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"Baptism by Fire" Chapter I [space RP..invite only

28-08-2003, 04:45
We are the Zoarg. As we have stated so many years ago, when we arrived, that we would be watching. Many from your planet have welcomed us with open arms. Our ships were crippled and our people on the brink of starvation...but few had opted to help rather than seek conquest. I have promised this day, this day of Zoarg vengence upon the ShaRa. We ask those who have helped to join us now, feel the pounding in your chest, and embark on the journey of a lifetime

Those who aided The Zoarg Empire in a time of despert need:

The Snel Race - confirmed
Sunset - confirmed
Elara - confirmed
Sambizie - confirmed
Spacer Guilds - confirmed
Adejaani - confirmed
Milesia - confirmed

OOC: In the voice of James Earl Jones....

The Galitc Wars were over, and the mighty Empire of my ancestors was finished.....
Crushed at the hands of the ShaRa, it scarcely seemed possible that such a huge force, based on DAkBa but governing colonies streached across the GZNRII system, could be defeated by a small army of rebels.

But after years of bitter struggle, the ShaRa sealed the Empire into it's own solar system, GZNRRII, and sentenced DAkBa, Ironea, VelKut, and the rest of the GZNRII System, to an eternity of darkness.

Or so they thought....

Imprisioned within GZNRII, those who were left split into warring tribes and foraged the food, somehow managing to sustain themselves despite the misery and death around them. Those of us who could escaped the GZNRII System before ShaRa renforcements arrived. A small wartorn fleet has made to this single star system. We will remain here until the time it is for us, to take back our homeworld. Even now, hungry, angry and vengful, acclaiming a new leader who can carry us out of the darkness.

His name is Zoarg.

"I am Zoarg." "My inspiration and salvation are the words my people follow." "The time for suffering is over." "The time vengence is now."

Beyond GZNRII, the ShaRa is as powerful as the Empire once was. "It" doesn't know that war is about to engulf the universe once again. "But I, Koarg , am ready to take my place in the new Empire." "They imprisioned us like criminals, but together, we will make the ShaRa pay." "Together, we will crush them forever."

Zoarg Fleet:
Galatic Navy


Infantry Div.
Assult Div.
Armour Div.
Intelligence Report:
The following message was intercepted 3 days ago:

"We are the beings of the universe billions of years older than any of your races. We walk among the stars like giants, vast, timeless. We create great empires, teach the new races, we explore beyond our system. The oldest of the races are the ShaRa".

"The Shara have fought since the beginning of time. A thousand years before the construction of Earth's first armies. We went into hibernation, on our homeworld of H'Lek'abar. The ShaRa are four-legged, spidery creatures. The ShaRa use bio-organic technology, and our vessels have a powerful beam that can easily disable large ships. ShaRa vessels are all black with a shimmering skin, and resemble a spider. ShaRa vessels require a living being for their central operating systems, which we have found on Earth over time. We also use smaller Scout and Fighting ships. We believe in evolution through conflict. We manipulate others into fighting and destroying their enemies, rather than joining the battle ourselves".

"However, today is a different day. The plague upon your planet will not be war, it will be The Human. Your species carelessly wage war, destroy resourses, and now you have taken to the stars...OUR HOME. We have watched your progress since your first space flights, in hopes that you would appriciate what our home offers you. Instead, you bring death, diesease, and destruction. You make massive ships to prove that you are the power in the universe..YOU ARE NOT. Our ships monitor you, fly by your side and this is how you repay us...with death and war".

"We will purge this system of this diease, for the occupants of this blue planet know not of it's potential. We will strike silent, fast, and deadly."
-------------END TRANSMISSION----------------

Emperor Zoarg send this message:

Servicemen, allies, amd colonist's alike...The day has come where we must take back, that which is rightfully ours...our home. Let rescue our brothers, children and wives, from that of the ShaRa. They spread the propaganda, that we fled like cowards...Now we shall attack with vengence. Though the journey will be long, and resistance will forever be present, we will endure the long fought travel, for that of the greatest rewards...Our homeworlds.

But the battle will not stop when and if we arrive, so we must destroy EVERY ShaRa that we encounter. Take a pledge now, and feel no ill-will, in taking the life from a ShaRa...As you, if cought..will endure a lifetime in eternal darkness.

Your ships may gather on the following co-ordinates:
Spacial Grid: A12 Mk. 109.

28-08-2003, 05:24
President Morghan J. Harrington raised an eyebrow and looked at her National Security Advisor.

"Do you have any recollection of helping Zoarg out?"

"No." Doctor Erin C. Aierserkeiel shook her head and pushed her glasses back up her nose. "There is no record of us directly helping Zoarg, but it seems he has been extending friendship, even aiding our friends within APTO and other allies."

"Do we help?" Harrington poses the question generally, but looks at Admiral Nathan "Ebony" Black, Supreme Commander of the Space Corps.

"Ma'am, we have four carriers and I'm not sure we can make too much of a difference in Zoarg's war against these 'ShaRa'. Zoarg seems to be several technological generations ahead of us." Everyone nodded after Black's voice filled the room. Despite the big boost to national pride at possessing a space fleet, no one deluded themselves into thinking that they were the most powerful in the universe.

"We haven't been directly attacked by the ShaRa either, so I wouldn't go picking a fight this early in the piece." Secretary of Defense Bunker chimes in. "I'd recommend we send a message of non interference, laced with support. We won't get involved with this war, but we won't interfere either." Again, everyone nods.

Harrington steeples her fingers "Then that's what we do. Make the following transmission to Zoarg: We understand your desire to make the universe a more peaceful place, however, we have not being directly attacked by these ShaRa. We are extremely flattered of your calling on our aid and support, despite the fact that we have not yet helped you directly before. We hope you understand we cannot directly support this conflict and we send our sincere apologies. Nevertheless, we still maintain our peaceful trade and diplomatic relations with Zoarg. Good luck and good hunting."
President Morghan J. Harrington
Republic of Adejaani
Loyal member of the APTO
Tech level: Late Modern/Early Space
Military alert status at time of writing: "ECHO TWO"
Bold, Resolute, Without Remorse

"The Republic was not established by cowards!"
28-08-2003, 05:30
Omzian State Security Services Central Office, Osaria

"Good morning, comrade. Heard the news about Zoarg calling us for help?"


"And they said we helped them..."

"Anyways, should we help?"

