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Business as Usual (was News:Borders Re-opened bit)

Dread Lady Nathicana
25-08-2003, 00:09
"In an official written press release today, Nathicana D'Aquisto of the Dominion announced the end of her self-imposed blockade and the re-opening of the borders of her nation."

"While rumors abound as to just what went on in the previous four days, one thing is clear - she has remained firmly in control during what has been called an attempted coup. Details remain sketchy, but she has announced the appointing of several new Ministers, which seems to lend creedence to the claims."

The newscaster goes on, listing off the following names.

Minister of Internal Affairs Marissa del Vecchio, replacing Carlino Brezzi.
Minister of Education Niccolo Ugurgieri, replacing Melina Tomba
Minister of Finance Donatello Calfa, replacing Marcellus Longo
Minister of Public Relations Evangelista Ravanelli, replacing Janus Mateo

As you are all well aware, we recently were forced to put down a rather forcible attempt to overthrow the government. Let me assure you, the situation has been dealt with appropriately.

Those responsible have been tried by a jury of their peers, and executed under Article 12, section 4 concerning handling of traitors to the state.

Be it known that such activities will not be tolerated within our borders. We regret the security measures with which we were forced to respond, but in light of the delicate nature, and the power these traitors had, we deemed it neccessary.

We announce the opening of our borders and the end of our blockade with pleasure today. All communication lines have been re-established, trade will continue to flow as it had before. We appologize for the inconvenience and concern this has caused to our neighbors and allies, and hope that the following days will serve to reaffirm our status as stable and competitive again in the international arena.
--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion
Dread Lady Nathicana
25-08-2003, 05:28
bump for a once-over
The SLAGLands
25-08-2003, 05:34
I'm very pleased to see that things in The Dominion have reached a degree of normalcy. If you need any assistance in this revitalization of sorts, you know who to call, Nathi.
Bodyguard Barry
Minister of State
The Unblinking Eye of SLAGLandic Security
Husband to Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network
Prankster Extraordinaire
The Tourist Trapdom of The SLAGLands
25-08-2003, 07:50
From the desk of
Comrade John Engels, Chairman, CPJ CentCom

Lady Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo:

I am pleased and relieved to see that you have re-opened your borders, to the extent that they may have been considered open prior to this attempted coup. My advisors and I had feared that the state of martial law in the Dominion would be extended indefinitely; we beg forgiveness for our presumptuousness, but this tactic has not been unkown historically as a means of instituting military dictatorship.

The fate of the ministers that you have replaced is regrettable, but Justitium's concern is always for the common worker: We must not and have no right to interfere in any nation's political intrigues. It is also not for me or my people to question your nation's justice system, unless some evidence emerges of falsification. Thus, providing proper trials were administered, we cannot pass judgement on your handling of this affair. I hope that you can understand our concern for the treatment of your citizens, given the past actions of many of your associates, though in this case our concern may have been for naught. We do, however, await an independent account of what occurred, if one is ever forthcoming.
25-08-2003, 07:54
The Republic of Tiburon is relieved that things are back to normal, but it is worried that this might happen again. (I'm also worried... no one bothered to call me! Now I cry... :cry: )
The Most Glorious Hack
25-08-2003, 13:23
Domina Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo,

On behalf of the Hack, I would like to offer you our condolences at the recent attempted coup, and are pleased that the situation has ended amicably. As mentioned in communiques from the Director of Section 3, we are interested in opening formal relations with your dominion. Should this be acceptable, we are willing to exchange ambassadors with your nation.

I await your responce, when events allow for such.

- Victor Solis, Speaker for the President
The Technocratic Oligarchy of the Most Glorious Hack
25-08-2003, 13:30
We are glad to hear that the Lady still holds dominion over the lands she has ruled in wisdom for so many years. The Vortex Corporation would like to re-assure you of the fact that all your holdings on the Hermes Facility are still intact and business is going on as smoothly as it has always been. We hope to have more contact with you in the future, and wish you well in eradicating any worms that dare tying to overtake your throne.

The Vortex Corporation High Council

Imperial Alliance Trade Ambassador
AWN Head of Economic Affairs
Templar Alliance Member
SFN Member
WTE Member

Corporate Coalition ( Founding Member
Hermes Facility ( Administrator
25-08-2003, 17:57
Dear Dread Lady Nathicana,

We are pleased that you are able to reopen your borders and we may resume trade with you. We hope this finds you well.

