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Blood Pact (Pantera)

14-09-2003, 05:21
Damien stood in the darkened chambers of the Great Hall. A slight breeze shuffled the red and white curtains, and the leaves on the trees russled in the dusky air. The candles around the alter had been lit, and a thousand hooded Sentinels stood silently as the ceremony began. Standing next to Damien was Xel, clad in a slightly revealing ceremonial black dress, her long black hair swaying slightly as the night air blew in. Damien stepped forward towards the alter, where a golden chalice sat alongside a 4 inch knife, it's handle clad in gold as well.

Brother Sentinels, I am here tonight to engage in the Blood Pact with Pantera. This chalice will be filled with my blood, sealed, then sent to Pantera as an offering, and as a pledge to their nation. This pledge will bind us together, making Sentinel and Reaver alike brothers in arms. Wether Pantera participates in the Pact is a decision that they alone will make, but I shall take the first step.

Damien lifted the chalice, and turned his back towards the cloaked Sentinels. He closed his eyes, lifting the chalice up high, silently praying to the Gods above. His lips moved ever so slightly as he prayed on. The breeze picked up for a second, causing the candles to flicker. Damien turned, and placed the chalice gently on the alter. Picking up the knife, he held it in both hands. He slowly opened his dominent right hand, and with his weaker left, sliced a 3 inch gash across his hand. He then moved his right hand over the chalice, squeezing hard. Blood poured from his wound as Xel and the Sentinels watched on silently. When the chalice was half full, Damien set the knife down, and with both hands, raised the cup to his lips, drinking his own blood. He tilted his head back, and sprayed his blood into the air. A thousand Sentinels roared, shaking the windows and the very foundation of the Great Hall, as blood dripped from Damien's gaping maw. Placing the chalice on the alter, he squeezed his hand again, filing it full.

Xel drifted gently toward it, sealing the top. She held it high, and the Sentinels roared a roar that would make demons weep.

The Blood Pact has been initiated! This golden cup will now be taken to Pantera, as an offering of our allegiance.

Ripping the front of his shirt, Damien took his bloodied hand, and smeared his hand print across his chest, and the Sentinels roared again.

Source: Automagnus...AMF Homeworld
Recipient: Basiten the Bronze...Lord Reaver of Pantera
~Mainframe Open...Begin Transmission~

Greetings Bastien. We have initiated a Blood Pact with you and the nation of Pantera. Please accept this offering of blood, for this is an official ceremony to commemorate our allegiance to you.
-Supreme Warlord of AMF-

~End Transmission...Mainframe Closed~
14-09-2003, 05:38
Caught up in the turmoil of War and asasination attempts, the Lord Reaver could not help but smile as he recieved the message from Freek. This Damien is going to prove a ferocious ally...

He grinned, taking up pen and paper and writing a reply to AMF before having it sent quickly.

Honored Allies, though a strange custom indeed, we are pleased with your offer, and the trust it entails. Long have we respected and Honored your people, and now I trust this shall ensure our mighty alliance through the ages. Together, Reavers and Sentinals shall break our enemies and sweep across them, conquering and taking what we will.

The offer of your lifes blood will please the Blood God of War, Wotan, and I shall contribute to the offering with my own. The Crow's Feast shall be great, and the gods shall drink thier fill from the crimson streams flowing from the mountians of our enemies, defeated and dishonored.

Bound together by the ties of Blood and Fire, we are now as one.

Bastien the Bronze
Lord Reaver of Pantera
Drag the Waters of War
14-09-2003, 05:50
Upon recieving the reply, the message from Bastien was read aloud, and broadcast over every AMF installation.

At Camp Blade, the main training center of the Sentinels, the message had a profound impact. Roaring and screaming with the might of the Sentinels, over 500,000 heard the message.

All across AMF, mass celebration took place. Much feasting and drinking took place, along with parties right in the streets.

At the Great Hall, Damien read the message to the hooded Sentinels. After much celebration, the message was instnatly framed, and hung inside the Main Chamber, a hallowed place where many AMF artifacts rest. Xel stood alongside the 7 foot tall Damien. She looked with a smile at Damien.

What you have done here today is quite possibly the greatest historical event in the history of Automagfreek. Damien, you have taken the Empire to a whole new level, and you should be very proud.

