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13-10-2003, 05:14
All over the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, Tachyon-Class explorer vessels go from star to star with special sensors looking for something... something to counter the absolute evil that is the Red Dragon.

The Argon system was one system that had sparked their scanners interest... a high content of what had joingly been referred to as "Good Energy," but it was much more than that. The Capsule CEOs knew that every great evil in the universe had an equally great good. The Red Dragon had showed itself, set freed and embodied by Raysian scientists on Optera IV.

A dig had begun on Argon IV... an extinct planet... wiped out by some force long ago... completely lifeless... save for some great point of energy locked inside. One Patriarch-Class Cargo Foldship was landed on the ground at the dig site, while a Moroni-Class Assault Foldship was in orbit Guarding the planet.

No one knew exactly what they were looking for, and this entire project has been deemed classified.

OOC: Now, someone accidentally enters the scene ;) lol
13-10-2003, 05:22
A single Mark X NP Carrier folded in on the area.
Captain:What the hell did that to the fold system?
13-10-2003, 05:26
*nearly right in front of the Carrier is the CCSS Overseer, Moroni Class, practically right off the assembly line*

*They are immediately hailed*

"Phalanitian ship, you are in restricted space. State your purpose, leave, or be destroyed."
13-10-2003, 05:28
"We had just preformed a space fold when the fold drives went nuts and we ended up here."
Captian:Unthaw a RE and a Elite just incase
Ensign:Yes sir *runns to the cry bay elivator*
13-10-2003, 05:30
"We had just preformed a space fold when the fold drives went nuts and we ended up here."
Captian:Unthaw a RE and a Elite just incase
Ensign:Yes sir *runns to the cry bay elivator*Hmm... it might be possible, that because of similar technology, our Fold Paths got crossed and you got mixed up. Are you operational enough to return on your way? We will allow you a cool-down/recharge period, but be warned that if we detect any scans we will destroy you. This area is deemed classified."
13-10-2003, 05:32
"Rodger that. We will have to wait 24 hours befor making a jump. the drives are heavly damaged."
--------Cry Storage-----------
2 of the 500 cryo-pods slowly start to begen there thawing procedure

OOC:Who will it be?
13-10-2003, 05:40
"That is unacceptable. prepare to ride along with us."

*The Overseer slowly drifted towards the carrier and began to warm up her fold drives*
13-10-2003, 05:43
"Ah shit the reactor is going critical! DAMN REBELS!!!"
In the cryo-bay
Two armoredd figures step out of there pods and hear the alert that the reactor is gona blow. they begen running towards the nearest escape pod

OOC:I can't decide who will be he Elite
13-10-2003, 05:57
Officer: "Commander, Massive Energy Surge on that carrier, critical core explosion immenent."

Commander: "What is wrong with these ships?! They need to be decomissioned!"

Officer: "What should we do?"

Commander: "Well, it'd probably be best to take it out before it explodes, that way anyone who escapes has a decent chance of surviving with the weaker blast radius..."

Officer: "Right, orders?"

Commander: "All guns forward, point at the reactor."

Officers: "Aye sir!"

*The CCSS Overseer fires a wall of energy and Hard projectiles towards the Carrier... knocking the Overseer a few meters back, and completely criplling the carrier.

Commander: "Shields up!"
13-10-2003, 05:59
Suddenly the Mrk X bursts into a pure black fire ball about 4 miles wide. As the fire ball slowly shrinks 1 Pelican MK IV and a Pulsar X float there horibly damaged
13-10-2003, 06:02
A tractor beam immediately locks onto the pulsar-x and pulls it into the bay of the Overseer... 12 men with Automatic rifles wait for for contents to come out.
13-10-2003, 06:04
The pure black hatch burst open and one of the most well known Phalanix Elites steps out from the pilot seat and a young Royal Elite stands up from the co pilot seat
13-10-2003, 06:07
Hey, can I join? In a more minor role, of course, and as my futertech nation.

(OOC: This post will be deleted if refuse, out of consideration.)
13-10-2003, 06:15
Hey, can I join? In a more minor role, of course, and as my futertech nation.

(OOC: This post will be deleted if refuse, out of consideration.)OOC: Go ahead... if you have an FTL capable of reaching the core of the galaxy, by all means :)

IC: *One man with a submachine gun widens his eyes* "hey, i know you, your one of them Phalanitian Elitists... what are you doing here? This is restricted space."
13-10-2003, 06:16
"I was assigned to that carrier," the Elite says as she removes her helmet letting her black hair down. The other Royal Elite just rolls his eyes
13-10-2003, 06:24
"Well We're going to have to hold you in the brig until you can be sent home. Please follow us."

*they escort her from the hangar*
13-10-2003, 06:25
"Hum you boys don't even know who I am do you?" the Elite asks
The RE just fallows sighlently after having a bad cry-sleep this just mad eit worse
imported_The TRSN
13-10-2003, 06:29
On board the TRSNS Argus, a Deep Space Scout Frigate...

"Sir?" The scanner tech asked Captain Monroe. "We've got some sort of explosion in the next system. Those two ships that we were monitoring... well, one of them just blasted the other."

Monroe took a sip of his coffee. "Really?" he asked absently. The Argus was light scout ship, comprised mostly of ECM and scanners. It was hiding in the background radiation of the galaxy core, trying to assertain the status of this reality. The TRSN was like that. It liked to know, but not be known. Like so many others of its kind, the Argus would hold post silently, always watching for Shadow, for a full Standard Year, then Jump back to the Terran Republic to report. Local conflicts were not to be intervened in, as the Fleet was too spread thin to afford a conflict in a dimension without any real TRSN presence. Besides, some of those "local" powers were absolutely tremendous.

"Yes, sir. Those ships are still patrolling that system. We can't get any more data from this range, but they've proved their willing to kill for whatever they're after."

Monroe sipped his gourmet again. "Very well. Bring us in quietly, helmsman. If this relates to the Shadow, we must know."

The Tactical Commander glanced back. "Sir, if we close, they may see us."

"I know, Lt. Riev. Unfortunately, we must be vigilant against the Shadow."

*The ship activated its Dampened Jump Unit and slid through null-space towards the nearby system.

OOC: I figured the TRSn for a large power in another reality. However, to justify my small NS size, I only bring a small amount of light ships into play at any moment, and the bigger, higher-tech capital ships are always "somewhere else". Is that okay?
13-10-2003, 06:44
OOC: We'll see.. go ahead and RP for now.

IC: *the men escort the two elites to the brig and place them inside, then lock up with a light force field*

*meanwhile, a beacon on the surface of Argon IV continues to broadcast a message saying that "This is restricted space, please do not interfere" and other such messages*
imported_The TRSN
13-10-2003, 06:50
"Well, sir, there's plenty of background radiation from the second ship getting blasted. We can hide in that, relatively safely." Riev stated.

Sir, we're getting a signal." An ensign noted. "It's a surface beacon."

"Put it on speakers."

"Yes, sir."

This is restricted space. Do not interfere.

Monroe nodded. "Turn it off. Let's try to keep this quiet." He pased. "Lt. Elsworth? Can you hack the other ship's datanet without getting caught? I want to know what's going on."

"I can try sir. I'll run a low profile scan. That should spit back the strength of their security systems without endangering us too much. We can decide from there."

"Do it."
13-10-2003, 06:59
*The ship's computers reveal a mess of data about crazy talk none of you could understand, stuff that seems ripped from the bible orsomething... that's what you get out of what you are able to decrypt anyway.. before...*

Officer: "Commander, we are transmitting something... I don't know what it is, but we're transmitting it..."