Prime Secretary Francis
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-08-2003, 15:04
To: Bodyguard Barry, SLAGLands Minister of State

My dear, I truly appreciate your support. Forgive me for not having been more communicative before, but as these things often are, it came as a bit of a suprise. All is well, and in fact, the region is clamoring for the renewed flow of Granny Slag's confections - I believe that shall help kick things up a bit economically. Folks just can't resist the goodness that is Granny, eh?

Give my best to Marlena - I do hope she's well. And of course, to you and your lovely wife, my love.



To: John Engels, Chairman, CPJ CentCom

Why my dear, I thought you were aware of the political status of the Dominion - we are a dictatorship, in every sense of the word, though generally, the populace is free to live as they choose. The exception of course being disobedience to the state, which is why such measures had to be implemented.

It was a regrettable circumstance, but the plot was so widespread, and the dissidents in such positions of power, that I'm afraid it was neccessary in order to to prevent any escapes. It would be most unfortunate to have had one of them loose to begin the process anew. I dislike having to resort to such heavy-handed measures.

It is good that you do not seek to meddle in such internal affairs. However, as stated, the trails were indeed conducted in a fair and legal manner. The evidence against those responsible was overwhelming, and undeniable. And, our laws clearly state that the punnishment for crimes against the state is death. We have operated well within our bounds. No reasonable government would deny that.

The account of what has gone on is now a matter of public record, as I stated in my release. A coup was attempted, and put down. Those responsible were fairly tried, and those found guilty, excecuted. The citizens suffered no more than a temporary inconvenience while we took care of matters, and that, as we say, is that. I hope that this is explanation enough to satisfy your curiousity. I'm certain you'll understand that due to the sensitive nature of much of the evidence and information, no such details shall be forthcoming.

--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion


To the Republic of Tiburon, a statement:

Whyever should you be worried? The situation has been dealt with, those responsible have paid for their crimes, and our great nation is once more operating smoothly. Your concern is noted, however I see no cause for alarm.


To: Victor Solis, Speaker for the President

I would be quite pleased to have formal diplomatic relations with your nation. As such, may I offer embassy space within our capitol of Devras? Such property will, as per standard, be considered for all intents and purposes, yours - we of course, will not interfere in the workings thereof. Please have your people contact my new Minister of Public Relations, Evangelista Ravanelli, to make the proper arrangements.

I have just the man in mind for our side of the bargain; one Amadeo d'Bari - a rather likeable chap with a strong interest in technology, if I remember arightly. I'll notify him, and instruct him to begin dialogue, shall I? I look forward to working with you and your government on this, the beginning of closer ties. I'm certain we can find ways to benefit one another.

--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo


To: The Vortex Corporation High Council

I am pleased to hear things are continuing to go smoothly. I thank you for your kind words, and your assurances. The fact that our holdings on Hermes were still operating has been an economic blessing during the past few days, and I thank you for having been granted the opportunity to utilize such space. New transports are on their way as we speak to revitalize our trade.

I was also quite pleased to hear that you'd managed to dodge the bullet so to speak, in concerns with the war. Bad for business, that. Perhaps a trade foothold within the Dominion would not be amiss? I've docks and warehouses myself here that I'm certain you could utilize, as well as a plethora of trade items, as you well know. Please contact my Minister of Trade, Bernardo di Medici, should you wish to make any such arrangements. He'll take good care of you.

And my dears ... please, no 'throne' about it. I'm a simple leader, not a monarch, and make no claims to such.

--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion


Nathicana read over the last letter, pondering the implications thoughtfully.

Something has changed here. I could sense it in that last missive Raui sent, and now ... this. It would seem my actions have been met with disapproval. However siltent their words, this brief missive speaks volumes. Alas ...

Perhaps a message needed to be sent in turn. After all, such publicly bland facts should not have elicited such a cool response - Raui knew something. Dangerous perhaps, but uncertain. A cooling on both sides might cause him to sit up a bit.

She phoned Bernardo, and directed him to pen a response, then sat back in her chair, sipping her ice water thoughtfully.

Now, the one response I'd hoped to hear, yet haven't ... I need to know how Jaime is, and what his plans are. He's yet to respond, and that worries me. I hope he's well ...


To: Prime Secretary Francis

We thank you for your support, and assure you that all is well. Trade has already resumed. By the time this message reaches your desk, the first shipments will have arrived.

Again, thank you for your business, and may you and yours propser.

