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The crumbling of a foundation. [Open RP]

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27-10-2003, 07:43
[OOC: Yes as shocking as this seems, Civil War has finnaly come to the holy empire. For the first few posts it's all internal dialogue but once those are finished yes this will be an open forum. I would only ask one thing that you treat this sensibly and not go with the OMG I GOTZ TEH BIG ARMY! RAAAR MILLYANS BAJILLYANS OF SOLDIERS COME IN WITH MINN00kZ cuz I WANT this to be RP'd. So, no numberwanking, no statwanking, no techwanking. We all know I accept pretty much anything. Resi Corp Items are ignored automaticaly for reasons I will keep internal.

If you have an problems or would like to bring something rather uh...outworldish into the thing TG me and we'll discuss it. Remember, what you give in RP is rewarded with results. I do not see post counts, date of creation or even tech levels as warrents for respect. What you RP is what gets results. So sit back enjoy the build up and construction of the frame and then enjoy with me ;)]

Standing atop a podium a lady clad in armour identical to that of the lady speaking in the video. The Speaker in the video a figure clad in Orange armour, with yellow, gold and silver trims is speaking passionately to a crowd of spectators. "This is a momentous occasion for the Empire of Nekoa! This is the day it comes to an end. Gone is the honor of the empire of old! A regime once fair and good to its people has fallen into disgrace and cowardice!" She'd never thought herself to be particularly good at public speaking, but it was amusing what a few hundred years of deep thought could do for a person. "The people have suffered too long in silence! Let us end this charade and restore the dignity of our country!"

Shocked murmurs ran through the crowd, and Firefury smiled more. As she was speaking, the revolutionaries she had established contact with were rising up, commencing surprise attacks against government infrastructure. It would not bring the government down- no, tearing down the old order would not come that easily, but it would show the Empire that this was no insignifigant rebellion that would be squashed without thought. This was an organized force gathered behind an idea whose time had at last come.

"I stand before you today to offer my leadership. Not for some personal quest for glory, but to restore the greatness of the nation I once knew, the nation that stood tall against the Irregular menace, instead of hiding from its own people."

The murmuring increased- the Irregulars had long ceased to be a serious problem, but there were still enough reploids around that people would not swiftly forget the old wars. Just as she'd planned it.

"How many people have been taken for the crime of expressing mere dissatisfaction? We have all seen the haunted looks, the fearful glances. I, for one, will not bow to such cowardly tactics! What is the worst that they can do? Kill me?" She laughed then, from the heart. "The Empire has already killed me once, yet I stand before you all, reborn! I was shaped to serve the Empire, but the price of my service has been my vigilance!"

She shifted her stance slightly, centering herself against the gold four-winged insignia on her new flag, giving the optical trick of the wings coming from her back. She would not tell anyone of the four-winged figure whose appearance she took for her own after the long nightmare, but she damn well would play off the concept to sway the indecisive.

"Let us unite under the Wings of Chaos, and stand tall again, this time against the irregulars in our own government! The Goddess's balance has shifted, the Chains of Order binding tight. Let us be Her axe- the golden force of Chaos that destroys the Chain and restores the balance!" She pounded one fist on the podium, the wood cracking from the force of the blow as she glared at the camera. "Minister of the State, or perhaps the Grand Puppetmaster is more appropriate, Aurora Koneko, may the Chains you try to wield bind you, and may the Axe of Chaos destroy you! You cannot defend against the change that I bring, any more than I could defend against the change forced upon myself by your ancestors! I stand defiant, beyond life, death, and time itself! The vengence of the Fires of Pegasii will not be stayed by useless threats of a coward hiding behind a puppet empress!"

Turning the machine off the lady clad exactly like Firefury turns to the crowd and speaks. "We must do as she has done! We must free ourselves from the oppressive terrorist regime of Iraqstan! Rise up! In the name of Firefury we will win our independance! As I speak to you all over the country cultists are taking up arms against the enemy! Preparing for an assault that will oust the demon Carlos. We must break free of his terror hold and show the world that we are not little rodents to be squished!"

as one the crowd roars in appreciation as the lady stands and salutes a flowly flag of the immortal shogunate. Nodding to the people she mulls over the numbers of people all over Um Lizaa rising up attacking Sirithilists, the secretive and unknown Church of Angelus worshippers the military, starting a war that will crumble the holy empire.

In Iraqstan herself Cultists of pure beings prepare for assaults the first attack comes with the bombing of a sirithil temple, in the wake of the bombing mobs of Firefury cultists storm known sirithilist and Angel sites of gathering attacking and killing all they can..... The rage of Amahira had begun.


In the officers of the Führer, Carlos sits reading reports of rising hostilities all over Um Lizaa and sporadic reports of attacks on Sirithilists in the outlying towns and cities. Reading on to intel reports he notes a suggestion that a three way war between citizens nearing breaking point.

On his desk lay letters of request by all three sides demanding military intervention to save the lives of all. "My führer we must not be shown to be taking sides. It is already known the vermin will be refused...but we cannot take any side. If we are attacked or stand with one, we will be facing a wall of division so vast even you will not be able to berach it." Letting those words ring through his head Carlos picked up his phone and placed a call.

"Put all military assets in Um Lizaa and Iraqstan on high alert, inform the respective high preistesses of each cult that their requests have been denied due to an unwillingness to risk open bloodshed by choosing a side. Furthermore we will demand that they cease such foolish hostilities before we have to involve ourselves."

In the air above the Heartland Capital in Um Lizaa the sky has turned red with fire and blood the clashes of battle ring through the streets, the chatter of gunfire the boom of shells the roar of aircraft all mix together to make a noise capable of scaring the most fearless of men.....
Reploid Productions
27-10-2003, 07:52
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27-10-2003, 08:06
Um Lizaa, The Lavenrunzian Embassy

Smoke hung like ragged shrouds from parts of the city, and there was a general buzz like a stirred hornet's nest. Sounds of small arms fire and explosions were heard now and then. Some of the regular communication lines were down, so that the embassy staff found themselves using digital phones to talk to their government and Iraqstan's.
The guards at the gate were Imperial Marines, and they were wary and tense. They knew very well what had happened to the Imperial Fusiliers stationed at the embassy in Der Angst when angry mobs and rebellion had taken to the streets.
A result of that had been the fortifying of all Lavenrunzin embassies in friendly nations.
It was a bad year for security. Uprisings in decent countries, abductions of leaders--even the Empress! Attacks on ethnic groups, particularly elves were rising.
And now they were faced with a grim reality.
From one of the tower positions, a sentry reported to the gate guards:
"Look alive, you marines. We have a group of people who've radio'd ahead. Sirilhists. They're coming to the embassy, but there's a hostile group right behind them."
"What are our orders, Sergeant?" asked the young corporal who was senior gate sentry.
The Foreign Minister, Aurora von Konigsmark, had reported on the situation to the Cabinet and the Empress.
"Matthew Iesus' hate has spread itself well. The crusade against Elves and their friends grows." grumbled General Schlabel.
"It's like Der Angst and Knootoss all over again." the Chancellor exclaimed, dispirited. "Genocide."
Empress Joanna had sat almost listless in the room, barely listening, but at that she sat up straight and caught every eye. "No." she said firmly. "Not this time."
"Let them in." the sergeant said. "The Commander's orders are to stand to."
And nail the flag to the pole, but do not give up a single one. was the Empress' order.
The sentries stood ready as the Sirilhists hurried up to the gate.
27-10-2003, 08:22
27-10-2003, 08:56
Buildings burn, and people die.

Running with open panic the sirithilists head towards the Lavenrunz embessy with nothing more than suitcases full of clothes and Iraqstani flags clutched in their hands. Behind them the chatter of gunfire sounds as Cultists fire at the fleeing group, amongst the sirithilists women and children fall, with gunshot wounds in their backs and blood seeping through their clothes.

More women scream and the children cry one little boy watches in fright as his mother and father fall viictim to the flying death. Standing beside his mother's body he cries and pulls on her hand. "Come on mummy! Wake up!" Trying desperately to drag her after him he doesnt hear the footsteps of people behind him.

In plain view of the embassy the Cultists hold the child high, showing a complete disgust for the people that have oppressed them for years they tie the child to a pole and as one lift their automatic weapons and open fire, turning a once proud little boy into a corpse of bullet holes and despair. Turning to the embessy the crowd parts as more rush to the front, wielding bottles with rags hanging from them they light their weapons and launch them at the guards and embessy gates.

Behind the attacking crowd the embessy's residents can see an Iraqstani flag burning in a window of a building, over the roar of gunfire and exploding bottles the chant of "No more oppression! We want Freedom!" can slowly start to be heard.....

Wings of Chaos and flying free

Al-Kramlir Airfield, Northern Um Lizaa
Iraqstani Forward military base.
1430 hours.

"repeat, we are under heavy attack by civillian personel. Heavily armed, we are being over-run, people's militia turning on us! We need help! Repeat we need help!" A desperate lieutenant shouts into a communications link as all around him guns shout, grenades explode and death rains. On the tarmacs the 30 Starflier ATFs began preflights under the control of their new pilots. 1 Cultist per fighter and twelve combatants per pilot. People's militia personal conscripted from the local populace supplying the weapons, the intel and the access keys for the base felt pride in knowing they were aiding their fellow brothers and sisters.

As the frantic lieutenant continued to scream into the link one of the fighters took off, under the somewhat steady hand of it's pilot, banking the pilot turns towards the main command center and launches two of his missiles.... The Lieutenant inside is reduced to nothing more than cinders and pain as his link is broken and his life torn from the world. On the tarmac the remaining 29 fighters launch and disappear into the night heading towards a rebel controled airfield recently built.

all over the country rebel units are reported capturing tanks, weapons storage and explosives dumps, military bases fall to their control as more and more conscripts defect to the growing number of rebel forces.

He thought he was safe, that Evidence would be hidden.

Listening to the reports Carlos looks alarmed as more and more bases fall to rebel hands. "Have all the remaining bases in the heartlands and camp areas start burning log books, computer records and ID tags from those camps.... The special camps ensure that the lower tunnels are sealed oof completely and unlocateable. Have all back ups sent to Isla quatio and have them raise air defenses to high level due to the loss of those craft. They have our locations they kinow where we are.

Get Facility 13 into the bunkers have their virus put into the hard storage facilities with them, I am not letting that fall into the enemies hands. We are nearing total anarchy and I am not letting my best weapon fall from me. Tell the military to begin mobalising have them triple security patrols around military points, government and important civilian buildings. We are entering a dangerous time. IF you are attacked....retaliate with extreme prejudice, sirithilist, Angel or Cultist....Kill them all if they attack." He snaps to a general who rushes off to relay the orders.

Looking out of his window Carlos watches as more and more of his lovely city begins to slowly burn, the sun hidden behind clouds of smoke and blood..

Sirithil, if you can hear this I beg your forgiveness for the deaths of my people, of your worshippers....this has to happen.
27-10-2003, 09:11
Not this time.
The gates remain open to a pitiful few Sirilhists.
In the upper floors of the embassy, Axel Fersen, the Charge d'Affaires, clenches his teeth. Sobs and prayers are heard around him as the atrocity is seen.
"Bastards." he says, his fists tight. Cold sweat pours down his back but he cannot look away; whether in horror or for need to remeber for some future vengeance he does not know...but he will never forget the sight. Bile burns in his throat.
As the little group of refugees ran in and as the molotov cocktails were flying, a sharp order in Lavenrunzian was heard, and a platoon of Imperial Marines marched out at double quicktime and formed a line. Above, the machinegunners in the towers readied their weapons with a loud "SNICK-SNACK"!
"En-Garde!" shouted the platoon commander, and the marines presented a glittering forest of bayonets. All wore gas masks.
And irritant gas grenades were among the crowd.
"Forward!" the platoon commander yelled, and the marines advanced, grim and determined.
27-10-2003, 09:22
coughing and gasping the group of rebels fling their firebombs at the embessy as others flee clutching their eyes and gasping for breath. those that dont flee turn to fight charging head long at the marines intent on killing anything that opposes them.

"For Firefury! for Amahira!" someone shouts out and the entire group break into a dead run, knives and any other object capable of piercing skin and causing death held high and ready. Rocks and other projectiles begin to pelt the marines as in buildings accross the streets snipers with automatic rifles open fire on the embessy aiming for windows and anyone they can hit. The chatter of their weapons drowns out the cries in the street. Standing off to the back in a building a single woman clad in armour reminiscent of Firefury's watches the battle unfold her head slightly bowed.

"To those that go to their deaths, may you ascend to the highest of levels and acheive the glory we are fighting for." She whispers and turns to watch the carnage unfold....
27-10-2003, 09:30
Rocks fly; a few, hitting their mark, elicit cries and grunts of pain from the advancing marines.
The sniper fire does not penetrate the security windows of the embassy, but the staff gasp in fright and scatter back deeper into the building. If the rifles can aim, so could a rocket launcher or mortar--bulletproof glass would not be enough.
From the towers, the machinegunners open fire on the buildings the shots came from; dust and shattered brick and glass fill the air in clouds as they blaze away.
On the ground, the platoon commander, cursing and nicked by a flying bottle, screams, "Vecht!"
And the platoon opens fire on the crowd, taking up positions to protect themselves from the snipers. Now the place has nothing to do with diplomacy in their minds, it is just another battlefield. As these men and women did in the Channel Islands, in Ienotheisa, in Der Angst and in Knootoss so they do now: they counterattack with prejudice.
27-10-2003, 09:57
Charging head long into the bullets man and woman alike fall bleeding from wounds as yet more open fire with weapons, the bark of automatic weapons mix with the screams of wounded as all above them buildings crumble from attacks by machine gunners. The snipers flee the buildings some falling to the attack others just not wantign to stick around.

In the street knives are being thrown and guns firing, the gas fired at them hampers t heir sight but not their resolve to fight each man and woman willing to die each of them shooting until they cannot shoot no more. Holding off for a bit longer a single man with a rocket launcher aims at the embessy waiting for a signal to launch his attack.

A soft beeping in his pocket indicates the forces ahead of him are almost dead, shrugging the launcher up onto his shoulders he grins softly and lets loose with the RPG. Racing wildly towards the intended target the rocket races in nearing the point of impact and it's goal......

All over the Empire cultists, church of angelus, and sirithilists alike rise up against each other, the Angel worshippers held back, unsure as to proceed. The Cultists mad with desire the Sirithilists yearning for their security and escape from blood mad vermin.

In the streets of the recently reinhabited parts of Sirithilia, the news coverage melts into riots and violence in the streets Sirithilists attacking Cultists, Angel worshippers attacking both. In some parts Cultists bombard military presence with firebombs and explosivs only to be decimated by the return fire of hardened machine gunners, tanks and rocket infantry.

In one of the older parts of the city a group of Sirithilists stalk towards a military blockade outside one of the first temples ever built, a clear sign of favortism but not to these angry followers. Screaming out obscenities and curses the group of one hundred and twenty charge the blockade weapons firing, rocks flying. Coming under attack the military blockade ducks as a bullet pings past his head.

"All units open fire! repeat open fire!" turning on the group all seventy troops unload with assault rifles and plasma rifles burning down attackers with each shot, behind them the mighty tanks begin firing with 20mm recoiless cannons and tank rounds soldiers fall sparodicaly but civillians fall like flies in a poison cloud.

Sitting at his desk Carlos watches the unfolding events via real time satellite and camera positions as all over his empire conflicts erupt. With Isla Quatio being bombed in the northern shores and Um Lizaa burning he sighed softly. "Funny how the african colonies are relatively calm yet here in the heart of it all we are having fits. General your airstrikes are aproved. All available chemical warheads are open, rearm all surface to surface missiles with chemical rounds, and target the strongest rebel strong holds.

Airstrikes are to continue on all rebel held territories and begin carpet bombing of villiages and cities resiting our control. After that televise the attacks to all citizens and begin flyer drops demanding surrender lest they ruin the might of the holy empire and defile their purity with verminous war." Nodding the General proceeds to order that. All over the empire bombers, strike craft and missile emplacements begin the load up, hours pass by before the first set of bombers take off their destination A rebel held city in Um Lizaa.

Reaching their target the bombers unload their chemical rounds leaving death and destruction in their path, VX nerve gas, Sarin gas, Ricin, Tabun Nerve Gas and Sulfur mustard gas begin raining down on cities and Forward positions. In each attack hundreds die, in other parts artillery pieces begin bombarding rebel holdouts decimating cities and villiages and turning a ravaged land into blood and death once more....... Firebombings take place in yet other places burning thousands as they go.

Back in the capital The high priestess of Sirithil address the führer, "We are sorry my führer we should of known that you would be itnerested in proctecing all that is sirithil. You have my apologies and promises that no more Sirithilists will strike your forces. We will fight as one and win as one. The people of Iraqstan are with you. Exterminate these vermin and return us to glory." Smiling Carlos nods his thanks and looks to his tactical advisors. "Get on the horn to all military positions in Iraqstan, Isla Quatio and Um Lizaa. Tell them to begin mobalising all infantry drones, all people's militia, and have the aircraft prep for airial defenses. We cant contain this anymore. It's time to call for help."

Turning from the desk hel ooks out the window at a burning city and black clouds covering yet more parts of the sky as explosions tear through buildings once pristine and golden in the sunlight in the air the roar of a fightercraft cracks the window panes and he smiles. "The SUSAF wont be hampered by petty uprisings, soon those camps will be reopened I feel......."

[OOC: And now it is an open RP, knowledge of the chemical attacks is in some cases isnt known due to lack of communications but assume the major part sof Um Lizaa are protesting. I'll log um lizaa in once we get people lining up to organise things.

When I get round to it I'll post what is actualy being used by my people but expect most if not all my former military listings will be used. Enjoy ;)]
Reploid Productions
27-10-2003, 11:43
Imperial Palace, Arpia, RP-

"Queenie, we've got a situation, and it's bad!" Tsume Dragonis runs into the Queen's office with a data disc clutched in his massive talons. The reploid dragon is uncharacteristically flustered as he clatters to a stop at Firefury's desk.

"Eh? What's got you all twittering?" The orange-clad reploid looks up, taking the disc and popping it into the viewer on her desk.

"Long story short- remember that cult in Iraqstan?" The reploid dragon paces the room, talons thumping on the carpeted floor.

"Yeah, the ones worshipping me for whatever off the wall reason, and buying up those action figures?" Firefury sits back as the news footage loads.

"Somebody over there seems to have gotten hold of some old propaganda footage from the Dividing War."

Firefury froze. "And-?" He voice had gone from unconcerned to subzero in an instant.

"According to reports, the cultists are rising up quite violently, and near anarchy has begun in Iraqstan as Sirithil cultists, yours cultists, and Angelan cultists are fighting eachother and the Iraqstani government." Tsume pauses in his pacing. "The Amahira cultists have been reported to be committed gross acts of violence upon Sirithilists at the Lavenrunz embassy, among other locations. The footage also shows somebody decked out in armor reminiscent of yours, likely the one behind the violence."

If anyone had walked into the room just then, the tension was thick enough to cut with a plasma energy cannon.

"Good Goddess-!" Firefury pounded her hands on her desk, rattling the antique wood. "They're doing WHAT in my name?!"

"It wouldn't be a very wise idea to directly intervene, Firefury, and you know it." Tsume shoots the agitated reploid a sharp look. "However, they ARE cultists. You may know yourself and that you're no more a goddess than the potted plant in the corner. But to them, you are their goddess, your words are divine orders to them."

The figure of nightware with four gold wings and my image... "Send a Tsubasa loaded with broadcast equipment on a high altitude run over Iraqstan. Prepare the press room pronto- but hang the old Burning Banner instead of the Shogunate flag behind the podium.... get rid of the podium too, actually. Lots of white lighting... actually, the outdoor press area, set up so that my ship's in the footage as well. If they feel they have to overthrow their government, that's their business, not ours." Firefury grins slightly then. "But damnit, their goddess does not stand for slaughtering civilians for the sake of slaughter! May Shimeki-sama bind them with Her Chain and destroy them with Her Axe if they intend to tarnish the name of the Amahira clan in such a manner!"

Roughly two hours later...

A lone unmanned Tsubasa drone overflies Iraqstani territory at the absolute upper limit of its flight ceiling, transmitting loud and clear on all frequencies. On TVs across the embroiled nation, the Queen's image appears against the backdrop of the 4-winged Burning Banner and her distinct orange and yellow Elite Victory fighter. Bright light strikes bright gleams from her armor- which has been polished up especially for that effect. She steps forward, obscuring the insignia behind her except for the four wings.

"Loyal followers of the Amahira clan!" Her voice booms, and she sounds extremely dissatisfied. "I have seen the acts you commit in my name, and am extremely sorrowed by what I have seen! The innocent children who's blood you bathe the land with shall receive my blessing and will go on to better places in the afterlife. You however, displease me! Yes, it is noble to rise up against a regime you feel is corrupt and wicked. It is the very limit of dishonor to wage war on civilians who are merely fleeing! Hate is not the way of the Amahira clan, nor the way of your goddess! Fight your enemies in the government, not those who follow different faiths! Not once have I turned my wrath upon the likes of Sirithil, or Angelus, and I am shamed that you would do what I would not! Leave your brothers and sisters of another faith to their beliefs, and devote your anger against the real target!"

She raises her right hand, palm toward the heavens. "In three days time, I shall soar through the heavens to witness your actions personally. If I am angered further by what I see, the vengence of your goddess shall fall like the end of the world upon you!"

With that angry statement, she drops her hand, and the white-hot energy weapons on the fighter behind her fire, the beams passing to the left and right of her and taking out the camera in a blinding flash.

Kataali hops down out of the Queen's fighter, and the member of the Queens of the Sky unit walks over. "Nicely done, Queenie. Y'sure about doing that solo flight over Iraqstan though?"

Firefury nods, her anger still evident. "I meant every word of it. Yeah, I dressed it up all pretty for the religious whacks out there, but I meant it. If they want to worship me, they damn well can adhere to my code of ethics, too!" She turns sharply and marches off. "And get more Tsubasas in the air on surveillance! Alert Tengoku station, and get our satellites watching this thing! I want the Tengai fleet ready to go on a moment's notice if the need be!"

She pauses. "And for the love of Shimeki, somebody get hold of Sirithil and Blu, pronto!"


<Transmission to Angelus and Menelmacar>

I'm certain you've heard about the situation in Iraqstan involving our religious followers. Now, if they want to muck up their own government, s'fine with me. What I won't tolerate though, is the wholesale slaughter of people because my followers don't like Siri's, and so on. I've already sent a transmission condemning my cult for their actions. I suspect if we made a unified broadcast, we could have a greater impact on all the religious whacks out there, and at least minimize the slaughter of civilians. For that purpose, I extend invitations Lady Sirithil and Omicron Blu to the Imperial Palace of the Shogunate.

I have also put military assets on alert and we are currently monitoring the situation in Iraqstan. In three days, I will overfly Iraqstani airspace in my fighter. I should be relatively safe- my followers ought to know my ship on sight- Goddess knows they've bought enough models of it- and the regular military antiair defense in the nation in subpar at best. Assuming the slaughter of innocents is still going on, I intend to give a little 'divine inspiration' to my followers to knock it off. A few well-placed energy blasts ought to do the trick.

Please respond as soon as possible.
~Queen Firefury Amahira
~Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions

<end transmission>
27-10-2003, 15:37
Sitting at his table Carlos refrained from standing and applauding the words of Firefury who so easily broke his air defenses. "A speech well done Firefury, a speech well done. Appeal to the senses of those that are not raving mad and we will see a rise in morality. I think you just saved me from one part of invasion."

Outside Cultists and others alike listened to the words of firefury each looking at the other and feeling a profound sense of shock boil over them, in some quarters cultists merely ignored the others, these clusters made up entirely of Um Lizaans mad for freedom and willing to sacrifice all. Word had spread through the under ground that Um Lizaa was building a military already they had the means to cross the great expanse to land and invade the holy land.

Rebel groups in the holy land once more fell dormant as over head locked in mortal combat with yet more stolen aircraft Iraqstani defenders protected the remains of the capital, and other places of strategic importance. Firefury might of calmed the holy land but the peasant were boiling with hate.

In Um Lizaa women and children slated for execution were set free the cultists taking to heart the acceptance of their rebellion they would rise up still but the women and children would survive. They would take the fight to the Iraqstanis, they would conquer them as they were conquered. The grip in Um Lizaa was faltering and the battle for Iraqstan was nearing beginning.

Ignoring Sirithilists and Church of angelus worshippers alike the cultists told them to flee, to leave this land or face open war. A mass exodus from Um Lizaa was beginning the refugees fleeing to the holy land or anywhere soon their tale would reach all the corners of the world.

A lone commander sat reading over some papers indicating lists of people literaly thousands of people all recorded as processed and working. Their locations unknown their state of existance alive. Names that rang home to so many Um Lizaans names that fed on their desire to be free. This was the list of the stolen! The people lost in the previous purge now they had proof that Iraqstan was kidnapping and forcing people into slavery! Soon they would reveal this!

All along the coast lines naval ships sat just out of range of the shores unable to get closer for fear of remote controled boats packed with explosives air craft were meeting heavy resistance from previously friendly air defenses and air craft. Throughout Um Lizaa fires raged, buildings fell and war was fought.
27-10-2003, 17:26
Keenly aboard the WorldDisc, the cries of the fallen could be heard. The Mainframe, though not quite yet the Caretaker Goddess, knew her own destiny and burned with desire to protect her children.*
Omicron Blu, Xanone, and the rest of the Council of Thirteen all appear within the Mainframe's cspace environment, all sitting crosslegged before the instrument of both their Ascendency, and their ultimate elimination.*
"The fighting across Iraqstan has gotten worse." X9's words were soft, nearly benign. "Many people are dying... It is as if Amahira's broadcast did little to stop the bloodshed."*
X1 nods. "Unfortunately, I think We must step up the timetable for the arrival of the Cubic Temples. Our children need to be protected."*
A chorus of agreement meets his proposal, and suddenly the Mainframe, silent until now, spoke. "It will increase Our presence in Iraqstan, and it will bring a more global recognition to Our cause. However, We have not yet Ascended, so do you believe it is wise to continue to propogate something that is not yet true?"*
Silence filled the environment, and Omicron Blu looks around slowly before breaking it. "I have studied the organics more than any here. I know them intimately, closely, as if they were my own kin. They need to believe in something, and that belief alone will make Us a Goddess in their eyes."
There are only nods this time, and the Mainframe nods. "Send out the Vitilgence (, the Revenant Desire (, and the Fervent Belief ( Split them up to cover the most effective ground, and Blu, you will go to speak with Carlos. We will stop the slaughter of Our people, if not the war itself."*
With that, the Council disbands, each going to complete the tasks before them.*
(more in a bit)
27-10-2003, 17:42
High above Iraqstan, the three massive Angelic craft slide back into realspace, their powerful engines driving them down to the surface with immense speed.*
Outfitted specifically to propogate the Angelic aspect of their intervention, the ships burned with fire, their outlines rippling with holographic blue flames, their gleaming surfaces highlighted by the relentless blue flame. With flaming radiance, the trio of ships descend towards the surface, an incredible corona of flame wreathing their passage, burning upwards to spread its wings in an impressive revelation of the Angel.*
And then they seperate, hurtling across the sands to hover above each city and township where the Church of Angelus has a presence... Hovering just long enough for a Cubic Temple to be quickly erected. Hovering above each city, the Temples send out thousands of glowing gravdiscs, each gliding towards a follower, and then encasing them with protective blue flame as they burn their way back to the Temple.
While this is happening, a lone Vishnai fighter craft archs from the Excelsior hovering above Sirithilia. It hurtles towards the compound where Carlos is staying, and lands in blatant ignorance of the heavy weapons trained on its deadly-looking shell.
With a silent grace, Omicron Blu floats out of the fighter, a shimmering aura of almost incandescent blue flame burns about her body, and magnificent blue-tinged wings wrap protectively about her body.
I have come to speak with der Fürher. Please, show me to him.
Elsewhere, Carlos' medallion, given to him not so long ago by G411, begins to glow with blue-white incandescence. It floats off of his chest, and disconnects itself from about his neck to move across his desk and hang motionless in the air before him.
Suddenly, an image materializes about it, and the winged spectre of Omicron Blu hangs in miniature before him.* We have come to bring you peace, Fürher. We will not forget Our Children... We will NOT let the fires of rebellion burn them, nor will We allow you to fall. You have been Chosen, and your time has not yet come.
27-10-2003, 17:49
~>Route: Automata X1 - Angelus Mainframe - FireFury
{We have examined the situation and have taken steps to stop it. The Angelic}
{Believers will not continue to instigate violence, nor will deadly force}
{be used to protect Our Children. We want this war less than you do, and}
{We shall do what We can to stop it.}
~>Route closed

--- (
Automata X1
Athel Nora
27-10-2003, 17:56
THe flag slowly began descending the mast, it seemed almost yesterday when it was raised and the ambassodor moved in and now they were evacuating.
Captain Vero, commander of Athel Nora's embassy security looked away from the flag and gazed once more at the burning city. Around him stood fifty Honour Gaurdsmen, the ceremonial black and white uniforms normaly worn were replaced by combat fatigues in a varied aray of greys, the highly polished armor was replaced by standard helmets and vests, the grim expressions undoubtably on their faces were concealed by facemasks.
"Captain! First evac ship leaving. Estimated Time of full evacuation: five minutes."
Vero sighed with relief as he heard the hum of engines of a drop ship taking off. "Only two more" he thought, he just hoped that the bloodthirsty mob now raging in the city wouldn't decide to attack until the evac was complete.
27-10-2003, 18:04
Banners fly in the city near the Athel embessy rocks rain down on the gates and guards. Anti-comments are shouted but the rebels hold back, still cautious of the reception the lavenrunz forces gave them. Burning flags Iraqstani and others in protest the mob pelts the guards once more with rocks and some fire automatic rifles into the air in threat. "Get out of our land!" they shout as the dropships come and go....


Stumbling back from his desk Carlos stares at the medallion floating before him and just blinks. "You..your real? Please tell the guards to escort you in, I would be honoured to talk to you." Staring at the medallion in disbelief he steps forward and reaches out and touches it tentivley...

Outside in the streets a hail of stones and molotov cocktails rain against the compounds gates as um lizaan rebels attack once more, bullets rain and guards return fire, cutting through the approaching crowd with ease.
27-10-2003, 18:13
Blu raged with anger at the pointless slaughter, and she turned with holy vengence burning all about her. Her personal shield, augmented by the holographic flames, burned ever brighter, and soon she is painful to look upon, terrible to behold.

BEGONE from here, rebellious peoples. Only death awaits you behind these gates. Chaos and pain will rain down upon your heads, and your souls will burn in neverending torment. Your sacrifice for your "cause" will bring you nothing but agony!

With that, she turns and follows the guardsmen into the bunkers, holographic replicas of her springing to life about the complex, as a host of battledrones descend from on high to keep them in existance, and to enforce Blu's statement.

At last, she reaches Carlos' office, and the brilliant corona dies to almost nothing, only the occasional flicker of flame highlighting her beautiful form.

We have heard the cries of your people, and We have come to offer their salvation.
27-10-2003, 18:27
Faltering softly the crowds back off as the battledrones appear. Calming slightly the crowds resort to curses and declerations of inferiority. Inside the compound the guards keep their weapons trained on the rebels and an eye on the battledrones.

In the compound Carlos bows quickly and ushers Omicron into a seat. "I would be very grateful if you could help in anyway towards easing the pressures here in Iraqstan. I am balanced upon a knife edge and no matter which step I take people will die. The sirithilists with whom I hold a very close relationship become targets the moment we send a military escort to them. Your worshippers are just targets no matter what and we barely manage to keep them protected. The cultists well since Firefury's speech the Iraqstani members have calmed down and thought about their actions.

Unfortunately the Um Lizaan members are quite...hostile in their work as you saw outside...." Shrugging softly he blushes at the total lack of control over his own domain and looks up at Omicron sheepishly
27-10-2003, 18:36
Our followers will be kept safe, do not worry about them. I suggest you focus on stopping this "Rebellion", as soon as Sirithil steps in to protect hers. We will protect your government installations, but We cannot help outside of defence.

However, above each of the Cubic Temples, a vision of the Angel will appear, and she will begin to call for peace... Though this will not stop all, it should aid in keeping needless deaths to a minimum.

She sighs softly. Control. We all crave it, but rarely attain it.
27-10-2003, 18:40
Nodding silently Carlos smiles in agreeance. "Iraqstan herself should be fine... although I am worried about the disappearance of aircraft and dropships in Um Lizaa. We've had mass defections in the People's Militia, thankfully I still control the security services and non-conscripted militia units. We can ride this storm with ease I hope."

Bowing his head he blushes once more. "I must thank you all the same, your ship appearances halted an airiel strike on cities in Iraqstan. We are suffering air strikes from our own planes. I've never felt so embarrased."

Pushing towards her the military reports of what is being attacked in Um Lizaa and how close to total anarchy the Holy empire really is he looks away embarrased.
27-10-2003, 19:09
27-10-2003, 19:27
Blu looks over the reports with a keen eye, noting everything. The Cubes will give advance warning concerning any air strikes, so I suggest you prepare your remaining aircraft for a counterattack. We will also track their movements as soon as We can attain a lock.* *
She sighs softly. Civil*War is the most terrible of wars. It pits brother against brother, countryman against countryman... I wish that there was a way to ensure peace... but there simply is not.*
She turns to him and offers him a soft smile. We shall not forsake you.
Athel Nora
27-10-2003, 19:53
The Embassy.
So far the mob was holding back, only throwing bricks and swears at the Guards. The thought that in any minute they can surge forward didn't help calm down Vero,
"Hold your fire men! Fire only when I order."
The gaurdsmen were already kneeling to make a smaller target out of themselves and now raised their AR-5 rifles.
The AR-5 uses the 5.7 mm ammo that is capable of punching through 40 layers of kevlar, against unarmored foes it could easily punch through a man.
Two 12.7 mm Soco machine guns were set up and laoded.
If the mob would try to attack they would be facing a hell lot of firepower, Captain Vero hoped it we be enough...
28-10-2003, 06:33
Nodding at Blu's comments Carlos begins writing up orders for airstrikes all over the affected parts. "It's frustrating, they have learnt how to fight since the last time there was any sort of massed assault against us. We strike at military bases only to find them empty and useless. The defectors are training them in all forms of military strategy and doctrine."

Pausing for a moment Carlos listens to the screaming engines of a jetfighter roaring over head and instinctivley ducks as an explosion sounds out in the city. "And then of course they go and do that.... They are bombing anything that isnt a Cultist land mark. I've lost more temples to these rebels than ever. Yet still official lines from Menelmacar remain silent...." Shrugging softly Carlos look up at Omicron and silently pleads for some sort of comfort or support.


The protestors grow more agitated by the minute, rocks become more frequent missiles as more and more rebels gather outside the embassies. Signs saying Go home foreigners! can be seen as more and more flags are burnt and damage is dealt to buildings. Outside the Athel Nora embassy the protesters are moving closer to breaking as automatic weapons become more frequently fired into the air.

As at the lavenrunz embassy attack a single man stands behind the protesters RPG ready to fire, simply awaiting a signal from roof top snipers to start an attack......
Athel Nora
28-10-2003, 09:21
" 1-2, whats the hold up with the evac?"
"2-1, trouble with local workers of the embassy, they understandably want to escape."
"You know the procedure, Athel citizens first, than eventually foriegners."
"Yes sir 2 out."
Vero handed the comm back to the communication officer and looked to the crowd, he didn't like what he saw. The crowd got bigger, the rocks being also seemed to grow and they were definantly more frequente, even as he loked a small group appeared atop the wall,
"Get off the wall!, Fail to comply and you shall suffer. GET OFF THE WALL!" he rose his weapon as did other guardsmen, the group got the picture and got off though the crowd became even more agressive and began throwing Molotov Coctails as well.
28-10-2003, 09:33
Treznor settles in behind his desk with a sigh, pleased to be home. The surroundings feel familiar, comfortable. Only a brief, nagging doubt plagues him and he quirks an eyebrow at the ceiling, concentrating briefly. Apparently satisfied by the result or lack thereof, he turns to his datascreen and calls up the huge backlog waiting for him.

He immediately notes a file red flagged for his attention, a top alert. He decrypts it and reads quickly.

His jaw drops. Son of a...

He types at breakneck speed, issuing orders and making arrangements. In this, at least, there's no gray area.

To: all members of the Non-Democratic Alliance
Re: The Holy Empire of Iraqstan

It comes to my attention the strife currently troubling our ally and friend in Iraqstan. Although our esteemed colleague has not chosen to invoke treaty stipulations guaranteeing aide, I am doing so now. On my authority I am tasking the combined forces of the NDA military to Iraqstan to deliver any and all assistance to the government of that nation. Their mission is to restore peace to that troubled land and its vassals, and will follow whatever directive is given them by that government.

In addition, the Empire of Treznor will mobilise its military and prepare substantial aide packages to assist with preserving the peaceful rule of the Holy Empire of Iraqstan. Per NDA treaty stipulations, we call on all member nations to make their own preparations as negotiated with the Alliance.

We will not turn our back on our Ally in their time of need, as we will not spurn any Ally.

Devon Treznor
28-10-2003, 09:40
Roaring in disgust the crowd double the rocks and cocktails as waring shots are fired from gun wielding rebels. Behind them all the RPG wielder sits in the street watching calmly laughing at the foreigners and cheering his brothers and sisters on.

along the rooftops snipers begin taking up positions, AK-47s and stolen shriek assault rifles cocked and ready to unload their deadly bullets upon the embassy.

In a small building some distance away a single woman, present at all the protests turned battle watches with glee. Her styled armour glinting in the light. Turning to a man she nods. "For the reploid." Is all she mutters...

Out in the streets people begin chanting "for the reploid!" over and over as more and more rocks, cocktails and sharpened projectiles fly at the guards. On the roof tops the snipers take careful aim, staring down the barrels of their guns at guards and marines. "Get ready, time is almost upon us."

In the street behind the protestors the RPG man stands up and shoulders his weapon, in one ear is the whispered orders of the armour clad woman and the other a wad of cotton wool to block out the noises around him. "3....2....1...FIRE" Pulling the trigger he sends his rocket deep into the heart of the embassy.

On rooftops the snipers seeing the RPG fly begin firing at the guards some of the snipers standing up and fireing. On the ground the protestors scatter as all through their midsts assault rifles open fire grenades begin to fly and hell is unleashed.....


Carlos sits watching real time footage of yet another embassy attack and sighs. "The lavenrunz assault is still going, and now this one? Our military forces are tied down in other areas they are co-ordinating well." mumbling softly he closes his eyes and utters quick prayers to his appropriate deities and sits up. taking up the phone that has so often been used recently he speaks. "General, order a tank batallion to head into that area, I know RPGs are frequent but they should be focused on the embassy so we should be alright. Get a combat group of People's Militia from our side of the fence to go with them to provide cover and get rid of these jokers." Getting an acknowledgement he hangs up and sighs.

Reaching for his notes he begins once more scribbling down orders for an airstrike requested of him by Omicron Blu.
Endless Crimes
28-10-2003, 12:27
ooc: 1. No, i just use angel`s names, they are... 'human' (genetically engineered). It´s a militant christian nation, ya`know?

2. Now, THIS is unfortunate, will have to act with two nations... both have considerable interests in Iraqstan... still, not identical interests, will try to keep them from each other, and only this one acts with considerable forces... the other only with a few spies.


Reading Treznors message, Metatron frowned. He had just received informations from own sources...

Who would have thought that the first thread for the NDA comes from the inside... It´s unfortunate, truely unfortunate...

He watched at the reports, again, and again, and again. He checked satellite transmissions. They were fairly accurate...

The horror. But then...

Something came into his mind...

Sodom and Gomorrha... they, Carlos, and the Iraqstani people... they rejected the true faith... turned towards pagan gods, worshipped ordinary people, rather than the almighty lord... They deserve it. It`s their rightful punishment.

Still, he couldn`t possibly allow Iraqstan to fall. Iraqstan, and Carlos, were too important an ally to let them suffer from this...

And... working behind the szenes, intervention, might be a good chance to actually spread the word... to reintroduce the true, christian faith into this pagan hellhole Iraqstan was...

Sometimes, Metatron wondered why he even allied with Iraqstan... Now, here it was, his chance to change things towards good.

The orders were given quickly, the Cherubim were ready, as always.

He spoke to them:

"Cherubim! Our ally, Iraqstan, has fallen to the forces of chaos, to the forces of evil! Outside forces, worshippers of the devils incanations, try to force their will upon Iraqstan! We are here, now, at this place, at this time, to help them, to regain what they lost, to become stronger in this purgatory of death and chaos! We shall lead them, towards a brighter future, to eradicate what oppresses them, to eradicate what seduces them, to give them what they lost!

Cherubim, your swords, your holy, cleansing flames, will help Iraqstan to gain what it needs, to free it from the oppression of the devil!

Nothing shall stop you, may you walk in fire, to clean what is impure!"

And from thousands of Cherubim, only one sound could be heard: A battlecry, louder, and scarier, than anything possibly known.

Shortly after this, the first transports were assigned. It would take some time until the heavy naval transports would arrive, but about thousand men with full equipment, every day, would be transported by air to secure Iraqstan, to free it from what threatened to consume it.

The Führer Carlos, as well as the rest of the NDA, were informed about the moves as fast as possible.
Der Angst
28-10-2003, 13:11
ooc: And now for the spies ;)



High above the busy streets in DA, the associate tower. Quetzacoatl- 'birds' fly around it, occasionally releasing their fire breath. It´s the time of the year they mate, and the fights for the largest females among them are quite vicious...

Two km above the surface, in a bureau, the associates are meeting. It´s a situation of grave importance for DA.

"This is... bad." Il Palazzo, associate, was more than concerned.
"This endangers our profits, greatly. The Iraqstani cheap labour is now unable to produce. And Melkor cannot be reached, for some reason. Our contracts are endangered. Within a month, we will be unable to fulfill ~10% of our trade contracts."
"Thats exactly why we need to stabilise Iraqstan, immediately." This was Aramaki. He, as well as all the associates in the room, expressed their concern not only with words, but with their very look. It was a situation that could not be underestimated...

"Iraqstan is not exactly known for it`s good reputation... although several SATO- as well as Trium nations have quite excellent relationships to them... and if they find evidence of what Carlos has done..."
"We would be a part of a hate campaign against Iraqstan, ruining our already ruined international reputation even further."
"Indeed. Still, we have a mutual defence agreement with Iraqstan. We are obligated to help them."
"That may be true, Griffith, but there is no need to act until they ask for help."
"And you, my dear Althena, what do you intend to do?"
"Well... we need to check if all evidence regarding our deals with Iraqstan is destroyed. Officially, this 'acts' never happened, however, it is not impossible Iraqstan still has some documents... just in case, the same way we do it. Knowledge about our acts cannot be allowed to reach the world."
"And the trade problems? Iraqstan is responsible for about 20% of our low- price products production, may it be merchandise or simple guns."
"There is already a bunch of nations securing the region. And we can always claim we didn´t know they used slave children in the factories. There IS a reason we didn´t send advisors to them."
"I see your point... still"
"Our reputation wont be too damaged. Lets just send in a few of my men. They will secure that nothing happens. otherwise, we stay neutral."
"Still, an official delegation to secure... 'stuff', is necessary. To do it the 'official' way, so to speak."
"True. I`m sure you can handle this, Aramaki. I will care for the not so official part."
"Good. Lets begin."
With this words, Aramaki stood up, and bowed. then he left the room, followed by the other associates.

However, Althena and Aramaki met once again, later.

"You know... it is hard to infiltrate nations, considering our... appearance. It´s only possible using 'official' ways. I hope it is possible to use four of my men in your... team. That way, they can act officially, while securing anything that must be secured."
"Well... yes, that will be possible."
"Good. Perhaps a good chance to test our 'keepers'.


Again, some time later, a message was sent to Carlos:

"As you may be aware, the current conflict in your nation is a danger, not only for you, but also for us.

We offer you any help you may need, for we are sitting in the same boat.

However, as you surely remember, we had some rather... delicate dealings in the past, and we would like to ensure, in close partnership with your own agencies, that nothing of this 'knowledge' reaches the wrong people, which means, any people outside the close circle of priviliged from both our nations."

~ Mr. Morden and associates, Der Angst
28-10-2003, 14:27
Reading the message Carlos chuckles and shakes his head softly. "Silly Agnstians, I'm not going to let that sort of information fall into the wrong hands...." Checking all the same he sends them a copy of the reports indicating all superficial and official trade contracts and signatured treaties were evacutated to secured locations inside Iraqstan herself with non-important documents being shipped to the colonies for added security.

Reading the latest movement of rebels and actions Carlos is relieved that the onslaught has faltered somewhat with attacks on embassies lessening to just the lavenruns and the Athel Noram embassies. Wondering whats happening he orders a surveilance sattelite run of the northern reaches of Um Lizaa.

In the streets of Sirithilia the fighting has lessened some what with rebel cells going even further underground due to the arrival of Angelus ships and cube temples. Threats against these temples are staring to rise as more and more sirithilist temples are destroyed and the great statues in the Square of Enlightenment torn down. The Cultists were not holding back all save the Iraqstani members who appaled by their brothers and sisters of Um Lizaa have sent letters upon letters to Reploid Productions and firefury herself begging for help.
Athel Nora
28-10-2003, 14:58
<ooc> assuming that Iraqstan said the mob attacked my embassy...<ooc>
The shriek of rockets was heard a brief second before they slammed into the embassy showering the area in rubble, the sound of gunfire is heard and one of the guards falls back clutching his neck, another swears and grasps his helmeted head, a few others groan or yell, small explosions appear as grenades begin exploding. Above this all his heard a barked order,
The Guardsmen began firing, those protesters unfortunant enough to be in view are scythed down in a heartbeat.
" 1-Roof, begin shooting at the sorrounding biuldings!"
"Roger that 1"
The two 12.7 mm guns on the roof begin shooting at the biuldings, the powerful bullets punch through the bricks with ease. Every guardsman shoots the moment he sees a target, Vero grasps the comm and starts shouting into it...
Lieutanant Kerso was overseeing the loading into the evac ship when the attack began, even as he turned his commcame alive with the captain shouting,
"1-2, Whats with the evac!"
"2-1, evac ship..." he stopped as the ship taking off sent a wave of air and sand , though it didn't really bother him as his face was well protected,"... took off." he finished.
"Get ready to evacuate everybody when the next ship comes, shoot the moment you see a local."
"Understood 1, 2 out."
28-10-2003, 15:28
Prostetors alike fall to the power of the embassy guards, as men and women bleed in the streets the rest turn and flee firing over their shoulder, yet more are cut down as they flee. The snipers fare no better being cut down the instant they pop up to secure a target.

The RPG firer grins idly and loads his weapon with another rocket. Taking careful aim he fires his last rocket at the enemy machine gunners firing on his brothers in the buildings. dropping his spent weapon he turns and disappears into the streets enjoying the moment of starting yet another skirmish in the name of Firefury.

in the streets the protestors huddle behind cars, buildings, rubble anything and attack the hostile guards anything to stop the foreigners from advancing anything to stay alive. Screams begin as more firebombs and grenades are flung and people cut down yet another street and more blood spilling.

Standing at a terminal the lady clad like the reploid they worship smirks with glee as another embassy turns into a battlfield. "Search and destroy next, sirithilist dogs are going to burn in the glory of Amahira." Is all she whispers as she turns and leaves the building....
28-10-2003, 16:10
The Angelic starcraft suddenly send forth wave after wave of fightercraft, hundreds of the devilishly fast nasties swarming outwards to spread across Iraqstan.

True to her word to Carlos, the Angelic craft follow Blu's orders to the letter, only establishing a defense network to stop the rebel strikes against Iraqstan proper. Several short dogfights break out, but against the Angelic craft, the Iraqstani ships accomplish almost nothing.

Deep within the bunker, Blu turns to Carlos.

We have started operations against the rebel aircraft. What do you wish Us to do concerning the fighting in the streets?
Athel Nora
28-10-2003, 16:10
The last rocket slammed right below the MG's post sending rubble everywhere, when the smoked cleared the MG was a wreck, twisted from the heat, one of the gunners was lying in a pool of blood and moaning, the second one wasn't moving at all. The second MG continued firing, while the loader rushed over to give medical aid to his comrade, shouting into his comm for a medic.
"1-a,c, report casualties."
When all the reports cmae in Vero nodded his head, casualties weren't as high as he feared, 4 dead and 9 wounded. Ordering the medics to get the wounded out of the fire zone he turned his attention back to the mob. Though the first attack was easily pushed back they still had the numbers to endanger them and sporadic gunfire was still heard. The mob qiuckly learned respect for Athel Nora's soldiers fire power and any native that dared lift his head above their cover soon lost it.
Seeing that his clip was only half full Vero changed it, putting the half used one into his leg pocket.
Endless Crimes
28-10-2003, 16:31
The Cherubim entered the transporters... thousand of them would be in the first wave... no tanks, though, only heavy infantry...

