysterious sinking of the Tonkin and had, now he had time to think about things been unwise to plough a course so close in the first place.

The Red Tester could carry on with its research in the local waters in the meantime, vigilantly avoiding the 12 mile radius around the Ruhrian salvage operation, but Smilies was looking forward to nothing more than a bit of R&R on The Weedgies. He'd only visited the northern-most island once and then never set foot on shore - perhaps there'd be an opportunity to meet some of the Weedgian and S&V fisherfolk who'd kept him so amused over the radio. Capt. Nanette newman certainly sounded like a formidable conversationalist! Grinning to himself and idly plucking at the white gull feathers in his top-knot LickaBill wandered from the Bridge back to the Galley, enticed by the odour of sea-bass for cena.

ooc: Red Tester will remain in the locale as long as the Ruhrian's presence continues. A Shiree Herald will join the vessel in a week or so to make further IC contact with the Ruhrian taskforce. I'd appreciate a TG to any relevant thread if the Ruhrians' make any move in the neighbourhood, or wish to communicate. muchas graçias :twisted:
22-11-2003, 23:44
IC with no true time to post:

Most Ruhrian Forces will be pulling out of the Aperin region due to growing conflict at home over domestic support for action.

The only vessels remaining will be the RNS Landschwert Supercarrier Battlegroup with all Arctic Fleet rescue vessels. A salvage operation will be taking place for Tonkin.

The medical division in Skargarden is packing up and preparing an air-extraction from the 71st Transport Air Wing.

Once again, the only force remaining in Aperin areas will be the rescue forces.

-That is all-