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Blood and Destruction

31-10-2003, 18:37
It was late autumn in Lavenrunz. The rolling plains and fields were turning brown where fallow; heavy with corn, oats and wheat where they were not. In Hofburg, where linden and oak boulevards fluorished, and where gardens abounded, there was a fanfare of colour. Squirrels were fat in the cheeks with acorns and hiding them by the dozens.
In Zwoll, a board fitter called Gus waited in line for medical assistance. He had only gone when blood was starting to stain his handkerchief; he couldn't afford the time away from work.
In Carlsbad, former Vice-Chancellor Helga Dresden lectured students on economic theory; students who came to her class like gawkers wanting to see the beast with two heads. Her grim determination to accomplish something hid her midnight despair that her life was over.
Flush from victory, Arvid Pluskat, leader of the Populist Party, swept the former nay-sayers that had joined the Communists back into his own fold, ready to take on the Constitutionalists at the polls. His newest campaign poster showed Chancellor Claudia der Waal and himself, with arrows pointing at either and the legend respectively reading: Backwards or Forwards?
Taxes were high, particularly property taxes. A young couple, the Mullers, grimly settled in for another three years living at Pieter Muller's parents' place. Else Muller was pregnant with their second child.
Foreign Minister Aurora von Konigsmark and War Minister Hans Schlabel were busily at work finding either a peaceful solution or a military one to the troubles in Iraqstan. They had barely left the war council rooms, but the Empress had reminded them to get some rest. General Schlabel wearily lay down in his apartments near the ministry. The autumn seas north of Lavenrunz were very rough; the fleet being sent to Iraqstan had suffered delay after delay.
A gang of young thugs were auslander baiting, jeering and jostling a young moslem couple, snatching the kerchief off the head of the young woman. This was foolish; in a few minutes a polizei car pulled up, summoned by the security officer watching the camera on a pole nearby. The youths scattered as one officer got out looking grim. The other asked the couple if they were alright. Privately, he was thinking, Why the hell don't you go back where you came from?
News anchor Max Fersen was going over his notes as he rode in his limousine to the INN building in Hofburg. He noticed that the advertisements for the Carlsbad-Mirenburg game were already up. That'll be a good game. he thought.
An old couple on a bus were shaking their heads over rumors in the paper of the Empress Joanna likely adopting a foxgirl from Ravenspire.
"The old Emperor, Marta, He'd never of done such a thing, Blessed be His memory."
"But She's Empress, Erich." pointed out his wife, clucking her tongue.
"That's true, so She is." said Erich.
A young man in black boots with short hair glared at the old couple but kept his silence. High time when people were criticizing the Monarch on public transit--who the hell provided it? Lavenrunz needed new strong leaders, who'd get rid of the Reds and kick the nation back into shape...

At the Autumn Palace, Empress Joanna sat in her garden with a few attendants nearby. She was looking forward to Raven coming. It would be nice to have something like a child around again--even if it was an utter foreigner and a nonhuman. How it would shock everyone! She was almost looking forward to that part of it. Idly she ran her fingers through the waters of the fountain she sat on the edge of. Carp rose to nibble at her fingers and she smiled absently.
She missed Aurora very much, but her youngest daughter had gone to Mittelmarch, wanting to join in that experimental community in trying to better the environment. Her uncle Amadeus was with her, and Joanna admired Aurora's convictions and intelligence. She was determined, with one child at least, to do all she could to encourage her. But she missed her questions, her unique perspectives and simply the fun of her.
"Excuse me, Majesty," said her secretary Baron von Bresnvorts from nearby, "The Heir."
Joanna was relieved at him coming before she got all misty eyed..."Valerian, can you sit?"
Archduke Valerian inclined his head politely. "Mother." he glanced at the aides, who withdrew politely. "I wanted to tell you that the wedding preparations are complete, and all is well."
"And are you happy about it, my son?"
"Yes." Valerian was aware of a foolish smile coming over his face. "Yes, I very much am."
Joanna paused; she saw several of the Cavalier Guard approaching. The senior, a captain--Captain von Berg, as she recalled--bowed and the others snapped a salute. They were excellent soldiers but dressed in the apparel of another time; gold buttons and riding boots, aguilletes and epaulets, dark blue tunics gold crowns on the collars. Swords.
"Well?" she said.
Then she saw their faces. Grimly determined.
In a flash she knew: but for recent experience, she would have recoiled.
"Not my son." she said, her eyes flashing.
"Forgive me," said the Captain. His sword flashed from its scabbard.
There was an exclamation of horror from Valerian, cries of
"This is--"
And she felt no pain.
And Death shall have no dominion...
31-10-2003, 18:40
Oh, bummer. *
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31-10-2003, 18:42
"Good morning, I'm Antonia Chavez, and this is a special report from WNN. The people of Lavenrunz were shocked today when a group of army officers seized control of the Autumn Palace and beheaded both the Empress and the Heir Archduke Valerian. Several members of the court were severely wounded or killed trying to prevent it. After this, most of the soldiers--from the elite Cavalier Guard--killed themselves by falling on their swords. Two of them were killed by armed courtiers. A note found has stated that they did this as a protest against what they saw as a betrayal of the Empress' heritage: her adoption of a Ravenspire Foxgirl as well as her permitting members of the Imperial Family to marry people of common blood, permitting homosexual marriage and other relaxations of Lavenrunzian tradition.
More on this in the evening news..."
31-10-2003, 18:43
OOC: Holy crap!!! :shock: :cry:

Siri's gonna be on the warpath...
Santa Barbara
31-10-2003, 18:46
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Der Angst
31-10-2003, 18:54
Oh my...

31-10-2003, 18:57
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31-10-2003, 18:58
Sirithil was in her office; doing assorted paperwork and the like. No job was free from it, sadly, not even hers. Though of course there was no paper involved, hadn't been for over three centuries; it was all flexisheets and datapads nowadays. But the term remained.

ISN was on in the background, the newsnet's talking heads droning on about this and that on the holoprojector. Siri was hardly listening, but it provided a bit of background noise, which pleased her, and...

"and an area of high pressure over Vinyatirion should be moving eastwards over the next few--... wait, I've been handed a note. We have breaking news from Lavenrunz...

Something made the Elvenqueen look up. She watched, and she listened.

Oh, gods no... Joanna... my osellë, my sworn-sister...

...murdered? WHAT?!?


It was only moments later that Maglor arrived, having seen the report... the prince knew his mother would be... well, distraught. He peeked in the door of the office...

And he found Sirithil, standing amid devastation. She'd trashed the office in her rage, tears flowing down her perfect face.

"Mother, I..."

"I know, Maglor. I know," she said, her voice cold, with an edge to it that could turn a monoblade. Her eyes were glowing, as usual, and brightly in anger... though, Maglor had never seen the light be... well, cold before.

"She was my best friend, Maglor... my sister in all but blood. She was the only sister I'd ever had... and now she's gone. I will have blood... I will have their heads, I promise it! I shall revenge..." Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
Chancellor of CENNA
"We have known freedom's price. We have shown freedom's power. We will see freedom's victory."
~US President George W. Bush
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister (
31-10-2003, 19:01
Bye Jo. Take care.
31-10-2003, 19:02
I'm impressed.. Very impressed <Tag>
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Sorry to interrupt...*
Lavenrunz: check TGrams
31-10-2003, 19:17
We extend our condolences to the people of Lavenrunz on the loss of their Empress of happy memory. The men who did this are criminals of the highest order - not only are they guilty of murder, but by taking the life of an Empress as a form of protest over her policies, they are usurpers of Imperial right and dignity, and are beneath our contempt.

Our prayers are with you in this difficult time, we pray that the next prince to sit on the Imperial throne of Lavenrunz may rule with the wisdom of the martyred Empress.

imported_Sentient Peoples
31-10-2003, 19:22
D'ron blinked as he watched the report.

Holy shit.

Made him sort of glad the defenses of Imperial House were automated, so he didn't worry about such things. On the other hand, what decent person worried about their own sworn bodyguards killing them.

He turned to 'Nathan. "Okay. Is there a government in Lavenrunz right now?"

"It would appear so, Mister President."

"Good. It is the royal family, is it not?"

"As far as we can tell."

"Okay, send a message of condolence, whatever it is we normally send when such events happen to friendly nations. Sign it with my name."

"Yes, Mister President."

D'ron then turned to his military advisor, John. "Move to AlCon Four. Deploy a FUI Unit to the Anglachel incase we need a quick response."


"You heard me." FUI had never, ever been deployed, not since the forming of the Regional Alliance 5 years before. They were the elite of the elite, the best the Federation had to offer.


D'ron wheeled back to 'Nathan. "Contact both Menelmacar and EOTED. They were close allies of Lavenrunz. Find out what they are doing, and try to make sure it isn't something stupid. Lady Sirithil, and possibly Empress Rialla will be extremely upset at the moment. Make sure it doesn't affect their judgement."

D'ron had never met Empress Joanna, or her son. He had hoped to one day, but it looked as if that were not to be.

D'ron looked at both his top advisors. "Do it."
31-10-2003, 19:37
"Apparently, Empress Joanna of Lavenrunz has been the unfortunate victim of a successful assassination attempt." Blu sighs as she reports, both her and the X-series now floating in the emptiness of the Cspace Council Chamber.*
"We*should*probably*send*Our*condolences."*X9*sighs*as*well,*restless*in her seat. "There is the potential for great civil and international unrest. We are certain that Lady Sirithil is livid."
X2 turns to Blu. "How do you believe this will effect Our relations with both Lavenrunz and Menelmacar?"
Blu pauses for a moment, thinking. "I do not doubt that there will be a period of... restlessness, though I doubt that this will have an overall impact on relations with any nation other than with Lavenrunz. However, since Our presence there was minimal, I do not forsee much of a change."
Nodding in agreement, X1 motions towards a screen that appears from nowhere. "Then We are agreed. A note of condolence must be sent. With your approval?"*
We are most grieved by the recent shedding of blood within the Imperial family. While We understand the reasons behind such a rash action, We condemn the perpetrators for not attempting diplomacy first. There are ALWAYS additional avenues, and We are saddened to note the apparent pre-elimination of such avenues that brought forth such pain and death to Lavenrunz.
We extend the blessing of peace from the Angel, and offer a prayerful benediction for the Empress's immortal soul.
Automata X1
31-10-2003, 19:46
31-10-2003, 20:04
OOC: Events after my current thread

"See what happens when people get wrapped up in their own traditions." said Cedric, his eyes flashing with barely concealed anger. His new quiksilver like military garb flashed, whether from the sun or from his anger, Meagen didn't know. "See what happens, just like what tried to happen to me. So, by tradition, this makes Madga the next in line, the current Empress. Warn Racheal."