--Bernardo di Medici, Dominion Minister of Trade
26-08-2003, 15:41
To: Dominion Minister of Trade, Bernardo di Medici

Dear mister Medici,

It has come to our attention that the Dominion might be interested in expanding the relations between our two organizations currently represented by the trade agreement concerning the Hermes Facility. We ourselves are extremely excited at the idea of entering new markets in the Dominion. Therefore, we would like to ask what sort of deal you would have in mind. We offer a substantial amount of services and goods, but we are wondering what you as a nation could use best. Weaponry, neural uplinks, hoverdynes, combat training, infrastructural services (such as MagRails) and terraforming of barren territories are just a few of the branches where we operate.

We hope to receive a swift answer.

In trust,

Loran Nabaal, Chairman of the Lower Council for Economic Affairs.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-08-2003, 18:48
To: Chairman Loran Nabaal, Economic Affairs

Well met!

I'm pleased that we will be entering into negotiations for trade. Indeed, your level of technology surpasses our current, save perhaps, in certain military aspects.

As for your query, I can assure you that military products are always a welcome item here in the Dominion. Perhaps you could direct me towards the proper lists and catalogues to direct back to our Defense department?

I'm not sure that the Lady would feel that the general populace is ready for such things as neural uplinks, however the MagRail and these 'hoverdynes' sound intriguing. We've rich farmland aplenty here in the Dominion, so I doubt as yet any such terraforming services will be needed. However, we do have a ship at this point doing deep space recon. Perhaps, in the future?

For our part, we have more simple faire to put on the auction block. Our wines are well known for their quality, as are many of our agriculturally based products such as grains and cheeses. Our fishing fleet has historically done nicely for itself as well.

We of course pride ourselves on our artistic endeavours in the realms of performance and visual arts. We have been blessed with wonderful natural resources, and our mining efforts are thriving, based mainly in the copper and iron industries. Our Automobile industry does rather well indeed, though with your more advanced technology, I'm not sure that would be a viable export.

Perhaps we could come to an agreement on the lessening of import taxes between our two nations? I assure you that we have space in several of our port cities where you might set up operations and warehousing. Given that most of our borders are not landlocked, this provides excellent opportunities for easy transport. Devras, our capitol, of course springs to mind. However, depending on what you wish to export, there are also Corinth in the north, and Scithiya in the south, to name a couple.

Please take the time to look over the facts, and get back to me at your leisure. I look forward to continuing our negotiations.

--Bernardo di Medici, Dominion Minister of Trade
26-08-2003, 18:58
Official Reply from Harakian Government Officials-

I'm very pleased to see that the situation was resolved quickly and efficiently. I'm glad to see this little attempted coup failed, and that the Dominion has returned to business as usual.

-Prime Minister Jaime Walf.

Unofficial Response from Harakian Government Officials-

Oh, good.

26-08-2003, 19:08


Your betrayal at the hands of the loathsome proletariat masses sickens me. Truly they know not where their duties lie. While my fury is both great and virutous, you must know that such a mutiny is inevitable so long as you allow these dregs to question their righteous masters. You must flay them, rend from them the seeds of disobedience. Perhaps I can remedy this situation for you in some way?

Atmodean the Striker
High Commandante.

26-08-2003, 19:33
-space reserved for trade deal info-
26-08-2003, 19:45
Nice to see you... ah... completely back in charge there. We hope this doesn't happen often. Jon Hertzfeldt
Chief of State
Federated Segments of Scolopendra
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-08-2003, 20:07
To: PseudoEmperor Jon Hertzfeldt of Scolopendra

My thanks, dear. That is my hope as well. Such measures are always unsavory, and bad for business and morale to boot.



To: Atmodean the Striker, High Commandante of Mallberta

I believe we may have more of an understanding on things than we may have previously thought. I assure you, the situation is quite under control, though your offer does not go unappreciated. As for my underlings knowing their duties, I assure you - they have achieved an amazing clarity in the past few days. I am noteably pleased at their renewed loyalty.

With regards,

--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion


At last, a note ... and all too terribly brief. I wonder ... is all well? Surely he doesn't suspect ... gods, that is the last thing I need right now.

Nathicana read thoughtfully over the last of her missives, her brow furrowed and a slight scowl on her face. Still, she hesitated to call.

Still ... perhaps the distance is for the best? I've just pulled things back together ... no need to let things go to my head all over again. She tried to reason with herself, make excuses. And as with most of such discussions, it would have worked but for one thing.

She couldn't deny she loved the man, despite all the difficulties it created for her. And still, after all this time, she couldn't explain the why of it, even to herself.

Instead, she took pen in hand, and wrote in a bold flowing script, hoping the personal touch would convey what she didn't have the voice for.

