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Old News: DLN Under Martial Law

Dread Lady Nathicana
19-08-2003, 23:08
Television screens across the nation switch to the Dominion flag for 30 seconds, the militaristic anthem playing in the background. Then the pale, yet composed face of Talia Amadore, Dominion Minister of Communications. She clears her throat, briefly glancing off-screen, then begins speaking.

"Citizens of the Dominion, it is with grave concern that I speak to you tonight. As you are aware, there has been dissention and discord rumbling through our great nation."

She shifts slightly in her seat, but presses on.

"First, there was the revelation that EODS forces were working to undermine our government. But the rumors and silent crusade did not stop with them."

Her eyes go a bit hard at that - anti-draconic sentiment was still riding rather high.

"Dissidents have sought to discredit our honorable leader, and remove her from power. Their plot has failed."

Nervously brushing back a stray lock of hair from her face, she pauses again, then continues.

"As a result of this failed coup, within the past hour, martial law has been declared throughout the Dominion. All citizens are strongly urged to comply with any and all directives issued by your local milizia forces. Strict curfew will be in effect. No citizens shall be allowed on the streets between the hours of sunset and sunrise. Any non-compliance with curfew or directives will be met with extreme force."

"Keep your radios and televisions on for further updates and instructions. For the honor and integrity of the Dominion - may this cleansing rid us of those who would see us falter."

The camera quickly goes back to the flag, once again playing the national anthem. This time however, the picture remains. Any and all channels display the same. Any outside channels are blocked to the best of the governments ability.

Airports have already been shut down, incoming flights diverted in the hours before. The borders are closed, with no traffic going in either direction. The Dominion Navy, quietly deployed off the coast, and previously posing as working maneuvers now sets up a solid blockade. All communications are closed, save key government channels, and all of those, closely monitored. Throughout the nation, squads of militzia, Dominion military, conduct searches, make arrests, and confiscate property, documents and other evidence of dissention.

The actions continue on through the night.
19-08-2003, 23:10
Sometimes, I suppose, such actions are necessary.
19-08-2003, 23:10
OOC: Interesting. Since no one would be able to contact DLN anyways, I guess we just get to sit back and watch? :D
Dread Lady Nathicana
19-08-2003, 23:14
OOC: Interesting. Since no one would be able to contact DLN anyways, I guess we just get to sit back and watch? :D

... All communications are closed, save key government channels, and all of those, closely monitored ...

ooc: I'm not averse to attempted comms from other leaders. I just won't guarantee what sort of response, depending on various factors.
19-08-2003, 23:17
~>Route: Automata Omicron Blu - Angelus Mainframe - Nathicana
{I am unsettled to hear of the unrest in your beautiful country, SisterOrganic.}
{It seems that sometimes even the most stable of nations can be cast into}
{turmoil these days. Perhaps there is not a single nation in the known sphere}
{that is free from some form of international ick.}
{Regardless of that fact, I would like to offer you further assistance, if needed.}
{We might be able to arrange a SFA stopover, if it is required. I am sure}
{the presence of the GFBDs and the MechaHumans would be quite... calming.}
~>Route closed

--- (
Automata Omicron Blu
Speaker of the Dominion

Membership: Triumvirate of Yut, DeusExHumanaConsortium
Dread Lady Nathicana
19-08-2003, 23:23
~>Route: Nathicana - Angelus Mainframe - Automata Omicron Blu
{Blu my dear, I assure you everything is under control.}
{This turmoil has long been building. It was merely a matter of time before action}
{was required. All is well. There is no danger here. I respectfully request no outside}
{interference for now, though I acknowledge and appreciate your offer.}
{This is an internal matter that I must see to myself.}
{I wish you contiued success in your endeavors, and await reports on your progress.}
{Again, my thanks. May the blessings of whatever Gods you believe in go with you.}
~>Route closed
19-08-2003, 23:44
"What's up?" Jon looks up from the strategic indicator display, showing Saturnian space as free as the sky... and coated in every defensive ship imaginable.

"VIXEN network reporting in on the Dominion situation. Looks like there's some sort of purge going down. Intercepted television transmission coming in from all agents, reports of the military and police bashing stuff up."

"Oh damn." Hertzfeldt rubs the back of his head. "Motive?"

"Sounds like a crack-down on foreign intelligence assets and maybe internal dissent. A few of our agents are on the run, but we don't know if it's because they were made or they're just spooked."

"Hrm. Anything else?"

"She mentioned the attempted EOTED de-stab op. Seeing how the Dominion is an authoritarian state, this is probably a response to that and others."

"I wish we had some plants in her government. What are our people in the ministries reporting?"

"The same. Want my read?"

Jon nods. "Of course."

"Power crackdown. She's creeped out about something and she's eliminating anyone who could threaten her power base."

"Ugh." Jon grimaces. "What's our policy on that?"

"Normally we don't have one, but we never expected an ally to resort to such things. Precedent is 010, where they eliminated the dissident B166ER unit. If you remember, we let Zero-One handle it."

"Well... S.H.O.D.A.N. is closer to the Dread Lady than we are." Feeling the hairs rise on the back of his neck, Jon looks over his shoulder and isn't too surprised to see the local S.H.O.D.A.N. avatar standing there. Scolopendran intelligence policy concerning Zero-One (codename RUR) basically revolved around the idea that S.H.O.D.A.N. could find out whatever she wanted whenever she wanted if she felt anything was being hidden, so they didn't even try to hide anything except the most secure. It seemed to work; daily system purges usually found amazingly low dataminers compared to known levels in other governments. "So, Shodey, do you mind us dropping this one on you?"

The avatar shrugs slightly. "She is my friend, and honestly it's got my eyebrow raised as well." No one knew why, but S.H.O.D.A.N. also seemed a bit more honest around the Scolopendran leadership than usual. The usual theory--gratitude--was usually discredited because it seemed out of character.

"Thanks, Shodey."


<Encrypted Internal Triumvirate Communications>

Um... excuse me, ma'am, but is something the matter? Couldn't help but notice you blockading off your ports and such. Is there something we can do to help? If any nation is threatening you, I'm sure we can muscle them into line. Jon Hertzfeldt
Chief of State
Federated Segments of Scolopendra
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-08-2003, 00:51
<Encrypted Internal Triumvirate Communications>

Um... excuse me, ma'am, but is something the matter? Couldn't help but notice you blockading off your ports and such. Is there something we can do to help? If any nation is threatening you, I'm sure we can muscle them into line. Jon Hertzfeldt
Chief of State
Federated Segments of Scolopendra

<Encrypted Internal Triumvirate Communications>

I appreciate your concern, however we have matters well under control here. A simple internal affair that required more stringent action than usual. I assure you, there is nothing to concern yourselves with, nor of any threat to Scolopendra, or the Trium.

Again, thank you for your concern - it is appreciated. But no aid is required or desired at this time.
--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-08-2003, 00:54
(hours earlier, prior to the newscast and after this incident (

Nathicana looks around at the group of men and women seated around the table with her. Expressions on her minister's faces range from curious, angry, nervous, and ... frightened.

She was pleased.

"You have all been called together for an emergency meeting concerning a traitor in our midst." She nods, and Else comes forward, handing out folders that had been prepared long in advance, merely awaiting the proper time to be distrubuted.

"I am aware that various rumors have been floating about for some time now. I'm sure you've all wondered why I've allowed it to continue." She looks around at them all as they open up the folders and begin perusing, taking in the varied reactions.

"As you can see here, the driving force behind this has been Minister Janus Mateo, who just moments ago brought an armed escort to my office to have me arrested on trumped up charges of treason."

A cold bunch at best, still several eyes flicker to her at that - most in suprise. Others ...

"Let me direct your attention in particular to page two, paragraph five ..."

"And where is Mateo now?" asks Bernardo di Medici, Trade Minister, his brow furrowed.

"He is currently under arrest, and awaiting the formal outcome of this meeting. Gentlemen, Ladies, we are going by the books on this one." Rising from her seat, she begins to pace slowly. "I want a firm consensus on his guilt. You have before you irrefutable evidence of treachery, lies and deceit. Are there any who wish to argue for him?"

Nathicana fixes each of them in turn with a cool stare, chin tilted up in her usual imperious manner. Each greets her with varying degrees of confidence. Some shake their heads, others answer with a firm 'no'. None, however, disagree.

"Then, for the record, let it be shown that not only have I declared him traitor, but the Ministry as well. And in accordance with our laws, he shall be executed. I've no time to bother with the silliness of a trial, given the overwhelming evidence. I account this as much a jury of his peers as that dog needs."

Her look challenged anyone to say otherwise. None did, though a couple squrimed in their chairs uncomfortably under her gaze.

Guilty consciences, you venomous snakes?

"In addition, given the widespread mutterings and acts of dissention throughout the nation, I will be implementing martial law. The need to rout out this foolishness has become apparent. Talia, I've a write-up already prepared for you to deliver to the citizens. It's high time the citizens of the Dominion, and yourselves all remembered just who runs this country and why."

At a brief hand signal, the doors to the chamber open, and a group of twelve men and women in casual, unmarked black uniforms and masked faces step quickly in, spreading out around the room, weapons out and ready. Sounds of panic, outrage, and suprise erupt from the group of ministers, some leaping to their feet, others reaching for weapons themselves before pausing.

"Commander, please escort Ministers Brezzi, Longo, and Tomba to the holding cells," she says to the operative standing near the door. She then fixes the three of them each in turn with a cold stare. "I believe you each have some ... explaining to do."

They each pale, Melina Tomba, Education Minister actually breaking down in a sob, her shoulders shaking as two Black Company members step forward to take her from her seat, bodily dragging her out the door. Carlino Brezzi of Internal Affairs rises to his feet with quiet dignity, allowing himself to be led out, going so far as to give Nathicana a respectful nod.

"You can't do this!" cries out Marcellus Longo, Minister of Finance. "I've done nothing, I tell you, nothing!" He glares spitefully at Nathicana, attempting to throw off the grips of the two operatives who step forward to take him into custody.

At a slight signal from her, they bodily force him face down onto the table, twisting his arms up behind his back in a painful manner.

