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A Sea of Pale Sienna (The Dig, Part Two)

The SLAGLands
29-08-2003, 05:46
(OOC: Just to keep surface action and below-surface action separate, I'm making this thread to catalogue the Brethren/Il Adib invasion of The SLAGLands. Anyone who could potentially show up can consider themselves invited; however, please note that idiocy will NOT be tolerated, nor will the outright solution "I JUST N00K THE ST00PID ILL ADEEB."

A few things to keep in mind for the uninitiated:

1.) Il Adib and the Brethren of Shade are both magical creatures; as such, a frontal attack is going to have to deal with such things as entropic manipulation. Research into Ortcan's appearance at Bodyguard Barry and S.H.O.D.A.N.'s wedding would reveal this information.

2.) The magical barrier that was previously blocking communication between the dig team and the surface has now been downed, and the dig team believes they have only been underground for three days--when, in reality, three months have passed. Communications will be intercepted by Dr. Remmington Vivaldi of The SLAGLands, and explanations may be given.

3.) Bear in mind that these creatures are attacking The SLAGLandic mainland. Any attempt to perform some sort of mass bombing run on the whole Il Adib/Brethren army may be perceived as an attack on The SLAGLands... and thus, the Triumvirate of Yut. And you don't want THAT on your conscience, do ya?

4.) If you're confused at this point, you probably have no business RPing here. Go buy a nation or join the Jukebox Charts or something. ;)

And now... it begins.)

Anyone within a few miles of The Outset Islands--and any spacecraft glancing at The SLAGLands--would have seen it rising from the top of Het Amid like a sea of pale sienna. From the mysterious stone circle found atop the peaks of this rocky island flows a shape, amorphous and constantly changing... constantly expanding in diameter. Creatures of brown and white fill the shape, rushing down the mountains and toward the sea. The waters do not slow them--the creatures march over it just as if they were walking on land. Thousands of them... tens of thousands... hundreds of thousands...

...millions of them...

The creatures walk with an ever-quickening pace toward the port town of Kelder. At their current speeds, the lead end of the creatures will reach the town within the hour.



An invading force has been spotted on the Atlantic Ocean, a force which is expected to reach shore within the hour. The whole of the state of Kelderia is to be considered on red alert. Code 1 evacuation procedures are now in effect. All citizens are urged to remain calm and in their homes until evacuation transports arrive in your area.

The SLAGLandic Coast Guard has been placed on highest alert. SLAGLandic battleships are arriving on the scene in an attempt to fight off the invading force.


An invading force has been...
Redford "Red" Groening
General of The SLAGLandic Armed Forces
The Tourist Trapdom of The SLAGLands
29-08-2003, 05:57
"Mr. Jenson...AO-89 has picked up a massive movement of...creatures towards Kelder in the SLAGLands."

"Creatures?" Dan Jenson replied.


"Contact their government then, and offer assistance," Jenson replied.

To: The SLAGLandic Government
From: Minister of Defense Dan Jenson

Intelligence has picked up a massive...creature movement towards Kelder. Do you have any more information regarding this most-peculiar matter?

Dan Jenson
Reploid Productions
29-08-2003, 06:06
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Slight
Transmission type: Military
TO: The Slaglands
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Secretary of Defense Tiffany Celta- Reploid Productions

We've detected a force moving on your borders. At this time, the Archangel class carrier Zeroel is our only unit that could move in to assist with any swiftness, as we can order him to deorbit over your territory. His compliment included three members of our elite special aerial operations team, Queens of the Sky. Can you provide us any information on the incoming force?

<End transmission>
29-08-2003, 06:08
Aboard the supercarrier Aspidochelone, flagship of the Third Titan Expeditionary Force, Sky Marshal Gregor Pandousco frowned as his stomach made odd little noises at the orbital pictures of the invading armies.

"They're unnatural, whatever they are," the OPO agent next to him muttered. "High results on the Omega-Six and Tau-Three bands. Very uncanny."

"Aw, bloody smegging hell." Pandousco adjusted his green officer's cap. "Get me the HELLSING divisions, and fast."

(OOC: And going to bed. Please don't get too wild without me."
29-08-2003, 14:43
Agent Phaedo shifts nervously in the back seat of the TME-12-A/B Advanced Peregrin medium aerospace superiority fighter/bomber. "Are you sure this is safe?"

Flight Sergeant Mastocal doesn't even look back, keeping his eyes fixed on the sea--nape-of-earth flying depends on it--and looking through his in-helmet heads-up-display (HUD). "Hell naw, it ain't safe. But it's safer than being obvious... wait a minute. Blue Squadron, Blue Six. Bogies ahead."

"Roger, Blue Six." The response comes through tinny speakers in the flight helmet. "Blue Squadron, Blue Leader. Follow flight plan and keep it quiet."

The six aerospace fighters breaks formation, moving from a tight-knit spearhead to a large cloud flying ten meters off the surface of the ocean. Each TME-12-A/B fighter-bomber has a pilot in the front seat, an Office of Psionic Operations agent in the back seat, and a surprising array of bombs under each wing. As they fly over the enemy formations, the OPO agents reach out with their minds, scanning the forces, trying to determine their nature. Angelic, demonic, spirit, or corporeal? "Good," "evil," or "ambivalent?" Powered by hate, love, emotions in general, natural chi, or anything else of a decidedly paranormal nature? Most importantly, can physical weapons kill them?

All of this information will go to the HELLSING divisions preparing for battle on the Third Titan Expeditionary Force, allowing them to specialize as need be.


General Groening of the SLAGLandic defense forces: Prepare for transatmospheric insertion of defensive assets from the 3TEF. Please coordinate with me and my command staff so we can set up defensive lines within the SLAGLands. These are our conventional forces; our first line of defense and offense will be the HELLSING anti-supernatural forces that are currently preparing.

What data do you know of the invading forces?

Field Marshal Gerard Delacroix
Commanding Officer, 3TEF Ground Forces
imported_Sentient Peoples
29-08-2003, 15:11
"Sir! Sir!"

Admiral Farragut turns to the orderly, "Yes, Sensors?"

"Obssats report the SLAGLands is being invaded."


"Some sort of seaborne invasion. Millions of whatever they are."

"They aren't human, or orcs, or elves?"

"No, sir."

"Connect me to all ships, Comms." The Admiral waits until the commtech nods. "Captains, our fellow Triumvirate of Yut member and ally is being invaded. We are going to aid them. That's all we know for now. Be prepared to shift orbits by task group."