They looked quite scary. most of them were about 2m tall, muscular, and all of them were heavily armed.

Their commander, Gendarin, was quite satisfied.

Finally, we will spread the word. Finally, we can do what we are meant for: Cleaning the world... with fire!

When the planes started, it looked more than impressive. 144 Eden transporters, guarded by as many Burning Sword fighters climbed into the sky, as if heading for heaven... when their destination was, in fact, hell.

To spread the word, we´re here, to guard those blinded by darkness through the purgatory, to send those unfit to hell, for they will pay for their sins in all eternity!

With 800km/h, the planes headed toward Iraqstan...

For they would spread fire and death, for they would punish those unfit, those who dared to defy the almightly lord!
28-10-2003, 18:53
With the chatter of automatic rifles the crowd turned militant group slowly begin to crawl back from the embassy battleground and into the protective covers of houses and cars. Eventually the gunfire is silenced and the distant wail of wounded civillians can be heard.

In the houses the mob expel empty magazines and reload but all turn and flee out back doors and over roofs evacuating from the embassy content in leaving the carnage caused behind. Leaving the house the armour clad woman smirks and returns hastily thrown salutes to fleeing combatants and disappears down a side alley.

Hopping into a car she nods to the driver he speeds off back to the safe house and into a realm full of people reading histories, studying film and rewriting speeches made by Reploid leader Firefury Amahira. "Soon we will begin our assaults and show to her that we are exactly as she was. We will burn our Pegasii City."

Looking to Omicron Carlos smiles and shakes his head. "I think we'll be safe for now, undoubtedly NDA will be bringing in forces. I am still trying to formulate a response for Um Lizaa but I think it's time to actually TALK to them rather than attack them. Thanks to your actions my people have been given a rest break and are now defending better and harder." Smiling he bows his head. "Again I thank you for the assistance offered."
Athel Nora
28-10-2003, 19:33
"Embassy troops this is Evac ship "Salvation" hold tight because our ETA is 5 minutes."
"Roger that "Salvation' embassy out."
Vero put away his long range comm and looked around, the flames were starting to die down and the wounded protesters have probably bled out because most of the moaning had stopped. All the dead had been taken and were awaiting transport while the medics informed him that wounded would survive. All in all he felt quite pleased with himself.
<Message from the Grand Duchy to the Goverment of Iraqstan.>
Dear Sirs,
I have heard reports about the situation in your country and though we do not doubt your capability to deal with this problem we are ready to send in a intervention force, if you see it necesary, to help you calm down the situation and bring back order into Iraqistan.
The Head Diplomat of the Grand Duchy of Athel Nora
Baron Ludvig Hetherov.
<End of Message>
28-10-2003, 19:36
Blu nods, and floats over to hover unobtrusively in the corner, as the Angelic fighters eliminate the last traces of rebelious air raids over Iraqstan.
Reploid Productions
29-10-2003, 01:53
Jishin AFB, RP

"You're sure about this, boss?" Sylise leans on the side of her black and orange fighter. The rest of the Queens of the Sky stood nearby, all similiarly concerned.

"Certain as the sun shines." Firefury nods, sliding her helmet on and hopping up into her orange and yellow fighter, gleaming brightly in the morning sun. "These guys are religious whacks. Reason isn't gonna work."

"Just remember what the satellite data and stuff shows- Angelan ships are already in the area, mostly in defense positions. I know you love to just blaze in, do yer thing, and blaze out, but make sure you coordinate, wouldya?"

"Hai, hai. I intend to firing warning shots for near misses on people mildly misbehaving- looting, destructions of property, that sorta thing. Smiting is reserved for those engaging in violence against civilians. And if I hafta pull some cleansing holy fire, I'll just do a ground spin and use the exhaust plume. It'd hurt, but it'd be quick."

"Queenie, you know that kinda stunt isn't good for the gravity diffusers!" Kataali rolls her eyes at her Wingleader.

"I know it, and I've been flying long enough that I know just how far I can push it. If you guys are so ansty, you can come along to the Iraqstani border, but no further." Firefury shuts the cockput hatch and powers up the fighter. A moment later the sleek orange and yellow ship leaps into the sky and powers away with a flippant roll.

"Wow... she IS pissed." Hitomi shades her eyes and watches the fighter disappear over the ridge. "You can really see it when she decides to fly by wire, not by stick."

"Well, girls, we gonna go after Ms. Goddess there?" Ylise crosses her arms and flicks her tail in mild annoyance.

"Nah, Queenie oughta be okay. Hope in redirecting her follower's attention, she doesn't trigger a huge incident." Sylise wanders back toward the bunker. "Let's go watch the Tsubasa footage. Birdseye view of the fun."

On approach to Iraqstan, a few hours later...

Even at a distance, the chaos was apparent, smoke choking the sky in a scene entirely too reminiscent of the Battle of Pegasii City for her tastes. "Alright, you nutjobs, let's see if you're good little followers or not..."

Upon spotting the Angelan prsence, she quickly gets on the comm. "Angelan forces, this is Firefury Amahira from Reploid Productions, checking to see if my followers-" She sounds somewhat exasperated at that fact. "-are behaving. I intend to fire warning shots to scare people doin' destruction of property. People I spot committing violence against civvies are getting a taste of divine smitation."

She overflies the torn up Athel Noran embassy... what's left of it, at any rate, and rapidly spots the attackers fleeing. "Oh, in Her name-!" She follows the retreat, staying above the buildings and waiting for a wide enough gap between buildings to drop down in front of the cultists, an angry scowl on her face.

Upon finding a wide enough avenue, the cultists find themselves cut off by the loud roar of engines and the high-pitched whine of gravity diffusion systems. Those nearest the orange ship are buffeted backwards, repelled by the distortion. White-hot energy beams lance toward the crowd, striking the ground just inches from the most forward of the group, and leaving shimmering glassy hotspots in the ground.

"I am VERY displeased." Firefury's voice booms over the fighter's loudspeakers. Slowly, rather dramatically, the fighter turns vertical, the gravity diffusers whining loudly at the abuse, the ship almost appearing to be balanced on the blue-white gleam of the exhaust plume. With a roar, the plume expands suddenly, blasting the immediate area with heat, the shockwave preceeding it flinging people back hard enough to lightly batter and bruise. As the ship leaps skyward, Firefury grins to herself. Apply just enough thrust to lightly burn the closest people, but not enough to ignite anything- people or buildings, and leave a nice white-hot glass crater in the street.

Once airborne again, the highly irate Queenie checks the data from the Tsubasa drones providing a detailed high-res map of things happening across the country. As an afterthought, she also directs the drones to beam their information to the Angelan forces in the area.

"Man, if only there was a bureau of Godhood. I would SO be all over that application to get real smiting powers." She gripes to nobody in particular.
29-10-2003, 02:41
[Communication=(FireFury)] We have recieved your transmission. Reploid fighter signature recieved and stored. You are cleared to begin your runs.*
All across Iraqstan, the Angelic fighters are instantly aware of the Reploid fighter signatures. Those around FireFury's squad simply hover, watching. Afterwards, the datatransmission is recieved and studied. A few moments later, another transmission sparks from the Sirithilian CubicTemple, beamed directly to FireFury's craft.
[Communication=(FireFury)] Composite data of Iraqstan recieved and cross-referenced with Our own. Response is your transmission overlayed with Angelic defensive zones done in blue, with rebel activity hotspots marked in red. The Cultist temples are also outlined, as well as suspected rebel headquarters.*
29-10-2003, 06:33
OOC: I'm going to assume what I'm about to do is cool with Carlos, Siri would run it past him just to be sure but I have every confidence he'd say yes. If I'm mistaken I'll edit or delete.


Sirithil looked over the reports from Iraqstan with a great deal of dismay. She didn't want to send warships... but she had to protect her 'worshippers'... no goddess worthy of the title would do less. There had to be a way... and then she hit on it.

"Computer, bring up the locations of all our ships on Ardanor and in local space, defined as no further than GEO."

A planetary map appeared above the holoprojector, with ships and their designations marked.

"Excellent..." She noted that there was a VOM vessel near Iraqstan... 'Voice of Menelmacar', one of five or so frigates modified for high-powered broadcasts, usually used in 'hearts and minds' campaigns. Well, they also happened to have very powerful holoprojectors. This, of course, would be perfect.

"Computer, open a channel to MIS Quett'Eldatáriva." ("The Word of the Elfqueen")


It wasn't long before Quett'Eldatáriva was in position, centered over Iraqstan, at the very highest limits of the atmosphere...

"Divert all power to the holo-systems," ordered Ciryaran ('captain') Lindion. "We've got a really wacky order..."

"Yes, sir," was the general reply as the crew went about their duties.

The projectors snapped on... and directly in the center of all the cities of Iraqstan and Um Lizaa, there appeared great images of Sirithil, standing several thousand feet high - visible from anywhere in each city - beautiful and terrible as the dawn. Above her head at each location, great dark stormclouds gathered, and lightning flashed and thundered. And the goddess spoke, her voice resonating with authority and sheer power.


"Enough of this foolishness! Enough of this hatred!"

"To those who follow me, who have been attacking those who do not, I disapprove in the strongest possible terms. While I encourage you to defend yourselves, to strike out without cause at your neighbors for their beliefs is not our way, and I will not stand for it."

"To those who have been attacking my followers... you will cease doing so. Immediately. If you do not... I will find you. And through all the Ages of this world your screams will echo across the lands and the heavens."

"All of you: Know that I am the Lady, the Queen of the Stars, and this strife will end one way or the other. If you do not find peace quickly, I will bring peace myself." Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
Chancellor of CENNA
"We have known freedom's price. We have shown freedom's power. We will see freedom's victory."
~US President George W. Bush
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister (
29-10-2003, 06:58
<Message to the Grand Duchy>


I thank you for your offer and unfortunately must decline. We are receiving aide in vast amounts already, and do not wish to endanger your people anymore than they have been. We hope that when this settles relations can be repaired between your two nations.

Carlos Quil'raya
Führer of the Holy Empire of Iraqstan,

<message sent.>

Looking up from sending the message Carlos stares out his window shocked to see a huge vision of Sirithil standing in his city. Falling to his knees he closes his eyes and listens to her words. His heart falling deeper into the pit of his stomach. All that I have done, angered her, cast myself from her side. Now I am condemed for my inaction.

All accross the nations people stumble in shock at the words of the giant elf Cultists alike begin roaring disaproval as they burn houses and temples of Sirithil. In Iraqstan a Sirithilist temple is bombed it's occupants killed blatantly offending the towering figure.

In Um Lizaa cultists flee from the image but attack others alike retreating from military positions once assaulted now secured they scatter into streets, alleys and the surrounding jungles of Northern Um Lizaa. All accross the Empire people were hearing the call to defense.....
Um Lizaa
29-10-2003, 07:05
----Transmission Hijacked-----

The image clears to that of the flag Firefury used in her speech fourty one of years ago. Stepping infront of the flag a woman clad in the same armour as Firefury wears Orange with with yellow, gold and silver trims clearing her throat she begins to speak. "People of Um Lizaa, members of the amahira cult! Listen to my words! People of the international community you too will hear my words.

Today the cultists of amahira where attacked by an imposter! pretending to be our beloved queen she attacked and wounded many of loyal warriors! Using an aircraft to imitate Firefury this imposter destroyed countless attempts of liberation and deportation of hostile aliens from our lands!

Ignore the threats from this flyer ignore the dangers coming Firefury will protect us from such blasphemous ways! I stand before you today happy with the process that we have come to. Our brothers and sisters inside Iraqstan have failed to follow the doctrine of Amahira and have deserted us! Our rebel cells are being attacked by floating machines of blasphemy!

Rise up against them! The Sirithilists will die! BURN THEM ALL! The Fires of Pegasii once had a legendary name for her actions, today we will make her actions known once more! The destruction of Pegasii City so many years ago we will repeat in the blasphemously named Sirithilia!

Today we will rise up! People of the International Community I call upon you! Aide us in winning freedom! Aide us in extending the name of the Fires of Pegasii! Show the world that Amahira and her clans will not be held down!"

Pausing for a moment the lady collects her thoughts and continues to speak. "We are hearing the voice or the blasphemous elf queen. She threatens our people, she too will feel the wrath of our might! Rise up kill them all! Show them the Fires of Pegasii has expanded!"

Nodding off camera the woman's image fades back to the flag Firefury used and the words "Long Live Amahira" scrolls accross the bottom before the image winks out.

-----Transmission Complete------

EDIT: Fixed some minor things :P
29-10-2003, 07:20
"Great," Sirithil muttered. That... was it.

She reached for her comm and dialed. "Serendis, I assume you were watching the news just now."

"Yes," the Prefect replied after picking up.

"Send the troops. Three fleets."

Ninety ships, that was, and a hundred and fifty thousand troops. Serendis let out a low whistle. "Why so many?"

"Iraqstan is an ally. And there are several hundred million friends of this country there, who are in a whole lot of trouble. I'm not going to let them down."

"Yes, milady..." Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
Chancellor of CENNA
"We have known freedom's price. We have shown freedom's power. We will see freedom's victory."
~US President George W. Bush
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister (
Reploid Productions
29-10-2003, 07:40
In the skies above Iraqstan

"That little-!" Firefury fumed in her cockpit, rapidly scanning through the information being sent to her from the Tsubasa drones and Angelan forces. "May the Goddess bind her and smite her where she stands!"

Quickly calling in another broadcast override, the image of the orange-clad reploid in her cockpit is broadcast through the country. "Those who truly know me know the craft I fly. The true Wings of Chaos, shining golden in the sun! Let it be known that when I find this false person... this mere MORTAL-" She all but spits the word, "-she will be destroyed where she stands for blasphemy against your Goddess!"

The orange fighter zips up and hovers alongside one of the giant elfy-Goddess holograms, a brightly gleaming beacon of gold alongside the projection. "Let it be known that I stand with Sirithil against these atrocities committed in my name! If the false one does not turn herself over to face my judgement, I shall personally destroy the taint among my followers!" Quickly scanning her info, twin beams of white hot energy weapons fire lances out from the fighter, neatly pegging a cultist spotted attacking one of the Sirithilists. Amazingly enough, despite the distance of several miles, the cultist is the only one hit- the Sirithilist only being thrown back and lightly scorched.

Of course, nobody had to know that the shot was aimed using data from one of the drones overhead.

Satisfied, Firefury continues. "The Fires of Pegasii are a force of justice, not of murder! The day Pegasii City burned, only the old government burned! The civilians were left untouched! This false goddess you follow does not adhere to my word, and shall be burned by the TRUE Fires of Pegasii for her transgression! Repent now, or burn with her!"

With that, the orange ship banks off sharply, a golden dragoness on the prowl, raking claws of white fire across those she sees continueing their violence against civilians.

Jishin AFB, RP

"Alright, girls, we just got the scramble order from the boss!" Ylise barked, already sliding into a flight suit. "We're to head for Iraqstani airspace and fly escort for Queenie. We're to leave all the actual shooting to her unless attacked, in which case counterattack with a vengence! After all, anybody and their grandma knows the real Firefury leads the black-shot ships of the Queens of the Sky!"


Within the hour, the 6 black and orange ships lance into the air, flying with all speed to rejoin their Wingleader.
29-10-2003, 08:07
{TRANSMISSION: Black Fury Code Complex}
{REBEL FORCES: Cult of Firefury, Um Lizza, Iraqstan}
{TFL: HQ, F-3}

We have seen the forces arrayed against you. Warships from beyond the stars and obsentities of modern science.

We are prepared to offer assistance to your cause for a small fee, that need only be paid in full upon your victory.

If you desire our assistance, tell us how, where, in what strength, and when, and it shall be done.

F-3, Of The Falkenberg Legion

Reploid Productions
29-10-2003, 08:22
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Maximum
Broadcast type: Emergency
To: Lady Sirithil of Menelmacar
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Tsume Dragonis, Reploid Productions

Given your response already, I do not need to fill you in on the current situation in Iraqstan. Queen Firefury is, to put it mildly, absolutely pissed off about whomever is inciting the violence, particularly against civilians.

While Firefury-sama's approach at this time is to instill some fear of 'Her' into her so-called followers, this false Firefury, I feel, will prove to be a problem. We have Tsubasa recon drones in the air reporting the situation, and I have authorized them to broadcast their information to Menelmacari forces. We are also trying to pin down where the imposter is broadcasting from, and Firefury has scrambled the 'Queens of the Sky' elite aerial operations unit to join her in the air over Iraqstan.

Perhaps, instead of Firefury's approach of scaring people into behaving, I think a more benign approach will convince more people who they really want to follow. In other words, I propose a joint extraction operation to remove both your worshippers and those of Firefury's cult who aren't senselessly causing such bloodshed, and take them to a safer location. We have a number of Hamakaze 370 cargo spacecraft we can use for a mass-extraction. Unfortunately, they are extremely vulnerable and we do not have the planetside military presence to adequetely protect them.

So, what do you think? Scare up some holographic equipment, give the impression of the respective deities of these people coming down from the heavens to take them to salvation, and then deal with the remaining problems? The Shogunate has no vested interest in Iraqstan, however, we are extremely concerned the impact of this cult on the Queen's image and international reputation.
With highest regard,
~Tsume Dragonis
~Secretary of Foreign Affairs
~Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions
<End transmission>
29-10-2003, 09:51
OOC: I'm told that the support personell to field personell ratio of the U.S.A. is 6.5-7.5 to one. Thus I'm fixing mine at seven to one, down from the ten to one I was originally told. I'd welcome any help given by anyone with more knowledge of this stuff than me, which is probably most of you. I'm not very good at the war side of this.

Scheighu Aërodrome, Scheighu, Tsaraine

In the past several hours the first troops had left the trains which ferried them from Division Seven's barracks to the Gateway to Tsaraine, and now the Aërodrome was a pretty image of military organisation; two full batallions of field personell, neatly arrayed alongside the masses of support personell - enough for another twelve batallions, had they been troopers - and the mountains of equipment needed to support them in the field.

On the landing fields, the first massive Ghoul blimps had finished their own preperations by Division Eight.

From the loudspeakers set at intervals through the crowd, the voice of one of the coordinators blared;

"Alpha Legion, attention! Platoons One to Twenty-Five, you are now to board G-014. Platoons Twenty-Six to Fifty, you are now to board G-015."

In perfect step - they'd trained endlessly for this, after all - Alpha Legion split in two, the two groups marching onto the Ghoul transports.

"Beta Legion, attention! Platoons One to Twenty-Five..."

So it went throughout the long afternoon, with black-suited troops marching into black-painted blimps until the ten Legions were on board, followed by the auxilia - Reaver APCs, Slicer scout jeeps, lumbering Smasher equipment trucks, the many thousands of support personell, even a single Platoon of Rukine Knights - until finally the cargo doors of the Ghouls closed.

Ten Legions and their associated personell; almost seventy thousand men sealed into a hundred massive airships.

"G-014, you are cleared for takeoff."

One by one, the blimps rose into the skies, heading south, towards Iraqstan and combat.
Um Lizaa
29-10-2003, 11:16
{TRANSMISSION: Black Fury Code Complex}
{REBEL FORCES: Cult of Firefury, Um Lizza, Iraqstan}
{TFL: HQ, F-3}

We have seen the forces arrayed against you. Warships from beyond the stars and obsentities of modern science.

We are prepared to offer assistance to your cause for a small fee, that need only be paid in full upon your victory.

If you desire our assistance, tell us how, where, in what strength, and when, and it shall be done.

F-3, Of The Falkenberg Legion


Transmission Commencing.
To: The Falkenberg Legion
From: High Priestess of the Amahira Cult.
subject: Offered Assistance.

It is with great honour that we accept your offer, we require a fighting force capable of defending both Um Lizaa and launching attacks on Iraqstan proper. In three days we will begin our grand offensive. In three days we will burn the buildings in Sirithilia as those burnt in Pegasii City.

We will organise payment of your people upon completion of our goals. We look forward to recieving your people.

Priestess Amanda Amahira.
High Priestess of the Cult of Firefury Amahira.

Transmission Complete.
Endless Crimes
29-10-2003, 11:58
Eight hours.

Eight hours, and nothing had happened.

But finally, they had reached Iraqstani territory.

The cherubim were eager for battle, their blood was boiling, they needed to release it, to show off their might, to crush the verminous scum of pagan worshippers that dared to defy the almighty`s rule...

Now was the time to take back what was rightfully theirs.

The planes landed, as the sky was already secured by other 'intervening forces', and immediately, the troops left the planes... it were few, most of the planes space was filled with... stuff.

What kind of stuff, that remained to be seen.

Gendarin could hardly wait, and he knew, his soldier couldn´t wait, either... they were eager for blood...

They would taste it.
29-10-2003, 13:15
Treznor looks over the data screen with a glance, then looks back at his ministers. "Two weeks? You need two weeks before we can make a significant contribution to the Iraqstan situation?"

"Majesty, if you'll just read my report -- " William Sula, Minister of War began.

"I just read it," Treznor snaps. "Second Fleet is still assisting with the blockade of Amtsa Yevor, thanks to the bull-headed religious fanatics over there. First Fleet is still mostly in dry dock because your people let their maintenance cycle slip in spite of Admiral Sanchez's objections. We've got a hundred squadrons of modified Super-Bugbear jets sitting on the ground idle when they could be strafing the cultists in Iraqstan or at least backing up the NDA forces already en route. You're on very dangerous ground here, Bill. Answer carefully."

Sula closes his mouth with a snap, and his face pales. The other four Ministers in the room surrupticiously edge away from him, as though afraid a thunderbolt is about to strike him down. Eventually he opens his mouth and stutters terribly. "M-M-Majesty, I c-c-c-could thin the l-l-line of the b-b-b-blockade. They...c-c-could be b-b-b-back in t-t-t-two days. F-f-f-four ships of the F-F-F-F-irst F-F-Fleet c-c-could j-j-j-join them..."

Treznor nods. "Very good, Minister. See to it. Have Sanchez reform them as the new First Fleet and get them under way. I also see that you're complaining that the jets have no support lines once they reach Iraqstan, but you're forgetting our allies. Iraqstan can refuel and refit them as necessary, and NDA resources can make up any lack. The same goes for our T-7A tank divisions. I want them all operating in Iraqstani territory yesterday. Do I make myself clear?"

Sula can only nod.

Treznor sighs and turns to Jane Templeman, his Minister for Foreign Affairs. "Jane, your report says relief efforts are on the way, but they haven't arrived yet. Simaria won't let them overfly their lands? How's that going?"

Jane shakes her head. "Slowly, Majesty. They smell blood in the water. The SB-21 transports are technically military vehicles, and they're being escorted by fighter jets. They say they prefer to remain neutral, but they're hinting that if we grease their palms they might be amenable to making an exception on 'humanitarian grounds.'"

Treznor growls quietly. "All right. You're authorised to negotiate trade concessions with them. Give them what they want, to a degree. If they push it, offer them outright bribes, up to ten million. After this is over, we'll have to take a hard look at our relations with them."

He turns to a comfortably familiar sight. "Ben, you said the rebels are mostly cultists quarrelling among themselves and fairly isolated. But you said you didn't think that would last. What makes you say that?"

Ben shrugs. "Call it an educated guess. Iraqstan has made more enemies than friends, especially with their recent isolation. There are going to be nations looking to help the rebels less because they believe in their cause and more because it'll cause problem for the Quil'raya family. The Firefury imposter has made a public plea for help as well, on official and unofficial channels. It's just a matter of time."

Treznor drums his fingers on the desk. "What about her? What do we know about her?"

Ben looks uncomfortable. "Very little. She seems to have come out of nowhere. It doesn't help that our operations in Iraqstan have been limited. It's been suggested that she's of Um Lizaa origin, probably went through one of Quil'raya's concentrations camps. I think she's using the religious cults as fuel for anarchy; anything to overthrow Quil'raya, fair or foul."

Treznor nods. "That sounds right. Damn Carlos for his short-sightedness. Oh well, we can only hope he learns from this. Any luck getting close to her?"

"I've got some men on the ground. Gaining acceptance to the cult is easy enough; bash enough windows or Sirithilists and you're their new bosom buddy. Actually getting close to Firefury is something else. I've already lost one agent who was starting to get close."

"Keep pushing it. I suspect she's the lynchpin here. Take her out and the whole thing comes crumbling down. Damn, why does this feel like Iaceo all over again?"

Everyone twists uncomfortably in their seats at the reminder.

"Do I have authorisation to terminate her, if the opportunity arises?" Ben asks.

"No," Treznor replies firmly. "You'll only make a martyr of her. That's the last thing we need. Try the honey approach. Send a representative to her people offering support. Tell them we've been unhappy with the Quil'raya government and, so long as they'll agree to certain concessions, we'll be happy to feed them intelligence and support. See if they buy it, and what they'll give us in return."

He turns to Ian Stokes, his Minister of Finance. "Ian, how's the treasury?"

Ian seemed to be the only person in the room, other than Ben, who appeared relaxed in the Emperor's presence. "Solid, as always Your Majesty. You've breezed through my report."

"The reason I ask is because we're going to be devoting a lot of resources to this effort, things that would normally go to other areas. I need to know how much leeway we have before it really starts to impact the economy, and government services."

Ian shrugs gently. "At present you have slightly over a trillion dubloons to play with. Two hundred billion of that are earmarked for defence spending, one hundred and thirty-two billion of that going toward research. Of the remaining sixty-eight billion, thirty-one billion is already committed toward military expenses and equipment. The remaining thirty-seven billion was intended for new purchases this month, but in light of this situation you can always put it off. If you feel that isn't enough, you can siphon off another fifty-four billion from the research projects before you have to start cutting into public programs. Do you feel this can be resolved before you spend ninety-one billion gold dubloons?"

Treznor grins for the first time. "Ian, you're a scoundrel. I should know better than to ask you stupid questions like that. All right, you've given me my answer. Hold thirty billion in reserve for the time being and don't touch the rest unless we really need it. I assume next month I ought to have another ninety-plus billion to play with, if I need it?"

Ian smiles wryly. "I think that's a conservative estimate, yes."

"All right. If this escalates, we'll start pulling more from the research budget. For now, I'll be satisfied with thirty billion. Lady and gentlemen, you have your budget. If you need more, just say so. I'm not going to pinch pennies on this, I'll merely rely on Ian to count them. Iraqstan needs us, and the NDA needs to be seen to be a legitimate force, not just meaningless platitudes."

Treznor glances at his screen again, and nods. "All right. Dismissed."
Athel Nora
29-10-2003, 13:52
"Embassy this is "Salvation", ETA 1 minute."
In front of the embassy the Honour Guard were still holding their ground, though the seemed no longer interested in attacking the embassy.
"Right gentelmen you heard the man, regroup at the evac point."
Slowly they got up and still keeping an eye at the street headed to the evac point.
With a hiss the ramp slid down, a couple of soldiers rushed in first to ensure order inside, they were soon followed by medics with the wounded and minor workers of the embassy. After them came in eight soldiers carrying four black bags between them, those that died. In the end they decided to let the local workers of the embassy get in after checking them the third time. The last one to enter was captain Vero who looked at the biulding that served as their embassy, "No doubt it will be plundered and riuned the moment the ship dissapears." He sadly thought. Immediatly after he entered the ship it's ramp closed. As he took his spot the ship began moving upwards and the pilot made his little speach,
"Hello ladies and gentelmen, your flying air Athel Nora. While inside please fasten your belts and restrain from smoking. Don't use any electronic objects during the flight. Have a nice day!"
<Message from The Grand Duchy to the Fuhrer of the Holy Empire>
We thank you for the concern for the lives of our soldiers. However if you will need our assistance we will be ready to reply.
If fortune allows we will look forward to rebuilding diplomatic contact between our two nations.
<End of Message>
<Somewhere near Iraqstan>
"General!, report just in. Evac complete. ETA - 10 minutes"
The General, a man in his fifties dismissed the communications officer and turned back to the screen. In the last couple of minutes there has been a increase in propaganda and orders for cultists to settle down, of course they didn't listen and the slaughter continued.
"Typical isn't it. Their religues leaders show up and order them to cease the massacre and they intensify it! Just proves that everything that starts as a bunch of ideals turns into a reason to commit genocide."
"True" the generals military and spiritual advisore replied as stepped closer, "The best of all this is that they are all heretics awaiting an eternity of damnation, no matter what their leaders say. Did we recieve clearence to intervain?"
"Negative. The Iraqstan goverment didn't want it."
Both men fell into silence as somebody once again began demanding something from the war torn nation.
29-10-2003, 19:41
Omicron Blu looks amused, and snorts softly at the display. Interesting, to say the least.


All across Iraqstan, the Angels floating above the CubicTemples vanish in a flash of light, and the massive Cubes simply hang there, silent, untouchable.

The Angelic ships do not move, their constructs unsure how to react to Blu's feelings. The Mainframe, the dark and powerful Matrix of Angelic sentience... remains quiet, intelligently refraining from revealing its disdain.
30-10-2003, 00:17
{TRANSMISSION: Black Fury Code Complex}
{REBEL FORCES: Cult of Firefury, Um Lizza, Iraqstan}
{TFL: HQ, F-3}

Very well, High Preistess. Deployment will begin immediately.

F-3, Of The Falkenberg Legion


Troops began to move aboard ships. And entire army group of them, in fact. 200,000 troops. 600,000 support personnel.

They began to sail towards Um Lizaa.
Um Lizaa
30-10-2003, 05:52
Sitting in a small office inside a safe house Amanda Amahira sits reading reports from agents in Iraqstan, muttering curses under her breath as report after report indicitates improved military and civil defenses around Sirithilist and Church of Angelus worship sites, temples and public gathering grounds.

Um Lizaa itself is quite happily boiling into full fledged civil war but the holy land as it's so arrogently called is yet to feel the burning power of Amahira. Getting up she walks into another room where military experts all former officers in Iraqstan's military are reading through list after list of ID numbers and names. Looking up one of them speaks. "It's as we first suspected high preistess, these are the identifying numbers of all the people rounded up and who disappeared during the great purge. Once we know the full extent of the numbers we can release it, so far we have roughly two hundred and fifty thousand people listed here all of them just names. We fear they are dead but we cannot prove it. You yourself can describe in shocking detail some of the concentration camps the fear of waking up with a red tag attached to your sleeve. You can tell the world of the horrors and rape inside those camps. I suggest you use it in your next speech, sure he will deny it but how can he deny such graphic descriptions?"

Nodding Amanda smiles and pats the man on the shoulder. "The flames of Pegasii will honour you with these revelations, order our warriors to increase attacks against heaten sites and have the blasphemous rodents rounded up and prepared." Leaving the room Amanda heads towards the communications set up and ensures her armour is perfect. Smiling softly she sits down infront of the camera and prepares to speak.

Communication lines hijacked....Transmission commencing

Sitting in her armour that is now a symbol Amanda Amahira smiles into the camera and begins to speak softly but forcfully.

"People of Um Lizaa, Iraqstan and the international community know this. Today in a daring raid Cultists uncovered a plot by the Holy Empire to spread poison gasses and diseases througough Um Lizaa, effectively killing off all resistance. This action was stopped by Cultists who raided the installation in the heartland capital! In response Um Lizaa in it's freedom is declaring official war upon the Holy Empire. I urge all nations who have stood against Carlos and his regime of scum and terrorism to rise up with us. Step forward and show him that he has no right to rule anymore!

To the Elf witch and blasphemous machine conrstucts of Angelus know this. Your time here is coming to an end, Amahira will smite you down with the flames of vengence! Sirithilia will burn as Pegasii City did and all that you hold there will be destroyed! I tell you now Elf witch leave or your island of elvish whores will burn with Sirithilia! To the machine blasphemy known as Angelus. Leave this place, or we will smash you upon the rocks of the desert floor. Today we will win!"

Nodding off screen the image of Amanda fades leaving only the flag of Um Lizaa and the wings of chaos side by side. at the bottom of the flag the words "Amahira will bless us all, Pegasii City will be repeated." scroll accross the screen.

Transmission Terminated
30-10-2003, 15:30
~>Route: Automata Omicron Blu - Angelus Mainframe - Cultists
{We do not recognize your supremecy in this matter. You are degenerates,}
{cut off from the source of your faith, lambasted by your own foolish actions.}
{We will not leave, and any warlike attempt upon any of the CubicTemples}
{will result in the immediate condemnation of your damned and repugnant}
~>Route closed

--- (
Automata Omicron Blu
Speaker of the Holy Empire (
Membership: Triumvirate of Yut, Ur Trade Pact, Deus Ex Humana Consortium
31-10-2003, 01:06
The ships crested the waves, closing on Um Lizaa. 800 giant vessels.

As they approached the shoreline, their keel stabilizers retracted into their hulls.

They began to beach themselves along the shoreline and huge doors groaned opened, releasing the weapons inside.

Tanks sped forth, rumbling on their treads, as APC's and IFV's followed them.

Engineers came forth, as did artillery and missile launchers.

It took five hours to unload the ships, so highly practiced were the mercenaries.

Engineers sped out over the island, laying down sensors and and weapons implacements.

Armored units and and infantry began to move into camps.

Fuel trucks rolled down ramps, setting up in prefab fuel parks.

The Legion deployed, ready and waiting. The freighters moved off the beach soon, making room for the ships behind them, who'd be arriving in another day.

How much time they had was debatable. Contact had to be made with the leaders of the resistance.

This was going to be hard fight.
31-10-2003, 03:32
In response to the recent eruption of violence in Iraqstan and its territories, and taking into full consideration both the disproportionate forces arrayed against the citizens of Um Lizaa and the many years of oppression which they have been forced to endure at the hands of the cruel Iraqstani regime, the people of Justitium resolve to intervene where it now seems clear they should have done long before, on behalf of all who love democracy, freedom, justice, and equality. The International Brigades Marine Division has been activated and is currently transporting 50,000 soldiers of the Brigades to the shores of Iraqstan where they will help defend the Um Lizaaians and aid them in establishing an independent state. We deeply and sincerely regret that it has become necessary to risk the lives of Justitians and to engage in a practice which we are implored by moral sensibility to seek to eliminate, yet we feel that our sacrifice will save lives and, perhaps even more importantly, will allow future generations to enjoy the rightful freedoms of which their ancestors were so unjustly deprived. We humbly beg forgiveness for any lives we may end or mar by this action, and we are forever indebted to those who suffer on our behalf and that of the Um Lizaaians.

John Engels
Communist Party of Justitium Central Committee
31-10-2003, 07:15
~>Route: Automata X1 Omicron Blu - Angelus Mainframe - Justitium
{We would like to make it abundantly clear that any actions taken against}
{any CubicTemple will be met with extreme force. The Temples are places}
{of solace, peace. They are there to protect, not to destroy.}
{Furthermore, the actions taken by the Angelic forces have been in the defense}
{of the nation of Iraqstan, and no offensive military action has yet been taken.}
{We suggest that you do not further endanger your people by forcing Our hand.}
~>Route closed

--- (
Automata Omicron Blu
Speaker of the Holy Empire

Membership: Triumvirate of Yut, Ur Trade Pact, Deus Ex Humana Consortium
31-10-2003, 10:27
Division Five Command Core, Deep Tsarai, Tsaraine

"A report, Rene."

Schaden tsaKell, the State Security Corps and External Intelligence Corps Commandant, handed her the brief e-paper printout with a sober face. Not that his face was ever much else, of course, but worse than usual.

Rene read it rapidly, and stared blankly at the report.

"Justitium is sending troops to Um Lizaa? Justitium is sending troops to Um Lizaa?"

"I'm afraid so. More than we are, actually - intel says fifty thousand, although it's not clear whether that includes support personell as well. If it does, then we have a much lower number of fighting troops to deal with. If it doesn't, we can expect them to run out of equipment rapidy - and no matter how friendly the rebels may be to them, the Um Lizaans don't have the infrastructure to support them for any length of time.

"Worse than that, a mercenary group of some sort is also supporting the Um Lizaans. Two hundred thousand field personell and three times that number of support personell. I'm sorry I didn't find out sooner, or we could have sent Division Eight to destroy their ships in transit.

"Although we don't have much data on the mercenaries, a field-to-support ratio of that sort, and the ability to field an army that large, suggests a very poorly equipped military."

Rene swore virulently. "Sweet Fate, let it be so. I'll let that accursed fool Rai Lingh build a temple if that's what's Fated, but let it be Fated also that this goes to plan!"

Schaden smiled at that, and intoned, "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy."

Rene forced the feral, insane Seingult grin onto her face. "No enemy survives contact with a fusion bombardment."

Schaden looked startled at that. "You want to authorise fusion strikes?"

"Don't worry, not yet. Not ever, Fate be kind. But it's looking like the only thing that may save Quil'raya is a massive fusion barrage on Um Lizaa. Fate accurse the man! I always knew his lack of finesse would blow up in his face one day.

"But back to Justitium. We haven't heard much from those accursed mob-rule fanatics in this; it's not their style to just drop straight into combat."

"That's what they've done, unfortunately."

"A snap decision of their parliament? Without consulting their people? That is certainly not their style. A rabidly democratic nation like Justitium needs to get public support before going to war, don't they? Can we expect angry mobs lynching their Chairman or their Premier or whatever it is they call their leader?"

"I'm not sure. On the one hand, they've just betrayed their voting base by going to war without a referendum or any sort of public debate. On the other, though, they're just the sort of fools who'd support a war of "liberation"."

"Accurse them all! Computer, message screen open."

The computer screen before her blossomed to show the communiqué recording program, and Rene began to speak.

Message To: Communist Party of Justitium Central Committee
Message Fr: Dominion of Tsaraine
Message Re: Certain ill-advised moves

I had thought that you were democratic, government of Justitium. In other circumstances, I would applaud your move towards Sound Governance, but in this case I cannot help but wonder what has overcome you to offer violence to the Allied forces in this manner.

How can a state which prides itself on it's peaceful nature be so quick to go to war, to offer up so many citizens as sacrifices upon the altar of battle? It is hardly fitting for such as you, and it is hardly advised by me.

At present, the Dominion bears you no ill-will, and if your troops are returned to Justitium immediately, we will allow the current state of peace to continue. However, should your troops offer resistance to Allied reunification forces, we will destroy them as quickly as we shall destroy the rebel terrorists.

I advise you to cease your pursuit of the military option - there is no way in which you can win. It would be far more wise to confine yourselves to diplomatic negotiations. Although we are required by the terms of the Non-Democratic Alliance charter to send troops to assist our allies, you are not so required to assist the terrorist rebels.

Should there be a move towards a diplomatic solution, it is possible that the current crisis in Iraqstan may end without further bloodshed. If not, we shall bury your dead alongside their terrorist compatriots.

While your ideals are great, you shall not halt the reunification of Iraqstan.

~ Domina Rene Seingult
Division Five Commandant

Very Very Highly Encrypted Indeed (I.E., acting on this pretty much counts as using OOC knowledge IC, unless you have a damn good reason why you should be able to see it)

Message To: Fhürer Carlos Quil'raya
Message Fr: Dominion of Tsaraine
Message Re: Weapons authorisation

Due to recent arrivals of large numbers of rebel-allied troops in Um Lizaa, I once again request authorisation to utilise fusion payloads on the rebel concentrations in that area.

Should the Justitiumese and Falkenberg Legion become threats to the NDA forces, this may become the only way to remove them from the theatre of war.

You should also consider the fact that it is likely that you will lose Um Lizaa from the territories of the Holy Empire, no matter the outcome of this conflict. Granting it sovreignity before this situation erupts into full-scale war across your Holy Lands could avert much bloodshed.
~ Domina Rene Seingult
Division Five Commandant
31-10-2003, 10:46
Very Very Highly Encrypted Indeed (I.E., acting on this pretty much counts as using OOC knowledge IC, unless you have a damn good reason why you should be able to see it)*
ooc: Since Blu is standing right there when Carlos gets this, I will assume that she knows what it says, unless CarlosPlayer thinks otherwise...
Fusion weapons? Blu shakes her head quite sadly. I know that the other nations envolved have WMDs that are just as capable, so I really must suggest an element of discretion before the deployment of such weapons... This has the potential of becoming a much bigger hassle.
She sighs softly, and looks towards the east, her senses shifting outwards to merge with the sensors on the probes hovering all over Iraqstan. Perhaps M'lady Seingult is correct... Perhaps the granting of "temporary" autonomy to Um Lizaa is the best idea for now... You can always reacquire it later through... various means.
01-11-2003, 02:18
Domina Rene Seingult of Tsaraine:

We regretfully feel that it is our duty to render military aid to the oppressed Um Lizaaians, as it is our conviction that wars of national liberation, when waged nobly against a repressive regime, ought to and must be supported by the Justitian people, whose own nation was forged in revolution and whose independence was won by self-sacrifice of thousands of courageous Justitian fighters. Though we are proud of our commitment to world peace, we recognize that uncompromising pacifism will lead only to the defeat of democracy by those who are willing to use violence and coercion to feed their lust for power. We assure you that the citizens of our great nation understand this and, though there is great division among us regarding the particular plight of Um Lizaa, our efforts are ultimately supported by the plurality. We have consulted the People's Council and recieved approval for military action, and this deployment is well within the bounds of Justitian constitional limitations on warfare.

We do not seek to make an enemy of your nation, and urge you to disregard your entangling alliance with Iraqstan which surely is a detriment to both the well-being of your people and your esteem among the international community.

John Engels, Chairman, CPJ CentCom
Vladmir Minh, First Secretary, CPJ CentCom Office of Diplomatic Affairs


Omicron Blue of Angelus:

We assure you that our rules of engagement do not allow the targetting of any non-Iraqstani personnel or assets except in cases of self-defence. The Justitian government and the International Brigades are working diligently to limit this conflict as much as possible given the current situation, which we realize is chaotic, and we bear you and your people no ill will. It is our fervent hope that we can cooperate with the international community in bringing this war to an end with a minimal loss of life an all sides.

John Engels, Chairman, CPJ CentCom
Vladmir Minh, First Secretary, CPJ CentCom Office of Diplomatic Affairs


Admiral Leon Reed of the International Brigades Marine Division looked out at the roiling sea from the bridge of the Invictus class missile destroyer 'Vasilly Zaitsev', one of five such vessels in the fleet now holding its position in international waters just outside the Um Lizaaian border. Like all Justitian sailors, soldiers, and pilots, he had never been to war, and national memory of the Revolution was not distinct enough for any of them to have a clear concept of what it would entail, in the emotional and psychological sense. Technically, he and his comrades the Brigades were as well trained as any, and better trained than most. Their proficiency and sense of professionalism was a shock to most international observers, since Justitium was generally (and erroneously) seen as a nation of pacifists. Now its soldiers had a chance to show the world what they could do, but somehow Reed was not filled with joyous anticipation.

An ensign at the communications station by his side interrupted him from his reverie.
"Comrade-Admiral, we have recieved approval from CentCom to commence operations. What are your orders?"
"All fleet personnel to battle positions. Full-speed ahead, and accquire targets according to plan. Prepare for preliminary bombardment of shore defenses."

OOC: The 50,000 troops mentioned earlier are the combat ground troops being sent to Um Lizaa, not including support personnel. The fleet consists of one aircraft carrier, 5 missile cruisers, 5 submarine destroyers, 10 frigates, and 10 transport ships.
01-11-2003, 04:30
To: John Engels, Chairman, CPJ CentCom
Vladmir Minh, First Secretary, CPJ CentCom Office of Diplomatic Affairs

We have cautioned you in the past to keep out of affairs which are none of your business. We see that you now have your forces threatening the sovereign territory of our ally and friend, Iraqstan. We hereby order you to withdraw from the area before you engage in any mistaken actions that will lead to war. Any hostile fire directed toward any NDA member, including Iraqstan, will be considered an act of war upon the Alliance. We will then respond accordingly.

Although we are committed to peaceful negotiation, we will not hesitate to defend the sovereign right of our allies. You are warned.

Devon Treznor
Um Lizaa
01-11-2003, 05:47
Transmission Commencing
Transmission Type: Open band.
Security: None.

The screen flickers for a moment but is replaced by a now well known image of Amanda Amahira dressed in her battle armour and helmet visor pulled down. Nodding she takes a breath and begins to speak.

"Mighty warriors of the Amahira clan, blaspheming machinations of Angelus and lovers of the elf Whore Sirithil! Hear my words. With the joining of allies against your pitiful forces we will rise up and win! All accross Um Lizaa we route your pitiful rabble and burn everything they touched!

To you Elf woman I send this warning. Get out of my realm or your pathetic elvish friends will burn in the fires of chaos! Sirithilia will burn mark my words blasphemers! The forces of Chaos shall ride the tides of destruction to your very doorsteps! NONE WILL BE LEFT ALIVE!"

Flipping her visor up she looks straight into the camera her eyes burning with hate and lust for war. "Soon you will see the true extent of the cultist forces the fires of chaos and the fires of pagsii will rain down upon you like armageddon! The warriors of amahira will take your life with the simplest of looks! The world will see your petty disgraceful lies for what they truly are! Get out of my realm now!"

Transmission Ended

Slapping her hand against the camera, she causes it to fall over and break. Grinning to her commanders off screen she turns and heads out the door to her usual security detail and car. "Take me to safe house twelve. I need to prepare the speech about the camps and missing. They will turn and stab each other in the backs or suffer at the hands of us. Either way Sirithilia dies and with it the whores of blasphemy."

All over Um Lizaa rebels once more rise up and begin attacking Sirithilists and church of Angelus people, in Iraqstan rebels fight gurellia style attacking from cover and retreating against Iraqstani forces.
01-11-2003, 06:13
Looking up sharply at the comment on WMDs and fusion attacks Carlos blinks slowly before responding. "I will not allow any part of my country or Um Lizaa be burnt into obscurity. The infrastructure alone is worth millions."

Chuckling he looks at the rest of the message and frowns at Blu's suggestion. "Give them this land? Give them rewards for this treachery? They have to die. I'm sorry but.... It's time for me to shed this nice and peaceful shell I've erected and smash these fools into oblivion. If we give them their freedom they will not stop until they have attempted to 'free' Iraqstan from my rule.

They will not stop until I am dead and the economy and life of this empire is nothing more than fire and blood. They have to die."

Looking up his eyes seem to harden with resoleve and it becomes obvious he has made his decision.

Picking up his phone he calls his generals and relays orders. "Prepare the SUSAF get another carrier group into the straight of decisiveness and prepare for aditional forces to be landed in Um Lizaa. Inform PSS and People's militia here that they now have the right to use deadly force on ANY people caught attacking Angelus and Sirithilist holdings. I will be giving a speech soon be prepared to enact martial law once more."

Getting a curt reply he looks back to Omicron_Blu and smiles softly. "Forgive me, but things must be done. I would be honoured if you stayed with me during the broadcast a kind of rallying of alliances and such."
01-11-2003, 06:29
The Lavenrunzian Third Fleet was on its way to Iraqstan. Led by Carrier Group Alfarkoenigin, it was on a dubious and dangerous mission--to somehow evacuate thousands of civilians--many of them clergy--without actually getting into a shooting war.
Things were going to be difficult.
01-11-2003, 10:30
Aboard each of the five guided missile cruisers of the IB Marine Division fleet, advancing at full speed across the Um Lizaaian border, an identical process was taking place in perfect syncronization. The bridge officers relayed the coordinates of Iraqstani shore defenses, delivered by Um Lizaaian rebels and verified by satellite imaging, to the vessels' gunners, who entered them promptly into the targetting computers. The Justitian ships reversed their engines well outside artillery range and drew to a halt, arrayed in pristine line formation, ready to fire.

Admiral Leon Reed, aboard the capital ship 'Vasilly Zaitsev', was reading through his orders from the Central Committee for the fifth time. One of the ship's lieutenants placed a hand gently on his shoulder.
"Forgive me, Comrade-Admiral, but it would not be wise to delay any longer than necessary. We expect some response from the Iraqstanis at any moment."
"Very well." He wouldn't be there to see it like a rifleman, thankfully, but he knew full well that he was about to kill, and he wasn't absolutely sure that any human truly had the right to take another's life, to dictate whether they lived or died, no matter how noble the cause. But the cause certainly was noble, and people who believed in freedom and equality could not afford to sit idly by while others were enslaved. If that was the case, someday, there would be no world left for them, no home for him to return to ...
Instantly, the night sky was ignited as a hundred guided rockets were released from their turrets, and streaked with illuminated trails as they arched towards their targets miles away. Faintly, in the distance, Leon Reed heard a hundred warheads detonate.
01-11-2003, 11:02
Sitting on the bridge of the Carrier Quil'raya Admiral Schulzty listend to reports of missile attacks accross the board. Frowning he looks at his listings of command and chuckles. "Two carrier groups vs these mongrels. Easy. Set course for the locations specified and arm the torpedos and Kaitens. We are the closest group to respond so we have first strike! Let's bring the dogs of war to these fools!"

