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Field Hockey World Cup 1

Tanah Burung
13-09-2003, 00:58
World Cup - Coupe Mondiale - Copa Dunia
Sponsored by Air Belmore

The first World Cup of field hockey is set to open soon in Tanah Burung, featuring 16 countries.

Scores will be generated using random numbers on a system based on the one used in football World Cups 4 and 5. Each team gets ten attacks, assigned a random number between 1 and 1,000. The other team has a defence number of 85 (this can be varied later to take rank into account). There will also be a role-play bonus: if you post a game report of some kind, you will get one extra attack (or the other team will get one fewer attack against you) in your next match.

Groups and venues

Group A
Matches played in Matebian Stadium, high in the mountains. If your players are not fit, they may find the thin air taking a toll on them!
Tanah Burung
Wildthings Realm
Grand Master Mark

Group B
Matches played in Lovefest University Stadium, a modern indoor facility in Ukun Rasikan City.
Floating World
Curvey Island

Group C
Matches played in Tiga Burung Field, a large facility on the offshore island that is the country’s gateway to the world. Hot and humid.
French Loyalists

Group D
Matches played in Burung Paradis Field, a large clearing in the rain forest.
The Belmore Family
Chronos Prime

Results of your first match (1 v 4, 2 v 3) will be telegrammed to you tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to get started with the chat.....
The Belmore Family
13-09-2003, 10:44
TBF hockey world cup group
*Credits roll*
Hello and welcome to the first ever world cup in sunny Tanah Burung. We're here deep in the rainforset awaiting The Belmore Family's first match. Let's have a look at the teams The Belmore Family will face.

[code:1:f784809883]The Belmore Family
Chronos Prime

Our first match will be agaist Chronos Prime--- Tom, whatdya think?

Tom:Well a new nation, not fully ready for the world cup, I think that should be a good start with a good win.

Our Second match is agaist Halfassedstates--- So how's our chances there?
Well they are a good renowned nation, we will find this harder.

Our 3rd Match is against--- Grunge France
Again I think this will be our rampage to the fianls.
13-09-2003, 19:05
(WRSN opening credits roll with the 16 nations flags apeearance with video of that country's team, finishes up with a picture of the WC team and the WR flag in the background.)

(Tony Allone is seated behind the desk as we cut to a shot of the WRSN studio)
Tony: Hello all, and welcome to the Hockey World Cup pre-tournament special. This being the first international competition Wildthing's Realm has particpated in, we will be taking an extra look at the tournament, and what to expect for the upcoming games, plus a behind the scenes look at training for the World Cup.

(Seated next to Tony is Grace Witherspoon, the co-host of Sportsview everynight at 11 on WRSN)
Grace: This is the 1st Hockey World Cup tournament to be held, hosted by the Nation of Tanah Burung, and has been wildly anticipated since the annoucement of the competition 3 years ago.

Tony: First, let's show you the breakdown of the four gorups and where they will play.

(Graphics are shown on screen of the group breakdown and sites of games)

As you can see, Wildthing's Realm is in Group A, along with the host, Tanah Burung, Timway and Grand Master Mark. The site is Matebian Stadium in the mountains area of Tanah Burung. This may come to the Realm's advantage hwoever, since the Coach of the team, Raymond Shannleiok, has trained the players in higher elevations to help bolster their stamina during games.

Grace: Game 1 will be against Timway tomorrow, and with a look at this game, and the entire tournament as a whole, let's go live to Tarah Burung to the men who will call the action for you, Gavin Schiollf and Mike Sourcy.

(Cut to live shot of Matebian Stadium and Gavin & Mike standing outside in a remote studio set.)

Gavin: Welcome to beautiful Tarah Burung, where tomorrow, Wildthing's Realm enters into the world of international competition with the first of 3 first round matches in the Hockey World Cup. Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day, with the opener between Grand Master Mark and the host country Tanah Burung sure to work the crowd into a frenzy.

Mike: This is a promising group for the Realm, with two relative new-comers in Timway and Grand Master Mark, however the heavy foavorite has to be Tarah Burung easily, just because of the huge home-field edge.

Gavin: The coach of the Realm's squad Raymond Shannleiok had this to day about the upcoming matches.

(Cut to interview with the head coach)

Coach: The players are excited about this opportunity to show themselves on the world stage, and I'm rather excited too. Anyone who says they aren't excited about an chance to win a world championship, is either lying or dead. (Laughs)

Gavin: What do you see being the keys to winning?

Coach: Well first of all we can't give up easy goals, we need solid defense to keep us in games. If we can score once or twice early, I think we will be in good shape, however we can't afford to fall behind and work out way out of that. Obviously the most integral part of this, is played focsued for the whole game. We can't give in to mental blunders, penalties, etc., because with our relatively young squad, those sort of things could steamroll into a disaster on the field.

(Cut back to remote studio shot)
Gavin: We'll be back later with more interviews, analysis, and some video of our travels around Tanah Burung later, but for now, it's back to the Realm, so take it away!

Tony: Thanks guys, and we'll get back to you later in the show. We need to take a commercial break, but when we come back, we'll show how the Realm came to qualify for the World Cup, and a story of Garret Thomas, who overcame a troubled childhood to become the team leader, and captain for the World Cup side. We'll be right back.

(cut to commercial)
13-09-2003, 20:34
York: This is the first time a Grunge-French sports team goes to a nation outside AoE2 Region, tell me, Marc, what are the odds of our first adventure in the hockey, outside our region?

Marc: Well York, We´re here, only a fe minutes from the start of the game Grunge-France versus Halfassedstates, and I think the odds are not really against us, but not into our favor either: no matter what the result our hockey boys give to Grunge-France, we have to remember that hockey is not the Grunge-France´s speciallity, and that this young boys are for the first time outside AoE2 Region.

York: Well, we´ll have to wait for the results, can you tell me who´s the captian of our team?

Marc: Absolutelly: The Captain is Eduard Cizco, who is also the captain of the AoE2 Regional Team of Hockey.

York: And what do you think about Halfssedstates?

Marc: A nation who gives great importance to the sports, I think it has some good players, and has a longer tradition in the international sports than us: I think it is the favorite to win this match, York.

--We´ll be back later, folks, and get ready for the game!--
13-09-2003, 21:52
13-09-2003, 21:52
*theme music and highlights of the game are shown followed by the KBC Sport Logo*

*show two men seated behind a desk in the KBC studio*

Hello and Welcome to KBC Sport. I'm your host John malcolm and I'd like you to welcome my guest's Mr.Gary Jenson coach of the GMM national field hockey team and Mr. Kevin Rush captain of the team.

Well today GMM played their first match against Tanah Burung the host's of the competition. This was an exciting game but sadly ended up as a draw. Gary what did you think of the match?

Well John, the boy's played well and defended exceptionally, saving many great tries by the Tanah side. They also attack superbly only to be beaten at the last moment by the tanah defense. Taking into mind that we are a fairly new team and are novice's compared to tanah burung we played brilliantly. We would of loved a win but a draw for us, is a victory none the less.