He drew one finger across his throat. "Alright, let me know everything."

"Yessir. A few moments ago, some sort of island rose out of the sea off the coast of the SLAGLands. Millions of creatures began to invade, headed towards the port town of Keldar. The Third TEF is moving to assist as well."

"Okay, transmit everything we know groundside. Then pass orders to move the fleet to a high stationary orbit over the SLAGLands. Deploy atmospheric targeting drones, incase we need to fire. Order the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Space Marine Regiments to prepare to drop. Deploy fighter groups. And contact the 3TEF and the SLAGLandic Government to see how we can help them."

<TRANSMISSION, Titan Encryption>
<TO: CO, 3TEF, SLAGLandic Government, Ministry of Defense>
<FROM: ADM Jackson Farragut, CO, Sentient Peoples Space Forces>

We are monitoring the situation. How can we be of assistance?


Then the fleet, by task group, began to move to high orbit over the Tourist Trapdom of the SLAGLands. Longsword aerospace fighters launched, and Broadsword fighter-bombers, taking up positions around the fleet. The defense grids spun to life, and the shipboard AIs awoke from their slumber.

In the bays in the base of the ship, Space Marines suited up in powered armor, with a huge varity of weapons at their disposal. They awaited the go order, and the order on how to go, dropship or droppod.

Three thousand men capable of crushing tanks waited for instructions.

Millions of tons of starship prepared for battle. Missiles clicked into tubes, energy weapons came online. Shields went up. The 56 starships were ready to fight.

Information began to flow from the atmospheric targeting drones, which allowed for clear target data to constantly update, even from the height the warships remained at.
29-08-2003, 18:20
IMV Ark Royal, Command Group, Third Fleet
Low Earth Orbit, Sol System

"Suddenly I see why someone just ordered Base Velka Zero," commented Admiral Mazian about the Cetagandan fleet's flagship.

"Indeed, sir. Should we launch the nuclear strike?" replied his flag captain.

"No, we were told to wait. They might still resolve it. Unless we hear otherwise, our job is to hold off this wave until the scientist either suceed or we have no choice but to sacrifice them and launch the missiles." Mazian thought for a few moments, then continued. "Prepare to land our marine forces ahead of the main wave. Have them equipped for anti-psionics operations. Also, detail our non-combat ships that can land to ferrying refugees to safety."

Less than an hour later, the dropships leave the carriers, heading for areas that fleet intelligence has identified as potential choke points, unless directed otherwise. At the same time, several dozen ships ranging from pinnances to medical rescue corvettes to massive heavy transports drop towards areas designated by SLAGLands traffic control to pick up civilians and transport them to safety.

As the horde advances, several ships with Preternatural Operations officers fly over the mass of creatures, sending our psychic feelers to probe their defences.

(More detail on the ground forces to come later. Approximate number of civvies that could be lifted would be around 4,000 or so on average. The big ships are being sent towards the major cities, medium to the towns, and shuttles to the more isolated areas.
29-08-2003, 21:53
<TRANSMISSION, Titan Encryption>
<TO: CO, 3TEF, SLAGLandic Government, Ministry of Defense>
<FROM: ADM Jackson Farragut, CO, Sentient Peoples Space Forces>

We are monitoring the situation. How can we be of assistance?

[Encryption Level JOKER : High Encrypt]
[Aspidochelone (Flag, 3TCF) -> ADM Jackson Farragut (CO, SPSF)]

This is Sky Marshal Gregor Pandousco of the Third Titan Expeditionary Force. Admiral, we need to coordinate our actions appropriately; my ground-forces counterpart, Field Marshal Delacroix, is currently working with the SLAGLandic defense forces. We plan on sending our standard M.I. and Gear divisions inside the SLAGLands to set up defensive hardpoints while our HELLSING elite anti-supernatural divisions take up reactive emplacements on the fore of the engagement. We're trying to work together with Cetaganda on that and are awaiting advisement by local defense forces. Once we get clearance we can have troops on the ground in ten via orbital insertion.

Sky Marshal Gregor Pandousco
Commanding Officer, 3TEF
TYWS-SCV Aspidochelone


A total of one hundred Loki dropships with cargo mission adaptable mass pods drop down from the fourty-eight capital ships of the Third Expeditionary and follow the Cetagandan's lead, taking direction from SLAGLandic control to evacuate civilians. Each can easily carry two thousand civilians in its cavernous bays.

Aboard the carriers, assault-armored Mobile Infantry suit up and wait by their capsules, ready to hop in and take a little trip through the void. Heavy Gear pilots run final checks before buttoning up their hatches and parking their four to five meter mecha in their drop capsules.

In two bays dedicated to the Second Triumvirate of Yut HELLSING Mobile Infantry and Heavy Gear Divisions, nine-hundred and fifty-nine troopers stand at attention. Four hundred and eighty are in assault armor decorated with mystic runes and curious cabbalistic devices; four hundred and seventy-nine wear simple body armor over green fatigues with shamanistic necklaces and odd ritualistic face-paint. All have Sam Browne-style belts (the suits obviously carrying an armored version) which hold a single satchel-like pocket designed to carry something rectangular. All hold in their right hand an open book, the body-armored pilots hold their helmets in their left.

In front of them stands a lone Heavy Gear pilot, book in right hand, helmet in left. He declares in a clear voice that fills the cavernous room:

"In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation.


"AMEN!" The whole supercarrier seems to vibrate with the response. The final preparation complete, the HELLSING divisions slip their books into the pockets on their chest and seal them with one hand. They then fall out and run to their stations, ready to drop within five minutes.


More and more Peregrins slip out of the bays, followed by TME-13-C Vespa assault fighter-bombers, wing hardpoints and internal bomb bays filled with all the deadly toys the destructive minds of twenty-two nations can make. Pilots and navigators make final checks until they are chucked out by electromagnetic catapult and low-grav into position in their wing, spherical clouds of fighters ready for action. Gunship Lokis, looking like pregnant gulls with their bloated sides and porcupines with their staggering arrays of weapons, detach from their attendant capital ships and enter formation. Cap-ship killer Lokis--arguably the last word in "tactical" fire support--take the rear, their twin heavy naval particle projection cannon glowing menacingly inside their armored housings.


"We only have one division each of HELLSING, Greg." Field Marshal Delacroix unconscously tapped one finger of his assault armor, strapped down in the launch tube. "We'll need reinforcements. Time to call in the originals."

