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Terrorism in the Empire of Treznor.

10-08-2003, 12:12
In a high energy physics research lab forty miles north of Lanceshire in the Empire of Treznor, five scientists labour tirelessly over a project their Emperor has declared a national priority.

"Deuterium mix is rich. Semiconductors at optimum performance. Plasma at 3500K. Energy input measures 55, output at 55.39. Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen. We have our smallest fusion reactor yet."

A relieved sigh passes through the group. One of them enters data into a computer while the others confirm readings.

Eventually, one of the women puts down her clipboard and scrubs at her face. She glances at a clock on the wall. "It's after midnight. Are we done here?"

The man at the computer glances around. "You know, at this rate we're not going to have the emperor's pocket-sized generator until the turn of the next century."

The oldest of the team, and leader of the project shakes her head. "I know, our progress is slow. But what else can we do?"

"There's always the EXL reactor," the younger woman puts in softly.

The leader snorts derisively. "Hogwash! If EXL fusion were a reality, we'd be using it already!"

The discussion has the flavour of an old, favourite argument between them.

"All right, Rachel," says the oldest man in the team. "We've heard it all before. But Renee is right; it's late and we've accomplished our goals for today. Let's go home."

"Okay, Pete," Rachel replies. She seems to put down her notes reluctantly. "Shut it down, Lou. Let's call it a night. We'll meet back here at 10:00 to discuss the results of the experiment."

A siren interrupts them. The team looks at each other in confusion, then rush to the door to find out what's going on.

Outside the lab, security personnel are running every which way.

"You there, Corporal!" Rachel says in her most authorative voice. "What the dickens is going on here?"

The guard pauses just long enough to answer. "Security breach, ma'am. Someone set off a bomb at the front gate. Please stay where you are and we'll have the situation under control shortly."

The team retreats back into the lab chattering excitedly.

"Calm down, everyone! Calm down!" Rachel hushes them into silence. "Lou, is the reactor shut down?"

"Well, no. I was --"

A second alarm pierces the air, an alarm that chills them to the bone. Their fusion experiment is going awry.

Pete dashes to the computer to figure out what's wrong. "The reactor is overloading! Something is pouring too much voltage into the semiconductors! The whole thing is going critical!"

"Shut it down!" Rachel shouts. "Shut it --"
10-08-2003, 12:27
Official Broadcast of the Treznor Imperial News Agency

Last night at 12:52 AM TST, a nuclear fusion experiment went horribly awry, resulting in the destruction of the lab and five square miles of surrounding forest. There were no survivors to the incident. Damage control teams were onsite within the hour recording the extent of the damage and mopping up radiation.

Emperor Devon Treznor was not available for comment. A spokesman for the Emperor, Alex Tribeca, released a prepared statement.

The Emperor is currently unavailable due to a scheduled surgical procedure. He has been informed of this crisis, and will be issuing an official statement as soon as possible. The Emperor is not in any danger, and will be back in his office as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, the Empire extends sympathy and support to the families who have lost loved ones in this tragedy. We will make every effort to determine what went wrong, and how to prevent it in the future.

This has been an official broadcast of the Treznor Imperial News Agency. Look for an update at noon today. Stay tuned for more news as it happens on the Imperial News Channel.
10-08-2003, 12:57
The Empire of The Eternal Dawn extends sympathetic thoughts to the Empire of Treznor with regards to this tragic event.

~ Ambassador Relhatti
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-08-2003, 16:12
The Dominion offers it's support to our friend and ally, in whatever capacity is needed. We are both shocked and saddened by this tradgedy, and stand ready to assist, pending your confirmation.

--Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo


Nathi watched the report with alarm, her fingertips tapping nervously on the desktop.

This isn't right ... the timing ... scheduled surgery? Gods, don't tell me he was in the middle of all that!

Picking up the phone, she directed a call to be placed through to Mr. Tribeca, her mind going over the possible scenarios.
10-08-2003, 21:19
Members of Iaceo Terror are claiming responisblity for the accident at the plant. Members of our organization infiltrated the reactor and installed a computer virus that would start a chain reaction destroying the reactor.

OOC: This was all set up before hand. I'm not just another person going around starting stuff. this is a true RP.
11-08-2003, 01:10
Official Broadcast of the Treznor Imperial News Agency

Members of a group calling themselves "Iaceo Terror" have stepped forward to claim responsibility for the tragedy north of Lanceshire. Benjamin Vitner, Minister of Intelligence, spoke on behalf of the Imperial Government during the Emperor's medical absence.

The thought that a ragtag bunch of terrorists could infiltrate one of our most important projects and blow it up is preposterous. Our security standards are among the highest in the world, and all foreign movements are carefully watched. It's simply not possible.
Other government sources would neither confirm nor deny the Minister's comments. There is growing concern over the health of the Emperor, and rumours are growing that his life may be in danger requiring emergency surgery.

Imperial spokesman Alex Tribeca released the following statement.

The Emperor is fine. The surgery was scheduled months ago to clear a benign tumour from the back of his neck. It was detected early and poses no threat to the Emperor's health. Please let me repeat that the Emperor is fine. He knew his people would naturally worry for his safety, and specifically instructed me to reassure you all that he will be back on duty as soon as the doctors clear him post surgery.
In related news, sympathetic neighbours in the Wysterian region have issued statements of sympathy and support. Benjamin Vitner prepared the following response.

We thank our neighbours and allies for their overwhelming support. This is indeed a tragedy, and we can be thankful that the damage wasn't as bad as it could have been. At this time we have the situation under control, and are not in any need of assistance. Should complications arise, we will naturally let you know.
Stay tuned to the Imperial News Channel for more updates later in the day.
Dread Lady Nathicana
11-08-2003, 01:11
Members of Iaceo Terror are claiming responisblity for the accident at the plant. Members of our organization infiltrated the reactor and installed a computer virus that would start a chain reaction destroying the reactor.

As the new report came in her head shot up from the screen from where she'd been monitoring the situation.

"I want intel on this group. I don't care how you do it, I want it done. Now. If this pans out ... " She left the thought hanging.

Jas, for once, wasn't grinning beligerently. His face was schooled to a carefuly neutral expression. Even his ever-present cigarette lacked its usual cockiness. "Understood," he says simply. "Marik has already deployed a team to gather what info they can from the site and any government sources we have tails on. I'll get my boys on this Iaceo group."

She nods curtly, and awaits word from Treznor on the situation.
11-08-2003, 01:44
Of all the times for Dev to up and disappear on me, this one takes the cake.

Benjamin Vitner runs his fingers through his close-cropped hair and tries to ignore the mounting headache throbbing in his skull. He had already tried to invoke the Void and failed. This is not a good time for Zen.

"What have you got on these alleged terrorists?" he asks his aide, Jennifer Pederson.

"Not a lot," she replies as she flips through a brand new manila folder. "They came out of nowhere. No history, no previous attacks on any other nations and no stated goals. They just seemed to show up and wreak destruction. We're thinking they're either a cover for someone else with a legitimate agenda, or they're amateurs trying to prove how serious they are before they start demanding money."

"What about Iaceo. That's Latin, 'to lie dead.' What's up with that?"

"Iaceo is a new nation formed in the East Pacific before moving to a region called Mors Mortis Secundus. We're still researching that place."

"'Second Death?'" Ben translated. "What's that supposed to mean? What happened to the First Death? Or is this some lunatic death cult thing?"

"We don't know, sir. We're working on it."

"Thanks, Jen. You're doing good. Keep me updated."

Jennifer nodded and gathered up her notes before leaving Ben alone.

I wish this headache would go away.

He wished he only meant the pain in his head.
11-08-2003, 03:39
Allen smith sits in the news room of Treznor's most powerful news paper looking at a package addressed to him. He grabs the envalope and open its. What he's looking at is a hand writen letter that is hand written. It's Says

We write this letter to So that you know who we are and what we want. We are group of idividuals from around the world, and are present in every country, we are amoung you friends, family, and even in your government. We recent realized that all forms of government are evil, and that they cause more harm then good. In order to achieve a Utopia world government must be destroyed. Those who aren't ready to be destroyed. We've already made our presents felt by a number of other nations. We fight untill we Iacao

Smith then notices a strange powder on the envelope.
11-08-2003, 03:49
Allen's eyes grow wide as he reads the letter, and when he notices the white powder he shrieks.

"Oh my god! Siri help me! Someone call an ambulance! Call the police! I've been infected!"

The news room stops in sudden silence as every eye turns to stare at him. He curses and stands up shaking the letter, spreading the powder everywhere. "The terrorists!" he shrieks. "They sent me a letter! It's got something in it! Somebody call a damned ambulance before I die!"

Suddenly everyone is talking, shouting, screaming and running as pandemonium takes hold.

Half an hour later, the building is cordoned off by Treznor State Security and all occupants quarantined. Those who managed to escape before the blockade was put in place are tracked down via their barcoding, placed under arrest and put in isolation until the exact nature of the threat can be identified.

