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Siroc & Newsted: Voyage on Venus

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19-09-2003, 18:56
King Siroc entered the Chamber of Peace. It certainly was an impressive place. He sat down in a large armchair idly counting the tiles on the ceiling and eating a biscuit from the plate on the tiny coffee table.

He frowned suddenly.

He had never liked ginger.
King Siroc
19-09-2003, 19:11
Cliff Newsted,President of NuMetal walked into the chamber of Peace to join King Siroc.

Glaring at Sirocco he said "So how many tiles are up there anyways?"
19-09-2003, 19:16
"Six hundred and... sixty-six."

The king felt a tingling up his spine but it passed.

"So, Mr President, you wanted to speak to me?"
19-09-2003, 19:27
"Six hundred and... sixty-six."

The king felt a tingling up his spine but it passed.

"So, Mr President, you wanted to speak to me?"

"Indeed I did,I think we need to talk about the whole nuclear pea/giant fork,flightless hippo/shiny objects,etc. incedent that occured after The Slaglands announced their new weapons"
20-09-2003, 01:18
"Ah yes, well, as you know, several hundred flightless hippos are winging their way towards NuMetal as we speak, intent on the destruction of the Great Fork."

King Siroc pressed a button inset in his armchair, adjusted his crépe paper crown and watched a wall slide back to reveal a screen:

"That's just one of them, Mr President. Six metres in height and diameter with jaws like mammoth vices, your fork won't stand a chance."

King Siroc smirked with a verrah self-satisfied grin.
20-09-2003, 01:30
"Ah yes the hippos....but little did you know that deep within an underground bunker in the heart of NuMetal,a backup to the fork exsists...thats right the great and powerful GIANT SPOON!! MWHAHAHA"

*straightens tie*

"well ahem..sorry I do that maniacal laughter thing sometimes....maybe I'm compulsive...anyways its even bigger than the fork"
Original pic of very large spoon (
20-09-2003, 01:38
The king nearly fell out of his armchair in stunned surprise.

"That's a very big spoon!"

He frowned, but soon a smirk was back on his pallid face.

"I'm not beaten yet! Flightless Hippos can burrow you know! They need to to be able to uproot the trees they make their nests with! I'll simply order them to dig down! Then we'll see how your spoon will manage!"

King Siroc went on to demonstrate his own maniacal laughing skills.

OOC: Don't you think that pic was just a leetle bit too big? :)
20-09-2003, 01:47
OOC: Yeah but what the heck I'm bored and I find it funny that a pic that size of a spoon actually exsists

"Well I never told you exactly where the spoon was so there :P "
20-09-2003, 01:49
"The flightless hippos have their ways... they'll find it. Would you like some chocolate champagne? Very popular drink in Lancre you know..."
20-09-2003, 01:51
"mmm chocolate sure"

OOC: Edited spoon
20-09-2003, 01:52
OOC: Hey! That king guy is that priest picture from Icewind Dale! Sorry, bad habit of saying the obvious.
20-09-2003, 01:56
OOC: Hey! That king guy is that priest picture from Icewind Dale! Sorry, bad habit of saying the obvious.
OOC: What is Iceland Dale?
20-09-2003, 01:57
OOC: Hey! That king guy is that priest picture from Icewind Dale! Sorry, bad habit of saying the obvious.
OOC: What is Iceland Dale?

OOC: Kickass RPG video game. Was addicted to it for about 10 months before I broke it.
20-09-2003, 01:58
OOC: Hey! That king guy is that priest picture from Icewind Dale! Sorry, bad habit of saying the obvious.

OOC: ...?! Not obvious to me, never heard of it! I just nicked the pic of Daggoth in an RP once...

IC: *pours glass of chocolate champagne* "Here you are... drink it up... heh heh heh... :twisted: " <--- never played Charades as a child... :P
20-09-2003, 02:04
<-----hopes drink isn't poisen

20-09-2003, 02:13
<-----hates arrows

The King watched him eagerly, a whisper of an evil grin playing across his cheeks.

"Why not sit down Mr President? Maybe... sleep (dark chuckle) that off? heh heh heh..."
20-09-2003, 02:15
"Sleep? After just drinking a bottle of chocolate?"
20-09-2003, 02:18
"Sit down... I believe the hippos will be nearing NuMetal now..."

The king sipped a small goblet of cranberry juice, watching the president as if waiting for something...
20-09-2003, 02:25
*Sits down*

grumbles about hippos
20-09-2003, 02:25
*Wonders why Siroc is staring at him*
20-09-2003, 02:31
As the president sat down a strange tuba-like noise emitted from the seat.

The king fell down on the floor and rolled on the floor in tears of laughter.

"Whoopie cushion! Hee hee! I wondered when you'd sit down! Ah, look at the screen the hippos have reached their destination..."

Dive-bombing hippos could be seen, soaring around the city, searching for... The Spoon.
20-09-2003, 02:42
*Newsted turns red*

"Well anyways...1 second please..."Newsted pull out a cell phone and speed dials someone "yes....I think its time to activate the....anti hippo food cannons"

Turns to Siroc
"They shoot hippo food into the air,your hippos will become to fat too fly"
20-09-2003, 02:49
"Damn!" :evil:

King Siroc's brow creased.

"Looks like I'll have to engage plan B..."

*pulls out own cell phone*

"Jenkins! I want as many anorexic hippos out there in NuMetal as possible! Only they can resist the food!"


"Oh really?"



The king snapped his phone shut and smiled at the president. "We've got three anorexic hippos there that are immune to your hippo food! Admit defeat now, and maybe I'll spare your people's lives!"
20-09-2003, 02:59
"huh but my people are immune to death remember MWAHAHAH"

phone rings

"What do you mean the vaccine wears off in ten minutes....nooooo"

"well cover the spoon in trampolines mwahah that will repel those hippos!"
20-09-2003, 03:04
On the screen a hippo could be seen bouncing away into the horizon.

"Damn you Mr. President! Well, if I can't destroy your nation, by Gad, I'll destroy you!"

King Siroc drew a long Siroccan Sabre from his sheathe.

"Put up thy sword coward! Or whatever the weapon you've go on you is!"
20-09-2003, 03:23
"Ha no one calls me a coward!"

*pulls pudding in a tube from pocket*

"hmm maybe I should have thought this through a little more"
20-09-2003, 03:25
OOC: I've gotta be heading for bed now, I can barely keep my eyes open. Continue this later yeah?
20-09-2003, 03:26
OOC: OK,no prob c'ya
20-09-2003, 13:03
King Siroc circled NuMetal careful, his sword drawn, eyes glinting in the torchlight of the Chamber of Peace.

OOC: Ever read Shakespeare? We'll soon see...

IC: "Do you bite your thumb at us sir?"
20-09-2003, 14:45
"Not at you sir,but I do bite my thumb"

OOC: thats close enough anyway,had to read that for school last year :p
20-09-2003, 14:49
OOC: Some creativity here...

"School? I hate the word, as I hate all NuMetal Citizens and thee. Have at thee coward!"

King Siroc lunged forward, sword aimed at the president's heart...
20-09-2003, 15:13
OOC: Some random old timey talk now
*Parrys with pudding tube while sidestepping*

"Ha! Thou shalt learn to fear my wrath"

*pudding tube explodes,throwing pudding all over the room,and Siroc and Newsted*
20-09-2003, 16:38
OOC: I think we can officialy say talks have "broken down"
21-09-2003, 01:17
OOC: Maybe... :lol:


King Siroc stumbled backwards, wiping the pudding off his cloak.

"You hit me with apple pie. No one hits King Siroc with apple pie!"