"I'll let the officiers decide, we are just the cadres here."




~~~In this situation, unfortunately, we are unable to aid you directly in this war operation. However, we can offer aid if you are attacked. We wish you good luck in this operation, and if you need help, call us. Over.~~~

28-08-2003, 06:28

TO: Contact: Emperor Zoarg, Commander Z'Loia, Galatic Fleet Alliance.
FROM: Office of The President, Mwto'ar Uganda
Encrypt: 687k43

Emperor Zoarg,

We knew this day would be coming but we did not know that it would be so soon. We received your telegram and final arangements for deployment will comence shortly. We estimate that it will take us an additional day to load Inflitrator Divisions and to stock as many production craft as I can. We will arrive at your co-ordinates within 5 (RL) days.

It is us who owe you a special debt of gratitude, for it has been by the Empires following, that one can truely fight for freedom. My men will fight well under your command, they will prove once again their loyality and bonds of trust. May the Fleet be strong dear friend...and may you once again have a place to call home.

I will be remaining on Earth as to attend to business and continue with manufacturing. We have also noted that you have invited another from my region.

Foreign Diplomat/The Allied Powers
President Mwto'ar Uganda

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EDIT: *smacks self* ANYONE FROM APTO CAN JOIN if you choose :lol:
28-08-2003, 06:40
We thank you for your Alligence Mwto'ar. I truley hope that Emperor Roland can make it. We knew you were a man of your words when we first joined APTO. I starting to regret leaving there.

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28-08-2003, 06:47
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28-08-2003, 06:59
While the Republic's help was quite some time ago, there are those among us who are looking for some action. We will assist - if allowed - with both forces and material.

We are willing to commit 3 Dreadnought Battle Groups and 3 Carrier Battle Groups (36 capital ships, 300 fighters) plus we will set aside 6 Large Deep Space Freighters to ferry supplies and men. For those who wish to go but do not have FTL capability we also offer at-cost purchases of FireBlossom-Class Dreadnoughts and ThunderStorm-Class Carriers. These ships are being decommisioned in favor of a lighter, more agile force, but they are still quite capable as they have had their systems upgraded within the past 20 years.

FireBlossom and ThunderStorm-Class Starships are based on the same hull:

The Large Deep Space Freighter:

EDIT: The LDSF's are armed and shielded, and warp capable.
28-08-2003, 19:38
Encrypted: 098k986

We recall the assistance given by your government.

Trade Advsor, Perkins was most valuable as was your government in returning our Fleet to a "Battle-ready" condition. I apoligize for not taking note sooner. Your Fleet is most welcome to join in the journey, the battle, and the Victory of our homeworld.

I am sorry that I can not provide more "intelligence" on the ShaRa activities whithin our system. As we get closer, we are sure to beable to intercept more communications(The ones we receive now are "broken" at best). You may send your fleet to the specified co-ordinates. Your Commanders can meet aboard the Zoarg Flagship to prepare.

We will depart for Zoarg Space in 4 (RL) days.

I thank you again.

The ShaRa
28-08-2003, 22:23
**Secret RP**

ShaRa News...

It has been some time since the attack of of a ShaRa Transport and Cargo Ship.

As you may recall, the Transport, SVX-IIj was attacked by a single Zoarg fighter and two unidentifieds. The transport and colony ships traveling within Spacial Grid367/Mk128, sustained heavy damage and was declared a "fleet" loss.

As a result of the attack, The Empire dispatched a single Battle Interceptor. By the time the ship arrived, it was too late. All that was located was a debris field...that of the transport. The Colony ships were able to "complete" the "jump" during the battle and did arrive safely. The Battle Inceptor has maintained it's presence in the area along with several other vessels. It has been almost a year now and there has been no further activity Grid367/Mk128. Othere routes have been estiblished, and we are recalling the fleet.


The recalling of the ShaRa fleet has provoked minor resistance from the DAkBa citizens. It is not know how the information of the attack of the SVX-IIj made it to the people and furthermore, the news of a Zoarg Fighter being present. We will ensure the people that it was more Zoarg propaganda...and that they would not be returning to save them.

Construction of Gate SR.254 has been completed. This gate (former Zoarg Gate 00.87), was destroyed by the Zoarg Empire due to it's close exit to the Black Hole of "Fryt's I". While the Zoarg may of felt that this was a hazard, we feel that it is very useful.

Citizens of DAkBa (approx. 250) have been placed onboard a ShaRa Prision Barge. The ship will be towed to Gate SR.254 and thus, being comitted to the fate of Fryt's....
28-08-2003, 22:32
OOC: :shock: so your going to send 250 people into a black hole :x ?

That's just mean...You'll pay for that when we arrive...
The ShaRa
28-08-2003, 22:36
OOC: :shock: so your going to send 250 people into a black hole :x ?

That's just mean...You'll pay for that when we arrive...

OOC: Yes they will die slowly. And no I won't pay for it cause it is Secret. You won't even know it happened by the time you arrive. It will be "old"
28-08-2003, 22:44
OOC: :shock: so your going to send 250 people into a black hole :x ?

That's just mean...You'll pay for that when we arrive...

OOC: Yes they will die slowly. And no I won't pay for it cause it is Secret. You won't even know it happened by the time you arrive. It will be "old"

OOC: A$$ :tantrum:
28-08-2003, 22:48
OOC: :shock: so your going to send 250 people into a black hole :x ?

That's just mean...You'll pay for that when we arrive...

OOC: Yes they will die slowly. And no I won't pay for it cause it is Secret. You won't even know it happened by the time you arrive. It will be "old"

OOC: A$$ :tantrum:

OOC: I concure... :evil:
28-08-2003, 22:50
INCOMING TRANSMISSION FROM: Unknown Location in the Elarian Empire.
TO: Zoarg Command.

An audio and visual image is shown Emperor Roland sits tall in a dim blue lighted room on his throne , behind him stand two Imperial Guards.

"I am Emperor Roland Meridius of the Elarian Empire , we have heard and watched the happenings in and around GZNRII." "The Empire feels that these ShaRa are like a plague across the universe , we have found a cure."

The screen splits and on the other side a fleet of Elarian vessels is shown in all their glory.

"I offer my assistance , I offer alliance." "What say you , I await your response anxiously."


OOC: College is easing up a bit so Ill have a bit more time now.
28-08-2003, 23:10

Encrypted: 098k986

Emperor Roland Meridius,

We are pleased that you have accepted. You reputation proceeds you, as I have heard nothing but good of you and your people from a mutual allie...Sambizie. I can ensure you, that we hold the same trust in you as we do for the Sambizie.

We will be parting in 4 days..please dispactc your fleet to the specified co-ordinates. We fight along side you like brothers, friends, and allies. Please notify us when your Fleet Commander arrives, as to attend a briefing before we depart.

My respect to you and your Empire

Emperor Zoarg
28-08-2003, 23:19

"We thank you for your compliments to our people and to myself." "Sambizie is a true friend , perhaps Elara's closest and most trusted ally , Mtwo'ar and I have worked together in the past to do many great things , perhaps in time Elara and Zoarg can have just as strong of an alliance." "The fleet Im sending to your aid has already been launched , I am not sending you the exact specifications of exactly how many ships and what the fleet will consist of for fear that this message might be intercepted." "The Blue Tide cometh."

The Snel Race
29-08-2003, 00:16
GANYMEDE:: We have reservation.
MARS:: Aye.

CONCENSUS:: The Master Node has brought up the point that total destruction is the way of the Gurlanai. We must not become like the enemy, and we must not compromise the Oath to never take life needlessly. However, we have determined that it is also our duty to prevent others from dying when we can, and, thus, it is our duty to provide support to the Zoarg and those allied with them
Spacer Guilds
29-08-2003, 00:20
We are not warlike. But we are capable of waging war if it is necessary. The Fortress of Tiryns is at your disposal, as will be the Battlestar ( when it is finished.

Good Wishes, from Mycenae
29-08-2003, 17:14

Encrypted: 098k986

We the Zoarg are pleased you have decided to join us in this epic battle of not only our homeworld, but that of the galaxy as well. We must stop the ShaRa before their plague of existance "spills" over into this galaxy, which I have become to like.

Please send your vessels to the specified co-ordinates. The Fleet will be departing within 3 days. If I have failed to mention, I will TG everyone when we are departing.

Find peace now my friends, for this may be a difficult road to travel....

The ShaRa
31-08-2003, 02:41
*Secrete rp*

ShaRa News...

Yesterday, the Empire held a brief ceromony to re-comission Gate SR.254, by sending a transport carrying 300 DAkBa Rebels, into the the black hole of Fryt's I. A majority of the 1st ShaRa Fleet, turned out for the event.

However, Upon the "live" broadcast of the ceromony, several "rebel factions" living near the DAkBa mining facility, started a small riot. Some of the rebels were seen "painting" lude remarks of his Emperor. The people began to chant the name "Zoarg", as you know, that name is forbidden.Needless to say these actions were not tolorated by the Emperor.

No sooner did the riots start, a ShaRa Destroyer wat dispatched to the DAkBa mining colony. Upon arrival teh destroyer opened fire on the "containment" dome as well as the surrounding facilities....
The Emperor had this to say...
It is a shame that we have to suffer this intolorance from this vile "off-spring" of the Zoarg. As a result of the damage caused by the DAkBa rebels, to the mining facility...all DAkBa citizens will have their food alotments "cut" by addition they will work 20 hours per day until the facility is up and running once more...This WILL be done

In other news.....
31-08-2003, 03:13
Emperor Zoarg,

A majority of the Sambizie Fleet should be arriving soon. We are also in the process of building more Battle Carriers and Fighter Craft. We request permission to come aboard when the Commander arrives.

We are currently monitoring the events taking place within Elarian Space. As you know, we will pass through the area on the way to Zoarg space. If time allows, The Sambizie will be sending the fleet ahead to Elara, to offer our mutual friend assistance.

Peace to you and your citizens.

31-08-2003, 03:16
To Zoarg and all nations arrayed against the ShaRa. We first off apologise for not seeing the evidence sooner, but now we are here.

In light of evidence of ShaRa atrocities that have recently come to light, the Republic of Adejaani upgrades its military alert status to ALPHA ONE (full military mobilisation plus war status) and formally issues a declaration of war against the ShaRa, in conjunction with other allies in this war, including Zoarg and our good friends Sambizie and Elara.

The following ships:

ANS Constitution, SCVB-1
ANS United States, SCVB-3
ANS Philadelphia, SCVB-4
ANS Chesapeke, SCVB-5

Will be despatched the join the allied fleet. Commodore Jain Granger is in overall command, flying her flag aboard the Constitution.

"The Republic was not established by cowards" has been the motto of the Republic of Adejaani from the beginning and this Republic will not see such tyranny occuring anywhere within the universe.
President Morghan J. Harrington
Republic of Adejaani
Loyal member of the APTO
Tech level: Late Modern/Early Space
Military alert status at time of writing: "ECHO ONE"
Bold, Resolute, Without Remorse

"The Republic was not established by cowards!"
31-08-2003, 03:25
TO: President Harrington
FROM: Sambizie Command

President Harrington,

It is a pleasure to hear that the Sambizie will be amongst many friends during the liberation of Zoarg Space. May we fight as one, as we always do, let the stars shine brightly on not just us, but all worlds "free" of ShaRa opression.

31-08-2003, 04:13

TO: CONTACT: President Morghan J. Harrington, Republic of Adejaani citizens.
Encrypted: 098k986

Dear President Harrington,

The Emperor sends his best wishes. He is pleased that you have found it in your heart to dedicate you men...your family, to the Zoarg "cause". Your assistance is greatly needed as we embark on a long, tough road. With Zoarg leading us, we shall reclaim our system, our lives, our home. The opression of the ShaRa will soon come to an end, but it will not be easy...The ShaRa have been in existance long before the first multi-cell creature on your planet.

Fear not...for we fight together as one, for the same cause..."Liberation" of our Race. The co-ordinates have been posted, you may send your fleet.

-Commander/Galitic Navy-
-Zoarg Empire-

Sambizie: Acknowledged.

We have dispatched two "Phantom Class" fighters to meet up with your advance "Recon" Hammerheads. Maintain course and speed.
We are pleased that you Government has decided to make a "Psygnosis" for your Flag Ship. My "she" serve you well, as she has done for us so many times before

The ShaRa
31-08-2003, 05:19
*secret rp*

The Emperor sit's upon his thron in the massive hall. A general of the ShaRa enters the room, bows before the Emperor, and begins to speak...

One of our deep scout craft have reported an unusal spacial anomoly in Grid 184...
"What kind of "anomoly" General?
It is unknown Emperor.
"Well if you do not know, then why must you bother me?"
Apoligies Emperor, I will dispatch two ships...
"You do that General...and thank ME for allowing you to live...Next time I will not be as forgiving for your lack of detail." "Be gone with you!"
Many thanks Emperor...
The General bows several more times, walking backwards,(for turning your back on the Emperor is a death sentence), as he exits the room.

The ships have been dispatched:

OOC: For those of you involved and wondering why my post are all secret rp, it is because, your system is out of communication range of the Zoarg homeworlds. To know of our "crimes" against the Zoarg, would have only been told by the Zoarg. As you approach the system communications will improve.
Spacer Guilds
31-08-2003, 06:35
(OOC: Nice use of B5 pics.)

"Perhaps we will soon get to see how well the Morningstars and Lightbringers perform under real conditions."

-Builders of the Samael, First of all Angels
31-08-2003, 08:23
"Nearing rendezvous coordinates, Commodore." The navigation officer calls out.

"Other vessels entering normal space too." A sensor officer notes, highlighting the event on the primary tactical display. Other officers run around, scribbling on boards with markers. Even in an age of advanced electronics, transparent boards and markers was still one of the best way to do things.

"Full area scan and display coming up." The primary tactical display, which is a huge plasma monitor set into a table top four meters by four meters displayed maps with various ship and fighter symbols.

Commodore Jain Granger wrinkles her nose as she takes a set of controls, zooming in to the rendezvous area. "Only seven nations against the ShaRa....." Even ask she spoke, four more icons, her ship, the Constitution, and the three other ships in her battlegroup, moved in to join the other dots representing the allied fleet. "CAG, XO, thoughts?"

The CAG (Commander Air Group) was Colonel Barry Graham (Air Force), a gravelly voiced veteran who had fought in the Argentina liberation mission. Not only CAG of the Constitution, but also Group CAG, he de facto controlled all the aircraft in the Battlegroup, he was responsible for planning, ordering and executing the missions.

The XO (Executive Officer) was one Captain James Nicholas (Navy). Short, balding and just overweight, another Argentina veteran, who, at age fifty seven, should have had more than a "mere" command of the Constitution. Injured during a massive shipboard fire when he was XO of a Ticonderoga class cruiser, suffering horrific burns to most of his body and losing a leg to falling debris, his mind was still intact and far too valuable an asset to lose.

"Coordinated punch runs, using our superior forward arcs. Our Clubber missiles should take up most of their attention. CAG leads his Air Wings to attack the flanks in a looping maneuver." Nicholas chimes in first, making big circular and stabbing motions with his hands to illustrate.

"But having our aircraft do a big looping maneuver would leave them out of fuel and it would take too long. But yes, I do agree this is the way to go." Graham muttered as he pulled out a pen and some paper to start drawing the mock attack.

Granger looked over the display, the shimmering colors reflecting in her eyes. "Good, then that's how we'll plan the attack. But first, I'm going to try and get some more strategic and tactical info on the ShaRa. Even culturally, it would help. Gentlemen, get planning, I want to see the full proposal and full scale dress rehersals." Nicholas and Graham were already moving off, talking about additional support and the like.

"Communications, send our usual greetings to our good friends Sambizie and Elara, then ask the Commander of the Zoarg Fleet for any information they have on the ShaRa." A confirmation is called out by one of the numerous techs and Granger looks up to find herself alone.

"Dear God, please don't let me screw up......"
Commodore Jain Granger
CO Constitution Battlegroup
31-08-2003, 18:17
Intelligence Briefing:
Requested: Adejaani


The ShaRa are an ancient race, they were old when the ancients on Earth were young. The ShaRa are a fierce, unforgiving, warlike species. The Zoarg are the first "known" race that the ShaRa have been "directly" involved with. For the most part, the ShaRa remove themselves from conflict, let others fight, then attack what is left. They are very dedicated to the Emperor and will never question his orders.

The ShaRa are a type of spidery creature, who's intelligence, allows them to easily master a new language after hearing a few words. For what they lack in appearance they make up for in intelligence. It is believed that the ShaRa can also communicate with one another whithout "vocal" expression. The ShaRa language itself has not yet been figured out, however, they do seem to have trouble speaking their language in the presence of "telepaths".

The ShaRa posses a very "Advanced" technology, due to the concuring and scavaging of numerious races throughout time. Not much is known about their ships, except that they are extreamly fast and require a "sentient" to act as the "core" of the ship. They also posses a type of "Phase" tecnology. This allows them to phase in and out of natural, visible space. While they are in combat, the vessels tend to phase out between firing, we feel that this tech. is to compinsate for the "very" slow rate of fire from their ships. However, their weapons are very powerful and can deplete shields and cause minor hull damage with, (in some cases) a single discharge. In our dealings, we have found that "ion" and "plasma" based weapons work best. The Zoarg fleet has "cloaking" devises, however the use of them against the ShaRa has yet to be proved valuable. Due to the extrordinary communication of the ShaRa, they tend to "sence" us no matter if we are cloaked or not, but it does "hamper" their targeting ability somewhat when we are "cloaked". The ShaRa are spiders and space is their web.

The only technology that we have first hand knowledge of is the Heavy Turret Cannon(HTC) or ShaRa Strike cannon. These are very powerful cannons, usually placed outside wormholes, established jumpgates, or within a planetary orbit. A single cannon can easily cripple a ship with a single shot and destroy it with a second. The cannons are very slow and take several seconds between firing. They are not well armoured and are no match for fighter craft. They are more of a defence against larger vessels. It is by this weapon that we were sealed into our system, as the cannons were positioned in our orbits. The ShaRa numbers are overwhelming.

We had captured a ShaRa trooper many years ago. Our scientist conducted massive research. We know this was a young ShaRa due to it's markings. The older they get, they develop Grey strips, red, and yellow. This "trooper" had no markings, however it was estimated that it was at least 1500 years old (earth years).

31-08-2003, 23:04
Suddenly a massive fleet arrives out of hyperspace and slows , leading the group is an enormous vessel unseen on any data outside of the Empire , it is colored mostly with dark blue and a small amount of silver. Its lights are a light blue that gives off an eery sense. It appears to at least hold 10,000 crew members. Its name , the Tiberian.

The fleet halts next to allied vessels as the Osiris comes along side but still behind the Tiberian. Aboard the Tiberian , the man in charge of the fleet sits in his commanding chair that resembles a throne , he wears a full-faced helmet made of titanium and steel.

A comm officer turns to the Commander of the Tiberian.

"Overlord , we have arrived at the set coordinates , shall we open a channel to all allied ships?

"Yes , audio and visual now." The Overlord says in a strong commanding voice.

The Comm Officer nods and presses a few buttons at his station and nods deeply to the Overlord to signal that it is done.

"I am the Commander of this fleet , contacting all of the allied command ships to inform you of the exact number of ships we have brought. They are , 15 Elarian Battleships , 10 Elarian Cruisers , 8 Elarian Destroyers , 9 Elarian Carriers , and finally 13 Elarian Transports filled with Elaras finest Warriors. Since Im sure youll be needing to call me something Ill just go under the alias of Atrian , the rest of the fleet which is currently busy with a minor problem and the defense of the Empire. But as you can see you have the bulk of the fleet here with you. And dont bother trying to figure out what type of vessel this is , you wont find it on any known charts , it is only known by its name the Tiberian."

The Overlord , "Atrian" , gives a signal with his hand and suddenly massive amounts of fighters launch from the carriers and take up defensive patterns around the allied fleet. He then turns to the Comm Officer and signals to turn off the audio-visual communications.

"Even with this mass gathering of vessels , this will not be an easy task , I watch and wait." "The future comes and I welcome it no matter the outcome , whether I live or die."

"Do you think they know Overlord?"

"That I do not know , let us hope that they do not." "May whatever god or gods they pray to bless us , for I will be praying." "We must be strong and proud , like all Elarians are , proud warriors , this is a day of honor and glory my brothers and sisters."
01-09-2003, 00:45
Commodore Jain Granger nodded at the Communications Tech and reads. "Ancient race? Telepaths? Spiders?. What in the name of the Heavens are we dealing with?" The question was rhetorical, so no one interrupted her. Rambling on like that was also her way of coming to terms/figuring things out.

The CAG, Colonel Graham observes the Primary Tactical Display at the sizeable Elaran Fleet. "That reminds me, Boss." Granger turned to look at him. "We may become combat deficient in a little while." He gestures at the symbols on the PTD. "We have only the 1200 Marines in total, but that isn't a big concern. As far as I see and was noted at the top levels, we're a few generations behind the ShaRa. We're also far more reliant on missile weaponry, not just on our aircrafts, but also for our primary shipboard weaponry. We loaded up with extra, but we may be forced to break off unless we get some way to generate our own. And we don't have any transports either, so we can't sustain combat operations for too long."

The XO, Captain Nicholas nods grimly. "CAG's right. We'd find ourselves pretty much out of ammunition after our first main engagement. If we survived." No one had bothered to keep their voice down. As a result, nearby personnel were starting to look extremely nervous. If the top ranking officers were worried, would they even survive?

Granger leaned in close and loudly hissed an angry reply: "I don't give a rat's. I wanted realistic assessments, but next time, you better have your War Faces on, it's bad for morale! We need to solve this problem about resupply and I don't ever want to hear you say anything about not being able to make a difference again!"
01-09-2003, 06:17
The remainder of the Sambizian fleet arrives and pulls within visual range of the other fleets that are in the area. The Sambizie compliment:
- 7 "Costitution Class Battle Carriers
- 4 "JFK's" SCVN's
- 3 "Roland Class" Destroyers
- 4 "Tellus" Colonyships (Packed with spare parts and munitions).
- 2 "Uganda Class" Heavy Battle Cruisers [classified]
Crew: 600ea.
- 1 Communication Ship
Crew: 450

Stats on ships:
01-09-2003, 07:22
The remainder of the Sambizian fleet arrives and pulls within visual range of the other fleets that are in the area. The Sambizie compliment:
- 7 "Costitution Class Battle Carriers
- 4 "JFK's" SCVN's
- 3 "Roland Class" Destroyers
- 4 "Tellus" Colonyships (Packed with spare parts and munitions).
- 2 "Uganda Class" Heavy Battle Cruisers [classified]
Crew: 600ea.
- 1 Communication Ship
Crew: 450

Stats on ships:

OOC: 7 Constitutions and 4 JFKs?! :shock: Could you please possibly release the specs of the Tellus, I desperately need resupply ships..... :roll:
01-09-2003, 07:44
Imprisioned within GZNRII, those who were left split into warring tribes and foraged the food, somehow managing to sustain themselves despite the misery and death around them. Those of us who could escaped the GZNRII System before ShaRa renforcements arrived. A small wartorn fleet has made to this single star system. We will remain here until the time it is for us, to take back our homeworld. Even now, hungry, angry and vengful, acclaiming a new leader who can carry us out of the darkness.

His name is Zoarg.

"I am Zoarg." "My inspiration and salvation are the words my people follow." "The time for suffering is over." "The time vengence is now."

Beyond GZNRII, the ShaRa is as powerful as the Empire once was. "It" doesn't know that war is about to engulf the universe once again. "But I, Zoarg , am ready to take my place in the new Empire." "They imprisioned us like criminals, but together, we will make the ShaRa pay." "Together, we will crush them forever."
Emperor Zoarg adresses the gathered forces:

I am pleased to see that even within this small planetary system, a few "Great Rulerships" like yours, believe in the cause of the Zoarg. May we fight as a "unit" with the bonds of a brother. Do not stray as if lost sheep in a pasture, for it will be then, that wolf will strike. "Protect" our brothers as we will be protecting them.

The reclaiming of system begins here...
The Planet Siesana...
This small planet located at the edge of system...IS our first target. Based on this planet, is a ShaRa "Listening Post" and DAkBa Munissions Plants. It is lightly guarded, with the exception of scheduled supply drops.(Then there would be alot of ShaRa Warships in the area).

There is (1) moon in orbit of this planet, this is the location of a small airbase that is assigned to protect the planet. They may also be 1 to 2 "Light" Scout Ships, which are often used as "officers" quarters.

With the destruction of the listening post and the containment of the airbase, we will have enough time to arm the citizens of Siesana.

Intelligence (recon fighter) suggest, that the time is now...The ShaRa resupply shipment left some 9 months ago, giving us 17 months before they return, and assuring us that any warships are well out of the area. It is of the "essence" that NO ShaRa Vessel be allowed to exit the area. If even a single fighter escapes it will warn the ShaRa Emperor, and they will know we are close.