"Yes sir." said Meagen, walking out quickly, wondering what excatly happened to Cedric in that battle.
31-10-2003, 21:29
In Tir Eselyn, within the Gothic edifice that housed the Ministry of Intelligence, Sakura was among the first to receive the news. While aides and lesser functionaries entered into a frenzy of activity -- fact-checking, contacting the Ministries of State, Defense, and Trade and the diplomatic corps, calling up current data on Lavenrunz -- she quietly turned and walked into her office. The doors whispered shut behind her, leaving her alone in the soundproofed room.

"Damn!" She lashed out at the most convenient solid object; her fist slammed down on the granite-topped desk, shattering the stone. "You knew, didn't you, Jo? Your last words, before... but I didn't think they'd go that far. Or that soon." She kicked away one chunk of the former desk, sighing heavily. Raven hadn't even arrived yet. Have I been too optimistic? Or was my mistake only considering you to not be among the potential victims? ...No. I have to believe that they will change.

Care for the living first. Magda is in Terraus; she's safe for now, but she's Empress; she'll return. Aurora isn't in Hofburg. Setsuna will want somebody on that. Raven... damn it. At least she's in Terraus. Otherwise, her pain would probably sink half of Lodoss.

"I'm sorry, Jo," Sakura whispered. "But it won't be in vain." Then she turned around, heading back toward the door.

There was work to be done.
31-10-2003, 21:30
The Hague, the Peace Palace

In the building where the failed League of Nations had gathered, and the international court for warcriminals had settled, a visitor entered.

Knootian Prime Minister Lousewies van der Laan walked briskly into the building. She had an appointment with the newly elected judges of the High Council but when she entered the meeting hall she saw nothing but sad faces. Everyone was strangely distressed; as if some great disaster had just struck. The judges had a collective human feeling of doubt, of refusing to accept what had just happened. She asked what was going on.

Lousewies couldn’t believe it. The whole thought of it disgusted her – beheaded – her stomach turned.

She tried to remain calm, but then she thought back of her personal moments with Joanna. ”Her hospitality in our time of need. I could stay in the Imperial palace.” Her mind now vividly pictured Joanna’s face and emotions almost chocked her, as mixed feelings barraged onto her and the grim reality became apparent. “Meeting adjourned”, she said and she turned around.

First, she walked but her pace increased and finally she ran outside, fighting to control her tears. ”And for such a reason; after having lived to all she lived through.” She slammed the front door of the Peace Palace behind her and darted out on the street. On the streets, several Knootians looked up slightly bewildered at seeing their Prime Minister run like that. An elderly woman pointed her finger.

Fortunately, she did not need to go far. She ran all the way to the tower of the prime minister, her workplace in parliament. There she dashed into her room and shut the door…

Balmora Military Base
The main Knootian airbase was more busy then usual as soldiers were preparing for an upcoming military exercise abroad. The soldiers in the barracks rumoured that a quarter of a million soldiers had been called up for active duty but no details had been given. With recent international tensions rising security had also been stepped up significantly, and heavily armed soldiers were patrolling the base perimeter. Eurofighter north-sea patrol #456546-03 came in for a landing

In the office of the base commander, KNN radio was on.
”… and we have breaking news from Lavenrunz, switching directly to WNN.” The voice changed to that of a Lavenrunzian, voiced over by a Knootian woman. “The people of Lavenrunz were shocked today when a group of army officers seized control of the Autumn Palace and beheaded both the Empress and the Heir Archduke Valerian. Several members of the court were severely wounded or killed trying to prevent it. After this, most of the soldiers--from the elite Cavalier Guard--killed themselves by falling on their swords. Armed courtiers killed two of them. A note found has stated that they did this as a protest against what they saw as a betrayal of the Empress' heritage: her adoption of a Ravenspire Foxgirl as well as her permitting members of the Imperial Family to marry people of common blood, permitting homosexual marriage and other relaxations of Lavenrunzian tradition.”

The base commander had listened with growing attention and shock. ”This is outrageous,” he thought. The Empress had been a very popular figure in Knootoss, especially after her inspirational tour after the Shadow war. He muttered to himself: “This is going to have a tail I bet.” He immediately ordered all flags in the base to be put half-mast and cancelled the days

The troops were all called to attention at the central plaza. The base commander spoke to the dismayed troops about the life that Joanna had lived, and how she was inspirational for others – how she led by example. And that it was an example worth following. He reminded the troops how she had been a part in the liberation of Knootoss. In the end, he turned to poetry.

It is worthwhile to live
and fight courageously
for sacred ideals.

O blow ye evil winds
into my body's fire
my soul you'll never unravel.

Even though disappointed a thousand times
or fallen in the fight
and everything would worthless seem,

I have lived amidst eternity --
Be grateful, my soul --
My life was worth living.

He who was pressed from all sides
but remained victorious in spirit
is welcomed into the choir of heroes.

He who overcame the fetters
giving wings to his mind
is entering into the golden age of
the victorious.

(OOC: BY NORBERT CAPEK. composed in Dresden Prison in 1941, shortly before he was transferred to Dachau concentration camp, where he died in October, 1942)

That night, all of Knootoss mourned…
31-10-2003, 21:43
Perfect by nature

Shock. Pain. Anger. Loss.

What the hell?

The feelings were not his own.

Some was going on.

He relaxed, abandoning his current form. Human form prevented certain things, like reading of radio waves.

Holy Eru. No wonder all these people are upset. And those troopers...

Icons of self indulgence

His anger boiled. He was prone to the same emotions as humans, and other organics.

My friends. They hurt my friends. They hurt my neighbors.

Surrounded in the South Atlantic, he could clearly feel pain from all around him, as the nations mourned the beloved Empress of Lavenrunz.

But unlike everyone else, he could do something about it.

Just what we all need

Ainulindalion phased out of the reality of men, and of elves, and out of the physical plane completely.

Surrounded by darkness, for instant. Then pure light.

It had been a long time since he had walked these halls. Perhaps too long. He was not the same being he had been before.

Others went about their business, lightly clothed, and often, nude. Pale perfect flesh, white colorless walls and furniture.

The shock as his anger flowed by them, his physical manifestation cloaked in darkness, cape flowing behind him. He wore no human weapons for once, only his sword, forged with his mind, with the power to rend a world.

More lies about a world that

He strode rapidly through the halls, his presence frightening many away. The pair of golden doors. With a wave of his hand, they flew open, slamming into the walls on either side.

Souls. He sought the souls of the men who had brought such pain to the world.

He reached out with his mind, strength amplified by anger, and found them.

He stopped.

Never was and never will be

They were good men. Of course, that was true from their presence here.

Misguided. Pain. Self-hatred.

What had he nearly done? They had believed they were doing the right thing.

Had not thousand, millions, billions, even trillions killed for 'the right reason?'

He was not the one to judge, considering some of the things he had done.

Have you no shame, Don't you see me

Ainulindalion spun, striding forth from the physical manifestation of heaven. The end of a journey, and a new one beginning.

His clothing morphs as he walks, turning white, fading him into the surroundings. His anger fades away.

As his 'physical' form leaves the hallowed halls, he feels a caress at his mind, Supremely powerful.

Good. You have learned.

You know you've got everybody fooled.
Der Angst
31-10-2003, 21:54
Althena read the message... read it again...

Who would have thought that... her own guards...

Of course, she knew that monarchies tended to be unstable, but there is a difference between being killed by an angry mod and the own, most loyal guards...

It must have been a horrible death...

She hated it.

She really hated it.

It was hard for her... she had seen so many die... her ability to feel compassion was... limited...

However, it had to be done, in the interest of diplomacy.


"In this tragic hour, we stand with the Lavenrunzian people, who so cruelly, horribly, lost their empress.

We will never forget her great deeds, and what she was, not only for her people, but for countless others outside Lavenrunz... even for us.

For she was a light in the darkness, a bright sun fighting the night that encompasses all of us, a symbol for morality, integrity, and bravery.

The world can never have enough people with such qualities, and her loss is even more tragic, seeing that we have lost one of the people actually possessing this qualities.

Our condolences to the people of Lavenrunz, which now mourn the victim of another treacherous act...

We shall NEVER forget that there is always a darkness in the world, trying to defeat the light... today, it succeeded... and by succeeding, it showed us that there is no other way but to follow Joanna, to fight her fight for a better world.

For us, and for our children."

~ The associates
31-10-2003, 22:03
Theallas had been veiwing ISN, some habits never change, until the news about the death of Empress Joanna, his first thoughts were, I wonder how Sirithil will handle this? Nothing too major maybe some... His thoughts ended there as he thought of what Sirithil might do, I have never seen her angry, well yes I have but not this angry. He then heard that they knew who did it, that was a relife for the assasin turned national leader.

In an instant he had brought up a data-pad, and had thrown it across the room, [i]No a condolences letter should be hand written, let me see, in Quenia for Sirithil, and in (Laverunz's national languge) for the Royal Family.

To Lady Sirithil nos Feanor
From General Theallas Henerin

Lady Sirithil nos Feanor, over then news I heard of the death of the Empress of Laverunz, I know that you held her as a sister in all but blood. I offer my condolences, although one as myself should hardly have the right to talk about one like the late Empress. I am trully sorry for you, a great tragety has befallen this world.

Your Servant,
General Theallas Henerin

To: Archduchess Magda
From: General Theallas Henerin

Archduchess Magda, I have heard of your mothers death, although she and myslef were often enemies on the battlefeild, I am saddened to hear that a woman who for so long worked to recosile the difierences between races and nations has died. She never hated her enemies, she only dispiesed those who hurt others, she was a great role moddle for many national leaders. I am trully sorry for your loss.

General Theallas Henerin

OOC: EDIT I did not see that the Archduke was dead :oops:
31-10-2003, 22:06
OOC: Valerian is dead, too. That leaves the Archduchess Magda as Empress. Problem is that there is a catch with the 19-year old redhead assuming that role...
31-10-2003, 22:14
OOC: Yes. In that she's married to you.

31-10-2003, 22:16
OOC: Yes. In that she's married to you.


