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The Dogs of War ready themselves... [attn Melkor]

New Genoa
20-09-2003, 02:03
Oval Office, White House, New Genoa
Night crept in and President Carter had finished reading the last flood of reports that had poured in. Before him, on his cluttered desk was thick folder containing a bill, ratified unanimously by the Senate. He stared at the folder for a short while before picking it up and flipping through the pages.

The President reached the last page and after a short moment of hesitation inked his signature. The bill was the official "Embargo of Melkor Unchained."

Over the past six months, since the last New Genoese Marine fell dead to the wrath of the Imperial Legion and since the last vessel deployed to the area had slipped beneath the dark waters of Melkor, tensions had considerably increased, as expected to happen during a state of war. But official hostilities had ceased to exist and New Genoa had hoped to return to peace and prosperity.

With the signing of the Omz-Imperium disarmament treaty, New Genoa had been put on alert. President Carter had thoughts that New Genoa, who had contributed greatly to the ground operations of the so-called "Coalition", was to be the next target of the Imperium to be disarmed or manipulated by some way by Lord Melkor and his wicked cronies. New Genoa was not to stand for this and Congress had debated and deliberated for three months before coming to the agreement to send a pre-emptive message to the Imperium that New Genoa was not weak and would not fall down to her knees and listen to orders of Melkor.


Orcs Deported
Soon after the "Embargo of Melkor Unchained", came the formal approval of the "Orc Deportation Act." Reluctantly, as New Genoa welcomed immigrants, the President had signed this bill which stated, "any Orc or Uruk-Hai, not born upon New Genoese soil, was to be promptly deported from the nation to any nation willing to accept the immigrants." This, of course, was a necessary act to weed out or otherwise eliminate the threat of espionage. Recent Orcish immigrants to New Genoa had a considerable probability of acting as enemy spies than any other race.


Recent Call-Ups
For the first time in New Genoese history, reserves were readying to be called up to serve the motherland. Though, there was not any confirmed military action, the President, along with High General Tachi, supreme commander of the New Genoese Regular Army, had agreed that a military threat from the Imperium was likely to occur sooner or later.

Thus, reservists were preparing to be called up and to enter strict, excruciating training. Until now they had only served two weekends per month, but now they were to endeavor round the clock preparartion.


Fleets on the move
Naval fleets were moved and stationed at certain areas. The 1st and 2nd Fleets had been moved to the eastern coast, and the 3rd Fleet was to defend the southern coast alongside a large Coast Guard force.

Only time would tell if these actions were necessary.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
New Genoa
20-09-2003, 02:37
This just in: today has been declared National Bumper Car Day.
Liberty Fighters
20-09-2003, 02:43
Chancellor William O'Connor Sat in his new chair, Corinthian Leather, restored from the Clinton Administration of the Former United States of America. The Chancellor sat there in Full uniform, the Liberty Congress has just granted him full military power unless vetoed by the congress. The powers came with the title of High Admiral, the highest rank in the Liberty Fighter Military service, reserved for the Head of state in times of war, or near war. The suns of the liberty system were setting, the Chancellor-turned Admiral rather enjoyed the new capital planet, appropriatley named zues. But the thing that rested on his mind was the further threat of Melkor and his cronies. He started up his terminal and double tapped the vid-com icon, he entered taped the tab marked New Genoa.

"President Carter, granted we have never met personally, and barley spoken outside of tactical urgency, but I feel we are rather close. The losses new Genoa has suffered has greatly saddened the my people. Our aid during your involvment shows only the beginning of our loyalty to you. We as a republic have dennounced Melkor as a Nation worthy of diplomatic relations, furthermore my advisory board has agreed that if he is to come and try anything , we will stand with you, and fight back the current of his evil. My Military is growing enourmosley, millions are willing to become part of the fight, we are training them almost faster than our production facilities can equip them, training is going superbley. We are stronger and more able to help ever before. We pledge our support beside you. Our technology is advancing almost as fast as our logistics. My brother and lead economic advisor tells me that trade with your nation would do all good and no bad, so I ask, would trade between us be acceptable to one such as you? I leave you with a question and a friendly salutation."

::the Admiral Closes his terminal and sighs, no sleep in 72 hours really gets to a world leader. HE stood up, waled to a shelf grabbed some cookies, milk, a pillow and blanket, and rested in his chair::
Melkor Unchained
20-09-2003, 08:09
Lord Alkanphel stood attentively in Melkor's throne room as his Master pored over the reports. Finally, he snorts and looks up. "This Orc deportation business makes little to no sense. Surely they should know by this point that Orcs lack the mental capacity for espianoge!"

Alkanphel nodded. "Indeed. It's hard enough getting them to kill the right people on the field."

Melkor stood, his massive form imposing over the rest of the room, casting an ominous shadow over the assembled military brass like a stormcloud. He raised his hand to his chin. "They know that they're next. There's no getting around that. Though a good deal of their plans can be gleaned from how they're positioning their military, we still need to know more."

Alkanphel pushed his eyebrows together. "Perhaps we could just do what we always do: send in the Iron Fist and tap into the New Genoan counterculture. They're humans as far as I can tell, so they're bound to have some disaffected youth that we can take advantage of. Maybe stir up a little ant-government sentiment and get their people to realize that attacking us was ultimately a foolish mistake. While they're there, they can also supply us with some degree of intelligence, though only as much as their average citizen would be allowed to know..." Alkanphel's voice trailed off as he pondered the thought.

Melkor's jaw tightened. "Of course. Send in the Easterling division, we haven't used them in a while. Have their visas faked, and fly them in from a third nation, as usual."

Alkanphel grinned slyly. "It will be so. Like so many times before, the Iron Fist will excel."

Melkor, Lord of Darkness
He who Arises in Might
Emperor Eternal of the Imperial Dominion of Melkor Unchained, Lord and Master of Arda
20-09-2003, 08:53
((Does this mean that Melkor won the war? Resi owes me $500.))
The Resi Corporation
20-09-2003, 09:11
((Does this mean that Melkor won the war? Resi owes me $500.))((OOC: What money? I see no proof I owe you anything! :wink: ))

Perhaps the Magnificent and Throughly Evil Lord Melkor would be interested in purchasing "Rotan" (remember our t-grams) at this time? The price is negotiable.
20-09-2003, 09:16
((Damn. This close.))

Yes. Great lord, one as powerful as you deserves powerful weapons! And what could be more powerful than a weapon that can kill undetected? Nothing, that's what. We here at Roania Pharmaceuticals, with the assistance of the Resi Corporation, have developed such a weapon.

((Take it, Resi))

(( By the way, is it just me or is NS being bitchy again?))
The Resi Corporation
20-09-2003, 09:18
((Ummm... he already knows all about it, we talked lengthly over telegrams))

((and yes, NS is being bitchy. Very bitchy))
20-09-2003, 09:33
((What's my cut of the profits?))
New Genoa
20-09-2003, 17:27
Protests Held in New Genoa
Soon after the statement that the "Orc Deportation Act" had been released on local news stations throughout the nation, over 200,000 Civil Rights Unionists marched to the capital to protest the act.

"This blatant racism!"

"Orcs have feelings too!"

"Orcs don't even have the mental capicity to acts as spies!"

These were the most common chants heard from the mass of protestors. The President tried to calm the crowd.

"Citizens of New Genoa!" he spoke, "while it pained me to sign the 'Orc Deportation Act' it was necessary to our safety and yours as well. Now, with the ramblings of the inability of Orcish espionage: this is exactly what the enemy wants us to think! We put down our guard because 'orcs don't have the mental capacity' and BANG! We're devastated by an spy attack. We cannot risk this chance. However, I hear you out! Orcish citizens are not immediate threats to our nation. But we must take every measure possible to deter the enemy from intruding our lands."

The crowd seemed to care less. They ranted and chanted on for another three days before another act was signed.


Immigration Laws Temporarily Tightened
Another bill, amazingly, had been passed by the Senate and signed by the President. The act was a temporary bill that would run a deep background check of the immigrant's or tourist's travels from the past six months. The process to complete this action would most likely deter any new immigrants to move to New Genoa.

Several hundred New Genoans staged a protest outside the White House, but most of the populace agreed with the bill. Besides it was only temporary and it didn't outlaw immigration, it greatly slowed it down.


Secret Allied Meeting Called
"Prepare to send the transmission to Grunge-France, Edolia, and our allies in APTO," President Carter told his aide.

~~~Encrypted Transmission to Allies of New Genoa~~~
Glorious allies! As you may know, the threat of an invasion of New Genoa rises more and more each day. And we must be prepared to combat this threat. I am calling a secret meeting, in the top-secret military base of Area 51A. We implore you to attend.
~~~End Encrypted Transmission to Allies of New Genoa~~~


Spies Deployed to Arda
"Mr. President, are you sure? If they're caught it will bring immient war!" his aide remarked.

"Yes, I want the NGSN on the case in Arda. Follow the standard procedures. Deploy to several other nations first, fake visas, fake ID's, no fingerprints, and they cannot of New Genoese-born natives."

"Yes sir."

And in a heartbeat, the underground war had commenced.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
New Genoa
20-09-2003, 18:06
The President leaned back comfortably in his leather chair. "Contact me when our allies respond."

"Yes, Mr. President."

OOC: Basically just a short-term BUMP.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
Liberty Fighters
20-09-2003, 18:08
President Carter, althought now my support of you has caused one of our allies to suspect me of wanting to destory him...over blown ego. I still stand the same, the liberty republic stands behind you. FOR FREEDOM! (our battle cry, not as Sude says"LIBERT!")
New Genoa
20-09-2003, 18:11
"Understandable, my noble friend. We can only hope that these issues will be sorted out peacefully. Will you be attending?"
20-09-2003, 18:14
"Orc deporation?", a senior cadre, in the Omzian State Security Services central office building, looked at his fellow assistant.

"Um... yes. New Genoa will be 'free of orcs'", the assistant, replied swiftly.

"I bet it is about the Melkor business... No way we are going to deport our orcs."

"Some of them are in jail for murdering elves and causing riots about the Melkor Unchained-Coalition war anyways, heh".
New Genoa
20-09-2003, 18:18
OOC: Not, total Orc Deportation, just Orcs who weren't born in New Genoa.

IC: "Friends in Omz, you may have misinterpreted our intentions," spoke the President, "only Orcs who were not born on our soil shall be deported. We also find it highly unorthodox that our Orcish population rose from 5,000 to 11,000 over the past few months..."
The Free Republic of New Genoa
20-09-2003, 18:19
"We see. We will edit our news, thank you for the correction.

We will deal with the reporters about this."

Omzian People's State News Network Corporation
20-09-2003, 18:21
To New Genoan Command,

To High Admiral, aka President Carter,

It has come to our attention of the grave situation you're in. We were part of the Anti Melkor coalition forces. Though we did suffer inumerable losses, Gradenk was able to muster it's industrial might during a brief period of seclusion from the international community to rebuild her military. We are thus able to help you in the event your nation is invaded.

If you so desire, Gradenk could send an unspecified number of Drones to help enforce border surveillance. We could also send in forces to help beef up your military. Alternatively, We can supply you with military products at 3/4 off the usual price in your time of need. The rest of the purchase could be paid after this "conflict"

President Suresh
Empire of Gradenk.
Isla de Penguinata
20-09-2003, 18:24
The Emperor's Office, Imperial Palace, Isla de Penguinata

The Emperor was at his desk, filing through all the documents. He came across one that was labeled important. He read over it thoroughly three times, just to make sure he was reading correctly.
Emperor Van Guren has issued a decree to watch the number of Orcs entering and leaving Isla de Penguinata. We would like to help New Genoa once again (we gave hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to help reconstruction) if it be needed. However, we will not be able to offer any military aid at this moment.
New Genoa
20-09-2003, 18:29
OOC: Melk and I agreed to keep the invite-only list strictly to APTO, Arda, a few Reich nations, and a few other nations here and there.