Grinning down at Xel with delight, he said to her:

I know Xel. Now, the fury and might of the Reavers are now one with the Sentinels. This is a big step in our nation's history, and this day shall echo in all eternity. Now, my love, we must go celebrate.

Damien scooped Xel into his arms, and took her to his private quarters, where they would "celebrate" the night away.
14-09-2003, 06:04
ooc: Not that I really know about the blood pact, but this could represent a shift in the balance of power in NS. I'm going to have to pay attention to this. I'd love to join you guys, but it appears we're enemies.
14-09-2003, 06:20
but this could represent a shift in the balance of power in NS.

OOC: Really? Wow.....(no sarcasm)

I'd love to join you guys, but it appears we're enemies.

OOC: How so?
14-09-2003, 06:25
This is a long train, but here goes.

I'm in the Reich.
The Reich is allied with Arda.
Melkor is in Arda.
Melkor is fighting New Genoa.
Pantera is an ally of New Genoa.
You, apparently, are now an ally of Pantera.
Hence, we are enemies.

But frankly, I'll put that aside if you'll have me.
14-09-2003, 06:29
This is a long train, but here goes.

I'm in the Reich.
The Reich is allied with Arda.
Melkor is in Arda.
Melkor is fighting New Genoa.
Pantera is an ally of New Genoa.
You, apparently, are now an ally of Pantera.
Hence, we are enemies.

But frankly, I'll put that aside if you'll have me.

The Blood Pact binds the participents together in eternal brotherhood. It is the ultimate expression of trust, for the Reavers and Sentinels are now together as one. As for Akilliam, it is uncertain to us wether or not the ultimate form of trust can be shared with you, because we have not grown as close to your nation as we have to Pantera. Maybe some day, in some distant place, we can become blood brothers, but not at this moment.
-Supreme Warlord of AMF-

OOC: A little IC explanation. :P
14-09-2003, 06:31
ooc: A pox on you and your house! :)
14-09-2003, 06:56
In the Garden Square in RTP City, a large statue is to be erected to commemorate this occasion. The monument will stand 50 feet tall, and on the left side will stand a statue of a Sentinel, made out of stainless steel. On the right, will stand a statue of a Reaver, made out of bronze. One hand of each statue will be extended forward, and each will hold the flag of their nation proudly.

The monument is expected to be erected in a few days.

Mass celebration continue around the planet of Automagnus, and at AMF installations afar.

<Back at the Great Hall>

After a night of great pleasure, Damien and his mate Xel awoke from their slumber. Damien walked to the balcony as the curtains swayed in the breeze. He looked out across Garden Square, and across the Silver Lake. The sun was rising, and the new day was here. Xel arose from her bed, still unclothed, and moved towards the bathroom. She put her nightgown on, and moved over towards Damien. She stood behind him, wrapping her arms around around Damien's midsection, and resting her head gently on his back.

Today marks a great change in the Empire my love. I never thought such a day would come, much less under my rule.

Damien said quietly to Xel. She moved and stood next to Damien, holding his hand gently. She smiled as she looked Damien in his fiery eyes.

I always believed you would achieve such greatness, for you will go down in history as the man that changed the course of an entire Empire. You are a fabulous leader Damien, never forget that.

Damien smiled, and the two watched the sun rise together, for a new dawn had come.
14-09-2003, 07:09
OOC: Great Stuff Freek, but I'm sidetracked atm. create a station. This is the best thing I've ever seen. But, I'll tire of it soona nd I'll be back to write up a properly badass post :)
14-09-2003, 07:14
OOC: Great Stuff Freek, but I'm sidetracked atm. create a station. This is the best thing I've ever seen. But, I'll tire of it soona nd I'll be back to write up a properly badass post :)

OOC: Thanks. Seriously, I've done some of my best RPing with you, and it's a privilege to interact with such a great RPer.

This is probably the most fun on NS I've had in awhile.

14-09-2003, 07:15
Oooooo, I see good stuff coming out of this one! I hope for some fruitful interaction with this new development.
Domo Kuns
14-09-2003, 07:42
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14-09-2003, 07:59
The Church of the ThirdEye is a towering structure. Built of granite and set high upon a gigantic quartz crag, the huge black-on-whie upthrust dominates the landscape for miles around. From the highest tower of the church flies a billowing banner, bearing the burgundy and blacks of Pantera. The great flight of stairs leading to the gilded set of double doors is packed with Reavers as they make thier way into the great church. Inside, a cavernous chamber is already crammed with the Warrior Priests of ThirdEye and Reavers alike.