Commander: "hmm... scan for another ship in the area..."

Officer: T"he radiation from the explosion is too strong."

Commander: "Fine, do a hard scan... fire all laser turrets at random into that cloud until you hit something!"

*countless 5 Megawatt Red LASER beams dart around in the radiation, running all over trying to find something.... if they hit something, one laser will not do tooo much damage by itself, unless the ship has its shields down.*
imported_The TRSN
13-10-2003, 07:06
"Whoa!" Lt. Elsworth cried. "I pissed someone off but good!"

Monroe placed down his cup of coffee. The lasers flashed across his view, cutting through the cloud at random angles. "Raise shields."

Lt. Riev turned. "Sir? The energy given off by our shields increases the likelyhood of discovery by a factor of ten!"

Monroe eyed him cooly, like a teacher. "Lieutenant. They will continue firing until they hit us. If we have our shields down, we would be diced to ribbons. Evasive maneuvers are useless against lasers. We must raise shields. Raise energy shields, but not particle." He wished he possessed the newest dimensional shields, but those were only equipped on the Battle Line Ships.

The energy shields activated. Within moments, Monroe was proven right, as a laser banked across the forward shield. The ship shuddered, and the forward shield temporarily lost some power, but nothing was permanently damaged. "Well, did they see that?" Riev asked, his fingers hovering over the General Quarters button.

The helmsman prepared to activate a Jump or emergency maneuvers. Monroe simply waited.
13-10-2003, 07:25
*The lasers stop abruptly... the entire battleship points in the direction of the interupted beam* *The hidden ship is hailed*

"We know you are out there. You are in restricted space, we ask you to please leave."

*in the hangar bay under the ship, 4 Heavy Missile Fighters deploy and advance very slowly*
imported_The TRSN
13-10-2003, 07:31
Monroe rose in his chair. "This is Captain Monroe of the scout ship Argus. We mean you no harm. We are on a routine scanning patrol. We do not mean to interfere with your operations, but we have a duty to make sure that there is no danger of you unleashing the Shadow." He stopped transmitting.

He turned to Riev. "They know we're here. Bring up particle shields, but do not charge weapons."

He faced Elsworth. "Get ready to hard dump."

Monroe sat back down. "Helmsman, be prepared for a sequenced Jump."
13-10-2003, 07:44
*the weapons visually stand down*

"We mean no harm, in fact, we are on a mission absolutely good in nature... there is a great evil making its way to our homeworld, and we beleive this planet, or rather, something burried with in it, holds the key to defeating that evil..... If you know something we do not, please share, but if not, this is a delicate situation and we would ask that you please leave cimmediately.

And to answer any question about this disturbance... it was a terrorist attack by a group we already have documented, it is of no concern to you.

Thank you."
imported_The TRSN
13-10-2003, 07:52
Monroe sat forward in his chair, his hands folding together. "An artifact, you say?" He thought for a moment. How much to disclose? "We are from a large Republic outside this timeline. Unfortunately, we have no way to contact the bulk of our forces, as the Gates are not in alignment for another eight months. Our people have been involved in a bloody war with an evil we simply call the Shadow for over a millenia. The Shadow has many forms, many puppets, and its domain spreads across many universes. We do not know its true nature or size, only that it is Evil, and that it would destroy all other life. Now, there have been other races that have fought this Evil, some very powerful, but they are no more. Some of these races created artifacts of extreme power, to aid those who might confront the Shadow in the future."

Monroe sighed. "If one of these Elder Race artifacts are indeed here, we would be very glad to lend what assistance we can, but I am sad to say that we cannot aide any more than this one ship. After all, one cannot move through dimensions without the Gates in alignment."

OOC: I'm calling it for the night.
13-10-2003, 08:05
"An interesting story... we may be willing to tell you more about our adversary if you wish to know... care to come aboard?"

OOC: Story threads in case you want to research these beings... <-- Discovery and loss of some of our forces to them.. along with a whole planet of people... (long, I can summarize) <-- Incarnation of the Red Dragon, and their mission. (short)
13-10-2003, 15:23
-deleted as wrong nation-
imported_The TRSN
13-10-2003, 15:25
Monroe listened as the datalogs played out over the Argus's systems. He sat back in his chair, his heart heavy. "Damn." was all he stated.

Lt. Riev stood from TacCom and faced his captain. "Sir, I do not believe it to be any known incarnation of the Shadow, but it is similar, and therefore might be some new manifestation of the Evil. We have a duty to assist these people."

Monroe nodded. "I agree, Lieutenant. I wish our fleets were on hand. If we could only get backup..."

"Sir, if we could do that, we would know how to create Gates. No one really understands them, much less be able to create them! Besides, you know what Trevayne would order if things got bad."

"Base Zero Operation." Monroe let the vile words slip out of his mouth, and the whole bridge crew cringed at the thought. He shook from his reverie. "We'll assist. We shall have to get contact. Riev, assemble a team. Elsworth, summon Commander Johanson to the bridge for the watch command. Riev... bring Bane."

"Sir?" Riev exclaimed. He calmed. "Yes, sir."

Monroe placed a call to the CC ship. "We'll take you up on your offer. We're launching a shuttle soon."
imported_The TRSN
13-10-2003, 15:50
Deck Seven

Riev stood outside a door in the security sector. Behind him, an entire squad of Marines waited, guns pointed at the closed door. Two battle robots waited behind them, pulse lasers armed. Riev drew his pistol and tapped in a twelve digit security code on the keypad. The pad took the digits he imputted, the rhythm he typed them with, the prints on his fingers, and a DNA sample to verify the code.

The door opened into a small quarters. A man sat in a chair, staring at a Time/Space graph. Without looking, the man spoke, calmly and softly, "Lt. Riev. How good of you to come see me."

"Bane." Riev stated, tasting the sour fruits of the man's mere name.

"Yes. You have a need of me. There is a ship outside. There is a logo on the hull... Capsule Corporation." Bane stated, waving his hand absently.

Riev felt his lip curl in disgust. "Yes. Enough of your parlor tricks, Bane, we have a mission."

"An artifact. You fear the Shadow may be present, and so you are willing to work with even the likes of me..."

"You are an abomination."

"I was created by your government. It crafted my skills. It shaped my mind. It corrupted my soul. Your war destroyed my humanity. But... I bear you no ill will. I took this life for myself. I knew what would come then... I still do." Bane turned in his chair. He was a man of about twenty seven, but his eyes held in centuries. He had seen more than any man should even concieve of. A simple black jumpsuit belied his powers. He stood, and the Marines tensed. "Come, now. I said, I have no grudge with you. I will not harm you. I am on your side."

Riev nodded, lowered his pistol. He motioned for the Marines to do likewise. "He's a man of his word."

Bane smiled a ghost of a smile. "Thank you, Lieutenant. Now, explain to me what is exactly going on."

"You'd have to hear it yourself. You can listen to the datalogs as we transfer to the Capsule ship."

"Thank you again, Lieutenant, for allowing me to assist."

"Just doing my job." Riev stated, wondering how much he would have to pay for Bane's assistance...
13-10-2003, 17:09
"Time for some fun," Alice says as she slides out a link up cable and allows her AI to jack into the ships systems and begen to wreak havoc
13-10-2003, 19:37
OOC: LOL TRSN, you're turning this into a silence of the lambs movie! lol!
imported_The TRSN
13-10-2003, 19:39
OOC: Sorry, I just like wack characters. Keeps things unpredictable.
13-10-2003, 19:40
"Almost got it," the AI says "Jackpot found security. Now time to use the hacking skills."
13-10-2003, 21:48
2 guards stare at Alice as she fiddles around with her imaginary wall terminal.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"hey man," one guard says to the other, "I think we should take that armor away from her, I hear it's got an AI."

