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Roanian Factbook: OOC Comments up.

22-10-2003, 05:22
OOC: I have severe hayfever right now, so I'm stuck at home. So, I'll just take care of this.

I'm working on a map and a big expose, but right now I'll get up the bare bones and the characters.

Since I last did one of these, my nation has changed a great deal. For a start, one of my main characters, who was with me from the beginning, is dead.

Ah, well.
With thanks to New Genoa for the format...

Principality of Roania and its Empire
"Nur die, die in der Finsterniss arbeiten, k├Ânnen wahrhaftig um das Licht wissen


Climate: The outer areas of the island are mostly tropical, especially in the southern areas. The central mountains are temperate rain forests, while around Mt. Wolf the flat land is high enough that it's in permanent tundra. The area around Roan City (the central plains) are dry and acrid.

Natural Resources: gold, iron, silver, mercury, zinc, copper, lead, timber, oil, uranium, titanium.

Land Use: Upper Urban: 20%; Lower Urban: 25%; Rural: 55%


Total Population: Roania Island ((Principality of Roania)) 601 million; Colony of Location classified 401 million; Roanian Commonwealth of planets ((Commonwealth of Roa)) 369 million; Pinnacle Base is populated by rotating military personel.

Age Structure: 0-14 years: 15%; 14-64 years: 70%; 65 years and over: 15%

Life Expectancy at birth: total population: 92female: 95male: 89

Nationality: Roanian, German offshoot/Rohirrim

Ethnic Groups: Human and human subspecies 94%; Elven and elven subspecies 5%; miscellaneous 1%

Religions: Roman Catholic: 78%, official religion. Conservative Judaism, 4%. Elven and Eldar dieties make up 7%; miscellaneous ((Including Greater Wheel Buddhism and Sunni Islam)) make up remainder.

Languages: English, German, Latin

Literacy Rate: total population: 99%; male: 99%; female: 99% ((If you don't know how to read by a certain age in Roania, then you are asking for reprogramming))


Conventional long form of Nation: The Most Holy Principality of Roania
Conventional form of Empire: The Most Holy Roanian Empire
Conventional short forms: Principality of Roania, Roania
Abbreviation: PriRo

Government Type:Independent Principality
The Prince is advised by a council of nobles and ministers, who deal with most of the day to day running of the country.

Capital: Roan City

Administrative Divisions: Dozens and dozens across the entire empire. The island itself is made up of 20 baronies/counties/earldoms/duchies. Noble title is based on how much land you control. Port Agua is a special ArchDuchy, the Prince's son is the Archduke of Agua.

Former Form of Government: Socialist republic ((Before that, monarchy under the Al Roan line, but talking about that is very unpopular))

Founding of the Principality: October 17th, 2218
While it could be said that Edward Black was the first Prince, he retained Rasputin Macchiavelli's title of Chief Ruling Officer, even as the rest of the nation became more and more of a monarchy

Suffrage: If there were any elections, every member of the middle and upper classes would be able to vote.

Executive Branch:
Prince: Prince Alexander Tyral Black
Hereditary Governers: ((Or at least, those we have met in the past)) Governor George Smith, of Location Classified; Base Commander Tyrence of Pinnacle Base; around 6 more from assorted commonwealth worlds.

Legislative Branch: Council of Ministers, consisting of those Island nobles picked by his highness to serve as ministers until they either retire or die. Oh, and the Roanian Cardinal with the most seniority. At time of writing, that is Cardinal Johannes Richelieu.

Judicial Branch: Minister for Justice, Baron Charles Stryke, heads this. He appoints the various Polizei and Judiciary Officers. Richelieu's Inquisitors work outside of this branch, dealing with traitors and more supernatural threats.


GDP per capita: $35,000

GDP - composition by sector: agriculture: 10%; industry: 35%; services: 55%

Population Below Poverty Line: 9% ((Mainly because most nobles shoot their truly poor or send them off for reprogramming))
GDP per Capita is still extremely high due to extreme wealth of the upper and middle classes.

Major Exports: medicine, chemicals, power armor, trained proffesionals, assassins.

Major Imports: Metal, weapons

Currency: Rupee

Currency Code: $

Legal Ages

Driving: 19, but public transport is fairly decent.

Alcohol: 22

Smoking: If you can get away with it, whenever you want. If you get caught, you get killed. Effectively illegal.


(((Easter, Lent, etcedera, are all public holidays, but people may still go to work))

January 1: New Year's Day

April 2nd: Memorial Day

April 20 Labour Day

October, whenever the Prince declares itOktoberfest

December 25: Christmas Day
Military Branches

High Commander: Earl Edmund Hyacinth, Minister for the Armed Forces
Roanian Legion: General William Brunt
Roanian Galactic Fleet: Grand Admiral Karlos Offenheim
22-10-2003, 05:42
Well i'll be damned...
22-10-2003, 06:29
Personalities of the Realm

The Royal Family
Prince Alexander Tyral Black

The ruler of Roania, Alexander took over after a heart attack killed his father. His rule has yet to be tested severely. He is around 21 years of age, and is constantly complaining about how much stress his job puts him under.

One of his major accomplishments is the fact that he realises he's not the smartest man on Earth, and so he lets his advisers guide him and do their jobs with out getting in the way.

He is engaged to Kelly Maxwell of Phalanix.
Princess Rachel Amyn Black

She is meant to be dead. Hundreds of people saw her die in the terrorist attack.

