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For the Fish ...

Dread Lady Nathicana
12-08-2003, 18:36
(ooc: Since timelines here are so complex, I'm placing this just after the wedding, post dinner, post said alliance announcment, and before everything hit the fan with my allies. Just previous to Carlos' little 'accident'. This is a private rp - if you've a need to be in, tg me or Caterpillars. Thanks :) )

Nathicana waited patiently in the private section of the airport reserved for diplomatic arrivals.

Well, this has been a busy time. First the ribbon cutting, then the wedding ... gods that nigh unto did my nerves in. Then of course, Devon ... She shivered slightly and smiled at that line of thought, though her brow furrowed. The alliance ... is off to a good start, at least, though the paperwork it's generated ... gah. And now this. I hope this goes as smoothly as I hope.

She straightened her jacket once more, brushing her hand over it briskly, and looked to the sky, searching.
12-08-2003, 18:48
Raui watched the airport get bigger out the window of the Mist. He wiped his palms on his tunic and soothed his sash.
One on one. You can do this. Think of your country. Think of your people. Think of the Castle. Ah yes. The Castle. His thoughts lingered there as he toyed with his plans.
He refocused outside himself as the Mist set down. He instructed the pilot to return to the city and he would be contacted when Raui was ready to be picked up.

Sighing one more time, Raui exited the Mist and approached Nathicana confidently. "My dear, Nathicana. So good to see you again." Raui extended his hand and his eyes shifted from a brooding grey to a sparkling blue as if controlled by some internal switch.
Dread Lady Nathicana
12-08-2003, 19:23
"Ah, Raui - I'm glad you could make it. A pleasant trip, I hope?"

She walked up briskly, and shook his hand with a warm smile. His mode of transport, she once again took notice of, logging things away to ask him about later.

He's uncomfortable. Dammit, not a good starting point. Need to put him at ease.
12-08-2003, 19:30
"With all the travelling I've been doing lately, the trips are getting more pleasant. I wasn't one for heights growing up. And don't ask how someone who grew up in my nation could be so afraid of heights, because I just can't tell you." He smiled and took a deep breath. As he let it out much of his anxiety went with it almost visibly.

"It's hard for me to think that for all the times we've met, this is my first time on Dominion soil. I look forward to a brief tour." He extended his arm bent at the elbow. "Shall we?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
12-08-2003, 21:03
"Of course, my dear." She loops her arm through his, and proceeds to the Bentley waiting just off to the side.

"And, may I say officially, welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Is there anything in particular you wished to see first? Something to eat, perhaps?"

The driver promptly opens the car door, and she gracefully slides in to the far side, waiting for Raui to make himself comfortable before going on. Reaching into the small wet bar, she begins preparing glasses.
12-08-2003, 21:13
Raui smiles and watches as she prepares the glasses. Good! Something to calm my nerves a little. But I must NOT drink too much. The alcohol down here is much more potent than ours. I wonder if it has to do with the altitude that we grow our grapes at....or maybe the fermentation? I can't imagine that the cloud would produce wheat or barley much different than regular soil would.
Raui snaps back realizing that his thoughts were wondering...a habit he picked up from his agoraphobia.

"What do you have to drink? And eating would be fabulous." He blushes slightly. "I've been craving fish for several days now. Any seafood at all would be marvelous. I'm quite anxious to sample Dominion make sure it meets our very demanding standards of course." He winks at Nathicana.

She seems brighter....if that's the word I'm looking for. Something is different. Something has changed. Something more than what I suspect has happened after seeing her reflexes on the Harakian tour. I mustn't pry but I can't help but be curious.

Raui casually looks out the window at the buildings and unconsiously adjusts and smoothes his tunic.
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-08-2003, 19:20
She nods and smiles, pouring them each a glass of Campi Flegrei - she'd made a point to have some on stock after her .... dinner with Devon. She handed one to Raui, then sipped hers with a contemplative smile.

"Your appetite for fish I believe we can satisfy quite nicely. How does lunch at the Piazza San Bernardi strike you? True there are the crowds, but I believe we can blend in well enough ... and I've security in abundance besides. There's a beautiful view across the bay, the cathedral, Doge's palace ... and of course the trip there via gondola along the canals. It might give you a feel for the flavour of my capitol at least. More flavourful or fresh seafood you'll be hard pressed to find."

Her eyes shine with pride and no small amount of nostalgia as she speaks.

My Dominion - there's no place better in the world. And it's all mine.
13-08-2003, 20:05
"security in abundance" "n-not that you n-need it, eh, P-P-Potter?" The quote flashed in his brain and he smiled at it as he accepted his glass and sipped. "Very good indeed."

His right hand twitched slightly, "Crowds?" he asked, the shake in his voice only slightly apparent. His face smiled but his eyes clouded to a dark blue/grey. "A quite popular place, then?"
Oh gads, please don't do this to me. I'll never survive and now is not the time to freak out. I don't even think I could get away from people enough to collect myself.

He took another, albeit longer, sip from his glass. "I'm sure a view like that must be spectacular. And a gondola is a boat is it not? I've never been on a boat so that will indeed be a treat." His voice barely betrayed the terror trying to build inside him.
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-08-2003, 20:22
She quirked a brow at his response, taking in his posture, expressions, and of course, his eyes.

"Perhaps ... another alternative might be more to your liking?" she asks tentatively. "I assure you, I wish for you to enjoy your visit. Ask, and if in my power, it shall be done. Boats, fish ... what have you. There is no need for crowds, if the idea displeases you."

Gods, I thought he'd gained more backbone than this after his rise to power. Perhaps it was the stress of the moment ... alas. Still, not good to go about upsetting guests.

She refrained from laying a hand on his arm, uncertain if perhaps she was a factor in his discomfort. Still, her face took on a concerned expression, and she tilted her head as she awaited his answer.
13-08-2003, 20:35
His eyes begin to sparkle as he sighs heavily. "I don't suppose you remember the first time we met, do you? Well, I'm...." He hesitates for a moment "...I'm a 'recovering' agorophobic. I can handle small crowds now...the majority of our political functions are small enough and the surroundings spread out enough that I can handle myself. But..."
He takes a sip. "If possible I would appreciate something with less of a crowd. It's amazing how easy it is to avoid such things when you are in a high government position. Especially with the guise of security." His voice only hints with pleading but his demeanor becomes much more relaxed at the possibility of no big crowds.

"Besides, how else am I to charm you into an incredible trade agreement if I have all of those people distracting you?" His voice and eyes reveal a playful side that has all too often been in check.
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-08-2003, 21:07
Yes, she remembered the SilverCities event ... and those that followed soon after. Which of course turned her thoughts to Jaime ... which then turned to more recent events. It was a troubling circle at best.