King Siroc pulled a shiny object out of a pocket and put it in his mouth. A high shrill whistle shook the hall. Suddenly out of the wall smashed a flightless hippo, snorting.

It wanted blood.

"That's Polly." the king said smirking faintly. "Sick 'im girl!"
21-09-2003, 01:47
Newsted had one last trick up his sleeve...

"Nice hippo...nice hippo...." he said

Yes thats it.
21-09-2003, 01:56
King Siroc stared at his beast. It was purring like a kitten.

"No Polly! You're a bloodthirsty beast! Squash him! Now!"
21-09-2003, 02:15
Newsted looked at the hippo,purring

"Well I didn't expect that to work at all"

He begins edging slowly toward the door
21-09-2003, 03:10
"Not so fast!"

And in a flash, King Siroc threw his sword across the room where it embedded itself in the wall just a few inches from the president's head.

"I'm not finished with you yet! Are you familiar with the arts of fish fighting?"
21-09-2003, 03:18
"After watching that match between you and Degruck(sp.) how couldn't I be"
21-09-2003, 03:23
*flings away sword and unsheathes swordfish*

Alrighty then... but I must warn you.

I am da mastah!
21-09-2003, 03:34
"Actually I don't seem to have a fish on me,you wouldnt happen to have one I could borrow do you?"
21-09-2003, 03:37
"Sure, sure..."

King Siroc dug deep into his pockets and suddenly produced a morning starfish.

"Here ya go."
21-09-2003, 03:38
*takes fish*

OCC: What exactly is a morning starfish,is it the same as a regular starfish?
21-09-2003, 03:42
OOC: Do you know what a 'morning star' is? It's basically a big spiky ball and chain. Only with a morning starfish... gotta get to my beddybyes, I'll continue this later... :twisted:

IC: "AAAAAAARRRRRR!!!", King Siroc screamed as he charged.
21-09-2003, 03:45
OOC: OK,me too,well soon
22-09-2003, 04:59
aww... it was getting good too....
22-09-2003, 07:47
*After pausing for a couple of days to comb his hair, King Siroc started charging again*

*He said 'RAAR' too*
22-09-2003, 15:44
Newsted jumped to `his right to try to avoid Siroc,and swung the morning starfish towards him
22-09-2003, 19:10
In a desperate bid to avoid the starfish, the king leapt down to the floor, skidding across the amazingly well-varnished surface.

"Eek!" he said.
22-09-2003, 19:24
Unfotunatly,the momentum of the starfish swinging over King Siroc caused Newsted to slip on the oh-so-slippery floor as well,and he his foot with the starfish as he fell

"ARG!!!! !#!$~@#@$ OW OW!"
22-09-2003, 19:29
King Siroc got steadily to his feet and hoisted the swordfish... ready to strike...

He leaps...
22-09-2003, 19:32
still on the floor Newsted rolls hoping to avoid the strike and get back on his feet.
22-09-2003, 19:55
The fish thudded into the floor quavering and making, like, a weird kinda wugga-wugga-wugga noise. Weird.

King Siroc reached into his robes and took out what appeared to be a small crayfish.

"You may have survived the sword, but can you survive... the KRAYS?!!

Suddenly, out of the door burst London gangsters, headed by two men who looked remarkably similar...
22-09-2003, 19:59
lookinng over at the london gangsters who just came out the door,and having no idea why they looked familiar,Newsted thought maybe he should just throw the starfish at them,he raised his arm...
22-09-2003, 20:01
Taking advantage of his distraction King Siroc jumped forward and clobbered the president with his crayfish, which shattered on impact.

"Har har! Take that ye scurvy dog!" the king said for no apparent reason.
22-09-2003, 20:10
"OUCH!" yelled Newsted,now bleeding from a gash across his face,he decided to hurl the starfish blindly in Sirocs direction instead of at the gangester ppl who randomly appeared
22-09-2003, 20:24
King Siroc was hurled back as the starfish hit him riht in the belly.

"Ugh... wait a second... I'll be alright... I just need to sit down fo a moment..."

King Siroc rocked back and forth as if suffering acute indigestion.

"Get 'im boys!"

The gangsters lurched forward, cracking knuckles and grinning evil grins*
22-09-2003, 20:36
King Siroc was hurled back as the starfish hit him riht in the belly.

"Ugh... wait a second... I'll be alright... I just need to sit down fo a moment..."

King Siroc rocked back and forth as if suffering acute indigestion.

"Get 'im boys!"

The gangsters lurched forward, cracking knuckles and grinning evil grins*

"Um...uh oh..."

Newsted decided that now would be a good time to use his secret weapon...then he remebered he had no secret weapon so he decided now would be a good time to cower in the corner
22-09-2003, 20:48
King Siroc wheezed happily. He sensed victory was near.


King Siroc looked around wildly then looked up into the face of a gangster.

"Um... yes?"

"We ain't beatin' no one up until we get our dough!"

King Siroc's eyes bulged perceptibly.

"Well if you just let me go to the nearest bank, I can write you up an IOU for-"

"We don't take none of your Siroccan muck guv."

King Siroc straightened up and met the man's eyes.

"I see... oh my goodness a flightless hippo!"


King Siroc dashed to the door, but alas tripped over the president's supine form and crashed to the ground.

"We're not gettin' paid!"

"Get 'im!"
22-09-2003, 20:53
Newsted decides that now would be a good time to get some help down here,he pulls out his cell phone again

"Hello,can you send a helicopter or something to come pick me up?"

"oh him,hes being chased by gangsters"

"long story really I'll tell you later"

"what do you mean the helicopter exploded?!?"

"We only have one?"

"So I crashed a few its harder than it looks you know!'

"Hey dont you hang up while Im talking to you!"

22-09-2003, 21:06

Three wishes? Did I say three wishes? Whoops! I meant four wishes!
22-09-2003, 21:21
OOC: LOL ,arg my keyboards messed up!

Newsted calls a cab company to come pick him up,he waits in the chamber of peace wondering whats happining to Siroc
22-09-2003, 21:35
"You wish for lots of money?" the king said chattily, "It's right there!"

He pointed at the president.
22-09-2003, 21:37
"AAAAAAAHHHHHH" Newsted screams like a girl,and begins running out the door

"no Im no one important hes a King! a King!"
22-09-2003, 21:49
"No I'm not!"

King Siroc brandished his crépe paper crown.

"See, it's not even metal! I'm just a wannabe, honest! He's the president of all NuMetal!"
22-09-2003, 21:52
"NuMetal is much smaller than Sirocco,so even if I was hes still more important,and besides I have hardly any power what with the senate and all hes a monarch!"
23-09-2003, 07:55
"Um... Er... oh my goodness, it's the ruler of Sketch!"

King Siroc ran for dear life.
23-09-2003, 19:45
*Also runs*
24-09-2003, 17:40
"Make for the flightless hippo! He'll get us out of here! Quick, they're gaining!"
24-09-2003, 19:40

*turns towards hippo*

*speeds up*
24-09-2003, 20:53
King Siroc clambered on top of the flightless hippo quickly.

"Move! Move damn you, you fat lump!"

But alas, the flightless hippo appeared to be asleep.

"We've got to wake it up!" King Siroc cried, having grasped the situation with perfect accuracy.
25-09-2003, 00:23
" Wake it up? How? You're the one who lives with these things!"

Despite having said this Newsted climbs up on the hippo and commences prodding it and making loud noises to try and wake up the hippo
26-09-2003, 19:06
"Wait! I've got it!"

King Siroc whispered something into the hippo's ear and was nearly thrown off as it lurched into the air.