"hmm... yeah, I think you're right."

The guard turns back towards Alice. "Ma'am, I'm going to have to demand that you shut down your power armor and remove it. You too sir" he says to the man beside her.

They hold their P90-ish submachine guns at their sides, hoping not to have to resort to force.
13-10-2003, 22:09
"Come and take it off me first," Alice says befor she putts on her helmet again and leans against the back wall. Lloyd just sighs and says "Sorry parts of mine are attached to my body."
13-10-2003, 22:28
The guard speaks sternly at Alice, "Don't make me use force." he says pointing his rifle at her while moving his right hand over a button that would taser everyone in the cell.
13-10-2003, 22:30
"I'd like to see you try," Alice says as she looks at Lloyd and lets him read her thoughts. Get ready for some pain. I can feel it.
13-10-2003, 22:34
*The guard raises an eyebrow, then moves his fingers to a COMM switch* "Commander, we have a problem here, one of the detainees is PMSing."

Commander: "...right, I'll be down in a minute, hold tight."
13-10-2003, 22:38
"When I get out of here. You will hope that they can repair your balls after I'm done with them," Alice says as she starts pounding a fist into her open hand
13-10-2003, 22:41
*the guard smirks* "Just for your information... that cell is equiped with an ejection system... one toggle and I launch you into space. Got it? Now shut up and take off your armor."
13-10-2003, 22:42
"Up yours bitch," Alice says as she gives the gaurd the "Go fist yourself" sign
Lloyd just hangs his head and sighs
13-10-2003, 22:48
*The guard walks slowly towards the cell and stares at the woman, then the man* "You would trust your immediate fate to her?" he says, pressing 3 buttons on an object beside the forcefield wall of the cell, releasing a cover over a small toggle... he fingers the switch idly. "One more chance, before I use my authorization to jettisson this cell."
13-10-2003, 22:49
"And be known as a murder of royalty and risking a all out war?" Alice asks quite smugly
13-10-2003, 22:55
"not murder... your cell can have life support for 6 hours, and the force field will hold... if you feel like repenting you may use the comm and have us tractor you back in. You have 10 seconds to make a decision."

The other guard holds his rifle towards her direction with a switch on an alarm
13-10-2003, 22:57
"Also you may not know but most of the Phalanix armor is now graphed onto the skin like mine and my partners," Alice says
13-10-2003, 22:59
"Well, then shut it off, I know you have an AI in there."
13-10-2003, 23:00
"The bastard is ofline," Alice says
13-10-2003, 23:02
"Prove it."

The commander walks in, "What the devil is going on here?"

"Commander, I reccommend moving the prisoners to a leaded cell."

"Hmmm... that may be wise."
13-10-2003, 23:03
"Ya real smart. Piss me off and in the middle of the move I kick all your asses," Alice says
"Why me?" Lloyd asks
13-10-2003, 23:06
Commander: "not really, the system that can jettison you is the same system that can relocate yor entire cell... Anyweay, what seems to be the problem here, Alice? That is your name, right?"
13-10-2003, 23:39
"The one and only," Alice says smirking from behind her helmet
13-10-2003, 23:41
"Well? Why have you been giving my guards trouble? We're holding you here out of mercy until transportation can be arranged."
13-10-2003, 23:53
"Maybe you should try a bit nicer cells for the VIPs," Alice says sarcasticly
13-10-2003, 23:58
Commander: "You are not a VIP, you are an unwelcome passenger giving our guard trouble. i know your body armor has an AI, as do they, and you refused to remove it, and we have no proof that you can shut it off... so either prove it or we will relocate you to an isolated cell... completely isolated. Where you can make no transmissions... not even a call for help. Got it?"
14-10-2003, 00:02
"Try running a scan for ISO active chips in the cell. There should be zero," Alice says "And your gaurd is realy tempting me to bust through the wall and crush his balls."
14-10-2003, 00:06
*The other guard performs the scan* "She's right, it's off."

The Commander smiles, "There, no was that so hard? Now, your transport will arrive in 3 hours... what shall we do with you until then. Ahh yes, I know... tell me more about these terrists that just blew up your ship... This seems to be a common happening, we have discovered... is there some reason they keep sneaking aboard? You don't seem like the type to allow a man to walk onto the ship unidentified."
14-10-2003, 00:08
"Maybe if you lowered the damn force feild and let us out," Alice says "And hope that guard has a cup that can withstand 5000lbs of presure."
14-10-2003, 00:13
The commander makes a hand gesture to the guard, and the armor-clad man lowers his rifle and walks out of the room.

"I'm sorry, we can not do that... This is a restricted area you are in, and if we let you out, you might interfere... I'm afraid we can't trust you that much..."
14-10-2003, 00:19
"You already know I can be trusted. And hell we don't know what you are doing so how can we screw something up that we don't know?" Alice asks
14-10-2003, 00:34
"Oh, I know you can be trusted, huh? Any time we ever run into anyone from Phalanix, something blows up, or something goes wrong.... and there you are, right in the midst of it, a sole survivor. In my position would you not raise suspiscions?"
14-10-2003, 00:40
"And would you like to know that my closest friend was killed in the blast. Her cryo-pod wasn't selected asshole. You think I like that I keep on surving. I'm just f**king lucky. Now quit being so paraniod and lower this force feild. NOW!" Alice says fallowed by the very loud shout
14-10-2003, 00:53
"I don't know about that..."

He was interupted by a bep on the hardwire communicator on the console in the middle of the room... the room had been isolated from the wireless networks for obvious reasons.


"Commander, they've found something on Argon IV, your preseence is requested on the bridge."

"On my way." Hee walks towards the door, forgetting about Alice.
14-10-2003, 00:55
"HEY ASS MONKEY LOWER THE DAMN FORCE FEILD!!!" Alice shouts at the comander
14-10-2003, 01:04
The commander calmly walks over to the cell, presses a few buttons on the doorframe, and sticks out his tongue as he presses a deep button... the cell drops straight down, and a metal door replaces the force field wall on the control room side... the cell relocates 1 deck below, and is stuck in a solid lead room.

He turns to the guard. "Keep them in isolation for 30 minutes, then call me."

The guard nods as the commander walks out of the room.

Down on the Planet, a temple had been discovered... underground... sealed somehow. None of the scientists can break through.
14-10-2003, 01:06
"Lloyd time to have some fun," Alice says
"You mean distort the idiot gaurds vision and cause great pain?" he asks
"Yup. Now get to work," Alice says
Lloyd just sits down and begens to conintrate on cuasing pain o nthe gaurds 1 level above
14-10-2003, 01:12
The guard suddenly experiences pain... he quickly presses a few buttons on his wrist, and information on his body pops into his brain, fed and collected by his chlorophusion nanites in his body.

Analysis: All immune systems functioning, pain sensors receiving unknown source... probably telepathic or some other external force... disabling pain receptors.

While regrouping from the pain, he taps the comm button. "Sir, she's trying to do a telepathic attack on me... permission to taze?"

Commander, in a hurry, blurts out "yes, of coure, whatever."