To my Dearest Jaime,

The days have been long, and the nights longer since last I saw you.
The pressures of our public lives have seemed to take on a life of their
own, dominiating our time, and drawing us further apart.

I've precious little information on how your rule has progressed, and I
hope that thus far, the transition has been a smooth one. I regret that
things went down the way they did with Chris, all the same. Please
believe me when I say we had no part in that.

When at last you do have the time, let me know so that perhaps we can
coordinate our schedules to see one another. I've missed you.

Ciao, mi amore ...

-- Nathi
27-08-2003, 07:40
To: Benicio Medici, Dominion Minister of Trade.


We have been reviewing the potential of this new trade agreement in the past days and we have decided something rarely special. Normally, our military hoverdynes are only available to members of alliances we are in, such as the WTE and the CC. However, as a sign of goodwill, we are willing to sell them to you also. As you might know, hoverdynes carry a Zephrim Drive that generates an antimagnetic field, lifting the object from the ground. Our series of hoverdynes provide vehicles with more speed and firepower than conventional tanks, while the armor is generally the same as on their "tank" equivalents. Of course, the maintenance costs for such advanced vehicles are slightly higher than is normally the case. These are the models we have made available to you:

05/DCAPC Command APC “Patriarch” (170.000)
This is the corporate battlefield nerve center. Here, the field commander is supported by a crew of 3 to analyse data about the battle. An advanced communications system allows him to control his untis. Additionally, the APC can carry up to 20 infantry units, who can be rapidly deployed through the fully hydraulic rear doors. The APC is armed with a 200 kilocycle Electro Discharge Cannon to provide limited cover for exiting forces.

W/SAH-4 Scout Hoverdyne “Apus” (65.000)
The Apus is a one-manned hoverbike, designed for scouting purposes. It is armed with a light Shogata 8Bx10 “BerZerk” pulse laser to ward of infantry forces. In combat it is usefull for hit-and-run strikes and flanking maneuvres. The scout hoverdyne relies on speed and agility to avoid enemy fire, as it is only armored with light polysteel15 armor. The Apus carries advanced targeting and visual enhancing equipment, strengthening its scout role. An added advantage is the ability to equip this unit with a RamTech light mine system, allowing it to hinder advancement of enemy forces.

01/SAC-34 LAT Light Hoverdyne “Sculptor” (175.000)
The sculptor is a highly advanced hoverdyne used for patrols, fast attacks and deep scout missions. It’s engine is enforced with a Rover-8005 combat engine, making it extremely agile. The primary weapon on this vehicle is a 20kMhz Electro Discharge Shogata Cannon. The weapon can defeat light armor with extreme ease and given time, it can eventually penetrate heavier armor also. Because of the Hugh G4 tracking unit, it can also engage air units. Armored with heavy polysteel15 plates, the sculptor is an extremely dangerous units to hostile infantry.

01/MAT-3 Main Battle Hoverdyne “Lynx” (450.000)
The Lynx have good speed and armor, making it an excellent hoverdyne for heavy combat. Its turret mounts a Shogata PDX9 “Messenger”, the latest version of our very first energy weapon. The Lynx can go toe to toe with any modern tank and pose a significant threat to any ground unit. Armored with heavy polysteel20 shockplates it can withstand a great deal of punishment before collapsing.

01/WL8 Heavy Hoverdyne “Volans” (850.000)
The massive Volans is one of the largest hoverdynes available today. Nicknamed “God’s Might” it strikes fear into hearts of enemy forces. To command a Volans is an honor only given to the best crews in the Corporation. This hoverdyne carries a twin mounted Shogata PDX9 cannon, providing it with supreme firepower. Unfortunately, the rechare time for this dual weapon is relatively slow.

012/BT-MV Mk. II Beam Platform “Lacerta” (900.000)
The Lacerta is a three crew hoverdyne platform, armed with an experimental beam cannon. This cannon is a modified version of the Shogata. It is meant to shoot beam of concentrated energy through a specially designed prism. This prism, named the X9k Purifier, is still extremely experimental and is connected with an advanced GTI targeting system. Both the platform and the weapon are still highly experimental, so the corporation is reluctant to deploy it in direct combat. The coming years, it will only be used when there is no other choice,

01/AAPBT-600 Anti-Air Hoverdyne “Pavo” (350.000)
The Pavo has only one purpose: to destroy enemy airborne units. It carries a modified Shogata FUR/X9 weapon system that shoots energy at enemy craft at amazing speed and accuracy. The Pavo proofs to be extremely efficient, except in desert regions. The huge cooling system needed to keep the weapon going hampers in conditions of extreme heat. Also, the Pavo has relatively light armor, comparable with the Sculptor.