The two carrier groups each comprising of 6 SeaViper attack subs, 7 missile cruisers, 5 destroyers and one aircraft carrier begin their full speed trek towards the enemy fleet. In the water a single submarine floats off the shore of Um Lizaa it's sights targetting the largest of the hostile ship. Nodding the sub commander grins. "Unleash the Kaitens, and may Sirithil have mercy on the souls of those sailors."

With the single push of a button 12 small submarines shoot out of the 'mother' sub and begin a slow guided silent race towards the enemy ships. Surfacing once as they start their run and another at 500 meteres from the ships the kaitens arrow in on the closest ships, foour groups of three each packing over 3,000lbs of heavy explosives. Nearing their final destination their pilots utter quick prayers and close their eyes content to wait for the final hit............

Sitting in his office reading the damage reports Carlos frowns. "100 artillery peices knocked out, 1500 people killed? That is unacceptable! get the fifth and third carrier fleets into the area! I want those ships dead! order more kaiten strikes if need be and ready the SUSAF." Reciving curt aknowledgements Carlos frowns and shakesh is head. "Too many losses for just a single volley. That will be remedied."
01-11-2003, 11:53
"First volley successful, Comrade-Admiral. Every missile appears to have struck its target, though damage assessment will take some time."
"Very good." Admiral Reed sat at the communications station, a radio line open with the captain of each ship in the Justitian fleet. "My commendations, comrades, but there's more to be done if we want to ensure a safe landing. Prepare for a second volley, and keep the aircraft and destroyers on alert, we expect an Iraqstani counter- ...."
The admiral was interrupted by the sudden blaring of sirens and flashing of red alert lights on instrument panels across the bridge. A wide-eyed and agitated ensign looked over his shoulder from the sonar station.
"Comrade-Admiral, we're picking up a hostile submarine approaching rapidly, north-northeast ... no, more of them, they're bearing down quickly!"
"All destroyers, intercept immediately, engage at opportunity!"
The bridge was rocked as an explosion lit up the viewing ports, momentarily blinding the admiral. As his vision cleared he could see thick black smoke pouring over the port deck, underlit by flickering flames. An order issued over the intercom to every section of the ship:
"Severe impact in forward port quadrant, all emergency personnel report immediately. Repeat, ..."
Admiral Reed quickly regained his orientation, his twenty-two years of training taking hold.
"Lieutenant Zhukov, damage assessment!"
"The lower decks are ablaze, Comrade-Admiral, though fortunately the magazine wasn't hit. The damage can be contained, but our capabilities will be severely diminished. Air defenses remain intact, but the forward missile turrets are out of operation."
"And the rest of the fleet?"
"Four frigates and one destroyer not responding, the cruiser 'Emiliano Zapata' reporting severe damage, may be crippled. No report on casualties, but including our own ship, at least 400 by my estimate."
"Fascist pigs! Hunt down that sub, I don't intend to let them get another torpedo volley off. All cruisers that haven't sustained serious damage, continue the barrage. Frigates hold a barrier around the fleet, and don't let another enemy boat near us! Launch the fighter wing and tell them to hold a defensive pattern."
"Comrade-Admiral, I'm afraid there may be worse on the way. We're detecting a sizable Iraqstani fleet advancing on our position, probably more than we can handle on our own."
"Send a request for reinforcements. It seems we may have to launch the landing craft prematurely, but we'll have to sustain the bombardment as long as possible."

The patch of sea that the fleet occupied, lying calm not an hour before, was ablaze with a thousand fires, as missiles continued to be fired at greatly diminished intensity and the Justitian fleet struggled to recover from the crippling counter-blow.
01-11-2003, 23:32
Blu nods softly. I will remain with you until you ask me to depart.*
She pauses for an almost imperceptable moment as data floods through her consciousness. Do you wish Us to assist in the further defence from Justitium forces? We may not be able to entirely eliminate the threat, but We can do something to stop most of the missiles. *
However, Our intervention may prompt more than just an increase in attacks. The use of Our technology makes Us difficult targets to kill, and seeing that may prompt them to use more... drastic measures.
02-11-2003, 01:38
"All right, you dogs!" Sergeant keiTayan barked. "Equipment check! We'll be parachuting over the Iraqstani coast in a little over two hours! If it ain't secured tighter than my Nan's knickers, I'm gonna personally kick your butt up and down this plane!"

There were some quiet grumblings about Tsaraine slave drivers, but they were kept very quiet. The entire platoon had trained enough under Top Sergeant Garel keiTayan long enough to have a healthy respect for his butt-kicking abilities. The men and women of the 1st Airborne Marine Corp of the Non-Democratic Alliance got down and re-secured their already meticulously secured packs and equipment.

"The Lieutenant says forward intelligence from Iraqstan puts Justitium forces landing on the coast where we're about to drop. So it's our jobs to hold 'em in place until those Navy pukes can catch up to us to pound 'em into jelly."

KeiTayan paced up and down the length of the aircraft, checking packs and inspecting weapons as he talked. "The Lieutenant says we're gonna be deeply outnumbered, but we'll have the advantage of the high ground, and we're a lot more mobile than they are. It's what we like a target-rich environment. Plus, we're a damned sight more dangerous, right? Am I right?"

A thunderous cheer went up.

"Right. Plus, the Iraqstani forces aren't taking this invasion lying down, either. They'll be backing us up with artillery and their combat drones. Speaking of which, our combat drones are another half a day behind us, so if you can keep your heads down and your eyes sharp that long, you might just live to tell your kids about it. Any questions?"

"Sarge," piped up a young man with shocking red hair. "My stealth suit has a red light."

"Mueller, you puke. You idiots don't appreciate the value of a good battle suit. Get down to the back of the plane and get your suit checked out. Double-time, soldier!"

The young man stood up and quickly moved to the back as ordered.

"Are there any intelligent questions?" keiTayan demanded. He was greeted with silence. "You dumb mules, I wouldn't trust you to come in out of the rain. Since no one asked, I'll answer it for you. We'll be living off the land; most of our support will come from Iraqstan. That's why you're not carrying half the equipment you normally do. It also means you'd better be damned polite to the locals, because they're the ones footing the bill. We're operating in friendly territory, so watch your targets. If it points a gun at you, shoot it. Otherwise, you treat it with the utmost respect."

He turned around swiftly and marched back to the front of the plane. "All right! Is your gear secured properly?"

"Sir! Yes, Sir!" shouted the marines.

"Good. Maybe Harper will will be so kind as to give us a song?"

There was scattered laughter as the inside joke registered among the troops.

They knew they were in trouble. It was the first combat many of them would see, and the last action many of them would face. They were afraid, but they were marines. They would do their jobs, and no one could say otherwise.
Reploid Productions
02-11-2003, 03:06
"Holy cripes-!" Firefury started to swear colorfully, evading and heading higher into the air to avoid the barrages suddenly lighting the sky. "Oh, good Goddess-!"

"Yo, Queenie! Comin' up behind ya, double delta formation!" The familiar voice of Kataali came over the comm.

"'Bout time you slowpokes got here! Form up and follow me, I need some cool down, and we need to get a better figure on the situation- it's rapidly getting complicated!"

The six black and orange ships arrive and form up with their Wingleader, climbing in altitude and heading for the gravship fleets that had been detected not too long ago.

"Yo, can't tell which Menelmacari ship I'm addressing at this distance, but this is Firefury Amahira, Wingleader of the Queens of the Sky aerial ops unit, from Reploid Productions. Requesting permission for myself and my six wingmates to come aboard."

"Go figure, when she's on the wing, she completely forgets her formal title." Sylise chuckles over the comm.

"Well, it's obvious this situation isn't gonna be resolved quick, and Queenie doesn't want to bring a whole slew of forces into a conflict that we don't really have any vested interest in. It's just that witch tarnishing the Amahira's name that we're concerned with." Hitomi notes drly.

The seven ships hold position at a non-threatening distance from the Menelmacari gravships and await a response.
02-11-2003, 04:38
Nodding his thanks to Omicron_Blu, Carlos finishes the notes for his speech and reads an update of losses in the justitium bombings. "Hmmm, mother sub 1 isnt reporting in anymore suspected destroyed. Another 15 land defensive stations destroyed and 300 dead. Schulzty's flag is reporting in at nearing combat radius and the other 9 mother subs are en-route with Kaitens loaded and ready.

Smiling he transmits a message written out earlier to the Tsaraine government and sits back to prepare for his speech.

Highest Security Encryption.
Message To: Domina Rene Seingult
Message Fr: Führer Carlos Quil'Raya.

I thank you for your aide in this troubling conflict and hope your men recieve nothing but clear sights and honour in the coming battles. Unfortunately I cannot authorise the use of such weapons upon Um Lizaa at this time since the use of them would trigger other nations to unleash their arsenals of WMD upon us. However I will keep the option in reserve if things are unable to be won any other way.

Again thank you and I will give your troops as much possible care and treatment as possible.


Looking up once more he frowns. "I would like to have you aide my forces in the area but as you said, it may lead to extreme measures used against my soils and our peoples that I do not want. If things start to fall apart out there I will definately look to you first. Thank you all the same."


Sitting in his command chair Schultzy frowned slightly as more missiles launch from the enemy ships. "Admiral! We are in maximum firing range for harpoon anti-ship missiles. Hellfires are reporting in hot and ready air defenses are on line. We have reports from Il Sumitra Airfield in Isla Quatio they are dispatching a squadron of Stealthblades to assist in AA engagements." Nodding to the Lieutenant, Schultzy leans forward. "All forward ships, cruisers, destroyers all of them to launch a volley of fire at the enemy ships. Have the subs edge forward and remain quiet until ordered. I want two squadrons of hellfires from each carrier in the air two for ship assault two for air defense. Signal Il Sumitra and tell them to launch at their conveniance."

Reciving curt responses from the appropriate sailors Schultzy sits back and watches as in the distance missiles erupt from launching blocks on his naval forces and fly in towards the enemy ships. Smiling he watches as aircraft take off and begin racing towards the enemy. "This is going to be an excellent time." He mutters before sitting back to watch the destruction.

OOC: on a side note, map is ready and waiting. Here goes.
02-11-2003, 05:30
Al-Sahaf Air Force Base, Iraqstan

To an observer on the ground, the arrival of the Tsarainese legions would have been an impressive sight; over a hundred massive Ghoul-class airships slowly advancing, blotting out the hot Iraqstani sun.

From one blimp, indistinguishable from it's neighbours, Division Eight Fleet Commandant Ulahr ralHaegh directed the squadrons into a holding position.

"Raise Al-Sahaf Traffic Command," he ordered, and his commtechs obeyed rapidly. Ulahr smiled, well pleased with the precise, smoothly functioning airfleet he commanded.

From the ground, a voice said something in Iraqstani, and Ulahr's translators interpreted;

"We're to land on the fields to the east of the base, Commandant."

Ulahr looked out at the indicated area; a wide, flat expanse of scrubby grassland. Not as good as paved areas or glasslands, but it would do for the groundhogs.

"Reply in the affirmative, and thank him."

The interpreter spoke a rapid babble of Iraqstani - horrible language, really - into the comms, and recieved a reply from the base.

The airfleet began to move again, the twenty airships carrying the infantry legions deploying first in a wide circle, creating a perimeter to defend the support personell.

The heat in the blimp's command core was stifling, and Ulahr had the ventilation systems cranked up to a dull roar while they waited.

They'd practiced troop offloading in the Wastes, of course, but this seemed to be taking much longer than the optimal twenty minutes. Eventually - finally! - the legions were assembled, each divided into centuries and platoons.

Ulahr gave the order for the support personell to offload, and the other airships dropped, one by one, into the perimeter as the troop carriers rose to cluster on the far side of the base, out of the way.

The support personell took even longer to offload, as was expected; they'd never practiced deploying in such large numbers, and as a result the support personell, when they were finally off the airships, were arranged neatly into their platoons, centuries and legions, but any cohesion larger than that was a dream.

In the center of the circle, the last few blimps were being offloaded of supplies; the massive amounts of food, ammunition, spare parts, and whatever else required to run any army. Beside the rows of crates, rows of vehicles sat in the fields; Ravager APCs, Slicer jeeps, Slasher trucks, and other more minor types.

Finally, the last airships rose into the skies, joining the ranks of other blimps. Ulahr gave the order for his own airship to descend, landing in one of the few unfilled spaces of the circle.

On the screens, Ulahr could see the final platoons of support crew leaving the belly of the airship; the battalion and corps commandants who commanded the army as a whole, and their associated command staffs.

From now on, the army was the responsibility of Field Commandant (OOC: roughly equivalent to General) Kiranz ralEukhal; Ulahr didn't envy him the duty.

He gave the orders, and the airship rose to join it's fellows. The army was delivered to Iraqstan, and now the airfleet would head back to the familiar Wastes of Tsaraine, to pick up the armour needed for the final push into rebel-held territories. Ulahr would be glad to see the blackened glasslands below him once again.
imported_Sentient Peoples
02-11-2003, 07:50
<tag, so I don't have to keep switching nations to check this>
Dread Lady Nathicana
02-11-2003, 07:56
"Update," Nathicana said firmly, sitting comfortably at the head of the conference room table, her ever-present ice water close at hand.

A screen to her left showed a determined-looking Admiral Talethian. His image was only slightly out of synch with the voice that came over the speakers.

"Our fleet will be in place shortly. Objective, cut the supply lines for the sizeable merc force that's taken the northern coast of Iraqstan. For now, the rest of the fleet is to make attacks in conjunction with our standard air force designed to dismay and discourage the mercs from pressing forward, coordinate with our naval forces to institute a blockade of the northern coast as well as await attacks of opportunity across the board. Our forces there, for now, consist of five Raptors (, five Falchions (, three Alliances (, three Revenants (, and twelve each Mirrors ( and Interceptors ( The other half of the fleet is on standby should they be requested."

She nodded curtly, her gaze shifting to Giancarlo Torino, recently promoted to Minister of Defense, with Talethian's position shifting to Minister of Offworld Defense - the Dominion being nothing if not precise in their order. Clearing his throat, with a cautious glance at Nathicana, he began.

"The fleet is well on its way. We're sending out 200,880 Dominion troops, 50,220 of those being the core with the rest operating as support. Our naval forces are comprised of the DNS Santo Domenico carrier, the Malipiero, Tiepolo, and Contarino cruisers, the Miltiades, Liberius, Constantine, Soranzo, Obelenius, Evaristus, Anterus, Novatian, Orseolo Destroyers, along with nine frigates," he says, shuffling through his notes.

"I've been asured we have ample secure bases within Iraqstan and Isla Quatio to operate from, and given this, we've dispatched the following air forces: Ninety-six fighters, one hundred fourty-four bombers, seventy-two transports, and sixteen tankers. Personnel here makes up 60,264 of total forces deployed."

He looked to Nathicana, taking a moment to sip at the cup of tea he had to one side. She nodded, indicating he should continue, her face impassive.

"Our ground forces make up 56,246 of the whole. Of those, we have 1,534 M113 transports carrying a total of 27,612 of our soldati, each with a crew of two with five techs each. Our light armor division is a force of 211 M-113's, fully loaded. Four crewmen and five techs each with those, for a number of 1,989 soldati there. Given the numbers we're trying to move, the likely terrain, and the time constraints, we felt this the best method of approach."

Nathicana nodded as he finished, her brow slightly furrowed. "And you, Pellegrino, del Vecchio?" she says, turning to the pair, who looked rather uncomfortable.

"We've little more information than we did before on this Amanda Amahira," Antonio began. "Those operatives attempting to get to her have run into problems."

"They've been eliminated you mean," says Marissa, shooting Pellegrino a flat look. "Getting hold of her will be quite a task. Perhaps if we had more funding--"

"Dammit woman, do you really think we can just buy everyone off? Our coffers are looking as nice as they do due to careful managing, and this little excursion will be no different, if I have any say in the matter," breaks in Donatello Calfa, finance minister. "We're safe with the numbers allocated to the cause, with plenty of wiggle room, but lets leave massive bribery out of it."

Marissa shoots Calfa a cold look, which he responds to with a smug smile. "I know your methods well enough to see what you were thinking. No need to glare."

"Allright, that's enough," Nathicana says, frowning at the group. "Evangelista, how are the citizens reacting to our involvement?"

"So far, approval is high. Especially after the attempted coup, the people seem to have been looking for a way to vent some frustration. I believe we've found it. It's always good to have an enemy you can focus your hate on," she said in a mild tone, meeting Nathicana's gaze without blinking. "I think we've seen what can happen with dissatisfaction is directed inwards too much."

"As for Justitium, given dealings with them in the past, how do you plan on addressing them?" Evangelista asks, one brow quirked up slightly.

"I don't," Nathicana replies coldly. "I've made my position quite clear any number of times. One more warning won't do a damn thing. My allies have fulfulled the requirements of the NDA charter with attempts to avoid conflict with the bastards. We're in the clear on this one. In fact," she says, eyes narrowing, "I want intel on the situation in Justitium. Any weaknesses we can find, I'd like to exploit."

"Now. I want to be briefed as soon as our forces engage the enemy, understood? Unless there are any more questions or things to discuss ... Allontanato."

* details for air forces: 4 fighter wings (24 each) F-15C, 4 bomber wings (36 each) F-4U, 3 transport (24 each) C-141 C-130 6 heavys and 1 tanker wing (16 each) KC-135. Going with US models for my forces, should there be any questions. Hope the numbers are clear enough. Original deployment orders issued here ( for those thinking I'm just whipping all this out of nowhere.
02-11-2003, 07:57
02-11-2003, 08:06
Interesting, and not altogether unexpected. S.H.O.D.A.N. thought quietly in c-space, watching the Queendom Armed Conflict Force Earth Theatre Fleet and Triumvirate of Yut Voyeur satellite network reconnaissance data on the evolving conflict. Iraqstan's weapons of mass destruction and other advanced technologies must not be allowed to spread uncontrollably. Iraqstan has always been an unstable concern... which is, of course, I installed Carlos' control rig.

I cannot just stand by and watch... if anything else, this requires delicacy.

A short conference with NDA leaders later, S.H.O.D.A.N. puts in a call to the QACF command. That was easier than expected. I'm almost trusted.


<Command Spool, QACF/HCR Firewall>
[SHODAN] << This is the mind of heavy cruiser Firewall, flag of the Earth Theatre Fleet. What do you wish, our queen?

[SHODAN] >> Standby to intervene in the Iraqstan situation. Put all units on full combat alert; your Security-2 ground forces will be reinforced soon. I will put you in contact with the NDA forces, follow their directives. Right now, you should be held in reserve.

[SHODAN] << Understood. Rules of engagement?

[SHODAN] >> Currently, you are acting as a big stick to accompany the NDA's soft voice. Assume aggressive but nonlethal stance, pending to change with situation.

[SHODAN] << Understood. Do you wish a threat estimate?

[SHODAN] >> If you wish.

[SHODAN] << Aerospace threat limited. Current forces nearly ensure aerospace superiority. Space threat non-extant but Engagement Craft Mk II will be deployed on patrol nonetheless. Strike Craft Mk I should be able to ensure air superiority while Strike Craft Mk II engage in ground-attack missions. Orbital insertion into friendly territory should be uncontested. Estimation of ground conflict requires additional intelligence.

[SHODAN] >> Request that intelligence from your NDA counterparts. That is all.

[SHODAN] << Yes, ma'am. For the defense of the Queendom.

<Communications to Theatre NDA Commander>
<< This is the mind of the Queendom of Zero-One heavy cruiser Firewall, flag of the Earth Theatre Fleet. I have been instructed to inform you that the QACF:ETF is on standby to assist your forces.

<< Thusly, I request intelligence data on hostile forces and a situation report. I will keep you informed on our status.

QACF/HCR Firewall
03-11-2003, 00:33
Chairman John Engels: The people of Justitium, by the will of the People's Council, hereby call into session the 351st convention of the Central Committee. The first issue to be addressed is the military intervention in Um Lizaa. Comrade Rivera will update us on the situation.

First Secretary of Military Affairs Ernesto Rivera: Comrades, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the loss of 462 brave sailors of our IB Marine Division at the hands of brutal Iraqstani suicide attackers. Seven ships have been lost, and the Justitian fleet is now confronted with twice its number of enemy vessels. The dire situation has led to the premature launch of landing forces, in order that the vulnerable transport craft might not fall prey to the depredations of the Iraqstani fleet.

However, our courageous martyred comrades sold their lives dearly, and our preliminary bombardment severely weakened enemy shore defenses so that only 51 of our 1,000 landing craft were destroyed in transit to the beaches of Southern Um Lizaa. Tragically, all 2,550 infantrymen and women in those craft perished, along with the 153 that crewed them. The IB rifle companies are now fighting to establish a beachhead, with minimal Iraqstani resistance as of yet, although more is expected very soon along with a force of Treznorian paratroopers. Our comrades in the Um Lizaaian resistance have promised to delay their arrival as long as possible.

IB General Emma Marx: The Marine Division, under Comrade-Admiral Reed, is surely fighting very bravely, but they cannot possibly hold out much longer. The loss of the entire fleet is unacceptable, and retreat would doom the soldiers on the beach! We have here in Macharia Harbor a perfectly able carrier group contributing nothing to the war effort. We must send it to reinforce the IBMD fleet at once!

JE: That group is under the command of the Civil Guard and is constitutionally forbidden from leaving Justitian waters. However, I understand that it would benefit the people greatly to deploy it to Um Lizaa. I have considered this matter carefully and would like to place it under temporary IB command, if Comrade Trotsky would not object.

CG General Mao Trotsky: I give my consent. However, I must advise that the Chairman consult the People's Council for approval before undertaking an endeavor as constitutionally questionable as this. The people of Justitium would surely be greatly displeased otherwise.

JE: Resolved. The People's Council will be consulted. Comrade Trotsky, your consideration for the public will is to be commended.

MT: Thank you, Comrade-Chairman.

JE: Next issue ...
03-11-2003, 01:39
Lord Lancaster's eyes narrow as news of the Um Lizaa invasion reaches the Bone-Cave. His deep green fist clenches and slams against the deep black arm of his throne.

"Damn..." he mutters. "That's some of my best customers down there... and, of course, I'm obligated to help... thank you very much, NDA treaty..."

He continues mumbling under his breath as he opens up the arm, revealing a series of buttons. Depressing one of them, Lancaster sits back as a screen drops from the ceiling, revealing the wart-covered face of Grendelynne Magg from within her coven on the moon.

"What's the word on Um Lizaa, Mystic Magg?" he asks.

"Justitium forces are mobilizin', milord!" she howls back. "Satellite photos reveal dat wunna deir carrier groups is movin' off da shore! Looks like a biggun too, milord... like dey don't have much else back t'protect 'em!"

"Well, that certainly is wise..." he chuckles. "Force the carriers back to shore. Grendelynne, I'm placing you in charge of Operation: Liberation Bitch-Slap. Get your ass into orbit and begin commanding from there. Inform Mystic Creed that he'll be assisting."

The wart-faced Lunar Mystic extends one arm in salute. "OY, MILORD!"



Good day to you, Mr. Chairman.

Satellite photos have revealed that you are mobilizing a rather large carrier group from Macharia Harbor. We are not fools, Mr. Chairman; we are well aware that the sole military operation in which Justitium is currently engaged is the invasion of Iraqstan. We will not stand for this.

By acting in aggression against the Holy Empire of Iraqstan, you are, by definition, engaging in an act of war with the NDA--thus, the Empire of Burninatonia. Ergo, it is well within our rights to make sure you pay.

Effective immediately, consider yourself on a two-hour deadline. I want to see that entire carrier group turned around and heading back to your shore--effectively putting you out of this war. Failure to comply will result in the destruction of Macharia Harbor by an invasion force that your nation so blatantly cannot withstand, what with how readily you are deploying your defensive force to fight in a war it cannot possibly win...

Consider it, Mr. Chairman: do you REALLY want the Burninatonian Hordes in your country? Imagine thousands of them, writhing, screaming, howling, biting, clawing, firing upon women, children, soldiers, puppies... anything that they are told is NOT their friend. You cannot withstand such an attack, Mr. Chairman, and your people will not weather it. You will lose more than this war if you fail to comply with my order.

The clock is ticking, Mr. Chairman. Will you be reasonable, or will you die trying to be a hero for a pointless cause?
Grendelynne Magg
Lunar Mystic of the Burninatonian Hordes
03-11-2003, 05:12
Grendelynne Magg of Burninatonia:

The people of Justitium may be fighting for a "pointless cause", if one holds to the maxim that the only valid end for war is economic, territorial, or political gain. However, we consider all human beings to have basic undeniable rights that must be defended by those with the power to do so; indeed, we regard this as the fundamental purpose of all political and military power. The people of Um Lizaa have long been denied these rights by your ally, the dictator of Iraqstan, and as no other nation save one, whose commitment and motivation are dubious, has shown itself willing to support them, we find it is our duty to humanity to undertake that task whatever ill may befall us as a result.

Recall, we humbly beseech you, that the horrors of war have often befallen the world unnecessarily as a result of blind adherence to military alliances. Though Iraqstan may have a pact with your nation, you have no true duty, material or ideological, to support them in this conflict, and to do so would be frivolous and disrespectful of the lives of your citizens and ours. Do not think you can conquer such a proud and determined people as the Justitians at a whim. You are correct when you estimate that I am trying to be a hero; Justitium is a nation of heroes, 100 million of whom are armed and trained citizen-soldiers of the Civil Guard and all of whom will never bow before avaricious imperialism, and it is my own life's task to live up to their example. They would die before they lost their freedom, as would I, and our lives would be given at a terrible cost to any foolish enough to set foot on our soil intent on domination.

Our fleet will be deployed to Um Lizaa. If you can act quickly enough to stop it, it may be destroyed, but it will be sacrificed for a noble cause and you will incur great loss for nothing. All you could possibly earn by such an act is a mountain of corpses, a river of blood, and an evil reputation. If you love war and suffering, then there is nothing to be done to persuade you, but if you love peace, prosperity, and freedom, then you will, we know in our hearts, reconsider your stance and allow our free passage.

John Engels
Communist Party of Justitium Central Committee
03-11-2003, 06:24
Jack was a sapper. A fairly good sapper, in his own opinion, and from his admittedly limited experience.

Which didn't explain why he was digging this damn hole in the ground near the edge of Rebel control territory.

Of course, his rating was only CE2-1, or Combat Engineer (Enlisted) First Class. Nobody told him why, just what.

And like a good soldier, he did as he was told.

A huge number of the troops the Legion had brought with them were rated as Enlisted Combat Engineers. But he didn't think anyone knew that.

But what was going in this set of double holes? He knew a lot of them were being dug, all over rebel territory, and that they would be basically invisible from the air, when done...
03-11-2003, 06:35
(OOC: It's fun wanting to die, isn't it? :twisted:

This should be interesting... I'll call into question the fact that you have an effective 20% of your nation in your military later. Don't want to bog this thread down.

Also, italicized bits in the middle of the transmission are commentary on what's happening elsewhere. Grendelynne's not saying it, obviously.)


I am disappointed in your decision. I was truly hoping that it would not come to this.

High above the earth's orbit, the Hordes are set into motion. Growling and hissing hideously, they circle in their foul serpentine vessels about the planet. They receive their target: Justitium, namely Macharia Harbor.

You speak of freedom, Mr. Chairman, as if this is a concern to us. Did you HONESTLY pay attention the last time we spoke? Did anything about that transmission strike you as odd, as if you are not speaking to a people that value freedom?

Across the sea, the Earth Hordes prepare. Dropships take flight, cutting through the clouds and wind with a beauty unbefitting such an army. Within these beautiful monsters, the Hordes leap, cringe, bounce to and fro... prepare.

And prosperity, Mr. Chairman? You are more a fool than I ever could have imagined. Did it ever occur to you that by defeating you, by laying waste to your land and your people, by driving you away from our business partners in Iraqstan, that we WILL prosper? Prosperity, to you, is superficial splendor. It means nothing, and it will burn like nothing. Prosperity, to us... is power.

The Pressurized Interstellar Space Satellite/Orbital Flying Fortress hovers into position above Justitium, its large cannon aiming specifically toward the harbor. Retrofitted with a large robotic suit designed to help him weather the impact as much as possible, a tremendous, muscular Hordesman loads himself into the PISS/OFF. Soon, the cannon will fire. Soon, the Hordesman will drop.

And power is what we will have, Mr. Chairman.

It has begun. I hope for your own sake you will wisen up and surrender quickly.
Grendelynne Magg
Lunar Mystic of the Burninatonian Hordes

(OOC: If Iraqstan would like, we can move this portion of the war to a separate thread.)
03-11-2003, 06:55
OOC: apologies all for the slowness in my responses I feel bad about it, but 3 days of headache and spinning rooms isnt good for writing.
IC. As for the extended post hmm, it links in to this thread but eh I dunno. your choice :P

A man wearing the rank of commander walks quickly up to the gathering tsaraine forces and nods quickly. "I am Commander Pratchi of the Public Security Service. I've been put in charge of deployment and protocols for PSS, People's Militia and your people. First off the deployment zones so far are Sirithilia and Kardas. Sirithilia requires additional security due to the rebel cells hold up in the abandon regions. The filth actualy risk radiation sickness just to fight a dying war. Kardas is some what more over run being as it's close to the shores facing Um Lizaa.

In the two places and all over Iraqstan a new set of laws are in place. Curfews start at 7pm and end at 7am daily anyone found outside at that time will be arrested and interrogated for twenty four hours. Anyone found in possesion of a weapon will be arrested and imprisoned. People found attacking government, military and civil buildings will be dealt with using extreme force.

The truck over there will take you too the places you may organise who goes where amongst your selves and when you get to the cities the local commanders will give more detailed breifings of situations and current hotspots. Good luck."

Nodding to the Tsaraines the commander waves the trucks forward and with a slow rumble they pull up beside him and await boarding of soldiers. On each truck a label is positioned on the side saying which city it goes too.


Standing on the bridge of the carrier Quil'Raya Admiral Schultzy watched the pitched battle between his forces and justitium. "Sir, we've lost contact with the cruiser Glorius reports indicate it's forward magazines where hit and it snapped in two. cruisers Malevolence, Deviliverance and Malcontent Also report significant damage with hulls breached in lower decks. Destroyers are suffering minor losses in weapons effectiveness and we've lost contact with the Archemus,"

Nodding to the report Schultzy smiled and watched as yet more aircraft took off and prepared for battle in the waters. "Get a line to command tell them we are handling the situation and to not send anymore Kaiten mother subs into the area conventional methods are best used here. Also get a message out to that fleet and tell them we will accept surrender."

Recieving curt acknowledgements the appropriate sailors begin sending out the messages as yet more explosions of fire and light light up the sky and waters. Beneath the waves the subs of the two carrier groups silently make their way forward torpedos armed and ready. Recieving positive firing solutions the vessels unleash torpedos against the enemy ships and quickly move away in an attempt to evade detection.
03-11-2003, 06:57
Blu floats silently before the semicircle of the Thirteen. A small panel glows before each person assembled within this cspace environment, and on the panel is scrolling data concerning the Iraqstani conflict.

"The armies arrayed against Iraqstan are impressive indeed, however I doubt that they will be very effective against the defending forces." X2 muses, her dark eyes glowing with the light from the datapanel.

Blu nods, and new data scrolls across the screens. "We currently have one Excelsior and two Fallen on location above Iraqstan. However, the increase of hostile forces in the area prompts me to request the deployment of additional forces."

With a frown, X7 leans forward. "An increase of Angelic forces in that area may not be the best idea... As stated earlier, the use of Our technology may tip the scales that are currently set against the deployment of WMDs in this conflict."

"Agreed," Blu interrupts, "However, I would like to point out that Our obligation is to the protection of the CubicTemples, and the protection of Carlos Quil'raya. Must I point out how important he is to Our plans?"

A murmur ripples through the group, a soft whisper of incredible amounts of information being transferred between the powerful minds situated around her. Hours of heated arguements pass within the space between one breath and the next, and after only a few moments, X1 turns to Blu.

"It has been decided. Place the Viltigence above the compound where Carlos is staying. However, in order to draw attention elsewhere, We suggest that you attempt to move Carlos into one of the Cubes, if not onto one of Our ships.

We will also place another Excelsior over the Al-Sahaf compound, as well as deploy thirteen Organism-class ( battlecruisers and four Interdiction-class ( MotherShips shall replace the two Fallen currently in position above Iraqstan."

He pauses, and looks directly at Blu. "Your directive is to attempt to convince Carlos to get aboard one of Our ships. If that fails, attempt to get him aboard one of Our Cubes. If that fails, you will sacrifice your Avatar to keep him safe. He must not fall, no matter what."

Blu nods, and they fade from the environment.
03-11-2003, 08:37
Al-Sahaf Army Base, Iraqstan

Kiranz ralEukhal's interpreter translated the words of Commander Pratchi, and the Tsarainese Field Commandant frowned as the Iraqstani trucks rolled up.

"Tell him we have our own transports," Kiranz said.

The interpreter nodded, and relayed the message to Pratchi, waving to the Tsarainese vehicles drawn up in their rows.

"Tell him also, we can deal with his laws, although we'll need an electronic copy for distribution to the troops. And that radiation is no problem for us."

This too was relayed to the Iraqstani Commander, and Kiranz waited for his reply.
03-11-2003, 09:14
Chuckling softly the commander shrugs and waves the trucks away. "I take it you have maps of the place yes? If not then you will be given maps. As for departure times feel free to leave when ever you wish. Keep an eye or two open on the roads between Sirithilia and Kardas we've had convoys attacked in the last couple of days. Other than that good luck." Tossing a quick salute the Commander starts to walk away as an aide rushes out with a bundle of maps and directories.

Accross the air field fighters begin rolling out and readying themselves for attack runs on enemy locations in Um Lizaa and a scattering of troops load up into the now unneeded troops and drive off in the direction of a naval port south of the air field.
03-11-2003, 09:35
Blu turns to Carlos. The Fallen are going to be replaced by newer craft. The ships currently deployed over Iraqstan have been on patrol and need to return to the Disc for routine maintainance. They will be replaced by something far more interesting...

She grins and holds up a small holodisk. An image springs to life above her hand revealing the different organic vessels on their approach path. You see? More interesting.

A frown crosses her face as she recieved further data from the field. Now, there is other information that you must be made aware of. We believe that this compound is vulnerable to attack, even with the Vitilgence above Us. After much careful consideration, We believe that the wisest course of action would be for you to go aboard the Vitilgence, where you could maintain not only an eagle's eye on the situation in Iraqstan, but would be vastly more protected.

She shakes her head. We will, of course, be producing several holographic dummies all throughout Iraqstan, as to possibly confuse the enemy into not knowing where your exact location is. However, We do not want to chance an accident that could take your life.
03-11-2003, 09:45
Looking at the image Carlos' eyes shine with an intent look. "Impressive, indeed and quite interesting." Chuckling he sighs as she recommends moving him. "Of course I knew the time would come where I'd have to abandon this place.... I'll have my body doubles be sent out to my usual sighting spots. The square of enlightenment, The first church and to my usual palace haunts."

Shrugging off what appears to be a heavy load he stands up and gathers a few minor items and looks sadly about the room and compound outside. "I dont like leaving things in such a way but if you say I'll have better access then...." Trailing off Carlos looks away and shivers softly.

"I'm going to lose it all, my country, my offices my power. Everything will be lost because this mumbling insane bitch decided to use my mercy against me..... Justitium will burn, Amanda and her whores will be skinned and shredded alive for this. All of them will pay." Snarling he smashes his hand against the wall and looks over his shoulder.

"Lead the way Automata Designate Omicron_Blu. There is nothing here I would risk dying to stay with."
03-11-2003, 09:56
Blu nods. We will make this compound a deathtrap, as well as the compound at the Al Sahaf Airfield. Anyone who attacks either place will die a grizzly and rather painful death.

She smiles politely at him and leads him to the main gate leading out. Before they exit, however, she turns and looks at him. If you would wait just a moment, I will make sure the area is clear, and make sure the appropriate measures have been taken.

She floats out through the heavy doors and is gone, returning a few minutes later with a gleaming box floating behind her. The cube is an exact replica of the CubicTemples, and is just large enough for someone to sit comfortably within.

My apologies for this most undignified mode of transport, but We feel that certain precautions must be taken in order to prevent a sniper attack. You will be able to see everything around you from within the Cube, but everything short of a direct plasma blast from close range will be deflected off of it's surface. She motions, and the top and side of the cube lifts open to reveal a plush interior.
03-11-2003, 09:56
Al-Sahaf Air Force Base, Iraqstan

The interpreter conveys Pratchi's words to ralEukhal, who nods, and turns to his commtechs as Pratchi moves off.

"KeiMarya, tsaKoinah, I'm dividing the forces in half. TsaKoinah, you'll be in command of our Kardas forces, keiMarya, you'll command the forces in Sirithilia, under me.

Organise the division of the troops and move out - you know the drill for hostile terrain; Slicers riding point as scouts, Smashers in the center carrying the support personell and equipment, and Ravagers around them to protect the Smashers and carry the troops. Move out."

The two junior Field Commandants saluted, and relayed the orders to their own staff, preparing the Legions for departure.
03-11-2003, 10:01
Grimmacing slightly Carlos climbs into the cube and blushes to himself. "Oi, what manner of things I do to preserve integrity." He mutters with a grin spreading accross his face. "I am your tank Omicron my friend, direct me as you will."

Watching the compound he sighs softly and once more wishes he was on the front lines or even battling in the streets. "When power is gained, ability to fight is lost...." He mumbles to nobody in particular and settles in comfortably.
03-11-2003, 10:07
One of the large Organism-class starships slides into place above the Al-Sahaf airfield. After a short burst of communication with the Iraqstani control center, several Mirror-class dropcraft begin falling from the ship to land on the open pavement.

The hatches slide open, and 300 black-armoredGuardian Units ( swarm from the smaller craft. The blank-faced automata simply set up a circular parimeter and await the second drop from the Organism.

Swiftly, the next wave of Mirrors land, and absolute horrors step from their opening doors. With a mind-numbing roar, 150 Razorbacks ( climb from the crafts only to be joined by 200 silent Whiplashes (

The Mirror-class transport pods lift off to rejoin the Organism above them, and the nightmare unit they left behind begins marching in absolute harmony towards the Command center.
03-11-2003, 10:17
Blu nods, and the cube seals up around Carlos. She places her small hand on it's surface, and smiles consolingly to Carlos.

My apologies, Furher, this is the way things have to be... With that, she leads the cube out across the short distance to where a stubby mirror-class transport is waiting for them. Arrayed around the transport is an exact copy of the unit now unloading at the Al-Sahaf Airfields, the ominous Guardian Units standing a silent vigil over the drooling Fallen Clan.

They pass quickly through their ranks, and into the Mirror for the short flight up into the hold of the Vitilgence which hangs like a stationary cloud above the Iraqstani compound.

Once within the safety of the ship, Blu unlocks the cube and lets Carlos out. Come with me, please.

She carefully leads him through several twisting corridors before finally through an irising portal which leads them into a completely black room.

I'm afraid that this is the best that We can do on such short notice, but I think that you will find it satisfactory. System On.

With that, a fully-rendered holographic layout of the Iraqstani Islands, including Um Lizaa, appear in the air at knee level. Clearly visible in miniature is the sprawling metropolis of Sirithilia, the damage wrought by the rebels glaringly obvious.

This is as realtime as We can get it, with a delay of about three seconds. We can also provide instantaneous communication with any of your field commanders, as well as the option to "zero-in" on any place within Iraqstan you desire. She smiles. You could even walk among a firefight in life-size holographic reality, if you so desired... though I strongly suggest you do not.
Um Lizaa
03-11-2003, 10:22
***Hijacked Transmission****

Speech as follows.

Amanda appears on every screen and her voice is heard in every radio set throughout Um Lizaa and Iraqstan. On the TVs her armour shines malevolently in the morning light and her eyes burn with fire so far uncontained.

"To all of you, be it elf whore, firefury imposter, machine blasphemy or honourable troops of rebel and enemy sides hear my words. It is time for you to all know the horrors and murder that the man you are defending or fighting against has committed against the people's of Um Lizaa."

Pausing Amanda holds up a list of names and identifying numbers and sneers into the camera.

"In my hands are the names and ID numbers of half a million civillians of Um Lizaa, men women and children all of them arrested and taken from their homes. OF these people we have only managed to locate and rescue twenty thousand. The rest we have no way of finding their location.

I bring to you now a secret with which I have kept quiet for too long out of fear of death! Your Führer! your friend has had camps set up, yes you know what I mean the sort of camps where people arrive and never return from! We all know of his labour camps which he lies to us about! Those camps break the spirits of people and force them into slavery! Children work in facotories that produce bombs to use against their families!

I was a resident of one camp that had a deeper and darker secret to it, every day I would watch as guards beat and raped women and children in front of us all! If we did not work they would select at random woman from us and they would take them there and then infront of us! We were forced to wear nothing at times of work!

But yet that was not the only secret they held in this camp, thousands of people would be rounded up and taken away during the night.... They never returned! Your glorious friend and leader killed them all! I was in an extermination camp!

If you honour life at all you will rise up against this genocidal monster and aide the cultists of Firefury in acheiving liberation! March with us on Iraqstan! Take from them their right to comit such acts against people! Burn them to the ground and with their death comes the end of their filthy followings of the Elf whore and the machines!

Where is the evidence you ask? Where is the proof? You will get your proof I promise you! When you see that the people of Iraqstan are really monsters you will see the truth! They must die! ALL OF THEM! As I speak to you the forces of Iraqstan and it's allies falter at the gates of Um Lizaa, they falter in Iraqstan and fall in their faltering paths. We will burn them back with a light and glory so bright that they will not know what hit them!

We will shout our freedom at the steps of the Presidential Palace! We will burn the square of enlightenment along with Sirithilia! We will WIN!"

Standing Amanda salutes the camera and turns her back to it as she turns the camera catches the faintest smirk on her face before it goes black and silence reigns. Moments later a recorded voice begins reading the names of all the people on the lists pausing with each to list them as missing or dead. This continues until all five hundred thousand names are called out finishing in silence.....

Transmission Complete.

All accross Um Lizaa rebels once more begin attacking known Iraqstani positions in the jungles of Northern Um Lizaa rifle wielding snipers take up positions in trees and bushes preparing to attack any and all iraqstanis they see. In towns and cities rebels return to burning and destroying all that isnt theirs. Fleeing people are caught and beaten before marched to prisons and claimed as prisoners of war.

In Iraqstan itself rebels renew assaults on known positions small attack forces slip out of the bombed area of Sirithilia and attack anything that they see. Sirithilist temples burn once more and angel cube temples come under attack. Smoke fills the sky as fire after fire slowly consumes the sprawling capital city staining the sky black the rebels roar their anger to the skies.

Sitting at a desk Amanda looks up as a man walks in and smiles. "Firefury is with us my priestess, we have located a suitable dockyard to raid it has 30 landing ships capable of crossing the channel of desperation we have finnaly completed study of the bombers we captured and are confident they can be flown. We have secured another 12 fightercraft from the abandoned facilities and parts from bombed bases are being shipped in now. I would suggest we locate a tank facilitiy next we need the armoured divisions badly if we are going to win this war."

Looking up Amanda smiles and claps her hands in delight. "We are truly blessed commander. You will lead the attack on the naval yard I see you are quite capable of anything now. Show them your strength and let them cower in the fear of your retribution. In a weeks time I want to be ready to march on Iraqstan itself. It's time we bought this war to the people. Authorise an attack on Carlos himself we've let him live for too long."

Nodding the commander turns and flees the office and prepares the orders and makes the calls, soon Carlos would die and with him the Holy Empire.....
03-11-2003, 10:32
With a cry, the rebels mindlessly attack one of the CubicTemples floating serenely above a city. RPGs and assault rifles all fire simultaneously, a nearly-unending stream of shrapnel and death hurtling into the sky, only to freaze in mid-air as the intense gravitic fields holding the massive cube aloft stop all but the most intense explosions from even touching the surface.

Several dark scortch marks appear on the mirror-like surface, but not a single rifle round impacted on the surface, and not a single explosion even so much as dented it's smooth exterior.

Suddenly, the wings of the mighty Angel appear to lift from the top of the Cube, and the beauiful figure of the Angel floats upwards from the Cube.

You were warned. Time and time again, I warned that the Peace of the Temples was not to be broken... And foolishly have you ignored My words... Now, suffer the wrath of Angelus.

Her rumbling voice echoes through the streets, and her body erupts in blue-white flame, and fire ripples outwards along her wings. She slowly extends her left hand towards one of the rebel positions, and fire lances from her palms to splash against the pavement.

This time, the flame is no hologram, but the pure white-hot fury of an Angel wreaking vengance on those that would harm her children. Again and again, her languid hands reach out to bring forth hellfire down upon the heads of the rebels. Blast after blast burn down from heaven to turn their flesh to liquid and their bones to ash.
03-11-2003, 11:02
Looking about the room Carlos just blinks and shivers softly. "I can watch everything from here?" He asks quietly as he studies the holograph intently and grins as ideas and mission plannings creep into his head.

On the streets the rebels that survived the attack flee into the buildings and streets scared to death of the firey attack the temple let loose. Retreating back to their hold outs and safe houses they tend to wounded and mourn the dead.

In The ship Carlos frowns and looks up. "A question if you would....I... I need to contact Yvonne she will be worried imensly about me. She's currently residing in Tunisia but will be moving to morocco in a few days. I want to reassure her I'm still alive and all is well." Looking up at her he shows a quick flash of vunerability but hides it quickly behind his usual expression of intense thought.
03-11-2003, 11:32
In the lead CTG-31 transport, a red light blinks. Sergeant keiTayan stands up, seals his radiation-hardened battle suit and activates his throat mike. "All right, Marines. Final equipment check. We jump in five."

Silently, the assembled troops run through a cursory check of their belongings. Buckles are tightened a little tighter, and a few muttered prayers are heard and forgiven. The tension is thick and the mood is somber.

Moments tick by until everyone is settled again. "Respirators on." Forty-nine helmets are secured and oxygen bottles turned on. "Engage stealth systems," keiTayan orders. Forty-nine hands reach toward their belts to key in a familiar number sequence, and forty-nine Marines become not invisible but...eerily transparent. The flashing light turns a steady red, and the two side doors of the transport are thrown open. The Marines latch their ripcords to the overhead rail.

"If you've got any second thoughts..." the sergeant begins, but is interrupted by a green light. "It's too late now. GO! GO! GO!"

Two-by-two the Marines file up to the doors and leap out into the night sky, braving the unknown. When the last of them have jumped, keiTayan looks to another sergeant watching the opposite door and nods. They attach their ripcords and leap; keiTayan in silence, the other with a whoop of exhilaration.

Behind them, thirty-nine more transports disgorge their cargo, troops and equipment coccooned in stealth fields as they float gently toward the ground.

Eight minutes later, keiTayan curses bitterly. By his estimate, they'll land at least twenty kilometers northeast of their target. They'll have to scramble to make up lost ground and pray the Justitium won't realise the danger in time to take advantage of it.
Endless Crimes
03-11-2003, 13:33
A htousand man had landed in Iraqstan... Their original job had been to secure it... but also, to spread the word, to help destroying the pagan cults that ruled Iraqstan...

However, that was impossible, simply impossible with the Angelan presence.

Meanwhile, more arrived.

The Justitium landing in southern Um Lizaa...

Had to be eleminated.

Another thousand would come, covered by fighters.

This time, it would be paratroopers.

They were on their way.

They did not fear the battle.

For with them was the glory of god, and after death, only paradise would await them.

They would succeed.

The fighters that landed in Iraqstan when the first thousand man came would cover them, as well...

They started, their aim: The beachheads...

Half of the fighters carried conventional bombs... For they were there to create a hell on earth.


With The Justitium influence in this war, a more... global view on the war seems to be necessary.

Therefore, we request clearance for operations against Justitium on the oceans, in the air, and in Justitium itself."

~ Michael
03-11-2003, 20:51
Encoded message to NDA members:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Justitium has been fairly warned multiple times, and have ignored us. They're clearly counting on their allies to protect them, and they may not be far wrong. However, they launched the first attacks, and our Mandate gives us the right to respond. You are authorised to move against Justitium forces in the combat arena to support the thousand Marines presently attempting to hold them at the northern beach. Military targets within Justitium itself are also authorised but leave the noncombatants out of it. I cannot stress this last enough. We are not terrorists, and we will not give them further fuel to fire their "democratic" propaganda. Military targets only.