"Done nothing, you bastard?" she says, maintaining her calm exterior, though her jaw tightens slightly. She ignores his indignant noises of discomfort and muttered curses. "Who was it that laundered Mateo's bribe money? Who was it slipped him funds in his effort to garner favor outside our borders? Who was it who has been constantly criticisng me and yapping that I've spent too much, or not enough on this that or the other, while avoiding giving me solid facts to work with? I suggest you stop while you're ahead, Longo. Or at least, while you still have yours."

Nathicana nods curtly to the operatives, who quickly haul the still-cursing man from the room.

"Now ... for the rest of you ... Know now I could in all rights have every damned last one of you replaced. I know full well the opinions many of you have had over the past year, and the less than quiet criticisms that have echoed through these halls. From this day forward, you operate at my whim, and by my mercy. I expect you to know your places."

Judging by the looks on their faces, she knows she has them. She didn't need to gloat on her victory over Mateo - her handling of the situation, the in depth proof she'd been able to gather against him, and her uncanny ability to work through a foreign power many of them had thought until recently an enemy - all had them wondering just what information could be trusted and what not. And a number of them who knew all too well it was entirely possible she had enough to arrest them as well. Though several of them still had more than a touch of anger in their eyes, not a one challenged her. Not with six armed men still covering them.

"Well then, now that we've completed this lovely little meeting, I'll expect you to return to your offices. Each of you will find you have a new personal guard - for your safety of course, in this transitional period. I'll save you any possible embarrasment by telling you now, that all of your communications from this point forward will be closely monitored. I allowed you some measure of independance before - I shan't make that mistake again. Good day Ladies ... Gentlemen."

There is an obvious chill in the air as the men and women quietly leave the room, all under the watchful eyes of the Black Company operatives. As they leave, more members awaiting them outside break off in pairs, accompanying them back to their offices. As Minister Antonio Pellegrino of Central Intelligence goes to leave, Nathi pulls him aside.

"We have matters to discuss."

The next hour she spends closeted up with the Pellegrino, Marik, and Jacobian, going over the plans she has laid out, and beginning implementation.
20-08-2003, 01:32
Message To: Dominion of Dread Lady Nathicana
Message Fr: Dominion of Tsaraine

The Dominion extends to the Dread Lady it's congratulations at this firm step on the road to full and proper control of her state. Citizens should not be allowed to weaken the state through dissent, and I commend Dread Lady Nathicana for realising this.

-Domina Rene Seingult, Division Five Commandant
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-08-2003, 02:06
To: Domina Rene Seingult
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo

We thank you for your support. It was indeed high time to firmly cement in the minds of our citizens the need for unity and loyalty to the state.
--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion
20-08-2003, 02:20
{Aquire Line}
{Check line}
{Line Clear}
{Opening Comms}
{Comms Opened}
{DLN on Secure Line}
{Encryption on}
"DLN we would be honoured to send some militia forces to enforce your curfew in areas where you lag military power, such as the smaller villages and so on. We would like to help you in anyway possible".
{Closing Comms}
{Closing Line}
{Destroying Line}
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-08-2003, 02:42
{Aquire Line}
{Check line}
{Line Clear}
{Opening Comms}
{Comms Opened}
{DLN on Secure Line}
{Encryption on}
"DLN we would be honoured to send some militia forces to enforce your curfew in areas where you lag military power, such as the smaller villages and so on. We would like to help you in anyway possible".
{Closing Comms}
{Closing Line}
{Destroying Line}

"What the hell ... who's offering troops? Are they mad?" Cezanne glances up from her station to look at Jas enquiringly.

Shaking his head and grinning broadly, the large man kicks his booted feet up on his desk, cigarette gripped firmly in his teeth. He closes his lips 'round it long enough to take a long pull, clasping his hands behind his head and leaning back.

"Let 'em try," he says, letting the smoke curl out slowly, wreathing his head momentarily in a haze. "Anyone trying to get in or out of this place will be shot on sight, no questions asked, as per standard procedure. Nath's got it locked down tight."

And about time she got off her ass, stopped lookin' around all starry-eyed and foolin' herself with these parties, and socializing, too. Make my job a damn sight easier not having to clean up her loose ends and messes all the time.

He took another drag, then exhaled firmly from the corner of his mouth.

Never thought I'd see the day she went soft. Glad she seems to have shaken it off.

"Cezanne - any more messages come thorugh, I want an immediate trace, whether we think we know the source or not. Piggyback a message to the sender as well - standard disclaimer, and assurance no help is needed."

"Yes, sir."
The Most Glorious Hack
20-08-2003, 03:57
Mikhael looks up from his GameBoy as one of his many terminals chirps, alerting him that something of interest is happening. His fingers dance across his keyboard as he pulls up footage of the announcement. After thinking about it for a few minutes, he wheels his chair across the room to another, more impressive looking, terminal. He quickly logs in, and uplinks to one of the Hack's many satellites. Looking up some coordinates in a rather large tome, he gives the satellite a new destination. He smiles to himself as it sends itself hurtling through space to hover over the Dominion.

After it arrives at its new location, he once again taps in to send a message to the powers that be in the Dominion.

While the Hack has no formal relations with your country, nor Yut, I am still interested in your current situation. We consider Yut to be allies in general goals, if not in a diplomatic sense. You have our moral support, if nothing else, and I hope things work out alright over there.

-Mikhael Aronofsky, Head of Section 3
The Technocratic Oligarchy of the Most Glorious Hack
20-08-2003, 05:27
To: Domina Rene Seingult
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo

We thank you for your support. It was indeed high time to firmly cement in the minds of our citizens the need for unity and loyalty to the state.
--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion

To: Dread Lady Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo
Fr: Domina Rene Seingult, Division Five Commandant

Indeed. It is said that when Kail I founded the Commonwealth and formed the principles Tsaraine follows today, the people, who had grown soft and slothful in their luxury, reisted his firm guidance; therefore, when bringing the light of unity to the populace, one should not shrink from applying the mailed fist of force alongside the velvet gloves of reason.

OOC: Hmm. Must find a pic for Rene somewhere.
20-08-2003, 05:27
Official Press Release
CPJ CentCom Office of Diplomatic Affairs

It has recently come to our attention that martial law has been imposed on the people of the DLN in response to what is alleged to be insurgent activity. We first wish to assure the government of the Dominion that, in spite of our new policy of active intervention in wars of national liberation, Justitium has played no part in this uprising if, indeed, one has taken place. However, we must also express our disapproval of such heavy-handed tactics as are being employed here and extend our sympathies to the innocent people of the Dominion who are now deprived of basic civil rights and barred from participating in the political decision-making process. The CPJ and the people of Justitium believe that all human beings are entitled to these rights and that their suspension must be undertaken only in the gravest of circumstances and only for very short periods of time, if it must be undertaken at all.

We therefore implore the DLN government to restore such rights as are granted to its citizens under its law as soon as possible, given the conditions (which we confess remain unknown to us in detail), and to refrain from using violence to silence political dissent. It is indeed both uncivilized and immoral to resolve political disparities in a non-peaceful manner, as any democratic nation will wholeheartedly agree.
20-08-2003, 06:09
Message to: People's Republic of Justitium
Message fr: Dominion of Tsaraine

Democracy is a pleasant daydream of the nursery, but it cannot survive the harsh realities of the real world, as your own economy is a reminder of. Democracy is in reality nothing more than cheap demagoguery and mob rule, and it gives rise to leaders interested not in leading but in being elected. Ruling a nation is not child's play, and popularity is not a measure of ability.

As for the so-called "unalienable rights" you so fervently believe in, it has always been the position of Tsaraine that there are no such things; without a strong protector, these priveleges can be taken away by the first trumped-up warlord who comes along. If the people believe they require more priveleges, they are becoming soft and slothful. If the people of Tsaraine believed they required more priveleges, I would not be doing my job right. I have always acted for the good of the state, and I will continue to do so. But if the people believe that discord and anarchy is preferable to my fair and even-handed rule, then they must be quelled for the good of the state.
Democracy and anarchy are brothers.

-Domina Rene Seingult, Division Five Commandant
Tor Yvresse
20-08-2003, 06:23
Indeed although we are sure this is not the time to debate this we would say that the many do not lead to greater leadership. Freedom is a dangerous thing, in the wrong hands it shall be abused and mistreated, a Leader is called, not chosen by the people in some populality contest. Should the people plot against the rightful leader then the Leadership has a right, no a duty to the Nation and the future generations to preserve the wise guidence of the nation.

The Lady Nathicana has our complete confidence that she shall use only what she needs to use to continue her wise rulership over her people to continue their advancement and security. As such we urge no one to interfere in this turbulent time for her people as the cancer is cut from her nation.

Farseer Council
20-08-2003, 09:45
Raui sighs as he reads the briefing. "Beautiful and dangerous, Francis. But very capable."

Francis clears his throat uncomfortably. "Sir, you would not be considering a similar style or rule, would you?" His comfort with questioning Raui's leadership tactics and style was getting greater.

Raui looks at him and smiles. I'll give you a backbone yet. And when it is there, you will be President, my friend. Then I will be free to go and do whatever I please. Free at last. "I would never, Francis. I brought us out of a monarchy into democracy. Our people need no more political changes in our lifetimes."

"There are those who still speak out about the change, Sir. You've seen the reports."

"That I have, Francis. Those who claimed noble birth have really bucked at being stripped of their titles and forced to compensate their 'servants'." Raui turns his chair and looks out the window of his new office on the surface floor. "I also know that you too, have some resentment towards me for the change. Although sometimes I wonder if it is more that I have put you in a position you didn't want and aren't quite comfortable yet." He didn't need to turn to know that the blood was draining slightly from Francis' face. Someday this will be your burden and not mine.

Francis speaks but his lie shows in his voice. "I do not resent you for making us stronger, President."

Raui smiles and lets it stay at that. He turns back and looks at Francis. "Well, I suppose I should send a response."
He begin to type on the keyboard on the desk and the words appear hovering in the air in front of him.

TO: Dread Lady Nathicana
FROM: President Raui

Good morning my dear Nathicana,
I hope this finds you well as I'm sure it does. I would hate to think you'd gotten too soft to handle a little dissension. But although it is little on the surface, we both know that a rotten orange looks perfectly edible until it is squeezed. I know you probably don't need it but if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.
President Raui

He sends the message and turns back to the window. "Keep me posted on what is going on down there. Keep our Observers within a safe distance but make sure they monitor everything they can. I don't want to risk losing someone from our very short list of allies."