However, as she said, "It didn't take." It is one of the greatest mysteries in Roania, how she was found naked on Io in the company of Sara Resi, a renegade soldier, and a smuggler.

She's not talking, and those that do know aren't talking either. For the moment, the mystery of Alexander's twin sister is unsolved.
Kelly Maxwell of Phalanix

Technically, she's a princess. However, as she has said quite often, "Call me a princess and I'll rip your knees out and beat you with them."

Learning she was Pheonix's, Joshua's and Rain's sister put quite a tax on Alexander's nerves. Learning she was also a half elf made him lose what tenuos grip on reality he has, and caused him to faint.

She is currently engaged to Alexander, and there is love, of a sort, though Alexander is probably in a bit of a dream state as to the whole matter.


Baron James Monet
Secretary of the Council
Baron of Northland

Minister Gerald Himmer
Minister for Protocol
Prime Minister (for 6 weeks) of New Spartha
ArchMage Merrech

Who is he? Why is he here? What on earth is he under that cowl?

These are all questions asked by the visitors to Roania. ArchMage Merrech is the royal advisor on magical matters, and he is an elf. Gossip around the court says that he was exiled from Menelmacar. But both he, and Lady Sirithril's emissary, have refused to comment. Except that there has been an unusual amount of hedgehogs around town lately.

With Warlock Devian in Tor Yvresse on important business, he has also taken over the portfolio of Inter-racial affairs.

OOC: I felt that I needed an evil man in Roania... here he is.
General Edmund Hyacinth, Minister of the Armed Forces and Earl of Grenesse

One of the nice things about Roania is that any one, of any race, can get promoted through merit. Edmund Hyacinth is one of the most important men in the entire Empire, and he intends to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

As he himself put it, he has three loyalties. First, to his country. Second, to his men, and third to his allies.

One of his closest friends and rivals, Dean Gray, has retired to Flamazon ((and, it's rumored, to the bosom of Flamazon's empress, Marina)). Until a suitable replacement can be found, he also runs the Roanian Intelligence Agency. Which does not exist and isn't funded by the taxpayer for more than 30 trillion dollars a year.
Cardinal Johannes Richelieu

A cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and an avowed conservative. One of the front runners to replace Pope John Paul II.

One of the more shocking things about his urge for power is the fact that he doesn't want it for himself. He wants it because he truly, passionately believes that he is what the church needs.

He also heads the Holy Roanian Inquisition.
Duke Leopold Darquis, Minister of Foriegn Affairs and Duke of Derricks

A harsh overlord, a harsh boss, and a harsh father. Leopold is one of the most cynical people on the planet. Unlike most Roanians, he only pays lipsync to religion.

He wasn't always like this. He changed after his wife died in one of Rasputin's pogroms against, well, everyone that wasn't Rasputin.

He has two children. A daughter, Kathryn, and a son, Inquisitor Simon Darquis.
Baron Charles Stryke, Minister of the Judiciary

Another cynic, though he claims to be a pragmatic rather than a callous and bitter man.

He... doesn't turn up very often, preferring to work outside of scrutiny.

OOC: More to come.
22-10-2003, 06:57
Other Characters

*The Ecclesiarchy*

Bishop Jacques Richelieu

Cardinal Malcom Fraser

Cardinal Pedro Diego, of Mexico

*The Inquisition*
High Inquisitor Kigari

An orphan, Kigari was put into the church orphanage. She became an Inquisitor when 18, and one year later helped put an end to a slave ring in the asteroid belt.

She has retired ((or, depending on your pov, been retired)) from the HRI and is now ambassador to Tiburon.

Any rumors that she has fallen in love with President Nova Starfighter, are just that. Rumors.
High Inquisitor Simon Darquis

Joining the Inquisition is considered a good career move for a young noble. Simon fits the unwritten requirements perfectly. He considers his honor all-important, has a deep and abiding faith in God and the Catholic Church, and can speak and understand most languages within a few hours.

His father, however, doesn't much approve of his career choice. But, at the end of the day, they are family, no matter how often Leopold has tried to arrange for his son's death and vice versa.

*The Military*

<The Navy>
Admiral Hyten
Admiral Hawkings
Grand Admiral Karlos Offenhiem
Admiral Vader
Admiral De'brache
Lieutenant Jones
Lieutenant Matthews
Captain Depp

<The Legion>
General William Brunt
Base Commander Terence
Legionarre Wilco
Legionnare Rex

*Roania Pharmaceuticals*
Karolyn Von Klyne

After Edward Black pressured Bruno Von Klyne into stepping down, his daughter Karolyn, former head of the Assington section, took over.

Under her control, Roania Pharmaceuticals is now based in Assington.

She is a close personal friend of Calin, President Calis's brother.

A very close friend.
22-10-2003, 06:59
Wow, Roanians are so beautifull... They look just like movie stars from American Cinema... :lol:

But seriously... WOW, way to go Roania, you must have put some thought into this...
22-10-2003, 07:00
OOC: Some nimrod uninstalled photoshop from my computer. And I can't find the accursed CD. Don't start.
22-10-2003, 07:33
Wow, Roanians are so beautifull... They look just like movie stars from American Cinema... :lol:

But seriously... WOW, way to go Roania, you must have put some thought into this...

Grr... :o

Thanks. Your praise humbles me.
22-10-2003, 11:37
Roanian Wildlife
Dire Wolves

Roania's native groundbased predator, the Dire Wolves are some of the deadliest creatures on Earth. They hunt in packs of ten or more, can destroy a tank, and require heavy weaponary to kill.