And you Kevin?

Well john, we played our best and I was pleased with the rest of the team's performance especially in the first few minutes when we saved a great goal attempt and turned it round into a goal attempt of our own. the tanah side were superb we could hardly keep up with them. their skill was amazing and the way they handled the ball blew us away. But all in all it was a good match.

Well let's see the boys in action...

*cut's to highlights*

It's Breen passing it to jenson, jenson to greg and he shoot's but... ohhh a great save by the tanah keeper

tanah have the ball fredric, passes to harrison and harrison takes on the Grand masteran defense, he shoots oh but it goes wide

*back to studio*

and that was the team in action. the skill visible in that short clip shows you the brilliant performance by both teams. and i'm afraid that's all we have time for but be sure to tune in for GMM's next match in two day's time good bye
The Belmore Family
13-09-2003, 22:11
Belmore rampage on first day over Chronos Prime
A great victory By The Belmore Family in the first day of the first Hockey world cup. Alan Belmore started off the rampage with a goal in the second minute, a stunner from the edge of the D producing a classic shot into the top-left hand corner of the goal. Chronos Prime made several good atempts but failed to hit the target. Belmore showed the dominance by scoring an easy goal from a short corner. Daniel took the corner which went straight to Harry who slapped it nicley into the bottom right hand corner of the goal. The second started with drama as the Chronos Prime number 4 hit Laurence Belmore in the forhead concussing him and putting him in intesive care. Belmore, from the free hit, played it nicely in the D with Alan scoring his second goal of the night. In the dying minutes Alan scored his hatrick making a memorable first night with the score 4-0 to The Belmore Family.

The Belmore Family 4
Alan Belmore(1, 55, 78 ), Harry Belmore (38 )
Chronos Prime 0
14-09-2003, 00:11
14-09-2003, 00:12
14-09-2003, 00:22


York: Well Marc, this is unbelivable: The Grunge-French hockey players, after a rough game against Halfassedstates, the favorite, won with a score of 1 to 0.

Marc: Indeed, York. At the beggining, Halfassedstates dominated the court as expected, but then, at the minute 27, we found the puck inside the net of Halfassedstates, thanks to a marvelous hit by Jorge Melendé, who managed to send the puck to the very bottom of the right corner.

York: Yes, and since the annotation, Halfassedstates´team started to lose control in the game, although they had the enough control to keep the score as it was, and by the end of the game, the Grunge-French team obtained the victory.

Marc: I think this was a great stept for our National Hockey, and I think it showed us that the level in This Cup is nowhere near to the low level in the AoE2 Region.

York: Of course, did you see that shoot from the Halfassedstates´player at the minute 56? THAT wa something Francois Teme, ourGolkeeper, had not seen NEVER, but fortunatelly, he stopped it.

14-09-2003, 05:06

Timway made its international field hockey debut yesterday by facing The Wildthings Realm in Group A of the Hockey World Cup. The scoring did not commence until eight minutes remained in the game, when The Wildthings Realm put a pretty shot through the 5 hole of Timway's goaltender, Pavel Estronov. Things looked bleak for the Tigers, as they did not look cohesive offensively during the game. However, with a mere three minutes remaining in the contest, Dimitri Jackson put one into the top right corner from just inside the zone, on a shot that seemed to catch the Wildthings Realm keeper by surprise. Both teams seemed to play conservatively after this in order to secure the draw and the point in the standings. Timway coach Alexei Stevenson stated that he was pleased with his team's play, especially that of the defense. He also stated that a lineup change or two would be effected for the next game in an effort to boost scoring.
The Belmore Family
14-09-2003, 08:25
Group D P W D L F A Pts
Belmore 1 1 0 0 4 0 3
Grungey 1 1 0 0 1 0 3
Halfasy 1 0 0 1 0 1 0
Chronos 1 0 0 1 0 4 0
14-09-2003, 09:00
Akbarland have opened their campaign with a 2-1 victory over Floating World. Both goals came from penalty corners in either half from Safir Ashraff. The opposing teams scored a consolation goal with just four minutes to go butby then it was too late.
14-09-2003, 18:11
The Floating World pulled up alongside the coast of Tanah Burung in preparation for its first international sporting event. The FW is a group of interconnected rafts, built when our original islands were sunk by rising sea levels (the result of global warming). Fortunately the team has been drawn to play its games in a coastal area. But unfortunately, the Floating Worlders lost the game, 2-1 against Akbarland. The players must do better! Large cash prizes for wins, drowning for losses!
14-09-2003, 18:36
WRSN's coverage of the Hockey World Cup continues with a recap of today's action. Live from Matebian Stadium in Taran Burung here are Gavin Schiollf and Mike Sourcy.

(Cut to remote studio shot)
Gavin: We'll one game is in the books for the Realm and it's a 1-1 draw to Timway.

(Highlights of game roll on screen, Gavin and Mike do voiceover)
Gavin: The two squads entered the field for the pre-game festivies and stood at attention as both nations' national anthems were played.

Mike: We go to the 10th mintue of the 1st half where the Realm has the first scoring chance, a pass from Michaels over to Thomas who shoots and scores the first goal of the contest!

Gavin: After this the Realm was intent on playing defense and it showed here as Timway seeming couldn't get any set plays established. The first half ended shortly there after with the Realm holding a 1-0 lead.

Mike: However the second half, a few breakdowns in the defense led to scoring chances for Timway, with some excellent goalkeeping by Shawn Litoerid keepign the 1-0 lead.

Gavin: However, it wouldn't last as in the waning minutes of the contest, a hard shot by Dimitri Jackson of Timway tied the match at 1-1, where it ended.

Mike: Once again the final score here from Taran Burung is the Realm 1, Timway 1. We will be back later with post-game thoughts from the team and a look ward to the next match against Grand Master Mark.
Tanah Burung
15-09-2003, 02:52
Message recieved from Curvey Island:

We must withdraw.
We were overthrown, and the capital was blown to smithereens because they went to war.

Unless anyone has an alternative proposal, we can consider the rest of the Curvey Island matches as forfeits (ie. Curvey Island loses but no goals are recorded).
15-09-2003, 02:54
If no games had been played, i'd volunteer a team, but it would just mess things up now, so... :?
Tanah Burung
15-09-2003, 21:48
I'm prepared to let Oglethorpia in, since it's a well-established sporting nation that will not flake out on us, and replay match day one, Oglethorpia v Sazland.

