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Special Forces Wargames - UNDERWAY!

09-09-2003, 15:26
Mission #1 – Terrorist Takedown

Intel has located a terrorist camp in the mountains over Durras. Special Forces units have been tapped to eliminate this camp on foot.

SITUATION: The locals have tipped off Tallcottian military intelligence to the presence of a terrorist camp in the mountains. These terrorists are part of the Al-Stupid terror network which is responsible for several deadly attacks on civilians. They must be eliminated without fail.

The camp is located on a ridge that overlooks the Saint Pierre Valley, nestled into a slight depression in the face of the mountain that offers it total invisibility from the valley floor. Subsequently the only way to spot it is via air.

TACTICAL: This camp is reportedly staffed by anywhere from 20 to 30 terrorists, armed with Soviet-bloc small arms. Arial recon has also discovered heavy weapons, apparently 12.7mm emplaced machine guns, pointed downrange towards the valley, effectively sealing off any approach from that direction. However, they are not always manned. Locals have also reported that there are a few mines and traps along the slope up to the compound. Only light perimeter security is in effect.

The terrorists are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous and therefore any assault should be carried out with the utmost caution. However, the terrorists are not yet aware that we know of their existence on the mountain, so we expect their troops to be on low alert. Most of them will probably be involved in training inside the buildings.

A company of Tallcottian Marines will be arriving in Durras via convoy soon after your operation jumps off. They will secure the town to block any escaping forces and will stand by to assist your men if you should need them.

We have also tasked a pair of National Guard AH-1 Cobra gunships to you. If you need extra fire support they are at your disposal.

It cannot be stressed enough that the terrorists will be caught almost totally off-guard if Intel is correct. We do not anticipate heavy resistance if you catch them by surprise.

ORDERS: The standing mission plan calls for your team to be inserted by helicopter approximately 1500 meters from the camp, on the far side of a dense forest. According to this plan, the chopper will make a series of false insertions North of the camp before finally depositing your team at the insertion point. From there you will make your way directly through the forest to attack the camp’s side on equal elevation, or you can circle around the forest and attack from above and behind the camp. Note that circling behind the camp will expose your men to possible enemy observation as the top of the ridgeline is rather bare.

Your other option is to insert by sea. This method involves either Zodiacs or Tallcottian Coast Guard patrol boats putting your team ashore to the Northeast of the camp. You must them make your way up the VERY steep back of the ridge, which obviously will take far more time but offers the luxury of minimal risk of enemy contact. Scaling the back of the ridge will get you up to the very top of it where you can lay low and catch your breath before proceeding due West and attacking from above and behind the camp.

Your mission is to kill or capture all terrorists present and secure any materials of intelligence value. Once you have secured the terrorists, radio for extraction. The Marines in Durras will begin heading up the slope, marking and defusing any mines along the way. They'll take over security of the camp for you. A Chinook will come pick you and your new friends up and whisk you back to base. The mission will be complete upon three conditions:

1. Death or capture of all terrorist personnel.
2. Seizure of all materials of intelligence value.
3. Evacuation of captured personnel, Intel-related material, and your team back to base via Chinook.

Of course, it is up to you. Any plan of your creation can be used.

NOTES: Cobra flight – Gunslinger Two-Two.
Marine ground units – Whiskey Five
Chinook – Eagle Nine-Three

No live CS or stun grenades will be permitted. Use of live ordnance is grounds for immediate removal of the team from the exercises. Refrain from unnecessary roughness when handling “prisoners.”



IC: Lock 'n load, boys. Freedom Country looks ready to go, we'll give you the first run-through.
09-09-2003, 15:51
even though i'm not involved it looks pretty cool, i esspecially like the OFP map :)

I don't suppose you have an OFP mission of this do you?
09-09-2003, 15:55
even though i'm not involved it looks pretty cool, i esspecially like the OFP map :)

I don't suppose you have an OFP mission of this do you?

OOC: that damn mission editor was a pain...I got to about 85% completion of a mission a lot like this and I posted it in the OFPEC boards for a of the founding gurus gave me a list of like 50 things wrong with it and so I cried and stopped making it :lol:
09-09-2003, 16:34

This could possibly go BADLY wrong.


My plan is to get to the insertion point, and send my silenced snipers into the woods to snipe on the camp under go-code 'IOWA'.

The LMG guys will set up in the shrubs up the hill. One carries a .50 cal.

The Rifleman and guys and the LAW guys will wait in the shrubs for IOWA.

Then, when the codeword is given, the LMG's and .50 cal will fire, and the snipers, giving cover for the rifle guys to close in. Grenades and LAW's will be fired, and the they will call in the cobras and marines to cut off any escaping terrorists.

Is the plan okay, and can I go?
09-09-2003, 16:45

sorry, wrong sign in thing
09-09-2003, 16:53
One of your dudes is lugging around a .50 cal??? :shock:

No no no that's not right!

But hey it's your team, do what you want.

OOC: Just try and keep this realistic, that's all.

Hold on a sec, let me get you a picture of the camp itself...5 minutes tops.
09-09-2003, 16:55
Not as in consatntly

He would carry a pistol and the .50 cal on his back, which is possible (12 kg on ur back)
09-09-2003, 17:14
And is someone RPing the terrorists, or can I just go ahead?
09-09-2003, 17:16
K the pic is up above, looking down on the camp from the trees East of it.

You're good to go, nobody else is RPing the OPFOR.
09-09-2003, 17:31
even though i'm not involved it looks pretty cool, i esspecially like the OFP map :)

I don't suppose you have an OFP mission of this do you?

OOC: that damn mission editor was a pain...I got to about 85% completion of a mission a lot like this and I posted it in the OFPEC boards for a of the founding gurus gave me a list of like 50 things wrong with it and so I cried and stopped making it :lol:

I know what its like but i never really got into mission making bar some setpos stuff before res came out, now i just mess around making fun things.
09-09-2003, 17:33

*Somewhere in Talcottia*

The CH-47 Chinook helicopter swooped over the ocean with super silent rotors, low so it could not be heard. It neared the shore, and the troops onboard redied themselves.

"Okay, nice and quick people. You know what to do."

The Chinook came over the beach, and landed on a small ridge just inshore, 20 metres of target. The rear door was already open, and 6 troops ran out and secured a perimenter. The Chinook headed the opposite way, all without being heard.

*The woods north of camp*

A terrorist in a balaclava walked through the woods, headed for the other side. He was needing a smoke, and could look at the view while having a fag. He swung his AK-74 down again, clicked on the safe, cursed and swung it onto his back again.

He had forgot to turn on the safety.

*The other side of the slope, 1,000 metres along from the drop off point.*

2 riflemen with silenced FC-57's and 2 Support Soldiers with M4's and LAW's sneaked up to the brow off the hill, and looked down with binoculars. The camp was pretty quiet. It was raining, so the would have been hunkered down. One fire burned, and looked like it wasnt gonna burn for longer in the rain. Only one AT gun was armed. 30 metres along, 4 Support soldiers, 1 with a .50 cal on his back, got into postion in 4 bushes along the ridge.

*The woods, north of the forest*

The balaclava soldier stood and smoked in the forest. It had started to rain, and he could hear it on the leaves. He didnt want to go out of the woods, so he turned back.

The 9mm pistol round would have entered his skull soundlessly, stopping in the middle and killed him instantly. Instead he jumped, sighed and his AK-74 dropped to the ground, and the trigger depressed. Lucky he turned the safety off.

The 2 snipers ran off further into the woods, down to their positions north of the base, and set up their rifles.

"Alpha, ready for IOWA"

"Bravo, ready for IOWA"

"Charlie, ready for IOWA"

"All teams, IOWA"

OOC: Ok, thats me.

Can I do the raid?
09-09-2003, 17:37
fire away
09-09-2003, 17:53
"All fireteams, IOWA, IOWA, IOWA!!!"

Alpha, Bravo and charlie got to life.

All the snipers fired their PSG-1's, the bullets entering the skulls of everyone outside.

The .50 cal opened up, and the FC-21 and FC-72 LMG's opened up too, rakin the tents killing all inside, and smashing the windows of the buildings.

A FC-LAW rocket flew through one o the windows of the large building, blowing up inside and killing all terrorists there. The LAW and rifle soldiers charged, and the snipers wasted the soldiers manning the AT gun.

Grenades floted through doors, tents and the larger building killing more.

Some tried to attack, and were cut down by the snipers or rifleman.

The LMG's packed up, and ran down the slope, covered by the rifleman.

"Gunslinger, come in, Whiskey Five, come in, Eagle Nine Three, provide airial cover."

More guns cahhtered, and 2 TOW's hit the AT guns, and the marines rolled into action.

The soldiers cleared the buildings, and the snipers ran down the slope.

All the soldiers had cleared the buildings gahered the intellignece (not blown up, it was in one of the buildings which wasnt hit by LAW, as we did not have enough, only 2 were brough, both fired at the main building.) We also collected the hostages (in a tent and not shot, as we saw 'em from the bino's). They were all brought out, and the CH-47 was called for and landed.

All troops climbed aboard, and the Chinook took off, and the marines started up the hill.
09-09-2003, 17:59
"Damn man, we got our asses kicked."


The observers were making the rounds with their keys, turning off the dozens of screeching MILES units. The Marines shook their heads and kicked at the dirt.

"Hey man," said one Marine to another, "good thing it's only training. You got lit up out there."

"At least I got out of my tent," he shot back.

Okay, which team is up next? If nobody else is around I'll send my team in now.
09-09-2003, 18:06
Whats the next event?
09-09-2003, 18:12
Tomorrow we're doing a recon's set up one day at a time so that everybody has a chance to go before we move on.

Okay, well it looks like the Tallcottian SEALs will be up next for the camp.
09-09-2003, 18:43
The team setup for this mission is as follows:
(every weapon is MILES equipt, the C4 used is dummy C4, explosion is simulated with some sort of acceptable explosion)
Two, eight man teams:
Team 1(disco)
Team 2(Funk)

Night time, in Tallcotia. A soupy fog has desended over the mountain vally.

Chopers will flying in over the coast and break NW and SW to the LZs to avoid tipping off the terrorists with the rotor noise.

We will insert Disco into the northeast LZ via fastrope from a blackhawk.
Funk will insert the same way, but just south of the sothernmost ridge with a sniper team moving ahead as the main force holds back.

Teams are dressed in dark-washed camo with some in ghillie ponchos, the snipers are in full ghillie suits and nearly invisable to the untrained eye. All have NVGs, some with thermal/NV scopes on rifles, others with IR markers on the front of the gun(same as lasers but invisable except to NVGs).

Disco will move to the top of the NE ridge, again letting te sniper go first.

Snipers will act as recon, then they will eliminate the external sentries posted at the NE ridge and the SW guarded vally enterance, and any terrorist left in the open with SR-25SDs.

Disco to funk: "Alright, go for monkey, all teams go for monkey!"

After the external sentries are eliminated 2 men will join the snipers at each location, to lay down supressive fire in the event the terrorists exit the camp. The supressive fire teams have M60E3s and AT-4 rockets.
There is a Combat Controler @ the SE post watching in the event air support is needed.

The main entry will occure at the NE side of the camp, with the SE team moving in just after the internal sentries are taken down. The 75mm guns will be rendered useless by the use of small blocks of C-4. The explosion and code word, "Monkey", will signal the CQB phase of the opperation. the 2 teams of 5 men will rush into the building using M-4SDs and MP-5SDs and SWAT style room clearing tactics. The terrorists will probably rush into the courtyard of the camp after hearing the explosion from the C-4. The supression team will make short work of them from their position in the hills. and the remaining terrorists will be IDed by the spotters in the hills to the men in the camp advising them of their postion. If the force becomes bogged down in heavy fighting, shouldnt but it could happen, the CC will radio the Helos for CAS.

By this point the camp should be secured, and the men will do a final sweep for remaining holdouts. The captured men will be bound with Flex-Cuffs and a cloth sack will be placed over their heads. Both teams will regroup in the woods just north of the camp. At this point the CC will radio in for extraction of troops and prisoners. Before the extraction all weapons are rounded up and a large shatchel charge is placed neer them, timed to explode in 3 min.
From the terorists eyes:
"You cock the rifle just like this*click*, it is now ready to be fired."
*Fires weapon into target*
Unknown to him and the others inside the training building the sentries were taken down and left the perimiter wide open. Silently the foregin soldiers work their way into the camp, sticking to the shadows. They make their way to the AT guns and nutralize the gunners and guns before they know what is happening. An explosion is heard and confusion grips the camp.
"What de hell was dat?", asked one member of the camp.
Blank stares are exchanged inside the training hall, just as the door is kicked open. Behind them the other door is kicked open and they find themselves looking down the barrels of american made assault rifles.
The foregin team has entered the building from all sides. The terrorists find themselves at gun point and, frankly, they have just had the shit scared out of them. These men with dark faces, some with NVGs, who look like living foliage, storm the building and scream for the terrorists to drop their weapons, that they are surrounded(they're not but they dont know that) by men in the hills and aircraft and that they have no chance. They are fanatics, but they are not dumb. IR strobes are popped and the choppers can be heard overhead.