Alce and Lloyd suddenly are zapped by a powerful, non-lethal shock of electricity.
14-10-2003, 01:14
Alice just stands there letting her armor take the shock like nothng.
"Damn it," Lloyd says as he goes back into his state of contintration and begens screwing with the gaurds sight to make him see horny naked gay guys
14-10-2003, 01:19
The guard slams a button in digustment. Lloyd and alice soon feel a hard jolt, then feel a freefall, and then nothing. "So long, kids." he says, watching a monitor that show the cell's position on radar... floating outside the ship slowly. He speaks over the comm... "i dare you to try that again, faggot."
14-10-2003, 01:23
"Hope you enjoy meeting with the Arch Angel Battle Group," Alice says over the com as she activates her AI to send a signal to the battle group.
"Lloyd make him see naked Opras," Alice says
Lloyd slightly shuders and goes to work
14-10-2003, 01:25
The commander comes on the line as a tractor beam grabs onto the cell.

"Please excuse my guard... just stop doing that, or we'll be forced to do something we do not want to do."
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 01:25
As the TRSN Shuttle approached the CC ship, something flung from the bottom. Riev tracked it. "Sir? I think they just jettisoned an escape pod!"

Monroe commed the CC ship. "Um, why are you shooting off escape pods? Is everything under control?"
14-10-2003, 01:27
"I think your gaurd is gona have nightmares for a long while," Alice says
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 01:28
In the back of the shuttle, Bane sat bolt upright. "Psychics."

One of the Marines jumped away and pointed his Gauss Rifle at Bane. "What was that?"

"Don't shoot that." Bane sighed. "You'll decompress the shuttle, moron. And I said, someone is using psychic abilities to project really sick images. I don't know why..."
14-10-2003, 01:31
To the TRSN shuttle: "Everything is fine. GO ahead and come on board, we found something, and we need to discuss it with you."

A traffic controller comes on the line with landing instructions.

To the prisoners: "Promise you will behave and we'll bring you back on board... decline our offer and we'll relocate you out of the system... alone, with a beacon, until your ship comes to pick you up."
14-10-2003, 01:41
"Fine but keep that gaurd away form me and my partner or he will have balls in his stomache," Alice says
14-10-2003, 01:43
"He did nothing to provoke you. He claims you were trying to play games with him... why should we let you onboard?"
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 01:44
"Acknowledged. We're boarding now." The shuttle settled into the docking bay. Monroe nodded to Riev, who went into the back to "escort" Bane out of the shuttle "safely". As Monroe stepped out of the shuttle, he was greeted by several CC officers.

"My name is Captain Monroe, this is Lt. Riev, Dr. Spinosi, and Bane. Riev is my tactical officer, Spinosi is our resident expert on all things pre-terresrial, and Bane is... well... he's what we call a Rifter, classified Homo Superius. He can tap into the powers of the Void. He might be able to interface with the artifact moreso than any mere Homo Sapiens. Now, what's the SitRep?"
14-10-2003, 01:46
"Because if you don't I can tell some of the extremly higer ups of your gaurds harasment and have you demoted aswell," Alice says "Ask about the Mecha fight a while back."
14-10-2003, 01:56
OOC: Phalanix, jace and miriya are long dead lol I use 1year-1day usually

IC: To the prisoners: "Alice, why don't you two chill out there for a minute, i have to handle something."

To the delegates, one officer steps forward. "Welcome, please follow us to a conference room, the Commander will be waiting there for you."

They walk to a room, not really a conference room, more like a briefing room. THe commander is there and introduces himself with an outstretched hand. "Hello, i'm Commander Regis Gidoni. I want to know whatever you know about these forces you have encountered. i will inform you on our situation afterwards."

OOC: Did you read any of those threads I linked you to?
14-10-2003, 01:58
OOC: Read all the threads.
14-10-2003, 01:58
OOC:.....And The ELites are alive because they are eather part vampire or in cryo...damn

"Wait ah damn it," Alice says as she remebers she was in cryo for about 15 years again
14-10-2003, 02:01
IC: Monroe answered, "Well, we've never encountered these Parasites before, but I can tell you what we know about the Force we call the Shadow, and about these Artifacts we've encountered."

OOC: Give me a moment to compose this post...
14-10-2003, 02:03
"Hey asshole look up Eric Lancer," Alice says into the com hoping to get a reply

OOC:Would there kid be alive?
14-10-2003, 02:12
OOC: I'll wait... in the mean time... (btw, you logged in wrong)

IC: A Tachyon-Class corvette approaches the cell pod and tractors it into a bay... it enters hyperspace almost immediately, then 2 seconds later, the ship drops out of hyperspace, then drops the pod, then drops a beacon, then re-enters hyperspace... leaving the cell adrift on the other side of the Argon system. "Finally..." The captain mutters under his breath while receiving the transmission into his head via the nanites.
14-10-2003, 02:17
Deleted becaue I'm a moron.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 02:22
"Well, as near we can tell, the Shadow has existed since before races counted time. It spread through many dimensions and realities and times, corrupting, destroying, and enslaving all the primitve races it encountered. Several of these races were advanced enough to fight the Shadow. We call them the Elder Races, but we do not know much about them, other than that they decimated the Shadow, but were destroyed in turn."

Dr. Spinosi stepped forward. "Now, these races realized that the Shadow would return, and so they sealed away many secrets and powers in Artifacts, in the hopes that some day, another race might purge the Shadow's stain. We, the Terran Republic, discovered these technologies, such as the Jump Gates, and used them to advance our technology. we also found other, less innocous gifts from the Elder Races."

Riev spoke, his voice low and slippery. "We found, in some of our own genetic code, almost at random, certain individuals who could harness the powers in the the Void. We call them Rifters, and their presence has saved many millions of lives. However, they are prone to corruption to the Shadow, and few have lived beyond thirty, most killing themselves, dying in battle, going insane, or simply exploding from the power contained in their pitiful human frames."

Monroe spoke again. "The Shadow returned a thousand years ago. We met them with our fleets, our armies, and our Rifters. In the inferno, we stalled the Shadow advance and locked them into a perpetual stalemate. However, our forces were devastated, and we still have not regained our power." he paused. "This is where you come in. With the battle in our reality stalemated, the Shadow began to expand elsewhere, looking for unknowing races to enslave and destroy. We have expanded as well, trying to protect our fellow beings, but we are limitted in resources, and spread thin."

Riev stepped forward. "Therefore, we hide, letting those who are not at war think they are safe. But they are not. The Shadow has many guises, many hosts, many peons. It is quite likely that this reality is next. We wish to confirm that the Shadow is not at work through these parasites, and also to evaluate this artifact. If it is an Elder Race Artifact, it could very well help you against these parasites, even if they are not of the Shadow. But I warn you... when you use it, you could set off a temporal shockwave that will bring the Shadow on top of you in no time, and then you will be cast into our never ending Ragnarok."
14-10-2003, 02:23
In the wreakage feild...
A lone Pelican Mark IV floats there her armor charedd and her weapons system down. On board 3 life signs can be read. One is Half-demon, one of the others is faint as if in cryo and the final is fading fast
14-10-2003, 02:29
Regis sits down in front of them.

Well, to sum up what we know of the history of these parasites, who call themselves the Disciples of the Red Dragon... they were cast into exile onto optera IV... an undeveloped planet, a long time ago. We colonized it for it's resources during a jurassic era... when we ran into a few posessed dinosaurs... they managed to spread the parasites they grew and take over all the colonists, and take the ships they had brought to the planet... it was a horrible loss... a whole fleet.

Now they are roaming around the far corners of this galaxy and andromeda, absoring weaker races into their own, growing quickly stronger, until they have enough power to attack the main races of this galaxy.