Here are all other match day one results:

Tanah Burung 0 Grand Master Mark 0
Timway 1 Wildthings Realm 1

Floating World 1 Akbarland 2

Carasek 1 Daistallia 3
French Loyalists 1 Jacktazea 1

The Belmore Family 4 Chronos Prime 0
Grunge-France 1 Halfassedstates 0

Group A W D L F A GD Pts
Timway 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Wildthings Realm 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Tanah Burung 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Grand Master Mark 0 1 0 0 0 0 1

Group B
Akbarland 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
Floating World 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0
Sazland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Oglethorpia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Group C
Daistallia 1 0 0 3 1 +2 3
The French Loyalists 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Jacktazea 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Carasek 0 0 1 1 3 -2 0

Group D
The Belmore Family 1 0 0 4 0 +4 3
Grunge-France 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
Halfassedstates 0 0 1 0 1 -1 0
Chronos Prime 0 0 1 0 4 -4 0
16-09-2003, 04:11
Northern Oglethorpia Today

Oglethorpian Field Hockey Team Wins First Game

Oglethorpia's national Field Hockey team secured a win against Sazland, four to nil. Chris Wellman scored two goals, his first in the 15th minute and his second in the 37th. Peter Winfield came up with his own goal in the 31st, right before the half off a free kick and Gary Richards scored the last goal of the game in the 43rd minute.

Oglethorpia - 4
Sazland - 0

Wellman, 15, 37, Winfield, 31, Richards, 43
Tanah Burung
16-09-2003, 05:51
Group A* * * * * * * W D L F A GD Pts
Timway* * * * * * * *0 1 0 1 1 0* 1
Wildthings Realm* * *0 1 0 1 1 0* 1
Tanah Burung* * * * *0 1 0 0 0 0* 1
Grand Master Mark* * 0 1 0 0 0 0* 1

Group B
Oglethorpia* * * * * 1 0 0 4 0 +4 3
Akbarland* * * * * * 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
Floating World* * * *0 0 1 1 2 -1 0
Sazland* * * * * * * 0 0 1 0 4 -4 0

Group C
Daistallia* * * * * *1 0 0 3 1 +2 3
The French Loyalists 0 1 0 1 1 0* 1
Jacktazea* * * * * * 0 1 0 1 1 0* 1
Carasek* * * * * * * 0 0 1 1 3 -2 0

Group D
The Belmore Family* *1 0 0 4 0 +4 3
Grunge-France* * * * 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
Halfassedstates* * * 0 0 1 0 1 -1 0
Chronos Prime* * * * 0 0 1 0 4 -4 0
16-09-2003, 05:52
Group A W D L F A GD Pts
Timway 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Wildthings Realm 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Tanah Burung 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Grand Master Mark 0 1 0 0 0 0 1

Group B
Oglethorpia 1 0 0 4 0 +4 3
Akbarland 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
Floating World 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0
Sazland 0 0 1 0 4 -4 0

Group C
Daistallia 1 0 0 3 1 +2 3
The French Loyalists 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Jacktazea 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Carasek 0 0 1 1 3 -2 0

Group D
The Belmore Family 1 0 0 4 0 +4 3
Grunge-France 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
Halfassedstates 0 0 1 0 1 -1 0
Chronos Prime 0 0 1 0 4 -4 0


F1X0R3D! :D
Tanah Burung
16-09-2003, 06:33
What a lyrical language Oglethorpian is. What's it mean?
The Belmore Family
16-09-2003, 06:42
Belmore victorius, Belmore go through.
Belmore have progressed through to the 2nd round with a great 2-1 victory over Halfassedstates garenteeing their place in the next round.
16-09-2003, 08:22
HSMG News bulletin .....

Disappointment again for the Hockey side.
After a narrow 1-0 loss against Grunge-France, the Halfassedstates field hockey side tokk to the pitch against group leaders The Belmore Family knowing that only a win would do.
After a fairly even start, TBF took the lead in the 18th minute with a well work short corner routine that saw Alan Belmore score a stunning strike into the roof of the net.
Just before half-time, TBF went further ahead, when another Alan Belmore strike from a short corner was flicked past the diving keeper by Harry Belmore.
The game see-sawed throughout the second half, and with 10 mins to go, Halfassedstates gave themselves a chance when Sean Bendy scored. It proved too little to late though, as TBF confortably held on for the victory that sends them through and almost certainly sends Halfassed home early.
16-09-2003, 18:49
*theme music and highlights of the game are shown followed by the KBC Sport Logo*

*show a men seated behind a desk in the KBC studio*

Hello and Welcome to KBC Sport. I'm your host John malcolm and I'd like you to welcome my guest Mr. Kevin Rush captain of the team.

Well welcome to you both and as all of you know you were with us after your last match against Tanah Burung. well hasn't it changed around since then with you winning 2-1 against timway.

How are you feeling after that great victory over timway, Kevin?

Absolutely brilliant, John. the team were fantastic. I mean when Wildthings scored the first goal at the 20th minute we I thouight we were done for but the team batteled on and scored 10 minutes after that with a shot just ouitside the D. Johhny Fren has such power in his shot the keeper had no chance. but yet again our aponents were just as good as us only we got more chances than them. in the second half it was neck and neck the whole way until the final minutes when we scored again from a rebound. IT was a great match for

well if you don't belive it here's the boys in action yet again...

*cut's to highlights *

Timway have the ball It's greg to simpson and he shoot's a great save by the keeper.

Timway have the ball greg yet again dribbles by the GMM defense and he shoot's... and It's a goal for Wildthings

Rush the GMM captain istaking it through the Timways midfield, he passes to Fren and fren finds the back of the net.That's the equilizerand that's his first international goal.

Drell, to henson, to tanner, to rush he runs through the Timways defense and he shoot's...
2-1 to Grand Master Mark
*back to studio*
That's our boys. A great day for GMM. that's it for tonight. bye
16-09-2003, 19:00

Grunge-France 1 Chronos Prime 0

Marc: After a victory, nothing better than another victory, am I right or what, York?

York: Indeed Mark: we have, in the second day, a victory against the representant of Chronos Prime. It was the minute 53, just after a dangerous movement near to our net from the boys of C Prime, Lumo Humí managed to take away the puck from a player of Prime, and went all the way up to the net of Prime, then he passed the puck to Jones, and Jones putted the puck in the low right corner.

Marc: Well, we have assured our pass to the next round, but let´s remember that we still have a game with Belmore, the host, and one of the favorites to win the tourney.
16-09-2003, 19:48
Fearing the drowning stool, Floating World rallied to produce a 3-2 victory over Oglethorpia. Candy for all!
16-09-2003, 23:46
(WRSN SportsView logo appears and theme music plays in background)

Announcer: Tonight on SportsView – Upset in the World Cup as the Realm pull off a shocker!
(Clip of World Cup plays)
Announcer: We talk with Coach Shannleiok about today’s win and the Realm’s prospects in the Quarterfinals. Also, interviews with today heroes who shocked the world today… NEXT on SportsView.

(Cut to live shot of Matebian Stadium remote studio)

2nd Announcer: Live from Taran Burung, here are Gavin Schiloff and Mike Sourcy.

Gavin: Hello, and welcome to a stunned Taran Burung as Wildthing’s Realm defeated the home squad today 2-1, and have punched their ticket to the quarterfinals. We have extensive and exclusive coverage of the day’s action, so without another further wait, let’s show the highlights.

(Video of the day’s match runs, as Gavin and Mike talk)

Mike: As you can see, the day’s game was played in front of a packed partisan crowd here at Matebian Stadium, cheering for the home squad of Taran Burung. The crowd wouldn’t be disappointed early on, as the Burung squad made numerous attacks on the Realm’s goal. Goalie Shawn Litoerid made a terrific save here on a point-blank shot, keeping the score 0-0.

