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Iesus warship sets sail(historic RPG)

Iesus Christi
22-09-2003, 03:44
"Gentlemen! This is the pride of the fleet.."
Captain Gustav Mascagni Irving, Duke of Fictoria by birth looked over his vessel, His majesties ship Sancta Maria of The Royal Iesus Christi navy, 48 guns, 3 mainmasts and a crew of over 130!
"Mr Kits, Port guns make ready , once we clear the bay, I want a roaring salute to king and country!"
"Aye aye Sir!" replied the Number one who quickly barked the order down the chain of command.
Captain Irving couldn't help smile as he watched his number one made his way along the deck issuing orders, his slight figure with above average height and almost female qualities made him a stark contrast from the rough and burly navy ‘recruits'. Of course his manner and size weren't the only thing that set him apart from the average sailor in this crew, his pointed ears and pure Elven blood set him as a ‘man' apart on this voyage. Of course that didn't matter to Captain Irving or the Royal Iesus Navy, he'd served with Kits before, no more loyal and good officer had he ever meet.
"Rounded the bay sir..."
"Excellent Mr Kits...Portside....Fire!"
The guns roared in salute and the crew broke into a roaring ‘Huzza' , the officers even joined in and waved there hats with much rigour, Captain Irving Cheered along with his crew but made a mental note to himself to inform his officers cheering was one with by waving ones hat was quite another..
"Bring the crew to station, set full sail Mr Halls, lets see what this beautiful beast can do before we cruise those buccaneer waters."
The crew seemed in top spirits, Mr Hall , Mr Kits, and all the other officers seemed good gentlemen. Somehow Captain Irving knew 1715 would be a excellent year.
22-09-2003, 03:52
OOC: Just a thought... shouldn't an Elf have an Elven name? ;)

Other than that, good post.

22-09-2003, 03:54
Iesus, good description of a 1700's warship's operations.
Iesus Christi
22-09-2003, 03:58
OOC: Just a thought... shouldn't an Elf have an Elven name? ;)

Other than that, good post.

OOC:I think of it more as he's westernized it for the crew, i'm sure he's REAL name is something you need a mouth full of spit to say :p
ty btw :p
22-09-2003, 04:11

I have had a hankering for an old...emphasis on old...naval RP.
22-09-2003, 04:31
The place is Vinyatirion, the year is Loa Menelmacariva 31569. 1715 in the human calendar. The city is as it always has been, and always will be. The towers are a little shorter, and there are less of them, but it is essentially the same Eternal City as it is three hundred years later. The main difference is that the sky does not seem so full of ships. In fact, there really aren't any flying. And Daeriant, the Great Bridge, remains but a twinkle in the eye of its architect.

The dockyards are packed with vessels, merchantmen and warships of all nations, majestic tall ships, their sails furled; the wharves loud with the calls of fishermen, both human and elven, selling their wares. The marketplaces bustle with people, as goods of all kinds are bought and sold, British sovereigns and Spanish doubloons going back and forth alongside the Menelmacari credits.

At one dock, a scene plays out very similar to that the same day in the harbor of St. Augustine. A vessel is pulling out, the crew cheering, their families waving from the pier. Only a hundred feet long, this vessel, sleek and elegant. A Menelmacari warship of the eighteenth century; tall masts, triangular sails and long, bright trailing banners in the Elven style. She is more advanced, though, than she appears, for the Menelmacari have had their gravships for seven hundred years, yet the vessel stays discreetly at the waterline, the drive humming quietly out of sight, deep in the depths of the ship. The kinetic mass-driver cannons lining her sides resemble, to the glance, the cannons lining any human warship on the planet. Her hull's wooden panelling, painted in gloriously colorful patterns. In a time when superstition is still strong in many cultures, with the Age of Reason only barely begun, the Elves of Menelmacar implement their power and knowledge as subtlely as possible. It is well-known what many of the human nations do with those they consider 'witches'. On the vessel's prow and stern, her name, Ara Telcontar shimmers in golden-painted Elven script. (OOC: picture the Elven destroyers from Warcraft II for a general idea of what the ship looks like.)