"It's amazing how much pets don't want to go the vet's I must say..."
26-09-2003, 19:50
"It sure sure is...."

Newsted is holding on to the hippo for dearlife,having never rode one before he is a bit nervous
26-09-2003, 20:06
After a while King Siroc said, "I don't want to panic you, but I have no idea where we are..."
26-09-2003, 21:19
"Don't worry I don't panic easil..wait. you mean were lost?!?

26-09-2003, 21:30
"Stop pulling, I can't hold o-"

Then it was just one hippo and lots of sky.
26-09-2003, 21:56
" :shock: "


Newsted hopes franticallly that the hippo,weighing as much as it does,can fall very fast. Despite not having any clue what hes doing,Newsted trys to steer the hippo as fast as he can top try and catch Siroc,he manages to get the hippo flying in the right direction and now its just a matter of speed
26-09-2003, 22:05


"Phew! This sand appears to be soft!"

And then he began to sink.

"Aghh! As if things couldn't get worse!"

"There 'e is! Get him Reggie!"

26-09-2003, 23:00
Seeing that Siroc is alive,Newsted trys to stop the hippo,however it seems determined to fly at high speed into quick sand,than Newsted has an idea :idea: ,he manges to aim the diving hippo towards the gangsters...
26-09-2003, 23:24
King Siroc could only watch in horror as the flightless hippo, Newsted, gangsters and all disappeared in a huge explosion of sand...

27-09-2003, 00:12
As the hippo crash lands on the ground,Newsted dicovers that flightless hippos seem to be fairly bouncy with all that blubber,and so him and the hippo are fine,however they throw up a wave of sand right onto the gangsters,before the hippo manages to hover a few feet off the ground(OOC: if they can do that) and they head over to pick up Siroc before the gangsters get the sand out of there eyes.
27-09-2003, 00:39
As the two rulers sailed away through the clouds King Siroc proposed a toast.

"To Sirocco and NuMetal for... for... ech, I need a drink."

And with that he pulled a bottle and two glasses out of his robe.

"Chocolate champagne?"
27-09-2003, 02:29
"woohoo chocolate!...You always carry drinks with you?"

...and so we loop back to the chocolate...its a chocolate cycle! :P
27-09-2003, 18:20
*pours Newsted a glass*

Right... now we've just gotta figure out where we are... now the NS Earth is about twenty times the size of Jupiter... so we could be anywhere really...
27-09-2003, 18:49
"so lets see here...we were in Sirocco so....are we somewhere in Lancre? Or do you say on top of Lancre?"
27-09-2003, 19:09
"The geography of Lancre's been quite unclear ever since the Map was destroyed... let's see... if I recall correctly to the north is SAF, to the west is Englishman, south-east is Laru-Tan and south is Svenssonia."

King Siroc considered this for a while.

"Or we may still be in Sirocco. I haven't been everywhere here... maybe we should go down and ask for directions from someone..."
27-09-2003, 19:31
"I think thats all we can do,and just hope no one trys to kill us"
27-09-2003, 19:48
King Siroc glided the hippo down into a town clearing.

"Hello?" he called into the seemingly deserted streets. "Is there anyone here who can tell us where we are?"
27-09-2003, 20:38
*Glances at streetsigns,they appear to be in a strange language he has never seen before,the town is eerily quiet.*

"hmm...I hope they didnt get attacked by werewolves or something...ah well I guess we should look around,maybe there all just eating dinner or something..."
27-09-2003, 20:43
As they crept along the streets King Siroc whispered, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

He stopped and leant against a wall. "Kansas? I don't even know where that is. Nevermind."

Suddenly a bloodcurdling scream echoed around the town...
27-09-2003, 20:53
"Oh sorry this was just getting a little eerie!"

*Another Scream"

"Ok it was not me that time"
27-09-2003, 21:49
A shadow swept past blocking out the sunset for a fraction of a second.

Suddenly it was a lot colder.

And it was night.
27-09-2003, 22:01
looking out into the distance Newsted notices something that will only make the situation worse:

"looks like rain....we need to find shelter"
27-09-2003, 22:39
LOL this is funny as hell
27-09-2003, 22:42
*shhhh....* this is only sirrocco and NuMetal. *shhhhh*
27-09-2003, 22:54
OOC: Sorry guys, NuMetal's gone off for a while and he won't be back soon, but hey, we'll continue it later... :wink:

IC: King Siroc looked around the desolate town, peering in the dim light. "There's probably an inn somewhere... I wonder where we are?"

King Siroc pulled out his map.

"Damn, wouldn't you just know it, everytime I go out for a trip I take the wrong map. And It's always one of the London Underground. It's not as if I even know what that is!"
28-09-2003, 18:49
OOC: I have returned! Please,hold your applause 8) :wink: :lol:


"London...hmmm I don't know what that is either,ah well"

*takes out picture of the world from space*

"lets see we've gotta be on here somewhere...hmmm"
28-09-2003, 21:21
"Hmm... maybe we're there."

King Siroc pointed one bony finger at a section of the map, and at the same time a gigantic finger broke through the clouds and smashed into the earth about ten miles away... King Siroc hastily took his finger away from the map.

"This place freaks me out!"

King Siroc shivered in the cold...
28-09-2003, 21:27

Newsted trys to open the nearest door,but it appears to be locked,so after knocking on the door he he pokes around on the map until he smashes down the door
28-09-2003, 21:54
King Siroc peeked inside.

"Helloooo... anyone here?"
28-09-2003, 22:02
The house was dark and seemed empty....Newsted took a step inside the building....
28-09-2003, 22:08
"Hmm. I guess we could spend the night here until we can get our bearings. Do you think there's any food?"

There was an ugly creak up the stairs.

"Did you hear that Newsted?"


28-09-2003, 22:14
Newsted jumps out at Siroc wearing his scariest mask

28-09-2003, 22:16

King Siroc leapt with fright and ran off into the night...
28-09-2003, 22:35
"oops :oops: "

throwing the mask on the floor Newsted runs after Siroc
28-09-2003, 22:41
After about ten minutes King Siroc sat down and realised he was utterly lost.

"Now what have I gone and done?" he said burying his head in his hands. "Just goes to show what happens when you try to have diplomatic talks..."

And he heard a voice.

"Newsted, is that you?"

King Siroc crept along the ground and round a corner.

And there he saw the gate to Hell. He could tell, it said so on the sign.
28-09-2003, 22:47
Newsted sees Sirocco going around a corner and he runs aloud it and says

"sorry about that Siroc I was just... OH CRAP"
28-09-2003, 23:03
King Siroc walked as if hypnotised towards the pool which resonated a colour not visible with the human eye... he fell in. There was a vibrant green flash and then once again all was calm...
28-09-2003, 23:15
"hmmm ah well cant fight peer pressure"

*jumps in*
29-09-2003, 18:56
King Siroc landed with a thump. He got up dizzily and looked around. There were flames everywhere reaching towards the stalactite covered ceiling which loomed ominously casting unusual shadows against the walls... there was no question about it. This was Hell.

King Siroc tried to remember what he knew about Hell.

"Let's see... the delegate is One Bad Asp, the founder is Satan (deceased) and I could be anywhere..."

King Siroc got up and resolutely set off in a random direction.
30-09-2003, 19:54
Newsted lands after and sets off in a completly differnt direction from Siroc,

blisfully ignorant he walks on "seems like a lovely place...."

*begins humming "Jump in the Fire"*

"So Camon! Jump in the fiYah!!"
30-09-2003, 22:39
As King Siroc was walking suddenly a stern voice called from behind him.