The walls are carved with fantastic scenes of battle and glory, the three faces of the Gods of Wind, Water and War the most prevalent. The far end of the room is rased into a great platform where blooms of SunShade grow about the altar where it is said that human sacrifice to the Blood Gods indeed once took place. Upon the furthest wall a section of granite has been removed, revealing a large hole.

As the last of the Reavers file in, and the cavernous chamber quiets, the Lord Reaver emerges from the crowd alongside a Crimson Priest. Bastien the Bronze is clad in antique shining silver platemail, his shining blonde hair swinging loose about his shoulders as he and the Priest approach the altar.

"My Reavers, Brother's of the Church, we come today to pay respect to an ally who has honored us. The Lord Of AutoMagFreek has offered a gift of his lifes blood, offering the very sould and rage that flows within him, to Pantera. A strong gesture and one that sall not be forgotten."

Taking up an ornate iron dagger, it's hilt capped with a strange blue stone, Bastien nods to the Crimson Priest and draws the edge across is calloused palm, smiling grimly as a thick line of blood wells up from the gash and runs across his fingers. The Priest hurriedly pulls a satin cloth from the golden chalice gifted them by AMF. Opening it, he offers it to the Lord Reaver.

Bastien clenches his fist, thrusting his arm above the chalice and allowing the blood that streams down his hand to drip into the it. His voice echoes powerfully about the crowded chamber:

"Once seperate, we have been forged anew. The bonds of Blood and Fire are unbreakable, and our fates are now entwined. To Valhalla, alongside our brothers we shall Drag the Waters of War!"

The savage roars of the assembled Reaver echo about the chamber as they stomp and clap thier hands, screaming and shouting adoration at thier Warrior-King, and for thier allies.

The Crimson Priest bows low, murmering a prayer and placing the now closed chalice within the hole in the thick granite wall. He turns then, taking up a ceremonial broadsword and calling out.

"I will now stand guard against the Lifes-Blood of our alliance, now and forever. That is my vow, before Gods and Men. Go now, Drag the Waters alongside those who have honored you. I shall wait here, eternal as the Waves, a shield to the Soul of our great Alliance."

Bastien bows low to the Priest, but recieves no reply as he now has eyes only to seal away the Chalice, and himself. An eternal Honor guard, as it were.

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14-09-2003, 08:27
It is done, my love. Pantera and Automagfreek are now as one. This is a moment that our people will not soon forget Damien.

Damien turned to Xel. He was both happy, but silent at the same time. He could not believe that under his rule that such an event was possible.

To think Xel, that at one point, Pantera and Automagfreek were once strangers. But now, we are as brothers. We have sworn allegiance, Reaver and Sentinel alike. Not just AMF and Pantera will remember this day, but all life throughout the vastness of the cosmos. This is the first time the Blood Pact has been shared with those outside of AMF. It was first done amongst the feudal lords that warred against one another in the Early Ages. But now, we share it with our Reaver kin! This is a monumental occasion!

He shouted to the servant outside the room.

Send a message to those in the National Archives to mark this day as an official holliday. The Day of Blood shall it be called!

Xel grinned at Damien. Although part machine, her human emotions shined.

I just love to hear you talk Damien. Tell me more.

Damien looked puzzled.

About what, my love?

Xel sat down on the large bed.

About anything.

She gestured Damien closer, an erotic grin on her face.
The Eastern Bloc
14-09-2003, 09:03
Congragulations to you both. While my Directorate brethren may be wary of this... I find it to be a... blessing of sorts.

I, Icarus Traiden, sincerely hope that... we cross paths in the future.

(OOC: I've been looking for some good RP for around... well... a long damn time. If you guys are ever planning something... drop me a TM if you want.)
14-09-2003, 09:23
(OOC: I've been looking for some good RP for around... well... a long damn time. If you guys are ever planning something... drop me a TM if you want.)

OOC: Will do, Bloc.
14-09-2003, 10:16
Early the morning afer enshrining the Chalice, Bastien the Bonze and his brother Dayne the Evenstar woke to practice the blade. They had done so since they were old enough to walk, and, short of war, had never broken the routine. The sound of the training room rang with the sound of steel clashing upon steel. Bastien's great broadsword powered against his brothers smaller longsword, though the Evenstar held his own.