Team leader 1(Disco) lights up a cigar and high-fives go all around the helos. "Drinks on me, boys! Drinks on me...," Dr. Allen shouts between drags on his cigar.
09-09-2003, 18:48
*Remember, the bad guys are Marines...they're not actual terrorists*

It was still raining as the Pave Hawk darted through the mountain ridges towards the terrorist camp. In the back, eight Tallcottian SEALs sat silently, waiting to be inserted and start their first test.

The MH60 slowed to a hover over one of the LZs and waited for 5 seconds before darting off to the next one.

5 minutes later they were settling into a hover over the real LZ and the pilots lowered the bird to about three feet off the ground. The SEALs jumped out the open cargo doors and hit the ground. Langston, weighted down by his AT4, hit too hard and fell flat on his face before being pulled up by another soldier and pushed away from the bird.

They all went prone, four on each side of the chopper, watching for any enemy patrols as the chopper lifted off again and disappeared into the distance. A few minutes of silent waiting told them they were clear to move and they formed up in a rough column and headed South for the forest.

The rain splattered on the leaves and branches as they silently pushed through the tanlged brush, eyes open for any sentries or wandering terrorists. It wouldn't do to get spotted this far from the objective.

They crawled the last fifty or so yards to a position just inside the treeline on the northern edge of the camp, which offered a good view of everything on their side of the buildings. Medeiros, the sniper, peered through the scope on his M24 and Grissom, the spotter, glassed the camp with binoculars, determining where everyone was.

Reilly, the tail-end-charlie, noticed something in the woods behind them. Peering through the iron sights of his CAR15 he slowly swept the foliage, seeking whatever it was that had caught his attention.

The team's SAW gunner trained his weapon at a group of terrorists standing near the northern emplaced 50-caliber and gave a quick sideways nod to Carter, the team leader, who looked to his left and his right, and seeing that everyone was in position, felt his heart start to pound.

Grissom was still taking a headcount...something didn't look right. There were too few people in the camp itself...

Carter sighted his M4 on the nearest terrorist and squeezed the trigger.

Private Dan Lewis stood there, fingering the grubby AK47 idly. This was stupid. They dragged his ass out into the rain, somewhere up in the mountains, so the special forces guys could shoot at something. This sucked.

His MILES gear went crazy and he looked up, hearing a shot ring out from the forest. Suddenly the whole treeline exploded in muzzle flashes.

Dammit, he thought, and sat down.

The "terrorists" were a little more organized this time. Those who weren't immediately cut down dove for whatever cover they could find and started returning fire at the attacking SEALs. The SEALs responded with M203s and hand grenades, flushing out the defenders and provoking a good deal of cursing as one MILES unit after another sarted beeping wildly.

The shooting died down and the SEAL team moved in, weapons pressed to their shoulders. A terrorist jumped out of a tent and emptied his entire magazine into the team as it approached, taking out two of the SEALs before getting hit with at least fifty simulated bullets. He stood there with a grin on his face and then sat down chuckling.

Most of the terrorists had been killed outright, but some were still holed up inside the buildings, requiring grenades to pry them out. The SEALs charged in and started gathering up everything that looked important -papers, computer disks, books and so on. One of the team grabbed a laptop and lifted it off the table.

The bomb underneath the table went off, suprising the hell out of him. He stood there, mouth agape, looking at the table before putting the computer back, kicking the table over angrily, and sitting down on the floor.

Outside, the Cobras circled, watching intently for any terrorists they might have missed.

Down to five members, the SEALs were faced with the task of getting not only their three "dead" comrades to the incoming chopper, but also their six "prisoners" who stood in a cluster looking greatly amused as they dragged the dead SEAL out of the building. He scowled at them, looking like a rag doll as his teammates scraped him along the ground by his armpits.

The thumping of the Chinook's rotors gradually got louder and the bloated-looking bird hovered over their heads before settling down into the camp, cargo ramp open. The SEALs began prodding their prisoners towards the chopper when suddenly more gunfire started from atop the hill.

There were about ten terrorists sitting among the trees behind the camp, waiting for the right moment, which had finally come. A simulated RPG7 smashed into the Chinook's cockpit, disabling the chopper, and the pilots could only sit there, looking at all the muzzle flashes from the hill, knowing that their chopper was now a smoldering wreck and most of the SEALs were dead.

And they were - caught totally in the open, trying to handle three dead comrades and six prisoners, they were all "killed."

Cheers went up from the hillside as the Marines realized they'd killed everyone. They high-fived each other, hooted, hollered, and fired their rifles up in the air like they'd seen people do on CNN.

Carter looked from team member to team member and saw mixed reactions of embarassment, shock, anger, and confusion.

Great, he thought. 0 and 1.
09-09-2003, 19:09
09-09-2003, 21:04
Very slick

I prefer the Ghost Recon way od doing things and do it long range.

Easy and simple.

Yours was complex but worked, which was good.

Any thoughts on mine?
09-09-2003, 21:09
Sniper Country and Canada-Germany, where o where could you be?
10-09-2003, 01:26
*bump - those two have until midnight to run through this event*

Tomorrow's mission is all typed up, pics are ready. It will be in place at 9am.
10-09-2003, 02:19
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10-09-2003, 02:26

As you can see the Tallcottian team still need to polish its game...not securing the site the right way gah! what a bonehead move.
10-09-2003, 02:46
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
10-09-2003, 02:51
Yeah, plus I had intended for the extraction bird to be one of mine, but whatever...

Chinooks used to fly over my old house all the time...I could hear them coming for quite a while.

Noted for next time, I guess.
10-09-2003, 03:06
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10-09-2003, 03:17
Might post a review of the day's action at midnight, yeah. This isn't a real competition, like nobody is going to walk away the declared winner, but certainly we'll pick out the best performance of the day.

But like I said we might have team vs. team matches at the end of it all.
10-09-2003, 04:00
Change of plans: I'll post the new mission at 12:05 EST which is in about 1 hour.

No Canada-Germany..hmmm
10-09-2003, 04:06
So long as you post a report on today also! :wink:
10-09-2003, 04:12
Will do
10-09-2003, 05:13
So here's how the teams fared today. (review by high-ranking members of the Tallcottian Marine Oberver Panel overseeing the games)

First up for the event was Freedom Country's team, which opted for the brute-force approach. The team set up on the hill east of the camp, and from the comfort of the trees started raking the place with machinegun fire and antitank rockets. They dispatched most of the terrorists at arm's length and then swooped in to grab some intel and evacuate the place.

They killed all the terrorists and suffered no losses of their own.

Analysis: seems a litte too good to be true. Two techincal problems arise here; first the laser beams fired from the MILES adaptors wouldn't have penetrated the tents and the simulated rockets do very little against buldings. Second, the Chinook is a big, loud, and ungainly chopper, so any sort of stealth insertion is just out of the question. Again, the raid seemed to go flawlessly, and that just seems a little odd. But, he was the first up and we all know that the first act is always the toughest.

Second team through this event was ANSWA, who went for the riskier move of eliminating the guards via snipers and then rush the buildings. This strategy seemed to work equally as well, as the snipers allowed the teams to move in and destroy the guns, which was timed with the CQB assault on the main building. Very few terrorists were killed - in fact most of them were captured without a fight. This paid off today, but when facing actual die-hard terrorists the situation probably won't play out the same way.

Tallcottia...Tallcottia's rookie team started off fine - the insertion and move to the camp went well, but as soon as the shooting started, everything went south. First off, the team didn't take careful enough account of where all the guards were. Subsequently, as they swept the camp itself, they were gunned down by terrorists waiting in ambush for them. The team concentrated all its firepower in one spot - always a bad idea - rather than attack from multiple angles. Then, after silencing the guards, they were too hasty to move in, moving too quickly, and as a result lost 2 of their men. When entering the main building to take intel, they failed to check for explosives and as a result lost another man who carelessly grabbed a laptop computer. They did take at least some prisoners, but as they made their way to the Chinook, the remaining terrorists ambushed them - all team members were killed and the mission was a complete failure. Better luck tomorrow, guys.

Finally, Sniper Country surrounded the camp at standoff range and managed to secure a prisoner, though he yielded no intel. Snipers kicked over the proverbial anthill, and the terrorists ran outside to counter the threat, only to run into the waiting gunsights of the commando team. Only when they had killed or cowered the terrorists did the CQB team move in from another angle, still covered by snipers and heavy weapons. They lost one man to a sniper, but quickly killed the shooter and secured good intel. Mission accomplished.

So, time for the picks of the day.

Overall, Sniper Country had the best performance, doing all the little things right. It wasn't particularly pretty but it was tactically the best way to go about it.

In terms of sheer boldness, ANSWA's team takes the cake. It looked like something out of a movie. That's fine for now, but showmanship doesn't accomplish much in the battlefield.

Freedom Country seemed to be able to take this one too easily for reasons discussed above. No biggie, but let's see a better performance tomorrow.

As for Tallcottia...well, what did you expect. Actually, not that. They doomed themselves by making huge mistakes early which bit them on the ass as the raid unfolded. But, at the end of the day it's a simulation and tomorrow will be different...we hope.

And now for tomorrow's mission...
10-09-2003, 05:14
Mission #2 – Recon/Air Strike Coordination

SITUATION: Intelligence reports that the Al-Stupid terror network has somehow smuggled a SCUD short-range missile into the Malden Islands and is preparing to use it. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to pinpoint its exact location and we must now put eyes on the ground to locate it – we have a general idea of where it is but aerial recon hasn’t spotted anything. It is probably tucked away someplace remote and heavily camouflaged. Your mission is to locate the launcher and designate it for an air strike.

TACTICAL: Your team will make a water insertion into the South edge of the AO. When you land, begin your recon mission. All we can give you is the general area we believe the launcher to be in. We also know that there will be a sizeable terrorist force in the area around the missile, as it probably cost them a pile of money – they won’t give it up so easily. Conservative estimates place the number of terrorists you will encounter at about two hundred.

Obviously the key to this mission will be stealth. Rather than cut a swath of destruction through the area, it will be wiser to sneak by any terrorist patrols you encounter and make a careful survey of the land, looking for any signs of encampments, fortifications, or hidden supply dumps. Their presence will probably signal the proximity of the missile, especially fuel tanks or drums, or advanced communications gear.

A company of Tallcottian Marines is on 5-minute alert at a nearby base and, if the proverbial excrement hits the proverbial fan, they can be summoned to air-assault your location and extract you via helicopter.

ORDERS: Ideally you will locate the missile, but get no closer than is necessary to make a positive visual ID. Upon confirmation of its location you will illuminate the launcher with an IR pointer and lay low until the aircraft arrive. They will bomb the launcher and shoot up the surrounding camp (if there is one) as you withdraw. Your team then has two extraction options – make it back to the beach and extract via boat or get picked up via Pave Hawk.

Should you run into stiff opposition, radio for the Marines. They will arrive in helicopters and assist you in any way needed. If you are compromised before locating the missile your mission is a failure. Compromise will occur if any terrorist patrols or sentries alert their superiors to your presence – obviously if you ambush and quickly kill a patrol, they cannot radio your location…unless their bodies are found by their friends.

Manually destroying the missile is not enough. It must be destroyed from the air.

The mission will be complete when the following conditions are met:
1. The SCUD missile launcher has been located and destroyed by air strike.
2. Your team has either been picked up by Pave Hawk, extracted via boat, or the Marines have come to consolidate your position and extracted you.

Mission failure includes the following:
1. Your team is compromised before locating the missile.
2. Your team fails to designate the missile for air strikes.
3. Your team is killed or captured.



OOC: In other words, here’s the rundown – locate and “paint” the launcher, then get the hell out of there. If you’ve been spotted, try to break contact and make it to a spot where the Pave Hawk can pick you up. If you can’t, call in the Marines to get you out of there. They can land wherever there is sufficient room for their helicopters, and they will beat back the attackers and extract you.

If you remain undetected for the entire operation, the best option is to get back out by boat, but making it all the way back is the tricky part.

Remember that the terrorists will be looking for a special forces team when their missile gets bombed – they may choose to surround the site and beat the bushes for a commando team. Keep that in mind – try and pick a spot that will allow you to make a fast retreat.

Any questions? Anything need to be clarified?

And nobody needs to be shown what a SCUD launcher looks like, right? Big long truck-looking thing with a giant missile on the back...
10-09-2003, 07:56
(OOC: dang it, I had no access to my comp at all today :( )
10-09-2003, 14:17
OOC: *is confused*

Doesn't matter, you could still have done mission 2...
10-09-2003, 16:12
OOC: Anyway, time for our team to try it again.

IC: It was still early - the sun wouldn't be coming up for a few more hours - as the black Zodiac motored quietly towards the shore. The raft slid up onto the beach and the team hopped out and Carter admired his choice of an insertion point - they were nestled down in between two small hills, so the chance of being seen was almost nil.

They stashed the raft just inside the forest and made their way northeast through the dense forest. There were two small farms that needed to be checked out, and they'd hit the eastern one first. A mist still hugged the ground, cutting visibility down some and making it easier to move undetected.

They came to the edge of the forest and were immediately alarmed as they were still downhill from their objective, out of the line of sight. That meant they could either head farther north or try to take to some trees out in the open. A relatively thick clump of them stood about halfway between the forest they were in and another one farther east, but getting there would involve crossing some open terrain.