An hour later, Devonton is locked down under martial law, and the Treznor military placed on high alert.
13-08-2003, 03:23
A man sit in the shadows looking at the chaos in the streets from his apartment windows. Men with guns are every, he assumes that they are Paramilitary forces, they are directing the people in the street towards their homes, aresting those who oppose them. It's been hours since Martial Law was decleared. People all over the Trenzor are living in terror, and he couldn't be any more happy. His plan is work perfectly. He set's a way from the window heading toward the door, there is still much work to be done
13-08-2003, 03:25
Went nuclear a long time ago, as Fission was the natural answer to our Fuel woes, and we all have limited uranium mining [took the issue]. though Tannelorn uses no strategic nuclear weapons, they are distasteful we maintain TActical artillery shells with an affect similar to a daisy cutter, but for anti nuclear work we prefer orbital MASER's [space program taken 6 times, with majour arms industry]
13-08-2003, 05:48
Went nuclear a long time ago, as Fission was the natural answer to our Fuel woes, and we all have limited uranium mining [took the issue]. though Tannelorn uses no strategic nuclear weapons, they are distasteful we maintain TActical artillery shells with an affect similar to a daisy cutter, but for anti nuclear work we prefer orbital MASER's [space program taken 6 times, with majour arms industry]
And this relates to the topic, how?
13-08-2003, 05:53
Well it just does, after all i am a nuclear power as well....nevermind
16-08-2003, 07:25
Th man sits in the shadows trying to formulate his next move. But what should it be, decides that made a walk will help clear his mind. So he get up off of the couch and begins moving his way through the shadows toward the window. Once at the window he notices something strange. The soliders in the street where gone, this could mean only one thing. Just as the though had entered his mind he heard aloud crash at the door they where coming in. His only hope was the window even if it meant death. As he turned he heard a gun shoot followed by great pain in his leg. He fell to the floor, there was nothing he could do now, they had him.
16-08-2003, 08:09
Ben was just about to give up and order something for his migrane when Jennifer stepped into his office without knocking. The fact that she failed to knock meant something extraordinarily good had just happened...or extraordinarily bad. The way his day had been going, he wasn't betting on good news.

"We got him," she announced without preamble.

"We did?" Ben's headache suddenly disappeared. "Where? Who is he? Who does he work for?"

"Yes we did. East side Devonton. Emir al'Shakar, Iaceo native. He won't say." Jennifer had an annoying habit of answering his questions literally.

"How did we get him?"

"He's not barcoded. We tracked down everyone who had been in the area of Lanceshire that might have had access to the research facility. When we eliminated them, we checked on non-coded people. There were six. Then we backtracked the letter to the post office it was sent from. He sent the letter from a drop box not too far from the office, so when we canvassed the area we found an individual who matched the description of one of the six who were near Lanceshire around the time of the bombing. We nabbed him clean and are still interrogating him. We're still checking on the other five."

"Has the Iaceo government been informed?"

"Not yet."

"Okay, sit on him for a little while and see what he says. How is he responding to interrogation?"

"Nothing. Literally. He's keeping his mouth shut. He hasn't even asked for a lawyer."

"Have you tried drugs yet?"

"Not yet. I thought that might be your next order, but I wanted to confirm it first."

"Do it. Once you grabbed him it should have alerted his accomplices. We need to make sure we know who they are. Shut down the airports and seaports for the entire nation. Nothing gets in or out. They are not getting away."

"Yes, Sir." Jennifer stepped out and closed the door behind her.

Ben allowed himself a smile, the first of the day, before going back to his paperwork.

Dammit, Dev. Hurry home. This needs your expertise.
16-08-2003, 23:18
Tappee intern President Allenson sit in the dimly lite command bunker that has been his home for the past few days. He would be willing to pay alot of money for a good nights sleep right about now. It had been two days since the Iaceo attack on the capital, and right now his only goal was to bring back security to Tappee. He had been staring at battle reports for what seemed to be hours, he could feel himself slowly falling alseep. Abrubtly there was a loud knock from the door.

"Come in"

the man at the door was the acting Intel Tribunal Chair Barker. Barker had taken over the position from Allensons after the attack. Barker looked to be in the same state as Allenson.

"What do you need Barker, have you finished the background check that i asked for?"

"not yet" replied Barker " but I have this for you" he hands Allenson a folder.

Allenson sits back in his chair and begins looking throught the folder.

"When did the Treznorians get get him, and what are their relation to Iaceo" inquiered Allenson

Barker took a deep breath " they got him a few hour ago, in regards to their relation to Iaceo. They have been having the same problems that we've been having. It started with an attack in a research lab, followed by a bio attack on a news paper, simliar to the one here."

Allenson leaned back in his chair. "was gwk-135 used in that attack as well?"

"I Don't know yet, but from intial invesigations we believe so." answer Barker.

Another man comes to the door. Sir we just got this photo from the Treznor Times, its the man that they caught, you might want take a look at it sir" Hands the photo to barker. Barkers takes a quick look at it, then hands it over to Allenson.

Allenson looks over the picture. then glance at Barker. " I want this picture confirmed, I also want to talk to the government of Trenzor, I want access to the prisoner."

"I wounder if they know who they have and whats these means" replied Barker.

" I don't know but if that Photo is right then things are about to get much more complicated. now go you have much work to do, i want that Background check done.

"Yes sir"

Allenson gets up and walks over the water cooler and pours himself a glass of water. out of all the uncertainy that are going on right now, there is only one thing he knows, he is not getting any sleep tonight.
Garrison II
16-08-2003, 23:20
Our statement
You and 50,000 other nations.
16-08-2003, 23:20 still havent answered my question! is treznor short for trent reznor?
16-08-2003, 23:28
Our statement
You and 50,000 other nations. still havent answered my question! is treznor short for trent reznor?

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17-08-2003, 00:32
Our statement
You and 50,000 other nations.

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17-08-2003, 12:57
Our statement
You and 50,000 other nations.
OOC: I get the distinct feeling that you did not even read throught this thread before posting. Go away.
No, frankly, he didn't. But to be fair, I did choose that title deliberately. It's sort of a sucker tactic to draw in plebes like him.
18-08-2003, 06:30
Ben sits at his desk pouring over recent reports. It seemed like he had only gotten rid of his headache when new ones popped up.

The Bruce wants us to do what? Dear gods, I know Dev left me in charge, but I don't have the authority for this!

There comes a soft, almost timid knocking at his door.

"Come!" he says without looking up.

The door opens and heavy footsteps enter the room. Someone other than Jennifer Pederson has joined him, and he finally looks to see who it is.

"Hello, Ben," Treznor says amiably, a broad grin on his face. "You've been busy in my absence, I see."

Ben drops the pen in his hand and leans back in shock. "Dev...I mean, Sir! How the hell did you get back without anyone telling me?"

"I told them not to. One of the benefits of rank." Treznor winks at him and takes a seat. "I've seen the preliminaries of what's going on, but I thought you should give me your account. You've done a damned good job, so I'm going to rely on your perspective."

Ben exhales heavily and sits back. "Where to begin? Almost immediately after you left, the fusion lab north of Lanceshire went critical and vaporised most of the surrounding area. We lost everybody, but thanks to our remote mirror backup we didn't lose the research. They'd just managed a reactor capable of fitting inside a dreadnaught or supercarrier when everything blew.

"Then a terrorist organisation calling themselves Iaceo Terror claimed responsibility for the attack, citing what and how they did it. They also sent a biological weapon against a newsie at the Treznor Times. We've got about four dozen infected people quarantined.

"My people were able to track down what we think was the leader of the local group. We're following leads on more suspects. I was about to lift martial law tomorrow."

Treznor nods. "Good work. But keep martial law going. Follow those leads, but even if you get positive identification, don't arrest them. Keep an eye on them and see if they flush out more cells. Particularly watch to see who they contact. I assume you haven't gotten anything useful out of this Emir character?"

"Not yet. I've authorised the use of drugs, so I hope to have results soon."

"Okay. We can sit on him. I also see the Dominion of Tappee want a piece of him. Denied. Your message to them was perfect. You're authorised to share any non-sensitive information with them that you dig up, but he's ours and he stays here. They can send representatives as guests of the Empire, but they're not to have any direct contact with him without my express approval."

Ben nods, jotting down a note. "Understood."

"I also understand Carlos had a breakdown. Once we're done here I'll make an official statement to reassure folks I'm back on the job, then I'm heading over to Gothmog City. I'm afraid you're still in the hotseat for a little while, but at least I'll be able to stay in contact. I can't ignore Iraqstan's plight, now that we're so closely tied in our alliance."

Ben shakes his head. "Not so easy. This just came in from the Bruce." He fishes out a paper with official letterhead and hands it to his boss.

Treznor reads it over twice, his face darkening with each line. "Of all the never rains, but it pours, eh Ben?"

"Yes, Sir."

"All right, this changes everything. I'll draw up an official response to the Bruce. Meanwhile, mobilise the First Fleet, minus the Lexicon. I don't want our biggest carrier out there. Send the Orpheus instead. They'll play escort and support to Grendel forces and anybody else from Wysteria going to Sisgardia. Who do we put in charge of the fleet? Who do we trust?"

Ben ponders this for a moment. "Emily Sanchez."

"She's a rear admiral. She's a little junior for this role, don't you think?"

"Maybe, but she's the best we've got. And unlike some of our desk-bound officers, she has some actual combat experience and she's used to working with the Grendels. I trust her judgment, and I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have in the thick of it."

"All right. Sanchez it is. If she lives through this, we'll see about promoting her."

"Yes, Sir."

"Any other good news to give me?"

"Yeah. I'm damned glad you're back."