OOC: who was that directed at??? Next time can you use a quote window, for all of us lazy bums out there :D
31-10-2003, 22:16
To Terraus. :)

31-10-2003, 22:22
OOC: Yeah, she's married to my main character, who would have to resign if she did become Empress, as well as surrender his commission and franchise. Pesky old laws in a system out of Heinlein...
Dread Lady Nathicana
31-10-2003, 22:28
"--but Nath, those responsible are--"

"I know."

"--and there really isn't much you can--"

"I know!"

"You'd be betraying the core value you've always so vehemently suppo--"

"I know goddammit!" she snaps, whirling away from the window to face Marik. "I don't need you sitting here telling me how f---ing helpless I am!"

She stood, fists clenching, furious. "I want ops in there. I want you to find out how far this runs. I don't buy a few Imperial guards just up and deciding to murder in cold blood the woman they've faithfully served and her heir, not for the simple reasons given."

"Find them, Marik. Find out who orchestrated this. Do it quickly, and quietly, and report back. We'll decide what to do from there."

He nods curtly, his face as usual, betraying little emotion. "Consider it done," he says, making his way out the door.

Nathi pours a glass of wine, forcing herself to sit down, and try to relax. After all, there was work to be done. Tears were for later.

The hearts of our nation go out to the family and friends of Empress Joanna and her son, Archduke Valerian. We mourn the loss of two such exemplary people who served their nation with honor and integrity.

We condemn the horrendous act perpetrated by the guard, and publicly put our support behind the rightful heir. It is our hope that the transition will be a peaceful one, despite the deeply disturbing cause of it.

A day of mourning has been declared throughout the Dominion, and all flags will be flown at half mast this week in honor of those who grieve.

--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion
Endless Crimes
31-10-2003, 22:50
ECTV News:

"Finally, the witch has fallen! The people of Lavenrunz choosed freedom over oppression, purity over sin, they choosed to fight rather than to starve in the slavery of the elven empire!

Let us praise god for they choosed this way, for it marks a glorious future for them, and for us, for mankind!

United under the almighty, we will triumph! God is with us, and nothing can stop a mans will!"

~ Michael
31-10-2003, 22:54
The Vortex Corporation is struck heavily by this news. We offer our condolences to those left behind, and express our hope that no more bloodshed should come of this, tainting this horrible event even further. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lavenrunz tonight, as we remember the radiant empress Joanna. God bless her eternal soul.


The Vortex Corporation Daiamid Council
Corporate Coalition
Templar Alliance

”We bring new worlds to Life”
imported_Sentient Peoples
31-10-2003, 23:16
"He said what?!"

"That..." the aide trailed off, cut off by the wave of D'ron's hand.

D'ron stabbed a button on his desk.

"Imperial House Kitchens. What do you need, Mister President?"

In his rage, he'd hit the wrong button. He calmed himself, and stared at the intercom for a second. "Nothing. Sorry."

D'ron presses another button, calmer this time. "Yes, Mister President?"

"John? FUIU in TEOL, D-1." In his emotional state, he reverted to the milspeak from his youth.

"Aye, Mister President. Consider it done. What do you want to know?"

"Everything. Specifically, tie in ECR4 to end JVSEL, if possible."

"Of course, Mister President. What else?"

"I don't want to hear about this until the report is on my desk, or FUIU fails, understand?"

"Aye-aye, sir."
Iesus Christi
01-11-2003, 01:01
Sing the song of David people of Christ for the soiled dove has been destroyed! The coward whore , queen of the forever retreat has been destroyed! Laugh and rejoice at the final forever defeat of Elven bitches Puppet Lavenrunz!
The people in darkness have seen a great light and carried out a great deed this day! Praise them for this action! Their reward is paradise!
Death to the enemies of God!

Bridgette Iesus.
01-11-2003, 01:07
01-11-2003, 01:12
At the other end of the world, in a nation that has known Lavenrunz as allies, but now suffers more troubleome relations with her and her allies, the president of Celdonia is informed of the news before it is broadcast to the populace.

He receives it in silence, merely nodding, when an aid brings it to him. When the aid leaves he puts his head in his hands. Bastards, he thinks. First she resigns from SATO, and now this. Bastards.

No more than five minutes later his wife comes rushing through the door of his office.

"Joann has been.."

"yes, I know" he says, raising a hand.

The sit together in silence, until eventualy the president's wife says "with this CACE resolution to sever ties...."

"yes, I know"

"We won't be able to attend the funeral." The sadness in her voice is genuine.

Her husband thinks for a few moment before breaking the silence. "F@#k them. We're going. Joanna was a friend..."

His wife looks up. She isn't going to talk him out of it.
01-11-2003, 02:18
A heavy police guard was immediately placed on the Lavenrunz Embassy in New Sydney, even before all the members of the Cabinet had been informed of the double murder. The flag was flying at half mast.


The news spread through Chimaea like an inferno; the Empress of our old allies killed... Memories were resurfaced of the wars of Ienotheisa during Lord Bryce's time.


In his office in the New Sydney Parliament House, Governor Reginald Styles read the report directly from the Chimaean Embassy with a sinking feeling. For a while he gazed out of his window at the Parliament park. Spring was just settling in and the bare trees were starting to blossom, both with flowers and leaves. In his mind, he was remembering another time, when the world was balanced on a knife edge between chaos and reason and all that stood between them were people like the Empress and his predecessor, Lord Bryce.

Both gone now...

Sitting in the ancient office of power, Sir Reginald suddenly felt very alone.


General Garrison was, strangely enough, playing a rather silly game with his adopted daughter when a young Lieutenant coughed discreetly, saluted and handed him a report.

He should have been at the head of marching armies, he thought as he read the words. The world should have been shaking to the sound of a thousand shells ripping apart a mud-churned ground. But it was always the same... the more sad the news, the brighter and more peaceful the day.

In his mind he saw scenes of clandestine meetings alongside Lord Bryce, a million secret messages transmitted from one Embassy to the other, a hundred conferences while the world looked on.

Then his eyes fell on his daughter, forgetting them game and trying to wrestle with the General's huge, gentle dog. For a moment he saw her father, playing with the same dog.

Or not, he thought. Perhaps this a very apt moment that this news should come...
01-11-2003, 02:38
OOC: Posting here is a little unusual for me. But considering that this is what it is, and Lav is involved here just as much--if not more than--at the CCoL forum, I'll put this up here too.


Avernesse, Estavia - The Black Palace...

"Hell and Night!" Mordred Avernal, High Prince of Estavia roared.

Reynard Vadasz sighed and frowned at his friend. Mordred had been at this for the last three hours. "Calm down, Mordred," he said not for the first time.

"I will not calm down!" The Prince of Estavia focused on a conveniently placed marble bust of some unimportant historical figure. He muttered something under his breath and made a peculiar gesture with his right hand, and with a sharp detonation the bust was reduced to so much gravel. Turning back to Reynard, Mordred scowled at him. "Don't tell me to be calm." -.-

Reynard looked back at him, unimpressed. "They would have become obstacles later anyway. I don't see why you're so upset."

Exhaling heavily, Mordred replied, "Admittedly, I won't miss Valerian. I wouldn't have minded killing him myself. I can never express how much I respected Joanna though. She was the sort of ruler that I would like to be, if I were a better man than I am. I've said it before that I admire decency and strive to be decent when I can afford it." Sighing slightly, he said quietly, "I could have stopped it, Reynard. If I had only stayed just a little longer. If I could have been there... A handful of perfectly normal men would have been well within my ability to handle."

Reynard arched an eyebrow. "Guilt, my Prince?"

A startled look passed over Mordred's face. "Guilt? Me? God, no. Just a regret. The world will be a worse place without Joanna. Besides, if I had been there to stop it, I'd be a hero. That would have been quite useful later on."

That got a chuckle from Reynard. "I have missed you, Mordred. Really though, this simplifies things considerably. With Joanna and Valerian out of the way, that moves Katerina up the line of succession."

Mordred grinned. "I know. Of course, the wedding will be put off for the time being. I am a courteous fellow, you know. Wouldn't be right to press the matter in the face of this... this atrocity." Mordred was an Avernal after all, and Avernals have a severe dislike of the murder of sovereign monarchs.

"And her daughter Magda will be Empress now. She's married to the Hegemon of Terraus. That ought to present a few complications." Reynard said slyly.

Mordred snorted indelicately. "Magda's barely more than a child. And Aurora is a child. I also found my future father-in-law to be thoroughly unimpressive. That family means very little without Joanna and Valerian. They can be dealt with." He smiled. "If I have my way, Reynard--and I usually do--I will live to see an Avernal on the throne of Lavenrunz."

The Avernals are not so numerous as the von Sachausens, Joanna? I respected you, but for that insult, I do not mourn you too deeply. And Valerian, wherever you are, I hope you can see me. Then you can know that you were right about me. But I'm not so bad as you thought. I'm not a cruel or malicious man, just a devious and opportunistic one, thought Mordred.

Joanna, Seymore, Valerian, don't any of you worry. I'll take good care of Katerina. I'll promise you that much at least.
01-11-2003, 03:03
When Archduke Carl, the Empress' brother heard the news, he crossed himself and said to his wife, "God's will be done."
However, he assumed that God would not take it amiss if he got involved a little bit. First of all, he called his good friend, Field Marshal von Thessmar, and asked him to make use of the Imperial Jaeger Regiment and the Para-Commando Brigade to secure the Autumn Palace and other Imperial properties. The Cavalier Guard were to be disarmed and placed in custody. All of them, including dependants.
Secondly, he contacted the Chancellor, but found that she had already taken the liberty of calling the Privy Council, the Cabinet and the leaders of the Church together. That irritated him, and he decided that while he was regent there would be no place for Claudia der Waal in the government.
Thirdly, he demanded to see Baron von Shein.
Shein was a gray man; he seemed to have aged ten years since a few days ago. Carl noticed with distaste that the man's fingers were yellowish from nicotine.
"How could this happen?" demanded the Archduke.
"Highness...I...the security checks of the Cavalier Guard are endless..."
"You failed the Empress." said Carl, each word like a bullet. "You must not fail now to find the guilty parties."
Shein tottered out, bowing, looking like he was on his way back to his own grave.
Then Carl called his niece.
He glanced around the room. Dismissed his aide.
He walked over to the Empress' chair. It irritated him that he had not even thought of sitting there. An uneasiness came over him, and he decided, When it's mine. As Regent..
Slutbum Wallah
01-11-2003, 03:15
-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slutbum Wallah-

"Do we like Lavenrunz?"

