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The end of Higera as we know it

22-09-2003, 17:58
Seiryu, The United Socialist States of Higera—

The door burst open, and heavily armed men from Higera’s top special operations group, The Red Guards, filled the room. “Clear!” is yelled from throughout the room. Comrade Grant’s office has been unoccupied recently, since he fled the country, taking 4 Billion People’s Credits from the Treasury of Higera. No efforts have been made to stop Grant, and none probably will.

The country is about to lurch into a civil war, the likes of which none in Higera have ever seen…

General Mishkal walked into the room next. The Red Guards commander made his report, and the General walked around the room and sat at Grant’s desk. “Looks like we’re going to need a new leader around here,” Mishkal said, picking up Grant’s official stationary. Mishkal was assumed to be the next in line to Grant, when the time came for a change in power in the country. Grant had done a spectacular job managing the country’s Socialist Party, but was reported feeling burnt out as of late.

“Sir,” the commander continued, “the office is secure, but we have to sweep the entire building for anything that…”

General Mishkal was vaporized. The Red Guard company was taken out a nanosecond later. A large bomb just exploded from inside the desk, obliterating the entire government building. Nobody in the building survived. Bombs began exploding all over the city, in government offices.

The ambulances and police cars started arriving, and then came the tanks and APCs. Somebody was trying to eliminate the Socialist government, and nobody was sure what was going on. The country has some other political parties, although the majority is pure Socialist. All essential government personnel were taken into military custody and moved to secure locations.

Elsewhere, Donald Trump and Heinrich Himmler (both of the Capitalist and Fascist parties, respectively; having changed their names due to their loyalty to their causes) watched the news from their new command center. By combining the Capitalist and Fascist parties in Higera, the new coalition had enough money and power to be a threat to the Socialist government of Higera. Operating in secrecy, this Coalition was poised to move in and gain control of the nation. “We can do this, Don,” said his partner. “Now is the time…”
22-09-2003, 19:20
Let it be known that Emperor Cav will give his support to the current government of Higera. Any attempts to change the government will be struck down by Cav's mighty forces.
22-09-2003, 23:22
The numbers were impressive. The Coalition leaders sat around a large mahogany table, in their headquarters in the middle of Higera's savannahs. Built as the headquarters for Trump's corporation and political party, the building now served as a war room. Trump and Himmler looked over the rosters of local Coalition meetings, and saw that a large number of those who attended wanted Higera's current government to fall.

"Start having daily meetings. Now that everybody knows of Comrade Grant's disappearance, and the subsequent explosions in other government buildings, we have to gain their support now." Trump was truly the mastermind of this project, but could not achieve anything without Himmler's support.

The TrumpCo headquarters sat on 200 acres of land in Higera's remote savannah region. Not many people visited that place, and thus it was a clever choice of those who wanted to shroud their plans in secrecy. The building was only 3 stories high from the ground, and, although the architecture was stunning, those 3 stories were not the best part of the complex. Underground, in a bunker capable of withstanding a nuclear attack, was where the action fully took place. There were firing ranges, combat exercise simulators, and even an open field for teaching Coalition members how to maneuver the heavy tanks, bought from a Coalition-friendly arms dealer. Thousands of people were already living in the massive bunker, all learning the art of waging war.
23-09-2003, 00:22
Lunatic Retard Robots
23-09-2003, 00:28
This means only one thing.......

23-09-2003, 00:31
Rumor has reached our intelligence sources that Extreme right-wing forces will soon attempt small terrorist acts in Higera, leading to a larger attack to come. This information may or may not be correct, as the source of this information has had a mixed record of reliabillity.

Kisnesia remains wary of the recent disturbances in Higera, and is interested in preventing attacks against civilians. Are there nations that would like to form a comission to seek peace?
23-09-2003, 00:33
OOC: Its Fascist.
Lunatic Retard Robots
23-09-2003, 02:03
OOC: Its Fascist.

OCC: Duhhhhhh...........STUF......duhhhhhh..........N....No....Nob......NooB
23-09-2003, 05:11
The planes started landing in the runway area of the complex. The Coalition had members in every aspect of society, laying low and being good Socialists until the time came. The signals started appearing, and some would get calls at 3:30 am looking for a Dr. Strangelove. That was it. The move out orders were given.

It started simply enough. Chartered flights started leaving the airport, internationally bound, for some business events or something. Air traffic controllers, most working for The Coalition, didn't report that the planes were flying out of their flight paths. The "freedom fighters" for The Coalition began arriving in their new home, the TrumpCo complex.

10,000 men and women were part of the first wave. They would be the subcommanders, and therefore needed more training. Trump watched them as they unloaded their baggage from the plane. He was giving his first speech to this large group tomorrow, and he knew he didn't even have to say anything. These people were dedicated to the cause, and they didn't need any more motivation.
23-09-2003, 16:37
We have flown our Space Defense Station over Higera, and we will monitor anything on the ground we find suspicious.
Lunatic Retard Robots
23-09-2003, 19:53
LRR will send a 20-person observation team to the combat area. (You do not know this) Could I have some information about your geography?

Climate, Temperature, borders, sea access, etc.?
23-09-2003, 20:50
LRR will send a 20-person observation team to the combat area. (You do not know this) Could I have some information about your geography?

Climate, Temperature, borders, sea access, etc.?

OOC: There isn't really a combat area just yet. Our main concentration of military strength is in the capital, and in an undisclosed location where the higher government officials are being held for now.

Here's some geographical information: We border The Holy Empire of Cav and some of Lebensraum, with both to our east. To the west is the oceans. Our coast is rocky and rigid, and also home to our largest mountain range. Some ports are present, but most are naturally highly protected. We are a temperate nation.
23-09-2003, 21:31
"Ladies and gentlemen," Trump said, addressing his crowd, "today is a new day in Higera. By the end of this month, we shall not be known as
'The United Socialist States of Higera,' but as 'The Federation of Higera!' And you will all be making this happen! For too long, we've sat under the Socialist oppression of this government, taking the wealth of the nation and equally distribute it among the masses. Our money is ours, not everybody else's! You should see how much money the government takes from my company. And to do what? To feed those who don't have the initiative to get their own companies! These people are the scourge of our nation, and we will stop them! "

Cheers shot from the audience, which was hanging on Trump's every word. Himmler in the back stood, clapping, which was promptly followed by the 10,000 people who were at the speech.

After the cheers died down, Himmler got up to speak. "Today, you will become soldiers of The Coalition. From this time forth, you will refer to your acquaintances as 'Comrade,' but rather by their rank in The Coalition Forces. You will all report to duty tomorrow at the area assigned. There will be different jobs for different people, and some families will be split up. That is the price we must pay to topple these Socialist pigs in the government. Is this understood?"

"Yes sir!" erupted from the crowd, all now commissioned officers in The Coalition. Training starts tomorrow, and the men and women who believe in The Coalition will learn certain skills, in relation to the plan at hand. Some will be learning how to maneuver tanks. The pilots flown in will start training in the F-18 simulators. Others will learn the inner workings of nuclear missile silos. The Coalition's plans were coming together now, and it wouldn't be long before Higera would have a full-blown revolution on its hands.
23-09-2003, 23:28
General Nikoli waited at the base. His orders from the government officials were to find out what was happening throughout Higera; and, more importantly, how to stop it. The officials had no idea, though. Nikoli's first action was to send up a fighter patrol of F-18s. No AWACS were flown, though, because nobody suspected anything to happen from the air. The planes left the radar coverage of the base and headed out to the savannahs of TrumpCo.
Lunatic Retard Robots
24-09-2003, 00:33
LRR can send two of our top detectives, if you want. They will be sure to track down the source of these attacks through deductive analasys.

Mr. Sherlock Holmes, along with Watson, of course.

Inspector Clouseau.
24-09-2003, 01:52
Due to the increase of air patrols in Higera, we are going to bolster our borders with CAPs too. We mean no offense to Higera at all, but due to the recent problems in the country, we are only protecting ourselves.
24-09-2003, 02:26
The United Socialist States of Firen have pledged 1 billion dollars in funds to the Higeran Socialist Party. Also, Firen's single Nimitz-class Carrier, the Inferno, has stationed itself off the coast of Higera, and is awaiting orders from Cav to bombard any Fascist encampments.
Soviet Haaregrad
24-09-2003, 03:08
Haaregradia will send one Marx class dreadnought battlegroup to Higeran waters to monitor the situation.
24-09-2003, 04:40
A Kisnesian Carrier group is staying just outside of Hygerian Waters. Troops are on standby for deployment.

Note that we oppose taking over of a nation by force, but if a right-wing government is FREELY ELECTED (fair elections and all that) by the people, we will support that government.

Please be warned that foreign intervention in the outcome of a FREE ELECTION will be met with resistance by our forces.

This being said, Kisnesia will not allow any Facist regime to destabilize this fragile nation.
24-09-2003, 05:00
OOC: Thank you, everyone, for your help, but everything is still in the investigation mode, and not many people are supposed to know about the Fascist takeover. However, you can position your battleships off the Higerian coast if they are for defensive measures. There will ultimately be an invasion of Higera, led by Cav, for takeover purposes.
24-09-2003, 05:10
"With all the political parties now racing to get their own candidates in for an election, th government has slowed to a halt. All major government officials are in hiding, most of them now determining what happens in the next few weeks in Higera. Sources inside the government say that everybody is uncertain about the future. Back to you, Peter."