Through hundreds of meters of steel, Sky Marshal Pandousco nodded. "Agreed. Comms, call Sky Marshal Hayes of the First Titan Expeditionary Force."


[code:1:819d709a82]MAXIMUM ENCRYPTION



SKMSL PANDOUSCO[/code:1:819d709a82]

Sky Marshal Lisa Hayes frowned. "Okay, people, it's wartime. Event Condition One. Helm, set course for the 3TEF. FleetCom, get the First ready to roll on the double. On the bounce, people!"
imported_Sentient Peoples
29-08-2003, 22:12
[OOC: Remembers that he has 7000, not 3000, Space Marines.]

<TRANSMISSION, Titan Encryption>
<TO: SKY Marshal Pandousco, CO, 3TEF>
<FROM: ADM Jackson Farragut, CO, Sentient Peoples Space Forces>

We will co-ordinate our operations with yours. 7000 Space Marines are ready to drop at the signal.


7000 Space Marines loaded into droppods, ready to fire from the bottom of the ships at a moments notice.

All the ships oriented for the proper firing angle into the atmosphere.

Big Buffalo and Buffalo class dropships sped downwards, following the cargo adapted Loki's. Between them, they could probably lift 25,000 people per trip. Assuming efficient loading and unloading, they could make a trip per hour.
Reploid Productions
29-08-2003, 23:01
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Titan Encryption
Broadcast type: Military
To: SKY Marshal Pandousco, CO, 3TEF
CC: ADM Jackson Farragut, CO, Sentient Peoples Space Forces
Redford "Red" Groening, SLAGLandic Government, Ministry of Defense
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Sierra Menolimi, captain of the Zeroel

This is Captain Menolimi of the Archangel thaumatological attack carrier Zeroel. We are preparing to deorbit above the SLAGlands and are requesting permission to take position among the 3TEF dropships. We are not operating at maximum capacity, but we do have a small compliment of aerospace fighters including part of the Shogunate's elite special aerial operations unit.

Also, this ship is equipped with thaumatological weaponry- or 'magic' in layman's terms- we feel it may be partially more effective than normal weaponry.

In addition, we have locked on to the tracing signal of espionage unit Tsunami Drakos, which is broadcasting audio and video information in regular bursts as per Shogunate protocol. The data is scrambled in outdated pre-Shogunate encryption, but we can decipher it and forward it.

Please respond.
<End transmission>


Transmission recorded, Captain Sierra turns to address the bridge. "All hands, level 3 battle alert! All pilots to their ships, be ready for launch! Gunners, to your stations! Thaumatologists, start charging the energy condensers- I want to come out of reentry ready for immediate assault!"

The ship explodes in a flurry of activity as the crew scrambles to position. Satisfied, the captain turns to address Zeroel. "You ready for your first real skirmish, Zeroel?"

The CG avatar nods curtly. "Yes, ma'am. All systems green. Let's send 'em back to the circle of hell that spawned 'em."
29-08-2003, 23:59
(OOC: 25K per hour? That's the last time I use the 5 tons per person argument.)

ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Titan Encryption
Broadcast type: Military
To: SKY Marshal Pandousco, CO, 3TEF
CC: ADM Jackson Farragut, CO, Sentient Peoples Space Forces
Redford "Red" Groening, SLAGLandic Government, Ministry of Defense
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Sierra Menolimi, captain of the Zeroel

This is Captain Menolimi of the Archangel thaumatological attack carrier Zeroel. We are preparing to deorbit above the SLAGlands and are requesting permission to take position among the 3TEF dropships. We are not operating at maximum capacity, but we do have a small compliment of aerospace fighters including part of the Shogunate's elite special aerial operations unit.

Also, this ship is equipped with thaumatological weaponry- or 'magic' in layman's terms- we feel it may be partially more effective than normal weaponry.

In addition, we have locked on to the tracing signal of espionage unit Tsunami Drakos, which is broadcasting audio and video information in regular bursts as per Shogunate protocol. The data is scrambled in outdated pre-Shogunate encryption, but we can decipher it and forward it.

Please respond.
<End transmission>
Captain Menolimi, Sky Marshal Pandousco. Please take a position amongst the Loki Gunships in the rear of the aerospace formation. We are standing by until initial OPO and Cetagandan reconnaissance missions return with data on the invading forces. Ensure that you stay out of the orbital insertion corridor vectors, transmitting now.

Good hunting, Captain of Zeroel.

Sky Marshal Gregor Pandousco
Commanding Officer, 3TEF
TYWS-SCV Aspidochelone
Reploid Productions
30-08-2003, 00:15
Roger that, Sky Marshal Gregor Pandousco. Adjustng course to take up position. I've just gotten word that Defense Secretary Tiffany Celta has ordered two Nightwind recon aircraft into the air for additional surveillence, and that several unmanned Tsubasa and Yotaka drones will be arriving sometime after them to provide a more detailed analysis of the enemy.

Happy hunting, may She who wears the colors of Chaos and Order keeps us all.
Zeroel Archangel


"Y'ready, Dyson?" Ymarri inquires eagerly over the comm from the cockpit of her fighter. "We're gonna actually get to fight!"

"The prototypes are to launch only if we need the extra help." Ylisa, highest ranking member of the Queens of the Sky on board growls over the comm. "We don't want to risk the prototypes- or their pilots- if we can avoid it."

"Oh PFFT!" The catgirl razzes her superior. "I think we've proven that the prototypes aren't gonna just mysteriously fall apart for no good reason!"

"... And this is why you never made it into the Queens, Ymari." Sylise, one of the others, notes dryly.
Sneaky Bastards
30-08-2003, 00:30
"I'm ready. Actual live combat, the perfect conditions for testing this thing out. I just hope the guys back home don't kick my ass for bringing this thing back with a few dings here and there." Dyson replied to Ymari as he finished up some attack programs for the weapons pods on the Zero.

The lieutenant switched the weapons systems off of their simulation settings, waiting for the order to launch.
30-08-2003, 06:05
Earth nearspace shimmers as the more Titan ships come on scene. 2 Longship Escort carriers, 8 Fast Attack Frigates, 16 [i]Sleipnir UltraHeavy dropships and 20 more Lokis complete their gravitic sequences.