"According to file 113(b)-78, we're technically at war."


*Takes a deep breath* "During the December month of the year of our Lord 1716, Queen Hallyminallwally the Slightly Lopsided sent seasonal greetings cards to all friendly nations. Unfortunately no communications links had been formed between Lavenrunz and Slutbum Wallah so the message was sent via homing penguin across the North Pole. After a 3 year Journey, the penguin "Pingu" was shot, skinned and fed to the Lavenrunzian nobility during a banquet, apparently the court had been so suprised by the appearance of a large penguin that they had ordered it shot on sight. Queen Hallyminallwally declared war on Lavenrunz for excecuting a Slutbum Wallah citizen but lacked the forces to invade since at that time the Slutbum Wallah army consisted of three men and all the lice they could eat. The war was never officially ended."

"So what do we do?"

"I think a 'Serves you right, you Heathen bastards!' message would be appropriate."

"All right. Send away."
01-11-2003, 05:23
Archduke Carl entered the room, and the Privy Council rose to their feet.
"Keep your seats please." he said. Glancing around, he made a quick assessment of those present.
Shein looked worse than ever. As though he had slept in his suit. Schlabel looked like a wound up toy soldier. He was impossible to read, but Carl guessed he was looking coldly at him because he had bucked the chain of command by contacting Thessmar directly. Well, by God, he would be regent soon. Schlabel could like it or lump it.
Aurora von Konigsmark looked lost in thought. The Chancellor was quietly looking at something in her notes and said, just as he was about to consider the courtiers and the bishops,
"Highness, there's something you should know."
Carl stared at her.
"The Empress made out a will...and it is witnessed by myself, by the Archbishop, and by two justices of the High Court." she nodded to Count Hohenloe. "The Chamberlain has it. I have another copy, and the last copy is in the keeping of the Bank of Lavenrunz."
Carl nearly exploded with rage, but he contained himself. "Well, what the hell does it say?"
"There is a lot of legalese, but the gist of it is that the rightful Heir after Herself and Archduke Valerian is Archduchess Magda. Since she is the wife of the Hegemon of Terraus, she abdicates in her turn--that can be discussed fully later. Should Magda abdicate, the provision is that Sirithil nos Feanor and Renate von Saucken will jointly act as Regents of Lavenrunz."
"WHAT?!" he rose, and they all did. Out of politeness.
Claudia der Waal had not felt she would enjoy her job so quickly again, but it was all she could do not to smile.
"I think that the Privy Council should immediately inform the Archduchess--and the new Regents. As Director of the Space Agency, your input is valued, of course, your Imperial Highness." she said to Carl.
"It can be disputed." he managed.
"The last will and testament of the Empress of Lavenrunz?" Claudia did not pretend anymore. "I do not think so." she stared at him and watched him storm out of the room, slamming the door behind him.
Maybe Pluskat is right. No--some apples just fall far from the tree.
Aurora von Konigsmark called in two of her aides, each highly skilled in the nuances of Menelmacari and Territorial culture. Formal invitations to the Regency would be sent to both heads of state. And the will of the Empress would be done.
01-11-2003, 06:05
To: The Royal House of Lavenrunz
From: The Imperial House of Hyral, Ruling House of the Sindarin Empire of Aelosia.

We are deeply sorry about the death of the Empress. She, as far as we know, was a friend of elvenkind and a person of infinite wonderful qualities. Our Emperor was killed not a long time ago, in a similar cowardly manner, so we know the horrible feeling of losing a beloved and good ruler. My cousin the ShadowPrince will send his condolences when he returns from war. We always wanted to be friends of the Empire of Lavenrunz, and I know that this is a sad occassion, but if we can help a so wonderful country with anything, just let us know.

Grand Duchess Alestrianna Hyral.
Head of the Hyral House.
01-11-2003, 06:59
OOC: Thanks everyone for writing. I wish I had the ability to respond to all of you--but I appreciate all the great posts. Even yours, IC, you radical.
I share credit with what falls below with Freebodnik V--one of my favs on NS.
It is deep in the night, or early in the morning - it is hard to tell. The moon shines clear, and the stars sparkle and dance like little twinkling fireflies in the darkness of the clear blue-black sky above the island. Deep in the distance there is the rhythmic crash and thunder of waves against a cliff, and a fresh sea breeze blows across the island. A cricket makes a 'neek-breet' sound in the background, and the milky way carves a shining white path through the nightly sky. Eulalia sits on the porch of the house that she lives in (for it is not 'hers'), her arms crossed over her elbows. She stares at the night sky, gazing, transfixed in timeless reverie by the twinkling of the stars, like the tintinnabulation of a million silver bells, and the breeze caresses her long brown tresses...
The door creaks open, and Aurora, face freshly washed from all her weeping, closes the door behind her and sits down beside Eulalia. "I still can't get used to it. That I will go home and my Mother won't be there."
"Your Mother?" Eulalia asks. "Why? Where did your Mother go?"
"She's dead. They cut off her head." Aurora says, her voice quavering.
Eulalia seems unperturbed for a while, but as Aurora looks at her face, toned blue by the night and the moon's light, it seems to melt, growing pale and unhealthy, lines beginning to appear under her eyes and at the edges of her mouth, and her lips growing white and thin. She swallows.
"And my sister Magda abdicated. So that means..." Aurora feels suddenly ill, and is holding her stomach. "I have to be the Empress." her voice is a near whisper as she finishes.
"Empress? That is ... a great deal of responsibility to place on your shoulders."
"Yes. I'd have a Regent though. I don't know who yet. I can't really rule on my own till I'm eighteen." she sighs. "I wish I could stay here."
Eulalia looks straight at Aurora, and when she speaks, her lip trembles, "But... killed! Who could-?" She is cut off by a powerful shudder.
"It was Cavalier Guards." Aurora says quietly. "They betrayed her. They murdered her." her eyes suddenly flash. "But I want to be Empress--if only so I can make sure that whoever got them to do it pays!"
"No! Aurora, no!" Eulalia reached out, and laid a warm arm over Aurora's shoulders. She took Aurora's other hand in hers, and whispered into Aurora's ear. "No! Don't say that! Don't! It-- it hurts. It hurts so much. If you want to be empress, that's good! But not for the wrong reasons. Oh Aurora... I want ..."
"What?" Aurora is almost fascinated in the midst of her own hurt by Eulalia--who feels so strongly. She leans against her. "What is it?"
"I -- I should have told you. I could have earlier, but I wasn't sure- that you-... but I must! Don't feel that way, Aurora. It, I--." her voice trails off into a dry, choking sob, "I-- feel ... things. The pain, of-of sadness. Your mother. It's just so-- so horrible! And then... afterwards, when that flashed into your heart... " Eulalia's face, glowing deep blue, stared into Aurora's, her cheeks wet with freely-flowing tears.
"You felt my sadness--and my hate?" Aurora asked wonderingly.
Eulalia holds her tighter against herself, her entire body shuddering with minute vibrations. Trembling.
"Aurora, you have to understand. My-- my ability, only accentuates what I already feel for you. And when you feel hate- it's... so so cold. Aurora, you are a good person. Every good person in the world has this ability to some degree or another, and you have to remember to feel. When there is hate, it makes you cold, and it hurts Aurora. It hurts. It hurts me, but it also hurts you, and that makes you even more pained... When you become Empress, you musn't forget to feel."
"You sound like my Mother." Aurora suddenly realizes that she hasn't even thought 'Mama'. "Eulalia, I'm sorry. You're the last person I'd want to ever hurt. I wish you could have met her. You would have liked her." Aurora smiles, though a tear runs down her cheek. "She'd want me to be brave..."
Eulalia suddenly seizes both of Aurora's hands in her own, clasping them tight, looking deeply into Aurora's eyes
"I am sure I would have. You have to remember her. Remember her and cherish her memory - and never ever give it up. And you have to remember what she told you - to be brave, to be strong, to have your heart and have the courage to keep it. It takes more strength and courage to hold your love against everything, and never surrender to hate, than it takes to stand against all the armies of the world
Aurora feels her heart rising to these words--they are like a battle cry. "Yes. I will...I'll try." she also realizes she is scared--more than she has ever been. "But...oh, Eulalia, I'll miss you! You're the best friend I ever had!"
"It's okay, Aurora. It's okay," Eulalia smiles, and her teeth shine with the light of the moon, and as the sea's fresh kiss caresses them, her hair seems to dance and flicker with a certain magic, a certain spirit that resonates through the earth itself, "I'll always be here." Eulalia points to Aurora's head. "And here." She points to Aurora's heart. "Don't be scared, Aurora. No matter what --friends will always be together, and when they part ways, it is never -ever- 'goodbye', but 'until nextime'. So even though you may travel the roads of the world, and I may as well, we shall always return home, and we shall always come back to one another."
Aurora takes a deep breath and gives Eulalia a hug. "Thank you. I promise--I'll never forget you."
As she says this, the sound of a jet engine can be heard in the distance, and its lights can be seen blinking in the dark sky.
Eulalia smiles and touches Aurora's cheek. As she does so, Aurora can feel a deep, deep feeling of elation and love bubble up in her, but it is only her own feelings, deep within herself, but allowed to come up to the surface.
"It's the jet, Aurora. Remember Aurora - until next time!" Eulalia hooks her pinky around Aurora's. Aurora cannot help but grin at this.
"Yes. As we say--auf wiedersehen!"
Eulalia stares up at the sky. She looks back at Aurora, her eyes brimming with warm, kind tears. The eyes are the gentlest, kindest, most loving that Aurora could have ever seen, aside from her own mother's. Eulalia utters a string of words, unknown to Aurora, but seeming to crystallise the beauty from out of the air itself into one musical, tinkling phrase. It was a phrase of only purest love.
"The Airfield is near - the trail leads straight up to it." Eulalia hugs Aurora warmly, sniffling, "May you find blue skies, wherever you go."
"Thank you." says Aurora softly. "And may your land always be so peaceful and fruitful." she hugs her friend a last time, and then walks away towards the airfield. She feels some strange magic from Eulalia, and she hopes she can carry it with her.
As the future empress walks away from her, Eulalia stares at her retreating figure, and then stares back up to the stars. She whispers, in a voice that only she can hear. "You are small now, little Aurora. You are small, but with great destiny. As you walk down that trail, you are walking into the future. And what a future that will be!" With sparkling tears, Eulalia crept up the creeping vine at the side of the house onto the roof.
She looked as Aurora went on her way, and smiled, laughing, and her mirth seemed to resonate through the earth itself, carried upon the wind into the sky and beyond, forever and ever!
01-11-2003, 07:30
Somehow Empress Joanna was whole again.
She lay in state in the Cathedral of the Archangels. Peaceful, and at her own request the sword clasped in her hands was wreathed in flowers.
Aurora found herself terrifyingly alone up there. No mother. No father. She fouched her mother's hand and found herself smiling though.
The choir sang:

Cherish righteousness,
O judges of the Earth.