Finally, though Dayne slipped low and cut at hs brothers calf with his blunted longsword, knocking him from his feet and ending the spar.

Bastien drew a ragged breath and pushed himself to his feet, grunting to his brother,"A fine match, Dayne. Was once a day you couldna trounce me like that."

Dayne's smile was troubled as he waved away his brothers compliment and turned to replace his blunted longsword on the training rack. His Lord and brother did not neglect to notice his brothers unease.

"Your thoughts, Evenstar?"

The younger brother turned to face his King, nodding his massive head, his braids swinging,"The wars weigh on my mind. Enemies approach Pantera, and you talk with this Damien. You know that the smallfolk have given him a soulname?

Bastien gave a slight shake of his head, arching a thick eyebrow and lifting a hand to scratch his jawline, covered in a slight shadow of beard. A soulname, eh? A Panteran SoulName was reserved for Reavers who had earned thier respect before Gods and Men alike. It tied you to the Wind and Waves, and ensured that Wotan strode with you during War. It took a Crimson Priest to give a soulname, and he hadn't been told of such..."No, Evenstar, tell me."

"Damien Dreadfire." The Evenstars smile was sly as he watched his brother.

The Lord Reaver smiled, his thoughts flying,"Well said brother. The commoners have an eye, along with the Priests, eh? His name will be well earned, Evenstar. There is Fire and Ice in his veins..." He trailed off, watching his sibling.

Dayne's purple eyes dropped as he asked softly,"What are your plans, Bastien?

The Warrior-King sighed, looking to a beautifully detailed painting of the Panteran longships of old, A return to greatness, my brother..."
14-09-2003, 18:11
A bump for good measure....
New Genoa
14-09-2003, 18:43
OOC: :shock: Awesome roleplaying! *bows*
14-09-2003, 18:57
Xel rushed into the throne room. Damien knew this was urgent, because Xel never ran. Damein instantly stood to his feet.

What is it, my love?

Xel stopped at Damien's throne, she looked him in his feiry eyes, and grinned.

I have just recieved word from Pantera, Damien. It seems you have been honored with what Panterans call a soulname. It is a custom bestowed upon those most worthy, and YOU , Damien, have been honored with such a name!

Damien slumped down in his throne, a smile and disbelief on his face. His eyes distant, as if his mind was in another time, a grin quickly spread across his face, then drifted away. His grin returned, and Xel knew that his mind was working at a million miles an hour, his imagination running rampant.

I have been honored with such a name...

Damien said, with a smile clearly across his face, which was unusual.

I..can't believe it. What do they call me, my love?

Xel bowed down repectfully as she uttered the name.

Damien Dreadfire, my Lord.

Damien's smile grew bigger, and stood from his throne as the Sentinel guards bowed as well.

Damien Dreadfire....I like it. So it has been proclaimed, and so shall it be.
14-09-2003, 19:12
14-09-2003, 19:13
"My Lord, will you wake?"

Edmund's eyes fluttered open, why did this news always come while he slept? "What is it?" He demanded with a hoarse voice.

"Well, it seems that the new Regime in AMF has created a blood alliance with Pantera. They say the Sentinels and Reavers, walk as bretheren."

"Ok Ive been out of the scene too long. It's time I addressed both nations to see what the hell is going on. One second AMF is playing god with the Human Genome, the next second this Damien character takes over."

"Take me to the communique room fpr a private chat with AMF."

"Yes, Sir."

30 Minutes Later
****Opening transmission****Securing Line**Encrypting transmission********sending*****AMF lines recieving****

"Greetings Damien, of AutoMagFreek. You may not know me but I am Executor Edmund Dantes of Tersanctus, we are allied with your nation, and while we consider be an internal matter, one of no concern to us, we still wish to know what you intend to do with your newfound power, and if you wish continued Military Strength with your Interstellar Neighbor and Friend, Tersanctus. You have also opened relations with Pantera, another close ally of ours, are you seeking war? This is a private, secure line keep in mind, if the Purpose were for the same ends, I would gladly give you AMD and the great fleets to use as you wish."