<<Transmission::Sky Marshal Pandusco>>

Sky Marshal Pandusco, this is Command Agent Ropponmatsu of the KSPA. I hear you are having some troubles that may require our...talents. I have the first and second KSPA squadrons with me, including a handful of the new Sleipnir dropships. I can make 12 Cargo Lokis and 10 Sleipnirs available for your drop/support operations. I am holding 4 Sleipnirs for our deployment needs. 2 of my Sleipnirs are configured as full gunships in the 2-130AC 2-U130AC setup, and 8 130AC Lokis. The Scorpions are begenning a local Force Protection sweep, and both power armor and gear divisions, are Locked, Chromed and ready to roll. Awaiting deployment instructions, Ropponmatsu out.


The ships however, do not take on the ordered chaos of their sister Titan vessels. Instead, the crews work wordlessly, seemingly reading each others minds, preparing for the approaching combat. An astute observer would note that while the audible wavelengths are silent, the RF spectrum is far from it.
Command Agent Ropponmatsu
Commander, First of the First Scorpions
Karmabaijani Special Projects Agency Fleet
Ordinance Enabled Karmic Hegemony of Karmabaijan
Triumvirate of Yut

OOC: For those that do not know, the KSPA is the Karmabaijan Special Projects Agency, our special ops group. Every memeber, from the lowest technician, to the elite pilots are "Chromed," or cybernetically enhanced. In most cases, quite extensively. Also, the Sleipnir is our new drop ship that is capable of carrying 4 of the Loki's Mission Adaptable Mass pods.
The SLAGLands
30-08-2003, 06:10

We thank you for your prompt response to this highly pressing matter. I have received a transmission from Dr. Remmington Vivaldi, SLAGLandic scientist on the team that recently disappeared on The Outset Islands. I am relaying this information to you at the end of this transmission.

The whole of The SLAGLandic Coast Guard within this area is being mobilized to form a blockade of the invading forces; however, it remains to be seen if these creatures will do anything less than tear through our ships like a million freaky magical hot knives through butter. Defensive harpoints on land should be set up along the coastline of the city of Kelder--coordinates transmitted. SLAGLandic troops and Kelder police forces will be prepared to meet these invaders the moment they set foot on shore. In the event this defensive force is broken, assisting international forces may provide backup as necessary.

Prime Minister Cantrell has made it abundantly clear to me that she does not wish for fire to become too heavy on the mainland; as such, armoured divisions and aerial forces will only be used as a last resort. We urge all other nations to honour this request.

Requested coordinates have been transmitted, and we look forward to joining our allies on the battlefield.

-General Groening


I'll try to make this quick; I don't think we have much time left.

The SLAGLands is in danger of being invaded by a combined force of creatures known as Il Adib and The Brethren of Shade. The former is a bizarre race of short, eyeless Cro-Magnons, while the latter are the legendary mystical "kabuki cats" of SLAGLandic lore. Both creatures exhibit extraordinary psychic abilities. While Il Adib "magic" seems centered around the manipulation of entropic forces, The Brethren are more adept at controlling heat and light energy--and possess a very bizarre ability to make themselves noncorporeal almost at will.

I will spare you the reasons for this invasion; however, we are currently looking for a way to remedy this situation before the army reaches The SLAGLands. Should we fail, please use all force necessary not only on the invaders, but on The Outset Islands themselves.

It is also worthy of note that a group of scientists from Cetaganda, Reploid Productions, Oglethorpia, and the Dominion of Dread Lady Nathicana are currently engaging in interactions with a powerful creature named Esmerelda. Esmerelda can be declared the leader of the invading force, and she seems to possess a great psychic connection to her followers. In the event that she is killed, Il Adib and The Brethren will indeed die; however, for future scientific study, we have decided to make that our last resort.

I will contact once again once I receive word from the team negotiating with Esmerelda. At the moment, all I can offer is the assurance that all of those who had disappeared are, to the best of my knowledge, alive and well.

May the Great Camofrog bless this operation...
Remmington Lee Vivaldi


The massive cloud of brown and white continues its quickening pace toward the shore as SLAGLandic battleships take their position. A focused look at the group would reveal that the creatures are making no sounds, that their lips are not moving, that their eyes (on those that have them) do not once turn to the skies to glance at the forces that are mobilizing around them. Their focus is clear: the shore, and the enemy.

All at once, above Het Amid, a cloud of white light approximately two meters in diameter appears. The cloud begins to grow, doubling in size every second until it reaches about a kilometer. From there, the perfectly round cloud of white begins to distort and take shape...
The SLAGLands
30-08-2003, 06:32
(OOC: And boy, am I stupid... :oops: )

The OPO notes that the nature of the powers of the creatures is pretty well as Dr. Vivaldi described them: Il Adib seem adept at entropic manipulation, while thermal and light energy is the domain of The Brethren. The psychic powers seem to require no semantic or physical components.

The source of the creatures' powers seems linked to a similar location in both races: the forehead and temples. An elongated, narrow node wraps around the frontal lobe of the brain of both creatures and extends about halfway to the back of the head. This node seems to act as a sort of receptor that can both detect the presence of the energy in question and manipulate its quantity and state.

The defenses of the creatures are linked to their mystical natures. The Brethren, as Dr. Vivaldi pointed out, do have the unique ability to sustain corporeality almost indefinitely. While in this state, they cannot initiate physical attacks and seem to gain less potency in the use of their nodes; however, traditional weapons will be all but useless when they are in this form. It also seems to take the creatures a few seconds to switch between the two forms.

Il Adib, on the other hand, possess no such abilities; instead, they rely on their manipulation of the forces of chaos to deflect potential attacks. As such, expect weapon malfunctions, deflected bullets, and other such nasty interventions of entropy to be the domain of Il Adib.
30-08-2003, 07:00
"I don't like the looks of that energy-thing." Sky Marshal Pandousco grimaces. "FleetCom, put the fleet into dispersed formation and shift the fighter staging area to a very LEO just over the horizon from the enemy."

The ships move from a standard fifty kilometers inbetween capital ships to five hundred kilometers between capital ships. The cloud of fighters and Lokis moves to an orbit a mere 150 kilometers above the surface, hiding behind the horizon.

Sleipnirs from the KSPA transition to the 3TEF to begin loading supplies and ready for supply-line duties.

[code:1:bd02ff39b6]COMBAT COMMUNICATIONS



SKMSHL PANDOUSCO[/code:1:bd02ff39b6]
"All right, you've got the orders. Keep the PPCs and lasers locked down, stick to fraggers, speeders, and bashers."