For the moment, they waited. Sure enough, the terrorists were periodically wandering through the area in small groups. The forest looked more and more inviting, and so they melted back into it and headed north in an attempt to circle around the farm. Eventually they had moved far enough uphill to be able to see the entire place. A main house stood at the end of the road along with several small sheds, windows covered over with what looked like blankets. Off about 50 yards to the northwest were two more sheds, guarded by several bored-looking soldiers.

Plenty of terrorists, but no missile.

“Looks like they’re storing everything here,” Grissom said from behind his spotting glasses. “I’ve got barrels, a couple of small antennas, crates…”

“But no missile,” Carter said.


“What the f*ck,” he hissed.

Suddenly a pair of sentries appeared along the edge of the forest not fifty feet away, apparently skirting its edge and hidden from sight by the trees. Their weapons were slung and they looked like they didn’t expect trouble.

Carter frantically waved the team back and without a moment’s hesitation they ducked back into the safety of the deep forest, turning their backs on the farmhouse.

This time they headed west, straight for the other farmhouse, ducking a couple of patrols along the way. Up ahead of them, the woods gave way to clear land.

But they hadn’t made it all the way to the edge of the woods when somebody opened up on them with an AK47. The weapon rattled through the trees at them and they ate dirt, looking around for him. From between the trees, several Marines could be seen running this way and that, trying to get a batter shot on them. The SEALs returned fire, killing the terrorists fairly quickly, but not before two of them were killed as well.

They grabbed their “dead” teammates and made for the edge of the clearing, only to see that the farmhouse there was buzzing with activity – guys scrambling out of their tents, weapons in hand, and assembling outside.

And there sat the SCUD, next to the house. The terrorists had scraped out a hole large enough to drive it down into and thrown a camo net over it – but there was no mistaking that they were looking at their target.

Carter screamed into the radio that they’d located it and the Air Force KE-1 attack planes headed for their location at full speed. Grissom quickly set up the laser designator and painted the launcher, getting it all set up about fifteen seconds before the planes arrived.

“Shack,” the lead plane called, announcing that his weapons had found their target, but Carter barely heard it over all the damn gunfire as the SEALs tried to hold off the terrorists who had started their way. Medieros picked as many off as he could while Kennedy hosed the place down with his SAW, leaving the riflemen to pick up any spares. All in all it wasn’t a bad setup, except for the fact that each side was pretty much pinned, and any attempt to get out of there would mean the terrorists would then be free to follow them.

They made a run for it anyway, moving as fast as they could through the forest with a hundred yard head start. Behind them all hell was breaking loose as every available terrorist was on their tail, but to make matters worse a whole crapload of them were pushing down from the northeastern farmhouse, effectively funneling the SEALs south back towards their insertion point. Pausing only to drop a couple of Claymores, they hauled ass for the beach but called for the Pave Hawk to meet them there.

Emerging from the forest out onto the beach, they only had to wait a few seconds before the Pave Hawk dropped down to meet them, and they literally piled into the back of the aircraft as the minigunners sprayed the woods with fire, trying to keep the raging Mongol horde at bay. The chopper took a ton of small-arms fire, but no Stingers were around, and so it buzzed away into the distance, snatching the SEALs from the jaws of death.

Mission accomplished, they managed to shout as they sucked wind in the back of the chopper, laughing, suffocating, and celebrating all at once.

OOC: *note - the missile's location has not been made available to the other teams - they shouldn't know where it is either, even though you do.*
10-09-2003, 16:15
Sorry bout the CH-47, have no experience of them, apart from being in them.

I also said they had quiet blades, and the waves on the wter would suffocate the noise.

And the LAW's were fired into the windows of the buildings (it is possible) and if not, grenade rounds were.

And sorry bout the MILES, but I carried it out like I would normally.
10-09-2003, 16:32
Man, Im gonna struggle on this one.....

I can do raids but recon.....
10-09-2003, 16:37
[Tag. This thread is quite the learning experience.]
10-09-2003, 17:09
[Tag. This thread is quite the learning experience.]

10-09-2003, 17:27
I cant do Spec Ops well.

Anyway's, my go next?
10-09-2003, 17:30
As long as you're here, sure, go for it.

If your boys aren't the best at this type of mission, well...that's what we're here for. Watch those who can do it and learn from them...I know we'll be watching Sniper Country's team when they show up.
10-09-2003, 17:34

I have played Host Recon to death, so raids are my thing.

Just gimme a slightly bigger target than a terrorist cap and bam!!!

I become a sycotic maniac.

Anyways, I am readying maself for it.
10-09-2003, 18:24
*On the south side of Malden Island, 3:00 AM*

(OOC: Night operations are allowed, right?)

A single zodiac zipped through the water, only 4 men aboard. It wizzed to the shore a slight breeze deafening the noise a little. It ran aground, and the 4 figures dropped into the water around the back of it.

The 4 figures wore gillie suits, SHUD glasses and modules, and caarried silened weapons. They ran crouched up the beach, into a small set of bushes at the top of a slight incline.

They ran into the forest, after checking around, yet no-one was about. They ran to the top of the incline, yet still could not see s**t. They ran up 30 more metres. They peered down again, and saw a patrol 10 metres from them. They were facing the opposite way, and there were two of them, one with an old AK-47 and the other with a strangely new M16. They were both smoking.

There was no sneaking away, too much noise. They couldnt knife 'em, they were too far away. Two team members pulled out silenced weapons and 'killed' them from less than 10 metres. They fell dead, no noise made.

Just over a little mound should have been a decent spot to view the first farm, the east one. And there it was, a little bush covered mound. 2 Team members ran there, and the other 2 covered. They set up binoculars. They could see a lot of patrols, but no SCUD. A spare missile, crates etc, but no SCUD.

They stayed and watched for a while, then ordered the other 2 too cover the second possible SCUD sight.

This two sneaked across the forest, past 1 patrol and into a bush at the other side, looking down a down slope. They also set up binoculars, and looked at the second possible site. They also saw no SCUD, only a couple of tents and a fire. And a lot of guards there. A lot. All in a circle, around the fire. It looked strange, but not enough to scrap the mission.

They looked around more, and saw a jeep with a searchlight mounted on it. They decided to bug out, so got up, and snuck back to the other teams position.

The other team had spotted the SUD though. It was in a clump of trees south of the possible position.

OOC: Now, I gtg, and dont have time to finish.

Part 2, later...... DUH DUH DUUUUUH
10-09-2003, 18:53
It was dark when the EST team rose from the water.Only the moon gave some light but even it was clouded.

"All right boy's see that hill we need to be up and over it yesterday..all units call in"




As they three units started their way up the hill they sensed that something wasnt right

"Alpha this is X-ray do you smell that"
"roger that x-ray it smells like some one is taking a..BANG!...."
The units hit the deck still strugling with this new night vision equiptment that their CO told them he got from a reliable source.
"Alpha respond this is x-ray do you copy"
A firefight errupted all round the hill shots came in from all directions
"x-ray this is charlie...alpha is down I repeat man down"
"roger that x-ray"
Charlie (real name hidden for security reason's) had been in a situation like this before he thought for a minute.....He remembered the battle for the sacred lands of 2231320..then he remembered
"charlie lets lose this new crap do things the old fashioned way and kick some butt"
"roger that"
With that both units ripped of their night vision goggles and strapped them to a jt-56 grenade
"It doesnt look like there are many of them so the chances are they havent called for reinforcements yet,x-ray here's the plan i'll try and take out that radio pots and you deal with the yankee's(bad guy's)"

Charlie ran for his life as if he were the wind.Shots rang out behind him and he could tell that he had to pull his finger out if he was going to stay alive.He could see the mast hell he could almost touch it and then he felt his leg go cold.Falling to the ground he rolled over at the same time pulling out his pistol.As is eyes scanned behind him he saw two men 1 with an mp5 the other l85 two shots were all that was needed straight to the head

"x-ray ive been hit ive been hit my leg,s bleeding bad...x-ray"
All of a sudden there was an almight explosion behind charlie he spun round to see the radio mast falli...nah couldnt be not it was bloody falling"
X-ray appeared with a big grin on his face

"Boss you're getting old. I dont get it how come i managed to kill the yankees and get the mast but you just managed to get shot"

"Beginners luck"
"Look we better get outta calling the marines"

x-ray plugged in the SAT phone and tuned it to the appropriate channel
"Mike 1 this is X-ray Echo Sierra Tango..we're in the s@@t we need immediate evac over"

"Roger Echo Sierra Tango we're on our way"
10-09-2003, 20:11
OOC: what mission exactly is this? There's no radio mast in either of the two....and we're not using real weapons why is your guy bleeding?

You're gonna have to explain this one, I don't get it.
10-09-2003, 22:25
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11-09-2003, 03:50
(OOC: I'll go next)
Western Asia
11-09-2003, 04:17
OOC: Great work...makes me feel even worse that I don't have nearly enough time to do it myself...
11-09-2003, 04:20
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Western Asia
11-09-2003, 04:27
OOC: Why do you think it's so hard to miss it? I haven't seen SpecOps RPing like this since you were in Royal Palm and (for my part) since you had those terrorists that I took out. :(

Keep going...good stuff.
11-09-2003, 04:31
OOC: Come on dudes! You've got 32 minutes before I post the next event! No need to take turns, just run your team through and post it. I'm going to post up the next mission (oh, I think you'll like this one :twisted: ) and then summarize today's action...right now I have 2 1/2 actions to summarize! Let's go!

*this is out of pure excitement, not anger or anything*

And I'm really pumped that you guys think it's going well!

All teams: GO GO GO!
11-09-2003, 04:43
OOC: 18 minutes to deadline! Post 'em up while you still can! This event closes at midnight!
11-09-2003, 04:52
"So why did we agree to do this again Lt?"

"What, you not up for it? It's alittle to late now."

"I suppose sir, still..."

"I would rather be home to, look up our next mission, but Ops told us to come, so, here we are."

Chief Warrant Officer Lou Pipermen nodded his head, turning away from his commander and started speaking to the rest of the 6 man group.

"Ok, now, we've all had the briefing so we all know what to do. Once we're up on that hill, only nessasary verbal comm's, no jacking around, got it kids?"

"So why am I here again?" asked Communications and Small Arms specialist Master Corp Simon Fraser.

"You're here in case shit hits the fan." Lou said with a chuckle.

"That's what I thought."

Lt Tan turned back to his troops. "Ok, like we planned, Mao, take point, Wang, and Chen, watch our flanks, Fraser and Lou, up with me."

A quick nod of agreement was echoed around the group before they set off to take a look at the top of the hill.

It was a short trip ended by the almost secsessful ambush by enemy forces, which is spotted, weirdly enough, when Lou went to take a piss off the side of a small downslope and did a bulls-eye hit on a enemy soldier's face.

All troops were alerted and the ambush begin... only to be counter ambushed by a second team led by Chief Warrant Officer Zim Pipermen, who had came ashore with his Star Via another, hidden Zodiac.

The Ambushers were all "Killed" and the Team only suffered light wounds.

"Didn't feel the need to warn us Zim?" the Lt asked.

"Well, we knew you could take it." Zim replied.

Lt. Tan rolled his eyes in exasperation before nodding to Zim with a quick "Good job".

Spliting up again, the two teams, one which had come with no one's knowlage besides the Lt's, slipped back into the forest. The Lt's group decided to forgo the hill fearing another ambush, or a search party comming up to check on the status of the now "dead" enemy ambush group. Instead they went to the grouping of farm houses on the west side.

The secondary group headed to the group of farms on the east side, with orders to turn around, if they did not discover the SCUD, and quick march to help the primary team.


~30 minutes later~

Zim scanned the farms with his field glasses looking for any sign of enemy inhabitation. He found none. So his team searched the clearing, house by house making sure that the Missile wasn't there. When their job was done, they signaled the Lt and started a quick march towards the farms in the east.


"Shit, look at all the activity there Lt, the SCUD's gotta be there, or I'd eat your momma's pussy." mumbled Sargeant Wang, earning himself a death glare from the Lt.

"You see the missile anywhere?" Fraser asked.

"Yeah, it's under those camo nets to the right of the central building."

"Well then," Lt. Tan sub vocalised into his mic "paint it so we can get out of here."

"Yes sir." Mao replied


Ãs soon as the aircraft blew away the SCUD, things turned ugly.

The enemy swarmed their position and Primary was able to escape through the timely arrivel of Secondary. It took an hour of reguard actions, leap frogging retreats, ambushes and 3 casualties (Sarge Beaucanon, Brook and Chen, "KIA") to get back to their boat's.


"How's it feel being dead Chen?"

"Oh shut up Wang."

(OOC: HAH, BEAT THE DEADLINE by like, 7 minutes!)
11-09-2003, 05:13
Today’s After-Action reviews (by Marine officers observing the games):

Today’s mission was a rather complicated one: pinpoint and lase for bombing a Scud missile launcher. The teams were put ashore with little to work with other than a general area, and consequently this mission relied more on stealth and careful observation than balls-out firefights.

The first team to roll through this mission was the Tallcottian SEAL team, hoping for a better show than they had yesterday. By anybody’s standards, a better show than yesterday would have been easy. This time they seemed to have it together. They landed via Zodiac, stashed it, and made their way through the forest to check out the first farm site. Now, their approach could have been better, as they had to do some maneuvering to get into a position where they could see the farmhouses clearly, but once they did that they were able to recon the area pretty well.