IC: The President smiled once the message from Gradenk was brought to him. "Transmit the following message," the President said, turning to his aide, "Glorious Allies! We'd be honored to accept any assistance you may provide us with maintaining security. Please confirm the number of drones you can deploy and we shall pay the price to acquire them."

"Done," the aide said. "Message to be transmitted in five.. four... three... two... one... transmitted."

The Free Republic of New Genoa
20-09-2003, 18:31
-In The Suburbian Palace, Headquarters of the Defense Department and Office of The President of The Second Grunge-French Republic-

Operator: Monsieur Hildebrand, a tranmission from New Genoa is being received.

Monsieur Hildebrand (President): Is it a secure link?

Operator: Affirmative.

Monsieur Hildebrand: What does it says?

Operator: Secret Meeting at Area 51A.

Monsieur Hildebrand: Send our confirmation of attendance.


Monsieur Hildebrand: You are going with me, Alphonse, I need you there to know of our new military capabilites.

Tlatoani of Defense (Monsieur Alphonse): Yes Monsieur, but I must wanr you about something...

Monsieur Hildebrand: What?

Tlatoani of Defense: I´m afraid this will lead us to a war, a fair war, but a war: Until a few days ago, we only had to respond for our results to the damn Congress of The Republic, but now that the Grunge-French Armeé became the AoE2 Army, nothwithstanding with our superb new military capability, we will have to give results to our whole region: if we get bad results, political tourtmoil might ocur in AoE2 Region.

Monsieur: Well, we have the finest Generals in our Region working in the Army and we have excelent technology and superb numbers...

Tlatoani of Defense: But it´s Mlekor, Monsieur...

Monsieur: And because of that it HAS to be final: We will not heassiate in our efforts, we will not hessiate in our actions, and we will win, or we will be destroyed.

Tlatoani of Defense: Dear God...

Monsieur:Dear God nothing: we will fight with His blessing, but not with His help.

20-09-2003, 18:38
OOC: Allright, No prob. You can check my store thread if you need more.


Unmanned drone
- night vison/thermal/voice recognition system
- 24 hours of non stop flight
- hybrid power source based on heavily upgrade 12 v car battery + solar panels built to the skin of the material.
- Armoured in standard Nogra Composite material.
- radar signature of about the size of a small bird
- 2 hell fire missiles.

Originally Nogra was used for space and can withstand a nuclear blast of 1/4 the atomic bomb used in Hiroshima. It's light weight and can also protect from extreme heat ,besides providing, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection . ( i.e during re-entry ) . It was developed for Noble Kings space program. The current nogra armour has been scaled down to offer a protection equivallent from a direct burst from a 30mm gun.


Deep Drone ,DS 72 Alpha ROV

Background: The Deep Drone DS 70 is a 7,200-foot depth rated Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). The system is designed to meet the Gradenk’s Navy's needs for deep ocean recovery. The system is air transportable on military cargo aircraft and is designed to operate from various ships.
Features: The operator can control the ROV in all six degrees of freedom. Auto-control functions are provided for depth, altitude, and heading. The vehicle is capable of functioning with both long and short baseline bottom navigation systems. The vehicle uses electric propulsion, giving it a low noise signature. It carries a target locating sonar and has two manipulators capable of working with tools and attaching rigging. For photographic documentation, the vehicle has a 35mm still camera and both black and white and color television cameras that produce quality videotape. Electrical power for the system is provided by a diesel generator or the power system of the supporting ship if it is compatible.
For special operations, the ROV can accommodate custom, skid-mounted mounted tool packages. These packages could include, but are not limited to, trenchers, specialized salvage tools, and instrument packages or other mission-oriented equipment

General Characteristics
Primary Function: Deep sea underwater recovery
Length: 9 ft 3 in (2.8194 m)
Width: 4 ft 7 in (1.397 m)
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.8796 m)
Propulsion: electrical
Maximum Operating Depth: 7,200 ft (2,194.56 m)
Lift Capacity: 3,200 lbs (1,451.52 kg)
Payload: 300 lbs (136.08 kg)
Speed: 3 knots (5.559 km/hr)

We can supply all of the above products (as much as you want ) for only 1/4 of the price listed. The products would be shipped as soon as your order is received.
20-09-2003, 18:38
The move from Earth to the hidden world Carador was difficult but with the new Black Citadel completed, is could be said that the worst of the difficulties were over. They had finally escaped narrow-minded Whispering Voices, narrower-minded Menelmacar and the foolish Thelas to this strange new world. The Lord Agardeloth was outside of his inner sanctum, a rare occasion. The red sky was uncloudy and clear and the Caradorin sun burned brightly this day. The Undead Zombie Slaves were erecting a new building, a new invention that Lord Agardeloth had thought up, a flesh farm to feed his Undead Soldiery and Citizenry. An Elf-Wraith flew overhead on a Death Wyrm, a skeletal dragon with a spirit of darkness and cold. He landed near the Dark Lord of the Undead.

"My Lord, I bring news from the Earth. Tensions between the New Genoans and Angband are growing rapidly, it has not yet spilled out into war but the armies of both sides are moving into position. Conflict is inevitable." Hissed the Elf-Wraith, a perversion of Menelmacari Elven Exiles.
"Good, keep an eye on the situation and look for cracks into which we can seep our poison and take advantage of the situation." Replied Lord Agardeloth who returned to his work.
"Yes my Lord!" Said the Elf-Wraith obediently, it then flew off back to the Black Citadel...
Liberty Fighters
20-09-2003, 18:38
"President Carter, With you permission I can start sending my marines and Air Corps to you Isle in hours, give me the word and the Forces of Liberty will be there. A Friendship such as ours will be helpful, out nations being so close(my islan is due west of yours)"
WT O'Connor
High Admiral and Chancellor
Armed Republic of Liberty Fighters
New Empire
20-09-2003, 18:48
In one of the USNE's "Excercises", a large portion of the USNE fleet was now in position over New Empire. When asked, the govt. said
"This is only a test of our spaceborne warfare capabilities. There is no reason for alarm."
20-09-2003, 18:48

In all the Augarian Continent, place where some AOE2 nations are located, the AoE2 Army started to prepare itself for "eventual conflicts": In Kham, The AoE2 Army was istructing children how to protect themselves in case of urban fight, and in Tyendinage, AoE2 Soldiers were preparing the SAMs and other weaponry.

In Mistral City, the capital of The Second Grunge-French Republic, a parade was being held: 100,000 soldiers, from all the natinos in AoE2 Region were marching in the streets.
At the front of the parade, a soldier carring the flag of AoE2 Region was marching, and behind him, 23 flags from all the nations in AoE2 Region, plus a flag from Pantera and a flag from New Genoa were being shown.

The crowd was yelling, was crying, was excited: Never in our history, the possibility of war had touched so deep the soul of our citizenry: The entire nation hates The Imperium, and they were ready to die if that was needed to assure the victory of AoE2 and the victory of APTO, in case a conflict started....
Liberty Fighters
20-09-2003, 18:51
The preparation of the Liberty Homeland was nothing drastic. They did not expect the Impirium to target a nation such as thiers because they were most likley the smalles nation in the conclict, a military barley over 1million. But they did set up thier defence never the less.

The troops stayed at readyness to transport to NG, becuaew it was there where the war would be faught.

Transmission to Grunge-France:

"Mr.President, I am Chancellor and High Admiral WT O'Connor of the Liberty Fighters. We supported NG last thim there flare up with the reich occured. I do not blive or troops sw combat on the same feilds, and I do not belive we have ever spoken, so I am taking the time now to contact you. My nation is not large, nor is our military, barley over 1 million. But we, same as you will fight for NG and the Alliance. I just wanted to Commend you on your valor and willing to risk what you have. But we will endure and win. "...the deserving shall recieve"
High Admiral and Chancellor
WT O'Connor
Head of state
Liberty Republic
New Genoa
20-09-2003, 19:26
Response to Gradenk
"Interesting products they have on the market," noted a top NGDD official. "With the President's permission, we shall place a large order of 8700 unmanned drones and 1700 undersea drones."

The request reached the President in a heartbeat, and after several minutes of weighing the pros and cons of purchasing the products, it was decided that the NGDD would be granted permission to purchase the drones.

Soon a rapid-transmission was sent:
"We have agreed that the purchase of these drones would be beneficial. Required money has been wired to Gradenk's government's bank accounts."


Transmission Sent to Liberty Fighters
~~~Encrypted Transmission to Liberty Fighters~~~
Forces will not make any movements, so as to not irriate any enemy considerations of hostilities. However, you may secretly attempt to deply forces to the capital.
~~~End Encrypted Transmission to Liberty Fighters~~
The Free Republic of New Genoa
Liberty Fighters
20-09-2003, 19:42
~~~Encrypted Transmision to New Genoa~~~
Roger that, code is 5T1FGU078G8.
~~~End transmission~~~
20-09-2003, 20:06
Tag. (Now that I know this is invite-only..I'm just saying that I'm watching this closely.)
New Genoa
20-09-2003, 21:09
OOC: A miniature bump.
20-09-2003, 21:40
Message to Liberty Fighters:
We are honored of having started relations with you, a close cooperation and friendship will be needed to assure the glory of both of our nations....

-Encripted transmittion to New Genoa-

This is Monsieur Alphonse, Supreme Commander of the AoE2 Forces and Tlatoani of Defense of Grunge-France: do you need at this moment something from us? can we do anything, in secret if needed, for you?

New Genoa
20-09-2003, 22:18
Keep your forces on their toes and prepare to mobilize at any hour, we feel the enemy will deliver their ultimatum soon.
Western Might
20-09-2003, 22:37
*intel tag*
20-09-2003, 22:42
---------In The Suburbian Palace--------

Monsieur Hildebrand (president): Is war inminent, Alphonse?

Tlatoani of Defense (Alphonse): Indeed, Monsieur.

Monsieur Hildebrand:All right... I will meet with some senators to inform them about the situation in secret...

Tlatoani of Defense: I´m afraid time is the only thing we don´t have: we can wait the Congress of The Republic to decide whether go to war or not and whether authorise you to use the AoE2 Forces or not, I recommend you to order the forces to get ready and to prepare the Armadas and the Space Fleets, without the approval of The Congress.

Monsieur Hildebrand:All right, I will order the forces to get ready, so we can, as soon as the war beggins, start movilising forces in secret, without the Congress knowing it... damn, I´m tired of The Congress of The Republic, and I´ll will deal with that stupid senators as soon as things are a little bit more stablised.

Tlatoani of Defense: Be careful, or the Congress will be the one taking care of us.


In utter silence, The President of The Second Grunge-French Republic gave orders to all the AoE2 Forces in AoE2 Region: The Armadas, The Space Fleets, The Air Force and the land Forces were getting ready, the rumours said that some troops were being loaded into transports and into the Crabs, and that in the afternoon of that day, and that at the same time, troops from all the AoE2 Region were arriving at the Grunge-French ports...

20-09-2003, 23:47
~Imperial Palace

"Sir, the Grunge-French forces have been mobilized." stated Zhuge Zilong, handing Emperor Mengde a document.
"What's the reason?" Mengde replied, paying no attention to the document.
"Unknown. The Congress had no idea this was happening."
"Hmm...a bit strange. Contact the President. I would like to know what is happening and if Neo-Wuwian aid is needed."
"Yes, sir."
20-09-2003, 23:56
Response to Gradenk
"Interesting products they have on the market," noted a top NGDD official. "With the President's permission, we shall place a large order of 8700 unmanned drones and 1700 undersea drones."

The request reached the President in a heartbeat, and after several minutes of weighing the pros and cons of purchasing the products, it was decided that the NGDD would be granted permission to purchase the drones.

Soon a rapid-transmission was sent:
"We have agreed that the purchase of these drones would be beneficial. Required money has been wired to Gradenk's government's bank accounts."

The Free Republic of New Genoa

OOC: I don't mean to popularise my store thread, but for more products, check


The Gradenk Defense Initiative corp received the order and immediately prepared the goods to be delivers. 16 hrs later, all products ordered by the New Genoan government were loaded up on special consignments and were sent to New Genoan under extreme secrecy. Even the men loading the goods were not told of what they were carrying. They were told that the goods were wing span of a Fokker F-50 plane.