****ending transmission
14-09-2003, 19:30
Source: Automagnus...AMF Homeworld
Recipient: Executor Edmund Dantes of Tersanctus
~Mainframe Open...Begin Transmission~

Greetings, Executor. I promise you that friends and allies of Automagfreek have nothing to fear. We have always valued our friendships with all our allies abroad, and I can assure you, nothing is oigng to happen between our nations.

As for war, I'm sure it is no secret that there are those that wish to destory Pantera, and those that hold them dear. Through this Blood Pact, all coward heathens that stand against us will fall. The broken bodies of their soldiers will hang for a thousand years in the Halls of the Dead, and their butchered leaders will eternally reside in the Tombs of the Mutilated. A new dawn has arisen, and fear will be instilled in those that seek to destroy us and what we hold dear.

Good day Executor.
---Damien Dreadfire---
-Supreme Warlord of AMF-

~End Transmission...Mainframe Closed~
14-09-2003, 19:39
Edmund was taken aback, such power in Damiens voice and appearence. But he believed him. Though in and of itself hard to believe, Edmund believed that Damien was telling the truth...after all if he truly sought war with Tersanctus, the sentinels would come, but if he and Damien and even Pantera were on the same side...The Armored Marine Division, The Reavers, and The Sentinels would crush any enemy. For the first time in his young life The Executor of Tersanctus, felt.....bloodlust? He pushed the thought aside as silly, he was a diplomat, or at least raised to be one before a warmongerer. But drag the waters.......
14-09-2003, 20:00
OOC: I see someone else wants to be involved. :wink:
14-09-2003, 20:03
Bastien stood facing the great window of the Seastone Council chambers, his massive form outlined against the violent swirl of reds, oranges and blues of the dying sun. The vista beyond was incredible, some three thousand feet above the waves, with sunlight proving the Blood Bay was well-named, as the setting sun turned the color of the waves to crimson.

As he turned to face the assembled Reaver Lords, his purple eyes blazed, the indigo flare startling in its contrast to the riot of colors beyond the window.

"I earned my soulname when the blood from my enemies drenched my locks, turning them to bronze in sun on an evening much like this. The garrison was out of ammunition, though they refused to surrender. My Lord Father, respecting the resolve of these rebel Reavers ordered that the town be stormed with sword and bayonet, as he refused to shoot them down.

I was entrusted to the task, and after six bloody hours of fighting the day was mine. With my enemies slain, bathed in thier blood, the Priests bestowed me with my soulname..."

The assembled Reaver Lords glanced at each other uneasily. They all knew the story, and it was not like thier Lord to ramble. A few made as if to speak, but Bastien waved them to silence.

"Dreadfire chose well, to make the Panteran statue Bronze, alongside thier own of steel. Not only for my Soulname, but for the metal itself. Bronze is the metal of my crown, to tie me to the Land. The Crown of hte old Kings of Winter. Bronze and Iron, Fire and Ice... All about these Sentinels seems to be..."

He shook his head, ending his thought and gazing across the table at his Lords.

"We have lost our dreams, my Lords. We no longer Drag the Waters, questing and conquering those who would defy us. That is our destiny, Reavers. To reign above lesser men, and to destroy any who would seek to interfere. Not conquerors, or rulers, mind you..."

Once more he paused, tossing his head and makng to speak, only to be interrupted by his old advisor, and Defender Lord of the Vale.

"Bastien, it is plain for us all to see that something troubles you. With enemies threatening, you cannot be like this. Focus, M'lord. Speak with us. Tell us of your thoughts. We are here to serve, M'lord, let us."

The Lord Reaver watched his old friend for a moment, thinking about the man. A friend to his father, he had stood alongside House Vayne during the many civil wars and rebellions of the past decades. Now approaching sixty, he remained a powerful presence. Bastien finally smiled, nodding his assent.

Beginning slowly, his words gained intensity:

"We are warriors. This new way of warfare will not suit our old tactics. We must evolve, and to do this we must cast away old habits. Our destiny, my brothers is to Drag the Waters, blessed by the Wind and strengthened by War.

The sentinels have awakened in me a terrible purpose. I see in them what I see in us. Fire and Ice, as I have said. They have roused the demons in my soul, and they haunt my dreams. Such sweet haunting though...