Best wishes to US, "The League of Free Worlds"

OOC: OK, it's a free form, team up, do what you wan't, just don't let any fighters escape.

Encrypt: Zoarg22.0098
---------FOR EYES ONLY------------
1st Gate Location: Approx. 14 days FTL
*Enter Gate
*Proceed to second gate

2nd Gate Location: Approx. 12 days FTL
*Enter Gate
01-09-2003, 07:55
Could you please possibly release the specs of the Tellus, I desperately need resupply ships..... :roll:

OOC: Well their not really "supply" ships, their colony ships..The only thing I had.. :lol: But it dosen't look I'm gonna need em..(LOL Zoarg)
01-09-2003, 08:00
OOC: Problem solved :wink:

IC: Upon sending the co-ordinates to the rest of the forces, the Zoarg engaged nacells, and were gone in a matter of seconds...
01-09-2003, 08:31
Elarian ships follow the Zoarg fleet and engage their engines. What would await them on the other side , the morale was high and the Warriors were ready for battle. This was a day of glory , a day of honor , one that would be remembered.
The Snel Race
01-09-2003, 20:51
INTERNAL CONCENSUS: So, they want to take a planet called Siesana, and ensure quarantine conditions. That shouldn't be too difficult. A few Shadowcrafts, a few FireStorms. We just want to ensure that we can capture instead of kill whenever possible.

CONCENSUS: We will provide Shadowcrafts and appropriate support vessels to take Siesana.

(OOC: Can we get galactic coordinates?)
The ShaRa
01-09-2003, 21:05
*secret rp*

Upon arrival to "Grid 184", The two ShaRa warships drop from hyperspace, outside a tiny red planet, and within viewing range of a ShaRa scoutship...
One of the warships open communication to the scout....
The spacial anomoly will occur within 3 minutes...
"How long will it last?"
5 minutes...

Seconds before the anomoly occured the folowing was noted on the instrument panel:
One warship and the scoutship entered the anomoly, while the other warship headed to the planets surface...
OOC: If you know what showed up on the instrument panel..TG me and I may go easy on you the first time we meet :twisted:
02-09-2003, 00:59
BONG BONG BONG BONG "General quarters, general quarters, all hands man your battle stations!"

"Approaching planet-" the navigation officer calls out, right before the sensor operator's excited call of "Numerous contacts!"

Everyone in the cramped Command Center tensed up, but dared not show it, a sign of professionalism of the highest sense. CAG Graham is zooming in with the Primary Tactical Display, his lips moving, but no words coming out. His eyes flickering about, his mind churning over the problems, tactics and strategies were being played out in his mind.

"Launch the Alert 5s and a recon. I want to see what we're dealing with. Strike 1s on Plus 1 alert." Granger nods as the CAG makes the orders. "Let's not provoke them, let's wait until everybody arrives before we fight-"

"Pictures coming up! THARPS pod transmitting. Dear God....."

The fuzzy black and white pictures were slowly coming up on the screen. The bright planet was a light grey, throwing the hideously black ShaRa ships into sharp relief. They looked alive.....
02-09-2003, 01:46
"Now hear this...Now hear this". "Man Battle Stations, charge all weapons, prepare to launch"...

Just then the Sambizie Fleet "slid" beside the right flank of the Adejaani Fleet. As the Battlecarriers came to reduced speed, some 300 "fighters" were launched and began taking defensive positions around the Fleet Ships. Two massive Destroyers "slid", above and in between the Sambizie and Adejaani Fleets. One destroyer banked hard left and took position to the "flank" of Adejaani Fleet. The other destroyer took position over the Sambizie fleet on a gradual "cross", drifting foward and pulling a substantial amount of fighters with them....
The ShaRa
02-09-2003, 02:20
The ShaRa, noticing the 2 fleets, launch 150 fighters from the moon base. The two scoutships decloak in the orbit of the base. Thelaunching fighters take position behind the scoutships and head directly towards the Sambizie Fleet, which appears to be heading towards the planet.

A voice is broadcast on the open com, but it is more of a loud "whisper", that seems to come from everywhere.

We are ShaRa...Leave our space or be destroyed...your agression will not be tolorated...

As the foreign fleets approach the airbase and planet slowly, one of the scout ships heads away from the buildup....
02-09-2003, 03:19
Commodore Jain Granger's eyes widen involuntarily at the transmission from the ShRa Fleet. "Like hell we'll leave. CAG, launch." Colonel Graham, bulky in his flight suit sprints for the door.

Words are murmured into microphones, lists and maps updated as Hammerheads, Makos, Howlers and ISSCVs launch into space. Graham's is the last to launch and he slowly takes position at the spearhead of the Adejaani fighter wings. A "modest" 480 Hammerheads, 240 Makos and 48 Howlers array, ready to fight.

"We're as ready as we'll ever be. Let's go! Begin the attack!" Granger yells as communications techs signal the Sambizie Fleet. XGM-86A "Clubber" missiles streak directly for the scout ships while the Gauss cannon and primary lasers open fire, spitting their lethal energy through the vastness of space. The fighters, warned to keep out of the firing arcs streak forward, ready to engage.....
02-09-2003, 03:23
OOC: If that Red Planet was Mars, bad move ;). You have about 2,000 capital ships between you and the planet. If it wasn't, well, have fun.

The Republic Battle Groups came out of warp on top and on the bottom of the other fleets. They spread out in a wide net, shields up and weapons charged. The three carriers began launching fighter wings which spread out to intercept range.

The fleet kept back - engagement ranged for the Republic were measured in hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Ten thousand kilometers was point-blank. They were at 200,000km from the planet.

Aboard the bridge of the 'Champion' Admiral Westminster paced the bridge. "Full sensor sweeps. Assume everything is hostile. All ships ready?" "Aye Admiral." "Good - lets make this by the book."
02-09-2003, 03:41
The Sambizie Destroyer and fighter escort bank harder towards the planet. The Destroyer quickly locks on to the "strongest" coms. signal, and fires it's massive guns. Ball of light are seen heading towards the surface and small impact signatures. As the ship pulls up, the fighters turn and engage the incoming ShaRa fighter group.

The destroyer turns and while leaving, drops 30 Infiltrator Transports, which head towards the surface of the planet....
02-09-2003, 03:57
"All ships - open fire." Admiral Westminster orders. "Tactical - engage that scout. Nothing gets away." "Aye sir." Instead of the normal single tactical officer the bridge had three. Two began targetting the smaller fighters while the senior officer targeted the scout ship.

The fleet turned as to present the most weapon arrays to the attackers - 4 Type IX phaser arrays on each ship opened fire, lances of magenta and cyan suddenly linking the ships and their targets. The 'Champion' turned as well towards the scout. It did't bother bringing all arrays to bear - the massive forward array lashed out, the beam crossing space in a heartbeat with petawatts of energy.

All the ships began to move as well, accelerating to their maximum sub-light speed of .5c.

OOC: No, we don't engage at the short ranges depicted in Star Trek, Star Wars, B5, etc. We have phasers with 100,000km accurate ranges - why engage at 1km?
02-09-2003, 03:58
A single Zoarg Battle ship decloaked directly in front of the incoming ShaRa Fighters headed towards the Sambizie Fleet. As it decloaked, the ships fighter compliment were already airborn, some 100 Phantom Class fighters, it their thrusters and began firing upon the fighters, while the Battleship began to target and fire on the scoutship.
02-09-2003, 04:01
The Elarian Fleet enters and upon seeing what is happening move in to an offensive strike , all fighters are launched from the 9 Elarian Carriers in the Fleet sending 250 Elarian Fighters screaming on intercept courses. The Elarian Transports move in with Gentari Fighter Escorts 5 Transports head for the Moon and the other 8 Transports head for the Planet. Landings commense and thousands of Elarian Warriors run out firing their Plasma Rifles and heading for their mission objectives. The Rest of the Fleet battle the ShaRa ships. It has begun...
02-09-2003, 04:04
OOC: We seem to be mucking up a bit. Let me state the following:

1: The Adejaani Fleet is more or less "cutting up" four straight lines of space (one for each carrier) and our fighters are beginning to engage (we got there first).....

2: Sambizie's ships and fighters are engaging the ShaRa, after deploying ground forces towards the planet.....

3: Sunset's Fleet is engaging at long distance and seems (despite arriving later) to have struck first

4: Zoarg's Battleship has also engaged, having dropped right in front of the ShaRa fighters headed towards Sambizie, who immediately orders his fighters to hold fire and veer off, lest he damage Zoarg's ships

5: Elara has deployed his Fleet and ground forces numbering in the thousands are deploying on the planet

And last: The lone ShaRa scout ship is, for all intents and purposes DEAD, as would be most of the fighters by now.....

The ShaRa
02-09-2003, 04:16
No sooner than when the Zoarg vessel decloaked, loud "skreeching", which provided ample feedback of every ship and fighter com. system...


The Zoarg vessel decloaked so close that some of the advanced airwing could not manuever quickly enough to avoid the vessel, thus 4 fighters "smacked" into the hull. The remainder of the fighters split up and it was a "free for all". Managing to make it through the first wave of Zoarg fighters and a second wave of Sambizie fighters, 5 ShaRa fighters headed towards the Sambizie destroyer, which was "running".

Cought completely by suprise, the Scoutship took a hit from the Adejaani Vessel. No sooner than it could move, it took another hit from the Zoarg Battleship and was destroyed. The second scoutship is hit while trying to flee first by the Adejaani then slightly by a fast moving "beam" from the Sunset Fleet.

75 fighters
1 scoutship (One heavly damanaged but still running)
1 coms. facility (Severe damage to surounding area)

The 5 fighters launch at the destroyer

There is little ShaRa presence on the surface, as we do not interact with those we oppress. There was approx. 2000 who were destroyed along with the Coms. Complex...However, The cities are empty, no citizens, but the buildings remain....
02-09-2003, 04:30
IC: Commodore Jain Granger slammed her fist on the Primary Tactical Display, not even realising scalding coffee from the mug she upset was now burning her hand. "We've got them on the run! After them! Order the Chesapeke to veer off after the remaining scout. Fighters to take out the last of the ShaRa fighters, then move in to deploy our ground forces."


Next move:

• Chesapeke moving off to try and head the Scout off (despite being much slower, is still within weapons range)
• Fighters are continuing pursuit of ShaRa fighters in a mad "Furball"
• Roughly 1200 Marines will be in transports headed for the ground


• 7 Hammerheads destroyed
• 4 Makos destroyed
• 1 Howler damaged
• Minor damage to frontal armor of the United States from stray ShaRa hit
02-09-2003, 04:46
The Tiberian , Battleships , Destroyers , Cruisers go to intercept what is left of the ShaRa fleet.

"Message to all Elarian Vessels , 3 waves of Plasma Torpedoes on my mark!" "Now!"

"Aye Commander!"

Waves of Plasma Torpedoes fire from the Elarian Ships.

Losses: 2 Gentari Fighters , 1 Detri Fighter.
02-09-2003, 04:49
The Sambizie fighters "mop" up the rest of the fighters. The large destroyer launches massive countermeasures as well as the firing of the two rear "Missile Turrets"...(Like Phalanx), just to be on the safe side as the range of a ShaRa missile are not known.

A Sambizie Coms. Ship and munition ships drop out of hyperspace and take a position to the rear of the fleets.


14 "Hammerheads"
1 Inflitrator Transport
- 1 slightly damaged
The Infiltrator Transports touched down on the outskirts of the city. To their suprise there were no people around nor ShaRa resistance, like a ghost town. "Puffs" of smoke filled the sky as "downed" fighters burned in the atmosphere. The 900 assult mechs are currently holding position in the SE sector of the city...
02-09-2003, 05:01
"Keep after them." Westminster ordered. The 'Champion' broke off from the fleet and headed for the remaining scout. As she turned blasts lanced from her starboard aft phaser array, then her mid-ships array, and finally her forward array as she came in line. "Science - full sensors on that ship. If it gets away, I want to know how..."

"Comms, open a channel to the 'Vendetta'. Have her drop out of warp 20,000km in front of her." "Aye Admiral." Behind the 'Champion' a single Cohort turned and went to warp, emerging moments later at the requested position.

The rest of the fleet ceased firing as the fighter fur-ball swarmed. "Lets give them a little suprise..." Captain Edwards aboard the 'Nemisis' said. "Take us closer - prepare to drop the shields and lock tractors onto those fighters. I suggest the rest of the 23rd do the same." 5 Cohort-Class Fleet Escorts altered course towards the fighter melee, tractor emitters online and ready to cause some havoc.
02-09-2003, 05:06
Sambizie has control of my ships until I return , had a rough day and Im not gonna have time for this until tomorrow or something.
The ShaRa
02-09-2003, 05:18
Just as the Sunset vessel locked on a tractor beam, the Elaran Missiles impacted destroying the ship. (OOC: hope you wern't too close)...

With the destruction of the last fighter and scoutship..there was a "pause" of silence from all the weaponary.

..."There was a moment, when time, stood still. Only long enough to hear": "LEAGUE OF FREE WORLDS" and see this:
...Then it was gone..The Planet of Siesana has been "Liberated"...Though the planet it yours, the people are mine....

OOC: Zoarg has been rewarded with the expansion of his "still" weak Empire...Check TG :P
02-09-2003, 05:53
OOC: Ummm...looks like I missed quite a bit :?

IC:This is Zoarg, the planet of Siesana has been liberated. However, what the ShaRa say is true...there are no citizens. The factories and munition plants are all "working", but empty.

The next ShaRa delievery is a little over a year from now. Recent reports suggest that it will take a workforce of 3000 to bring the largest of the munition plants and some security systems on-line. This can be acomplished within 3 months...It is up to you people of who wan'ts to try and hold this planet. There still may be some time for your species to return to your System and return with re-enforcements...if you wish to challenge the "Supply-Fleet?"

OOC: So who ever wan'ts this nation..TG me for the password. Also, before I forget:
14 Phantom Class Fighters
(Hull heavely damaged..Breaches on 15 decks.)
Status: Wounded
Repair time:
2 months (stationary)
4 months (moving)
-FTL capable for short time, but repairs can't be made while traveling FTL.
02-09-2003, 06:04
Colonel Graham, the CAG, strode into the Command Center to tumultuous applause, shaking hands with everyone and grinning. When things had quietened down, the Post Action Debrief began, Captain Nicholas handling the matter.

"Very nice coordination. Though our Makos didn't score any hits on the Scout, our Hammerheads did excellent work either keeping the Fighters away or swatting them out of the sky. Our coordinated firepower from all ships was excellent, too." Everyone had smiles on their faces, yes, they had done an excellent job.

But? "BUT, we used up far too many missiles and lost 11 fighters in the process. That is to be expected, but if the rate of lost aircraft and used munitions continues like this, we'd have to remove ourselves from the fight."

Commodore Granger nods. "11 aircraft lost, along with four pilots, seven were saved. Not bad for our first offensive action. We'll do better. Send messages of congratulation to the others then signal Zoarg for the next move. Dismissed."
02-09-2003, 06:52
This is the Republic of Sambizie

We have taken possesion of the the planet named Siesana. Through extensive communication with Zoarg, the following actions will take place:
-1 Carrier is ordered to return to Earth(-)Fighter wing
*The fighter wing is ordered to the moon base
*The Carriers Fighter compliment will be replaced when it arrives.
-1 Destroyer Is ordered to return to Earth (Carrier Escort)
-1 Destroyer to remain in orbit.
-1 Carrier (Full wing) to remain in orbit
-1 Comunications Ship to remain in orbit
-Sambizie will manufacture 1 JFK Carrier.

It will take the ships 6 month total to get home and back. When the Destroyer and the (2) Carriers arrive, the manufacturing plant will be operating and the Zoarg Battleship repaired. We estimate a maximum production of 14 months, (Thats when the ShaRa are scheduled to drop) to be safe we plan on only manufacturing for 8 months. The Carriers will both be filled Munitions transports filled and we will proceed in joining the Allied Fleet.

We are prepared to "restore" the Adejaani Fleet with a full fighter compliment and munitions. The remainder of the Sambizie Fleet will carry on with everyone.
02-09-2003, 06:57
OOC: Nah, tractor ranges are pretty good. So are the hull's on Republic ships.


The Admiral took a seat as the battle finished. It was his habit to pace during one. "Well, a world has been freed. Odd though - no sentients. I smell fish, and I want the sensors to go over every inch of that planet twice while we are in orbit."

"Meanwhile contact the other fleets - see if there is anything we can help them with." he finished. Then he opened a channel back to Fleet HQ to relay the news.
02-09-2003, 08:25
Commodore Granger raises her eyebrow. "Well, we've been friends with Sambizie for over two months now. I'm glad they're on our side. Transmit our gratefulness for the resupply and that we're going to be raising yet more monuments in their honor."
02-09-2003, 23:53
Battlesongs were heard across all Elarian Ships , they were proud to have finally got to test their metal in a large scale space battle. The had taken out quite a few ships and only lost three fighters , morale is high. The Warriors on the Planet and Moon returned to their Transports which soon met up with the rest of the fleet , they were satisfied to have completed key destroy missions.

"To all allied vessels , well done." "The Empire will leave 1 Elarian Battleship , 2 Elarian Cruisers , 1 Elarian Destroyer and 2 Carriers to help our Sambizie Friends defend Siesana." "The rest of the Elarian fleet will follow the Zoarg when they are prepared to the next objective." "And to any ShaRa that may intercept this message , the Blue Tide cometh."
03-09-2003, 00:15
This is Emperor Zoarg, I extend thanks for a job well done....The Zoarg Fleet will remain in orbit until the factories are online. The situation puzzles us a bit...we are unsure of where the citizens are. You see, the ShaRa will rarely "interact" within the populas, (they won't step foot on a planet "contaminated" by other species) Let alone "evacuate" or "dispose" of an entire population. Strange indeed...

Two Zoarg Recon fighters drop out of hyperspace. The Zoarg Flagship decloaks only long enough to intake the craft.

[i]We will have our next objective shortly, when the objectives are clear we will present them to eveyone.

May our path to victory only continue foward...
03-09-2003, 00:15
This is Emperor Zoarg, I extend thanks for a job well done....The Zoarg Fleet will remain in orbit until the factories are online. The situation puzzles us a bit...we are unsure of where the citizens are. You see, the ShaRa will rarely "interact" within the populas, (they won't step foot on a planet "contaminated" by other species) Let alone "evacuate" or "dispose" of an entire population. Strange indeed...

Two Zoarg Recon fighters drop out of hyperspace. The Zoarg Flagship decloaks only long enough to intake the craft.

We will have our next objective shortly, when the objectives are clear we will present them to eveyone.

May our path to victory only continue foward...
03-09-2003, 00:39
General memo, sent to the Flagships: "Once again, we thank the Sambizie Fleet for their generous offer of resupply. Unfortunately, none of the inventory currently in the Allied Fleet will stay behind to defend Siesana. However, that is not to say Adejaani will not contribute to its defense. Word has been sent home and the ANS President will be ferrying along

• 168x Hammerheads
• 96x Makos
• 16x Howlers
• 48x ISSCV

The President will not be staying, but those forces will remain to defend Siesana. The current forces will move on to the next objective. We are ready to go."
03-09-2003, 19:23
An incoming vessel id detected by the Sambizie Coms. Ship. The signal, stronger, is now detected as "friendly"...

As the initial warning wen't out..a massive ship arrived from hyperspace and decloaked.
The vessel, bearing Sambizie markings slowed to a steady stop. The Sambizian vessel opened coms.

Standby for incoming transmission

At that time 200 Hammerheads were launched from the Sambizie vessel and proceeded towards the moon air base. By the time all the craft were launched it had already been roumered that, President Uganda himself was aboard the vessel...

Secret Role Play

(From chapter 2: The Arrival)
We are in orbit sir
Extend my best to Emperor Zoarg. Open a channel to all ships...

Members of the Fleet, I am President Mwto'ar Uganda, leader of the Sambizie and Ally to you all. I present to you our Flagship: "The King Mofasa-Stanza", named after my father and grandfather...I give my thanks and the gratitude of our people for your combined effort. By now the factories on Siesana have reported to us that they are running...but barely. This will soon change...For today is a new day, for not only the Sambizie but for an Empire.

We have passed the dispatched fleet and they should be arriving to Earth very soon. When they will be by the bonds of friendship and the streanth of men, that this planet will BE Sambizie.....
We will not run...for we know they come. When "they" arrive, we the Sambizie will forever instill our name, as a name of Fear umongst the ShaRa. We will meet them with full Sambizian Might as tomorrow will be a new day as well.

Over 58 Sambizie Warships will be arriving within 2 months. Soon after, some 25 Imitorian Warships will arrive and together we will let it be known; That this is "our" space...the space of "Free Worlds"...
Mwto'ar Uganda

After the speech was over, several ISSAPC's are seen towing these in all directions towards the planet and the moonbase:
Mjolnir Remote Beam Cannon
The Mjolnir Remote Beam Cannon is the most advanced sentry gun device known. Vastly tougher and deadlier than the earlier Watchdog, Cerberus, and Alastor models, the Mjolnir is a danger to any hostile fighter or bomber that comes within range. Its two light beam weapons and three missile banks enable it to take on multiple bogeys simultaneously.

The Sambizie vessel "cloaks" and slipped into the darkness of space
04-09-2003, 20:24
We are ready to leave now. We will leave a sensor package around every planet in this system, but we do not intend to leave weapons behind that may proved useful in the days ahead.

Admiral Westminster
05-09-2003, 05:24
Secure Transmission to the Fleet

This Zoarg, I apoligize for the delay, however it was necessary to gather data on our next objective. 3 Recon Scouts have returned to the Flagship minus 1. While in the process of gathering data on our next objective, one of our scouts intercepted a transmission orginating from the planet Siesana. The pilot, monitoring ShaRa signal traffic, quickly "jamed" the signal before it was received. In doing so, the Zoarg "jamming" signature was quickly picked up by the ShaRa, and thus giving away the pilots position. While the ShaRa attempted to lock on and "probe" the information, the pilot "self-destructed" her ship. While the ShaRa made contact with the craft, the other two were able to escape. While all the data is not yet compiled, we will present it shortly.

I send my heartfelt condolances to the family of:
Lt. Jacie H. DgFre'..Her knowledge of the importance of secretcy of our arrival, extends above and beyond. She will be remembered by he friends and officers...and most importantly..The Zoarg Race. She is heraby decorated with the "Galatic Cluster" Fairwell young fought well..and your name will forever echo throughout the Empire

Intelligence Briefing:
The following is our next objective. This is Refuling Station-00SH7
This station is located within the orbit of the 'gas' Planet "Gh'Hari".
This "gas" giant is the primary source of fuel for ShaRa Vessels as they exit the Wormhole leading to Zoarg Space. When ships arrive, they will be low on fuel. In essence, the sentiant pilot will need to feed after exiting...
Rcon suggest that although we have a strong fleet, the "Total" destruction of the station, may not be accomplished. The station itself, is heavly armed, not to mention the amount of ShaRa Vessels, in this sector, that will come to defend it. There will be the slight chance that Siesana Supply Fleet may also be there refuling as well. Due to the hasty retreat of our recon craft, exact ShaRa numbers are unknown.

We are certain of this, If we attack the station,
1) ShaRa vessels will be dispatched to Siesana in effort to resupply.
2) Station destruction is not possible as we will be dealing with warships as well as station defence, however "occupation" may be an option.
3) It will be near impossible to prevent the ShaRa form entering the wormhole and reporting our presence and furthermore contain those exiting.

I come to you now and ask how the majority wish to proceed....

End Transmission
05-09-2003, 05:53
IC: Jain Granger looks out the large panoramic windows of the Senior Officer's Lounge as two ships appear out of the void. The leadership back at home had applauded the actions of the Fleet thus far. With new ships being constructed, the Adejaani battlegroup numbered six, once these two new arrivals join the formation. Granger stares at her reflection in the window, a second star adorning her collar. Rear Admiral.

"So..... What do we do now?" Granger asks, five minutes later, back in the Command Center of the Constitution. The Zoarg transmission had come in earlier. XO Nicholas and CAG Graham were both still silent, so Granger makes her own recommendation.

"Memo to the Fleet. Transmit it to the Flagships. Our condolences too to the Zoarg pilot, who bravely sacrificed her life to gain this hard won information. Your sacrifice will not be in vain. Back to the matter at hand. Based upon the little information gathered, the Adejaani forces propose thus:

• Attack the station 'as planned'
• The Siesana occupation force will ambush those ShaRa vessels attempting to resupply

However, what of the problem of the ShaRa entering the wormhole? Perhaps the only alternative is to find the other end of the wormhole and enter it, thus the ShaRa vessels will have that mode of exit blocked. OR, because Adejaani vessels utilise wormhole drives, one ship will remain at the mouth of the wormhole, generating our own wormhole. Any ShaRa ships attempting to escape will be led back to the Siesana occupation force.

We await further comments or instructions. Regards, Rear Admiral Jain Granger, Adejaani Fleet."

OOC: Adejaani forces now stand at:

Six Battle Carriers

• ANS Constitution SCVB-1
• ANS Constellation SCVB-2
• ANS United States SCVB-3
• ANS Philadelphia SCVB-4
• ANS President SCVB-5
• ANS Chesapeke SCVB-6

Total aircraft

• 1008x SA-43 Hammerhead
• 576x SB-43 Mako
• 96x SEA-43 Howler
• 288x ISSCV
05-09-2003, 06:09
Transmitting Message

Adejaani Fleet Command:

Would your vesels need to be stationary while generating a wormhole?
Also the opening would place you within range of the Station's defence systems.

If a wormhole could be generated by your vessel, is it possible to calculate the exit, as we do know of a's called Fryt's I. What is the range? We could also redirect the ShaRa towards Siesana, but we would need to "split" the fleet as to ensure that they are destroyed. If we are over run on Siesana, we could be faced with a possible attack from behind.

However we are considering all options at this time.
05-09-2003, 06:57
Transmitted message to the Zoarg (copied to all Fleet Commands)

"The ship generating the wormhole would need to be stationary and would be at great risk. However, it is a necessary evil to make sacrifices in war. The other five ships of the Adejaani Fleet will do everything it can to protect this 'decoy'. The primary crux of the problem is this: A wormhole pretty much has to be generated in a 'straight line'. Therefore, to open a wormhole, one end 'on top of' the ShaRa wormhole and the other at the black hole. The ship would journey from the black hole to the station and remain there. It should, of course, be noted that the ship would pretty much block up the wormhole (it was calculated that it would have to remain right in the center to maintain the connection). Thus, its only true function, after a few simulations, would serve to block the wormhole as a ShaRa means of escape, not a diversionary tactic, unfortunately. However, it is estimated the wormhole will remain open for approximately two minutes after the ship leaves or is destroyed."
05-09-2003, 10:06
The wormhole to nowhere idea is quite clever - we might be able to assist there. If we could monitor your wormholes forming and collapsing we might be able to keep it open through remote application of the same energy that opened it. If the idea is successful we might be able to use it to destroy their incoming reinforcements instead. Far more efficient that destroying a couple scouts.

As far as the station goes, we should preserve it if possible. If the Sha'Ra do not shield their stations it's capture will be simple. If they do, we'll have to knock the shields down first.
05-09-2003, 14:32
OOC: Dang, it's so late at night. :?

IC: Transmitted message to the Sunset Fleet (and copied to the others)

"All pertinent information regarding the generation of wormholes is being transmitted. However, based on empirical experiments, the large amount of energy, plus the closeness of effects generally require the ship to remain in the mouth of the wormhole and use most of the power generated aboard to keep such a wormhole open. However, if you can find any way to circumvent this, go right ahead."

Transmitted message to Zoarg Flagship

"It is most interesting, we wish to raise a question. A wormhole was mentioned for the ShaRa to traverse great distances. What is the ShaRa Fleet's primary method of FTL travel? It might give us insight on how to stop them from escaping."
07-09-2003, 15:59
Transmission from Tiberian to the allied fleet.

"Elarian Warriors will be more than happy to seize the Space Station with minimal damage to it." "Once we have it their own space station could be turned against them." "The Elarian Fighters will have to protect the Shuttlecraft carrying the Warriors to the Station though , so they wont be able to help the rest of the fleet until the Warrior's Shuttles are docked." "Now then your probably thinking the shielding of the station would prevent the shuttles from getting through , well in normal cases youd be right." "My Engineers have developed a new type of torpedoe that will lower the shield for 3-5 seconds." "But once the shuttles are set up , the fighters providing cover , the Tiberian will fire the Torpedoe and the Shuttles will boost in just before the shielding returns." "Elarian Warriors are not a thing to mess with , the base will be infiltrated by so many Warriors it will be impossible for the ShaRa to keep it." "We understand the risk that alot of Elarian Warriors might and probably will die , no Elarian has backed down from this mission , we understand how crucial it is." "And so that is the first objective for the Elarians , or Elarans as some of you call us."

Transmission Ended.
07-09-2003, 17:01
The Sambizie Re-enforcements have arrived to the planet of Siesana. The Fleet consist of:

7 - Constitution Class
3 - JFK Class

2 - Roland Class
2 - Orion Class

5 - Fenris Class
2 - Aelous Class
4 - Leviathon Class (Heavy)
4- Diemos Class
10 - Dreadnought Clas (Heavy)

10 - Poseidon Class
4 - Northampton Class

1 - Communications Ship
10 - Munition Ships
4 - Medical Ships
15 - Northampton Class Freighters
1 - Macross Class Carrier
5 - Urauga Class Carriers
5 - Guantanomo Class Carriers
10 - Tellius Class Colony Ships (40,000 workers and technitions)

As you can see, we should be able to defend this planet and moon base. There are currently 20 Remote Beam Cannons orbiting the moon and planet. We have an additional 20 that will be launched within a matter of hours. There will be another fleet arriving from Milesia. The Sambizie Fleet will stay and safeguard the planet as this will no doubt become the means of the coalitions resupply after battle. More factories are coming online as we speak.

We feel that, when the next objective is met, we will then advance the Fleet as the planet will be secured and the ShaRa threat in the area would have been elimated.

07-09-2003, 17:45
OOC: Milesia you have been added and are free to join. The reason I put Invite only was to keep the numbers down, as The ShaRa are pretty much in it by themselves and also to keep the "warmongers"

IC:Transmission to the Fleet Commanders

Upon review, the following Fleet priorities will take place.

Adejaani: Your Fleet will attempt to secure the wormhole. The "incoming" ShaRa, if possible, will be diverted to the planet Siesana whereas the Sambizie Fleet will engage them.

Sunset: Engage all warships in the area while providing "cover" fire for the Adejaani and Elarian ships.

Elara: Secure a "staging" area and mobilize a "boarding" party for the station. Provide cover fire for Sunset and Adejaani fleet ships. Board the station and disable the power supply, this will disable Station's Defence. We will bring the station online at the conclusion of the battle...hopefully.

Sambizie: Continue to manufacture on the planet surface, Destroy ALL incoming ShaRa when the battle starts. "Filter" in supply vessels and re-enforcements when aplicable.

The Zoarg Fleet will will jump out of hyperspace first. We will decloak, then attempt draw the ShaRa warships away from the station to the farside of the planet. Delay your "jumps" at 15 second intervals.

Remember...The 1st Priority is the protection of the Adejaani Vessel blocking the wormhole. If this fails, we may be over run and the Sambizie Fleet won't be able to renforce us for some time. Good luck to us all and may the stars once again guid and protect us.


Spacial Grid: 829.001 Mark: 001/285

NOTE: These co-ordinates will place us "directly" near the station, planet and wormhole. You may be taking fire from different directions at first...Kepp your Fleets together and and remember you objectives. This is a "LOW" stress jump and your fighters can jump seperate from the Fleetships.

We are launching our craft now and "forming" up the ranks. Notify Zoarg Command when you are ready...GOOD LUCK!


OOC: Milesia, you can dispatch your fleet towards the station.
07-09-2003, 17:57
{Opening Comm line...Comm line open}

{Securing Comm line..Secured}

{Start encrypted transmission}

{Office of Star Command}

The Milesian fleet to soon arrive will consist of:

2 Badb class Battleship Carriers with 400 Demons as an airwing
SS Badb (flagship)
SS Mesgedra
Image:The SS Badb ( (I can’t get a good place to let me post the pics here so)

5 Morrigan class Heavy Cruisers
SS Morrigan
SS Partholon
SS Medb
SS Mata
SS Dagdha
Image: The SS Morrigan on a long range test run. (

8 Macha class Medium Cruisers
SS Macha
SS Mac Cecht
SS Laighin
SS Godeu
SS Clud
SS Goll
SS Glenn
SS Forgall
Image:The SS Macha on it’s shakedown cruise (

Image: The SS Macha in action (

14 Balrog class Light Cruisers
SS Balrog
SS Lugaid
SS Imbolc
SS Eanair
SS Feabhra
SS Marta
SS Aibrean
SS Meitheamh
SS Cigfa
SS Cliondna
SS Uail
SS Ilbhreach
SS Bridge
Image:The SS Balrog on an intra-solar run (

These ships are equipped with Particle Impactors, String Detectors (sensors), String Disruptors (they can manipulate the 1D building blocks of the universe:only for defence, it'd be godmodding otherwise) CPB (Close Pulse Batteries for defending against incoming projectiles) and Kinetic Missiles (Sabre Mk1)

We await your orders
Conan Skye,
Star Command,
Milesian Permanent Defence Forces.

{End secure trnasmission}

{Closing Comm lin}

EDIT: Made it look nicer, and added in Commlink
The ShaRa
07-09-2003, 18:03
OOC: OMG we are "up" and running again :lol:

OK, I've got some catching up to do and some secret RP stuff...You can post your "strategy" and whatnot..don't'll be ignored :(

I'll be back in a couple hours (CAUSE SOME OF US "DO" HAVE TO WORK ON SUNDAY---ZOARG, SAMBIZIE :P )

Be back in a bit...BTW: Did anyone else figure out that formula besides Sambizie? If you can "somewhat" identify it, TG me before the battle and I may go easy on you :evil: :twisted: :twisted:
07-09-2003, 18:22
Opening Transmission to Allied Fleet.

"The Elarian fleet stands ready as stated earlier a few of our vessels will remain behind to assist our Sambizie friends." "Best of luck to us all." "ShaRa , the Blue Tide cometh." "Kelak Zunetii!"

Transmission Ended.
The ShaRa
07-09-2003, 21:44
*secret rp*

Upon arrival to "Grid 184", The two ShaRa warships drop from hyperspace, outside a tiny red planet, and within viewing range of a ShaRa scoutship...
One of the warships open communication to the scout....
The spacial anomoly will occur within 3 minutes...
"How long will it last?"
5 minutes...

Seconds before the anomoly occured the folowing was noted on the instrument panel:
One warship and the scoutship entered the anomoly, while the other warship headed to the planets surface...

As the ShaRa Scout landed on the surface, the ship encountered interfearance with the ships systems. The Bridge Elder promptly sent a distress signal to the other Scout, fighters and the ShaRa homeworld. The ship was then forced to lower landing gear and promptly landed. The co-ordinates and "some" system information were also dispatched.

The scout and fighters exited the spacial anomoly with slight hull damage. The vessels started to take pelimanary readings and gathered data of the area. It had appeared that the have arrived from where they orginated from. The ship tried to open a channel to the ShaRa homeworld, but it could not connect. Upon several tries, the vessel tried to "connect" to the othe other scoutship..but failed. The two fighters were recalled to Scout.

5 minutes had passed and the anomoly did not reappear. The Scout and the fighter escort traveled to the planets surface in order to recover the scout. After several sensor other vessel could be detected. The bridge Elder, seeing the instruments going "haywire", had made the decesion to return to the closest "occupied" station..."Refueling Station-00SH7" .
The Snel Race
07-09-2003, 22:32
CONCENSUS:: Disabling such a facility should not be difficult. A Single Shadowcraft, equipped with nanophage, shall be our contribution.
08-09-2003, 01:02
OOC: Let's kick things off

IC: The ANS Constitution slips out of the wormhole, the ship shuddering slightly. "Must be aftereffects from the Black Hole." The Science Officer calls out. ANS Philadelphia is the last to arrive, generating the wormhole and staying there. As predicted, the Philadelphia's wormhole is doing its job. Anyone entering the wormhole would get really close to a black hole and be sucked in, forever lost in time.

"Order the Chesapeke, President and the Constellation to protect the Philadelphia. We're dead if she's destroyed. The Constitution and the United States will be on attack, but staying close to defend. So..... Get to it. Launch!"

OOC: The wormhole defensive Fleet is positioned like thus:
The ShaRa
08-09-2003, 04:37
secret rp

The ShaRa vessels jump from hyperspace at the designated co-ordinates. Data suggest that they should be right on top of the station, but they are not...

Where is the station, why can't we see it?
I don't know sir...
Continue scans..
Yes sir...

Several minutes pass and still no sign of the refueling station. The fighters have conducted surface scans of the planet as well.

What do you mean it is gone?
Sir it is...
Who would have such technology to destroy the station...Zoarg?
Sir there are no signs of residual fire..or anything for that matter...
What are you trying to say young one?
Th..the station...if it was here is long gone...perhaps the Emperor had it moved...
YOU do NOT speak for the Emperor...I suggest you mind yourself. Set an immediate course for the wormhole...S..sir? The anomoly is not present...

The bridge Elder promptly decapitates the younger ShaRa. He moves the carcus over and takes his position behind the sensor panel. After putting in several codes and commands the Elder looks around the bridge. He manualy enteres the wormhole co-ordinates and relays them to the rest of the bridge

*under breath*I know it is there...
08-09-2003, 10:57
OOC: Well, clearly it was not Mars... Good thing that.

The Republic fleet dropped out of warp in their assigned position. Immediatly noticable was the lack of a station. "Well that was easy." Westminter commented. "No enemy, no station. Science?" "Sweeping the system and known flight paths. Nothing yet." "Keep an eye out then - smells like fish."
The ShaRa
08-09-2003, 14:45
OOC: Well, clearly it was not Mars... Good thing that.

The Republic fleet dropped out of warp in their assigned position. Immediatly noticable was the lack of a station. "Well that was easy." Westminter commented. "No enemy, no station. Science?" "Sweeping the system and known flight paths. Nothing yet." "Keep an eye out then - smells like fish."

OOC: Well actually it was Mars...and there is a station. Perhaps I confused a few of you with the secret rp. I don't wan't to give the plot away as of yet..but the secret RP stuff is a "set up" for an additional RP later on. You see, the formula that "appeared" on the instrument panels, relates to the "space time continuim". Trust me, the station is there "in our time"....Sunset, does the year 2065 ring a bell?

Anyways, when Zoarg enters we'll Also Adejaani, in case I misread this...You have created an artificial wormhole within a wormhole? Just some FYI: The blackhole of Fryt's I is VERY far away. In fact...the exit of the original wormhole is approx. 6 months away. (Yes 6 months of wormhole travel) The exit will place you within the Zoarg is there that a jumpgate had been constructed "leading" to the blackhole. I doubt that your wormhole "generator" could reach such a distance, If I'm wrong, I'm sorry.

Again, sorry for the confusion..the secret rp stuff should be ignored and no basis for conclusions.
08-09-2003, 14:56
OOC: Wooosh :shock:

The Zoarg Fleet arrives at the co-ordinates. The bulk of the Fleet "peal" off towards the Gas Giant along with the fighter groups. The Battleships begin to fire in the direction of the ShaRa vessels, however still out of range....

OOC: wheres G. (sambizie)?
08-09-2003, 17:00
The Elarian fleet arrives behind the Zoarg fleet fighters are launched and in the Elarian ships Warriors board the Shuttles and prepare for battle.
09-09-2003, 01:21
OOC: I'm confused too. LOL

The physics may be a bit faulty, but the Philadelphia started from the Fryt I black hole and travelled six months (:P) to the coordinates Zoarg gave us and the Philly's wormhole is now "on" the other one.

As for the stability of the wormhole, it's fine, but there's no mention that it won't degrade halfway through the fight. :wink:
09-09-2003, 02:05
OOC: ShaRa: Ok, I got you. I see where it's going.

Westminster sat bolt upright in his bed. 'Weird Dream...' He pulled on his uniform and headed to the bridge, grabbing a burrito out of the replicator. "Are we almost there?" he asked as he took his chair. "Almost. We are just about to drop out of warp." "Battle stations then - let's get ready to fry us up some tentacle ships."

The Republic fleet dropped out of warp 10 minutes later. The crew were at their stations rested and fed. A great way to start a battle. Target's were aqquired moments later and the great beams began to pour their energy across open space. This time the fighters were not launched - their job was fire support and the fighters would get in the way. They stood by just in case any enemy fighters came near though.

"Swing us wide on the right - flank them." Westminster ordered. This would also bring more arrays to bear. Energy flowed through the magnetic tunnels between the anti-matter core and the phaser arrays - enough energy to disentigrate the ship in a heartbeat if it were freed. The energy lanced out at the opposing ships, covering the advance on the station.
The Snel Race
09-09-2003, 23:08
Just behind the Sunset ships, a single 3-meter wide Shadowcraft appeared. Surprisingly, it looked a lot like a smaller version of one o' them ShaRa ships, but with only 6 arms.

Totally black, and totally unpowered, it was insible against the background of space, comnig into view only as an occasional shadow, floating ever closer to the station.
The ShaRa
10-09-2003, 04:49
OOC: Station-00SH7 Specifications & Defence Force:

Location: In orbit above the "Gas Giant" Gh'Hari

Length: 5.7 miles
Width: 3.15 miles
Height: 1.95 miles
Weight: 150,338,515 metric tons

Computer Type: Classified
Transporters: 75 Standard, 60 Cargo

Personnel Complement: crew 5000, soldiers 5000 std (600+ addl cap)
Scout/Shuttle craft: 200 std, 150 maint, 350 max cap.
-Shuttles equiped with cloaking and laser technology.
Ships: 2 Destroyers, 3 Battleships, 4 Cruisers, and 4 Carriers are assigned to the station.

Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: None
Emergency Speed: 1/4 Impulse

Weapons Data:
350 Phaser Arrays
600 Torpedo Launchers

Shield & Deflector: The deflector system is the primary defense system on all stations. It is a series of powerful deflector shields that protect both the spacecraft and its crew from both from both natural and artificial hazards.

Emergency Cloaking Device: The station is equipped with an Emergency War Order (EWO) Cloaking device. This gives the station the capability to disguise itself during an attack on the base that threatens the lives on the station.

Station Layout:
- Operations - Located on top of the station. This is where all higher functions of the ship are run. The Elder's Ready Room and the Conference room are adjacent to the large Operations center. The only access to the Operation Center is by transporter, turbolift or maintenance tubes.

- Decks 1-15 - These are located in the middle of the station. Decks 1-5 are where most of the Operational Divisions are located; Sick Bay, Science, Engineering, and Tactical. This is also where you can access the internal and external docking bays. Decks 6-15 are where you can find individual quarters and the three promenades.

- Security Section - This section is located on the bottom of the station. All security related items are located there; Detention Cells, Station Monitoring, and all weapons storage. The only access to the Security Section is by transporter, turbolift or maintenance tubes.

- Internal Docking Bays - A large internal docking bay has replaced the center of the station. It is capable of containing two ShaRa ships that belong to Emperor plus an extra bay for V.I.P vessels. The bay door is the only access to the bay for ships. Personnel inside the station can gain access to the internal ship bay via several locations on Deck 15, as well as via transporter, turbolift or maintenance tubes.

Directly above the cargo bays are the four shuttle bays, ship and shuttle maintenance and flight control center. The center itself is located in the middle of the area set aside for the shuttle bays with four walls radiating outward from it. The walls separate the four shuttle bays from each other. The shuttle bay may be accessed from several locations on Deck 1, as well as via transporter, turbolift or maintenance tubes. There are four sets of lifts in the central maintenance and flight control area that run between the shuttle bays, cargo bays and ship bay.

- Cargo Bays - The cargo bays are located in the core of the station, beneath the ship bay and above the shuttle bays. They fill a large portion of the core decks 2 - 14. Space on those decks is also reserved for personal storage space for crew and residents of the station, as well as much larger areas utilized by the businesses on the promenade and others, such as miners and traders, who have chosen to use the station as a base of operations.

Main access to the cargo and storage areas is via several areas on deck 7. The cargo and storage areas may also be accessed via transporter, turbolift or maintenance tubes. Most movement of goods between the ships/shuttles and the storage areas is accomplished by transporters controlled by personnel in the flight control center or, in those cases where persons are moving their own cargo to or from their own vessels and cargo/storage areas, individual ships and shuttles. In the latter case, however, such cargo must have been previously inspected and cleared by designated station personnel before the transfer takes place. The cargo and storage areas are equipped with tansporter interference grid technology to prevent theft via transporter.

- External Docking - There are 8 external docking pylons suitable for mid- to large-size ships. A maximum of five vessels may be docked at each pylon at any given time. The ports are arranged on the pylons so that there is both an upper and a middle port on the external side, as well as an upper port on the internal side, a dorsal port and a ventral port. The dorsal and ventral ports are designed to accommodate ships with bottom or top airlocks, respectively. Each docking collar is equipped with a universal docking mechanism. Smaller spaceships may be docked in the internal shuttle bays.

***NOTE*** All docking procedures are run from the station via the use of tractor beams but manual docking is possible if system is down.

ShaRa Ships

Length : 1000 - 2000 m
Mass : unknown
Fighters : 80
Powersource : Hyperspace Tap

Weaponsystem :
- 3x Heavy Plasma Cannons.
- 1x Jump Point Disrupter
- 4x Energy Mine launcher
- 3x Quantum Discharge cannons
Defense system : Bio-Organic armored hull
- Shields
- Tractor Beams
- Phased Hyperspace Cloaking Device

Length : 286m
Mass : 63 metric tons
Fighters: 20
Infantry: 350
Acceleration : 2 km/s^2
Powersource : Quantum Gravitic reactor

Weapon system :
- 2x Heavy Neutron Cannons
- 4x Energy Mine launcher
- 6x Neutron cannons
Defense system :
- 2.7 m armored hull
- Gravitic Energy Grid
- Phased Hyperspace Cloaking Device

Length : 3316m
Mass : 280 million metric tons
Fighters : 140
Powersource : Quantum Gravitic reactor

Weaponsystem :
- 2x Fusion Beam cannons
- 4x Neutron cannons
- 2x Quantum Discharge cannons
Defensesystem :
- 8 meter armored hull
- Gravitic Energy Grid
- Phased Hyperspace Cloaking Device

Length : 15m
Mass : unknown
Acceleration : 10 km/s^2
Powersource : Hyperspace Tap

Weaponsystem :
- 1x Quantum Bolt cannon
Defensesystem :
- Bio-Armor
- Deflector Shielding (light)
- Tractor Beams

Additional ships and equipment in the area:
- 16x Destroyers
- 8x Battleships
- 15x Carriers
- 27x Supply ships
- 12x Scout ships
- 52x Cloaked Heavy Turret Cannons (placed within the "rings" of Gh'Hari)

The ShaRa Station goes to full alert when the fleet arrived from hyperspace. A message was dispatched to all ShaRa outpost informing them of the invation. The Fleet had dropped out of hyperspace dangerously close to the station, but still some distance before the wormhole. The "ring" turrets" began to fire. (due to the close jump, some turrets are behind and to the sides of the fleet ships).

Destroyers, and Battleships positioned themselves in fron of the station providing fire for the 1000+ incoming fighters. The Carriers move slightly above and behind the station covering the flanks along with heavy Cruisers. An additional 600 fighters are launched from each flank. 1 Battleship and 2 Cruisers, move from formation and start an intercept course towards the Zoarg Fleet.

During the "turret" attacks, several groups of fighters deploy in effort to seperate the fleetships. The Warships remain in place while dodging incoming fire. Station defence is on-line and targets the Leadship of the Elarian fleet as well as the Mielisa(sp) Fleet. Some 300 torpedoes are launched at each ship within a matter of 5 seconds. A flurry of plasma, fusion, and quantium discharge fill the vastness of space. The "bunching" of the fleet makes it an easy target....
10-09-2003, 05:37
OOC: Here we go :roll:

IC: "Fire! Keep firing!" Rear Admiral Jain Granger hung on as the Constitution shuddered, not just from the evasive maneuvers, but from the withering hail of enemy weapons. Defensive jammers and anti missile/torpedo systems score hits on the ShaRa torpedoes. In return, the Adejaani Fleet returns fire, exchanging volley for volley.

Though the tremendous energy readings outside is preventing anyone from keeping score well.

"LOOK!" Someone points to a monitor. Time seems to stop as an Adejaani fighter (probably a Mako) spins out of control. Everyone in the command center watched, absolutely horrified, as the Mako kept spinning and crashed straight into the engines of the Chesapeke.

It must have set off a chain reaction, because the Chesapeke started listing, small explosions dotting the hull. And before anyone could take another blink, the Chesapeke exploded and broke apart.

But there was more. A large section of the remains soared "downward", slicing off the upper superstructure of the President. Granger opened her mouth to call for a report when a massive hit blew out the console she was standing near, plunging her world into darkness.....

OOC: She'll live, though. :P

Here's how badly the Adejaani Fleet has been hurt:

• The Chesapeke is a goner. Totally destroyed, but her Air Wing is in play
• The President has lost her superstructure. Despite this, the ship is functional and the alternate command center is active, though the ship is pretty much a sitting duck (she won't move again until after the battle)
• Every other ship in the Adejaani Fleet has been damaged in some way, though not really serious.
• Fighter combat losses currently stand at: 4 Hammerheads; 3 Makos
10-09-2003, 05:54
The Zoarg fleet takes immediate fire from the turrets. 200 fighters are launched and head towards the asteroid field in effort to disable the turrets. The turret fire is avoided by the fighters but not the larger fleetships. With the combination of turret, fighter and beam weapons, the ships take a heavy pounding...

Damnit, reposition the fleet, get us out of the range of those turrets
Aye sir..
Cloak the fleet!
Sir the fighters are right on top of us...
Return Fire...Return Fire!!!
All batteries open sir...firing!
Launch all fighters...get them on those turrets...NOW!
Aye sir...all fighters launching

There are now over 350 "Phantom" class fighters targeting the turrets as the fleetships deal with incoming fire and fighters. With the "mass" amounts of fire emmulating from the turrets, fighters and fleetships, the Commander stated..."It's a godamn hornet's nest...tell the Fleets to "open up...NOW"....

18 Fighters
Cruiser- Heavy damage- adrift.
Battleship- Operational-minor hull damage
Heavy Cruiser - Heavy damage - disengaging...returning to Siesana.

700 additional fighters now launched..
The ShaRa
10-09-2003, 06:18
The ships continue to fire in an unrelenting manner, those that have been disabled, make it a point to set a course, smacking into the hulls of the various ships. As space fills with flame and furry, ShaRa vessels attempt to stand their ground.
Losses from Zoarg and Adejaani fire:
- 75 fighters
- 3 Scoutships
- 1 Destroyer
- Battleship damaged-inoperational
- 1 Heavy Cruiser
- 38 Heavy Turrets

OOC: I'll waite until the rest of the fleet responds. Over 600 torpedoes were launched as well as the fire from 350 phaser arrays focused towards the Elarian fleet.
10-09-2003, 06:33
In orbit around Siesana, the Sambizie Coms. ship relays the battle to the Fleet. ("We're hit! Engines going critical! She's gonna blow!")...It has been decided that the Sambizie Attack group will proceed to the battle area. Units deployed are:
7 - Constitution Class
3 - JFK Class

2 - Roland Class
2 - Orion Class

5 - Fenris Class
2 - Aelous Class
4 - Leviathon Class (Heavy)
4- Diemos Class
10 - Dreadnought Clas (Heavy)

10 - Poseidon Class
4 - Northampton Class

The support group will maintain Planetary defence.
10-09-2003, 06:45
Der Fuhrer Samuel von DeutchReich on the request of his allies has decided to join his friends in the liberation of Zoarg territory. We are currentply sending:

(10) Sudean Frigates
(20) Sudean transports
5,000 Panzer Grenadiers
1,400 Sturm Troopen

To aid in their cause. They should arrive to the battlefield in 1rl day.
Shara prepare yourselves for the fight of lifetime.

"Gott Mit Ihr!"
-Fuhrer Samuel von DeitchReich
10-09-2003, 06:59
Der Fuhrer Samuel von DeutchReich on the request of his allies has decided to join his friends in the liberation of Zoarg territory. We are currentply sending:

(10) Sudean Frigates
(20) Sudean transports
5,000 Panzer Grenadiers
1,400 Sturm Troopen

To aid in their cause. They should arrive to the battlefield in 1rl day.
Shara prepare yourselves for the fight of lifetime.

"Gott Mit Ihr!"
-Fuhrer Samuel von DeitchReich

OOC: This battle is taking place in interplanetary space. You're a bit too far from home. Nevertheless, Adejaani reinforcements in the form of transports are headed to Siesana (our first victory location) and your troops are free to hitch a ride.
10-09-2003, 07:24
Atrian rises from his seat , they had only just arrived and already they had the largest fight the Imperial fleet had ever saw.

You there! Launch Countermeasures! Evasive Maneuvers , move away and tell the Carriers to launch all fighters! All ships open fire , all weapons!

Countermeasures launched! Sir the fleet understand your orders , they are being followed immediately!

As the ships launch countermeasures many of the torpedoes and fire still gets trhough and being pounding away on the Elarian Fleet many ships shielding goes down and onboard the Tiberian sparks fly as the shields collapse and damage is taken.

Sir! Fighters launched approximately 197 launched. Several ships reporting heavy damage ,....we lost some.

Alright now that we have good position , fire nonstop. Lets give them some hell , tell the fighters concentrate on those Battleships and Cruisers. We need to open space for our landing party.

Yes Commander it is done.

Elarian Fleet Losses:

- 1 Battleship

- 1 Destroyer

- 1 Cruiser

- 9 Gentari Fighters

- 7 Detri Fighters


Elarian Ships orbiting Siesana , aboard the ship Eritas.

Nothing , nothing at all......I hope all is well at the second objective.

Fear not Commander , the combined fleets together cannot be stopped , Im sure of it.

Yes , Im sure it is. Honestly I doubt we'll see much action in this defense mission.


8 Mwto'ar Class Frigates have left the station Kebrel in Imperial Territory to meet up with the Allied Fleet , they should arrive in 1 RL day.
10-09-2003, 08:10
"Concentrate fire on the Battleships - We need to eliminate the greatest source of firepower first." Westminster ordered. He had begun pacing the bridge even as the first shot had landed on the shields. The tactical officers switched targets and streams of phaser fire ripped towards the battleships.

"Launch fighters. Intercept missions." Westminster ordered as fighters pressed near. The carriers began to stream out wings of fighters. The sleek DA-100's picked their targets and began to engage the opposing fighters.

"We need to give the Snel ship an opportunity. On my mark, all ships are to engage the Sha'Ra with torpedos. Wide spread - chaos and distraction. Mark..." The fleet suddenly opened up with their forward torpedo arrays, sending a massive wash of torpedos across the intervening space in a heartbeat. "Good - now for the confusion. 43rd, go to warp. Drop out here..." Westminster indicated a point roughly 90 degrees and 100,00km from the main Sha'Ra force. "Engage for 30 seconds, then rejoin the main fleet."

The entire 43rd SBG went to warp. They would have to circle around, but shortly they would come out on the Sha'Ra's flank.
The ShaRa
10-09-2003, 15:19
"Incoming"! The torpedoes reached their targets, some went screaming by the fleet as others puonded the hulls of various vessels. The majority impacted on two of the Stations Battleships, while a cruiser was caught in the crossfire.

Target the drifting vessels...

Station defences open fire and launched an additional 600 torpedoes, 300 at the drifting Zoarg vessel and 300 towards the Adejaani vessel. The 8 Battleships split into groups of 4, one group to the left and one to the right of the station. the other remained near the station and continued to fire, targeting any ship.

The Destroyers and Carriers move to create a 1/2 circle, behind and slightly above the station. the Battleships pull in behind the "line". Station defence continues to launch vollies of torpedoes and lasre fire through the center of the battle area as the other vessels continue to fill space with their weaponary...

"Target the vessel that fired those torpedoes..."

In a single "unified" burst all ships fired upon the Sunset vessel...then comensing attack on the "drifters".

Orgin: ShaRa Homeworld

Re_en*static* hve b_en dis_pa_ched....Pri_o_rity: 0096...Auth_ri_ed, Hold T_e li_ne

The Elder stood upright, asking to confirm priority 0096. Upon confirmation, a "holo" counter appeared above the main viewing screen:
1:59:59 The numbers counted down....

2 - Battleships
2 - Cruisers
82- Fighters
10 - Turrets
2 - supply ships
3- Scout ships
10-09-2003, 18:00
Atrian walks to the Comm Officer.

Can you find a way to contact those ShaRa vessels?

I believe so Overlord , I do not know if theyll recieve it or not but I an try.

Well then do it , audio and visual if possible.

Yes Overlord....your

Atrian turns to the screen and walks slowly to it.

Well,.....warrior to warrior we finally meet. Ever hear of Shakespeare where you come from? I doubt it but in any case , to be or not to be is the question you found yourself at right now.

Atrian turns to an officer on the bridge.

Ten volleys , every ship , plasma torpedoes whilst at the same time cannons continue fire.

The officer nods and the Comm Officer sends the information to the other ships as Atrian turns to the screen again.

Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!

Atrian makes a signal to his comm officer and the transmission ends as all Elarian vessels are firing their volleys.

Elarian Fleet Losses:

Gentari Fighters: 4

Detri Fighters: 3


Vessels Currently in this combat:

- 13 Elarian Battleships

- 7 Elarian Cruisers

- 6 ElarianDestroyers

- 7 Elarian Carriers

- 13 Elarian Transports

- Launched Elarian Fighters = 190


Defending Siesana with Sambizie Fleet:

- 1 Elarian Battleship

- 2 Elarian Cruisers

- 1 Elarian Destroyer

- 2 Elarian Carriers carrying 50 Elarian Fighters.


Ships coming to meet the fleet:

- 8 Mwto'ar Class Frigates
11-09-2003, 07:26
OOC: The entire fleet opened up with their torpedos, thus your description didn't make any sense ;).

"Brace for incoming fire!" Energy splashed across the shields as the torpedos struck their targets. Westminster watched the opposing fleet shuffle for a moment. "Admiral - 'Arlington' reports primary and secondary shields depleted. Their impulse drives are out." "Order 'Nemenor' to lock tractors on them and tow them around the planet. In fact - all ships are to follow. Order the 43rd to alter course to join us. Full speed."

The fleet wheeled and accelerated around the giant, attempting to use it for cover. Westminster pulled up the fleet info. "Order the 'Numenor' between the opposing fleet and the 'Arlington'. Her shields are in good shape. Science - calculate a 'sling' shot for the rear torpedo arrays. As we round the horizon I want to arc torpedos from the rear arrays into the opposing fleet."

"Admiral - a suggestion." Westminster's Tactical Officer spoke up. "Yes?" "Use the tractors to sling asteroids at them as we pass - additional targets." "Excellent - contact the fleet and have them put it into action."

OOC: 1/2 of the ships are on secondary deflectors now and of course the Arlington is disabled. 15 fighters have been lost - they have not been in the thick of the fighting though.
The ShaRa
11-09-2003, 19:59
OOC: The entire fleet opened up with their torpedos, thus your description didn't make any sense ;).

OOC: I acknowledged that some, not all, had destroyed a few ships. If they are not "homing" it is doubtfull that "all" of them hit. Some "wizzed" by the ships and others hit the ships. The vessels are spread out and positioning themselves.

The ShaRa noting that a fleet has altered course towards the planet, decides to hold position by the station.

Sir we should attack them...
You will do as I order, HOLD position. Concentrate fire on the wounded vessels. Instruct the pilots to destroy all fighter pods in the area....
Yes Elder...
It appears that the Fleet will not be arriving, prepare to evacuate the gates SH287, SH288, and SH289. The last ships through will commence with priority 0087 (destruction of the gates).
Yes Elder...sending orders to all ships now...will they follow us?
If they do they will surely die and forever be our space
Yes Elder...orders have been confirmed.

The ShaRa fleet positions itself in a manner that the smaller, faster ships, move in front of the larger ones. Massive firepower from incoming missiles and lasers take a heavy toll on the smaller ships and fighters, However, several ships manage to escape through the 3 jumpgates that are now open.

All Vessels...continue firing and proceed to the gates, fighters are to provide cover for the fleet...sacrifice yourselfs for the Emperor...we will live to fight another day...


Shakesphere? We were old when he was born...leave it to your pathetic people to worship a man who fights with words and not of either case...they will both get you DEAD just the same....


Several ships pass through the gates as many more follow...



- 4x Destroyers
- 3x Battleships
- 5x Carriers
- 7x Supplyships
- 8x Scoutships
- ALL Turrets Destroyed (52)
- 3x Cruisers (All Destroyed)
- 348 Fighters

7x Destroyers
4x Battleships
7x Carriers (broken air wings)
10x Supplyships
1x Scoutship


6x Destroyers
4x Battleships
7x Carriers
9x Supplyships
700x Fighters

Station Defence on targeting ability...random fire.

11-09-2003, 22:25
OOC: I sure am glad I found something to annoy the ShaRa , Shakespeare! Gotta love it.


Transmission Opened , more Shakespeare is heard as continuous volleys from the fleet continue.

I am as constant as the North Star!

Transmission Ended.

Move the fleet in closer for the boarding parties to launch. Destroyers come to the front of the fleet , prepare to fire modified missiles to collapse the stations shielding on my mark. We'll have to get the shuttles in there quickly before the shielding comes back up , divide the fighters in half , one half continues fighting the others run escort for the shuttlecraft with landing party. Are the shuttles full and ready to launch yet?

Yes Overlord , shall we launch now? And the instructions have been sent.

Good , launch them , fighters in position! Destroyers launch volleys now! Bring them down!

As the Destroyers launch the modified missiles , the shuttles launch with Elarian Warriors onboard and the fighters fly around them and they head for the station.

Elarian Fleet Losses:

- 2 Gentari

- 1 Detri
The Snel Race
12-09-2003, 01:09
OOC: Geez, I'm gone for a day and miss two cycles....
"We need to give the Snel ship an opportunity. On my mark, all ships are to engage the Sha'Ra with torpedos. Wide spread - chaos and distraction. Mark..." The fleet suddenly opened up with their forward torpedo arrays, sending a massive wash of torpedos across the intervening space in a heartbeat. "Good - now for the confusion. 43rd, go to warp. Drop out here..." Westminster indicated a point roughly 90 degrees and 100,00km from the main Sha'Ra force. "Engage for 30 seconds, then rejoin the main fleet."

Coming within 100 kliks of the target, the Shadowcraft began to make use of the recent retraction of the limitations on wellstone, though no one else would've known that. Consequently, its tell-tale visible shadows vanished, leaving the craft visible only as a silhouette in the x-ray and gamma spectrums. Finally powering up its reactionless EKs, it moved in for contact.
12-09-2003, 05:34
OOC: Sorry, should have been clear. I was referring to the 'target that ship' part of the description. No matter.

"Admiral - they are leaving. Shall we pursuit?" "Do you know where those jumpgates go?" "No Admiral..."

Westminster reversed his pacing and made his way to the Tactical Station. "Ready a volley of torpedos - target the jumpgates. I want every 2nd torpedo to be a sensor bouy. Let's gather what intelligence we can."
"Aye Admiral." "Comms - pass that to the 43rd and 32nd. Have their flags target the other two jumpgates. Slingshot the torps around the planet."

"Admiral - 'Arlington' has taken heavy damage from the fighting. Things look safe, but she's in bad shape. Her captain recommends abandoning her for now." "Any chance that the Sha'Ra would know? Doesn't matter - have her drop her shields. Beam everyone off her but keep her alive." "Aye Admiral." "All ships - fire the slingshot."

The Fleet cut loose with their rear banks. Only half as strong as the forward banks, never the less a swarm of torpedos slingshotted around the planet, including the sensor bouy loads targetting the jumpgates. A hail of large rocks followed much slower as the torpedos easily outpaced them.

OOC: Losses - 25 more fighters lost covering the move behind the planet, 'Arlington' is dead in space.
The ShaRa
12-09-2003, 06:38
The remainder of the ShaRa fleet is destroyed within time....Before one of the last few ships were destroyed, a message was transmitted by a ShaRa Vessel....
An audio feed, displayed the wormhole in front of the fleet. Slowly it bagan to turn red, as all other spectrums of light vanished along with the background of visible space....
This should not be viewed as a victory, for you have become the "feeders" of the ShaRa. Worry not as your dead men are in a darker place...the place of the ShaRa.

Search deep within within those little minds...for which you seek has been granted. Everyone one of your kind..."Destroyer's" of the very fabric of your lives. WE are older than your Sun, just as true, each and everyone one of you IS ShaRa. Thirsty, for the all powerful knowledge of space. You are quick to dismiss your conquest...And you "glorify" the bloodshed..."killing" all the same,

You hide behind your way of war, in the name of, exploration, colonization, and adventure...WE DO NOT! Ask yourselves..."Are we a warlike race?"...and the answer would be yes. Admit this now, as you pay tribute to deaths of your people in the name of "exploration"...Do it not, and a "truth" will have been spoken...Our time has expired..."Until WE feed again!"

"Witness the power of the ShaRa!"
Blinding waves of light came from within the wormhole. The beams cross space slowly towards the station. As the station drifted closer and closer...the "holo" counter winds aboard the station...
12-09-2003, 07:37
The 57 Sambizie Warships arrive at the scene of the battle. As the ships drop out of warp, they are showered with tiny, burning pieces of various ships. The shields were holding. Aboard the ships the Commanders stood at awe, at the sight of the battle and that of the wormhole...

"Launch all Recovery, shuttle, and fightre craft", Yelled the Fleet Commander. "Bring us about 1/3...get those "drifting" ships under tow", he added.


-In orbit around Siesana, 10 Sambizie "Tellus" Class colonyships,(each carrying 20,000 combat Marines, technitions, factory workers, and pilots), and 3 "Restoration" Class Salvageships arrive. The ships are escorted by two additional JFK's.

-The Moonbase fighter wing disembarks along with:
8x Supplyships
4x Medicalships
3x Salvageships
250x Hammerheads

-The Moonbase Fighterwing Command has been transfered to the 52nd Squadron, Foward Command. The base will be house:
150x SA-43
50x SA-45
50x SA-48
An additional 20,000 combat engineers, maintnance, and construction workers, have began expanding the base.

-Carriers Re-supply fighterwings via planet production. They are dispatched back to Earth, along with the Colonyships, after they unload.
12-09-2003, 08:01
As the modified missiles slam into the stations shielding they appear to collapse and the shuttles go in just in time before the shielding reappears. The Elarian Warriors go aboard the station as the Elarian Imperial Fleet all lock on tractor beams to the station to keep it from drifting.

Transmission Opened to Allied Fleet:

All available ships lock tractor beams on to the Space Station keep it from drifting!

Transmission Ended.

The 8 Mwto'ar Class Frigates arrive out of hyperspace.
12-09-2003, 08:41
"That's that I suppose. Indeed, we are warlike." Westminster took his seat. "Comms - get me Captain Von Horn and the Chief Engineer of the 'Arlington'. Onscreen."

Both men appeared - they were on the bridge of one of the Dreadnoughts. "Gentlemen - what is your assessment of the 'Arlington'? Can she be brought back to full status?" "Maybe with the yards on Mars, but not here, not even with a Templar. Too much damage to the super-structure," the chief engineer replied. "Admiral - as much as I hate to say it she is done for. The saucer to engineering section joint is just too weak on the Cohort's. One good hit and she's done for." Captain Von Horn added.

"Very well - with your recommendation I'm going to have her stripped. All the weapon systems, ordinance, fighters, everything. Leave the anti-matter cores and secondary shield arrays. I want her impulse systems brought back online though." Both men seemed to understand Westminster's scheme. "Aye - we'll make her look good. We should be able to minimize the battle damage as well." "Very good. Get to work on it - I'll leave the 43rd here to watch while we assist in the station capture."

Westminster then ordered the five other SBG's around the planet to absorb some fire as the station was taken.

OOC: Any data from those probes fired into the jumpgates? Systems that might be beyond, ship traffic, etc?

Just some background - the 6 SBG's dispatched are helmed by the SDF's 'fighting captain's'. Men and women who view starship combat as their reason to exist. Their crews reflect this fact. But they are almost all older and unmarried. Many took this as their chance to go out in a blaze of glory - not suicide, but in honorable battle. They were allowed to take their current commands with them, thus their ships are generally two generations behind SDF top-of-the-line. But they know their ships and their capabilities, many having helmed them for 50+ years.
The Snel Race
13-09-2003, 05:05
The Shadowcraft slammed into the side of the station, immediately beginning to smash, eat, melt through, and otherwise penetrate the hull, releasing circuit-killing nanites and beginning to send out growths of Crana web.

'Twas trying to assimilate the darn thing.
13-09-2003, 08:11
OOC: You do know that we have the station under control , tractor beams are keeping it from moving and Elarian Warriors are now onboard , you do know this correct?
13-09-2003, 08:13
OOC: He's persistant. Plus given that there appears to be a self-destruct in progress (at least to me) he might be trying to outrun it and keep it from happening.
The Snel Race
13-09-2003, 16:15
OOC: You do know that we have the station under control , tractor beams are keeping it from moving and Elarian Warriors are now onboard , you do know this correct?

OOC: That wouldn't matter in the least. 'Twas sent to assimilate the station, and it will try to assimilate the station, no matter what else happens. And, as Sunset pointed out, there is presumably a self-destruct in progress.


Tendrils of nerve and muscle fiber extended outward from the Shadowcraft's point of entry, binding to and replacing electrical circuits and dissolving away excess metals, hydrocarbons, and phosphors for food. The groups of nanites released went on a rampage with the sole function of destroying computer equipment.
13-09-2003, 21:06
Elarian Warriors seeing whats happening run the the shuttles and tell the destroyers to release the modified missiles to bring down the shields. The destroyers launch and when the missiles hit all the shuttles boost out of there and return to their ships.
14-09-2003, 06:43
Suddenly the Elarian Fleet turns around and jumps into hyperspace , but a transmission is sent just before they do.

To my allies , this is Atrian Im afraid the fleet is needed at home , WE SHALL return. Continue this glorious and honorable mission , the Elarians will return to help once again.
14-09-2003, 06:48
OOC: The Sambizie Fleet withdraws to Siesana. Forgot to post
The ShaRa
16-09-2003, 03:29

The beams emmitting from the wormhole make contact with the Station. As they do, explosions throughout various decks are present. As the Snel ship works, several systems are severed by their efforts...The tiny nanoprobes race through the bio-matter of the stations core...It was evident, the station was going to blow...or was it...
OOC:[quote]Any data from those probes fired into the jumpgates? Systems that might be beyond, ship traffic, etc?
They transmit a brief series of "severly" scrambled numbers in blocks, before the gates close and the transmission ends:010011010110000101111001011001000

IC:Aboard an Elder ship, the remainder of the fleet gathers in a section of space, known as only to be "Fluid". The Elder is aware of the auto destruct as it it per protocal. He further understands, that the beams being emmitted from the wormhole are the "triggers" of placed mines throughout the station. He is dishonored by the fact that the station was comprimised and that the destruction was necessary...It will be viewed by the Emperor as a flaw....He looks down upon a younger one and states, "It has been done".
The Fleet, (what's left of it) head towards and undisclosed position.
Aboard the Gh'Hari Station:
Chunks of metal fly from the station as the beams continue to tear apart through several decks. Suddenly...The beams fade...The Snel ship is sucsessful....
With a blinding flash, the wormhole collapsed. The ship that placed itself inside...gone from sensors....

-Port decks 1-5-exposed
-shuttlebays 1,3, & 5 -exposed
STATUS: Repairable- 2-5 years with full compliment.

OOC: Adejaani, your ship and crew are ok. But you are a very...and I mean VERY long way for home. You sensors should indicate that there is a small system (5 Planets/ 1 "smaller" star), with a class M rating. However, you are alone, will be out of fuel soon, and may starve if you don't find resourses....good luck.

Figure out the probe intel and there may be a present for the fleet aboard the
This may help:
16-09-2003, 03:41

The Zoarg Fleet withdraws to Siesana. Many lives were lost, but more importantly, the ShaRa are on the run. I regret to inform you all, that even though we managed to save the station...The wormhole is gone. This was a very important wormhole, as it led to my system. With this collaps, our journey will become much harder and more importantly...LONGER. I have ordered my Fleet to return to Siesana for repairs and munitions. One thing is clear...What ever ShaRa vessel is in this quadrant...are now "trapped" along with us from the Zoarg System. We must maintain constant guard as the ShaRa may strike at anytime and anywhere. I express my deepest sympathy for the losses of their lives. We will regroup "on" Siesana....

With that, the Zoarg Fleet cloaked and returned to Siesana, leaving only a contingent of fighter and recon. craft by the station.
16-09-2003, 05:22
IC: "So?" Rear Admiral Jain Granger coughed and held the bandage to her forehead. Wounded were everywhere, consoles were smashed up and letters to loved ones were being written en masse. "Still no word from the Philadelphia?" The Science Officer shook his head.

The climactic battle had destroyed the Chesapeke and the President was in tow. Hangar bays were empty, boxes of personnel lost in action were sitting on empty bunks. They had beat the ShaRa back at heavy cost.

What was even worse was, although the Philadelphia had managed to block the wormhole, but when it collapsed, the ship had vanished without a trace. Granger watched the mass of dots around Siesana. The President, despite losing her upper superstructure, was to be written off and the hulk being stripped of useful equipment.

Only the Constitution, Granger's flagship, the Constellation and the United States remained, filled with equipment and personnel that was battered and demoralised..... The Tellus class transport ship alongside was continuing to load bodies back home for burial. But how many would continue to survive if the war went on much longer?

OOC: Thank you, ShaRa. I have already made plans for the Philadelphia (the wormhole ship). You won't hear much more for a long time, but I thank you for your input. :)
The ShaRa
16-09-2003, 05:46
OOC: I'm not sure if you agree or disagree? I couldn't destroy it (due to it being your ship), but I had to close the wormhole. If it would have gotten out...and back to the station, please explain how. I just figured it got "pushed" out of the I didn't mean to "Mod" your ship.

Sambizie, Zoarg, Elara: Check TG's
16-09-2003, 05:55
OOC: I'm not sure if you agree or disagree? I couldn't destroy it (due to it being your ship), but I had to close the wormhole. If it would have gotten out...and back to the station, please explain how. I just figured it got "pushed" out of the I didn't mean to "Mod" your ship.

Sambizie, Zoarg, Elara: Check TG's

OOC: Oh, I've agreed. Let's just say the Philadelphia is Lost In Space. I've already got something planned for it. :wink: Eventually.
The ShaRa
16-09-2003, 05:59
OOC: I'm not sure if you agree or disagree? I couldn't destroy it (due to it being your ship), but I had to close the wormhole. If it would have gotten out...and back to the station, please explain how. I just figured it got "pushed" out of the I didn't mean to "Mod" your ship.

Sambizie, Zoarg, Elara: Check TG's

OOC: Oh, I've agreed. Let's just say the Philadelphia is Lost In Space. I've already got something planned for it. :wink: Eventually.

OOC: Oh..OK, I just wasn't :twisted:
16-09-2003, 06:03
OOC: SH, I just fwded. the message to Elara and Zoarg. Elara is not on right now, either is Z. But you can tell him at wk tomorrow. Sorry for the typing...very late..see ya tomorrow.
The ShaRa
16-09-2003, 06:06
OOC: SH, I just fwded. the message to Elara and Zoarg. Elara is not on right now, either is Z. But you can tell him at wk tomorrow. Sorry for the typing...very late..see ya tomorrow.

OOC: 10-4
16-09-2003, 06:19
OOC: Something you're not telling me? :roll::P
16-09-2003, 06:20
OOC: Something you're not telling me? :roll::P

Who? me?
16-09-2003, 06:38
OOC: Something you're not telling me? :roll::P

Who? me?

OOC: Naw, never mind. I just felt left out. :P Anyway, I'll wait for the next move.....
16-09-2003, 06:41
OOC: Something you're not telling me? :roll::P

Who? me?

OOC: Naw, never mind. I just felt left out. :P Anyway, I'll wait for the next move.....

OOC: It's really late...If you wan't...go to our forum.."ShaRa Conflict"
16-09-2003, 22:30
The Elarian Fleet arrives in orbit above Siesana , they have returned to help their brothers in this conflict.

Transmission Opened to Allied Fleet.

Dear Friends this is Atrian , The Empire now returns to your side to aid you. May we together find our way through this war of liberation.

Transmission Ended.
The Snel Race
17-09-2003, 00:35
The Shadowcraft-plus-offspring began attempting to pull back together shattered peices of the station and effect repairs, but not to return it to its original form....

