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Undiscovered natives [semi-open RP]

28-09-2003, 18:44
The people of Optera IV, a planet colonized some years ago by the Capsule Corporation, have been living in relative peace in a rather seculded section of the galaxy, over 10,000 ly from Sol.

As there is no other human life on the planet, Capsule Corporation decided it was the perfect candidate for a colony.

Then, 2 days agp, while expanding outward and exploring the semi-jurassicish planet, they came across something you don't see everyday, even on optera IV... a talking Velociraptor. It did not attack them right away, but it stared them down, and spoke in a tongue no man could recognize, but everyone understood in the depths of their hearts.... evil. With a loud roar, 12 more velociraptors almost immediately appeared in the area. They joined together in a shout of a purely evil tone, bringing forth a dark cloud that closed in on the colonists.

The cloud began to break apart and split up, a bulk of it heading for the major cities, but a small part raining down onto the exploring colonists... a rain of pea-sized parasites. The parasites climbed into the colonists bodies any way they could as futile cries for help turned quickly into similar evil-toned tongues. The colonists' eyes flashed an eerie spark as the sentient parasites took over.

By the time the parasites reached the capitol there were shuttles taking off left and right, trying to evacuate colonists into space. Energy barriers slowly erected themselves over city buildings, but not in time to save the military bases.

By the end of yesterday, the parasites claimed over 35 million people, including nearly 75% of the Military force. The remaining colonists scrambled for any way to get off the planet, but parasites managed to sneak on board some of the shuttles and they soon found themselves fighting against each other.

The only means of getting a message to the Capsule Corporation was by a foldship... there were 8 of them, and the parasites had control of 7.

The CCSS Mosiah, a Patriach Class cargo foldship, was quickly manned by as many straight military officers as they could, taking a good million citizens with them, and quickly left the planet behind, and folded back towards Triton, the Capsulian homeworld(moon).

2 hours later, the Mosiah arrived at Triton City and relayed the planet's distress signal. They all knew now that the parasites would finish taking over optera IV, and then make their way towards sol... and it would be freakin hard to try to stop them.

Current stats on the Optera IV military that the parasites now have control over (including sale lots now confescated for parasitical use):

Capital Foldships:
2 Kryptonite-Class Cruisers
3 Kolob-Class Carriers
2 Patriarch-Class Super-Shuttles

Capital Hyperships:
22 Omni-Class Frigates
72 Tachyon-Class Corvettes
12 Cargo Shuttles

360 CCF-16 StarFalcons
360 CCF-7 Senines
240 CCF-11 TrickFighters

550 Legolas-Class SkaterMecha
102 Samson-Class SkaterMecha

Active Military Personnel:
15,000 StarShip Crew
2,000 Mecha/Starfighter Pilots
300,000 Infantry
250 Special Forces

The Capsule Corporation asks all space-faring nations to beware of the imminent(sp) threat. Especially those in the Neptune area. (
28-09-2003, 18:46
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28-09-2003, 18:51
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28-09-2003, 23:43
The parasites continue to assimilate all the remnants of civilization on Optera IV... collecting the knowledge of every civillian and converting them into worker drones, and turning the military men into enslaved soldiers, operating mecha and starships to prepare for an attack.

They wait, building, amassing, preparing for an attack that would bring them even more power.

These power-hungry beings have made themselves known to all as the Disciples of the Red Dragon... a collection of minds and bodies, gathered for their strength and abilities and knowledged, and used merely to give their unknown leader more power.
Independant Pluto
29-09-2003, 00:00
We are fully ready to give them hell with our defense systems if they pass by us. Not too much hell, we're not that tough.
29-09-2003, 00:20
The drones begin to build a massive fortress as a throne to their king, made from existing ships half completed in the factories on Optera IV.
29-09-2003, 00:34
"Interesting..." Grand Admiral Tarshal opened up the communique. Around the table, the 7 Admirals of the fleet waited for instructions. "Admirals Krin, Hawking? I order you to enforce a military blockade of the system. Destroy anything that attempts to get out. Anything and everything. Obliterate everything that attempts to get in."

The Roanian 1st and 3rd fleets launched for the Optera System.
29-09-2003, 00:42
Jimathon contined to drink his smoothy, "First the GA base, now this?"