Gavin: In the early part of the match, the Realm seemed to be playing back on their heels, and this would finally haunt them, as you see here in the 27th minute. A blistering shot from just outside the box beat Litoerid and the home fans went wild at the 1-0 lead. The Realm made a few attacks near the end of the half, but none serious, and the 1st half ended with Taran Burung leading 1-0.

Mike: Here you can see team captain Garett Thomas impassionedly talking with the team, trying to get their play elevated in the 2nd half. This would pay off early, as on a defensive breakdown by Tarun Burung, a one time pass by Greg Jassen to Will Balwe ties the match at 1-1.

Gavin: Taran Burung was eager to re-take the lead, and just missed a goal by a few inches as a ball got past Litoerid, but the shot rolled along the goal line, never crossing over. Later in the 2nd half, a breakaway by Garett Thomas led to a 1-on-1 with the Taran Burung goaltender which leads to the shot and score for the 2-1 lead.

Mike: The final 13 minutes were a frenzy of attacks by Taran Burungm and desperate defensive play by the Realm, but finally the referee’s whistle blew, and a shocked crowd watched as the Realm celebrated a 2-1 victory.

Gavin: We spoke with Coach Raymond Shanneilok after the match, and here’s what hey had to say.

(Cut to video of coach’s interview)

Coach: Our guys never gave up out there today, and they earned this one. This was a tough game to coach, no doubt bout it, but I just have to give all the credit to the heart these guys have.

Mike (Interviewing): You have qualified for the 2nd round of the World Cup, is this more than you imagined when you started on the road to this point?

Coach: Well, every country goes in with the idea and hope you will win the World Cup, but realistically, we wanted to show up and not be intimidated by the international scene, and play to the best of our ablities. That being said, I’m not going to be settled with just a quarterfinal appearance, I want to ride this out and see where it takes us.

(Cut back to Matebian remote studio)

Gavin: We’ll be back later with much more from Taran Burung, but right now, it’s back to the home studios.

(Cut to WRSN SportsView studios)
Tanah Burung
17-09-2003, 16:57
Tanah Burung not getting the bounces

"Our team has played with panache and relentless dedication," said people's representative for sports & territorial defence Mau Kiri Rai, following the 2-1 defeat at the hands of an impressive squad from Wildthings Realm. "Yet the bounces have gone against us. Nevertheless, I commend the national field hockey team for its fighting spirit. We shall live again and fight another day."

Crowds in Matebian were disappointed, but thrilled at the quality of play and the closeness of the results in Group A action to date. Tanah Burung's final match will be against Timway, 2-1 losers to Grand Master Mark, with an outside chance for the winner to qualify.
Tanah Burung
17-09-2003, 17:14
Full results, day two

Tanah Burung 1 Wildthings Realm 2
Timway 1 Grand Master Mark 2

Sazland 0 Akbarland 3
Floating World 3 Oglethorpia 2

Carasek 1 Jacktazea 2
The French Loyalists 3 Daistallia 4

The Belmore Family 2 Halfassedstates 1
Grunge-France 1 Chronos Prime 0

And now, the commentary from Mau Slurp, maven of Tanah Burung gambling:

Group A W D L F A GD Pts
Wildthings Realm 1 1 0 3 2 +1 4
Grand Master Mark 1 1 0 2 1 +1 4
Tanah Burung 0 1 1 1 2 -1 1
Timway 0 1 1 2 3 -1 1

The top two looks good to go, but it's not a lock yet. Wildthings Realm play GM Mark with the winner moving to the next round. If they draw, both go through and shout woo hoo. If either Tanah Burung or Timway wins decisively enough, they would have a chance to catch the loser of the other match and steal second place on goal difference.

Group B
Akbarland 2 0 0 5 1 +4 6
Oglethorpia 1 0 1 6 4 +2 3
Floating World 1 0 1 4 4 -- 3
Sazland 0 0 2 1 7 -6 0

Sazland is out. The rest is a logjam. Yeah, Akbarland is likely through, but if they lose to Ogle and Floating World beats Sazland -- and let's face it, everyone else has -- then we'll have three sides with six points apiece and goal difference will decide who's through. Akbarland can assure itself of qualification with a draw and may go through even if they lose.

Group C
Daistallia 2 0 0 7 4 +3 6
Jacktazea 1 1 0 3 2 +1 4
The French Loyalists 0 1 1 4 5 -1 1
Carasek 0 0 2 2 5 -3 0

Daistallia has qualified, and Carasek is eliminated. The French Loyalists will need a win over Carasek and for Daistallia to beat Jacktazea to have a chance of bringing goal difference into play.

Group D
The Belmore Family 2 0 0 6 1 +5 6
Grunge-France 2 0 0 2 0 +2 6
Halfassedstates 0 0 2 1 3 -2 0
Chronos Prime 0 0 2 0 5 -5 0

This one's all over, bar the shouting. Belmore and Grunge-France will play for pride only, becuase no matter what happens, both teams are through to the next round. Belmore's been pouring on the goals, but Grunge-France has looked powerful and its defence is almsot unbeatable.

So who's it gonna be? Mau Slurp's odds to win it all:
The Belmore Family 2-1
Akbarland 5-2
Daistallia 5-2
Grunge-France 3-1
Grand Master Mark 7-2
Wildthings Realm 7-2
Jacktazea 4-1
Floating World 9-2
Oglethorpia 5-1
The French Loyalists 10-1
Tanah Burung 15-1
Timway 15-1
Tanah Burung
18-09-2003, 19:26
3rd match results have been telegrammed.

Finals chart:

A1 -----
B2 -----| -----
B1 ----- | -----
A2 -----| ----- |
C1 ----- |
D2 -----| -----| |
| |
D1 ----- |------
C2 -----| -----
18-09-2003, 19:36
*KBC SPORT Newsflash*

*theme music and highlights of the game are shown followed by the KBC Sport Logo*

*show a men seated behind a desk in the KBC studio*

Hello and Welcome to KBC Sport. I'm your host John malcolm live at the Tanah burung stadium as the fans go wild over the draw with wildthings realm as GMM have made it through to the quarter finals of the Field hockey world cup. As you tell the team has alot of support and are wished the best of luck in the matches to come which you can watch on KBC SPORT but now its goodbye from me and hello to quarter finals goodbye!
The Belmore Family
18-09-2003, 19:47
Draw good enough for Belmore
Belmore have gone through top of their group with a 2-2 draw against Grunge-France. The quarters finals are highly awaited and having the best odds to win TBF fancy their chances.
18-09-2003, 19:49
(WRSN SportsView Update)

(Sportscaster is Lyle Maniclo)

Lyle: Hello and welcome to this WRSN SportsView update. As you are probably aware, the Realm drew 1-1 early this morning with Grand Master Mark, clinching first place in Group A, and awaiting the 2nd place team from Group B, which could be Oglethorpia, Akbarland or Floating World. Goals were scored in the 16th minute by GM Mark, and in the 27th minute by Randy Scholle for the Realm. A full day's report is later in SportsView, but for now it's back to the WR Cup final, as we enter the 2nd half, with Toreno FC leading Sparta FC 1-0.