A hundred and fourty-four aerospace fighters break from the cloud and dip down, leveling out at four thousand meters and pickle their bombs into the centers of the enemy formations, fuses set to burst the bombs at ten meters above sea level. Thousands of fragmentation bombs spewing millions of red-hot steel shards and concussive bombs using deadly whallops of air themselves rain down in a saturation bombing of the likes not seen since the European Theatre of the Second World War.

From another angle come twenty Loki Gunships, leveling out at two thousand meters, each opening fire with their twenty heavy hypervelocity Gauss rifles, eighty medium rotary autocannon, and hundreds of small-diameter kinetic missiles. Steel comes down like a heavy rain on the formations.

After the two passes, the craft sweep back up to high altitude and assess the damage caused.

Meanwhile, the two HELLSING divisions drop onto the beaches of the SLAGLands, their protection rune-emblazoned armor glinting in the sunlight before the active camouflage compensates. "Ready yourselves, siblings!" They stomp into the ramparts and take their positions, modified Sakkran 90mm chunk projectors and shoulder autocannon leveled. "The unclean spew forth, but we shall cleanse them from this place and send them back to the Hell that spawned them!" Four hundred and eighty each of both the assault-armored Mobile Infantry and the light-mecha Heavy Gear; heavy assault cannon leveled at the seas.

More conventional forces drop in, accompanying the Cetagandans in their chokepoints and shoring up the beaches.

A single Loki with a fighter squadron escort slips to within range of the forming cloud over Het Amid. Once there, a group of twenty OPO agents combine the forces of their minds and attempt to conjure up a psionic storm to counter the odd cloud, spinning humidity and the atmosphere to their plan. A turbulent wind, hopefully to dispel the cloud.

Active Ground Forces

16th through 18th TY Mobile Infantry Divisions (480 per division)
-Beachhead defenses

16th through 18th TY Heavy Gear Divisions (480 per division)
-Beachhead defenses

19th and 20th TY Mobile Infanty and Heavy Gear Divisions
-Beachhead support, rapid response deployment (i.e. just over the ridges overlooking the beaches)

21st through 24th TY Mobile Infantry and Heavy Gear Divisions
-Supporting Cetagandan internal defenses at natural chokepoints and strategic locations

2nd TY HELLSING Mobile Infantry and Heavy Gear Divisions
-Beachhead defenses

Active Aerospace Forces

15th and 16th TY Expeditionary Wings (TME-12-A/B Peregrin medium aerospace fighter-bombers and TME-13-C Vespa heavy aerospace fighter-bombers)
-Single all-bombs saturation run over enemy formation, return to orbit for reload

20 Gunship Lokis (130AC pods)
-Single all guns run over enemy formation, return to high altitude to assess damage.

1 Unloaded Loki
-Playing mobile OPO casting booth

Forces on Standby
25th through 35th TY Divisions (Mobile Infantry and Heavy Gear)
17th through 34th TY Expeditionary Wings
1-2nd KSPA Gear and Power Armor Divisions
254 Lokis of varying types
30-08-2003, 07:05
[Encryption Level JOKER : High Encrypt]
[Aspidochelone (Flag, 3TCF) -> All Triumvirate Forces]

We are initiating contact. Avoid using energy weapons; use physiclal wepaons. If nothing else, we can suppress the Brethren and annihilate Il Adib with real ultimate firepower. An experimental run is moving; depending on their success, follow suit with your aerospace forces.

Zeroel, you are cleared to use thaumaturgical weaponry. That's a bit out of my league.

Ground forces, support the beachhead and internal defenses. We are thinking about a flanking strike on the Outset Islands once they're cleared; until then, keep large numbers in reserve.

Onwards to victory.

Sky Marshal Gregor Pandousco
Commanding Officer, 3TEF
TYWS-SCV Aspidochelone

Reploid Productions
30-08-2003, 07:19
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Titan Encryption
Broadcast type: Military
To: All forces
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Zeroel Archangel- AI of the Zeroel

Roger that. We've charged the thaumatological cannons during reentry, we can commence operations immediately.

<End transmission>


The Zeroel drops to rough 700 meters above sea level, launch decks sliding open, weapon ports opening, a strange shimmer surrounding the ship.

Queens of the Sky Ylisa, Sylise, and Kataali, launch at your discretion. Commence attack run of enemy forces, avoid using energy weaponry. Test pilots Ymari, Dyson, Fara, Tamorli, stand by.

"You heard 'em, girls! Flashbangs off, fireworks on!" Ylisa powers up her black and orange ship, blasting out of the hangar deck, follows seconds later by the othe two elites.

"In the name of She who wears the colors of Chaos and Order, let us ignite the flames of chaos!" Sylise cheers.

The three fighters blasts ahead of Zeroel, opening fire with explosive bullets.

Meanwhile, the eight thaumatological cannons gleam for a moment before firing bolts of pure magical energy at the swarming hordes below.
imported_Sentient Peoples
30-08-2003, 07:44
The Sentient Peoples ships do not match the movements of the Titan vessels. Instead they begin firing of their Space Marines.

7000 trails of fire burn through the atmosphere above the SLAGLands.

Drop target? Half way between the creatures and Keldar.

Blasting over the speakers is a song. A verse really.

We pray for one last landing
On the globe that gave us birth,
Let us rest our eyes on fleecy skies,
And the cool green hills of Eath!

The arching sky is calling
Spacemen to their trade.
All hands! Stand by! Free falling!
And the lights below us fade.

Out ride the sons of Terra,
Far drives the thundering jet,
Up leaps the race of Earthmen,
Out, far, and onward yet -

We've tried each spinning space mote
And reckoned its true worth:
Take us back again to the homes of men
On the cool, green hills of Earth.
The SLAGLands
30-08-2003, 07:56
Not surprisingly, the artillery seems pretty good at cutting a bloody swath through Il Adib; however, their course is not nearly as straight as it should have been. Instead of landing in the midst of the army, several of the bombs divert near the army's edge, decreasing the damage radius but nonetheless doing some serious harm. While a few Brethrenites fall, most of them manage to get off their phasing just in time.

Even then, however, the ferocity of the magic cannon is the sort of artillery needed to take out The Brethren. Even those who had managed to attain noncorporeality take significant damage from it, falling in their tracks. Damages seem minor on the whole of the army; however, the group has indeed been slowed a bit.

Shortly after this attack, the group begins fanning out a bit more, the distance between each individual member increasing so as to lessen future damages from scatter weapons such as these.