We came here in search of an equally powerful force to counter the red dragon... she has grown very strong... too strong for us even... and we know for a fact that all things created in this universe have an equal an opposite force.... we are in search of that... and we just discovered a door to an underground temple... we can not enter it... we don't know how... no one can decipher the ancient writings on the door. Maybe you can help?
14-10-2003, 02:32
The first officer orders a similar maneuver be done on the other phalanitian ship to relocate it to where the beacon and the cell are... it happens... and not 2 minutes after the order, the tachyon and the pelican are at the site of the cell. The ship quickly drops off the smaller transport and begins to "drive" off.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 02:32
On the Argus's Bridge

"Sir, we're getting life signs from the wreckage. Looks like cryo survivors." The sensor tech reported.

Cmdr. Johanson nodded. At the age of twenty-six, he was exceptionally young for a Commander, but then again, he was a brilliant tactician. He had served valiantly in the Battle Line onboard the Battlecruiser Liberator, and was now fillinf out some time on a suvey vessle to "punch his cards" for promotion. He responded. "Inform the CC ship and pull those people aboard for medical attention. But keep some Marines on hand."

"Sir, one's not human."

"Very well, our facilities can adapt to alien biology quickly. Inform Doctor Hausman, and pull those people aboard."
14-10-2003, 02:33
The first officer orders a similar maneuver be done on the other phalanitian ship to relocate it to where the beacon and the cell are... it happens... and not 2 minutes after the order, the tachyon and the pelican are at the site of the cell. The ship quickly drops off the smaller transport and begins to "drive" off.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 02:33
On the Argus's Bridge

"Sir, we're getting life signs from the wreckage. Looks like cryo survivors." The sensor tech reported.

Cmdr. Johanson nodded. At the age of twenty-six, he was exceptionally young for a Commander, but then again, he was a brilliant tactician. He had served valiantly in the Battle Line onboard the Battlecruiser Liberator, and was now fillinf out some time on a suvey vessle to "punch his cards" for promotion. He responded. "Inform the CC ship and pull those people aboard for medical attention. But keep some Marines on hand."

"Sir, one's not human."

"Very well, our facilities can adapt to alien biology quickly. Inform Doctor Hausman, and pull those people aboard."
14-10-2003, 02:38
ooc: the dreaded double double post! lol

IC: The XO replies... "Do what?! No way, these guys are too much trouble, a transport will be along shortly to help them. Its ETA is roughly 120 minutes.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 02:42
OOC: Check your TG, ASAP. Are you telling me not to pull the wreck aboard? And yeah, the double post suxors.

IC: "We would be very glad to assist you in any way possible. We can depart at your leisure."
14-10-2003, 02:46
Well, I'm not in charge of the operation here, you'll have to talk to Director Jensen down on the surface... I can get you permission to go down there... as long as you are sure this man will not effect the artifact somehow just by being there... no offense.

OOC: Check TMs.
14-10-2003, 02:51
Alice just grumbles as she sits in the cell. Lloyd now starting to feel cold coughs slightly. Suddenly the CC ship drops out of fold and drops the Pelican. Alice activates the com hoping to get there atention but is to late. "Damn that Pelican geting closer?" she asks as the drop ship getss closer and closer. "SHIT IT WILL HIT US!!!" Alice shouts befor the Pelican hits the cell
14-10-2003, 02:54

The ship prepares to jump into hyperspace again. One of the officers mockingly calls the Cellmates just after the two ships lightly collide... "Hah! How would you like to come back now?"
14-10-2003, 02:56
Oly the sound of a bone breaking can be heard fallowed by a horible scream of pain and a gurgle. In the cell Lloyd had just broken his arm from the colision of the Pelican he screamed in pain and started xhecking his armor for pain killers. The bone was protruding from his left for arm's armor.
14-10-2003, 02:59
"Oh crap, what now... did that faggot get what he deserve?" You can tell from the voice it's one of the gaurds from the brig.
14-10-2003, 03:06
On the drop ship...
"Shit," Eric says as he runns over to the first aid kit and pulls out a Trama Pack and sticks the nedels into a woman's vien(sp) and injects the chemicals. Her life sign slowly begens to stabalize....for now
Back in the cell.....
"You idiots. The closest friendly ship is over 500 light years away and thats a frickin fighter. And the "bird you sent flying into us has someone going into crtical. If your lucky I'll be good to you." Alice says over the com as her AI starts scanning the Pelican IV
14-10-2003, 03:14
A message is relayed back to the Overseer, then to the Foldship on the ground... a qquick conversaion is held, then the officers back on.

"We did not know there was one of your ships so nearby... we'll arrange for a transport to take you to your ship... it will be here in 5 minutes.."

Back on the surface of Argon IV, the Patriarch Class shuttle on the grounmd lifts off and enters hyperspace over to the site, clearly missing the smaller ships. An officer from the bridge of the large foldship asks a question to the smaller ships." Do any of you know where this Phalanix ship IS?" he says, while tractoring the smaller ships into the bay, allowing the Tachyon corvette to go ahead and leave the area.


Back on the overseer, a shuttle is prepared with several guards and the TRSN Scientists and delegates... they launch and head towards the surface.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 03:14
The TRSN transport touched down on the ground, its thrusters kicking up dirt as the ship settled. The hatch lowered, and Riev checked outside with his RS-12 Gauss Rifle. Deeming it safe, he vaulted out, followed by a squad of Marines, a science team, Monroe, and last of all, Bane.

Bane smiled. "It's been a while since I've been let out..."

A man was waiting for them. Monroe walked up. "I take it you're the surface chief? I'm Captain Monroe, and these are my team members." He introduced everyone and explained to the CC man what was going on. "What's the status here?"
14-10-2003, 03:15
"Wait nope it's gone," Alice says "It was a fighter to."
14-10-2003, 03:23
Cargo ship Operator: "Whatever, we're here now, we'll take you where ever you want to go... name a destination."

Back on the surface:

Director Jensen waits at the landing site, then greets them as they land, several guards escorting her.

"Welcome, I've already been briefed on you, please follow us..."

They walk towards the temple door, not far off... it's a large wall, split in half down the middle, resting at a 45 degree angle inside a giant doorframe, maybe 5meters by 10 meters, covered in engravings and symbols... with small moving parts at the middle, clean, but unmovable... no oen can figure out how to get the mechanism to work.

"Can you help us?" She says in a gentle inquery.
14-10-2003, 03:26
"Back to your ship then so that the wunded can actualy recover and I promis there will be no more annoyances," Alice says
14-10-2003, 03:34
We can take you to any point up to 5,000 light years away from here instantly... name it..."
14-10-2003, 03:38
"There are now Phalanix area's or ships in that range. Please take us back to your ship so we may heal our wounded," Alice says again
14-10-2003, 03:41
the man sighs, then the ship begins to move, and is soon at the Overseer after a quick jump.

Before long, all the people find themselves safely transported to sick bay on the Moroni-Class assault Foldship.

The broken bones are handled nearly instantly, while the chryofrozen are awakened carefully in special machines.
14-10-2003, 03:44
Eric in his newly crafted armor stands at a full 8' and looks almost like a creature from hell. His demon hand covered in a thin layer or nano-steel giving off a threatening vibe.
He quickly runs over to the person he was treating and looks over her wounds and sighs. "To close," he says under his breath
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 03:47
Monroe answers Jensen. "We'll lend whatever help we can, but I can't promise anything."

Riev smiled to the attractive female doctor. "Ma'am, Lt. Riev at your service." He bowed slightly. "How has your time on this planet been, ma'am."

Bane grinned to himself. Pitiful.