The ships soon departed alone but just as soon they passed international waters , they were escorted by a sufficiently large force from the Gradenk Pacific Navy. After hrs of travelling, The navy forces reached New Genoan water. The captain of the Escorting Force radioes New Genoan Naval command informing them of their "package".

After getting the approval, They entered New Genoan Navy and started unloading the goods and instructed local officers about the products.

OOC: G-F, I'm also in AOe2 region. Does that mean that my forces too are automatically deployed. If so I can give the breakdown of forces that you need from me.
21-09-2003, 00:15
OOC: G-F, I'm also in AOe2 region. Does that mean that my forces too are automatically deployed. If so I can give the breakdown of forces that you need from me.

No, only the nations that don't rp are part of the AOE2 army, IIRC.
Liberty Fighters
21-09-2003, 00:36
Transmission to the Grunge-France President:
"Mr. President, because of my convienent proximity to New Genoa, In case the need does arrive, my join cheifs have authorized the invitation for you to station any and all military personel and other wise. My Island nation is due west of New Genoa."
21-09-2003, 00:39
Yes, only nations not RP are part of the AoE2 Army, all the nations RP from AoE2 have independent armies EXCEPT Grunge-France, who is also part of AoE2 Army.

---Encoded Transmission to Neo-Wu---

When the C-GFIN, the imperialistic wing of Grunge-France, was in the cenit of its power, it had to stay away from the Melkorian Domains... this is to give you an idea of what kind of oppressive Monster-Imperium we have in front of us, ready to throw its ravid orcs at us... now that there are basically three armies in AoE2 Region (The Neo-Wuwian, the Gradenk´s one and The AoE2 Regional Army) it is our duty to fight against any Imperialistic Regime wanting to undermine our independece or the independence of our allies.
Prepare your forces, Neo-Wu, and start studying this map of New Genoa, our ally

President Monsieur Hildebrand.

(OOC.: I think Neo-Wu and Gradenk both have rights and merits to be in this war, as part of the alliance APTA-AoE2, and both are good RPers, if anyone has something to say against them, tell it right now or remain in the silence forever....)


The Congress of The Republic is discussing in utter secret whether authorise the President to start movilising the AoE2 Army or not, and are deciding whether declare war or not if war happened against The Imperium.
(The Congress has no idea The President has already ordered troop movements)
The Resi Corporation
21-09-2003, 01:31
((What's my cut of the profits?))((Ummm... 40%? I did most of the work, after all))
21-09-2003, 01:43
Encrypted Message to New Genoa and Allies-

It has come to be known within the Holy Empire that the Imperial Dominion of Melkor Unchained has turned its attention to New Genoa, its wish to envelop the nation into Morgoth's ruinous powers. Let it also be known that Neo-Wu will not stand around, and allow this catastrophe to ensue. Therefore, Thy Holy Emperor Mengde, Blessed Be His Name, has rallied a grand army for the cause. Soldiers from all across the Holy Empire have gathered under the Emperor's banner. Mirumoto Niten battalions from the Dragon Clan, Akodo Elite infantry from the Lion Clan, even Kaiu Defenders of the Crab Clan have pledged their loyalty to Mengde. Never in the history of Neo-Wu, nor the ancient Wu, has such an army been mobilized for one cause.

Melkor will not succeed.
Abu-Dhabi Khristatata
21-09-2003, 02:14
Emporer Constantine Basilicus Plantegenous XXIII, crown upon his head, staff in hand, dressed in his most regal and glorious robes, stepped up to the podium and began his speech:

'My Lords, citizens, and peacocks! It has come to my attetion that we must aid the peacocks of New Genoa against the Golden Finches of Melkor! Therefore all of our Golden Finches will be thrown into the Peacock Den, where they will be pecked for all eternity. We must make the world safe for paper airplanes. That is all. PEACOCK!'

People all over the Empire broke into laughter uproariously...

'Oh, Dear God... He's getting worse.' stated Adanedhel. 'We have to convince him to make me Regent Prince now or the Empire will surely fall.' 'I see where your coming from, Adanedhel, but, would it not make your reign more weak than your father's?' 'Listen, John, we do not have the time, I want all the Orcs in the Empire rounded up into prison camps to await deportation... No scratch the deportation, that will give them more of a chance to deliver information to the Imperium.' concluded Adanedhel. 'Gotcha.' came the reply.

And so began the Great Orc Purge in the Empire...
21-09-2003, 03:39
"HOLY F*CKING SODOMY!" The yell could be heard from the other side of the palace. The Imperator was angry. "Why couldn't the bastard wait a little bit longer?"
"Sir, if I may..." interjected Johaanus von Clësiburg, Marshal of the Edolian Armed Forces, "I believe that we hold the military power to defend both New Genoa and Tisonica. It will be costly, but we can fight two wars at once."
"I hope you are correct Johannus."
"As do I, m'lord."
"Marshal. I want an army en route to New Genoa immediately. I think that this is a wonderful time to use our Hellions. I don't think we should have much difficulty with his gravships from now on."
"No indeed, sir."


Months had passed since the last fighting between Edolia and Melkor <<OOC: Unless you count the war over Darkseed but that's been going on for about a month now since both sides seem to find it very difficult to post quickly, I am just as guilty as Melkor on that.>> but that time had not been wasted. Edolian engineers worked feverishly building the Imperium GLR rockets, large air-to-air bunker-busters specifically designed for targeting gravships. It was now that the real test of the Edolian Air Force would come...

300,000 regular soldiers
60,000 Imperial Guardsmen
40,000 Hellenic Corps troopers
2,500 A-2 Manticore MBTs
1,000 B-1 Imperium MBTs
1,000 Gryphon-II helicopter gunships
1,200 Echidna V-6 SAM batteries
1,900 Tarkius robotic infantry support artillary

800 YT/A-2 Hellion unmanned fighter drones
700 Phoenix-IIA stealth fighter/interceptors
800 Phoenix-IIB stealth fighter/interceptors
500 Roc heavy bombers

The fighters and bombers will be on rotating flight schedules and others will be ready to take off at a moment's notice. We don't want to be caught by kinetic ortillary fire.

Troops are headed towards Blaine Island and will take charge of the defense of said island.
Liberty Fighters
21-09-2003, 06:38
~~Encoded transmission to New Genoa~~
Hawk is in position and waiting command. I again offer the rest of his family to your aid, say the word and they will fly, all the hawks will fly.
~~End Transmission~~
Western Might
21-09-2003, 18:24
A aid walked into the presiden office."Mr. president we have report of ADK killing their orcs."

President Rushe looked up from one of the report on his desk."They are doing what? Orcs are good for onlt killing thing, what do they think they are spies?"

"I don't know Mr. President"

"Shelly contact Melkor on whats happening in ADK he may want to learn of this."

"Yes Mr. President"
21-09-2003, 21:27
The Congress of The Republic finally accepted the motion to allow The President to make use of the AoE2 Army as he wants.

The Congress of The Republic has also passed the law "N-O1" Who says that The Second Grunge-French Republic will not:
a)Provide any help to nations with an orc dominant class.
b)Recognize the orcs with the same rights as humans: they will be considered as animals.
c)Be able to enter the country.

Also, with this law, all the orcs living in Grunger-France (5,000 orcs) will have 2 days (a few minutes in RP time) before we declare the orc-hunting a legal activity, they won´t be able to leave the country, but they will be able to run to the forests in Grunge-France.
New Genoa
21-09-2003, 23:33
"Are they ready?" inquired the President.

"Yes, sir."

"Very well, tell them I shall be there in ten minutes."

"Of course," said his aide who left the Oval Office and walked down the hallway and down to the basement. He opened the door.

"The President shall be with you men in ten minutes," he stated, before hurrying back to the Oval Office.

"So, we have several hundred operatives working domestically specifically to weed out any foreign spies?"

"That is correct, Mr. President."

"Do we have any operatives, from say several years back, who have yet to be discovered by the enemy, working in any Ardan nation?"

"One man. Carlos is his name and he's worked as a lone spy in Arda for over fifteen years, performing minute tasks. He surely wouldn't be too useful other than getting our men into Arda. He's not a top-level spy."

"Well, getting them into Arda is just as important! How the hell would we be able to complete the mission without our boys in Arda in the first place?!"

"True," noted the aide. "We haven't heard from Carlos, however, in nearly eighteen weeks. He usually sends a small weekly report to us. But we haven't heard from him as I said, in nearly three months. Our men, will need to hop from nation to nation to reach the enemy. Unless we can miraculously contact him within the next 36 hours..."

"Oh, well. We best be getting to this meeting," the President said, looking at his wrist watch.

"Of course." The two walked down the hallway and down to the basement.

Six men, dressed neatly and wearing dark glasses, sat around a large oak table. President Carter walked into the room to brief the six men.

"Good afternoon, Mr. President," they all said.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen," the President responded as he sat down. He leaned back comfortably in his black leather chair for a few moments before speaking again.

"Have you all been briefed upon the goals of your missions?"

"Yes, sir."

"Excellent. I wish you the best of luck. Remember do not let any information of our spy network seep out. Some of you need to blend in with the general public, while others will need to get into contact with enemy spies. You will all be issued proper equipment to deal with them. We have already set up bank accounts and have purchased all the necessary tools needed to complete your missions. You six are the most important of our spy network, the fate of New Genoa rests in your hands. Don't screw up."

The President left the room and several men in suits entered. They issued the spies phony ID's, bank account books, credit cards, laptops, and other software.


The sky was a clear bright blue as Matthew awoke. He quickly dressed himself, ate a quick breakfast, and left for the airport. He carried a ticket to the nation of New Sardinia, where he would commence his journey. He would then leapfrog to the Shire, before departing to a GDODAD nation. Several more nations would be visited before he would reach the target nation of Anaguum. Each time, his ID and travel records would need to be secretly destroyed or changed. It wasn't going to be simple.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
22-09-2003, 00:09
<Encrypted Transmission to New Genoa >

The Empire of Gradenk would be involved in this war as it's also a member of the AOe2 region. Although Aoe2 region would be sending their own fighting force, Gradenk would be sending her own as well. We need a secure location from you so that we can land our forces in preparation for any attacks by Melkor and her allies.

We hope our offer would be accepted as high level talks with G-F leader's have indicated that they're very much in favor of our involvement.

President Suresh,
Empire of Gradenk
New Genoa
22-09-2003, 00:12
OOC: Well, I'll finalize the list with Melk and try to see if I can sneak Gradenk and only Gradenk in. You seem like an honorable RPer. But no promises to anyone, yet, unless you're in APTO.
22-09-2003, 00:17
Ah...Allright..I had a good fight with Melkor last time...ofcourse which ended in disaster for my army...but we have since recovered....Anyway...I heard someone was sending particular military vehicle that could pose a challenge to Melkor's Gravships...who is it?

and btw, thank you G-F and New Genoa for your endorsement.
22-09-2003, 00:19
OOC.: We will accept any list given, and while we recommend both Neo-Wu and Gradenk, being honorable RPers, if non of them is included, if only Gradenk is included, or if both of them are included, we will accept it with no discussion. Keep in mind though, that if, for example, Gradenk was not accepted, he still could be able to send his army join the AoE2 Army, contorlled by Grunge-France, so the number of forces would remain EXACTLY the same, but only controlled by one nation, so while I strongly recommend Neo-Wu and Gradenk being in this RP, if they are not included, they will always be able to declare themselves part of the AoE2 Army.
New Empire
22-09-2003, 00:28
The Spaceplane, on a "Scientific" mission, was slowly approaching it's geosync point over APTO waters. It's computers and cameras began hitting every bit of info they could find, seeking out frequencies, and snapping shots of every vessel coming near an APTO nation. This could be violating UN laws, but A. The UN never enforced those laws, and B. The USNE isn't part of the UN. So the craft continued on it's mission.
22-09-2003, 00:50
Vice President Erin "Sneezy" Aireserkeiel had barely sat down when the briefing began.