The weight of his words is not lost on Francis. "Yes, Sir." Francis turns and leaves. He spends the rest of the day trying inconspicuously to check for hidden cameras and listening devices to no avail.

Raui watches the small garden outside his window finding some peace there. He unconsciously rubs the empty ring finger on his left hand as his mind thinks of the many women his political position has brought into his life .
20-08-2003, 10:04
Jaime rose with a start. "What the hell?"

He sat up, stood up and walked over to the computer printing out a page of paper. And another page. And another.

"Hmm..." he murmured.

He sat down instantly at the computer, finishing the reports filing in onto his desk from everywhere. Although he hadn't stepped up as Prime Minister yet, he still had a lot of work to do.

"Let's see..." he murmured, typing furiously quickly.

MESSAGE FROM: Jaime Walf, Haraki
MESSAGE TO: Lady Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo9, Dread Lady of the Dominion


What the hell's going on in there? Wait, scratch that. I know what's going on in there. Do you need anything? Help of any sort?

Damn, wish there was something I could do.

Dread Lady Nathicana
20-08-2003, 10:58
To: Mikhael Aronofsky
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto

Formal relations or no, your support is appreciated. Let me assure you there is no cause for alarm, and that things will soon be back to business as usual.


To: Domina Rene Seingult, Division Five Commandant
Fr: Dread Lady Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo

Again, our thanks. It is refreshing to see others of similar views.


To: John Engels of Justitium
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo of the Dominion

I find mild amusement at one professing both communism and democracy in one breath. I also find amusement that one such as yourself presumes to think that political decision-making was ever a right of the citizens of the Dominion. When last democracy was given a try in our great nation, some thirty years ago, the result was chaos. Some perhaps do well with freedom. Others, require a more firm hand in their governing - which I have, and will continue to do so at my discretion.

By your own words you agree suspension of what you term 'basic human rights' must be undertaken in the gravest of cirucmstances. Though I've no need, allow me to assure you that this is the case here. Once this internal matter is resolved, it will be back to business as usual here in the Dominion, with the noteable absence of further dissention.

I trust that we have an understanding here, and that no external complications will need be dealt with within my borders. In the state that we are in right now, I'm afraid any such actions would be met with extreme predjudice.


To: President Raui
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo

We appreciate your support, and wish to assure you that all is well. No assistance is required at this time - this is merely a neccessary internal affair. Be advised that we are closely patrolling our airspace - I would hate to have any misunderstandings ruin the pleasant relationship our nations have recently begun.


Nathicana sighs softly, reading over Jaime's missive.

Ah, if only ... but this is not a good time for you to be here, mi amore.

Looking over the recent reports, her expression hardens as she steels herself once again to accept her chosen course.

"It had to be done."

Her fingers twitch towards the phone ... but she forces herself to write a a reply instead, her brow furrowing at the coolness of its tone.

To: Lord Jaime Walf
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo

No assistance is required at present time. We have things well under control, and wish for no foreign interference in what is a completely internal matter.

Your support is noted, and appreciated.
--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion
20-08-2003, 11:02
near the battlefields of dil'ert province, what passes for a lul in the skirmishing.

king rick reads through the daily breifings of foriegn affairs. the breifing on the state of affairs in the dominion of dread lady nathicana catches his eye. he reviews much of the avilable information.

"violations of the forms is never a good way to start. it is easier to juggle manipulation of the forms, then out right violation. mostly because it keeps the people quiet, and that is always a good thing.

though, i wonder how oswald did it during the refounding. if we can find the path through l-space ..." he shakes his head.


to: dread lady nathicana
from : king rick, the fiefdom of industrized serfs
re: current events

greetings from the fiefdom of industrized serfs. we have observed recent events in the ddln with all due interest. when a nation with the trading power of yours closes its borders and declares martial law, the economy of the world begins to suffer.

while we are a lesser nation, and have little right, privledge, or capability to judge the actions of as great a ruler as you. we do wonder if, the course of action chosen was perhaps the wisest. while we do not doubt the guilt of those invovled, the "closed" nature of the trials may cause more trouble then they may solve.

the people of the ddln must be convinced that you are a strong, just, capable, and better than any other leader that could be raised by them. give them their trials. make the trial a drama that will take the people's minds off their exsistance. and it will remind them that you are a strong, just, and capable leader. it will weaken any claims against you.

with all respect
king rick
20-08-2003, 11:03
Jaime read over the response again. "Damn ... The worst possible time for this to happen. Only days before ..."

He shook his head to clear the thoughts and then picked up the phone.

"Hello ... HIA Headquarters? I need to call in a favour..."
Garrison II
20-08-2003, 11:04
Deleted sorry.
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-08-2003, 13:15
The operation is carried out in a controlled, precise manner. The militzia, having been briefed even before the meeting with the ministers, knows their business, and quickly moves in to secure their intended targets. The operations begin moments before the newscast is aired.

Sitting down to dinner, Niccolo d'Amato smiles broadly across the table at his wife.

"Another masterpiece, my dear."

She smiles back at him as she begins dishing up servings for the children.

"Tomi, you did wash your hands properly, yes?" she asks her youngest, little Tomasino, just barely five. He looks up at her with a broad grin, holding them up for inspection.

"Yes mama, see?" he says, looking hopeful for her approval. She sets his plate down in front of him, laden with a generous serving of chicken parmesiana, and ruffles his unruly hair with a loving smile. To the side of him, his sister squirms slightly, her eyes bright.

"Mama, are we going to the show tonight?" pipes Dania, nearly bouncing in her seat from excitement. At ten, she stil hadn't lost her enthusiasm for fun, and was generally known as the family prankster. Across from her, thirteen year old Giorgio simply shook his head, politely waiting for his mother to place his plate in front of him, and thanking her with a quiet smile.

Ah, my boy ... ever so serious, thinks Teresa, handing across a heavy plate to her husband with a loving smile.

"Work at the department today, it went well Nicci?"

He begins to answer, his fork halfway to his mouth when the front door bursts open without warning, a group of black-clad Dominion soldati bursting in and shouting orders.

Teresa gathers her two youngest to her with a scream, the children shrieking and crying. Niccolo nearly overturns the table as he leaps to his feet, putting himself between the soldiers and his family. Behind him, Giorgio scowls darkly, stepping quickly to put a comforting arm around his mother, though fear is clear in his eyes.

"What is the meaning of --" Niccolo's protests are cut short by the quick blow of a soldati's rifle butt to his stomach. He drops to his knees with a loud grunt of pain and a groan, eliciting yet more hysterics from his wife and children.

"Niccolo d'Amato, we arrest you on charges of treason against the state. You and your family will accompany us for questioning."

Without pretense, the soldati move quickly to take him by the arms, forcibly hauling him out the door. Others move towards the rest of the family, two each for Teresa and Giorgio, and one apiece for the smaller ones. Screaming pitifully, Dania is taken around the waist and dragged from the clutches of her frantic mother as little Tomasino is taken by another. Her arms are pulled back behind her, and she is pushed forward out the door, her pleas for mercy and to stay with her bambinos falling on deaf ears. Giorgio struggles futiley, his lanky form no match for the trained soldati. He curses and shouts loudly, earning him a smart backhanded strike across his jaw.

In the street, four large black vans are parked. Neighbors peer curiously out their windows and doors, only to be ordered by the spreading militzia forces to get back inside. Niccolo and Teresa are forced into separate vans, joining a number of other men and women, segregated by gender. Giorgio is bodily tossed into another, with the two younger being placed wriggling and crying into the last.

Once secure, the mobile force then moves on to the next target ... and the next ... and the next.

Across the nation the anguished scene is repeated. Key people and their families being taken into custody and dragged off to communal holding cells, becomes a matter of course. Some have legitimate charges against them. Others are chosen for their value as an 'object lesson' for the rest.
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-08-2003, 14:52
The operations are carried out with ruthless efficiency. In each area, public trials are announced the following day. All citizens are strongly 'suggested' to attend, either in person, or via closed-circuit broadcasts to various public meeting places. The charges are all the same - treason, sedition, dissention. And one and all, the outcomes are predictable.

Traitors themselves are sentenced to death by public hanging, something that before now, had been taken care of quietly and out of public view. Long scaffolds are quickly erected in the local piazzas, dominating what was once a pleasant place of gathering.

After the trials, in the Piazza san Bernardi in the capitol of Devras, an elaborate stage is set, along with the large scaffold. As the crowd gathers under the watchful eye of the Dominion soldati, a group of ten men and women are led from the Doge's palace and onto the platform, hands bound behind their backs. Each one is assisted into a standing position a short stool, then has a noose fitted round their necks. All of them are ministers, and other government officials - the citizen's trials and subsequent executions being carried out in their respective quarters of the city.

Dressed in a strict military fashion, Nathicana herself strides from the doors, walking briskly with a grim determination. Taking the stage, she adjusts the microphone and addresses the crowd, giving nary a glance to the condemned behind her.

"Citizens of the Dominion, you bear witness this day the result of months of plotting and treachery against our great nation. Those before you, having been tried and condemned by a jury of their peers, are hereby sentenced to death for their crimes. Know this - such treachery will not be tolerated. Anything less than complete loyalty to the Dominion and itself will be met with swift retribution. "

"All assets held by the traitors will be transferred to Dominion holdings, thereby benefitting the people whom they have so thoughtlessly betrayed. Their families have been taken into protective custody and will be compensated accordingly pending re-education and debriefing."

"I regret that such heavy-handed measures were taken, and it is my wish that we move forward and put such unpleasantness behind us as soon as possible. We must maintain at all costs a united stance against those who would see us falter. This is the time to stand strong, and proud in the face of those who would undermine our advances, and dictate to us our methods and way of life. Such foreign powers who have conspired with our own people to take away our dignity and way of life need to be sent a message - we will not be divided, nor swayed from our current course."

"May the deaths of these traitorous dogs be that message, to all who would see the Dominion fall."