A close run-in with some sentries pushed them back into the woods, and they headed for farm #2. A short distance before they had it in sight they exchanged gunfire with some terrorists, and they managed to take them down fairly quickly, but still lost 2 team members. That’s when they spotted the Scud – they set up as fast as they could, even as enemy troops were rallying up to pursue them, and they designated the target while under fire, resulting in a “shack” – a confirmed ground kill.

They had managed to pin down the terrorists while they were designating but had to stop shooting and run like hell to escape – which they barely did. It looked like a Vietnam Ranger team fleeing from the NVA, essentially a full sprint from the designation point back to the beach, dropping some Claymores to slow up the bad guys.

Granted, they destroyed the target and got out mostly in one piece, but that’s just bad form. It should never, ever come to that – running full speed as the enemy nips at your heels. But the mission was a success and that’s what really counts. A much better performance today, Tallcottia.

Freedom country was up next, and they infiltrated just fine. They moved through the forest, ambushing and killing a pair of sentries, but came up dry on the first farm. Relocating to the second farm, they found the Scud, but that’s where he left off…

Jarisimo_99 was way off base on this…I think…still waiting for him to clear that up.

Sniper Country did the smart thing and put their master sniper ashore to scope things out before committing their main force. He used a stream to move quickly and quietly and soon ID’d the target, calling in the rest of the team. They smartly ducked an enemy patrol, designated the target, and wasted no time in making a run for it, much like Tallcottia’s team did. They used every available option at their disposal to cover the withdrawal, and managed to extract without losing a man.

The one thing that we will point out is that a team must keep the laser designator on the target until the bombs have impacted – this way the attack jet can drop a laser-guided bomb without having to acquire the target – just the beam.

But, all in all, a slightly better run than Tallcottia’s was.

Canada-Germany rushed this mission in. They put their whole team ashore but were ambushed fairly quickly by terrorist troops. They managed, however, to beat this ambush back with only light wounds. Continuing to the first farm site, they found nothing, and moved to the second, taking their time and remaining as quiet as possible

They found the missile at the second farm, and, still undetected, painted it. As soon as it was destroyed, the same scene set in – they were chased all the way back to the extraction point, but instead of just hauling ass, they stopped periodically to set ambushes for their pursuers. No word on how many terrorists were killed in this fighting, but 3 team members were lost.

A pretty straightforward mission run – that early ambush could have cost them dearly but they beat feet and got out of there fast enough to throw off any interested parties. Their choice of engaging their pursuers as they retreated was an interesting one – they took casualties but kept their team’s integrity together. This was probably only possible due to their large team size, which is always a consideration on deep-strike missions.

Well played, Canada-Germany.

I think we’ll give Freedom Country the benefit of the doubt and let him finish his mission whenever he gets back.

And that’s a wrap!

Today’s winner – well, that’s hard to say. The teams seemed to run into the same trouble – namely getting out – but Canada-Germany gets the brownie points for doing it on their own. Tallcottia got their chopper beat up pretty badly and left their raft behind, and Sniper Country committed a load of friendly troops – who may or may not have taken casualties, we don’t know. From a commander’s perspective, Canada-Germany takes the cake for doing just as much with less.

And Tallcottia gets a gold star for getting their act together for this one.

The next mission is a hostage-rescue in a small city – read carefully, study the pics, and devise your strategy accordingly.

Good hunting…
11-09-2003, 05:18
Mission #3: Hostage Rescue

SITUATION: Shortly after noon today, armed terrorists have taken over the city hall in a small town in Tallcottia. This is also the county capital so county-level officials also work in the same building. In total about 50 people work here on any given day. The terrorists are holding all the employees and a number of people there to do business hostage. No one has left the building since.

The terrorists have issued a list of demands which includes setting free a number of imprisoned terrorists from federal prisons. We will not give in to their demands, but they have announced that they will begin killing a hostage every hour, starting one hour from now, if the demands are not met. Your mission is to neutralize all the terrorists and rescue the hostages.

The current time is 1:07PM locally. This situation must be resolved as soon as possible.

TACTICAL: This is a small-scale urban environment. Most of the buildings have at least 2 floors and the area is typically crowded around noon. The plaza in front of city hall is home to hot-dog vendors, newspaper stands, ice cream salesmen, and children at play. They have all been evacuated and the area has been sealed off by local law enforcement (see pictures).

The AO is flanked by residential areas, and the homes are still occupied – local police have ordered everyone to return home and stay there until further notice. National Guard troops are enforcing this curfew.

The City Hall itself is 4 stories high and has many windows on each floor. It is the highest point in the town and so the terrorists can keep a careful watch on anything happening around them. There is one main entrance in the plaza and a small back entrance on the ground floor, on either end of an open lobby. The offices and rooms open off this main lobby and each floor is set up the same way. Entering this way will be extremely risky.

Your other option is a small access hatch on the roof. There is just enough flat space on top of the building to fast-rope from a Pave Hawk and make an entrance – however, they will definitely hear you coming.

The buildings around the plaza have been cleared, making it possible to put sniper/spotter teams on the upper floors of said buildings for observation or direct fire support.

We know very little about these terrorists so far but you can be sure that as soon as you are detected, they will turn their guns on the hostages. This is totally unacceptable.

Thus, this raid demands three things: speed, surprise, and violence of action. In other words: move fast, catch them off-guard, and hit them hard. Ideally this operation should be over in a matter of minutes if not seconds once you begin your assault.

ORDERS: Enter the City Hall building, eliminate all terrorists, and rescue the hostages. Be alert for IODs (Improvised Explosive Devices) left behind for you.

The mission will be a success when the following conditions are met:
1. All terrorists have either been killed or captured (we prefer killed).
2. All hostages have been rescued and escorted a safe distance from the building.
3. All obvious explosives have been disarmed (an EOD team will enter the building once you have secured it to conduct an extensive search for bombs).

City Map:

Shot of city hall from down a road...looking East.

Aerial view of the plaza in front of City Hall

A close-up of the roof of City Hall - a viable entry point.

Aerial view of the town, this time looking West (from behind City Hall)

Lastly, a close-up shot of the front of City Hall, from the plaza right in front of it.

OOC: Any questions? Pretty straightforward, I think, but feel free to ask. You can tackle this one as soon as you’re ready.

And do these pictures actually help or should I lay off them?

11-09-2003, 05:27
OOC: and I'm spent. *sigh*

Remember, just do it. Don't bother waiting around for "your turn" because if we do it that way not everybody gets "a turn". So be selfish! Just go for it! A couple of guys haven't even gotten in on this yet...
11-09-2003, 05:28
OOC: This City hall has plumbing right?
11-09-2003, 13:06

OOC: Continued SCUD hunt, if I can.....

The SCUD was in a small clump of overhangng trees, covered by a camo net.

Team 1 ordered Team 2 down to the evac point, to get out by boat. Team 2 scampered down the slope, covered by trees, and got to the evac point to set up cover before Team 1 arrived with the heat.

Team 1 meanwhile were setting up the laser pointer, and set it up in record time. They painted the target top the planes, before evacing to the south. They just ran, and took down one patrol on the move. Another saw them, but werent too accurate at firing, and missed them, destroying a trees trunk behind them. The Zodiac was still there, and Team 2 pushed it out. It bobbed in the waves, as Team 1 ran for it. More bullets whizzed past them, and one narowly missed the zodia, richocheing off the engines metal plating. Both teams piled in, and the zodiac turned.

But a .50 cal had been set up along the coast, and it opened up on the zodiac. Obne man got hit in the head, and died instantly.

The boat escaped over the waves, as bullets fell behind.

"Mission Complete, coming out."

Behind them, the jet roared over head.

OOC: Done.

Now, the hostage rescue could be a problem.
11-09-2003, 14:12
The Free land of jarvisimo_99 is under attack.As of 1410 hrs today I upgraded our alert status to code red and have cancelled all shore leave and called all units back to base.Sorry for any trouble this may cause but as I am sure you understand a nation's own security is a priority.Assistance may be needed will anyone be willing to help out.

p.s the three soldiers that took part in your exercise have been hung for taking to many drugs
11-09-2003, 18:07
Here we go: 2 hummers reach the SW gas station and 6 men get out. 3 of these men are snipers, the other 3 spotters, they are dressed in the local fashion. They will move, in a clandestine fashon, to the surounding area and set up shop in the buildings around city hall. This will provide added intell for the rescur part of the operation. The spotter in the center building, directly accross the courtyard from City Hall, has with him a Microwave Listening Device(beam the device at a window, vibrations are picked up and reflected back to the device). He sets it up and starts gathering intelligence on who is in the building. Apperently, the Hostages are on the 3rd story grouped in a cluster of small rooms. 20 T's, unknown number of booby traps.

ANSWA team will use a multi-fasceted approche to this situation. Using the snipers as a forward recon they will keep tabs on what is happening on the inside. A small team (3-4) will move to the right side of city hall and attempt to enter through a window. While a larger team fastropes to the roof.

Team apple reaches the side window after waiting in the surrounding landscapeing for nearly 15 minutes. Tey get the go ahead to make entry from the spotters in the surrounding buildings. Slowly and ever so quietly the men jimmy open the window.
"...stop! stop stop stop! We got a wire..."
"Shit, ok, standard soviet frag grenade...attached to the sill with a wire... pin to the window...and she is *snip* disarmed."
With the pin in, and seccured with a strip of tape, the explosive is placed on the ground, under the window.

Apple-''team, be advised that we have found an IED on first floor window'
Peach-"Copy, apple"

The team slips inside and closes the window. With the door ajar, They find one terrorist in the ajoining room, probably making his rounds. As soon as he enters the room he is grabed and interrorgated.
Pointman-"Shhhhh, how many of you are there?" he asked while twisting the terrorist's neck tighter and tighter.
Terrorist-"*gasp* 20 or so *gasp*"
Pointman- "Thank you"
He is then tapped in the head with a silenced MK23 SOCOM pistol and the body is placed behind a desk.

Apple-"Team, we have an confirmed number of 20 t's inside"
the team makes their way upstairs to the secondfloor. Looking around corners with small dental mirrors, they see 2 more terrorists. The team rolls around the corner and takes both of them down with bursts from their HK MP5-SDs. Moving along to the next stairwell, the 3rd floor, the team stops at the enterence to the floor. Using a fiber-optic camera, they take a peek around the doorway. Seems clear, they stand down and radios for the other team.
apple-"Apple here, we are go, we are go for enterance"
Peach-"Copy, copy!
Almost like magic a MH-60 descends from the sky, almost directly above city hall, and a team of 10 fast ropes out.
All men are in black, wearing gas masks. the very exoerianced pointman for the 2nd team takes one look at the door on the roof and see that it is indeed booby-traped. Using the wire cutters on his Leatherman multi-tool he clips the wire connecting the door-jam to the pin of a grenade. He gives the signal and the team scrambles down the stairs to the 3rd floor.

Across the street, at the same exact time, the snipers confirm their targets and what they are carrying.

Pear-"teams, we have a confirmed number of 14 t's watching the hostages, carrying psitols and automatic weapons, request permission to take shots"
apple- "go for it, pear"

The team leader gives the go ahead for the snipers to take their shots. Instantly, 3 Ts drop. Then another 3, the rest move away from the windows as they slowly figureout what is happening. The 2 teams rush into the halls and neutralize 3 men in the area. From both sides the men converge on one of the bigger rooms in the complex, the auditorium, the only room that can hold 50+ people. Outside the room, the team hears alot of screaming and a few shots. After a quick check of the room with the fiber-optic camera, 2 flash bangs are thrown in from the doors at the rear of the room. Just as the grenades explode, the teams rush into the room, popping terorists at will. One terrorist comes from a darkened alcove neer the rear of the auditorium, and fires three shots into the back of one of the SF men.
"I'm hit!" he screams
"F**k!", his partner turns around a pops the guy directly in the chest and double taps him in the face.
"Hes down"
"Yeah, but so am I..." the faux-injured man moans.

The remaining terrorists are all killed in a matter of seconds.
Two hostages were exeicuted by the terrorists in the chaos.
The rest are evacuated out the main enterence.
The EOD team enters and sweeps the building, finding numerous, but typical IEDs, mostly all on windows and doors.
All in all, a success. The results are as follows:

SF Team: 1 killed, 15 alive
T's: 20 dead, 0 alive
Hostages: 2 dead, 48 alive but shaken.
IED traps discovered: 17

(ooc: Damn, sorry I missed the other event, I had class and couldn't find the time to get online.)
11-09-2003, 18:58
Nice work.

Yes, this City Hall has plumbing.

Everyone should use 20 terrorists as the enemy strength...I forgot to mentoin that.

Jaravisimo_99, we understand. Though hanging those guys wasn't really necessary, in our opinion.

I'll be back in about 2 hours to run Tallcottia through the event...I've had a hectic morning and all my Thursdays for the rest of the semester are going to look like this.

Carry on.
11-09-2003, 20:37

My speciality is this one.

Ok, my wish list:

Can I use Heartbeatsensors, explosives (not near anybody, and we will pay for repairs, plus a bit) and some Flashbangs?