"Seems the nightmare has rolled back around again." SecDef Bunker sounded tired. "It all began when they started deporting Orcs of non NG descent..... In any event, it's started riling everyone up. APTO members and NG allies are with NG and then there's Melkor's bunch. Not sure where the alliances side, but we are, of course, with APTO. Which brings me to our response."

Normally, the seat at the head of the table would have been filled by President Harrington, but the news that she was ill was being hushed and kept quiet. Therefore, the eyes turned to Aireserkeiel, who, as Vice President was next in line. "We uh..... Support NG full tilt, of course."

Bunker nods and opens a portfolio. "That means deployment of Naval forces to NG north and northeast quadrants to keep the sea lanes open for resupply, basing of fighters and bombers closer to NG territory, if not the NG mainland itself. Finally, we'll deploy Combat Engineers, Medical staff and several Light Infantry and Armored Divisions over to the NG mainland."

"And what happens if the shooting starts?" This from Doctor Anne Ryan, Director of Intelligence.

"We don't do much." Bunker's voice was grim and gravelly. He had that same 'We should be doing more. We should have a solution and we should stick to it.' facial expression. "Our job is purely defensive in a shooting war. It's hoped our contribution will be able to blunt the invasion and at worst, draw the fighting to a stalemate."

"But not win?!" Doctor Ryan blurts out. "I THOUGHT we have a military to fight and WIN wars."

Bunker spread out his hands in a gesture of surrender. "Doctor Ryan, I make no bones of the fact that this was the policy I'd been touting since the Republic of Adejaani was founded. Nevertheless, we never expected to fight against juggernauts like Melkor. We're starting to change that policy now, but we'll never build up fast enough. And if we DID go full tilt, it'll be the end of the Republic as we know it."

Aireserkeiel finally broke the stunned silence after a full minute. "Meaning WHAT?"

"Meaning, Sneezy, that even if we stayed in our 'smash the landings and stand them off from NG' role, we're still in a vulnerable position. We're committing roughly 40% of our military to this. If that gets wiped out and NG is taken and Melk and his 'goons' decide to get nasty and aim at us, we will have no choice but to sue for peace."

"So you're saying we either win or lose? And that we're fighting a defensive war where things have to go our way or else we lose?" No one, not even Bunker said anything. Judging by the downcast glances and grim expressions, nobody liked it either. "If we win this one, we will make sure that NEVER happens again and it's YOUR hide on the line, Bunker! I'm going to brief the President." Aireserkeiel left the briefing room and slammed the door and in a most nauseating moment, thought it sounded extremely like a coffin lid slamming down......
New Genoa
22-09-2003, 00:53
OOC: Rememeber allies, we're supposed to be meeting at Area 51A soon...
22-09-2003, 01:13
OOC: Rememeber allies, we're supposed to be meeting at Area 51A soon...

Err? Did I not get a message or does this not concern me? If I'm supposed to know something I don't, telegram me.
New Empire
22-09-2003, 01:24
NEMC General Deunan Kessmer, commander of the APCOM section sat down in her seat. The C/V-12 VTOL began to lift off, it's destination- Area 51A.
New Genoa
22-09-2003, 01:52
The President and his immediately, after briefing the six spies who were to infilitrate the enemy, boarded the Presidential Helicopter. Area 51A was only about one hour away from the capital, hidden underneath a small military base.

OOC: Edolia, check earlier in the thread. I made a transmission to all Allies that we were to meet at Area 51A to discuss this matter.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
22-09-2003, 02:00
Secretary of Defense (Doctor) Mark Bunker and Director of Intelligence (Doctor) Anne Ryan staggered off the C-17 transport as their HMMWV rolled onto the tarmac. "You know," Ryan pipes up. "To the best of my knowledge, we're the first Adejaani officials to visit New Genoa like..... EVER."

Bunker only grunts as they got in and headed for Area 51A.
Liberty Fighters
22-09-2003, 03:14
The C-130 Landed on the tarmac shortly after the Adejaani transprt plane took off. But as it looked no diplomats stepped off, only whats looked like NG citizens. One of the 'citizens' gave a brief hand signal to the others(about 9 others) and they seems to jump into the slider role. instantly they seemed alert of thier surrounding, thier Assault rifles became visible as if out of no-where. The Pilot who was un-aware of who his carg oreally was muttered to his co-pilot, "must be them Republican Liberty Dragoons, I thought we were dropping off officials" The pilot was correct on both accounts, they were the infamous RLD's the very same special forces team who won first place in the pacific Spec Ops argames ocntest 4 months prior. The Republic of liberty fighters had very few government officials that weren;t military personel, and the combat representatives to NG were none other than RLD team 1, lead by the man known as Hawk. the Hawk had landed, the Liberty Republic meant business.
Melkor Unchained
22-09-2003, 03:49
Three men stepped off a plane in New Rome [guessing here], eyeing their surroundings cautiously. Two men of arabic-looking descent and one unassuming oriental man made upt his particular group, who would work out of New Rome. Across the country, over the next 12 hours, similar groups would be arriving in New Genoa for covert operation from within. Drilled endlessly on their objectives, and how to acheive them, the men knew exactly where to start: getting through customs. It shouldn't prove difficult, as none of them were carrying any weapons or contraband, after all.

By all outward appearances, they were simply civilians: no weapons, no electronics, with a modest amount of cash for purchasing such amenities.

Like their New Genoan counterparts, bank accounts had likewise been established.

The party arrived at customs, chatting idly as they waited in line, one of them clearly ready to go outside and smoke a cigarette.

Melkor, Lord of Darkness
He who Arises in Might
Emperor Eternal of the Imperial Dominion of Melkor Unchained, Lord and Master of Arda
22-09-2003, 11:34
<<OOC: Sorry. I don't remember that. Either way...>>

A small, supersonic jet takes off from Edolia carrying a small group of military experts and diplomats heading for Area 51A.
22-09-2003, 11:45
OOC: While I am not sure if I am still classified under "ally", I will also send a represenative via Hippogrith Support Craft to area 51, though only if I am actually one of these allies.
New Genoa
22-09-2003, 20:18
Area 51A
The President sat down at the front of the large table. Before him were the representatives from the Allied nations who had bravely pledged their support to fend off the evils of the enemy who was to come.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen," he started, "would anyone like some coffee before we commence?"

The Spy Network
Matthew, a short, bald man of German descent stepped out of the large airliner. Following him was his brother, Gary, who was a slightly taller with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

At each stop along their journey to Arda, travel records had been shredded, and new identities and visas issued. They were in Anaguum. Like the enemy's counterparts, they too, would need to pass customs. Both men acted like civilians, chatting harmlessly with one another.

OOC: Now, hopefully, borders weren't closed in Anaguum either... if they have, just assume they arrived in some Ardan nation.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
22-09-2003, 20:32
Major General Erik von Idelia raised his hand. "Uh, yes please. Half milk, two scoops of suger please."
New Empire
22-09-2003, 21:18
Kessmer looks up from the Tablet PC full of the recent intel files and replies, "Sure, Coffee's fine. So, you have any information you want to share with us?"
The youngest General at the age of only 31, Deunan Kessmer is lacking in the patience department.
New Genoa
22-09-2003, 21:35
"Very well. Rodrigo, Juan, pour these men and women some coffee," the President remarked.

He sat down on his black leather chair and cleared his throat a bit. He spoke, "As you all have most likely been informed, New Genoa will or most likely be invaded by Melkor Unchained and a coalition of Reich and Ardan nations. We plan on stopping this attack in its tracks. High General."

High General Tachi stood up, dressed neatly in a military uniform. "Well, intelligence points to all signs of an enemy invasion to the east of the nation. We have prepped two fleets to defend the area. However, we will need more beefed up naval support to defend the southern coasts of nation, that is, the capital." He pointed to the relevant area on a large map overhead. "Ground forces will be required to move the east, of course, to repel the invasion. We have flooding reports also of another enemy landing, however, we cannot specify where, as of yet. It will most likely be a space landing, however, to catch us by surprise. Any comments?"

OOC: NE and others involved at Southport, this is where you make your contributations to that front. Just cook something up, such as placing divisions not directly on the city itself, but nearby.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
New Empire
22-09-2003, 21:47
"We can have an armored division there very soon, but we need the new KAF-90E tanks for any other forces. Also, an anti-orbital Battalion of 155mm Railguns will be on call, to help set up defenses. Of course, we need an explanation to the people if we are to deploy any such assets. Perhaps it is a "Joint Warfare Excersise"? We can start shipping in more weapons and munition as a stockpile. Are you interested in more M26PA units?
New Genoa
22-09-2003, 21:54
The President nodded. "Sounds like an idea to me. High General, do you require any more of the stated equipment?" President Carter slowly sipped some of his coffee before leaning back.

"Glad you asked. Yes, we will require approximately 2000 to 3000 units of the M-26PA. Most will need to be deployed to the eastern front of course, to act as infantry support. Now, most forces, other than the large armies that will be located in the eastern portion of the nation, will need to be deployed to various coastal areas."

OOC: Check the edit. :wink:
The Free Republic of New Genoa
22-09-2003, 23:26
Yesterday, Monsieur Hildebrand, Delegate of AoE2 Region and President of The Second Grunge-French Republic and Monsieur Alphonse, Tlatoani of Defense of Grunge-France and General Commander of the First AoE2 Military Zone&Forces, arrived to the base in New Genoa.

Now, inside the base:

President: What can we do to satisfy this first requiriments of New Genoa, Alphonse?

Alphonse:Well, we have already 300,000 soldiers ready and in optimal situations in the base of Tim-Alim, in Oxnard Montalvo, and we can load them into the transports in less than 2 hours... they would be arriving at New Genoa in less than 6 hours (OOC.: Nothin of this is RL time), that is the 1st Response Army.

President: They will have tank-artillery support?

Alphonse: If we want to have a quick response no, they will arrive in New Genoa without support: we will send the tanks and artillery in separate forces.

President:And, what can we send within 24 hours?

Alphonse: Within 24 hours, we can movilize more or less 2 million of soldiers, 100 artillery divisions and 9000 Tanks to anywhere they are needed.

President:What about the armadas?

Alphonse: Within 24 hours, 10 Armadas are ready to go anywhere they are needed, within 48 hours, 23 Armadas.

President: What are the total number of the AoE2 Army?

Alphonse: 40 million forces, including artillery divisions, pilots and tank operators plus medical corps, being only 2 million soldiers from Grunge-France, but we have, right now, no logistic capability to command 40 million soldiers at the same time, we can only command 4 million at the same time, for the moment.

President: How many Armadas do we have?

Alphonse: 37 Armadas, 20 being from Grunge-France.

President: Air force?

Alphonse: 1000 Riga Bombers, 6000 various bombers, 7000 Golden Eagle Jets, 7000 various Jets and these numbers are growing as AoE2 Region grows.

President: Space Fleets?

Alphonse: We have 10 functional Construction Yards: 2 in Angelus, 2 in the AoE2 Space Station, the rest in Grunge-France, we have hundreds of new ships bought to Angelus, and we have 60 new ships made in Grunge-France. Within 24 hours, we can movilize 1 fleet.

President: People from New Genoa: This is the military mighty of AoE2 Region, you tell us what do you want us to do, we will not let The Imperium get away with the crimes it has commited against the liberty of the humanity...
Liberty Fighters
23-09-2003, 00:05
The man known as Hawk who was to represent the liberty fighters at this meeting no began to speak after remaining silenlty attentive.

"Ahem, I am Brigadier General Dewy Roberts, aka Hawk, I lead the RLD Batalion(republican liberty dragoons) I have been send by chancellor and now Marshall WT O'Cnnor to represent the Liberty Republic as we prepar to battle the tyrants. I have been given command over all Land based Logistics sent to aid here that belong to the Liberty Fighters. Our Military is remarabke for a nation of our size, totaling close to one and a half Million personel, almost all of which we are willing to contribute to the effort. O'connor's words himself "Tell me what you need, and you've got it" now my question is, what do you need mr president, and how lon do I have to get it here?"