04/DN9-FO OAH Artillery Hoveredyne “Sagitta” (1.000.000)
The Sagitta is a mobile artillery piece, designed at the same time as the Pavo. It’s primary weapon is a BPPL-12 Shogata ejector. It lobs overpacked and unstable proton particle clusters in a high ballistic arc towards the target. Upon impact, this results in an enormous energy discharge. A powerfull isonisation field is a side-effect of this blast, damaging all electrical systems nearby. Even though it is armed with polysteel20 platings, the Sagitta requires heavy hoverdyne escorts. Also, frequent maintenance and high upkeep expenses are necessary.

011/BEHCCA Drone Carrier “Orion” (1.300.000)
The Orion is a support hoverdyne designed to stay in the background of combat encounters. The hoverdyne carries an extensive crew of six and is packed with large numbers of GHE Spider Drones, which we have presented to the public a few years ago. The Orion relies on information from its targeting computers and other friendly units to lock on a target. After that, Drones are released and head for the target to blow it to pieces. As stated in other press releases, the only weakness of this system is the problems it seems to have with targeting infantry.

Of course, we also have civilian versions of the hoverdyne, which can be found here:

Now about the MagRail: this system is also based on antimagnetic principles. The Rail itself generates the antimagnetic field, allowing pods to be pushed over it at high speed, with large cargo. At this point, 1 kilometer of MagRail can be constructed for the price of Dn 1.500.000.

What we would like is to agree on a yearly amount of hoverdynes to be purchased from us, by you, supplemented by MagRail construction whenever desired. In return, we wish to import minerals from your mining sector, if you could inform us of current prices.


Loran Nabaal
27-08-2003, 07:47
FROM: The Desk of the Foreign Secretary
TO: Lady Nathicana

My dear Nathi;

Though, of course, I shall never get over your refusal of my dinner invitation, know that I am glad all is well with your nation. It is regrettable to see people questioning their place in society; and I am sure there will be some members of my government who will feel that those upstarts' claims were justified.

That is, of course, because they're liberal fools. I, on the other hand, know where that type of people belong. The executions pleased me; it showed you are strong leader.

On a lighter note, my nephew, Thomas, the Earl of Gestasia, will soon be marrying the grand-daughter of King Derek von Blattersplitt of Edolia. You, or your proxy, are of course welcome to come.

Your servant,

Robert, Duke of Estalia
The Most Glorious Hack
27-08-2003, 13:00
To: Evangelista Ravanelli, Minister of Public Relations

Speaker Solis informed me that I should contact you regarding an ambassidorial exchange.

First, I would like to state that pending a brief background check, we feel that Amadeo d'Bari would be just perfect for representing the Dominion in our fine country. As soon as plans are forwarded, we shall construct your embassy. Its location will be just outside of central Chiba City, in a charming neighborhood, aptly named Embassy Row.

Lest I be too boorish, I feel that I should now introduce myself.

I am Marcus.

Before you feel that I have made a typographical error, allow me to state that I have no last name. It is something of a long story, suffice it to say that it is cultural.

I am an old friend of Speaker Solis. He feels that I am quite suited to represent the Hack in your country. A dossier is included with this missive so that you may peruse my qualifications. Like Speaker Solis, I am quite familiar with formal ettiquette, and my staff will be hand selected so that we will represent the Hack, as well as those who will be most likely to appretiate the aesthetics that your nation offers.

I eagerly await your responce.



[The letter is hand-written, but the writing is so neat as to almost be caligraphy. The attached dossier is almost shocking in its detail.]
27-08-2003, 13:16
Message to: Dread Lady Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo
Message fr: Domina Rene Seingult

Please allow me to express the good wishes of Tsaraine at our ally's successful conclusion to this problem. A stable and lasting solution to strife is always to be admired.
As a fellow member of the Non-Democratic Alliance, and as an admirer of your firm hand in governance, I extend to you the offer of an embassy in Tsaraine, and the hope that our two nations may grow closer in the future.
~ Domina Rene Seingult
Division Five Commandant
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-08-2003, 22:00
To my honorable ally Domina Rene Seingult, greetings.

I thank you again for your well wishes, and indeed, for the offer of embassy space. May I extend the hospitality of the Dominion to your nation as well, in such a capacity? The trading of ambassadors I believe, will only serve to strengthen the ties we have begun to create.