CONCENSUS:: We will attempt reconstruction of the collapsed wormhole.
17-09-2003, 04:23
*Secret RP*
18-09-2003, 00:53
OOC: Now that the Melkor war has gone on hiatus, let's kick this back into gear.

IC: "We are here to dedicate this memorial to those that were lost in the fighting....." Rear Admiral Jain Granger stood on the soil of the planet Siesana, the site of first victory against the ShaRa. Behind her loomed a large slab of nearly black stone and upon it in gold were letters. Names of the deceased in the fighting so far.

There was a bit of a breeze, so many officers had to hang onto the hats of their ceremonial uniforms. Every Fleet had some representative of some sort and most had the Fleet Commanders themselves and an honor guard for wreath laying and the like.

Granger looked over the monument and blinked back tears. Although everyone in the conflict had lost lives, Adejaani personnel had headed the list of the hallowed dead in both battles..... And that list ran into thousands of names.....

It was a brave measure of professionalism that they were the first to enter the line of fire and the first to sacrifice themselves for a good cause. Even the badly wounded survivors of the President sullenly accepted their wounds, calmly dictating their Last Will and Testament or letters to loved ones if they could not write, never crying out, gritting their teeth and asking for more pain medication.

"I would uh, like to say a few more words. Among those names is one Captain Shield Williamson." Granger vaguely pointed to the column that marked the dead from the ANS Philadelphia, his name being the first, as he was Commanding Officer. Not dead, but missing in action, not that it mattered.

"Shield Williamson has been my friend forever. From the first day as a new plebe at the Naval Academy, he has been my friend and competitor, trying to get the best of me, sometimes doing so, sometimes not. We had very similar careers, me and Shield. We both were Executive Officer of two Destroyers and later had our own Commands..... When I was made Captain of the Constitution and he'd got the Philadelphia, I was happy because we'd be fighting side by side again."

Granger paused once more, but this time more than a few tears rolled down her cheek and she paused to wipe them off. "When the idea for blocking the ShaRa wormhole came up, my next most difficult decision was to send who onto the Bull's Eye. Who would willingly place his or her ship there? And Shield's came over the communications channels and he said 'Being in the military is a crap job. We get paid little. We got shot at, we get wounded and sometimes we die. But we may as well do what we came here to do and be the Arsenal of Freedom.' And so I dedicate this as the epitaph to all those military personnel and to those who have perished in the ShaRa conflict."

Granger turned around, promptly saluted the monument and was sure from the shuffle that everyone else had gotten out of their seat and was doing the same. This was only the beginning. But the end would come.
18-09-2003, 01:25
Mwto'ar stood along with the others as they remembered the fallen heros. A squad of SA-43's flew overhead in the "missing man" formation. As he lifted his eyes to the pale red-green sky..he thought to himself "we are truely far from home".

One of Mwto'ars Commanders leaned over and whispered into his ear, "Sir, they have arrived and are awaiting your orders". Mwto'ar turns his head slowly towards the Commander, "Tell them disembark", he stated. "Aye Sir", the commander responded. Mwto'ar was pleased that the Colonyships have arrived, but yet many of these men will be added to the wall?

After the ceromony was completed, off in the distance...hundreds of dropships began falling from the sky, as over 500,000 Sambizie from the Planet Earth were unloaded. It had been clear...The frontline has been established.
18-09-2003, 02:06
OOC: Some of you might wonder why the commander in the Tiberian wore a helmet and why he called himself Atrian , the name of one of Rolands ancestors. Well you see now it can be revealed and since the Melkor thing has been diverted I can do this.


Atrian stood , a few Imperial Guards and Commanders stood around him.

"These were fine men and women." "Your words honor those lost here today Granger , I salute you for that." "I believe it is time you all know who I am."

As the man takes off his metal helm he reveals his golden blonde hair , his royal blue eyes and blue skin.....this face was was Emperor Roland Meridius.

"It seemed only right for me to lead my forces into this battle." "This is only the begining of a much larger campaign , and I want you all to know , The Empire with stand with you through it all." "Let us remember those lost and try not to feel sad , they have gone on to the afterlife , they have given themselves to a cause of liberation." "They are true heros , and their names shall never be forgotten."
18-09-2003, 06:40
"Emperor Roland, you say? He was actually there, in the line of fire, fighting in the thick of it?" Vice President Erin "Sneezy" Aireserkeiel's face was lined with static, a consequence of the great distance involved in communications between "home" and Seisana.

"Yes, Sneezy, it would appear so." Rear Admiral Jain Granger was loosening her to its full length and had her boots off. Normally, such acts would have brought along a court martial for conduct unbecoming an officer, but they were first cousins and it was an unofficial communication.

"I always knew Roland Meridius was a man on the envelope of danger, but fighting a war against foes we didn't know? Anyway, you'll be glad to note that the invasion of New Genoa didn't go ahead, even though it seemed it did..... Almost like a bad dream. Anyway, Cow Girl....." Aireserkeiel laughed at Granger's wince at hearing that nickname. Due to a misunderstanding in paperwork when younger, she was (on paper) said to have been living on a farm in the country, as opposed to living in one of the big metropolises.

"At least Cow Girl is better than Sneezy. Any idea about reinforcements? We're down to three ships and everyone's worn out. We need more if we're to continue fighting."

"Well, Cow Girl, now that the New Genoa crisis is over, we're focusing on getting up to space again. In addition to replacement ships, we're starting to work on second generation weaponry. We'll get them out to you as soon as we can..... What are you reading?" Granger looked embarrassed as she held up the book she had in her lap, which she had been reading unconciously.

"A book about Goimard. Shield Williamson was a great afficionado of his works. I miss him....." Granger just babbled on for hours and hours, oblivious of everything else around her. It's said that everybody should have someone to turn to, to let their frustrations and anger let out, lest they eat a person completely on the inside. And unfortunately, High Command was an extremely lonely place.....
19-09-2003, 03:24
OOC: Just a comment, that memorial was written with the "Veteran's Memorial" in Washington DC (I think that's what it's called) in mind. In addition, the comment that Adejaani personnel headed the list of names, no, it wasn't ego, pride or arrogance, like the Veteran's Memorial, ours lists the names in the order in which they died. In both cases (Siesana and Station Assault), I was the first to post my actions and losses, therefore logically my people get listed first. :roll: Anyway..... :P

IC: Rear Admiral Jain Granger leaned against the Primary Tactical Display and looked out into space at the flurry of activity. Only her Constitution, the Constellation and the United States remained. Pilots that had found themselves "orphaned" by the loss of the Chesapeke, President and Philadelphia had found new homes on the remaining ships or on Siesana.

Even though the Battle of Gh'Hari had been over for a long time and everyone had rested, no words of comforting could fill the void in their hearts for comrades fallen in battle. CAG Graham, his leg still in bandages after burning equipment in his cockpit had more or less set him aflame limped to Granger and handed her a mug of coffee.

"Thanks, CAG. You'll be glad to know things at home are well. " Graham nodded and sipped at his own mug and unconciously scratched his leg. Though he wanted to say something, he nevertheless didn't want to spoil the mood.

"Heard you got a call from Vice President Aireserkeiel last night."

"Hmm? Yeah. She called me. We talked about this thing and that. I was just so tired, so sick of the carnage and destruction that has been wrought here. I was tempted to give up. Resign my commission. But then I found the strength to go on."


"Yep. Sneezy brought little Dani out. The kid was growing up so fast, she's, what, six now? They say having children affects your life. Dani did change mine, she was the most precious thing in the world and I felt a pang of sadness. What sane mother would put on a uniform and lead a fight against enemies in the cold void of space? Then I remembered exactly what it was in life that had changed. Why I joined the military."

Granger put down her mug and looked at Graham. "I joined the military simply because as a kid, I knew the freedoms we took for granted, our ways of life, our democracy, the simple fact that we could sleep in our beds at night, never needing to be afraid was due to our military. They were the guardians of our safety. That's why I joined. So that my little girl and all the other little boys and girls can sleep in their beds safely, that they can grow up and enjoy the freedoms we work so hard to build. That's why we're out here, CAG. That's why."

"Amen." Graham's mug clinked against Granger's and the two stared out into the black void of space, neither one breaking the mood.
The ShaRa
19-09-2003, 04:46
Within an hour after the ceremony, everything on the planet stopped...Light went out, factories shutdown, everything...complete silence....In space, a spacial anomoly forms in all directions. As the thick cold mist aproaches the shores of Siesana...the coldness of space just got colder. Huge gas clouds in space gather around the planet...soon, the planet nor the moon was visible. Every comunnications devise, audio equipment, radios, and even televisions...broadcast an buzzing of a fairly Db.
The silence is broken....
You have invaded our space, lay foot to our soil, and make claims to that which is not yours. I am V'ROkh, System Lord...You have soiled the seeds upon sacred grounds. You have spread you species beyond that which is acceptable.

WE are the layers of the seeds...and you...are our children. Was not the system we gave you enough? We are bonded...ours with yours, at the smallest bio-microscopic level...the seeds of the ShaRa have been placed. You seek knowledge of space and the "Layers" ways...but you have done by attacking...not asking.

Were those warriors and heros that fell? Or were they just the end result of your species justifying their means? You walk umongst and claim to be warriors...not true with the exception of two. TWO amongst thousands...millions, have right to that claim...Those who are willing to sacrifice an Empire and face the destruction by the foul swipe of their own hands.

You should have remained in Sol...where you were placed, for you speak the ways of a warrior, but disrespect us by spreading your diease...your seeds. By no means have our assets been lost, for now your urge to "explore" will face another must "keep" your claims and defend your Empire.....

For in the mountains, seas and deserts of Siesana...The Legions march upon you...
For now we feed on you body...for the seeds have been laid...We will soon feed on your the seeds will be claimed.
Feel the hate, the burning of vegence, a death of a thousand times...AND THAT...IS THE SEED OF THE SHARA.....
19-09-2003, 05:03
The Sambizie are making preparations to defend the city. All combat Marines and Mech Divisions ar orderd to set up a 3 mile perimeter in the N, NW, and NE. 25,000 Marines are to "Drop" at each LZ. Mech Divisions are deployed along with Fighter support. Orbital bombardment will commence 5 miles in front the lines. Recent colonist are to seek shelter within the buildings of the city behind Sambizie forces.

- 25,000 Combat Marines
- 4,000 Mk.II Heavy Mechs.
- 1,000 Joint SA-43, SA-48, and SA-45's

- 25,000 Combat Marines
- 4,000 Mk.II Heavy Mechs.
- 1,500 SA-43's

- 25,000 Combat Marines
- 4,000 Mk.II Heavy Mechs.
- 1,000 Joint SA-43, SA-48, and SA-45's

Ground forces are ordered to "dig" in until the ShaRa have breeched the 5 mile Ortillery.

M. Uganda
19-09-2003, 05:22
OOC: ShaRa...what's the deal with "Legions"? Can they be shot with regular do they die? What do they use for weapons?
The ShaRa
19-09-2003, 05:29
You know not what you fight? Sounds like a mistake on your behalf...

OOC: Their weapons are their claws, legs, teeth, heads, whatever. They are extremely strong, anywhere from 6-10 feet tall. Their skin is shell-like but slightly harder than cement. Something larger than a "conventional" nato round. A 50ca. can penetrate with ease. smaller rounds just takes more shots, (Like shooting at a brick, may take more than one shot to penetrate and several penetrations to kill it.

How do they die :?

With honor of course... :lol:
19-09-2003, 05:42
Once again, the call goes out..... "General Quarters, General Quarters, all hands MAN YOUR BATTLESTATIONS!"

"Big giant space rift. It's depositing ShaRa warriors on Siesana." XO Nicholas said once Rear Admiral Jain Granger entered the room. "ShaRa warriors are deploying south, so Sambizie forces are deploying to the north sectors to defend. We've got our 1800 Marines similarly deployed, backing them Sambizie forces up. Our 'anti infantry' strikes are being prepared. If they attack, we'll attrit them to hell. We can gouge huge holes in their number and we've still got enough aircraft for strikes."

"What about the rift? Any way to shut it down?" There were shakes of the head. "Fine. Order the Constellation to enter the rift and make a wormhole jump. What? It's an anomaly. The effect of a wormhole effect so close to the planet's gravity would disrupt it at minimum, shut it down at best. Or the interplay with the magnetic fields of the planet would do it. I'm a Command Officer, not a scientist/engineer!"
19-09-2003, 05:44
OOC: :wink:

IC:The dropships come in one by one deploying men and material to the lines. Fortifications are being constructed, (OOC: If I have time?).
A commander stands on the Northern front, phone in hand calling out ortillery co-ordinates to the fleetships. He places his hand on a private who is somewhat compulsive about checking his gear and ammo. He looks up at the sky and states..."let one go!"

In space a Roland Class has positioned to standard combat Sync. Orbit. 1 shot from it's massive plasma cannon fires...

Seconds later, the the "clap" of the shell is heard as it screams towards Siesana faster than sound...."Poof", a large thud in the desert of in the distance, as a 30 foot wall of dust and dirt kick into the air from impact.

The commander lifted the Range Finding Goggles (RFG's) from his eyes, winks at the private, and speakes into the phone, "Ok, that should do it, stand ready all cannons". He hangs up the phone and yell down the lines..."LOCK AND LOAD"......
19-09-2003, 05:45
Elarian Troops are dropped down from the transports , they set lines of defense and prepare to defend Siesana with their Sambizie brothers.

Emperor Roland still on the ground prepares to defend with his Warriors.

Tor'Veths there , there , and the Tiberian , my first officer takes control until I return. Fleet is to commense bombardment of the enemy. Men are to show no mercy for they will receive none. Prepare everything Ben , to the death.

Yes Emperor , it shall be done!

Emperor Rolands orders are carried out and an eerie silence falls over the defending Elarian troops in their bunkers , trenches , walls and everywhere they defend.

Forces Defending:

- 5,000 EIA (Elarian Imperial Army)

- 5,000 Tor'Veth (Elarian vehicle using anti grav , each with 5 Plasma Cannons , 3 Rapid Fire Laser Turrets , and 8 Anti Air/Anti Armor Tracker Missiles.)

-5,000 Stormtroopers

-5,000 Imperial Guard

-5,000 Valkyries

-5,000 EIM (Elarian Imperial Marines)
19-09-2003, 05:55
Out in space, ANS Constellation hovers near the anomaly.

"Do anything and everything to shut down the anomaly, no matter the cost." Granger's terse orders had read.

So the Constellation, just outside the rift, engaged her wormhole drives and prayed for deliverance.....
19-09-2003, 05:55
An SA-43 Flys over the lines and sees the incomming forces from Adejaani and Elara. Per custom, the pilot tips it wings as it flys over the rapidly advancing troops. The Commander gets on the "horn", "Relay to the Elarian and Adejaani Commanders to co-ordinate Command at these co-ordinates...Bravo...Zulu..1..0...Niner..BZ109...over".

"Roger, transmitting now".

The Commander looked at the private again and stated, "Don't worry son, your in good company". He then turned and headed to the co-ordinates, overlooking the North Fronts....
The ShaRa
19-09-2003, 06:02
OOC: My fault fellas...The anomoly has disappeared...the Legions have not been deployed...they were there...and always have been. No one made claims to "exploring" the "entire" planet. I figured since there were only a few hundred thousand people on the surface, they wouldn't have had time.

-SPOILER- The Legions were in caves, deep underground. Perhaps the composition of the cave walls interfeared with your

I'm off for the night...The Legions will arrive soon. You have time to land your troops and position

I'll RP the attack tomorrow.
19-09-2003, 06:07
Emperor Roland receives the Sambizie transmission but refuses to leave his men on the frontlines. General Ben is sent to the Command Center , from there he will keep in contact with Emperor Roland and together they will coordinate attacks. As Emperor Roland said , it would be better to see whats fully going on if Im on the frontline fighting with my Warriors. The Elarians are prepared and they await the battle to come anxiously.

OOC: Im off to bed. See you all tomorrow.
19-09-2003, 06:12
OOC: It's possible. Appearing to attack from a distance when close by is an odd trick, but an interesting one as well.

Admiral Westminster was in conference with the other commands. "We don't carry any ground forces, but some of the ships are atmosphere capable. When large concentrations of opposing troops are picked out the ships can decend and provide fire support for advancing ground troops. It will be a risk - the ships are not as manuverable and would likely be heavily engaged by opposing fliers. But they could form the center of a mobile strongpoint - with sufficient anti-air assets. We will deploy our own fighters of course, but anything in addition would be appreciated."
19-09-2003, 06:19
OOC: (ShaRa) Spoilsport :roll::P

Did I also mention, because the weaponry I use is based on the US Military, including the GBU-28 which is designed to penetrate about 100 metres of concrete? :roll:

Oh yeah, final thing to say: "You shoot a nuke down a bug hole, you get a lot of dead bugs!" :lol::twisted:
19-09-2003, 06:24
OOC: (ShaRa) Spoilsport :roll::P

Did I also mention, because the weaponry I use is based on the US Military, including the GBU-28 which is designed to penetrate about 100 metres of concrete? :roll:

Oh yeah, final thing to say: "You shoot a nuke down a bug hole, you get a lot of dead bugs!" :lol::twisted:

OOC: Hahaha..Do'OH :shock:

Sunset: I will be deploying a substantial number of fighter/bombers. The craft I use are "transatmospheric" Multi-role. The one problem I can forsee is, if I deploy my fighter contingents to the surface, my space assets will not have fighter support. Can anyone provide fleet support? As it seems these "bugs" ar "popping" up everywhere. :lol:
19-09-2003, 06:46
My Detri Fighters can take care of the fleet in space and Ill send my Gentari Fighters to help fight enemy ground forces.

OOC: Ok Im REALLY going to bed now.
19-09-2003, 06:55
My Detri Fighters can take care of the fleet in space and Ill send my Gentari Fighters to help fight enemy ground forces.

OOC: Ok Im REALLY going to bed now.

OOC: That should work.

Oh...and me too :lol:
The ShaRa
19-09-2003, 22:44
OOC: Ok here is some infor about the ShaRa, it would be leanthy to have everyone RP the findings of every little thing about our species. I assume since you have been on the planet and station long enough...certain intelligence was gathered.

The Legions that are attacking are "mindless". They are reacting on instinct. A ShaRa does not become sentient(having a mind) for a few hundred years. Their sentience is controlled, how fast they develope is detremined by the System Lord.

System Lords are Elder ShaRa (couple million yrs, old), who have been chosen by the Emperor. The Emperor assigns them to different systems to "mold" the Legions and provide supervision as well as providing food. The system lords are capable of laying several thousand eggs, (seeds) in a single day. They are then responsible for the upbringing of those seeds into warrior ShaRa...those having sentienance(sp).

There are several system lords and millions of legions. The Siesana planet is a "breeding" ground, meaning seeds were planted. The Legions that attack were only "hatched" shortly after the ShaRa took over the planet. They are younger than 100 years. But because they act upon the word of the System Lord...there is no conflict in their orders. They have been ordered to "grow" on this planet. Your troops are seen as a food source and they will do whatever it takes to ensure proper food is gathered for the larva. As for the orginal inhabitance of Siesana...well they were probally eaten.

When they attack, they will continue to do so until the food source is secured. They have "spider-like" abilities...they run, jump, climb, and "spit" a horrific acid from their mouths. They will trample over the dead and fight, be it on 8 leggs, 6 legs, or one, until every drop of blood is drained from their body. Do not underestimate them because they lack weaponary...their sheer numbers are worthy enough, and the guidence and tactics of the System Lord will be challenging as well.

There is a ton more on ShaRa culture, but I'll keep relivance to the the current battles. Hope this

IC:The Legions continue to pour from the desert, marching on the agressors...feeding time has come. As the sun sets, the Legions will have arrived.
19-09-2003, 23:53
Gentari Fighters are launched and soon after fly overhead the soldiers on the ground. Detri Fighters are launched and take up defensive patterns around the fleet.

Emperor Roland Meridius heads for an Elarian Shuttle he informs ben to hold Siesana he has to go secure something that could mean the very survival of the Empire from a seperate threat , but he would soon return.
20-09-2003, 01:25
OOC: "SWEET JESUS!" (for all you Trekkies that get the references) :lol:

IC: CAG Graham sat in his Hammerhead and waited for the launch order. His leg was now healed, despite the itch (Don't worry, the Flight Surgeon had said, it was just a psychological thing) and he was ready to get back into action. Soon, it was his time for launch. As his Hammerhead taxied towards the launch area and the catapult (Constitutions didn't have catapults as such in the ocean going carrier sense, but they did have hold areas while the engines built up enough speed), Graham reached off to the side and pressed the "play" button and a loud wave of sound reached his ears.

"I like to dream. Yes, yes right between the sound machine.
On a cloud of sound I drift in the night. Any place it goes is right.
Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here.
Well, you don't know what we could find.
Why don't you come with me little girl on a magic carpet ride?
You don't know what we could see.
Why don't you tell your dreams to me?
Fantasy will set you free!"

WHAM! Graham's head knocked back onto the headrest as his Hammerhead leapt into the cold darkness of space. The SA-43 Hammerhead was probably the best multirole fighter of all the aircraft in the ship's bowels and while it was said "a jack of all trades is a master of none", this is probably the master of the jack of all trades.

Underneath his wings was the first implentation of the original Republic of Adejaani invasion defense plan (codenamed "ALPHA TANGO"). When the Republic was young, it was decided quality would match quantity. In the event of a hostile invasion, the point was not to win, but to stand them back. To that event, if any ground forces appeared, thousands of cluster bombs would be dropped on the enemy infantry. Fortunately, this plan never had to be used, because most unfortunately, thousands of of infantry would be maimed in the process. But considering the ShaRa atrocities (and recent intelligence reports that they were not sentient), Graham would not lose any sleep about it. Just another bug hunt, right?

A voice sounded in Graham's ears, warning of the planned attack. After the span of ten heartbeats, the lightshow started. Blue bolts of light started arcing towards the planet where the ShaRa positions were. The ortillery bombardment seemed to continue forever, but when it stopped, Graham opened a channel to the rest of the aircraft. "Watch, ShaRa..... Your future's end. All wings, commence attack runs!"
The ShaRa
20-09-2003, 04:32
As the sun sets over the desert, a storm is nearing. The sand from millions of Legions on the move. The squealing can be heard in the distance as the legions draw near. closing in at 35mph. (OOC: Yes, they are very fast, but expected when having 8 legs to carry them). No form of orginization, just a thirst for the food they seek. It is night...time of the ShaRa....
20-09-2003, 04:47
The Commander gets on the "horn" and shouts out the command, "OPEN FIRE". Within seconds..flashes from above in the night sky. The Destroyers and Battleships open up with ortillery. The hum of the incoming shells, then the "thud" as they inpact in the sand. The frontline is a wall of dust and sand. One after another the shells hit, with the combined orttillery from the Adejaani fleet.

The Infiltrators move to the front line armed with flamethrowers. They open up mixing sand with flame...they shoot some 300 feet in controled sparatic burst. One thing for sure, it was hot...and very dusty.

The marines make final checks before the order is given. "Do not advance in front of the MkII's. With the amount of dust rising and the heat from the flames, it was best that they remained from being casualities. The Commander shouts at the flank leaders over the phone, "You tell our boys to shoot anything coming from that desert...Understood?" It was clear enough....
The ShaRa
20-09-2003, 05:02
The approaching Legions, claw, snap, and trample at those who are slower to the goal. They continue to rush the frontlines, as the shells impact around them, taking out dozens at a time, but they continue onward, filling every creator, pot hole and divit, from the impacting shells...they are in persuit. Some even "snap" at eachother as they scramble through the desert. The scent of the foreigners is growing stronger as they continue to advance....

*Secret RP*

The voice is strong, powerful..."Soon my children...soon"
20-09-2003, 05:17
The Commander calls for the SA-43's. As a squad is dispatched, it flys into the desert.

Pilot: Voodoo1...Voodoo1..over
OPS: Go Voodoo1
Pilot: Damnit sir...we can't see crap, theirs too much dust from that damn ortillery we have permission to drop our payloads...over
OPS: Voodoo1, can you confirm targets...over
Pilot: That's a Negitive...visibility @ 50ft max....over

The pilot looks out the window towards his wingman..he could not see him. He mumbles, "This is some crazy shit"...

OPS:'s a "SCRUB"'s a "SCRUB"...over
Pilot: Roger that, he replies. Well you heard em..return to base...

Just as one pilot pulls up...his fighter is blown to hell by an incoming ortillery shell..."
20-09-2003, 05:27

Bens orders were heard as the Entire fleet begins bombarding with their plasma and other weaponry.

Elarian Warriors all across the front open fire with precision and accuracy , these were Elarians , and Elarians strive for the best.