The souls of the righteous are in the hand of
God, and the torment of death will not touch them.

In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die,
and their departure taken for misery--
but they are at peace.
01-11-2003, 07:44
There were footsteps behind Aurora, soft and gentle footsteps, somehow resisting the cathedral's tendency to make things echo. And a soft, elegant Elven hand rested itself on the young Heiress' shoulder.

"She was a great woman, Aurora, your mother was," came the regal and imperious voice of Lady Sirithil - though it was warm and gentle, as well. "A great leader... brave and valorous in war, gentle and compassionate at home, yet firm. She knew what had to be done, and she always stuck it out and did it, no matter the opposition of extremists at both ends of the spectrum. And... she was my friend. My dearest friend in the world... she was like a sister to me..." Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
Chancellor of CENNA
"We have known freedom's price. We have shown freedom's power. We will see freedom's victory."
~US President George W. Bush
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister (
The SLAGLands
01-11-2003, 07:49

Really nothing to say that I haven't said elsewhere.

Good luck and God bless.
01-11-2003, 08:14
There were footsteps behind Aurora, soft and gentle footsteps, somehow resisting the cathedral's tendency to make things echo. And a soft, elegant Elven hand rested itself on the young Heiress' shoulder.

"She was a great woman, Aurora, your mother was," came the regal and imperious voice of Lady Sirithil - though it was warm and gentle, as well. "A great leader... brave and valorous in war, gentle and compassionate at home, yet firm. She knew what had to be done, and she always stuck it out and did it, no matter the opposition of extremists at both ends of the spectrum. And... she was my friend. My dearest friend in the world... she was like a sister to me..."

Aurora turned and hugged Sirithil around the waist--feeling about eight again because of her height, and said, "I know. She loved you too. I hope you know that." she looked up at the Elentari with affection in her eyes. "So don't be too sad, Auntie Siri."
01-11-2003, 08:20

To: Her Imperial Majesty the Empress Aurora of Lavenrunz

Dearest Imperial Sister,

It is with great sadness that I extend once again my condolences on the death of your imperial predecessor, but with great joy that I extend my best wishes and friendship to you on your accesssion to the Imperial diadem of Lavenrunz.

May Your Imperial Majesty reign with the wisdom of your martyred predecessor of happy memory! I hope that Your Majesty will always consider my successors and I as friends. As a token of that friendship, I invite Your Majesty to attend the wedding of my daughter and Prince Joseph of Excalbia, although I will understand if Your Majesty is unable to attend due to your new duties.

Yours sincerely,

01-11-2003, 08:23
Siri nodded slowly, looking at the body of her osellë for a moment, and wiping a tear from her eye. She knelt down slightly to be at eye level with Aurora. "Dearest Aurora... I know..." She hugged her tightly. "I will find the people who did this. Your mother... in her will, she wished for Lavenrunz to be placed in the hands of myself and Renate von Saucken. We are to be the Regents. And I promise you, dear child, on the names of your God and mine, that justice will be served, that your people's lives will only get better, and that Joanna's trust in me will not be disappointed. I want you to worry only about growing up, and preparing. I will take care of the revenge; I am so old and set in my ways I cannot change. But you are yet young, and a hardening of your heart would not bode well for your reign." Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
Chancellor of CENNA
"We have known freedom's price. We have shown freedom's power. We will see freedom's victory."
~US President George W. Bush
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister (
01-11-2003, 08:40
Aurora wished she could, like her mother, remember some psalm or comforting word--but she understood, in a way that the elf queen needed to speak of vengeance and of wrath...and so she just held her hand.
Oh,'s going to be hard ruling... she thought.
But she was glad someone she loved and respected would be Regent--along with someone else who was a good friend of her mother. She looked sadly at the leopard pacing up in the gallery.

Later she wrote:

Dear Emperor Andreus:

Thank you for your very kind letter. I may not be able to attend the wedding for reasons of state, but I send you and your daughter my blessings. May the wedding be a wonderful and happy celebration that will bring a good future to your people.
My deepest gratitude

Empress Aurora I of Lavenrunz

She hesitated, and then asked that the letter be sent to the Elenatari.
Four years. she thought. And then...
imported_Sentient Peoples
01-11-2003, 09:21
D'ron sighs, glancing over the arrangements. Ceremony in Griffin, and then, travel to Lavenrunz for the funeral.

It was a sad day.


The day broke, cold and grey. It was as if winter had descended on the land of Dor Lomin, as if nature itself mourned the passing of Empress Joanna.

The parade ground in the center of the city was covered with people, all facing a stage, behind which were five flagpoles.

At half staff, on the middle one, flew the flag of Lavenrunz, the Sword and Stars below it, breaking every custom of the nation.

To the left flew the flags of the Commonwealths, and the right, the Dominions. All four were at half staff as well.

The sky was darkened as the sun slide behind a cloud, paying its own respects to a fallen leader. A grey hue covered all, bright colors not in evidence.

Soldiers lined the parade ground, full mess uniforms, from all four branches of service. Metal and leatherwork gleamed in the dim light.

A sound of false thunder rolled as 5 Peregrine Advanced Tactical Fighters speared across the sky. One peeled up and away, it's vapor trail vanishing into the vertical climb.

The Missing Man Formation, highest honor to a warrior. And then the sky split open, as five Longsword Aerospace fighters descended from space, safety fields deactivated, ripping apart the atmosphere in their path.

The wind snapped the flags to life on the flag poles, their sound the only one in a city of three hundred million.

The wind died away, and D'ron Christopher Smith, Imperial President of the Federation of Sentient Peoples, appeared on the stage, flanked by his wife and his sister, and then by his entire Council, and by the leaders of the Parties of the House of Delagates, and by the judges of the Federation High Court. Each wore the formal clothing of their office, clothing decreed by tradition more powerful than law.

"People of the Federation. Nay, I say, Free Peoples of the World. We stand united today because of the loss of one of the greatest champions of freedom this world has ever seen.

Days ago, Joanna, Empress of Lavenrunz, and her son and heir, were murdered in their home. But not by assassins from a foreign land, but by her own personal guard. The family was betrayed by those they trusted most.

We have our own experience with betrayal, people of the Federation. Three months ago we ended the most shameful period in our history, The betrayal by the Nation of Palpastine. They betrayed a trust placed in them, and turned that trust around to cause harm.

But we grew stronger, we survived that event. We shed the old, the Dor Lomin Regional Alliance, and gave birth to the Federation of Sentient Peoples we know today.

Strength through adversity, wisdom from hardship. We gained. We recovered, not through our own strength, which was great, but with the help of our friends.

Now we must be a friend to the Empire of Lavenrunz. We must help them to overcome this adversity. We must teach them the strength in themselves. They must not fear, they must not ever doubt.

We have done it. We will show them that they can do it as well.

The Free People of the World have lost a champion, but her memory shall live on.

And to comemorate her memory, the House of Delagates has authorized the awarding of the Sentient Star, the Federation's highest award for Service to Humanity, to Empress Joanna of Lavenrunz."

A roar, louder than the Peregrines, louder than the wind of the Longswords, swelled forth from the assembled crowd. A cheer issued forth, screaming out support for Lavenrunz.

As the cheer came forth, the sun broke through the clouds.
D'ron Christopher Smith, Imperial President
The Federation of Sentient Peoples (
Federation Roleplay Policy (
01-11-2003, 11:22
William was in his room meditating, trying not to think of all the things he has to. When suddenly there was a knock on his rooms door. He had his communication devices off so it was back to low tech approach. Cursing in some unkown language William got up from the floor and walked to the door.
"I do not! Wish to be disturbed! While I meditate!" He shouted as he flung the large and heavy wooden door open. "Sorry sir. But this file is important and urgent, sir." A rather young looking officer said.
William grabbed the datapad the young officer presented and tolled him to beat it.
William walked over to his desk and fell down into his big leather hoover chair. He got comfortable and looked at the datapad.

As he read the news of Joanna's death he cursed out loud and shouted for a moment. Before crumpelling up into a small sobbing heap. This isn't happening all over again. Not everytime I get close. He thought to himself.
After a dealing with his emotional issues for a few minutes he got up and walked to his closet. From wich he grabbed a uniform. But not a formal uniform, rather a battle uniform.
Once in his uniform he put he contacted his secretary and ordered her to arrange an urgent meeting.

In the councel room William sat at the head of the table. "Ladies and Gentlemen. As you all know Joanna empress of Lavenrunz and her son have been assisinated." He paused long enough to let everyone nod. "So I would like you all to be my witness. While I declare a blood promise, to avenge her death." He said. Everyone gasped and Liam as ever standing at his side placed his hand on his shoulder. "Please sir I beg of ye. Don't do it." Liam said this time for real in a concerned voice. William just looked at the hand then back up into Liam's eyes with anger, and he quickly withdrew his hand.
"No offense sir. But she wasn't that close, nor was she so great in my oppinion." General Santiago said.
"Because of that there isn't that much honour in avenging her death."Sven Peterson, cultural minister, cut in. William slumped forward and rested his head on the tables edge, letting out a deep sigh. They don't understand. No one does. He thought to himself. "No one understands!" He shouted as he sat up straight again. He raised his fist into the air and made it crashing down on the thick wooden table. Denting the table and startling, the people around it.
William got up from his chair and pulled a kinfe from his hand. "By my blood. I promise to avenge the death of Joanna. May I bleed freely if I don't." He said and grabbed the cutting edge of the knife in his hand. Slowly he made a tight fist around it, and pulled out the knife quickly. He held his now bleeding fist closed and held it up high. He then opened his fist, so all could see the blood.