He sat back in his chair and his stone cold eyes looked repectful but emotionless at the President. He did mean every word he said.
23-09-2003, 00:49
OOC: Sorry. This is a multi "level" RP post. And also sorry if THIS clashes with the "spy" network of anyone else, it wasn't intentional.....


A phone that sat on a desk, behind which sat an officer in Air Force blue started ringing. The officer picked up the phone but didn't indentify himself "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party." The line clicked off. The Air Force officer went to the coatrack to get his jacket, full of ribbons and three stars on the shoulder boards. As the officer trooped out into the corridor, other doors opened and other officers similar filed down the corridor.....

Meanwhile, at the Area 51A conference.....

Secretary of Defense Bunker waited politely while Director of Intelligence Ryan read some report or another when an aide came in, shoved a single scrap of paper in Bunker's hand. "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party? What the HELL?" He looked incredulous, but as soon as Doctor Ryan heard the words, she half got out of her seat, looking panicked and grabbed Bunker by the arm. "We've gotta, gotta....."

Ryan looked at the back wall, raised her other arm to scream out a warning, but the Adejaani Secret Service agent raised his weapon. The other Agent, whose instincts and reflexes were a lot faster tackled the assassin, but not before two shots were fired. BANG! The first shot shattered a water jug and embedded itself into the desk. BANG! The other shot went into Bunker's back, causing him to jerk upwards like a puppet with someone who jerked his strings and then he crashed back onto the table, a pool of blood already starting to form.....

Meanwhile, in the office of the Vice President.....

Erin "Sneezy" Aireserkeiel flipped through the dull report about the lack of feed grain to sustain farm animals, a result of the poor rainfall levels in the north east when Secret Service Agents burst into the room, closed the curtains and pulled her below the desk. "What's going on?!" She got her answer a moment later. Despite the curtains being closed, a bright flash of light filtered through and a low rumbling sound followed the small tremor beneath her feet.

Once that ended, a wall of Secret Service Agents pushed her out, probably to safety. But before she did so, her assistant's office had a TV that was running, despite the static. A moment later, a man, silouetted appeared on the screen. His rich resonant voice filled the room. "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party. The revolution has begun....."
New Genoa
23-09-2003, 00:56
OOC: GF, it would take much longer to mobilize that many troops. Just a hint to help keep this RP realistic. :wink:

IC: "Good evening, Brigadier General," said the President after the general's introduction. "Concerning your contributations, well, I think you'll need to speak to Mr. Tachi. High General?"

"Yes, very well. As you all know, I am High General David Tachi, supreme commander of the New Genoese Regular Army. Now, Brigadier General, my aides have yet to update me with the state of the needed areas of support, but I can tell you this: Air Support will be vital. Strafing of the enemy landings, or even keeping enemy air support occupied will be a deciding factor. That is, we will be requesting air support, and several regiments of your best men. During the address to the nation President Carter will most definitely make, the code word 'hawk' will be emphasized in his speech. This means you get your ground forces moving. Further details will be discussed later on. Your thoughts? Any suggestions of what tasks you may want your forces to execute? I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on this matter to perfect the military operation."

The High General cleared his throat and took a brief sip of coffee before sitting down, awaiting the next speaker.


Meanwhile, two spies had been assigned to patrol customs areas, acting as normal civilians of course. Several spies were implanted at all major airports and other locations of incoming people...
The Free Republic of New Genoa
Liberty Fighters
23-09-2003, 00:56
Instantly all 10 men of the 1st RLD team belonging to the liberty republic drew thier weapons, every other man in that room who carried a weapon had a green targeting sensor dot on thier forheads or torsos, thes guys knew how to take contorl of a situation. Hawk got on his radio...

"Hawk to Raven, I need relatives NOW!"

in 30 seconds 4 more uniformed RLD troopers burst into the room with thier LV Mark V Assulat Lazer/Ion rifles drawn, 2 seconds later New Genoan Regulars followed side arms drawn.

(OOC-Sorry NG but i just thought that it was kinda obvious that your people would respond as well)

Hawk muttered, "This is gonna be messy"
New Genoa
23-09-2003, 01:00
"Jesus Christ!" echoed the voices of men.

"How the fuck did an assasin infiltrate their Secret Service?! Guards!"

Four men, wearing dark sunglasses, broke open the door, all carrying pistols. "Who are you?" the inquired ferociously.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
Liberty Fighters
23-09-2003, 01:03
OOC- okay timing sucks but this is in repsonse to NG asking me what i thought, personally i think AFTER this THEN the whole Mr. Bunker getting shot and my men resonding should happen


"Yes, High General the Air Cops can be here in hours, personally I love the proximity factor(chuckles) but yes, we have b-2 bombers, f-22s, some f-16's, Apache and Comanche Attack choppers, the choppers I feel will be the bet for the beaches. The Raptors will run Interdiction, the f-16's will do interdiction/strafes/and short range bombing on ememy naval statisticsonce they get in range. My b-2's will hit the enemy navy as soon as they are in range. Those pilots have the gull for it.
23-09-2003, 01:09
(OOC. New Genoa, do you remember how much did it take me to movilise 400,000 soldiers to SouthPort? 2 days and a half real life time... I´m a guy who enjoys wars who have no need to be won in one day, belive me, things WILL happen that will always keep me as a nation who ahsn´t been ignored NEVER, you just trust in me ;) )
New Genoa
23-09-2003, 01:13
OOC: Alright. :P
23-09-2003, 01:33
"He gonna be okay?" Someone asked. The would be assassin had been hauled off. Bunker grunted as he was helped back into his seat. Fortunately, the bullet had pretty much gone straight through him. His arm would be sore as the nerves and blood vessels healed back, but he'd be fine.

"Doctor Ryan, perhaps you can tell me exactly what the HELL is going on." The President of New Genoa orders tersely.

Ryan cleared her throat and ran her fingers through her normally neat hair. "For many many years, there have been..... Factions within the Adejaani government and military have wanted us to be a superpower. Not this small, but well equipped and ultimately defensive force we have now. Intel had been suggesting these militant factions had been strongly against most of the policies adopted. But our recent wars against Tilsiltsin, Aerion and most importantly the ShaRa have kept them happy."

Ryan picked up a water glass and rank, but her hands trembled so much, most went onto her shirt and lap. "When Adejaani signed a pact for nuclear disarmament, many Government Officials and Military Officers resigned in protest. And it seems the final straw, the final line, we crossed it. We knew that despite our involvement, most believed that Adejaani could not make a difference. So, we had signed a non aggression pact with Melkor....."

"You WHAT?!" Liberty Fighters' delegate, Dewey roared.

"We had no choice." Ryan croaked back, looking straight at Dewey. "Do you even realise you, at a FRACTION of Adejaani's population has a far bigger and more capable military? We would've been slaughtered. So we made a deal with Melkor. Non aggression, but we'd be allowed to help reconstruct whatever gets destroyed in the war."

Dewey put his hands on the table and leaned forward. "So you're just going to abandon us?! What about The Republic was not established by cowards?! What about your claims of putting rifles in everyone's hands and fighting to the last?!"

Bunker's voice was raspy and he was in tremendous pain, but he leaned forward. "We are not proud of what we did. But we're changing. We're vastly upgrading our military now, but not in time to make a difference. We are sorry. Shamed. We are so ashamed. I cried the night we unofficially signed the pact of Non Aggression. But if we fought now, the Republic would be at an end. If you lost, they'd come after us and we would have had to unconditionally surrender. That would not have been acceptable. We are cowards. We accept that....."

Dewey took a deep breath and calmed himself. "What about these militant factions then? What if they take power?"

Bunker stood up, which brought along even more grunting and wincing. "If the militant factions succeed in taking over power, the Republic of Adejaani would go 'nuke' and drop its weapons all over New Genoa to make sure Melkor would not take it and probably destroy the Republic of Adejaani with nuclear weapons to insure they don't win. As much as I'd like to stay and chat, there's a Republic to save. If we manage to regain control, we may......" Bunker's mouth twisted in irony. "Come to the aid of your party. But for now, we are afraid we cannot do anything to jeopardise Adejaani. We are sorry."

With a Secret Service Agent's help on one side and Ryan's on the other, Bunker left the room. It was a sad day for everyone. For Adejaani had turned its back not only on its allies, but itself.....
Isla de Penguinata
23-09-2003, 01:37
That's just terrible Adejaani! That's really disgusting, to tell you the truth. :x
Liberty Fighters
23-09-2003, 01:49
Hawk stood up facing Dr Ryan. "Let us help, I have 1,000 men in my batalion, thats 100 more RLD teams just like this one here, they could keep your governement in place for sure, I understand where you comming from, I do not agree, nor disagree. Let us help, but if we do, you MUST aide us when you are able, because we will need it now more than ever."

Hawk turned to President Carter,
"I must report this to my superiors, no doubt Marshall O'Connor will end up taking the next hercy-bird out here..."

Then he turned to one of the men on his team..
"Gunny, relay to all teams, 'the time is now, all birds to thier trees'"
New Genoa
23-09-2003, 02:15
The President's eyes widened. "You... you... how could you?"

"Why bother attending this meeting if you have decided to deal with that of Melkor?!" roared the President. You could tell he was infuriated, his face was red. He grunted, "Leave, now."

The possibility that his brother, his ally, had made a non-agression pact with the enemy was too overwhelming for him, and he could not stand the sight of the Adejaani. Though, he knew, deep down in his heart his allies would not abandon him.

The President turned to Hawk, "Very well."
The Free Republic of New Genoa
Abu-Dhabi Khristatata
23-09-2003, 02:31

TO: President Carter, President of New Genoa

FROM: Crown Prince Adanedhel


We could dispatch two Reinforced Motor-rifle divisons, if our assitance is needed. Yet after a week or so of prepreation we may be able to bring an entire Reinforced Motor-rifle divison, and after that most likely a corps, possibly a Shock army or a Gaurds army.

New Genoa
23-09-2003, 02:34
OOC: Now that's more like it. :P But I don't know if you'll be invited (although the list hasn't been completely finalized). And my OOC trust for you is diminshed after the whole MOABing incident. :wink:

IC: The President, still furious, took the call. "Two divisions? Interesting. Keep them on high alert, my friend."
The Free Republic of New Genoa
Abu-Dhabi Khristatata
23-09-2003, 02:38
OOC: Now that's more like it. :P But I don't know if you'll be invited (although the list hasn't been completely finalized). And my OOC trust for you is diminshed after the whole MOABing incident. :wink:

IC: The President, still furious, took the call. "Two divisions? Interesting. Keep them on high alert, my friend."
The Free Republic of New Genoa

OOC: That never happened, shhhh... :wink:


Liberty Fighters
23-09-2003, 02:54
"Mr President," Hawk Interupted Its Marshall O'Connor on the satphone, he wants to speak to you(hands the president the Satphone)
O'Connor: I have been informed of what has happened. I have dispatched several Space Carrier Groups over Adejaani to 'keep an eye on' the situation there, in actuality they are just more advance troops, more will come on your word, never fear friend, as we speak I am in my chopper en-route to the ai-strip, Ill be there in hours. Is there anything I should know you you need to know?"
New Empire
23-09-2003, 20:02
OOC-Wow, I missed a LOT.
Kessmer was disgusted. After she holstered her pistol, they announce they cannot attack. A list of expletives she often heard amoung the enlisted men when she was a Lt. came to her mind, but fortunately, not to her lips.
She left the meeting, and decided all further communication would be through secure lines.
New Genoa
23-09-2003, 20:39
The President panted and wiped the perspiration that was soaking his forehead off. "Meeting has been rescheduled to 0900 tomorrow morning. Be there, and be sqaure."
The Free Republic of New Genoa
New Empire
23-09-2003, 20:41
I guess I have to come. But there better be more security.
Kessmer contacted the DIA and SSA, telling them to begin snooping in on any info about the Adejaani/Melkor pact.
New Genoa
23-09-2003, 20:43
Everyone, including Secret Servicemen will be disarmed completely before entering the meeting room. I assure you that security will be tightened.
New Empire
23-09-2003, 20:52
She nodded, and walked off.
The satellites were in a frenzy, trying to intercept Melkorian/Adejaani transmissions, and hackers at the Information Warfare section of the SSA were hard at work looking for any info they could find.
23-09-2003, 22:15
Erik von Idelius cleared his throat. Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom. I'll just be a minute...