Plasma Rocket Launchers fire from behind the main troops and continue to reload and upon fire , the Plasma Rockets wizz passed Elarian Warrios heads to their targets and the Fleet rains hell down from orbit.

Gentari Fighters begin strafing runs against the oncoming forces.
20-09-2003, 05:31
A call goes out across the line...They've reached the NE Flank....
Lines holding...Repeat...Lines Holding....
20-09-2003, 12:16
Along the northeast flank, the 600 or so Adejaani Republic Marine Corps personnel stood their ground bravely and began firing. Unlike the other allies, the Adejaani Marines were stuck with military equipment more suited for fighting in the late 20th century, not out in space.

But despite the apparent low tech, the Adejaani Marines were doing their fair share of the killing. The FN (Fabrique National) P-90 on full automatic did the job almost perfectly of killing the ShaRa warriors (after all, fifty 5.56 mm bullets would kill anything except a tank, right?). Although a drain on ammunition, staggering the troops' fire meant that there would be time to reload and to get resupplies from the dropships.

"Looks like we might just well hold. We're doing okay for now." Came a Major's grunt over the radio over the staccato beats of weapons fire.
The ShaRa
21-09-2003, 15:59
The Legions continue to march and attack the frontlines. It seems as if they were not trying to hard though...They were decoys.

As your troops fortify the front, several ShaRa utilize the underground sewage tunnels to capture the prey. As they came up through the tunnels, they grabbed any civilian they could, before dropping back into the tunnels. The bloodstained streets, evidence of their presence. For now, the feeding is over....

The wave of Legions is over....until we hunger once more.

LOSSES: 5,000 Legion ShaRa
22-09-2003, 00:33
Elarian Troops listen to an eerie calm , the offensive was over.

General Ben: Give the troops food and drink , half on guard whilst the other half eats.

Officer: Yes General.

Ben sighs as he looks over the informations.

General Ben: Theyll need their strength , it isnt over.
22-09-2003, 03:21
OOC: Character Intro.

Commander Gl'anda stood on the line as silence started to fall. The odd sound he got use to hearing, was suddenly gone. That sound...The sound of thousands of ShaRa claws hitting the dirt and coming at you at 30 mph. Gl'anda rose his arm and yelled out.."Cese Fire"....slowly the order made it down the line, as the shooting stopped.

As the dust began to settle, the damage became more visible. Hundreds of smoking creators....and thousands of smoking ShaRa bodies. The Commander orders for battle assesment of the frontlines...


In the city, people pour from the buildings, some frightened and some bloody. As the Marines make their way back towards the city...bloodstains and bodyparts litter the streets. It appears that the ShaRa came through the sewage system and "murdered" those who did not make it to the buildings. Upon the lack of proper security, the President order gunship, and small patrols 24/7. Patrols will be conducted via Recon Hammerheads, Dropships, and 5 teams of 20. Recon. has been ordered back to the Flagship for briefing. The Mech Division is ordered to police and patrol the streets. Furthermore, all sewage lids will be "charged".

Combat engineers will asses the city's sewage and utility systems, to help eliminate this breech. The Military will contact the citizens and have them report to the nearest Dropzoze, in order to retrieve a weapon.


On ground
798,000 Civilians.
200,000 Military...(waiting assesments)

*secrete rp*
500,000 SSF being transfered to Siesana-ETA 1 (RL) day.
22-09-2003, 04:16
"We took about a hundred fatalities, about fifty injured to be combat ineffective and about a hundred more wounded, but can return to combat eventually." Colonel Andrew Reynolds, head of the Adejaani Marine Contingent was a study in contrasts. Over 6'2" and built like a pro footballer, he nevertheless wore glasses, had a greatly receding hairline (which was also greying) and spoke with a voice that sometimes squeaked. His was a face lined by experience, scars and seeing far too many young boys bleed out in his arms, making him look far older than his forty three years of life. Yet in private, he played the violin, was able to speak at lengths about the majesty of say, Leonardo's David or write doctoral theses (he had two, one on Economics and the other on Personnel Management).

"The ShaRa snuck behind our lines to take civilians. We don't know why. Our forces did good, though. The little P-90, despite its short range tore them apart. Though we REALLY need a new weapon with more range." Reynolds' hand gripped a woven patch, identical to the one that adorned his right arm just underneath the shoulder. Ever since the Philadelphia's disappearance, those people orphaned by her disappearance wore their shoulder patches with pride. Reynolds took it the hardest, being the most senior officer. He'd spent weeks consoling the survivors. You don't lose about 2000 people who you lived with for several months without being affected.

"What about rescuing the survivors?" Rear Admiral Granger asks after a quick drink from her canteen. Being in the controlled environment on a ship in space drains a person because of the heat of the desert like environment.

"It looks grim. Now the ShaRa have 'hostages', we can no longer bombard them indiscriminately. And I have a feeling if we went underground, we'd lose a LOT of people. I think we'll have to do dig in and kill them all when they come up......"
22-09-2003, 04:27
For now, the Sambizie ground forces will dig in. Small Recon. teams will explore the desert and gather intelligence on enemy positions and possible coalition advantage points.

Several Warships and a medium-sized fighter contingent has departed orbit. They are in route to meet and escort the the colony convoy. A transfer "hub" has been established on the moos surface. From their the colonists and marines weill be shuttled to the surface or to the GhHari station.

Production plant's and utilities are a number one priority.


KIA-75 + 2 Marine pilots,
Wounded: 250
-1 SA-43
22-09-2003, 05:42
Teams of Valkyries scour the desert , 5 teams of 20. At the front the dead are placed in body bags and sent to the fleet where they can be brought to their families via shuttles and burried with honor.


KIA: 35

MIA: 3

Wounded: 12
22-09-2003, 17:31
Today, the bulk of the Sambizie Colony Convoy arrived at Siesana. Upon deactivation of the defence turrets, the colony ships were then escorted to designated co-ordinates. The colonist were issued ID badges and transported to the planets surface. Full production has begun on the planet. Military personnel wer assigned to the "ShaRa Front" in addition to the GhHari station. Offloading and transporting will continue throughout the day.

The GhHari Station now has a full "armed" contingent of 10,000 Marines. In addition, 2 Constitution Class Battle Carriers, 1 Roland Class Destroyer, 2 Sambizie Battleships, and 5 Cruisers have been "assigned" to the station. The remainder of the fleet will stay in orbit around Siesana.

The Moonbase is rapidly expanding facilities to accomidate coalition vessels and personnel. Military barracks and housing has been established along with 2 major, military air bases. The moonbase compliment is:
- 250,000 Combat Marines
- 5,000 Marine Pilots
- 20,000 Engineers, maintnance workers and colonist.
- 1,000 Fighters, Bombers, and Recon Craft.
- 2,000 ISSAPC Dropships

The remainder of the Sambizie Military will be based on the planet surface and the reservest will be based aboard the various vessels. The surface city has been named, "New Sambizie".

The Sambizie Peacekeepers are relieved of duty and may depart back to Earth in due time. I will co-ordinat Recon. assignments with Emperor Roland and the Elarian Military, in efforts to find the orgin of the ShaRa based on Siesana. Several dead ShaRa bodies have been taken aboard the fleet ships for further studies.

Emperor Uganda
Population: 681,000,000
Civil Rights: Some
Economy: Powerhouse
GDP per Capita: $25,000
GDP: $17,025,000,000,000
National Budget: $5,237,434,800,000
24-09-2003, 03:27
Several Elarian Transports jump out of Hyperspace close to the GhHari Station. The generous nation of Dormie has allowed 10,000 Engineers , Scientists , Military Forces (Security) and various other personel to man the station and provide relief to the Sambizie forces currently taking care of it. Elarians provided transportation so that the location of the system could remain secret. They have begun their work on the GhHari Station.
24-09-2003, 04:00
Out in space, a number of wormholes appear near the planet Siesana. Two cruisers, a destroyer and five frigates emerge, as well as two Tellus class ships acting as large transports.

Despite being "hand me downs" purchased from Liberty Fighters, they are a most welcome addition. Indeed, as the Cruiser's Captain reflected, the Whiskey from LF was also welcomed. A gift as a result of the vastly inflated price to help a neighbor. 600 Billion Allied Credits.

The escorts stayed in orbit with the three other Adejaani Battle Carriers, while the two Tellus ships head towards the moon, their holds filled to the brim with industrial manufacturing equipment.
24-09-2003, 06:15

Elarians begin placing mines around the planet using Gentari Fighters to place anf cover them.

Elarians have developed ground based Laser Turrets and Missile Turrets , using special developed Gentari Fighters with robotic arms to place the turrets Elarians begin placing them hidden underground all around the planet. When anything comes near they pop up from the sand and use aiming systems firing accurately with precision at anything moving within range.

Robotic anti-grav probe droids are sent to scout around the planet.

All 5,000 Tor'Veths leave the city onto a classified mission.

1000 Valkyries leave the to begin recon missions in teams.
24-09-2003, 06:17
Elarian Engineering , Science and Transport Ships filled with the finest Elarian Engineers and Scientists reach Siesana.
24-09-2003, 06:24
Secret RP

After an extensive meeting with the Coalition Leaders, Emperor Uganda will take the following actions in "New Sambizie"

1. Combat engineers will begin the construction of a 20' x 6' wall. The wall will be plated with sheets of depleted Uranium approx. 12mm-14mm in thickness. The "sheeted" Uranium will arrive within 1 (RL) day. In addition, There will be Gun Towers placed every 3-400 yards. The wall will inclose the city of New Sambizie, with a maximum of 8 entrances with fortified access. Additional 50mm gun placements will be placed 200yds.

2. The cities sewer system tunnels will be "charged" with conventional explosives throughout the tunnel system. In addition, Sewer lids will be charged and welded shut.

Projects are estimated to be completed within 4-5 (RL) days.

3. SA-43 Hammerheads armed with Tharps, will conduct Recon flights within the desert and city. Flights will operate 24hrs. per day/7 day per week.

24-09-2003, 06:33
Adejaani fighters begin dropping scores of mines on the planet, with a permanent recon mission taking place near "New Sambizie". In addition, ground penetrating bombs start to be dropped in mountains, in attempt to either crush the ShaRa or drive them out.....

And all the while, Adejaani fighters with cluster and napalm bombs are ready to launch at a moment's notice to rain fiery death upon the ShaRa......
The ShaRa
25-09-2003, 19:08
OOC: Busy little beavers, aren't we...

IC:*secret RP*

Somewhere on the planet Siesana, A ShaRa Elder talks with a Legion Commander...

Is everything prepared?
Almost Sir...we need a bit of time..
We do not have that much time...before these disgusting beings seek us out...
Shall we co-ordinate another attack? may buy us some time..Gather the Legions...instruct them to attack at night....
Yes my Elder...and of the plan?
It will continue...we will be done soon...
Yes my Elder, "we will be done soon"..
Go now...You have your orders....

The ShaRa Elder, turns to a viewing screen and control panel. The screen is littered with tiny blue dots...some of which are turning red. He turns to another panel...and starts, "pressing" various buttons....
25-09-2003, 19:35
[i][i]The Galitc Wars were over, and the mighty Empire of my ancestors was finished.....

Oi! That pics from Colony Wars: Red Sun, I recognised it from the intro sequence immediately (yes, I am that sad). ShaRa? Is that a cheap imitation of the ShaHa? (I think it's the Shaha in Colony Wars).
25-09-2003, 21:27
Oi! That pics from Colony Wars: Red Sun, I recognised it from the intro sequence immediately (yes, I am that sad). ShaRa? Is that a cheap imitation of the ShaHa? (I think it's the Shaha in Colony Wars).

OOC: Yes it is ShaHa in CW's. But the ShaRa are a different If your into Colony Wars...check the Havoc clip in my storefront...
New Genoa
25-09-2003, 23:14
70 dropships hummed innocently as the 1st Space Infantry Regiment landed several hundred yards outside of the bustling city of New Sambizie.

"Let's move!" hollered Colonel Jigori hopped out of his dropship, followed by 29 comrades. He was the first New Genoese military unit to set foot upon a foreign planet's soil. Armed with AKR-2 rifles, manufactured by the advanced nation of Milesia, the 1st Space Infantry was a force to contend with.

Colonel Jigori approached a Sambizie official. "We've arrived. Where do you need us to be deployed to?"


Nearly three months prior to the landing, over 200,000 New Genoese civilians had landed at New Sambizie, Siesana. The had been transported by The Sambizie to sheath them of from the destruction of the upcoming war that was to befall upon New Genoa itself.

With war raging on the planet, New Genoans were directly threatened by the ShaRa. Now, New Genoa has joined her brothers to defend her people and her allies from death and destruction.

War was brewing.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
26-09-2003, 03:27
Upon the arrival of the New Genoa forces, the foward commander instructed the troops to reinforce the front lines. If any combat engineers were available, they may assist with the wall. The Commander instructs all New Genoa troops, not to venture into the desert as it has been heavely mined by Elarian forces.


With material arriving from the nations of Adejaani, Elara, and Sambizie...A Orbital Shipyard is planned. The shipyard will be placed between the Planet of Siesana and the moonbase. This station will accomidate the building of 4 ships.

A small delegation has arrived to the GhHari fueling station. The 10,000 Sambizie Marines have been relieved but remain in the area until talks are finalized.
New Genoa
26-09-2003, 19:40
"Acknowledged," replied the Colonel. He turned to the regiment and spoke thus, "Alright! Listen up ladies! I need the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Space Companies to move to reinforce the front lines. I want the 1st to travel with me for now. Do not -- I repeat -- do not venture too far into the desert, the area is unstable and has been heavily mined. Let's hunt some ShaRa."

A burst of cheers exploded from the soldiers, followed by the men marching rapidly to reinforce allied forces...
The Free Republic of New Genoa
The ShaRa
26-09-2003, 22:04
*Multi RP*


As night falls, the Legions march once again. 500 Legions run through the desert towards the Northern Front. 500 Legions head towards the North West front. 100 Legions rush the North East front. In the mean time, 500 Legions head towards the tunnel access into the city, (where they attacked from before). As the Legions rush through the desert, several are killed by stepping on mines. They quickly adapt and "hop" from one chared spot to another. The familiar sound of their claws "hitting" the desert becomes louder as they approach....


Several ShaRa fighters (approx. 10), some cloaked speed towards the Jumpgate. As the cannons placed by Sambizie forces lock on..some of the fighters "draw" the fire towards the Fleet ships in the area. The cloaked vessels use the Coalition Fleet as cover, as they can eaisly out maneuver the larger ships, and emmit their signature as so the cannons can reconize them. The cannons, (OOC I'm guessing would fire towards the fleet ships in effort to destroy the fighters), swing and lock on.
The fighters stick "real" close to the larger vessels, however they only fire sparatically at the larger ships with small weapons.

Refueling Station...

Jump signatures are detected as several fighters and 1 ShaRa Cruiser decloak and arrive from hyperspace. After the jump, a fighter jums into hyperspace where the wormhole was located. The other fighters stay close to the it was detected that there were no "upgrades" to the stations defence. They launch several light and magnetic mines at the station. The Cruiser powers it's main weapon and fires in the direction of the Gas Giant, before cloaking and moving again.

*Secret RP

On the surface of Siesana, an Elder stands at the massive control pannel. While the blue dots continue to turn red..a younger enters the "hive"...

We are in position Elder...
Very well..commence with the countdown...
Yes Elder...starting now..
After several minutes pass..."Heavy" sisemic activity can be detected over the entire planet of Siesana. Waves of over 60 feet speed towards the coastlines as Earthquakes mesuring 7.0+ commence over the land. In the volcanic region of Siesana, major eruptions occur. The otherwise natural occurances...trigger and throw the planet major catasrophies....
27-09-2003, 00:04
Upon the discovery of the multiple attacks, The Empire has temporarly disarmed the Plasma cannons protecting the jumpgate outside Siesana. Two Destroyers move into position in front of the gate, as to "block" it. The Fleet is spreading out as to avoid friendly fire. 1000, SA-43's depart from the moonbase and will intercept the "rouge" ShaRa fighters at both Siesana and GhHari. The Fleet near GhHari, targets the ShaRa Cruiser. When it fires again..the Fleetships will launch weapons. A perimeter is being established around the station. Fighters from the ships have launched and are engaging the ShaRA.

On the ground...

With the approaching ShaRA..Marines have been ordered to open fire on the advansing forces. As before, Ortillery strikes commence. In the distance..mines explode as the ShaRa legions attempt to attack. Turrets are operational and "pop" up from the sand firing a volly of 50cal. bullets. The siesmic activity around New Sambizie crumbles several buildings as others are set a blaze. The front line troops are holding position and will asses damage only when the attack on the front is over.

OOC: Not real detailed..gotta run. Hopefully the rest of the fellas will
New Genoa
27-09-2003, 00:24
Loud shots and crackles of machine gun fire filled the air. "Let's MOVE!" shouted company commanders. As the 2nd-8th Space Infantry Companies sped up their pace to reinforce front lines, explosions bloomed and several buildings crumbled, crushing any vehicles in their path with an enormous booming noise.

"Take positions! Prepare to engage enemy troops soon, boys. For New Genoa!" The men now jogged quickly to join their Sambizie brothers in battle once more. Sergeant Maxwell approached the head official on the field.

"Orders, sir? We have a good 1850 Marines, ready to rock n' roll."
The Free Republic of New Genoa
27-09-2003, 07:00

Elarian made turrets pop up from the sand , some laser turrets and some missile turrets all open fire on the advancing troops.

The 5000 Tor'Veths which had left the city earlier now appear behind the ShaRa Legions. Each Tor'Veth has 5 Heavy Plasma Cannons , 3 Rapid Fire Laser Turrets , 8 Anti Armor/Anti Air Missiles , Anti-Grav , Boosters. The Tor'Veths easily faster than the ShaRa Warriors begin to play Hun tactics with the ShaRa from behind as all of them with boosters engaged open fire with all of their weaponry. No mercy to the merciless.

Mines continue to explode across the desert. The Elarian Fleet begins targeting and bombarding the ShaRa Legions raining down hell from orbit.

The 100 Gentari Fighters launched from the Carriers fly in a "V" Formation an Elarian tactic known as the Vanguard , they begin strafing runs but each is armed with napalm which they drop whilst strafing the ShaRa Legions.

On the walls Elarian Warriors fire into the oncoming forces , Plasma Rockets flying passed their heads and into the enemy. They let loose their WarCries , their songs of war and glory. This is what they had waited for. In the background Shakespeare plays loudly over the speakers. "Have you not heard the chimes at midnight..."

The 1000 Valkyries that had left the city earlier now enter a large system of caves and caverns. They engage their newly developed prototype cloak suits and slowly advance into the caves.

Space: Siesana

150 Detri Fighters scream like Banshees in the night towards the ShaRa
Fighters opening fire , not holding back.

The Elarian Fleet ships every once in a while (since they are busy with bombardment of the ShaRa Legions) decide to take shots at the ShaRa Fighters but for the most part let the Detri and Coallition Fighters to do the job.

GhHari Space Station:

The Transports that brought the Dormians to the station form up in front of the station making a wall to sacrifice themselves for the station. Escape Pods launch and make their way to the station.
27-09-2003, 07:35
"Coalition space forces - hold for a moment. There are few of them, let's get some intelligence." Westminster had just arrived on the bridge. He had been asleep when the attack commenced. "Tactical - lock tractors on them. See if you can pick out the pilots and beam them into a brig cell. Relay those orders to all ships."

Westminster watched as the orders were carried out. "I'm guessing they want to keep us occupied for some reason. Science - full sweeps of the system. See if you can find anything else out there. Feel free to use the V.D.A." "Aye Admiral. Slaving all helms for V.D.A. deployment..."

The dreadnought's, carriers, and cruisers of the Republic fleet moved into a large sphere pointing outward, then all fired a single volley of torpedos. The VDA was the Very Dangerous Array - the use of torpedo targetting sensors over a wide area to make a single large sensor array capable of high resolution because of the multiple angle information gathered.

OOC: Prop's to Schlock Mercenary for the VDA.
The ShaRa
27-09-2003, 08:40

The Legions are shreded, some buy ortillery and others buy the gun placements. They take a heavy beating from the Tor'Veths on the NW and NE flanks. The advancing ShaRa in the North are mowed down as well, however, some suffer the fate of the desert opening up and swallowing them hole, (Due to the continus 7.0 quake). The tidal surge slams against the coasts of Siesana, engulfing cities that have yet to be discovered. Within minutes after the initial ground attack, a massive "energy" surge appears on the planet surface...seconds later in space.......


A massive detonation of bilinding light, above the horizon of Siesana reveals...


The ShaRa fighters and Cruiser are disposed of quickly.

- 1,500 Legions

- 10 Fighters (some self destructed sensing tractors on the hull)
- 1 Cruiser

Siesana space
- 8 Fighters

OOC: Reminder, these quakes on the planet surface are "massive" and sustained. A 7.0 Quake for several minutes can be devistating. Your vessels should be able to "pinpoint" the siesmic generators throughout the planet. (We too have "mined" the planet)
27-09-2003, 09:07
"Nice of them to tell us they were coming, eh?" Westminster stood up and began pacing. "All ships, assume web formation. Launch all fighters, and engage at will. Helm - find us a flank to turn."

The ships moved fluidly from a sphere to a broad web 10,000km across and 2000km high. Fighters poured from the carriers as the first lances of energy began to cross the void. As juicy targets began to appear the first waves of torpedos crossed the space in a heartbeat, streams of burning light that seemed like burst of water in the sunlight as they sought their targets.
27-09-2003, 12:49
"Things are good." Colonel Reynolds yells as he leaves frame. Not because he had physically gone, but because the camera jerked around so much. "We're going to need a lot of cleanup after the quakes. On the good hand, we took no casualties."

Rear Admiral Jain Granger crossed her arms and looked decidely frustrated as she nodded. For some absolutely unexplainable reason, her ships had not received the alert, which meant that an entire cycle of battle had occured, both on the planet and in space.

Everyone looked tense, but focused. The recovery and repair operations had yet to begin, but the redeploying of mines, rebuilding defenses and triage centers for the wounded would come soon. Fortunately, the first Adejaani reinforcements came along. Now the Marines on the surface numbered roughly 3000 and the Adejaani Fleet consisted of three Constitution class battle carriers and a dozen newly completed Flight IA Sambizie class Destroyer Escorts.

But where did the ShaRa go?
The ShaRa
27-09-2003, 18:42
As the coalition fleets turns and position themselves against the The ShaRa fleets, a single, cloaked fighter manages to negotiate it's way through the jumpgate. A single fighter amongst the massive ShaRa fleet bears witness to the massive incoming firepower from the Sunset vessels. As the missiles and torpedoes scream towards the fleetships, the missiles...PASS through the vessels...Not one vessel it hit as the missiles go through the ships. The lone fighter takes a hit...and with the destruction of the fighter, the ShaRa fleet disappears. The "holographic" transfer was destroyed....

On the surface, the Elder make preparations to destroy the equipment inside their "hive". Though the siesmic charges are on a timmer and will continue to "trigger" until they are all destroyed.

OOC: There are approx. 2,500 siesmic charges on the Siesana surface. The fleetships should have picked up their signals. They can be easily destroyed when located. There are very few ShaRa left on the planet surface..10 mabey 20. For the most part, "Siesana" has been liberated. The fleetships in space were a product of Holographic images, with the exception of the few fighters that were needed to transfer the images from the surface and project them into space. Good luck with the cleanup :twisted:
New Genoa
27-09-2003, 18:50
New Genoese forces began to spread out, yet to receive any official orders. Colonel Jigori spoke thus, "Alright, Marines, this our chance. Open fire."

Countless barrages of bullets, as thick as rain, drenched the advancing Legions....

Colonel Jigori hollered to Colonel Reynolds, "Do you have any specific orders for our boys? We've opened fire at any approaching enemy. We've yet to report any enemy casualties. Sir, we've just entered the war. We know not, where you need us."
The Free Republic of New Genoa
27-09-2003, 21:46
"Cheap trick that. I suppose they wanted to check how ready we were. Science - let's keep that from happening in the future. Tie the mass scanners into the tactical stations. We won't disregard ships with no mass, but we won't put torpedos into them either."

OOC: Just a note - most people couldn't see the tripod-hosted image unless they copied/pasted the link into another browser, then refreshed the page. Tripod doesn't like that direct linking.
28-09-2003, 05:24
OOC: So is the fighting currently over? I've got a sideways bit of RP I'd like to get going if it is.

IC: On the planet, Colonel Reynolds found himself face to face with Colonel Jigori, head of the New Genoan Marines. Pulling him close to yell over the loud rumbling around, Reynolds yelled. "Yeah! Go start cleanup and repairs! We've got our space forces blasting away at the seismic charges. Go into the cities and tag areas for wounded. Set up triage centers in stuff like halls or large factories with a lot of space. But make sure the buildings are structurally sound first. Basically, just try and keep everyone safe, including your own!"