"That's about right, your holiness."

"I'm tired of you calling me that Ed, Jim works fine."

"Yes, your... Jimliness."

"Stup...whatever. He's a GA member?"


"Well, what are you waiting for, send a fleet, and as soon as those things even touch another planet, fire at will."

"Yes, Jim."

"And send a message to Capsule, tell him that if he survives the night, I'll buy him a drink."

"Yes, Jim."
29-09-2003, 00:57
OOC: Jimliness :lol:

IC: "Sir, we have more problems."

"What now?"

"It's complicated."

"We have a system rebelling, half our military killing each other, and you think that isn't complicated?"

"Well, we now have a swarm of things trying to take over a CC colony."

"Oh ****."

"Dispatch the 1'st battle group, that's all we can spare. Form a blockade. Try to contain those, what did you call them? Swarm things? Kepp them boxed up."

"Yes sir."
29-09-2003, 00:59
The two fleets send out an order to the Klonor and Jimathon ships. "This is now a Roanian quarantine zone. Please leave."
29-09-2003, 01:01
Fllet commander Ed activates his com, "Hey, we're just here to help, so **** off, all right?"
29-09-2003, 01:01
29-09-2003, 01:01
*The Capsule Corporation Board of Directors begin to discuss their plans, teleconferenced with Roania, Klonor, and Jimathon also*

CEO Jacen Capsule: As you know, we have lost Optera IV... and it's about ready to come after us.

Sariah Capsule, his wife, and 1st Counsellor: Our best pre-emptive strike would to take out their spacefold capabilities immediatley. They have 7.. so it will NOT be easy.

Jace: We have forces from Jimathon coming to help us, along with Roania. We will be mobilizing within by nightfall... so we need to make sure we are ready.

Sariah: We have to be VERY careful however, because the Red Dragon parasites can take over a human body instantly. We will be sending no Infantry for this exact reason.

Jace: OK, so we need the Kryptonite, the Arizona... *and so on*

Total Capsule Forces being amassed:

Capital Foldships:
1 Kryptonite Cruiser
1 Kryptonite-Class (Variated) Cruiser
7 Kolob-Class Carriers
2 Patriarch-Class Super-Shuttles

Capital Hyperships:
24 Tachyon-Class Corvettes

360 CCF-16 StarFalcons
360 CCF-7 Senines
288 CCF-11 TrickFighters

360 Legolas-Class SkaterMecha
144 Samson-Class SkaterMecha
29-09-2003, 01:06
Jimathon 2nd fleet

Kabal class: 1
Jimathon class:2
Regan class: 5
Grant class:5
Mandalorian class: 10
Shebas (light warship type): 50

Cheat class: 200
Homestar class: 300
Klonor rip offs: 1000

+1 Klonor pre fab fleet.
29-09-2003, 01:07
"Capsule Corporation, we are sending in one battle group to help out. Sorry, that's all we can spare."

Klonor forces:

1 Orion
2 Deimos's
3 Fenris's
2 Leviathan's
1 Aeolus
2 Volition's
5 Dreadnought's
29-09-2003, 01:15
*It was sunset relative to Triton City, the distant yet still bright sun emphasizing a flash of light that enveloped all the ships* *within half an hour (3 folds), the Capsule Corporation 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th Battle Groups were in orbit of Optera IV, and began studying the enemy postition on the planet.*

*The space surrounding the planet was almost completely silent, no aactivity, save for the newly arrived GA battlegroups.*

*Jace, the CEO, stood on the bridge of the Kryptonite, his wife standing beside him, staring in awe at the evil silence*

Jace: "Hail them."

Officer: "Yes si--" *the officer was interrupted by a beep* "Commander, you are being hailed."

Jace: "Hmm... on screen."

*Jace's Cousin, recent heir to the Governor position, stood in the image before him, staring with eyes that flashed with sparks of madness*

*Emma Capsule, as she was once known, began to speak... her old Capsulian Russianish accent completely displaced in favor of a multinotonous deep voice*

Emma: "You no longer belong here. This planet is, was, and always will be ours. Your colonists are now our pawns. The Red Dragon will take all who oppose him into his grasp. Leave now, or you will be the first on our list of races to assimilate."