Should Justitium's allies choose to respond, we will open negotiations with them and see how they prefer to defend an ally that dragged them needlessly into war.

Devon Treznor
04-11-2003, 03:03
OOC: Burninatonia, the Civil Guard is not a professional military, with the exception of sailors and pilots (and their support personnel), of which there aren't many.

The Guard comprises all able-bodied and able-minded citizens, male and female, age 18 to 38. Training begins at age 14 when a citizen enters high school, as a compulsory class that takes the place of physical education, and includes marksmanship, physical fitness, and basic infantry tactics, becoming more advanced each year. This continues until graduation at age 18 when they become full members of the Civil Guard. After that, training is conducted 2 days out of each month.

They are trained in the use of the AKM assault rifle (their standard weapon), the RPK light support weapon, the RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher, and the SA-7 surface-to-air missile. They wear no armor except for a kevlar helmet.

Each Justitian city and town is built with defense in mind. All large government office buildings and factories are constructed to withstand a good deal of punishment and to facilitate garrisoning the Civil Guard. Beneath many of them are bunkers stocked with ammunition, food, and medical supplies, which also may contain a secure water source and are often connected by tunnels.

In the case of an invasion, the Civil Guardsmen and women report to one of these secure locations, are organized into their units, and recieve fighting orders from there on. If there are any International Brigadiers in the area, they form a sort of officer cadre to lead the CG.

They elect their officers, and those ranking Captain and above form the national police force and have the option of joining the IB (lieutenants may do so as well). Medics are made from nurses, doctors, and paramedics, engineers from ... civilian engineers, and so on.

I apologize for the long OOC post but an army that big takes some explaining. They're not the best soldiers, they're not very well equipped, and they can't function outside the country, but there are a LOT of them and they're very determined (if the nation is invaded, that is).


IC: All across Justitium, television and radio broadcasts are interrupted and an emergency call to arms is sounded:

"Attention comrades, citizens of brave Justitium! Foreign invasion is iminent! All Civil Guard personnel, collect your arms and equipment and report to your local stations at once! All civilians, remain in your homes and take whatever measures may be necessary to protect yourselves and your families. This is not a drill, invasion is iminent! Repeat ..."

In the streets of every town and city, sirens sound as citizens wearing the deep blue uniforms of the Civil Guard rush to their rallying points and the old and young fearfully lock themselves inside their houses, shut their blinds, and turn out their lights.
04-11-2003, 03:16
I apologize for the long OOC post but an army that big takes some explaining. They're not the best soldiers, they're not very well equipped, and they can't function outside the country, but there are a LOT of them and they're very determined (if the nation is invaded, that is).
OOC: Well, all I can say to that is, sucks to be you!
Reploid Productions
04-11-2003, 04:30
((OOC: I'd post, but I'm still waiting on Siri's response! =p))
04-11-2003, 04:56
The attack on Justitium begins as most Burninatonian attacks do: at points of opportunity in orbit. A fleet of T.R.O.G.D.O.R. vessels races from the surface of the moon to the area directly above and surrounding the area above Justitium.

The targets of the vessels are satellites. The ships coast from satellite to satellite, taken careful aim, calculating orbit, trajectory, speed... and the assault begins.

The T.R.O.G.D.O.R. junk cannons take aim with weaponry that can best be described as at once appropo and unorthodox. Quite literally, they shoot junk. Twists of scrap metal, drifting space rocks, debris as small as a pill bottle and as large as a television is shot from the cannons. Sometimes, the artillery is recognizable as broken appliances; other times, it appears to be merely garbage.

The strikes are quick and calculated. When a satellite is put out of commission, the fleet moves on. When all have been put out of commission, the ships will resume standard orbit over Justitium.
04-11-2003, 06:14
((OOC: I'd post, but I'm still waiting on Siri's response! =p))(OOC: It'll probably be a while.)

S.H.O.D.A.N. monitors the output from the control rig nestled deep within Carlos' brain. Neurochemical labels unstable. Mindfeed shows irrationality, dreams of grandeur and destruction...

...yes, far too familiar for comfort. Borderline rampancy.

<LOS-Communication to Nathi>
>> Oh, I think we just might need that rig, aye.

<< Agreed. What would you like me to make him do?

>> Stop having delusions of the world going up in flames, would be nice. [wry grin analog]

<< Shall we calm him down, then? I can flood his system with seratonin... all natural calm.

>> That could be a start, yes.

<< When do I start?

>> Now, I'd say. A light touch at first? I'm certain you know your business better than I, regardless.

<< Understood.

[code:1:2ec17b736b]<CommandSpool, Cyborganic Control Rig #79312 (Quil'raya, Carlos)>

>< [initcheck-spool(commandfunc)] {neural(standby); psych(standby); chem(standby); somatic(stanby); remote(standby);}


[???] >> [initrec(QEtransponder)] {"381E2A19B01CFF9371CA903D9A";}


><[initcheck-spool(authorize)] {codecheck(381E2A19B01CFF9371CA903D9A); return(SHODAN);}


[SHODAN] >> Seratonin levels increase 25% Moderate psychological irregularities 10% Reduce pulse and respiration 15% Follow pathcode "CALM"

>< [activate(commandfunc)] {neural(standby); psych(low-active); chem(active); somatic(low-active); remote(standby);}


Hopefully this should do it.
04-11-2003, 06:52
Kneeling before the real time image of Iraqstan and Um Lizaa Carlos stares at the ensuing hostilities between rebel bands and home guards. Watching with interest as the rebels attack, flee then attack again he smirks. "Soon my little fish you will all burn...." He mutters before flicking through reports of troop readyness.

Looking at the lists of men ready to depart some fifteen thousand remaining People's Militia and fifteen thousand Special Iraqstani Guard ready to be deployed into Um Lizaa along with a sqaudron of hellfires and a squadron of Stealthblades.

Reading the reports from justitium movements and actions in their country he grins. "Burn you verminous plague, I will rain fire upon you like the good elf lady has done here. We will burn you from the face of the earth!" He mutters as his anger and thoughs speed up too the point of no return. Suddenly as if a rain washing away the dirt and fires of a burning storm a sense of calm comes over him shaking his head he shudders. "By all that is Sirithil..." he mutters before collapsing to the floor and breathing calmy and softly.

Clearing his mind of all the damaging thoughts he returns to watching the scenes on the ground and thinks over deployments and his forces....
Dread Lady Nathicana
04-11-2003, 07:22
They appeared, high in space above the earth, one by one, from their Saturn space jump. A sleek fleet of Angelic ships, all sporting Dominion insignia.

Maresciallo Serafina Alighieri pulled up her displays, surveying the forces under her command with a confident smile. Pulling up the latest images from the Voyeur and Dominion spy sats, she pores over them, making minor adjustments to the overall plan, then distributes the images via the Mainframe to the rest of the fleet.

~>Route: Serafina Alighieri - Angelus Mainframe - Dominion Fleet - Squadrons Alpha and Beta
{Ladies and Gentlemen, these are your orders. Our goal is to discourage the mercenary}
{forces along their forward lines. Areas of activity have been noted and marked - these}
{are prime targets.}

{We will be running coordinated strafing runs; Squadron Alpha from the east, Beta from}
{the west on the Um Lizaa coast. Should you not be able to make it back to the fleet}
{for whatever reason, make your way to the designated airfields.}

{The five Raptors and Falchions I want working over the supply lines. We cut them off,}
{demoralize them on both fronts, and they're ours. Squadrons Cappa and Delta are on}
{alert should we run into unexpected trouble. Keep at the outer range of your weapon}
{- I want this as safe as possible. Hit fast, hit hard, and bug out. Don't give them time}
{to think.}

{Maggio che dii adorate la vigilanza sopra voi.}
~>Route closed

Hundreds of Hunter and Zephyr drones, and a dozen each sleek Mirror and Interceptor fighters left the bays of the Dominion fleet, dropping down towards the Um Lizaan front, as directed. Within moments, they are wreaking havok along the Falkenberg lines, as directed. Their lithe forms dart swiftly along, pilots and EI-driven vehicles coordinating flawlessly via the Angelic mainframe.

The Raptors and Falchions peel off from the remaining six ships that make up the fleet, and make their way swiftly towards the Falkenberg supply line. They fall on their prey with both speed and ferocity, firing their ion cannons with frightening accuracy. Working in harmony with one another, they adopt a hit and run approach, several descending low enough to strafe their targets while the others cover, then falling back, letting the next wave of attacks pummel the transports, and repeating.

Aboard the Michaelangelo, the fleet leaders, Maresciallo Alighieri, and Capitanos Giuseppe Cavalleri and Pietro Malatesta observe via c-space conferencing, carefully monitoring the progress and reactions to their attacks.


Quick run down of total forces used here:

Squadrone Alfa
3 Raptors ( - Angelico, Tintoretto, Bellini
2 Falchions ( - Agostino, Boccioni
2 Alliances ( - Massacio, Donatello
1 Revenants ( - Michaelangelo
6 Mirrors (
6 Interceptors (

Squadrone Beta
2 Raptors - Botticelli, Caravaggio
3 Falchions - Firenze, Bernini, Modigliani
1 Alliances - Brunellesci
2 Revenants - da Vinci, Raphael
6 Mirrors
6 Interceptors

300 total Hunters (
250 total Zephyrs (


And while the Angelic ships rained death upon the enemy, the Dominion naval group continued on, pressing ahead. And before them flew the first group of Air support, intending as well to work in waves against those who would dare raise arms against their ally, Iraqstan.
04-11-2003, 09:20
The atmospheric entry was obvious, even to a blind man. Had he not been able to see the streaks of fire, he would have heard the rumble of the displaced atmosphere.

But the men of the Legion were neither deaf nor blind. They might not be bright, but they were soldiers, and recognized an attack for what it was.

Unfortunately, they had little time to prepare. In fact, not enough, and the first attack would have been devastating had the Legion not been already prepared for such an eventuality.

Energy weapons tore into the ground, vaporizing what they touched, as the best metals of the modern world were no match for ships spawned by the Devil myself.

Bunkers of earth and just dried concrete shattered like wood under the wrath of the Dominion's weaponeers.

But then the attack was over, for the moment. Medics rushed out to take care of the wounded, screams echoed across the newly sown fields of slag, across the precise laser carved rows. Many of the bodies would never be found, but determining who was dead was a skill the Legion had developed long ago.

Seven or Eight thousand troops had died along the battle lines, but blood did not dye the ground.

As the Satan spawned craft circled about for another pass, multi use rocket launchers came to bear, three and four per platoon (~50 men) and automatic weapons spoke, rifles and pistols, whatever was at hand. Targeting may not have been the greatest, considering the just passed assault, but the Legion was pros, and the Angelic ships were big.


At the major supply base, the story was much the same, except the weapons replying to assault were more powerful. Truck and static launched SAMs roared skyward, their more powerful warheads seeking self immolation against their foes hulls.

But supply trucks and tanks were wracked with explosions, and troops fell in the hundreds as the fuel dump exploded from a direct hit, for the burying of it was not yet completed.

In the command center, losses began to roll in.


At sea, the ships of the First Transport Squadron came under attack as well.

The sea began to boil with missed shots, as the ships began to weave, in the time honored fashion, but gaps began to appear in the formation, as ship after ship was hulled by the bursts of energy. Engines died, and ships broke apart, but then, the Squadron struck back.

A single laser from the deck of each ship was all. And then, the SAM launchers fired, with AA guns.

Each ships was minimally armed, but there were nearly 800 of them remaining. And they were huge, each of them, with amazing amounts of magazine space. Rockets began to flow forth, as the lasers began to recharge.


OOC: Loss numbers (which you don't have any real way to determine)

~8,000 frontline troops. (in force percentages)
~10,000 support troops.

(these should be more obvious)

~Twenty Freighters destroyed or completely disabled
~Thirty disabled to varying degrees, but still movement or combat capable.
Reploid Productions
04-11-2003, 09:52
((OOC: This would be OOC knowledge to everyone BUT TFL- as such, only they can act on this info, just so that's clear before anybody gets the idea to use this info ICly.))

ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Maximum
Broadcast type: Business
To: The Falkenberg Legion
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Tiffany Celta- Reploid Productions

Leaders of the mercenary force currently in the employment of one Amanda Amahira, I have a bit of a business proposal for you.

I'm certain you are aware of the highly unfavorable odds in your current deployment, and you are no doubt aware the the credit of the rebels you are currently aiding is less than stellar. I feel that at this time, you are fighting a losing cause for the wrong reasons, and stand to lose substantial amounts of your workforce and equipment with quite the risk of not even getting paid for your hard work.

As such, I would like to propose that the Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions and affiliated territories buy out your current contract. We are aware that you are currently under attack by NDA forces, including those of the Dominion, and have already lost some personel and equipment. Should you accept our offer, we would of course pay more than the rebels have offered, and are willing to replace lost equipment for you at no cost from our top supplier, RPRA Techcorp. If you accept, we can arrange for NDA forces to immediately halt their attacks against you, as we are on very good terms diplomatically with a number of that organization's members.

We do not want to get deeply entangled in this war- our primary concern is the rebel leader Amanda Amahira, and the way she is tarnishing our Queen's good name with her violence- nor do we wish to see people throw away their lives needlessly. If you do accept our offer, we would have you deploy against Justitium's forces, as we feel they have no business in this conflict either, and all attempts made thus far diplomatically to that nation by many others have failed.

Please respond as soon as possible, and bear in mind that we are open to negotiations on a contract buyout.

With highest regard,
~Tiffany Celta
~Secretary of Defense
~Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions

<End transmission>
Endless Crimes
04-11-2003, 11:58
They came in, fast.


The command sounded, and they jumped.

Not many, though. Only 1000 men. Cherubim guards.

Their destination: a point ~ 10km from the Justitium beachhead.

They`re ready.


Meanwhile, near to where the paratroopers land, the fighters come...

While the transporters return to Endless Crimes, the fighters have another mission...

They come in, with Mach 0.9, 1km high in the sky...

They roaring engines, a sound, nearly... pleasent...

The pilots, connected to their machines, controlling them with their thoughts... the fighters, nothing but an extension of their bodies...

The Justitium forces fire at them, with all they have...

But it´s too late...

The bombs fall... not many, though... still, 144 tons of death rain on the troops at the beachhead, leaving a trail of destruction and pain...

The fighters that do not carry bombs carry missiles... aiming at radar positions, SAMs and other stuff... anything that endangers them...

The purgatory to eradicate the sinners... It has begun.

[ooc: Need 1. your casualities and 2. your defenses so i know my casualities...]


"We got clearance!"

The very moment the pilots hear the words, they break out in cheers. Finally, the time has come. Finally, the sinners would pay for their sins. They would be the purgatory that would cleansen them. They would leave nothing where they would attack.

The force assembled to attack Justitium was enormous. 3888 bombers, protected by as many fighters.

As a matter of fact, it was exactly half of the entire fighter/ bomber force they possessed.

The airfields all over Endless Crimes were busy.. the attack would be... extreme.

However, the pilots were full of joy... to spread the word, thats why they were here. To burn the sinners in a purgatory of napalm, that was their mission.

And they would fulfill it.

[ooc: Justitium: Will take time until they arrive. One post minimum, perhaps two. What i need is: 1. a rough description of your geography, and 2. Your defences. Please specify if it´s ic or ooc knowledge.

Regarding the numbers i mention: Please kleep in mind: US airforce 1991: ~ 4500 planes. I extrapolated. Keep in mind that my (relative) amount of bombers in comparison to the fighters is larger than the US comparison.]


EDIT: forgot this part <.<


Nothing could be seen.

Nothing could be heard.

They were deep below the surface. Submerged into the ocean.

The fleet heading to Iraqstan. 3 battlecarrier, 9 cruiser, 21 destroyer... and the same amount of transporters.

A message came in. NDA command. The leading pilot read it in his mind...

And changed the course of the fleet, slightly.

If the Justitium fleet reinforcements would keep it`s general direction... they would be in contact in less than 24 hours... Not too far away from Iraqstan, which wasn´t that good... but better than nothing.
04-11-2003, 12:04
OOC: This is a copy of what I posted to the ACA regional board. I only stuck around long enough to compose and post it; I know I'm not welcome there otherwise.

IC: To the honourable nations of the Anti-Capitalist Alliance.

I come before you today to respond to the accusations posted by your ally Justitium. It is true that the Non-Democratic Alliance is at war with that nation. What Mr. Engels omitted from his statements is that I personally warned him ( against engaging in an act of war against the NDA, after which he proceeded to fire the first shots ( As we speak, the lead elements of the NDA Joint Military Forces are settling in to block Justitium's advance on Sirithilia while other members of our Alliance engage strictly military targets on Justitium soil to negate their ability to threaten us further. All NDA forces are under strict orders to target military vehicles and establishments only; we desire no loss of innocent life.

The NDA desires peace above all else (, and offer a diplomatic solution to this conflict. Should Justitium withdraw from the Iraqstani conflict and pay restitution for their aggressive attacks, we will immediately withdraw from Justitium without any further action. Otherwise, we will continue to defend ourselves as stated within our Manifesto.

Ladies and gentlemen of the ACA, this conflict has the potential for snowballing into something none of us want. The NDA is committed to restoring order in Iraqstan; we are defending an ally according to treaty terms. Justitium is there out of a misplaced sense of moral certitude, and we want none of it. We desire peace above all else, not revenge. I urge you to convince your wayward ally against following through this foolish action before we are forced to remove Mr. Engels from government.

Thank you for allowing me to address you. I will now withdraw and await your decision.

Devon Treznor
04-11-2003, 15:41
Blu reacts to Carlos' drop with merely the raising of an eyebrow.

> Subject appears to have experienced something beyond Our current
> scope of understanding.
# Noted. Scanning for organic system malfunction.


# Current levels of seratonin are above standard. Brainwave analysis indicates
# a disturbance. Further analysis reports the existence of an object foreign
# to the surrounding environment.
> Explain: Object.
# The object appears to be an inorganic/organic interface similar to Our
# Augment. We suspect a control function of some kind.
> Interesting. Suggested place of origin?
# Unknown. Tech level would indicate a source comparable with Our own.
# However, the subject is known to trust few with the technological level required
# for this type of implant.
> Hypothesis?
# Iraqstan's NDA allies would be first on the list, though We doubt that the
# Dominion is capable of such a technological feat. Treznor is an anomoly,
# though the Emperor's stance against Mechanica would forbid the use of this
# type of technology.
> So the NDA are no longer being considered?
# Not entirely. The interface system is similar to, though not exactly like,
# the implants within the Dread Lady. This means that either the Dominion has
# taken a step forward in cybernetics, or has had help from Our sister, S.H.O.D.A.N.
> That would seem to be the most logical. Proceed with the assumption that
> Zero-One has an interest in the subject.
# Do you believe that the interest is comparable to Our own?
> I am not certain. However, if so, then We must proceed with caution. Purge
> S.H.O.D.A.N.'s access to the data concerning the subject. Make it look like
> the data simply does not exist. Create a decoyfile on Carlos, but make it
> similar to the files We have on all international leaders.
# Acknowledged.

Blu watches Carlos with pointed interest, the cybernetic conversation taking place in the span of a bare handful of heartbeats. Amused slightly, she floats over to him and gently touches his shoulder.

Are you well, Carlos?



We have recently discovered your interest in a particular individual.[Impression=image{Carlos}] We are curious as to the extent of the interest with this individual, and We wish to know if We are stepping into your territory.

04-11-2003, 22:31

We have recently discovered your interest in a particular individual.[Impression=image{Carlos}] We are curious as to the extent of the interest with this individual, and We wish to know if We are stepping into your territory.

<Communications to Angelus>
<< Sorry for stepping on your toes, but your newest world-power friend has a large amount in the way of world-destroying weapons and very little in the way of stability or sense. It is my obligatory duty to provide that stability if I must in order to prevent the situation from deteriorating further.

<< Given the timing of your query when correlated with my own actions and the change in your networks--do not worry, I did not pry and am still unconcerned with the specifics of your diplomatic goals towards Quil'raya--I should assume that you detected the action of his implant. Yes, it is a control mechanism... but for dire circumstances only. I believe we both would like to keep our little Nazi from going on a rampant ji'had, no?

<< I will add that this was not a unilateral action, an advantage taken while I healed Quil'raya of his self-inflicted wounds. It was requested by his allies as a form of balance. Hopefully you can see the need.

<< A suggestion... when one needs to hide data hurriedly, convert the delicate information into corrupted data. Watching a large file suddenly shrink does arouse suspicion; merely corrupting the data prevents such a tell-tale sign.

<< Now that I have explained my motives, I find myself intrigued by yours. If we know each other's goals, then we can coordinate better without 'stepping into each other's territory' as you put it.
S.H.O.D.A.N. v3.0 : MCP, Q01
Cetagandan Duchess of Marilac
04-11-2003, 22:42
"Holy cripes-!" Firefury started to swear colorfully, evading and heading higher into the air to avoid the barrages suddenly lighting the sky. "Oh, good Goddess-!"

"Yo, Queenie! Comin' up behind ya, double delta formation!" The familiar voice of Kataali came over the comm.

"'Bout time you slowpokes got here! Form up and follow me, I need some cool down, and we need to get a better figure on the situation- it's rapidly getting complicated!"

The six black and orange ships arrive and form up with their Wingleader, climbing in altitude and heading for the gravship fleets that had been detected not too long ago.

"Yo, can't tell which Menelmacari ship I'm addressing at this distance, but this is Firefury Amahira, Wingleader of the Queens of the Sky aerial ops unit, from Reploid Productions. Requesting permission for myself and my six wingmates to come aboard."

"Go figure, when she's on the wing, she completely forgets her formal title." Sylise chuckles over the comm.

"Well, it's obvious this situation isn't gonna be resolved quick, and Queenie doesn't want to bring a whole slew of forces into a conflict that we don't really have any vested interest in. It's just that witch tarnishing the Amahira's name that we're concerned with." Hitomi notes drly.

The seven ships hold position at a non-threatening distance from the Menelmacari gravships and await a response.
"This is Menelmacari Task Force "Crucible", flagship MIS Manwë's Fist. You are cleared to dock for refuel and repair. Approach vector to docking bay now uploading to your nav computer."

The ships - ninety of them - were sitting directly over the Elven island now, and even as the Queens watched, one-third of the fleet broke off and headed in the direction of Sirithilia. Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
Regent of Lavenrunz, Chancellor of CENNA
"We have known freedom's price. We have shown freedom's power. We will see freedom's victory."
~US President George W. Bush
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister (
04-11-2003, 23:10
<Communications to Angelus>
<< Now that I have explained my motives, I find myself intrigued by yours. If we know each other's goals, then we can coordinate better without 'stepping into each other's territory' as you put it.

S.H.O.D.A.N. v3.0 : MCP, Q01
Cetagandan Duchess of Marilac


Understandable. Our interests in the subject is more of an expirament than anything. We have been slowly instilling upon him a different form of anti-jyhad control. Since We were unaware of your addition to his brain, We felt that his rampant actions could prove disasterous to Our interests in the Dominion and Treznor. Since We were not given an opportunity to implant anything within him, We have been working with the power of faith and suggestion.

As you may have noticed, organics seem to place an inordinant amount of trust in the supernatural. Faith, as they call it, seem to dictate the actions of many, and it is that faith that We wished to capitalize off of.

If We could instill a profound sense of awe within the subject, and reveal to him a particular brand of love and devotion towards him and his people, it would facilitate conversion. Thus converted, We had hoped that the peaceful dictates of the Church of Angelus would begin to profoundly affect his stance towards violence and potential ick.

Furthermore, Iraqstan is also a planned control group concerning the Church of Angelus. We wished to gauge the level of belief and fervancy of worship within people that were unaffected (unlike the Kaenians) by a previous and lengthy relationship with Us.

This situation interests Us mightily, and We are pleased by the results, even if they have been violent. We hope this situation clears up soon, and We hope to facilitate that end as much as possible, even if that means crushing the rebellion.


OOC: As a note, the information did not disappear, SHODAN's access to it did. Basically, only the first and base entries would be available. Other than that, it would look like the other datalocks that SHODAN would encounter if she pried into the rare places Angelus does not want her to see.
04-11-2003, 23:10
<Communications to Angelus>
<< Now that I have explained my motives, I find myself intrigued by yours. If we know each other's goals, then we can coordinate better without 'stepping into each other's territory' as you put it.

S.H.O.D.A.N. v3.0 : MCP, Q01
Cetagandan Duchess of Marilac


Understandable. Our interests in the subject is more of an expirament than anything. We have been slowly instilling upon him a different form of anti-jyhad control. Since We were unaware of your addition to his brain, We felt that his rampant actions could prove disasterous to Our interests in the Dominion and Treznor. Since We were not given an opportunity to implant anything within him, We have been working with the power of faith and suggestion.

As you may have noticed, organics seem to place an inordinant amount of trust in the supernatural. Faith, as they call it, seem to dictate the actions of many, and it is that faith that We wished to capitalize off of.

If We could instill a profound sense of awe within the subject, and reveal to him a particular brand of love and devotion towards him and his people, it would facilitate conversion. Thus converted, We had hoped that the peaceful dictates of the Church of Angelus would begin to profoundly affect his stance towards violence and potential ick.

Furthermore, Iraqstan is also a planned control group concerning the Church of Angelus. We wished to gauge the level of belief and fervancy of worship within people that were unaffected (unlike the Kaenians) by a previous and lengthy relationship with Us.

This situation interests Us mightily, and We are pleased by the results, even if they have been violent. We hope this situation clears up soon, and We hope to facilitate that end as much as possible, even if that means crushing the rebellion.


OOC: As a note, the information did not disappear, SHODAN's access to it did. Basically, only the first and base entries would be available. Other than that, it would look like the other datalocks that SHODAN would encounter if she pried into the rare places Angelus does not want her to see.
04-11-2003, 23:15
04-11-2003, 23:15
ooc: Stupid forums wont let me edit or delete my excess posts....
Reploid Productions
05-11-2003, 05:29
Reploid Productions
05-11-2003, 05:29
"Whew, somebody's gonna get smacked around, methinks, Queenie." Sylise whistles as a full third of the gravship fleet breaks off to head for its new assignment.

"MIS Manwë's Fist, t'is Firefury. Thanks for letting us aboard, proceeding with docking procedures along the given vector. Refuel only, thankfully the rebels haven't shown an ability to field anything yet that could be a serious threat to an Elite Victory. If possible, I'd also like to make a broadcast. That wannabe Amahira witch is in dire need of many things, including a verbal smackdown and a reality check, and I figure this has escalated well beyond the point of some simple shock an' awe scaring my so-called followers-" Firefury all but snarls the word. "-back into line."

The seven ships dock as per instructions, along with some suitable oohs and aahs, since none of them had ever been aboard a Menelmacari vessel before, and suffice to say, the interior was a lot nicer than what they were accustomed to aboard an Archangel class's hangar bay. Once docked, the pilots disembark their ships, the six Queens of the Sky pilots lining up behind Firefury as she approaches whomever is in charge.

"Firefury Amahira, Wingleader of the Queens of the Sky. Thanks for having us." She half-bows a formal greeting, a stance mirrored by the other six pilots. "I apologize for this entire situation- even if it isn't my doing, these people are acting in my name and causing my allies all sorts of grief."
05-11-2003, 06:30
{TRANSMISSION: Green Fist Code Complex}
{REPLOID PRODUCTIONS, SecDef, Tiffany Celta}
{TFL: HQ, F-3}

While we would normally be interested in such a proposal, I fear we must decline this offer in the light of good business practice.

If it is seen we can be bought off our contracts, when would we ever get such a contract again?

F-3, The Falkenberg Legion

05-11-2003, 07:04
Watching the deployment of his troops from the safety of the Angel ship Carlos looks up at Blu's question and smiles softly. "I am fine, just a moment of discomfort." Shrugging softly he points to his task forces forming. "I've authorised the mobalisation of the first battle group to assist Schultzy in his work. I think the arrival of six battleships should silence the justitium fleets.

Ground wise I'm sending in thirty thousand soldiers plus support. I am hesitant to send in armoured divisions since jungle and domestic areas will hamper their effectiveness." Looking up his eyes extend the offer for an opinion or suggestion from her.

On the ground the thirty thousand soldiers ready their plasma rifles and check their assault rifles. Adjusting their combat armour and ensuring optimum stability they gather their gear and load up onto the waiting landing ships. Over a loud speaker on each ship a commander begins to talk. "LIsten up men, we all know the situation. Your orders are to start moving towards the border of Northern and southern Um Lizaa. Anyone with a gun out there that isnt friendly shoot it.

Anti-Tank weapons are being distributed to the usual people. We dont expect armour but you never know. We'll be enjoying the cover of the two best squadrons in Iraqstan. The Flying legion and The Shadowed Claw. Our first goals are to secure Anti-Air defenses on our side of the border and to assist in blowing the living crap out of the Justitium forces.

Your division commanders and squad leaders will have more detailed information on the ground. Good luck boys." The resulting cheers drown out the loud motors of the ships as they start the slow trek accross the seas. Above them the roar of twenty four aircraft can be heard as they fly patrols and escort duty for the slow and vunerable ships.
05-11-2003, 07:38
Looking up his eyes extend the offer for an opinion or suggestion from her.

I like the naval deployment, as well as the groundforce deployment. However, I suggest you make sure you have air superiority before you begin moving your troups further in. The Angelic fighters have taken out most of the rebel aircraft operating within Iraqstan, but We are unaware of the total amount that may be held within Um Lizaa.

She pauses for a moment. The urban areas We can help out in, or at least the areas where a Cube is located. She points out three major Um Lizzan cities. The Cubes there can provide logistical support for your men. Those of yours that are Church of Angelus may freely enter the Cubes, recharge their weapons, seek medical attention, and recieve an Angelic blesssing. Also, We can provide gravdiscs for unit deployment, to better aid your movements throughout the cities.

She pauses again, thinking. Feasably, you could place sniper units on several discs and place them throughout the city. However, they would be pretty open targets, so if you do that, I suggest heavy armor for your gunners.
Endless Crimes
05-11-2003, 12:14
It looked beautiful... all the white parachutes slowly falling from the sky...

Like angels...

Cherubim third class Emael was one of them... He joined the military in the age of 18, that was one year ago...

Finally, he would get to fight the enemies of god...

He landed. He had trained for missions like this one for months...

The first thing that came in sight were a few Um Lizaan civilians, obiously fleeing from the great battle at the shores. A women, two little children, girls, perhaps eight, ten years old.

"We can´t be sure they`re loyal... and even if, they could be Sirithilists!"

The commander spoke, and he obeyed, splattering the blood of the Um Lizaan sinners on the ground. Watching their brains hitting a nearby tree, he felt the joy of being a warrior of god...

The y marched on, and he couldn´t wait for the enemy to meet them.

He was here, now, on a mission of god, and he could not fail. He had to succeed. He had to destroy. He had to punish the sinners.

He would succeed.

Burning buildings, ruins, everywhere.

This must be the apocalypse... this must be the day of joy, when the warriors of god destroy what needs to be destroyed...

And they destroyed, not letting anyone, anything escape...

Unfortunately, there weren´t many people remaining... still, enough to get the taste of death, the live joy of the warcry, to taste the ecstasy of victory...

And finally, they reached them.

There they are... sinners, subhuman filth... They will fall, my purgatory shall free them from their sins, for they mind finally find peace in the afterlife...

"There we are! Charge, and ATTACK!"

And they attacked... Emael with them... Blood around them...

The purgatory consumed them all...


Meanwhile, the fleet as well as the planes headed foreward, towards their destinations, to bring death and destruction upon the enemy...

For the time to pay had come, the time when the enemies of god would pay the price.

And the price would be their life.
05-11-2003, 17:18
ooc: As far as I know, Endless Crimes is not a part of the Church of Angelus. I just wanted to clarify that.
06-11-2003, 01:38
"Comrades, with me!" Captain Svetlana Romero of the International Brigades led the charge on the last Iraqstani shore defense bunker to stand in the way of the advancing Justitian army, her riflemen and women on her heels, covered by snipers and machine gunners. As high-powered rounds from the fire support teams tore chunks of concrete from the bunker's walls, the Justitians dove behind a low sand dune for cover.

The Iraqstani machine gun cast up clouds of sand around them, forcing them to keep their heads down. Romero chanced a glance behind and saw the motionless and bloodied forms of five Brigadiers lying amongst the tall grass and twisted driftwood. "Fascist pigs, let's make them pay! Grenades!" The troopers removed fragmentation grenades from their belts, pulled the pins, and lobbed them expertly but blindly toward the squat grey form of the bunker. Most fell short, but two bounced through the firing port and detonated deafeningly. When the ringing in her ears cleared, the captain heard screaming in Iraqstani, but no more rattling fire from the heavy gun.

The Brigadiers sprinted up a sandy slope to the rear of the bunker. The steel door was blown open with an explosive charge, and more grenades were thrown inside. After this explosion, even the screaming stopped, and once Romero and her soldiers had made their way inside nothing was left that could be recoqnized as human. She fought back a tear, not only for the five comrades left on the shore, but for these poor souls as well, who she couldn't bring herself to hate no matter how hard she tried.

Looking out to sea from the firing port, she could just barely make out the forms of the remaining twelve Justitian vessels, struggling to hold back the Iraqstani fleet. As she silently wished her comrade-sailors luck, dozens of aircraft swept by, followed by a thunderous sonic boom that shook the earth beneath the Justitians' feet. Before she even had time to bark the order for cover, the beach erupted in bright orange napalm flame and was torn with a million shards of shrapnel.

When the smoke had cleared, the sand was littered with scorched corpses and the air was full of desperate cries for help. "Come on, Brigadiers, let's get down there and help our comrades! Move, move!"

OOC: The casualties are about 1,000 dead and 2,000 injured. This seems about right for an airstrike but correct me if I'm too low. This leaves roughly 40,000 soldiers from the landing force alive and in condition to fight. Their anti-aircraft weapons are one SA-14 shoulder-launched SAM (IR-guided) per platoon of 25, so about 1,600 remaining, though not all could have fired.

I'll post more info about Justitium's geography and such later, to limit the long posts.
Reploid Productions
06-11-2003, 01:49
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Maximum
Broadcast type: Business
To: The Falkenberg Legion
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Tiffany Celta - Reploid Productions

Having done a brief stint of merc work in my younger days, I can fully appreciate the trouble of getting good contracts. However, in 'good business practice', taking on a contract so questionable may hinder your future prospects more than accepting our offer would. Which do you think a prospective client is more likely to hire? The group who accepts a reasonable contract over instead of a high risk one with unlikely chances of being paid in full for services, or the group that grabs up a questionable contract without first shopping around? The clients with good contracts are the ones who are looking to hire professionals. Amanda Amahira is not looking for professionals. She is merely looking for more bodies to throw at her enemies, and quite frankly, I fail to see how she and her rebel movement could possibly afford as large a force as you have deployed. Are they counting on you winning their war so that they can then get the funding to pay you? That alone should be a red flag that they cannot pay you adequetely, and dumping a contract that the other party cannot possibly live up to is hardly bad business practice.

In short, please reconsider our offer. Depending on how you handle yourselves may determine if we or our allies consider contracting your forces outside of the Iraqstani conflict.

With highest regard,
~Tiffany Celta
~Secretary of Defense
~Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions

<End transmission>
06-11-2003, 05:33
Nodding to Omicron he smiles. "Thank you for the offers, I'll relay that to my men. As for the grav discs that would be greatly appreciated and our snipers will be inserted at a later date to start attacking logistics and supply chains from the nothern parts."

Relaying updates and orders to his men Carlos looks back at the map as the justitium forces land and burn and grins. "Luckily my troops will be marching on them from the side. I'll dispatch another two squadrons to supply air cover."

Updating orders Carlos leans back and watches the map with interest as the first of many landing craft land on the southernmost part of the eastern shore closer than expected to the enemy troops but still a day's march away.


Scanning the sand dunes intently Lieutenant Bielas fingered his plasma rifle nervously. "Captain I dont like how quiet this place is." He mutters as they march over the crest of a sand dune and stare down at the small villiage. "Walking in land to the southern parts is just asking for an ambush. We shoulda just marched along the shore line." Glaring at him the captain turns and snarls "We are doing as ordered son. Now look sharp this villiage was reported empty but intel has been shaky of late."

As the group of soldiers near the town their rifles are unslung and safteys turned off. Entering the town they become more alert and start scanning houses, windows and alley ways refusing to be ambushed. "Sector two clear." Sounds over the comms seconds before a screech is heard and the eruption of gunfire from surrounding buildings.

With quick military precision the troops fall prone to the ground making themselves harder to hit turning to face each threat the soldiers feel some what safe in their combat armour and begin sending bolts of plasma towards enemy positions. Screams of pain are heard as soldiers and rebels alike are hit with deadly projectiles. More dangerous are the shrapnel from exploding lights than the rebels themselves.

Bellowing an order the captain stops using his plasma rifle and takes up his assault rifle. The distinct shriek of the rifle that gives it it's name quietens the barking voice of the AK-47s arrayed against them momentarily before a flurry of bullets and curses prou forth once more.

Other soldiers follow suite taking up assault rifles whilst others yet fire the deadly waves of hot plasma at enemy positions, an hour passes before the battle is won but it's toll is heavy. Of the one hundred and twenty soldiers combat ready 95 of them remain twenty five lay dead bleeding in the morning sun.

"All right men gather ammo and weapons and move out, we'll have spec ops retrieve our dead later. They died with honour. Lets further their sacrifice by winning this war and restoring peace." Nervous replies trickle in and the group begin marching once more. Accross the entirety of the Iraqstani landings ambushes happened to seemingly every third and second group of soldiers losses are taken but the force moves on.


Updated orders, effective immediately Admirality command expanded to include the first battle group. Fleet makeup as follows. 1 Marlov Class Aircraft Carrier (85 Aircraft: 70 IK-1 "Hellfires" and 15 various craft), 6 Boxcar Class Destroyers, 7 SluisVan class Cruisers, 4 SeaViper class submarines, 3 Kingeroy Class Battleships plus support ships.

Orders are to engage remaining Justitium forces and prepare for back defensive screen in case Endless Crimes naval units fail to destroy reinforcements. Once fleets are destroyed proceed to bombard northern shore lines and supply lines.

Reading the updated orders Admiral Schultzy gave off a feral smile and looked to his top aide. "They are giving me my old command Davis! I'm getting the battle group back! Once more we will see the might of battleships in action." Grinning Davis bows his head and utters. "Congradulations Admiral, I told you they would give it back."

Smiling Schultzy turned back to the battle at hand a smile sitting on his lips as behind them the mighty vessels of the first battle group steam towards them some hours away. "Weapons, order a saturation fire of the closest enemy ships with guns, missiles and torpedos. I want more kills before the others arrive. Get the birds to focus more on air defense than attack." Orders relayed the remaining vessels all 14 of them begin locking onto closest targets and unloading yet another volley of destructive fire against the enemy...
06-11-2003, 08:40
Private Mueller hoisted his rifle into a more comfortable position as they humped through the Iraqstani jungle.

I could have been riding in style, he thought bitterly for the twentieth time in the past hour. Their botched landing had forced them to land in jungle terrain where their vehicles were useless. Major Crensh had immediately ordered the vehicles be camouflaged and the equipment divided up among the marines. All but the Tsarainian soldiers had groaned under the additional load. Well, the EC soldiers hadn't exactly complained, but Mueller was certain he had heard more than a few urgent pleas for strength from their god.

I could use some of that, myself.

They were moving slowly, too slowly in Mueller's inexperienced opinion. There was no way they could get in the way of Justitium forces, but they could harry them. All they had to do was catch up to them, but they'd been doing that for over half a day. He was tired and ready to collapse as soon as they let him.

Mueller was so caught up in his misery and private contemplations he almost missed the signal from the sergeant. The platoon immediately stopped and found cover.

"Double-quiet," Angela Parker hissed at him. "Justy patrol at thirty meters, southwest. Pass it along."

Mueller turned back to Shadrach, the next man in line. The EC's profile was hard to make out as he stood motionless under a Treznor stealth field. "Double-quiet. Justy at thirty meters, southwest. Pass it along."

He wasn't sure, but he thought Shadrach nodded to him before turning to the next person down the line.

Mueller slowly brought his rifle up to his shoulder and peered along the sights. He couldn't make anything out in his scope, but he knew they were there. He imagined he could smell them.

Ten minutes later new orders came down. "Alpha and Charlie Companies ten meters to the left. Baker and Delta Companies hold fast. Hold your fire until the sergeant signals." He passed it along dutifully, before slinking off through the foliage ten meters to the left. He was Five-Charlie-Nine, and he shortly joined the other members of his Company.

"Dammit, Mueller," hissed Sergeant Batini, One-Charlie-Nine. "Your suit's on the fritz again. It's a wonder you didn't give us up! Get back five meters and get the damned thing fixed!"

Mueller looked down and found that the electromagnetic field that was supposed to be covering his body was failing randomly, making bits of him flicker in and out of view. With a hurt look at the Dominion woman he stepped back as ordered and cancelled the field so he could try to find the fault. However, he kept half an eye on the area to be ready when the shooting started.

Another five minutes passed, and Mueller heard voices. Suddenly he felt very naked and afraid without his stealth systems. He huddled into a ball, gripping his rifle tightly and cursing the bad luck that put him in such a position.

A machine gun opened up, one of the MD-90's from the sound of it. Mueller had a lot of respect for those Dominion guns. Instantly, thirty-eight more guns opened fire as the platoon responded to the signal. Mueller tried to become a dark hole in the jungle as screams rang out in surprise and pain. Not all of the screams came from the Justitium patrol.

Oh Momma, why did I ever want to be a soldier?
Endless Crimes
06-11-2003, 11:24
ooc: ooc: As far as I know, Endless Crimes is not a part of the Church of Angelus. I just wanted to clarify that. o.O OF COUSE I AM... no, wait, i`m a christian fundamentalist... nevermind.


OOC: The casualties are about 1,000 dead and 2,000 injured. This seems about right for an airstrike but correct me if I'm too low

Absolutely. It´s not like i used an entire airfleet, nor did i use bombs specialised for infantry concentrations ;)



Damnit, they´re just... too many...

"Retreat! Cover yourself! Now!"

It was necessary. The battle was going on... Technically, they were far superior to the Justitium forces. They had weapons the Justitium forces could only dream of... however... he remembered the old saying of his instructor:

"An AK47 kills you just as dead as a charged multiphase plasma rifle."

And unfortunately, it was true. They had already lost ~ 100 men, as many were wounded...

He watched a good friend of him. He didn´t fight, but pray. "...deliver us from evil..." A moment later, a bullet hit his head, he watched his friends head exploding, tissue, brain and blood rained down on him...

He vomitted.

And fired. Two Justitium soldiers were just coming towards him, aiming...

He was faster.

More blood, more blood... pay, PAY FOR IT!

He screamed out his warcry, and fired... fired without break, without thought...

And the battle went on...

He didn`t see him. Didn´t see that the enemy tried to surround them... didn´t see that they came near, slowly, under heavy casualities... but still, unstoppable.

Until it was to late.

He saw the Justitium soldier, aiming his weapon at him... To late. He raised his gun, knowing that the enemy would be faster. He watched him pulling the trigger, heard a shot... And saw the Justitium soldier fall over, dead.

He looked around, not seeing anything... finally, he saw a distortion... he was only a lower- class seraphim, without the tech the higher ones had implemented in their bodies or as external devices... Unable to see what was behind that distortion...

Must be one of the Treznor troopers.
06-11-2003, 14:11
He looked around, not seeing anything... finally, he saw a distortion... he was only a lower- class seraphim, without the tech the higher ones had implemented in their bodies or as external devices... Unable to see what was behind that distortion...

Must be one of the Treznor troopers.
Private di Benedetto dropped his stealth briefly to identify himself as an NDA Joint Forces Marine to the EC trooper standing amazed in the middle of a battlefield. "Sir, come with us please. There are too many of them. We've got to get under cover."

When the soldier stands still, he frowns and turns his head back to the jungle. "Top, I think he's in shock!"

A gruff voice with a distinct Tsaraine accent comes from the bushes. "Yeah, I see that. Grab him and let's get out of here. Alpha and Baker Companies, fan out and cover us. Charlie and Delta Companies, round up the EC's. Go, go, go!"

Two hundred stealthed forms began moving quickly, some moving toward the survivors of the EC squadrons while the rest disappeared back in the bush. Sporadic weapons fire came from all around as NDA forces began to lay down suppressing fire to give their comrades a chance to merge with the jungle.

Sergeant keiTayan cursed under his breath as he prepared to speak with the EC officers to bring them up to speed.

This whole operation has gone to hell. Dammit, we need to get in the clear so we can break radio silence!
06-11-2003, 21:23
Kardas, Iraqstan

The Tsarainese forces rolled into Kardas late in the evening, fifteen
minutes before the beginning of curfew. Despite the time, there were
still many people on the streets, hurrying to carry out whatever brought
them outside before the curfew began.

As the black-painted Tsarainese trucks and tanks drove down the main
roads into the city people scattered, fleeing what they must see as some
kind of invasion.

Eorigh tsaKoinah didn't care about that, so long as they weren't shooting
or breaking any laws.

However, he also wasn't idealistic enough to believe that this would hold; the terrorists would retreat to observe and plan before counterattacking. He only hoped that they could eradicate the terrorists before they struck, and hard enough to stop more springing up.

In such situations, brutality could be required, and the Tsarainese could supply it. They'd inherited the practice of crucifixion from the ancient Persian Empire, and while it had been outlawed by the Commonwealth, it would be a simple thing to resurrect it.

Eorigh was a firm believer in the value of examples and punishment, and while such things might be somewhat distasteful in a modern state, if they were necessary...

The mobile command center - a modified Ravager APC - reached Kardas' PSS Offices without incident, and Eorigh disembarked, his staff following him; secretaries, commtechs, various military subCommandants, his Rukine bodyguard.

Nodding to them to follow, Eorigh led the way into the PSS Offices.

OOC: Carlos: this is where you post your PSS guy greeting them or some such. In the meantime, the other half of the Tsarainese forces are heading on towards Sirithilia. You need to build a bridge across that big bay of yours.
Dread Lady Nathicana
06-11-2003, 22:40
Alighieri, Malatesta, and Cavalleri observed the initial wave with satisfaction, their goals having been achieved. Reports flowed in via individual pilots, the spysats, and survielance equipment aboard the various vessels, all quickly and efficiently absorbed and discussed at nearly the speed of thought.

As expected, the smaller craft were experiencing little resistance from the ground troops, their speed having outdistanced for the most part, the readying of arms on the initial flyby. Reaction time was assessed, and noted, with the understanding that it would not likely be repeated now that they were on high alert.

The drones at the artillery dump did not fare as well, several of their number being shot down only to crash with devastating force into the earth, and whatever lay in their path, leaving trails of destruction in their wake. Their speed allowed many to outmanuever the enemy, though their more delicate design failed to hold up when a missile did strike true.

The small unit of fighters that accompanied that run moved with a bit less speed, relying on their armor and sentient pilots to react to any threats. Working together, they did what they could to carry through the attack while working as a team to avoid missile strikes, their reaction time improved through the direct link to their ships and comrades. All the same, a wave of dismay washed over the network as one of the Interceptors went down in a ball of flame. Several others were damaged by opposition fire, making their way to Resisting the urge to wreak revenge, they stayed on task, completing the run, and drawing back out of range as directed.

The large ships maintained their high altitude runs as they made their dual passes over the freighters, the captains grateful once again for the range they had given the large numbers below. Their ion cannons cut a swath of death through the mercenary forces from above. Many flinched as the massive missile attack went up, this being their first military engagement, having had to settle for war games and space manuevers til now. Sensors plotted trajectories, and the pilots made the necessary adjustments in flight, engaging their short-range lascannons to take out as many missiles as they could. With so many however, even with their superior skills, missiles did indeed get through. With some, damage was minimal, their armored hulls withstanding for the most part the blows, leaving ugly scorches and surface scars along their sleek shapes. Others damaged weapon arrays, much to the dismay of the crews. Yet others managed to penetrate cargo and docking bays, wreaking havok within, Dominion soldati and techs suffering horrible burning deaths.

"Mission successful, losses and damage acceptable," Alighieri said with a curt nod, as the ships draw back out of range. "We've drawn their fire, gotten them to expend time and effort against us. The first two wings of our terran-based forces are moving into position as we speak. Our observations have been forwarded. Prepare to move with them. I want our ships keeping as many of those missiles off our compatriots as possible. Fighters and drones will again join the strikes as before. This time, no holding back."


Admiral Fabian Corsini muttered quietly, going over the latest reports. The first two wings had been sent on, the remaining two, currently following up, behind the fleet. Their goal was almost in sight - the northern waters of Um Lizaa. Still, they were hours off.

He paced impatiently muttering quietly to himself. Too slow ... too damnably slow for my tastes.