Despite the rather evil and nasty appearance, they can be trained to become very good guard dogs.
Roanian Firebird

The royal bird, killing one is punishable by a painful and agonising death. The Roanian Firebird is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, and are found only on the Island.

They are rarely seen, and it is believed that any lovers which see it will prosper.

A few of them have been captured and sent to the Assington National Zoo, but that is a special case and they will be travelling on around the world.
Lake Monster

One of the few nonhumanoid sentients, the Lake Monsters are serpentine beasts that inhabit the Roanian Mountain's freshwater lakes.

Purely fish and algae eaters, the Lake Dwellers have very little interest in affairs outside of their rivers and lakes.

If bothered, they can turn quite nasty. They are ruled by Ghaz-XX of the highest lake in Roania.
Roanian ThunderBird

Unlike their cousins, the thunderbird is not a nice bird. Keen to prey on everything that catches their fancy, they are the masters of Mt. Wolf.

Very little research has been undertaken. Mainly because the scientists keep getting eaten.
Roanian Wendigo

That actually sums up everything that could be said about the nigh on invincible Roanian Wendigo. Believed to be extinct after the Roanians spent 50 years hunting down and destroying every single one they could find.

On the off chance that there are any left, avoid like an angry orc that's been handed a club with a nail in it.

Don't start. Yes, the dwarfs of Khazad-Zar are humanoid sentients, and thus not part of the wildlife.

However, it makes things easier because they don't pay taxes to us if they are wildlife, and we don't pay taxes to them if we are wildlife.

In one of the more unfortunate coincidences of history, Khazad-Zar itself is in the Roanian mountains, and its outlying towns are all under ours, for the same reasons we picked those spots.

Still, amicability is good.
22-10-2003, 11:49
OOC: Aw... I want more comments!

And ideas as to what to do next. I'm stumped.

Oh, and I forgot Mephisto... I'll just slap him in here.
Mephisto/Lord Mephistopheles

Servant of the Nameless Evil. Father of lies, ally of Arithon. Master of the Shop of Dread.

Mephisto is all this, and more. The greatest enemy to Rave Shentavo and all her kin, he lives for nothing more than to release his master from his chains and then destroy Ravelyn.

His loathing for her knows no bounds. He has used innocents to do his bidding, attempted to corrupt the Holy Roanian Inquisition, and is working behind the scenes on almost all evil that afflicts the Shentavo family.
Rave Shentavo
22-10-2003, 12:03
Me likes Mephisto...let me give you the background on Ravelyn:

Name: Ravelyn Shentavo/ Azrael
God knows what she is....alright alright...angelic vampire
Leader of the nation
Rihad of the Council
High sourcress in the Magic users order
Ancient in the order of vampires
Elementality: Fire expertise
Angelic rank: seraphim

Lives for the soul purpose of sending Mephisto back to hell and for her fiance. She will stop at nothing to rid the world of Mephisto, her former fellow seraphim. Azrael against Mephisto. Light against Dark. Good versus Evil. And a pissed off angelic vampire against a pissed off sephiroth.
Dyelli Beybi
22-10-2003, 12:14
(OOC) Oh my, someone else is claiming to have dwarves...'cept mine are different, mine are diehard Tzarist terrorist dwarves...and they're composed of 'farce matter' rather than 'matter'. They also wear silly hats and sing 'hi ho, hi ho, its off to work we go' then start whistling. Anyway enough Brittney Spears (I think) in the see something new every day, why back in my day Inquisitors wore big red capes and knew you were getting quality service...sorry I'll stop.

Yes itd true. Roanians are beautiful, unlike Dyellians who as a rule of thumb are short and dark and smoke heavily. OF course the Tzar is different, he's tall with red hair, wears a suite of armour, doesn't smoke, but makes up for it by drinking heavily, shoots peasants for fun...oh and is a complete sociopath.

Then there's the Pope (at least the one we elected for ourselves as the Pope in Rome is clearly a Communist subversive) - Pope Indolence the First. He is not so much insane as very old fashioned and is dedicated to bringing crusading back as a form of weekend entertainment (you Roanians up for it?)

OK....thats enough for now, that probably wasn't very interesting, sorry for hijacking your thread.
22-10-2003, 12:17
Well i'll be damned...

OOC:I found the missing post! I knew we were one off!

IC: I have it on the best of authority that you will be.
~Cardinal Richelieu


Mephisto vs. Rave... almost a pity that one of them has to die...


Think about it, DB. What man wouldn't tell Britney Spears everything he knows?

Oh, and they do wear armor and capes and big hats. Just not all the time. You could catch your death of heatstroke that way.
Dyelli Beybi
22-10-2003, 12:23
Think about it, DB. What man wouldn't tell Britney Spears everything he knows?

Oh, and they do wear armor and capes and big hats. Just not all the time. You could catch your death of heatstroke that way.

Hrrrm, you have a point there. I'm relieved about the armour hats and big capes. Otherwise the hertics would be feeling very short changed.
22-10-2003, 12:25
I don't just have a point, I have an army of fanatics!
Dyelli Beybi
22-10-2003, 12:31
So do I! And I've got the Holy Order of the Poor Knights of theTemple of Solomon (which is probably more evidence of Dyellian heresy...but thats scarecely needed)
Dyelli Beybi
22-10-2003, 12:31
So do I! And I've got the Holy Order of the Poor Knights of theTemple of Solomon (which is probably more evidence of Dyellian heresy...but thats scarecely needed)
22-10-2003, 12:38
Good to see Assington's Pharmaceutical industry is in good hands.