Treznor rubs his neck and grins wryly. "Me too. By the bye, you've got some more work ahead of you. S.H.O.D.A.N. is going to send one of her avatars to live here. She'll scout out the area and purchase a piece of land to build a facility for it. I want you to make sure everything goes smoothly for her. You know that saying about catching the tiger by the tail? We seem to be crawling head first up its ass."

Ben's response is not fitting for an aide addressing his Emperor, but Treznor doesn't blame him at all.
19-08-2003, 19:30
Barker was not looking forward to what he was about to do, he knew that Allenson was not going to pleased. But after all it was his job. He walk up to the door and gave it a hard knock. He heard a muffeled "Come in" on the other side. He reach for the handle opening the door, on the other side was intern President Allenson, a good friend of Barkers. It look as if Allenson still hadn't got any sleep yet.

"what have you got for me Barker?" inquired Allenson.

"Do you want the bad news, or the even more Bad new?" replied Barkers

"I'm not in the mood for jokes just give me what you got." Barker noticed that the stress that had been placed on Allenson was finally starting to show. He hands Allenson one of many folder that he was carrying.

"Anerton just reported in, Thing are starting to get a little harry over there right now. He's been unable to find Truth's solider, and his forces are engaging Iaceo forces all over the place."

Allenson sat back in his chair and place his hands behind his head "any losses, and do we have any captives?"

"no on both accounts"

"What do we have interms of domestic activity?" asked Allenson

"Everthing seems to be quiet, but we're not letting down our guard this time we are remaining on full tactical alert. speaking of which I finishedn the background checks you asked too. all leaks have been sealed" Hands Allenson another folder"

Allenson looks overr the folder "Are these number correct"


"So you are telling me that Iaceo was able to insert 47 their people into our mist? what happened to these people" Allenson asked Barker.

"Thet have all beening questioned as we speak, with thing the way that they are no will notice them gone."

Allenson look Barker in the eyes "Okay now what the more bad news?"

"The photo of the Man that is Treznor has in costody has been confirmed as Valid. It's him." responed Barker handing Allenson yet another folder.

"Sh!t, Barker do they have any idea of who they have, and have they given us access to him yet."

"No, according to our intel they have no idea, but they are not will to cooperate with us yet."

Allenson lets out a deep breath, and sits back as if to think for a few moment and to collect himself. "Ok this is want I want done. I want you to go to Treznor and begin negoiation with them, i'll send their governmnet another message. If we get access to him I want you personally to talk to him, you know what to do. I also want Intel of What Iaceo is doing over there, we know they are here now."

"Yes sir, I'll leave immediatly. Oh Allenson, try to get some sleep if you don't I'll talk to the chief medical officer and have her relieve you untill you do, ok."

Allenson let out a bity of a chuckle "Ok old friend I will, take care of your self in Treznor."
19-08-2003, 19:56
He sat slump in the chair that was located in the center of the room. There was not much to look at really. the room as about 15X10, the walls where featureless, and painted white. The floor was white, there was single light on the roof. Yet again the roof was white. How did he hate the colour white. So pure and Innocent, it almost made him want to vomit, or was it all the drugs that he had be given. He wasn't sure. His introgator had left the room hopefully for lunch. He thought that he would take this time alone to reflect the events of the past few days. Since he had been Captured the have bet him, and boy did his body hurt. Now they they where trying drugs, good old drug. What had they got out of him so far, his name "Emir". He couldn't help but laugh a bit, out of all the names that he had over the years why did he have to tell them his name was Emir, there where so many others that where much better. The room was begining to spin a bit, the drugs where beging to take affect. He thought back to his counter intellegance training that he had recieved when he was much younger. He realized how far he had coem from his days as boy at the acadamy. He was in a true bind, but he had got out of worse. Then his thoughts jumped to his men. judging by the amount of time that he believed had passed, the Spear Protocol should be almost ready to implament. That really made him laugh, he woundered if they where ready for the storm that was approuching.
20-08-2003, 18:37
Treznor looks up from his desk as Ben quietly enters the room.

"You don't look happy. Have a seat."

Ben obeys, his expression unchanged. "The terrorist isn't responding to drugs. He's resisting. Everything about him says 'spook' to me."

Treznor's eyes open a little wider. "I thought I knew everyone of consequence in the intelligence community. I don't recognise him."

"So did I, and I don't either. Either he's that good or he's brand new. The way we caught him suggests the latter, but what little trail he's left suggests the former. Plus, the Tappee are breathing hard and heavy down our necks. They're not happy about the way we've left their agent cooling his heels at the Hilton."

Treznor frowns, tapping his fingers thoughtfully on the desk. "They are rather insistent, aren't they? Any more outbreaks of that disease?"

"No, we got the quarantine down in time. We're studying it now, and we've got cultures in our labs."

"Good. If you find a cure then use it, but make sure the disease progresses unhindered in at least three of the victims. I want to know exactly what it can do."

"Understood. And the Tappee?"

"Hold them off one more day. See what else you can dig up on this Emir person. Nathicana is kind of busy right now but this might be a good job for her Black Company, if they can spare the time. Contact Sanguinus directly and offer him triple his normal fee."

Ben blanched. "Mercenaries?"

"They're the best. Nathicana was one of them, once. Make sure she knows about our request, and our reasons for it. If she has any objections, I'll talk to her."

"Yes, Sir."
21-08-2003, 00:13
Barker sit at a desk located in the center of the room. At least the hotel that they had gave him had an office for him to work at. This place was so much better the the bunker that he had been living in for the past few day. he was thinking of call Allenson to brag but though it might not be a good idea.

Had just got off the phone with some people at Trenzor intellegence. They where still giving him the run around. He was not overly impressed.

Oh, well this free time would give him the opertunity to catch up on some background reading. He should have done it on the flight but instead used the time to catch up on sleep.

Barker sat back in his chair and opened up his file on Treznor. It had a population of 421 million, about half the size of Tappee. It was ruled by Devon Treznor. They really didn't have much on Treznor he had been link to Dread Lady Nathicana, possible romantically. According to Intel he had just undergone an operation to have a C3 cortex bomb reomved. Barker couldn't help but shudder thinking what that must have been like. The operation was done buy an artifical intellegance name S.H.O.D.A.N. Intel also report that for this service Treznor would be setting up a home for one of her avitar, and possibly givin her some stealth technology, but this has yet to be confirmed. Barker always had trouble wraping his head around the whole avitar concept.

The country was mostly Athiest, but the cult worship of the Goddess Sirithil does have a pressence in some parts of the country.

Interms of alliance Treznor is currently a member of NDA (Non-Democratic Alliance) and a former member of the GOD (Gather of dictators).

They had a comparable sized military, their main naval vassel was a carrier named the Orpheus. The back bone of the millitary was T-7 stealh assault tank. But their true pride and joy was there intellegnce agency.

Barker was beging to feel right at home Treznor. However, he hoped that he got access to the prisoner soon.
21-08-2003, 00:36
I need your help....please look into the matter of Mob acquires weapons on the forum....Apparently there is a crime boss who has stolen weapons from PD and we are caught in the middle of what could lead to war.

We need your protection as well as any other support.
Save the people of Dizweld.

President Werner Von Croy
Armed Republic of Dizweld
21-08-2003, 07:56
I need your help....please look into the matter of Mob acquires weapons on the forum....Apparently there is a crime boss who has stolen weapons from PD and we are caught in the middle of what could lead to war.

We need your protection as well as any other support.
Save the people of Dizweld.

President Werner Von Croy
Armed Republic of Dizweld
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21-08-2003, 17:16
Allen moved around the store looking for any items that needed to be pulled ffrom the stock room before the store would be opened. He quickly look toward the slush machine at the back of the store to see if Jeff had finished preparing their special mix for the day. Since the capture of their leader secondary protocls had been implemented. for Allen and his cell that meant putting a posions Cocktail inside the slush mix. Jeff gave Allen a nod indicating the the job was finished. Good thought Allen, the forcast for the day was hot, that meant sales would be high. plus he might be sell off some of the old stale chips that had been sitting on his display for the past few days.
21-08-2003, 18:52
"I knew it!" Ben railed, slamming his fist against his desk. "I knew there were more of those slime in the country. That's it. We're still under martial law; lock this country down. All foreigners are to report to their embassies or be arrested. I want every single 'slush machine' in Devonton seized and inspected and the operators and suppliers detained."

Jennifer winced slightly; this was a big undertaking, particularly with recent events in Sisgardia and Angbad. "And the Tappee?"

Ben sits back in his chair and sighs. "We have to give them credit for their information. If it pans out, we'll just have to give them a peek. Although now that I think about it, I'd like to know how they found out we made the arrest."

He ponders for a bit. "Start digging. I want more background on the Tappee and in particular, any possible connections with Iaceo."

He sighs and looks over the communication again. "Call the Emperor. He needs to decide if we allow the Tappee access to our prisoner. My gut tells me there's more between them than we know, but I can't tell if they'll help us or hinder us. As Dev always says, when you see the carrot, make sure you find the stick."
22-08-2003, 15:14
Allenson moved through the narrow corridors of the bunker towards the command center. Allenson was already five minuites late for his meet with Comander Anerton. "Shouldn't have slept in" he thought to himself as he opened the door. He he entered the Anerton gave Allenson a salute

"good to see you sir"

Anerton was ten year Allenson junior, but was and up and coming star.