"Did you see that?" Trump asked Himmler. "The government doesn't know what to do with itself. Our timing could not be more perfect. Get to our contacts and let them know that they can carry out the next wave of attacks tomorrow. We are going to destabilize this government so much that we'll be able to just waltz in and take control in no time. Let's get the final group of people in the complex, and start forming up divisions."
24-09-2003, 16:59
Higera, if your nation needs any help from Carfy or the CSEMS, we'll be there for you. Whether it's economic or social, we'll help.
25-09-2003, 03:22
The men looked normal enough. Everybody was edgy, but no major suspects had been named, so The Coalition members didn't worry too much as they walked dow the street. Nobody even knew they were members of this top secret society.

Each in teams of two, the men went to the government offices to which they were assigned. Each had an appointment, supposedly representing TrumpCo in supplying the government with goods. One of the men carried the bomb, and the other carried with him weapons enough for both.

The door was opened for them, and they both went in. They were asked to step aside for a routine security check. Suddenly, the men became nervous. They looked around, wondering if anybody knew of their plans.

"Well, it looks like everything's ok here," said the security guard, standing next to a frightening looking man holding an M-16. "You can be on your way now gentlemen."

As the men walked away, the guard got a call on his radio. "Yes sir, they're right here," the two men heard him saying. "Uh, excuse me gentlemen, can I speak with you for just another minute?"

The bombers were clearly falling apart now, both thinking they'd been caught. The one with the bomb kept his composure, but the man armed to the teeth couldn't take the pressure anymore. He moved his hand inside his jacket quickly and pulled out an Uzi. He sprayed off some shots at the guard, but couldn't turn quickly enough to get the soldier. The soldier aimed and fired directly at the armed man's chest, killing him instantly.

The other bomber stood frozen in shock. He thought about running, but by the time his brain had processed the information, more armed soldiers with automatic rifles stormed the building and surrounded him, yelling at him to put his hands up and get on the ground. He complied, not knowing what else to do. He never should have let his partner carry the detonator.
Soviet Haaregrad
25-09-2003, 03:33
OOC: These actions are secret so far...

Drix Van Durev sat in his office, he knew a power vaccuum existed in Higera, however, how to best exploit it was beyond him.

Intellegence indicated there was a large anti-Socialist movement growing in the nation, however it was split between Capitalists and Fascists. If he could somehow create a schism between the two he could ensure the Socialists win, thus keeping the government friendly.

Onboard the HMS Lenin four MU-24A Avenge Blues land. This varient of the AMPS-B was especially designed to drop covert operations troops and resupply them. It could carry up to twelve troops inside it's cargo bay, a modified bomb bay of the strike version.

The mission would begin soon, with SpecOps working to force the two anti-Socialist parties apart by all means neccisary.

OOC: we can discuss the rest of this in private Higera
26-09-2003, 03:37
"Get him outta here guys!" the police captain said.

They were transporting the attempted bomber to an interrogation room in a military helicopter. This man's mission was a failure, but those of his conspirators weren't. Another four government buildings were bombed today, leaving countless more employees, police, and military personnell dead.

Citizens were starting to worry. The government of Higera just sent its largest and best trained forces, 1st and 3rd armies, to Firen to help put down the revolution happening in that country. There were still many tanks in reserve, and many reservists to pilot them, but nobody thought they were needed yet. Throughout Higera, the rest of the armed forces prepared to go to Firen, too, to stop the current government from falling. Most of the navy was busy blockading Firen, and the air force was tasked to opening up another airport for the importation of troops.
26-09-2003, 18:16
"Sir, I've got some bad news," the major said to "Field Marshall" Trump. "Sir, one of our men has been captured, and is being held somewhere. We must assume that he will talk."

Trump's face suddenly changed from relaxed to serious. The plans weren't complete, but they had to go now, before that stupid bomber told the government everything.

"Sound the alarm!" said Himmler. He knew what Trump was thinking.

Klaxons started going off around the base, and men and women stopped whatever they were doing and reported to their stations. When they got there, Trump was standing at a podium, with Himmler next to him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, today, one of our bombers has been captured and taken into government custody. This compromises our mission plans somewhat, so we have to move quickly. Tonight, we will roll out our tanks and planes, and give the people of Higera something to think about. We will have the government in our grasp tomorrow if things go well. Right now, Higera's best forces, 1st and 3rd Armies are in Firen, helping them fight their own civil war. 2nd and 4th Armies are on transports with the navy en route to blockade Firen. The government has forgotten about its own country while trying to save a small and insignificant one. This is the time to fight."

With 1st-4th Armies missing, 5th-10th Armies would be left to cover all of Higera, a massive nation. The Coalition planned to block the land routes of the armies, and they had some planes to take care of the air force. The navy was no worry, as it was in Firen, and all seemed to be going well.

"Good luck tonight. You all have your specialized plans. You must stick to them in order for or mission to survive."

"You heard the man! Move!! Move!! Move!! Let's go kick some Marxist ass!" came the shouts from the brigade commanders.
26-09-2003, 18:28
The following telegram was sent today to Higera's government:

Due to the recent bombings in Higera and the absense of your own armies to protect your people, Kisnesia would like to offer air and ground support to your government, to make sure that open and free elections can be held. We have a carrier battle group 500 meters away from Higeran waters, along with 43,000 troops ready for deployement within 1 hour of notification.

Many other nations have also offered their assistance.

Should you need our help, let us know on the forums or by telegram.

Thank you,


We ask all nations that can afford to assist us to send troops and air support.

A suggested plan, should a full-out civil war commence: Divide the country into 6 regions: North-West, North, North-East, South-West, South, and South-East. Kisnesia can handle the North-West and Northern regions if a rebellion should break out. We need assistance to cover the other 4 regions.

EDIT: Mistake in quote
Lunatic Retard Robots
26-09-2003, 18:52
OCC; The airports into the capital are still open, right?

IC: At Mahmoud Abbas regional saceport, Roguestan, a strangely dressed man, followed by another figure stepped off their flight.

It was raining outside, something that rarely, if ever, happened in Roguestan. The spaceport's primitive facilities did not include inclosed embarkation ramps, so the two men stood outside in the rain, waiting for a hovertruck to come and bring them to their next flight, bound for Higera. One was dressed in a kind of Plaid overcoat, with grey trousers. He wore an odd two-brimmed hat, and sported a well-carved pipe. His companion was dressed in an equally odd manner, as if he was taken right out of the late 1800's. As soon as they were thoroughly soaked, they saw a small yellow hovertruck rumbling across the mud and tarmac twoards them. The driver pointed to a pair of ponchos inder the seats.

"Why thank you my good man. Gate six, please."

With that sentence, they were off. About five minutes later, they arrived at a parked IL-76. They got out of the truck by climbing over the low sides. Unfortunately, their nearly dry feet were again wetted by the foot or so of water and mud which covered the runway. They are soon aboard the aircraft, sitting in two of its canvas seats. The old transport rumbles down the runway and is soon off, headed for the capital city of Higera.
26-09-2003, 23:06
OOC: Here's the way I want things to go down:

1. No troops invade Higera until The Coalition takes government control
2. The Coalition get control of nuclear missile silos
3. The Coalition threatens the CSEMS (our alliance) and the Socialist Paradise region with total nuclear destruction
4. After nuclear tensions that I am keeping a secret for now, The Holy Empire of Cav rallies the allied nations against The Coalition and Emperor Cav appoints a new government, and Higera becomes a territory of Cav.

If you agree to those terms, you are allowed to promise whatever troops you want, but don't send then just yet, because you're not really supposed to know what's going on until The Coalition broadcasts its first message to the CSEMS.
26-09-2003, 23:36
Telegram to the Higeran Leader

Hattia stands ready to give any support your government might request.

Good Day
26-09-2003, 23:55
Night fell on an uneasy Higera. More were dead due to the bombings, and international terrorists were becoming the key figures. All major operations shut down; all piers shut down, and all airports would be closed tomorrow. Higera's ground forces were not mobilized, due to the fact that some generals thought it would be useless and might make the people more nervous.

The Coalition forces rolled out of their bays at their complex, all heavily armed and ready to get their mission done. There were 5,000 tanks moving along the savannah of Higera, and nobody was around to stop them. The fighter jets Trump had acquired patrolled the skies. The savannah was already theirs, but now it was their turn to move to the capital.

Meanwhile, the one bomber that had been caught was taken to a state prison to be interrogated. They broke him at about the same time that the tanks and other transports rolled out of TrumpCo.

"Mother of God..." the one interrogator said. "Get me the highest ranking General you can on the phone!!"

"Yes, General," he said as he repeated exactly what he heard. "Yes sir, you're on it? Thank goodness. What do I do with the prisoner? Shoot him? Yes sir."

"Thanks for the tip." General Nikoli hung up the phone. The colonel sitting next to him had also heard the news.

"Sir, what are we going to do about this?"

"Prepare the nuclear missiles for launch."