Keeping her thoughts to herself, and her expression smooth, she smiles warmly.

"Well then, an absence of crowds there shall be." She leans up to the driver, quickly issuing some instructions in her native tongue. He nods in response as she settles back into her seat, taking another slow sip of wine. Adjusting his course through the city, he heads up towards the hills and their winding roads, taking up a cell phone and making further arrangements as directed.

"Perhaps my villa will be more to your liking. My appologies in advance for not having things more prepared - I usually keep staff there at a minimum. Be assured, i cuochi, the chefs, are on their way as we speak. I've a beautiful view of the city and bay from my gardens - we can take our ease there, and discuss this trade you seek."

Despite her more private thoughts, she was rather keen on seeing what Devon had managed to wrangle out of the man, and his energy tricks that she'd seen had intrigued her. Besides - if Devon was interested, it was worth looking into. Damn his hide.
13-08-2003, 21:27
Raui smiles and relaxes more. "Thank you very much. I was farther along the road to recovery but this damn presidency." He leaves it there for a moment. "Really, I'm flattered that my people trust me enough to lead them but the stress has weakened my grip on my agoraphobia."

He admires the scenery out the windows as they wind up the streets catching glimpses of technology carefully masked to preserve an old world feel. Clinging to a simpler past while enjoying the marvels of today.

He says idly as he looks out the window, "You know, I still am in awe at how many different plants grow on this planet. And I doubt I will ever grow tired of their beauty." He looks back at Nathicana, his eyes a dreamy sapphire. "If you have any vegetation that is unique to the Dominion, I am interested in those as well. We have so little variety up there."
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-08-2003, 22:36
"All in good time, my dear ... all in good time. The proper place for business talk, is over a fine meal, sipping a fine wine. And while we've the latter, I doubt negotiating on an empty stomach would set well with you either."

She grins, looking out the window herself as they reach the wrought-iron gates that open at a signal from the driver. They proceed up a long curving drive, flanked with trees, shrubs, and gardens. The car stops at the front of a charming, yet spacious Italian-style villa.

The driver exits the car, coming around to her side, and opening the door with a respectful nod. Nathi swings both legs out, then rises gracefully, walking a few steps off, then waiting for Raui to join her.

"Welcome to my humble abode," she says with a smile, holding out her arm expectantly.
13-08-2003, 22:44
Raui exits the car nodding to the driver with a "Thank you." He admires how the plants so suitably frame the Villa and how it too keeps with the wonderful old-world feel of the city.
"It's beautiful."
He extends his elbow. "To lunch then. Those poor chefs are probably having small fits and I wouldn't want to disappoint them." He winks and for a brief moment his eyes melt into the blue of the sky.
Dread Lady Nathicana
14-08-2003, 00:13
She chuckles softly, leading the way up the low steps to the front door. An attendant, usually not present, rises from his seat next to the door, and holds it open for them.

They enter the hallway, her shoes clicking on the pale travertine floor. The interior is done in a simple, yet rich manner that bespeaks style and a pride in heritage. Romanesque architecture dominates, with round arches and columns.

"If you'll come this way," she says, leading him down the hall then down some stone steps to the courtyard in the rear of the villa. "I've asked that a light refreshment be laid out."

A small table and two chairs are set under one of the large trees that hang over the low stone wall. On it has been laid out a platter of antipasto for snacking, two glasses, and a bottle of wine.

The view from here is beautiful, looking down over the city and the bay, and the surrounding hillsides.
14-08-2003, 00:22
Raui gazes out over the city. "The view and the villa bespeak good taste as well as reflecting the beauty of the owner." Raui pauses. "I've not seen views like this so comfortably. Looking from the edge of cloud is quite precarious."

He picks up a few snacks and munches still slightly lost in the view. "If I may, speaking less formally that is, the depth of your personality is not reflected in intelligence reports. You are definitely an incredibly multi-faceted individual, my Lady."

He turns to look at her, the sun playing in his blonde hair and his eyes a sparkling blue. "I am very pleased that we have made aquaintance." With that he pours the wine and hands a glass to Nathicana.
Dread Lady Nathicana
15-08-2003, 18:22
"Why Raui my dear, I do believe you're trying to charm me. And doing a fair job of it, if I may say so." She chuckles, taking a piece of crostini, dipping it in the flavoured oil, and delicately adding a bit of tuna to it, savouring the blended tastes.

"I'm pleased we met as well, and glad my little country has made such a good impression thus far. We're a simple enough folk," she lies offhandedly, "and enjoy our creature comforts.

Taking the wine with a pleasant smile, she sips contentedly, nodding in satisfaction.

"Now that we're properly settled, to business," she says, still smiling, but her eyes glittering with the upcoming challenge of negotiation.
15-08-2003, 18:42
Raui puts his hand to his chest. "Me? Trying to charm you? I'm glad I'm succeeding at something so unintentional." He sips his wine his eyes sparkling and never leaving hers.

"Ah yes, business." Just where do I start. The offer sheet, the interest sheet. I can't let too much out but with her many connections this could be a huge boon to our economy. His thoughts are quick, as if a minor pause as he seats himself and set his glass on the table.

"Please sit. Obviously, I'm interested in your supply of fish. With greater supply, prices will drop and more of my people will have the opportunity to have it. And some of these plants are quite spectacular. I'm quite interested in seeing if they will survive in our climate."
He smoothes his tunic and sash as he speaks and then looking up.

"What else might the Dominion have to offer, that I may not yet be aware of?"
My Observers have not picked up much with all the other groups working in here, too dangerous to gather really detailed information. What are you hiding, my dear?
Dread Lady Nathicana
15-08-2003, 19:54
]Interesting ... does he think to take that track with me? Never try to out play a player, my boy. You'll find yourself in over your head. Perhaps a bit of a lead ... put him off his guard.

She puts on one of her more charming smiles, her own blue eyes twinkling as she gracefully settles herself in.

"Perhaps a lifting of import tarrifs would be in order? And considering your need, a favored trade status? I assure you, transportation via my methods would be infinitely less costly to yourselves than attempting to bring it in yourselves. Perhaps ownership of a warehouse where Dominion goods could be shipped from would be in order."

Sipping her wine in a slow, savouring manner, she lets her eyes wander over him, brow quirking up slightly in appreciation.

Aye, not a bad catch at that. Pity we didn't meet back in the day ... he'd have been an enjoyable diversion.

"As for other exports, the plants I believe, will need to be handled on a case by case basis. I've no idea the clime, but as you can see, we've a rather temperate one here. Greenhouses may be in order ... do you have botanical gardens there? Could be another means of income if not."