Jace: I'm sorry, I can not do that Emma... We're going to come down there and wipe you out.

Emma: That is not advisable... suit yourself.

*The transmission cuts... silence*
29-09-2003, 01:22
The commander stopped, having also heard the transmission.

"OOOOOOK, so, thier related?"

"Apparently, sir."

"Arggggggg! Hail Capsule, NOW! Tell him that I would like permission to cut off a branch of his family tree, RIGHT NOW!"
29-09-2003, 01:25
The Klonor commander reacts in a slightly different matter.

"Reminds me of an old "family show" I used to watch. Makes me glad I'm an only child. Slice their engines in half, we need to end this quick. We're needed back home."
29-09-2003, 01:26
*The Kryptonite advanced slowly from the battlegroup as they prepared themselves for a massive strike*
*The Chloro-Borg modified CC Flagship hails all GA allies*

Jace to all GA ships: "DO NOT Attack until they try to move. We arew here to quarantine and to study, if we can save them, we will. We will attempt to combat the parasites with nanites, but by the looks of it, these parasites might just be a little too strong."
29-09-2003, 01:29
OOC REFERENCE NOTE: All Red Dragon vessels are landed. They are currently manning their ships however, but staying grounded. They are also working on modifying one of the Patriarch-Class Cargo Foldships

Repeat, none of their ships are in space.
29-09-2003, 01:29
The commander slaped his face, it's been a long day, "You want to wait, while these things kill your citizens? Look, I'm no scientest, but I know a life is worth WAY more than any "study." I'll wait, but if those things even twitch, they'll stop existing REAL quick."
29-09-2003, 01:31
"For the love of ******. All ships hold, CC wants to study these things."
29-09-2003, 01:36
Sariah: You guys don't understand. Capsulians have friends and family on that planet. Our scans show 98% of the Optera IV colonists have been assimilated. We NEED to make sure there is no way to save them...

Jace: Yes... *he thinks for a moment* Help us take out their foldships for now. There should be seven of them. They are the ones over 600m long.

*he turns to an officer and tells him to charge the Farad system, along with the other Arizona's similar weapon*

Jace to all: We will attack in T-30 seconds... are you guys ready? We'll take out the Kryptonites, you guys go after the Carriers and the Cargo ship... Our other ships will help you.
29-09-2003, 01:38
OOC: So, you want us to destroy the ships on the ground?
29-09-2003, 01:39
Commander Ed smiled, "You heard the man... FIRE AT WILL!"


The fleet lurched forward, excreting it's ministar trail. It closed in on the ships and in the blink of an eye, the sky way consumed with firy death. THe Kabal class took the forefront, while the other ships cloaked to take thier positions on the ship's blind side.

29-09-2003, 01:39
Officer: Commander, they are charging their FARAD systems, including the experimental planetary defense one.

Jace: If that is true, we may not be able to affect them with our own FARAD systems.
29-09-2003, 01:41
"We've gotta get them before the Farads finish charging. Use the Heavy Beams, try to slice them in half. While they're going, scalpal out the engines with AAA guns."

"Yes sir. Al guns firing."

Thick and thin Beams lance out from the Klonor ships, all attempting to bisect the greatly growing threat.
29-09-2003, 01:42
"****! Open Ministar vents, disrupt those, FA..R..things. I hope this works...."

The vents open, throwing a star's energy at the targets.
29-09-2003, 01:47
Optera IV: They looked like the Los Angeles River... manmade canals scattered all over the major cities... The canals soon came to life with plasma energy, charging one big Farad system as the orbiting ships began to fire.

Capsule Corporation:

Jace: Fire! QUICK!

*The 2 Kryptnites fired their weapons, releasing large tidal waves of plasma at the planet*

Optera IV: The plasma buildups quickly poured upwards and almost immediatley created a large green energy barrier... a relatively stable one at that. Everyone's fire hits the shield and explodes, dissipating before impact on the planet. Although, a few shots did make it... casualties were 1 Kryptonite and 1 Carrier


Jace: WHAT?!?!