"You heard me, Colonel! Do it! Make sure those silo doors are open!"
Lunatic Retard Robots
27-09-2003, 01:35
The airliner touches down at the Higera international airport, carrying its two LRR passengers. It also carries a multitude of buisinessmen from around the world, preparing to take advantage of the presumed capitalist victory. S. Holmes, detective, and Dr. Watson step off the aircraft. They are descendants of the two great detective-sidekick heroes of all time. They head to the airport terminal, where they hope to find a taxi.
27-09-2003, 06:36
Alarms started to go off. The team was in place and ready to go. The silo doors opened, and the soldiers rappelled down the interior of the silo, dropping smoke bombs as they went. By the time the silo crew knew was was going on, the team members already had their automatic weapons trained on the missile operators. This same scene took place at 10 of Higera's RT-23 Nuclear Missile Silos, leaving 10 missiles capable of delivering 100 warheads, in the hands of The Coalition.

At about the same time, the tanks started rolling through the city of Seiryu. They fired randomly at buildings, making their way up to the makeshift center of government control. Soldiers ran out of their transports and into the building, securing it. Once secure, a CH/MH 53E landed in the streets outside, and Trump and Himmler disembarked, surrounded by their own armed escort. The tanks started to form up and surround the building, the new center of command for The Coalition. Seiryu had been taken. Trump prepared for a national broadcast.
28-09-2003, 01:39
"People of Higera," Trump started, "today is a glorious day in our nation. For now, we are no longer a nation of backward Socialism, but a nation of pure capitalist might! For too long, the government under 'Comrade' Grant was a joke. Grant led one of the most corrupt and worst political parties in this nation. Now, he has fled with 4 billion People's Credits, money taken from you in hopes of equity among the masses. Well, it looks like he got it pretty well distributed to himself. Then, he left the government in a state of shock and with no leader. The bomb blasts and countless deaths never would have happened if not for Grant's treachery. We need to tear off the shackles of Socialism and let people earn their own fair keep! That is why I have taken over the government of Higera. Seiryu is now being held by my private army. We also have gained control of 10 Higeran Ballistic Missile Silos. Any attempts to mount a counter-offensive will lead to catastrophic disasters. Any nation sending troops into Higera will have to face our nuclear arsenal. Our troops will take several other important Higeran cities, and hold the hostage until the Higeran armed forces surrender completely. Today is a new day in Higera, and tomorrow all of you have the day off! Take your time and do with it what you wish, and not what an evil, oppressionist Socialist government will have you do with it! There will be more broadcasts in the morning."
Soviet Haaregrad
28-09-2003, 02:10
Onboard the HNS Vladimir Lenin(ooc: a Marx class dreadnought) was the preparation for a special mission. The MU-24 Avenge Blue aircraft sat in their bearths, waiting to be launched. The Special Forces troops loaded up inside, with all the equipment they would need for what might be a long mission.

The SpecOps troops were given clearance to use all means neccessary, short of open terrorism to ensure that a Socialist government remained in power in Higera. That included assassinations, bribes, threats, targeted attack which may or may not include collateral damage, rumours or any other methods by which to complete their mission.

The soldiers packed inside of the cargo bay of the aircraft. It's origins as a stealthy strike bomber became very clear in the cramped hold. Eight men packed themselves into each of the four aircraft .

The first two Avenge Blues were locked into the side catapaults and readied for launch. The electro-magnetic catapaults came to life and the aircraft lurched forward, quickly taking to the air.

The flight path would be simple, they would come in low, cross in 160 km drop their "cargo" and leave as quickly as possible. Hopefully no one operating the radars would notice the four 30mm cannon shells, as the aircraft would appear on radar.

The Avenge Blues passed over the beach and kept going, not slowing down from Mach 1.2, their maximum low altitude speed.

Radars and radios remained off so as to keep as low of profile as possible, afterburners were off, nothing at all would draw attention to these brave pilots or their mission.

At the designated point, over a field not far from a wooded area the pilots opened their cargo bay doors and the troops inside poured out the back door, dropping their large cargo bags as they fell.

Thirty-two Haaregradian citizens in a foreign country, and fewer then one hundred people knew about it, this could get interesting.
28-09-2003, 05:54
General Nikoli and his assistant, Colonel Dankev were watching the broadcast on the base's only working television set. A "freak power surge" had ensured that only the General would be able to watch Trump's speech. He would have preferred that Dankev wasn't there, but he figured that the colonel would become suspicious if he wasn't allowed in.

Dankev sat in awe as he watched his hometown being blown away by tanks, and seeing the man hated by all Socialists speaking badly about the nation's former leader. Dankev was the first to speak after the announcement.

"General, what should we do?"

"Well, Colonel, we move our troops to the borders of Cav in case the Emperor tries to invade our country."

"Sir! That is my home they're shooting at! We must do something about that evil man Trump!"

"Colonel Dankev, we are doing something."

"Sir, do you realize what you're...?" Then it hit Dankev like a ton of bricks. General Nikoli had ordered the sequestering of government officials. General Nikoli had ordered 1st and 3rd Armies to Firen and put 2nd and 4th Armies to sea. General Nikoli sent fighters out to patrol, but Dankev never noticed them returning. General Nikoli was now trying to stop an invasion by The Holy Empire of Cav to Higera's east. General Nikoli was...

Colonel Dankev never heard the shot from Colonel Suvorov. Dankev fell to the ground as Suvorov picked him up and put him in the closet. Suvorov would be the new assistant to Nikoli. The General ordered Suvorov to get 5th and 6th Armies in gear to move to the eastern front. Cav would attack Higera to keep the Socialist government in power. Nikoli wouldn't let them get through without a fight.

Nikoli assembled the men for an announcement. "Men, we've found out who has been bombing our government buildings. Our government leaders," (not completely a lie), "have identified our 'friendly' neighbors in Cav as the government that supported and funded terrorist groups who were trying to bring down our government, so that Emperor Cav could grow his empire. Because we have found that out, the capital and other cities are being surrounded by our armed forces. Tanks are patrolling the streets, and we're going to stop these terrorists from the east! Our orders are to move to the eastern front and prepare for an invasion by Cav. They will come, and we will be ready for them! We will bury them!! Your orders are to proceed as quickly as possible to the Cav border and bunker down for the invasion. You must maintain radio silence, because Cav's forces will be listening to our signals. Nobody talks to anybody outside of their brigade. That is an order, and it will be followed to the letter, under the severest of penalties. Good luck, men. We will prevail over the evil Emperor Cav, and we will drive their forces back where they came from!!! Dismissed!"

The men ran to their stations and prepared to move out. Cav was their destination, and they were determined to defeat the (evil) invaders.
28-09-2003, 06:01
Kisnesia regrets that it has found necessary the withdrawl of all naval, air, and ground forces from the areas around Higera. We hope that the rights of the people, as expressed through open and fair elections, will be respected.
28-09-2003, 07:23
Aboard Cav's Space Defense Station:

"Sir, you'd better take a look at this."

"What is it?"

"Well General, Higeran transports and infantry carriers have started amassing on the border. I think this has to do with the speech Trump gave last night."

"Damn. The Emperor hates to be awakened in the middle of the night. Increase the air patrols and mobilize the border patrol. We'll need authorization from The Emperor before we go with anything else. But let's get those troops moving now! Lock down the control room and weapons bays. And Major?"

"Yes, sir?"

"Prepare the ABM missiles, just in case, and get The Emperor on the phone!!"

"Yes sir!"
28-09-2003, 23:34
Emperor Cav walked into the meeting the following morning, looking tired. He authorized the buildup of forces on the western front the night before, saying that everything else could wait until the morning. He greeted the others and started the meeting.

"Well, Your Excellency," his top advisor said, "last night the Space Defense Station monitored what looks like Higera's 5th and 6th Armies are moving toward our border. We must assume that this has something to do with the border patrol flights and the message Trump delivered last night. We picked it up on the TVs here. We believe there was some kind of forceful coup, and that now the 5th and 6th Armies are under Trump's control. They also control 10 of Higera's nuclear missile silos. Higera's 1st and 3rd Armies are in Firen, fighting their civil war, and its 2nd and 4th Armies are out to sea. This area is going to become a hotbed of activity soon."

"I see." The Emperor thought about the situation for a minute. "Prepare the Space Defense Station for shooting down any ICBMs launched. Move more of our forces to Higera's borders, and tell them to prepare to go in. I'll contact Trump later today."
29-09-2003, 03:51
"Trump here."

"Trump, you won't get away with this. The Holy Empire of Cav won't tolerate this."

"Please, Emperor, you know that I have already gotten away with this. I've got a strategic nuclear arsenal at my disposal, and if your troops set foot on Higeran soil, I will launch. "

"And we will stop you, Trump. We've got the CSEMS on our side, and that's too many troops for you to handle. And you know it."

"That is true, but are you willing to sacrifice tens of millions of people in order to bring a new nation into your empire?" Trump hung up.

Emperor Cav sat back in his chair. He knew the Space Defense Station would get most of the ballistic missiles fired, but there was always some uncertainty in that matter. The Emperor conjured up a plan.