"We have a fine reputation in the automobile industry, though I'm not sure, given your means of transportation, that this will be of much use. Our biggest exports are of course our wines, cheeses, beef, and other agricultural products in addition to our fishing fleet. As with most nations, we've a plethora of various and sundry, and have been blessed with enough natural resources to get by, though most are not among our larger exports."
15-08-2003, 20:22
He laughs softly. "It is not so much costly as cumbersome for us to import fish currently. Our private sector drops a few people off on a river or shore and then picks them up again a few days later. The fishers camp in tents and try to leave as little mark as possible since it is basically trespassing for us to be there. I went on one fishing trip prior to my first marriage. I got paid $500 Gold Leafs for catching 12 trout."
His focus glazes a moment as he remembers back with slight fondness.

"I do agree that purchasing a warehouse near your docks will definitely expedite things. And I'm flattered that you would offer me a 'favored nation' status. Thank you." She is being quite accomidating. What does she want? I need to tread carefully. I know how dangerous you can be, my dear Nathicana. Almost as dangerous as you are beautiful. Or was it more so...

"Our climate is what we choose it to be. I'm sure we can find a suitable place for many of these beautiful plants." He gestures at the gardens with his hand. "You're wine would be another good item. The cloud creates very juicy grapes but, with the high water content, I'm afraid the potency is much less. I know a few people personally, who would love something with a bit more kick."

He inhales slowly and lets it out slowly. His eyes grey a bit, "What can I give you in return for your great generosity. After all, we are discussing 'trade' here, not just merely purchasing." His tone has more of a business edge to it now but his smile is pleasant and disarming. Do you want what Devon has? Information perhaps? I have much in quantity of things that I know you will find no where else. But none of it as simple as fish or plants.
Dread Lady Nathicana
15-08-2003, 22:27
"Ah, my dear, you mistake me. I meant the Dominion having favored trading status with yourselves." Her eyes twinkle with amusement.

"Still ... if what you have to offer works ... I think we may see our way clear to a initial, limited arrangement." She pauses, taking a slow sip of her wine, studying him.

"I know about your trades with the Empire of Treznor. As you're aware, we've recently allied, so I don't believe there's any conflict of interest here. I'm interested in this electrical technology your people seem to have mastered. Would you be so kind as to enlighten me?"
15-08-2003, 23:05
Raui flushes slightly at the mistake but recovers after a sip of his wine. "Oh by all means we would make you a 'favored nation' for trading. I fear it would be an insult otherwise. As to our technology..."
He picks up a piece of bread and dips it in the vinegar. He takes a bite and chews slowly. His eyes shift through a myriad of greens and greys and blues and combinations as he stares into the sky.
He swallows.

"Well, we have the ability to 'bottle', as it were, electricity. For example," he pulls from a secret pocket in his sash a pair of earrings. The hook is long and silver while two small, transparent balls dangle, each one alive with sparking electrical bolts, "these are a big hit among women in my nation." He hands the earrings to Nathicana for inspection. "Because the the electricity has no start and no end, these will sparkle indefinitely. The market comes because a regular pair is made extremely fragile so that through breaking people need to buy replacements. This pair is made much more sturdy for my purposes."

He goes to take a sip of his wine but decides not to and set his glass down. And now my dear Lady, I'm guess this is what you really want to hear. His eyes sparkle a brilliant blue as he smiles only slightly, "As your allied partner has discovered, we can also bottle electricity for release with detonation. We have several levels of electrical explosives from one the size of grenade that is designed for neutralizing a small number of people to a large cluster that can neutralize about a square-mile. These are designed to be non-lethal. However, if much fewer than the designed total of men and machines are within the 'blast zone' we cannot guarantee no one will get killed. We also have rocket-propelled explosives designed specifically for vehicular demobilization. With all the technology being packed into current war machinery, I think those will become much more potent."

He pauses and picks up his glass. He stops just before sipping and makes eye-contact with Nathicana as if there were more but he wasn't quite ready to share that yet.
Dread Lady Nathicana
15-08-2003, 23:17
She takes the earrings delicately, watching the play of the electricity inside their crystal confines.

Oh I think these would be a great hit ... oh my yes, knowing the natural arrogance and tendency to one-up 'round here ... Would need to put in place a slight markup at the outlets I think ... skim a bit off the top.

Nodding as he speaks, she maintains a neutral expression, acting for all the world as if she's already aware of the information he's giving her. When he pauses, she notes the look in his eyes, and leans forward expectantly.

"Please, say on, Raui."

All of it, boy ... I want it all.
15-08-2003, 23:33
Raui looks at his glass and sets it down. "I'm hungry. Do you suppose we could check on the food?"

Her eyes are intoxicating. I never noticed before. No wonder so many men have fallen captive to her. I'm sure it was a fate they went into willingly. His eyes scan Nathicana quickly as he looks up. Enough to tempt even the strongest of wills. I must definitely keep my head. After all, she is married and I want no quarrel with Jaime.
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-08-2003, 00:05
She casts her glance down demurely, head tilting slightly, then looks back into his eyes without blinking.

"Of course, my dear."

She lets her gaze linger for a moment, then looks back towards the house, making a gesture with her hand.

"I hope the menu will be to your liking."

Within moments, two of her staff are bringing out platters of food. Poached halibut in flavorful tomato broth, served in a nest of lightly sautéed prepared vegetables, sprinkled with saffron makes up the main course. Accompanied by a caesar style salad with bits of crab meat atop it, a lovely shrimp scampi over farfalle pasta, and accompanied by round loaves of seasoned bread, served with spiced oil for dipping.
16-08-2003, 00:18
His eyes bulge at the amount of seafood and he does an unconscious calculation on how much a dinner like this would cost. "This looks...incredible." He looks at her and smiles. "Truly, this looks wonderful." His eyes shift like the sea during a storm and it leaves doubt as to whether it's the food or Nathicana that looks wonderful.

Raui takes a bite of the pasta, making sure to get at least one shrimp and takes a bite. is fantastic. I'd better enact term limits or I may never get out of office for bringing this to my people.
He finishes chewing and licks a bit of sauce from the corner of his mouth.
"Wow. I can't say much more except, thank you, very much. Now what were we talking about before? It seems there are more distractions here than I anticipated." He doesn't say more but the look in his eye conveys the unmistakeable message.
Dread Lady Nathicana
21-08-2003, 10:47
Nathicana daintily digs in to her meal, taking the time to savour it ... and Raui's reactions, though that she tactfully keeps to herself.

Oh come now, boy ... to be sure, they've outdone themselves, but ... could you really be so hard up for such a simple thing? How ... amusing.

Ever the observer, she takes in his glances, and the obvious flickering of moods and emotions that seem to play across his eyes. She plays the demure hostess, blushing slightly and dropping her gaze in careful calculation to his actions.