*Note out of RP, I may be away from the net for a few days due to Hurricane Isabel*
18-09-2003, 23:42
Welcome, and bienvenue, to the FW hockey report. It was a do-or-die day for the Floating Worlders against Sazland. Quite literally, because the coach told them: Win and get big cash prizes and a bonus on your food rations, but if you lose, get thrown into the ocean. So they sure tried hard, shooting and shooting and shooting to try to score. But all in vain. The game ended in a 0-0 tie. And so does the tournament for Floating World, in disappointment and some tears. Apparently, the team is refusing to get back on the Floating World rafts and will be applying for refugee status in Tanah Burung.
18-09-2003, 23:52
Oglethorpia Rebounds With Win Against Akbarland
Oglethorpia qualifies and beats group leader

Oglethorpia's national Field Hockey team rebounded off a loss against Floating World, 3 to 2, playing group-leader Akbarland and securing a one-nil victory. Said Richards on the last game: "we let them score a decisive goal in the 53rd minute. This game against Akbarland, we definitely put the clamps on their defense and Winfield scored the goal when it counted."
18-09-2003, 23:53
OOC: Will post more when I get back from something, should only take 20 minutes. :wink:
19-09-2003, 00:51
(WRSN Special World Cup coverage continues)

Announcer: Live from Matebian Stadium, once again here are Gavin Schiloff and Mike Sourcy.

(Cut to indoor studio in Taran Burung)

Gavin: Welcome back, and as you can see behind me, the field is set for the knock-out rounds of the tournament, with the Quarterfinlas soon to come. The Realm have finished first in Group A, which gives them a matchup with Akbarland, second place finishers in Group B.

Mike: Akbarland is considered a favorite to win the World Cup, so this will be a tough task ahead for the Realm. However, as Coach Shanneilok says here int he interview, that doesn't mean a lack of confidence.

(Cut to interview)

Coach: We have to go into the next match with the mindset that we can and will compete to the best of our ablities, and come out on top in the end. Akbarland is a very strong squad both on offense and defense, but not unbeatable. We will be reviewing game film of the past few games they played in order to see what we can do to counterbalance their strengths.

Mike (interviewing): Would you consider this a moral victory by reaching the quarterfinals?

Coach: Well obviously it's a great accomplishment to make it into the next round of competition, and we are pleased by it, but your goal is of course winning the championship. What I am telling my squad is this simple, we have 3 games to win to become champions, so play each game like it's the final. If you lose, it's over, however even if we lost to Akbarland, I will be proud of the effort our team has given.

Mike: Thanks for your time and good luck in the quarterfinals.

(Cut back to studio)

Gavin: No lack of confidence there, that's for sure. We'll be back later with a look at the remainder of the field and some thoughts from a few os the stars of the Realm's squad, but first these messages.
The Belmore Family
19-09-2003, 06:22
Wildtings Realm_
Vs _ _ _ _ _ _
Akbarland_ _ _ _
Vs _ _ _ _ _ _
Ogglethoripia _ _
Vs _ _ _ _ _ _
GMM _ _ _ _ _ _
C1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Vs _ _ _ _ _ _
Grunge France _
Vs _ _ _ _ _ _
TBF_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Vs _ _ _ _ _ _
C2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _
19-09-2003, 16:08
HSMG Hockey World Cup update,
Having narrowly lost their first 2 games, the Halfassed side were, like their opponents Chronos Prime, only playing for pride in the final group match.
Early on, it looked as though the Halfassed side wasn't even going to save face, as poor passing and tackling alongside strong CP pressure left the Halfassed defence under tremendous pressure and with little service getting through to the front line.
25 mins in CP scored a desrved opener, a slip at the back left the CP #10 free in the circle and he burried the ball home.
On the stroke of halftime, a Halfassed break resulted in a penalty corner being awarded. From their first strike on goal in the game, Halfassed equalised thanks to Sean Bendy.
The game continued in the same line at the start of the second half, but with Jim 'The Brick' Wall finnally showing his best form, the Halfassed goal was not breached again. With 10 mins to go, Bendy got his second from a long clearance and a lovly flick over the advancing keeper. 4 minutes later it was all over, as another penalty corner gave Bendy his Hat-trick.
A somewhat harsh result on Chronos Prime but exactly what the Halfassed Hockey Federation needed!

Final score - Halfassed 3 Chronos Prime 1
20-09-2003, 18:59
OOC: when are the quarter finals being played
20-09-2003, 19:09
TBF, it's 'Oglethorpia.' Only one G and only on I ;)
Tanah Burung
20-09-2003, 20:17
Day 3 results

Tanah Burung 2 Timway 3
Wildthings Realm 1 Grand Master Mark 1

Sazland 0 Floating World 0
Akbarland 0 Oglethorpia 1

Carasek 2 The French Loyalists 0
Jacktazea 2 Daistallia 0

The Belmore Family 2 Grunge-France 2
Halfassedstates 3 Chronos Prime 1

Final group tables
Group A W D L F A GD Pts
Wildthings Realm 1 2 0 4 3 +1 5
Grand Master Mark 1 2 0 3 2 +1 5
Timway 1 1 1 5 5 -- 4
Tanah Burung 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1

Group B
Oglethorpia 2 0 1 7 4 +3 6
Akbarland 2 0 1 5 2 +3 6
Floating World 1 1 1 4 4 -- 4
Sazland 0 1 2 1 7 -6 1

Group C
Jacktazea 2 1 0 5 2 +3 7
Daistallia 2 1 0 7 6 +1 6
Carasek 1 0 2 4 5 -1 3
The French Loyalists 0 1 2 4 7 -3 1

Group D
The Belmore Family 2 1 0 8 3 +5 7
Grunge-France 2 1 0 4 2 +2 7
Halfassedstates 1 0 2 4 4 -- 3
Chronos Prime 0 0 3 1 8 -7 0

Quarter-finals will be played later today:

Wildthings Realm -----
Akbarland -----| -----
Oglethorpia ----- | -----
Grand Master Mark ----| ----- |
Jacktazea ----- |
Grunge-France -----| -----| |
| |
The Belmore Family --- |------
Daistallia -----| -----
Tanah Burung
20-09-2003, 22:58
Interview with Tanah Burung coach Micah da Cruz:

Q. Coach, your team flopped, and flopped badly, at the inaugural World Cup of field hockey. Any changes planned?

A. Oh yes. We've accepted the Floating World team as refugees and we plan to grant them citizenship and combine the best players from our two teams. And we have some exciting young prospects. So watch out for us next time!

Q. What about the upcoming quarter-finals? Wildthings Realm against Akbarland, any predictions?

A. Two very strong teams. The Realm has been one of the strongest performers, as we well know after losing to them. But Akbarland powered through their group and only failed to take the top on goal difference against Oglethorpia in a game they didn't need to win. Akbarland is my pick to win it.