All allies against the evil empire set up in Higera are to report to Cav to prepare for the invasion.
Soviet Haaregrad
29-09-2003, 04:31
The Haaregradian "Ghost Force" troops conveined under the cover of night, and checked their equipment. Multiple assault rifles, carbines, submachine guns and sniper rifles were checked over, cleaned and assembled. The Ghost Force members had multiple missions to complete. Number one on the list was destroying an asset of TrumpCo and leaving Fascist propaganda lying around. This mission would involve the use of the new and so far hardly tested 15.2mm heavy sniper/anti-material rifle. Ghost Force would demolish a factory or other medium value asset in order to increase distrust between naturally anti-capitalist Fascists and the Capitalists. Mission go, 0300h. Resupply missions would be flown within hours of this strike's success.
29-09-2003, 04:38
Meanwhile, Trump sat back and thought about what Emperor Cav had to say. The Emperor had to be planning something that would take him out of power, but Trump thought he had safeguarded against everything. Trump even had the loyalty of 75% of the troops. Everything seemed to be going his way.
Soviet Haaregrad
29-09-2003, 04:45
The target was picked, a small TrumpCo owned computer part factory just outside a small city. The plan was simple, four men would hide in the woods up the hill from the factory and fire explosive shells from the the anti-material rifle at the gas-lines heating the factory, thus causing an explosion. If that failed the backup plan would be to throw several molotov cocktails through the windows and pipebomb the lobby. Either method would work...

Lastly some Fascist/anti-capitalist propaganda would be dropped around the building. In fact these were actual Higerian Fascist Party pamphlets from three years ago, certainly these would cast the blame properly.
29-09-2003, 22:39
General Nikoli and Colonel Suvorov met to discuss the plans for the upcoming battle with Cav's forces. Surely Cav would outnumber them, but would Trump really launch those nuclear missiles? Hopefully the general could formulate a plan that would ensure that only military lives would be taken. The general wanted a revolution, but he never liked mindless bloodshed.
29-09-2003, 22:44
Neither man knew that orbiting high above their heads was Cav's Space Defense Station. Watching their troops prepare for battle was just like turning on the TV. Nobody in The Coalition knew about the Space Defesne Station, as it's existence was a tightly held secret of the CSEMS. Only allies in the CSEMS were allowed to know of its purpose, and only those countries with approval from Emperor Cav could have a team on board for their own defense purposes. Higera had one document regarding the Space Defense Station, and that was in Comrade Grant's office when it exploded.

Trump had no idea that his ICBM threat was just that, an idle threat. Emperor Cav and his top generals had 24-hour live footage of Higera's exact troop movements. Did Trump know about the orbital bombers Cav bought from Higera? Probably not...

The Imperial Space Agency (a division of the Imperial Air Force) was Emperor Cav's next phone call. The orbital bombers would roll in and take care of the artillery and SAM sites. Then the regular bombers and fighters would swoop down and do as much damage as they could. Then, the tanks would roll in, and not stop until Seiryu.
Soviet Haaregrad
30-09-2003, 04:03
With the factory up in smoke the next target had to be selected. The Haaregradians picked up supplies from two MU-24A Avenge Blues that dropped off food, street clothing, more weapons and keys to the car needed for their next mission.

Assassination of a middle ranking Fascist leader. Their car would be a large luxery car and their disguises would be "gangsta" clothing. They would shoot down the Fascist Youth Ministry leader as he left a diner to get breakfast and speed off to a rendevous point with the remainder of the Ghost Force members for a third strike.

Following the third stike they would make their way back west and get picked up and replaced with another unit.

Mission go time: 0945
30-09-2003, 05:46
Aboard the Space Defense Station:

"Sir, it looks like we've got a fire in west Higera. Seems to be an industrial area of some sort. Not conformant to any missile launches."

"Send out a satellite to check up on it. It looks like someone's doing a little spring cleaning."

"Yes sir!"
01-10-2003, 02:31
Trump and Himmler sat, talking about what the role of each would be in Higera's new government. Trump's assistant ran in with papers in hand. "Sir, I have to speak with you now, in private."

"What's it about? Whatever it is, you can say in front of my partner."

"Well, sir, there was a fire at a factory, and it appears that Fascist pamphlets were found at the scene."

Trump shot a look at Himmler. Himmler shook his head, half in disbelievement, half in denial.

"You know we wouldn't do anything like that. My men are trained as well as yours, and every one of them is under strict supervision by their commanders."

"You make a point. But..." Trump thought the situation through. "All members of your party are to report to General Nikoki at the Cav border. They will prove their loyalty to us by giving their lives if it comes to that. My men will stay here and take over their jobs."

Himmler looked at Trump. "Done. I only require my personal aide to stay here with me."

Himmler signed the orders into effect as soon as they were written up. The entire Fascist party of Higera was on its way to the front lines, with Trump's men staying back to control the populous.
02-10-2003, 01:48
"Your Excellency, there are more troops lining up at the border. We must strike now, so we can cut off any reinforcements these troops may get. We are ready to initiate the strike at any time. Here are the plans I've laid out:"

Emperor Cav thought about the general's proposal and decided to green light it. "Move the orbital bombers into position. Let's get that supply line moving. We move at dawn."
Soviet Haaregrad
02-10-2003, 03:28
Third mission should be a breeze the men thought as they drove into their final point of attack in a stolen car.

Intellegence had suggested their previous attacks were successful and Capitalist and Fascist documents that had been captured suggested a growing level of tension, there was only one way to exploit this, make the Fascist Party, the weaker of the two feel as though they were being bullied by the stronger Capitalist Party.

Six of the operatives, dressed in business suits and ski masks drove into the headquarters of the Fascist Party in a minor city, armed with Uzi submachine guns, P99 pistols and barbed wire wrapped baseball bats and began trashing the office and threatening the mainly older, unarmed workers there. A small fire fight erupted between the one armed guard and the men, who promptly shot him.

The office was trashed and the workers badly shaken, some roughed up, beaten or kicked repeatedly. Finally they were all herded out and the building was torched. From a street perspective the police force has melted away, they do nothing.

Finally the men spraypainted the ($) symbol on the asphalt in front of the ground and shouted, "Socialists and Fascists are the same, they both want to keep you from making money. Let the pigs die together!"

The car sped away, moving back towards the coast, the men would be recovered by helicopter and a second force would be reinserted depending on the effectiveness of this mission.

OOC: Of course, this is all VERY secret, and quite possibly illegal too.
02-10-2003, 04:04
"This is an outrage! You capitalists will never win without us!! Trump, you are not my leader, and I will not be your puppet! I am withdrawing my men right now from the front, and we will fight your own men. My aide and I will be leaving now! Come along, Hans." Himmler and his aide started to walk out the door when they were met by two serious looking men with M-16s.

"Nein, gentlemen. You aren't going anywhere. Take them away. Don't let their men find out about this. The Fascist Party of Higera will be the front lines for Cav. Move our men back in case of a break through. Wait a second."

Trump took out his 9mm sidearm and put a bullet each in the Fascist men's heads.

"Get rid of them."
Soviet Haaregrad
02-10-2003, 04:42
OOC: Well, it appears my plan is working well, now the Fascist Party leadership just needs to ind out about this...
03-10-2003, 03:33
The men in the Space Defense Station started noticing the troop movements in Higera. Units were falling back and others were taking their place. On the ground, the fascists were replcing the capitalists, making sure that the fascists died first in the invasion.

The General walked in the room and picked up the phone. "We move now. Begin the bombing campaign."

The orbital bombers moved into posion 300 miles over the Higeran border. Their bomb bay doors opened, and the plasma bombs started dropping. GPS guided, and helped by the Space Defense Station, the bombs started moving towards their targets. Front line artillery and command units were targeted.
03-10-2003, 03:33
The men in the Space Defense Station started noticing the troop movements in Higera. Units were falling back and others were taking their place. On the ground, the fascists were replcing the capitalists, making sure that the fascists died first in the invasion.

The General walked in the room and picked up the phone. "We move now. Begin the bombing campaign."

The orbital bombers moved into posion 300 miles over the Higeran border. Their bomb bay doors opened, and the plasma bombs started dropping. GPS guided, and helped by the Space Defense Station, the bombs started moving towards their targets. Front line artillery and command units were targeted.

When the bombs hit the ground, the artillery units fired their rounds off. Tanks rolled foward, and the planes rushed into Higeran airspace. The invasion of Higera has begun.
Soviet Haaregrad
03-10-2003, 04:06
Ghost Force, your pickup has been delayed, there is one more target you must take out, by any means neccissary: Mr. Trump.

Killing Mr. Trump is the only surefire way to end this Capitalist "revolution". You will be resupplied at the previously discussed location and from there you will steal another car and move into position. From the capital city you will infiltrate their compound and terminate the target.

Discretion is advised to avoid detection on this mission, good luck men.

OOC: Can we kill Trump? we'll find out...
03-10-2003, 05:18
OOC: SH, go for it. We'll arrange it so his motorcade gets lost somewhere easy for you. Just wait until he launches his nuclear missiles.

IC: Explosions rocked the troops. Disorganized from moving across most of Higera nonstop, the men and women didn't know how to respond. Most dove for cover, and those in the tanks were even more confused. When the semi-familiar sound of artillery shells began, the soldiers focused themselves and braced for an all-out attack. They radioed back to General Nikoli, who radioed back to Trump what was happening.

"Sir, it's begun. We are under attack from Cav forces. First, bombs dropped from the sky, but we got no warning on our radars of any planes in the area. We're lighting up now, with the Imperial Air Force bearing down on our planes. Sir, we both know that their air forces far outnumber ours."

"Send in all the planes we have. We'll shoot down as many of their fighters that we can. Let the Fascists die in their places. I'll warn Emperor Cav of the reprocussions of his actions. If they get to you, we'll launch."
03-10-2003, 20:51
(OOC: Wow, I missed a lot)

5 Star General Rydralie read over the newest reports from Higera quickly. He picked up his phone and called the commanders of the forces ready to invade. "Prepare to move out, Send in the Hat Guard T-90s first to break them, then the infantry to finish them off. Use the bombers to cut the enemy supply lines. Take no prisoners" He then picked up his stuff and headed off to the front.
Lunatic Retard Robots
05-10-2003, 01:18
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson hide in a small room overlooking Seryiu's (s.p.) main street. Unable to perform their detective mission, they find themselves in the middle of a full-blown revolt.