Monroe rolled his eyes. "Where can we start."
14-10-2003, 03:56
Director Jensen, a woman of her early twenties who spoke with wisdom far beyond her years, widened her eyes at this gesture, then quickly glanced up to see the large foldship landing back on the surface again. She looked back at the man, startled slightly, "Ahem, well, It's pretty nice here... but it's just to ....quiet."
14-10-2003, 03:59
Alice looks at the figure and asks "What in the hell is that thing?"
Eric just looks behind him at Alice and dosn't respond. He sighs and stands there. He slowly starts walking towards the darkest corner he could find
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 04:03
Riev spoke. "Too quiet, you say... well then, we shall break this silence, ma'am. Allow me to assist you in whatever way I can." he let his voice hit a suggestive note. "I would gladly assist a lady like yo-"

Monroe cut him off. "Later, Riev. We've got a mission."

"Yes, sir." Riev, all business again, turned to the science team. "You're good to go. Marines, set up a perimeter, keep patrol. Bane, you're with me and the science team. Devacroix, Sander, you're with me."

Monroe turned to Jensen. "Let's have a look at your door, madam."
14-10-2003, 04:07
She smiles and follows him, looking blankly at the door while pondering over the fact that she was getting hit on... she never had too many dates in High school.. she scared most people her age off with her intelligence... despite her beauty.
14-10-2003, 04:11
Eric enters the shadows and is swalloweed up by them entering a shadow relem allowing him to travel to any shadow that will allow him.
"Hey where the hell are you going?" Alice asks befor Eric enters the shadows "Hey wait who..are you?"
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 04:17
The scientists began to check the door. Dr. Scorpelli, the linguist, stood. "These are Elder Race Runes, alright." He rubbed his forehead. "I'm running the translation matrix now..."
14-10-2003, 04:24
"What does it say?" she says in a steady-toned inquery.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 04:26
To purge the Stain, seek the Truth behind. Be warned, all you Impure. The Guardians will not take to being disturbed.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 04:29
Riev dropped his head. "Guardians. They put guardians. Goddamn."

One of the Marines stated, "Hey, we're Pure, right? They won't bother us, then!"

Bane laughed suddenly and harshly. "Right."

Scorpelli shushed them. "I'm trying to find the seal!"

Riev motioned to his Marines. "Get ready, boys, this could be messy. Ma'am, I'd step back and call whatever armed help you have."
14-10-2003, 04:29
Everyone looks at Bane... Jensen and two others say "You stay here."


"Well... so how do we go in? A key? or a Button? Does it say?"

Jensen holds onto a futuristic version of a weapon very similar to the modern day P90, as do her guards, as they brace for the door to open.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 04:35
Scorpelli yelled in triumph. "Got it!"

Only those who ride the waves of Time may open the unlocked door.

Everyone looks around, confused. Bane smiles. Riev glances over and jumps back in shock. "Aw, crap."
14-10-2003, 04:39
If director Jensen and her guards had been anime characters, they would have just fallen backwards... as this was not the case, Jensen just backed the hell up and watched whatever was about to happen from a distance lol
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 04:47
Bane smiled and handed his cloak to Riev. Bane faced Cpt. Monroe. "Permission to Jump, Captain?"

Monroe grimaced. "Granted. Good luck, soldier."

Bane stepped forward, kneeled on one knee. He muttered to himself, concentrating one something beyond this world. The air around him started to dim, his body glowed in a corona of fire. He reached forward, clutching something, then there was a flash of white fire. The column of fire speared up and down and out, flashing from life to death and back. An ethereal wind whipped the planes, and rushed through everyone nearby. Clothes and hair flew back, trees bent, and someone tumbled down, but never landed. People saw themselves from afar, spinning away on the whirpool of time. Then it was over, and Bane stood there, heaving for breath. The door was open.

"Bet you have never seen that before." he declared to the CC staff.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 04:51
Riev threw Bane his cloak. "Did you have to hurl the shockwave? I could have done without seeing myself born and die."

Bane shrugged. "You know what I had to do."

Monroe explained. "He had to go back, before the door was closed, walk in, Jump forward, and open the door. I bet there's a switch inside." He rolled his eyes. "Sorry about that. The Elder Races love to mess with us and make us perform stupifying feats to get in. We once had to send to send two fleets to different systems and aligned SEVEN Gates, just to open one door."

Bane smiled hungrily. "The best part is, we've only begun." Then he collapsed, unconcious.
14-10-2003, 04:56
Jensen stood amazed, trying to hold her composure, "Well, umm, nothing -exactly- like that... " she coughed sheepishly and clicked a heavy flashlight and sensor package on her weapon into activity. "bane, please stay here..." she looked at him as he fell unconscious.. "...yeah, like that. we'll let you know if you are needed, thank you for your help. Care to lead the way, Riev?"
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 05:00
Lt. Riev gave his Captain a hidden thumbs up and carefully stepped over the unconcious Bane. He commented, "You know, he's not all that bad... for a psychotic doomed soldier who's slaughtered thousands to keep them from the Shadow." he shrugged. "I pity the guy."

Monroe commented. "He knows it. He can hear your thoughts, Riev, no matter how quiet they may be."

Riev took the Captain's comment in stride and led his Marines into the Temple. "Keep an eye, Doctor. Note anything odd..."
14-10-2003, 05:05
She looked at the walls... these had no writings... pure marble made of bricks as smooth as sheet metal, with only small breaks and now imperfections... very odd. She recorded every single thing she saw.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 05:13
The group made their way through hall after hall, before emerging onto a large marble bridge that spanned a savernous abyss. The whole cavern was lit my bioluminescent moss and filters of sunlight off of mirrors. Underground waterfalls flowed from hidden rivers into this chamber, falling down the walls and dropping into the pure pool hundreds of meters below the walk. Giant pillars filled the room, and ornate seals decorated the rock faces. Each of the waterfalls was lit by a different form of glowing moss, giving each a distinct hue. The group halted, its members staring at the white marble bridge vaulting this cavern in doubt.

Riev smiled. "Don't worry, ma'am. This bridge it not as primitive as it appears. The Elders were great at this... this whole room is what we call a Hall of Wonders. It appears natural, but the technology, far beyond our own, is hidden behind. Observe." He took a mirror and attatched it to his rifle. He lay down and extend the rifle down, so that mirror reflected the bottom of the bridge.

"You see that, Director? Gravimetric units, far beyond our ability to reproduce. These halls hold such treasures..."
14-10-2003, 05:38
"Aww man..." She said, reflections shimmering about her eyes, "I gotta get this allllll recorded." she leaned over the edge carefully and began to look around, taking it all in, her nanites burning every bit of it into her enhanced memory. "Let's keep moving"
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 05:42
Monroe stepped into a new hall, vaulted stone walls that merged into a streak of brilliant light, leading down the hall into a large, brilliant room, too bright to see. The Captain checked the floor, saw the spinning pattern of glyphs and and tiles. "This reeks of a test."
14-10-2003, 05:48
"My sensors should be able to see through the distortions... no wait, they can't... they are being messed with somehow... I'm all blacked out... all I can see is normal optics.... i can only see what you see now."
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 05:58
"This is adifferent language than we're used to. I can say that right now." The Linguist declared. "I'm going to plug it into the Translator, I think its a variation on the Seventh Species' writing..." The Translator sparked and turned off.

Riev raised his rifle. "This ain't good." His visor went black, and he had to pull off his helmet to see. "It's disrupting anything with sensors!" The FLOSA scope on his rifle turned off. "Damn. Everyone, get ready for-"

He was cut off as a crash rattled the whole chamber.
14-10-2003, 06:00
"Now what?!" she said, resting one hand on a wall to hold herself up... then she felt the wall move... towards her.