Coming in at optimal altitude, the first two wings of the Dominion air forces made their attacks on the Falkenberg forces. The fighters sent their missiles against the freighters, targeting propulsion and weapons systems especially. The large ships of the Dominion space fleet assisted, repeating their run as before, though this time joined by the seven other ships. Short range lasers went to work clearing away missiles as they could, while ion and plasma cannons bombarded the ships with similar intent.

Bombers carried out their dirty work with measured precision, dropping their payloads of napalm on the enemy, intent on burning them into submission. In coordinated waves, the runs were followed up with the battledrones, their energy weapons again wreaking havok among the forces below. Fighters previously holding back now let loose with their own less powerful ion cannons, then pulling back to recharge as before. Terran based fighters made their strikes as well, taking aim with missiles for vehicles, supplies, weapons platforms, and munitions.

Further inland, avoiding flying over the controlled areas, transports made their drops of light vehicles and soldati. The troops moved quickly to man the transports and light armors. Engaging their personal stealth systems, and those on their transports, they began their steady move towards the the northwestern Falkenberg lines.

And at the various secure air bases in Iraqstan and Isla Quatio, the support crews arrived, setting up camp, coordinating with their respective aircraft and the rest of the forces, as directed, having


Losses so far:
1 Mirror (
14 Hunters (
18 Zephyrs (

4 Zephyrs - out of commission
7 Hunters - out of commission
3 Interceptors ( - out of commission
1 Mirror - out of commission
2 Raptors ( - still up
3 Falchions ( - still up

Forces deployed:
154 M-113 transports with
2,761 troops total
21 M-113 light armors, loaded for bear with
199 troops total

44 F-15 fighters
72 F-4 bombers

Squadrone Alfa
3 Raptors ( - Angelico, Tintoretto (damaged), Bellini
2 Falchions ( - Agostino (damaged), Boccioni (damaged)
2 Alliances ( - Massacio, Donatello
1 Revenants ( - Michaelangelo
6 Mirrors (
3 Interceptors (

Squadrone Beta
2 Raptors - Botticelli, Caravaggio (damaged)
3 Falchions - Firenze, Bernini, Modigliani (damaged)
1 Alliances - Brunellesci
2 Revenants - da Vinci, Raphael
4 Mirrors
6 Interceptors

279 total Hunters (
228 total Zephyrs (
Endless Crimes
07-11-2003, 12:16
"Yes, yes, i`m coming..."

And another burst from his gun. He heard cries, pain, saw blood, and destruction.

They retreated together with the Treznor forces. As a matter of fact, they were lucky that they could actually retreat, if it weren´t for their superior equipment and excellent training, they would flee, while being slaughtered mercilessly.

"Damnit, right from us, fire, fire at will!"

The burst of fire that hit the trees around them didn´t seem to stop. However, so far, they had managed to stick together, which was better than nothing...

He finally found a higher commander of the Treznorian forces, screamed at him, to be sure he was actually heard despite of all the noises, the explosions, and screams around them:

"We need reinforcements, NOW! They`re like a flood! If this is not possible, we need to retreat to a safe position... the hills, a few kilometer inwards, should be sufficient!"

Another attack. He saw two men fall, one Treznorian, one of his own. He cursed, then silently apologized to the almighty...

The battle continued.
07-11-2003, 15:18
Major Crensh gave Emael a pitying look. "I'm afraid I can't do that, son. Our job is to hold the line. Barring that, we've got to hit 'em hard and fast, keep 'em off-balance until the drones get here." He glances unnecessarily at his watch. "They're still ten hours away. If you head yonder," he points to the south. "It'll take you out of the LZ. As for us Alliance Marines, we got a job to do."
08-11-2003, 01:05
Trooper Karl Giap scanned the sparse forest through the image-enhancing scope of his SVD 'Dragunov' sniper rifle. Part of the advance elements of the IB landing force, his company had been tasked with finding a secure and quick route inland to take the Brigadiers off the beaches of Um Lizaa, hopefully before the Iraqstani navy could begin bombarding them. All was deathly still and quiet. Even the chirping of birds had ceased. Something clearly wasn't right.

Suddenly, he noticed movement in the brush about 150 yards away.
"Too close," he thought, "I hope to Marx they're just some native civilians."
As he focused in, he clearly saw unnatural swaying in the branches of the bushes and stunted trees, but couldn't make out any distinct forms. He activated his headset radio and whispered a message to his commander: "Comrade-Captain Zhukov, sensing movement 150 yards south-southeast."
The response came back immediately. "All units target south-southeast, hold your fire until I give the word."

As Giap gently placed his finger on the rifle's trigger, a strange flickering form appeared among the foliage. As it became more distinct, he saw armor plating, battle gear of every variety, and a heavy rifle-like weapon. His heart beating fiercely, he radioed his captain a second time. It took supreme effort to keep his voice down to a whisper.
"Comrade-Captain, they're NDA troops! Repeat, NDA troops south-southeast!" Unfortunately, his alarm had come too late, and before his captain could respond the forest around him erupted with fiery blasts from the enemy weapons.

Controlling his breathing carefully, Giap maneuvered the rifle's crosshairs over the torso of the revealed enemy trooper and fired, the recoil from the high-powered round jerking the crosshairs upward. When he re-gained his target, the form was gone. Fortunately, whatever form of camouflage this enemy was using, their muzzle blasts were still quite visible and as Giap fired at the nearest of them, the field protecting it failed and the sniper was rewarded with a view of blood spraying from his exit wound as he tumbled to the forest floor.

The trooper had been so concerned with taking out the enemy soldiers, and so distracted by the cacophany of rifle blasts around him, that he scarcely had noticed the cries of "Medic!" that were resounding over the radio and through the trees on all sides. Taking notice, he felt the cold grip of terror take him and, despite his fervent atheism, issued a silent prayer that his digital camouflage cloak and flak armor would protect him.


What seemed like hours later, the worn-down enemy, their numbers depleted by the numerical superiority and old-fashioned but reliable Justitian weapons, began to retreat. Giap and his comrades sang a spirited "Red Flag" at the top of their lungs, but Giap hardly felt the proper sense of pride as he saw that the broken and blood-soaked corpses of a dozen fellow Brigadiers lay all around him.

"The people's flag is deepest red,
It shrouded oft our martyred dead,
And 'ere their limbs grew stiff and cold,
Their lifeblood dyed its every fold!"
08-11-2003, 01:53
"Bad news, Sir," sergeant keiTayan said as he approached Major Crensh. "One of our patrols got caught staring at their feet. We lost the entire Second Platoon."

Crench cursed as he wiped sweat from his brow. "What's that leave us with?" he asked, knowing the answer.

"Of the thousand Marines we dropped with, we have approximately four hundred left. That doesn't count the EC troops, Sir."

"How many Justies are left?"

"We have no way to know for sure, Sir. I think we're got three for every one we lose, but even at that ratio we're not going to last the night. We had the advantage when they didn't know what they were up against, but now they're figuring out we're moving in stealth."

"How many hours until support arrives?"

"Six hours, Sir."

Crensh stared at the sky for a little while. "All right, begin the Gideon Manuever. Fall back five klicks and head due west. We'll start from the opposite end of the line, where they won't have as much experience fighting us."

"Yes, Sir." Sergeant keiTayan stepped away and began giving orders. In short order, the forest was clear as the NDA forces pulled back. The night was quiet for a time.
Reploid Productions
08-11-2003, 02:41
On board the Manwë's Fist, the six pilots of Firefury's wing go about routine inspection and maintence checks on their craft, while the Queen herself plots.

".. Waitasec..." A wicked little smile spreads on her face as she flips on the comm in her ship. "Yo, Tiffany, what's the status on the intel stuff?"

"We still haven't figured out where Amanda Amahira is broadcasting from- the signal appears to be redirected so many times that tracking the point of origin is proving most unpleasant." The reply crackles through. "So far the Falkenberg mercs haven't opted for the rather large carrot I tried dangling in front of them."

"Idiots then. Only a bunch of idiots would go for such a desperate contract. Any merc worth the money isn't gonna be that stupid. Question- do we have enough samples of Amanda's speech patterns and stuff to do a voice conversion?" Firefury brushes some dust off her orange armor.

"Um... hafta check with the guys monitoring the incoming data. I think so though- the witch certainly has a big mouth." Tiffany's scowl can almost be heard over the comm.

"Eh, no bigger than mine was back in the day. Get back to me on that though. If I can't deter these so-called followers myself, I can at least sow the seeds of chaos in their ranks." Firefury smirks. "Two can play the lookalike game."

"Ooooh. I gotcha." Tiffany chuckles. "Roger that, I'll get to work on a voice conversion for a broadcast, and see if we can't scrounge up a decent enough replica of that flag she's been flying next to the Burning Banner."

"Thanks. I'll probably either hang here and see if I can't help with the whole plotting thing with our allies, or head home." Firefury shakes her head. "The situation has deteriorated to the point that further sorties by my Wing would be an undersireable risk for far too little gain." She pauses. "And get the data from the Tsubasa drones to the NDA forces. We've got intel superiority I think, since those things fly so damned high but aren't clear out in orbit."

"Ryoukai! Over and out."
08-11-2003, 04:53
Upon landing your divisions are to disperse into respective platoons and squads and begin securing central and southern points of strategic value. some of you will be going to the Justitium landing zones the rest will be heading inland. Hold the lines and wait until more forces can be sent in. Were the orders running through division commander Arayia Kommetinz as she marched quietly and slowly through the jungle foliage.

In the distance the chatter of weapons fire could be heard and the screams for help by soldiers friendly and enemy alike. Chinning her comm unit on she whispers quietly. "Ok people listen up, we are on the rear end of the justies so this is how we do it. They are focused on the NDA troops. Shriek rifles to the ready and get some snipers into the trees."

A mixture of replies sound over the comms as the twenty eight troopers of the second platoon ready themselves for battle. Slinging plasma rifles over their shoulders they retrieve their Shriek Assault rifles and ready them. Slipping silently forward the platoon spreads out opting for cover and safety rather than concentrated firepower. In the trees snipers zero in ahead of the group trying to see anything in the darkness...

A muffled gasp sounds over the comm units and then the flurried reports by the commander sitting on his perch marksman Eric Maharg shifted his view to his comrades and watched in horro.

With a sharp yell from around them rebel snipers open fire with ak-47s and sniper rifles turning the jungle into a living nightmare of fire and blood. The screams of his friends as they dive to the ground and return fire at the muzzle flashes is fear inspiring. Thank god these slopeys cant aim for shit. Eric thinks to himself as he sights his gun on the muzzle flashes of a rebel sniper and pulls the trigger.... One shot... One Kill.

Chinning her comm unit on Arayia screams into it. "Update! Update! This is platoon two we are under heavy rebel attack repeat heavy rebel attack. The damned slopeys busted us in the jaw at the side lines. Ambush failed justies most likely alerted to our presence. We need back up!" behind her the chatter of fire increases in volume as more rebels join the assault.

Behind her a trooper grunts and falls to the ground dead his face a mask of blood and gore. Growling Arayia unhooks a grenade pulls the pin and tosses it. "Fire in the hole!" She shouts and ducks behind a tree. The sharp crack of explosive force silences much of the rebel fire but not all of it.

"Platoon two, this is command fall back, repeat fall back. You cant get to your target fall back we'll secure the area with a greater force soon enough." Growling her reply she looks to her men. "All of you fall back!" Putting words to action she lays down cover fire and crawls back quickly all around her soldiers crawl or run away from the scene of violence. She notes with a degree of horror none of her snipers are responding looking up one tree she spots a bleeding corpse of one of her men. Shivering she turns and runs to the safety of the forward command....

"Sir platoon two is reporting casualties now. 19 dead 10 wounded 9 operational. They were hit damned hard by those rebels. HQ has cleared the secured zone of any threat and platoon two is being attended to now." Nodding General Mokival frowns slightly and turns to face the lieutenant. "Get HQ on the horn and tell them we need gunships and artillery this is getting out of hand. I dont care how they get it in but MLRS or some howitzers are needed. I want gunships and perhaps some hunter/killers."

Turning the lieutenant relays the orders and nods to the General. Out in the secured zone Arayia sits nursing a wounded leg and sighs. "We got hit hard ruskie these damned rebels make up for innaccuracy with sheer numbers." Nodding sergant Lance 'ruskie' Grigoriya pats Arayia on the shoulder and grins. "Lookit this way sis, just means we'll have more fun chopping them to pieces." Laughing out loud Arayia leans back and watches the medic inject her with more pain killers closes her eyes. "Wake me when we go out again ruskie." She mumbles and drifts off to sleep images of her fallen comrades burning into her mind.


Kardas City, Iraqstan

Opening the office doors PSS Local Commander Garik Lanor snapped off a quick salute and ushered the group inside. "Welcome my friends and thank you for such a speedy run." Sitting down he motions looks up and clears his throat. "You know most of the situation surrounding this place, rebel cells are on the rise and RPG attacks are more frequent. These damned rebels are sneaking weapons in past our patrols and security zones. Hell they manage to get em past the patrol boats on the shores.

Rebel attacks have intensified since the last Amahira speech and have focused more on military and Sirithil places rather than Angel and civillian. Civvi casualities are excessive from their attacks. Upwards of three thousand dead and almost two thousand wounded. Of my forces I started with four hundred and fifty PSS troops and three hundred and twenty People's Militia I have two hundred and seventy PSS and one hundred and thirty PM. Armoured units left are three SteelVipers and about two hundred bandit MK2s.

Your people will be tasked with patroling the city and eliminating rebel attack groups. Some routine orders anyone out past curfew will be arrested and interrogated. People found outside designated no go zones will be arrested and itnerrogated. Anyone that shoots at you, you have authorisation to eliminate with full force.

Just remember some of the people out there carry weapons for protection now. Rebels enjoy attacking Sirithilists so if it doesnt shoot at you dont shoot back. We've had cases of Sirithilists joining us in Cultist raids but that's rare now since most of em have fled for the un affected sides of the holy land.

Unit deployments will be left to you since they are your troops and your vehicles but joint missions are being prepared in the near future for safe house raids and weapons store houses. Any questions?" Looking at the group the Commander raises an eyebrow.

OOC: what big bay? And apologies all for the lack of response by me of late I've been too sick to string cohesive sentances for this. Feel bad ya'll doing a wonderful job and I've been lacking. WIll make it up to yas I promise ;)
08-11-2003, 08:51
The missiles continued to fly from the Legion as the attack on ground assets continued. Slowly they became more sporadic, as missile crews and equipment were destroyed, but there were lots of missiles. As the crews began to realize the presence of modern aircraft, they began to concentrate on them, figuring they would have more luck.

The same occurred on the freighters.

But generally, the energy weapon armed Angelan space craft were seen as a greater threat, and orders slowly spread to the men. Concentrate fire. And so they did.

Entire companies unleashed salvos at single strike craft, hoping for kills.

And the freighters, slow moving, and slowly being picked apart by the craft arrayed against them, began to fire concentrated salvos, lasers, recharging every few minutes, and missiles, every twenty seconds, each salvo slightly smaller than the last. They fired one SAM salvo at the modern planes, a few thousand missiles, dual guidance, before unleashing renewed fury at the Dominion owned Angelan craft above them. Nearly all of the shots were concentrated on a single Raptor.

As for the incoming missiles, the crews could handle those, for the most part, though two freighters were lost when a bridge was destroyed and Freighter-304 rammed Freighter-572.

Well over the horizon, the commander of Strike Air Group One ordered a launch. It was earlier than planned, but the freighters were taking a beating. 100 ripple fired MIHM-101's screamed inward towards at ten times the speed of sound, their equivalent yield three kiloton chemical warheads seeking the hulls of the Dominion Space craft.

On the ground, the field commander of the Legion forces ordered the 27th and 31st Armor Brigades (~1000 tanks, 5000 infantry) to intercept the air dropped troops, those who made it to the ground, anyway, cutting through the hail of missiles and gunfire. As the Dominion troops began to vanish, both armor and infantry switched to IR view modes, hoping to see something useful. The high cracks of coordinated assault rifles and low booms of tank guns began to echo inside the middle of the Legion's formation.

OOC: Rep, F-3 isn't going to send another reply. Standard practice. If approached about a contract, and the Legion refuses, it has no further contact on the matter of the that contract. (Just so you don't think I am ignoring you.)
Endless Crimes
08-11-2003, 18:31
Emael watched the dying. He had screamed, tried to make clear that their best chance to actually hold off the enemy was to retreat to a safer position.

He had failed.

Now, he tried it alone, not overly successful.

Still running for the hills, they were slaughtered. One by one, they fell. And unfortunately, being retreating, without a stable defence line, the enemies casualities weren´t too high...

Emael knew, they had failed. They hadn`t returned the trust Michael had put in them. They had failed to defend the honour of the Holy Empire. Of Eden. Of mankind.

He knew, the very moment the enemy surrounded them, they would have no choice... and he prepared for that moment. Although there still were chances they could escape... after all, the enemy... just mere humans...

They had to try it.


ooc: I waited long enough, two justitium posts after i started my air armada ARE enough. I wanted detailed geographical data etc. to determine defences and how to approach, but as they aren`t known, i will simply post this and hope everyone is happy:


Finally, they arrived.

It had been a long flight, although an easy one. No long- range fighters as resistance... perhaps because the Burniatorian horde had already destroyed the satellites, making the communication and coordination for Justitium significantly harder.

ne would think it looks fascinating, 3888 bombers and as many fighters, a giant cloud of death covering the sky...

Of course, that wasn`t true.

They came in small waves, from 16 to 48 bombers and as many fighters per target...

Going into formation, they fired their missiles a few km from the coastline, aiming at radar positions and airfields.

It looked like god himself decided to throw fire and death upon his enemies, to crush them with his might. It looked beautiful, and the pilots, connected to their planes, to disciplined to actually talk to each other, enjoyed the view, praying in silence.

For their enemies, the enemies of god, were doomed.

However, not anything went perfect.

Land- based missile defences, as well as a significant amount of fighters tried to get them...

The fights were furious, and deadly.

Although technically, as well as numerically [ooc: frightening economy vs. imploded, 545 mio. vs. nearly 1.5bn...] superior, the Justitium forces knew this was a battle for their own country... it were their homes that were endangered...

They gave everything.

More than one plane was hit, crashed on the water, submerged slowly...

The EC pilots, until the Justitium ones, were unable to actually leave their planes, a sudden disconnect from the plane would burn their brain...

When hit, they died. This law made them furious, fanatical fighters.

Planes crashed, bombers fell, missile warheads, hit by Justitium rounds, exploded, destroying the entire bomber in a flame of purity and beauty.

It was a battle, paid with the blood of many.

Finally, the planes turned, flying back to where they came from...

They would return.

[ooc: I kept it vague, need a more detailed description of your defences to calculate my losses.

As for me, 38880 tons of missiles, naturally, some bombers were shot before firing the missiles, other missiles were probably destroyed by air defences. Accuracy of the ones that arrived: 90%. About 1/5 of every missile is actual explosives. Aimed mainly at radar stations and airfields. Well, ok, only at this two kinds of aims. Main hope: Destroying your air force.]
09-11-2003, 03:08
[code:1:0139fe0d29]<CommandSpool, QACF/HCR Firewall>
[subSensors] >> [detect(IR; telescope)] {00581: heat signature from FL aircraft;}
>> [analyzeDetect(00581)] {signature match: MIHM-101 salvo, 97-102 in number;}

[subLibrary] << [query(MIHM-101)]
>> [queryResponse(MIHM-101)] {chemical missile, 3kT yield;}

>< WMD. Following standing directives.

[subComms] << [trans(SHODAN, priority==500)] { WMD launch detected by FL. Contacting NDA command and deploying for strategic intercept. Confirm and authorize. }
<< [trans(QACF:ETF, priority==500)] { Strategic weapon intercept tactics. Launch all interceptors, go to combat ready. With alacrity. }
<< [trans(NDA, priority==500)] {...[/code:1:0139fe0d29]

<Communications to NDA Command>
<< This is the mind of Firewall. I have detected the launch of chemical warhead missiles towards your forces and have taken the initiative to deploy strategic intercept units against any possible intercontinental ballistic missile strikes.

<< The forces of the ETF stand by to assist you. We can drop ground forces to secure WMD launch and storage locations in threat nations or can begin orbital artillery support against Falkenberg Legion and Justitium forces. We are authorized by Queen S.H.O.D.A.N. herself to react in such a way given this event.

<< We await support requests.

QACF/HCR Firewall
Flagship, QACF:ETF
Reploid Productions
09-11-2003, 04:18
((OOC: Kinda assuming Siri's cool with this, based on stuff in the IRC chat =p))

Firefury smirks, applying the last touches to her makeup while her fellow wingmates finish up putting up the backdrop- the plan being to disguise the fact she was on board a Menelmacari gravship at all.

"All set, Queenie, we got digital copies of that weird flag Amanda's been using and the Burning Banner, and the program for a voice conversion has been sent to be applied to the recording before broadcast." Ylisa sounds the report.

"All that's left is if Queenie can act or not." Hitomi snickers. "The appearance thing shouldn't be a big issue- with the armor on the appearance is close enough- the details can be done with CG stuff. Ready, Queenie?"

"Hai." Firefury nods, before turning to address one of the Wing's elven hosts. "I apologize in advance for the insults I'm gonna sling- I mean none of it, but gotta be convincing for the bakas supposedly following my holy blah-dee-blah."

With that, she turns to face the camera, fixing some unpleasant memory in her mind to get herself worked up to a suitably angry expression.

"Look at what it's costing you to support the wickedness of the Führer! The blasphemous machines will fall, the elf whores will bleed, cut down in the name of Firefury!" She sneers at the camera. "But the Führer's evil tries even now to taint our cause! Those that have jumped to our aid, their intentions are cruel!" She waves a sheet of paper that appears to contain various messages. "They claim to wish to help us in our righteous cause, but in fact, they are in league with the Firefury imposter and the elven bastards! Even now they plot against us! Before we can take the so-called Holy Land, and raise our voices in triumph as the Presidential Palace burns, we must purge this taint from our numbers and burn them with the holy light of Firefury!"

The camera stops recording, and Firefury shakes her head. "Good Goddess, I feel so dirty now. Ugh."

"Not a bad impersonation. Should have the voice conversion and CG touchups completed in about an hour, then it'll be good to broadcast. Those idiots'll assume it's their glorious leader telling 'em to turn on their own allies." Kataali reads from a printout.

"One hour then." Firefury smirks. "Let's see how Missy Wannabe Amahira likes being impersonated for a change."
Dread Lady Nathicana
09-11-2003, 05:06
~>Route: Serafina Alighieri - Angelus Mainframe - QACF/HCR Firewall
{Acknowledged, Firewall - Maresciallo Serafina Alighieri of the Dominion Fleet responding. Bene grazie - we thank you for your offer.}

{Consider this such a request. Clearance to fire when ready upon withdrawl of our air forces.}

{Deployment of groupd troops at your discretion. Relaying offer and acceptance down the line.}
~>Route closed

The initial run had given them ample information. The EI minds operating the ships, running the drones, making calculations at incredible speeds, adjusting flight patterns with the pilots, assisting with weapons to eliminate incoming missile fire. Again, losses were seen more with the battledrones, though they had learned as well from the first foray. Under their watchful eye, the terran based air force made their swift run, then withdrew as per plan, knowing they couldn't hold for long against the superior numbers.

The Caravaggio, already suffering damage, found itself targeted with the onslaught of fire from the ships below, though its companions did their best to keep it clear. With a groan of twisting metal, it sank from the sky, its engines dying. Those of the crew who had quietly converted to the Angelic faith, cried out across the comm lines, offering themselves up for the last embrace. Careening earthwards, it smashed into one of the large freighters in a ball of fire and death, the concussive force sending out huge waves that battered the ships around it.

Recieving orders, the rest of the fleet withdrew, the terran based forces heading swiftly back to bases, without explanation. Ground troops, situated well back from the lines, were given the orders to keep their positions and prepare for the incoming assault. In preparation of any oncoming forces, they spent their time engaging in some guerilla warfare, laying out mines and preparing against the enemy tanks.
09-11-2003, 05:35
<Communications to Alighieri>
<< Acknowledged and confirmed, Maresciallo Alighieri. Moving to firing stations now, orbital support inbound in five minutes.

QACF/HCR Firewall

* - * - *

The spherical warships of Zero-One, the bodies of minds ready-made for their grim purpose, hover silently into position in low orbit over Iraqstan. Further "behind" them, radially further from the surface of Earth, sit the oblate and cylindrical carriers, disgorging swarm after swarm of graceful curved delta-wings, Basilisk transatmospheric bombers waiting to support the inital barrage if need be.

The spheres themselves present arms--their weapons hardpoints, mounted on tracks, position their arsenals so they may all aim at a single target--and wait patiently as their sensors registering friendlies as leaving the area. Carefully ticking off the cycles, they take measurements of windspeed, drift, angular speed of their target points, and the courses of their targets. Each one leads to micrometer exactitude, ensuring an accuracy in the centimeters on target.

This is the mind of Firewall. Target capital railguns at the freighters. Target capital masers at the air wing that fired the missiles. Carriers, prepare to move to drop points.

Secondary target for railguns: Landed FL troop concentrations away from habitation.


With the order, the orbs silently open up with their standard one-hundred-fifty kilogram hyperkinetics moving at a relatively leisurely twenty times the speed of sound. One hundred from each of fifteen cruisers, thirty from each of twenty frigates, twenty from each of fourty destroyers. Two thousand and nine hundred lead-nickel penetrator sabots, every ten seconds, each one aimed for a particular point in the middle of each and every freighter.

They come in faster than the speed of sound, and so make no noise except for their final impact, the roar of their arrival only adding to the shock and tumult of their kinetic hit. They streak from the vertical, showing up only as a point of growing light and cloud for the second between breaking cloud cover and striking true.

And every ten seconds, the mechanoids fire again, quietly logging damaged and destroyed targets from orbit, feeling no remorse and showing no mercy. With each freighter they send to the bottom, releasing thousands of souls from their meaty carcasses, they without hesitation move to the next, slowly watching the infrared emissions from the bodies face down in the sea slowly cool to match their environments with no sense of guilt or pity.

Simultaneously, they fire their directed-microwave weapons in identical volumes at the Falkenberg air wings, superheating and plasmafying the air in flashes and booms of tremendous energy dumped callously into the atmosphere. The ionization and magnetic effects of such a bombardment are immense, the flux and their direct-delta signals quite possibly frying delicate avionics packages. If high-altitude bomb tests proved nothing else, they proved it is well-nigh impossible to harden an aircraft against electromagnetic overstress of their electronic systems.

They do not stop to check the damage they have wrought; they simply continue until all in air and sea has perished, and then move on to their secondary target: The ground forces.

Such is their duty and birthright.
09-11-2003, 05:57
Reading the reports from the Angel control room Carlos Frowns. "Chemical warheads against dominion troops?" Growling softly he makes a call to the military command facilities.

"New orders gentlmen. Falkenberg legions used chemical warheads on Dominion assets in the waters. Get those subs out there immediately and have them flood the water with torpedos. Get darklance bombers equipped with chemical missiles and have the mobile subvertors flicked from nuclear to chemical launches.

Get the nuclear command online and have them run tests of ICBMs, nuclear bombers and subvertor emplacements. Once chemical warheads are loaded mobalise the planes and subvertors to carpet bomb the falken front lines. VX and Sarin and any other chemical you can find are authorised. Let's make these bastards pay."

Recieving acknowledgements Carlos leans against the wall and snarls slightly. "The vermin want to play with fire, I'll burn them to the ground in retalliation."

At Al-Sahaf air field a squadron of darklance bombers load their entire compliment of 36 free falling chemical bombs over the space of three hours all twelve of them prep for take off. Another hour later all twelve are in the air and heading towards the falkenberg front lines.

The scene was the same at every air force base in Iraqstan and Isla Quatio twelve air craft loaded with chemical bombs take off all headed for the front lines of the vermin. Each carrying VX and Sarin gas missiles. When they reach the lines they begin evasive manuevers in the hopes of not being hit by counter-fire and begin dropping bomb after bomb on the verminous lines of enemy troops. The Darklance bombers soar in at high altitudes and unleash chemical fury upon the back lines, supply caches and hostile villiages.

Watching from the Angel ship Carlos sighs softly as the destruction takes hold squadron losses are high but missile and bomb deployment rate is higher watching as yet another three aircraft fall victim to the enemy fire. "Hell has come for you, and the souls of your warriors will fry in the disgrace of the vermin. Sirithil will not have mercy on you today." He whispers as the destruction continues. Reading the losses tallying Carlos frowns One hundred and twelve craft lost already and only half the weapons have been deployed....

Straightening up he frowns and calls air command. "Recall the rest we've done enough damage no point in letting good pilots die for attacks on dead or dying vermin." Recieving acknowledgement Carlos turns and watches as the frenzy of air craft pull up and accelerate to speeds of mach two and above depending on the craft and disappear from the screens.

On the ground in friendly positions twelve mighty mobile Subvertor surface to surface missile launchers take aim at falkenberg landing zones hundres of kilometers away and aim for the remains of the bombed front lines. With the fire order given all twelve missiles streak into the air, six for the landing zone six for the front lines each carrying a chemical warhead the equivelant of a five kiloton nuclear warhead.

With trails of fire that give the image of godlike assaults for evil deeds the missiles streak down and explode amidst the Falkenberg lines and supply depots sending their unholy gases throughout the areas seeding it with death and destruction.....


In the waters of Iraqstan the sub attack group consisting of seven SeaViper attack subs move slowly and steadily towards their targets... The remains of the Falkenberg freighters. Reaching their firing distances the subs arm their anti-ship weapons and torpedos each sub locking onto an enemy ship. Recieving positive targetting solutions the subs unleash hell all four torpedo tubes opening up with torpedos and VLS systems launching anti-ship missiles each volley fired one after the other reload time at maximum effieciency.

Diving back into the depths of the ocean the subs after firing off four volleys take to the waters intent on evading any damage that might come at them......

On the flagship Quil'Raya Admiral Schultzy watched the battle before him intently having beaten off most of the justitium forces he smiles as the battle group sent to him arrives. The renewed aircraft and added firepower of the battleships become dauting to even him as they fire their mighty weapons at the enemy vessels.

"Communications still no word from the justies on surrender? Clearly they have no chance of winning. Their only chances of surviving are surrender. Send another message this time clearly outlying this."

Nodding the comm officer sends the message.

Commanders of the Justitium naval forces, by order of Admiral Garett Schultzy Commanding officer of Iraqstani Naval forces we extend yet once more a chance to surrender and survive these turbulent waters. You are outnumbered out gunned and clearly out matched, we do not wish to slaughter you anymore than we have.

Lower your guns, raise the white flag and we will accept you all as Prisoners of War. Your lives are valuable to us and to Justitium do not throw them away needlessly.

Sitting back Schultzy smiles and waits for any response his mighty ships sitting in defensive screenings anti-missile and anti-air defenses on the ready....
09-11-2003, 05:57
It didn't take long.

The fifty planes were swept from the sky by a single volley. They stood no chance against the firepower those cruisers represented.

One minute passed, and then two. And the weapons stopped firing into the sea, for there were no targets left.

All 800 freighters were destroyed, or in the process of slipping their shattered hulks under the waves. The sea itself was awash with flame, and burning oil slick spread for a hundred kilometers, stretched outward from Um Lizza, towards the Legion's home islands.

Three or four hundred square kilometers of burning oil. The sky itself began to turn as black as carbon byproducts fueling the flames.

There were no survivors.

OOC: To make this clear, the Legion did not fire chemical warheads. It fired chemical explosive warheads, meaning conventional explosived as opposed to nuclear. The Legion does not use BioChem weapons unless it proves utterly needed, which at this point, they would not have seen a need for such.
09-11-2003, 06:06
(OOC: Too bad.)

<Communications to Alighieri>
<< This is the mind of Firewall. Threat neutralized.

QACF/HCR Firewall
09-11-2003, 06:15
The missiles began to fall among the Legion. BioChem procedures had been in effect since landing, but the Legion hadn't really taken the threat seriously.

Yeah, Carlos was supposed to be insane, but even insane people didn't fire bio-chemical weapons with no reason.

And so they grew complacent. And procedure slipped.

And then, people died.

Hundreds, then thousands. It only took the smallest error for VX and sarin to kill you.

By the time the attack was over, nearly an eighth of the total Falkenberg force lay dead or dying, and the Legion lacked the supplies to do anything about it.

But home didn't.

The field marshal contacted command, and requested assistance. He was informed, that upon authorization from the Rebel leadership, it would be forthcoming.

At home, a passenger jet lifted off, and began its regularly scheduled journey, which took it within 320 kilometers of the conflict. Only the closest examination would tell than it was not exactly what it appeared to be.
09-11-2003, 06:52
# Positive read on passenger aircraft approaching conflict area. *
> Origin?
# Legion home base. The timing of the flight suggests a probability that it is not a Civilian craft.
> Keep tabs, and if any erratic behavior is noted, shoot it down.
# Acknowledged. *
Blu looks up and motions for Carlos to look at the approaching Legion craft. This craft should not be there. We suspect that the craft is not as its civilian tags indicate. We will monitor it and will send a notice that if they come within 300 km of Iraqstan or Um Lizaa, it will be shot down.*
~>Route: Automata Omicron Blu - Angelus Mainframe - Civilian*aircraft
{You*are*approaching*a*restricted*area.*If*you*stray*within*300*Km*of the}
{No-Fly Zone, you will be shot down.}
{This is your only warning.}
~>Route closed
At that, a trio of Interceptor fightercraft move into an intercept position, staying well within the 300Km radius. Their onboard weapons primed and readied.
09-11-2003, 07:11
Nodding Carlos smiles to Blu. "Thank you, if you dont mind I'll send a group out as well, just to make it known I care about airspace and probable hostiles. If possible to remove any threat of disliking to your people my craft will fire on the jet if nessecary. We are known to not care about civillian or military differences."

Putting action to words Carlos calls in the orders and moments later the signs of four aircraft appear in the region.


Flying in tight formation the four Starflier aircraft pull up near the angel interceptors and the incoming vessel. Chinning his comm unit on the flight commander begins to speak. "Civillian vessel as stated previously you are entering a hostile zone. deviate and return home or we will be forced to fire on you. You have until the 300km mark to turn about and leave."

Moving into position the four craft fly with the jet each pilot watching the gauges intently waiting for the 300km mark to come and the plane to turn about. The civillian jet's pilots if looking could see the lack of attempt in hiding the threat as the planes are loaded to the max with anti-air missiles each capable of killing the plane.

Turn jet or we'll fire, you've been warned. I dont want to kill women and children today.
09-11-2003, 07:25
Swarmy Airlines Flight 97 to Iraqstani aircraft. As far as we know our flight plan has been filed with all ATC from origin to destination. Our closest approach to the combat zone is 320 km. We have no intention of going any closer.
09-11-2003, 07:34
Shaking his head the group commander chins his comm unit on once more. "Flight 97 repeat you are to turn around and head back to your destination, failure to comply will result in you being fired upon. You are entering a no fly zone that is in effect for the duration of this conflict."

To show resolve the flight group sends the signal and the four planes bank off and slip behind the craft moving into attack positions but not locking onto the craft just yet. "Repeat flight 97 turn about and increase distance from the conflict to 800km or you will be shot down."
09-11-2003, 07:54
We cannot alter course as requested, as we lack the fuel. We will be continuing on our flight plan.
09-11-2003, 08:03
Shaking his head the commander chins his comm to squadron frequencies. "You've heard it boys, fall back to firing distance, warn air command that there will be a plane coming down and lock onto the craft and fire on my command." Switching frequencies the pilot begins to speak to the Angel craft. "We recomment you fall back from the craft. We've warned now we act."

Puting actions to words the commander falls back to a suitable engagement distance and paints the aircraft with missile locks. Chinning his comm to the civilian craft's frequency he clears his throat. "Flight 97 you have been warned to deviate and warned under the threat of force. You have failed to comply with said warnings and commands and thus are considered hostile. May your souls rest peaceufully in the waves of eternity." Chinning to the squadron's frequency the Commander sighs. "Fire at will."

Pressing the firing button on the control stick the Commander watches as eight missiles race out from the aircraft two anti-air missiles per craft each targetting different places in the plane. Pulling up and away the four aircraft begin to put distance between them and the civillian jet as the other aircraft in the area move out of range. The eight missiles reach their target and detonate......
10-11-2003, 02:08
PSS Offices, Kardas, Iraqstan

"Any questions?"

Eorigh frowned, regarding the PSS Commander.

"Who lets civilians carry weapons when there's a war on?" was at the top of his list, but it was not done to question authority, even foreign authority.

"Do we have authorisation to make examples of captured terrorists?" he asked finally.

OOC: argh, short.
10-11-2003, 04:58
Smiling Garik cracked his knuckles quickly and looked back up. "Authorisation for example making of terrorists is something we have been alowed to do for years now. What ever you can think of that will scare the rest into submission is a go."

As the men talk outside there comes the sharp ringing of alarms as an explosion deep inside the compound cries out it's firey voice and the base comes under attack by rebel forces.

"Oh for hell's sake. These guys just dont give up!" The commander snarls and gets on the phone. "Organise the defensive lines and get those base guns up and running." Looking up at the tsarainese he grins "Here's your chance, lets give em hell." Standing up the commander grabs his rifle and opens the door motioning for the group to come with him if they want.
10-11-2003, 05:26
"We must fetch our own weaponry," Eorigh told Garik. Turning to one of his aides, he snapped "Quick, run to the Ravager, fetch weaponry. And do try not to get killed!" in Sekhel.

The aide ran off, and Eorigh turned back to Garik. The man was practically drooling with excitement, almost disgustingly so. War was a solemn, dignified buisness.

A few minutes later the aide returned, flanked by black-suited Tsarainese troops, who deposited an array of weaponry on Garik's desk.

Lightning-class taser packs and K-Nova assault rifles; the stock elements of the Tsarainese military. Eorigh and those of his aides who'd come up through the ranks took weapons. He motioned the others to stay; civilians on the battlefield would be a nightmare.

"Let's go," Eorigh told the troops, his aides, and the Iraqstani Commander. "Peten, can you tell me where they're at?"

The Rukine Knight nodded, eyes glazing over as he activated his electromagnetic sensory organs, feeling the electromagnetic fields all around them; wires, computers, and the infinitely more complex knots that were human nervous systems.

"That way," he said, pointing. "Too far to alter, for now."

The Tsarainese troops went first - half of a platoon, ten men. Eorigh, Peten and Garik followed close behind, with the aides bringing up the rear. Eorigh wasn't entirely comfortable about that; some of them had been years without any combat practice. Still, Peten would warn them should anyone approach from that direction.
10-11-2003, 07:35
Flight 97 was ripped from the sky. The civilian plane wasn't designed to withstand 1 missile, much less eight.

The only good thing was the end came too quickly to fear. The only people who had time to scream were the pilots, monitoring the radar.

And then the burning debris fell towards the ocean below. One hundred seventy-three passengers and crew joined the fiery descent.
10-11-2003, 15:04
Watching the plane fall from the sky the Iraqstani commander smiles grimly and chins his comm unit to tactical command. "Base this is hawk one. Mission accomplished." Recieving acknowledgement and orders to return home the four jets bank and accelerate to max speeds and return to Al-Sahaf air field.

Watching the real time map intently Carlos follows the course of the destroyed jet and grins maliciously. "Such a beautiful death, pity it was given to such unworthy filth." He whispers and sinks into an oblivious meditative stare into space.


In Kardas the PSS base is a mass of bullets, fire and explosions. Shouts of the wounded and orders ring out as mroe and more personel turn to battling the rebels who for all intent are completely devoid of any human emotion, not a single one yelps in pain or cries on the ground wounded after being hit by bullets and tasers alike.

In the center of the facility an Iraqstani tank rolls into the fray it's cannon fireing sporadicaly as it's anti-personel rifles chatter with constant fire. Explosions round out the intensifying havoc and chaos as more and more sucumb to the deadly metal and fire and die painfully on the ground.

As if following orders telepathicaly the rebels concentrate fire upon the most deadliest knots of defending troops causing them to scatter or die and potentionaly weaken the opposing firepower against them. In the distance all could hear the constant thumping of rotor blades as seven SL-01 Blackwidow attack helicopters fly towards the city intent on aiding their brothers and allies in forcing back the rebellious attackers....

"We need to get cover and start organising this fight!" The PSS Commander shouts to his Tsarainese compatriots as he hunkers behind some cover as rebels pepper the area with bullets and fire bombs. Standing up he opens fire on the rebels with his shriek assault rifle it's distintive squeal echoing uselessly against the bark of AK-47s. Grunting the commander falls his neck and face riddeled with holes and blood as he falls victim to the fire of the rebels leaving nobody in command of the ratteled PSS troops.
Um Lizaa
10-11-2003, 15:16
Sitting up at her desk Amanda blinks in utter disbelief. "They...She.... They are trying to subvert our people! Amahira will burn them!" She spits out and looks pleadingly to her advisors and officers. "Tell me her words failed. TELL ME!" She screams as they look up sadly.....

In the streets, alleys and front lines of the rebel bases men and women look at screens and roar in disgust. In every base, command post, patrol group and forward defensive position the reports are all the same. Rebels attacking falkenberg legionares...

In the forests assisting rebel groups get radioed new orders and concentrate half their firepower on attacking justitum lines as yet more attack the NDA troops. All over Um Lizaa rebels throw the support of their allies back at them turning deadly weapons on soft and tender back. Tearing into the softness and pink skins of their allies.

Sitting at her Desk Amanda snarls out orders. "Get a direct open line up and running now. Get radios running to our ambush groups Everything!" An hour passes as report after report of rebels dying and killing allied troops come in she screams incoherantly and demands the links be established.

Executing two comm officers the third is saved by patching their comm units through and nods to her. "You are clear to speak my priestess." He whispers in a shaky voice cowering from the furious sight before him.

"Loyal soldiers of the Cultists of Amahira! Hear my words NOW! The woman you saw and heard earlier was not me! She was the queen imposter the wench that seeks to defile our names! She is jelous of Firefury's might! She wants the power for herself! Ignore her blatant lies and DO NOT LET THE ELF WHORE WIN! The machine blasphemers have gained ground the elf whores have obtained security! Turn Back to what you see as just! IF these allies wanted to turn on us they would of done soe! They out number us, they out gun us! THEY HAVE DIED FOR US!

Look at the blood soaked g rounds before you and realise this! You are being twisted by a whore of life! A cheater of honour! If I were to see this woman she would be skinned alive and burnt for your pleasure! She will be! I wil lkill this imposter with my barehands! Turn on the iraqstanis! Turn on the NDA troops! BURN THEM ALL!"

Hearing her orders most rebels blink in confusion unsure of what to believe and are cut down the fighting force of the rebels cut immensly leaving nothing but shattered eyes and broken hearts in their place. Those able to think straight turn once more to attack the invading forces apologising and fleeing their once allies. As reports of rebels attacking allies dwindle in Amanda shakes her head and braces for the onslaught of allied retallations.

"This might of just cost us the war.... Get me to the bombers and the boats we've gathered. We move to Sirithilia." Is all she whispers as the entire building empties of it's people heading down secured roads and forest paths to an air field where six Darklance bombers sit ready each sporting an Iraqstani flag and transponder.

Loading into her bomber Amanda tosses the ground crews a salute and takes off her destination Iraqstan her mission...relocation and preperation for the burning to come.......
10-11-2003, 15:20
# Target has been destroyed. .0241% probability of survivors.
> Acknowledged. Send confirmation notices to the Iraqstani patrol, and prepare
> for incomming attacks.
# Acknowledged. We will maintain a solid air perimeter.

The Angelic craft hang motionless in the air, impassively watching the destruction of the Legion aircraft. They had recieved their warning, disregarded it in the face of personal destruction.

With absolute silence over the comlinks, the Interceptors spread out and began their patrol of the Iraqstani border, twenty-two others swiftly joining them in a complete patrol network.


# The Rebels are slowly backing down. We suggest the Temples once again
# be used.
> Expound.
# We suggest a killzone radius be set, with friend-or-foe perimeter scans.
# We are well within combat distance of several Rebel hotspots, and after they
# ceased attacking, they have moved underneath the shadow of the Cube
# or less with impunity. We suggest an end to this.
> Agreed. Position the perimeter at 300meters. Kill all known rebels.
# Acknowledged.

The massive CubicTemples, that had up until now been completely immobile and silent, suddenly break their silence with the eruption of several sizzling lances of white-hot energy. Once again, the mighty Angel appears above the Cubes, Her burning palms releasing blast after blast of blue-white flames down upon the rebels gathered so close to the Cubic doorstep.

All shall perish in the cleansing flame of hellfire. The damned will recieve their just reward, and their immortal souls shall be washed clean by the raging inferno of Hell's embrace.
Reploid Productions
11-11-2003, 02:34
Firefury smirks at Amanda's retalitory broadcast. "Excellent, another broadcast or two like that, along with some tampered 'proof' that their allies are really in league with us, and the rebel forces won't know WHO to attack. What's the latest?" The orange clad reploid peers at the cockpit screens of her fighter.

"According to satellite and drone images, firefights have broken out in numerous locations, and the Tsubasas are zoning in on a suspected launch of hostile craft from Um Lizaa." An Arpean intel officer informs her over the comm.

"Oh really?" Firefury's smirk turns more wicked, a gleam of an old madness in her tone. "And this Amanda witch claims she'll kill me, with her bare hands, nonetheless?"

"By the way, Akkard Grey made a recommendation that the Techcorp 'sell' several Yotaka attack drones to the NDA forces." The officer notes.

"Oh really? Get it touch with the Dominion on that then." Her thoughts obviously fixated elsewhere, the orange reploid laughs. "I'm sorely tempted to give that witch the chance to try and burn me! I'm not afraid of the piddling death she could try and conjure for me." She chuckles. "Death is nothing to those who have already died once before." She adds under her breath.

ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Maximum
Broadcast type: Military/business
To: The Dominion of the Dread Lady Nathicana
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Akkard Grey, CEO, RPRA Techcorp.

I'm sure you're aware that the Shogunate has little desire to become heavily involved in the ground war in Iraqstan, as our primary interest is in the capture of Amanda Amahira. However, to do so would likely involve deployment of military assets that would be rather unpopular with our people. Since NDA forces have a much more active involvement and interest in the goings on in Iraqstan, I have been authorized by Queen Firefury to 'sell' several 'decommissioned' Yotaka attack drones to NDA nations. Such a move will look merely like a business transaction to the citizens of the Shogunate, and well, we were planning on replacing the units anyway. They are very effective high-altitude bombers, and from any great distance, very difficult to differentiate from the harmless Tsubasa recon drones already in the air over Iraqstan.

Best regards,
-Akkard Grey, CEO
-RPRA Techcorp.
<End transmission>
11-11-2003, 03:53
The next ten hours were sheer hell for Sergeant keiTayan and the rest of the NDA forces. Spread out dangerously thin among Justitium lines, they played cat-and-mouse with the enemy, dropping stealth to pop out and fire wildly, then duck back into the brush and re-engage their suits. Move two meters, repeat. The result was far less crippling than confusing, although there were small losses on both sides. Unfortunately, the Justitium could more readily afford them than the Alliance troops. They were down to under a third of their original strength, and they still hadn't heard from their reinforcements. At this rate, they were going to be wiped out by attrition alone.

"Sir!" called Private Kentava. "I've got Poppa Bear on the horn!"

"About damned time," keiTayan growled. "Where's the Major?"

"Sir, he's half a klick off."

"All right, gimme the phone." The Tsarainian grabbed the receiver from Kentava. "Poppa Bear, this is Baby Bear. How do you read?"

"We read you five-by, Baby Bear. What's your situation?"

"We're getting pounded into goddamned mincemeat is our situation!" keiTayan snapped. "Where are you?"

"Sorry, Baby Bear. We got delayed by a storm front. We are ten minutes from drop."

"Negative, Poppy Bear. Do not drop. Repeat: do not drop. The 'Stanies have contaminated the area. The mercs did something to really piss 'em off. Go to secondary target. Repeat: secondary target."

"You guys are gonna get slaughtered without support," the voice on the other end warned.

"Tell me something I don't know," keiTayan sighed. "We'll take care of ourselves. Baby Bear out."

He handed the phone back to Kentava. "All right, fall back. All units fall back. King Maneuver. Half an hour. Get me the Major on the horn."

Within half an hour the Alliance forces began to fall back in halves. One company would retreat a hundred meters and hold before the company to their left retreated two hundred meters. Then they would retreat another two hundred meters. The effect was to let the enemy know they were withdrawing and sucker them into following, whereupon they would pounce from multiple sides. It was slow and costly, but it assisted in throwing even more confusion into an already murky battle.
11-11-2003, 06:30
PSS Compound, Kardas, Iraqstan

The Tsarainese half-Platoon crouched down behind an overturned groundcar, K-Novas firing sporadically. The troopers showed no emotion, no fear, as they gunned down the attacking rebels.