I plan to paradrop......
11-09-2003, 21:01
What kind of explosives? Breaching charges?

Be damn careful with those...we don't want anybody getting hurt.

If you have heartbeat sensors, okay, fine I guess.
12-09-2003, 01:20
ooc:Can I use a sleeping/stun gas?
12-09-2003, 01:21
ooc:Can I use a sleeping/stun gas?
12-09-2003, 01:24
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
12-09-2003, 01:29
OOC: Hmmm seems that the rest of you guys are night owls.


The eight-man SEAL team was wearing their urban-ops gear rather than the woodland camo - each member was wearing grey BDUs, over which were pulled knee and elbow pads, level II Kevlar vests, tactical vests (the ones with the hundreds of pouches), gloves, comms gear, ski masks and Kevlar helmets. Each assaulter had a sidearm strapped to his leg and a pair of flashbangs - the two men typically tasked with recon also had cutting tools and fiber-optic video gear.

Each assaulter packed an MP5SD6, a version of the MP5 which features a retractable stock and integral silencer. Other attachments varied by man - flashlights, c-mags, laser pointers and reflex sights.

Medieros and Grissom took up a position on the other side of the plaza, entering the building from behind and setting up on the top floor. Both spotter and sniper were carrying PSG-1 rifles and high-powered spotting glasses.

Three of the men stealthily entered one of the buildings on the side of the plaza - the closest one to City Hall - and hunkered down there, peeking out the windows and waiting for their orders. The other three boarded a Pave Hawk and it orbited the city with its cargo doors closed, appearing to be just another chopper surveying the scene from above. A National Guard OH-6 was flitting about making sure nobody ventured out of their homes an a chopper owned by a local TV station was kept back at a distance but was still circling the town with cameras zoomed in.

The two snipers glassed all the windows, trying to get a count on the terrorists inside and locate the hostages.

"Six, it looks like we've got hostages on the second and third floors, with the bad guys spread out five to a floor - looks like they've got pistols, Uzis, shotguns and your basic bulletproof vests. Ski masks, too. Classic crazed gunmen if you ask me."

Alpha team hustled over to the wall of the building and crouched underneath the windows. Miller stuck his fiber-optic cable up to the window and peered into the small video screen. The office was empty, but the door was wide open, and someone was standing in the lobby. That someone would definitely notice a trio of grey helmets looking inside, much less three bodies belonging to the helmets trying to open the window.

"Crap, we've got a guy in the lobby. No entry here."

They duck-walked over to the next window, this one the corner office at the right front of the building, from the snipers' perspective.

They stuck the thin wire up again and had a look - this door was also open, but out of the line of sight of their friend in the lobby. If they were quiet, he might not notice them. It was better than nothing.

"Okay, what's our status?" Miller asked.

"Hold," came the reply.

They were still trying to figure out how to get the guys onto the roof quickly while attracting the least attention - if they fast-roped, the chopper would have to hover, and that would be damned loud - pretty much the signal for "commandos coming in." That wouldn't help the people inside. Plus the guys would be waiting at the bottom of the ladder for them...

A few minutes pass...

Miller, in the Pave Hawk: "Okay, we've got the rapelling gear, so here's the plan - we're going to rope onto the roof and rig up our lines onto the railing up there, then we're gonna walk back down towards the windows. We'll hang right on the edge and then when we get the go we'll walk down, toss a banger through the windows, and then swing through. I'll stay on the roof and play with that access hatch. I'll cut the wire if there's a bomb there and then open it up and stand back."

Carter - "And that's when both teams go. Ropers toss the bangers and enter, Alpha goes through their window, and Miller, you drop your own banger and drop in there."

If it all worked, three flashbangs should detonate on the top floor simultaneously and the terrorists would all be blown away when the troops came in.

"All elements, status."

"Alpha, check."

"Bravo, check."

"Charlie," Miller said "set."

"Rifle one, set."

"Rifle two, good to go."

"All elements ready...fifteen seconds to roof."

The doors on the Pave Hawk slid open and the terrorists knew what was coming. They readied their weapons.

Hovering over the roof, the ropes were kicked out and the three men were away. Ropes still attached, the chopper cleared the area - a five-second insertion. They rigged their repelling gear and Bravo roof-walked to the eave and waited as Miller jimmied the hatch, found a bomb, as expected, cut it and taped it. He flashed the thumbs-up. Bravo walked down and stood on the wall next to the office windows - thankfully the middle office had two.


Miller kicked the hatch open and pulled a flashbang. Bravo team readied theirs.

Carter, down on the ground beneath a window, could see the two men not thirty feet above him. They looked ready to him.

"Rifles, start doing heads on the top floor when Bravo goes in, then follow them down."


"Ten seconds to greenlight." Fingers tensed, hearts raced.



Roberts and McCarthy, "Bravo" tossed their grenades through the windows and pushed as far away as they could, swinging their MP5s up with one hand as they did so. Miller dropped his straight down through the hatch. Alpha jimmied the window and found a bomb attatched. Harper's hand went from weapon to vest and back to window with the pliers. The cable was cut.

Terrorist upon seeing 2 grenades smash through the glass: "OH SHIT!"

The flashbangs detonated and the troops on the roof dropped in.

Alpha hopped through the window, seeing their friend in the lobby jump as the grenades detonated. He instinctively turned towards the noise and Harper double-tapped him where he stood. Alpha burst out of the office and into the lobby as another terrorist threw the door to his office open and recieved three more rounds in the chest for his curiosity.

There were two of them in the office on the fourth floor - McCarthy and Roberts landed inside to find them doubled over, hands to their ears and weapons on the floor. They dropped both of them and saw Miller recover from a bad landing as they looked out the open door. He brought up his MP5 and shot a suprised terrorist from about three feet away.

Another emerged into the lobby and was tanked in the head by one of the two snipers. He looked around, puzzled, and Miller shrugged. The three SEALs joined up and moved to secure the other offices, kicking in the doors and wasting any terrorists inside. It had taken about 15 seconds to clear the top floor.

"Top floor clear," Miller reported as they made for the stairs down.

Alpha cleared the first floor without casualties.

"First floor clear, 5 tangoes down."

The terrorists were now cut off on the middle two floors - and each sniper took one, waiting for the teams to begin the final stages of the assault.

"Heads up, bad guys moving up the stairs to you, Bravo."

The message came a second too late as Miller led the three men of Bravo into the stairwell - two terrorists were halfway up them already and the young Marine was quick on the trigger of his Remington shotgun - he unloaded a simulated load of buckshot into Miller's chest.

McCarthy sidestepped his pointman and put at least ten rounds into the Marine before he could work the action.

"Tango down!"

"So am I," Miller said as he stood aside to let his teammates pass.

Medieros popped another terrorist who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs for them, and he was wasted just as their boots hit the third floor carpet. Three more on this floor.

Alpha hit the second floor and was met by an empty lobby. They stacked up outside the first office door they could find and Carter gave Harper the squeeze. The point man kicked in the door and they were met with a Marine behind a desk blasting rounds from his Uzi at them.

Harper was hit and killed instantly and Carter capped the offender. They told the hostages to stay put as there were three more terrorists to be dealt with.

They smartly tossed a flashbang inside the office across the hall and were rewarded with screams of real pain from two more terrorists, who offered no resistance as they stormed the room and killed them both. Ten more hostages were freed, but remained seated for another moment.

Bravo stacked up outside another door and Grissom capped the two terrorists inside, leaving bravo only to sweep the room and tell the hostages to stay put. The last remaining office, they concluded, held another terrorist and the last of the hostages on their floor. They were right, but as they entered the terrorist emptied his handgun into the cowereing hostages, killing three of them, before being lit up by both commandos.

"Third floor clear!"

Alpha faced the last office not yet to be cleared - about two minutes since the grenades went off - and knew they had one tango inside, with hostages, and he was probably suicidal by this point. They stacked up and booted open the door - nothing at first sight but a sea of scared faces - so Reilly stepped in without a moment's hesitation -

And walked into a Desert Eagle, which fired into his face from about six inches away. He staggered back, suprised and blinded, causing Carter to swing his gun left to engage, find his line of fire blocked by Reilly, and awkwardly sidestep and stumble on a chair. The terrorist grabbed the first convienient hostage and put the gun to her head, holding her in front of him by the neck.

They stood facing each other on opposite sides of the office, watched with some degree of amusement and shock by the hostages.

"I'll kill her! Back off now! - DROP THE GUN!" The shouts cancelled each other out totally but they kept screaming at one another.

Carter took the shot and hit money. The terrorist's MILES gear went crazy and he let his arms fall flat at his side, shaking his head.

"Second floor clear! Coming out!"

"Bravo, copy, coming out!"

Carter rounded up the 25 hostages on his floor and led them down the two flights of stairs and outside as local SWAT teams met them at the front steps and rushed them away. Bravo was a few seconds behind them and the hostages were again whisked away by the police. A bomb squad and a SWAT team headed inside to remove any overlooked traps.

Miller, Harper and Reilly emerged last, weapons slung.

They walked away from City Hall, stripping off their helmets, gloves, goggles and masks, clapping each other on the back and looking for a drink.

Mission accomplished.

Bombs defused - 2
Terrorists killed - 20
Hostages lost - 3
SEALs lost - 3

12-09-2003, 02:13
OOC: well, no one said anything about not being able to use sleeping gas so... ^_^ BTW: This one will be quick and not as good as the other one, as I'm lacking time. Btw: The Arms my people are carrying are MP-7PDW's and C-8's.


"So, Amber, were'd you get this stuff anyways?"

"Eh, it's a militerized version of that stuff that gas the dentists use to put you asleep."

"Really now?"

"Yeah, heh."


The gas was funneled into the building via the sewage and plumbing pipes, slow down the reaction time and thinking of the 20 terrorists in the building.

2300m's behind, camo'ed inside a building, looking through a partially open window, Mao and Beaucannon parked and pointed their Tac-50's towards the city hall, looking through the upper floor window's.

Inside a house in front of the City hall, Chief Warrant Officer Zim Pipermen
Sergeant Avery Brook, Sergeant Betty Bopp and Master Corporal Simon Fraser, Team Gamma waited.

Lying down on the tops of two buildings, two seperate teams, one positioned towards the back left corner of the house, and the other positioned to the back right corner of the house, just outside the almost complete field of view of the numerous windows. Alpha consisted of Lt Tan, Wang and Saundry, Beta consisted of CWO Lou, Chen and Tang.

"We ready yet?" Tan radioed to Mao.

"Well, the gas has been going for about 5 minutes now, they should be starting to get really sleepy." Mao radioed back.

"Well then, the second you take out the ones on the top, send the signal, and we'll go."



The snipers fired and the two teams were signaled. Grapple ropes were fired on to the roof of the city hall and one by one, they rode their little machanical wheel thingy (Very scientific eh? lol) on to the roof.

As soon as the entire team formed up on the roof, the snipers were instructed to keep on fireing away at the top floor. The teams opened the roof hatch and entered the building, C-8's and MP-7's unslung and ready.

Due to the particular desimation of forces caused by the sniper fire, the top floor was cleared of any hostiles within 30 seconds of the entering of the building.

Going seperate ways, Beta hit the Third floor, while Alpha hit the second floor.

Alpha encountered heavy resistance and the un-surpressed gunfire alerted the terrorist forces.

As the terrorists went to kill the hostages, slower, due to the gas, Gamma hit the front door, resulting in mass Chaos, as the Terrorists were hit on three sides (The snipers had started firing into the ground level). Shortly, with no Friendly Casualties and one hostage wounded, the Terrorists were killed, and any remaining ones captured.

(OOC: sorry it was crapply done, I have to get to my armory for training.)
12-09-2003, 05:24
Okay, well it's time for today's after action review.

This mission was a hostage-rescue mission in a city hall.

First up was ANSWA. They set up their snipers and spotters to observe the terrorists inside, then moved a team up to make a window entry on the ground floor while another fast-roped onto the roof. They entered, got some intel from a short-lived terrorist, and disarmed a large number of IEDs.

In this raid, most of the terrorists were clustered together and ANSWA's team did a good job of sorting out the clutter and hitting only their targets.

A well played raid. The best points are the thoroughness of the recon (traps, fiberoptic gear, etc) and the infiltration carried out before the assault began. Good work with minimal loss of civillian life.

Sniper Country followed by setting their sniper up in the church's tower, providing an excellent viewpoint. They commandeered the National Guard Little Bird (perfectly acceptable) and used it's small size to put a small team on the roof quickly. The Delta operators dropped in a few frags and followed down the ladder shooting.

Their sniper put down insanely effective fire and the team was able to move quickly without incident until one of their number was killed just after coming off the stairs. This team did not used suppressed weapons and consequently was involved in heavier shooting than the other teams.

Plus points here are the use of the Little Bird as a substitute for the Pave Hawk and the speed with which the assault was carried out.

One negative, however, is the use of frag grenades in a hostage environment. One stray grenade could have killed hostages, moreso than stray rounds. The officials look very poorly on this use of regular frags where flashbangs would have been the better choice.

The second negative is the use of unsilenced weapons - had the team been using silenced weapons, the element of suprise could have held for a little longer than it did.

Not a bad raid overall, but it could have been a disaster had one grenade bounced the wrong way.