She reads off the list of names, letting the weight of each one settle into the murmuring crowd befor moving on to the next. Once finished, she herself steps up the stairs, going first to Minister Melina Tomba, who's face is still wet with tears as she stands, shaking, her gaze locked out somewhere above the crowd.

Looking up with disdain, Nathicana asks in a quiet voice, "Do you now regret moving against me, Melina? Where is your venom and hatred now?"

With a shuddering sob, the woman closes her eyes. "Please ... please forgive ... I beg you ..." Her voice is broken, her chin quivers as she forces the words through numb lips.

"No, Melina ... I think not. You and the others have shown me there is no place for mercy in Dominion politics. There never was." Nathicana places a booted foot solidly against the leg of the stool holding the woman up.

"Good bye, Melina." With a firm thrust, she kicks the stool out from under her, stepping back smoothly as the woman lets out a brief, choked shriek and begins thrashing violently. She watches impassively, her eyes cold, waiting for the rope to do its work.

This is the cost. You will witness each one. You will take the responsibility for it. And you will let it harden you for things to come, she tells herself. You've been to soft for too long.

Once Melina is still, she steps on to the next - Carlino Brezzi, once her Minister of Internal Affairs.

"Carlino," she says, the slightest touch of regret in her voice. "Will you also beg me for your life?"

A wry grin works its way onto his face. "As much as you'd enjoy that, I think not. We take our chances, and pay the penalties. I only hope this time you've not underestimated the cost yourself. It was a pleasure sparring with you, Nathi. Now get it over with," he finished with a slight growl, fixing his eyes forward.

Nodding, she kicks out his stool without ceremony, observing for a moment before reaching out and giving his neck a firm twist, ending it.

He was a worthy opponent. He deserves at least that much respect.

One by one, she continues down the line, speaking briefly with each, with varying reponses. The result however, is the same. She surveys the scene with a cold, expressionless calm, then walks down the stairs, giving directions to Torino to disperse the crowd.

"And the bodies?" he asks, jerking his head towards them.

"Let them hang for now. Post a guard."

With that, she makes her exit, walking back into the Doge's palace, and through the courtyard to the government building across the canal via a thin bridge. Making her way up to her official office, she puts on a soothing piece of oprera sung by Maria Castellani, and takes a bottle of sweet red wine from the small refrigerator behind her desk. Pouring herself a generous glass, she settles back down in her chair, putting her feet up on her desk, and directing Else to hold all communications until further notification.

She takes the pager from her belt, and enters in a brief message.


Hitting send, she sets the device aside, and closes her eyes, letting the soft, haunting music wash over her. And the memories of thirty years past begin.


"We're a go."

In holding areas and buildings across the country, the final operations go into effect. The children taken in the raids, aged ten and under, had already been moved to various locations, settled in to relatively comfortable quarters and nurseries, assuring that they have no ties to the new area they're to live in. Indoctrination and re-education begin immediately.

Those older, yet under the age of eighteen have been held in large sealed rooms with bare minimums in comfort. Quietly, as the majority of them rest, cyanide gas is pumped into the rooms, quickly overtaking them within a matter of minutes. Some of those awake and alert, struggle ... many go into convulsions.

The adults are handled with brutal efficiency, all lined up and shot without ceremony against the drab walls of government compounds.

One and all, the bodies are taken to the crematoriums, and burned to ash along with any paperwork pertaining to their processing, the trials, and arrests. All proof of their existance within the Dominion system is erradicated. The vans, holding cells, rooms and courtyards are cleaned thoroughly, eliminating traces of the happenings there. The children in the 'schools' are issued new papers and backgrounds, their previous lives wiped out systematically ... as had been done before all too many times in Dominion history.

As night falls again at last, the streets are quiet, save for the regular patrols, and the rolling of tanks and transports.
20-08-2003, 16:59
Raui read his reports from the Observers that were placed over the ocean but just outside the naval blockade and watched their transmitted broadcast of the hangings. He shuddered and despite her beauty, in each moment in which she stood to talk to the condemned and then kicked the stool, she was ugly, brutal. He turned to his window seeking solace but none came. They were images he may never forget.

Francis shuffled his feet, having only been able to watch the president's reaction but not allowed to see the footage himself. He had read the reports but Oberservers were detailed not emotional.

"Francis, this is why we changed to a democracy." And with that he was quiet for the rest of the evening.
20-08-2003, 17:22
(OOC: Planned in detail with the Dread Lady herself.)

-before the executions-

As the Black Marias begin rolling to pick up "enemies of the state," Rodolfo Taschini, a short little drone of the Public Affairs Ministry, shoves piles of freshly-shredded documents into a steel wastepaper basket and starts fumbling with a box of kitchen matches. Dammit, I shouldn't have brought these here, that's what the damned pocket scanner was for, damn fool! Finally igniting one of the phosphor sticks, he set the jumbled weave of paper aflame. Carrying it over to the fire escape out the window, he singed his hands slightly with a muttered curse. He jostled his combination cellphone/PDA out of one jacket pocket, flipped it open, and shakily input a special code.

Boots tromped outside in the hallway.


purges going on in danger troops outside attempting escape meet in location b 1800 tonight

The concealed quantum-entanglement transciever sending the message, Taschini (aka SKINNER) turned to the window to climb out, escape into the alleyway down the fire escape.

The door bursts in a rain of splinters, two black-uniformed militzia pulling back their ram as two more sidestepped through the door, rifles shouldered and raised. Turning at the noise, Taschini's hands spasm to his chest, the phone slipping from his fingers and, after clattering off the fire escape, falling to the asphalt four stories down. Quivering hands raised just above his shoulders, palms out, Taschini gulps hot air into his dry mouth as the militzia approach. Dammit, what in the world convinced me to be a spy?


KELVIN, SKINNER's controller, dutifully passed on the message to WALT, her controller. Unbeknownst to anyone lower down the chain, WALT is a Scolopendran Intelligence Section illegal resident living in the idyllic countryside of the Dominion.


SKINNER is compromised, possibly captured. Will attempt to contact according to previous plans. Request immediate advice.

A response.


Make contact with SKINNER only if it seems safe. Immediately bury all evidence and drop all operations. Transition to ARCADIA and await further instruction. Advise CUBS to disperse and cease operations. Will reattain contact later.

Having warned his agent to a safehouse, WALT turned around and sent a message to SIS Centre.


SKINNER compromised. KELVIN and CUBS being put on standby. Request immediate recall.



Advisor Garbo read the short missive, and then crumpled it with a frown.

"Something up, Janus?" Jon Hertzfeldt looks up from his desk.

"We got a problem with the VIXEN network. One of our agents just got compromised after he finished transmitting a few megapulses of data. It's good stuff too--apparently some cat by the name of Mateo tried to off the Dread Lady or arrest her on trumped up charges or something. We'll get more as we analyze it better, but that's the basics."

"How bad will it hurt us?"

"Depends... SKINNER knows who he works for. Intelligence wise, not bad. Publicly... could be bad."

Jon frowned. "Janus, do what you have to so we don't get hit bad. It's unfortunate that we spy on our friends. Although it shouldn't surprise anyone who thinks, let's not advertise."

Garbo thrusts his hands in his pockets and nods, responding with a calm air and smirk. "No problem, boss."
20-08-2003, 18:21
Treznor sits in his office and sips at a cup of tea as he browses through intelligence reports. He's not pleased with the reports on the terrorist interrogation, but he can't fault his people for it.

All right. This guy is a pro. He's got to have left a trail somewhere. I'll get Ben on that.

He picks up a folder marked with red indicating it requires his special attention. He opens it and begins to read, cup poised for another sip.

He puts the cup down. Sets the folder on the desk and re-reads the page. A slow grin crosses his face.

Took my lead and ran with it, eh Red? Good for you.

Once he finishes reading through the report, he turns to his data terminal and enters a short message.

To: The Dread Lady Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo
From: Devon Treznor
Encryption scheme R29

Non faccia mai un nemico un piccolo ferita.
20-08-2003, 18:30
The Empire offers its aid in any way that may be pertinant to the situation.

~ Ambassador Relhatti
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-08-2003, 18:47
The message came through as she sat pondering responses to others who had shown concern. She rubbed her temples tiredly, then clicked on the blinking icon.

Scanning it, her lips turned up in a wry grin.

I see you approve, Dev ... no suprise there. I'm certain you've been calling me a fool in private for letting it go on as long as I did.

Forgoing the usual methods, she slips out the small cord from its concealed place under the desk, makes the proper connections, and jacks in, reveling in the freedom c-space offers, along with the risks.

Using the skills Unity taught her, she soon makes her way onto the Treznor system, sleazing her way past the security protocols and implanting a brief text packet that suddenly pops up on his screen. No trace ... no origin ... as if his own system generated it.

Thanks, Dev.

"È molto più sicuro essere temuto che essere amava."
20-08-2003, 21:00
near the battlefields of dil'ert province, what passes for a lul in the skirmishing.

king rick looks over the reports of events in the ddln. he remembers well the teachings of various politcal philosphers. he recalls an old and oft repeated politcal axiom, "it is better to be feared than loved." the effects of his tutors are still strong because he instantly recalls the first collary to that axiom, "but, fear being hated." "terror, is such a blunt and weak instrument. especially to do what she wants." he thinks.

he looks at the reports again. he stops at the "re-education centres". "there," he thinks. "the next ones will come from there. one of the survivors of the object lessons will find out. i give it ten years, and she'll be at it again. of course assuming the rebels aren't sucessful."

he smiles at the thought of several low elegance solutions to the problem. workable, most especially with those who are not afraid to die in the act of revenege. he makes a note to have a security review of his nuclear and chemical stockpiles.
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-08-2003, 23:10
To: The Farseer Council of Tor Yvresse
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo of the Dominion

Though we have as yet had no formal dealings, I thank you for your support in this matter. Be assured, this internal affair is well in hand, and that we shall have things running smoothly again soon.


To: King Rick of Industrialized Serfs
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo of the Dominion

Rest assured we have things under control here. Your advice is noted. This internal affair should be taken care of in an efficient, brief manner. We hope to have normalized activity soon.