Q. Oglethorpia v Grand Master Mark?

A. Well, GMM was our only point, and the whole country loves Oglethorpia, so i'll say Ogle in a squeaker. But this is a really close one.

Q. Then there's the Group C and D playoffs. No one in Group C did much to impress this time, but The Belmore Family and Grunge-France in D have looked unbeatable.

A. Yeah, that's my guess. I'm thinking Belmore over Jacktazea, Grunge-France over Daistallia, and whichever of these two wins in their rematch to go on and win the championship.
20-09-2003, 23:11
Akbarland have bowed out of the world cup with a disastrous 2-1 defeat at the hands of Wildthings Realm. Altough field hockey is not the most popular sport in the country expectations remained high throughout the country and this defeat marks a day of shame for the sports mad Republic.
20-09-2003, 23:12
WE WON, DUDE!------------------

Grunge-France 4 Jacktazea 3

Marc: Wow! another victory from the Grunge-French Representative, this team has shown what the Grunge-French can do when they have a chance: the first time a Grunge-French team goes outside AoE2 Region and look where we are!

York:Exactly Marc, but the farest the Grunge-French Rpresentative goes, the harder the time we pass while trying to win: The match was 2-0 in favor to Jactazea when suddenly, a foul done by the rival to Gagame Temú, one of our players, made possible the penalisation shoot and allowed us to turn the game 2-1.

Marc: but after this, the rival started to lose spirit, and we managed to pass, from 2-0, to 2-4, although at the end of the game, they managed to score one more.

21-09-2003, 03:56
(WRSN SportsView theme and video roll)

Announcer: Live from Tanah Burung, once again. here are Gavin Schiloff and Mike Sourcy.

(Cut to remote studio in Tanah Burung)

Gavin: Hello and welcome to an exciting day in Wildthings Realm's sporting history, as the Realm has upset heavily favored Akbarland 2-1 to advance to a semifinal match between Oglethorpia and Grand Master Mark.

Mike: This was an exciting match tham came right down to the wire, and left the fans here in Tanah Burung on the edge of their seats.

(Video highlights of the match roll)

Gavin: Early on, both teams used a pressing attack to get numerous shots on goal. Akbarland's defense was strong in not allowing the Realm to set up their offense in the box, instead forcing the Realm to work outside and take longer shots. This however proved to fail Akbarland however, as a deflection went off a defender's stick past the keeper, giving the Realm a 1-0 advantage.

Mike: From there on until the end of the 1dt half, the quicker Akbarland offense took over and had a few excellent scoring chances, that were stopped only by the outstanding play of Shawn Litoerid. However, late in the 1st half, a sizzing shot got make the reach of the keeper, and Akbarland tied the match at 1-1, where the 1st half ended.

Gavin: The 2nd half started out much like the first, with both teams moving up and down the field, seeming desparate to score the go-ahead goal. Litoerid came up with a beautiful save here in the 55th minute to keep the game tied. Later on in the 2nd half, an Akbarland player was called for a foul in the box, and we have a penalty for the Realmn.

(Audio from the game is used here)

Gavin (announcing): Thomas lines up for the penalty shot, fires...and SCORES!!! The Realm take the lead back at 2-1, and the look on the Akbarland team is one of shock!

(Audio returns to the live shot)

Mike: From there on the Realm's defense held out as Akbarland tried numerous times to equalize the match, but time ran out, and a victorious Realm squad celebrated it's advancement into the semifinals.

Gavin: We spoke with Coach Shanneilok after the match and he had this to say:

(Video of coach's interview plays)

Coach: This team really held it together in the 2nd half, and I'm proud of our guys. We still have work to do here though, and need to prepare for our next match.

Mike: Do you have an opponent you'd prefer to face?

Coach: Well obviously, if we face GM Mark, we would have the advantage of playing them before, but regardless it doesn't really matter who we faced in the next round, we just have to get ready and give all we have to make it to the finals.

(Cut back to live shot)

Gavin: We'll be back later on with some more thoughts on the match and a recap of the other game played earlier between Grunge-France and Jacktazea, which was a wild high scoring affair, but first back to the home studios and Grace and Mark.

(Cut back to main WRSN studios)
21-09-2003, 06:29
Tripoli Times

Oglethorpia defeats GMM in extra time
Oglethorpia's field hockey team beats Grand Master Mark 2 nil in extra time

Oglethorpia's national field hockey team faced a team from Grand Master Mark today on the pitch, both teams staying one-one throughout the game's full 60 minutes. Not until extra time did did Wellman score the decisive goal, putting Oglethorpia up one goal and ending the game two to one. Wellman scored both of the goals in the game. "Well, it feels good to have made the goals that counted this game, man. Man, it feels really good," said forward Wellman.

Q. Oglethorpia v Grand Master Mark?

A. Well, GMM was our only point, and the whole country loves Oglethorpia, so i'll say Ogle in a squeaker. But this is a really close one.

OOC: TB, good to know :wink:
21-09-2003, 06:32
What a lyrical language Oglethorpian is. What's it mean?

Mutilation of l337-sp34k.

Fix F1x0r3d
Drive Dr1v4g3
Own 0wn4g3


Etc. etc...
The Belmore Family
21-09-2003, 08:15
Belmore advance to semis
After beautiful display of Hlckey The Belmore Family easily overcame Dastialla with a glorius 3-0 victory. They will now play Grunge France who drew with us last time we played. It sure is going to be a thrilling match.
Tanah Burung
21-09-2003, 23:28
Quarter-final results:

Wildthings Realm 2 Akbarland 1
Oglethorpia 1 Grand Master Mark 1
after extra time: Oglethorpia 2 Grand Master Mark 1
Jacktazea 3 Grunge-France 4
The Belmore Family 3 Daistallia 0

Wildthings Realm -----
Akbarland -----| Wildthings Realm -
Oglethorpia ----- | -----
Grand Master Mark ----| Oglethorpia ----- | |
Jacktazea ----- |
Grunge-France -----| Grunge-France ----| |
| |
The Belmore Family --- |------
Daistallia -----| Belmore ----------|
Tanah Burung
22-09-2003, 16:45
Semi-final results have been telegrammed.
Tanah Burung
22-09-2003, 16:57
Cumulative rankings:

?. The Belmore Family
?. Grunge-France
?. Oglethorpia
?. Wildthings Realm
5. Jacktazea
6. Akbarland
7. Daistallia
8. Grand Master Mark
9. Timway
10.Floating World
13.Tanah Burung
14.The French Loyalists
16.Chronos Prime
The Belmore Family
22-09-2003, 18:36
Belmore loose to Grunge France
Grunge France have beaten Belmore 3-0 in the semis. Basically they outclassed us. Bad Luck boys, see you next year.
The Belmore Family
22-09-2003, 20:57
The Belmore Family
22-09-2003, 21:05
Belmore gaurenteed 3rd Ranking.
Belmore have been garunteed a third ranking irespective of the oth match.
Standing Before semis
1.Belmore 10
2.Grunge-France 10
3.Ogglethorpia 9
4.Wildthings realm 8

Standings after Belmore's match
1. Grunge France 13
2.Belmore 10
3.Ogglethorpia 9
4.Wildthings realm 8

Who ever losses Oggle Vs Wildthings goes 4th

Suddenly realises. TB will there be a 3rd Place play off?
Tanah Burung
22-09-2003, 22:41
I'd like to run the third-place match, but omit it from ranking determination. (The reason being, when the third-place match results are factored in, it always means the third-place finisher gets the second rank and the second-place finisher gets the third rank, which has never seemed very fair.)