Officer, Frantic: I dunno sir! it's similar to our Defensive Farad system, except...stable! They must use the rivers to cool the system, because it doesn't look like it's going to overheat very easily.

Jace: Well, if we're gonna take it down, we'll have to fire everything we can at it, but that just might make it worse if those parasites are handling it right.

[b]Everyone: CRAP!

OOC: hmmm...
29-09-2003, 01:50
OOC: I wish I knew what just happened.
29-09-2003, 01:50
OOC: Excuse me if anything seems a little on the godmoddy side, but I want this to be big... don't expect to win this fight on this planet.
29-09-2003, 01:51
The parasites made a shield which deflected all our shots.
29-09-2003, 01:55
OOC: lol sorry, i forget not everyone reads every thread I make ^_^

The Farad system, in normal cases, is (very summed up) 2 Long plates, seperated, like say the space between two hulls on a ship, and in that gap, plasma gathers like a giant capacitor, and the energy can be released either offensively (energy wave) or defensively (a [usually] temporary barrier)

Optera IV was experimenting with a planet-scaled version for self defense, using Mile-long canals in series and arrays to do the same thing, but they are massively liquid cooled by moving water, so they can stay up almost indefinately as long as power holds out. An overheat, or overload due to attack, will cause this barrier to explode... which is not good, consider it a small nova.
29-09-2003, 01:56
The parasistes made a shield which deflected all our shots.

AH, Klonor, I need you to take over for me for a few minutes, you know my style.
29-09-2003, 01:57
I do? Since when?
29-09-2003, 02:04
Alice:As usual I'm forgoten.
29-09-2003, 02:16
Alice:As usual I'm forgoten.OOC: You could have sneaked aboard a ship ;)
29-09-2003, 02:18
Jace: Well i guess we're going to HAVE to sit here and wait.
29-09-2003, 02:39
29-09-2003, 03:08
OOC REFERENCE NOTE: All Red Dragon vessels are landed. They are currently manning their ships however, but staying grounded. They are also working on modifying one of the Patriarch-Class Cargo Foldships

Repeat, none of their ships are in space.

If they make a single move, that planet suffers Exterminatrus.
29-09-2003, 03:53
Captain Susan Lopez sat in her office, just off the bridge, going through reports. Personnel reports. Engineering reports. Science reports. Everything. The Einstein, just like the rest of the ships in the Spacefleet, was still officially on a shakedown cruise, although they had all done normal duties. Her communicator, attached magnetically to a magnetic strip woven into her uniform at the waist, beeped, and her executive officer, Commander Thomas Nicoletti said "Captain, you have a priority one communication from Fleet Command." She thought for a moment, about whether to take it in her office, or take it on the bridge. She decided to let her young first officer have a few more minutes in the command chair, and said, "Patch it through to my office computer." The screen flickered a bit as interference was filtered out, and a picture of Admiral Maria Robinson came up. "Captain Lopez, there is a problem in the Optera system. A group of parasites has taken over the minds of a large number of Capsule Corporation colonists on the fourth planet. We've sent the nescesary data to your Operations officer, don't worry. We need you to go and try to negotiate with them. They have a large battlefleet. For some reason Capsule Corp was keeping a fleet there. Most of the GA is all on board for blowing them to h*ll, but that is unacceptable. There would be a huge loss of life on both sides. You are to proceed there, and try to negotiate with these parasites, while your science and medical department trys to find a way to liberate these people from the parasites. Robinson out." Captain Lopez walked onto the bridge. "Change course heading to the Optera system. I need all my senior officers in the conference room." They walked off the bridge into the conference room. "Now, a group of parasites has taken over a Capsule Corp colony, and they're believed to be headed for Earth in a fleet of warships. The GA is running for their guns, yet again. We're going to try to negotiate with the parasites, all while trying to find a way to separate the parasites from the hosts. Engineering, prepare the ship for battle conditions, but make it where it can't be detected on sensors. We don't want to jeopardize negotiations. Tactical, analyze Capsule Corporation military technology, and prepare the ship for possible boarding parties, issue weapons. Science and medical, find out all we can about these parasites when you get the chance. Dismissed." She went off to the bridge, and sat in the command chair. When they arrived in orbit, she said to her comms officer, "Hail the colony." and then she sat and waited for a response.
29-09-2003, 04:33
Optera IV:

The Farad Barrier grows larger... and larger... expanding from high atmosphere out into space. It gets thinner as it grows, but is still pretty powerful, and no one can sense anything inside all the energy radiation and plasma. It reaches a maxium size, about the size of the planet itself. Still, no one can see through it, but it is so thin right now that a big hit could collapse it in on itself.