What should we do with Karolyn and Calin? According to the last rp they were in..... they're in Assington at the moment.
22-10-2003, 12:38
Mephisto and Arithon go way back......

23-10-2003, 00:49
Good to see Assington's Pharmaceutical industry is in good hands.

What should we do with Karolyn and Calin? According to the last rp they were in..... they're in Assington at the moment.

Your option, Assington

DB, I hereby excommunicate you and order you to attack Arda as penance.


"That we do, Arithon. That we do."
23-10-2003, 01:12
BUMP for comments.

What to do next... what to do next...
23-10-2003, 01:26
[wow,awesome man, awesome]

[could i steal that pic of the Roanian Wendigo for useage?]
23-10-2003, 01:55
Buildings of Roania

The architecture of Roania owes a lot to three sources. #1, the Roanian people's native Germany and Rohan. #2, Tzarist Russia. #3, as befits a pacific island, the Polynesians.
Palace of the Prince and Council

In the early part of the twentieth century, the Roanian Islands had several hundred pro-Tzarist russians, who had backed the wrong horse.

The king at the time, Charles Al-Roan ((called the foolish)) said that in exchange for asylum, he wanted an exact duplicate of the Kremlin built.

Port Agua Seawall

A wonder of expertise, the seawall was built so that the Roanians could control all access to Roania's one port, Port Agua.

It isn't widely banded about, but Roanians can't stand the touch of sea water. It burns them severely.
Pana Sophia, Royal Cathedral

OOC: The name is my little joke.

IC: Cardinal Richelieu's proud and joy, the Pana Sophia is the largest cathedral in Roania.

He designed it himself, from memories of a trip to the Holy Latin Empire.
City of Alaitoc

Designed and populated by Menelmacari and Yvressan settlers, Alaitoc is one of the only purely elven settlements in human land.
Castle Darquis

The Darquis family manor, based on a castle in the Holy Latin Empire. It overlooks Fort Derricks, and backs onto the Roanian Mountains.
23-10-2003, 01:57
[wow,awesome man, awesome]

[could i steal that pic of the Roanian Wendigo for useage?]

Sure... why, do you have Wendigoes too? Remember, you can only kill them with full decapitation at the base of the neck.
23-10-2003, 02:46
Nature's beauty
Roania's coastline

With the exception of Port Agua, and North Canyon, the entire island of Roania is surrounded by 20 ft tall chalk cliffs.
Mountains of Helm

The Roanians, despite all evidence to the contrary, insist that they are the descendants of the Rohirrim. These mountains were named after Helm's Deep, and its surrounding hills.

They are tall, and forboding. Many creatures live within. There are very few settlements in the range, the majority of people living in Fort Derricks or Mountain Town.

The dwarven kingdom of Khazad-Zar is based within.
Mt. Wolf

The largest mountain in Roania, Mt. Wolf lies in the northern section of the country.

There are no major settlements nearby, and the mountain is mainly populated by Dire Wolves.
The Jungle

The jungle of southwestern Roania is largely uncharted. Most of the native Polynesians live within its demesne. However, it is mostly populated by Lake Dwellers.
23-10-2003, 03:34
Aw, come on! I need more comments!
23-10-2003, 03:48
In the year 1390, King Wilhelm von Roania the third founded the HRI. Over the years, it has become some of the best trained special forces operatives on the planet. But its mission has always remained the same. To root out and destroy all evil, everywhere. Now, in declassified documents, we reveal the vehicles and weapons of the inquisition.

The HRI coat of arms

Hoplite3 BattleSuit

The male inquisitorial battle suit.

Weaponary: Pretty much a matter of personal taste. Holy Swords are compulsory, however. Auxilary weapons include: Teleportational ring; Holy Fire ring; Master Crafted pistols (With silver bullets); R-87 submachine guns.

Armor Rating and gimmicks: Equivalent to full plate mail. Loosely. Full Plate Mail weighs more, and doesn't have shock disruptors, a flicker cape, or internal AI. Also, fully pressurised.

AI: Unlike Phalanixian AI, this AI remains almost completely silent, and has no personality. And considering the relationships most Elite's have with their AI, the inquisitors are very thankful.

HOPLITE2 Inquisitorial Long Range Combat Suit

While the HRI is a nondescriminational organisation, nevertheless all men are given the HOPLITE3, and all women are given the HOPLITE2. The reason for this is along the lines of; "The women who reach the inquisition got here by using their head. The men got here by using most of the rest of their muscles."

Weapons: Fully internal. The arm cannon contains: 1 missile launcher, 1 short range lazer knife, 4 beam weapons (Standard configuration being power, wave, ice and plazma)

Suit: Same as above. Instead of the cape, however, there is an internal teleportation device.

AI: See above.

Inquisitorial Dropship

The above picture shows a pair of dropships flying along the cliffs that make up Roania's coastline. Incredibly expensive to maintain, that is actually as close as most Roanians will get to seawater.

Armaments: 6 chainguns. Plazma disperser.

Drive: Anti Grav.

Speed: 130 mph

Crew: 1.

Carries: 5-15 Inqusitors.


To become an inquisitor, you have to

a) Spend 5 years in the regular military, and reach the level of captain

b) Kill a vampire

c) Kill a chaos spawn with your bare hands

d) Swim in salt water

e) And make it through the canyon of death, an area layered with i) Zombies, ii) Auto turrets, iii) Chaos Spawn iiii) mines, v) Robot assassins
23-10-2003, 03:54
Roanian Galactic Fleet

Principality II Star Destroyer

A now out of date ship, the 6 remaining in commission are used as Flag Ships for the fleets.

Crew: 4000

Weapons: Turbolasers, Super Laser, Ion cannons, Planetary Bombardment weapons. Tractor Beam.

Shield: Particle, Chaos and Beam, good for about 3000 hits each.

FTL: Hyperdrive, though Foldspace is being looked into. Class 2 Hyperdrives

STL: 4500 miles an hour

Hull: Reinforced, giving it the ability to outlast 4000 hits.

Hangar Space: For about 200 fighters

Fuel: Nuclear Fission

Wombat-Class Cruiser

The Roanians really like wombats. No one knows why they call this the Wombat, though.

Crew: 500

Weapons: Turbolazers, Chain Guns.

Shields: Particle, Beam. Good for 500 hits.

Hull: Good for 90 hits.

FTL: Class 1 HyperDrive

STL: 80000 miles an hour

Hangar space: 30 fighters

Robotic Ram Ship

These ships, each of which are filled with a ton of high grade explosives, have no purpose except to ram into the enemy. They move about as fast as the SD's

H-17 'Hawk' Fighter

A fast assault fighter, these fighters have very little shielding. But they can move fast.

Crew: 1, duh.

Weapons: Chainguns, lazers, proton torpedoes.

FTL: Nil.

STL: 200000 miles per hour.

Enforcer Fighter/Bomber

A medium sized fighter/bomber, neither fast nor particularly well armed. Still, does what we made it for.

Crew: 5-6

Weapons: Chain guns, capital ship bombardment weapons.

Shield: Beam/Particle, each good for around 75 hits.

FTL: None.

STL: 60000 miles per hour[size]

Vampire BioChem Bombardment Frigates

Unique vessels, designed to take advantage of Roanian biochemical skills.


Armaments=4 Resi Corporation Chain Guns, on aft, rear, port and starboard; 4 Roania Pharmaceuticals Viral Bombardment Cannons, standard ammunition being Tabun2, Rotan, Sarin5

Hangar Space: NA

Shield= Particle, Chaos, Beam, and Warp ((Each good for one hundred hits))

Personalities of the Fleet

Admiral James Hyten

A very, very, very unlucky man. Not in military matters or social standing, of course. Just that he's never been given the oppurtunity to retire. He is one of the oldest and most skilled admirals anywhere, tempered by years of service. He worked his way from the bottom up, has survived his wife, and has several children, all of whom have entered the military. Commander of the RSD Repentance.

Admiral Theodore Hawking

A career admiral, he joined as a captain. He rose quickly through the ranks of the fleet. Sadly, his grasp of the battlefield is more theoretical than practical. Luckily, he has the assistance of his able Lieutenant, Jordan. Commander of the RSD Vanguard.

Admiral Gerald Vader

A once fine officer, an experience he suffered during one of those running battles with Phalanix that occur ever so often reduced his courage to Courage the Cowardly Dog levels. Ever since, he has jumped at the slightest noise, and is overly cautious. Still, when the chips are down, the commander of the RSD Fortitude will always find a way out of his situation. And then swear a holy oath never to get in that situation again.

Ltnt Jordan

One of the finest officers ever to walk the decks of the Fortitude. So says Admiral Hawking of this man. And who is going to argue with someone who can order you flogged? Especially since it's true. Whether battling rebels, or attacking a position from orbit, Jordan always has a way to carry out his master's plans. A promotion is in the offing, especially since Admiral Darkens didn't return with his own ship, RSD Grace.
23-10-2003, 03:58
Good Stuff Roania!!
23-10-2003, 04:00
Good Stuff Roania!!

Thanks! :P
23-10-2003, 04:17
:lol: *whispers to Dean* you've retired to my bosom?... How exactly did these rumors start?

OOC: Where's Dean's pic?

@--;---- Marina Vladiovna Romanova, Empress of Flamazon
23-10-2003, 04:19
OOC: He retired, Flamazon. He's no longer part of the government.

He looks a bit like Edmund Blackadder.
23-10-2003, 04:24
:? And where is Blackadder's pic? whaaaaaaaa
23-10-2003, 04:27
Nice! 8)
23-10-2003, 04:28
Dean Gray

Honorary Ambassador to Flamazon.
23-10-2003, 04:46
Not bad! :wink:
23-10-2003, 05:49
Well, we like him.
23-10-2003, 05:49
Well, we like him.
23-10-2003, 07:21
I think we should do another rp with Calin and Karolyn. But not now.
23-10-2003, 07:51
Very nice !!! I am impressed, you make me want to put more work into my nation. and BTW I am in love with Karolyn Von Klyne .
23-10-2003, 08:19
Too bad...... someone beat you to her...... :roll:
Dyelli Beybi
23-10-2003, 23:23
lol. First time I've seen Blackadder popping up...Dyelli Beybi has Mr S. Baldrick as Prime Minister but he doesn't actually do anything. We're lead by a Tzar who looks suspiciously like Richard IV from the first series...
24-10-2003, 03:22
:D All hail your God-chosen Tsar!!!! :D

@---;---- Marina Vladiovna Romanova, Empress of Flamazon
Dyelli Beybi
24-10-2003, 11:24
His coronation speech was somewhat similar to Richard IV's as well...nobody spotted it though...How often do you get people saying 'but we must eat the yellow wobbly bits'? :P
24-10-2003, 11:28

Any hoo, does anyone have any ideas what I should do next?
24-10-2003, 12:04
The Church in Roania

The church in Roania is the Roman Catholic Church. It is very, exceedingly conservative.

Except for around 10 years where it toyed with the idea of using vampires as slaves for humans, it has always been dedicated to wiping the scourge of undeath from this world.

Cardinal Richelieu is the titular head, since the Pope is too busy drooling and giggling to run it. He has applied for Patriarchate status, and if he ever becomes Pope granting it will be one of his first priorities.

It is the official religion, and all other Christian sects suffer persecution and reprogramming.

Certifica Religious

Roman Catholic Church

Worship of Ashuran

Conservative Judaism

Greater Wheel Buddhism

Native Polynesian Beliefs

Worship of Sirithril

Sunni Islam

It generally takes around 20 years for a religion to be approved for inclusion.
24-10-2003, 12:08
:wink: Well...i'm at least glad that you're Catholic too but still... :lol:
25-10-2003, 02:47
I'm quite averse to making long posts, so I'll put mine up in a series of short ones...

The Tiburonese Government: Major Leaders (Part 1)

UN Category: Democratic Socialists
Civil Rights: Excellent
Economy: Developing
Political Freedoms: Very Good

President: Nova Starfighter
Age: 19
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue (I think)

Vice President: Hirokiri Batosai
Age: 22

Secretary of United Alliance: Sakura Yokonara
Age: 18 *drool... ^_^*

Secretary of State: Kiro Starfighter
Age: 16

Head of the United Republics of Tiburon: Heero Yuy
Age: 16
25-10-2003, 04:34
:shock: I'm amazed! How is it that an entire nation be managed by such young people?! hmm :?
Dyelli Beybi
25-10-2003, 12:09
Not only that but a whole nation (yet another whole Nation) populated entirely by anime cartoon characters :?
25-10-2003, 18:36
It's difficult, I know, but I manage. :roll:
26-10-2003, 01:37
OOC: Very nice, Tib.

IC: Roanian attitude to other intelligent races

Elves: The Roanian government has enacted a policy of "Keep the elves happy, so they don't come to visit us." While Roanians are long-lived by human standards, the immortal elves provoke envy. Also, some Roanians can't stand close proximity to elves, especially those that dwell on or near the water. The elven urge to cross the endless sea and return home can be picked up and felt by Roanians, and the idea of salt water vaguely unsettles them.

Orcs: Roanians loathe orcs. Big, useless slabs of green flesh. They do have their uses, and some Roanians consider them to be ideal siege weapons, but they don't really consider them to be sentient. More semi-sentient, and that's only the smart ones.

Dwarves: The Roanians consider dwarves a nuisance, who keep cutting their way into sewers, etc. There is a great deal of trade between the two races, though, and Roania and Khazad-Zar have a mutual defense agreement.

Lake Dwellers: Ignoring the fact that the average Roanian can't understand a word they say, there is a cautious respect between the two races. After all, they have to share the land, no?

The Undead: This can be summed up in two words. ((Burn Them!))

Xenomorphs: If they can't trade, or have nothing the Roanians want, then they are either conquered or ignored.

Silicon Based Creatures: Roania considers Angelus to be one of it's few trusted allies, but that's about as far as Roania will go.
26-10-2003, 01:37
26-10-2003, 04:30
OOC: Should any patent lawyers or something see this, I hold none of the copyrights for any books/games/movies I spoof or pay homage to below.

Roania Pharmaceuticals Subsidaries

"Sorry, but there's profit to be had"

Roania Pharmaceuticals owns the following companies outright.

Assington Medical Supplies
Roania Drive Yards
Roania Automobile Industries
Paramount Pictures
The Walt Disney Company ((As Karolyn said, "when we heard it was in financial difficulty, we jumped in and offered our services..."))
East Galaxy Trading Company
The Mentat Schools
The Bene Tleilax

Paramount Pictures movies
Already made
*Legend of Zelda: Cup of Life
*Magician: Apprentice
*Magician: Master
*To Fight The Darkness ((Based on a true story))

Coming Attractions

*Roanian Supermen are your masters ((Propaganda film, ordered by the Roanian Government to show to aliens that refuse to accept our conquest of their world))
*The Assington Police Saga

Disney Movies
*Donald takes over the world
*Mickey: The Musical
*The Ring of the Niebelunjung
*The Black Cauldron Saga
*Herbie takes Assington

<<Interestingly enough, Disney World was transferred to Menelmacar as a birthday gift for Lady Sirithril>>

RP Core Competencies

RP makes: Medicine, custom biological and chemical weapons, antidotes, medical supplies, trains Mentats, makes clones and Gholas, etc.

RDY makes: Battlearmor, mecha, tanks, Dropships

RAI makes: Hover vehicles, repulsorlifts, engines
26-10-2003, 04:33
OOC: Thanks. ^_^

The Tiburonese Government: Major Leaders (Part 2)

Secretary of Defense: Duo Maxwell
Age: 16

Secretary of the Interior: Quatre Raberba Winner
Age: 16

Secretary of the Treasury: Trowa Barton
Age: 17

Secretary of Justice: Wufei Chang
Age: 17

(the pics take a horrific time to load...)
26-10-2003, 04:41
OOC: Tib, I don't mind you declaring yourself part of Roania :P ... but can you tone down the horribly large pics? Post a link, or something?
26-10-2003, 04:50
OOC: Sorry... The problem isn't that they're big, it's that they have a long download time... Those are most probably the last ones from that site.
26-10-2003, 04:51
OOC: I was looking at Kiro, and I felt an urge to bop him one. I don't know why.
26-10-2003, 05:04
OOC: He's cool.

The Tiburonese Government: Major Leaders (Part 3)

(sorry, two more large pics to come... wait for it when you see a name from Gundam Wing...)

Secretary of Commerce and Trade: Naomi Karagawa
Age: 15 (?)

Secretary of Education: Siyari Amaraisa
Age: 16

Secretary of the Preventers Organization: Preventer Wind
Age: 25
26-10-2003, 05:49
Sports teams, past times

Hunting: This is an interesting past-time in Roania. In how many other countries do you need heavy weaponary to kill the prey?

Dueling: This is the national sport. Every city has a champion, and bets are placed on matches that run into the millions of dollars.

Other Sports: Baseball is a popular sport, and the Roanian Firebirds, the royal team, have entered the NS-MBL.
26-10-2003, 07:39
:wink: OOC: Cool anime though I'll admit that!
26-10-2003, 07:44
Indeed. Very, ne?
26-10-2003, 08:38
:D OOC: yah. it strange for a girl to like japanese anime too?
26-10-2003, 08:41
No... I'm quite sure its normal for a girls to like anime... 'cuz there are as many girls that are into anime than guys...
26-10-2003, 08:42
My thread has been highjacked. Wonderful.
26-10-2003, 08:45
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26-10-2003, 08:52
Sorry... :oops:

[Papal Voice]You are forgiven, my son.[/papal voice]
26-10-2003, 08:53
Okay. Cool. I'm forgiven. Now that I'm forgiven, I guess there nothing left to do but hijack your thread again... :twisted: :roll:
26-10-2003, 08:56
*Head spins around in counter-clockwise circle, eyes glow red*

Maybe not...

I really don't know what I should put up next.
26-10-2003, 09:01
Can I at least please repost those images of Duo, Wufei, Trowa, and Quatre? Please?
26-10-2003, 09:19
Sigh... How about I help you come up with your own thread?

And, you save those images and put them on a free Image Hoster?
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30-10-2003, 02:46
Nah, it's okay. I don't really do anything but take a few pics from the same sites...
01-11-2003, 06:27*RJMYK8n5za8!0MG4KqyvTWpsIOwBqnG5oET1Hn3rOr4ifty*uvPIYHLzXaASdOGZ79*V9z2afPrwEvwRnCcdKpA1 IgI9Kvo02vRlWDmgFKxPbI3u4FpD*Y2IQm011gDjPba8vK1yWGA/Phantom%20Machine.jpg?dc=4675445301844157349
Roanian Movable Artillery;PM-77(Phantom Machine)

The PM-77 is the only mech in the Legions. Each is 36 feet tall, and they are armed with a variety of artillery weapons. The crew consists of anything between 1 and 20, though those piloted by 1 person respons slower.!m*Zqi91k!3kyEtaOLEa8e83YU9MnTycwXHkLNa4XTYyqcSyjSV31ZARyoYpBu8Sy8sHIuN7a2lGfJE2bgCW0k DNEDNnXTpMgFf!dw0HkwN75ebph8ZfHcIpR8Elqk/dropship.jpg?dc=4675445307501529631
Firebird Atmospheric Fighter/Bomber

Ungainly. Ugly. Slow. Those are all words that come to mind when people see this fighter. But looks aren't anything... as everyone who has been at the craft's naptha and chemical missiles can attest to.*MIKyEWVHE6Dowj4YX0N48CXOXBfDayCeNim3XwsR66MilmS1j!i16 4gn0rAdMrX*Cf97Rz83XgulWujwId9hzjSDBaA2s/HOPLITE1.JPG?dc=4675445302748597925
HOPLITE1 Combat Battle Suit

Standard uniform of Roanian Legionnares. Self-enclosed. Issued with RA-87 lazer rifle.!!G1qkyPJIjSXd1sze3Lnb4yTheud!xafzTuTUV3PoHYf0yH3f9T8cg!!ofSaTQFk4E97xmA*os zMHGV7KQdo1tYgUzvutELyl8PiiBUWLXnqjArRHZKHi9OwxG5sJQqZbgiORH4/The%20Centurion%20Project.jpg?dc=4675445302885548525
Destroyer Tank

The legionnare heavy combat vehicle. That's about it. Just a tank... with lazer and hover capabilities.
01-11-2003, 07:22
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Tor Yvresse
07-11-2003, 16:06
Ah Roa I love your guides to Roania they are always so well thought out, a Joy to read, but you always forget to mention a few things. So here goes...

Governmental Notes of interest.

After the Melkor war, sometimes called God's at War, the Roanian peoples found themselves under occupation, and have since become a part of the Tor Yvresse Protectorate, a light hand most of the time, the Farseer Council taking the position that if they push to hard the peoples may rebel. Still the Council reserves the right to diplomatic Over Ride over many parts of Roanian Foreign Policy, this has not been used over much, the most notable still remains likely the first such time it was used. Ending Roanian Alliances with Melkor.

Also the Tor Yvresse Government holds the right to all Roanian lands should it become abandoned, as in the New Roan Colony.


Obligation to the Army of the Protectorate, a rapid reaction force made up of forces from both Tor Yvresse and Roania, this force is initially made up of 5 Regiments from each nation, one of which must be a Mechanised force.
Permanment Occupation of Port Aqua by 10,000 Eldar Gaurdians (Half Storm) this force has sometimes been increased and sometimes decressed depending on the state of security to the Roanian peoples.

Anyway carry on Ro, as I said I love these guides.
08-11-2003, 01:04
OOC: We have a situation, Tor.

Archmage Merrech took over Farseer Devian's post when he went to train.

And, being a Menelmacari, though exiled, he is uninclined to give it back.
08-11-2003, 01:05
OOC: We have a situation, Tor.

Archmage Merrech took over Farseer Devian's post when he went to train.

And, being a Menelmacari, though exiled, he is uninclined to give it back.
08-11-2003, 02:50
<OOC Comments on Main Characters and Institutions>

This doesn't include Kelly or Devian, both characters created by others.

Alexander Black

Alexander is based loosely on both Prince Patrick of the SerpentWar saga, and the Medici Princes. Though he is, sadly, more inept and cowardly than both. While not easily spooked, when something does frighten him first thing he does is retreat to a safe distance and send others in.

He prefers protocol to thinking, and hates situations where he has to think originally. He never fixes anything that works, but also he will never change anything that works either.

Johannes Richelieu

Johannes Richelieu is based on both Cardinal Richelieu ((of Three Musketeers fame)) and Eamon Valda of Wheel of Time. A manipulative, villianous man, he strives to return the Church to its power of old.

Writing for the good Cardinal is amusing, because I see a bit of myself in him. His support base is strong, and while it is unknown if he would assassinate to get to the Papal throne, he is certainly willing to get others to do his dirty work for him.


Merrech was exiled from Menelmacar for treason. The exact details of his crime will never come to light. Instead, I prefer others to use their imaginations.

Despite his exile, he remains loyal to Siri.


A beautiful woman with a dark secret may be cliched, but why change a winning formula? Kigari was an Inquisitor in the HRI ((An organisation based primarily on the Whitecloaks)), and is currently ambassador to Tiburon.

She is a deep thinker, one who fears for her immortal soul as she watches her brethren commit atrocities in the Principality's name. Her faith was so severely tested I was actually planning a mental breakdown and attempt on Richelieu's life, but Tiburon has opened up a new option with the romance between her and Nova.

Simon Darquis

Simon is a dedicated Inquisitor, a forrmer officer in the Legions, and heir to the Duchy of Derricks.

That is, if he can keep his father from killing him. Simon is a cocky warrior, who has only once ever been defeated in combat or arrested, and both times he had managed to manipulate affairs so that he didn't get any trouble.

More intelligent than believed, he occasionally makes mistakes and oversteps his authority. As of yet, he remains resolutely free.

Rachel Black

Much braver and more on the ball than her twin brother, Rachel is one of the more competent aristocrats in Roania, and one of the few which care about the common people beyond their monetary value.

Her brother loves her deeply, but is worried that she might take the throne from him. So far, that seems unlikely and just a figment of Alex's paranoia. I'm sorry, not paranoia. Once you're the ruler, it ceases to be paranoia because everyone is out to get you.

The Inquisition

My favorite Roanian icon, the Holy Roanian Inquisition was based on the Children of the Light from WoT. Unlike their cousins, though, Inquisitors are willing to use both light and dark magic to destroy the undead or diabolic.

As Nakor, of the Krondor series of books, says, 'there is no magic'. If you haven't read those books, then you won't understand that. And why haven't you read them?

The Legion

The legion exists for one purpose. To destroy Roania's enemies. It consists of the Army, Hovernavy((The Roanians do have an aquatic navy, of a sort. It's main purpose is defense and transport, and is unique in that it is the only navy which never gets wet)) and Air force.

When Tor Yvresse conquered Roania, the Principality military was limited in size. However, military spending increased. Roania now has one of the best equipped militaries on the planet.

The Galactic Fleet

Drawn from the colony worlds of Edonia ((named after Lucy Edonia Stuart-Black, represented by the "Roanian Colony of New Roan")), Denza, Marcini, Loki, New Derricks, Dengato and Nova Agua ((Collectively the "Roanian Commonwealth of Roa", each world has one 6th of that "nation's" population)), it has ten fleets of a million each, and 15 demi-fleets of 30000 each.

It's one of the slowest navy's in existence, designed to be more for heavy hitting than anything else.

I based it primarily on them Trade Federation's fleet, and that's what the RGF does. Enforce blockades, open trade routes, bring civilisation to other worlds ((Civilisation being Roanian colonists and soldiers)), etc.
Tor Yvresse
08-11-2003, 17:17
OOC: We have a situation, Tor.

Archmage Merrech took over Farseer Devian's post when he went to train.

And, being a Menelmacari, though exiled, he is uninclined to give it back.

Oh thats no problem Devian has a new post waiting for him, He's just been made head of the CPES (External Branch of the new uniformed Colonial and Protectorate Intellegence Services) Based in Roania, remember that nice building I requested?

Moment he's finished his training... I think that should smooth over any problems.
08-11-2003, 17:26
Very nice Roania. Should do one myself ...