Upon hearing her body was to be seen in Lavenrunz, William rushed there as fast as he could.
In the cathedral he walked with a quick and determined pace. He looked mad and very upset as he approached her body, ignoring everyone that was around. He knelt down before her body letting a few tears roll down his cheeks. Quietly he grabbed a dried up and old flower from his breast pocket. And laid it open her. Waiting a few minutes he got up slowly. He brought his right hand over to her face and kept it in front of it for just a few seconds. Turning around he quickly raised his hand for all to see. Dried up blood was all over his hand and lower arm. "Sworn by blood. She shall be avanged." He said softly. It should be shouted but he din't want to upset anyone to much.
He walked over to Aurora and Sirithil. He gave them a little bow. "Miladys. Doest thy knoweth. Where I might find the Cavalier Guard. And Captain von Berg?"

ooc: Hope it's okay. If not I'll edit. Thank you. And take care.
GMC Military Arms
01-11-2003, 13:10
The Federation offers our sincerest condolences to the nation and people of Lavenrunz in their time of loss. Our prayers are with you. All flags in the Federation will be flown at half-mast for the next two months, and a military parade will be held in memory of the Empress.

Rachel Knight, External Affairs, GMC Military Arms.

Anne-Marie Embersby sat down watching the news report, and frowned, All this time spent looking at threats from outside, you forget that's not the only place they might come from... she looks at a photograph of Aurora in the newspaper, That poor girl...

A message goes out: Stand down First Requiem. Launch order is not, I repeat, NOT imminent.

And far away in a tunnel beneath a mountain, a twenty-two thousand ton ballistic missile slowly moves back to horizontal on it's transporter.
01-11-2003, 13:39
Edited Speech made To The Nation, by the most Benevolent Jaar. Brought to you by VPC

"The Empress of Lavenrunz has been killed. Beheaded by freedom fighters in her nation. Her rule went against the laws of God, blending races, having elves, vampires and other abominations roaming and terrorizing her Nation. Her outcome was predestined, for is it not written in the holy book that: "Thy rightful deeds shalt be repayed in full, but thy wrongdoings will be repayed with the sword."

We know that the foolish nations of SATO doesn't understand that they brought this upon themselves with their sinful living and are looking for external enemies. They will look upon the glorious Reich, knowing and fearing our righteous living, trying to find leads and faults that will tell them that we are to blame for their sins. But it is not so.

If they look into their black hearts they will see the truth. But the demons doesn't want the truth, they can't handle the truth. Because it would prove that their way of life is faulty and a way straight into the Pits of Hell! No! I pray for the soul of the poor misguided Joanna of Lavenrunz, her murderers were the people that dropped their poison into her ears and into her soul. She signed her deathwarrant the very second she turned her once so beautiful nation into a temple of Gomorra. I hope the successor will follow the right and truthful way and cast away the false advisors, speaking lies into her yet innocent ears. Do NOT follow the heathen path of the abominations that brought this havoc unto your ruler.

God Have Mercy on her soul and will find it in his all merciful heart to forgive her sins and let her into his Reich. God Is Great! God Hears Prayer! "
01-11-2003, 15:03
Grand Ducal Winter Palace,
Capital City of Vigvar,
Grand Duchy of Tarasovka,

The day was worm. Rays of the sun warmed the ground in the Grand Gardens inside of the Palace complex. Somewhere in the deep greenery of the Gardens birds were singing...

The Grand Duke was standing in a hallway, with on the right side of it only majestic pillars serving for support structures and a fence made out of pure marble, incrusted with ornations. The hallway had a view on the Gardens and the Grand Duke was watching at his wife, the Grand Duchess Ekaterina, talking about something with their youngest daughter, the Archduchess Vethara. The two women were lying on the grass, smiling and chatting busily about something.
It was good for him to see them come along so nicely...
He remembered the entire story... he remembered...

- Pardon me, Sire, urgent message for you...

The Grand Duke turned around. It was one of his personal adjutants, holding a folder in his arm. The adjutant bowed to the Grand Duke, handed him the folder and went away.
Mikhail opened it and stood still for a moment. Inside of it was a "Breaking News" report about the murder of Empress Joanna of Lavenrunz, along with her heir - the Crown Archduke Valerian.
Accompanied was a small report quickly compiled by the TDI.
Short backgrounds and biographies, pictures, etc. etc.
The Grand Duke stood silent for a moment.
Indeed - yet an other ruler was murdered by the Guard. The Guard that was to defend Her, stand besides Her whatever the outcome, protect her till Her last breath. It would seem that Joanna's Guard forgot the real purpose of the Duty...
But were they the only ones? It was not the first time that the Guard betrayed the one they oathed to protect.
Mikhail glanced to the both sides of the hallway. By every fifth pillar stood a member of the 1st Guard Batallion ( The men stood still, in their cloaks and masked helms. In their armor, with their two bladed swords in their arms and other weapons under the cloaks.
Their faces were hidden. What were they thinking?
Will one of them suddenly stab the Grand Duke in the back while he was simply walking through.

He turned around and gazed at his wife and his daughter...
What would happen to them?
An other 1st Batallion patrol was passing through the Gardens. Ceremonial patroling. The helmet of the officer, leading the group, seemed to be oriented towards Vethara which immediately had a consequence. The officer lost the marbeled path and didn't see a tree right in front of him.
The noise of his falling was so loud that the two women got a bit scared and stood up, while the officer was falling.
The men behind him stopped and were most surely thinking what to do now, when the officer took his helm off.
Vethara, with a small scream rushed towards him.
The Grand Duke only shook his head.

- Nekshas, - Mikhail though to himself...

The Archduchess bent near the unfortunate officer and started inspecting the head of the 'wounded', which immediately provoked an outburst of pride from the said officer who tried to prevent Vethara from ridiculising him any further.
The Guards burst into laughter, the Grand Duchess shook her head, Mikhail smiled, the guards in the hallwall turned their heads to watch at the scene. A bit everybody knew about the ongoing 'relationship' between Vethara and Nekshas, so it was of no surprise.

No, as long as the Guard and the Dynasty are one single whole, respecting each other, defending each other, the Grand Duchy will prosper...

On that, the Grand Duke went into his cabinet, to write a message of condoleances to the new Empress of Lavenrunz, Aurora the Ist.
The Senate was then to sign it...

Dear Empress Aurora,

It is with a feeling of regret and sadness that I am writing to you. Although me and the late Empress Joanna of Lavenrunz had some 'diplomatic issues' in the past, I have always considered her to be a valiant, brave and majestic leader of her country and people.

The news that She and the Heir Archduke Valerian were murdered by ones who oathed to defend them saddens me even more. I cannot image the level to which these individuals must have fallen to commit such a dirty act of betrayal.

Please know, Empress, that even if our two nations are rather divided in their views and opinions, the people of the Grand Duchy express their most sincere condoleances to You and to the people of Lavenrunz.

But let your reign not be darkened by these clouds and let the sun shine eternally upon the Empire,

Following were a total of 410 signatures. 10 for the High Council of the Duchy, among which the Grand Duke and the Crown Archduke and 400 for the Council of the Duchy.

The entire Senate was gathered for this sole occasion...

Sorry for any spelling mistakes. Not much time right now and I have to post big posts in several threads :shock:
01-11-2003, 15:55
The Empire extends its condolences to the people of Lavenrunz at this difficult time.

~ Empress Rialla ux-Rihad II

* * *

Rialla scowled across the Throne Room at Semir-randil; Semir was pacing, clearly agitated and angry.

"I smell a rat," he said for the fiftieth time that morning.

"External influences aren't likely," Rialla tried again, "and if they are, Lavenrunz will deal with-"

Semir rounded on Rialla, jabbing a finger at her. "I don't care! If it arises that any external influence was involved in this - I don't care how slight - then we act. I don't care about how seemly or how wise it would be to act so - she was a good woman, a good leader, and Eru only knows how few of those this damned world has!"

Rialla tried not to let her surprise show; Eru knew how difficult that was. She had never, ever known Semir to be openly angry - and he most assuredly was that.

"I'll make arrangements," she said softly, softening her expression and offering her hand to Semir, "for you to visit... I know you were planning on making a visit anyway, and-"

"No," he murmoured, striding over to kneel and take Rialla's hand, "I won't be going to Lavenrunz. Not now. It would be... inappropriate." He kissed her knuckles gently, turning his head to rest his cheek against her hand.

Rialla drew her arms around him, leaning forwards and drawing him close; his cheek remained against her palm. His shoulders did not move, but Rialla was quickly aware of the wetness of his cheek; somehow deep inside, she trembled - Semir-randil crying was like sunset failing to occur; it was...

01-11-2003, 17:21
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01-11-2003, 19:37
In the Cathedral of the City of Matebian, a rosary was being prayed for the repose of the soul of the Emopress Joanna. Fr. Constancio Ainaro sat in the pews, pondering. I only met her once, but under Joanna the name of Lavenrunz stood for integrity. I shudder to think what will come after. Après elle, la déluge? With hesitant fingers, he drafted the standard message of consolation to the new Empress.
Tanah Burung
01-11-2003, 19:39
Oops, sorry, that was a puppet.
01-11-2003, 23:18
"Good morning, I'm Antonia Chavez, and this is a special report from WNN. The people of Lavenrunz were shocked today when a group of army officers seized control of the Autumn Palace and beheaded both the Empress and the Heir Archduke Valerian. Several members of the court were severely wounded or killed trying to prevent it. After this, most of the soldiers--from the elite Cavalier Guard--killed themselves by falling on their swords. Two of them were killed by armed courtiers. A note found has stated that they did this as a protest against what they saw as a betrayal of the Empress' heritage: her adoption of a Ravenspire Foxgirl as well as her permitting members of the Imperial Family to marry people of common blood, permitting homosexual marriage and other relaxations of Lavenrunzian tradition.
More on this in the evening news..."



Benedict Michael Sukothai was totally numb.

Deus Dominus Omnipotens, Kyrie elesion...

Sure, Sukothai didn't hated the fact that Lavenrunz approved same-sex marriages, but murder...

The Firs Consul had discussed much with Her Majesty in SATO conferences, and had finally met her face-to-face in Hofburg after the Knootian war.

And now she was dead.

Again, so soon, Sukothai would return to the Cahtedral of the Archangels in Lavenrunz and attend a funeral there, again...

Official Statement.