Capsule Corporation:

Jace and several officers see this opening, but hesitate about firing.

Jace: What are they doing.... why would they expand the bubble?

Officer: I dunno, but I wouldn't attack it if I were you, they could be setting bait for an attack.

Sariah: I don't like this.

*Time Passes*

Officer: Sir, I'm detecting massive gravitational anamolies inside that barrier. It might be destablizing.

Sariah: Gravitational Anamolies... what the... *she suddenly realizes the obvious* OH NO! THEY'RE FOLDING!


*All Capsule Corporation ships fire like crazy, and both the Kryptonite and the Arizona begin to charge their Farad systems* *Railgun slugs, high-powered LASERs, and plasma bolts hit the shield, exploding on impact* *As the Kryptonite fires it's main gun, the shield goes faint, and one last ship, a Patriarch class cargo foldship, can be seen preparing to fold through the now semi-transperant barrier*

*The kryptonite fires and the shield buckles under the force, knocking out the power to the entire planet, and causing massive explosions at the canals and power plants* *Everyone on the planet is killed from the blast s, but sadly, there were only a count of 10 million left on the planet just before the barrier collapsed... the rest escaped with the foldships*

Optera IV:

*An image appears on screen, transmitted by a message-in-a-bottle type probe left behind.*
Emma: You have given us mortal bodies and the ability to roam the stars, for this we are grateful, and we shall spare your insignificant lives for a little season. If you pursue us, we will destroy you... all of you.

We will now leave this planet to you again, for we have finished our business there. We will be living on the other side of andromeda for now, and I hope we never meet again.

*Transmission ends*

Capsule Corporation:

Jace: ... did we get a trace on their last fold?

*an officer shakes his head*

Jace: *With a heavy, painful sigh* I can't beleive we let them go... there's nothing we can do right now then.

Sariah: *in a semi-comforting voice* Come on, let's go back to Triton, and give them all the news. They deserve it.

*The fleet soon returns to Triton and everyone goes about their business, choosing not to pursue them... yet. But one day, maybe a few short years from now... Capsule Corporation will launch an expedition to take these parasites out.*

OOC: I meant this as an introduction RP. I'll let them build for a while and come back in a few RL months or so. Unless any of you have any IC objections.
29-09-2003, 04:48
((I'm folding Alice to the CC fleet anyways))

Alice runns out to her waiting Pulsar now fully repaired and whit the Fold Generator back online she quickly jumped in and sealed the hatch. She activated the thrusters and jeted out into space. She quickly setts the fold location to track the CC fleet and fold in there wake. When she reaches 1 mile her Pulsar suddenly is surounded by a neon green light and dissaprers
29-09-2003, 04:48
((As I said, they move, the planet suffers exterminatus. That's the complete destruction of the planet.))

The two RSDs activated their super lasers. The 120 ships surrounding them moved into defensive gear.
29-09-2003, 04:54

Phalanix: FYI, Fold Technology takes a lot of power, you should be careful what kind of ships you put it on ;) Fighter jets with fold drives might be godmodding to some people

Roania: Go ahead :)
29-09-2003, 04:58
The lasers fire. The crust cracks, the sea boils away, and the biosphere is completely destroyed.

Admiral Hawkings watches. He opens up a communique to Admiral Krayten. "So, let's go get a pizza or something. This job is done."
29-09-2003, 14:59
((Remember I use Macross tech. If you watch Macross Plus you see 2 Fighters space fold))
29-09-2003, 19:06
((Remember I use Macross tech. If you watch Macross Plus you see 2 Fighters space fold))Oh, macross plus, gotcha.....
29-09-2003, 22:49
"Sir, they are engaging their FTL drive. It's a fold drive. Our Spatial Distortion Drive won't be able to keep up." said the science officer, Lt. Cmdr. Melina Conwell, to the captain. "Try to pursue anyway. Maximum speed. Mr. Rifkin, get down to engineering and try to implement those experimental upgrades you were telling me about in you report." The Cheif engineering officer got up, and went to the lift, down to engineering, while the navigation officer accelerated the ship. "Communications, send a message to the leader of the GA fleet about what we are trying to do. Ask them for any data they have on these creatures."