Third-place match tomorrow, Belmore v loser of Ogle-WTR

Championship on Wednesday, Grunge-France v winner of Ogle-WTR
Tanah Burung
22-09-2003, 22:42
I'd like to run the third-place match, but omit it from ranking determination. (The reason being, when the third-place match results are factored in, it always means the third-place finisher gets the second rank and the second-place finisher gets the third rank, which has never seemed very fair.)

Third-place match tomorrow, Belmore v loser of Ogle-WTR

Championship on Wednesday, Grunge-France v winner of Ogle-WTR
22-09-2003, 22:55
The Oglethorpia City Times

Wildthings Realm defeats Oglethorpia in Field Hockey Cup
WTR beats Oglethorpia 3-2 in regulation, Oglethorpia to play TBF

Oglethorpia faced Wildthings Realm after defeating Grand Master Mark, and despite the efforts of Richards in the 21st and Winfield in the 36th, Oglethorpia would lose to Wildthings Realm who sent three goals past Chesterfield in the box. Oglethorpia will now face the Belmore Family to determine the third place in the Field Hockey World Cup. Oglethorpia has already secured the 4th rank out of 16 entrants and will attempt to raise their international ranking to 3rd tomorrow against the Belmore Family.
22-09-2003, 23:33
(WRSN SportsView logo and music plays)

Announcer: Live from Matebian Stadium in Tanah Burung, here is Gavin Schiloff.

(Cut to remote studio in Tarah Burung)

Gavin: Ladies and gentlemen, we are one win away from shocking the world. Just earlier today, as see here on WRSN, the Realm came from a 2-0 half-time deficit, to pull off a remarkable 3-2 victory over heavily favored Oglethorpia. We have some highlights to show of the match now, and followed by an interview with Garett Thomas by our own Mike Sourcy.

(Video of match highlights roll)

Gavin: As seen here the Realm looked nervous early on but settled in to make a few defensive stands. However in the 21st minute Richards from Oglethorpia sent a hard shot past Shawn Litoerid to make it 1-0. Fifteen minutes later, the lead would double as Winfield scored on a deflection to make it 2-0. The first half ended there, as the Realm looked to have it's magical run ended in the semi-finals. However, the 2nd half would prove to be much more than ever could be imagined...

(Sounds from game highlight rolls)

Gavin (announcing): There a pass on the wing to Shepard, over to Killry, back to Shepard, shoots....and SCORES!!! 2-1 Oglethorpia in the 55th minutes.

(Next highlight plays, sound from game still being used)

Mike (announcing): Realm on a break now 3-on-1, here's a pass to Thomas who fires and SCORES IT TOP RIGHT CORNER!!! Tied at 2 a piece with 10 minutes to go in regulation, and the Realm's bench is going crazy over there!

(Another highlight, with sound)

Gavin (announcing): Now off to Shepard, shot is deflected, bounces out to Killry who fires and deflected, now to Thomas, and it's....IN THE NET!!!! With 3 minutes to play in regulation the Realm have come back from a 2-0 disadvantage to lead it 3-2!!!

(Final highlight, with sound)

Gavin (announcing): The final seconds should be ticking off here...the ref is going for his whistle and THAT'S IT!!!! The Realm is off to face Grunge-France for the World Championship!!!!! The team mobs Litoerid and Thomas as they celebrate a shocking come from behind 3-2 victory over Oglethorpia!!

Mike (announcing): The crowd here seems to have taken on the Realm squad as an adopted favorite, and now they stand just 1 match away from the World's title!!

(Cut back to Matebian Stadium)

Gavin: Let's go down to Mike Sourcy now who's with Garett Thomas.

(Cut to locker room interview)

Mike: I'm here with the star of the Realm's squad, Garett Thomas. Garett, just a gutsy way to come back in the 2nd half over Oglethorpia, your thoughts?

Garett: Well at half-time, I spoke after Coach had some things to say and just told the guys not to give up that we still have 1 half left in this and to give it all we could. We all responded I think (laughs) It's a great feeling to know we can bring home the world title back to Wildthing's Realm.

Mike: When the 3rd goal made it's way in, what were you thinking?

Garett: I told the guys in the huddle right after that not to celebrate to early, hold the lead and then celebrate. We still have work to do, Grunge-France is a tough squad, and we need to prepare harder than we did for this match. Hopefully the next interview I do with you Mike is with the championship trophy next to me.

Mike: Rumor has it you may retire after this tournament, any truth in it?

Garett: Well, I had thought of it yes, and I was glad to hear this World Cup was organized while I was playing,b ut you know the only thing I have on my mind right now is Grunge-France and the final match. If you lose focus on that, you might as well just give it up now.

Mike: Thanks Garett, and see you in the finals.

Garett: Thanks Mike and everyone at home, one more win then the party really begins. Just believe in us one more time and we'll shock the world!

Mike: Gavin, it's back to you.

(Cut back to Matebian Stadium studio)

Gavin: We'll be back later with some more thoughts and interviews on the semi-finals and finals. Also tomorrow, look for our special preview of the final match as the Realm takes on Grunge-France for the title. For now it's back to the Realm.

(Cut back to main studios)
23-09-2003, 23:37
(Video of Wildthing's Realm and Grunge-France's teams highlights play to Van Halen's "Right Now")

Gavin Schiloff (voiceover): Tomorrow one of these two squads will complete their dream of winning the World Cup. The road to this point has been vastly different, but the result is the same - The World Championship Final.

(Split video of the two team captains)

Gavin (voiceover): Whose dream comes to completion, and who walked away broken hearted?

(End starting promo)

Announcer: Live from Tanah Burung, here is the World Cup Final preview with your hosts Gavin Schiloff and Mike Sourcy.

(Cut to Tarah Burung studio)

Gavin: Hello and welcome to the calm before the storm. This time tomorrow, we will have a new world champion in field hockey, and it will be either Grunge-France or the Realm. We plan on giving you our expert analysis into tomorrow's game, as well as an interview with the Realm's coach, Raymond Shanneilok.

Mike: First off lets see Grunge-France's road to the final

(Cut to video highlights of Grunge-France)

Mike: First off, Grunge-France was victorious over Halfassedstates 1-0, in a tight defensive battle. This would be the same final in their second match over Chronos Prime, again 1-0. Finally they completed group play with a 2-2 over one of the pre-tournament favorites, The Belmore Family.