The vessel sails forth from Vinyatirion, east out the Sirithil Straits into the open Atlantic. Her captain, a young Elf-woman named Naurelin nos Fithurin, who will someday be the commander of the whole of the Fifth Fleet, stands on the poop deck and watches her crew go about their duties. Her first mission is to patrol the trade routes to America to the northwest and Europe to the northeast, to find and destroy bands of pirates. Recovering their loot, of course, would only be gravy. Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
"If it is to be war between us, it shall be war to the knife and the knife to the hilt."
~Foreign Minister Duke Paolio, The Outlands
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister (
22-09-2003, 05:46

Iesus Christi
22-09-2003, 07:41
A small schooner with only 4 guns but flying the black flag of piracy tacked closer into the shore line of one of the numerous Carribean islands, some distance off was the Sancta Maria boldly flying the Royal flag of Iesus Christi as she hunted the pirate.
"She's running close to shore sir...we should pull of.." Kits handed the captain his eye glass.
"BAH! Sir! If Mr Kits has not the courage of this pursuit, I would question his loyalty to the crown! The pirate schooner is pulling away! We must act! A assault on the kings commerce is a assault on the king!"
Captain Irving looked at the eager young lieutenant Griffin. "Mind your tongue sir, I'll no have you questioning a friend of mines loyalty, still. Mr Kits. Full sail. Straight down onto that schooner, Mr Griffin prepare a party of Marines"
"Sir I must object, we have no idea of the depth here and we know these waters are oft plagued with sand bars at this distance of shore.."
"Silence Mr Kitts! " Captain Irving growled at his long time Friend. "Carry out your orders"
Kitts made the orders known to the crew who hurriedly carried them out, slowly but surely the warship headed in close to the shore. Baring down on there prey.
Suddenly the Sancta Maria lurched, a deep grinding sound echoed through the ship.
"Sweet..... We're aground Captain!" Mr Griffins voice yelled the obvious at the Captain.
"Quite...Mr Griffin, be so kind as to go forward to the bow and tell Mr Halls to ready the off boats. We'll be off the bar within the hour...hopefully..if not we'll just watch the tides."
Captain Irving was embarrassed, this wasn't a major crisis, more of temporary setback. He'd lose the pirate could be worse...
A cry rose from the crows nest "Captain! Another ship at bow!"
The crew watched as another ship rounded the headlands of the island,
"that's no slight sloop least 14 guns...she's flying.....pirate colours! And with us struck on this sand bar...her and her sister vessel out there can position themselves and give it a go at blowing us to the blue.."
"Quite Right Mr Kits...have gun crews standby and give Mr Halls as many as men as he waiting for tides now..."
A slight embarrassment had changed into a possible life or death situation.
22-09-2003, 11:02
Day Fifteen of her sweep dawned bright and sunny, as Ara Telcontar cruised the Caribbean Sea, hunting pirates. Ciryatari Naurelin scanned the horizon; they were near a small island off Hispaniola at the moment, one rather riddled with coves and bays, a perfect pirate lair. And then... across the water, around a headland, her keen ears could hear it - the low boom of cannon fire.

The report from the crow's nest came only a moment later. "Pirate vessel off the port bow!" Naurelin raised her telescope, zooming in carefully, acquiring heading and range to the pirate ship - she looked a frigate, with twelve or fourteen guns. Maybe sixteen. And the black standard flew smartly from her mast. Perhaps three miles off, heading away from them, into the next bay. "Ten degrees port! Give me full sail, and ready the drivers!" Her orders were relayed quickly through the crew by her first mate, Caun Gwindor - quickly and efficiently, the sails were opened, the mass drivers warmed up and prepared for combat.

Naurelin grinned, and gave one last order as she felt her ship, the proud Menelmacari destroyer, The Lady's Ship Ara Telcontar, speed up beneath her, cutting through the waves like a hot knife. "Raise the flag high, boys, we want these rabble to see who's going to kill them! We'll see what these pirates think of the Lady when we've shattered their timbers!" A cheer went up from the crew, the Menelmacari flag hoisted high.

In truth only a fool would not recognize her on sight, with her gaily-painted green and gold hull, her sleek, low design and her triangular sails, white as fresh-fallen snow and each emblazoned with the Fëanor daggerstar, red as blood.

The pirate vessel - the same one that had just come around the cape from the viewpoint of the Sancta Maria, spotted Ara Telcontar a few moments later, and responded quickly, tacking in closer to the shore and turning the broadside towards the Elven ship. Naurelin ordered her own ship turned slightly out to sea... the pirates fired. *boom* .........splash! A near miss, for the destroyer was just too nimble in the water. There must be another ship out there, maybe two, Naurelin thought to herself suddenly. I heard cannon fire... but the frigate hadn't fired yet.