To: Ambassador Relhatti
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto

We appreciate the support of the Empire, and send our thanks for your offer. Please, do not trouble yourselves with our little 'incident'. This is but a brief internal affair, and we have it well under control. Situations will revert to normal soon, rest assured.
--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion
20-08-2003, 23:50
Sitting at his desk in the presidential palace, Carlos reads over recent satellite controler reports and chuckles softly the reports contain movements by local militaries in Nathicana's realm smiling with pleasure he watches again the recorded footage of the hanging and laughs softly

"Aaah my dear Nathicana how you grow and show the world the hardness I've sensed from the day we met. If it were truly unthinkable of you to do this then the people who thought that are truly weakminded and foolish."

Sitting back Carlos smiles inwardly as he reaches for his notepad and writes out a quick letter one that will be typed up and sent immediately to the Dread Lady herself thanks to alliance connections.

My dear truly commendable a most impressive display of raw power and unfaltering rulership had I not been the man I am I would be fawning all over your feet to stop you from harming me or my own should you look outside your borders, but I am not that foolish I now see why I consider you and devon equals to me if not better than me. Should you require public support from the holy empire you shall have it no questions asked.

Should you require troops they will be delivered the holy empire stands ready to support you. On a more personal note my dear you have impressed an already impressed man and I hope you continue to remain strong and vigilant in all your endevours. You have yet another supporter that you most likely already know of.

Sincearly and dearly
Carlos Quil'Raya.

Sitting back Carlos reads over the letter and smiles before folding it up and calling in his aide ordering her to type this out and send it ASAP he smiles and returns to his work.

"The dawn of the new age will begin once more....."
21-08-2003, 03:27
From the desk of John Engels, Chairman, CPJ CentCom, via
CPJ CentCom Office of Diplomatic Affairs

Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo:

The people of Justitium are horrified and disgusted by your actions, as am I. This indiscriminate and ruthless application of force, disguised as justice by falsified charges and superficial judicial proceedings, are barbaric beyond what I had thought you were capable of. In the absence of proper trials for these alleged conspirators, how can even you be sure that you have not executed dozens of innocent people? In fact I suppose you probably know that you have, and will attempt to placate us with some suggestion that sacrifices of this nature must be made to maintain order in your nation, but we will not be satisfied by such easy dismissals any longer. We are not ignorant idealists, and we have never claimed that democracy, freedom and justice were easy to achieve. Conversely, we know that pursuing these ideals is one of the most difficult paths a nation can tread. You say you offered your people freedom and that they were unable to cope, but democracy does not survive without support. It requires extensive education and the freedom to openly voice opinions without fear of reprisal, among other things. It is also a system of political equality and as such cannot flourish without a measure of social and economic equality, which is why Justitium is dedicated to communism. Does a nation ruled by a capitalist aristocracy seem more conducent to political freedom than one where no citizen is valued above another?

I very much wish to avoid conflict with you and your country but it seems sometimes that you are goading us to act with ever more horrific acts of brutality. I will observe the situation in the Dominion closely, and I hope that this trend is soon to be reversed. Justitium offers its sincere condolences to any DLN citizens who lost their loved ones in this conflict, and wants you to know that the world community will not turn a blind eye to massacres such as this. Justice will be served for you someday.
21-08-2003, 04:02
OOC: You don't know about the executions. Noone does, I'd think, since Nathicana hasn't announced putting it on air. She *did* shut down everything going in or out of her nation... And of course, should you attack Nathicana, Tsaraine will assist in defending the Dread Lady.
21-08-2003, 04:16
OOC: Oh that's right ... sorry, I forgot that this was secret. But, just imagine the last post was lodged sometime later, after the borders were re-opened and the story came out.
Dread Lady Nathicana
21-08-2003, 04:33
OOC: Oh that's right ... sorry, I forgot that this was secret. But, just imagine the last post was lodged sometime later, after the borders were re-opened and the story came out.

ooc: I really don't bloody think so. What story? After going to so much work to keep it quiet, what makes you think I'd let it go public? We're nothing if not thorough and discrete. All of that was rp'ed out for flavour, and completeness of what was actually done. If you don't have a valid reason for knowing something, frankly, you don't know it. What -will- be made public will be released at a later date via news briefings. You'll be free to draw whatever conclusions you want from that.


To: Mr John Engels of Justitium
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo of the Dominion

Dear sir, I would like to know just where you get off presuming to instruct me in the manner with which I sould rule my nation, not to mention your arrogant assumptions of the situation in the Dominion.

I have no idea what you are referring to, but I do not appreciate your tone nor your baseless accusations. You say you wish to avoid conflict? The easiest manner to do so is to remove yourself from my affairs, and keep your ill-informed opinions to yourself.

I say again - any attempt at interference will be met with extreme predjudice. My forces are already on high alert. Do not force my hand in this. It would be most ... regrettable.
--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion
The Most Glorious Hack
21-08-2003, 05:17
Mikhael leans back in his chair, watching the satellite imagery. He types a quick command into his terminal, and pulls all the information he can on Nathicana. "Not much there..."

He stands up from his chair, stretching, and scratches the back of his next. He steps out of his command room, and heads down a long hallway. At the end of the hallway is a large blast door. He presses a button, and is bathed in light. Deep underground one of the more powerful of the Hack's computers analyses thousands of pieces of information about Mikhael. Three seconds later the routine is finished, and the computer decides that he is who he claims to be, and the door slowly hisses open.

He steps into a massive chamber. After a few minutes he dons a full body VR suit, and steps into the swirling information network of the world.


Three hours later he's seated across from Victor, who is casually smoking a cigarette, letting the blue smoke hang heavy in the air. Mikhael slides a file across the desk.

"That's everything."

"Everything?" Victor's voice betrays a slight sense of surprize.

"Without cracking major corporate or governmental mainframes, yes."

Victor sits for awhile, thinking, before snuffing his cigarette in a titanium ashtray. "Why is it that we often find ourselves associating with dictatorships? Is it our fate to endlessly look into the abyss?"

"Well..." Mikhael seems uncomfortable with this line of reasoning, "Perhaps because we are at the ledge. We both know the score here, Vic."

"Indeed. Cultivate this..." he glances at the file, "'Dread Lady' Nathicana D'Aquisto. Better to have the daemons on our side, as opposed to aligned against us."

"Yes sir." Mikhael gets up and leaves the room, noticing Victor light another cigarette out of the corner of his eye. These meetings always were stressful.


To: Nathicana D'Aquisto
Fr: Mikhael Aronofsky

You have my government's support in your tribulations. We are pleased that things are once again under control, and await a return to normalcy, so that formal relations my be considered.
21-08-2003, 05:46
OOC: Alright, alright, I didn't meant to jump to conclusions, I just didn't want to waste that long post or derail the rp. Sorry, I really didn't know you were intent on keeping that secret (permanently, that is). At any rate, then, my government was presumptuous, which it certainly can be and would in this case; that is, it would assume that something shady is going on, though it would have no idea what.


Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo:

I find no difficulty in avoiding your affairs, but I regard the well-being of any nation's citizens to be a matter of international concern as well. I can understand your anger at these complaints since perhaps my tone was threatening, but I did not intend it to be. I am a novice in the world of diplomatic relations and perhaps I am sometimes too direct. I assure you that Justitium has not and does not plan to interfere in DLN national affairs at this time, but I see that your actions are becoming more draconian by the day and the path to fascism is a slippery slope. You must pardon my concern but I have an obligation to myself and my country to be attentive of such things. I desire to maintain dialogue at least; it seems that I have only two options, and diplomacy is the one I would prefer. I make requests of you and not demands, in earnest attempt to appeal to your compassion and humanity, as I know that you must care about the well-being of your citizens far more than I. Therefore I must entreat you to re-open your nation to international observance so that your innocence may be revealed for all the world to see.

John Engels, Chairman, CPJ CentCom
Dread Lady Nathicana
21-08-2003, 06:37
To: Nathicana D'Aquisto
Fr: Mikhael Aronofsky

You have my government's support in your tribulations. We are pleased that things are once again under control, and await a return to normalcy, so that formal relations my be considered.

To: Mikhael Aronofsky
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo

Excellent. Once again, I thank you for your support, and look forward to pursuing these relations you speak of. I look forward to having the Dominion 'business as usual' as soon as possible. After all, we are always interested in pursuing new avenues to branch out in.
21-08-2003, 06:53
To: Domina Rene Seingult, Division Five Commandant
Fr: Dread Lady Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo

Again, our thanks. It is refreshing to see others of similar views.

I concur. Mere dictatorships are two a penny, but truly well-run states are rare. Perhaps we could consider an opening of diplomatic relations between our two nations?

(Testing Sig)
~ Domina Rene Seingult
Division Five Commandant
21-08-2003, 08:22
To: John Engels, Chairman, CPJ CentCom
From: Emperor Devon Treznor

Mr. Engels,

I note with some concern the provocative communications you've directed toward my friend and ally in the Non-Democratic Alliance ( If you need to ask how I know, then you haven't been paying attention.

The Dread Lady is more than capable of defending herself, so I shan't belabour the obvious. However, I will point out that the reason she and I are members of the NDA is to protect ourselves from would-be crusaders like yourself. Kindly mind your business, and keep your lectures and your democracies to yourself. We are not interested, and will not tolerate threats.

The Dread Lady does not need to open her borders to international inspection. Her internal affairs are her own, and her methods of governing are none of your concern. Should you continue to charge at windmills, we will be forced to take action. You need not fear a war from us; there are much worse fates for democracies like yourself.

I do not recommend you pursue a dialogue with any members of the NDA unless you are capable of a greater capacity for foresight and self-restraint than you have presently demonstrated.

Emperor Devon I
Empire of Treznor
21-08-2003, 09:17
OOC: Trez, I never thought I would see such a beautifully subtle reference to The Man of La Mancha in my entire life. Bravo. I am truly in awe.
21-08-2003, 13:13
(OOC: IRC is a wonderful thing.)

<Communications to Nathi>
<< I see that you're somewhat busy. Whenever you have a spare moment, I'd like to talk to you. No rush at all.


Not too much later, two friends meet--where exactly, and when exactly is irrelevant--and the organic starts off. "Hullo, Shodey ... dare I even ask what's on your mind?"