The Tallcottian SEALS hit the City Hall next, using a two-pronged attack on the building involving the Pave Hawk and repelling ropes and an infiltration on the ground floor.

This went pretty much the same way as the others did as far as setup goes. However, using the ropers to come in through the windows was a smart tactical move - obviously the access hatch was a prime target and so by avoiding it they gained an advantage in securing the top floor. However, it was not necessary to leave one man there to come down on his own - this breakup of team continuity could have boded badly.

The SEAL snipers provided good advance recon for the advancing teams and were very helpful in getting the team in on the first floor in sync with the flashbangs.

One team member was lost on the staircase - not much could have been done to avoid this. ANother was lost when a barricaded terrorist opened up on him as he came through the door to one of the offices. This *might* have been avoided had they used a breaching charge - it would have opened the door and disoriented the terrorist, enabling them to hit him before he could fire.

The last team member was hit when he entered a room and walked into a hidded enemy. Again, a breaching charge or flashbang would have been a good option here, and should have been used. Team Leader Carter then had to reposition and engage the enemy, which caused him to stumble over a piece of furniture, but he did make the all-important head shot as the terrorist grabbed a human shield.

Overall, not a bad raid, all things considered. Three hostages were killed and three team members were lost - rather high friendly losses but the hostages are free.

Pluses - thinking on their feet (repelling idea).
Minuses - risky tactics, poor room clearance.

Finally came Canada-Germany. They chose to pump in sleeping gas to disable the terrorists and then enter from the roof - using grappeling hooks rather than a helicopter.

The terrorists' reaction times were dulled and upon entry of the second team on the ground floor they were quickly overrrun. The team suffered no casualties and only one hostage was wounded.

Pros - inventive thinking (gas)
Cons - using grappeling hooks to get to the roof when a helicopter was available. Thus the snipers began firing too early - the operation was out of sync.

(and as an aside that was pretty cheap man but you were in a rush so we'll let it slide :D )

No word yet on Freedom Country. Oh well.

Today's winner - well, this mission challenged everyone. The approaches were all so different in both planning and execution, pros and cons that no real winner can be picked. We consider all these raids to be equally successful.

Next event: merchant vessel interdiction.
12-09-2003, 05:42
Mission #4 - Merchant Ship Interdiction

SITUATION: A merchant ship of unknown origin has been spotted approximately ten miles from Tallcottia's shores. It has not responded to hails but shows no signs of distress. Intelligence is worried that this ship may be attempting to slip into our waters just long enough to offload a shipment of some kind to locals - there is a strong suspicion that this ship contains arms and equipment for terrorists here in Tallcottia. It has been stopped by warning shots from one of our patrol cutters.

TACTICAL: Out on the wide open seas.


Specs on the ship:


Number Built: 13
Years Delivered: 1961-1966
Owner(s): American Export Lines
States Lines
American Mail Lines
American President Lines

Tonnage: 16,810 and 23,000 dwt
L x B x D x T: 492.5' x 73' x 42.2' x 73'
565' x 76' x 44.5' x 31.5'
Prop. HP: 13,750 HP
19,250 HP
Type: Steam
Speed: 18.5 Knots
20.4 Knots

The crew typically numbers around 75 and are not typically armed, though in this case we can't be sure. Your teams are all currently aboard the Tallcottian Coast Guard cutter Astoria, waiting to be deployed. One SH-60 Seahawk is available for transport. Most likely you will need to rope onto the deck. The helicopter will wait for you and the Astoria is only about 200 yards away from the transport ship. On the other hand, you may want to use a Zodiac to get to the cargo ship. It is up to you.

ORDERS: Board the cargo ship. Determine its country of origin and intentions by locating its captain and talking with him. Search the cargo holds for any and all military equipment or weaponry. Instruct the captain of this ship to make contact with Astoria regardless of outcome. If any weapons are found aboard, or you encounter armed resistance, you are to subdue the crew, calling for additional Coast Guard personnell should you need them.

Notes - you should go in prepared for anything, but do not repeat DO NOT "assault" this ship unless it is a confirmed hostile. You should ascertain all required information verbally with the crew.

If you are not permitted to search the ship, inform them that they are in Tallcottian waters and you will conduct it anyway :D . If they continue to resist a search you are to flex-cuff them and carry it out.

Rules of engagement - do not fire unless fired upon. If fired upon, use of lethal force is approved.

The mission will be a success when the following conditions are met:
1. Your team has boarded the ship, determined its place of origin and intentions.
2. Your team has thoroughly searched the ship for any contraband weapons or equipment.
3. If contraband is found, your team has secured the crew and the ship so that both may be transferred to Coast Guard custody.

Lock 'n Load.

OOC NOTE VERY IMPORTANT: This ship, of course, IS smuggling weapons. You will not be allowed to search the ship, so you will have to do it anyway. How much resistance and in what strength you face is up to you...they're armed, so be careful.

In other words they may just give up and let themselves be handed over or all hell may break loose - you pick.


See you in 9 hours.
12-09-2003, 07:26
Finally came Canada-Germany. They chose to pump in sleeping gas to disable the terrorists and then enter from the roof - using grappeling hooks rather than a helicopter.

The terrorists' reaction times were dulled and upon entry of the second team on the ground floor they were quickly overrrun. The team suffered no casualties and only one hostage was wounded.

Pros - inventive thinking (gas)
Cons - using grappeling hooks to get to the roof when a helicopter was available. Thus the snipers began firing too early - the operation was out of sync.

(and as an aside that was pretty cheap man but you were in a rush so we'll let it slide :D )

(OOC: lol, well, eh, I used the hooks instead of the copter because it's quieter. The snipers begain to fire early because they needed to take out the sentries before the first team could go in. The sleeping gas, well, meh, lol)
12-09-2003, 12:33

I was gonna use serious explosives.....

The type that blow out roofs.....

Oh well, my plan is to Paradrop onto the roof, silently, from straight above, circling so I can land vertically.

I will blow the top door, and once confusion is happening while the terrorists get shot upstairs, I will send in 1 EA-28 helicopter loaded with commando's.
12-09-2003, 21:48

Better do the Hostage quick......

I aint gonna be here 2morrow, so gimme a bit longer.


*40,000 feet above Tallcottia*

The C-200 cargo plane flew high up in the skies, uneknown to eye on the ground. The back door opened, revealing 4 figures standing at the back. The door stopped opening, and the red in the back turned to green. The four figures jumped, and descended into the cloud cover.

The next time they came out was at 7,000 feet, where there was sunshine poking through the clouds. Pretty deep cloud cover though. They continued to descend, until 6,000 feet, where they opened their chutes, as not to cause noise lower down. There was no wind at all.

The continued to descend, and began circling. They dropped to 5,000 feet, where they dropped thier primary chutes and opened the secondaries, dropping them 1,000 feet, but quickening their descent. Finally, the saw the target, and circled to it, from above.

The four figures landed on different sides of the roof, and dropped their chutes. They wipped up their MP10's, scanned the roof, and gathered round the door. 1 whipped out his HBS, scanned the floor below. 1 Tango, next to the door, leaning. Another set a door charge, before standing back. All gathered in a column 7 metres from the door.

"ALPHA, GO!!!!"

BOOM!!!! BANG!!!!

The door blew in, and a trap explosive laid there exploded too. In the smoke, the Commando's threw in a flashbang, and donned IR goggles. The flashbang went off, and they entered.

Further away, 2 EA-28 helicopter laiden with 3 Commando's each landed in the courtyard in the front, and the space round the back. The commado's jumped, and sprinted to the doors.

Upstairs, the commando's lobbed another FB gren down the stairs, and charged after it. They kicked down the door on the second floor, and entered into a firefight. 2 men took the stairs, another two cleared. They took down 4 terrorists before 1 got 'wounded'. He continued firing, and balsted 3 more coming from a room on full auto.

Downsatirs, the 6 commando's entered the ground floor, and blasted several terrorists on the grand stairs in the enterance hall. They ran to the stairs, and ran up them, killing 2 terrorists which were dazed and confused.

The two teams met on the door to the second floor. They rigged FB Gren's and readied for entry.

Finally, some terrorists blasted 2 hostages making a run for it. When shots were fired, the Commandoes entered and sweeped. They blasted terrorist after terrorist, shell csings flew, and them men switched to pistols. 2 Terrorists took a map firing session at the hostages, killing 2 and wounding 4. They got taken down, but not before one round caught a Commando in the face. He got 'killed' and fell.

The floor was cleared, the hostages secured, and several explosive packages on the rear window were defused.


Commadoes down: 1 KIA 1 WIA
Hostages down: 4 KIA 4 WIA
Terrorists down: 17 KIA 3 SWIA
Helicopters down: 0 KIA 0 DIA
12-09-2003, 21:52
OOC: Nobody wants to do the ship mission, eh? I'll do it later tonight.
13-09-2003, 02:10
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13-09-2003, 18:33
*sigh* yeah yeah....I'll get a new mission up for monday.

So you've got all weekend to do this one.

I'll do it later...yeah that's it...later :D
13-09-2003, 18:45
OOC: Ok, i will do it the now. And SC, bad luck......


2 KA-60E Helicopters fly over open water, towards the seemingly large Merchant Ship. It is a clear day, and a slight breeze is blowing.

They fly together, high in the sky, like they want to be seen. They split up, and dive down seperately, one heading for the bridge, one for the front.

They pull up slightly, slowing down, before sweeping round the back of the boat. They keep turning, before hovering over their drop points, Ropes are thrown out.

4 men fast rope out of each, hitting the deck hard at the bottom. They clear their zones, and watch their firing sectors. Once all 8 men are down on the bow and bridge, the move in 2 columns into the ship.

Terrorists begin to run into the open to see what has happened. Some almost immediately surrender, others are hit with rifle butts. The columns keep moving. While moving down the ship, the colum from the bow come under fire from a terrorist with an RPK down the ships side.

"Okay, trash the rules, smash 'em, Assault Rules guys!!!!"

A KA-60E slips over the top, and the terrorist is ripped to shreds by the mounted minigun. (OOC: There is a door on one side where the men roped out of, a minigun mounted on the other.) The column keep moving, and gun down one terrorist who runs down the ship waving a pistol in the air.

Meanwhile, in the bridge, the first group (group A, who landed in the bridge) are clearing the superstructure rooms. They find the captain who tries to kill them with an AK. He fires all around them, hitting everyhting but the column. He is subdued by a rifle butt to the stomach. No terrorists have fired at them yet, and several have surrendered. They clear the final room on the bridge, before hauling all prisoners to the roof. This is done quickly.

The decks are finally cleared by Team B, and they stack at the stairs to the under structure. Team A stack at the staris at the other end to the cargo holds. They open the great seal doors, and run down the stairs. Team A comes under fire from 3 terrorists down the stairs, with AK's. They fire back, before dropping a grenade down and 'blowing them up'.

Team B is far ahead, and has already cleared the first hold, having dealt with terrorists on the upper walks. They find huge crates of weapons, AT guns, RPG's, even a towed howitzer. They were moving into the second hold, when they get fired on and ambushed. 2 Men go down, and they return fire, killing 3 terrorists and firing a grenade in the direction of the next hold. They fire back, and wait for help.

Team A clear the forth hold uneventfully, as the terrorists did not expect them to go that way. They continue to the third hold, and kill several terrorists on the way to the firefight in hold 2. This draws attention, but the Commando's keep moving, blasting and leap frogging.

The terrorists are trapped, but heavily armed. Several are setting up a AGM (Automatic Greanade Launcher). In Team B, another man goes down when he tried to run to better cover. Grenades are zipping past, and the last man on Team B is pinned down. Team A lose a man to a sniper on a catwalk, before killing those manning the AGM. 2 Terrorits remain, and they surrender without a fight.

Commando's killed: 4 KIA 0 WIA
Terrorists killed: 46 KIA 5 WIA 17 Taken Prisoner
13-09-2003, 18:57
13-09-2003, 19:01
Can you review my Hostage Rescue One?
13-09-2003, 20:06
*Back at base*

"Well done team." said Troop Commander Shaw

"Thanks, we try." replied the Team leader.

"But you need to do better. Show 'em how to woop ass. We also require you to MURDER them at the face off."

"Roger sir."

"And Crack."

"Yes, sir?"

"The respect of our unit and of Freedom Countries claims to have DAMN GOOD ELITE FORCES rides on your actions. Do good, son."

"Yes, sir"
14-09-2003, 08:39

Where is everybody?

I thought you guys were gonna do the Merchant one?

At least Tallcottia should, he made it.
14-09-2003, 09:39
14-09-2003, 09:42
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
14-09-2003, 09:43

What did you think of mine?
14-09-2003, 16:34
I said I'd do it today, Jeezus!

As for reviewing yours, you'll have to wait like everyone else :D

Look again tonight.
14-09-2003, 19:57
14-09-2003, 20:19


15-09-2003, 02:45
The SEAL team elected to go in hard to make the point that this ship was in deep shit if even the slightest thing was wrong with it.

The MH60 hovered over the main deck and dropped its ropes - in two waves the SEALs were on teh deck, weapons up but trying NOT to look like military troops.

Some of the crew on the deck came towards them, shouting over each other that they weren't welcome on the ship and had better get the hell off unless they were looking for trouble.