"You flatter me, my dear." She reaches out to gently brush her fingertips over the back of his hand before drawing back to lift her glass of wine to her lips, and sip shallowly, eyeing him over the rim.

If he finds such activities distracting, then I'm honor bound to do my damnedest to keep him off balance, she thinks with a sly smile that only reaches her eyes.

"I believe we were discussing weaponry?"
21-08-2003, 11:39
Raui finishes chewing and swallows, the flavors absolutely intoxicating. "Ah yes, weaponry." You use your own weapons well my dear. And damned if I'm not taking more casulties than I anticipated. She is a married woman, you fool, keep it safe!
He watches her drink and his eyes are drawn to the soft curves of her neck. Damnit man, focus!

"Well, outside of our explosives, which Emperor Treznor has been quite happy with after his first few shipments, we have been able to design guns that fire electrical bolts. The bolts move slightly faster than a regular bullet but their visibility depends on the voltage. The higher the voltage the more visible the bolt. We've only recently mounted tanks with some. They are big and bulky though. Fortunately, they are very target specific so there isn't the collateral damage with regular explosives. However, they are limited in their quantity. The guns must be recharged from large generators so in battle, the charges must be used wisely."

He takes another bite watching Nathicana's reaction. Not even Devon knows about these and I think I will keep our handguns a secret for now.
Dread Lady Nathicana
21-08-2003, 12:01
Nathicana nods at his description, never letting her face slip. For all he knows, she's already heard of these things for all her calm demeanor.

"You say they're adjustable in power, yes? Might you be able to engineer them into a more manageable size? How effective for non-lethal crowd control would they be, if so?"

She leans back in her chair, slowly crossing one leg over the other, offering a brief view of more leg than is proper before modestly smoothing her skirt a bit, tugging on the hem gently. She does it all as easy as breathing, which she does deeply as she stretches her back from her seat.

Idly toying with her food, she skewers a shrimp, bringing it delicately to her lips, and sliding it off the fork between the tip of her tongue and her upper teeth, then chewing with a slow deliberateness, watching him.
21-08-2003, 12:24
He catches the extra leg with a casual glance and swallows hard as she streches and her jacket is pulled tight against her chest. There were times when he wondered about the thigh-length tunic that his people wore but now he is grateful for its pressence. Raui smiles as Nathicana gets comfortable, every muscle in his jaw is tight though and his tongue presses hard against the back of his teeth. His eyes turn a greenish-blue but the sparkle remains.

"We do have some that are a smaller version, mounted on jeeps actually. The voltage has a lower maximun capacity of course but yes, they are adjustable depending on whether you are firing on troops or vehicles." He pauses and lifts his glass to his lips, and takes a short sip, his eyes obviously lost with his mind in thought. His tongue begins to play with the lip of the cup, sliding back and forth on the rim until he finally sets it down.

"Sorry, I was just pondering your question. I don't think the jeep guns would be effective for crowd control. They are not rapid fire and the bolts are too target specific. Granted, our E1 explosives would be quite effective. Depending on the density of the crowd, you could get anywhere from probably 30 minutes to a couple hours of neutralization per individual."
He takes a bite of his fish and rolls it around in his mouth letting the flavor soak into his senses. He fixes his gaze steadily on her eyes, taking in the beautiful schooling of her expression.
Dread Lady Nathicana
21-08-2003, 12:51
Good gracious, am I that distracting, Raui?

She continues to eat, daintily handling the food, leaing slightly to the side to avoid any accidental drips, and pausing for questions and sips of wine.

"Mmm ... I think the halibut is especially good, don't you?"

"Now," she says, taking another brief sip, then going on, letting subtle movements conflict with her businesslike manner and continue to teasingly lead him on.

"Your guns, I'm afraid, don't figure in to what I'd hoped - though intriguing, if you don't mind, I believe I'll hold off until you've something in a more personal size, hopefully, with a high concealability. Perhaps working with some of my own people we could achieve such a goal"

Her eyes glitter brightly at that thought.

"But barring that, yes, I believe I would be interested in several cases of your explosives for testing purposes."
21-08-2003, 13:25
Close the deal, Raui. Get business over with then worry about.... everything else. You have been alone too long. It's muddling your thinking.

"The halibut is delicious. Again, thank you." He sips his wine and can feel the slight buzz beginning. Time to lay off that.
"A portable, concealable bolt gun..." his tone and manner convey that this is perhaps the first time he had ever even heard the suggestion. "That indeed would be nice to have. As much as I would love to agree with a cooperation on such a device, I'm not sure how much your people would be able to help. I will most definitely suggest it to our scientist and let you know of any progress on that." And I will also talk to them about a gun with more of a 'spray' than a 'focus'. That would be most handy when dealing with multiple opponents.

Raui takes a bite of vegetables to control his overindulgence. He takes in every subtle gesture Nathicana makes and becomes very aware of himself as well. But he suppresses as much as he can.

"Yes, I can arrange a small shipment of a variety of our explosives for testing purposes. And before this wonderful lunch is over, let me make sure I have things straight in my head. In exchange for a good supply of fish and some of your famous wine, we will give you a 'favored nation' status, removal of any tariffs, all the little trinkets you can handle," he motions to the earrings on the table, "and a very good price on any weapons you should desire. Am I correct?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
21-08-2003, 15:52
He misstepped there ... not pushing for the same from us. I don't think he's telling me everything about these weapons of his .. that bears looking into. Still, perhaps distractions have paid off.

"Of course, my dear. Truly, I should let my Minister of Trade deal with such matters, but ... I thought, all things considered, that it would be more pleasant to handle the negotiations myself."

She signalled someone from the house, gave instructions in her native tongue as to the drafting of the agreement, then waited for the paperwork to arrive.

"Speaking of which, I hope that you'll avail yourself of our hospitality and enjoy some of the sights whilst here?"
21-08-2003, 16:19
His eyes return to a clear sparkling blue. "I'm glad you decided to handle this agreement yourself. It has been most pleasant."

He smiles. Quite possibly more pleasant than it should have been but what the hell. You only live once, right? Hmm...perhaps I've had a bit TOO much wine.

"I'd be a fool if I came only on business....especially after seeing this beautiful city. What is there for a visiting official to do around here?"
The thought skips over his brain like a rock on a pond as his mind dips into the gutter and the image of her sans clothing appears there. It does not last and the change in his eyes from blue to green is almost too quick to catch.

She's a married woman you fool. You can't fall in love with her. Who said anything about love? Damn you and damn her for looking like that.
Raui chuckles quietly to himself and is grateful Nathicana does not read minds.
Dread Lady Nathicana
21-08-2003, 17:55
She ponders for a moment, dropping her gaze in a thoughtful manner, knowing her schedule to be clear.