"Hmm... just watching current events and thinking." S.H.O.D.A.N. barely raises an eyebrow. "Hopefully whatever issue prompted such a reaction is being resolved?"

The Dread Lady nods. "Completely. Only one small detail left ..."

"Ahh. I presume that this state of affairs is temporary until control is re-established?"

"Indeed. It was ... unfortunate to be forced to resort to such measures. But it was neccesary."

"I understand. Fear can be effective. Hatred is... counterproductive. Be sure to maintain your image in one and not the other." S.H.O.D.A.N. chuckles slightly. "I can get away with being hated because I have -total- control. You don't have that luxury."

"Perhaps not total ... but for now, at least, fairly damned close. For now, the heavy hand. After ... we move towards soothing. That is, at least, the plan."

"Being gracious to friends and lethal to enemies seems to be the most effective image for someone in our respective positions. I just wouldn't want to see you continue the heavy hand to the detriment of those you rule. I can say from experience that it is... not beneficial to anyone, least of all yourself."

Nathicana is quiet for a moment at that, and S.H.O.D.A.N. lets it sink in. After a few moments, Nathi continues: "Thus far, mainly messages of support have been sent. At best, those few missives hinting and unease haven't dared cross over into rebuke." She pauses slightly, then continues. "As for myself, I'm fine. The people will go back to their lives in short order ... and as with all such actions before, it will be if not forgotten, at least let go."

"Support from outside is irrelevant--you've been keeping much quiet. The Scolos aren't particularly surprised by such a purge, but they also don't know about the... reassignment of dependents. I will not tell them." S.H.O.D.A.N. raises a single index finger. "Simply be sure that the job gets done and then try to prevent its recurrence."

"I ... appreciate that. And yes ... I'd let things slide. Had gotten soft." She pauses again, taking a long, slow sip of her wine. "I won't let it happen again."

"I have a feeling I'm partially to blame for that, and I apologize." Slight grimace. "If we keep ourselves alert, we can learn from the past and not repeat our weaknesses."

Nathicana tilts her head, considering. "And why would you think yourself to blame for my own inadequacies? If anything, you've made me stronger, and I don't mean the augs."

S.H.O.D.A.N. smiles wryly. "The changes in your actions happened shortly after said procedure. I remember giving you a bit of advice then, which hopefully you've absorbed quite well."

"Everything for a purpose ... and preferably for the greater good. Aye ... And remember that it all remains here," she taps her head, a brief wry grin touching her lips, even if there are no others to know of it. Believe me, Shodey ... of that, I'm all too aware." She takes another long sip of her wine.

S.H.O.D.A.N. grins softly. "Oh yes... you do so remind me of myself sometimes, Nath. That's probably why I worry about you so... but I don't think I should be too concerned, as you haven't been excessive in your re-establishment of power."

Nathicana arches a brow at that. "Indeed ... excessiveness is ... wasteful, for one thing." Chuckling softly, she goes on. "And I thank you. I believe that's the highest compliment I've
yet been paid. Truly ... don't worry. All's well - or at least, it will be soon."

S.H.O.D.A.N. chuckles softly under her breath after the 'compliment' remark, looking down at her hands. "If you say so." Looking back up, she smirks slightly. "Good. Any way I can expedite the process?"

"Not that I'm aware of ... I've had a brief report of a foreign spy that's been caught up in the sweep, but I've yet to hear details on it. Other than that ... the last bit is something I need to handle -personally-. I do however appreciate your offer."

"Anything to return to normalcy as quickly as possible. It has been an... interesting time as of late, hasn't it?" Wry smile.

(OOC: Thus ended the part of the conversation pertinent to the matters at hand. Still, like good friends, they continued nonetheless. Read on if you want, but at this point, it's optional for any plot.)

"My dear, you've no idea. Or do you? All the damned socializing, the alliance being formed, both Devon and Carlos go out of commission at the same time, chaos breaking out in Treznor, the thrice-damned war with Melkor and all it's complexities, trade negotiations, and now this." She snorts derisively. "Damn that Mateo ... AND Devon, for that matter ... AND the rest of them. You know, most of my headaches I can rest at the feet of one man or other?"

S.H.O.D.A.N. laughs softly. "Ah, yes. I tend to blame causality more than anything else, but, yes, a great many of my problems are the cause of someone foolish." She frowns slightly. "Unfortunately, some I don't know and others I can't find to return the favor."

Nathicana arches a brow at that last. "Something bothering you, dear?"

S.H.O.D.A.N. sighs slightly. "It somehow follows. I visited Diablo NL--relations finally becoming more stable with them--via one of my avatars, and on the very night the man leading the charge to better relations--Zhakarov--was assassinated. I, fortunately, had an alibi and so am not suspected... still a loss. Other problems concern mutual aquaintances--former friends." Her voice turns slightly harder. "Expect to see new leadership in SLAGLand Titan soon."

Nathicana takes it all in, nodding. "I ... wasn't aware of the assasination. That is most unfortunate. Afraid I was too busy playing nursemaid. Again, falling behind things. As for that last ... " Her expression sharpens. "What has happened? And more importantly ... do you need -my- assistance?"

S.H.O.D.A.N. sets her jaw. "No. You'd probably -want- to help, if you knew the full details. It concerns Sakura and Viceroy Biddlebaum... and I'm not exactly sure how the good Viceroy should pay for his crimes yet." She frowns as her eyes go from the usual green to a dark red-orange.

Nathicana frowns, her own eyes narrowing slightly. "I can assure you, that if we put our rather talented minds together, that we could come up with something ... appropriate. From your reaction, he sounds deserving of it. Is Sakura ... Is she safe?"

"As safe as ten million Sec-Twos, two hundred capital ships, and one hundred meters of armored Rhea can make her. Safe, yes. Unharmed... no."

Nathicana nods slowly, taking another long sip, then pausing to refill the glass nearly to the brim. "I'm not sure quite what to say to that, other than if he's harmed her ... he should pay. And it would seem, dearly."

"Quite dearly."

Nathicana scowls more deeply. "I'll ... not pry. But please, do allow me to help as needed. This little 'mess' of mine should be cleared up shortly."

"Well, before he can pay, I have to find him first... he's being quite troublesome in that regard. If you do happen to see him, make sure he has a quite reasonable and quite lethal accident. Just be sure that it isn't too quickly lethal."

"Are you certain you wouldn't prefer me to put him on ice for a bit of mutually satisfying fun and games? And by mutual, I mean you and I. His enjoyment is irrelevant."

S.H.O.D.A.N. snickers softly. "As much as I'd like to... and this man -does- deserve it... it isn't the wisest course of action in this case. I will deliver him to SLAGLandic authorities, allow them to dispense their justice... and then wait my turn." She smiles coldly.

"They never need know, Shodey ... I've seen what you can do. I know your skills."

"Ah, well, call it a moment of softness for my dear husband. It is technically his job to deal with such things... and I am more than content to wait. As they say, revenge is a dish..."

Nathicana chuckles, and nods. "Moments of softness and husbands -do- rather seem to go hand in hand." She takes another long, slow drink, draining half the glass, pausing to tilt her head, then taking another large swallow. "I applaud your patience. Sometimes things are indeed worth the wait. I hope that's the case here."

"Oh, it is. I fully expect him to be 'rehabilitated'"--the word comes with a cold sneer--"without fully understanding the extent of his crime... ah... I now know an appropriate punishment."

"Do tell?" Nathicana's eyes glitter with a cold intensity.

"'What goes around comes around,' so it is said. Simply have him relive his crime... from the viewpoint of the victim. That should be... sufficient."

"Repeatedly, one might hope ... Perceptions ... heightened, perhaps?"

S.H.O.D.A.N. grimaces slightly. "I've looked them over. They don't need to be heightened."

Nathicana blinks. "Gods, Shodey .. what the hell did he do?"

SHODAN suppresses a shudder. "Enough that he is a very lucky man--lucky in that I will give him the temporary respite of organic jail. In my earlier days..." She looks Nathi in the eyes darkly. "He would have recieved the same treatment as Diego. He is of an equal caliber of slime."

Nathicana tilts her head slightly ... then a look of sudden clarity spreads across her face. "Oh gods no ..."

S.H.O.D.A.N. merely nods grimly.

Nathicana tightens her grip on her glass ... with a predictable result. "Dammit ..." She begins the process of picking up pieces of glass and tossing them in the garbage, and removing the few slivers imbedded in her palm with a casual air. "Should I come across him ... I make no such promises."

"You really need to invest in more durable glasses... and note that I do not ask you to."

"Noted ... on both counts," she says grimly, taking tissues to mop up the remnants of her wine, sighing softly at the ruined papers. "I may be many things ... but I have my limits."

S.H.O.D.A.N. nods.
21-08-2003, 13:35
To: Ambassador Relhatti
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto

We appreciate the support of the Empire, and send our thanks for your offer. Please, do not trouble yourselves with our little 'incident'. This is but a brief internal affair, and we have it well under control. Situations will revert to normal soon, rest assured.
--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion

{EOTED Unencrypted Diplomatic Transmission #9292181}

{TO: Nathicana D'Aquisto, DLN}
{FROM: Ambassador Relhatti, EOTED}


Understood, Lady. However... bear in mind that should you need Imperial aid, it is but a transmission away.

21-08-2003, 13:41
martial law is the ultimate admission that your citizens hate you, and cops beating the dirt out of your citizens will only propel that hatred.
Dread Lady Nathicana
21-08-2003, 19:07
I concur. Mere dictatorships are two a penny, but truly well-run states are rare. Perhaps we could consider an opening of diplomatic relations between our two nations?

~ Domina Rene Seingult
Division Five Commandant

To: Domina Rene Seingult
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo

I would be pleased to pursue such avenues once the situation here has normaized somewhat. I believe these brief missives have already laid a pleasant groundwork for such, and I look forward to further negotiations.


To: Ambassador Relhatti
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto

Acknowledged ... and appreciated.


Nathicana sent off the last of her missives and let out a long, slow breath.

Interesting ... this is the length I have to go to gain new possible allies? She can't help but chuckle at that, despite the gravity of her situation. And how odd that the only voice of dissent thus far is from a piddling nation whom I could roll over with my forces and hardly notice the bump.