One of the crewman's shirts blew up in the rotor wash and revealed a pistol tucked in his waistband - the SEALs spotted it immediately, as they were always looking for weapons on people. The crewman saw which way they were looking and made a move for it but only earned himself a trio of 9mm rounds in the chest. His buddy was cut down by an M4 burst.

"Bravo team hit the bridge! Alpha's going below!" Carter yelled, having already divided the team into two fire teams in case things went to hell.

Obediently Bravo team made a rush for the bridge and spotted several crewmen with automatic weapons popping out of hatches - the SEALs ducked behind some containers and picked them off, having the advantage of seeing the crewmen shilouetted against the white paint of the superstructure and the sky beyond it. The terrorists had to pick the green-clad commandos out of the deck clutter, which they did with far less a degree of success.

Seeing how well their comrades faired out on the walkways, the rest of the bridge crew hunkered down inside.

Bravo team used one of the hatches at the bottom of the superstructure to head down below the deck. It was a nightmare of tight, confined spaces - the hallways were only wide enough for two people to squeeze by each other at a time and the watertight doors were a pain in the ass to climb through while keeping both hands on a weapon. But Bravo team got down into the cargo holds, which were guarded by shotgun-wielding crewmen, who lacked any sort of knowledge as far as CQB went (they're grunts, after all). Everyone holding any sort of weapon was immediately dropped as Bravo team moved quickly into the holds.

Alpha team, meanwhile, was stacked up outside the bridge doors, ready to move in. They knew as soon as they opened the door, a hail of gunfire would come out at them - so best to wait a second, toss in a pair of bangers, then dash in.

Bravo took one casualty from a suicidal crewman who rushed into their ranks from a side cabin, firing wildly. He was cut down but not after he got one of them.

Alpha swung the door open and sure enough a storm of metal flew out - they had ducked back behind the walls - and they flung two bangers in through the door. They detonated and the team rushed in, killing everyone who was still on his feet.

They then swung back down onto the deck and looked for stragglers - there were a few - and neutralized them.

At that point, with all the shooting and explosions, the rest of the crew, who had wisely stayed unarmed, gave up, coming out of cabins, heads, the galley, and other nooks and crannies to give themselves up.

Bravo hit the engine room but all they found were a dozen unarmed crewmen willing to surrender at the first sight of them - apparantly not all the crew were as motivated as others.

All in all it took ten minutes to wrap the whole ship up. 27 crewmen were killed at the loss of one SEAL, and the remainder were taken prisoner. In the holds the SEALs found small arms, rockets, demolition equipment, and mortars, and they turned everything over to the Coast Guard.

(Rather uninspired, I know, but I admit it's probably the least-cool mission I've posted.)
15-09-2003, 05:22
The Seahawk had one passanger and one peice of cargo.

The passanger was Sargeant Wang.

The cargo was a bomb big enough to blow the ship to pieces.

The trigger was a deadman's switch clutched in his hand.

"You know Lt, this is gonna make it difficult for me to rope down." Wang said into his radio

"Aww, you can do it." was the responce that came back.

"I'm damn lucky this thing is a dud.." Wang mummbles to himself.


Suffice to say, when the crew of the ship saw the size of the bomb, they very quickly gathered on deck to be taken aboard the Coast guard ship and searched, while the rest of the team boarded the ship and searched for any remaining crew.

"Now that was easy." Mao commented to Wang over the radio.

"Yeah, didn't die again either." Wang said back. "So, found anyone else?"

"Hold on."


Lt Tan and Sargeant Tang stalked the ship's hallways in conjunction with the rest of the team.

"You find anything yet sir?"

"No not yet... hold on.. wait a minute. Comm silence."

The chatter over the lines stopped.

"I'm current in Deck 3 section 5a near the stern. I've discovered the weapons. All groups converge. I think we have some guards."

"You need any help Lt?"

"Aff, get your lazy asses down here."


The weapons Cache had been protected by 20 guards that were forcefully disarmed or killed by the team.

(OOC: yeah, not exactly my most inspired post either, but, meh, ^6;; )
15-09-2003, 09:20

Fairly sloppy there guys, but it seems I got worst off in the terrorist counts.

Can I suggest something for the next mission?

This may sound dumb but hey. You know the airport to the north of Malden/Blah (cat remember names or which place). The enemy has taken over it, and planted bombs on some of the planes and structures there. Your team has to raid the place, without alerting the leader who will detonate the bombs?

Sounds okay, doesnt it?
15-09-2003, 14:26
I was thinking that you'd infiltrate the place and destroy enemy planes, actually.

I'll have that up in a little bit, as well as the after-action review.
15-09-2003, 14:27

Sounds good, actually, although I am tempted to stand half the runway away and hit them with LAW's.....
15-09-2003, 15:06
After Action Review:

The last mission was to board a cargo ship suspected of smuggling weapons into Tallcottia and sieze it if necessary.

Freedom Country immediately picked up a terrorist with and RPK and wasted him, then proceeded to clear the ship top to bottom with speed and brute force.

The teams attempted to subdue rather than capture the terrorists when possible but eventually racked up a high body count. Their tactics seemed fine, considering the cramped nature of the ship. They lost 4 men but that's to be expected in such a difficult environment.

The Tallcottian team spotted an armed terrorist and he went for his gun, so they dropped him and started their assault. The bridge clearing went fine, thanks to a good use of flashbangs. Bravo team headed below decks and their superior CQB training paid off - they only took one casualty and killed off more armed crewmen - eventually the author got rather bored and decided that all the terrorists would give up rather than die. :D

Canada-Germany got a big bomb and threatened to blow the ship straight to hell unless everyone gave up, and they did. They went into the cargo hold and killed a few dudes, and that was that.

The winner: Freedom Country for two reasons - 1, he kept pestering everybody, and 2, he's really the only one who seemed to enjoy this one.

Ah well, this one sucked.

Time for the next mission.
15-09-2003, 15:09

CQB and assault is my type of thing

And I like to use helicopter cover :wink:

And lol, I like to pester
15-09-2003, 15:26
Mission #5 - Airport Infiltration (night mission)

SITUATION: To the north of the island of Everon (one of the islands in this chain), there is an enemy-held airbase which they've been using to pummel our boys on the ground in the south.

The enemy troops (note this time they are actually a foreign army, still played by Marines) are operating a number of MiG-29 fighter-bombers out of this base and they've been inflicting massive casualties on our Marines in the south (note MiGs will be some random type of Tallcottian fighters).

These planes are equipped with new jamming gear that counters anything we have on the ground - the only way to get rid of them seems to be a covert assault on the base itself. Your mission is to destroy these planes as they sit on the tarmac.

TACTICAL: This air base is sealed up like a fortress. It is guared by at least a company of enemy paratroopers, the same guys who took it over a few weeks ago. They are battle-hardened veterans (and therefore will be played by our best troops) and are without a doubt on very high alert for this possibility.

The base is situated at the northern tip of the island - essentially a peninsula all it's own. The southern edge is completely fenced off and guarded by tanks, machine guns, mines, searchlights, razor name it, they've got it set up in the south. Attempting to get in this way will only get you killed.

Your best bet will be to somehow insert behind the defenses, inside enemy-held territory. This will not be easy either. The waters are patrolled by fast gunboats and the skies are patrolled by attack choppers and ZSU-23x4 Shilkas.

We recommend a HAHO (High Altitude, High Open) parachute insertion. You will jump several miles from the shore and open your chutes at high altitude, enabling you to glide the distance on your own. This will prevent the C-130 from having to get too close to drop you and thus give away your presence.

How you proceed from there is up to you - but note that the guards patrol the entire peninsula with 4x4s and will radio for heavy backup if you are spotted. If that happens there is absoultely nothing we can do for you - you're on your own.

There are 4 planes on the tarmac that you will need to destroy (for the sake of keeping this within the realm of possibility). They are parked on the concrete pads east of the main runway and will be under guard by sentries. Small guard towers overlook the pads and are equipped with searchlights and machine guns.

You will destroy the planes using a method of your choosing and then extract to the shore, where you will swim out to sea and be picked up by PBRs - they will come in fast and have you out of there before the enemy can engage them (provided they're not already chasing you).

ORDERS: Infiltrate and destroy. Simple. Just don’t get caught.

The mission will be complete when the following conditions are met:
1. You have inserted undetected into enemy territory.
2. You have destroyed the 4 planes.
3. You have extracted to the shore and been picked up by PBRs.


Tarmac (looking west to east):

OOC: If you want to fire off a LAW at the planes then you'd better be prepared to die in a most horrible way.

NOTES: the tarmac, even though it's guarded and such, is fenced off again. There's a guard post at the southern entrance to the tarmac but they're looking the other way, down the road.

If you get into the forest just east of the base then you'll be able to come out of it about 50 meters from the tarmac, and just downhill, so you won't be seen right away. The trick will be getting through or around the fence and blowing up the planes. But at least you'll be pretty close to them if that's the route you choose.

Aside from that, most of the area in the map is flat ground, except that it slopes down towards the shore in all places. Brown lines are roads.

That fuel tank may or may not have anything in it...(hint hint) But you'll still need to get that one off by itself on the left.
15-09-2003, 15:32
Oh no, I die now.....

I will do this one later tonight.

I have a bad feeling about this.
15-09-2003, 15:38
I need:

4 Ultra strong parachutes
1 C-130
Permission to blow up the fuel tank.
Permission to use a romote controlled grenade.
15-09-2003, 15:41
Parachutes will be provided.

As for the jets, they're made out of wood and paper (shhhh don't tell anyone). The fuel tank has bee rigged with its own MILES emitter so if it "blows up" it will send out the signals that it has REALLY blown up.

So no, you can't actually blow it up. Use a sim charge like everyone else :? If there's something you can actually blow up then we'll let you know. :D

Grenade: as long as it's MILES equipped, we don't care.
15-09-2003, 15:53

Man, this is gonna get screwed up....
15-09-2003, 15:56
You could go and snipe from the hill on the north side while the Marines sieze the enemy cap.
15-09-2003, 16:00
A) This is invite or sign up only
B) They got tanks and helo's.....
C) Too many bad guys
D) I gotta get out again.....
15-09-2003, 16:03

What he said.
15-09-2003, 18:10
*Over the north of Everon*

A C-130 cruises through the night, its tail door opening. Again, 6 figures stand in the doorway. A red light goes on, and they jump, all together.

They fly through the clowds, helmet's first, their SHUD goggles telling them where to go. The continue to drop, in a cloudless night, the stars glittering around them. They make little movemt, little light and little sound, as they drop to 2,000 feet. Suddenly, syncronised, they open their chutes and slow down drastically. Instead of jettinsoning their main chute, they keep it on, descending through the clowds. They slow down quickly, still almost undetectable. But there is a hitch. They are coming down right in front of an AH-1 Cobra helicopter, with an NVG HUD. They show up like roman candles, as they drop into the forest.

The pilots of the AH-1 dont mess about. On first sight, they open fire with their cannon, shooting tracers through the parachutists. One gets hit, and 'dies', as his MILES kit go's off. The other quicken their descent. One cocky marksmen pulls out his Desert Eagel, adn fires away at thhe helicopter, hoping to get a lucky hit. As they reach the top of the trees, which are quite low, the jettison their parachutes, adn just have time to open mini chutes before they hit the ground, softly. A base alarm is raised, and lights turn on. They are just under the incline to the airfield, slightly of target. Troops in boxers adn pulling on trousers are running into the open, firing thier AK's into the forest. They all take cover behind the building, or go prone.

The marksmen of the Commandoes bring up their sniper rifles and pop away, downing the Marines diving for cover. The other take cover behind the trees. They launch and throw grenades, and return fire. The LMG gunner sets up his macine gun on the top of the climb and opens fire, downing 2 marines running. The other marines throw out a smoke grenade, and retreat along the runway. In the open, 2 more are shot, before the ther 2 dash into trees on the other side.

A tank is heard rumbling down the runway, adn the pilots are running out to the planes. But the commandoes have a back-up plan. One wips out a LAW, and fires it at the fuel tank. It sets off the MILES of the fuel tank, which detonated the MiG's MILES. They are all screaching away, as the tank nears. All of a sudden, a heicopter appears overhead, and launches a rocket at the commandoes. It hits the rear of the group, killing the grenader and sniper there. The helicopter takes a shot from the LMG, and bugs out. The LAW soldier launches another LAW at the MiG, as the pilots closes the cockpit. It 'detonates', and the pilot sighs. The mission is complete, but there isnt much hope. The tank enters the concrete area, and opens fire with its mounted .50 cal. The LMG gunner goes down, and another is wounded, at level 1 with his MILES kit. The tank is lining up for an 120mm shot when the LAW gunner fires a LAW at it. Being an ageing tank, one rocket is all it takes t 'kill' it. Its MILES goes off. Out of LAW's and low on ammo, the remaining soldiers retreat.

They dash down the slope, running from fthe fire of the returning marines. A mortar lands nearby, detonating a tree. They keep running, shells wooshing past them. Tracers light them up, as the reach the shore. Another Mortar lands nearby, killing the LAW soldier. The sniper pulls down watertight goggles, and puts on his respirator, and dives under the water. Some marines reach the tree line, and fire at him, but he is too deep for MILES to pick it up. He keeps swimming, down along the bottom of the water. One of the Marines calls for a fast patrol boat, but it is 5 minutes away.