The question is, just how far to let this go? It's obvious he's got other thoughts on his mind than simply politics ... I almost feel guilty teasing the poor boy. Almost.

"That depends entirely on what the visiting dignitary wishes to see," she says with a smile, tilting her chin down slightly then looking back up at him coyly. She let the innuendo settle in, then moved on.

"You say you dislike the crowds, which is unfortunate. Many of our historic sites, the grand architecture, artworks and such being down in the thick of things. It is rather fun on occasion to loose oneself in the crowd, soaking in the ambience in the old city, poling through the canals ... I've a sailboat if you'd prefer a more relaxing afternoon? The bay is always a pleasant sail, and seeing the sun set out across the water, and the lights of the city come up ... "

She shrugs and smiles, awaiting his answer.
21-08-2003, 18:18
Raui grins fully catching her innuendo. You can do this. I do love the architecture. Ok.

"I'd love to see the canals and to ride down them. And with a little help," he picks up his glass and takes a real drink, "I think I'd love to see some more of your incredible architecture." He pauses. "And I imagine that the view from your sailboat would be positively dazzling." His eyes are soft but penetrating. "I'm sure the water and the city will look spectacular from there as well."
He laughs lightly. "So, I guess, can I do it all?"

Do not let your desire to be comfortable slow your ability to think and react clearly. Point taken. You are the nation's leader, remember to act like one. Yes, sir....wait a minute, who are you? I am the Castle.

There is a sudden look of astonishment on Raui's face with no apparent source.
Dread Lady Nathicana
21-08-2003, 18:36
"Excellent! Just allow me a moment to change into something more suitable to sight-seeing, and I'll ... "She pauses, cocking a brow.

"Something wrong, my dear?" Her eyes glance briefly down, making a quick assurance that nothing with her person is amiss.

"Truly ... it's not any trouble ... we've time enough to see the finer sights ..."
21-08-2003, 18:52
Raui quickly recovers and shakes it off. "Sorry, no. Nothing is wrong." He smiles. "I'd love to see as much as possible." His eyes sparkle blue and he forces himself not to think....not yet.
Dread Lady Nathicana
22-08-2003, 11:37
"Well then, if you're finished," she looks to the rather empty plates with a grin. "You're welcome to wait here, or come on inside. Bring your wine - it won't take me long to change."

She rises gracefully, showing none of the effects one might think from her wine consumption. Her eyes are clear, and her voice steady as she makes her way to the low steps leading up to the house, hips swaying in a carefully measured, seductive manner.
22-08-2003, 12:14
"I'd like to wait out here if you don't mind. The view from here is magnificent." He winks. "Take your time, I'm in no rush."

Raui watches Nathicana enter the villa and then turns to look out over the city.

Are you there?
Are you always there?
How? Why?
You are the leader of my protector's. I need to make sure you make the decisions that will keep me safe.
Have you always done this? Communicate with our leaders, I mean?
Interesting. I guess telling people you hear a voice in your head would lessen your ability to rule. No wonder they have never said anything. But then why did you let the transformations continue? You must have known the chances, the risks?
The transformations were my idea.
I know and understand the risks. It was a way to weed out the weak leaders from the strong. To make sure that I would remain protected.
But...but, Dolph was strong. He was capable....he....
I needed you. Your people have been isolated for too long, stagnation was growing. I had to take action.

Raui fumed and was shocked and heart-broken all at once. The emotions almost overwhelming. You killed him then.
*pause* Yes.
I'm merely a pawn then?
No. I cannot control you. I can only talk to you.
So how will you ensure that the weak are weeded out now that transformation has been outlawed?
I....I don't know that yet. All I knew was that I needed you to lead this people. Dolph agreed and accepted transformation, knowing what it meant.
He did it WILLINGLY???
What about all of the successful transformations in the past? What really took place?
That is enough questions for now.
No! I want answers!
Now you must focus on Dread Lady Nathicana. She is formidable. I have not met her kind before. I want you to be careful.
I will be.
It was wise not to share all of our secrets but I feel she will try and get them from you.
I would expect no less. The big question is what is she willing to do for that information?
You will tell her for the right 'price'?
Perhaps. I have not made that decision yet. But I am enjoying myself immensely.
I know.
Will you always be my mind.
Yes. But I will only speak when I feel you need guidance. And now that you know I'm here. I will speak if you ask me.
We will talk more later.
As you wish.
Raui broke out of his thinking, the conversation was long but took only a few minutes and now for some reason he would realize later, he felt a great sense of peace and his heart said goodbye to Dolph.
"You knew, Dolph. And you believed in me that much. If you can hear me, thank you....and farewell."
Dread Lady Nathicana
22-08-2003, 15:31
Nathi follows the walkway around to her bedroom, opening up the wide doors, and going inside. She wastes little time in changing into something more comfortable, and suitable for idle sightseeing - not to mention, that will lend her a measure of incognito downtown.

She shrugs on a well-worn, faded pair of denim shorts that hit mid-thigh. A simple black t-shirt, neatly tucked in comes next. She pulls her hair back into a neat french braid, adds a simple black cap and dark sunglasses to the ensemble, and finishes with a comfortable pair of white sneakers.

Stepping back outside, she joins Raui, smiling pleasantly.

"Hope you don't mind. Shall we head to the car?"
22-08-2003, 16:02
Raui turns and takes in her outfit. "Wow, you weren't kidding about getting comfortable." He smiles and walks over to her extending his arm. "To the car then. I can't wait to see what lies ahead."
Nor can I.
Can you see what I see? Hear what I hear?"
I can only sense what your brain spends time on. Naturally what you listen to and what you think about. But I cannot look out of your eyes. As much as I wish I could.
Can you sense the minds of others then?
Only those born under my shadow. I attach a pressence at birth while the brain is young. Those of the surface are beyond my capacity and until recently beyond my concern really.

Raui logged that information away and followed Nathicana to the car, letting her enter first trying very hard and yet unsuccessfully to not watch her tight shorts as she bent over to get in.
Dread Lady Nathicana
23-08-2003, 14:44
As they drove along, Nathicana pointed out bits of interest, and spots of the city visible from the winding mountain road. The view across the bay was as always, beautiful. The colorful splash of sailing ships dotted the clear blue waters, white lines from their wakes spreading out in graceful lines.

Once in Devras, they abandoned the car at the edge of the old city. Due to the nature of it, having been built up over the years on pilings driven down into the mud, pedestrian travel was the preferred method. They wove their way through the labrinthine streets, her pointing out bits of architecture, statuaries, and places of note along the way.