Of course, I look forward to talks of a more personable nature when our schedules clear somewhat. (see: too many threads at present, working on wrapping up a few)

Until that time, let us make the arrangements for our respective embassies, and begin to forge a closer bond between our great nations.



To: Robert, Duke of Estalia

Why, wherever was this dinner request, mi'lord Duke? If memory serves, I've not recieved such. Perhaps one of my underlings has misplaced it? If so, be assured, they will be dealt with appropriately.

All the same, I thank you for your support, and wish you and yours well. Congratulations to your nephew on his impending wedding - may the bride and groom both prosper. Thank you as well for the invitation - I will consider it, as both my schedules, and those of my ministers are rather full at present, all things considered. We appreciate the gesture,

--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion


Else knocks softly on the door, opening it and walking in quietly at Nathi's brief "Enter."

"This just arrived - I thought you'd want to see it immediately," she says in a quiet tone, handing Nathicana the letter, then leaving again, pulling the door shut with a soft 'click'.

Recognizing the handwriting immediately, she doesn't even register that the woman has left. She opens the envelope with a mix of trepidation and excitement, her eyes quickly scanning the message inside.

My dearest Nathi,

I wish I could see you again, right now. I've had a very hard time. Too
many people want me dead, especially Chris. I believe you had no part in
his death, and I just hope his men won't try and carry on his work and
finish me off.

I'm doing all right, and I hope you're the same. I'm glad to hear that
the Dominion is resuming business as usual. Despite my unusually short
response to your broadcast, I'm truly pleased to hear it. I just couldn't
quite say all that I wanted to in a public broadcast.

I hope I can find the time soon to try and get some time to see you. I
truly can't wait to be able to see your face again.

I love you, and I will hopefully see you soon.


She sits in silence, reading and re-reading the words, her hands gripping the paper more tightly as she lets the words sink in.

Action was needed. Yes, he had his own men, but still. Then again, Jas' best team was out of the country attending to Devon's little problem ... she doubted he would appreciate her sending in her own men without asking - most likely, considering the high level of security he was most likely running, they'd be killed. Those she already had there had been keeping quiet after the elections, and currently, were on standby to avoid any undue attention.

What to do ...

She fluctuated between worry, and relief at the news. After all, she'd seriously considered killing him herself on more than one occasion. It wouldn't have been the first time she'd done such a thing when someone had gotten too close. Still ... he was different. And unlike all but one of the others, she truly loved him.

That thought gave her pause ... All but one ... surely not the same thing. No, not at all ... I've simply let the flattery and rampant lust go straight to my head is all. Definitely not that. Couldn't be.

Her brow furrowed as she sat, lost in thought, idly toying with the ring on her finger ... and her eyes shifting slightly to the drawer that held a particular knife.
27-08-2003, 22:21
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-08-2003, 01:22
(much clippage ensues)
Speaker Solis informed me that I should contact you regarding an ambassidorial exchange.

I am an old friend of Speaker Solis. He feels that I am quite suited to represent the Hack in your country. A dossier is included with this missive so that you may peruse my qualifications. Like Speaker Solis, I am quite familiar with formal ettiquette, and my staff will be hand selected so that we will represent the Hack, as well as those who will be most likely to appretiate the aesthetics that your nation offers.

I eagerly await your responce.



To Marcus of the Most Glorious Hack, greetings!

I shall be very pleased to recieve you and your staff in the capitol city of Devras. We have ample room yet within the new city to construct such a place as per your instructions, or offer a choice of locations within the new or old city, as you like.

Both myself and the Lady were quite impressed with your dossier, and feel that you would make a most excellent choice as an embassador here within our fair nation. We hope that you and your staff will feel welcome here, and that you will enjoy the ambience and opportunities our city has to offer you.

I have every confidence that you and yours will be most fitting representatives of your great nation, and forsee a pleasant future ahead of us. Once your choice of locations has been made, we shall have the site prepared for your arrival. Please find attached the pertinent files, for your perusal.

Again, we look forward to this exchange, and can only hope our own ambassador will uphold himself in such a manner as you have already shown.


Evangelista Ravanelli, Minister of Public Relations
28-08-2003, 10:16
To my honorable ally Domina Rene Seingult, greetings.

I thank you again for your well wishes, and indeed, for the offer of embassy space. May I extend the hospitality of the Dominion to your nation as well, in such a capacity? The trading of ambassadors I believe, will only serve to strengthen the ties we have begun to create.