As Ara Telcontar maneuvered for a broadside at the pirates, the Elves could soon see into the bay, and there was Sancta Maria, sitting way too close to the beach, and way too high in the water. "Iesus vessel and pirate schooner off the port bow!" came the report from the crow's nest. Gwindor came up beside his captain. "She's a big ship," he said. "Forty-eight guns, by the looks of her."

Naurelin nodded, with a bit of a snort. "We'll see how long that beast stands up to an Atlantic hurricane. Anyway, she looks crippled," she said. "Maybe ran aground. And with two pirate vessels prowling about. Their King is on good terms with the Lady. We should help them."

Gwindor nodded in agreement. "Milady, the frigate is within weapons range." Naurelin glanced up, seeing that indeed this was true, and that they were firing again. *boom* *boom* She went to the railing of the poopdeck. "They challenge us!" she called out, drawing her longsword and holding it aloft. "Give them our answer! Portside drivers, fire!" She brought the sword down in a vertical slice to point at the pirate ship.

*crack!* The sixteen mass-drivers on the port side roared, their report coming less from the weapon itself than from the sonic booms of their projectiles; the round kinetic slugs - not unlike cannonballs at all, really - quickly crossed the gap between Elves and pirates. The weapons were accurate, but the distance still long, and several of the projectiles fell short, but several more smashed into the side of the pirate ship, blowing ragged holes in the hull. One of them went high - and snapped the forward mast of the frigate like a twig, sending pirates scrambling and sails billowing to the deck. A cheer went up among the Elves.

"Excellent work, boys! Prepare to fire again! Once that other mast is down, we'll move in close and board the bastards."

ooc: Matty, you should be able to see the Ara Telcontar by now. Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
"If it is to be war between us, it shall be war to the knife and the knife to the hilt."
~Foreign Minister Duke Paolio, The Outlands
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Iesus Christi
22-09-2003, 12:20
"Man-of-war, flying Menelmacari colours Captain"
Captain Irving thanked heaven quietly. Iesus Christi had never had bad relations with any Elven nations.
"Have Mr Halls , our noble Boatswain*'Bosun'* continue setting the boats off. Have Mr Griffin Stand by with Marines and aid you my dear Mr Kits with having those guns manned and primed to give any darn buccaneer a full broadside. Should God grant us that chance"
Captain Irving peered through his spy glass at the Menelmacari vessel
" a fine ship...I cant imagine either of the brethren pirates stay are fight. Devilish check these pirates have! Acting like a Royal fleet!" The Captain Paced the Bridge "By George I'll see them swing!"

As he spat his curse at the renegades , the original sloop that had been chasing swung hard to starboard , fired a measly broadside and began to flee out to sea. The original pirate sloop safe from the broadside of the Sancta Maria on her sand-bar.
"I knew it...typical shabby Pirate cowardice! Wont even come alongside and fight."Captain Irving stood glaring at his escaping prey. Mr Kits at his side keeping the order of the ship as a good first officer should.
The departing fire from the fleeing pirate sloop crashed through the rigging of the Mizzen mast ,sending splinters flying and adding more light damage to that already caused by the few shots fired before the Elven ship arrival . The captain remained unmoved by the damage and turned his attention to the Menelmacari,
"She looks a fine ship, wouldn't you agree Mr Kits"
"Aye Sir"
22-09-2003, 22:18
Two Ruhrian Frigates had been assigned a mission of escorting a sugar trade from the West Indies. The three-mast vessels were trimmed with silver, with the more vissible parts of their hulls painted black, a tradition of the Ruhrian Imperial Fleet. The Säbel and the Dolch were now operating but a mere 100 yards from each other, with the Dolch leading. The Blue and Black flag of the Ruhrian King Wilham flew high over the two ships. Der Schiffskapitän Reinhardt von Wulf was in command of the mission to ensure the safety of the valuable riches which would be traded.

Each ship had 24 cannons (12 per side) and two catapults which were loaded with a new weapon, an explosive which was launched at the target and erupting into a ball of flames. The Ruhrian Fleets had hired several of the best pyrotechnicians to build such a weapon and put it into action.

Currently, the north star was now seventy-five degrees to starboard. Wulf had made an attempt to reach the colonies before the day was over. "Viktor, what is our speed?"

"12 knots, we are with the wind, Kapitän!"

Wulf smiled, I have long awaited my return to the Caribbean. "Good, Viktor. Get some rest, it is almost time to call on the next shift."