"Well, Watson. This seems like an unfavorable situation. I believe that we can correctly deduce that the capitalist and fascist parties have plotted to overthrow the socialist government."
"That certainly seems right. It would be best to find transportation out of the city as soon as possible."

The two walk downstairs into the lobby and out the revolving door onto the main street, sticking out like sore thumbs. They soon meet a tank and great multitudes of soldiers.
06-10-2003, 02:05
Commander Kirov of the 4th Hat Guard T-90 Company ran through the base shouting, "GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF BED AND INTO YOUR TANKS!", after about 10 minutes he managed to rouse the whole base, and get to his tank. Once his crew was in, he radioed his subordinates and told them to follow him. He pulled out of the base at full speed, racing into Higera.

A few minutes later, he started receiving reports from other units, saying that they were encountering minimal resistance, but were getting slowed down in the mud (It had started raining when their orders came through). As he was listening to the reports, his tank was rocked by a blow to the front armour. He peered out of his periscope and saw a small tank racing away, "Driver, follow him!" After chasing it for about 2 minutes, they finally caught up with it. "Gunner, enemy tank, 2 o' clock. Fire!" The tank rocked, as the T-90s huge gun sent a sabot round flying into the tank, completely destroying it. "Wait a minute, where are our comrades?... AMBUSH!"
07-10-2003, 06:20
That's right. Hattia's men had fallen into an ambush by Coalition forces. Trump, knowing that other countries would help Cav in the invasion, concocted a plan to take care of the invaders.

It was the Fascist Party detail member sent foward to be the decoy for the ambush. The tanks approached...

Mi-24s circled the skies, firing antitank missiles at the oncoming T-90s. A brigade-sized force of Higera's own T-90s waited for the right moment.




The T-90s all opened fire on Hattia's tanks.

Trump sat in an office building, away from the main headquarters. He picked up the phone and dialed Emperor Cav of Cav. "Cav, it's Trump. I know about the invasion. You have been warned. You have (until 3 noon tomorrow) to remove your forces, or I will launch Higera's ballistic missiles at the nations of the CSEMS, and any other assisting nations. Yours and your allies' soldiers in my country will surrender and will not be harmed. This is the last time you will hear my warning."

Trump hung up.

"Prepare our missiles for launch. Fuel them up and get me the codes. We're going to have to nuke them to get them to realize we're serious."
07-10-2003, 21:46
"Kirov here, We've been caught in an ambush, heavy losses. Falling back."
came over the radio at the Hattian Foward Base. General Rydralie turned to his aide "Send in the KA-53s (Anti-Tank Helicopters) and MIGs to help Kirov and tell the other Tank Commanders to circle around and trap the enemy. "Yes sir" The aide did an about face and dashed out of the building.

Hattia Prime Minister Dimitri Aleksandrov pondered the newest message from Trump. He came to a descision and sent a message to Trump

From: Dimitri Aleksandrov
To: Mr. Trump

Mr Trump,

Hattia has heard of your threat and is now warning you that if you use nuclear weapons on Hattian Troops, Hattia or and Assisting Nation. You will be subject to complete and utter destruction.

Good Day to you

The Prime Minister turned in his chair and stared out at the sky. "Arm the Nukes, and call up the citizen militia." His assistant rushed out to notify Nuclear Command, and the Militia.
08-10-2003, 01:05
Message to the government of Hattia and Cav:

West Warwick will send all the troops we can spare.


Good day.

~His Emirship, Dr. of Botany, Leader of the Socialist Reform Party, Emir Muhammed.
~The Hon. Saeed Abbas, Minister of Defense
~The majority of People's council O-1-2003

At airbases all over West Warwick, hosts of Ak-47 brandishing troops are loaded onto Antonov transports. Helicopter assault divisions, consisting of flocks of Mi-8s, as well as Ka-52 and Mi-24 gunships, make long range ferry flights to foreward bases. At the Warwickish Border, long lines of T-90 and T-62 tanks, along with multitudes of APCs and IFVs, set out to their foreward bases on traincars. Tu-160 bombers are put on 24-hour alert, equipped with an experimental ABM system. Su-39s aslso set out for Higera, refueled on the way by Il-78 tankers.
08-10-2003, 05:49
OOC: Time table changed because I wasn't around at 3

IC: The clock hit, and Trump heard no word from Emperor Cav about surrendering. Trump hadn't expected Cav to surrender, and he knew that he had to fufill his promise, lest Cav see him as weak. Trump sat at his map and pinpointed cities. Every member of the CSEMS (Cav, Carfy, Soviet Haaregrad) was targeted. Cav would feel the burden the hardest. Just then, Trump was interrupted.

"Sir, we're running into trouble with Hattia's forces. We're losing the battle. We have to find a way to stop them."

Trump looked over the map. "I guess I could do a little less damage to Cav. Target a missile at Hattia."

The silo doors opened as warning alarms sounded. The missiles were fueled and ready to go. Trump called each site to make sure they had the correct GPS location programmed into the computers. Each missile was ready to go. Trump took out his "red button" (a detonator-like device with a cellular antenna that relays to a satellite and back to all the missile silos and begins the launch).

"To Emperor Cav, love Trump."

He pressed the button. The signals were received in every missile, and the launches had begun.

To be continued....

OOC: Hattia, don't nuke me, Cav will shoot down the missiles. Also, SH, if you happened to place a sniper in the building across from Trump, go ahead and fire now (getting him right after he pushes the button makes things dramatic).
08-10-2003, 19:11
Radar Station: Southern Hattia

Higera's Missile Launch is detected.

Haton: Prime Minister's House

"Are you sure? Okay, thanks" The Prime Minister hung up his phone, and picked it up again and called the Commander of the Militia. "Commander, get your whole force and load them up, you are going to Higera." "Yes Sir." Right before he left he sent a message to West Warwick thanking them for the support. The Prime Minister got up from his desk, went to his car, and started driving towards his Nuclear shelter.

Meanwhile in Higera...

Hattian Migs streaked towards the battlefield launching missiles at the enemy helicopters. The KA-53s launched their Hellfire missiles at Higeran T-90s. Kirov looked around the battlefield, it was filled with burning hulks of his and the enemies tanks. He swiveled his periscope to look behind the tank. It looked like the ground was moving. He smiled and thought "If I were the enemy I would be running like hell, I wonder if they have ever fought a Human Wave attack." He shouted over the radio "Reinforcements! Drive forward!"

Meanwhile At the Hattian Base...

Artillery... Open Fire on the retreating Higerians
09-10-2003, 01:19
"General, we've got signatures!!"

The Space Defense Station had all its satellites in position over Higera, and was coordinating ground control from there. All of a sudden, spots on the screen went with with the infrared signatures of massive amounts of heat. The Higeran nuclear missiles were launching.

"Get me Emperor Cav NOW!"

"Emperor... yes Your Excellency, they're launching. Yes. Right away."

We have authorization from The Emperor. Let's shoot those puppies down!

The targeting systems on the Space Defense Station began tracking the missiles as they rocketed into the air. Targets were identified in Cav, Soviet Haaregrad, Carfy, and Hattia. The firing sequence was armed, and the missiles were about to begin their ballistic arcs.

Explosions are so much better on Earth. This would make a great sound, the General thought. Oh well, the troops on the ground are getting their money's worth.

Each ballistic missile was shot at by Cav's combination missile/laser system. They exploded soundlessly and came falling back into the atmosphere, burning up over Higera.

"Your Excellency, we have total detonation. Yes sir, Trump won't know what happened."
09-10-2003, 01:28
At the government house, a messenger runs into the council chamber.

"Your Emirship, Higera has launched nuclear missiles!"
"By god's name! Get me to the airport!"
"Aye, sir!"
"You have my agreement! Start the invasion!"
"Aye, your Emirship."

Massive armadas of Mi-8s, as well as Mi-24s and Ka-52s take off, a fearsome sight to see by anyone on the ground. The airborne invasion force carries West Warwck's shock troops, the Mujahideen, ride in the cargo compartments of the Mi-8s and Mi-24s. Above, a giant wing of Su-39s sweeps twoard Higera, ready to crush its defenses. In the helicopters, troops can be heard singing in various languages the Internationale.
09-10-2003, 01:30
At the government house, a messenger runs into the council chamber.

"Your Emirship, Higera has launched nuclear missiles!"
"By god's name! Get me to the airport!"
"Aye, sir!"
"You have my agreement! Start the invasion!"
"Aye, your Emirship."

Massive armadas of Mi-8s, as well as Mi-24s and Ka-52s take off, a fearsome sight to see by anyone on the ground. The airborne invasion force carries West Warwck's shock troops, the Mujahideen, ride in the cargo compartments of the Mi-8s and Mi-24s. Above, a giant wing of Su-39s sweeps twoard Higera, ready to crush its defenses. In the helicopters, troops can be heard singing in various languages the Internationale.
Soviet Haaregrad
09-10-2003, 05:22
OOC: He's taking the shot, but I'm too tired to write a good piece about it, so *fires .308 sniper rifle at Trump*
10-10-2003, 03:50
Trump's finger just finished pressing down on the button when the glass in his office broke, and a split second later, his head exploded.