Reynolds clapped Jigori on the shoulder and headed towards a shuttle. All across the planet, fighters and ortillery continued blowing up the seismic charges. But in some cases, teams of troops had to physically attach explosives and blow them up. It was going to be a long cleanup.....
28-09-2003, 06:30
OOC: Yeah Adejaani, the fighting is over in New Sambizie.

The Sambizie Commander stood, with phone in hand..

"Yes Sir, I understand...when the numbers come in I'll report them, but it doesn't look too bad."
"Thank you sir..I'll have a full report for you tomorrow...Thank You Sir"..

- Cleanup will continue on Siesana. The frontline troops will remain in place. Combat engineers will continue to repair and construct the wall. Supplies will be co-ordinated with the fleet and dropped in new Sambizie. Those who require only minor medical attention, will be evacuated to the fleet ships.
- Plimanary "staging" areas are being established in space. The areas are for the "drops" of station assembly equipment. Plimanary structure of the station is assembled.
-GhHari Station is near completion. Systems are being re-alinged. We expect Station "operation" to commence within, 2 weeks.
-Hammerhead production will continue on Siesana.
-Collider and E/P facilities are also being constructed.
In Deep Space.....

Two SA-43 Hammerhead's of the 5th Recon. Division, escort a Zoarg Phantom Class fighter. The Hammerheads are lightly armed and equipped with extra drop tanks and THARPS. The three fighters come to a steady stop...
Is there a problem Captain?
Negitive Zorg pilot...but I'm afraid this is as far as we can take you...over
Very well then...Oh..and don't forget to leave that "becon" before you leave...copy
Roger that...on it now...

A tiny hatch opens on the back of one the SA-43's. A small objet floats out....

Give her a test pilot...
Roger..testing......Confirmed. Thank you much safe on the way back..over..
Likewise...happy hunting...

The Zoarg pilot sped ahead and jumped into hyperspace.....

The Captain looked over his right shoulder, "Are you finished Lt.?" "testing....Roger that sir..the readings are comming in now", he responded. "Let's take 'em home...and keep an eye out"
The Capt. and his wing dropped their external tanks. Both turned and headed back towards the GhHari Station.
28-09-2003, 12:39
OOC: Oh good. That means I can unveil the sideways RP in this.

IC: "Ship approaching! Not ours!" "But it's not ShaRa either!"

Rear Admiral Jain Granger scratched her right eyebrow and bit the inside of her lip. Two Sambizie escorts moved to intercept, but the new arrival kept its weapons and defenses offline.

"Admiral, the ship is transmitting. It wants to send an emissary to us via shuttle." Jain Granger stared but nodded permission.

So, ten minutes later, Granger, XO Nicholas and CAG Graham waited at the Constitution's conference lounge. Armed guards brought the cloaked (as in clothes, not defensive invisibility) emissary in, who pulled off the hood. "SHIELD!" The guards raised their weapons, but Granger waved the guards off and hugged the emissary. After introductions were made and handshakes, Granger took a seat at the table and surveyed the newcomer. "Tell us, what happened?"

Shield Williamson still looked the same as he did. Big and square jawed, but his hair was now the an elegant silvery grey, cut short in military style. As he began his narrative, recording devices clicked in and the mystery of the disappearance of Captain Shield Williamson and the ANS Philadelphia would now be solved.

"I'm sure you remember what happened at the Battle of Gh'Hari, so I won't bore you with details of that. Nevertheless, our wormhole was starting to lose integrity. So, when the ShaRa wormhole collapsed and sucked the Philly in, for some strange reason, our own unstable wormhole collapsed too or something. My Science Officer never figured it out. So the Philadelphia was lost in space, not knowing where we are. We were so far that Navigations didn't even recognise our location or any stars. Considering our Wormhole Drives were thoroughly wrecked by the wormhole collapse and supplies running out. So I ordered the Philly landed on the nearest planet suitable for supporting humans. And thus was born the Republic of Magnia."

Granger smiled. "Magnia. Goimard's name for his perfect city." Shield Williamson's face broke into a grin. Both of them studied Goimard's methods of architecture.

"Exactly, Jain. I knew you'd like it. Anyway, from our humble two thousand, we're now a small Republic in our own right. What was most interesting was that the planet we landed on was a planet in which its inhabitants had died off. This, combined with the technical specs from the Philly allowed us to push back up into space..... We're back..... And now it's time to step up to the plate and claim our destiny."

Granger's smile faded. "I beg your pardon?"

Williamson's eyes became focused and hard. "You didn't even try to find us. Not even send us messages or tried to track us down. You abandoned us."

"There was nothing we could've done! A wormhole can and DID send you so far away that no matter what, we'd never find you!"

"Nevertheless, you should've kept trying. But enough of that. We are not your friends anymore, Jain. From now on, do not cross paths with the Republic of Magnia. We're not at war. But you will be if you push us. You should know that it was because of our common heritage that I stamped down on those dissidents wishing war on you and Adejaani. Be glad we're not at war."

With that, Shield Williamson stood up and with a flourish, whirled his cloak and walked out, leaving Jain Granger's mouth hanging open.....
The ShaRa
01-10-2003, 00:18
OOC: Just a note - most people couldn't see the tripod-hosted image unless they copied/pasted the link into another browser, then refreshed the page. Tripod doesn't like that direct linking.

OOC: Bahh..I know..tripod sucks..It's getting hard to find good pics. If anyone has some B5 links or something..let me know :lol:

IC:The ShaRa fighter drifted out of the jumpgate...destination..EARTH.


On the ShaRa homeworld, the Emperor has received news of the recent coalition victories on Siesana and GhHari. Displeased with the Elders Legions, the Emperor recalls the Siesana supply fleet. (This may be why the ShaRa didn't put up much of a defence at GhHari...they were waiting for the supply ships). The Emperor has attempted to to contact the System Lord...but has received no response thus far.

As the Emperors patience grows short, he has ordered the execution of numerious Zoarg citizens. The 2nd War Group has been dispatched to investigate the matter further....

OOC: can you see the new img I put up?
01-10-2003, 04:01
Endless lines of Elarian Supply Ships come to supply the coalltion construction teams. Elarian Engineering Ships with the finest Elarian Engineers and Scientists continue to work on the shipyard with their allies.

Using a factory in New Sambizie Elarian Scientists and Engineers begin work on a secret project for their Sambizie brethren. Much is heard inside but the factory is heavily defended , strangely by Imperial Guards.

The 1,000 Valkyries in their prototype cloaked armor close in on a ShaRa in the cave Systems.

"Open fire!"
Shouts the Commanding Valkyrie.

Blue light from the Elarian Plasma Rifles light up the cave systems.


The Elarian Fleet , Gentari Fighters and Tor'Veths continue to target the seismic charges on Siesana.
New Genoa
01-10-2003, 19:54
"Hold your fire!" shouted Jigori as the crackling of machine gun fire hushed. "Alright, let's move back into the city! We'll be setting up triage centers, but make sure the goddamn building is safe first. Let's move!"

Company by company the Marines pulled back and headed back to the city. Jigori, his face covered in dust, stood still, continuing to pound out commands to the brave New Genoans.

"We'll see some real combat soon, boys, we will," he remarked after the last Marine pulled back. Jigori looked back and then turned once more and followed his subordinates back to the city.
The Free Republic of New Genoa
01-10-2003, 23:07
*Secret RP

As the there has been no further ShaRa activity on the desert front. 48th Assult Division has been pulled from the front lines. They are assigned to a larger complex within New Sambizie.


IC:The wall surrounding New Sambizie is now 100% complete. The wall stands 18 feet tall and 7 feet wide. There are gun inplacements and Guard towers throught the wall. The entrances have been well fortified.

100 yards from the exterior of the wall, a trench measuring 16 feet deep and 16 feet wide has been dug. The trench is filled with various explosives and razor wire.

The desert is littered with mines and claymores. Gun enplacements with motion detectors are placed around the city, in the desert. These "Turrets" are some 250 yards from the wall.

Today, the Sambizie flag was raised for the first time in New Sambizie. The flags will be flown at half mast to honor those who died during the planets occupation. It is ordered that all Combat Engineers begin the reconstruction of New Sambizie. Hospitals and Military Police stations are being established. A small airstrip and dropship receiving area has been established in the SW sector of the city. This will be a point for the off-loading of supplies from the Sambizie and Elarrian Fleets. A contingent of MkII inflintrator Mechs, and SA-45 V/STOL's will also occupy the base, along with 25,000 Combat Marines.

NOTE:The NW sector of New Sambizie is OFF LIMITS to all unauthorized personal. Sambize and Elarian Troops have erected concrete barriers and chain-link fence around the NW sector. ALL unauthorized personnel will be detained if trying to access this area and my be subject to Court Martial and or imprisonment.

The Sambizie shipyards are 47% complete. The orbital station will accomidate, 4 shipbuilding docks, 2 drydocks, and 10 supply bays. In addition, the station will also function as a defence platform. 4 docking bays for military vessels and 10 shuttle bays for planetary travel. Heavy defences will also be installed within the station.

The GhHari Station is 100% repaired. Full mining operations of the asteroid field and gas giant will commence sometime soon.
01-10-2003, 23:40
IC: "Admiral, this is madness!" Despite the somewhat cramped room, the Admiral's Stateroom aboard the ANS Constitution was the largest, most comfortable and, because of the priveliges of rank, soundproof. Which was why Granger, CAG Graham and XO Nicholas were raising their voices.

"I agree with the CAG. Friend of yours or not, he has said you're not to cross paths with him or push him." Dan Nicholas was still wearing the stripes of Captain, but in Granger's absence would take over command of the Adejaani forces.

"I don't care, XO. I am taking the Astoria and going after Williamson. I need to convince him we're not the enemy. That we should be working together, not against." Granger was packing spare uniforms, books and a personal sidearm into a large bag while she talked. "Hey, look on the bright side, Nicky, at last you've got that unofficial promotion to Flag Rank and command of a small Fleet!"

Nicholas and Graham looked at each other and hurried out after Granger left, the bag over her shoulder. "Really, I'll be fine. I'm just going to find him and talk to him. If he still says no, then I'll come back and we'll cease pushing the Magnians. But in any event, you two are in charge. You know what to do." Before either could respond, the airlock door closed.

Ten minutes later, the Astoria, one of the newly completed Sambizie class Destroyer Escorts turned away into the dark void and engaged her wormhole engines. Aboard, Rear Admiral Jain Granger wondered if she could not only make peace between two empires...... But also mend a shattered friendship......

OOC: There. Granger's gone off to try and work with Magnia, which is a sideways RP in this. Just remember, they're not anywhere near Siesana or any known worlds, so please don't interfere. Dan Nicholas (the "XO") is now in charge of my forces. Graham is still commander of the air forces, Reynolds is still in charge of the Marines. I'll be trying to do both, just the other half is side story.
The ShaRa
03-10-2003, 05:47
*Secret RP*

Deep within the ShaRa homeworld, a message is received from a System Lord. The Emperor, sitting on his thron...reviewes the message:
encrypted: SH-0ljk
Orgin: Sector SH-00976-ghty (GahHari Station) Outter Rim

From: Vla'Kor-System Lord/Desert Legion-00/150
RE: System Report

Status: Sh0093

GhHari Station has been comprimised by a Zoarg led coalition:
Species Designation : Sh-0900 - Elarian...
" " : Sh-0901 - Adejaani
" " : Sh-0092 - Sunset
" " : Sh-0093 - Sambizie
" " : Sh-0094 - Snel
" " : Sh-0095 - Spacer Guilds

-Wormhole designation #9165 Has been sealed.
-Legion Batch #Sh1190-098ju87/ 90% Comprimised (Siesana)
Estimated survival rate: 10%
-Leging Batch #Sh8788-798hj09/ Injected (GhHari)
Estimated Survuval rate: Unknown (will not be attended)

My Lord,

The I am returning to the Empire. We have a small Fleet and low on supplies. We have seeded 2 planets thus far, but the Desert Legions have fallen. It is uncertain, but likely, that these forces do not posses the technology to enter GhHari, thus we seeded the planet with the above mentioned batch #. We have several more batches and will seed any planet on our return to the Empire.

We have captured several SD:Sh-0093 - Sambizie, during our battle on Siesana. The samples will continue to be examined.

We have sucessfully breeched coalition space via jumpgate. We awaite the report of the pilot. The fighter carries the batch anti-toxin for some nations within the agressors space. We will exterminate the batches that were of the third planet.

System Lord-Vla'Kor


The Emperor stood tall as he ordered the 8th and 15th War Fleet to intercept the System Lords Fleet. The 4th and 3rd Fleets were deployed towards the Zoarg Homeworlds. The Commands of the planetary Strike Cannons have been entered. The Cannons ar to fire on any "breech" into the Zoarg System.
Fleet Command Cannon Comands:
Issued: Sh676546yhg7
03-10-2003, 06:23
As the Elarian controlled factory continues working on something inside rumors are heard from New Sambizie citizens walking passed the heavily guarded gates. Something was going on inside but what?

Engineers begin work on a small base connected to the cave systems. It will be a Valkyrie base guarding the cave systems until more is discovered about them , it is estimated for completion in 1 RL day.

The 1000 Valkyries which had entered the cave systems now guard the entrances and the engineering crews constructing the base.

Crews of Elarian Imperial Army Engineers begin to clean up the mines and turrets so that Sambizie civilians can begin to come out and further develope the planet.
03-10-2003, 06:53
"Upgrades" Captain Daniel Nicholas, acting Commander of the Adejaani Fleet muttered. Additional transports filled with materials and supplies were arriving every day. Also included was the employment of the first permanent Adejaani prescence outside the solar system. Sure, Sambizie had graciously offered the use of their shipyards and factories, but things would change.

To keep the smooth flow of business, R&D, diplomacy and not to mention helping out an old friend, a small sector of Siesana was now named "Adejaani City One". With a million colonists and boasting a full embassy, Hammerhead factory facilities, three Space Marine Divisions, a thousand Hammerheads and a permanent space prescence in the form of four Destroyer Escorts in orbit. In addition, a small liason force of about a dozen was with the Gh'Hari station to keep that side up.

But the most interesting Adejaani possession to enter orbit around Siesana was the PCU (Pre Commissioning Unit) Imitora. Nicholas knew that that class of ship had been suspended, pending weapons tests, but it seemed the lead ship of this brand new class of cruiser would herself be the testbed for the new technologies, in conjunction with Sambizie's robust R&D facilities.

CAG Graham looked over the Imitora and nodded politely. His domain was in aircrafts and despite the Imitora's capacious bays, it was still hotly debated whether or not she would embark an air group. It was below the atmosphere that Adejaani thrived, as three aircraft designs of Adejaani origin (with some design help, of course) were being marketed back on Earth.

Nicholas stepped back as more technicians carried another large computer console between them. Next time the ShaRa came, there'd be more than quite a few surprises in store for them.....
03-10-2003, 07:21
Secured Communication...

TO: Elarian Command, Adejaani Command

From: Emperor Uganda

Dear friends,

I am pleased that a representation of you respected nations have settled on Siesana. As I know that are bonds are strong and our people can co-exsist peacefully, I must inform you that these are Sambizie lands. I encourage you to police your own people and grow alongside the Sambizie. However, the laws of these lands will be governed by The Sambizie. You have chosen to live within the Empire and your people will be treated as such. We will not restrain you from your exploration nor your profiting of this planet. We ask that you, in return, follow one simple rule...You do not reveal the co-ordinates of the jumpgate leading to this space. If any ships other than yours attempt an incursion into this space, I will be forced to seal the jumpgate leading here. This would ultimately sever your colonist from the Sol System.

I trust that you will properly identify you citizens as security and location of this planet must remain secure. Any citizen wishing to enter New Sambizie will be processed. I wish to thank you for you commitment and bravery, however the road does not stop here. We will rest here and regain our streanth before spearheading to the Zoarg inner planets.

Best Wishes,
03-10-2003, 09:31
To: Emperor Uganda
From: Adejaani City One Administrator Douglas Green

Dear Emperor Uganda.

Your official acknowledgement and "blessing" for Adejaani City One is most generous. We accept your conditions and rules gracefully and we hope to prosper together.

Administrator Douglas Green
03-10-2003, 16:27
Transmission Opened:

"Emperor Uganda , we understand your rules and we wish to inform you that no Elarian citizen currently lives on Siesana." "The fortifications we have contructed will be taken down soon enough when we know fully that Siesana is secure , we understand that Siesana belongs you you our brethren and we dont want to take up any room." "The only Elarians you see before you are Imperial military personel , youve probably seen the young Warriors finding peices of the ShaRa and making trinkets and so forth out of them as proof of their glorious victory with their brethren of the Coallition." "The Elarian Military on Siesana will be sure to follow all Sambizie rules and laws whilst on Siesana , we thank you for your patience as we know this is a stressful time." "I have also told all military units that Elarian Ale is not allowed on Siesana unless you say its alright , because of your....well...what happened." - General Ben

Transmission Ended.
05-10-2003, 00:59
Hearing the responce of his allies, Mwto'ar was satisified...

Station and Planetary Updates:

-Manufacturing facilities are "Fully" operational. There is only approx. 52,000sq.ft. of manufacturing space within New Sambizie.
-The desert has been cleared for mines, and several Sambizie military "outpost" have been established.

-There is now a full fighter, support, and Mech contingent on the moonbase. In total, some 245,000 military personnel and 6.2 Million civilians. The outline city has been named after the "original" occupants of Siesana, thus naming it, "New DakBa". Their military flag of the Zoarg Empire, will fly along side The Sambizie.

-Sambizie Shipyard/Defence Station:
-The station is now fully operational,(Specs. will posted later).
-Military OPS. Will be run by Sambizie and Zoarg Military. Station OPS. will be OFF LIMITS to other military personnel.
Station Assignments
Building Docks: 1 through 2-Elarian Fleets
Shuttle Bays: 1 through 2-Elarian

Building Docks: 3 through 4-Adejaani Fleets
Shuttle Bays: 3 through 4-Adejaani

Building Docks: 5, 6, and 8 -Sambizie/Zoarg Galatic Fleet
Shuttle bays: 5 Through 8-Sambizie/Zoarg

Building Docks: 7, 9 and 10-Approved Fleet Repair. However, thes docks are available, as per outcome of any treaties. Coalition Vessels may also request/make repairs until the slips are taken.

-GhHari Station:
-This station is also fully operational. The Sambizie request that Adejaani remove the military personnel, as the station's new owner will arrive shortly.
05-10-2003, 01:36
"Dear Boss." Rear Admiral Jain Granger read aloud from the text communication sent by Captain Nicholas.

"Things are going great. Adejaani City One is complete and we've got a million colonists and personnel there. We've been graciously given two docks and two bays of the Sambizie yards. I've already taken the liberty of sending Emperor Uganda a fruit basket on your behalf. On the flip side, though, they've asked us to remove our personnel from Gh'Hari station, despite my polite protest and I accepted. I'm sure they have their reasons. I hope this finds you well. Captain Dan D. Nicholas, Adejaani Republic Navy. PS Please find also attached pictures of the city and the brand new Imitora prototype cruiser of Adejaani design."

Granger looked at the pictures, then adjusted her glasses and felt the smooth touch-pad keyboard underneath her fingers. "Dear Nicky. It is good to hear our further solidifying prescence, not only back home, but in the grand scheme of things. Remember that Sambizie has helped us, well, forever. We owe most everything to them. So don't ever annoy them or get on their bad side. Things are well. Astoria is a nice ship and Commander Hayes, her skipper has allowed me to take the conn if there's not much to do. However, is there any chance in your next letter, you can send me some decent food as well? I grow sick of eating defrosted macaroni and cheese, which tastes exactly like chicken. Regards, Rear Admiral Jain Granger."
05-10-2003, 05:18
The Sambizie Commander stood, with phone in hand..

In Deep Space.....

Two SA-43 Hammerhead's of the 5th Recon. Division, escort a Zoarg Phantom Class fighter. The Hammerheads are lightly armed and equipped with extra drop tanks and THARPS. The three fighters come to a steady stop...
Is there a problem Captain?
Negitive Zorg pilot...but I'm afraid this is as far as we can take you...over
Very well then...Oh..and don't forget to leave that "becon" before you leave...copy
Roger that...on it now...

A tiny hatch opens on the back of one the SA-43's. A small objet floats out....

Give her a test pilot...
Roger..testing......Confirmed. Thank you much safe on the way back..over..
Likewise...happy hunting...

The Zoarg pilot sped ahead and jumped into hyperspace.....

The Zoarg pilot eases his way out of hyperspace after a 24 hr. flight. He sits in his cockpit, flipping several switches and engages the cloaking device. He continues his procedures, as he has been "hunting" before. He sits back in his seat and opens a small rations packet. Looking at the displays and out the windows, he taps the instrument panel and says to himself, "Don't let me down girl"....

Several hours pass, and the pilot begins to go through his "start-up" procedures. He makes his last log entry, when the readr "triggers"..."What's this" he says...looking around and inputting isolation signature codes he adds, "Come out...Come out...wherever you are". Suddenally, there it was...the biggest gathering of vessels the pilot has ever seen. There were Zoarg, Irone, DakBa, and ShaRa vessels of all types and classes. Although, most of the ShaRa vessels were warships...the rest were merchant, colony, and tradecraft.

"Paydirt...good girl" the pilot states. The fleet is moving slowly, perhaps due to the ships not being able to keep up with the ShaRa escort. The pilots screen reads that their Zoarg and other coalition lifesigns aboard the vessels. He drifts his fighter closer to the fleet utilizing small thusters emitting various "natural" spacial signatures, and gathering ShaRa formation and patrol. The movement suggest that the fleet has a prdetermined such, when the last ship attempts jump, the pilot will make his move...

Long range scanners indicate that the lead ships have jumped to only a matter of timing, that the last ship will be effected by the snowball effect of a large fleet jumping at once. A split second before the last ship, ( Zoarg Merchant Vessel-Hull #ZD 78 ) The Zoarg pilot enters sync hyperspace with the vessel and sucessfully attaches a "Leech Beam" to the ship. He then shut down all engines as he was being towed though hyperspace....

OOC: The leech beam is an energy type grapple. The beam creates a loop in hull scanners, thus becomming part of the hull and sensor grid.

I'm back...for a bit, so for all sake of RP...My fleet has been repaired and still remains in position at the GhHari Station. Thanks Sam :lol:
05-10-2003, 21:22
Transmission Opened:

General Ben: "Many thanks Emperor Uganda , Elara will be putting the Shuttle Bays and Building Docks to good use be assured."

Transmission Ended.

At the Elarian controlled Factory in New Sambizie work finally stops ...... silence , sweet silence is all there is. Theyve finished their task....but what was their task....
06-10-2003, 04:42
With permission by Sambizie , Dormie has taken control of the GhHari Station , normal operations have begun onboard , the crew of 10,000 are made of Dorman Scientists , Engineers and Security Forces. Mining has begun on GhHari and the Asteroid Belt. Elara and Sambizie have access to all of this at all times.
06-10-2003, 22:43
With permission by Sambizie , Dormie has taken control of the GhHari Station , normal operations have begun onboard , the crew of 10,000 are made of Dorman Scientists , Engineers and Security Forces. Mining has begun on GhHari and the Asteroid Belt. Elara and Sambizie have access to all of this at all times.

The Empire of Sambizie would like to thank the nation of Dormie for undertaking this assignment. A portion of the Sambizle Fleet will remain in the area and provide "armed" escort for the mining vessels. As a percaution, we urge all of you mining vessels to retreat to the station should anything "Kick" off.

M. Uganda
07-10-2003, 03:45
"Aft hull plating at 67%!" "Yes! We shot out one of their plasma manifolds!" "Damage control, patch up the leak in the hangar bay!" WHAM! Rear Admiral Jain Granger hung on as the Astoria surged ahead to dodge another hit.

Despite being pirates, the two raider ships had proven to be far more powerful than anticipated and while Astoria was giving as good as she got, the pirates had more.

"Reinforce the hull plating, dammit!" Commander Mark Hayes, punched his armrest in anger as he willed his ship forward. The first of a brand new generation of military officers who had never known times of struggle, when the Republic was young and every day a new fight to exist.

An insistent beeping from the Sciences Console drew Granger's attention. The Science Officer, holding a bloodied rag to his forehead was already busy at Engineering, trying to keep the ship together. Without being told, Granger took the console. "Another ship coming in. It's Magnian."

Eyes turned to the screen as the long and blocky Magnian vessel barrelled in, pecking away at the pirates' cylindrical ships. After a few more minutes, the pirates fled. "Signal them, tell them we wish to-" Granger again hung on, but this time against the magnetic grapplers the Magnian ship had attached to the Astoria.

"We warned you against coming to find us. You are now prisoners..... of war." Shield Williamson's voice disappeared from the comm channels with a crackle and Granger wondered what she'd just done wrong.....
19-10-2003, 07:19
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20-10-2003, 02:53
OOC: Come on, guys! This was and is, the single BEST RP I've been in. Not one flame, not one hijack, not one bad word in the thread! Let's get it back on the road! :cry:

CHAPTER II, "Into the Deep"
16-12-2003, 07:55
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