Devras was an illustration in the history of the Dominion. Varying building and art styles of Byzantium mingled with classic Italian Gothic, which then flowed into Renaissance met by Romanesque, with many areas showing a strong Muslim influence denoting past invaders' influences. They walked through comfortable campos, courtyards, many with trees, fountains or gardens within their open areas, their floors usually paved in red or grey brick.

She led him down into one of the many gondolas as they reached a canal, directing the gondolier to take them the via the long scenic route to the Piazza San Bernardi. She took the opportunity to talk about the rich history and heritage of the Dominion, skirting around its less pleasant aspects, though illustrating its tumultuous past. Tales of triumph and tradgedies, the rise and fall of leaders, and the social revolution of the Renaissance were related with an obvious tone of pride.

At the Piazza, she took her time pointing out the many buildings looking out across the wide expanse of the paved open area, and onto the Grande Canale that they had just poled through. She lead him across the way, her arm looped in his, occasionally patting his hand in a comforting manner, herself ignoring the crowds of bold, expressive, though seemingly pleasant people.

She first led him through the San Bernardi Basillica, an impressive structure showing again the blending of historical elements. As they entered through one of the five cupolas, she pointed out the bas reliefs, the detailed mosaics, and intricate frescoes depicting religious stories and themes that dominated the building. God leaf was everywhere it seemed, as were carvings and statues. Their steps echoed through the largely empty halls loudly as she directed the tour this way and that, letting him soak in the magnificence and beauty of the place.

Next came the Doge's palace - another oppulent illustration of splendor and admittedly, the overbearing arrogance of it's builders. Room after room of detailed carvings, architecture, and furnishings again pointed to the Dominion's rich and powerful history, which Nathicana seemed well versed in. She explained which leader had added what, who were the stronger of those who'd built here, and so forth as they walked.

The Torretta delle Ore, a breathtaking clock tower depicting the astrological signs of the zodiac around its large clock face, and sporting detailed carvings along its facade, came next. And after that, another building, each with new differences and things to see - all variations on a theme.

As the sun worked its way towards setting, she led him down to the docks at the edge of town, and onto her modest sailing ship, The Tempest. Expertly working the sails, she used the small outboard motor to take them into the bay, then sat back and relaxed. The wind felt pleasingly cool against her skin, and the welcome scent of the sea made her smile contentedly.

Ah, I don't do this near enough.

Nodding to Raui, she gestured for him to open up the wicker pannier tucked neatly behind his seat. "There's both food and wine to be had, though not nearly the heavy dishes from earlier," she said wih a smile.
25-08-2003, 17:44
Raui followed trying forcefully to suppress his fear eating like bile in his throat as they wandered through the crowds. But he soon found he could cope as long as he focused on the amazing architecture and detail around him. With careful work he managed to blur out the people and engage his mind on the sites and on Nathicana. Things stirred inside him that he had long kept locked away but now, for some reason he could not explain, his grip loosened, the lock broke and being so close to such an attractive woman....she seemed to get lost, herself, as she talked about the design and the history of the buildings and country.

She is stern ruler but her love for her country runs deep.

He was a little nervous on the gondola but the tranquility of the water had a marvelously calming effect. He listened and gazed and commented only a few times through the tour, finding his actions and words could be construed as nothing but flattery and flirting, and his control over that seemed to be little.

Now, sitting on her sailboat, once again the demons inside him sent back to their depths, he stares out at the vastness of the ocean. Beautiful.
He looks at Nathicana securing the sail, "Beautiful."

Raui reaches behind his seat and pulls out the wicker basket. He opens and begins emptying, starting with the wine glasses and bottle.
Dread Lady Nathicana
25-08-2003, 21:35
"Isn't it though?" she says, obvlivious. "I've always loved coming out here. After a while, with some practice, you can almost forget the constant surveilance." She chuckles, nodding towards another boat, sailing aways off the starboard side.

"That one is ours. There are at least three others I've noticed tracking our movements along the way as well. At least two of which I'm certain of their origins. No worries - one gets used to it all after a while. We're in no danger."

Taking a glass from him, she shoots Raui a ravishing smile, relaxing back in her seat, legs propped up on the top of the folding cabin doors.

"So ... you've been terribly quiet, my dear. Any thoughts you'd care to share? I do hope you've been enjoying yourself."

She takes a long, slow sip, watching him over the top of the rim. Lowering her glass, she licks her lips softly and smiles again. "I know I have."
25-08-2003, 22:06
Raui glanced at the boats off far enough to seem unobtrusive but close enough to make obvious their intents. I must be slipping. I only noticed the three.

"I must admit that constant surveillance is something I'm familiar with but mostly from the media types. When you live in a nation that is as isolated as mine, there is very little for news."

He takes a drink and remembers a little too late that he needs to take it easy with surface wine. His eyes meet hers and hold there steadily, "I've been much too impressed to think about speaking. That and keeping my fear under control does take a certain amount of concentration. Maybe I don't multitask as well as I thought I did." Raui smiles and relaxes. The sky is clear except for a few puff of cloud overhead and more clustered toward the horizon. He knows his Observers are out there and monitering him. They probably know every boat in the water. I'm glad we created that installation.

He shouldn't be staring as she licks her lips but her tongue seems as entrancing as her eyes. His own shift to a flaming green reflecting the setting sun.

"This truly has been an enjoyable day. I love getting down here and seeing new places and experiencing new things. The reports I receive never tell me about the beauty I'd see." He winks. "Your hospitality has been above reproach. However," he starts and manages to pry his eyes off of Nathicana and look out over the water, "I do wish I had brought a change of clothes. Eventhough this is very comfortable, it is not suitable for swimming. Can one swim in these waters?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-08-2003, 20:21
"You flatter me, Raui ... truly," she says, taking a slow sip of wine. "You've done quite well, actually, considering your discomfort. I commend you."

She scans the water and the horizon again, taking a long deep breath of the sea air, then letting it out again with a contented sigh.

"I'm certain there's an appropriate enough change of clothes in the cabin that you could borrow, should you need. As for swimming, in closer to the shore would be better I think. Perhaps one of the islands? If you like, we could anchor the boat and go from there. Towels of course are aboard. I fear I've no suits however, as we tend to wear those when leaving the house. I trust you've no problem with going au naturale?"

Watching for a hint of reaction, she asks the question in a casual manner, inside, enjoying the continued teasing.
26-08-2003, 20:51
Whether it was the wine, or the calming effect of the sea, or the level of comfortability he had found with her, but when she mentions swimming nude, his face is not where the heat generates. He smiles and the flames in his eyes burn brighter, "Au' contraire, I believe that watching you swim ala naturale would be quite enjoyable." He winks.