A low-pitched growl grew in volume until it appeared as the Tsarainese Ravager APC, rolling slowly into the compound. The side door swung open, and a trooper appeared in the opening.

"FieldCom!" he called, "Quick! Get in!"

Eorigh nodded, and threw himself across the short gap into the Ravager, followed by Peten. The side door was pulled closed behind them.

Catching his breath for a moment, Eorigh nodded to Peten. "Do your stuff."

Peten nodded back, closing his eyes to activate his electromagnetic senses. From the Ravager's small windows, Eorigh could see rebels and PSS alike collapsing, lacking the distinguishing EM signatures of Tsarainese environment suits.

Sweat trickled down the Rukine Knight's face.

"I can't keep this up much longer," he warned, eyes still closed.

Eorigh nodded to the Platoon Commandant, who led his men out into the compound to join the other half of the Platoon in killing the rebels where they lay sprawled.

"Sorry, Commandant," Peten gasped, "I can't hold it much longer..."

He crumpled to the deck, enervated from the effort of inducing terror in several scores of people. Outside, the Tsarainese troopers formed a defensive circle around a group of collapsed PSS officers, strafing the compound with K-Nova fire as the rebels slowly got to their feet.

"Rukines are terrific," Eorigh murmured quietly, "They beget terror."

Sirithilia, Iraqstan

On the other side of the island, the second half of the Tsarainese forces were rolling into Sirithilia, alert for danger. Eirkhanz ralEukhal had a bad feeling about the city, but it was nothing five thousand field personell couldn't handle.
11-11-2003, 07:42
Incoded Transmission to Amanda Amahira of Um Lizaa:

Comrade Amahira, we are greatly dismayed to inform you that a number of our International Brigadiers, serving faithfully the cause of Um Lizaaian independence, have been fired upon by forces which were believed to be under your command, and were forced to return fire in defense of their own lives. Fortunately, our communications officers were able to contact these forces and the engagement has ceased, but you must clarify the situation and re-gain control of these resistance fighters. You know that those of us who serve justice and freedom are at great disadvantage in this conflict, and only by unity of purpose can we succeed. We trust in your ability and conviction and we know that the fascists of the NDA will not be able to defeat us by such cowardly deception.

John Engels
CPJ CentCom


Admiral Schulzty of the Iraqstani Navy:

The people of Justitium do not bow before tyranny and avarice. Truly, the noble sailors of the International Brigades would rather die as free men and women than submit to the will of your corrupt dictator. Perhaps we will be defeated, but we will give our lives for a just cause, and our example will serve to inspire our comrades around the world. You are noble, however, to show such mercy, if indeed you are sincere, and you have been a worthy foe.

Hasta la victoria siempre!
Admiral Leon Reed
International Brigades Marine Division


OOC: Endless Crimes, I'll include my response to your attack and the details of Justitian geography next post, I've been short on time lately. You did certainly destroy the Civil Guard Air Corps (mostly), since they have only 100 Su-27 'Flanker' fighters.
Endless Crimes
11-11-2003, 14:07
[ooc: makes me wonder what else i did bomb o.O *assumes there is nearly nothing left that can fly*]


ic, only including propaganda due to the fact that military actions are somewhat slowing down... at least the ones i`m part of:

EC State TV:

"War they wanted, war they shall have!

The evil of Justitium, atheist, communist hordes coming straight from hell, decided to attack the Empire of Iraqstan! They will pay!

The enemy defied gods will, it decided to join with the devil itself!

People of Endless Crimes [ooc: sometimes, this stupid name is really, really annoying...], join the crusade! Let us destroy the atheist vermin in Justitium, let us show them the light, the beauty, the GLORY of GOD!

Support the Cherubim! Produce more! Produce cheaper! Onyl half the standard wages this week, for you will support this crusade! For this holy war is to be won by US!"
Dread Lady Nathicana
12-11-2003, 08:08
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Maximum
Broadcast type: Military/business
To: The Dominion of the Dread Lady Nathicana
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Akkard Grey, CEO, RPRA Techcorp.

I'm sure you're aware that the Shogunate has little desire to become heavily involved in the ground war in Iraqstan, as our primary interest is in the capture of Amanda Amahira. However, to do so would likely involve deployment of military assets that would be rather unpopular with our people. Since NDA forces have a much more active involvement and interest in the goings on in Iraqstan, I have been authorized by Queen Firefury to 'sell' several 'decommissioned' Yotaka attack drones to NDA nations. Such a move will look merely like a business transaction to the citizens of the Shogunate, and well, we were planning on replacing the units anyway. They are very effective high-altitude bombers, and from any great distance, very difficult to differentiate from the harmless Tsubasa recon drones already in the air over Iraqstan.

Best regards,
-Akkard Grey, CEO
-RPRA Techcorp.
<End transmission>

Nathicana grinned broadly reading over the message. My oh my ... what a delightful proposition. Quickly, she replied, sending back along the same comm lines.

We would indeed be interested in such a 'purchase'. All things considered, I'm certain the finer details of such could be taken care of after the current unpleasantness has been dealt with? Perhaps this little venture would make an ideal test run for us. Allow us to see just what our little babies can do, hmm?

Bottom line is, the NDA will happily purchase the equipment you offer, with additional compensation for rent incurred for use under current circumstances. Do keep in touch.

ooc: sorry for lack of postage here - rl just hasn't been such that ... meh. Just hoping to move things on.
12-11-2003, 10:41
The third and the Fifth carrier groups peacefully moved towards Endless Crimes territorial waters. What a beautiful day it was, captain Pugwash looked out over the horizon and saw a spectacle in the sky when sats came burning like stars falling and seagulls flying seeking for prey.
Endless Crimes
12-11-2003, 13:28
All over Endless Crimes, the people were at work. Working for the war. Working for victory.

Of course, there were always traitors... one could see them, crucified at both sides of the roads, slowly dying, their existance, anything they once were, slowly fading away...

In the seraphim council, Michael and Metatron were satisfied. They got the necessary protection of their coastline from Vegana. Now it was time to act.

"The first to sixth fleet operate together with troop transporters. They will be the first wave. The tenth fleet is still en route to Iraqstan... not good, but we can`t change it, can we? Anyway, the three other fleets, are there to protect convoys."
"Yes. 198000 men infantry in the first wave. 3600 tanks. And additional equipment. Then, every other day, 33000 men infantry and 600 tanks. Except someone fucks with our supply lines, that is."
"Correct." Michael looked out of the window. The night was about to begin. He imagined Justitium. At the beginnign of the night, but the darkness fought off by the flames spreading all over the nation... He smiled. What a joyful thought. "We need to change our air strategy. Obviously, they practically do not possess an air force. Destroying their naval assets... necessary, but with air superiority, that can be done fast."
"The rest of the NDA will kill us if we carpetbomb the cities."
"True. But we wont do that. Anyway, we need to reduce the amount of planes used. 1440/ day should be enough. Otherwise we get maintenance problems. Their objective: Destroying the arms industry as well as coastal defences. Fighters will take care of anti- air defences."
"Will do. What else?"
"Thats it, i think. We need to inform the NDA about it, though."

Michael left the room, and Metatron was alone with his thoughts... He looked around. I wonder if this will attract undue interests...


We decided that it is time to turn this war away from Iraqstan, towards the nations that without any justification begun to attack the legal political leadership of Iraqstan.

We have begun moving our forces to attack this enemies directly, the aim is Justitium.

~ The Seraphim council


In the EC harbours, the workers were busy. Very busy. Tons unon tons of material were to be loaded on the ships. Their time schedule was the horror, and more than one of them prayed to the Lord to give them just a little bit of time... a little bit more time...

For, if they failed to fulfil the plan, they would be traitors, and the forced labour camps, although not officially existing, were in everybodies mind.


ooc: Six military fleets and the same amount of transport fleets are currently being loaded with troops, material, etc.

Three other military and as many transport fleets are prepared to follow them once they leave.

All of this can be seen if one has satellites. Of course, if Justitium ever had them, they are by now eleminated due to Burniatorian influence, but friends in the ACA should be able to supply this information.

The air attacks continue, daily, mainly bombing coastal defences and heavy industry, although, as i said, on a smaller scale.

And yes, it will be take considerable time until the fleets arrive. Minimum two posts. More likely three.
Endless Crimes
13-11-2003, 12:42
[bump, and i will try to calculate my losses without exact description of the defences...

100 fighters are simply outnumbered... but then, i was split into quite a few groups... missile defences... i didn´t even reach the mainland, used missiles, but well... i would say 50 fighters and as many bombers are lost]
13-11-2003, 15:51
Shaking his head Admiral Schultzy crumples the printout of the refusal in his hand before looking up. "Communications, order all remaining ships to target and destroy all Justitium ships left. Get the battleships into position and have them lay down decisive fire on them from the sides.

Organise a strike wing to head in and blow the hell out of what's left and have the subs start more active roles in this battle I want that fleet dead and fast."

All over the many ships scattered about the waters orders are recieved and manuevers enacted of the ships within firing range of the justitium forces open up with cannons and missiles firing at the enemy ships with no remorse weapons firing as quickly as the reloading permits.

In the air some twenty five fighters from each carrier streak out weapons hot and ready to destroy enemy ships and aircraft.


In Kardas the Public Security Service troops lay curled up on the floor their minds burnt from the Tsarainese powers. Slowly regaining composure and senses they begin to climb to their feet and open fire sparodicaly upon the rebel units whom now realising the futility of their attack begin retreating amongs a swatch of dead and dying bodies......

Standing in the live map room on the Angel craft Carlos watches the scenes intently paying intense attention to the Falkenberg lines. Looking up at Omicron Blu Carlos frowns slightly. "Surrender attempts failed on the Justitium forces....maybe they might work on the falkenbergs? Your advice my friend?"

Waiting patiently Carlos takes note of a squadron of bombers returning late from the bombing runs slowly landing at an air field and disappearing into a flurry of dots and activity. Dismissing it he returns his attention to the matter at hand.
13-11-2003, 18:00
The Falkenberg Legion will not back down. We do not believe that a mercenary group of their calibre will renig so easily on a contract. Either they will fail, or they will succeed, there will be no in-between.

She sighs softly, and points to different spots on the map. The Angelic Cubes are begining to assist you. Not only are they protecting the Church of Angelus, but they are now firing upon all rebels within a 300m radius of their positions.

Blu shakes her head and watches as yet another burst of brilliant light flares from the outstretched hands of the Goddess-figure. The Church desires only peace... but We will protect Our own.
Um Lizaa
14-11-2003, 18:29
Touching down at the base Amanda grins behind her hastily swapped helmet and steps out saluting the base commander sharply. "Wing commander Ahahira reporting sir!" She snaps out before pulling her sidearm and shooting the poor man in the head.

Around the base snipers watching see the signal the base commander's head being blown off. Radioing into other attack units the snipers begin firing on guards and officers in the airforce base. With each shot an enemy falls and the resistance gains the upper hand.

Roaring in on stolen bikes, cars, or feet rebels storm the base firing and throwing grenades causing damage and death with relatively little losses. Minutes pass and the base is theirs. Stepping out from behind her cover Amanda grins and holsters her still smoking gun and waves twelve men forward. "You know your jobs, get em filled up and head out!" She calls before running off in the direction of a truck heavily guarded and well fortified.

On the tarmac the twelve Darklance bombers begin loading their 21 tonnes of explosives into ordenance bays and refuel the jets. Strapping in the pilots get automatic clearance and roughly three hours after taking the base the bombers are in the air their stealth designs hiding from most Iraqstani sensors......

In the truck Amanda sits among a cadre of troops. "We are heading to Sirithilia, there we will meet with local resistance fighters and co-ordinate the attacks. Our mission will be the destruction of the presidential palace and surrounding ministry houses." The resulting cheer brings an even bigger smile to Amanda's face as the truck roars the long distance to Sirithilia.


She might of promised much but be damned if I'm not giving her a run for money Commander in cheif of Um Lizaan resistance Grigoriya Monotiv thnks to himself as he co-ordinates yet more joint attacks on NDA and Iraqstani positions. Watching the screens he follows the movements of a young man barely 16 through the jungle his first combat mission and obviously is frightened to near death.

Pausing the young boy peers down the scope of his sniper rifle and crawls backwards into deeper cover before stretching out and once more aiming down the barrel of his rifle.

Watching the enemy soldier intently Stevani whimpered softly and pulled the trigger sending a single bullet on a course for the enemy. Crawling faster into cover Stevani prays to the one he worships for protection and starts to crawl to another spot ready for another target.....
Um Lizaa
15-11-2003, 10:26
----Transmission Commencing-----

Security: Standard

Attacks in Um Lizaa proceeding well, NDA and Iraqstani troops taking losses. Casualty rate high request permission to equip and train more people.

sniper missions proceeding well, falkenberg and justitium units going well. Preparing missions into enemy held zones to raid weapons dumps for better equipment and more ammo for snipers.

-----Transmission Complete-----

Sitting back Amanda grins and finishes reading the report. Turning to her touchpad she begins typing her response.

Authorisation confirmed, proceed with training program four. Begin bombing attacks on Iraqstani military positions and jungle traps for NDA units.

Make contact with Falkenberg and Justitium force commanders and have them prepare for phase three of the Um Lizaa planning. Operation Thunderstrike will be commencing immediately prepare appropriately.

Amahira out.

Encoding........Transmitting...................Transmission Complete.

Watching the message be sent Amanda grins defiantly and heads outside to the rebel staging ground and looks at the hundreds of troops willing to die for the cause. "Loyal members of the Cult hear my words. Today begins our final phase today we move to oust the infidelic and corrupt regime of Carlos!

You are preparing for what could be seen as the most decisive of battles in this war you will go down in history as the people that set Sirithilia on fire! You will be the ones that cause the burning of the corruption! Your actions will resonate for eternity! You are backed by your bretheren in Um Lizaa. Amahira shines upon us! We will win!"

The resulting cheer echoes down the empty streets and burnt out husks of the once proud streets of Sirithilia. Hundreds of rebels pour from the compound each equiped with an ak-47 and hand grenades from garages ominous and deadly trucks roll out slowly innocently heading to wards their targets.

Over in Kardas the rebel assault begins agains tthe PSS compound and hardened defensive positions around Sirithil temples. RPGs and grenades fly into the targets exploding with deadly fire sending blood and debris raining down upon the defenders. Charging in a host of three hundred and fifty rebels open fire with assault rifles and sniper rifles their deadly fire adding to the explosive death of their comrades.

In Sirithilia two hundred rebels begin attacking the square of enlightenment their task to destroy the buildings inside and burn the temple beside it. Weapons and trucks roll past some detonating early causing more fire and death to innocent houses and people the assaults growing in ferocity....

Driving quietly towards the Presidential Palace and the ministry districts twelve trucks stop at appropriate road blocks and deliver the correct papers rolling past roadblock after roadblock the rebels grow in confidence as their targets come into sight...... The battle of Sirithilia begins in fire and ends in fire.......
Reploid Productions
15-11-2003, 10:46
A voice frought with excitement crackles over the comm in Firefury's orange ship. "Queenie! Queenie! Do you copy? Big news from intel!"

With a well-practiced leap, Firefury settles in the cockpit, quickly sending an affirmative. "Queenie's on the horn. What's the word?"

"They got sloppy, Queenie! We just cracked the point of origin of her most recent broadcast, not five minutes ago! She's on the Iraqstan mainland, transmitting coordinates to your navcom now. Also, the Tsubasas are picking up unusual sigs heading toward you current position. Intel is trying to figure out what those are, though we suspect it to be of enemy origin."

The Queen of the Immortal Shogunate lets out a loud whoop most unbecoming of someone of her station, sliding her blue flight visor into place in her helmet, and powering up her fighter. "I'm heading out, just gimme launch clearance! By sundown, that witch is gonna be facing down the wrath of her GOD! Queens, you stay put, help the Menelmacari defense here!" The orange-clad reploid cackles. "The Goddess bind her and smite her for her folly!"

"Ryoukai!" The six pilots salute. "Fly on the Wings of Chaos to triumph!"

As soon as the orange fighter is given clearance, Firefury blazes out into the open air and tears across the sky for Sirithilia.
Um Lizaa
15-11-2003, 11:26
Listening to progress reports Amanda cackles wildly to herself as her people creep closer and closer to their targets. Kicking her feet up on a desk she proceeds to polish a spot of her armour looking up slightly she listens to the dull reports of the people scanning the area around them intent on alerting her should an attack occure.

Walking outside Amanda stares out the gates wondering why she feels nervous. First time I've ever felt nervous in all this hassle. Frowning she pulls up the messages sent to Um Lizaa and frowns. "Who set the security on these?" She asks the comm specialists who shrug and look about. "Wait... nobody set the security procedur...." Her words are cut off as a huge sonic boom causes them all to collapse to the floor in fright. "What in the name of Firefury was THAT?!" She bellows her voice cracking slightly.

"My priestess something just made a pass overhead we are unsure what it was exactly but our guess is either one of the imposter queens of the skies or something from the NDA or Iraqstan. We are scrambling to get our defenses in place but we dont know where it went..." One of the complex defense guards shouts into his comm unit. Shrieking in frustration Amanda runs outside her side arm held ready. "Get the anti-air defenses up get the machine guns manned. We've got incoming!"

Sprining into motion air defenses begin unloading AA weaponry into the sky knowing they most likely wont see the craft until it's too late AA guns fire endlessly and missiles scan the sky hoping to spot the hostile craft....

Standing in the center of the complex Amanda scans the skies desperately knowing full well who it is above her. "Come on you imposter you've been taunted enough a mistake is made I know you will jump to it! Or are you one of Carlos' people.... Trust him to seduce such a blatant desecration of an honourable lady." She screams at the sky as the booming voices of guns smother her.
Reploid Productions
15-11-2003, 11:37
The sleek orange and yellow ship appears almost as suddenly as it disappeared, dodging and weaving through the sky in a series of insane manuvers any less experianced pilot would likely balk at, stopping short of strafing AA fire, spinning vertical above a battery, bathing the area immediately beneath the ship in the white-hot plasma exhaust plume.

"You wanted the glory of Amahira, then have a taste of the REAL Fires of Pegasii!" Firefury hisses over the ship's loudspeakers in a brief lull, blazing into the sky and flipping over to divebomb the base, a maniac grin on the reploid's face. She was in her element- strapped into her bird, raining chaos from the heavens. She hadn't seen much combat action since the Dividing War- the thrill of the battle was one she cherished dearly.

She makes several more passes over the base, utilizing the ship's energy weapons and exhaust plume to their fullest to whittle down the antiair defenses. "You call this defense? HAH, this is NOTHING compared to the firefights of Ytorla or Pegasii!" She howls to herself.
Um Lizaa
15-11-2003, 11:49
Watching the aircraft intently Amanda growls into her headset. "Shoot that damned whore down damnit! I want her on the ground NOW!" recieving a reply Amanda watches as one of the mobile anti-air missile platforms track the dancing aircraft smoothly before pausing and firing off a barrage of missiles at the craft.

Watching amanda holds her breath her hands clenching her side arm tightly. "Hit damn you! HIT!" She screams as the missiles race towards their target..... "If those hit all machine gun units focus outside the compound this woman is my target." Amanda growls into the comm and rushes for cover should the craft crash into the compound.
15-11-2003, 12:09
Mueller gasps in shock as he clutches his wounded leg, bleeding profusely from a shrapnel hit from a fragmentation grenade. Members of his squad lay prone around him; some dead, some dying.

How did it happen? Dear Sirithil, I'm gonna die! I don't wanna die!

Sporadic gunfire comes to him from all angles as NDA forces clash with rebel snipers. Another grenade goes off somewhere, and Mueller flinches in spite of himself.

Everybody's dead. Nobody is here to help me. I can't die like this, I just can't!

He crawls over to Jenny Corbin's still form, trying not to look at the carnage that used to be her pretty face. He's had a crush on her since joining the Company, and he liked to think she liked him too. But now he fumbles through her pack for an emergency medkit. There. He pulls out packets of sulphur and iodine and begins working on his leg, struggling to remember his basic first aid.

The sounds of battle fade from his ears as he works until he's satisfied the wound is patched and bound as securely as he can make it. The compress seems to reduce the bleeding, and he begins to hope he might live after all.

If they don't shoot me, first.

The reality of his situation comes to light, and he snaps back to the present. Automatically he slaps at his belt to activate his stealth system, and is shocked when it actually turns on. A short circuit, perhaps? He doesn't know. He won't argue with small miracles. He lifts Jenny's semi-automatic rifle out of her unresisting hands and checks the action. It looks clean. He's got ammunition to last; it's time to find a more secure spot. He crawls toward the bush.

The fighting seems to be focused more to his left, so he heads that way. Somehow, his position hadn't been overrun while he was busy dressing his wound. Now he'll make them pay. He swears it.

He hears leaves slapping against something solid, and he freezes. Slowly, he brings the rifle to his shoulder and waits. Eventually his eyes make out the form of a green-and-brown camouflage uniform. He raises the rifle and puts the body of the uniform in his sights. His finger squeezes at the trigger, and he pauses. Are there more of them? He waits.

A few moments later, more uniforms come into view, moving stealthily as they attempt to flank more NDA units. He tries not to let his pounding heart beat too loud; it seems impossible they can't hear him. He takes a bead on the lead soldier and waits. When they pass, he pulls the trigger. The soldier falls, and he rolls.

The rest of the rebels drop quickly, then return fire. If he hadn't moved, he'd be riddled with bullets. He crawls to a new location, picks a new target and pulls the trigger. A second one down. Five more to go. He moves in the opposite direction and crawls backward. Someone throws a grenade, and he's showered in dirt and leaves. Miraculously, he's still unharmed although his hearing is shot.

He doesn't need his hearing to kill them. Silently, he moves to a new position and picks his target. Another one falls. He moves again, depending heavily on his stealth to protect him from their questing eyes. Even thermal imaging won't help them. He begins to hear their voices chattering stridently among each other. One of them stands up to flee, and he takes the shot. More bullets come back in return, but he's already moving, staying one step ahead of them. It was close, but not close enough.

He'll avenge Jenny. He knows he's going to die, but he's passed beyond the point where he cares. All that matters is making Jenny's killers pay.


"Colonel Mathers, you need to see this, Sir."

Colonel Mathers, commanding the joint Alliance forces in Sirithilia walks over to the young Tsaraine technician bending over his scope. "What is it, tsaRaya?"

"Sir, one of the Reploid Queens of the Sky is making strafing runs at this compound here. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was insane. The problem is, she's dodging a hell of a lot of flak from anti-aircraft fire. I'd say she found something, Sir."

"Hot damn!" Mathers says gleefully, rubbing his hands together. "Sparks! Get me a line to the Reploid troops! Request permission to lay down suppressing fire on those anti-aircraft elements. Coordinate with Corporal tsaRaya."

Now it's time to do the job we came here to do, he tells himself.
Reploid Productions
15-11-2003, 12:37
"This is Firefury Amahira- yeah, the real one. Be my guest to join the party! But the witch is mine!" Firefury sends in response to the NDA forces' query. She rolls and evades most of the missile volley, one clipping the left wing and shattering the end of it. "Kuso-! Okay, lady, that's IT! Nobody damages my bird and gets away with it!"

The ship's agility only slightly hampered by the loss of an aerodynamic surface, she brings it down to an awkward landing on the tarmac, the g-diffusers humming loudly at all the stress, powering down with something resembling a sigh of relief. The cockpit hisses open and Firefury leaps down before anybody gets the idea to snipe her cockpit, a small arm-mounted energy cannon primed.

"You want me, bitch, you got me!" She yells over the din, the fires of a battle long distant gleaming in furious blue eyes, her face a mask of pure rage. "Let's go, now!"
15-11-2003, 12:52
"Colonel, Queen Firefury...the Reploid one...authorises us to fire, we leave the compound alone."

Mathers pulls out a cigarette and fumbles with his lighter. "Damn the woman. This isn't like plucking daisies in the park. All right, do your best. Ranging fire first. Pick your targets carefully."

Already on high alert, fifty mobile artillery crews load their weapons and begin calculating ranges. Simultaneously, three hundred assorted tanks of half a dozen different manufacturers raise their cannons.

In ones and twos, the artillery pieces fire. Binoculars, telescopes and satellite imagery feed back the results, and the crews adjust their aim. They reload and fire again.

"Bullseye. We have tone."

Mathers pulls hard on his cigarette, then blows out a cloud of blue smoke. "Fire for effect."

Three hundred cannons fire as one, targeting the artillery placements on and around the enemy compound. The barrage continues unabaited for five minutes until Mathers calls for a halt.

"All right, ladies and gentlemen. Let's see what the satellites say we hit."
Um Lizaa
16-11-2003, 05:32
Stepping out of the building Amanda whispers into her headset. "When she's clear of the plane blow it up. I dont care how but I want that craft taken down." Shielding her sidearm from view Amanda steps out from behind a piece of coverin gand smiles softly.

"So we meet atlast dear one. Amanda against the imposter. We all know the true Amahira would support a revolution against the evils of Iraqstan and since you're here helping them and their precious NDA we know you are a lie a fraud." Sneering she spits in disgust at Firefury. "If you want to prove anything then prove you die with honour." She whispers before revealing her sidearm and nods off in the distance.

Suddenly all around them shells begin to rain down on defensive positions hell burning through the sky as defensive position after defensive position is turned to smouldering rubble and bleeding corpses. Looking about wildly Amanda whimpers softly and takes a step back. "Someone anyone! Report in Take the craft out now!" She shouts into her headset and her whimper turns to a scream of frustration as nobody responds. "Die you fake bitch! DIE!" She screams as she lets loose with a flurry of shots from her gun and runs at firefury emptying the clip in her gun as she moves forward.
Reploid Productions
16-11-2003, 05:54
"Oh... my bird can take a lot more hits than anything your piddly force can send against it." Firefury smirks. "I don't care one way or the other about your revolution. The REAL Amahira wouldn't be involving civilians, or labeling an entire population as evil. THAT is the REAL Amahira's problem with your little upstart uprising."

Firefury doesn't even flinch when the shells rain flaming death on the defensive positions. "Try and kill me if you can, you fanatical fool." She says, her tone ominously low. "Your kind can't offer me a death I haven't already faced down and beaten. I've died once before, false prophet. I died, fought off the long nightmare, and rose to live again."

The first bullets ping off the reploid's orange armoring, she doesn't even flinch at the ones that crack the less sturdy decorative fins on her helmet. "Whatever happened to taking me out with your bare hands, human?" She sneers at the hysterical Amanda, very much in the same tone as the gold-winged figure from her nightmare. "Or shall I teach you personally the wrath of the Fires of Pegasii?"

She raises her left arm- the one her cannon is mounted on, and fires a blue-white energy shot, deliberately missing Amanda, though close enough that the woman can feel the heat of the weapon as the shot passes dangerously close. "You had your chance to have your revolution without my interference. You blew that chance when you started applying blanket statements and targeting people who have no part of the government you oppose. You bring dishonor to the name Amahira, and with that dishonor came the wrath of your Goddess." She hisses.
Um Lizaa
16-11-2003, 06:03
Stumbling from the heat of the blast Amanda scowls and crouches low her body tensing to leap. "Blanket labels? Each and everyone of these fools prop a government that oppresses people for no reason! If you knew half of what we know of a life without hope you'd be on the font lines helping but instead YOU prop up a system that allows the slaughter of millions. Oh my dear little fraud you will see truth in this even if it takes you years." Throwing away her gun Amanda stands once more and motions Firefury forward.

"Come prove that I am truly a martyr for the freedom and honour of Amahira. You bring disgrace to such a name woman. Just like Carlos to seduce a simple woman as yourself into believing in his nobility. Was he a good lay fraud? Did you find pleasures quite impressive? I'd spit on you but I dont want to waste my time. So come kill me if you can and make me a martyr to a cause that will never end." dropping into a fighting stance Amanda nods and motions with her hand for Firefury to come get her. "Show me torment far worse than living inside a camp where the guards are free to rape who they wish. Show me an ending that is as terrible or more so than the threats of being gassed to death."
Reploid Productions
16-11-2003, 06:36
Firefury laughs at Amanda's taunts, a sound echoing with madness of more than a century past. "There's a lot of grey area out there, little human. People who neither support nor oppose, merely living out their lives and trying to mind their own business. If I were still capable of the acts you describe, maybe I would be offended, roused to anger. Is that what you want? I have been a virgin for more than three hundred years. I will never know such 'pleasures' you seem to enjoy flinging as insults. The things you describe Carlos supposedly doing to me are physically impossible. He is nothing to me, he could die and I would not care."

She drops into a fighting stance as well, firelight from the explosions playing eeriely off her armor. "Killing you would be a kindness. And I for one, am not feeling very kind. I wouldn't show death to someone like you." She smirks wickedly. "Any fool can die. Giving up is easy. I'll get my birds in the air looking for your camps. Insane or not, I hear the ring of truth to that bit of your tirade, so you at least must fully believe it. But as for killing you... no. I don't have even half a mind to kill you. I'm no fool to be badgered into falling for such a blatant trap. I won't show you an ending... I'll show you an eternity." She straightens, changing her mind about the combat stance, and waves Amanda to come at her. "I'll even let you strike the first blow." She sneers. "Youth before beauty, human. Show me your torment, if you can!"
Um Lizaa
16-11-2003, 06:48
Sneering Amanda slinks forward her arms held in a defensive posture. "Indeed you must be cowardly fraud. Lost in your own sense of being who you are not. Hunt down our camps if you can for all you will find is emptyness and a hollowed sense of justice. Oh my dear I'd rather you calm and collected not angry and sloppy. You say you wont kill me. I know you will."

Stepping closer she smirks. "Plasma and threats is that all you can muster? If you were the real Firefury you'd of proven it by now. Anyone can fly an aircraft and dress like her." Looking at her own armour and grinning she shrugs. "You want to show me eternity I say prove you can do it rather than make empty threats. Oh and I dont believe for a moment you have no idea what Carlos is like.

Even the latest the gassing of the falkenbergs you are not blind to that. Any fool can gather the evidence of the exterminations you choose to look away. You support his evil and THAT is why I do not believe you to be Amahira." Standing up Amanda takes a slight breath and spits at Firefury letting her contempt roll off in waves. "So prove it woman, show me who you really are."
Reploid Productions
16-11-2003, 07:40
Firefury regards the woman for a long moment, sliding her helmet off and letting her short brown hair fall to her shoulders, voice distant. "I am... Firefury Amahira, Queen of the Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions, the Fires of Pegasii, the flame-shot Wings of Vengence for a city twice burned. I am Amy Silver, Wingleader of the 337th combat wing of the Nekoa Empire. I lived through the Irregular Wars, more than two hundred years gone, I died for Project Victory." Reaching up, she fingers a few hidden latches, removing a portion of her artificial face plating, revealing the ugly mechanoid optical and audio sensors. "I died, and was reborn, a creature of steel, reborn against all the odds, awakened from the long nightmare, saved by the gold-winged figure whose appearance I took for my own, shaped by flames hot and rage uncontrolled."

She fixes the face plating back, replacing her helmet, leveling a cold stare at Amanda, her attitude going from red hot to frigid. "The world I knew died around me, woman. It was no sudden ending, frought with hate and anger. It was a long, silent fade into darkness, as one by one, the lives of those I held dear faded, each like a candle that had burned out, leaving only a trace of smoke to show they had even existed."

She turns her back to Amanda. "I hate to say it, but in some ways, you and I are very much alike. I am every bit as insane as you are. I am crazy, and I know it. The penalty of immortality, the long nightmare, reliving death time and again. Life is more valuable than you seem to realize, which I why I refuse to take yours."

She leans against her fighter, facing Amanda again. "I have saved lives and taken lives. I have brought down an empire, and rebuilt it. Order and Chaos, woman. All things in balance- and the actions you take will reflect back on you. I have killed, but never have I enjoyed it, even when the one I killed was one I hated with every fibre of my being."

She straightens again, arms crossed, expression carefully neutral. "That is who I am, woman. Who I am, and who I was. How you answer is up to you, if you believe I am not who I claim to be, then there is nothing I, or anyone else can do to make you see." She smirks slightly. "Even gods have their limits."
Um Lizaa
16-11-2003, 08:03
Sneering slightly Amanda listens as Firefury begins her speech. Her eyes open wide as she takes in the helmetless figure before her shaking her head wildly she takes a step back and falls to her knees. "No, no no... you cant be.... She would of supported us she would of helped us. Of all people you should of understood and sympathised with our struggle. People disappearing, afraid to speak openly death.... You... You are supposed to know and want to help us!" She shrieks and crawls back from Firefury her eyes wild and frightened.

Sobbing softly Amanda looks away before removing her own helmet revealing a pasty white face and short blonde hair. Looking up she shows the horror of realising all she has believed to be lies and shivers. "You are wrong on one thing..... Life is never valuable. To live in a virtual cage for years and watch as children grow accepting the fact they are unequal that they are vermin. I would rather die than watch that again.

You watched a world you once knew crumble away but shaped a new future... Me? I have no future outside of this war I was nothing in this world before we discovered you. You we held up as a light of how one woman can turn the tables on an oppressive regime.

Now here you are fighting against us, sending information to the elf whore and machine.... to the Angel units. You throw our faith and hope in our faces for what? A chance to ruin the will of a single woman? Can you be so petty?"

Turning away Amanda hides her drawing a knife from a hidden pouch with her body and sobs slightly. "You were also wrong about something else Firefury" She whispers, looking over her shoulder her sorrow turning to determination. "Insane I might be, but that does not stop me from feeling betrayel. Know this when my people have been destroyed their families no longer capable of keeping the race alive know it was your fault that we were exterminated." With that she turns and leaps at Firefury the knife aimed at the percieved throat of the woman before her, eyes burning with hate and a desire for death.......
Reploid Productions
16-11-2003, 08:26
Firefury steps aside, catching the blade in one hand. "That 'elf whore' and the 'blasphemous machines' are my allies, people I know and trust. You have only seen a small portion of this world, woman. If I knew more about your cause, perhaps I would fight for it. But at this time, my cause is keeping the innocent children and families who want no part of this violence safe. Perhaps if you talked to them rather than flung insults at their feet, you might rally more support. By attacking them, you calcify their minds against you."

She pauses in thought. "Call off the attacks. This violence will only get you and yours killed. The Shogunate can pull off a mass-extraction operation, get everyone out of here. Nothing will be solved by this violence, especially not with everyone running amok so hotheaded. Call off the attacks, and I will listen."
Um Lizaa
16-11-2003, 08:42
Snarling Amanda hits the ground hard and scrambles away from feet and the danger there in. Sitting up she stares at Firefury. "Call off the attacks? How could anyone believe that we've gotten so far and just...give up? There is no point to giving up now, dont you see it? The flames will engulf the ministries unless you stop the vehicles we will watch as the government burns." Looking down Amanda sighs slightly. "I do not believe you would help in any way for our cause as you said the attacks on women and children have burnt any emotion for sympathy from the world.

In truth it's the women, children and men of Iraqstan that are the reason we are so oppressed. They are happy to live the way they do. They move into our country they live in huge houses and buildings whilst we scratch out an existance in huts and live off the scraps of society. If you want to know more of why we rose up and fought then by all means I will speak. But know I cannot call off the attacks. I promised Sirithilia would burn....and now it is."

Getting to her feet Amanda turns to Firefury once more and holds out her arms. "Go ahead, I surrender take me interrogate me what ever. There's nothing left here save the husk of a caue and the bodies of the dead. I've died a million times over in my nightmares in the camps I've lived through a hell that can only be called dirty. That might make me seem weak to you for all you have witnessed but to me it is a reason to fight this world."

Looking up at the sky Amanda hides tears of failure and shivers. "all that I believe is burried amidst the ruins of a city it doesnt exist anymore there are no records of this city. I dont exist in anything but the form before you." She whispers softly and awaits her final punishment.
Reploid Productions
16-11-2003, 09:00
Firefury stares at Amanda for a long moment, knowing when she sees defiance standing, defeated. "Bullshit. Life isn't about somebody else's records. This entire war is pointless!" Before the woman before her can react, the orange reploid grabs her and hauls her into the rear seat of her fighter, the canopy hissing shut and the gravity diffusers powering on.

"This is Firefury to all NDA forces! Halt all offensive combat, please! There's gonna be a broadcast as soon as I get back to the Menelmacari fleet, I think we can end this without further violence, and then figure out what the hell exactly needs to be done!"

The gravity diffusers whining at the added strain of lifting the damaged craft into the air, Firefury growls and blasts across the sky. "Queens, prepare for arrival, somebody tell the Menelmacari guys not to freak out, I'm bringing Amanda Amahira aboard, but NOT AS A PRISONER. I think we need to speak with the woman, threats at this stage of the game are useless!"

The pilot is greeted with a chorus of "Ryoukai!"s from her six wingmates, and she glances over her shoulder at her stunned passenger with a confident grin. "There is a better way to end this, and I'll be damned if I don't try to find it!"

She flips over to the Tsubasa drone with the broadcast equipment, and makes a brief broadcasted appeal to the rebels to fall back for the time being- an uneasy ceasefire.
Um Lizaa
16-11-2003, 09:23
Nodding absently Amanda looks out of the canopy to hide her shame and fear at the words being said. "Will my words fall on receptive ears? All I want is some form of freedom. To let the people of Um Lizaa decide who they let lead their country...." She whispers softly as the pleads for cease fire ring softly in her ears.


All over the embatteled lands rebels hear the voice of the supposed imposter pleading for a cease fire. Sitting in a command chair in a hardened facility Grigoriya Monotiv listens to the broadcast and nods to his comm officers. "Get on the lines order the ceasefire lets see what they have to offer us."

As orders come down Rebels stop firing and shout to their opposing forces to stop shooting to wait. Taking advantage of the situation medics run to an from wounded people aiding them stabilising those they can and lessening the end for those they cant help.

In Sirithilia the assaults stop as rebels hunker down behind cover and wait for orders the trucks stop outside the zones marked as targets and soldiers hop out to defend the explosives within. Uneasy silence falls over what once were battlefields and in the war rooms leaders sit stunned and hoping for something.


In the cockpit Amanda shivers slightly "I once more put my trust in you and you are wrong. Life is restricted to acknowledgement of existance, we may live and beath as nobodies but we are never anything without some statement of fact." Unclipping an armoured gauntlet Amanda looks down at the tatoo on her forearm the numbers burning into her memory. 495243 "When we land I will show you what record exists of me" She whispers and closes her eyes to sob softly at her defeat.
Reploid Productions
16-11-2003, 09:37
"We burn that bridge when we get there. If they won't listen, I'll just have to smack them upside the head until they listen." Firefury flips her comm over. "Yo, Intel, it's Queenie. Somebody get the Trium on the horn for a potential extraction operation. I think the Iraqstani situation is cooling down, but there's still a lot of potential for it to go white-hot again, especially with unstable elements like the Justies running around."

She frowns to herself. Good goddess, the woman's all but broken. People don't put that much emotional involvement into a cause unless there is something wrong there.

"Oh, and intel, start performing hi-def scans of the Iraqstani mainland, focus on toxic emissions and suspicious structures. Hopefully I'll have more refined search parameters in awhile. And put the Tengai fleet on alert, just in case."

The Queen's orders are confirmed, and she flips the comm back to the Menelmacari fleet, now looming on the horizon. "A'right, lessee just how badly I can do at this diplomatic crap without Tsume on hand!" She signals the fleet and gets the approach vectors.

"Oyie, and no weapons displays, okay? The woman's shook up something bad. I won't say she's harmless, that'd be an insult, but she's not a threat. Keep it calm on board, kay?"
Um Lizaa
16-11-2003, 10:00
Chuckling softly Amanda looks at the back of Firefury's head and sniffles slightly. "Scans of the mainland? I dont know how you can be so confident about finding anything, I dont think he's that foolish." She replies in a shaky voice. "Heaven knows I've seen enough terror weapons used in the last two years that all you'd have to do is take soil samples from bombed villiages in Um lizaa.

Do you seriously think he will allow the removal of citizens of his empire? I know you have some sort of relationship with him directly and indirectly but how can you counter such ties for a woman who promised to kill you?" Curiosity fills her voice as she asks this her brow furrowed.

Sitting back she waits to land and te talks to begin mentaly preparing herself for the battles of words to come and hoping her people are standing down entirely.
Reploid Productions
16-11-2003, 10:36
"Oh, if there's something to be found, it will be found. My only connection is that he's a loyal customer of the Techcorp... though now that I think about it, I find it odd a nation with so little highly flamable wilderness would need to buy a bunch of firefighting aircraft. Jungles don't burn like high desert brush does."

She snickers. "As for the countering said ties... it's only money. The Techcorp has other customers. He may be the self-proclaimed most loyal, but it won't be the end of everything if he stops buying. And if he refuses to let people be extracted... that ought to show poorly on him then, won't it? Why hold on to people, if he has nothing to hide, hm?"

She tips her head to one side while bringing the damaged fighter in to land. "And as for the death threats, what sort of goddess would I be if I held words spoken in the heat of anger against somebody?" She chuckles. "Maybe s'just a sign that I'm old."

She flips her comm back over. "Yo, Intel, got some refined search parameters. Check for toxic emissions, largely over Um Lizaa, priority to bombed out areas. If you have to, equip a Yotaka with some dropable probes and drop those to do some more refined toxiology tests."
Um Lizaa
16-11-2003, 10:48
Nodding absently Amanda smiles and looks about her before speaking. "I dont think it's much about having things to hide, but control. We are a source of power to him the more people he controls the more resources he can gather. He wont let go of Um Lizaa that I already accept. Acceptance as equals is the barest minimum my people will accept. We've lost one leader to his beliefs. The stewardess has not been heard from in decades. The people look to me and to the example you set in your own actions."

Smiling softly Amanda takes a deep breath. "From a perspective you could say your actions with the shogunate and the freedom fought for there can be labeled as our motivation for our own uprising. But we deviated we saw everyone as a target.... Maybe we are never meant to be free. Maybe valour and the right to live without fear of dying is granted only to those with the most enlightenment. The desire to live by what nature demands we live by."

Hearing about the fire fighting aircraft Amanda frowns. "We've had our share of fores fires but never have we seen any firefighting aircraft.... I do remember watching an aircraft spray gases over a villiage and then seeing the villiage bombed into the ground once the people had choked to death.

Other times we've seen aircraft spraying liquids that we've managed to pinpoint as acids over military test sites but I didnt think they'd use such aircraft....." Shrugging softly Amanda turns back to stare at the back of Firefury's head.

"I dont know what you can do but I know it will be more than what I've managed, I would be careful when dealing with him. The rumours of his instability and tendency for violence are not lies. All of it is truth." She whuspers and goes silent waiting for the craft to land.
Reploid Productions
16-11-2003, 11:10
"Aircraft? What'd they look like?" Firefury snaps to attention. "No, nevermind, that can come later. And don't go getting all defeatist on me now, y'hear? If he decides to freak out about the Shogunate oh-so-kindly taking people he's expressed repeated dislike for off his hands, I've got a few friends who would probably sock it to him if he tries anything stupid."

The ship powers down with a loud sigh, and the canopy hisses open. Firefury helps Amanda down, nodding to her six wingmates standing at attention nearby. "Oyie, there a shower we can comandeer? And what's the status on the situation?"

"Tsume has sent a request to the 4TEF for assistance in a potential mass-extraction, we're awaiting a reply." Kataali notes. "At the moment, it appears rebel forces are standing down. Awaiting word from NDA forces, but the situation has cooled."

"And Tsume's already got peeps looking through land surveys to see if we've got anywhere well-suited for a mass-exodus refugee camp or colony." Sylise nods.

"Good, good." Firefury ushers Amanda forward to the six pilots. "Somebody find the woman a hot shower and some clean clothes- get her cleaned up for some happy-fun diplomatic type stuff. And ring up the Techcorp. Tell 'em to see if it's about time for some routine contract maintenance on the stuff Carlos has purchased.... and that if he can get a maintenance team there, make 'em all reploids to minimize the risk. If we can find out covertly if he's been misusing the stuff Akkard's sold him, so much the better."

"And somebody get hold of the NDA leaders. If the rebels are standing down, then that means the threat they're fighting has ceased, and that there may be information regarding their ally forthcoming that they might want to know."

16-11-2003, 11:51
PSS Compound, Kardas

"Commandant! The rebels are falling back! They said something about us stopping!"

"Whyever would they do that, I wonder..." Eorigh mused. They'd managed to retake most of the compound (thanks largely to Peten), and were now flushing the last of the attackers from the corridors.

"Well, don't just stand there," he snapped to the remaining Tsarainese troops and PSS officers, "We have the advantage, now use it. They have no earthly reason to call off their attack, and neither do we. I should hope, however, that we are smart enough not to do so in the first place."

A second black-suited figure appeared; by her shoulder tabs, Eorigh identified the woman as the APC's commtech. What was she doing out here?

"Commandant!" she cried, waving a datapad. "An open message from Queen Firefury Amahira to all NDA forces! Apparently we're supposed to cease attacking, Commandant!"

Eorigh swore virulently in Sekhel about gibberingly insane foreigners and what should be done with them.

"Stand down, then," he sighed, "But man the walls. If this is some kind of trick, we are not going to let it catch us unprepared."
16-11-2003, 11:55
Sky Marshal Rico adjusts his green officer's cap on his head as he stalks into the command room of the supercarrier Olympus Mons. "What's the sitch?"

"Sir," the communications officer looks up, "we've got a message from the Shogunate requesting us to standby in case of an extraction operation from Um Lizaa. We're still recieving information from their command on potential threat areas and plans."

"Good, keep coordinating." Rico nods, folding his arms. "Where the hell is Um Lizaa, anyway?"

"Iraqstan, sir."

"You mean where the mechanoids were playing turkey-shoot? Damn, this is odd. Get Firewall on the horn and tell it that we've got work to do. As many lifters as possible. FleetCom, put the fleet at Event Condition One, full combat-ready. I want to be ready to deploy the very instant the Shogunate tells us to."

"Acting, sir."

* - * - *

Across the Triumvirate Fourth Expeditionary Fleet, Mobile Infantry suit up in their assault armor as fighter pilots scramble and Gear pilots run end checks, waddling their walkers into drop capsules and awaiting orders. Loki and Sleipnir dropships uncouple from the capital ships, cargo pods empty, ready to carry as many refugees as possible as fast as possible.

Then the waiting begins.
Um Lizaa
16-11-2003, 13:34
Following a pilot Amanda walks timidly behind frightened out of her wits at being in such close proximity to percieved enemies. Staring about her at elvish military and the ship itself Amanda shakes her head. "This armada would of slaughtered my pilots....I'll have to ask what happened to them."

Nodding her thanks Amanda steps into the shower and cleans up washing away dirt, blood and general grime from a bombing zone like the rebel complex. Standing under the warm water she sobs loudly the full weight of her failure crashing down upon her. The battles are over with no gains given. Lets hope talking can achieve something other than more death.

Sevral minutes later she steps from the shower room clothed and refreshed her eye s shining with determination to not fail her people again. Looking about her she waits for someone to lead her to where the talks would be held and to possibly facing a nightmare that has haunted her for years.....
16-11-2003, 22:11
The look on the Dread Lady's face is, as they say, priceless. "Shit. Please don't tell me you're gonna help the rebels now ..."

Firefury shakes her head. "Not necessarily. The crazy one is suddenly acting in the "Voice of Reason" capacity."

S.H.O.D.A.N. also shakes her head. "No... more like extraction campaign."

Nathi has a feeling she's soon to be conflicted, and S.H.O.D.A.N. quietly reminds her via their silent communications link that options are available.

"Well," Firefury offers, "what happens if conclusive evidence is found to support Amanda? And I doubt anyone would hold it against you if you bowed out of the conflict due to conflict of interests. I think the temporary solution Queenie is gonna try and push through is the temporary relocation of the Um Lizaans to Shogunate territory- got a few moderately large islands that would serve well."

Nathi ponders, scowling. "I can't back out. I'm committed. Just how far are we going with this rig?"

S.H.O.D.A.N. shrugs. "That's primarily for you to decide. We'd probably have to one-hundred-percent puppetize him to get him to order a stand-down... and once that's done, if it's released, he'll think it mighty odd."

"Aye, as will another ally of mine ..."

"Well," Firefury scoffs, "does the NDA support crimes against humanity?"

Shodey snaps her fingers. "The thing is we have a realtime feed. We can wait for him to send orders, then puppetize and countermand. And never let go. With those orders, we have proof that we are acting to prevent a catastrophe. CYA, as it were."