Meanwhile, above Het Amid, the white cloud begins taking on a long, slender, vertical form with significantly accented curves. Then, in a flash of light that extends almost to the mainland, the cloud becomes solid.

What floats above Het Amid now is a woman, absolutely flawless in skin tone and appearance, delicately curved and entirely nude. Her full, straight blonde hair flows just past her shoulders, and her eyes are solid blue. She hovers above the high cliffs of Het Amid and stares into the spacecraft and aircraft, a look of bored dismay on her face as she hovers toward her army.
Reploid Productions
30-08-2003, 08:14
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Off
Broadcast type: Emergency
To: All
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Zeroel Archangel - AI of the Zeroel

URGENT! I have just received word from Tsunami Drakos that the entity known as Esmerelda demands to speak with Bodyguard Barry! She may halt the attack should this demand be met!

<End transmission>


"Alright! The thaumatological cannons are working! Set to concentrated firing mode- we've got the guns that seem to be working the best, and I imagine that.... thing... is going to require our attention!" Captain Sierra belts orders out.

"Reminds me of that one scene in... cripe, which Macross was it?" One of the bridge crew glances at the monitors.

"Nevermind that! Alert me as soon as we get word about Barry!"
imported_Sentient Peoples
30-08-2003, 08:21
"Heh. Is that the best they can do? Deploy the holosats. We'll see whose is bigger now."

56 holosats arced towards the planet below, spreading out into projection formation.

After reentry, they blazed to life.

A man appeared. Highly defined muscles, well toned. Dark hair and eyes, possibly of the purest black. A fig leaf covered his 'anatomy,' but other than that, he was nude.

He was twice the size of Esmerelda.
30-08-2003, 08:23
"Oi, what the hell is that?"

"It's a huge naked dame."

"Well no shit. What'dwe do about her?"

"Does this remind anyone else of Macross Plus?"

"That ain't Sharon Apple, Skyshark."

[code:1:cba5e049e2]NEW ORDERS DIRECT FROM OPO




The OPO aboard the reconnaissance fighter squadron carefully scan the new female-thing, trying to determine its nature. The OPO aboard the Loki decide that storms aren't quite their thing and so attempt to dispel Il Adib's deflective capabilities as the other aerospace forces continue their barrages.

The 15th and 16th Expeditionary Wings return to Aspidochelone to get more bombs... and are replaced on site by the 17th through 20th Expeditionary Wings. Two-hundred eighty-eight aerospace fighters, first pickling all their bombs and then trying for direct fire against closer groups with kinetic missiles, passing again and again until their ammunition runs dry (twelve salvos of twenty 25mm long-range kinetic missiles for about one-hundred fourty-four of the fighters) or that weird lady-thing starts doing odd stuff.

Coordinating with the bombers are the Loki Gunships, passing over and over raining lead and dropping Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE, which are basically like daisy-cutters and MOABs but bigger, causing damage via nuclear-style shock waves, usually having lethal-kill radii of 300m or more) out of their rear bomb bay doors. They also continue until their two-thousand-ton bomb bays run dry or the lady-thing starts doing odd things.

(OOC: G'night, all.)
Reploid Productions
30-08-2003, 08:29
"Thaumatological cannons, switch from concentrated fire mode to independant targeting- OPO says hold off on the naked chick!" Captain Sierra shouts over the PA system. "Bring all weapons to bear on the enemy forces! Thaumatologist backup units, go on standby, main squadron will be needing a breather soon!"

Zeroel's undamaged gravity gun (the other was damaged in test exercises) slides open. Using the same sort of gravity diffuser that keeps the Elite Victory fighters airborne, the gun lobs a large kinetic weapon into the thick of the enemy forces, like a railcannon on steroids.
imported_Sentient Peoples
30-08-2003, 08:37
The man dissappears in a blaze of holographic flame, and then....

The 56 holosats explode.

Glittering pieces of molten mithril rain down over the combat theater, dropping towards the creatures below. Hopefully the Titan ships can take it, if they get in the way.


"Squadron B-1? Execute alpha strike."

Twelve Broadswords rocket down out of formation, into the atmosphere, on the far side of the SLAGLands from the invaders.

They sweep across the country, and as they range on the invaders, open fire from low altitude.

12 100 kg missiles fire outward, angled away from the coastline, at nearly 10 PSL. Close enough to immediately upon leaving the launchers though, they shatter into thousands of pieces each. Each it a tiny spear moving towards the attackers.

They melt from the friction, and many vaporize, but many remain.

The Broadswords fly up, over the enemy forces and sweep within arms reach of the female figure.

"Squadron B-2. Execute alpha strike."

The process repeats, until all the Broadsword squadrons (10) have gone or they start getting smacked out of the sky, or anything close to that.
The SLAGLands
30-08-2003, 21:57
As the lethality and frequency of the bombings grows, fluid physics rears its ugly head once again. Waves as tall as six meters begin to rise from the heavily bombed water, throwing invaders, marines, and battleships alike for a significant loop. While casualties in the army are growing, the morale is not at all fazed, and they continue to press on--albeit slowed a bit.

Il Adib casualties seem to be quite heavy; the Brethren, on the other hand, are unaffected on a large scale.

The SLAGLandic battleships seem to be holding their own; however, their firing seems to be an exercise in futility between the waves and magical natures of the creatures.


Meanwhile, above Het Amid, the monstrous Esmerelda seems more than a little bit perturbed not only at the insulting hologram and the approaching ships, but at the shower of hot metal. She is struck and winces in pain; however, she has no visible wounds. With an annoyed grunt, she outstretches her hands in the general direction from which the holosats emerged, glowing a deep shade of blue. A few moments later, a tremendous ray of gravitic energy about five hundred meters in diameter issues forth from her hands. She sweeps the long way along several kilometers before stopping it, making absolutely certain to intercept the crafts orbiting her so long as doing so would not endanger her army and the tranquility of the ocean. Essentially, anything inside one hundred kilometers and within this range of fire was struck; however, the intended target was, of course, Sentient Peoples vessels.
Reploid Productions
30-08-2003, 22:18
"Shut down the gravity gun! Redirect power from the gun to the g-deflectors!" Sierra issues orders at a lightning pace. "Queens, status re-"

The entire ship pitches sideways at an awkward angle as the bitch-Goddess's beam clips the elevated rear of the ship. Sirens blare as Zeroel works frantically to compensate for the sideways force. A bright blue glimmer appears to block the beam from actually inflicting damage.

Seconds pass and the ship levels back out again.

