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ADK Announces Plan to Reconstruct New Genoa

Abu-Dhabi Khristatata
15-09-2003, 03:20
After ending the New Genoa-Melkor war as quickly as possible, it is time to reconstruct New Genoa.

Hundreds of thousands of workers are being shipped to New Genoa to begin rebuilding the capital and other major cities. Some 600 billion USD will be used by the Byzantine Government to rebuild the nation.

The Basic infastructe will be restored first. Bridges, government buildings, re-establishment of the millitary, police, and firefighters. Schools also.

Then Libraries, art galleries, and other buildings of cultural value. Tons of marble, quartz, granite(grey and pink), sandstone, and other minerals and rocks will be used to build these buildings.

New Genoa will be rebuilt, more beuatiful than ever.

Trees will be replanted, livestock and other animals brought to the country.

Nothing can replace those who we killed. But we can reshape New Genoa and make more beautiful and posperous than ever.

In the end there is a beginning.
15-09-2003, 03:22
On the contrary, WE will rebuild New Genoa. We suggest your workers turn back, and we will handle reconstruction from here.
---Damien Dreadfire---
-Supreme Warlord of AMF-
15-09-2003, 03:22
ooc: its over already?!