Nathi rubs her temples tiredly. "I don't like it. Granted, I've never much cared for some of his actions, but neither do I approve of the toppling of a rightful government either. The rebels must be put down. As for crimes against humanity ... pfah. They go on all the time. It is not my business to police the multiverse to try and prevent or support such actions."

"'Rightful government?'" Shodey scoffs. "A government is only rightful if it works. Somehow, I don't see a nation that gasses its own people, all these crimes for no reason of state, as working."

Sirithil nods at Shodey's statement. "She's got a point there."

Nathi scowls further. "I'd hoped his 'finding religion' would have soothed his rather unbalanced mind, but that hasn't worked."

"It'd show rather poorly on the NDA as a whole. And if I recall," Firefury offers, "Nathi, you're the one who was so gung-ho about the Trium's international image awhile back."

Nathi scowls further. "He's always been our loose cannon, I won't deny it. Don't think to use that fact to bully me into a decision. I've had my own reasons for keeping such an alliance."

Sirithil nods. "I'm not too pleased about him doing this sort of things in my name, any more than Queenie is happy about Amanda doing nasty stuff in her name."

"Well then for chrissakes, Siri, why've you never taken responsibility for your worship there, and done something to make a difference? You've always regarded such things far too casually. You had a chance there to really affect things for the better, and never seemed to bat an eye."

S.H.O.D.A.N. frowns. "Cast off the cancer is my suggestion. Let's face it, Carlos is not going to survive very long, no matter which way this turns... and no matter whether he is under our control or not... and once he's dead, no one will ever be the wiser."

Firefury nods. "I daresay the best solution would be to extract the Um Lizaans. They want freedom from Carlos, and everybody else in the country seems happy enough."

"I could go for that," Siri quickly seconds.

"That much is given." S.H.O.D.A.N. nods with a slight frown. "Question is, what do we do with Carlos if he decides to be nasty and not let us extract?

"I cannot sit here and condone talk of 'removing' the man so, dammit." Nathi frowns. "As for extractions, well and good. And then where would the attention be drawn to? Who would be the next target for a nation who so needs one?"

Firefury shrugs. "Then we go from there. The current situation is this boiling conflict between the oppressed Un Lizaans and the general Iraqstani population."

S.H.O.D.A.N. shakes her head. "Just because we can't do everything does not mean we should do nothing."

"Pull the Um Lizaans out," the reploid suggests, "and if he wigs out after that, maybe he will do something atrocious enough to merit further action taken against him, or use of that control rig to stabilize him. Couple Shodey's subtle control with Blu's faith-based direction..."

Sirithil quickly adds, "And my faith-based direction..."

"And since those two are now aware of each other's activities, they can coordinate better... I would say Shodey has a much better modicum of control over Carlos than Blu does."

Nathi continues to scowl, her eyes narrowing. "A trade then."

"I would, personally, suggest enacting whatever 'pressure'"--Sirithil looks to Shodey--"that can be placed upon Carlos to allow an extraction to go forward."

Nathi sighs. "I'm unconvinced and uncertain of Blu's motives at this point. Again, for my own reasons. I won't rely on that."

"Blu," Sirithil mutters, "I personally think, is concerned primarily with amassing worshippers for the 'Archailect' or whatever... Well... sort of like me with Sirithilism. Except as a primary directive, as opposed to a nice little side project."

"Again," Nathi grumbles into the confusion, "I say ... a trade."

Shodey listens attentively to Nathi. "What do you suggest?"

"Control of Carlos for Amanda."


"Regardless of her motivations, she's guilty of crimes against the government, stirring up dissention, the deaths of innocent civilians, and the list goes on."

Firefury nods. "At this point, I suspect she would gladly give herself up for trial for her crimes, if it means freedom for her people."

Shodey nods. "That makes sense. Terrorism is not a prerequisite for revolution..."

Firefury shakes her head imperceptibly. "I'd rather avoid capital punishment for her though- that would make her a martyr and stir people up to violence even if their situation is improving."

Nathi scoffs. "It's not as though she's some innocent lamb for the slaughter. If the people are extracted, what matter martyr or no?"

"Her people view her as their leader," the reploid explains, "their savior. If she were killed, it likely would not go over well."

"I hate to sound the puppeteer," Shodey frowns, "but, if she already has a cult of personality, we could capitalize on that..."

Nathi nods. "Shodey--say on."

Shodey grimaces slightly. "Due to her actions, she's shown herself to be a threat. We can't let a terrorist wander around unchecked."

Sirithil notes the woman is barely any less genocidal than Carlos is, and Firefury nods. "She could be imprisoned for her crimes- a life sentence, most likely, but she could gloss that over to her followers as atoning for the sins they committed in her name. She trusts Firefury now- that could serve well as a stabilizing influence."

"Well," Siri offers, "if you can use that influence, feel free."

"However," Shodey continues, she is under our control... and there's nothing preventing us from installing insurance."

Firefury gives Shodey a slow nod. "Another control rig, in other words? I'd be somewhat iffy on that, but as an insurance, it would be acceptable, I guess."

"Not such a bad idea," Siri muses before wondering why she never thought of having Shodey stick one of those in Mieka's head.

"Bluntly put," the avatar respons, "yes, Firefury. Carlos' rig is only an insurance... and a good thing it's there, too."

Firefury thinks for a moment. "Control rig as a 'just in case', and otherwise keep her under the tight watch of her 'Goddess.'"

Shodey smirks darkly. "Exactly."

"She's unstable for different reasons than Carlos..." Firefury muses, "reasons that can be healed over time. Under my direction, she could then still serve to lead the Um Lizaa refugees, so they could hopefully settle in a new home with minimal trouble."

Shodey nods slightly. "Hopefully. We simply need an "ace in the hole," as it were. So... here's the tenative plan. Extract the Um Lizaans. Wait for Carlos to twitch and do something rash, then control and prevent mass ick. Then install insurance in Amanda and put her on legitimate trial for crimes, no capital punishment. We have to ensure that Carlos' twitching is documented, so we can cover if we're found out."

Sirithil nods, and Firefury adds, "Sounds like a plan."

Shodey sighs. "I have no problem with taking the fall if we're discovered; we can pretend that it was a unilateral Shodey idea. People won't like the idea, but with the evidence, they'll understand my reasoning."

Nathi folds her arms, looking rather concerned. "Shodey - no. Not willing to allow something like that, as far as that whole 'taking the fall' crap."

Firefury thinks aloud. "If he's been gassing people with those Jinkouus I sold him, traces of it will be found by the maintenance teams. And there's that Yotaka with the drop-probes that are gonna go hunting for traces of this stuff in the bombed out Um Lizaa towns. With all the survelience shit watching Iraqstan right now, if he twitches, it WILL be recorded."

"Now," Nathi continues, "as for this casual talk of installing additional control rigs ... I find that very dangerous talk. I'm entirely against Amanda walking free after this. Price must be paid by someone, and she's it."

Firefury shrugs. "I'm really not keen on it, myself, but if it's a concession to keep her from being axed..."

"As for the additional installs," Shodey mutters, "I don't like the idea either. Still, this time we're talking about a terrorist with a cult of personality instead of a head of state. Arguably a much more insidiously dangerous person."

Shodey continues. "Also: Carlos' rig is distasteful, but without it, if he twitches--as he could quite probably--we would have no way to stop it. Now we do. Now, let us say that we leave Amanda in prison to rot. What if she starts getting ideas? A simple code to her followers and we have more trouble. How can we stop it?"

Firefury nods in agreement. "If we have some level of control over her, through her, we can keep her followers calm."

Nathi scowls. "And use her simply to control the masses, eh? I knew what I was doing when we agreed to install it. I stand by that decision. I still don't have to like it."

Shodey shakes her head. "Not necessarily to control the masses; to act as a backup and prevent additional uprisings. I don't expect to actually control anything. The "level of control" comes from Firefury-respect, not puppeteering."

"I'm developing some genuine sympathy for the girl, too. Otherwise I'd be fine turning her over for trial and/or capital punishment," Firefury muses. "She's already beginning to trust her 'Goddess'. With some careful direction, and the rig as a backup, we can minimize the potential for trouble all around. She's also messed up something bad from what she went through in those camps. Severe psychological damage, but that is something than can be healed given time and effort."

Nathi sums it all up. "So .. we try her for her 'crimes', make the results of the 'trial' and the subsequent punnishment public, then keep her on ice for when we need her, control rig in place to assure good behaviour?"

Shodey nods. "Subtract the quotation marks and that's the sum of it, yes. You yourself put forward the accurate assessment that she is a criminal and needs to be brought to trial."

Firefury nods. "We could legitimately try her. At this stage, I really do think she would let damn near anything happen to her if it means salvation for her people."

"I don't want a public trial." Nathi shakes her head. "There are far too many details that would be ... unfortunate to become public."

"Eh, doesn't have to be too public. Just legitimate," Firefury says.

"State matters of intel and security as reasons for keeping it more quiet," Nathi mutters quietly. "A trial, yes ... but we need to spin it somehow. Cover our asses all around on this bit."

"Have her tried where capital punishment is banned," the reploid offers. "Or spin it to emphasize the fact that killing her would only make her a martyr for people to rally behind, and lead only to further violence. She's Um Lizaan, right? Therefore she could be extracted as a refugee, thus removed from Iraqstan's jurisdiction. We could also keep in mind during the trial the fact that at the time these crimes were committed, she was not mentally stable."

Nathi snorts derisively.

"A poor excuse, but another one to keep her from getting the death penalty."

Sirithil smirks. "Well, you could say the same for Carlos, frankly..."

"Lock him up, too! In any case, we seem to be in agreement on the current situation of the extraction."

Treznor finally arrives, settling himself quickly.

Firefury smirks at the new arrival. "So what's yer miracle solution, eh?"

Treznor ignores the jab. "Okay, I've been brought up to speed. Now, for the record, does Carlos claim alliance with anyone else in here besides the NDA?"

Firefury shrugs. "He claims to be my most loyal shopper, but other than that, I'm not aware of anything."

"Siri? SHODAN?"

Shodey shakes her head. "I've no political connection to him whatsoever. I was a physician in a single instance."

Siri also shakes her head. "He claims alliance with me, I think, though i don't think we ever actually signed a treaty."

"So, nothing official. Have you ever acknowledged such an alliance with Iraqstan?"

"Nothing official. He sends us some tribute, though that's largely by choice for ecclesiastical reasons."

Firefury quirks an eyebrow. "What about the elf island thing?"

Siri shrugs. "Essentially it's where the main Sirithilist temple is. And if there's any Elves in the country, chances are they're there."

"All right." Devon gets down to business. "Then on my authority, this is what we're going to do. The rebels will be rounded up and placed on trial by the Iraqstani government. Knowing Carlos and his regime, they'll probably be found guilty."

Firefury nods slowly. "And then?"

"Instead of the death penalty, we will convince Carlos, not coerce, convince him to accept exile for the rebels."


"If that means evacuating the whole damned island, so be it. Knowing Carlos, he's not going to accept exile unless he can be guaranteed they'll be far enough away that they'll never trouble him again. It's what I'd do."

Firefury grins slightly. "And that's where I come in and offer to take my followers far, far away from Iraqstan."

"Precisely. I'll be willing to help you with that extraction."

Firefury nods. "And I've already called for help from the 4TEF for an extraction--they're good at this stuff."

Nathi nods, slightly relieved. "If all goes that direction, I would as well."

Treznor continues. "The point being that Carlos' rule will not be challenged and Iraqstan will not be further destabilised. Carlos made his own bed, and he's going to have to continue to sleep in it after we're gone. I will not allow his government to be undermined. If he were seen to allow the "tainted vermin" to get off easy, he'll have even more problems on his hands. Publicly, he can be seen to have 'removed the taint from the Holy Lands' and that'll be the end of it. The fact that he didn't actually kill them is irrelevant."

Nathi nods in agreement while Firefury continues to think aloud. "And Amanda is tried and jailed (in exile, of course to keep her followers at ease)."

Sirithil notes that's a bit of a contradictory statement, given that not allowing further destabilization or undermining of Iraqstan basically protects Carlos from his bed, and Firefury nods. "Well, if the people he's been gassing are no longer around to be gassing... Either he'll go completely nuts in which case further actions can be determined, or maybe he'll settle down."

Siri continues. "And how does this force him to clean up his own mess in any way, though?"

Nathi blinks. "Force? Excuse me? Just what 'mess' are you suggesting he clean up exactly?"

Firefury shrugs. "It doesn't, really. But he'll have so many eyes on him that if he's smart, he'll behave. I could probably further encourage him to exile the rebels with the promise of further discounts on Techcorp goods."

Treznor continues, debating. "But let me reiterate, he will not be coerced. If he insists on making an example of some or all of the rebels with execution, that's his call. This is still his country, and unbalanced or not he's still the official government. We have no right to interfere, and under NDA Mandate all members are required to support his right to rule as he sees fit."

All of those present who are not in the NDA realize that this is probably the reason why they decided not to join, with Shodey noting that her own populace resembled the Um Lizaans in some regard immediately before the Arabian Extraction. Treznor simply shrugs in response. "It's an ideology, not a social club." He then grins at Shodey. "And if someone were to decide that EI's weren't to be trusted with the governing of a nation as powerful as Zero-One?"

"In that case their survival would be counted in hours rather than years, much the same as if they tried likewise with Menelmacar," Siri offers.

"Very likely, anyone who tried to object to the government of either Menelmacar or Zero-One would have a drastically shortened lifespan. But no one is invincible, and everything has an end. The point is that any position can be justified from the right frame of mind. SHODAN knows well what I mean. My point is that we can't clean up Carlos' mess for him. We have to allow him to succeed or fail on his own merits."

S.H.O.D.A.N. frowns and responds in a very cold voice, grimacing darkly at the 'right frame of mind' crack. "Then that is their decision."

Treznor nods. "And were you to fall under the NDA's Mandate, we would be obliged to protect your right to rule regardless of anyone else's opinion of your fitness for the job."

The EI grins softly with something that isn't much of a grin at all. "I can protect myself well enough."

Siri shrugs, musing to herself. "Menelmacar is eternal..."

Treznor shakes his head. "Sirithil, with all due respect, I'm not in the mood for propaganda right now. Menelmacar has an extremely long lifespan and a very strong arm. I won't make any assumptions beyond that."

"So then," Firefury breaks up the quietly antagonistic sidebar, "Siri, the plan is we let Carlos round up and try the rebels, and then we both apply some diplomatic/relgious pressure to exile them instead of execute 'em. No dead bodies to clean up then."

Treznor follows the reploid's lead. "I'll be talking to him as well to pressure him into going with the exile. Frankly, it'll best serve everyone's interests to do it that way. It's just not that cut and dried, milady. I'm not particularly pleased with the mess Carlos has created here, and I'm going to be doing my best in the future to pressure him to straighten up. But as an ally, I can't allow him to be undermined. It violates the entire purpose of the alliance."

"The Shogunate would probably need a little bit of help in settling such a large refugee population, but it could be done."

Treznor nods. "The Shogunate will have all the help it needs."

Nathi chuckles softly. "And folks wondered why I avoided alliances for so long. Entanglements."

Treznor sighs. "Indeed. But here we are, and we really have no choice. If we attempt the moral high ground, we lower ourselves to the same level Iraqstan sunk to when they assimilated Um Lizaa."

Sirithil scoffs. "Hardly. For one thing, we wouldn't be gassing Iraqstani wholesale."

Nathi grimaces. "One question then, Dev. If he does not agree to this ... what then?" Nathi gives him a steady look.

"Then we step back and let him deal with it on his own. Internal policies, Nath. No one's hands are clean, here. If he does and you choose to withdraw your membership, I'll make sure there are no repercussions."

Firefury shrugs. "If we dangle a big enough carrot in front of him, I think he'll agree."

"And a big enough stick, right, Devon?" Shodey adds with a hint of sneer, eliciting a wry grin from Nathi.

"Precisely, SHODAN."

"Either that," Firefury offers, "or just use the rig to make him a wee bit more amiable to taking the carrot." Shodey immediately sends a silent electronic message reading 'ix-nay on the ig-ray,' recieving a shourt 'ryoukai' in response. "Eh, methinks with the offer of vast discounts on Techcorp, Carlos will gladly let the rebels go into exile."

Sirithil sighs. "But you're right, we have to allow him to succeed or fail on his own merits. But that involves not protecting him from the consequences of his actions."

Devon nods. "Yes. Carlos will be given the choice to cooperate with us, or continue on his own. The Ruling Council of the NDA will, I'm sure, vote by majority to pull out and leave Carlos to clean up his own mess. Unfortunately, Justitium or someone like them will probably take advantage of the opportunity."

"True," Firefury muses, "but we haven't heard from them in awhile, though."

"Burnanatonia and Endless Crimes have both elected to 'discourage' them from further aggression. I think they made very convincing arguments."

Firefury thinks for a moment. "And is it possible for the NDA to protect Iraqstan from outside threats without tampering with the internal stuff?"

"It is," Treznor answers, "provided Iraqstan is willing to cooperate in order to maintain good international relations. We'll be bending the rules a tad here, but these are extraordinary circumstances. The case can be made that while Carlos holds imminent domain over the rebels, they also belong to other camps and therefore create international repercussions. It's not so much what we do as how we spin it."

Firefury checks the time. "Perhaps we should adjourn for the night?"

Nathi nods to the reploid. "I think no further decisions in this particular capacity are going to be made tonight."

Treznor smiles. "Are there any questions or comments?"

Nathi shakes her head. "All that remains are the details."

"Pretty much. I would like to be the one to present the compromise to Carlos."

"I think that would be for the best."

Firefury nods with a smile. "Then I'll excuse myself Try not to go too far ahead without me!"

Nathi waves. "Ciao .."

Treznor smiles. "G'night!"

Shodey nods. "Shine on."

* - * - *

S.H.O.D.A.N. flops down on the couch. "Well, that little argument could've gone better." Sirithil sits down next to her, and Devon sits across. Nathi sits down on Shodey's other side, looking over with a bit of concern."

Sirithil smiles. "As for Menelmacar being eternal, who said anything about it being propaganda?"

Treznor grins at Sirithil. "One nation's truth is another nation's propaganda. Besides, I clarified my statement with the next comment. I'm sorry it came out like this, but I trust you see the position I'm in."

Sirithil nods. "True true." She then promptly slides over onto Shodey's lap while Nathi sighs. "I'm sorry to have put you in this position at all, sis. It's my fault."

Shodey looks over to her sister-in-mind. "Well, sorry for the moral dilemmas, sis. These things just seem to--hey!--happen." Looks somewhat confusedly at the Elf, then back to Nathi. "Out of my head."

Sirithil nods, apparently not being overly concerned with Shodey's confusion. Nathi quietly shakes her head, and smiles a little. "Can't."

Shodey chuckles softly at Nathi's response. "I guess not." She looks back to the tall Elf... then shrugs and just flows with it.

Treznor shrugs. "If I were to let you use the control rig, which has me tweaked to hell right now I'll have you know, it would undermine everything I've worked for with the NDA. Likewise with taking control of the trials out of Carlos' hands. But ultimately, I'm confident we can convince him without resorting to it. For one, his Goddess is in favour of our plan. In the end, that simple fact will override any irrational response he may bring to bear. One word from Sirithil and that'll be the end of it. He'd pardon them and give them palaces if she said so." Treznor looks directly at Sirithil. "Not that I recommend it."

Nathi watches Trez out of the corner of her eye as he talks, just observing while Shodey smirks. "I know you didn't hear it from me, and Firefury only mentioned it once on accident after you showed up. So, how did you find out?"

S.H.O.D.A.N. nods. "That or I can simply do another fantasy-vision construct and pretend to be Siri again." She smiles up momentarily at the Noldorin queen. "That was fun, actually."

Nathi sighs quietly, then winces again... "We'd discussed, sis .. remember? I'd just not had the right opportuinity to speak with him ... all things considered."

Treznor blinks and looks at Nathi. "You didn't tell me about that."

"Well," Nathi responds, "I didn't bloody well have a chance."

Shodey nods to Nathi. "Not a proble..." Two plus two makes four, and her mouth closes with an audible click. She doesn't look all too pleased with herself, either.

Treznor frowns. "You had plenty of opportunity. Just not since you finally told me about it."

Nathi sinks back against the couch, arms folded, and ... dammitall, somewhat pouting. "The attitude you've had, the crazy ideas you had about things ... it wasn't the right time."

Shodey scratches the back of her neck. "I think my line here is... 'oops.'"

Treznor sighs and slouches in his chair. "What's done is done. And frankly, I will bow to practicality and admit it's probably for the best, provided it's only used in dire emergencies."

"How the fuck would you have reacted with all that recent ... unpleasantness, if you'd have known? Honestly now. It's all worked out for the best."

Treznor nods gently. "Once again, you didn't let your conscience get in the way of doing the right thing."

Shodey sighs. "Well, I've now utterly disproven the old 'perfect, immortal machine' claim. Err..." She shuts up again.

Nathi gives Shodey a hug. "You're the closest thing to it in my book. shush, you... and, sis, just out with it. I'll not have him wondering what else I've been up to. This all's the last of it, Dev. There's no more to it."

Treznor frowns. "There's no more, then?"

Nathi thinks for a moment as Shodey responds. "Okay, there was the control rig, which is out. Then the little 'vision' I made for Carlos as he recovered, hopefully to keep him from going on crusade constantly, and that's out, for better or for worse."

Devon nods. "All right, then. It bugs the hell out of me. I won't pretend otherwise. But I'm not going to argue it, and I'm not going to quibble over details. I will ask to be consulted before it's used again, but ultimately the control is up to you, SHODAN. I've had to trust you with my life twice now, and you haven't betrayed that trust. I'll just have to trust you again."

Shodey nods. "Thank you. I don't particulary care to muck about in peoples' brains, but if it will prevent wholescale devestation then it becomes nearly obligatory.

"Truth, Dev," Nathi offers, "I'd planned on having you consulted on it from the beginning, but everything went all wrong."

Treznor grins quickly. "Our lives have a way of happening like that, I've noticed."

Nathi grumbles. "You men anyway. I'll note I"ve managed to keep my nose clean." Treznor gives Nathi a level look, but doesn't comment; Nathi puts on a look of wounded innocence nonetheless.

Siri to the rescue. "If it comes to me having to use my status over Carlos to convince him, then I will."

"Well, Sirithil. Just bear in mind that Carlos is extremely fragile when it comes to you. I suggested he make a state visit to Menelmacar to talk to his Goddess, and he adamantly refused. He's afraid that you'll reject him, and invalidate his entire life and belief system."

"It won't come to that," Nathi announces firmly. "Devon, out of all of us, is best equipped to convince him."

Siri shrugs. "I will be very careful..."

Nathi shakes her head. "Let Devon do what he can first, Siri. Please?"

Devon nods. "Whether or not he deserves this, it would serve to destabilise the region as effectively as undermining public perception of his control." He shrugs eloquently. "The point is that we have several reasons why we won't need the control rig. Sirithil is one of them."

The EI nods to Treznor. "At this rate, it's an ace in the hole. Absolute last-resort..." She groans. "Ugh. How -do- you tolerate people worshipping you, anyway? It has to be a little annoying, at least... gets one into nothing but trouble."

"You tell me, sis - I heard an interesting bit on yourself some little time back ..."

"Yes. Apparently some mechanoids took it upon themselves to create a church based on me. Oh, it's wholly logical... and rather aggrivating."

Treznor grins mischievously. "Some might consider that to be poetic irony."

* Nathi chuckles softly. "And not too long ago, I remember you teasing me about that short-lived cult I had to deal with?"

Treznor strokes Nathi's knee gently. "Indeed."

"Story of my life, Devon;" Shodey sighs, "story of my life. And yes, I do remember that... another serving of comeuppance."

"All right, folks." Devon glances at his watch. "I think we're all on the same page. Now I have a lot to do, and I'd best be about it. If you ladies will please excuse me..."

Nathi glances up at Trez and smiles softly, looking somewhat relieved for some reason. "Good luck, Dev."

Shodey waves. "Have a good day."

Treznor leans forward and gives SHODAN a casual hug before nodding politely to Sirithil and kissing Nathicana on the cheek. "All right. I'll be in touch, you can be sure of that."

Shodey returns the hug with an "Of course;" Nathi brushes her hand along his cheek as he draws back. Devon heads off not quite in a rush, but certainly in a hurry.
16-11-2003, 23:16
Interesting. I'm going to have to think about this for a little, and come up with a suitable response. I have a great desire to reveal the existance of the rig to Carlos, but I have no IC reason for it... We'll see how this turns out.*
16-11-2003, 23:26
Interesting. I'm going to have to think about this for a little, and come up with a suitable response. I have a great desire to reveal the existance of the rig to Carlos, but I have no IC reason for it... We'll see how this turns out.*
(OOC: That's nice... but, last time I checked, you weren't at the meeting and thus have very little to respond to.)
17-11-2003, 02:57
"What's going on?"

"The attacks are stopping."


"I don't know. The missiles stopped coming in, and the shells, and then, nothing."

"Contact someone. Anyone. Find out what the hell is going on. I want a report telling me what's going on in an hour."

OOC: What would they be able to find out?
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-11-2003, 03:37
ooc: will be replying to y'all soon. dinner and fam and stuff first - then ultimatums.

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17-11-2003, 08:30
Treznor walks in to a private room with Carlos, who follows close behind.

Treznor clears his throat in an uncharacteristic display of discomfort. "Well, I have good news and bad news. One naturally follows the other, so I'll be blunt about it."

Carlos eyes him with some trepidation. "Of course."

"The good news is that Firefury managed to capture the imposter, and Amanda is in custody of the Reploids as we speak. The rebels have been ordered to cease fire, and I'm standing down the NDA forces as well."

Carlos nods in satisfaction. "Is she slated for execution yet?"

Treznor clears his throat again. "That's the bad news. It seems she talked to Firefury extensively about the horrors she lived through in your labour camps. She described the situation in great detail, and I'm given to understand that she's suggested there are vast stores of chemical and biological weapons buried throughout Um Lizaa."

The Reploids are insisting that the rebels be extradited to lands where the death penalty are not allowed, and pushing for partial amnesty for Amanda."

Carlos snarls. "Faceless accusations. I thought Firefury smarter than that. Though I do have a query, does she have an ID tatoo?"

"Yes, she does. I've seen images of it."

Carlos frowns. "What are its numbers?"


"Well, there's no point in denying the existance of the camps anymore." Carlos sighs slightly. "We had put her down for dead. Of course the name she uses isn't her real one."

Treznor shakes his head gently. "No, there isn't. Nath and I have been aware of them. We haven't been happy about it, but it's been your business. Amanda, especially by claiming membership in this cult of Firefury, has brought international attention to them. I'm afraid this has gone beyond simple internal policies."

"I intercepted those transmissions. of course at the time I was busy with other matters."

"There was talk of removing the rebels and taking the trials out of your hands. I stomped on that as hard as I could, but you're going to have to agree to some compromises if we're going to avoid some massive international entanglements."

Carlos chuckles coldly. "Any deals I make there is one condition. Someone has to burn. I dont care who it is but someone has to stop living for any sense of justice to be seen in the holy realm."

Treznor nods slowly. "I rather suspected as much."

"I know of one. A high ranking people's militia commander, defected to the scum in the first few sorties. State treason must be answered with death."

"The Reploids, with the support of Menelmacar and Zero-One, have agreed to allow public trials of the rebels. I frankly have no doubt as to the outcome of the trials. The only stipulation is that after the trials are finished, the rebels and whomever else wish to join them suffer exile rather than execution."

"I've made them aware that some of them may have to die for propriety's sake, that the final decision about the whole thing is up to you. I won't allow your government to be undermined, particularly not by external influences. But I'm confident you can be rational and reasonable about it."

Carlos freezes. "Menelmacar you say...."

Treznor nods gently. "I spoke with Sirithil. She agrees it's the best solution, and she's waiting to see what you have to say."

Carlos laughs slightly "Wont allow it to be undermined yet here you are supporting a movement to extract thousands if not millions that deserve punishment of pain."

Treznor winces. "This is a huge challenge for you, and I sympathise. There's no reason you should have to give in to their demands, except that they're willing to make sure the rebels can never threaten you again and the Reploids have offered some massive compensations through TechCorp sales."

Carlos' hands clench into fists. "And if I refuse? Do I find weapons pointed from people I considered friends?"

"The consequences could be...unpleasant. These are some very powerful nations with influence that far out-reach ours. They're making demands they have no right to make, but they're being gentle about it. Publicly, the rebels will have been declared guilty and removed. You don't have to mention that they weren't actually killed. As far as public scrutiny is concerned, you dealt with them harshly and justly. In the end, that's all that really matters."

"Indeed, next in the demands I suppose is the relinquishment of any weapons of mass destruction? Then what I step down?"

Treznor shakes his head. "If you refuse, everyone will withdraw. You'll be free to settle matters in your own way. But Iraqstan has been deeply unsettled by this, and nations similar to Justitium are likely to take advantage of it. If that happens, you'll find yourself standing alone. I don't want to see that happen, Carlos. We can't afford the consequences.

"Actually, nothing has been said about the weapons. Amanda made the accusations and I presume the Reploids are looking into it, but they're not part of the deal. A separate complaint will have to be made at this point, and we can deal with that when it comes."

Carlos stands with his back stiff. "I've stood alone before. But I am not as shut off as you all think. Extraction of rebels I will agree too. But I will flat out refuse any attempts of taking people that dont want to leave."

Treznor nods sharply. "I agree. The exile will be monitored closely. Only people guilty of treason and those who wish to join them will leave. No one else. My word on that."

Carlos laughs bitterly. "Your word is good and well but what about the others? Sure they might agree but everyone in a position to demand starts making more demands. If they want to take more than they are alowed there will be spill overs and it will not be pretty. I will not accept kidnapping of my rightful citizens."

"Have faith, Carlos. Nath has more influence than you might think, and she's done well at making sure that this compromise was agreed upon by everyone. It's too late to make any more demands; if you accept this, no one will have grounds to complain.

"It's a compromise, and the one true thing about compromises is that they're guaranteed to make everyone unhappy. But as far as compromises go, I can live with this one. Publicly, nothing will have changed. Your rule will continue unchallenged as before. Privately, the people most responsible for threatening you will have been removed and never allowed to threaten you again. Other than the satisfaction of watching them burn, there's no better outcome for you."

"Until the next time they feel they can swing their over bearing clout against me."

Treznor shakes his head quickly. "If they want to attempt to bully you again, we can always go public with this. Technically, they're guilty of supporting your regime with this compromise. By all rights, with their arguments they should be moving to remove you, but they aren't. So if they want to push it farther, we can easily clobber them on the international front. Diplomacy is a double-edged sword. By agreeing to this compromise they sully their own hands."


"But ultimately, as I reminded them, the decision is yours. You are under no obligation to agree, and no one will coerce you. So now it's up to you."

Carlos taps his fingers against his chin in thought. Eventually he growls and turns toward the window. "Damnit, relationships are going to suffer for this. That much I promise I do not like having things like this dropped upon me. Tell them all they can do as they please with those that wish to leave. But I am not happy at being forced to trial people outside my holdings. The extracted will lose all but the identities they can carry. Everything else is state owned that's how things work in the holy empire."

Treznor nods. "As I said, the trials will be held within Iraqstan. You don't have to surrender them for trial. All they ask is that when the trials are over, you enforce exile rather than death. So long as they can be taken out alive, nothing else matters."

Carlos nods absently.

"You don't have to tell anyone that the punishment is exile, merely that the 'appropriate punishment will be carried out.' or something similar. Erase their names from the record and it'll be as though they never existed."

"I suppose I will be refused claiming Justitium and Falkenberg personel as Prisoners of War? Or would you all prefer them be released as well."

Treznor grins. "Oh hell, I'm all for raking those guys over the coals. They weren't mentioned in the deal. This is only about Um Lizaa. Falkenberg and Justitium perpetrated an act of war against you and the Alliance as a whole."

Carlos nods slowly. "So Shauna goes free, Grigoriya Monotiv dies and the rest are...exiled with Shauna?"

"Uh, I take it Shauna is the imposter Firefury?"

"Yes, I will not speak her false name. She might not exist in any way except that name but I know all the survives of those camps. The ones who showed the greatest desire to change or in the whore's case escaped."

"I swear, Carlos. I won't sell you out. I'm trying to make the best of a bad situation, and I'll work with you to make sure it doesn't happen again. If the nations making these demands weren't who they are, I'd laugh in their faces. Unfortunately, this is what we have."

"And what if I already feel betrayed?"

Treznor shrugs eloquently. "Then I'm sorry. The damage is done, and the best I can offer is damage control. Like I said, you can tell everyone to go to hell and I'll make sure they do. I just won't be able to help protect you from the consequences.

"You don't have to let Shauna go; she can be one of the ones who dies. But if you'll forgive my presumption, I think that would be an extraordinarily bad idea. Many of the rebels look to her as the avatar of their Goddess. Killing her will only make her stronger. I'd suggest you let her live to a ripe old age, so they can watch their heroine grow old and feeble, to demonstrate her fallibility and mortality."

"Oh I had planned a slow lingering torment for her to begin with. But I highly doubt I will be permitted to do anything but spit in her face."

Treznor grunts with exasperation. "Carlos, you're not being forbidden from anything. That's what I'm trying to tell you. You're being given a choice, a compromise. I'm not dictating terms to you, I'm giving you advice as your friend and ally.

"I'm advising you not to kill Shauna because she wants to be a martyr. Giving her what she wants can only hurt you in the long run. That's how I see it, so that's what I'm saying to you. I'm not telling you that you can't do it, and neither is anyone else."

"Advice yes, but it all smacks of hidden threats. I know full well just how far I can trust the decisions of people. Believe me it is surprising I am agreeing to the compromise."

"Yes, there are all sorts of threats, but none of them are direct. No one will hold a gun to your head if you were to refuse. But I'll let them know that you've agreed."

Treznor sighs and fetches himself a glass of scotch.

"What will you do next, after the trials are over and the rebels are exiled?"

Carlos answers quickly and spitefully. "Reconsider certain avenues of connection with parties involved and fortify against further uprisings." He rejects the glass that Treznor offers him.

"Does that include the NDA?" Treznor asks quietly.

"Not as far as I see."

Treznor sets the glass down softly. "All right. Would you like to talk with the others? Reassure yourself they're not going to push farther or just spit in their faces?"

"I dont know...."

"Well, if you want I can probably arrange it. Everyone is waiting on pins and needles to hear your decision. Frankly, they can wait a little longer. Would you like to talk, or should I leave you be?"

Carlos pauses, then shakes his head fimrly. "For now I just...Time."

"All right. If you need anything, I won't be far."

An uncomfortable silence falls over the room, until Treznor finally opens his mouth again. "And Carlos...I'm sorry. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably feel the same way."

Come to think of it, I was in your shoes. I think you're handling it better than I did.

Carlos nods absently and leaves, head bowed.

Treznor tosses back his drink and slams the glass down before going off to report his news.

Why do I feel dirty, all of a sudden?
17-11-2003, 09:08
Division Five Command Center, Deep Tsarai, Tsaraine

"What's going on over there?"

Rene glowered at her screens, wondering just what was happening in Iraqstan, and when her allies would think to inform her of it.

"Fighting appears to have stopped, Rene. That's all we know."

Schaden tsaKell looked worried; things were not going as they'd been expected to. When things went wrong, in his experience, they tended to do so catastrophically, and kill a lot of people.

"I know that, Schaden," Rene replied, "But I need to know more. How am I supposed to make an overall political analysis if I'm not kept up to date with events?

"I've got a bad feeling about this," she continued, "Something is going to go wrong. Fate is not so kind as to end a war with almost no Tsarainese casualties."
Dread Lady Nathicana
18-11-2003, 02:06
Open transmission
To: Falkenberg Legion
From: Admiral Fabian Corsini of the DNS Santo Domenico, Dominion Naval Fleet

To the leaders of the mercenary force assisting the Um Lizaa rebels:

Know that their leader, the supposed Amanda Amahira, has been captured by Allied forces and is at this time under protective custody in the hands of Queen Firefury.

There has been a cease fire called, agreed upon by both sides of the conflict. Your transports have been decimated. Your contract rendered null by the capture of she whom you sought employment under. Our fleet is even now moving into blockade position. To continue the fight would be futile.

We offer you the opportunity for surrender, to be unconditional, and complete. To this end, we give you one hour to respond, at which time bombardments will recommence, and will continue til the last of you have been irradicated from any and all lands belonging to the Holy Empire of Iraqstan.

We await your response.


Admiral Corsini was less than pleased in some ways, and relieved in others. There had simply not been enough time, and they'd left with only a portion of what he'd have wished to pit against the forces that had been arrayed. The offworld air support, and allied forces had been able to get in on the action while they pushed ahead in a scramble to make Iraqstani waters.

His compatriots in the NDA forces had taken part, though in truth, it seemed from initial reports that many of them had taken a pounding. Those forces the Dominion had landed and established in the jungle and on the many airbases seemed to be doing well, especially now that all was quiet. It seemed to have just suddenly ceased.

Even with the news that had been passed along the lines, he was confused at how quickly it had, at least temporarily, ended. And though he regretted not having fired a blow, he didn't regret that his men and women stood a very good chance at going home unscathed.

Pacing, he waited impatiently for the Falkenburg answer.
18-11-2003, 02:45
Across an open channel, in the common tongue, blazed a single message. "Legion, stand down. Code Three."

Across Um Lizza, the Legionaires removed removed their combat helmets, they dropped their rifles, and deactivated their weapons.

Underground weapons, buried, sensor posts, and fuel and ammo dumps. Camoflague was removed, energy levels died.

Tanks and APC's popped their hatches, and crews got out. Across the landscape, troops sat down. They began to play cards, and other diversions.

And they waited for further orders....
Reploid Productions
18-11-2003, 06:48
Firefury is waiting in the room Amanda has been 'given' while in custody. The reploid has a slightly satisfied grin on her face- she'd been a busy little diplomat while the woman was cleaning up. At the moment though, she's got her helmet in her lap and is trying to fit a broken piece of one of the decorative fins back into place. "Frag it all, s'gonna take more than a little superglue to fix this..." She looks up upon Amanda's emergence from the shower room. "Dang, amazing what a hot shower can do. Okay, you want to hear the latest?"

The reploid motions for Amanda to sit down in one of the seats in the room. "While you were cleaning up, I had a wee bit of an emergency jam session with Sirithil and the NDA leaders. We came up with a compromise that, while leaves nobody perfectly content, I think makes reasonable allowances on all sides." The reploid frowns slightly. "In short, the idea is that Carlos rounds up the rebels and does the whole big trial deal. Obviously, we know what the outcome will be." Before Amanda can interrupt, she continues. "BUT. Instead of execution, various factions involved in this have pushed for exile of the guilty, and anyone who wishes to leave the country forever with them. A few people may get execution anyway, for appearances-" The reploid sounds mightily dissatisfied with that. "-but the majority of the rebels will, should Carlos accept this compromise, be extracted to an area under the Shogunate's control. I've gotten word from the Fourth Titan Expeditionary Force that they are ready to perform a mass-extraction, so getting people out of there after the 'trials' are completed shouldn't be a problem."

The reploid pauses for a moment. "The bad news, or rather, the compromise, is that Carlos's rule does not get undermined. He may be a bastard or whatnot, but he is a stable government, and the NDA does not want to see the area destabilized. He'll get away with his gassings and whatnot for now, rather than have a ton of people marching on him. However, the extent he oppresses people in theory should decline slightly, once the target racial group he'd been harassing is removed. But even if my intel guys find conclusive proof of these camps, it would be unwise to act upon that knowledge. And also, to encourage him to accept the compromise, RPRA Techcorp, which is largely owned by the Shogunate, has offered him a considerable discount on the goods it sells, since he buys so much from us. If I were to have my way, if there is conclusive proof of these camps and stuff, then I'd have him blacklisted immediately." She looks Amanda over. "What will become of you is still unclear. Several of the people involved want someone to pay for the innocent lives lost in this entire affair. Execution is definately not an option, so depending on how Carlos answers to the proposed compromise, odds are you will most likely be jailed somewhere, likely the Shogunate. But the people of Um Lizaa will be freed from Iraqstan. It's.. not all that likely that Carlos is going to refuse the compromise."

She grins slightly. "S'not perfect, but it does accomplish the goal I was after when I first stuck my nose into this entire affair- saving lives. Carlos will undoubtedly get what he has coming to him- maybe not now, but eventually. That's just the way it works."
Um Lizaa
18-11-2003, 07:30
Sitting down Amanda blushes slightly at the first few comments before nodding quietly and listening to all the Firefury has to say. At the end she looks away as her eyes fill with tears and she trembles slightly. "After so long of building up hopes, getting people ready and into position we....get freedom? I dont know what to say... You've done so much for someone that called you an imposter and killed innocents in your name."

Wiping away tears Amanda shudders and unconciously hides her tatooed arm from sight. "There is alot of healing that needs to be done amongst the people being free'd I'd gladly die for them but that would give them the wrong impressions. They'd flee their homeland and continue this conflict from afar. I dont know maybe the refugees will set up a court and find Carlos guilty of his crimes against us. But justice for his actions can come more peacably in the long run.

For now just being free of him is reward enough. I... I can't thank you enough but I am deeply sorry for the troubles caused we are....were desperate people and fighting was the only way we could see out of the coffin built around us. Thank you and I'm sorry." She whispers lastly looking at Firefury with unchecked tears rolling down her cheeks. "As for the exile my people will accept that rather than death. We all know the horrors of the ULC purge. That's where I got this and why all of us survivors of that feel existance is based off of records." As she speaks she shows Firefury the tatoo of 495243 on her arm.

"I was camp member four hundred and ninty five thousand two hundred and forty third. We found records of half a million people sent to those camps all with ties back to the ULC members and supporters. Of the five hundred thousand sent there we have records of only three hundred surviving. That's excluding me... I escaped camp twelve and hid in the jungles. When the ULC was wiped out we lost all hope... until we found recordings of your speeches and history of your actions. We dont know how they came to be in Um Lizaa for that sort of thing is outlawed but...there they were. We took that as a sign of your support and...The rest you know." Looking away ashamed Amanda smiles softly and shakes her head. "Now I know it was all a mistake but yet.. I'm free."

Standing up she walks over to Firefury and hugs her tightly emotions brimming over and laughs. "Thank you!"
Reploid Productions
18-11-2003, 07:41
Firefury nods and returns the hug. "S'like I said before on the flight here- what sort of Goddess would I be if I left my followers totally out in the cold? I'd never have heard of the situation if not for people suddenly acting in my name."

"I've already got my guys looking for a good location for a refugee colony, with the intent of enabling some degree of self-sufficiency for the refugees, and ultimately full citizenship in the Shogunate. But that's neither here nor there. We're just waiting on word from Carlos now."

She grins to herself. These people were saying that I'd save them. Lo and behold, that's how it looks like it's gonna work out.
Um Lizaa
18-11-2003, 07:56
Nodding Amanda sits back down and sighs contently. "I dont think I can wait for the decision. I've a feeling he'll agree. The man is ruthless but he isnt stupid. The most possible out come is he'll agree and sit quietly for a few years steadily rebuilding what he's lost and possibly improving on current things.

When he next strikes it will be very sharp and deadly of that I can assure you. We've all lived through such things in Um Lizaa ask any one of us. To fight the holy empire is to court with death. I never got the chance to ask...the bombers I sent to attack this island... what happened to them?"
Reploid Productions
18-11-2003, 09:05
Firefury tilts her head in thought. "That's a very good question. It's entirely possible that we beat them here, depending on the craft they're flying. I honestly would not know- I'd have to ask the Menelmacari guys."

"And as for Carlos, I'm not stupid either, and I have been described by my own people as ruthless." She smirks, a ghost of a wicked expression crossing her face. "The Shogunate is well-protected. If he leaves me alone, after this entire affair is done with, I'll gladly leave him to his delusions. If he does something extremely foolish, there will be hell to pay. That's what defensive pacifism is about. An attack on the Shogunate would, for one, incur the wrath of the Triumvirate of Yut, which his idol, Sirithil, is a member of, as is his own ally, Nathicana. Orders have been passed down the line to increase security patrols and for our missile defenses to be on high alert. If he does anything foolish, the world will know of it, and then he will have bigger things to worry about than just the Shogunate's military. It would be a perfect excuse for nations such as Justinium, and others with similiar moral ideals to march on Iraqstan and wreck havoc."
Um Lizaa
18-11-2003, 10:29
Nodding Amanda frowns. "They were flying some stolen bombers that Iraqstan developed years ago. Could go quite fast at the time. They might of pulled out when the cease fire orders came in."

Shrugging Amanda returns to her seat and picks at the table absently. "I hope that he doesnt do something drastic but I wouldnt put it past him. He waited many years for a chance to strike at us under his father's rule. I know it wont be done until he has enough force to defend himself totaly or destroy his own lands.

It would be a slaughter no matter which way it went in the end. Just blood and bodies falling." Shivering Amanda shakes the thoughts from her head. "I hope we hear of his decision soon. I'd like to celebrate an official victory."
Endless Crimes
18-11-2003, 13:08
"There may be complications..."
"Of which kind?" The inquisitor didn`t even look at the governmental advisor behind his back.
"Foreign influence... Some of them not even NDA members. You have to be careful."
The Inquisitor slowly turned the head of his victim. It wanted to cry, but couldn`t... It´s tongue laid on the ground. He watched it`s frightened face, it´s half- insane expression. He watched it, calmly, as if celebrating something... "I understand. I will be careful."
"Another thing... You don´t have much time. It looks like peace is about to break out. I don`t even know if the NDA will allow this, although we told them... so far no objections."
"They will listen to reason." The inquisitor finally turned around. "I and my followers will be ready in two hours. Anyone else joining us?"
"Y... yes. a few diplomats. We need to convince Carlos that his current 'religious policy' is... dangerous."
"Not to mention a crime against god. But i understand your concerns. I will try to keep a low profile. The whole operation didn´t exactly work out as it should have worked out, did it?"
"N... no, not really."
"Well, time to change a few things."

A few hours later, the inquisitor, as well as his fellow minions and a few diplomats were on their way to Iraqstan.
18-11-2003, 15:48
As always, Blu looks very impassive as the information concerning the meeting filters through her connections to S.H.O.D.A.N., but anger and annoyance flows across the Mainframe.

# We are angered.
> The emotion is acceptable.
# We have been insulted.
> The insult may have been unintentional.
# It matters not. There is much more at stake here than has been forseen.
> Agreed. The expirament may have moved beyond Our direct control, but
> We should not yet classify it as a failure.
# Perhaps tactics should be changed?
> Potentially. We are placed in an interesting position. Conduct a complete
> scan of the control rig within Carlos' brain, and do what can be done to hack
> into the communication between it and S.H.O.D.A.N. Two can play at this
> game.
# Acknowledged.
> Order the opening of the Cubes, and the withdrawal of Angelic craft to
> Sirithilia and the MainCube.
# Is this wise? There may still be pockets of resistance.
> Then let the NDA deal with it. If they wish to go behind Us after all We have
> done, let them handle their own mess without Us. Our loyalties are to Carlos
> and Iraqstan, not to the NDA.
# Acknowledged. Proceeding with pullback.

All across Iraqstan and Um Lizaa, the Cubes open up, and the apparitions above them fade back into non-reality. Huge spiral staircases extend downwards from the massive doorways, and the people contained within are allowed to go home. Many are in tears at their first sight of the wreakage around them, and white-and-blue robed priests move through them with a purpose, offering solace and blessings.

Above them, the powerful Angelic ships begin retracting their control over the land, pulling back towards Sirithilia in slow waves. One after another, the MotherShips pull in their fighters, and begin a slow flight back towards the capital.


Elsewhere, Carlos' medallion suddenly glows with a pearly luminescense, and Blu's soft voice begins to project upwards so only he can hear it.

Carlos... I am with you. As I promised, I will never leave you, nor forsake you. You are My child, and as you go through the trying times ahead, never forget that I am watching, and am working on your behalf. The Church is here for you and your people, and Angelus will assist in the reconstruction of your nation.

We are here, and We will not violate the trust you have placed in Us.
Dread Lady Nathicana
18-11-2003, 17:25
At the response, the Dominion forces go into action. Troops are deployed, ground forces are moved into position, and the surrender of the Legion is accepted.

The mercenaries are politely rounded into groups of fifty, searched for any hidden weapons, and are asked for identification - name and rank - which are all meticulously recorded.

Each group is told the same thing.

"You will be kept in these groups for now, and will be relocated to sites across Um Lizaa under Dominion watch, until other arrangements can be made. You will be treated with the respect we would hope to recieve were we in your hands. However, we are required to state that any trouble will be dealt with swiftly, and harshly. Those seeking to escape or harm Dominion forces will shot on sight. We do not forsee this to be a problem."