Fire zinging over the water, the sniper keeps swimming. He activates a bacon, which tells a PBR that he is near the rendevous point. The PBR comes in a top speed, and the sniper bobs up in the water. Fire still zinging out over the water, aimlessly, he climbs in, adn thr PBR turns and goes away.

"Mission complete"

Lost Commandoes: 5 KIA
Enemies killed: 18 KIA, 1 WIA, 1 M-60A3, 4 MiG-29's.
15-09-2003, 20:32
Hey, you got off easy with that tank...I don't use crappy T-55's!

They may not be state of the art but we use M60A3 Pattons. In fact, we don't use any Russkie gear!

So substitute "Patton" for T-55 and "Cobra" for the Havoc and you're right...remember, I said the MiGs were only props, not real planes.

They were made out of wood and some paper! 8) High quality stuff, those MiGs. :lol:

Doesn't change the outcome of the mission but I wanted to clarify that.
16-09-2003, 03:40
OOC: oh, I live for this shit, ^_^


"I hate this Diving gear."

"Aww suck it up man."

"Yeah yeah."


A kilometer from the edge of the Enemy defensive speedboats and the like, 12 seperate splashes rise up as 12 bodies hit the water after a HALO jump. The parachutes are quickly sunk and the 12 figures, in specially designed diving gear (reduce the equipment needed) with water tight bags on their back, containing all their gear, besides their silenced MP-7PDW's which were in their own water tight bags and were slung over their shoulders.

The twelve swam until they reached the patrol path of the first speed boat. There they waited until they heard the first patrol boat's moter appoarched... and then 3 grabbed on to the sides as the boat went roaring past. A minute later, two of the men came swimming back. The third man stayed on the boat to keep it going along it's patrol line.

The eleven remaining people swam towards the next patrol boat again again, when the boat came past, 3 more grabbed on to the sides and again, two people came swimming back.

They finished the last boat in that sector like that as well, before the 9 remaining people hit the beach.


"Suit up people, we need to hurry our asses up." Tan said over the Comm.


9 sets of diving equipment was packed away and camo'ed under rocks as the team left the beach, setting up traps behind them to slow down any enemy persuit in case of discovery.

They made it past the fence and 3 soldiers had started planting explosives on the guard towers before a speeding 4x4 turned a corner and had to be destroyed.

Immedeately, the sirens sounded off as searchlights lit and went roving for the intruders, who, themselfs had split up, each having their own objective. Three having just finished their objectives, blew the "explosives" on the towers and went to joing 4 of their comrades who were battling with the guards now pouring out of the barricks.

The two remaining men slapped explosives on the fuel tank and the one plane that was seperated from the rest.


"Tank incoming, tank incomming." came over the comm.

"Shit! I knew we should have brought the Eryx." Zim growled out.

"What, you wanted to carry that?" Wang shot back.

"Stuff it sargeant."

"Yes sir."


5 of the guards in the barricks had been mowed down by C-9 fire and the rest where holed up in the building itself.

The tank reached machinegun fire range and was spraying the 7 soldiers with .50 cal MG fire.


"Fuck, hey, didn't we bring along 2 Carl Gustav M3?"

"Shit, you're right."

"Great, arm'em up. Aim for the turrent."

"Yes sir."


As ordered two Gustav's fired their load at the tank's turrent hitting the same spot, "killing" the M60.


"Sir, we're finished planting the C-4 on the fuel tanks."

"Good job, move back to the beach!"

"Yes sir!"


"2 more tanks incomming and infantry!"

"We bring any reloads for those's Gustav's?"

Bopp shook her head.

"Damn, ah well. Time for us to get the fuck out of here then."


And so, having finally run out of all explosives, the 7 remaining people of the team leap froged backwards, covering each other until they reached the fence.

Heavy fire reached out and touched them, wounding Wong, Zim and Tang, before they were able to enter the booby trapped field that they had set down.


"And they should reach the trap right about... now."

150 meters away cries of "fuck ing hell!" and "shit." were called out as the leading edge of enemy infantry tripped the first claymore.

"Heh, suckers."


The team of 7 got to the beach with the enemy about 500m behind them as the enemy had been slowed down by the traps. By then, the other two had already suited up.

The rest soon followed suit and off into the water they went.


"Tell the others to abandon their boats."

"Yes sir."


Over head, the choppers flew about, searching for their prey. They never found them.


Mission Completed.
16-09-2003, 04:01
The SEAL team stepped to the edge of the cargo ramp and looked out into the night sky, seeing nothing but ocean behind the C-130. The green light on the fuselage went solid and the loadmaster flashed them the thumbs-up.

They stepped off and began their plummet towards the earth, which only lasted a few moments as they opened their chutes and continued drifting west towards the island. It took the better part of twenty minutes to get all the way down, and they could see the running lights of choppers and the headlights of jeeps scurrying about below them.

They touched down, somehow unseen, in the forest and buried their chutes as quilckly as they could. Then they waited, in a tight circle, to listen and watch for anything indicating they'd been comprimised. Nothing.

They made their way towards the edge of the forest, on their stomachs, inching along. Upon reaching the dirt road, they started to cross, staying low and trying to time things so not to be seen by the guards.

The fence at the tarmac was only a few dozen feet away when somebody noticed movement and cut loose with an assault rifle.

The guard towers began spraying the area with machinegun fire, scattering the team and taking two of them down immediately. The remaining six got onto the tarmac, laying down heavy suppressive fire, and took out the gunners in the towers with M203s. A Patton came rumbling towards them and one SEAL shouldered his AT4 and blew it away, only to catch a virtual bullet in the head a second later. Pilots, ordered to get their birds out of there in case things went south, headed for the MiGs, but were dropped by the team's SAW.

In the distance, trucks approached, probably loaded with more soldiers. Another SEAL was killed by the guards but their fire was quick and accurate - they killed or forced back the tarmac guards, who still fired at them to keep them from moving around too much, and had the MiGs to themselves until the trucks got there.

That would be in about thirty seconds. They flung satchel charges into the engine intakes of the MiGs and readied the remote detonator, set to blow all four at once.

The trucks were upon them, and they took M60 fire from the jeeps, killing a fifth SEAL. 40mm grenades, machingun fire, and rifles sought out the three remaining SEALs, who took off as fast as they could back into the woods, tracers zipping by them the whole way. They touched off the charges, destroying the MiGs, and made for the coast. Their radioman dead, they only had their short-range gear to raise the PBR.

They dashed through the forest and ran headfirst into an ambush - one went down while the other two made a hard left and headed north, barely escaping the guns.

Carter and Medieros knew they were dead, but were obligated to try their damndest to get out alive. Suddenly Carter tripped over a stump and went down hard, a sickening crack emmitting from his ankle.

He let loose with a muffled but still quite audible stream of profanity, clutching his snapped ankle and thrashing about in pain.

"Go, man, get out of here!"

Medieros knew there was no way in hell he was carrying or dragging the much larger man to the coast, but he couldn't leave him here - it violated the special forces code, especially since he was the team leader.

But this was only an exercise, and Carter was actually hurt...

The former cross-country champion ditched everything but his sidearm, radio, and NVGs, making a run for the coast, Beretta in hand.

A jeep roared out of nowhere and slid to a halt not ten yards from him, three Marines jumping out with M16s leveled at him.

He didn't let them get all the way out of the jeep before he started blazing away with the Beretta. It got him nowhere as he was cut down in milliseconds. At least he got one of them.

Carter was whisked away to a hospital and the remaining SEALs were rounded up and tossed into a truck for the ride back to their base.

Primary targets were destroyed but so was the team. Mission failed.


And that's it, as far as events I had thought up. If anyone has any ideas for more events, feel free to post them up. I'm game.

Though I did have a sort of team vs team idea we could do...I think there's four of us so we could have a 2 teams vs 2 teams deathmatch somewhere...
16-09-2003, 08:46
I recommend having a 2 on 2 deathmatch in a town enviroment.

Much like the towns in OFP, we could have 1 town in the centre, and countryside all around. This allows those of us who like CQB to take it down in the town, while you woodland guys can battle it out with snipers adn SAW's.
22-09-2003, 18:28
This still going on?
22-09-2003, 19:02
I hope so
22-09-2003, 20:09
Heh...ermmm....hello again fellers...sorry for the delay in doing anything.

So what do we want to do next? FC recommended a 2 teams v 2 teams town fight...I assume 2 teams bunker down in the town and the 2 others try to attack it?

Throw in any other suggestions you guys have.

(PS can I take down all those old pics or does anyone still want them for some strange reason?)
22-09-2003, 20:10
Can you keep up the first pic?

I am trying to make my own mission there.
22-09-2003, 20:28
K, I'll leave up mission 1 but I'm editing the others out.

Suggestions? Anybody?

As soon as we decide what we want to do, we can start.
22-09-2003, 21:07
I suggest that the defending team is posted in a town, and the attacking team can insert into the city via Helo or Paradrop, or in the surrounding countryside.
23-09-2003, 06:38
Also, who won the last match?
23-09-2003, 17:08'm not going to write up a huge after-action report...

SC never did this last one? Odd...

But anyway, I'm going to give it to Canada-Germany for ingenuity/cleverness.
24-09-2003, 01:12
Yay, ^_^
24-09-2003, 01:24
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
24-09-2003, 01:28
Yeah, too late to make up the last mission but we're trying to decide what the last team v team event will be...FC's suggestion seems to be the only idea so far.
24-09-2003, 01:45
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
24-09-2003, 01:50
OOC: Why do you say you've lost this thing to me? ^^:;
24-09-2003, 01:54
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
24-09-2003, 02:00
Well actually, these are the official decisions I made:

M1: SC
M2: CG/SC tie
M3: didn't name a winner
M4: FC
M5: CG

So really everybody but me has 1 victory, with a toss-up between CG and SC on mission 2.

Tough to name on for mission 3 but I will look at it again if it means that much.
24-09-2003, 02:04
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
24-09-2003, 02:09
OOC: crap, gonna get my ass kicked, lol.
24-09-2003, 02:09
[Hm. Interesting. A showdown betwixt CG and SC...]

betwixt....what a great word eh?

want me to render a real verdict on 2 and 3 then?
24-09-2003, 02:24
OOC: hah hah, well, Three wasn't exactly a steller example of my RPing, ^^:;
24-09-2003, 02:24
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
25-09-2003, 05:46
27-09-2003, 21:42
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....we doing the last round or what?
27-09-2003, 21:46
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
27-09-2003, 21:49
Okay, I'll think of something and have it up by tomorrow morning.
27-09-2003, 21:49
[This is SC] k
28-09-2003, 03:38

(Didja guy's know that it takes two letters for a message to be considered a message?)
28-09-2003, 18:55
Heh....late night last night, I'll have that mission tomorrow, I swear :lol:

But I can tell you that it's a small town, defended by 2 teams and attacked by 2 teams. I need to get OFP fired up so I can get you guys some pics.

The word from on high is that Freedom Country and Canada-Germany will be attacking, with Sniper Country and Tallcottia defending.

More tomorrow.
28-09-2003, 19:04
Oh sweet


So I can finally kick SC's ass at something.
28-09-2003, 19:34
*sob* attack? *sniff sniff* lol. Ah well.. I guess I can do that... ^^;;
28-09-2003, 20:03
Do we get to defend aswell?
28-09-2003, 20:09
Okay well I figured I'd put it up now.

This one's really simple, so no need for a detailed breifing.

Canada-Germany and Freedom Country must attack the town of Larche and eliminate all members of Sniper Country's and Tallcottia's teams.

There are no civillians in the town, and all buildings are open. Note that you will have no outside help on this one - only the 4 teams are involved.

There is, as you can see, a mountain range West of the town. Sniper shots from up there are out of the question as you won't be able to see inside every building.

Expect the defenders to have wired traps and mines inside the town.

The objective is simple: hunt down and kill all the defenders. The defenders must eliminate all the attackers to win.
This pic gives you an idea of scale - that's a Humvee.
Larche, from above.
The mountain range.
As you can see it wraps around the town.

Have fun, fellas!
28-09-2003, 20:09
Do we get to defend aswell?

Yeah we'll flip it after the first match.
28-09-2003, 20:13

Can I have air support in the form of a Z-9A, or KA-60?

Or is this just a good old Spec Ops battle.

And can I paradrop?
28-09-2003, 20:16
lol, lets try and plan this out together, eh?
28-09-2003, 20:17
In TG so they dont hear us?
28-09-2003, 20:19
Meh, sure, lol. Tg me the your plans.
28-09-2003, 20:20
No air support, no artillery support, no tank support, nothing.

You can paradrop if you want, but whatever you do will have to be coordinated with CG.

*update to mission description*

You can insert however you want. Marine trucks can drive you to a point near the town, you can paradrop from a C-130, or you can use a chopper if you want, but note the chopper cannot support you in any way after the insertion.
29-09-2003, 02:39
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
04-10-2003, 01:03
OOC: so, what, when we starting?
04-10-2003, 19:05
Anyone have any objections to Monday?

I'm kinda tied up for the rest of the weekend but I'm good to go as far as planning goes.
05-10-2003, 00:04
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