"Hey! What're you doing here! You're not dead!"

King Siroc turned to see the most hideous thing (even thing was too good a term for it) in creation. It looked like God had stuck everything he had left over after creating everything together just for a laugh.

It was watching him with one of it's oily eyes (the king hoped they were eyes).

"Um... yes?"

"If you're not dead, I can help you."

"Urk! No, no I'm dead, dead as a doornail I am!"

The demon stretched closer. Siroc tried not to vomit.

"You don't look dead..."

"Would you believe... mud packs?"

The demon looked impressed.

"It's true, you see, you go to any geyser and you get a bowl and then..."

King Siroc chattered on, hoping the demon was taking it all in.
02-10-2003, 02:51
Walking along for what seemed like a long time(ooc: well it was actually,my school seems to have started giving out more homework,sorry about the long gaps between posting,I have actually been posting in the other places more but here I need the time to think of something as well)
Newsted started getting a little warm,most likely having something to do with the inferno surrounding him...
Newsted suddenly tripped on a crack on the ground and fell flat on his face,burning his face when it hit the hot ground

"OWWW HOT! HOT!! arg this place is as hot as...oh yeah...nevermind"

then Newsted noticed a weird artifact lying near where he fell,it looked like this ¤ ( :wink: )
02-10-2003, 17:05
Meanwhile the demon had taken King Siroc to a nearby cafe (The Duck and Demon) and showed him to a seat.

"Would you like a cup of brimstone?"

King Siroc refused as politely as he could.

The creature ordered itself a large mug which it poured into a hideous (but oddly comical) orifice which made purring sounds as the sulphur made it's way down.

The demon looked at him.

"So, you new in Hell? Haven't seen you around before. How did you die?"

King Siroc got the unpleasant feeling that the creature was hitting on him.

04-10-2003, 00:15
Newsted picked up the ¤ wondering what it was....
(I know this post seems useless but I have a plan :twisted: )
04-10-2003, 00:22
"I just need to go off and powder my noses."

The thing got up and wandered towards the lav room and gave him a sly wink before slipping in.

King Siroc was half a mile away and still accelerating when the forlorn monster stepped out of the cubicles, much disappointed.
04-10-2003, 00:26
OOC: hmm I don't know how to work this in with out saying it out of character,so I will,the ¤ is going to posses Newsted,so maybe he can meet back up w/ Siroc and just seem to be acting a but unusual,well more than usual,oh yeah,I got to go eat dinner,be back very soon)

Newsted had a strange feeling when he picked up the strange ¤ thingy,and things seemed to go dark...
04-10-2003, 00:36
OOC: Should be interesting! :wink:


King Siroc finally managed to convince his panicking body to stop. Looking over his shoulder, lest the beast reappear, he sat on a rock and looked around.

It was hot. The sky didn't look like a sky, more like a huge cavern roof thousands of feet in the air. The ground seemed to bubble silently, it's dark blood red hue pulsating in the dim light. Occasionally he could hear screams.

After a while King Siroc decided it was time for some affirmative action and headed off resolutely in a direction. He was going to go this way, no questions asked.

There was a stumble and then he pitched forward into blackness. He looked up and saw a thin tunnel leading to the surface. Or at least 'a' surface... where was he? Some kind o pit obviously, but why here, why-

There was a sinister roar echoing from within the shadows...
04-10-2003, 01:09
"Newsted" suddenly starts walking deliberatly,as though he knows where hes going suddenly,off in the distance,a roar is heard...."Newsted" heads straight towards it....

(OOC: Warning: Do not eat soup and drink a coke at the same time! Tastes bad,well with chicken soup anyways,maybe I should test it with some other kinds!)
04-10-2003, 01:22
King Siroc heard a roar in the distance... and hurried off quickly in what he hoped was the opposite direction.

After a while he was completely lost. The tunnels all looked the same (pitch black), and the air was not hot and stuffy anymore, it was an icy cold. King Siroc shivered and pressed on. He heard the roar behind him... it could have been his imagination of course but it seemed a lot closer...
04-10-2003, 01:32
*Thinks of better way to denote possesed Newsted than quotes*

¤Newsted approached the gaping,black,tunnel entrance,a fridged chill seemes to seep from it,¤Newsted smiled grimly,he knew how to handle himself here,he took a step forward,stumbled into a wall, and lout a few loud words,a low rumbling seemed to fill the air,and suddenly admist the echoing of ¤Newsted's yell chunks of ice begin to fall,the entranc quickly caves in,blocking off at least this exit.

*song switchs from "Jump in the Fire to "Trapped Under Ice"
I don't know how to live throught this hell,woken up I'm still locked in this shell,frozen soul frozen down to the core! Break the ice I can't take it any more! Freezing! Can't Move at all! Screaming! Can't hear my call! I! Am dying to live! Cry out! I'm trapped under ice!!!!
04-10-2003, 01:47
The King heard a huge crash in front of him.

Terrified, he turned round to run away only to hear a monstrous bellowing, getting closer down the tunnel he'd just exited... it wasn't his day. Steeling his courage King Siroc hurled himself forward into the unknown...

There was a tremendous splash and it was all that the king could do to stop himself from screaming on contact with the icy waters of this subterranean loch. Gasping, he ditched his regal robe and swam furiously forward away from that terrible grunting noise, interspersed by that bloodcurdling screech...

It was getting closer...

OOC: Gotta go to bed, carry this on later...
04-10-2003, 01:59
OOC: OK c'ya tommorow)
04-10-2003, 17:53
Newsted turned from the icy wall blocking the exit,and began walking casually down the tunnel the roars coming ever closer

(OOC: Do you have a plan for the roaring thing? I'm just wondering because I was tempted to post something just now but I'm not sure if you already know what it is )
04-10-2003, 18:17
OOC: I have no plans whatsoever, a bit of a trademark in my RPs, just gotta go with the flow... make what you want of it if you wish, I suspect we'll find out soon enough... :wink:


King Siroc beached spluttering on a small outcrop of rock in the middle of the lake. He was bitterly cold and just one thought echoed through his fevered brain: I'm gonna die!

He got up and looked back... whatever was roaring was about to turn the corner...

King Siroc readied himself to face whatever it was, (alas his bladder was not so brave and had waved a small white flag long before) he wasn't even conscious of reaching for his sword until it was infront of him glowing eerily (it always glowed blue when forks were nearby and many things got caught in his beard).
04-10-2003, 19:01
(OOC: OK,you asked for it though,prepare for predictable jokes aplenty)

As ¤Newsted walked down the tunnel he saw something go around a corner,and then a splashing noise,obviously there was some water around the corner,then the roaring again,Newsted pulled a flashlight out of his pocket,and leaped around the corner shining the flash light around frantically,when lo and behold! It was a harmless bunny:

oops wrong pic! :oops: :lol: :wink:

04-10-2003, 23:23
King Siroc halted and patted his pocket-

Damn, my holy grenade was in the robe he thought, peering into the murky depths of the frosty water.
The Rabbit roared again, doggy-paddling towards his island. Terrified, King Siroc could only think of one thing to do.

There was a splash, followed by series of well armed strokes through the lake. King Siroc only hoped he could reach the other side before his strength failed him... he hoped there was another side.