A dream only glimpsed will be realized within this lifetime, Reavers, but that lifetime will be a moment in comparison to the Songs men shall sing of us through the ages. Reaver and Sentinel together, civilization shall enter a new age behind us. On our shoulders, Mankind shall prosper, and all shall be ours for the taking, Reavers. We only have to take it. And we shall. This is written across the skies in Starlight and Silver...."

Long into the night the Reavers spoke, and as they left, Bastien noted the fervor in some of thier eyes. A previously hidden rage that welled deep within thier souls, boiling and building. Fanaticism could be dangerous, though. He knew well, for he teetered on the edge himself.
14-09-2003, 20:24
Damien sat looking out the window of his transport. He began having revalations of the trials to come. Sitting back, he thought of the ancient history behind AMF, and the glory that once radiated from it's borders. Thinking harder, he realized that the glory had all but faded, until his coming. Yes, it was him, was it not? Nobody else has taken AMF to these heights before! Not Dictator Automagfreek, not Thomas Kaye, but HIM alone! These thoughts raced throught his head as his transport landed at Camp Blade.

Stepping out of the transport, the 7 foot warlord towered over the Sentinel guards, and all came to attention.

It is an honor to receive you, My Lord. Welcome to Camp Blade.

The Major spoke loudly. Damien nodded in reply, and the two began walking towards the main compound. A Sentinel guards followed Damien as they made their way into the main building. As Damien's foot touched the inside of the room, all instantly became slient, and stood at attention. In perfect formation, the Sentinels stared ahead, motionless...robotic. Damien placed his arms behind his back, and slowly walked down the lines, eying each Sentinel as he passed. Each face was the same, each expression a copy of the last. These were to be the warriors that would propell the Empire forward, and although he knew many would be sacrificed along the way, he knew that it was a cause most worthy.

Damien passed through the lines, and made his way towards the balcony overlooking the troops. Taking up the microphone, he spoke in a thundering voice:

Brother Sentinels, the New Dawn is here! With both fire and blade alike, we will carve out our destiny as we see fit. We will no longer be bound to the ways of old, we will not do what others want! We will do....what We want! Together, the brothers of the Blood Pact will trounch all heathens that stand against us. We shall watch as they lie, broken and stripped of all their pride. We shall laugh as they suffer torment and eternal damnation at our hands. We will watch with glee as their souls are purged from their cowardly bodies, and as they fester and rot in the Halls of the Dead. We will march over their pathetic forces, and we will send them to whatever God they wish. It is you, my Sentinels, that will do this, I have forseen it. With great discipline and untamed fury, you will sweep across the oppressors of the universe, one by one falling to our unstoppable war engine. Alongside our Reaver brothers, none shall think to cross paths with us!

My Sentinels, you make your Empire proud!

The Sentinels roared and cheered in approval. Damien had said it well.
Scandavian States
14-09-2003, 20:33
The First Lord congradulates both Automagfreek and Pantera on forming this greatest of alliances. May your mutual enemies forever tremble in fear at the sound of Reavers and Sentinels alike marching to the drums of war.

First Lord Alex Larsen
14-09-2003, 21:11
Been reading this, and despite my most desperate atemptents to contain myself....

Accept the crystal cup at the feast, beware the dwarf...
15-09-2003, 01:06
Been reading this, and despite my most desperate atemptents to contain myself....

Accept the crystal cup at the feast, beware the dwarf...

OOC: Um...ok.... :roll:
15-09-2003, 02:12
Take a longboat with 20 of your finest men, and sail to where the sun sets. THere you will find a vilage. Pilage, plunder, all that you see.

Beware your women folk, for treachary awaits. With the comming of the spring, she shall be no more.
15-09-2003, 02:23
15-09-2003, 02:23
Take a longboat with 20 of your finest men, and sail to where the sun sets. THere you will find a vilage. Pilage, plunder, all that you see.

Beware your women folk, for treachary awaits. With the comming of the spring, she shall be no more.

OOC: No offense, but this is a thread for just me and Pantera.
15-09-2003, 05:06
Damien stood in the main control room of the Camp. Looking out amongst the vast sea of Sentinels, he felt a surge of pride. He turned to his staff of Generals.

I think you all know of the trials that are to come. I expect the best out of all of you, and so does your Empire. I cannot say at this moment exactly what is going to happen, because I myself am not sure. It is no secret that war will find us again, so we must be ready. I've been informed of certain "activities" around Earth, and it saddens and displeases me. I would not be surprised if we deployed soon.