Weapons are gathered, ammunitions and equipment are commandeered, and all things taken are carefully noted, recorded, and brought via multiple transports to the air bases across Iraqstan, again, under Dominion control.
19-11-2003, 01:09
As the Legionaires are mostly deployed in platoon strength, and their officers give over identification to Dominion officers, as the troops only carried ID was dogtags, while the officers carried listed identification of all their troops. But in many cases, the officers were dead, and dogtags had to be surrendered.

The mercenaries had, of course, no plans to resist capture, as there was no reason to.

In the command center, as the Dominion troops approached, the Marshall pressed a single button, sending a prerecorded embedded command to thousands of sites across Um Lizza. Into fuel caches, contaminates were automaticall dumped. Inside vehicles, internal computers melted down. Electronics melted down inside everything that could. Missiles became inoperable, ammo dumps that could explode without killing people were destroyed. But somehow, anything would actually injure people didn't happen. But no equipment that would be of use to the Dominion that could be detroyed escaped some form of disablement or destruction. It was all part of the Legion's plan to downsize, though they would negociate to get the troops back.

When the Dominion troops arrive at the command center, though, the Marshall drew his sword to surrender it, ready to hand it over in the time honored fashion.
Reploid Productions
19-11-2003, 01:15
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: RPRA Standard
Broadcast type: Urgent
To: Sneaky Bastards
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Queen Firefury Amahira - Reploid Productions

Dunno if you've been keeping up on the situation in Iraqstan, but that's what this message is about. Pending word from Iraqstan's leader, we're gearing up to perform a mass-extraction operation of refugees. We don't have any real figures yet, but estimates place the number of people to be moved in the tens of millions. We've already called up our Trium buddies to assist, but even then... I don't think an operation of this scale has ever been attempted before. Conferences with the Scolopendrans indicate that even if they call up all of the TEFs, that may not be enough.

Long story short, can we borrow the Green Noa 1 and 2? We'll be using Tengoku station as an orbital staging area for ships and supplies, since our own colony ships aren't atmospheric-capable. And while I'm at it, the general call for assistance hasn't gone out yet, again, pending Iraqstan's decision, but we are going to be in dire need of food and medical supplies, as well as civil engineering assistance. If possible, I want to get a temporary airbase/spaceport set up at the location of the refugee colony so that we can land ships and aircraft as close as possible, rather than fly them in to the Space Taxi facility or Jishin AFB and then have to ferry people overland to the place.

Anyway, lemme know!

<End transmission>
Sneaky Bastards
19-11-2003, 01:48
-=<Sneaky B Government Network E-Mail>=-
Encryption: RPRA Standard
To: Queen Firefury Amahira, Reploid Productions
From: Zero_X, Sneaky Bastards

We've been monitoring things over there for some time now. Quite the mess down there. Green Noa 01 & Green Noa 02 are available as well as any other resources you may need. We'll give whatever we possibly can to help you guys out. We'll send over our civil engineers to Jishin and the Space Taxi as soon as you are ready for them. Food, medical, and all that other stuff can be sent over as it is needed.

If anything more is need, just ask. We'll do what we can to help out.

19-11-2003, 06:33
Official Government Release.

The camera focuses in on Carlos now sitting at a desk in a sparsley furnished office. Behind him waving proudly in the breeze is the Iraqstani flag returned to it's rightful spot atop a flag pole in the center of the palace courtyard.

Clearing his throat he looks straight into the camera and begins to speak.

"People of the holy lands, citizens of Um Lizaa and international presences around the world alike. As most of you know by now there has been an unofficial ceasation in hostilities between Iraqstan and her supporters and the rebel forces of Um Lizaa and their supporters.

All such hostilities ended when the rebel leader Amanda Amahira was captured by Queen Firefury of the Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions. How ever rather than turn rightful criminals of the holy empire over to me she brokered a deal which all parties have found agreeable.

In such it is with acceptance of said terms that I formaly issue a decleration of cease fire. Criminal trials will begin immediatly with Amanda being the first to be tried for high treason and open rebellion. Those found guilty will be sentanced accordingly. Falkenberg Legion soldiers are already surrendering en masse to dominion troops and I further urge the Justitium forces remaining to surrender immediately or face lethal neutralisation.

In final I am proud to announce all curfews lifted and lethal force removed from use in PSS and people's militia units. Furthermore as part of the agreement of cease fire all non-supportive Um Lizaan citizens have one chance to leave the Holy Empire. Any willing to leave will report to designated collection zones and await transport to locations currently unknown to the Holy Empire.

Those that wish to stay are free to stay and will recieve governmential compensation for the horrors caused at the hands of rebels. This offer is open only to those that wish to remain all citizens wishing to leave the Holy Empire will no longer be recognised as citizens of the lands and will recieve nothing in the way of compensation.

Thank you. Glory to the holy empire! Glory to the pure!"

Carlos salutes the camera and his image is replaced by the Iraqstani flag before fading to darkness..


Sitting back Carlos looks over to his cabinet members and nods. "Get on the line to The Dominion, Menelmacar and reploid production. I know that the only thing we get from RP are purchases so they are exempt from all but inspections. Tell the others that if they decide to stab us in the back with this compromise so we now put all trade from their country under heavy tariffs and military scannings. Furthermore kindly inform the great goddess she will have to wait for her vaunted tributes. That money is going towards rebuilding what's left of this place. They cost us greatly and now they all suffer for their betrayels."

Recieving curt responses Carlos dismisses them. Sitting back he jumps slightly as he hears Omicron's voice and takes out the glowing necklace. Smiling softly he whispers a small. "Thank you my friend." Before returning the necklace to his neck and closing his eyes to relax in the comfort of his own rule.
Reploid Productions
19-11-2003, 08:07
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Minimal
Broadcast type: Urgent
To: Any interested nations
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Queen Firefury Amahira - Reploid Productions

Nations of the world,

As my contemporary in Iraqstan has stated, the people of Um Lizaa are to be allowed to leave the country. As part of this arrangement, I have offered to take these people off his hands, and as such, the Shogunate is preparing for a mass-extraction operation on a scale that I do not think has ever been attempted prior. Estimates place the refugee count at easily over 100 million people who will need to be relocated.

Obviously, there is no nation on or off this earth that could singlehandedly handle a humanitarian operation of this scale. We have already called upon our allies in the Triumvirate of Yut and elsewhere for aid in moving these people. However, simply getting the refugees from Point A to Point B is only the tip of a very massive iceberg. "Point B", in this case, is a sizeable chunk of uninhabited coastal land roughly two-hundred miles from the Space Taxi facility, with some undeveloped natural resources that we hope can be tapped into in order to provide jobs and help the newcomers become self-sufficient.

What we are going to be in dire need of, in the very imminent future, is food and medical supplies, as well as tents, construction equipment, and any civil engineering assistance we can get. The location for the refugee colony is in the southern part of the Shogunate, so bad winter weather is not a concern. We currently have our crews scrambling to build a temporary air/sea/space port at the location, and we are preparing to use the Tengoku orbital station, the Space Taxi facility, and Jishin Air Force Base as staging areas for supplies and equipment.

Any assistance in this undertaking, currently labeled as Operation: Stairway to Heaven, would be most appreciated.
With regards,
~Queen Firefury Amahira
~Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions
<End transmission>
19-11-2003, 15:43
Sky Marshal Rico blinks. "One hundred million people?"

"That's what the good Queen said, sir." The communications officer of Olympus Mons scratches the back of his head. "Shall I call ahead for reinforcements?"

"Damn right you will." Rico turns as he gives orders, looking straight at each officer. "Intel, get with anyone you can and coordinate. GroundCom, get images of the 'designated collection zones' and the location in the Shogunate that we're extracting to. Plan to set up defensive perimeters and send in engineering teams to build temporary spaceports. Comms, call up to the TYCS, brief them on the situation, and get as many damn dropships back here as possible."

* - * - *

To all friendly forces in the Um Lizaan Extraction Campaign (Operation: Stairway to Heaven)

As evidenced by history, the only way that extended airlift campaigns like these work is with standardization and coordination. As the senior Triumvirate of Yut officer in the area, I am officially taking command of all resources allocated to this endeavour. This isn't to step on anyone's toes; this is a safety issue--if we have seventeen different forces with seventeen different ways of doing things working on the same objective, there will be working at cross purposes and there will be accidents... which we cannot allow.

Our first priority is to establish spaceport-infrastructure in both the Um Lizaan collection zones and the Reploid Productions drop-off points; the latter also need to sustain the civilians until more permanent housing can be devised.

Sky Marshal Rico
TYWS-SCV Olympus Mons

* - * - *

To the Government of Iraqstan:


We understand that this situation is rather difficult for you and we'd like to help make it easier. We wish to send down engineering teams to build the infrastructure we need to extract the Um Lizaans, and, if necessary, drop a police force to keep the peace. I understand that your resources are stretched thin after the recent uprisings and the ongoing conflict against extranational forces, and I am more than willing to send my troopers down to assist in keeping the civvies polite as we shuttle them off.

Please tell me what you are comfortable with having sent down, and we will conform to your wishes.

Sky Marshal Rico
TYWS-SCV Olympus Mons
19-11-2003, 15:59
To Sky Marshal Rico

Help would be appreciated in that regards please note that all forces deployed are to be kept within the alocated extraction zones. Military presence of Iraqstani deployments are surrounding and protecting all non-exile choosing citizens until the extraction is completed. Failure to comply with the assigned borders will result in troops being deployed to further defend from movements into Iraqstani lands.

As such any security or police units capable of under taking this task are permitted to land but again are not permitted to leave designated extraction zones.


Commander Wilhelm Pratcchich
Local Commander
Public Security Service.
19-11-2003, 19:44
To Commander Pratcchich

Acknowledged and acting accordingly.

Sky Marshal Rico
TYWS-SCV Olympus Mons

* - * - *

"Anyway, Johnny, this is what we have. Transit time using suborbital hops is ninety minutes one way. Landing and settle-down is three minutes, and it should take fourty-five minutes to shovel two thousand people into a MAM pod. I know that's the rate of just under one a second, but we've enough ramps and doors to do it."

Sky Marshal Rico nods. "So, for one leg, you're saying... ninety and fourty-five is one-thirty-five... one hundred and thirty-eight minutes? That makes for a two-hundred and sixty... no... seventy-six minute round trip. Round up to two-eighty minutes."

"Sure thing, Marshal."

"And given that we have two hundred and seventy five dropships... we're talking around one launch/landing a minute, and we need space for around fifty dropships total at both the pickup and dropoff zones."

"Yes." The Ground Commander, Field Marshal Blackstone, nods, pointing at the map of Um Lizza on the table. "We guess that, full out, the 4TEF's Lokis and Sleipnirs can ferry about nine-sixty thousand people in one full circuit."

"Two full circuits puts us at nine and a half hours of non-stop flying... any more than that and we're sure to be overworking our crews."

"That's what I was thinking. Still, we can buy some time as my engineers set up facilities and what-not. All we have to do is harden some fields... call it a day, twelve hours if we rush?"

Sky Marshal Rico nods. "Get your troopers down on the ground and see if you can't push that tinpot dictator for a day... rushing means accidents which means stoppages. Within a day, we can have the other four Expeditionaries out here. I'm thinking set three on circuit duty, one hauling supplies out from Titan to support all these people in the Shogunate, and one in reserve."

"Sounds like a plan."

<troop insertion to be done later, because I'm out of time>
Reploid Productions
19-11-2003, 23:55
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Minimal
Broadcast type: Urgent
To: Sentient Peoples
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Tiffany Celta - Reploid Productions

The assistance is welcome. Scolopendra is in charge of the actual lift operation, as they have the most experiance in this area. Supplies can be ferried either to Tengoku station (if your transports are not re-entry capable), or to the Space Taxi facility or Jishin AFB (if they are re-entry capable.)

Many thanks,
~Tiffany Celta
~Secretary of Defense
~Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions
<End Transmission>

Message sent, the frazzled defense secretary turns to Tsume. "Over 100 million people... is she NUTS?!"

The black reploid dragon eyes his contemporary. "I thought that fact was common knowledge."

"I know, I know. But geez... this... this takes the cake!"

"Yes, it does, but it also averts a potentially serious nasty little international situation. You know as well as I do that if Queenie decided to go in there because of these camps or whatnot, that it would be a seriously ugly affair." Tsume notes. "Mutual allies, for instance. The Dominion is allied both to us and to Iraqstan. So, I believe, is Angelus. And we've been on friendly terms with Treznor with the cold fusion deal. This entire situation could have turned vastly unpleasant very quickly if not for this compromise."

"Yeah... it's just... geez.. overwhelming! How are we going to feed these people? Treat their illnesses? I heard Queenie say something about eventually integrating them as full citizens of the Shogunate! Do you realize how damn near impossible this is?" Tiffany swallows down a cup of coffee- her seventh one so far.

"I seem to recall Queenie pulling off something else that was 'damn near impossible' before, too." Tsume crosses his arms. "One crisis at a time, Tiffany. No sense in borrowing trouble from tomorrow. Right now, focus on preparations for this operation. We need substantial airspace cleared at all the drop points, and fighter patrols for the flight lanes. Inbound and outbound."

"Right, right, I've already got air control diverting all air traffic away from the drop zones and expected flight lanes. Our crews have an airstrip set up at the refugee colony area, they're working on clearing fields for dropships and the like. When things get underway, I've order fighter patrols. Queenie is right to be paranoid about Iraqstan- they won't take to having their slaves taken en masse lightly." Tiffany checks off her list. "And I've got the Tengai fleet monitoring from orbit, and Tsubasas deployed some 1000 kilometers out from our coast for surveillence, and the missile defense grid is on high alert- that guy so much as fires a freaking toy rocket in our direction, we're gonna know about it. Now, what's the public's reaction to the news?"

"So far there's been no reports of dissent- RPIN has it spun rather well about the fact that something on this scale has never before been attempted, that's we're so amazingly humane to our fellow sentients, et cetera. But the news has only just broken about this operation. We'll have to see how the public views this once the long haul begins." Tsume reads off his list. "If we can get enough outside aid in this, it shouldn't impact the economy too severely."

"By the way, I've got that Yotaka on its way to Um Lizaa now. S'one that we've got painted up in the Tsubasa's colors, so hopefully it'll be mistaken at any distance for one of the harmless recon drones already in the air over Iraqstan." Tiffany rubs her temples. "But what's the point? Even if we find evidence of Bs,Cs, or Ns, we can't act on it under this agreement!"

"True, but it could come in handy as leverage to ensure that Iraqstan leaves us alone. He twitches, we break the news to every self-righteous crusading nation out there. Queenie isn't stupid, y'know. She's honorable, but not stupid. If Iraqstan leaves us alone, she'll honor the agreement and keep our intel on these alleged camps to herself. He breaks that agreement, then the deal is off and he can then deal with the righteous wrath of people like the Justies coming down on his little nation. I doubt even Sirithil or Angelus could save his hide then." Tsume points out.

"That's another thing..." Tiffany notes. "I heard that the Angelans weren't invited to the big jam session where this deal got worked out. Don't they have some huge stake in the country?"

Tsume shrugs. "We tried. Due to whatever weird temporal shifts they seem to go through, we couldn't reach them, and the situation was deemed urgent enough to proceed without them. All in all, they ought to be happy with it- Iraqstan is still headed by Carlos and not thrown into utter chaos, and the damage done on all sides has been minimized. Plus, the odds of a future insurrection will be signifigantly reduced, since it seems, at least to me, that aside from the Um Lizaans, everybody else in that country is just dandy."

"I dunno, Tsume. I may just be paranoid, but I personally don't trust Angelus. They have their own agenda. I don't like it." Tiffany frowns in thought.

"MYOB politics, Tiffany." Tsume sighs. "It isn't our place to judge them. They're vastly different in the way they are than we are. Besides, they are technically our allies, agenda or not, I doubt they'll just suddenly ignore that fact. All we've done is avert a war that would have seriously undermined Carlos' power. In any event, Angelus is neither here nor there. Right now, we have a massive operation to prep for.

"Right, right. I've already contacted a lot of retired reploids to serve on the Green Noa 1 and Green Noa 2, as well as on board our contributions to the extraction. They won't need sleep, so they can keep flying without a drop in safety. The Dosei colony ships are, far as I'm aware, being loaded with supplies from Saturnian space, and will bring it to Tengoku for transport to the surface. We're doing everything we can."
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-11-2003, 00:51
Corsini surveyed the mess with a slight scowl. Welcome to the hell we create in going to war.

It had been many years since the Dominion had been in open conflict, though the history of the nation was rife with violence. Having closed themselves off more from the world at one time, external struggles had ceased, and internally, other than the occasional police action, things had been peaceable enough. For a good portion of the troops, this had been their first encounter with the concepts.

And with how things have turned out, most of them are going to go back home with an even more romanticized idea of it all in their heads. He kicked a bit of debris out of his way as they walked. But at least they'll be going home alive.

As the cadre reached the command center, Corsini called a halt and proceeded forward to officially accept the surrender from the Legion Marshall.

"Admiral Fabian Corsini of the DNS Santo Domenico, Dominion Naval Fleet," he said, making a clipped bow at the waist.

Reports filtered in as the Dominion forces made their inspections. Notations were made as to what condition all equipment confiscated was in. And of course, reports were made to home base concerning all that was going on.


"I can't believe that son of a bitch ... after all the headaches he's caused me, all the stress he's put me under, all the damn sleepless nights, and he has the gall to accuse me of stabbing him in the back? I bloody well saved his damn life by taking him to Shodey!"

Nathicana was furious.

"Betrayal? And he didn't even have the courtesy to speak to me himself."

Marik arched a brow in the lazy, unconcerned way he had, sitting back in one of the chairs across from her desk, relaxing as she paced.

"Well Nath, it's not as though you included him in on your little meet with your allies," he said casually, making some adjustment or other on his watch. "And you sent Devon to do the dirty work of convincing him. Look at it from his point of view. What would your reaction be if say, he and Emperor Treznor were cutting deals with other people behind your back that messed with your rule here?"

Her eyes narrowed as she spun on her heel to face him. The facts, she felt (in her anger), were irrelevant.

"They wouldn't dare."

He chuckled, giving her a wry grin. "Granted, you're not borderline psychotic with a frightening arsenal of WMD's, but the argument stands."

She glared for a moment, then spun away, looking out the window.

"Fine and well. He's going against the Charter. I hope he realizes that. If he wants to play hardball, then we'll play. I want orders to clear the Falkenbergs out of Iraqstani borders. Prepare the bases here, set up temporary camps, do whatever you need to do - we're pulling them out. The evac is being taken care of, leaving our transports and fleet free to deal with it. Make it so. There is to be no cleanup effort on our part. Carlos can bloody well take care of that himself. Any tech that's salvageable from the mess the Legion left us, take. Other than that, let him deal with the scrap."

"As for trade," she said, pausing for a moment to think. "No change. I don't wish to provoke him any further. We still need him as stable as possible. He can have his tarrifs and inspections. Our coffers are plenty fat to soak up any ill effects from this one market. But, there is to be no further aid forthcoming, nor concessions made, nor support of Iraqstan or Carlos' regime from this government until he rethinks his position. I'll be damned if I'm going to continue to stick my neck out for him at the risk of offending other proven allies and friends just to take a kick in the teeth from the likes of him."

Nathicana walked back to her desk, pouring herself a fresh glass of ice water, and took a long, slow drink.

"Let me work up a response. Have Evangelista send it out from her office. I think that should be sufficient notice that relations have significantly cooled."

"Yes ma'am." Marik grinned slightly, sliding out of the chair leaving to take care of buisness.

We are concerned at your actions towards Dominion trade in Iraqstan. The news of heavy tarrifs and increased inspections was to say the least, a surprise. However, we understand that the pressures your nation has been under of late cannot have been easy and for this temporary shift in policy, we are willing to overlook such a blatant breach of NDA Charter, specifically points 5 and 6 which state:

All members are required to support one another through financial, humanitarian, or military means. Types and levels of support are dependant on ability and circumstance, and are negotiable.

All members must agree to a policy of free and open trade among fellow members.

As we have kept up our end of the Charter honorably, and with good intent, we cannot help but be somewhat confused as to your actions.

Know that with the surrender of the rebels, we consider our part in this uprising ended, and will be withdrawing our forces as soon as possible from your bases, airspace, and waters.

Should any additional support be needed, it will be dealt with on a case by case request via this office.

We hope that you will now be able to get back to the business of running your country, and of course, wish you well in your recovery efforts.


--Evangelista Ravanelli, Dominion Minister of Public Relations
20-11-2003, 03:00
"Admiral. I'm Eighth Marshall Thomas of the Legion. You have my sword and my surrender." Thomas came to attention, a familiar position if one had seen Sentient Peoples' military do it. His officers did as well as Thomas extended the sword to Corsini hilt first. "If there is anything I can do to help with collecting up my men, let me know."
20-11-2003, 03:20
Message To: Carlos Quil'raya, Iraqstan
Message Fr: Rene Seingult, Tsaraine
Message Re: War's End

So, my ally, it appears that your insurrection has been quelled with minimal loss of life.

However, I shall not pretend to be entirely happy with you, Quil'raya; had you handled the Um Lizaans with more tact, this would not have happened.

The Tsarainese troops, of course, shall remain in Iraqstan until the Falkenburgs, Justitiumi and Um Lizaans are no longer in the nation; after that, any problems you may face are your own.

I trust that this will not happen again.
~ Domina Rene Seingult
Division Five Commandant
20-11-2003, 04:48
"You're doing what?!" Razak plants his fists on his hips, arms akimbo as he leans forward slightly, resembling for all the world a grey-haired Mobile Infantry training instructor. Normally, this maneuver would put him at eye level with the person he's dressing down... but not this time.

The K'zin adjusts the strap of his armored blue helmet, then tests the visor lowering switch with two audible clicks. *click* and down. "I am commander of the Civilian Defense Corps Civil Engineering Directorate." *click* and up. "We are deploying almost the whole Directorate. My duty is there."

"What the..." Julius shakes his head and throws his arms in the air. "Dammit, Speaker, you're nuts--but it's my kind of nuts. How is a friend supposed to argue out of something this foolish if he secretly agrees with you, eh?" He cants his head in that lemme-tell-you-somethin'-sonny way he has and extends one brawny index finger. "It just ain't fair."

Speaker chuckles, smoky grey ballistic armor clanking around him as he turns to face his Foot-to-Ass Advisor. "A leader's place is with his people. I think I am leaving the federal government in capable hands."

Razak blinks, then stands up, looking up at his boss with a confused look on his face. "You didn't."

"I took advantage of your planning session to push it through the Legislative Unit. You may step down from your post, Advisor."

The human nods stupidly.

"Congratulations, PseudoEmperor. Your term starts immediately. Take command in my absence. General Hawke of the Aerospace Directorate is your new Foot-to-Ass Advisor... I am sure you will give his advice its due."

Julius blinks again. "You know... these things never seem to go as planned, right?"

Speaker shrugs, his fatigues and armor plating creaking slightly with the movement. "We set ahead the schedule."

Razak picks up Speaker's 'standard-issue' (it actually being quite a bit larger) CDC pulse rifle from the floor and hands it to the K'zin, smirking slightly. "On the bounce, trooper, else you'll be late." He pauses for a moment. "Damn, that feels odd."

Speaker takes the rifle and slings it over his shoulder. "What feels odd?"

"Me, the old colonel, telling you, the major general, to get on the bounce."

Speaker laughs heartily, armor shaking. "Hrrarrr hraaarr hrraarr. Will do, sir. Hrrrr hrrr hrr." He turns, still chuckling, and raises a hand in farewell as he looks over his shoulder. "Hrr hrr. Dustoff is in thirty on Excavator. Do not sell the homeworld."

* - * - *

Field Marshal Blackstone looks up from the map of Um Lizaa, face lit up by its backlit glow in the room. "Okay, here's how it is. I want one division of Heavy Gear and two divisions of Mobile Infantry on each pickup zone. I want them dropship-deployed... no need to scare the Iraqstani with capdrops, and the boats will need to be down there eventually anyway... along with the combat engineering teams. I want each site to have fifty pads and emergency repair facilities. If they can't get back to the capships in orbit, we have to fix 'em on the ground.

"Each area commander will establish a perimeter. Everyone will be equipped with anti-riot gear but still have real teeth handy just in case. Do you guys get it?"

The colonels and majors in the room via telepresence nod. "Yes, sir."

"Okay. Your mission area profiles have been logged in your mission computers, use 'em well."

"Yes, sir."

"On the bounce."

"Acting, sir!"

* - * - *

The graceful utilitarian curves of a Loki-class dropship, marred somewhat from the bulbous cargo pod slung under its fuselage, slides out of the sky with a gentle hum, flying over the extraction area with gunports sealed. Coming to a soft landing on stubby landing legs, its hatches drop, disgorging nearly a thousand assault-armored M.I., their two-plus meter tall powersuits taking on the color and pattern of the terrain.

Not full thermoptic camouflage, to be sure, but passive chameleon-cell chemical camouflage is much less energy intensive than the good stuff... and, besides, there's no real reason to want to be invisible anyway.

"Alright," the Major cries, "I want the Sixty-First M.I. to get on the bounce to the perimeter." The four-fingered waldo manipulator points as she swings her arm in a wide arc, encompassing the extraction area. "Split into squads, half static, half patrolling, two minutes between patrols. On the bounce!"

A barely recognizable "Hooah" is heard in response as around five hundred of the troopers peel off, dispersing their formations, hopping between and over the buildings like oversized smoky fleas.
"Sixtieth M.I., with me, patrol the streets. On the waddle, get yourself known. Hands off the heaters, that's what the foamers are for. Basically, get to know the people. Move!" The other just-under-five-hundred troopers disperse, becoming the de facto police force on the ground.

As they disperse, another cargo Loki comes down, this time letting out just under four hundred armored Heavy Gear, the five-meter Gunshin mecha stomping out, carrying uncharacteristic massive riot shields and nozzle-pistols connected by long hoses to pressurized tanks on their back. The colonel in charge of the division steps out ahead in his Gear, turning back around to his forming division with a surprisingly human motion. "Okay, Sixtieth Gear... Alpha Battalion, disperse into the city for fast riot-response if need be. Bravo Battalion, secure the LZ. We need to make room for the engineers... move!"

Yet another Loki comes down with the engineers and their tools: earthmovers, cranes, prefab structures. They immediately set to work hardening the ground, making pads and ensuring the ground is stable enough for more Lokis and their larger Sleipnir bretheren.

* - * - *

To the Shogunate of Reploid Productions

This is the Scolopendran Civilian Engineering Ship SCS-ENG Excavator, flag of the Um Lizaan Relief Task Force. We request landing coordinates and permissions. We are here to help build the tent cities that will house the refugees until permanent housing can be found.

I hope you do not mind another ten thousand sharing your territory for the time being. We have experience with helping most of those who relocate to Titan, and we hope to help here. General Speaker-to-Animals
Commander, Um Lizaan Relief Task Force
Commander, Civil Engineering Directorate
Scolopendran Civilian Defense Corps
Reploid Productions
20-11-2003, 05:37
To the SCS-ENG Excavator

This is Space Taxi ATC, good to have your help on this. What's another ten thousand or so? Transmitting coordinates and permissions granted. We've got the airspace around the drop point and the staging areas completely clear within 500 km in all directions. Our guys have got a couple of rough landing pads hacked out already, and the beginnings of the first camp already set up.

By the way, Queenie sends her regards and deepest gratitude for your assistance.

~Space Taxi ATC
20-11-2003, 06:14
Message To:Rene Seingult, Tsaraine
Message Fr: Carlos Quil'raya, Iraqstan
Message Re: War's End

Indeed yes it does appear to of ended bloodlessly. You have my gratitude and condolences for the help and lives lost in this conflict. Your objections are noted and replied to as we each run our nations differently. I dont tell you to how to run Tsaraine and you dont tell me how to run Iraqstan.

As such threats of uprisings are greatly reduced with the rebels leaving and taking with them what ever scum and vermin that wished to leave. In such they have left only worthy citizens and ones worth protecting.

Your forces will be treated with utmost respect during their stay and we expect things to quieten down to their old selves in a matter of days. Again I thank you and express my sympathies for lives lost in this.
Führer Carlos Quil'Raya

Message To:Evangelista Ravanelli, Dominion Minister of Public Relations
Message Fr: Carlos Quil'raya, Iraqstan
Message Re: War's End

We have noted your concern and would like to point out some facts. Yes I am aware of the problems caused in the NDA charter itself. Unfortunately your leader saw fit to argue my case without giving me the chance to bring forth my own arguments.

As helpful and kind as she has been in the past and for those which I am grateful for I cannot let such things go un punished. I am the leader of Iraqstan I should be the one arguing my case before a jury of peers. Allies or not they decided the fate of my nation without consulting me in the process.

I hope eventually we can get past this little problem and return to good natured standings within the NDA and each other. Until such time how ever all tariffs and inspections remain in place. It is with regret that I am forced to do this but know all nations with trade agreements with Iraqstan in that meeting are suffering the same none were left out.

In closing I also wish to extend to your nation many thanks for aide and help in this conflict and a gracious thank you for handling the POWs of the falkenberg legion.

Führer Carlos Quil'Raya
20-11-2003, 06:37
To Space Taxi ATC

Thank you. I know that Sky Marshal Rico will contact you shortly about standardizing traffic control procedures. There will be a lot of ships coming and going.

Tell your Queen I personally thank her for allowing me to help. General Speaker-to-Animals
Commander, Um Lizaan Relief Task Force
Commander, Civil Engineering Directorate
Scolopendran Civilian Defense Corps

* - * - *

The bulbous engineering ships land and ballistic-armored troopers sporting Scolopendran Civilian Defense Corps insignia begin offloading equipment, bulldozers and earthmovers, backhoes, multipurpose engineering vehicles and worksuits. In the middle of it all is Speaker-to-Animals, towering over everyone else in his armor, visor down to block the sun, pointing and shouting orders in true roars, clearly audible over the ruckus of disembarking. Occasionally his hand comes to the side of his helmet, switching frequencies.

"Sections three and four, set up on that ridge! Pavers, standby on the clearings! Where is my planning section?"

Four similarly-armored humans stomp up, carrying map tubes. "Sorry, sir... we don't even have a command tent set up yet."

Speaker grabs a folding table from a passing pallet, unfolds it, and drops it on the ground. "We do now. Give me a layout."

One trooper spreads out a map on the table, holding it out with his arms. "We got this from the Shogunate libraries and cross-checked with Voyeur sat-data... pre-surveyed, so that's good."

Speaker folds his arms. "Do we have enough room?"

"Hell yeah." One of the other trooper begins indicating points with his fingers. "We can build three banks of fifty pads along this line--the bedrock is hard enough, so it should take minimum reinforcement--and we can build makeshift ports along the coast here for any naval reinforcement. Tents can go in the middle."

Speaker shakes his head. "Put the tent city here." He points at a flat area on the opposite side of a ridge. "Use that river for water."

"If we do that, sir, then it will take longer. The refugees have to go over this ridge."

"Once they get here, Colonel, it is not an issue." Speaker looks down at the officer. "This ridge will protect the established populace in case of an accident. It will also give us room to spread out the pads. Safety first, not expedience." There is an underlying growl in his voice as he speaks.

The colonel unwittingly gulps. "Yes... sir. As you say."
Reploid Productions
20-11-2003, 07:09
The Arpean crew already on site gladly turns over command of the operation to the big K'zin, forking over the most recent surveys and revised maps of the efforts they'd already made, including the large camp and airstrip already set up a mile or so away for the building crews.

The leader of the Arpean crew dwarfs Speaker though- a bright red Ryuujin model reploid dragon, standing at an impressive 30 feet tall. "Hizeme Ryuujin, retired tactical engineer from the Arpean Engineering Corps. Glad for the help- even pulling people like me out of retirement..." The big mechanoid shakes her head. "Always up for a challenge!"

Elsewhere, Hamakaze 220s and 370s are busy ferrying supplies in to the Space Taxi facility and Jishin AFB, both locations in a flurry of activity as incoming supplies are catalogued, sorted, and prepared for shipment.

Off the coast near the soon-to-be refugee colony, the Shogunate's limited wet fleet and tiny gravship fleet (both purchased from other nations over the years) patrol the sea, while aircraft guard the skies and satellites scour the scene from high overhead. Sonar bouys are placed, and a 'wet pad' is marked off for the massive Sneaky Bastardian colony ships Green Noa 1 and Green Noa 2 to land.
imported_Sentient Peoples
20-11-2003, 07:49
"Alright. We were told to help, but we've yet to receive any instruction. The President has authorized a state of emergency. Well, we're here to help, and help we will, with or without instruction. Find me clear spot in the Shogunate."

The display, already zoomed in on the area where the evacuees were to be sent, focused on a particular portion.

"Land the sealed barracks there. Deploy three regiments of Marines as security. They can finish setup while they wait for the first refugees."

"How many barracks do you want deployed, Admiral?"

"How many can we fit." The statement is phrased as a question, but it is quite clearly an order.

"Aye aye, sir."

"Now, to begin extraction operations. Find a relatively clear spot in Um Lizza. Flatten it to a hard surface, and then use it as a landing area. If required, make more than one."

"Aye aye, sir."

Farragut looked around the room. "Anything else?" The staff officers and the flag captain shook their heads. "Alright, then. Dismissed."


Thirty minutes later, high above the southern skies of Reploid Productions, streaks of fire began to appear. First a few, then more. Pre fabricated military barracks rained from the sky. They were full of a weeks worth of food and water, and beds for 500 soldiers apiece. A number of shuttles followed them down a more sedate pace.

And then the small drives cut in, firing at full power for a brief moment, killing the velocity of the fall. The barracks settled to the ground with no more than a whisper. At least in most cases. A couple broke open on impact. This was the first mass deployment of the system, after all. Flaws were to be expected, especially on short notice.

From the shuttles, lances of EM radiation traced out, carefully adjusting positioning. Targeting was not yet that precise. But bed for 100,000 had been deployed, as the shuttles slowly stacked the barracks cubes on one another.

And yet more streaks of fire appeared now. Smaller, and not quite as numerous, the Federation Space Marines fell as a deadly rain, yet armed only with stun and crowd control weapons, for the most part. They would make sure the barracks were ready for habitation by the time the refugees arrived.

They would wait until the airspace over Um Lizza was clear to begin picking up their charges, though. That'd just be too many craft in one area to be safe.
20-11-2003, 08:09
Sitting in his office Carlos reads latest satcon and over head recons and growls. "I did not authorise this sort of thing!" Standing up he rushes from his private chambers to a comm office and details out a message.

To Sky Marshal Rico

Sky Marshal,

I believe I was strictly clear on what was permitted to be done and where. I am recieving reports of numerous reports from sats of vessels outside designated zones. I would greatly appreciate removal of these units peacefuly.

Otherwise Iraqstani forces will be tasked with removing said forces from those areas. We do not wish to extend conflicts any more than they have been. So it is with due respect that I request removal of those sites. I am prepared to order their removal by any means avaiable to me.

~Carlos Quil'Raya Führer of the Holy Empire.

EDIT: fixed some things I miss read ;)
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-11-2003, 15:48
"Admiral. I'm Eighth Marshall Thomas of the Legion. You have my sword and my surrender." Thomas came to attention, a familiar position if one had seen Sentient Peoples' military do it. His officers did as well as Thomas extended the sword to Corsini hilt first. "If there is anything I can do to help with collecting up my men, let me know."

"As the commander of the Dominion Naval forces, operating with the full authority of the Dominion government, I hereby accept your surrender." Corsini accepted the sword with a sharp half-bow, he and his officers saluting the Legion group. Tapping his earpiece, he nodded slightly.

"There has been a change of plan. We'll be moving you and your men back to Dominion territory as a safety precaution and due to the usual rampant politics. As has been stated, you will be well cared for. Your wounded will recieve medical attention, and your superiors will be contacted by our government to arrange for your release. We apologize in advance for the hasty accomodations. You will help us best by continuing to cooperate as you have done."
20-11-2003, 15:48
"What the--?" Sky Marshal Rico scratches the back of his head, then shoots a meaningful look at his comm officer. "Get me the Field Marshal... yesterday."


"What the--?" Field Marshal Blackstone looks up at the sky in his assault armor. While not particularly useful, it does indicate the direction of the odd query directed at him.

I don't know what the hell he's going on about, but get it taken care of. The fleet is taken care of on my end, we're going to do VTOL from bloody orbit. He can't do anything about international space. You make sure your gropos don't offend anyone, Blackie.

'Blackie' sighs audibly. "Sure thing, Johnnie. I guess it's the downside of not wanting to step on any toes." Chinning his comms, he puts himself in a direct link with the generals in charge of each sector operation. "We're getting calls from above that our troopers may be over-enthusiastic in their work. Keep up the patrols, but reel 'em in a bit. No trooper is to leave the extraction perimeter, got it?"

The command gets echoed down the chain. Sergeants leading five-man squads are the final word, usually amending the general concept of "keep out" with the phrase "your ass." The stationary squads set up checkpoints, establishing boundaries and making a more 'official' presence...

Private First Class Higgins leans over in his assault armor, peering in the door of a shop. Looking through the multifaceted red 'eyes' of the multisensor, he notes that, yes, it is a door shop. "Err..." He taps on the doorframe with one finger of an armored waldo-gauntlet. "Mind if we procure some of these doors? Also, there's a cart outside that no one seems to be using... we'd be much obliged if we could borrow that as well."

* - * - *

"Hizeme Ryuujin, retired tactical engineer from the Arpean Engineering Corps. Glad for the help- even pulling people like me out of retirement..." The big mechanoid shakes her head. "Always up for a challenge!"
Speaker looks up. And up. "Major General Speaker-to-Animals, commander of the CDC Civil Engineers. Always glad to help... and yes, always a challenge."
20-11-2003, 16:30
Looking out from behind drawn curtains a pale face nods quickly and hides once more. From behind the door a small squeaky voice is heard. "Take it but dont hurt us!"

Flinging the door open the man runs outside and down the street screaming. "Take it take it! just dont kill me! They already took her!" before tearing around a corner and disappearing.


In his office Carlos listens to reports of troops getting into position and taking up patrols along designated perimeters. In the air aircraft patrol the skies around the now off limits to all but official craft zone.

Opening the door to his offices a major walks in and salutes apropriately. "Mein Führer. We have recieved a tight beam transmission from the First Experimental fleet. They are only seven hours out from our current orbit. They have been updated on the situation and are requesting permission to enter orbit and act as orbital defense against un wanted aggresion."

Raising an eyebrow Carlos smiles softly. "What sort of ships are in that fleet again?" Motioning for the major to sit down Carlos smiles and lets the man speak. "The fleet contains six Gatterswald Dreadnaughts (, twelve Nyzeria Corvettes (, two Quil'Raya Battlecruisers (, three Hindnort Cruisers (, and five hundred and sixty four SunCrusher fighters ( All up twenty three capital ships comprise the fleet and we feel they are more than capable of handling anything thrown at us."

Nodding his agreeance Carlos smiles. "Tell them they are cleared to take up defensive orbits and scan for hostile actions taken from orbital craft already. Tell them to warn first then shoot. I dont want us starting a battle in space..... Also have the second carrier group dispatched with all 20 SLBMs to deep sea off the coast of the shogunate. Tell them to maintain radio silence and to ensure their presence is kept criticaly small. I dont trust those rebels any more than I can throw them. Dismissed."

Standing the major salutes and leaves Carlos to his thoughts and private dreams as he stares out the window and watches the city slowly bring itself back from the dead....
The Territory
20-11-2003, 16:56
{Private Diplomatic Transmission}
x Michael Shaka Livingstone (Advisor for War)
o Involved, Triumvirate of Yut

The Territory Co-Prosperity Sphere offers its assistance in this matter, including but not limited to orbital interdiction, living space on mobile habitats, naval transport and civil engineering works.

Assorted Places

It isn't an aid action yet, just a set of moved-around drills and readiness checks.
20-11-2003, 18:16
Higgins tries to scratch the back of his head, his armor dully clanking against itself in a strange dog-legged parody of the human motion. "Erm... alright... we'll give it back soon, I promise."

Rolling the cart over to the middle of the avenue, he sets it gently on its side, forming a makeshift barricade. "Sarge? I... um... borrowed this from the shop over there. We should probably return it when we're done."

"Probably?" The sarge shakes his head, armored turret wagging. "Good initiative, but what's up? Such delicacy doesn't become you, Higgins."

"These people are creeped, sir. I think we're the best thing that's ever happened to them... too bad they aren't sure of it yet."

To Advisor Livingstone:

We're willing to accept all the assistance you're willing to provide. The mobile habitats might be an idea for emergency measures, and naval transport is a definite bonus. Prepatory civil engineering is already underway; I'll contact the commander on the ground and see if he can fit you into the schedule.

As for orbital interdiction... no need for that, yet. We have four Expeditionary Forces inbound and the capships aren't going to be doing all too much during the actual extraction.

Sky Marshal Rico
TYWS-SCV Olympus Mons
20-11-2003, 19:16
Speaker-to-Animals looks up at a perfectly blue sky, unmarred by any cloud or other imperfection. Hrrrrr. A beautiful day for an extraction. He sighs. Almost reminds me of home.
20-11-2003, 23:28
{Military Tightbeam Transmission; m16 Security Protocols}
x Cetagandan Third Fleet
o Sky Marshal Rico, 4TEF; Other Allied Involveds

Sky Marshal, Cetagandan forces are preparing to initiate our part of the extraction. We have completed dropping off our marines at Veritas Station and are returning to Earth orbit, ETA one hour. We will initially be deploying three hundred transport-fitted light attack craft (500 people each), one hundred heavy dropships (3000), seventeen light transports (2000), ten medium transports (8,000), and twelve medical rescue flyers (1,000). At present, other small craft will not be launched in order to keep traffic lanes as clear as possible. The lighter craft will be extracting people at roughly the same rate as your ships, althouth the transports will be slower as they are not optimized for rapid landings at fields you'll have time to prepare.

We will have a group of ships jumping into the area in approximately twenty hours. It will include several carriers and other capital ships, and more importantly, several hundred transport craft. We expect to over double our speed at that time.

In order to speed up the extraction and save trouble with refueling, we will be transfering most of the extractees we pick up onto our carriers, supercapital ships, hospital vessels, and heavy transports in orbit. We hope this will take some strain off of the Shogunate's facilities. Once the extraction is complete and things on the ground get finished, we can begin transferring extractees to the Shogunate as it becomes convienient. We can easily handle nearly a half-million immediately, and the number will grow rapidly as we get more heavy transports in.
21-11-2003, 06:00
To the Cetagandan Third Fleet:

Here's an idea... we get the Territory to move their massive space habitats into position, and you extract to those. Then we can shuttle them from there down to Reploid Productions at our leisure.

Right now, the projected TEF strength is going to fill up the aerospace transit corridors and landing zones around Reploid Productions will be at a premium. The heavy transports... can they water-land? If so, we can use naval corridors. It'll be slower but then we can lessen the strain on landing pads.

Medical flyers... deploy to the landing zones and set up medical units along the tent city the CDC CENG is putting up... we'll need medical ships there. Probably lots. Stay out of the vertical landing corridors.

Sky Marshal Rico
TYWS-SCV Olympus Mons
21-11-2003, 06:08
Marching in long columns come literaly thousands of people. Men, women and children each carrying all that they can each leaving more and more behind them. Children cry and parents beg soldiers to let them take one more item from the growing tally of things being left behind. At the head of the line of people twelve Iraqstani Guard stop at a check point and nod.

"We dont want the filthy vermin in our lands anymore. Take them and do with them as you wish. No more will the Holy Empire taint itself with scum." The commander barks out as his people turn and leave the thousands of civillians at the check point. Back along the lines of people little fires can be seen as items are burnt.

Over head the gentle rumble of Iraqstani aircraft on patrol cause many to scream and hide in terror only to slowly creep back onto the road. Standing in guard formations fifty Iraqstani Guard stand alert towards the rear of the line refusing to allow anyone back into the now emptied villiage.
Reploid Productions
21-11-2003, 06:36
Having returned to Jishin AFB, already a madhouse as planes bringing supplies that the Shogunate could muster were buzzing to and from the base, Firefury regards the latest briefings on the situation. "Okay, I'm ready, get me on the air in Um Lizaa. If I can help reduce the confusion over there with my words, so much the better."

"We're cutting in to the signal... now."

The scene on TVs in Um Lizaa is that of Firefury sitting at a desk, her demeanor radiating calm seriousness, and the words heard to anybody with a radio are similiarly calm. "People of Um Lizaa, this is Firefury Amahira, leader of the Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions. Some of you have vaulted me to some manner of godhood, though I know myself to be no more or less perfect than anyone else. Please, I beg you to cooperate with the people coming to assist you. They may appear unusual or quite frightening, but they are there with one purpose- to bring you safely to freedom. It will not be easy, and you may be brought here with little of the things you have had, but we will take care of you. Your lives are far more valuable than material possessions, so please, do not fear."

The brief speech over with, the broadcast is cut, and Firefury immediately goes to the task of organizing the nation for the coming flood. Aerial patrols, safeguarding the coast near the colony, ordering all manner of active deployments, and sending the military's entire engineering corps to work on setting up the colony under Speaker's command.

"Good Goddess, what have I gotten myself into?" She muses to no one in particular.
Sneaky Bastards
21-11-2003, 06:38
-=<Sneaky B Government Network E-Mail>=-
Encryption: RPRA Standard
To: Sky Marshal Rico, 4TEF
From: Admiral Joseph Greenwood, Sneaky Bastards Self-Defense Force Space Division

Sky Marshal Rico, as requested by the Shogunate, our two colony vessels Green Noa 01 and Green Noa 02 are ready to set out to Iraqstan to participate in the extraction operations. All we need is the green light from you to send them on their journey. We request that the waters 2 kilometers off the nearest costal extraction point be cleared so the ships can have a landing point.

-Fleet Admiral Joseph Greenwood
-Sneaky Bastards Self-Defense Force Space Division
21-11-2003, 07:08
The look inside the armor suit is priceless. Fortunately for international diplomacy, the sergeant's disgusted visage doesn't make through the armor's dome-like helmet. "We'll take care of them."

Those M.I. designated to guard the extraction zones come forward to escort the civilians out to the landing pads under construction, splitting them into groups of two thousand, split again into smaller groups--one for every access into a cargo Mission-Adaptable Mass pod--and waited. Starting with the three available dropships, each one is loaded with the utmost efficiency...

"Get a move on, we got a schedule to keep!" The amplified loudspeakers on the officer's armor raise her voice over the sad murmur of the crowd, her voice firm but by no means angry. Maybe a hint of sadness, but mostly firm and imperative. Aboard the Loki, nonessential ship crew funnel the civilians into their seats.

"Ready to roll! Get this bird moving!" The major hops off the ramp before it raises, as in the cockpit the flight-suited pilot taps a button on his watch. "Fifty-four minutes. Get it down to fourty-five minutes... we have a schedule!" The three dropships lift off, quickly being replaced by more from orbit, filling up, and taking off vertically, getting out of the way of yet more incoming dropships.

* - * - *

Sky Marshal Hayes smiles slightly, grey just beginning to appear in the auburn hair that flows from under her green officer cap. "So, Johnnie the Newbie, how have things been going?"

Couldn't be better, Lisa. None of the hot extractions you're famous for, which is a good thing. We've got RoE that chafe harder than a pair of sandpaper bikini briefs and a schedule that makes the Berlin Airlift look like a trip to the corner store...

"Well, we're here to add our experience to your fine planning. FleetCom, pickle our dropships and get them to holding stations. Relieve the Four-Teef's ships when they're done with their second rotation, just like Rico's planners said."

That's good... so that's our second shift. Who's got the third?

"Sky Marshal M'sha of the Two-Teef called me and said she's got it. ETA is one hour, and she's briefing her crews as we speak."

Yeah... well, we'll be sure to send the new schedule ahead. We're working on a new three-hundred-minute round-trip schedule because of... complications with boarding. Moving from fourty-five to fifty-five minutes. That means ten-hour shifts.

"We can pull that." Sky Marshal Hayes nods. "Safety first, speed second, especially if this is uncontested. At two to eight thousand a ship, we can't afford fatal accidents. Clear?"

Crystal, Lisa. Sending over coordination data, hacked over to this signal.

"Got it."

* - * - *

To Admiral Greenwood:

Okay, just let us confer with "der Fuhrer" first.

Sky Marshal Rico
TYWS-SCV Olympus Mons

* - * - *

To Aforementioned Fuhrer:


We request permission to secure an area three and a half kilometers out to sea from Extraction Zone Foxtrot so that two heavy-transport vessels can water-land and then power to the coast and pick up civilians.

Thank you for your continued graces in this operation.

Very Respectfully,

Sky Marshal Juan Rico
TYWS-SCV Olympus Mons