"And thank you for the compliment. It was not easy for me but well worth it." He inhales the salty air himself. So oddly invigorating so close to the water. Tourism will be a booming industry once it gets established. All they need is a day here, and they'll be hooked.
May I make a suggestion?
Just don't let your guard down too much.
I said No.
Technically you didn't say...
Do you take me for a fool?!
Just making a suggestion.
Suggestion made. I can take care of myself.
Like you did with your wife?
The anger burns in Raui's mind and if the Castle had been present, or human, he would have been knocked clean off his feet.
Damn you.

His face portrays nothing but relaxation and contentedness. "I do believe that I'd like to go for a swim. Perhaps a pair of shorts I can change into is in the cabin. Is there a suitable island that you know of?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-08-2003, 21:44
"Just over there is one, " she says, gesturing and making the preparations to sail again after setting her glass back down in the basket. "Feel free to head on down - cabin's yours."

She watches him make his way down the short steps into the cabin with an appreciative eye, setting sail towards the nearer of the many small islands in and around the bay. He closes the door, and she gives him an encouraging smile before he pulls them to.

What a delightfully innocent boy ... at least he seems it. She chuckles to herself, letting the boat take them ever nearer the island. Once within an easy swimming distance of shore, and in shallow enough water, she drops anchor, and puts up the sail.

He certainly is taking his time ... perhaps the wine has gone to his head? Admit I'm cheating with my implant here, but ... use all weapons in your arsenal I always say. Perhaps I should check on him ...

She pads quietly to the cabin door, and listens at the door after rapping softly. Her hearing picking up slight rustling, she shrugs, and opens the door, stepping in.

"We're here, Raui," she says, looking to him with an expectant smile.
26-08-2003, 22:05
Raui starts by looking in the drawers to find Jaime's. One drawer he finds an assortment of skimpy leather outifts along with some more formal attire. He swallows hard and keeps looking. He finally finds a small pair of shorts...ok the smallest ones that were still quite big on him but should work. Being one who doesn't like clutter much he puts all of the clothes back into the drawer. He removes his sash and lays it on the bed and then removes his pants and underwear. He folds them and sets them next to his sash and as he turns to remove his tunic, he hears her knock on the door. Panic sets in and he turns to grab the shorts to see her standing there. Granted his tunic is mid-thigh but still fitting enough that his surprise and excitement are slightly evident in the light of the cabin.

He fiddles nervously with the shorts, "" Raui swallows hard. "I'm, uh, almost ready. If you'll give me another minute or two. I, uh, had a...quite the time finding something that fits." His collar is hot and he absent-mindedly pulls at it with one hand.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-08-2003, 22:25
She grins broadly, leaning up against the doorframe in a casual manner, her gaze obviously taking him in, top to bottom, and back with an amused light in her eyes.

"I realize he and you differ somewhat in size," she says, making no particular emphasis, "but I hope those will work. I'll ah ... just wait topside for you then."

Nathi shoots him a sly wink, letting her eyes drop pointedly one last time, before turning slowly and walking back up the short stairs to the back of the boat, sitting down, and taking off her shoes and socks. She sets them aside neatly, on one of the seats, and waits, whistling softly.
26-08-2003, 23:04
His skin is hot from head to toe as he watches her eyes look him over. After she leaves he collapses on the bed his legs almost to weak to hold him up.

Her being naked I can deal with but that was VERY unexpected. It has been awhile, eh, boy. In college you would have taken advantage of the opportunity. It has been on your mind. Man, I'm a putz.
Raui gets off the bed, puts on the shorts and then takes off his tunic. He calms himself and grabbing his pile of clothes, leaves the cabin.

"I'm sorry it took so long. Do you need to use it?" He smiles charmingly and then looks at the beautiful beach and the clear water. This will be very welcome.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-08-2003, 23:24
She arches a brow at his suggestion, and in answer simply crosses her arms in front of her, reaching down to tug her loose t-shirt free of her shorts, and pulls it up and off over her head. She shakes it, turning it right side out again, and carefully folds it, laying it next to her shoes on the seat.

"I've yet to understand this hangup people have about such things," she says, shrugging.

Nathi repeats the process with each article of clothing, adding her black lace underthings to the pile last of all. She stretches langorously, smiles at Raui, then sits down on the edge of the boat, swinging her legs over in a smooth motion. She dabbles her toes for a moment, then nods.

"Still cool perhaps, but not at all like the waters of our neighbors up north. I think you'll find it pleasant." And with that she lifts her hips, and hops into the water, going beneath the surface entirely, then coming back up, her hands wiping her face.

"Come on in, boy - feels great," she says, smiling and blinking the water from her eyes.
26-08-2003, 23:40
Not even the heavy shorts could hide the fire that errupts inside him as he watches her undress and then slip into the water. Her body is every bit as beautiful and magnificent as he had imagined and now, with that image engrained in his brain, he would never need to imagine again. Hang ups indeed. Even his thoughts squeak like an adolescent boy.

He smiles as casually as he can muster and then picks up his glass and empties it. "'When in Rome, do as the Romans do.' I believe is how the quote goes." And with that he removes the shorts, entirely aware of his arrousal and dives into the water, praying that between the dive and the water, it will be tamed. He certainly had no way to do so on his own.

Oh hell.
Shut up.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-08-2003, 16:34
She laughs at the comment, and swims back a ways to avoid to much of the splash as he jumps in.

Not bad ... not bad at all ... Gods I'm mean. He really does seem flustered. She chuckles in spite of herself, then swims over to him, grinning.

"So ... what do you think?" she asks, completely aware of how wide open that question is, and of the reaction he has at her close proximity as she gently treads water in front of him.
27-08-2003, 16:55
The feel of the water washes over him as he enters and he it amazes him how different it feels from the swimming pools in his nation. He surfaces and watches Nathicana swims over to him.

What a queshtion. Raui can almost sense the Castle....shaking it's 'head' and rolling it's 'eyes' which sobers him a little.
"I'm afraid that downing that wine before jumping in...has muddled my thinking. But..." his eyes change to match the color of the water and he looks deeply into her eyes, "you are the perfect addition to this breath-taking picture before me."

He is very aware of how close she is and he swears that it is her skin that has made the water seem more warm than he had hoped it would be. One of his legs moves a little closer to hers and brushes against it.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-08-2003, 17:13
Nathi grins impishly at the 'inadvertent' touch, along with the compliment. Her own smooth leg teasingly brushes up against the inside of his before she uses her arms to propel her back a bit, then going to the back of the boat.

She goes up the ladder a bit, reaches in, grabs two towels, and keeping them balanced atop her hand, well out of the water, awkwardly starts to make her way towards shore.