Behind him, the rabbit was gaining...
04-10-2003, 23:40
¤Newsted walked toward the sea laughing to himself at the sight of a rabbit roaring,anyways,he than proceded to the nearby,and oft overlooked, boat rental shed and accompyaning dock,where he proceded to steal a boat and row after the rabbit
04-10-2003, 23:46
The king ploughed through the waves vigorously, he could feel his muscles beginning to give through sheer physical exhaustion. What happens when you die in hell? he wondered as the water closed above his head... the rabbit was above him now, roaring... roaring...
05-10-2003, 00:10
Pulling the boat alongside King Siroc,Newsted through a carrot in the water about ten feet away from the rabbit to distract it from Siroc,he the reached down to grap Sirocs arm so he wouldn't drown,"Need a ride?" he asked,his eyes seem to glint red for a second....
05-10-2003, 00:24
King Siroc clambered into the boat wheezing and spewing.

"Newsted? I thought you'd been killed by that monster in the ghost town!" he said after he'd regained his composure. Suddenly he paused as if trying to recall something. "You saved my life! Thank you!" he beamed.

Newsted didn't seem normal... but then hey, he's going through Hell isn't he? King Siroc looked back at the rabbit which was busy munching the carrot.

"Let's get out of here fast..." he said, "this light must be coming from somewhere... maybe it's the way out?"

The idea of getting out of Hell appealed to him and he almost felt like whooping for joy, but that look in Newsted's eyes unnerved him...
05-10-2003, 02:06
Newsted said nothing but started rowing in the direction of the light making plans for what harm he could do back on earth while possesing a countrys president and being with another nation's leader who he could possibly take hostage :twisted:
05-10-2003, 02:06
Newsted said nothing but started rowing in the direction of the light making plans for what harm he could do back on earth while possesing a countrys president and being with another nation's leader who he could possibly take hostage :twisted:
05-10-2003, 12:07
King Siroc laid back in the boat, wringing his soaking wet clothes and idly singing the Siroccan national anthem to himself. The light at the end of the tunnel was near... but what was beyond it?
05-10-2003, 15:35
Newsted impatiently began rowing faster,until suddenly a loud scraping noise was heard and wated started filling the boat
"oops!" Newsted said
he then put his foot over the boat into the water and found that it was only a few feet deep,so he jumped into the water
05-10-2003, 16:21
King Siroc stumbled out of the boat, nearly losing his balance.

"Woah!" he cried as he grabbed Newsted to steady himself. His hand hit something.

"What's that you've got on you?" he queried, "'s all circular with thingies sticking out..."
05-10-2003, 16:50
Suddenly Newsted looked nervous and began backing away from Sirocco,
"Oh that...tis just my look a flying bird!" *points,turns to run but falls over again*
05-10-2003, 16:55
OOC: if you are online, numetal, please join my RP. i think sirocco has. im hoping this wont be regarded as a hijack, i just want both o you there since you are great RPers. here is a link to the thread...

05-10-2003, 17:04

King Siroc would have been the first person to admit he was slow (well actually...) but he now he could sense there was something wrong.

"What haven't you been telling me Newsted?" he said dragging the supine president out of the water.

There was a distant roar in the cavern.

"Right, it can wait, let's get outta here!"

He frogmarched the NuMetallian towards the light which could be seen glowing from inside a tunnel.
05-10-2003, 17:55
OOC: Ok,Shing-lo,I'll be there in a minute


¤Newsted was now in a panic,which let his normal self take over just long enough to say "heheh go into the light...."

but then ¤Newsted took back over and said "er yeah we'd best get out of here as soon as we can so we can get back to that lovely haunted place"
05-10-2003, 18:01
As King Siroc and Newsted passed through the passage there was a flash and they were in a brilliantly lit land of cuddles and fuzziness... and many nubile women.

King Siroc looked at a sign.

"My God... we're in Heaven now."
05-10-2003, 18:05
¤Newsted "uh oh!!!"

Newsted appears to begin having a siezure as his demon is exorcised
05-10-2003, 18:09
King Siroc however thought he was having a fit.

"Woah! Help! I need some help!"

Angels came hovering towards them from all around... they looked friendly... and keen. King Siroc felt a bit of déja vu...

"Hello Tiger."
05-10-2003, 18:14
Newsted is now back to normal,except for the long gap in his memory,well for him thats fairly normal anyways,anyhow he stands up bewildered and confused :?: :?
05-10-2003, 19:18
King Siroc was gone though... along with the beautiful angelic seductresses... ( :D )
05-10-2003, 20:18
Newsted still having little idea where the hell(or heaven) he is,decides it really doesn't matter and goes off to see how many angels enjoy thrash metal.
05-10-2003, 20:25
King Siroc laid back in his warm bath, the angels all around him serving him fine wines and succulent dishes.

"So handsome..." an angel said with a voice like melting honey, "how are you feeli- you're not dead!"

King Siroc couldn't help but notice a certain amount of outrage cross the lady's face.


"Get out!"

"But I don't have my clothes o-"


King Siroc fled the building...
05-10-2003, 22:04
Newsted walked up to a group of angels
"Hello,do you know of anywhere around here where I could buy an electric guitar?"

"buy? you mean money,the root of all evil?!?"


Suffice it to say Newsted was soon in a similar situation to Siroc(except wiht clothes)
05-10-2003, 22:08
An angel walked up to Sirocco who was gasping for breath on a comfy pillow.

"What do you think you're doing here? This is heaven, and you're not dead!"



"But where's the exit?!" cried the King almost in tears.

"Follow the signs! What are you a mor(m)on?!"

"How did you pronounce those parentheses-"


King Siroc fled, looking for signs... but none where to be seen.
05-10-2003, 22:15
Newsted was also running but then he saw Siroc and a sign at the same time,"Siroc!" he waved frantically,he then pointed to the sign:

hmm...the sign pointed straight down at the oddly cloud like carpeting...
05-10-2003, 22:19
King Siroc arrived at the sign to Newsted hiding what he felt was necessary to hide with his sword.

"They wouldn't let me have my clothes back, but I managed to get my crown!" the King said, gesturing towards the crépe paper hat he had perched precariously on his head.
05-10-2003, 22:25
" :oops: er...the crown yes...thats the important thing...anhow,how do we go down? through this?" he asked gesturing at the ground
06-10-2003, 21:12
"There's only one way to find out..."

King Siroc bravely stepped forward and gave Newsted a hearty shove into the cloud.
06-10-2003, 21:49
Newsted shot straight through the cloud and began falling


he landed on another cloud about 15 feet under the first

"Intresting...this could take us awhile to get back down and I think we left your hippo double parked"
06-10-2003, 21:54
King Siroc jumped down through the cloud and landed beside Newsted.

"Oh great, fines on top of everything else..."

He looked over the edge of the cloud and saw a huge spiralling column of them to the land below.

"I know that region down there... that's Lazarus."
06-10-2003, 22:15
"Lazarus....should of expected that,well I suppose we should just hope that the zombies down there don't try to kill us!"

*jumps down another level*

(OOC: I've tried posting this about five times but it wont go through!)
06-10-2003, 22:22
OOC: Invalid_sessions eh? There's an easy way round it: when the error message appears, click 'back' and copy your post, then click back again and click 'reply'. Paste and send. 99.99% of the time, this will work.


King Siroc followed.

"Creepy place... dunno about you but it scares the willies out of me..."

He jumped down another level.
06-10-2003, 22:26
OOC: Thanks,I'll do that next time,btw in about half an hour I'm gonna go watch the Simpsons,two episodes so altogether Ill be gone an hour)


"Well its a bit spooky I suppose,like a know we need a faster way to get down or by the time we do we'll be heading right back up if you catch my drift..."
06-10-2003, 22:36
"Hmm... oh, I know!"

King Siroc reached down.

"Oh, wait... no clothes... I'll have to do it manually then."

He let out a piercing scream that ripped the night apart...

"Any second now..."

There was beating of wings and from below appeared a flightless hippo. It roared.