"Sniper!!" somebody yelled.

Men ran into the room with automatic weapons firing at the office building across the street, randomly trying to shoot at the sniper.

Trump was dead. His secretary was thankful that the missiles got off in time. Then the phone rang.

"Sir, we've lost signals fromt he missiles. We don't know where they are. We should have heard something from the other countries about their massive losses in population."

"Well keep trying. We've got bigger issues here." The secretary disconnected the line and dialed another number. "General Nikoki, how are things there?"

General Nikoli was sitting in his command unit, watching the tanks on the front explode. Cav's better-trained forces were demolishing the forces The Coalition had set up. Luckily, the Fascists were the ones taking the beating.

General Nikoli didn't know that 300 miles over his head, one of Cav's orbital bombers was positioning itself to fire on his command unit. The bomber dropped its load, and soon the bombs were rocketing back to Earth at the speed of sound. That's what made the explosion especially terrifying to Trump's secretary on the phone. The sonic boom, combined with the explosion of the plasma bomb made such a spectacular sound, it deafened Trump's secretary.

Today was not a good day for The Coalition of Higera.
10-10-2003, 04:05
The Emir rushed to his private Mi-24, which quickly lifted off the sand helipad of the government houses. It soon joined up with an airborne invasion armada.

"Your Emirship, the lead elements are within 50 miles of the border."
"Very good, Saeed. Get me through to general Karzai."
"Aye, your Emirship."

At a scant 10 feet over (Insert Terrain here), General Islam Karzai sat in the copilot's seat of an Mi-8. It sported four rocket pods on the stub wings and Ak-47 barrels peeking out of the windows. It was at the front of a 75 helicopter frontal element, consistimg mainly of Ka-52s and Mi-24s.

"Yes, your Emirship?"
"Tell them we are coming"
"Aye, your Emirship. Coalition of Higera, your military forces will stand down immediately! The Emirate of West Warwick is coming, and we advise you to stand down!"
10-10-2003, 06:09
The Imperial Army of Cav was no match for The Coalition's forces, or those Higeran forces duped into believing Cav was behind a government coup. Luckily, the Imperial Army hadn't sustained many casualties, and they were about to get a bigger break.

The shooting stopped.

The Higerans, confused by the vaporization of General Niloli, had nobody to take orders from. Not accustomed to major battlefield fighting, when the orders stopped coming out, the fighting came to a dead halt. General of the Imperial Army William Higgins used the silence of the big guns to his advantage. He boarded his command-grade CH-53E and took to the skies.

Surrounded by an escort of Apache and Commanche helicopters, Higgins flew over the main body of Higeran forces. He got on the loudspeaker and addressed the troops.

"Coalition soldiers of Higera: Your Fascist party leader was murdered by Trump, was shot to death by a sniper after he launched a portion of Higera's nuclear arsenal. Your takeover is falling apart as we speak.

"Your general has just died in a massive explosion at the hands of our orbital bombers. We have more of them, targeted at you. We also have the largest and best army in the region about to shove our guns down your throats. Your only option is unconditional surrender. You will turn your main gun turrets backwards, get out of your vehicles, and lie on the ground. Anything else will result in your ultimate deaths. You have 24 hours."

The helos flew away and headed back for Higgins' command post. He knew he'd just confused the soldiers enough that they would turn on themselves.

The soldiers who heard no news of the government takeover and were blindly following General Nikoli got together and decided that the "newbie" troops to the front had a lot of explaining to do. They confronted the highest ranking officer in the group, with Higera's 5th and 6th armies backing them up...
10-10-2003, 17:04
Soon, the lead elements were in sight of their LZ. The helicopters stayed back while wings of Su-39s rocketed, bombed, and strafed anything that looked suspicious. After about 15 minutes, the helicopters started to land. Mi-24s flew over, their 30mm cannons tracking from side to side. They then landed, depositing eight troops each, who would set up machine guns to protect the Mi-8s close behind. Ka-52s roared overhead, searching for targets for the Su-39s.

"General, sir! We are almost there."
"I can already see the smoke. Good work."

General Karzai's Mi-8 landed, along with another 20 of that type, each depositing 20 heavily armed infantrymen.
10-10-2003, 21:18
The battle was over, now it was more of a slaughter as the greatly outnumbered Higeran Troops (the ones that didn't run away) were destroyed. After the shooting stopped Kirov said into his radio "We will advance until they surrender." He led his column foward. Eventually they came to a bombed out town. Kirov drove towards it and started taking fire. "Surround the town, out of range of their guns. We will see if we can get them to surrender." "But sir" said one of the tank commanders, "didn't the general say to take no prisoners" "I know, but our tanks are too big to take in there and the infantry won't be here for a while." The tanks surrounded the town and waited.
10-10-2003, 23:00
Calls started coming into Trump's office. His assistant tried very hard to answer the questions from the field commanders, but things weren't working out too well. The soldiers were on the run from Hattian forces. On the easter front, Cav's General of The Army called for unconditional surrender. Once the regular Higeran troops of 5th and 6th Armies found out that Cav was not behind the attacks, The Coalition would be done with. It all started to go downhill...

At the Cav border war, exactly what Trump's assistant feared was happening. The Socialist Higeran soldiers, just folowing orders from General Nikoli, heard General Higgins' message and drove over the the foward command post. They demaded to speak to whoever was in charge, which the Fascist's couldn't figure out. They knew they were trapped between two massive forces. Die to the Higeran soldiers, or die at the hands of Emperor Cav?

Shots rang out at the Higearn soldiers. The 2-Star watching the situation sent in his best Colonel to attack the Coalition tank groups. Most of the Fascist tanks were destroyed, leaving only groupd of very nervous soldiers on the ground. The Colonel got his infantry division ready to move in. "We take no prisoners from the foward lines. Affix bayonetts!"

The men and their BMPs raced toward the front. The ensuing groundbattle was the bloodiest in Higeran history. Men bayonetted each other. Others shot off heads at close range. The infantry carriers tried their best to mow down or run over as many of the traitors they could find. The Higeran soldiers emerged from the battle, covered in blood. Luckily it wasn't their own. The Higeran soldiers quickly prepared a message of surrender to General Higgins of Cav.


"Sir, they're surrounding the city!! They're moving in closer! What do we do?!?!?!"

"HOLD THEM!" Trump's assistant was buckling under the pressure. "I'll try and divert some forces from nearby. Help will come, and we'll show those Hattian forces who rules the country!"
11-10-2003, 01:14
Before the end of the day, hundreds of Warwickish Helicopters had accumulated in Higera, close to the Eastern border. The first priority for the newly arrived Warwickish forces was to link up with socialist Higeran, Cav, and Hattian troops, so the following message was sent out:

"Greetings, forces of Cav and Hattia. We are the third air assault divison of the Army of West Warwick. We come to aid you in your fight against the capitalist and fascist forces at work inside Higera. Where would we do the most good?"
11-10-2003, 02:26
Kirov, not being a very patient person, picked up the radio "Artillery" "Yes Sir?" "Open up an attack on these coordinates" he read out a list of numbers "and don"t stop until I tell you to" "Yes sir, commencing attack" in a few seconds he heard the resounding sound of artillery shells. All of a sudden his radio crackled to life "Rydralie here, Kirov, our scout planes have picked up Higeran Troops moving towards you. I advise you to be ready, they aren't that far off." "Roger." Kirov peered out of his periscope and looked around... "There" he thought looking at a dense forest "Infantry Platoons 2, 3, and 4" Move to those trees and conceal yourselves and fire on my order" "Roger that"
Hattian Artillery

Meanwhile about 5000 feet up in Mig 29s...

"Red Squadron this is Red Leader, commence attack on that group of Higerans that is moving towards our troops.
Hattian MIG-29s

The Hattian Base Camp

General Rydralie requests Warwickish air support on the advancing Higeran forces.

Higeran Countryside

Hattian 4th Heavy Mechanized Infantry Division Commander (Long Title :D ) Petrov ordered his soldiers to grab their rifles and load in the APCs (BMP-3s), they were going to the Capital...
11-10-2003, 02:37
Kirov, not being a very patient person, picked up the radio "Artillery" "Yes Sir?" "Open up an attack on these coordinates" he read out a list of numbers "and don"t stop until I tell you to" "Yes sir, commencing attack" in a few seconds he heard the resounding sound of artillery shells. All of a sudden his radio crackled to life "Rydralie here, Kirov, our scout planes have picked up Higeran Troops moving towards you. I advise you to be ready, they aren't that far off." "Roger." Kirov peered out of his periscope and looked around... "There" he thought looking at a dense forest "Infantry Platoons 2, 3, and 4" Move to those trees and conceal yourselves and fire on my order" "Roger that"
Hattian Artillery

Meanwhile about 5000 feet up in Mig 29s...

"Red Squadron this is Red Leader, commence attack on that group of Higerans that is moving towards our troops.
Hattian MIG-29s

The Hattian Base Camp

General Rydralie requests Warwickish air support on the advancing Higeran forces.

Higeran Countryside

Hattian 4th Heavy Mechanized Infantry Division Commander (Long Title :D ) Petrov ordered his soldiers to grab their rifles and load in the APCs (BMP-3s), they were going to the Capital...

General Karzai heres this message.

"We understand, Hattian forces. Colonel, ready the attack choppers!"
"Aye, general!"

At the makeshift Warwickish base, a flight of 40 Mi-24s takes off for the Hattian positions, figuring that they would locate Higeran troops en route. Elsewhere, Su-39 atack jets close in with the advancing Higerans. The 25 aircraft of Blue group prepare to attack.

"Blue group, this is Blue Lead. Prepare to attack on my mark. Ready.....GO!"
"Weapons free."

From the wingtip pylons of the Su-39s, rockets and Cluster Bombs head twoards the advancing collumns of Higeran troops. Soon, the Mi-24s appear on the horizon, and they unleash their AT-6 spiral missiles, unguided rockets, and cannon fire on the Higeran forces. Mi-8s load up with Warwickish troops, and they head for the front line.
11-10-2003, 06:27
Encrypted Transmission



Attention allied nations:

We head for Seriyu. Our forces have successfully obtained the surrender of the Higeran 5th and 6th armies at our front. It appears that they had no idea of the coup, and were just following orders from their now dead head general.

They will stay behind and be attended to by our troops while we take the rest of our forces and head for the capital. Our supersonic stealth bombers will take our strategic buildings and forces within the capital. Once we take out the command and control, we should begin a multi-pronged attack on the troops stationed around Seriyu.

Gentlemen, we are winning this war with minimal casualties to our troops. The Coalition troops aren't favoring so well. We must keep it that way, and if we all keep our heads on, The Coalition will fall, and you will all be rewarded.


William Higgins
General of The Army
The Holy Empire of Cav

End Transmission
11-10-2003, 06:33
The City of Haton

The first thing that went through the Prime Minister's head was "Mmmm reward" After pondering this for a few minutes, he motioned to his aide "Send a message to West Warwick thanking them for their support" He spun around in his chair, propped his feet up on his desk and went back to pondering. No, the Prime Minister wasn't a very intelligent man, but he knew how to get things done.
13-10-2003, 00:52
The bombers decided to make a low altitude run on their targets, to shake up the entire city. Four F-117's raced in and dropped their guided bombs on the targets. Slowing to speeds less than that of sound, they caused the entire city of Seriyu to shake in the wake of their combined sonic booms.

Their targets had been decided earlier, each with its own purpose to give Cav the advantage. After meeting with Soviet Haaregrad's commanders, The Emperor learned the location of the main office building The Coalition was using as its HQ. As the bombs fell from above, nobody had any idea until the planes' sonic booms. By that time though, it was too late.

The bombs fell into the office building, exploding after reaching the middle floors, ensuring the building's collapse.

Other bombs fell on military command positions set up along the outskirts of Seriyu. The Coalition military commanders had specific vehicles, as General Higgins had noticed when he saw the now deceased General Nikoli's command unit. Any vehicles resembling Nikoli's command vehicle were targeted for destruction.
13-10-2003, 03:41
Trump's secretary was trying to coordinate counter attacks outside of the city. The Allies were pushing towards Seriyu, and The Coalition was trying to find a weakness to exploit. Rapid sonic booms shook the entire building. Trump's secretary started to yell for evacuation when a bomb fell through the floor in front of him.

The Coalition controlled building exploded from the middle and fell on top of itself. Nobody survived. The entire command structure of The Coalition fell apart when the building exploded.

When the bombs fell on the mobile command units, things completely fell apart. Now, The Coalition forces were controlled by various commanders of units spread across the country, each without the ability to communicate with each other. This made things especially easy for Cav and the Allies to segment the attacks.
Soviet Haaregrad
13-10-2003, 03:44
The Haaregradian Ghost Force, having completed their mission arrived at the pick up point. Several MH-66 helicopters(like a Little Bird, but based on the RAH-66 Commache) picked up the troops and carried them to the HNS Lenin, waiting off shore for debriefing and return home. Mission well done.
13-10-2003, 21:11
Commander Petrov's forces arrived at the outskirts of Seriyu . He radioed the allied air forces to ask them to watch out for friendly fire. Covered by the BMP-3s in the streets, the infantry cleared out the buildings, slowly advancing forward into the city...
14-10-2003, 01:01
"Men," General Higgins started, "we're going to move into the city tonight. Under the cover of darkness, our tanks will roll right up to theirs, and we'll give it to them up the barrels!"

The Cavish tanks moved into position. The artillery fired their precise munitions at the remainder of The Coalition's tank batteries.

The Coalition forces were caught completely off guard. The surviving commanders were in the middle of trying to plan for an attack. Their plans looked good, but they didn't have the time.

Shells began flying everywhere. Cav's superior M1s rolled in front of the aged Coalition tank batteries. They fired their volleys and continued their search for more targets. The Bradleys following the main tank line strafed at everybody on the ground.

Infantrymen followed the Bradleys, making sure that all were dead, and then searching them for documents. These people were regular citizens of Higera until some madman took their minds for a joyride in the brainwashing machine. But they were the enemy, and the soldiers of Cav had never taken pity on their enemy. The search turned up nobody with a "rank" higher than captain. There were still commanders our there, somwhere.

With no way of communicating to their now fallen men, The Coalition commanders decided it was their time to jump ship and leave the country. They made haste for their safehouses in Seriyu, determined to change their clothing and try to escape in the firefights that were erupting. They would get in their cars and start a city-wide exodus, of which they were sure they'd get lost in.

The tanks stopped. They would provide protection on the outskirts of the city in the event of an attack from behind. The Bradleys and other infantry vehicles moved into the city of Seriyu. Every building would be cleared, one by one, until every Coalition member was dead.
14-10-2003, 21:28
The commanders got to their safehouses. They banged on every door in the apartment building, awakening neighbors and telling them to get out of the city. "We're being invaded by Cav! They'll slaughter us all!"

That said, residents began panicking and running to the streets. The commanders went into an empty apartment and picked up a set of car keys. That would provide for their escape.

Meanwhile, in the streets, Coalition members were starting to see Cav's infantry brigades closing in on them. Hopelessly outnumbered, they took to the buildings to get an elevated position. Running in, they saw the stairways and elevators filled with people trying to get out. Seeing the men with guns in strange uniforms, the crowds moved towards the soldiers in a brave attempt to disarm the men.

The Coalition men were suddenly under the attack of people whom they had controlled not eight hours before. There was nothing to do but fight the crowds of unarmed Higeran citizens. It was much easier than going up against the mighty forces of Cav. Grenades were thrown into the elevators and up the stairways. The AK-47 fire rattled through the building. Civilians everywhere were being mowed down by the vicious and ruthless Coalition forces.

Most of the other Coalition soldiers managed to make it into high-rises without the bloodshed. In all, they covered the inner 6 blocks of Seriyu. When Cavish forces made it to this spot, they would be very surprised.
15-10-2003, 20:27
Bullets richocheted off of the BMPs hull, it swiveled it's turret and fired at the source of the bullets. The building collapsed. Hattian soldiers were nearing the inner city, encountering light resistance.
16-10-2003, 03:39
The streets were filled with people running and driving away from the Cavish troops. General Higgins flying in his Command Converted MH-53J noticed this too. He ordered blockades and checkpoints set up around the entire city. The tanks left behind at the city limits now turned and positioned themselves to block traffic. The troops stopped Higeran citizens and questioned them, searching the cars, checking IDs, and taking suspicious people into custody.

Meanwhile, the infantry divisions were approaching the center of the city. General Higgins knew that the remnants of The Coalition forces were lying in wait somewhere in the center of Seriyu. Higgins called back the foot soldiers and moved in the Bradleys and APCs. As soon as the vehicles got within 5 blocks of the center of the city, the buildings from all directions opened fire. The armor plating on the vehicles withstood the shots, and the Bradleys returned fire.

General Higgins now knew the position of the remaining Coalition soldiers. He called in the Apaches to finish them off. They let off their Hellfire missiles into the midfloors of the building and launched their rockets into the other windows. General Higgins took the gun in his MH-53J and opened fire on the buildings himself. Since the city was busy fleeing away from the center, The General had no civilian collateral damage to worry about.
17-10-2003, 19:01
"Damn! They've for roadblocks all over the place. There's no way we can get out of the city safely!" The Coalition commanders met in one of the abandoned buildings, leaving their getaway cars outside. "They've got the city surrounded, and helicopters in the air. We need to lie low."

"No!" the leader insisted. "We need to get out of here, lest we fall captive to Cav's socialist ways. There's a break in the defenses in the business district. That's where they're bringing in the medics and other support personnel. If we can get over there and blend in, we can make it."

The Coalition commanders made their way for the business district of Seriyu. Ditching their cars a few blocks back, they walked towards the heavily guarded-- but not barricaded-- area. Managing to sneak around, they found medic uniforms and donned them. They had a plan ready, and started running out of the city.

"Hey! Where are you going?" a guard asked.

"There's an emergency back in the tank column! One of the turrets just exploded and we've got wounded!" the commander yelled as he ran by.

The guard was no fool. None of Cav's citizens were. He radioed in for information about a tank accident and got nothing. He yelled for the men to stop, and that they be followed. They wouldn't be that hard to find being that they were the only ones running away from the city.
17-10-2003, 23:26
The Coalition commanders were quickly captured by Cav's elite troops. They were taken into custody for interrogation. General Higgins said that these men were to be treated as roughly as possible, as they fit the descriptions of the remnants of The Coalition heirarchy.