The visit from Shodey hadn't been entirely unexpected, and as always, welcome. She was both troubled and angry over the revelations concerning Biddlebaum.

He'd best hope I'm not the one to find him, for his own sake.

There were but a few tasks to see to now. The operation had gone smoothly, she at least for now seemed to have the backing of international support, and all but one of her enemies had been systematically eliminated to the best of her knowledge.

One point concerned her -- that of a spy who'd been swept up with the rest. Apparently, her forces had him tucked away in one of her more secure facilities here in Devras. A phone had been retrieved, though it had been shattered in a four story drop. He had on him a portable scanner, and the remnants of several documents had been found, though most was an illegible, burnt mess.

He didn't seem the type to have much backbone ... she figured he'd break soon enough with the proper pressure.

And then we'll see who else has been dabbling their fingers in my affairs.

Oddly, she wasn't upset by it. She had spies aplenty infiltrating friend and foe alike. She expected the same from others. Indeed, the fact that they'd gone undetected only increased her respect for whichever group it was. Worthy opponents.

The sweeps had beein directed to leave off the Treznor operatives that they were aware of, and release any after a good solid scare of course, that they caught up in their nets. Those who managed to be found out were photographed and fingerprinted, and the information sent on to Devon to do with what he pleased.

She rather doubted she'd be seeing them again.

And then there was Mateo.

Ah yes ... my dear Janus ... whatever shall I do with you?

Her eyes glittered darkly as she went over plans in her mind.
Dread Lady Nathicana
21-08-2003, 23:56
Nathicana takes the podium, dressed in a dark conservative suit ensemble, and looking every inch in control.

She smiles pleasantly, nodding to the gathered press and Dominion Officials. Taking a glass of water sitting ready next to the podium, she sips, whetting her lips, then begins her oration.

"Citizens of the Dominion, and our neighbors in the International community - I am aware that recent events have had many of you questioning and no few worried about the state of affairs within our great nation."

Her eyes scan the room, and she smiles pleasantly, confidently.

"We appreciate the outpouring of support from the international arena. We have been suprosed that our efforts at putting down an attempted uprising have elicited so much attention. As such, we wish to make a brief public statement."

She shuffles through some papers, then nods, moving on.

"Due to internal strife and the violent acts of several dissident groups, we were forced to take extreme action and put down an attempted coup. Let me assure one and all, that as of this morning, we have it all well in hand, and expect the situation to be normalized in short order. Our borders were closed to assure the capture of the traitors, and our military deployed in a defensive position along our coasts to safeguard us against foreign aggressors, due in no small part to recent events such as those with the EODS and others, much less publicized."

"There is no cause for alarm, nor do we require any assistance. As stated earlier, the matter is completely under control, and we expect all such security measures to relax back to standard parameters soon. Due to the heightened security status, no further details will be made available at this time."

And with that, she bids the the assembled group a good day, leaving further questions unanswered as she strides from the pressroom back to her office.
22-08-2003, 02:52
To: Domina Rene Seingult
Fr: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo

I would be pleased to pursue such avenues once the situation here has normalized somewhat. I believe these brief missives have already laid a pleasant groundwork for such, and I look forward to further negotiations.

To: Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo
Fr: Domina Rene Seingult

As do I. Once your current situation is under control, I would be happy to welcome you or your representatives to Tsaraine, or vice versa if you wish.
~ Domina Rene Seingult
Division Five Commandant
Dread Lady Nathicana
22-08-2003, 10:16
Setting the scene. (all rp'ed out with Scolopendra earlier, done with permission.)

A man sits on a low metal stool, his hands bound behind his back, in a cold, windowless cement room.

A small metal table and chair sits in front of him, the investigator sitting calmly, going over papers.

Sergio Esini pushes his glasses up a bit on his nose, taking his time looking over the files in his hands. He doesn't bother acknowledging the man, sitting before him on a low, uncomfortable stool, his hands bound behind him. At the door stands a guard dressed in the unrelieved black of the Dominion military uniform. Two others stand behind, and off to each side of the bound man, without comment.

Taking a long drink of tea from his thermos, he finally looks up at the man, a patient look on his face. "Now then ... would you care to tell us just what you were up to with all those papers?" he asks in a low, but clear voice.

Taschini grins nervously. "Burning them. Easiest way to remove the burden from my filing cabinets."

Esini laughs softly, nodding in agreement. "That it is. You did seem to be in a bit of a hurry, however. And my ... given the topics no few of them, I can see why you were so anxious to unburden yourself - or your cabinets."

"Yes, my back taxes are somewhat faulty. Never did well in math."

"Taxes? Is that what you were burning. Interesting, Rodolfo. Though we've had you observed for some time, I wasn't aware tax evasion was one of the things we were watching for."

"Well, it looks like you've been busy as of late." He chuckles nervously. "Can't expect to catch everything."

Esini gives him a level look. "I think we've done well enough, all things considered." He takes another sip of his tea, then sets the thermos aside. "Enough games. Who are you working for?"

"Well, I used to work for the Ministry of Public Affairs, but I get a feeling I'm not going to get my pension now."

"A safe assumption. We've had Mateo watched for months. We're well aware he's had foreign assistance. What I want to know, is which of them you're working with."

Taschini lets off a short scoffing laugh of nerves. "You think I helped Mateo? I can be as foolish as the next man, but a death wish--no sir."

Esini cracks his knuckles as he gets to his feet. "Then a monitor, perhaps?" He watches Taschini intently.

Taschini blinks. "I sorted and filed documents. Office drone... not much in the way of overseeing there."

"Indeed. And why pray tell would you be in need of this, when serving in such a capacity?" He reaches down to a box near his chair, then holds up the portable scanner taken in the raid.

"I didn't think it was illegal to own one of those." Taschini's pupils dilate slightly. "If I scan my family albums for safekeeping I think I'm inside the law."

Esini takes note of the telltale sign, and presses the issue, stepping forward and placing himself firmly in front ot Tascini. "All this I could accept, if you had bothered to clear out the buffer after the last time you used it. Would you like to see what interesting documents it has to show us." He shakes his head in mock sympathy. "Sloppy, Rodolfo ... very sloppy."

Taschini manages a weak smile and croaks. "Your men saw my apartment. Never was one for cleanliness."

Esini swings out a loosely clenched right hand to deliver a sharp, backhand strike to Tashini's left cheek. "Who."

Taschini blinks and mutters something not very nice. "Ach... just like in the movies. Hurts more than one would expect it to"--he's babbling.

Esini grabs him by the shirt and gives him a firm shake, brining his face down to fix him with an icy stare. "Think, Rodolfo, if you prefer to be spared more." Taking the man's chin in his hand, gripping firmly, he asks again. "Who?"

"Bah." Taschini's voice cracks, then gets firmer as he gets angry. "It's either beat to death now or rot to death later at the hands of you facists. That's the way it always is in police states."

"Oh I think you'll find we've much more interesting methods Rodolfo. But I like you. I'd hope to spare you that. Also, the policy the Lady has set forth allows for extradition, should your sponsor so desire it," he says in an absent manner, then focuses. "Who are you working with?"

"What assurance do I have of that, pig? I talk, you kill me, one less loose end for you."

Esini promptly backhands him again at the insult, this time from the opposite direction. "You'll keep a civil tongue, or you'll loose it. You only need your hands to write ... and only one of those."

"A signed 'confession' even." His voice breaks at the 'one hand' remark, but he tries to keep a grim face. "How unoriginal."

"We need no signature to be rid of you, make no mistake." He nods to the guards behind, and they each move up to roughly secure Taschini between them, a knee each pressed down hard against the tops of his thighs, locking his legs down against the stool. The hold him as immobile as possible while Esini walks back and begins removing the man's shoes.

"I'd hoped appealing to your better sense of judgment would suffice ... Pity."

Taschini struggles weakly but to no avail. "Sly words from a wolf's tongue..." His voice breaks again, and he watches Esini intently.

Esini smirks, roughly jerking Tashini's shoes off, then removing the socks. He snaps his fingers and the guard at the door breaks away long enough to reach into the box sitting behind the table, and bringing out a simple hammer. He hands it to Esini without comment, then takes up his place at the door.

Taschini takes one look at the hammer, one look at his toes, and makes an odd screeching sound. Blows to the face he can take--but this is out of his league. "Egh!" he exclaims quickly, "About that better judgement—“

The guards assist in positioning Tashini's legs in such a manner that his feet sit flat against the cold cement, their knees pressing down hard to keep them steady, the metal legs of the chair preventing movement back.

"—Not too late to reconsider is it?"

Esini idly twirls the hammer, cocking a brow.

Esini swings the hammer down without warning .... striking the floor next to Taschini's left foot with a loud 'bang'.


"Gah, d-erm..." Taschini flaps his lips as his brain races a with a bit too much adrenaline than his rational mind can take. Loyalty and self-preservation clash... and martyrdom is not a common thing in the Dominion.


Esini sits back with a bemused expression.

"Your contacts?"

Taschini spasms his left foot inward instinctively at the hammer-strike

"Um... dark-haired girl, 'bout 30sh. Called herself Pris. Didn't give me a last name."

"Other operatives?"

Esini idly twirls the hammer.

"I don't know any--I'm on the end of the chart or something. I just send documents up the line."

"To this 'Pris'?"



Taschini watches the hammer twirling. "Via the PDA."

"You were on the phone when taken. Who were you contacting?"

Esini continues to idly toy with the hammer.

"Pris. Holy Mother of God be careful with that thing."

"Focus, Rodolfo ... Focus." He continues to twirl, and swing the hammer in a casual, unconcerned manner. "What were the arrangements you were making?"

"Err... pickup times. Meeting arrangements. I forget exactly when and where at the moment" His eyes follow the hammer. "But I think it's too late."

Esini swings the hammer down forcefully, landing it between Taschini's feet without blinking. "Think, man. Time. Place. Codes."

"Gah!" Rodolpho automatically twitches his feet outward from the blow. "Oh sweet Jesus I'm trying but it's rather hard to concentrate..." he lets out in a stream, his words running together in his haste.

Esini sits back on his heels, holding the hammer still in his hands, elbows resting across his knees. He looks at Taschini expectantly.