"At ease Anerton, whats our situation?"

Anerton gave Allenson an uneasy look if there was something wrong. "Our forces are currently moving through the Iaceo jungle as we speak, but they haven't been able to find the MIA solider sir"

"Take it easy Anerton, you find that I run a loose ship around here. Theres not need for so much formallity."

"YES Sir!, i mean sir I.." replied Anerton.

"just call me Allenson, ok. There where reports that some of our force had engaged Iaceo directly what happened with that?" answered Allenson

"I know you said you wanted prisoners, sir, I mean Allenson. But but they would not surrender, even when they where surronded. My men where put in a position to respond with deadly force. There was nothinbg that we could do."

Allenson let out a deep breath. "Understandable. These people are more then willing to die for their cause. I want you to transfer the Iaceo Bodies here so that Susan can have a look at them."

Anerton though to himself for a moment "Allenson I mean not disrespect, But i would like for you to allow me to call you sir, it all I know."

"Alright" responed Allenson, "But I want those body here ASAP"

"Yes sir"
22-08-2003, 15:43
Allen had just finished making the final correction to his chip display when he heard a knocking at the door.

"We're not open for another Ten minuites" he yelled.

But then he turned to see who was wtanding at the door. To his dismay where four Treznor Security officers.

Allen walks over to the door unlocking it "What can do for you officers, We have a fresh pot off coffee, and some donuts. Cop special toady 100% off."chuckled Allenson.

"No sir, we just want to have a look at your slushie machine if you don't mind." replied one of the officers.

Allen knew he was in trouble now, he made a quick glance towards the back of the store. Jeff was head to the back room for a gun as they stood there. "actually officer we're opening in a little bit, can you come back latter, we're rather busy"

"No I have to insist that we see it now braked the officer.

"Do you have a warrent?" responed Allen.

"If you haven't noticed we are under martial law which means we don't need. Now if you'll move out of our way we are going to take a look at you slush machince"


Allen step out of way and moved behind the counter. Officer remain near the counter, another moved toward Jeff who was know coming out from the back room. The remaining two made their way towards the slush machine.

Thats when it happened Jeff pulled out his gun. Allen seeing this reached for the gun behind the counter.
23-08-2003, 04:09
All units respond. 123 Baker Street. Shots fired. Repeat, shots fired.

The normally peaceful day in West Side Devonton was broken by police sirens and the sound of automatic weapons. Treznor citizens, lulled by years of peace and security, were shocked and frightened by this turn of events. Some brave souls peeked out of their windows to gape at the armed and armoured uniforms filling the streets, but most huddled in their rooms and prayed the terrorists wouldn't find them.

Fortunately, within moments it was all over but the paperwork.

Gerald Richthofen, Captain of the Guard arrived on the scene, flanked by his favourite status symbol: six burly, heavily armed guards. He asked a few curt questions and was quickly pointed to the men involved in the shooting.

"Report," he snapped curtly. Important men like him didn't need to be eloquent. His rank and power were eloquence enough.

The guardsmen came to attention, one moving a little more hesitantly than the other.

"Sir! We were inspecting vending machines as ordered, sir. One of them tried to ask for a warrant, and when we reminded them we didn't need them they pulled weapons. Eriksen was shot in the chest, but his vest stopped the bullet. We returned fire."

The man named Eriksen nodded sharply, fingering the bullet-sized hole in his uniform. "Sir, I concur with Officer Grimes."

Richthofen frowned and regarded the two officers gravely. "You killed them," he said bluntly. "We needed them alive, for questioning. Explain."

Both of the subordinates swallowed heavily.

"S-sir," Eriksen stammered. "We aimed low, trying to wound them. They continued to fire at us, and forced us to defend ourselves with deadly force. Sir, if we hadn't killed them, they would have killed us. They...they just wouldn't stop!"

Richthofen's frown didn't abate, and he turned abruptly away from them and headed back to his car.

"The Minister won't like this," he muttered to himself. "Not at all."

He climbed back into his vehicle and gave orders for the two officers to be suspended without pay pending an investigation of their actions.
23-08-2003, 17:23
Barker sat in the hotel lobby watching the TV. According to the news reporter at the scene the Treznor government had not given the press that much information, probaly a wise move, if the public knew the entire truth there would be panic on the streets. What he was watching didn't surprise one bit, since it was him that had given the Treznor authorities the tip that had led up to todays event. But one thing thing did bother him however. Every thing seemed to be going so well, and uneasy calm had seemed to move it's way in. First the capture, now the foiling of the terrorist plot, every thing was going so well. he worried that "it was the calm before the storm" he thought to himself. If he could only get to the prisoner maybe the storm would just pass over them, he could only hope.
Dread Lady Nathicana
23-08-2003, 18:12
"Sir, incoming request for a job," said Cezanne, an odd tone to her voice. "Empire of Treznor. Offering triple fees."

Jas' brows arched up at that, and he slid his feet off his desk to rise and walk over to Cezanne's station, peering over her shoulder at the screen. "What the ... Ah, his little terrorist problem I'll warrant. 'Bout damned time we got us some real action. This babysitting Nath's been having us do has been gettin' old fast."

He grumbled around his cigarette, letting out a short gust of smoke through his clenched teeth. "Who's doing the offering?"

"Benjamin Vitner, Minister of Intelligence. Seems Treznor has taken a personal interest in his career - which, I might add, has been distinguished. The Emperor does have a knack for surrounding himself with the best. In fact, his policies on failure rather encourage that."

Jas chuckled at that, nodding. "Aye, that he does. Took a page from Nath's book there, back when she had her shit together anyway. Sly bastard. That little stunt of his got him right past us." He shook his head, remembering back. "Still, all well and good. Whatever she had against him then seems to have been thrown to the wayside."

He paused, pondering that for a moment. "Wonder what he's got on her?" He made a mental note to try and find out.

Cezanne waited patiently, tilting her head slightly at the revelation. All that had been before her time. "So will we be accepting then?" she finally asked.

"Of course we will. Send a message back to this Vitner fellow. Request a meeting. Think I'll take a team and handle this one m'self. Dominion's felt ... cramped lately." He grinned in a roguish manner.

Besides, this way I won't be around when the fur flies once Nath finds--

The secure line on his desk rang, and he quickly walked over to answer. "Yes?"

"Jas, I want you to head up the team for the Treznor job. Don't argue with me, or try to tell me you're not taking it, just do it," came Nathicana's voice from the other end.

His expression went from one of shock and suprise, his cigarette nearly falling from his loose lips, to one of quiet anger. "And since when do you order me around like one of your damned lackeys, girl? Why I ought to come up there--"

"And what, you old wolf? Take me over your knee? Look, I've no time for this. I'm certain you're being more than adequately compensated. I know you, Jas. So long as the money's good ... Besides, they've requested the best. And you're it."

He tightened his jaw with a sour expression. Never a goddamn break with that woman... "Well if you must know, I'd already sent on a reply saying I'd be there, team in tow, your high and mightiness, so you can cut the attitude and rein it in."

Walking off to a quiet corner, in a lower voice, he continued. "And don't be forgetting just who helped get you where you're at. You may have pulled off a smooth reordering this time around girl, directing around your little soldati and all, but you and I both know how heavy you've been leanin' on us, and how deeply meshed we've been in your plans for a good long time now. It ain't wise to piss off them that's keepin' yer head above water after all. I'd hate to find something had happened to our best customer while we were off looking in another direction."

"Why you smug bas--" she began, after a moment's silence where he could swear her mouth must have been working, trying to find the words.

"Look, Nath ... we both need each other. We've had a good thing going on here. Lets not screw it up, eh? Look at it this way - I'm goin'. You get your way. Why yer gettin' it shouldn't matter." He kept his voice concillatory, though his face was smug.

The line was dead silent for a few moments. "Fine. I'll add to your payment for any information you can gather while you're over there. The usual scale, with bonuses for truly useful bits."

He chuckled. "Well and good, girl. I'll contact you when we get back. Cezanne's here if you need any extra assistance in the meantime, though you'll have the backups. Ciao."

There was no answer, and he hung up the phone, taking a long, satisfied pull at his cigarette.


"Already done, sir."

"Fabulous. Alpha Team contacted, and briefed, directed to meet at departure point delta at 1300 hours, full gear. This ought to be a good show."
Jacobian Sanguinus, Black Companies Commander
23-08-2003, 18:40
Ben winces at the feedback coming off the secure phone line.

One day I wish they'd work out a way of securing a line without making it sound like I'm shouting through an airport hanger.

"Go ahead, Ben," Treznor's voice came from the other end.

"Sir, the tip paid off. Two terrorists were killed, and the tainted food was confiscated."

"Killed? Why not captured? What the hell happened?"

"Captain Richthofen says the terrorists shot back. I don't know where they got the guns. The guardsmen were forced to defend themselves."

"All right, do a media blitz on those guardsmen. They're heroes, and I want them on every newspaper and television screen throughout the country."

Ben made a note. "Yes, Sir. The Tappee are at it again, though."

"Yeah, dammit. Any leads on your research?"

"They're in Iaceo now, fighting against guerillas. They're not having too much luck; I don't think they're going to win that conflict."

"You think the Grendels could spare a team of Trackers or two?"

"It's possible, Sir. They're fully committed to the war effort, but they might be able to lend us a hand. What did you have in mind?"