"Aye, Kapitän." He went back to his work, whatever it may have been. Wulf took one last look of the night sky before he laid down for the night. Walking to the bow, the sails fluttered as a new breeze came from the south. Continuing to the front, he leaned over the bow and took in the view. Millions of white stars dotting the night sky, the moon whose light made its presence known over the two fleet vessels whose hulls smashed into the swells. The Säbel and Dolch would reach the West Indies by midday, and with hope stop the looting and smuggling which plagued the Caribbean.
22-09-2003, 23:50
OOC: Fun idea, can I possibly join or is it closed? The role of the pirates already taken yet? Back then the Knootian Democratic Republic did not exist yet so it was still the United Provinces under the red-white-orange flag. And did I hear smugling, looting and pirating? Cuz those were the West Indies Companies specialties. *cough* I mean trading of course. I can imagine that the provinces' relations with Iesus were already strained back then already because of them both being competing European nations.
Iesus Christi
24-09-2003, 06:07
In the cabin of the Queen Anne's revenge three men sat around the table drinking, their shadows thrown across walls and the low ceiling by the flickering light of a candle. The huge figure of the captain dwarfed those of his companions, the ships mate and the sailing master. He was almost completely drunk, his voice slurred, his bloodshot eyes glintering maliciously out of the tangled black mass of hair covering his face. The men fiddled uneasily with their beer mugs, laughing obediently at his coarse jokes. In this mood he was as dangerous as a wild animal and the slightist slip of the tongue on their part might send him made with rage. So although they pretended to be relaxed. both men were on their guard.
It happened so suddenly that there was no time even to push their chairs back of out harms way. One moment the big mans hands were resting flat on the table. next they were out of sight.A split second later the candle was blown out, followed by two loud explosions as the Captain let fire the pair of pistols under the table.The scream of pain as a bullet ripped through the leg of Israel Jones , the sailing master , was drowned by the boom of triumphant laughter from the man who had fired the shot. Isreal Jones was crippled for life.
For Captain Edward Matthew Teach, better known as Blackbeard , it was a amusing practical joke.
25-09-2003, 06:23
*mark for later*

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
27-09-2003, 11:56

Simultaneous events.
Der Angst
27-09-2003, 14:35
The small merchant ship was leaving the carribean sea... It showed the red- black flag of the second republic, which had defeated the vatican occupation forces just about twenty years ago.
For the first time in over 1100 years, the economy, the culture, Der Angst in general, was flourishing again.

And the 33 man on board of the merchant ship, the Prosperous Dreams were willing to do anything to make DA prosper. Like in the great times on the 'Seven Republics', long gone, but never forgotten.

The cargo wasn`t overly interesting. Unlike some other DA traders, who got into slave trading, they just transported cotton, so they weren´t an overly interesting aim for pirates... except they tried to sell the crew on slave markets.

The wind was mild, and they sailed with ~ 3-4kts eastward, enjoying the sunshine.

[ooc: For possible later involvement]
Iesus Christi
03-10-2003, 10:12
Captain Gustav Mascagni Irving Strained to listen to his new companion, Irving could feel his eye lids growing heavier by the minute.
"Really? You don't say?"
Irving smiled at Mr Kits, who's voice was Ernest and interested, but the Captain knew his old friend was inwardly mocking their new companion, the Merchant trading captain and would be governor of his Majesties Carribean Port St Luca, John Oxford.
"I Do say, he has a black beard , which he has suffered to grow of an extravagant length, and In time of action he wears a sling over his shoulders with three braces of pistols hanging in holsters like bandoliers, his eyes burn like the pits of Hades full of fierce and wild desire. He has no less than 14 wives, who he forces to dance for him naked while dodging bullets he fires at their feet! He has a underground vault full of plunder! It is well known he entices young innocents to this vault and seduces them to a life of sin and there upon they sign a pact of loyalty to him signed in blood and witnessed by Lucifer himself!"
Mr Kits jaw dropped and he leaned in closely to the trader, he dropped his voice into a dread fulled whisper "I hear tell he has a legion of demons at his command, a cohort of succubuses and he ship is crewed by Lutherans!"
Oxfords gave Kits a confused look and then his faced turn red.
"Jest naught about Blackbeard! He's from hell! From hell...."
The Captain quickly cut in before Kit made another snide comment.
"Mr Oxford, sir. I understand your concern. I hold the Kings commission on this subject, I will end this plague of Piracy.My Word as a Officer and a gentleman, now....if you'd Excuse us, Mr Halls will see you are taken Ashore. Good Day sir, thank you for your insight. God save the King!"
When the Merchant departed , The Captain slumped back in his chair "My Lord Kits! Since getting of that Shoal and getting safely into St luca we've been more plagued by Merchants than Pirates! And the governer still hasnt come from his inland Villa! His resparation can go to dash! its been 3 days by Christs holy name!"
Kits Poured his Captain a drink.
"Thank You Mr Kits,I regret my outburst....
Would you Have Mr Griffin have his inspection of the port speed up, and after Mr Halls has don with our guest , have him give Mr Griffin a hand .. those stationed Naval vessels with take some inspection. Oh and Have Doctor Steward attend me."
"Aye Aye Captain"
14-10-2003, 05:48
The small merchant ship was leaving the carribean sea... It showed the red- black flag of the second republic, which had defeated the vatican occupation forces just about twenty years ago.