She looked forward intently at the viewscreen as they sped through space-time.

*******************Transmission to the GA Fleet*******************

We are attempting to make diplomatic contact with the parasites while we stall for time for our science department aboard the ship to find a way to seperate the hosts from the parasites. Please assist us in this endeavor by transmitting all data you have on the hosts and/or the parasites.
30-09-2003, 00:43
Too late, reacting to S and E's post, which was also too late. Sorry.
30-09-2003, 00:48
"S and E, this is the commander of the Jimathon Fleet, I respectfully inquest as to why the hell we should try to make contact with a PARASITE! It's a **** BUG! Look, I will give you cover for one ship, but that's all! OK? I got a few thousand men here itching to blow that planet from here to Ross 128, 2 hours, that's all!"

((Too late. The planet has been destroyed.))

The victorious admirals return to pinnacle base, and pizza. They invite all the other admirals to join them.
30-09-2003, 00:54
OOOOO! PIZZA! *Hops on Kabal class and jumps to hyperspace*
30-09-2003, 02:31
Optera IV:

The parasites make several jumps, and by the time the SandE group gets to the first defold point, which was about 3500 light years away, they are already long gone, making several folds after that... untraceable by any means now.
01-10-2003, 03:31
"Sensors show they are folding to 3,500 light years away" said Lt. Cmdr. Conwell. "At our maximum speed without any modifications, it will take us about 36 years to get there. With the projections of the modifications, it will take us anywhere inbetween five months and a year to get there. Sorry captain, they're gone." The captain, with a firm look of consternation on her face, said, "Contact Spacefleet Command. Inform them of the developments." A few beeps sounded, as the tachyon relays throughout the galaxy were gone through. Then, Admiral Robinson's face appeared on the screen. "After going over the data, we have decided that it would be best not to pursue them until we have exact data on their coordinates. All we know is, they'll be back. We'll have to prepare for them. Resume your exploration of the galaxy from your current location. Robinson out." The captain thought for a minute, and then said, "They're no reason why we nescesarily [i]can't explore along their fold heading. Set a course in their general direction, and engage at normal cruise. They were on the hunt, but not officially.

At Spacefleet Command, Admiral Robinson contacted the assembled armada. "We request all available tactical information on the parasites and the ships they have appropriated so we may prepare. Remember, Alpha Centauri is really the gate to the Sol system. They'll probaly hit us before they hit you."
01-10-2003, 03:34
OOC: LOL, not really a gate, just a next door neighbor :P
01-10-2003, 03:34
"Don't worry about us. Should they take Alpha Centauri we'll fire a cyclonic nuke at the star. We'll be alright." The Grand Admiral says in return.
01-10-2003, 21:19
"Actually, we're more worried about ourselves. Our defense around our planet conists of 12,000 defense drones, each only a meter in length, plus some light armament on the spacestation I am on right now. So, we would still like the data. Remember, we're all GA members here. "
01-10-2003, 21:39
Capsule Corporation: Well, obviously we don't know much about the parasites, but as for the technology: (
02-10-2003, 00:02
"Thank you for the information. This is a very troubling threat."
02-10-2003, 01:01
"Actually, we're more worried about ourselves. Our defense around our planet conists of 12,000 defense drones, each only a meter in length, plus some light armament on the spacestation I am on right now. So, we would still like the data. Remember, we're all GA members here. "

"Who needs the data? The only way to handle this situation is to hunt them down and destroy their ships, and whatever planets they have."
02-10-2003, 21:15
"Hunt them down? Not only is that ridiculous, but our first priority should be getting the parasites out of the bodies. Remember, those bodies once were people. There has to be something left of them inside. Hunting them down would be, to use an Earth expression, looking for 'a needle in a haystack.'"