"There's nobody better in the bush, Ben. You can offer that."

"What they really want is access to the prisoner. This Barker guy is practically dancing on his tiptoes like he needs to use the toilet."

There's a pause. If the connection were clear enough, Ben would have heard his emperor sigh. He can imagine it anyway.

"All right. They can see him, but I want you there along with at least five armed guards. There's something fishy here, but we're not going to find out until we follow through."

"Yes, Sir. How are things in Gothmog City?"

"Surprisingly stable. Carlos is being a fool, but Nathicana has a clever plan. I suppose I shouldn't be amazed by the things she pulls off, but I can't help it. She's got the luck of the devil, that woman."

"Yes, Sir."

"Anything else?"

"The Black Company has accepted your offer. They'll be landing in a couple of hours."

"Beuatiful. The first bit of good news I've had in a while. Make sure they're comfortable and tell them everything we've got on the terrorist situation. Then make sure you keep an eye on 'em. When bought Jas stays bought, but that doesn't mean he won't go digging around for anything useful.

"I gotta go, Ben. Keep up the good work, and I should see you soon."

Treznor cut the connection. Ben sat back and let out a long breath.

Well, now we'll see what Mr. Barker knows about our guest. That should make him happy. I wish I knew why it bothered me so much.
23-08-2003, 19:06
Barker was watching the end of the news broadcast when when one of the hotel Taped him one the shoulder.

"Mr Barker there's a call for you line four, they say it's real importand."

"Thank you" relpied Barker.

Barker got up off his chair and made his way over towards the phone located at the reception desk. The man behind the desk handed him the phone.

"Barker here"

"Ok you got what you wanted, you can see him at 19:00. With and escort, we'll send a ride they will be there shortly." The person at the other end hung up.

They must really want me to get out here thought Barker. He took a quick glance at his watch, it was currently 16:45. Not much time better hurry.
23-08-2003, 19:38
Allenson Sat in the bunkers mess hall enjoying the first hot meal in days, if you could call it a meal, it was mostly heated ration. It remined him of his old army days. Out of the corner of his eye he could Commander Anerton enter the room.

"Care for some food Anerton."

"No sir" There was that that sir thing again, but Allenson decided to let it slide. The truth was the only reason that he didn't like people calling him sir was it made him feel old.

"Ok, then Anerton. What do I owe the honnor of you vist?" Allenson wondered if he was being a bit too hard on him, he was only doing what he was told to do.

"The Bodies of the Iaceo soliders have arrived, and have been examined."
answered Anerton.

"Ok send the report to me when it's ready."

Anerton went quiet for a second. " Dr. Clrackson has requested your presence in the mourge ASAP."

"Did she say why?" asked Allenson.

"I'm not a liberity to say, Sir"

His responce sparked Allenson intrest "OK I'm going to head over to mourge now, Anerton go back to the command room I want an update on our forces in Iaceo.

Allenson got up and started to mkae his way to the mourge. Luckly in a bunker this size it didn't take long to get there. As he entered the room he seen a single body on the examibation table, and some X-rays on the wall. however the room was empty.

He walked over to the table. The body on the table was a male about 29, and had five bullet holes to his chest.

"guess what the cause of death was" said a voice that came from behind Allenson.

Allenson quickly turned around to see a friendly familiar face. "My guess is poison, but I don't have the medical backgound that you do Susan" Jokingly replied Allenson. The woman behind him was Susan Clrackson the Chief medical officer for the Tribunal.

"Ha ha. You know why I asked you here."

"No Anerton didn't say much, he's sort of up tight you now." answered Allenson

"He reminds me of some one I knew a long time ago. But seriously take a look at these X-rays." responed Clrackson.

"I was never that Bad" Allenson gave Susan a quick smile then turned and looked over the X-rays. But one soon quickly caught his eye. "Is That what i think it is" He said while pointing to the X-ray.

"Yep it is, I took a sample, this is what I found."

Allenson takes the file and opens it up. "but mdp-12 only has an effective range of Three feet." All of sudden Allenson's face changes. he has a look of fear on his face. "It all makes sense now" Allenson Turns to Anerton who had just entered the room. "GET ME BARKER NOW."
23-08-2003, 19:53
Barker stand in a completly white room looking toward man chained to a chair located at the center of the room. The man looks like he has been visable beaten, and has passed out from the pain. Behing stand Treznor Head of intellegence along with five other men. He would prefer if they stood outside, but knew there was no way around it. He would be doing the same if they where in Tappee. Barker Walks over the the chair and give the man a little tap on the face to make him up. The man slowly moves his head back and forth as if trying to wake up from a deep sleep.

"Adam" say's Barker

This time Barker give the man a good slap to the face

"Adam, wake up"
23-08-2003, 20:03

He feels a slap on his face

Adam wake up

He tries to bring the world into focus, its still a bit blurry. He begins to concentrates a bit harder

soon a figure starts to become visble. And when it does. He lets out a big smile.

"You here to get me out BARKER!, or kill me. Which one is it? I thought we were friends"
23-08-2003, 20:27
You here to get me out BARKER!, or kill me. Which one is it? I thought we were friends

"we stop being friends along time ago. Don't you rember or have the Treznors hit you in the head one two many times?"

Barker squated down so that he is eye level with Adam

"oh by the way Barthmall, if it where up to me you'd already be dead."
23-08-2003, 20:58
oh by the way Barthmall, if it where up to me you'd already be dead

Adam though to himself for minute about Barkers comment trying to decide how to procced. This would be like no other introgation that he had been through before. He knew Barker, as well as Barker knew him. This was going to be a battle of wits. Adam had no idea of who was going win.

"You still sore over that that was accient history, water under the bridge. Can't we all hug be friends."

he was trying to evoke an emotional responce from Barker, something he could work with.

"It not like I did any thing serious, anyways."
23-08-2003, 21:17
It not like I did any thing serious, anyways

Barker stood there for a second. Then began shacking his head.

"you betrayed you country, but more important, you betrayed your friends." Barker said quietly.

He looked at Adam, looking for his response.

"You don't think that I don't know what you trying to do Adam. I sat next to you in Robertson Introgation Class back at the academy, If memory serves me correct I got an A, where you got an A-. Your getting sloppy Adam, you have been for years thats why Treznor was able to get you."

He couldn't see any responce in Adams eye's

"Why you do it. Why did you join Iaceo"
23-08-2003, 21:23
Ben watches the exchange with interest.

Looks like Dev was on the money, again. There's a lot more here than we know about. I hope this Black Company is as good as Dev says. We're going to need everything they've got.

His thoughts are interrupted by a knock on the door. He turns and opens it to find an aide looking worried. He steps out and closes the door.

"What is it, Allen?"

"Minister, there's an urgent communication from Tappee. They say they need to speak to Mr. Barker. They say it can't wait."

Ben frowns. That can't be good. "All right, tell them to hold. We're on our way."

He opens the door to the interrogation room once more. "Mr. Barker, I have to ask you to come with me. We'll continue this dicussion in a little bit." He gestures to the guards, who surround the two spies in the center of the room.
23-08-2003, 21:30
"Robert you want to know why. come closer i'll tell you, but I don't want these asses to know"
23-08-2003, 21:34
Robert you want to know why. come closer i'll tell you, but I don't want these asses to know

All the feeling in his gut told him to stay away. But Barker wasn't sure why they where asking him leave, all he knew was this may be his last chance to talk to Barthmall. So against better judgement he leant in to see what Adam had to say.
23-08-2003, 21:37
As Barker moved in, Adam push aside a false tooth and bit down on it causing a gas to be realsed.

"This is for Marry" He said before begining to cough.
23-08-2003, 21:42
This is for Marry

As soon as those words had left Adams mouth Barker realized what had happened.

He began to cough uncontrolably. Before long he began coughing up blood he was feeling disorintated. All of sudden hise knees gave out and he collapsed to the floor. Barker noticed his heart beat was changing it was getting slower, slower, and slower. Barker knew this was the end. The room turned black
23-08-2003, 21:43
Ben frowns as Barker leans in. "Mr. Barker, I --"

He watches Adam work his tongue in his mouth, and his gut clenches.

Son of a bitch!

"Get out!" he shouts, but it's too late. The gas is released, and he slams the door shut just in case. Through the glass he watches the two spies and his guards twitch and fall dead.

He purples the air with invectives, then turns to the guard standing outside the door. "Call the Emperor. I need to speak with him. Now."
24-08-2003, 00:20
Allenson sits at his desk in his room with a glass of water in his hand staring blankly at the wall. With everything that has been going on it a wounder the he hasn't started drinking. There was knock on the door.

"Come in"

Susan Clrackson pocks her head around door. "Hey hows it going"

"I take it you heard" answered Allenson.

"Yeah, Anerton just told me, how you doing?" Susan walks into the room closing the door behind her.

"I was too late Susan, I was too late save him"

Susan walk over to Allenson, standing behind she rests her hands on her sholders. "There was nothing you could have done differently Smith. We all know the hazzards of the job. I know, you know, and even Barker, we all know the game we play." She could feel Allenson relaxing as she spoke.

"There were times when something like this wouldn't have got by me"

"Smith those where different times, and you had whole team behinds you. Rember"

Allenson gets up moves accross the to stoping to look at a picture on the wall. It was one of the few personal items that he was able to bring with him before evacing to the bunker. Susan follows behind him. when he stop Susan put her arms around resting her head on his sholder. both are looking at the picture.