"What's that Ben? Someone's hurt?"


"Polly's hurt?"


"She's trapped down a mineshaft?!"


"Sorry, dunno what I was thinking there..."


"She's dead?! What happened?"


"A ray of destructive light eh? The bounders!"

King Siroc turned to Newsted.

"All aboard then... we should go down and get directions... my map was in my robe..."
06-10-2003, 22:46
"Yes speaking of robes I think we need to stop and get a little more than directions...sorry to here about Polly...we must avenge her!"
06-10-2003, 22:51
The flightless hippo flew the pair down to the bottom of the Cloud Spiral. A small sign had imprinted on it:

Welcome to Testlandia

"Coo." King Siroc said. He shivered, he needed clothes fast.

He turned round and saw a huge lift shaft behind Newsted.

"Wouldn't you just know it!" he cried.
07-10-2003, 00:12
"D'oh! ah well flying is funner"

Newsted dismounted the hippo and began looking around for signs of civilization
07-10-2003, 00:17
OOC:Sirocco, i found the perfect thing for you. i made it your banner did yo see?
07-10-2003, 00:20
OOC:Sirocco, i found the perfect thing for you. i made it your banner did yo see?

07-10-2003, 00:27
OOC:sory NuMetal, its kind of a hijack, but i think he checks this more than most things... Im in the banner making buisness. if you want to see all of the ones i've made (including siroccos) take a look here:

to make up for hijacking the thread, ill make one for you if you want. just post on my thread what you want it to look like....
07-10-2003, 00:36
OOC:sory NuMetal, its kind of a hijack, but i think he checks this more than most things... Im in the banner making buisness. if you want to see all of the ones i've made (including siroccos) take a look here:

to make up for hijacking the thread, ill make one for you if you want. just post on my thread what you want it to look like....

OOC: I don't mind I do want one though,there very cool
07-10-2003, 16:30
Ben the flightless hippo, and for no apparent reason, suddenly took off wings beating, roaring ferociously.

King Siroc watched it fly off and then surveyed the area. Testlandia, or at least this part of it, was utterly deserted. There were a few shattered buildings and, as the tumbleweed blew down the streets, the sun began to rise...
09-10-2003, 02:11

The Hippo looked so fearsome as it took off Newsted fell over backwards,did 3 cartwheels and landed in a mud puddle.

"I wonder what scared him..."
09-10-2003, 16:41
King Siroc helped Newsted up.

"I dunno... it must be something to do with the sun..."

At that moment out of the ground stretched a decaying hand that grasped the air searching for a purchase.

King Siroc screamed, "It's a zombie! They walk at dawn! Run for your life!"

He hurtled his naked body into the nearest building, his sheath bashing against his hip loudly.
09-10-2003, 20:39
"Ahhh what kind of horrible place has zombies that wake up at day!!!!"

Newsted runs into the decimated remenants of a town searching for a shotgun or other effective anti zombie weapon.
10-10-2003, 11:08
King Siroc cried out after entering the building.

"I've found some clothes!" he shouted joyfully. "I can feel the cloth running through my fingers..."

A few moments later, he came out wearing a tutu.


The zombies were milling around making unusual noises.

"Come on, there must be an arsenal somewhere..."
10-10-2003, 20:57
Newsted ran into building after building,he found a piece of cheese,a book of matches,a paperclip collection,and a trash can full of crumble of pieces of blank paper...

'hmmm there got to be at least a baseball bat or something around here.Well for now...."

Newsted heads back to hurl burning bits of paper at the zombies,which will most likely do nothing but enrage them....
10-10-2003, 22:22
King Siroc ran through the street, getting lost at every turn, losing himself in every alley he encountered... and then he was surrounded. The zombies were closing in.

"Come on, ya wusses!" the king snarled, unsheathing his sword.

The zombies charged.

Siroc screamed an ancient Siroccan battlecry: "Swarteywerrasdewploit Saxertyhuhuhuhuioplikkurquous!!" (Lit: To be ready for kidneys to perform a dance resembling a waltz from the early eighteenth century) and leapt forward, neatly decapitating the first zombie.
10-10-2003, 22:35
Following the zombie noises Newsted come up behind the crowd of zombies and begans to distract them with cheese and bits of burning paper

I forgot he has a sword....why was I looking for a weapon anyways then? Hmmm...
10-10-2003, 22:57
King Siroc cut his way through the milling Testlandic citizens and joined Newsted.

"Run!" he screamed and took off, feeling absurdly self-conscious in his bright pink tutu.
10-10-2003, 23:03
Funny to see a guy in a tutu hacking zombies....I mean he is scarier than them in that thing.... :P

After thinking this Newsted realized he had forgotten to run and a zombie was gnawing on his leg he kicked it off and began running,he also remembered that he had put a gernade in his boot before leaving to meet with Siroc,and had forgotten about it all this time,he pulled the pin and threw it in front of the onrushing zombie hoard,hoping to slow them down by blowing up a few of them.
10-10-2003, 23:43
The large bang behind him just made King Siroc run faster.

"We've go to find someone alive whocan tell us how to get the hell out of here!" he cried.

Then out of the morning mist, he espied a huge towering castle perched precariously on a mountain peak, a single light shining from the tallest tower.

King Siroc responded with the spirit of a hero from any horror flick.

"Hey! Maybe whoever lives there can help us!"
11-10-2003, 00:10
"Yeah looks nice ! " Newsted said enthusiasticaly,as screams were heard from the tower and dark stormclouds formed above it.

Newsted sped up to keep up with Sirocco as an arm from the explosion hit him in the back of the head before its owner picked it up and put in back in place
11-10-2003, 00:15
King Siroc motioned for Newsted to follow and walked confidently up the crumbling pathway towards the castle. A lightning bolt struck a nearby tree, mostly for atmosphere, and it began to rain.

"Quick!", the king yelled over the noise of the sudden torrent, "to the castle, we need shelter!"
11-10-2003, 00:48
Newsted hunched over and began running agains the winds towards the castle.

Siroc must be cold in that tutu...
11-10-2003, 01:37
"You're telling me..." King Siroc muttered darkly.

He went up to the door of the castle and pulled a huge chain next to it. A deep soulless bell rang bloodcurdingly.

"Ooh, very ambient."
11-10-2003, 01:51
Newsted,hunched over trying to stay dry,ran headlong into the bell and fell backwards(again) getting up he went to stand next to Siroc when suddenly the door began to creek slowley open....
11-10-2003, 02:15
King Siroc walked into the door, apparently unafraid.


King Siroc then walked through the now open door and into the gloom.
11-10-2003, 02:20
Newsted followed,there appeared to be no sign of whoever had opened the door,he walked sofly but the floor still creaked loudly as he followed Siroc into the buildings dark interior
11-10-2003, 02:40
The hall was quite large. Flickering candles did what they could to disguise the decay, whilst spiders the size of rats scuttled to and fro doing spider-like things...

King Siroc would have dumped his suitcases at this moment but he didn't have any.

"Nice place! I wonder if there's a wardrobe anywhere..."
11-10-2003, 14:26
Newsted glanced up at a portrait on the wall,whose eyes seemed to follow you around the room....

He shuddered,grabbed a nearby table cloth,hung it over the portrait.

He then realized it was still a bit cold so he began clearing the cobwebs from the fireplace in a room at the end of the hall,humming casually,off in the distance a howl was heard from the woods behind the house.
11-10-2003, 18:03
King Siroc came out of a wardrobe wearing a fine verdant robe, and a pair of robust trousers and boots.


King Siroc called out.

"Is there anyone hoome!?"