After radioing in those orders, General Higgins got back to the mighty gun of his command helicopter and started firing into the buldings again. He ordered his command MH-53J to the ground so he could meet up with the Major General in charge of the ground operations.

"Sir," General Alexander Pennington reported, "we've got the buildings surrounded. Those air attacks helped us out a lot. You've got some good aim, sir. Now they're starting to escape from the buildings. There's nowhere they can go, sir. We have reports that the men are sabotaging the building. They're going to blow it and try to knock down the whole city."

"Well we're not going to let them do that to us! You, Captain, get myself and General Pennington some M60s. Let's put together the best damn assault squad and get to these buildings before they come down! General Pennington, you and I will lead the assault team. I want to get in the first building in 15 minutes!!"

"Yes sir!"
18-10-2003, 00:06
General Higgins spoke before the troops. "Men, inside these buildings we have desperate men, fighting for their lives. It is our job to see that they lose that fight. Led by General Pennington and I, we will systematically search every building in a 6 block radius from the centeer of the capital. Take no prisoners. These men are enemies of The State, which is now a principality of our Holy Empire, making them traitors. Men, we're going to show these cowards what we do with traitors!"

"Yes sir!!" the men erupted.

"Let's move!"

The General ran into the first building with his M60, followed by Major General Pennington. The rest of the squad filed in after them. They split into groups and went deeper into the building.

Shots came at General Higgins from behind a door. The General took out one of his grenades and threw it into the room. After it exploded, he ran into the room and yelled, "Clear!" He went into the next room and saw somebody hiding under a desk. The man moved to fire at The General when Higgins fired at the desk, splitting it (and the man) in half.

General Higgins and his men continued to clear the building.
19-10-2003, 18:09
The commanders were sitting in the back of a transport now, surrounded by Cav troops with M16s. They were being brought to a military stockade set up for Coalition troops that surrendered.

The Higeran navy returned to the ports, stunned by the amount of Cavish ships in the harbors. It was almost shameful that Higera's flagship was led into their own waters by a Cav destroyer. The mightiest carrier in Higera, towed into port by a neighboring country's ship.

The forces returning Firen were landing in military bases also. They were met by Cavish Generals and briefed on the situation. Higera's 5th and 6th Armies left the Cav border and returned to their bases.

General Higgins and his men finished off the rest of The Coalition soldiers in downtown Seriyu. Unfortunately, the buildings in those 6 blocks would have to be demolished and rebuilt. There was no way to fix them after being fired upon by the Hellfire missiles.

Higgins made sure all of his men got out of the buildings safely and then ordered the evacuation of the center of the city. The Cavish infantry divisions would guard the area, making sure nobody could get in-- or out.

The buildings would be demolished soon, and any remaining Coalition soldiers would be taken care of at that time.

The citizens of Seriyu went through thorough background checks and weapon screening. Those with a place to go were allowed inter-city travel, but were not allowed to leave the country. Those with nowhere to go were given temporary housing in makeshift Cav military bases. They would be allowed into Seriyu after everybody was sure that The Coalition was finished.
20-10-2003, 01:24
OOC: Sorry about not posting, I haven't been at home

Most of the resistance was dying down. Most of the Higerans encountered surrendered and the ones that didn't were shot. Hattian troops set up roadblocks on their side of the city and were transporting Higeran prisoners back to the base camp.

General Rydralie looked around at the collection of Higeran POWs. "Bloody hell, I said take no prisoners, oh well can't do anything about it now." one of his commanders ran up and said "What do you want us to do with them?" "Load them onto the planes and take the back to Hattia, let's let the Prime Minister decide" he looked at the commander and grinned.

Petrov was sitting in his tent, near the center of Seriyu, reading casualty reports. 433 dead from his group and 17 BMPs. Kirov lost 26 tanks in that ambush. And the total casualties were.

523 Infantrymen
56 Armoured Vehicles
2 Migs (Lost to anti-aircraft fire)
3 KA-53s

Former Commander Kirov was sitting on a plane, heading for Hattia for retraining for showing his incompetance in getting caught in an ambush.
20-10-2003, 02:40
Encoded Transmission

Prime Minister Aleksandrov,

Thank you very much for your support in Higera. Now that we have things pretty much wrapped up here, we would like to extend our gratitude to you.

As for your 523 men lost, we have set up $2 Billion trust fund to help the victims' families cope with their losses. That is about $3.9 million per family. If there is anything else we can do in that matter, please let us know.

Your government has helped us quickly deal with this problem with a minimum number of lives lost. For that, your Treasury department will get 10% of the nation's GDP for the next 10 years. We are also willing to offer you 5 million acres of land in Higera.

Your military is welcome to stay as long as it likes, and one of your generals can stay back and be an advisor to General Higgins, who is likely to lead the nation in its transition. That person would be second in command of Higera's government, and we would inform you of any major actions taken by Higera.

Again, thank you very much for all of your help in Higera. You are welcome to join Emperor Cav in a tour of this new country, at your convenience. Please let us know if there is any more assistance you need in your country or mine.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of a great partnership between our two nations.


Emperor Cav

End transmission
Soviet Haaregrad
20-10-2003, 02:45
Haaregradia was never here. :wink:
20-10-2003, 04:56
Haaregradia was never here. :wink:

Of course. However, we'll be sneaking some of our "international aid" donations to your nation... to the tune of $50B.
21-10-2003, 03:38
Emperor Cav landed in his private helicopter at the Seriyu Airport. His security team and heavily armed troops were present, in case some of The Coalition soldiers were still lingering.

"Your Excellency," General Higgins took a knee and kissed Cav's ring, "welcome to Higera."

"Thank you, General. You have served me well."

"Well, Your Excellency, shall we tour the country?"

"Lead the way, General."

They stepped into Cav's personal armored limosuine and took to the streets. Higeran police cars and Cavish military vehicles provided the escort. Small talk was made, and The Emperor discussed his plans for the future of Higera.

The cars pulled up to the downtown limit and Cav and Higgins got out. A detonator was given to The Emperor, who then turned and gave it to Higgins.

"You may finish what you started, General."

General Higgins pushed the button and 6 full blocks of downtown Seriyu fell to the ground. Any remaining Coalition members holding out in the buildings were now crushed by the building implosions. A new downtown plan was being drawn up, with a Cavish government palace to be set up on the center two blocks of the city.

The Emperor and General got back into the limo to discuss the future of Higgins' carreer and Higera. They would embark on a helicopter tour later in the day.
21-10-2003, 20:39

To the Emperor of Cav

From the Prime Minister of Hattia

Greetings, Hattia accepts your offer. Also the families of the deceased soldiers thank you. If possible we would like our land to be on a coast so we could have a could send ships between a city that we would establish. Lastly General (He was promoted) Petrov will stay and fill the advisor role. We also would like to propose a formal alliance.

Prime Minister Aleksandrov

Good Day

PS: I would like to tour the country. I can be there in a few days if you like.
Hattian Higera
21-10-2003, 21:49

From Governor-General Rydralie

To: All of the involved nations

Greetings, I would like to announce the formation of a government for the Hattian Colony in Higera. (All we need now is for Cav to verify the land that we get.)

Good Day

End Transmission
21-10-2003, 23:20
Prime Minister Aleksandrov,

We have only the best of land for you. Located on the coast in the southwestern corner of Higera, this land is a perfect fit for your needs.

General Petrov will have a large and luxorious office in the new government building being built over the rubble of downtown Seriyu. Until then, we are working out of office buildings.

Your proposal for a formal alliance is accepted. We can discuss the terms when you come to tour Higera.

Thank you again,

Emperor Cav
22-10-2003, 20:17
"Sir, check this out!"

The Captain walked over to the Corporal and looked into the bunker. The missing Higeran government officials were all piled up in this room, riddled with bullet holes. The Captain radioed up the line, and soon it was in the hands of General Higgins.

"Your Excellency, it seems that the Higeran government is no more. All of the officials have been found dead," Higgins reported.

They were taking a helicopter ride over the savannah area when they saw a huge building complex that looked suspicious. General Higgins ordered the helo to circle around the area a few times and called for backup.
23-10-2003, 22:20
An officer marched into Gen. Petrov's tent. "General Petrov, we've gotten reports of General Higgins requesting backup, should we send some?", "Notify them first then send out a few BMPs" "Yes Sir" The officer saluted smartly and ran out the door.
25-10-2003, 06:23
The troops arrived at the complex. They started to move into the building, being very careful for booby traps and guards. Trump didn't have enough time to set the traps, as he and his men were rushed out of the complex so early.

Higgins toured the buildings and was amazed by their massiveness. Built three stories into the ground, it took a long time checking the palce for Coalition members. There were indoor shooting ranges, tank fields, obstacle courses, and flight simulators. It was an amazing building that probably set Trump back a pretty penny.

"Take whatever we can use. Then we blow the place."

They salvaged a lot of computer equipment and weapons. Most of the other things would be of no use to anybody, so they stayed. Charges were set around the building. Sure, it was able to withstand a nuclear blast from the outside, but it was build like paper on the inside.


The complex imploded and came down, making a loud roar as the buildings fell.

The Coalition was finished. Higera's government was in shambles; most of the senior workers dead at the hands of Trump. Downtown Seriyu was destroyed. There was a lot of work yet to be done.

The Emperor was due to return for a victory parade in a few days. He had work to do in Vladivostok Russia before returning to his new land.