Stepping out of the conference hall he walked towards the Men's room. As he got into the stall, he reached into his pocket, pulling out the tiny little recorder there. Taking out the tiny disk, he feeds it into his cell phone and makes the call. "M'lord, it is I." The Imperator, Erik von Blatterschplitt was impatient. "Yes? I want to know what is going on."
"M'lord, I have sent a recording of the conversation so far. As you can hear, it seems that the Adejaani have betrayed us."
"Damnit. What kind of a military force do they have?"
"From what I know, sir, their military is pretty much jack."
"I want you to discuss the possibility of punishing them for their disloyalty. Do it secretly though."
"Yes, m'lord."

Erik von Idelius strode back into the room, smiling at the delegates. He began to speak. "Edolia already has a large force inside New Genoa including a number of YT/A-2 Hellion unmanned fighter/interceptors, some of the most advanced fighter craft in the world. They are equipped to fire powerful air-to-air bunker-busters, capable of piercing the thickest gravship armor. Thus, with a head-on attack, we will have a major advantage."

A delegate raises his hand. "What about the active defenses on his gravships? Won't they just knock heavy missiles down?"

Erik continues. "Perhaps some... But we can mobilize over a thousand of these planes, each carrying two of these missiles. Our Phoenix-III interceptors can also each carry three of them. If we mobilize a force of them too, there is no way that he can shoot them all down. Remember, Melkor's gravships are advanced but completly ineffective. Whatever idiot Melkorian designed those gravships obviously didn't take into account how easy they are to hit. Either way, all we really have to worry about is his long-range kinetic artillary.

Moving on... I understand that a number of nations are deploying large fleets to combat Melkor's gravships. I wouldn't reccomend relying on them too much as surface fleets seem to fare badly against gravships. Edolia used to have a sizeable fleet... that is until we went up against three of Melkor's gravship fleets. Edolia no longer has a surface fleet. I don't want that happening to any other nation here."
New Genoa
23-09-2003, 22:29
The President, collecting folders from the table, and preparing to leave, for the meeting was to be rescheduled for tomorrow, spoke, "True, but our naval fleets are some of our only defenses. Plus, we have evidence that allies of Melkor will utilize surface fleets in the event of invasion."

He grabbed his coat and exited the room.

OOC: I wouln't attack Adej... there's another twist, IIRC in the making... so hold it off with your characters for some time.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
23-09-2003, 23:24
The notice of what happened caused strong reactions in The Cnogress of The Republic.

"He really hope security is going to be tightened for the next meeting, we cannot let the Man in charge of 40 million soldiers, President Hidebrand, be in danger"

said a Citizen Senator.


Monsieur Hildebrand: Why did you announced that insane capability to send forces? we have no logistics to send that much soldiers in the time you said, we will need much more...

Monsieur Alphonse: Right now, there are 2 million AoE2 Forces in Grunge-France... as soon as conflict beigns, the Congress of The Republic will think the 2 million forces will leave inmediatelly, it has no idea the main mission of these soldiers...

Monsieur Hildebrand: I see you already have the plan to get off my back the damn Citizen Senators....

Monsieur Alphonse: Of Course Monsieur... the Congress has high doubts on what are we going to do with that amount of soldiers in Grunge-France, but now that they think they all are gonig to be sent to New Genoa, we will caught the senators by surprise...

Monsieur Hildebrand: Excelent Tlatoani of Defense. Tell me, which is the real amount of soldiers we can send inmediatelly to New Genoa?

Monsieur Alphonse: far way from that two million... 500,000 in a first wave, 400,000 if we want to send with them artillery and tanks... some soldiers will be needed, in case of civilian uprise for the overthrow of the Congress...


Not only New Genoa was about to get into a war, the Ambicious President Monsieur Hildebrand and his Tlatoani of Defense were about to destroy the Congress of The Republic, thanks to the fact that AoE2 Soldiers have no interest on protecting The Cnogress of The Republic, unlike the now non-existant Grunge-French Armeé.
Liberty Fighters
24-09-2003, 00:08
A second C-130 Lands on the tarmac at Area51A, but this time, 6 F-22's were escorting it, they did not land but flew a stand-by pattern waiting for further orders. Marshall O'Connor Stepped onto the tarmac greeted by Gen. Hawk and his team. O'Connor was in his uniform, and he was armed. He walked into the main hanger where the RLD's HMMWV was, and they departed for thier lodging. Now that O'Connor was here, the rest of his forces weren't far behind.
24-09-2003, 01:01
OOC: Look, despite what's happened, we're still loyal to APTO. It's just a twist.


Coded transmission from SecDef Bunker to NG and allies from unspecified location

"Things are going rough here. But nevertheless, we are not turning our back on you. Although there is a fair state of unrest, the rebels are not in control, WE (being the legitimate government) still are. As such, three carrier battle groups will be sailing due south to protect the northern flank of NG. No, amend that. The three carrier battle groups are tasked to defend APTO territory from hostile attacks. While this may be seen as a technical violation of the NAP with Melkor, the defense of APTO sovereign airspace takes higher priority.

"However, Air forces (except those deployed with said Fleet) may not be entirely trustworthy, as it seems the bulk of the military power in the rebellion is Air Force (as the largest, most reactionary, ambitious and the fastest means to deliver nuclear weapons.....). Nevertheless, apart from that small incident where the Air Force officers detonated a small nuclear device, an accident as the Security Forces tried to intervene, there has been no fighting. Though that may change as the rebellion gathers strength, depending on where loyalties lie.

"Finally, despite the state of upheaval, the Adejaani government is still functioning, if in a somewhat strained manner. Similarly, despite the upheavals, Doctor Ryan, our Director of Intelligence has gotten wind of various plots to 'get even' with us for our supposed treachery. We had no choice in the matter, we would have been slaughtered.

"But nevertheless, should any hostile actions by the rebellion be targetted against any of our allies, including NG, we will do ANYTHING, to killing our own countrymen to insure the safety of others.

"And know this. Although we are experiencing a revolt, despite our relative military impotence, we have the means and the will to beat back ANY invasion. We will try as soon as we can to stabilise our country and will offer aid and equipment, which is not prohibited under the NAP.

"We wish you good luck and good hunting."
Liberty Fighters
24-09-2003, 01:13
Encrypted messege to President Carter:
Mr. President, as you know I am Marhsall O'Connor. Due to the developments from Adejanni intel, i belive that it would be wise if you let me bulster the air defence over your airspace, i have plenty of MEAD's and F-22's to do the job efficiently. Secondly, the development of my new mechs has given my troops a better hold on the battle field, we will win this war.
New Genoa
24-09-2003, 02:56
Acknowledged. I have discussed this with High General Tachi and he agrees also. Deploy your air forces now. They will take off at the code word 'eagle.'
Liberty Fighters
24-09-2003, 03:12
"Done and Done," replied Marshall O'Connor

:::The Squadrons of F-22's who were put on alert days ago now got their word:::

18 F-22 Sqadrons took off within 30 minutes on the 2 hour flight to pre-designated airstrips in northern and central New Genoa, the following are now deployed to New Genoa
From the LFAC(Liberty Fighters Air Corps)

42nd-47th,&53rd-64th F-22 Raptor Squadrons
1st-3rd Air Corps Supply Divisions(in C-130's at present transport)

"My Artillery/Heavy Ordinance divisions will prep MEAD's for trasnport and be there by dawn tomorrow, anything else you might need? I ahve plenty to give"
Melkor Unchained
24-09-2003, 06:12
Public Diplomatic Transmission, Angband to New Genoa:

"For once, we really would rather not fight. Perhaps, it would in fact be prudent to send an Emissary to your country for negotiations before we engage ourselves in a war that will exhaust us both and leave millions lying dead in the streets. we have differences, yes, but perhaps they're not irreconcileable."

--Lord Alkanphel, High Emissary of the Imperium
24-09-2003, 06:17
We applaud the nation of Melkor Unchained in this matter. This is one time the Imperium of Melkor Unchained has show a willingness to negotiate peace.

Foreign Affairs Ministry
24-09-2003, 07:06
Stand by for broadcast from President Morghan J. Harrington

"Good day to you kind folks wherever you may be..... As you may have heard, observed or otherwise, there were a number of startling events occuring. Now it is time to come clean.

"I can first of all tell you, that the rebel factions trying to take over the Republic of Adejaani were greatly exagerrated. Yes, there were indeed Air Force officers and, most disturbingly, extremely senior members of the Congress and Senate who were in on the conspiracy to try and take power, to the legitimate government and to go on a large shooting spree.

"But while that has been exagerrated, the rebel factions did take power briefly, but were promptly crushed as the Intelligence Services and regular Military regained the upper hand. The false propaganda of instability was put forth to lull enemies of New Genoa into false beliefs. We were biding our time.

"We are ashamed of what we did, to sign a Non Aggression Pact with Melkor, which was much the same as shaking hands with the devil. But we did not have enough forces and I must stress again. While the situation was exagerrated, we simply had not enough military force to protect both New Genoa and Adejaani. So we chose to protect ourselves in a selfish act that would have doomed us all.

"With Melkor deciding to make peace, the time for charades has ended. Our military is now almost at an appropriate size for our nation. No longer will we hide behind peace treaties. We stand with New Genoa, APTO and our allies to defend what is ours. No nation can bully us into submission.

"We know what we did was treacherous. We know it may be a very long time before we can regain the trust that we have so brutally broken in a few short hours. It was almost childish and irresponsible of us. We damned ourselves far worse than we did of our allies. But we are here. We will try to step up to the plate. We will try to take responsibility for our actions......

"God Bless."
New Empire
24-09-2003, 11:47
Despite the call for peace, the USNE continues moving the 2nd Marine Division and 329th Anti-Orbital Artillery Battalion into eastern New Genoa..
New Genoa
24-09-2003, 11:48
Public Diplomatic Transmission, Angband to New Genoa:

"For once, we really would rather not fight. Perhaps, it would in fact be prudent to send an Emissary to your country for negotiations before we engage ourselves in a war that will exhaust us both and leave millions lying dead in the streets. we have differences, yes, but perhaps they're not irreconcileable."

--Lord Alkanphel, High Emissary of the Imperium"Diplomacy?" stuttered the President. "Melkor? Very well."

OOC: Sorry for the short post..
The Free Republic of New Genoa
24-09-2003, 12:33
"This is good news. We must commend Melkor for finally pursuing peaceful measures. "
New Empire
24-09-2003, 19:47
Kessmer sits, looking over the short statement made by Melkor, and continues her encrypted conversation with the Secretary of Defense.
"Melkor... Diplomacy. Those are two words I'd never think would be used in the same sentence. Seems fishy, sir."
"Well, the SSA is poring over it, but for now let's assume they're serious. Go to the meeting tomorrow morning, see if you can learn anything of the negotiations."
"Yes sir. Kessmer out."
She put down the securephone, and read the message again.
24-09-2003, 19:53
Despite this new information of a Melkor peace initiative, Edolian forces will remain in New Genoa for the time being. However, plans are being made for their withdrawal.
24-09-2003, 23:06
So The Imperium has decided to explore the marvelous road of Diplomacy...remarkable, and we applaud the decission.

However, AoE2 Forces are still on high alert, ready to part anywhere it is ordered.


President: Melkor has decided to give a shoot to the peace, excelent.

Alphonse: Indeed Monsieur, but with a possible war with Melkor less likely to happen, I´m afraid The Congress of The Republic will ask in no time to order the AoE2 Forces to leave Grunge-France.