Of course, I look forward to talks of a more personable nature when our schedules clear somewhat. (see: too many threads at present, working on wrapping up a few)

Until that time, let us make the arrangements for our respective embassies, and begin to forge a closer bond between our great nations.


Message to: Dread Lady Nathicana
Message fr: Domina Rene Seingult

My friend,
I would be honoured to exchange ambassadors with you. Unfortunately, Tsaraine is not excessively blessed with diplomats - previously we had very little need for them - but after discussion with my fellow Division Commandants, we have decided upon Legion Commandant Eirkhanz Sche'daya, whom we believe will represent Tsaraine well. He may be a little overenthusiastic at times, but he means well, and he should prove capable.

~Domina Rene Seingult
Division Five Commandant
The Most Glorious Hack
28-08-2003, 12:38
Minister Evangelista Ravanelli,

Greetings and salutations.

My heart is gladdened by the news that I have been deemed acceptable to represent my country in your fine nation. As soon as my signature has been afixed to this missive, and I receive assurances that it is on its way, I shall start the selection of my staff.

I do not believe that a large number of personel will be required, as I far prefer to have a small number of highly skilled people, than a large number of lesser people.

We shall not require much by way of the building itself; I am a humble man, and would be pleased with most any structure, provided basic needs are met. I feel that having the embassy in, or near, your capital would be for the best, if for no other reason than ease of transportation. All that I will require, however, above and beyond the barest necessities will be the ability to have a crew of technitions wire it for communications.

As I am sure that you are aware, being an ambassador will mean that certain transmitions to and fro my homeland will need to be protected from undesirables. I feel this is important for state security, but I also would not want a staffer to be eavesdropped upon when talking with a loved one either. To this end, I wish to place a satellite dish that will provide a secure uplink to our orbiting communications satellites. The wiring is a mere formality so that a few phones and computers can connect. I hope such a request is not too forward.

Having perused the attached files, I have attached a simple list of the sites I, and Speaker Solis, feel would be most likely to serve our needs and desires. They have been ranked, should one become unavailable in the interm.

Finally, Speaker Solis has requested that I make mention of the fact that the Senate has issued its approval, as has President Gibson. I am also pleased to report that your representative has been found to be most acceptable.

The list of attachments is thus swelled by the inclusion of potential sites for your own embassy in our nation. Also included is a list of highly regarded builders and architects, should you wish to design your own building.


Dread Lady Nathicana
31-08-2003, 01:14
Patil Natic, once a Mishakalian Senator (until the Senate was disbaned by Queen Mary) and now Queen Mary's most trusted Royal Advisor was sipping on honeyed wine and looking at the Ioian nighttime sky, the view of Ganymede and Europa was most dominate tonight and the view was perfect due to a cloudless nightsky. Patil waved a small wand over a letter that would make it smell like vanila and pepperment, she was sending the letter to Lady Nathicana about Mateo.

To Lady Nathicana,

I feel saddened by the betrayel of Mateo to your goverment, when I met him at the wedding of Federico and Gehhenna he seemed to be truly loyal to you and to your nation. I do feel a certain joy at the thought however that his death was quick and painless at least (but prehaps I am a little bias as he did impress me). But as Queen Mary's royal advisor none the less I do congradulate your goverment's successful control over the failed revolt.

Patil Natic, Royal Advisor to Queen Mary Rene Mythas Asha-Corrino I

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Dread Lady Nathicana
31-08-2003, 16:37
To our dear Marcus,

We are thrilled to hear that Speaker Solis, the Senate, and President Gibson have seen fit to approve both this, and our own humble delegate. I will of course have him contact you directly. Should any additional information not included in his dossier be needed, I'm certain he can provide.

I am authorized to approve the choice of the fourth location on your list for our own embassy. After careful review, we feel it would best serve our needs, and wish to thank you for providing such excellent choices. As with you, we also have a few requirements for communication and such, and hope that this will not present any difficulties.

I believe we have one that will serve all our needs perfectly. As we had discussed, the location is in Devras. The second on the list, as you may recall. It is contained in its own compound to assist with any security measures you may need. Your communications needs are of course granted - it is, after all, to be your embassy, and we would be poor hosts were we to deny such a reasonable request.

It comes complete with its own small campo, or courtyard and formal gardens, and commands a lovely view of one of our many parks through the front, and across the canale in back, the Piazza San Bernardi. All in all, quite picturesque. It is located in the Spiro sector of the old city, and is within easy walking distance of several excellent bistros, a lovely marketplace, and a number of historic sites and curio shops.

Furnishings are already in place, but of course, feel free to pick and choose as you will - we will take off any items you have no need for. It is our hope to make you feel at home here.