Gavin: We enter into the knock-out phase of the tournament for Grunge-France as they defeat Jacktazea 4-3, in a wild, high-scoring match. And finally, in the semi-finals, Grunge-France defeated The Belmore Family 2-0 in a rematch of their group play match.

(Cut to video highlights of Wildthing's Realm)

Mike: Now let's go over how the Realm made it here to the final.

Mike: In the first match, the Realm drew with Timway 1-1, in an exicting match that could have gone either way. Match #2 was a 2-1 shocker of the host nation, Tarah Burung, which all but clinched their way into he quarterfinals, only needing a draw in the final match against Grand Master Mark...which they did, drawing 2-2 with GM Mark and winning Group A in the process.

Gavin: In the quarterfinals, the Realm defeated a tough Akbarland squad 2-1 to move on to face Oglethorpia in the semi-finals. The semi-finals, as you may know by now will go down in the Realm's history as maybe the biggest match in the Realm's history, coming back from a 2-0 deficit to defeat Oglethorpia 3-2.

(Back to live shot of Gavin and Mike)

Gavin: So that leads us to tomorrow, and a showdown for the championship. We have asked various experts on tomorrow's match and it looks like the Realm will be a heavy underdog yet again going into the final.

Mike: When comparing the two squads head to head, it looks like the experts may be right. Grunge-France has scored more goals in the tournament and allowed less than the Realm, which gives them the obvious edge offensively and defensively. The determining factor, as you will hear here from Coach Shanneilok is, well determination.

(Cut to coach's interview)

Coach: The way I see it, when you make it this far, when you are playing for the title, it's simply a matter of who wants to win it more. Heart, determinination, desire...those are the keys to this match, and I really think our guys have that in them. We weren't expected to make it this far, let alone into the quarterfinals, so they way I see it, we are surprising everyone, just by being here.

Mike: What advice have you given your team on the pressure tomorrow?

Coach: I don't think the pressure is on us at all, like I said we weren't expected to be here, so I told the guys relax, have fun, and enjoy the experience...treat this like you would any other match, don't add pressure to yourselves because we don't have to win to validate our showing. Do we want the championship, of course we do, but I don't want the guys to focus so intently on that, that they play nervous or scared. They just have to play the hockey they have been playing, and the results should favor us.

(Cut back to studio in Tarah Burung)

Gavin: Tommorow, someone goes home with this (points to the championship trophy), and someone will go home so close, yet so far from the prize. We'll be here live, 1 hour before game-time counting you down to the mathc, and of course have the full play-by-play and post-game show, where hopefully the championship trophy will be presented to the Realm. Until then, I'm Gavin Schiloff for Mike Sourcy and until then, have a great night.

(Cut to video highlight clip of each team to dramatic orchestal music, concluding with the two countries' flags flying side-by-side, team's pictures super imposed on each.)
24-09-2003, 04:32
The Midshire Gazette

Oglethorpia secures third place
Field hockey team rolls into third place after defeating the Belmore Family in extra time

Oglethorpia faced off with the Belmore Family last night, both teams on the pitch fighting for third place in the inaugural Field Hockey World Cup hosted by Tanah Burung. Oglethorpia would strike the Belmore Family early on in the 10th minute, Winfield with the score. Soon goalie Tolomei would let one past in the 21st, the game 1-1, the score remaining so at the half.

Just 6 minutes into the half and Wellman would put one in, putting Oglethorpia up 2-1 in the 37th. Tolomei would let one past only a couple minutes before the end of regulation time, but Wellman would come through for the team once again and score the deciding goal in extra time.

Oglethorpia - 3
TBF - 2

Winfield 10, Wellman 37, 66
25-09-2003, 01:11
(Cut to final minutes of the championship match, play in progress)

Gavin Schiloff: Thomas has the ball now, gives it off to Marks, back to Thomas who shoots...and SCORES!!!!! It's 3-2 Realm with little time remianing!!!

Mike Sourcy: The Realm need to get back on defense now and hold for the time left, they are so close now they can feel it!

Gavin: Thomas has a hat-trick in the match giving the Realm the lead for the third time and breaking yet another tie. Grunge-France now has the ball, moving down field, passed over to the right, now moving further downfield. The referee is checking his watch as time runs down, here's a blocked by Marks, now back to Grunge-France. Here's a pass, and qucik shot...CLEARED BY THOMAS, CLEARED BY THOMAS!!! Grunge-France back to pick it up, but the referees blows the whistle...and IT'S ALL OVER!!! WE'VE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!! WILDTHING'S REALM HAS DONE IT!!

Mike: The bench comes over rushing the field and pile on the celebration in the box! Shawn Litoerid is met by his teammates as the Realm toss their sticks high into the sky and begin the celebration of their world championship!

Gavin: It took two come from behind wins, 4 1-goal victories, and all the heart they could muster, but the end result is this...Wildthing's Realm, a squad picked to do no better then 3rd in Group A by most experts has done the impossible, they have won the World Cup of Field Hockey in the inaugural tournament.

Mike: Even if this squad never plays another match in international competition Gavin, they've made history. There has to be a first for everything, and let it be known that today Wildthing's Realm has done it in the world of field hockey.

Gavin: The two squads approach mid-field and shake hands in a sign of good sportsmanship that every nation here has shown. Grunge-France is obviously heart-broken as they came so close today, but they should be proud, they played an excellent game.

Mike: On another day perhaps they would have won this match, but you could sense during the match that it may have been destiny on the Realm's side. To have come this far and not won...well in a way it just wouldn't have seemed right.

Gavin: The victorious Realm squad, lead by the Coach Raymond Shanneilok and team captain Garett Thomas now go up to the podium set up on the midfield sidelines where they will be presented with their medals and world championship trophy.

Mike: Coach Shanneilok is just beaming on the podium right now Gavin as he accepts congradulations from the tournament organizers and the leader of Tarah Burung, who's country put on a great show, and whose fans couldn't have been any better. My hats off to them for an excellent tournament.

Gavin: Coach Shanneilok accepts the trophy and lifts it high into the sky, as flashbulbs all around the stadium go off. He now hands it the team captian Garett Thomas who kisses it and lifts it to the heavens as well...leading the team off the stand...and onto the field to take a victory lap!

Mike: This is just an amazing site Gavin, I don't think the players even believe this is happening right now. The trophy is passed off to each players, giving them the chance to celebrate with it.

Gavin: I dont think there is a dry eye on the team right now and I don't blame them. We aren't going anywhere folks, we're just going to sit back and watch the team celebrate for a while, and take this all in too.

(Cameras follow the team in celebration on the field)

(As time passes...)

Gavin: Well once again from Tanah Burung the final score is the world champions Wildthing's Realm 3, Grunge-France 2. We will be back shortly during WRSN SportsView with plenty of interviews with the champs, but for now it's back to Wildthing's Realm. For Mike Sourcy, the production staff, camera crew, and all the great peiople who made it possible to bring you the World Cup, I'm Gavin Schiloff. We're world champions everyone, good night!!

(Cameras fade to team picture with the world championship trophy on the field, then to highlights of the tournament to "We are the Champions")
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