The Republic is extremely bereaved at the loss of Her Majesty, the Empress of Lavenrunz. I myself will attend the funeral in person. Syskeyian flags shall fly at half-mast, and a memorial service shall be held in the Forum of Syskeyiapolis. A two-minute period of silence shall be observed the day of the funeral, and there shall be three days of official mourning.

God bless,

Benedict Michael Sukothai
President and First Consul of the Republic of Syskeyia

P.S. OOC: While Joanna did suffer from, well, peculiar inclinations, she WAS faithful to her hubby, right? Please say yes. :cry:

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
01-11-2003, 23:38
ooc: Yes she was faithfull to her husband. Right down to the death do us part bit AFAIK.
01-11-2003, 23:45
OOC: Suffer? Peculiar inclinations? A large portion of the world's population would argue against the use of those terms, including me.

The fact that Joanna preferred the company of women added to her character. It was an example of how self-sacrificing she was. She always placed the good of Lavenrunz above her own wants. Her lesbianism makes her a much more noble and admirable character than she would be otherwise.

Feh. *goes back from whence he came*
02-11-2003, 08:04
The High Council of Ravenspire had declared a national holiday in honor of the Empress.

For once, the bustling political district that formed the heart of Tir Eselyn was still, with only skeleton staffs in the Ministries of Defense, State, and Intelligence and in the diplomatic corps remaining. The Chief Diplomat, Alaric Morgannan, was among them. He sat alone in his office, in near-darkness. He was a peaceful man, and, although cool and distant, not a cruel one; but he was also a strategist, and he could not help but calculate the new possibilities.

For once, the crowded tourist mecca of Sargard was almost subdued. Visitors continued to throng to sites across the Twilight Coast, but within the city, many stores, casinos, theaters, and other places of entertainment and commerce closed. Kyria Ellendyl, Minister of Ministries, in town on Ministry business, found the thriving Sequoia Street district all but abandoned.

For once, the Ravenspire airwaves, which normally carried a bewildering cavalcade of entertainment and educational programming, rang in unison: the national anthem of Lavenrunz played in repetition on all but the emergency, news, and official channels -- and the Lavenrunz incident also dominated the latter two.

Beyond the earth, the impact was still felt: from Luna, Deimos, Ceres, and points beyond; from points beyond even the solar system; from every Ravenspiric colony. The star-cities sang to each other in unison, and the song was a dirge.

And in Lavenrunz, three foxgirls of Ravenspire and one human paid their respects to Joanna, former Empress of Lavenrunz. First was Sakura Kitsuki, High Queen of her kin, who bowed her head and lay a single flower in the coffin -- a lily-like flower whose white petals each bore a blood-red mark in the shape of a teardrop. A Ravenspire asphodel, the rare national flower, awarded only to great heroes, and only posthumously.

The human followed; this was Raye Forrester, Minister of State of Ravenspire, who reflected that she had not known Joanna for long, and that it had not been nearly long enough.

The second of the foxgirls was Setsuna Arisugawa, ambassador to Lavenrunz, a severe-looking woman with pale skin and silver-white hair. After she had paid her respects, she embraced Aurora before withdrawing. She had felt a close attachment to the young woman -- the young Empress, now -- since she and Ben Hanlon of CreepyTeef had spirited her to safety during the previous spate of unrest. She had no need to tell Aurora she would support her in any way that she could; Aurora already knew.

And finally came Raven, formerly of no surname -- now, as of only a week ago, Archduchess Raven von Sachshausen of Lavenrunz. She was a small young girl, perhaps 15 years of age, and her hair, like the fur on her ears and tail, was of a black so deep that it carried blue highlights. A black as deep as the feathers of her namesake bird. Among the Kin, there was a superstition that black hair, a rare color among their race, brought luck -- good luck for the individual, but bad luck for those around her.

Raven had met Joanna once before, at Magda's wedding, and had hoped their second meeting, as mother and daughter, would be a joyful occasion; she had never had a family. She did not feel lucky. But she was Joanna's daughter, now, and she had to act like it, and so she stood straight at attention and tried to show as little emotion as possible during the proceedings. An excess of grief -- a loss of control -- would reflect poorly upon her, and by association upon both her people and the von Sachshausen family. That, she would not permit.
02-11-2003, 09:26
As always, there was little reaction from much of the populus. The civilians, that great mass of people who live out their lives obsessed with their own petty little problems, barely acknoledged the event. To them anything beyond their personal spheres of existance was not really there. Joanna von Sachahausen? Yeah, they might have heard of her. But she could be on Mars for all they cared. They continued with their small lives as they always did.

Thus it was the soldiers, that small minority willing to accept the burden of service and sacrifice for the greater good, that were tasked with caring. As they always are. As they did. Through her courage, her vision, her service to her people and the world Joanna had become important to the Terrausi. Their first ally in over two millenia, but also in a way, something much more. So they honored her as best they could.

In the center of New Alexandria, beneath flags that are eternially at half mast, are dozens of great black obilisks. Obsidian spires, covered with names. Thousands, millions of names. The name of name of every man and woman who has served and died for the people carved into the stone. People who, through their willingness to sacrifice, became something a bit more than just the some of their parts. One name sat chisled amongst the rest, newly joining the ranks of the honored fallen:

Joanna von Sachahausen
Empress of Lavenrunz, Friend of Terraus

A strikingly beautiful raven-haired woman ran her finger over the stone, feeling the indentation of the name in the stone. Alexis O'Connell, Executor of the Dominion, sighed. Joanna had been someone she looked up to. Not striken with awe in the Empress's presence, but rather admiring of all that she was. She sighed and watched the long shadows cast by the stones.


In Lavenrunz, two came to pay their last respects. First was Joanna's daughter, Magda. She was holding the weeping back, mostly. The occassional sob, the woman was holding her husband's hand for support during much of the time. She had lost both her parents recently, and it would be trying for any person to suffer the succession of losses.

But, when the time came, she remained composed and went foward, alone, and gently touched her mother's hand as she said a silent prayer. Even if she had surrendered the throne, she was still a von Sachahausen.

Afterwards, she embraced both her young sister, Aurora, who had had the role of Empress tragically thrust upon her, and her adopted sister, Raven. "Liebchen," she said to the young foxgirl, "... sister."

Second was the Hegemon of Terraus and Joanna's son-in-law, Witzig. A foundling, with no knowledge of his heritage and little of his past, he had still been accepted by Joanna as both an equal and friend. And when his affections had turned to her daughter Magda, accepted as a member of her family as well. Approaching the body, the white haired man was stone-faced, and combined with his military uniform did indeed look very much the soldier. A grim-faced warrior paying his final respects to the dead, he stopped before the remains and saluted sharply.
GMC Military Arms
02-11-2003, 09:33
...while she did suffer the weakness of homosexual inclination...

For the last damn time, YOU DON'T KNOW THAT.
02-11-2003, 09:58
(A belated

<tag> and "holy crap dude!")
02-11-2003, 14:58
The Empire was not exactly in mourning. Nobody would be so dramatic as to think so; but there was a tangible sadness in the air, a whisper of grief amidst the warmth of the tropical Sun; a tone, a mere pang, amidst the plethora of feeling that flowed through the society. People were talking; people were remembering; people were paying homage, respects. Special broadcasts took up much of the day on INN1 (known outside the Empire as INN Solar); tributes flowed in, from the nobility and from those who had been part of the drive that had pushed EOTED to joining SATO.

Respect. One of the cornerstones of the culture of the Empire; and respect was something the higher echelons of EOTED society had in bucket-loads for the late Empress Joanna of Lavenrunz; and as the Sun rose through the sky, finally reaching Her peak and beating down on the beautific land below, a dull throbbing roar rolled over the capital, Nenya.

And then the bells rang; they rang loud and clear, somehow conveying a sad note amidst the clanging rowdiness of their booming tones; they would ring six hundred and seventeen times - the traditional mourning number, ever since the bloody Battle of Arderall, one thousand three hundred years ago, where over three hundred thousand trapped and terrified Loyalists were slaughtered by rebel humans at Arderall Pass, to the west of Tek. The bells had rung too often this year; the Nargothrond Incident, the Turath Disaster, the Knootian War, the Arda Orbital Incident... the list went on and on.

And as the tones of the bells faded, and the throbbing roar rose into ascendancy, three hundred million eyes raised to the sky to watch the sombre parade of warships that flew in perfect formation above the capital.

Half of the 1 Orbital Battlegroup swooped low over the capital of the Empire, majestic in their sleek, flowing forms; thousands of strike aircraft swarmed around the mighty warships, lead by the flagship IDSS Retribution... and on the ground, trimensional capture devices recorded the scene and beamed the tribute for the late Empress Joanna of Lavenrunz throughout the solar system.

And standing on the Prime Balcony of the vast Imperial Palace of Nenya was the High King Semir-randil, casting a sad eye out across the land he had loved for so many years; the TCDs that were on him, monitoring him, preparing to switch to him for just a single instant - a lonely, single figure sadly watching a Mourning Parade above arguably the second most beautiful city in existance - were dormant, for now.

And as the Parade ended, and the focus of the TCDs switched, the viewing audience in the Empire gasped in surprise as they watched a tear roll down the cheek of the High King; a man who had never been known to show much emotion publically; a man adored, loved, and respected throughout the Empire; a man who calmly cried.

His bland features belying the sadness that welled up from deep inside him, betrayed only by a single solitary tear rolling down his cheek, Semir-randil's contrasting expression provided the most poignant image of the manner in which mourning was expected to be carried through in the Empire; stoic, cool, but brimming with powerful emotion below the surface; a poignant image of grief, but controlled, dutifully, honourably... the tear was his respect, and with respect and duty and honour the Empire had been built; the imagery would live long...

...and in his heart, Semir-randil knew that his grief - a surprise even to him - would surely live longer.
03-11-2003, 04:24
03-11-2003, 04:26
...while she did suffer the weakness of homosexual inclination...

For the last damn time, YOU DON'T KNOW THAT.

OOC: He's heard, um, "gossip," and hopes that it isn't true, but if it is, hopes she has repented of it.

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
GMC Military Arms
03-11-2003, 09:37
...while she did suffer the weakness of homosexual inclination...

For the last damn time, YOU DON'T KNOW THAT.

OOC: He's heard, um, "gossip," and hopes that it isn't true, but if it is, hopes she has repented of it.