"Maybe we should check up the stairs, that tower had a light o-"

A howl from outside the house rose in a bloodcurdling banshee-like wail.
11-10-2003, 18:10
Newsted,who now had gotten a nice fire going,shuddered as the howl scorched the night.

"Wha...what is that" he stuttered"...yeah...maybe we would even be safer upstairs,especially if some is here"
11-10-2003, 19:03
King Siroc took a torch from the wall and held it up to get a better look at his surroundings.

"You'd have thought the guy would have heard of lightbulbs eh?"

He made his way to the stairs and slowly crept up them.

A howl sent a shiver up and down his spine.

But was it from outside... or within?
11-10-2003, 19:08
i suggest you guys close the portcullis, just in case.
11-10-2003, 19:13
OOC: I don't think there is one Shing-lo :)

"Yeah I know...not to mention a vaccum cleaner" Newsted said while chocking on dust."

He then heard a loud crash upstairs....
11-10-2003, 19:20
King Siroc swung round as if trying to catch the sound before it got away. "What was that?!" he asked rhetorically. But he had had enough. Gripping his sword firmly in one hand he said, "Right. We need to get up there, find out where we can get a map and then get the hell out of here!"

King Siroc charged forward with a resolute expression on his face until he heard a familiar voice from up on the landing...

"Snoogles, you left without saying a word! Come back to Hell with me..."

King Siroc's eyes bulged. "Hide me!" he whispered, "It's an old flame..."
11-10-2003, 19:27
"Er...who? No one but me here..." said Newsted
He then whispered to Siroc, "RUN!!!"
11-10-2003, 19:48
King Siroc ran and ran and ran, then after two inches tripped on his robe and bounced through an open door on the other side of the hall.

11-10-2003, 19:52
Newsted ran as well but the tripped over Siroc as he fell,sending Newsted falling down the stairs....

11-10-2003, 20:03
King Siroc sat up and rubbed his aching bones.

"Ooh, that was [unpronouncable Siroccan curse]!"

From up the stairs a voice floated.


The room they were in now appeared to be a huge crypt. Coffins lined the walls, stacked up like grisly Christmas presents.



It was closer this time. Nearly stumbling over Newsted the king swept into an empty coffin and slammed the lid.

It was dark and it stank.
11-10-2003, 20:31
Newsted hit the floor dazed,Siroc stepped over him and then Newsted heard the clank of a coffin closing....

hmmmm maybe I should do the same

Newsted opened the top of a coffin

"RAARR!" A zombie roared and sat up inside the coffin,Newsted dropped the top back on to its head,trapping it back inside,and went to hide behind a coffin instead.
11-10-2003, 20:35
The demon slithered down the stairs, "Oh honeypie!? Where are you? I don't mind if you're not dead, really, it's something we can work around!"

King Siroc tried not to breathe lest he alert his presence. The demon seemed to have cottoned on and was one by one opening coffins and flinging them away.

"Damn zombies..." the demon muttered as it snapped the neck of another occupant...
11-10-2003, 20:39
The demon had checked the coffin Newsted was behind and move on to the next,Newsted decided he should distract the demon,sneaking past him back to the door he ran back out and found that the zombie army was outside down the road trying to figure out where they had gone he then began to speak to the zombies about the demon....

"He has killed your brethren(sp.?) Will you let him get away with this..."

soon he was heading back with an angry zombie horde to assist him
11-10-2003, 21:06

"Oh my goodness, a three-headed monkey!" King Siroc cried pointing over the shoulder (or whatever it was) of the demon as it pulled him out of the coffin.

"I'm not falling for that one darling." it said crooning as it bear-hugged the stricken king.

The howl came from up the stairs.

It was inside the house!

The howling creature jumped into the crypt. It was a three-headed monkey, jaws slavering, the eyes, a meaty red, rolling crazily in their orbits...

"A three-headed monkey!" he shouted, gesturing towards the vile creature.

"Sounds like someone wants a big kiss!" the demon beamed.

King Siroc screamed.
11-10-2003, 21:42
Newsted and the zombie mob were at the door,which had closed itself again,The Zombies broke down the door and started pouring through,towards the room where was now emmiting howling and kissing noises...
11-10-2003, 21:57
King Siroc couldn't think of calling the... the... orifice bearing down on him as a mouth at all... it was a gaping black hole of death and decay, small tentacles wavered at the lips, and the teeth... those teeth...

King Siroc fainted dead away, out of sheer terror.

Didn't stop the demon...
11-10-2003, 22:34
The Zombies began to enfulge the Demon,who dropped Siroc,Newsted dragged him out of the melee now going on as bits of zombie,and drops of demon blood flew all over the room
11-10-2003, 22:47
King Siroc woke up in a daze.

"What happened...?"

A dark shadow scuttled on the ceiling above.

"A three-headed monkey!"
11-10-2003, 23:07

"Do you think it is dangerous?"
11-10-2003, 23:29
The three-headed monkey jumped down and crept towards the two rulers, an evil glint in its eyes... all six of them...

It lunged for Newsted.
11-10-2003, 23:49
"AHHH" Newsted screamed as the mokey hit him.He went down hard.The mokey swiped down with its brutally clawed hand,reached into Newsted's shirt pocket,...and took out a half of a banna he had been carrying.

"What...Give that back!" Newsted shouted,and kicked at the monkey,that was a mistake.The Monkey came back around and began biting him on the shoulder.

12-10-2003, 00:05
King Siroc got up hurriedly and swung his sword at the creature lopping one of the heads off. The monkey seemed to be quite upset at this and flew in a rage at King Siroc, knocking his sword out of his hand with one mangy paw.
12-10-2003, 00:29
Newsted lept up,his shoulder bleeding from monkey bites,and began kicking the beast in the head as it assailed Siroc

"Die you stupid rabid monkey"
12-10-2003, 00:37
The creature crashed to the floor and lay still. King Siroc ate the banana without much relish.

"Was it really rabid? Look at your shoulder..."
12-10-2003, 01:01
12-10-2003, 01:02
"Uh oh....I hope it wasn't really rabid,I just said that since it was so viscous but it could have wasn't foaming at the mouth was it...?"
12-10-2003, 14:35
"I don't think so... come on, let's just get up those stairs, find out who's living up there and see if he has a map... this place is freaking me out, and we need to get you to a doctor."

King Siroc picked up the discarded tutu, ripped a bit off and tied it round Newsted's shoulder. King Siroc inspected his handiwork.

"Nice frills, let's go."
12-10-2003, 15:34
Newsted began heading up the stairs again wondering how many there were in a tower...
12-10-2003, 17:54
The gentle creaking of a rocking chair echoed ominously down the tower as the two rulers scaled the steep spiral staircase. An unearthly shadow flickered across the wall...

"I never want to go to Lazarus again." King Siroc muttered under his breath. "this is worse than public toilets..."
12-10-2003, 18:54
"Worse than public toilets!?! I don't know we have some pretty bad zombie infestation in some public toilets in NuMetal you know..."
12-10-2003, 18:59
"What are zombies doing using lavvies?" King Siroc asked, overcome by a morbid curosity.

Then he stopped. The stairs had ended and there, right in front of him was the biggest door he'd seen in his life. It stretched from wall to wall and stood over 100 feet in height.

"What the Hell!?" King Siroc stammered. The doorknob was twenty metres above and roughly the size of a small shed.
12-10-2003, 19:15
As usual,Newsted was completly oblivious to the fact that this was strang,he walked over casually and knocked on the door.

"Oh they don't use them,they just want to live their since its hard for zombies to buy homes you know"
12-10-2003, 23:43
"I see..." King Siroc answered vaguely.