In the picture are a bunch of youths, 5 males and four females
out enjoying a summer day

"Reminds me of times long ago doesn't, We where so young idealistic, arrogant to the ways of the world, we buried to many friends haven't we."
said Susan softly into Allenson ear.

"Seven down, two to go" replied Allenson. "I have to give him credit he's good. Ever wounder how it's going to end for us, you think he'll get us too.

Susan gave Allenson good firm hug. "I try not to think of the end, I'll deal with that at the end. And No I don't think he'll get us. We'll get him." She quickly trys to change the subject. "Anerton was telling me that they may hold the elections next week, what will you do if your elected.?"

Allenson lets out a bit of a laugh"If i'm elected what would say to me stepping down a trying to settle down."

"We've had this conversation before, but considering everything maybe your right Smith, maybe it time too get out this game. You know I just realized that I'm not expected back in the med lab any time soon, and everyones under orders to let you be for the next few hours" Was Susans response.
Dread Lady Nathicana
24-08-2003, 00:44
ooc: and here I was thinking I was safe in waiting ... gah. Rushing forward ... [edit: the clocks are still screwed up. curses. May move this again later]

Communications are sent to the Treznor tower, advising ETA and obtaining clearance and additional directions. Some time later, after recieving clearance to land, the small unmarked aircraft touches down at the appointed runway in Devonton.

Stepping off the plane, his black-clad group of eleven operatives in tow, Jas stretches, draws a deep breath, and whips out his ever-present pack of clove cigarettes. He lights up as he walks forward, cupping his hands around to shield, and gripping it tightly between his lips.

As he reaches the waiting Treznor contacts, he finishes his first long drag, then tilts his head up slightly, exhaling in a slow stream.

"Jacobian Sanguinus," he says, tilting his chin back down and peering over the rims of his dark glasses and extending his hand. "I'm here for the job."
24-08-2003, 21:00
Allenson hears a knocking at the door. He lifts his head from the pillow.
"Just one minute" He looks to the other side of the bed to see if Susan was still there. But she must have left while he was a sleep. Allenson get out of bed and walk over to the door opening it.

"Yes Anerton"

"Sir, we've just recieved word from the Treznor government. You been cleared to meet their emperor."

"Good, Anerton. I want you to ready my plane. I want to leave as soon as possible."

Allenson was looking forward to getting out of this bunker.
24-08-2003, 21:07
A police Sergent sits in the middle of a call center. With the recent terrorist people from all over have been calling in thinking their neighbours are terrorist. The phone goes off on his desk, great another nut job he thinks to himself.

"Hello Treznor police service how may I help you"

There is an odd silence on the other side. out of nowhere there is a loud bang from what sounds like a gun. The sergent flick a button that begins tracing and recording the call.

"Now that we have you attenion I want you listen. I am an Iaceo agent. We have taken a school hostage. Me and ten others are wearing vest that have 15 pounds of C-4 and an additional 15 pounds ball bearing. Also included are heart beat sensors. The bombs can be activiated at the push of a button,or if our hearts stops. What you just heard in the background was us killing one on e teachers. One a bit of a side you might want to know that we have some special guest. They are Jodi, Sam, Harold and Henry Jonas. Children of Ambassador Henrietta Jonas. Are Demands are simple. We want the release of our captured agent in no less then 48. If our demands are not met, or if any security forces attempt to apprrouch the school we will denoate the bombs. Do not attempt to contact us, we will not negoiate. you have 48 hours." There was another gun shoot "another teacher has been killed. Don't doubt our resolve"
24-08-2003, 23:13
OOC: For continuity's sake, this takes place after the Nightmare ( thread.

IC: Treznor unbuttons his jacket as he leads the way to his private office. Behind him trails a half dozen ministers and a phalanx of Guardsmen. His hair is mussed and his face scowls as he listens to reports.

"There are two thousand, seven hundred and twenty-three children in that building," Amber Wilson, Minister of Education is saying. "If the terrorists have killed two teachers as they said, that leaves one hundred and eight teachers with another three hundred support staff. The building has been cordoned off and the military has it surrounded."

Treznor sighs, tosses his jacket away and loosens the buttons on his collar and sleeves. "I'm expecting President Allenson within the hour. Allow him to land, but do not let him or his people anywhere near the school. How about the Black Company? I heard they landed yesterday."

Ben Vitner nods, forgetting Treznor can't see him. "I met him at the airstrip and escorted him to a warehouse near the port. He seemed happy to kick back and read the reports we gave him. We haven't told him about the school yet."

"Bring him in on this. His people are familiar with our stealth suits. Also, call the Grendels. We need a few canisters of the nerve gas they used against the hostages in New Felix. Make sure they include the antidote, as well. They'll probably want to send along some Advisors; that's fine, so long as they understand they're in an advisory role here. Our people will handle this along with Jas' people."

Treznor slams open the door to his office and takes position behind his desk. He mutters something about lousy timing.

Ben follows, and the other ministers enter warily. Few of them had set foot inside this office. Most Ministers called down to the private office are summoned for execution.

"You realise, Sir, that the Grendel gas might be too potent for children," Ben points out carefully.

Treznor nods sharply. "I saw the reports from New Felix. But since we're playing by UN rules like the good children we are, we don't have anything remotely similar." He taps a few keys at his data terminal, then redirects the screen to the wall. "Okay, I know you know your jobs, but this is what I envision. The layout of the school is here. If I were the terrorists, I'd be here, here and here. I'd place the bombs at these structural points. You'll want to enter here, here, here and here. Disperse the gas at these points, then move in simultaneously to defuse the bombs and capture the terrorists. Watch out for that damned tooth, though. They'll need to be thoroughly scanned for bombs and suicide methods once they're brought in. I do not want a repeat of yesterday."

Ben accepts the rebuke without comment.

"The Black Company has superior thermal imaging technology. Use it before you go in. I don't need to tell you to stay out of sight while you do. Minister Coltrain, I want you on sight personally to negotiate with the terrorists. Chief Richthofen is too much of an ass to trust with this. Tell them the prisoner they want attempted suicide and is in critical condition. Tell them the doctors won't clear him to be moved without risking his life. If they really want him right now, they'll have to accept a corpse. If they insist on proof, take the corpse to them. But make sure you delay at least twelve hours. Don't even think about caving in for six hours, no matter how many they shoot."

The Minister for Internal Security nods, jotting down notes as Treznor talks.

"Pete, you're in probably the most ticklish spot here," Treznor says as he faces his Minister of Information. "Whatever happens, you need to put the best spin on it. Naturally, we're the aggrieved so your job is fairly simple. But it's likely that our raid will result in the deaths of a lot of innocents, particularly children. Melkor in particular will have a hissy fit if the Jonas kids are killed. I'll handle that if it comes up. We'll need to suppress our involvement while playing up the homicidal insanity of the Iaceo. This will probably push us into an aggressive invasion of Iaceo lands, so bear that in mind while you write."

He sits down and massages his temples. "Ladies and gentlemen, what we most need is information. We currently have too many questions and not enough answers. Those terrorists are the key. They are to be taken alive. Not necessarily unharmed, but capable of being questioned. I will use any and every means at my disposal to find out what I need. The ones in the school probably don't have all the answers we need, but they can point us in the right direction. The agents going on the raid, the school, the teachers and the children are expendable. If necessary, we'll identify the bodies to backtrack where they came from; they can't all be pros like this Adam character."

He waits for his people to sort themselves out, then finishes. "Any questions?"

"Correlations with the missile attacks on royal flights in Blackbears?" asks Peter Manning, Minister of Information.

"None, until proven otherwise. Our Wysterian neighbours are unhappy with our methods of handling this terrorism. Let's not give them any more reasons to be paranoid."

"What about the Tappee?" asks Ben.

"I'll meet with Allenson as soon as he lands. The Tappee are to be considered possible collaborators with the Iaceo until they can convince me to the contrary."

"Even with reports of Tappee troops slogging through Iaceo?" Judith Crenshaw, Minister of War looks surprised.

"Even so," Treznor replies firmly. "There's too much conflicting information to take chances. The Tappee are to be watched every minute they're in Imperial territory, and granted access to nothing. I'll inform you of any changes."

A pause settles over the room, then Treznor nods. "All right, let's move on this. I want those terrorists in custody in twelve hours. Go."
25-08-2003, 03:24
flight tap-456 you have recieved authorization to enter Traznor air apace, please procced to bearing 235 mark 7

The pilot made the nessary adjustments

the pilot looked back toward the passinger cabin.

"Sir we've just recieve authorization. We should be there in 40 minutes. Also we have company that just showed up on radar"

hearing the news Allenson looks out his window to see two fighter taking up attack posture behind them.

"So the emperor doesn't me" thought Allenson. "Can't say that I would blame him given the circumstances. He'd be doing the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot."

"Pilot remain on course"

"yes sir"

Allsen wasn't looking forward to the meeting, he didn't like giving outsiders to much information about Tappee intellegence. But he knew the only way to gain to gain the emperors trust was to tell him everything.
25-08-2003, 04:26
Treznor watches the Tappee jet land with mixed feelings. He stands with arms folded, a scowl on his face that started when he first got Ben's call in Gothmog City and hasn't yet gone away. He has washed, changed and eaten a light meal, but he still feels like he's been ridden hard and put away wet.

