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Tahar Joblis Denies Responsibility!

30-09-2003, 18:56
Unidentified Aircraft Launches From Near Tahar Joblis; Government Denies Everything to Foreign Reporters.

Today Tahar Joblissan officials denied having had "anything to do" with the recent launch of what would appear to be a 4000' long zeppelin from a floating position a scant 100 miles outside of Tahar Joblissan controlled ocean space.

"The government of Tahar Joblis had nothing to do with the construction or launching of this device."

In spite of Tahar Joblis's traditionally tight control and close control of the waters surrounding the main island, Tahar Joblissan officials furthermore stated they had "No information for public release regarding the purpose of this craft," "No idea what the motives of its builders might be," and "Absolutely cannot be held responsible for the actions of this vessel."

Heading at a steady clip of about 50 mph westwards of Tahar Joblis, the ominously looming vessel is larger than most Tahar Joblissan military dirigibles, although it is still dwarfed by the legendary Mile Dirigible. TJAF elements appear to be completely ignoring the vessel as it heads west.

Tahar Joblissan officials also publicly denied the possibility that the alleged zeppelin could be military in nature, although they furthermore denied any responsibility in the event that they could be wrong.

Asked if the vessel could possibly be carrying Tahar Joblissan military grade weaponry, Tahar Joblissan officials quickly denied this, stating as an additional clarification that - if it were to have such weaponry - it must not have been manufactured in Tahar Joblis, distributed through proper channels, or have anything but a coincidental resemblance to Tahar Joblissan equipment.

At the time of publication, details on a series of confidential referenda were not available to foreign press, and Tahar Joblissan media outlets have been remarkably tightlipped*, spouting no more than four thousand currently counted conspiracy theories and unofficial press releases on the topic, which agree in remarkably few aspects with one another.

*Ordinarily, this many denials would be linked to at least ten thousand stories in the Tahar Joblissan media broadcast abroad.
30-09-2003, 19:21
Have Object under observation. If it makes an aggresive move towards us, be aware we will dispatch IAF forces to intercept.
30-09-2003, 19:32
But, since it is nothing to do with you, I suppose that does not matter.
30-09-2003, 19:32
(OOC: Hope you don't mind this post, just trying to make things interesting.)


The Cutlass, an Ohio class ballistic missile submarine, nearby picked up this airship on radar long before it was in that position. From what we can tell from the reports from both the submarine and ASOIA agents is that this airship does belong to Tahar Joblis and it originated from a hidden airbase within its own borders.
Premier Bomfy
People's Republic of Aequatio
30-09-2003, 19:34
Affirm that, Aequatio, permission to send an Imperial Typhooon class to accompny the Ohio. Name: IN Victor Imperiallis II
30-09-2003, 19:34
Affirm that, Aequatio, permission to send an Imperial Typhooon class to accompny the Ohio. Name: IN Victor Imperiallis II
30-09-2003, 19:49
Permission denied, our armed forces do not co-operate with nations we are not allied with. You may send your own craft, but just be sure to keep it clear of the Cutlass.
Premier Bomfy
People's Republic of Aequatio
30-09-2003, 19:56
Message recieved and understood.

What distance from the Cutlass? Be aware no action will be taken upon the Zepplin by Imperial Unions unless provoked.
30-09-2003, 21:19
As the vessel continues west, TJAF officials deny that plans for a "heavy strike dirigible" ever did pan out.

"Of course that's not ours, don't be ridiculous..."

Beneath the sea, trailing the big fat bogey:

Hand signals flashed.

Should we drop an active ping by decoy? We haven't exactly been running perfectly silent, but I thought I was picking up something up there. Big sucker for a sub, too.

This close in? Damn, someone's been dropping the ball lately then.

A pause. Hands flickered over instrumentation boards.

Well, it's a possible, but if it is, it's on the same bearing as we are. See about floating one of the quiet disposable beacons up to five hundred feet and dropping a directional away from us. Ease it out carefully, we don't want it tracked back to our position. Probably won't pick up anything, but it pays to be safe.


The large craft turned on a very powerful active radar system over a diverse array of frequencies for seven seconds, and then turned it off again. Nice heavy pulses there... odd pattern.
30-09-2003, 22:58
The craft, altitude currently 25,000 feet, has altered course to avoid landmasses, sticking to the ocean and now on a north-northwestern heading 1100 miles west of Tahar Joblissan territorial waters.

Ominously, it has not communicated since the abortive spurt of radar noise.