There was a sudden rhythmic rumbling as if some gigantic feet were stomping towards them... the enormous doorknob turned...
13-10-2003, 00:12
Newsted's eyes widened as the door began to slowly open,he slowly watched it come closer and than suddenly realized that a door of that size would crush them if they didn't move!

He grabbed Siroc,"hey I think we might want to get out of the way..."
13-10-2003, 00:25
King Siroc flung himself out of the path of the door swinging outward, the enormous wooden frame would squash him like a fly being hit by a pizza paddle.


He opened his eyes. He was still alive! Getting up he turned round and saw a man of about sixty feet in height staring down at him, a puzzled frown making wrinkles that a hill trekker could have scaled...

"Um, hi." King Siroc said finally. "We're looking for directions..."
13-10-2003, 01:04
Newsted stared at the Giant,shocked,The Giant also seemed not to notice the zombie/demon war going on at the bottom of the steps,

"Hello," Newsted said "my name is...Jack!(The Giant started) Haha just kidding!"
13-10-2003, 01:24
The giant stood there staring vacantly at the two rulers.

King Siroc felt something had to be said.

"Hello? We were wondering if you had maybe a map so we can get to Lancre or Metal Bass, where ever is closer!"
13-10-2003, 02:15
Newsted casually walked behind the giant(who was staring stupidly at Siroc) and began exploring the room,it appeared to contain some cliche giant type objects(magic harp,golden egg hen etc.) but also some unexpected things,a large computer,a recipe book....on humans...hmm...thats not good...
13-10-2003, 02:21
The giant bent down and grabbed King Siroc.

"AHH!" the king screamed.

The giant set him down a table the size of a large building next to an enrmous outspread atlas. "Map." the giant said in booming tones, a fleck of spit nearly decaptating King Siroc as it whizzed past.

"I go make dinner." the giant said.

"Why thank you!" King Siroc said fairly pleased. "Make sure it's vegetarian though!"

The giant gave him an odd look and plodded through a door.

King Siroc turned his attention to the atlas.
13-10-2003, 02:31
Newsted leaped out of the way as the giant
(carrying Siroc) almost stepped on him,he then began the long climb up the table leg to go look at the map with Siroc.
13-10-2003, 02:47
King Siroc studied the map carefully, memorising the direction and co-ordinates of Metal Bass which had turned out to be closer by some several thousand miles...

The giant came through and picked him up.

"Is dinner ready?" King Siroc asked politely.

"One last ingredient." the giant said.

There was something in the way he said that that the king did not like... although the site of Newsted shimmying up the table leg was amusing.

"Over here!" he cried.
13-10-2003, 03:00
Newsted reached the tabletop and ran over to Siroc,breathing heavily after the climb and run..."So...I found...a map"
13-10-2003, 13:02
"Yep, Metal Bass is-"

But he was cut off as the giant turned round and plodded towards the kitchen door.

"Come on! He's making dinner!" King Siroc called.
14-10-2003, 00:03
OK," Newsted replied, "I wonder what it is..."
14-10-2003, 00:13
The giant placed King Siroc on a table and took out the most enormous knife the king had seen in his life.

"What are you doi- AAH!"

The knife thudded down beside King Siroc like a metal wall.

"AAH!" King Siroc said again, to get his point across and ran to a chair tucked under the table.

"HELLP!" he screamed as the knife thudded again behind him, the vibrations nearly knocking him off his feet.
14-10-2003, 01:02
Newsted hearing Siroc's cries sighed "Just when I got here..."

He began climbing down as fast as he could,then he realized he could slide down the table leg,loosening his grip he began his rapid descent,in a few seconds he was on the ground(although with some blistered hands) and running towards the kitchen,he ran straight under the door and saw what was happening. Unsure of what to do he decided to go with the direct approach: "HEY YOU!!! THE HUGE IDIOT!!!"
14-10-2003, 01:11
The giant turned round and threw the knife at Newsted. It embedded in the floor just a few inches from the NuMetallian, quivering slightly.

King Siroc leapt on to the chair and shimmied down the leg. "You all right Newsted?" he shouted, running across. "Come on! Let's get the Hell out of here!"
14-10-2003, 01:19
Newsted,shocked for a moment when the knife hits the floor near him,begans running towards the door

"I wish you would stop saying lets get the hell out of brings back bad memories"
14-10-2003, 01:27
King Siroc laughed despite himself and followed.

The giant came stomping after, "Fee Fi Fo Fum" it said, "I smell the blood of a Si-roc-can."

King Siroc screamed and ran faster. "Get down the tower!" he shouted urgently.
14-10-2003, 01:40
As they reach the door Newsted asks "Which way should we go? The way we came in or try to find a shortcut?"
14-10-2003, 01:46
"The only other way down a tower is out the window and frankly, I'm not willing to try that!"

King Siroc soared through the enormous doorway.

"Come on!"
14-10-2003, 02:03
Newsted followed Siroc as the giants groundshaking footsteps pounded behind them,As they reached the stairs,Newsted was almost knocked over by a particularly violent stomp.
14-10-2003, 02:06
The giant was nearly upon them now, King Siroc heaved Newsted over his shoulder and ran for dear life down the stairs.


Down they went bump-bump bumpity.
14-10-2003, 02:52
After a long tumble they landed at the bottom of the stairs,judging from the noise the zombie demon battle was still going on in the other room,Newsted,struggles to his feet,the giant can be heard coming down the stairs," Come on we have to get of here" Newsted motions towards the door.
14-10-2003, 22:59
King Siroc didn't need telling twice.

The king, now a human-shaped blur, was making an unusual noise which sounded very similar to someone screaming at the top of their lungs. It was the call of the flightless hippo.

The giant thundered down the stairs, getting faster with each step.
15-10-2003, 00:02
As Siroc continued,Newsted chances a backwards glance as they leave the tower,the Giant has reached to bottom of the stairs and is gaining on them rapidly.
15-10-2003, 00:12
The giant leapt forward and grabbed Newsted in one gigantic fist. King Siroc continued calling and then they came... not one, not two, but thirty flightless hippos came soaring out of the skies, divebombing the giant, pulverising him with poop, covering him in crap, showering him in sh-

King Siroc broke off his train of thought to board a hippo that had landed beside him.

"Come on Ben! We've got to rescue Newsted!"

"RARR!" the hippo roared and took off.
15-10-2003, 20:06
Newsted continued to run,frantically dodging the terrible chemical weaponary being aimed at the giant,he glanced up,amazed at the sight of so many hippos filling the sky
16-10-2003, 03:49
^kick^ #It was on friggin' page 6#
16-10-2003, 18:14
King Siroc guided Ben down to Newsted.

"Get on board! We've got to get out of here before the giant gets his bearings!"

OOC: Sorry Goober! :lol:
16-10-2003, 20:44
^kick^ #It was on friggin' page 6#

What was on page 6 :?: :?

Newsted climbed up on to the hippos back,"Do you remember which way to go?" He asked Siroc
17-10-2003, 00:20
"Metal Bass is that way." King Siroc said pointing definitely towards the setting sun...

It was twenty minutes later when he said, "Then again, it might have been the other way... er..."

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Goober was annoyed because the adventures of Siroc and Newsted had slipped to page 6 of the II forum. :lol:
17-10-2003, 00:46
OOC: Ok,I realized that and meant to edit my post but I've been getting lots of 404s recently.At first I thought he meant something on the 6th page of the thread.


Newsted sighed wondering where they could possibly be,as they sunk a little below the clouds he saw a vast expanse of water below him....