"What in the hells was that?! All sections, status!" Sierra gets back to her feet.

"Engineering- all green!"
"Weapons- all green!"
"Thaumatological point defense system- functional, but needs a recharge!"
"Gravity systems- all green!"

As the crew reports in, the apparent damage appears to be that the point defense screen deflected the hit.

"Good to know that bugger works. Thaumatology teams three and four, get the point defense charged again! Now that we know that thing will attack, and our defense works, let's do our damnedest to keep it running! Thaumatology teams two and five, standby to rotate out with team one on the cannons!" Sierra orders, checking the monitors. "Queens, status report!"

"This is Queens 2- I'm hit! I'm hit!" Sylise's voice comes over the comm. "That bitch clipped my left wing- g-diffusers still operational, but combat capacity is down!"

"Queens 2, return to base." Sierra hesitates. "... Zeroel, clear the prototypes for launch."

Pilots Dyson, Ymari, Fara, Tamorli.... prepare for launch.
30-08-2003, 22:32
Several Lokis and fighters in the path of the beam explode brilliantly. The destroyers Ladon, Ceto, and Cherufe on the outskirts third squadron of the 3TEF, near the Sentient Peoples flotilla, shudder as the fields of their gravdrives interact with the gravitic wave. Aboard Ladon, Commander Venkatasubramanian curses fluently in Hindustani. "What the the name of the gods is going on?!"

"Power overload in the gravitic cores, ma'am... we're losing maneuver power."

"Switch to plasma-thrust backups!"

"It'll take time... and we're on emergency power. We're out of this fight."


"A foul wave indeed comes, siblings! Stand fast!" The assault armored troops hold on to something sturdy as the waves crash against the shoreline. "Calm yourselves, siblings! What is your status!"

"We've been knocked around a bit... sections, report!"

Other than bruises and scrapes... and waterlogged weapons, the beach forces are well enough.


Aboard Aspidochelone, Pandousco blinks. "Shit, they have gravy guns."

"Sir, we're getting reports from the ground that we're kicking up too much waves... the OPO says energy weapons won't backfire. No data on the giant thing."

"Understood. FleetCom, get that out."




SKMSHL PANDOUSCO[/code:1:29b9170d95]
"You heard 'em... let fly! Hit 'em low and hard."

The Lokis bring their sixty large pulse lasers to bear as the Peregrins begin strafing with their particle projection cannon and heavy medium lasers. The fighters level out at just above the choppy waves and fire at the level of the enemy, pulling up and allowing the next wave to move in. The Lokis orbit one thousand meters up, simply letting loose with their arsenals of particle cannon, lasers, and autocannon into the mix.
Reploid Productions
30-08-2003, 22:39
"Alright! All energy weapons- open fire!" Sierra grins as the beam weapons on the Zeroel erupt into a hail of gleaming fire. "Zeroel, adjust course- keep us between the chick and the swarm- she didn't seem to inclined to fire in that direction!"

"Adjusting course already, ma'am!"

"You heard 'em, girls! Flashbangs are ON!" Ylisa cackles, flicking the energy cannons on her fighter back on. The two remaining Queens begin strafing the enemy forces low and fast with beam weapons fire.

"Let's go!" Ymarri warms up her ship, streaking out of the launch deck and into the air.
imported_Sentient Peoples
30-08-2003, 23:36
As the energy strike lashes at the Sentient People's ships, the shields flare and disperse the energy. The Capella rides the wave, but the smaller ships around her shook slightly, with increasing violence, some so much as shaking back and forth a meter or two.

"What the hell was that?"

"Unknown. Some sort of energy blast from the planet. We seemed to have pissed whoever that is off. Sir."

"Okay. Take them. Angled strike. Force a wave out to sea."

"Got it."

The entire group of Longswords swept downward, following the same approach path as the Broadswords. Then they fired. Millions, possibly billions, of little pieces of metal flew at insanely high velocity towards the incoming troops.

"Inform the troops on the ground to prepare for possible aquatic combat situation and heavy turbulence."

As the six meter waves swept in, the troops began to jump. Most moved in time, thanks to the warning. Some did not. Those who did, jumped clear of the wave. Those who didn't found their formations smashed, but no one died, thanks to the armor. Perhaps as many as 50 troopers were out of commission, due to concussion.

"Sir, incoming transmission. Fleet Command authorizes use of energy weapons."

Farragut smiled. "Move in closer. Full energy batteries to bear on the attacking force. Don't fire at the woman."

A few minutes later, the primary energy batteries were brought to bear. Lasers varying in size from 15 cm to 60 cm fired. Enough energy to vaporize a medium-sized asteroid was liberated into the miles of ocean.

"Prepare an airburst broadside. Clear out that cloud."
Sneaky Bastards
31-08-2003, 00:06
"Its about time they let us join in on the fun! Mobius Zero, launching!" Dyson yelled as the Zero shot out of the launch deck, following right behind the other fighters. "Lets see what this prototype can really do." he said as he entered a roll and shot past the Arpean prototypes.
The SLAGLands
31-08-2003, 00:41
The energy weapons succeed in their goal, a.k.a. cutting a minor swath through the armies. The metallic frag weapons are less effective; however, they manage to take out a fairly significant amount of Il Adib on the tail end of the group. The SLAGLandic battleships, meanwhile, reverse direction and begin backing up to remain in front of the army.

All in all, the army has been reduced in capacity by about 25%... and still they march on, albeit unsteadily and quite slowed by the waters.


Meanwhile, Esmerelda seems more than a little bit perturbed that despite the efficacy against her attack on the smaller ships, the larger Sentient Peoples vessels were fairly unfazed. With a contemptuous snort, she begins maintaining the blue glow once again; this time, however, it consumes the whole of her body. She seems to shrink a bit; however, the glow remains the same size, glowing brighter and brighter with each passing second.
31-08-2003, 00:48
"Hoo boy..." Pandousco gulps when he sees Esmerelda start glowing. "FleetCom, disperse fleet to the horizon, immediately!"

The First Titan Expeditionary Force jumps in near the newly dispersed Third Titan and wisely decides to stay down for the moment.

The aerospace forces regroup at the over-the-horizon staging point, but another two wings come down (so four wings total) to continue nape-of-Earth strafing runs.
imported_Sentient Peoples
31-08-2003, 00:54
"Uh, sir. She's doing it again. Bigger this time."

Farragut looks at the monitor. Shit. There goes cohesive firepower.