You mean the occupation forces of the Papal States, right?

OOC: Do you think this would be a warship circa 1715?

I'll probably be getting involved soon.

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
14-10-2003, 15:52
In the Atlantic, a flotilla of maroon-hulled ships sails into the Carribbean. Three ships, to be exact. The flagship of the flotilla is the R.S.S. Assumption, a ship-of-the-line and one of the finest vessels of the Syskeyian Navy, with 100 guns, 3 mainmasts and 270 crewmembers. (OOC: It's the ship I posted above) Accomanying her are two Syskeyian frigates, which are, well, yuor average early 18th century frigates. All the Syskeyian ships have their hulls painted maroon, as is the tradition of the Syskeyian Navy at the time.

Now, as Syskeyia is in Southeast Asia, it would seem odd for its naval vessels to be out so far in the Atlantic. However, the Syskeyian Parliament voted, and the First Consul approved (he's not the "President and First Consul" yet, just the "First Consul") to send a delegation to investigate just what is going on in the New World, and to set up a diplomatic embassy to the Viceroys of Spanish America. The man assigned for the task, Senator James Thanijon of Portus Navalis, is none too happy about his assignment, for he percieves it to be a simple ploy to keep him out of Parliament, and wonders why that had to go all the way around Africa, and then Europe, and then cross the Atlantic, when, in the Senator's mind, going across the Pacific would be much easier.

The flotilla's commander, Commodre Thomas Chunaki, also has doubts about his mission. For one, his home ocean is the Pacific, not the Atlantic, and he'd much rather sail in the Great Eastern Sea than have to navigate this western maelstrom. Second, many of his crewman, and the Senator himself, show a distinct Indian (as in Taj Mahal, not Native American) ancestry, including dark skin, and many unscrupulous pirates and/or slave tradersd would be all too willing to sell them off as African slaves. Thirdly, the commodre agrees with the Senator that this mission is unnecessary.

Nevertheless, the captian is willing to complete this mission and...

"Captian, Menelmacari man-of-war off the port bow!"

(OOC: Siri, Menelmacar and Syskeyia have good relations, so don't fire on me. ;) )

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
Santa Barbara
14-10-2003, 16:14
OOC: Ooh, I wish I could join this. Unfortunately I'm in the middle of thinking out a RP to determine Santa Barbara's early history, its original native population, and foreign colonial imperialism, almost 200 years before this. And yes Syskeia, that looks like a heavily armed, pride-of-fleet type early 18th century ship.
14-10-2003, 16:50
OOC: Oooooh.... the 18th century. The last time Tahar Joblissan technology was up to date, and between the Retirement of Royality and Revolution of Reality - as some history books put it. Yo ho ho :D

Elegant, stylized, and - for the moment - running a full set of bright green silken sails, the seventy foot Taharan* cutter heaved to while the captain gazed through his looking glass.

"I daresay, black flag on the horizon by the island. Silence on deck!"

With the eerie whisper of Taharan naval training, noise ceased as the captain raised round lacquered shields behind him.

"Cannon fire in the distance. Methinks they be hunting kinglovers' merchants again. To port, we sail around."

*At this point in time, Taharan rather than Tahar Joblissan is indeed the appropriate term for those involved here.
28-10-2003, 20:11
BUMP so this thread stays in existence at least until Christmas. :D

Anyway, I'd love to revive this, but I'm on an RP hiatus for now, so...

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia