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Diplomat sent to Angband.

20-08-2003, 17:01
Official Broadcast of the Treznor Imperial News Agency

Today marked a historic moment as Ambassador Henrietta Jonas left our nation to represent our interests on the international front and assure peace between Treznor and Angband. Ambassador Jonas will be a guest of Melkor for the duration of the war as a representative of Treznor's intentions to remain peaceful and neutral in the war that has drawn in so many other nations, and presently has our fleet in a supporting action in Sisgardia.

Emperor Devon Treznor met with Ambassador Jonas privately today, before escorting her to the plane that will take her to the shuttle to Angbad. In a press conference, he praised her for her patriotism.

In times of war, family becomes very important. They become our lifeline to sanity and we wish to spend more time with them, not less. Mrs. Jonas is a truly remarkable woman in that she's willing to leave behind her five children in order to secure peace for our nation. We commend her for her bravery and sacrifice. We will not let her down. We will bring her home safely, and she will be reunited with her husband and her children. We will do our best to make that day come as soon as possible.

Ambassador Jonas bad a tearful farewell to her children. Shown in this videoclip, they are Jodi, aged twelve, Sam aged nine, Harold and Henry, aged seven and little Sally, aged three. Behind them is Mr. Peter Jonas, husband to the Ambassador and father of their five children.

The Great Lord Melkor has promised a direct communications link between Angband and Treznor, and Ambassador Jonas may use it to keep in touch with her loved ones. We can only hope that she is returned to them soon.
18-09-2003, 06:00
Emperor Devon Treznor announced a day of mourning today at the tragic loss of Ambassador Henrietta Jonas, returning today from her courageous diplomatic mission in Angbad.

The Grendel-built military transport blew up en route from the Hermes spaceport in Sisgardia. The transport was in international waters when it was destroyed, and nothing has yet been recovered from the wreckage. It is unknown at this time whether the destruction of the jet was deliberate, but a high placed Treznor official suggested they were "keeping their eyes open."

The Emperor had no comment at this time, but promised a full statement later on.

Ambassador Jonas is survived by three of her five children, Harold, Henry and Sally as well as her husband, Peter Jonas. The Emperor has promised to reward the Jonas family for their sacrifice with honours and a hefty monetary grant. The family suffered another tragedy earlier in the year when the school their eldest children attended was attacked by terrorists. Over two hundred children died along with the Jonas children, and four adults.
Melkor Unchained
18-09-2003, 07:00
The Imperium, of course, extends its most sincere apologies to Treznor for this loss.

Would you like any assistance in investigating the crash?
18-09-2003, 07:02

18-09-2003, 17:45
The Emperor Devon Treznor released an official statement today about the tragic loss of Ambassador Henrietta Jonas.

It is with great regret that we say goodbye to the brave and selfless woman we knew as Henrietta Jonas. She was quick to volunteer when someone like herself was needed to go to Angbad to represent our interests before the court of Lord Melkor. As a consequence, she was not there to grieve with her family at the loss of her two eldest children, and in the end she gave her life in the line of duty. We will not forget her, and we will not leave her family to languish. We will remember Ambassador Jonas each and every Memorial Day.

As to the details of the crash, I'm told that the incident happened over deep international waters, and the emergency recovery devices have failed. We may never retrieve the flight recorder or enough of the wreckage to have a clear picture of what happened. We suspect foul play, but we hold Melkor and the Vortex Corporation blameless. Our nation has been plagued by petty terrorism, and we would lay the blame at their feet, if any blame is to be apportioned. Henrietta did no harm to anyone, and did a great deal of good for a great many innocent men and women. She will be sorely missed.
24-09-2003, 13:26
Treznor sits in his regular work office many levels below the surface of the city. He leans back in his chair and listens to it squeak annoyingly, reminding him that it's time to get it replaced. He idly taps out a memo on his data terminal, confident that the problem will be resolved by the time he begins work again in the morning. He looks up at Ben Vitner, his Minister of Intelligence and smiles.

"It looks like you did well with the Jonas situation."

Ben nods gently, going over his notes. "Thus far, Melkor hasn't registered any protests, and we haven't seen much activity in the area of the crash. If anyone is doing any investigations, they're being very quiet about it. I suppose it's possible they're hiding from us; it's a big ocean after all, but nothing has come up yet. I'm inclined to believe we're in the clear."

Treznor sighs, staring off at an abstract painting on the wall above his door. He could remember the name of the artist if he put his mind to it, but the detail seems unnecessary. He likes the way the abstractions seem to form different patterns when he stares at it long enough. "I suppose there are two possibilities: either Melkor doesn't care enough about us to protest the loss of a sleeper agent, or he hadn't actually done anything to Henrietta and we murdered an innocent woman."

Ben quirks an eyebrow. "That sounded suspiciously like regret."

"No, just musing. The possibility that she was compromised was too great; we had to terminate her no matter what. But Melkor's silence gets me to thinking. In a way I'm rather hoping it's just that we're not big enough for him to make a fuss over it. The alternative could be that he's got other plans in motion, and all we did was foil one of them."

"You're twisted, Sir. You know that."

"Too long in the Business, Ben. Remember what I said about paranoia."

"Yes, Sir. Two kinds: absolute and insufficient."

"That's right." Treznor looks away from the painting and focuses back on Ben. "Well, continue passive monitoring of Angbad and downgrade their priority. Melkor doesn't seem to be interested in any trade treaties or non-aggression pacts, so we'll be happy to return to obscurity. This is probably a good time to start snooping around Vortex Corporation's digs anyway, to see what they're up to. I'd hate to be caught by surprise if they end up dragging us into another misunderstanding through alliances again. Maybe next time we can shortcut any problems before they begin."

"That's a tall order, Sir."

"Yeah, I know. But you get my meaning, anyway."

"Yes, Sir."

"All right. Off with you."

Treznor turns his attention back to his data terminal, and his chair squeaks again as he sits upright. He frowns and squirms a bit, making the chair squeak some more.

Definitely time to get it replaced.
24-09-2003, 13:40
OOC: Damn you, Melkor! :) Editing your tag post made me miss your offer of assistance. Fortunately, I don't think I have to retcon the wrapup I already wrote, but this means my response is out of sequence.

IC: The Empire of Treznor thanks the Imperium for their offer, and will take it under consideration. If you have deep-sea equipment capable of diving to such extreme depths, we will be interested in renting it from you. Given the sensitive nature of the military jet, we would not be comfortable bringing outside interests into the investigation.