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The Disciples of The Red Dragon [Part I]

11-10-2003, 05:09
Somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Parasitically enslaved people that used to inhabit Optera IV, as well as several other planets in the galaxy they had called home for the last few years, prepared to make a homecoming.

In the depths of the Red Dragon's throne ship, formerly a Capsule Corporation Patriarch-Class Foldship, two hundred men and women stood like statues, glowing with a red plasma that arcs around their bodies, binding them and posessing them and enslaving them to the parasitical monsters that dwelled within them. Yound and old had gathered to witness a ceremony they awaited for a long time, the resurrection of their great leader, ruler, and God, the Red Dragon. Not far off from the description once given of the Devil in the revelations, the giant monster entered the chamber. The Dragon was a dark spirit, flowing down into the chamber with a mist surrounding it as it let out a bellowed roar, looking like some freakish transformation of one of the large dinosaurs formerly found on Optera IV.

The dark spirit decended onto the cold steel floor, between the masses, and stared at a woman who stood on an Altar, chanting words under her breath in an evil polytonous voice with her arms held at an angle from her side. She stopped speaking as she opened her eyes and stared into the eyes of the Red Dragon. Emma had been acting as the leader of the parasites as they took over the Capsulian colony... Now she was to be the host to a demon spirit much larger than her frail body could handle.

before the ceremony could commense, the body had to be transfigured to hold a spirit of this size and dark glory. The parasite within her suddenly grew violent, and the red plasma bolts that encircled her grew larger and faster and more powerful as she let out a painful scream. Her body was being perfected by evil means, and this would first mean an overwealming death. Her body began to burn as the plasma bolts turned into flame, arcing red lightning from others around her. After a few seconds, she stopped screaming, and the flames died down. She now stood as before, with a dark aura surrounding her body, clad in a thin, loose black cloth, left reveallingly open on top with a sash holding it together like a robe.

The Red Dragon spoke in another roar, but one understandable as the root of all evil in its linguistic form. "Emma Capsule, with the power of the Red Dragon that I am, I beseech my demonic spirit into your Body. You will be my host, and your spirit shall be my servant."

With that, the Dark spirit seemed to dematerialize, then reform its spiritual matter into a dark into in the center of the room which seemed to draw all light towards it. It reformed itself into the shape of the host, and slowly moved towards her. Mirroring her body, Emma soon absorbed the spirit. After a short moment, the mist calmed, and Emma stood, plasma bolts violently orbiting her body, her eyes aglow with a fire.

She now spoke in an even more demonic polytonous voice as she said to her immediate servants, "At last, I have a body... my powers have now become part of this existance... now is the time for my reign over this universe. Prepare yourselves, for soon, we go to war. We will absorb all into our power, and we will finally have the strength to rule what is rightfully ours... the universe."

In the immediate years after this event, under Emma's reign, the Disciples of the Red Dragon flooded through the galaxy, gathering strength, untill their numbers had grown into a powerful stature. A total of 140 Million had been enslaved to their will, and 3 Million of the strongest hosts as their armies.

Gathering spacial technology and absorbing the forces of opposers into their adverserial dominion, the Disciples of the Red Dragon soon gained a reputation as The New Borg. Many races had opposed them and failed. Absolute evil could always win over weak civilizations. Andromeda had served its purpose.

And thus it came to pass, that the Red Dragon's Armies prepared to move back to their home from which they had been exiled... the Milky Way Galaxy would soon be theirs again, starting with those in the densest region, the region around Sol, in which many different tastey civilizations called home. The Red Dragon would start with the weaker forces of opposition, until they had become strong enough to fight the Capitol of the Milky Way, the Sol System itself.

OOC: My first attempt at an evil RP ;) This is in relation to the Undiscovered natives thread:
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If my great and dark god's avatar wasn't in a r'p right now i'd do something.ooc: hmm... like what?
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