Evangelista Ravanelli

enc: pictures, fact sheet, letter


To: Marcus
Fr: Amadeo d'Bari

Greetings and salutations!

I am very pleased to have been accepted to represent my nation within your borders. I look forward to working with both your government, and yourself, as we both serve the same capacity in our respective corners.

I look forward to serving in this capacity, and am, I admit, rather anxious to begin this adventure. We've had few enough ambassadors, and I count myself honored to have been chosen for the assignment.

Please, should any information be needed, do not hesitate to contact me. I await word that preparations have been completed. My staff has been personally chosen by myself, and Minister Ravanelli, and I can assure you of their professionalism and tact. Do pass on our respectful regards to your Speaker, President, and Senate.


Amadeo d'Bari
The Most Glorious Hack
01-09-2003, 15:54
Glorious Salutations, Evangelista Ravanelli,

On my desk, next to your missive lies the letter from Amadeo d'Bari, and will be responding to him as soon as I am finished here. The Devras location will be simply divine. Your description and attached pictures cause me to look forward to my journey as if I was a child before a holiday. I am sure the furnishings will be more than sufficient; I tend to keep a rather spartan room. I hope it will cause no insult should some of the furniture be removed.

Re: Your choice of embassy,

Your choice is a rather quaint structure, humble yet demanding of respect. I have, on occation, spent the night there, as it is quite peaceful. It has all the ammenities that one could hope for, as well as a delightful courtyard in the back. It is set a slight distance from the other embassies, but is still close to many restaurants, a fine theater, and other such establishments. I have been told that there are many fine "clubs" in the area, but I cannot comment on the veracity of such a statement.

I have taken the liberty to assume that further such conversations will likely be in person, and I look forward to that meeting.




To: Amadeo d'Bari
Fr: Amb. Marcus
ATT: Photographs, Chiba City Guide Book

Greetings Ambassador,

I am pleased to offer your first (albeit slightly premature) welcoming to our fine nation. I am not sure if we will have a chance to meet, as we may very well cross in transit. At any rate, I hope that you enjoy staying in the Hack and that everything is up to your needs. The selected embassy has been prepared, and awaits your arrival.

If you have any further questions, my office will either forward them to myself, or to a more appropriate official.

Again, I wish you well in our fine country, and I hope that you find it to be quite enjoyable. The setting will be quite urban, but still quite beautiful. You will find numerous photographs of the area, Chiba City in general, as well as the embassy proper. I have also sent a simple guide book to help you get accustomed to your surroundings, should you be prone to late-night wanderings as I am. Of course, should you wish a personal guide, one shall be provided.


Dread Lady Nathicana
03-09-2003, 16:36
Message to: Dread Lady Nathicana
Message fr: Domina Rene Seingult

My friend,
I would be honoured to exchange ambassadors with you. Unfortunately, Tsaraine is not excessively blessed with diplomats - previously we had very little need for them - but after discussion with my fellow Division Commandants, we have decided upon Legion Commandant Eirkhanz Sche'daya, whom we believe will represent Tsaraine well. He may be a little overenthusiastic at times, but he means well, and he should prove capable.

~Domina Rene Seingult
Division Five Commandant

Most excellent. In truth, my dear, oftimes we supposed 'diplomats' make more a mess of things than not. A frank, honest opinion would be most welcome. In consideration, we have found one who may well suit your forms better than some silver-tongued devil. If I may offer for your perusal the dossier for one Dominic Garibaldi (enclosed).

Retired with honor, a Sergeantfrom the Dominion milizia, he has served our nation for many years, and has maintained a spotless record throughout. He is known for his straightforward approach, and tact, though he's far from flowery about it.

I hope these exchanges are a sign of things to come - I'm quite looking forward to working more closely with you, and believe that we've some excellent opportunities ahead of us.


enc: file, pic
Dominic Garibaldi
05-09-2003, 14:59
Message to: Dread Lady Nathicana
Message fr: Domina Rene Seingult

I'm sure Mr. Garibaldi will be an excellent ambassador from your Dominion to mine, my friend, and I can only hope that Legion Commandant Sche'daya represents Tsaraine as excellently.
Quarters and amenities shall be provided to Mr. Garibaldi as if he were one of my own staff; though they may be somewhat different in culture to what he is accustomed to, I know that you will do no less for Commandant Sche'daya.
I am sure that together we can create a new and glorious future.

~Domina Rene Seingult
Division Five Commandant
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-10-2003, 07:11
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