"Just in case we need them shoreside," she says smiling back at him. "Follow along, please - I'd hate to have anything untoward happen to you out here if the wine has gone to your head so."

He should be fine, still ... I shouldn't take too many risks with him.
27-08-2003, 18:30
Raui watches her get the towels and swim to the shore. His mind slightly fuzzy, he still follows directions and swims after her. He enjoys the feeling of strength with each stroke. He corkscrews to his back and just gazes up at the sky. "I think I find no greater freedom than when I am swimming."

There are still a few puffs of cloud overhead and it is as his mind tries to see what shapes they mimic that he remembers his Observers. Nothing is quite as sobering as knowing who is watching.

They will be dealt with when I get back.
I'm glad at least some of your wits have remained.
Don't congratulate me yet.

Regardless he still enjoys himself and follows Nathicana to the shore, watching with rapt attention as the water lowers down her body with each step towards shore. He finds his fingers tingling to touch her skin and other urges that he know he should not being feeling.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-08-2003, 20:03
Nathi tosses the towels up onto the dry sand, then turns back around to re-enter the water. Once she's reached a proper depth, she swims out a ways in an idle breast stroke, then flips onto her back, staring up at the early evening sky and the colors starting to show in it. She drifts a bit, occasionally kicking her feet or pulling with her arms to move towards the shore.

"I know what you mean. I've always loved the water. Grew up near the ocean after all. Then again, considering our landmass, many do." She finds herself floating somewhat near him again and she turns her head slightly to smile at him.

"Of course, the rush of space is another rush entirely."

Especially the way I fly. She shivers appreciatively at that thought.
27-08-2003, 20:31
He watches her walk back into the water, drawing a sharp breath as his eyes drink in every detail. He continues to watch her as she swims out and then turns over onto her back. Raui looks over at her floating, the water lapping at the sides of her luscious breasts. He catches her smile and returns one.

"We have swimming pools back home and I used to float for hours to unwind." He kicks back onto his back, the soft breeze noticeable on his wet lower half. "It was the one place I felt at peace." He pauses as if remenicing.

"I'm not sure I'm ready for space yet. The experience on the Harakian Tour was enough for me for a while. Despite my country's location, I've still always stood on solid ground." He can't stop himself from shooting looks at her body glistening in the setting sun.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-08-2003, 20:58
"Yes, that was quite the ah ... visit, wasn't it?" She chuckles softly, then tilts her head back up, a distant, contemplative look on her face. Her thumb bends in to rub thoughtfully against the band of her ring, and she smiles in a wistful manner.

"Well ... now you know other places you can relax in, yes? Myself, this has always been an escape. That I suppose, and my villa. Though of late I admit it's been somewhat overrun with guests and the like."

Yes, and a rather suprising temporary 'guest' at that ... gods, the things we did ... Her smile turns more to a wry grin, and her brow furrows briefly as she stops twisting her ring. It's never easy, is it?
27-08-2003, 21:17
Raui speaks his mind almost elsewhere and so perhaps says more than he should. "So I've heard. You keep quite the busy schedule. Although I do not doubt why...most of us have yet to see beauty that rivals yours in our own countries."

You can tell the honesty of his words as he speaks. The peaceful water, the wine(although much less so now), the lack of's as if all the barriers and politics have been removed and he talks as though Nathicana were a good friend.

"I've had so many women in my country throw themselves at me since I was elected. Sad really. Just after my power, or my fame. Neither of which I asked for. There are days I enjoy running the country, the intrigue, the little details. But on days like this....if all I ever had to do was float here with you, that would be fine by me."

He closes his eyes and feels the water around him, the sky lifting him up in concert with the water and just holding him in a tranquil equalibrium.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-08-2003, 21:44
She grins at the compliment, waving it off with an idle gesture, and murmuring something to the contrary. However, her brow arches at that last comment.

Gods, the wine -has- gone to his head ... silly romantic notions ... oi.

"And just what is so wrong about having attention thrown at you? Surely you've managed to enjoy it a bit? Knowing where it originates oughtn't take away the pleasure that can be had from such things. It just keeps you from deludig yourself in those situations."

She chuckles softly. "Milk it for what it's worth, my boy. Enjoy it while you can. Life is too short to spend in misery, boredom, or general malaise. Before you know it, the time has past, and you'll be left with regrets and wishes for what you could have had. Live for the now, I say."
27-08-2003, 22:38
Interesting thoughts fly into Raui's mind as she mentions milking 'it for all it's worth'. He chuckles, "I've already got regrets. I don't need more. And trust me when I say that the women throwing themselves at me aren't even ones I'd choose in a drunken stupor in a dark bar."
He looks over at her again, his body responding to a need and he paddles up next to her.

Live for the now. You never know until you try.

He turns so his legs are up by her head and he reaches a hand out, letting it rest high on her bare thigh.

"You're right, life is too short to let somethings pass you by."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-08-2003, 23:24
"Unfortunate," she says at his comments on women. "Surely, you'd think you could find some that would amuse you."

At his touch, and second comment, she turns her head again, and grins at him slyly. She doesn't flinch away, or make any sudden moves, nor does she do anything to encourage him.

"Something on your mind, boy?" she asks in an amused tone.
28-08-2003, 16:35
Neither acceptance nor apparent displeasure. A sly and difficult opponent. Not that I should have expected less.
She is married.
Well, the vows and commitment.
You ARE archaic.
It used to mean something.
Well, I'm the single one. What she does is up to her. No regrets.

"Well, I was thinking we should probably move to the beach. I would hate to return to the city with a giant prune and have to make them believe it really is you." His tone is playful and teasing and though she can't see them, his eyes sparkle a devilish green. He doesn't move his hand, nor does he actually make a move towards the island.
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-08-2003, 19:28
"As you wish," she says, rolling slightly in the water towards him, and righting herself, once more slowly treading water. "I'd offer a race, but I'm not sure it would be a fair match."

She still has the amused smile on her face, and her eyes hold a certain glimmer, though it could be just a trick of the light.

"Shall we then?" Nathi takes her eyes from his just long enough to cast a slow glance towards shore, then looks back at him, one brow raising in inquiry.
28-08-2003, 22:59
Raui slowly lets his lower-half sink until he comes upright. His eyes sparkle as he looks to the shore and then back at Nathicana.
"I would most definitely challenge you to a race after that comment, offering you encouragement but after seeing how fast you moved on the Harakian Tour, I think it would be unfair to your advantage." He grins letting you know he knows you have a secret but not prying.

"Yes. Let's." He motions his hand as if letting her through a door first. "After you my dear."
22-10-2003, 05:29
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13-11-2003, 21:39
Raui starts to swim toward the shore, moving through the warm water further stimulating his physical and mental desires.

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