I wish I knew more about these people, and how they're connected to the Iaceo. I hate flying blind, but what this man has to tell me will determine my next move.

He waits in the terminal until the Tappee president and delegation has cleared security, although allowed to keep their small arms. He extends his hand to Allenson.

"Mr. President. Welcome to Treznor."
25-08-2003, 05:12
Allenson reaches out and shakes Treznors hand.

"No need for such formallity, if haven't been elected president yet. Just call me Allenson"

I sound like an idiot. I've got no experience in matter of state. I wounder how Sampson got though it. he thought to himself.

"Are we going to start the meeting now or later, I'm sure that you have alot of questions that you would like answered.?"

He was in trouble right now an none of his training had prepared him.
25-08-2003, 05:26
Treznor shakes his head. "No, not right here. This is too public, even in a military installation. There's an office a few hundred meters away that has been rated as secure. We can talk there before we decide what to do next."

He leads the way to a series of official cars, and once inside they split up, racing off with their escorts. Within a few moments they arrive at the military office complex, and Guardsmen flank them until they reach the room prepared for them.

"Now then, Mr. President," Treznor says without preamble or offers of hospitality. "Suppose you tell me what the hell is going on."
25-08-2003, 06:23
Now then, Mr. President," Treznor says without preamble or offers of hospitality. "Suppose you tell me what the hell is going on

This Treznor is direct, bold, desicive he'd make a good intellegence agent Allenson thought to himself.

"Please, just call call me Allenson. As what's for going on. let me ask you a question how much do you know about the history of Tappee?"
25-08-2003, 12:52
Treznor folds his arms and does not look pleased. "Very little, I'm afraid. Please, go on."
Dread Lady Nathicana
25-08-2003, 19:50
After having been briefed by Ben, Jas got down to business with his team.

"Right. We've been given the clear to use whatever force neccessary to take these bastards down. Any losses acceptable, fallout understood to be not our problem. Our targets are the terrorists. They are to be retrieved alive at all cost. Alive, mind. Use whatever force necessary to subdue 'em short of lethal, should the gas measures fall short."

Jacobian pauses, taking another long drag on his cigarette. He lets it back out as he continues to speak, the smoke writhing 'round his head as he bends down to point out spots on the blueprints, going over it in detail with his team.

"As directed, we'll be making our entrances through these points. I want no f---ups on this one, clear? We've got two thousand, seven hundred and twenty-three kids to wade through, and four hundred eight staff, along with eighteen Treznor ops. Eyes sharp. As far as we know, we're looking at ten targets. Bleedin' idiots to give out numbers, but could make our jobs easier. We'll get a proper count on thermals."

He points to each one in turn, laying out the deployment. "Sanchez and m'self, team one. Madani, Corrigan, team two. Kotas, Zakarov, team three. And I want Sullivan, Reihana, and Angelico on recon." He nods to them, smoke swirling up around his head as he speaks.

"You three, get the thermals up and runnin'. The building across the way - back entrance, up to higher floors. We will not alert these bastards to our presence. Blueprints--" he flips through the papers on the table. "--here. Fairly standard layout. Keep us up to speed on any changes via headsets. Maintain radio silence unless absolutely neccessary. Another heads up - these Treznor boys run it like we do. Watch your backs with 'em. I doubt they'd bat an eye over one o' us takin' a hit."

They all nod, giving each other looks of support as he continues, unwilling to interrupt his flow.

"As for the rest of us, we meet here," he points to a location on the maps, "all within the hour, and begin surveilance. If sh-- hits the fan, fall back to this position, and regroup." He points again, smoke swirling up around his head as he speaks. "We play this by Treznor's rules, follow their lead - just do your jobs."

He straightens up and takes another long drag, before taking the stub from his lips, dropping it, and grinding it under his boot as he exhales. "Double check yer gear boys and girls - we're going in quiet."

The following moments are spent re-checking the stealth suits, adjusting and listing off gear, testing the headsets, and discussing possible alternatives, all in a practiced, professional manner. After that, they gather up their equipment, and head for the rendezvous spot, as directed.

Those bastards won't know what hit 'em, Jas thinks with a wry grin. At least, lets hope not.
25-08-2003, 20:41
The reports were skimpy. Damn, Devon, you make it hard on my Observers. Of course I can't exactly tell you they are there. Talk about compromising a vast unseen network. Terrorism in it's scariest form: Hostages, children.
Raui picks up the glass of Stormfront and takes a drink. Then he lifts it slightly, "Here's to a successful resolution." He takes another sip, his office absorbing the statement and remaining quiet and empty.

Troubling times.
Very. Not just abroad either.
I got the reports. Organizing on the north of the city.
I've already jailed a few Observers as traitors. But I'm at a loss. I cannot bring myself to rule like her.
Do you see that as the only solution? Execution for betrayal?
Sadly, yes. That is how it was done under the monarchy. It's the best way to make sure they don't try something else.
What about banishment?
Or drop them off in the Dominion or in Treznor and tell them some renegade spies have escaped and let Devon or Nathicana deal with them.
That's....I can't even find a word. Devious. When were you one for being devious?
I must protect you at all costs. I must protect myself at all costs.
I'll have Francis gather the names of the leaders for me.
No, he is already compromised. He has been contacted by three individuals wanting to buy his loyalty and position close to you.
Has he?
No. But he has been very tempted. He too was of noble birth.
It begins....

OOC: Tag.
25-08-2003, 21:30
Alenson steps back for a second an looks Treznor over, and begin to collect his thoughts.

I wonder if Treznor know more then what he's telling me, from my briefing i'm told that they have a top noch intelligence agency. I wonder if he's trying to test me.

Allenson was begining to fall back on his training. He knew he must choose his next words carefully. He though for a minute.

"We've had a few crises in our region Cave. And we've beeni n two wars major wars. The Bison war, and to C.O.T war. Also a few minor engaments here and there nothing serious."

That was good I didn't give him too much info, I think that what he wanted to hear.

"But the one conflict that I think we want to talk about is the C.O.T war. Tell me what do you about the C.O.T?"

Allenson knew that by asking that question it would now be his turn to test Treznor.
25-08-2003, 21:45
tutela stood at the widow looking out. He couldn't see anyone from where he was standing. But just because he couldn't see anyone dosen't mean that they where not there, he would be a fool to think that the Treznor security force would just leave they be. But because he couldn't see them it could only mean that they where a far distance away, which is what he wanted and expected. As long as they kept their distance everything would be fine.
25-08-2003, 21:55
Treznor shrugs. "All I could find out is that the Children of Tappee were once part of your Dominion. They split off in a civil war, and you've never successfully brought them back into the fold." He gestures for Allenson to continue.
25-08-2003, 23:41
"OK that's only part of the story"

"General Spring believed from information that he had gathered that then President Baddarron was trying to create instabity in our Region Cave by causing minor conflict and implacting other memeber of Cave. He attempt to over throw the government but failed. Spring and Baddarron where able to negotiate a cease fire, and thus the nation name Children of Tappee was created. for a time there was peace "

Allenson sat back in his chair and took sip of water. and thought for a minute.

"Now there is where the group know as Iaceo first appeared on our Radar screen. Shortly before the Bisons conflict President Baddarron was shot and killed. In the intrest of nation security we told the country that he was killed in a missile attack that occured a few days after the assissination. We where able to track down his kill. The only thing that we where able to get from him was that he worked for a group called Iaceo."

Allenson takes another sip of his water.

"We had no idea of how deep Iaceo went until we began investigating them. As it turns out Iaceo has a real talent for turning Intel agents. Our initial suspision was that Spring was an Iaceo agents. That way during diplomatic meeting between the C.O.T and Tappee. I personally asked Spring if he was connected Iaceo."

Allenson paused for a second to grab another glass water. He was getting a bit nerves. He did like outsider the intamit details of Tappee's dark times, but he knew he did have a choice.

"Spring said he had never heard of Iaceo, but he would start his own investigation looking in to the matter. As you may or may not know Spring was assassinated in car bomb. I had the oppertunity to speak to him a few days before the inncident. He told that he had discovered an Iaceo plot to destroy the Tappee government. and that the information that he found about Baddarron was plant there by an Iaceo agent. He told me that he wasn't far from exposing the entire Iaceo network and that he'd give me all the information soon. unfortantly he was killed before that could happen"

he grabs yet another sip of water then continues

"After Spring was killed Adam Barthmall took over as head of the C.O.T. My gut told me that the person who had planted the false inforamtion was top agent. soon in to my search I discovered that Barthmall was investigating an individual named latito Iaceo. There was the first connection. the second connection between Iaceo came we discovered who killed Spring, it was Barthmall. Then President Sampson who could barely stands Spring betrayl could no longer tolerate Barthmalls. It was decide that we could not allow the C.O.T to fund Iaceo opertations. Sampson ordered the complete removal of the C.O.T. and thats what we did. then final blow was a missile attack against Barthmall HQ. We thought he was dead untill he pop up here alive. To the best of our knowledge both the C.O.T and Iaceo where destroyed in that missile attack."

Allenson reaches into a folder grabing a photo. he hands it over to Treznor.
"Do you reconize any one in this photo?"

the picture of of 5 males and 4 females on a sunny day
27-08-2003, 05:55
a man enter's a room. All the light are off. he waits for a moment for his eye's to adjust to the lack of light. he can barley make out a fig sitting at the back of the room. he makes his way over to the shadowy fig.