President:...We must overthrow The Congress of The Republic before it is too late and they found out our little plan... do it, give the order to the forces to assault the Congress of The Republic: the sooner, the better.

Alphonse: All right, I´ll do it inmediatelly Monsieur.
Liberty Fighters
25-09-2003, 00:48
:::Marshall O'Connor looked at the report handed to him by the Lance Corporal with disbelief:::

"Melkor Unchained, wanting diplomacy, things are looking up, for once the Commonwealth may go below a code orange alert," he thought to himself. " Well, just in case we'll stay at orange, you never know with him."
"Corporal! send this to President carter, high security."

--the transmission read--
"Friend, the birds are still in the roost, wise they are, they remiand un-fooled"
25-09-2003, 01:00
{Tag; For Intelligence Purposes}
Liberty Fighters
25-09-2003, 01:52
OOC- wut does "tag" mean?
Melkor Unchained
25-09-2003, 03:24
Jay Reaven peered through the window as his shuttle taxiied to down the runway. An Air Force Colonel was on hand to escort him to the craft. "You ready?"

Reaven shook his head. "Ready as I'll ever be."

The Colonel nodded and grinned. "Indeed."

The two men strode out the terminal as Imperial Bodyguards fell into formation around them. Reaven nodded at the shuttle guards as he stepped in. "Good evening, Jay. Your ship is ready fo ya."

Reaven nodded and clicked his tounge. "Slick. Let's jet."

The doors closed, and the two men stepped in. Soon, the craft would arrive in APTO airspace.

Public Diplomatic Transmission: Angband - New Genoa
"Our Diplomat is on his way. The plane is under escort and for security reasons, we'd like to keep it that way. On behalf of Lord Melkor's Imperium, he requests an immediate meeting with your president.:

--some random official

Melkor, Lord of Darkness
He who Arises in Might
Emperor Eternal of the Imperial Dominion of Melkor Unchained, Lord and Master of Arda
Liberty Fighters
25-09-2003, 14:12
:::The LF forces on NG were mostly Air Defense, so they became quite un-easy when they heard that Melkor wanted to keep his war-planes with his diplomat. A couple of the pilots were muttering about who could take bout of them out the fastest. As thier Wing commander strode by they ended thier chatter, he stopped, turned to them and simply said, "I could do it 30 seconds befroe any of you..." and continued his stroll, there was obvious dis-comfort in the ranks about the presence of the ones who are so easily called "enemy":::
Melkor Unchained
25-09-2003, 15:27
That pilot was in all likelihood, completely full of it. Morgoth's Air Force was a lot of things, and iexperienced wasn't one of them. When youre escorting quite possibly the world's most widely hated diplomat, its imperative that you know just what in the hell you're doing. Whether anyone else knew it or not, the 12 or so fighters in formation around the shuttlecraft were the best pilots the Imperium had to offer.

The entourage finally pierced APTO space, approaching New Genoa quickly. A transmission was sent from the escort leader to New Genoa:

"This is escort leader Alpha fifteen... requesting landing coordinates for our crew, please respond."

Melkor, Lord of Darkness
He who Arises in Might
Emperor Eternal of the Imperial Dominion of Melkor Unchained, Lord and Master of Arda
New Empire
25-09-2003, 19:45
The spaceplane, still performing it's "sceintific" duties, began monitoring the 12 fighters and the shuttle.
"They do ANYTHING suspicious, I want as many SU/F-15s as the Auerstadt can pump out."
New Genoa
25-09-2003, 20:02
Acknowledged. This is New Genoa Air Traffic Control, landing coordinates are <insert a lot of numbers here>.


"Personal meeting with Melkorian diplomat, ETA one hour Mr. President," informed hisd aide, who was suspicious of this meeting. President Carter dressed himself neatly, with a bulletproof vest underneath his formal clothes. Nearby, the 1st Greyhound Company, 150 New Genoese Army Regulars, stood on patrol, equipped with SMAWs and other small arms to counter any surprise attack.

"I know," replied the President. "Let's move." President Carter, Vice President Jackson, and Carter's aide left for Area 52, a small underground facility where diplomatic meetings occurred....
The Free Republic of New Genoa
Liberty Fighters
26-09-2003, 00:22
:::An LF Patrol of F/A-22's were in the area and were due to land on the strip right after the Shuttle, they decided to cut thier patrol short and do a fly over the visitors while they were landing, just to check em out:::
26-09-2003, 00:51
Orders have been wired to the first AoE2 Fleet to leave its base, its destination, as the official report says, is 700 kilometers away from the New Genoan National Space.

Also, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Armandas were ordered to set sail and advance slowly to New Genoa, whiel a permit to approach is granted by New Genoa.


President: This meeting between New Genoa and Melkor can turn into something really good or something really bad, there are no other real options...

Tlatoani of Defense: Indeed Monsieur, after that peace talks or the Melkorian diplomat leaves to declare war inmediatelly, or he leaves to announce the final peace among the factions in conflict.

President: Exactly... we need to be prepared, that´s why I ordered the AoE2 1st Fleet to leave its base.

President: Alphonse, Link with the New Genoese Military Command, ipso facto.

Tlatoani of Defense: Conecting right away Monsieur...

-Trasmission to the New Genoese Military Command-

President: We ask for permission to allow us to enter your regional waters the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Armada, their objetive will be secure your coastlands in a secretive way, but effective too, expecting for the unwanted, a war.

Abu-Dhabi Khristatata
26-09-2003, 01:00
'I didn't know 'peace' was in Melkor's vocabulary...'
New Genoa
26-09-2003, 01:03
This is New Genoese Central Command. We've been given orders by High General Tachi to allow AoE2 forces to move in gradually and secretly. Over.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
26-09-2003, 01:26
And then the Armadas started their secret trip to New Genoa: The 1st Armadas was ordered to secure the southeast, the 2nd Armada was ordered to secure the southwest, th e3rd Armada was ordered to secure the North.

The vessels will enter the waters in total secret, with their weapons unloaded...
26-09-2003, 01:32
Vice President Erin "Sneezy" Aireserkeiel observed the events on a monitor. "Put four Carrier Battle Groups and four Marine Expeditionary Battalions to the northern sectors of New Genoa to keep our supply lanes clear. But tell them to keep weapons safed, self defense measures can still be enacted."
26-09-2003, 23:49
....Transmission to The New Genoese Military Command....

This is Commodore Lou Gonzo, Supreme Admiral of the AoE2 Navy, broadcasting from Le Bleu Maison (Headquarters of THe AoE2 Navy), right now, the 3 Armadas sent to protect the coasts of New Genoa are in possition: Admiral Tucson Bigont, who´s in the 3rd Armada, is the Leader of this operation.
Orders have been given to remain with the radar-sonar systems turned on, to detect any suspicious activity, but they have their weapons uncharged, and no jet has left any carrier, to avoid calling for the attetnion.
The Armadas have specific war materials to fight Space Fleets, since we expect any initial threat coming from the skies: don´t worry, at the moment a non-wanted war started, we will send other Armadas capable to manage more efectively naval menaces, but our main concern is fighting against incoming Space Fleets.

New Genoa
26-09-2003, 23:52
This is New Genoese Central Command, we have acknowledged your entry into waters and New Genoese naval vessels have been ordered not to open fire. Over.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
Liberty Fighters
27-09-2003, 01:40
:::transmission to AoE2 Naval Fleets:::

This is Fleet Admiral Rogers of the First Liberty Fleet(2 Carrier Groups), we are currently 5 miles out of New Genoese Waters to keep the water ways between our nations under our control. We are at an Orange alert rating. We have a couple Air wings on New Genoa as well, if it comes down to it, you and I will be on the front, I suggest we meet to discuss possible senarios, we will not be caught off-guard by the Imperium
Rogers out
Melkor Unchained
27-09-2003, 03:03
The Imperial Shuttle touched down cleanly in New Genoa, taxiing to the appropriate position. Out of the hatch stepped Lord Alkanphel himself, clad in his trademark white business suit, with a dark crimson ascot in lieu of the "traditional" tie worn by most businessmen.

His eyes eerily scanned his surroundings as a phalanx of bodyguards slid out of the shuttlecraft and took up formation around him, pulse rifles at the ready. Striding across the tarmac, the Maia made his way to thenearest dignitary/ambassador/mechanic/whatever to be greeted and shown to his accomodations.

Melkor, Lord of Darkness
He who Arises in Might
Emperor Eternal of the Imperial Dominion of Melkor Unchained, Lord and Master of Arda
27-09-2003, 14:50
"Sneezy, we HAVE to warn the New Genoans." Doctor Ryan, Director of Intelligence was pacing and waving her arms about, as she was wont to do. Vice President "Sneezy" Aireserkeiel let her. It was common practice to allow for the eccentricities of a person if their skills and talents are good enough.

"There's something really bad about this. I can't place my finger on it. I have heard disturbing rumors, but nothing substantial. With your permission, I'd like to find out what I can."

Aireserkeiel nods permission and Ryan stalks off, with nothing but a gut feeling that something bad was going on. After the door closed, Aireserkeiel turns to Secretary of Defense Bunker.

"Ask NG if we can deploy a Division of Light Infantry, in addition to our naval assets up north. Want to try and mend fences and contribute. See if they'll agree."
New Empire
27-09-2003, 15:01
The cameras of the spaceplane focused on one of the soldiers. With the main camera's power, they could read stamped labels on the guns the Melkorians carried.
"We gotta keep our eyes on this one, I don't want anything happening to New Genoa under my watch."
Liberty Fighters
27-09-2003, 15:53
--The Chancellor-now-Marshall O'Connor paced in his quarters in an un-disclosed bunker in NEw Genoa. He was being counciled by Brig. Gen. "Hawk".

"I dont like it, not one bit, we allowed too many air escorts, I dont trust him Dewey, I dont, he is up to something. When would Melkor ever attempt peace with New Genoa. Hawk, I want more teams here, you have 3 hours, 24 more teams, NOW."

Hawk: "Yes sir, be careful, and PLEASE dont let anyone know where you are. It seems to run in your family, your nephew; the major; last night went into a hot silo to rescue some Socalist minor government ministors, with just 2 other teams outside and one Cobra, my god, there was 500 COmmie rebels there, doesnt he know hes in the line of sucession?!"

O'Connor: "quiet hawk! Were supposed to be a republic, they dont know about the line.."

Hawk: "yes sir, ill go get my teams here now"
::hawk strides off as O'Connor continues to pace::
New Genoa
27-09-2003, 18:11
The 1st Greyhound Company moved stealthily, as they were spread all over the proximity. Several snipers awaited atop adjacent buildings, their scopes aimed at Alkphanel's guards. "Hold your fire."


Dressed neatly also, Gary Bergin greeted Alkphanel with a firm handshake. He too, donned a bulletproof vest underneath, and carried a small revolver nearby.

"Hello, Gary Bergin, foreign diplomat. Come this way, the President is waiting." He lead the group towards a black limo with tinted windows. "Come, the meeting area is a mere ten minutes away."


"Mr. President, are you ready to address the diplomat?"

"Yes," replied the President.

Suddenly, the television in the back of the limo lit up, displaying the President, sitting idly at his desk. He spoke thus, "Greetings, Lord Alkphanel of Melkor Unchained. We are glad diplomacy has been agreed to end our squabbles and differences. We can only hope that peace ensues. I look forward to discussing these issues with you." The screen blacked out after the message.

The President whispered to his aide, "Is my body-double ready?"

The aide responded, "Yes, everything is set. Vice President Jackson's body-double is finished also. They'll never suspect a thing. We've been surgically modifying their faces and bodies to look like both of you ever since you became president five years ago. It's worth it now."

President Carter nodded, "Indeed. Remember to line the room with Army Regulars, too."

"It's already been done. And they are prepared."

"Oh, and the body-doubles, have they been given strict instructions and orders? Are the bugs in place so I can tell them what to say?"

"Yes, Mr. President, everything is in order."