We are currently fighting Tilsitsin, but AMF and Pantera shall make an example of that fool, so his presense does not concern me. What does concern me, however, is the insane conquest that is taking place on Earth.

I am glad we left that wasteland so long ago...but....I still feel a sense of commitment to our Earth friends.....

He caught himself drifting. He straightened himself out, and his Generals saluted him.
16-09-2003, 06:31
Damien walked slowly by himself to Dawn's Cathedral. The grassy path was shaded by tall maple trees, and a slight breeze made the leaves shiver. He came closer to the Cathedral, and as he started up the giant flight of steps, passer by's moved out of his way.

The tall doors creaked as they opened, and the smell of candles and incense hit him. He paused, lifting his head and closing his eyes, taking in the soothing odors. Dawn's Cathedral was also a resting place for some of AMF's most important artifacts, one being the Relic's Sword, used by Dictator Automagfreek in the Age of Unrest. He turned left, and walked down the long red carpet and saw the sword encased in glass, sitting on it's podium, bathed in sunlight. He kneeled before it, and looked up at the epic depiction of the great Tide's War, a struggle between the feudal lords to gain power in the land of Automagfreek. The scene depicts the Dictator riding gloriously into battle, his sword literally passing through those that stood in his way.

He bowed his head and prayed to the Gods: " Oh great wise ones of the past, grant me now in this time of trial, the strength to rise above my challenges. When I raise my flashing sword, and my hand takes hold in judgment, I will take vengeance upon mine enemies, and I will repay those that haze me. Oh Lord, raise me to thy right hand and count me among thy Saints....."

He lifted his head, feeling nirvana. He stood up, taking a few steps towards the sword. He lifted the glass case off, and the stench of ages filled his nostrils. He took up the mighty blade, and slowly removed it from it's scabbard. The blade was still sharp, after hundred of years. He would wear it with pride into battle, and it's spititual and sacred energies would help guide him in his darkest hours.

May my ancestors watch over me...
16-09-2003, 06:40

(Great stuff guys)
16-09-2003, 08:22
Damien placed the sword back into it's scabbard, and made his way to the exit, but not the same way he came. He took the scenic route, and went throught the art gallery. Large paintings of epic battlescenes covered the walls, each telling it's own story in it's own time and place. Damien passed them by, giving but a galnce to most of the artwork.

He then stopped at the painting of Tordun, the Corpse God, the God of Death. In the painting, Tordun was dragging a helpless woamn to her doom, as the panicked onlookers watched, their screams etched in time inside the very paint of the artwork.

Damein bowed respectfully to the Corpse God, and continued his journey towards the exit.
16-09-2003, 08:31
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17-09-2003, 03:55
Making his way out, he passed by the main alter in the Cathedral. Looking up at the stained glass window, he felt a sense of...enlightenment. Kneeling down before it, he gave his thanks to the Gods for seeng him through such turbulant times.

He stood, looking at the Relic's Sword, now attached to his utility belt. He exited the Cathedral without looking back, for he got what he came for. The sun was beginning to set, and the colors of orange, blue, and crimson tainted the sky as the sun died for the day.

Damien walked down the long grassy trail in silence.
17-09-2003, 05:35
When I raise my flashing sword, and my hand takes hold in judgment, I will take vengeance upon mine enemies, and I will repay those that haze me. Oh Lord, raise me to thy right hand and count me among thy Saints....."

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"And when I vest my flashing sword And my hand takes hold in judgement I will take vengeance upon mine enemies And I will repay those who hase me O Lord, raise me to Thy right hand And count me amoung Thy saints. Whosoever shed last blood. By man shall his blood be shed. For immunity of god make he the man. Destroy all that which is evil. So that which is good may flourish. And I shall count thee amoung my favoured sheep. And you shall have the protection of all the angels in heaven. Never shall innocent blood be shed. Yet the blood of the wicked shall flow like a river. The three shall spread their blackened wings and be the vengeaful striking hammer of god. And shepards we shall be, for thee my lord, for thee. For power hath descended forth from thy hadn so that we may swiftly carry out thy command. And we shall flow a river forth to thee, and teaming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritu Sancti."

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