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia

OOC: And so he would bring up a rumour with no supporting evidence as if it was a fact, knowing that allowing allowing same-sex marriages was apparenty one of the reasons she was killed? What kind of insensitive moron is your leader?
03-11-2003, 09:45
EDIT: (ooc)

Taking this out because Syskeyia is changing his tune, but instead of apologizing for stupid statements made at inopportune times, the idiot is retconning.

*rolls her eyes*
03-11-2003, 15:19
OOC: And so he would bring up a rumour with no supporting evidence as if it was a fact, knowing that allowing allowing same-sex marriages was apparenty one of the reasons she was killed? What kind of insensitive moron is your leader?

OK. Changed my post. No more references to imperial sexuality. Forgive me.

OOC: Angelus, the (now deleted) thoughts of the President were just that, private thoughts, known only to himself and God. If he did think the thoughts, he did so quielty, and never made his thoughts known publicly. So ICly everyone would be puzzled at you offense at his official statement (the only public thing Syskeyia said about Joanna's death and funeral).

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
03-11-2003, 15:34
"Captain von Berg is dead, William," Sirithil replied softly, picking up Aurora and cuddling her gently as if she were her own child. "He and the others... killed themselves after..."


Menelmacari preparations were under way to memorialize Joanna. The flags would fly at half-mast, and there would be three minutes of silence at the time of the funeral. Several locations across the country and across the Empire would have memorial services, and twenty-one-gun salutes. All over the Menelmacari nets there were shows about the 'life and times' of Joanna von Sacshausen, and the Menelmacari and Lavenrunzian peoples were united in grief.

Sirithil's first act as Regent was to arrange for a statue of Joanna, in white marble, to be erected in the square in front of the Volksraad, in Hofburg, and a similar statue would be put up in Vinyatirion.

Operatives from MISSION and the Lavenrunzian Ministry of Information were out in force, of course; Regent Sirithil was convinced there was more to this than met the eye... Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
Regent of Lavenrunz, Chancellor of CENNA
"We have known freedom's price. We have shown freedom's power. We will see freedom's victory."
~US President George W. Bush
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister (
03-11-2003, 18:04
William tensed up and breathed heavilly, looking very mad but trying to contain himself. "Dead... I have been unable to keep my promise." He whisperred to himself.
William quickly unsheathed his dagger. He gribbed it again with his fist and pulled it away, cutting himself in the hand. He sheathed his dagger again and balled a fist in his right hand and looked at Sirithil, showing that he expects her to question his actions.
03-11-2003, 18:08
Aurora looked... and blinked. "Auntie Siri, what's he doing?"

Siri glanced at William questioningly. "I could ask the same question." Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
Regent of Lavenrunz, Chancellor of CENNA
"We have known freedom's price. We have shown freedom's power. We will see freedom's victory."
~US President George W. Bush
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister (
03-11-2003, 20:43
"I am sorry. But I made a blood promise I can not keep. Thusly I must bleed for an, as of yet, undetermined time." He said and moved his hand behind his back, out of view from Aurora and Sirithil. "I hope I aint disturbing you to much." He said with tears welling up in his eyes as he looked over his shoulder at Joanna once more.
Dread Lady Nathicana
04-11-2003, 17:20
OK. Changed my post. No more references to imperial sexuality. Forgive me.

OOC: Angelus, the (now deleted) thoughts of the President were just that, private thoughts, known only to himself and God. If he did think the thoughts, he did so quielty, and never made his thoughts known publicly. So ICly everyone would be puzzled at you offense at his official statement (the only public thing Syskeyia said about Joanna's death and funeral).

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia

ooc: Afraid not. I don't recognize retcons for one thing - it was said. It was poorly thought out. Have the grace to admit you misstepped and put forward an ic retraction, not go back and mess with your post. lame. truly.

As far as I'm concerned, it was said, and shan't be forgotten.
04-11-2003, 18:25

Much as I hate to defend the non-schismatic Syskeyia, the statement in italics was blatantly his private thoughts.
The Territory
06-11-2003, 11:57

Renate stands by the open coffin, a short, compact figure in simple khakis. Open, empty holster at her side and empty sheath, out of deference to the cathedral.

Being unarmed is rather ironic, given the situation.

She reaches out a hand and touches a cool cheek. She has any number of questions, starting with "why the hell do you trust me to do this thing?"

She doesn't expect an answer.

Hands slip into sleeves. She hunches slightly and lets herself cry for a friend.
imported_Sentient Peoples
06-11-2003, 12:41
D'ron watched silently, as a blackness crept across his heart.

Dressed in matte black, the only thing that gleamed were the tears on his cheeks. His sword and pistol were peacebonded with black fabric, his cape draped around his form, shrouding him in darkness. He was flanked by, his wife, Lesley, and his sister, Jessica. Both were similiarly dressed. Four bodyguards shimmered in the disruption of active cloak and personal bodyshields, weapons ready, their strength easily enough to free them from the peace bonds. They were invisible to unaugmented human eyes.

The girl, so young for such a burden. The death of her parents, so close to together. A role she could have never expected to have. A throne draped in blood, a country in turmoil. Much the situation I found myself in when I took power, now that I think of it.

D'ron's gaze flicked about the room.

The Lady Sirithil, comforting the girl, Aurora was her name. Empress Aurora the First of Lavenrunz. Never something he had expected to hear in his extended lifetime. But it was so. The Lady Sirithil, Regent of Imperial Throne of Lavenrunz. She was amassing an amazing array of titles. Something to be watched, even if she was an ally. John wanted to name a Capella after her, but you refused to sign off on the name, didn't you? Made them settle on Elentari, didn't you? And what the hell is William doing? Blood Oath? Is he nuts? Well, so I've heard. And Advisor Renate? I don't know her well enough to judge her. But the Empress though highly enough of her to select her as a co-regent. I'm not going to question the judgement of a the Empress, were she alive or dead. Now he had to give the award to Empress.

He slid the black velvet case out from under his cape, feeling the weight of the Sentient Star inside, and started forward, flanked by his family and guards, approaching the former Empress and the new One.
09-11-2003, 08:01
Sirithil turned, setting Aurora down, gently. "D'ron... this is a surprise... well, not really, given the circumstances, but..." She blinked, looking about. Soldiers? she thought. In this place? Normally I would call that going beyond paranoia to full-blown Khalidism, but given recent events...

"Welcome to Lavenrunz... I wish there could have been better circumstances for your coming. Joanna... would have liked that..." Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
Regent of Lavenrunz, Chancellor of CENNA
"We have known freedom's price. We have shown freedom's power. We will see freedom's victory."
~US President George W. Bush
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister (
10-11-2003, 02:05
OOC: Okay, I know that this might not be considered appropriate; Theallas has an odd view of national leaders. He mourns even when an enemy leader dies. Well, he mourns if they were good to their people

IC: The small diplomatic shuttle soared across the sky, escorted by two fighters, all three bear the insignia of the Thelas Military. Finally they entered Laverunz Airspace. Due to the fact that Thelas and Laverunz are not exactly the most friendly of allies, the two fighters broke off, flying back to the carrier from where they were based. As the Thelas shuttle reached the capitol, a message was sent to the ground control, “This is Thelas Diplomatic Flight 17-J-56-T, we are inbound to the airport, request permission to land.”
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-11-2003, 02:32
Nathicana arrived quietly, without fanfare, and as was usual, unescorted. Dressed again in unrelieved black, in a simple dress of flattering yet businesslike Dominion design, she made her way to where Joanna lay in state. She stayed towards the back for a bit, observing, her sharp eyes taking note of those present, their demeanor ... her augmented ears picking up more conversation than she should.

Her eyes flickered to her allies, Renate and Sirithil, both now shouldering the burden of another nation, and the raising of one who would later rule it.

Poor child, she thought, her eyes tightening. She knew all too well the pain of having a mother brutally taken away, though in her own case, the memories were much dampened from time and deliberate supression. And she had never had the years that Aurora did. Nathicana dropped her gaze for a moment, mastering her emotions. The girl would have to be strong. Surely a leader such as Joanna had raised her daughter to be so. And the faith the woman was know for, she was certain had been passed on as well. Under the protective and watchful eye of her guardians, Aurora would prosper and grow. She would have to.

D'ron and Leslie she knew, though she was uncertain of relations now that the Federation had withdrawn from the Triumvirate. She hoped the meeting would be amicable. William, she also was aquanted with, though it seemed his condition had worsened. Pity. Sakura of Ravenspire was another ally, though she was barely familiar with her. She placed others from her intel sheets and other information; Joanna's family, including the adopted girl, Raven.

Seeing Sirithil occupied, and Renate having a more private moment, she kept her place, her expression smoothing to one of quiet neutrality. First the condolensces.

Then the questions.
imported_Sentient Peoples
10-11-2003, 07:30
Seeing Sirithil's eyes flicker around, watching the SPARTANs, Jessica waves her hand briefly, signalling in the Sentient Peoples' Battle Code, and the SPARTANs cease advancing with the party.

D'ron draws upto Sirithil and Aurora, and Lesley walks up beside him. He slips her the case containing the Star, carefully, and quickly, freeing his hands.

Sticking with Federation protocol, he address Sirithil as her current role dictated. "I wish the same, Regent. I believe I would have enjoyed the visit, but circumstances seem to have conspired against us."

His gaze drifted over Joanna's body, and then focused on Aurora. "Empress, allow me to express the regrets of my entire nation, for we grieve with you.

D'ron was uncertain how to transition to what he had come to do, and concluded that jumping right in would be the best bet. He's never presented a Sentient Star, and had only seen one awarded, his own, ten years prior.

"By the authority vested in me, by will of the people, and as the Imperial President of the Federation of Sentient Peoples, and by authorization of the House of Delagates, I present the Sentient Star for Service to Sentients to Joanna von Sacshausen, Empress of Lavenrunz."

D'ron reached out as Lesley opened the velvet case, and D'ron drew out the Sentient Star by it's ribbon. The ebony ribbon was long, and weighing it down was the Star itself. Two hundred fifty grams of platinum, nine spires, surrounding a pure, flawless sapphire, blue, the color of service. The Star sparkled in the lights of the room, sending glittering reflections in every direction.

"I present this to you, Aurora von Sacshausen, daughter of Joanna, Empress of Lavenrunz, for you stand in your mother's place."

With that last, D'ron looped the ribbon about Aurora's neck, and it fell low on her chest, the ribbon set as for an adult. D'ron bent to one knee, as Jessica and Lesley curtsied, and D'ron took Aurora's hand and kissed it softly.