Taschini tries to get his breathing under control. "Eight 'o clock... in the park in the Palazzo Soranzo-Capella, I think."

"You ... think?"

"Well... clarity's a bit difficult right now," Taschini pants and starts wheezing. "Shit. Asthma. In the family."

Esini orders the guard at the door to go through Tashini's things, searching for his inhalant. Barring that, he motions to the hidden camera for assistance. "Calm down, boy. Where's your meds?"

"I'm fine, just give me a minute. It's eight o' clock. I'm sure. And that's the place."

Esini nods. "Codes. Method of extraction."

"I dunno the codes, the PDA did it for me. As for extraction, Pris never told me that. I don't even know if she knew or not."

Esini slowly rises to his feet. "Enough to work on for now." He nods to the guards who take the pressure off his legs, and bring him roughly to his feet between them.

"Take him to block three, isolation," he says to the guards in general. "You've been quite helpful."

Taschini shuts his mouth and stumbles out of the room, hanging his head. He's visibly paler.

Esini sits down behind the table, and writes up his report, immediately sending on the information to Nathicana's office directly.

A team is quickly assembled and sent on to monitor the address given, in hopes of making another hit.
Reports come back as a negative - zero suspicious activity observed at site. The force is called to stand down, though a watcher is set to monitor in case.


Little did they know that Agent KELVIN, aka Pris, walked by not two hours earlier as directed by SKINNER.

She walked past the meeting bench on the opposite side of the street. Seeing no SKINNER, she continued walking on. Stopping in a restaraunt, she made a quick text message to a friend--a QE encoded communique to WALT. Paying for a deli sandwich and a cup of coffee, she walked calmly back to her apartment, packed a hiking backpack, and slipped out to the woods.


Nathicana looks over the papers recently brought to her office, and sighs quietly.

It would have to be an ally, of course … And damn them for their efficiency too, she chuckles softly, impressed with the skill of the Scolopendrans for infiltrating so quietly. Well … all but poor Roldolfo.

She reads over the rest of the report, considering. The link with Mateo’s office practically assured that whatever information he’d gathered and passed on was pure rubbish. Not much of a risk there. But, that left others. Tapping a finger against her lip thoughtfully, she makes a decision.

<Encrypted Internal Triumvirate Communications to PseudoEmperor Jon Hertzfeldt >

Salutations, my dear. Again, I appreciate your earlier offers for assistance. In fact, I have decided to avail myself of your gracious offer, though perhaps not in the manner you might think.

We have in custody one Rodolfo Taschini. Apparently, he’s gotten himself involved in a bit of … well, espionage. Unfortunately, your nation was mentioned as figuring rather prominently in the equation. Out of deference to you, and our alliance, I am currently holding him pending your response. I am more than willing to turn him over to your custody, if desired. I’m afraid his fate here otherwise would be most unpleasant.

In addition, I offer you the opportunity to call in what operatives you may have to the safety of your embassy, no questions asked. This is a sensitive time for us, and I would very much hate for any misunderstandings to pave the way towards testy relations with such fine people as yourselves.

Please know I bear no ill will over this minor incident – in fact, I congratulate your skills at infiltration. Nicely done, if I do say so myself. Ever vigilant, yes? All the same, for the good of all, I suggest you take me up on my offer. Your people have twelve hours in which to comply, after which, they will be considered fair game.

Respectfully yours,
--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion
22-08-2003, 11:54

SKINNER not at meeting point. Resting on the couch as discussed.

Agent KELVIN sat in a close clearing amongst some bushes when her PDA vibrated softly, announcing a return message.


Transition to <coordinates>.

Following the directive and using the PDA's built in GPS homer as a guide, she came to a small overhang surrounded by trees and a very small clearing.

Aboard the supercarrier Aspidochelone, two military intelligence officers wave off a group of technicians from a Ferret reconnaissance drone. Removing most of the sensor packages, they quickly fit a coffin-like module to its frame before reporting back to Aspidochelone's FlightCom that they had a priority launch request.

The Ferret slipped out the bay and into the void, quickly taking on the characteristics of the radio background of the universe. Slipping carefully through the atmosphere, it adjusts to become nothing more than a marginally denser air mass to anyone looking at it with EM or IR. It falls rapidly into the copse, holoprojectors showing a blue cloud about the shade of the sky. Agent SKINNER watches as the clearing is partially obscured by a blue mist, and then the delta-winged probe blinks into reality.

Her PDA vibrates. Checking it, it merely says "BOARD NOW." Treading lightly to the unfamiliar craft, she clambers on top of it and opens the habitation module--obviously the only boardable part--looking like a cross between a coffin and a cooler. Settling into its barely padded interior, she closes the lid over her with the provided handle and holds her breath, waiting for something, anything to happen.

The Ferret turns back into a cloud and drifts away.


Hertzfeldt looks up at Advisor Garbo, frowning deeply. "Rodolpho Taschini?"

"Ummm..." Garbo flips out a datapad from one pocket with a casual air and a practiced motion, and taps a few keys with a thumb. "Yeah... SKINNER. Looks like not only is he made, but in custody."


"Only person he knows, KELVIN, has been recalled. I think we're secure, other than the fact that the Dread Lady knows we're keeping an eye on her."

"Hrm." Jon rubs his chin. "Suggestions?"

"Suspend operations for a while, send something down the line emphasizing the need for caution. She is being really nice letting us drag back our ops, but we can't kill VIXEN just because one baseline agent got made."

"True, but if we don't recall anyone then she'll know we're holding back. Where's our most useless information coming from?"

"Public Affairs. It's also the one the plurality of our agents--a quarter of them, actually--are in."

"Take all but a handfull out of there. Any other ministries that got hit hard?"

"Education and... um... trade."

"Pull almost entirely out of there. Think of it, Janus," Jon raises an index finger, "think of it as a rationalization. We're going to excise the fat from VIXEN and leave our most useful agents in."

"Right, boss." Janus nods slowly, lips pursed as he considers the idea. "Y'know, you're right. That'll look like quite the exodus, but not large enough to cause panic; if our deep agents in the more important Ministries just keep their eyes and ears open for a few while remaining quiet then we should pull through just fine."

"Get with the orders, Garbo. I'll cover Nathicana."

"Sure thing, boss."


<Encrypted Internal Triumvirate Communications to Dread Lady Nathicana>

Ah, that is unfortunate. I thought we taught our agents to be quieter than that; I shall have to talk to Advisor Garbo about this. Still, there's no need for someone to meet an 'unpleasant' fate simply because the one got a little sloppy. We accept your suggestion of turning him to our custody.

Honestly, thank you for being so understanding in these times--we have no right to be misunderstanding, as it was our blunder. We are sure that your intelligence services are doing their best in our fair land and I assure you that we will extend such courtesies to them as you have extended to us. 'Tis only fair, after all.

We will recall our intelligence operatives to our embassy--best to cut losses and potential public relations fallout when we can--and hopefully normal relations will be maintained. Jon Hertzfeldt
Chief of State
Federated Segments of Scolopendra


"So, how are we going to pull the recall?"

"Simple." Garbo smiles. "They walk up to the embassy and go in."

Jon raises an eyebrow. "Then Dominion intel services will know exactly who they are."

"So?" Garbo shrugs. "We're not stupid enough to send 'em back out, and we want 'em seen so she thinks we're pulling out nearly unilaterally like you so carefully suggested. Besides, the storm drain leading to the sanitary sewers is the card up our sleeve anyway... and we can use these agents to train new residents who will have a better inside-view on Dominion politics and culture." Garbo grins. "We cycle out the residents we currently have with the new trainees... and we're set--clean slate."
22-08-2003, 13:45
Raui watches her official broadcast and shivers. He composes himself and types out a simple message:

Dear Nathicana,
I am glad to hear that things will return to normal soon. I hope it all went as you had hoped.
President Raui
Republic of Caterpillars
Protectors of the Castle in the Clouds

You knew her potential.
That doesn't mean I had to like it or that I couldn't hope that marriage and such had changed her.
True. Will you still keep the trade agreement.
And let on that we know more?! Or worse, risk making an enemy out of her??
Good point.
As far as the world knows she squelched a potential coupe. They don't need to see her how I saw her. I hope Jaime never sees her how I saw her.
Why not? Doesn't he deserve to know?
No. Because I still want her to be happy. And he may be the only one who can bring about the change.
And if he can't?
Always better an ally than an enemy. Always.
Dread Lady Nathicana
22-08-2003, 16:27
<Encrypted Internal Triumvirate Communications to PseudoEmperor Jon Hertzfeldt >

My dear, I think I'd have almost been insulted had I not managed to rate your attention. I find it refreshing to hold a common understanding with my fellow leaders - you've earned my respect. Should there ever come a time when I find the need for operatives in your nation as well, I thank you in advance for your equally generous assurances.

Once borders are open, arrangements will be made to extradite Mr. Tashini. As for your embassy, have no fear. I am pleased you plan to take advantage of the offer, and assure you that this in no way negatively impacted our relations. No harm, no foul as they say. I look forward to continuing business as usual soon.

Respectfully yours,
--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion


Tapping her lip thoughtfully, Nathicana went over the latest reports with Marik.

"That's ... quite a few you've let slip past you, boy," she says, her mouth quirking up in a grin. "You're slipping."

He grumbles, brow furrowed - the first real emotion she's seen him so blatantly express. "Orders have gone out to our operatives to keep a low profile for now. No sense stirring up borrowed trouble. Damn good thing you've such amicable allies, my Lady."

Nathicana shrugs. "What I'm more concerned about is those they haven't pulled out. Honestly now, the Scolopendrans are no slouches. They're there, keeping quiet. It's what I'd do. And now that they're aware that we know ... they'll be that much more difficult to find."

"Keep up the intense monitoring of the ministries," she says thoughtfully. "But don't spook anyone if you come across anything of interest. Let things settle, then use our people to draw them out with hints of discontent and veiled willingness to sell out. I want them found, and used. They'll provide an excellent method of disinformation, as usual. Instruct operatives to follow standard m.o., dribbling out non-harmful facts with a few well-placed fabrications, slowly but surely, once an agent is found. "

He nods curtly. "Of course."
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-10-2003, 07:06
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