This is New Genoese Central Command. Addressing Adejaani. High General Tachi has approved of a deployment of light infantry to New Genoa. Direct quote -- "Move stealthily and do not get noticed. Naval vessels have been contacted, not to open fire. Godspeed." -- Over.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
Liberty Fighters
27-09-2003, 19:07
:::Re-Cap of Liberty Fighters In New Genoa:::
3rd-6th LFMC Heavy Ordinance/Artillery Brigades
5th-8th LFAC F/A-22 Wings
7th-8th F-35 JSF Wings
1st S/S/C Brigade
*Exsecutive personel attatched to the Chancellor/Marshall's detal*
27-09-2003, 19:45
***Transmission to Liberty Fighers***

This is Admiral Tucson Bigont, Supreme Admiral of these 3 Armadas located in New-Genoa: We respond affirmatively to your call of cooperation, since they key for fighting against anyone is unity.

We have several Intelligence Documents on how to deal with enemy fleets, their capabilities and their weaknesses, and we´re right now making a single document of all of it: we will share it with you as soon as it is possible,so you can maximize your power.
Liberty Fighters
27-09-2003, 20:35
Thank you admiral, we thank you for your logical mind, together melkor will crumble
Melkor Unchained
27-09-2003, 20:40
Alkanphel slides into a seat, and draws a datapad out of his jacket, setting it on the table. The guards stand at ease behind him. He looks across the table to his counterpart. "Greetings. I certainly hope this meeting will be fruitful: the Imperium hopes New Genoa realizes that while we strive for peace, we do have some... issues with the way your state has conducted itself militarily against us in the past. Ideological differences aside, and likewise discounting disagreements we may have over domestic and foreign policy, the fact that the Imperium has been attacked by your marines should not--and from where I sit can not--be overlooked.

Melkor is a lot of things, but forgiving is seldom one of them. While we realize your distate for our practices, it doesnt change the fact that we were attacked, unprovoked by your marines and navy as a part of the coalition. For this, we feel, something should be said. Surely if you were in our position, you would seek something from the people who tried to have you killed, no?"

Melkor, Lord of Darkness
He who Arises in Might
Emperor Eternal of the Imperial Dominion of Melkor Unchained, Lord and Master of Arda
New Genoa
27-09-2003, 20:48
The man nodded and replied, "But surely, you must understand our point of view. New Genoa has always been, and always will be an anti-slavery state. The Coalition war certainly gave us an open oppurtunity to despose of massive enslavement. We were following in our allies' footsteps to end your recent thirst of imperialism. Eris Kallisti, Corporate Islands. It is, without a doubt, that you would have proceeded to raze and conquer these free peoples had not a large coalition intervened. Am I correct?"

The second man, posing as the Vice President, spoke, "New Genoa will, at the most offer a payment of 25 billion credits to repair any non-military targets that may have been destroyed in the war. Why should we pay reparations to repair a military? They stood and fought us, and died with our Marines also. We also are proposong a non-agression pact between our two nations."
The Free Republic of New Genoa
New Empire
27-09-2003, 21:33
The rain was coming down hard on the positions around Southport, and the 2nd Marines couldn't be more bored. The Specialist sat in the M8C3 vehicle, and began to, while technically he was on combat alert, play Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song over the com channels. While the C3 systems did not actually have a CD drive, or a hard drive for that matter, the Specialist, with the technical know how that landed him this position, had linked his Mp3 player to the system. Of course, this wasn't the first time he had done this. He had played the song Feuer Frei over the net during an artillery excersize, but he was suprised when, over the song, the request for the Battalion CO was heard.
Boy, was he in trouble.
Melkor Unchained
27-09-2003, 22:29
The man nodded and replied, "But surely, you must understand our point of view. New Genoa has always been, and always will be an anti-slavery state. The Coalition war certainly gave us an open oppurtunity to despose of massive enslavement. We were following in our allies' footsteps to end your recent thirst of imperialism. Eris Kallisti, Corporate Islands. It is, without a doubt, that you would have proceeded to raze and conquer these free peoples had not a large coalition intervened. Am I correct?"

The second man, posing as the Vice President, spoke, "New Genoa will, at the most offer a payment of 25 billion credits to repair any non-military targets that may have been destroyed in the war. Why should we pay reparations to repair a military? They stood and fought us, and died with our Marines also. We also are proposong a non-agression pact between our two nations."
The Free Republic of New Genoa

Alkanphel sighed. "Regardless of your views of slavery, we were obligated to defend ourselves. A non-aggression pact at this point, is preferable to the Imperium than an all out war. Many things have cropped up that we need to deal with before our revenge can be exacted on the coalition. Such as it stands, your marines didn't do enough damage to military targets to warrant pursuing massive reparations, but damage to non-military targets was even less. While the non-aggression pact is acceptable, the credits should be used as we see fit."

Melkor, Lord of Darkness
He who Arises in Might
Emperor Eternal of the Imperial Dominion of Melkor Unchained, Lord and Master of Arda
28-09-2003, 00:24
"Pinch me, this is for real?" Ryan whispered in Aireserkeiel's ear, who in turn whispered. "Come on. Take the deal! Shake the devil's hand and walk away!"
New Genoa
28-09-2003, 04:02
"Agreed. The money shall be transferred in 24 hours. You may use them as you wish. A non-agression pact will be signed soon also."

OOC: Sorry for the short post.
28-09-2003, 04:02
This is indeed unbelievable. It's a first time indeed ( For me any way ) to see Melkor settling for a Non Agression Pact.

Congratulations NG, It's a coup. You pulled it off quite well. And Melkor we commend you too. It seems you do know how to pursue peace instead of all out wars all the time.

OOC: I hope this is not a trick....if it is.....well it's a sinister one..
Melkor Unchained
28-09-2003, 04:07
"Agreed. The money shall be transferred in 24 hours. You may use them as you wish. A non-agression pact will be signed soon also."

OOC: Sorry for the short post.

Alkanphel appeared shocked. "You guys just have $25 billion lying around? We don't need it all at once, you know: $5 bil a year for five years ought to cover it nicely."
New Genoa
28-09-2003, 04:34
"Very well," replied the man.
Melkor Unchained
28-09-2003, 04:39
"Very well," replied the man.

Alkanphel blinked, and shook his head. Standing after a moment, he extends his hand. "Well then, this meeting was rahter quick, now wasn't it? While I'm more than certain that you're not the man I was meant to meet, I am nonetheless heartened to see that we resolved our differences without bloodshed."
New Empire
28-09-2003, 13:22
"Ahhh... Cut the music."
"Sorry sir."
"No problem. Get me the Battalion CO."
"Hold on, I'll patch him in."
He quickly linked the speaker to the CO.
"Look, Melkor's just made peace with New Genoa."
"Sir? Could you repeat that?"
"Melkor has made piece with New Genoa."
The specialist could hear this of course, and was quite shocked pigs were not flying over the C3 vehicle right now.
"Huh, I thought I'd never see the day."
"Anyway, we have to keep you guys here for awhile."
"Wha? Sir, if this is over, why the HELL are we gonna stay here?"
"I... I can't explain why. Some politico wants you guys over here, I dunno. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Out."
Liberty Fighters
28-09-2003, 17:54
the news of the peace spread like wildfire, soon the whole island knew about it.

Brigadier General "Hawk" walked to the comm terminal in the underground bunker, he picked up the mic and began to speak.
"All LF forces, this is Gen. Hawk, a non-agression pact has been signed with Melkor-Unchained, this may be good news but under oders from Marshall O'Connor we are to stay 2 more days before we bein our gradual recall. Those are the standing orders unless otherwise issued, still stand at code orange"
he put the mic down, and walked back to his station, he was still un-easy about this whole business of a Maia being in the country
New Genoa
28-09-2003, 18:08
"Very well," replied the man.

Alkanphel blinked, and shook his head. Standing after a moment, he extends his hand. "Well then, this meeting was rahter quick, now wasn't it? While I'm more than certain that you're not the man I was meant to meet, I am nonetheless heartened to see that we resolved our differences without bloodshed."The other man nodded. "All of New Genoa will surely rejoice as this conflict has been avoided. We are overjoyed that war, and the sure deaths of millions on both sides, has been avoided... once and for all."
Melkor Unchained
28-09-2003, 18:39
Alkanphel nods. "Of course, we hope you realize that we still have a good number of nations to contact regarding this conflict, and as such military campaigns will undoubtedly be launched against some of them. What is your stance on defending ex-coalition members, shoul dit come to that?"
New Genoa
28-09-2003, 18:49
"It depends. If our alliance is strong with them, we will undoubtley support them. Whether with supplies or military might. We would never abandon an ally. But with this non-agression pact now in place... well, support would defintely be diminshed to mostly moral. We request that, perhaps, these nations be given the same offer as us: a payment of money and a non-agression pact," spoke the man.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
Melkor Unchained
28-09-2003, 18:54
"It depends. If our alliance is strong with them, we will undoubtley support them. Whether with supplies or military might. We would never abandon an ally. But with this non-agression pact now in place... well, support would defintely be diminshed to mostly moral. We request that, perhaps, these nations be given the same offer as us: a payment of money and a non-agression pact," spoke the man.
The Free Republic of New Genoa

Alkanphel chuckled. "Of course. We give offers to everyone before decisive action is taken. Generally, we'd insist on a disarmament treaty, but we made an exception in your case. We're not foolish enoguh to just launch an invasion outright. Everyone will be given a chance to save themselves."
New Genoa
28-09-2003, 20:12
"Well, that's always good news, I suppose. Is there anything else you'd like to discuss?"
The Free Republic of New Genoa
28-09-2003, 21:21
(I have a new president, check the "Day the democracy died" topic)

All the forces comitted to the New Genoan defense plan have been called back to AoE2 Region, at the same time, I, The President of The Republic, Monsieur Alphonse with my Tlatoani of Propagande, the former President Monsieur Hildebrand, am ready to return to Grunge-France, after having stablished with New Genoa the possition of Grunge-France on the issue.


Message to Melkor:

The Most Serene Republic Grunge-France, in its quality of Supreme Commander of AoE2 Army and elected Delegate of AoE2 Region, wishes to ask you if there is anything you would like to discusse with us regarding the situation of rivalry the Region as a whole and the individual members have with the Imperium, if there´s anything to discusse, we will stay in New Genoa, otherwise we leave.

President Alphonse Gallé.
29-09-2003, 23:18
err.. bump.
Melkor Unchained
30-09-2003, 04:53
Message to Melkor:

The Most Serene Republic Grunge-France, in its quality of Supreme Commander of AoE2 Army and elected Delegate of AoE2 Region, wishes to ask you if there is anything you would like to discusse with us regarding the situation of rivalry the Region as a whole and the individual members have with the Imperium, if there´s anything to discusse, we will stay in New Genoa, otherwise we leave.

Re: Your Message:

"Yes. AoE is known to harbor Ur, who's leadership is wanted by the Imperium for war crimes. Perhaps a meeting can be arranged."

--Lord Alkanphel
30-09-2003, 23:56
"You´re more than welcome to go to Mistral City, capital of Grunge-France and quadquarters of AoE2 Region, in a meeting where a Ur´s envoy will also be invited of course, to solve the problems between AoE2 and The Imperium have."

"Ur&Grunge-France will form in ANY conflict a unifyed front, as the twin nations they are, but we will also seek for a fair and honorable solution to any conflict rather than going directly to war."

"This meeting will be strictly between AoE2-The Imperium, With Grunge-France as Delegate and Supreme Military Commander of The Region and Ur an Ass, as Advisor&Assistant of the Regional Government and as the main nation in AoE2 having problems with you, and as soon as I inform this to Ur and he gives me his answer, Grunge-France will call for a meeting in Mistral City, now, all the Grunge-French delegation leaves to Grunge-France"

Monsieur C. Kramer, Minister of Foreign Relations. (a map of the Augarian Continent, where some AoE2 Nations are located, including Grunge-France&Ur, if you check the section of Nations, specific maps of both Ur and me will be shown to you)