"Umm... OK. this is not good, quickly, should we go forward, or back off?!"
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 06:03
Riev ran through tactical procedures in his mind, then defaulted to common sense. "There's nothing back there! Forward! But stay on your toes!" He charged towards the light, his boots skipping from the deck, his rifle swaying from his hands. He entered the light and was promptly blinded by the brilliance. He rolled to the side, trying to break his pattern of running, the Gauss Rifle rising into firing position. He still couldn't see. Then someone, something, spoke...
14-10-2003, 06:28
She was following in a similar manner... one big leap of faith, running forward until she heard the voice... it spoke in a language anyone could understand... raw, unscrambled intelligence, pure communication... only two things could posess this ability... the demigod such as the Red Dragon... or something... opposite.

Translated into English, which it didn't have to be, the voice spoke "Remove thy shoes and thy gloves and thy weapons, for the place where ye stand is Holy Ground."

Jensen and her men did as commanded, and cast their items aside... when they did, individually, immediately a rush of wind and light overwhelemed them... temporary transfiguration... when the light and wind faded... they saw it... what the Elders would call a Guardian.

Jensen kneeled onto one knee, as did her men almost immediately after.

He spoke again "I understand you seek my power to defeat the Great Red Dragon..."

"Yes," she replied, "Can you help us?"

"The Red Dragon... she has been one of our greatest adversaries... we defeated her 10,000 years ago... Exiled to that cursed planet thou hast found... I apologize, for I have very little power remaining. I was sent here to hold another great evil in bondage... which is why I must ask you to leave, before you offset the balance and awaken him."

"But, surely you can help us!"

"..... Give me your hand," the large white-robed figure extended a dimly glowing hand.

She advanced cautiously, then found faith and extended her hand easily towards his.

The guardian lightly held her right hand with his own, and spoke a blessing, "Adrianna Jensen... By the power which I hold, I charge you with the ability to heal the dark. The ability to free the enslaved, the ability to heal a spirit. You will soon come to realize that you have the power to reverse a dark conversion with your gentle touch... Amen."

He released her hand, and continued to speak, "Regretfully, I can not give you the power to stop the Red Dragon herself... but ye may use this power to aid your friends... I guarantee you will find this useful. now please, go.... leave this world."

"Thank you." She says, as she walks out of the rtoom and grabs her stuff... and the whole temple begins to shake... a little less weaker than it has been in its better days. She slipped on her shoes... "Let's get out of here!"

She sent a communication as she ran, telling everyone to evacuate the planet, and to prepare to launch the cargo ship.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 06:39
Riev dropped his gun at the Guardian's voice. He thanked God that this was a just and wise Guardian, not the insane one he had encountered before. Many had lost their minds and powers over time, the energy the Elders bound into them decaying over the millenia. When the speech ended, he picked up his rifle and ran for the door.

Riev skidded to a stop at the doorway, letting Jensen pass with a genltemanly, "Ma'am." He followed her, moving through the halls in a blur. They passed through the Hall of Wonders, never slowing. They reached the doorway to the outside, where Bane was waiting. Riev saluted the Rifter. "We've got to go-"

"I know." Bane turned to Jenson. "Did you find what you needed?" The question was loaded, as was everything he said. His thoughts penetrated her mind. YOUR GIFT MAY BE TURNED ON YOU BY THOSE WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND. YOU MUST REMAIN VIGILANT, REMAIN TRUE. NEVER FALTER. He faced the sky. "We must go. There is evil approaching."

Riev faced Bane. "Good job with the door. You must be exhausted. I'll help you back to the ship..."

One of the Marines asked Monroe, "Why is Riev associating with that man? Doesn't he know the danger?"

Monroe answered with one short statement. "They're brothers."
14-10-2003, 06:47
The guardians voice spoke one last time as they left... "Farewell, I must remain here and hold the demon at bay... you will never see me again."

With that, the angled door collapsed behind them... and Jensen watched as the ground above the halls collapsed into on itself, and the caverns were sealed... the bridge inside fell with the roof and the peaceful meadow that was atop the hall of wonders sunk into the ground.... beginning to slowly implode the entire area...

"We gotta get out of here, NOW."

They all ran as fast as they could towards the TRSN shuttle as they saw the large Cargo Foldship leave. "Mind if we hitch a ride?" she said with a smile as she ran.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 06:56
Riev flashed his best smile. "No problem, Director. We were reserving seats for you."

Bane commented. "Yeah, next to you."

Riev smiled. "Yes, you see, I appreciate the company of beautiful, intelligent women."

Bane smirked. "Nice."

The Ship screamed skyward. "Everyone, get in your crash couches!" The pilot orderd. "We've been contacted by Lt. Johanson, some unknown ships just folded in, and he doesn't think it's friendly!"

Riev debated putting another, possibly last, move on the Director, as the Shuttle weaved and banked into the heavens.
14-10-2003, 07:22
Emma Capsule, The Red Dragon, felt the guardian's awakening deep into her bones.

"So... Calcius thinks he can just give someone the power to turn my armies... that fool."

By the time the Capsulian scientist were leaving the planet, a group of Emma's Disciples had found their way through the manipulations of space/time into thw Argon system. The converted Kryptonite-Class Cruiser did not see the CCSS Overseer at first sight, and hailed the Patriarch-Class shuttle leaving the planet.

One of the Red Dragon's Elder Disciples spoke... a being in the form of a Velociraptor barking out in a voice of evil that could be understood by all. "We demand that you turn over those who entered the Temple of Calcius," he spoke in his polytonal evil voice, "Or we will destroy whole ship."

Jensen smirkesd, and sent a transmission to the Overseer...

One of the disciples shouted something that could be heard over the open transmission. "Uhh... M'lord, there is another ship in the area."

"What? you fool!"

"It is not in any of our databanks, but it is definately Cap--- Definately FIRING!"

"Get us out of here!"

"Are you kidding? We're overhgeated because of that last jump!"

At that instant a volley of rail-propelled slugs slammed into the ship.

"Return fire!"

The demonizerd Cruiser turned to fire at the Moroni-Class assault ship as another volley smacked into them, one hitting the command center. The Disciples fired every cannon from the ship frantically, while charging the farad system.

Back on the Overseer, they quickly saw what was happening. "Commander Gidoni to all ships, Let's get out of here! Coordinates sent!"

Both ships engaged their fold drives and began charging as fast as they could... this would be a close call. The shuttle headed towards the Argus.

The Posessed cruiser fired from a distance, releasing a massive energy wave that sped towards the Overseer. "Argus, meet us in the Xenon system!" The energy wave passed through the space where the Overseer was, but only ran into a mass of energy that enveloped the moroni-class cruiser and dragged it to another point in the galaxy... a miss.

The Cargo ship followed quickly after, while the posessed kryptonite turned towards the argus.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 07:47
Johanson watched all the Tactical Plots with the calmness of a true Fleet Officer. He watched his volleys strike with impunity, hidden behind the ECM of the Argus. He leaned forward, and for a moment, he was back in the Battle Line. He smiled in anticipation and without humor. He had to get that shuttle to safety, but it was being pursued by a battleship beyond his league in firepower. And crewed by velociraptors. I can't lose this.

The Shuttle was running hard, dodging in all three dimensions. Johanson smiled. "Helm! Let's give them the fourth dimension dodge."


"Full speed ahead, Mr. Jarvis. Put everything into it."

"But sir, the shuttle's behind us! We'd leave it!"

"Negative, Helmsman. Full speed ahead, charge the Jump sequence."

"Sir! There's no Gate behind us!"

"Really?" He toggled his comm unit. "Bane? I need a trick from you. Place a beacon on a torpedo, the fire it behind the Red Dragon ship."

On the shuttle, Bane ran into the hold, followed by Ried. They ripped open one of the shuttle's light torpedoes, pulling out the warhead. Bane concentrated, placing a small crystal inside the torpedo. Riev loaded it into the tube and slammed the cover shut. Bane stood, his mind elsewhere, focused on the crystal, forged in the Void, linkning realities...

On the Argus, Johanson waited for the sublight speed to rise. "Fire!" he ordered, and the Argus released its Torpedo, firing it towards the other ship. Johanson stood there on the bridge, watching the display show the Gates locking open, the x, y, z, and omega coordinates locking into place. For a mere moment, the points were right. "Jump and fire."

The Argus vanished into a cyclone of temporal energy, cast adrift on the winds of time. Bane focused on its imprint in his mind, holding it to his Gate...

The torpedo struck the shields, and for a second, they flickered. In that flicker, the Argus appeared behind the Kryptonite, roaring forward at nearly .4 c. The tractor beam activated, snagging the shuttle and dragging it forward at the same speed. The Rail Guns fired, their velocity added to the phenomenal speed. The SLAM missiles swarmed away like bees from a hive, every one of them targetting the brace between the center and the wing. The Argus flashed past as the explosions consumed the pod, spinning it away. The Argus emerged the other side, still at full velocity, and the Kryptonite rolled away, damaged but not destroyed, racked by secondary blasts. The shuttle was pulled inside just before the gates aligned. The Argus Jumped to Xenon.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 07:54
Johanson sat down, watching the damage reports come in. The shields of the Kryptonite hadn't dropped quite fast enough, and much of the ECM was shattered, as well as the forward Rail Battery. Several fatalities, more wounded, but the shuttle was safe.

The door behind him opened, and Monroe, Riev, Jensen, and a critically wounded Bane staggered in. Bane was bleeding from his nose, his eyes glazed over, burned out from the Gate Lock. Johanson started, "Why aren't you in sickbay?"

"Had to know... are we safe?"

"Yes, we're in the Xenon system. But our friends aren't here."

Monroe took the conn. "Johanson, you're a maniac. Thank God for that, but I'd rather have a sane person in command, now."

Johanson smiled. "Of course. I need to see to the casualties, besides."

Monroe barked an order. "Bane! Get down to sickbay, now!"

"Yes, sir..." the Rifter wheezed. Riev, holding Bane on his shoulder, helped him towards the lift.

He turned to Jensen. "Would you help me with my brother here?" The bravado was gone, replaced with fear for his brother's life.

Monroe faced the display. "Where are you, Capsule?"
14-10-2003, 07:57
At the neighboring Xenon system, the patriarch-class cargo ship defolded to find it's companion ship in serious trouble... the firing from that red dragon ship had messed up the fold and the ship had taken a bad shake... it was drifting from a violent force of some kind... then they saw it... The Patriarch's sensors picked up an object on radar, roughly 20 metersin length, cubed... a fold drive... a spent one at that. It had literally ripped itself from the Overseer after being overworked... a gaping hole in the bottom of the ship backed up that claim.

"Overseer, Are you in need of assistance?"

"The ship is in shock... we lost the fold drive, and we're trying to fix the surrounding systems... other than that, we're fine."

"Good thing we're here, we can include you in the fold... wha happened?"

"That enemy energy blast... it disrupted it somehow... we're lucky we even arrived here... but we won't have shields or weapons or engines for a little bit, not with that gaping hole in the circuitry."

"Right... where is the Argus?"

A moment later they found each other on sensors... opposite ends of the system. "I guess we should have given them exact coordinates."

A transmission was made to the Argus, telling them to come to their location, with an inquery as to that Kryptonite's status.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 08:01
Monroe rolled his eyes. "Well, my subordinate pulled a rather unorthodox and not approved maneuver, but it saved our lives..." he relayed the status of the Kryptonite and Johanson's glorious insanity. Your people are in sick bay. They got rough up on the transit out, so we're makin sure they're okay. We've taken damage enough to ruin or observation mission and put us in port for a long time, but we're Jump Capable. Is there a port we could put up in for repairs?"

He leaned back in his chair. "That's our status. What's yours?"
14-10-2003, 08:05
"The Overseer is having troubles, but we can tow it... We have to get out of here before emma finds us... let's jump to PCS-327, it's 1500 parsecs from here, can you make it?"
14-10-2003, 08:08
Back in the Argus' sickbay, Adrianna Jensen could feel the nanites healing her minor injuries very quickly. "Well... I suppose my charge has also become a deathmark... Emma wants me dead... just great... I'm no one special... why should I be targeted??"

Her immature side began to show as she began to break down, falling against a wall.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 08:08
"Roger that. Are Jump Unit is fine... a miracle. We're heading out now." Monroe motioned to the Helmsman, and the Argus aligned. Gates locked open, pathways set, and the Argus vanished into the Void, reapearing seconds later in PCS-327.

In the sick bay, Bane was stable. Riev held watch on his brother until the nurse ran him out. He turned to Jensen as she broke down. "Hey, it's okay! You've got everyone behind you. Don't worry... it'll be fine. What you have is a gift, a blessing. You can save those poor people. You can stop this without a genocide! You'll be fine, and I'll make sure of that! We'll get through this... we'll all get through this, I promise."
14-10-2003, 08:15
A bright flash of light appears a few kilometers in front of the Argus, and inside a globe of volumetric energy, two ships appear, teleporting through space/time. The energy fades, and they are hailed. "So what happened there on the surface?"

In the infirmary, Adrianna just sat, seemingly ignoring him while she pondered things in her mind at a rapid rate, recalling the blessing over and over.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 08:18
Monroe recieived the communication. "Well, our team gained access to the artifact, but once we got inside the actual Sanctuary... well, Director Jensen should explain. I'll transfer the comm to our sickbay." He transferred it.

The vidscreen flicked to life, and the CC officer stood there. Riev stepped between Jensen and the screen, giving her a moment to clean up from crying.
14-10-2003, 08:22
She stood up, brushing herself off. "I'll file it in my report... I need to write a few things down and figure some stuff out... Video report will be on your desk in 2 hours... May I come back to my ship?"

"Yeah, the patriarch is waiting for you... your corvette is on its way to the Argus to pick you up."

A heavilly modified Explorer Vessel departed from a bay inside the Overseer and gently advanced on the TRSN ship and docked.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 08:25
The TRSN officers saw off the CC Exploration Team. Riev asked the highest officer he could find, "Do you have a port we could put into for repairs? We can't jump back home for several months, and we don't want to go wandering around in a busted ship."
14-10-2003, 08:28
"Ahh yes... well we don't have anything that can accomodate a ship your size... but there is a neutral spacedock not more than a parsec from here... We could use some repairs too.... but we have to send a signal there first, let them know we're coming... they don't run into us very often... if you know what I mean."
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 08:31
"Onward and outward, then. This war is just beginning, and I don't think that our encounters are over." Riev stated. I hope. "Godspeed, and I'll see you at the station."
14-10-2003, 08:33
"We have clearance to enter their space and dock... here's the coordinates, let's go."

The Capsule Ships dissappear in a similar globe of light, except for Adrianna's shuttle, which stays docked with the Argus.
imported_The TRSN
14-10-2003, 08:34
The Argus wheeled about, and with a flare of the drives, it too vanished into Jump Space, and into the unknown future.