"Flag to all ships. Scatter!"

The massive vessels lumber to life again, accelerating at over three hundred gravities. But the ships are big, and have a long ways to go. There may not be enough time.

"Order the Longswords into a plasma saturation strike. Kill all the solid ones."

The 200 or so Longswords sweep back downwards, and fire their plasma cannons at the surface of the ocean.

The EM contained plasma packets roar downward at nearly lightspeed, then the EM field fails, a meter above the water. The high energy plasma is liberated into the air, and onto creatures.

All three hundred of the fighters sweep back inwards, towards the battle.

Twin autocannons fire, spitting death towards the enemy. Nearly a fourth of the fighters pass directly over Esmeredla's glowing form.

[OOC: Thanks the Triumvirate for making sure he didn't have FTL jumptech.....]
The SLAGLands
31-08-2003, 00:59
Just as it seems the monstrous blue discharge of ultimate destruction is going to cut through the sky and the fleets like a Ghinsu knife through a tomato... the gigantic avatar disappears in a puff of white smoke.

The armies, as if awakened from a dream, stop dead in their tracks, stumbling as the waves push them back and forth. Several of them perish in the blast; however, all of them seem completely unaware of anything that has been going on for the past hour.

All is silent.
Reploid Productions
31-08-2003, 01:01
In the deafening non-sound following the avatar's disappearance, the Zeroel's cannons cease fire, and the fighters regroup near the ship.

"All ships, hold fire! I think the scientists may have just succeeded!" Zeroel sends word out on all frequencies. I hope that's the case....
imported_Sentient Peoples
31-08-2003, 01:05
"WHAT THE HELL?" Farragut shouts. He doesn't like things changing abruptly. And enemies disappearing usually was a bad thing, especially when one had yet to fire on them.

"Recall all fighters. Rearm them, and relaunch. Maintain alert-one-red status. This may be some sort of trick." As the seconds pass, and the message from the Zeroel reaches the Capella, the Admiral orders, "If that thing appears again, lock it up immediately, but wait for my order to fire, Guns."

"Aye aye, sir."
31-08-2003, 01:08
(OOC: *points to the SPACEDY ANT drives he should've gotten from Ma-tek or Cetaganda or anyone else...*)

[code:1:6ef8ad7a87]TO ALL TRIUMVIRATE FORCES



SKMSHL PANDOUSCO[/code:1:6ef8ad7a87]

Cargo Lokis and Sleipnirs drop down, sending out lines to the confused forces. "Where the hell should we take 'em?" "Take 'em back to the Outsets."
imported_Sentient Peoples
31-08-2003, 01:13
[OCO: *Remembers Scolo specifically saying he wasn't to get Spacedy Ant drives.....*]

The Big Buffalo and Buffalo dropships were still on the ground near Kelder. And they quickly began to offload the people on them.

The ones that were empty immediately swept upwards, following the Sky Marshal's orders, since they lacked their own.

"Ya'know, Jack, I'm kinda skeptical about some majick critters on board me Nashton Belle here."

"So am I. But orders is orders."
Reploid Productions
31-08-2003, 01:15
The Zeroel beams another message out shortly following the first one.

"All units, we have just received word from Tsunami Drakos that the threat is over and that the entity known as Esmerelda has been calmed. We are going to commence humanitarian operations as soon as possible."

"Queens, return to base! Prototypes, you are to remain in holding position and patrol the area!" Captain Sierra orders over the comm. "Zeroel, after the Queens are on board, drop altitude for an aquatic landing, launch decks open. Med bay, get your crews to the launch decks- prepare for an influx of injured!"

The crew and EI voice their affirmitives, and the 750 meter long ship descends carefully onto the surface of the water.
The SLAGLands
31-08-2003, 01:19

The threat of invasion has been quelled. All SLAGLandic cities are to be considered on yellow alert for now. Please remain in your homes and leave only in the event of emergency until confirmation of the deterrance of the threat can be confirmed.

Prime Minister Cantrell will make a statement as soon as facts on this event can be confirmed. We are awaiting a transmission from Dr. Remmington Vivaldi regarding the situation underground.
Redford "Red" Groening
General of The SLAGLandic Armed Forces
The Tourist Trapdom of The SLAGLands
31-08-2003, 01:48
Understood, General. Adjusting force structure to compensate.

Field Marshal Gerard Delacroix
Commanding Officer, Ground Forces, 3TEF


The divisions deep within the SLAGLands return to Aspidochelone while the HELLSING divisions are moved to the Outset Islands to "help"... and watch. A wing of fighters maintains combat air patrols over the Outset Islands and another stays above the SLAGLands; the rest return to Aspidochelone. The Lokis continue to assist in repair, recovery, and humanitarian efforts.
imported_Sentient Peoples
31-08-2003, 02:01
The Space Marines stay in place, having little way to return to their ships, and not having any pressing need to.

The fighters stay aboard ship, though they are loaded back onto their EM launch rails, incase quick deploy is needed.

The ships return to formation over the SLAGLands, shields still raised, flickering on and off when something needs to pass through them. Weapons remained ready, as the ships dropped their alert status to alert-two-red - Combat Possible.
Sneaky Bastards
31-08-2003, 02:10
Dyson flies over the Zeroel and circles around doing the whole patrol thing, taking pictures of the area and the ship with the Zero's camera sensors. "Man... and I didn't even get to fire the gun once on this thing." he said to himself as he made another pass around the ship.
31-08-2003, 04:17
"Roger that, SLAGLands Command. We will begin returning evacuees to their homes shortly."
Reploid Productions
31-08-2003, 04:51
<RPIN Breaking News>

Het Amid, SL --

For reasons presently unknown, a massive invading force attempted to swarm the coastal city of Kelder. The skirmish ultimately involved forces from the SLAGLands, the First and Third Titan Expeditionary Forces, Sentient Peoples, Reploid Productions, and Sneaky Bastards.

The skirmish lasted for under one hour, with heavy casualties to the Titan forces as a result of a massive energy beam fired by what reports claim appeared to be "a giant naked dame".

The thaumatological attack carrier Zeroel was diverted from its original course in order to participate, resulting in the Sneaky Bastards prototype on board being deployed. Damage to the ship is reported at being minimal.

We will have more information as it becomes available. We leave you with the following image taken by a Reploid Productions Nightwind recon aircraft that skirted the battlefield:

<This has been an RPIN News Break>
The SLAGLands
20-10-2003, 06:54