"Sir, enemy forces have destroyed a number of our field forces, and are advancing. We also recieved communication from one of our agent in Treznor"

He hands the fig a folder.

there is an ackward silience in the room.

The silience was ended by an erie voice

"I have not autherized this"

"I know Sir it would seem that Barthmall and his men have went off the range, they've deviated from their orignal mission profile. We've also recieve word that president Allenson may have left Tappee for a meeting with the Emperor Treznor. Treznor is currently under Matrial Law but we do not know how many sleeper cells have been comprimised or captured. But there where a few that where not under Barthmalls control. when still haven't recieved any word from them, their either captured or following protocl"

The figure stands up

"Ok this changes nothing, we will stick to the plan, if anything we can use this to our advantage. Cut all support to any of Barthmall's remaining forces. Never trust a traitor ecspecailly one that you create. I want Barthmall ellminated on sight"

The man salutes the shadowy fig and leaves the room.
29-08-2003, 22:13
OOC: I apologise for the delays. I'll be woking out of town and away from Net access for the next few weeks. Hopefully by the end of next week I'll have a notebook to connect with.

IC:Treznor's perpetual scowl deepens a little further. "So, how deep is this Latito Iaceo in 1EF? It sounds like he's had quite some time to recruit from the ranks of your intelligence community. Frankly, Mr. President, it sounds to me like you're compromised all to hell."

Latito Iaceo. Hidden Death. What's his agenda? And how do I know Allenson isn't his patsy?

Of course, if Tappee's intelligence is compromised, what does that say about mine? Ben runs a tight ship, but is it tight enough? I think I need to do some housecleaning. Ben won't like me side-stepping him, but I think I might have another job for Jas.

He leans forward and takes the photograph for inspection.

"I see three Tappee presidents, two of them dead, and the agent you sent who was killed by our prisoner."
04-09-2003, 03:55
Your prisoner is the man standing beside him, Adam Barthmall. Seven out of the nine people in that photo are now dead. All seven of them at one time I considered to be a close personal friends.

The people in that photo from left to right are:
Robert Sampson, Cotie Spring, Clair Torsel, Me, Susan Clrackson, Joesph Baddarron, Robert Barker, Adam Barthmall, and Marry Lawson.

THe only two that remain are Susan, and myself. Sampson, Baddarron, Spring, Barker, and Barthmall you know how they died. but to understand the story you have to know how the others died. Clair was killed in the car bombing that killed Spring, and Marry was killed in the missile attack against Barthmall HQ in the C.O.T war.

Before you ask you next question I'm going to try and answer it. You probably want to know HOw we all knew each other.

The picture that you are holding was taken a few days after we all graduated from the Academy, but our relationship was more then just being class mates. Since the nine of us had the best grades of the graduating class we were put into an elite intellegence group called a branch. Branches are a group of elite agents. Baddarron was the C.O of the group until he was appointed to the I.T, when that happened the Branch was Disbanded and we went our seperate way. Adam and Marry eventually married. When Spring created the C.O.T we each choose our side. Spring, Barthmall, Marry, and Clair went to the C.O.T. the rest of us stayed with Baddarron.

After Springs assissination and when we discovered that it was Barthmall was was behind everything, I ordered both Barthmall and Marry's Assissination.

Because Iaceo was able to turn Barthmall and Marry I've lost most of the people close to me. Since only orphans can join the EF teams I never had a family. So being part of a Branch that was the closest to a family that I have ever had. The people on that picture where like brothers and sisters to me.

I've come here here for three reason.
1. To get Barkers body
2. To warn you not to underestamate Iaceo as We did.
3. To ask for you help in catching Iaceo

For the longest time our government has been unwilling to admit that Iaceo was even a threat to us. We believed that our intellegence agency was untouchable, and our agent impossible to turn. It wasn't until it was too late that we learn of our arrogance. don't make the same mistake that we made.

However, the offer only stands right now. If you don't want anything to with us, then I'll take Barker's body and leave and you'll never hear from us again.
04-09-2003, 04:19
Treznor sits back and absorbs this information for a while. Then he nods and picks up a phone. "Alex, have lunch brought in for the President and myself. We're going to be here a while."

He puts down the phone and folds his hands on the desk. "Naturally, you can have Barker's body. Our forensics experts have been over it and the prisoner's body. Now that we're aware of the method of delivery, we'll be watching for it. Particularly in light of the hostage situation the terrorists have launched against us. You can have Adam's body as well, now that we're through with it.

"I have no intention of underestimating anybody. As confident as I am in my people's abilities, I've been in the business too long to assume any security is foolproof. I don't know why Iaceo chose to target me, but I plan to make him regret it. Naturally, learning his location and bringing him in is the most optimal situation. I may have access to...resources that can neutralise even him. All I need is to bring him into custody.

"And as for your involvement, I welcome cooperation between our nations. I'm inclined to be friendly toward any non-democratic government provided I can be sure their behaviour is non-aggressive. That's the whole reason I helped found the NDA ( Anything we can do to help you bring this organisation down, just let us know. We'll share intelligence and resources to that end. I don't know how much any of my allies or associates are willing to cooperate, but I'm sure I can convince a few of them. If what it takes to neutralise Iaceo is to carpetbomb his nation, then that's what I'll do. I'm faced with a direct threat to my sovreignity, and if this Iaceo fellow isn't interested in talking I'll answer with as much force as required to end it."
04-09-2003, 04:35
I'll take that as a yes.

I can assure you that the government of Tappee has never engaged itself in hostile action, In fact our forgien policy is too prevent war in other countries when ever possible.

You will have full access to all our resources both in the intellegence as well as in the military divison of Tappee.

You had mentioned that you have a hostage situation currently involvinh Iaceo. I was not aware of any situation. Can I provide any assistance.

Allenson thought to himself that his first test at being President was successfull, but only time would tell.
05-09-2003, 13:20
Treznor nods solemnly, then shakes his head as Allenson makes his offer. "I don't think it's necessary, or wise to get too deep into each other's pockets at this stage. I don't offer my closest allies that much access to my forces. Sharing intel on Iaceo and possible traitors is warranted, but we can decide on joint military action later. I want to see if I can pursue a non-military solution before I start dropping bombs. It's a long-standing policy, one I've made sure is understood in my pacts and alliances."

He shrugs mildly when Allenson confesses ignorance of the latest terrorist attack. "They've taken a school hostage and demanding Barthmall's release. Unfortunately for them, Barthmall used his poison tooth before they launched their campaign. The school is cordoned off and surrounded by several very competent agencies. I'm just waiting for delivery of some Grendel goods before I send in my people. Frankly, the school and the children are secondary concerns; I want those terrorists alive and in custody for questioning. I can spin the deaths of the Jonas kids well enough to appease Melkor if it gets back to him.

"However, if you have any thoughts on what the terrorists might do to resist capture or questioning, I'm all ears. I do not want a repeat of what happened to your man Barker."
07-09-2003, 18:26
"One of the thing that we have noticed is that Barthmall has been teaching Iaceo some of our counter terrorism tricks. One of which is the tooth, every Tappee intel agent is eguiped with a false tooth that they use if they are captured. However the standard used is the tooth is cyinide, Barthmall changed his and used as a assissantion device. Another thing that Barthmall may have taught them was the pain protocol. Before an individual can even enter the Academy they must undergo a pain test. What happens is a small electronic device is inserted into the pain center of the brain and by varying the amount of current you can change the amount of pain that the person feels. before t a person graduates they must take the test again and must reach a pain level two levels higher then their initial test. What we have noticed that supererior officer in Iaceo have recieved some of this training. But there are ways around this training."
07-09-2003, 22:48
Treznor frowns. "Well, that's a hell of a thing. I presume your agents are likewise trained against drug interrogation? No other suicide methods you know of? The terrorists claim they have bombs linked to heart monitors. The Grendel nerve gas should shortcut that problem until we can disarm them. The question is if they've demonstrated any other deadman triggers or suicide techniques. Once I have them in custody, we can discuss how to extract information out of them."
08-09-2003, 23:06
"Drug training is include in the standard training of all agents, as for the pain there are other ways around that, and I am speaking from personal experience"

Allenson leans his head forward show Treznor the back of his neck. He then moves some hair aside reveiling a small circular scar.

"no agent is unbreakable, it just a mater of finding a whole in the armour."

"As for the school by using nevre gas you may put the chidlren at risk. However, I may have an alternate solution then nerve gas. If you are interested?. We have developed an Electromegnetic pulse bomb that in theory should disable the vest. But, this technology is still is the test phase. Early test have given us around a 60% success rate in disable all electronic devices with in a 5 mile radus. What you could do is turn of the power to the school for a split second, fire the EMP, turn the power back on, then those in the school will have no idea what has happened."
09-09-2003, 00:04
Treznor shrugs eloquently. Teach your grandmother to suck eggs, while you're at it?

"Naturally. Well, we'll save that discussion for when we have someone to interrogate. For now I'll simply accept that it is possible to break these men."

He shakes his head firmly at the suggestion of the bomb. "I won't risk such a sensitive operation on an unknown factor like that. The children are a secondary concern. I've seen the nerve gas in operation, and I'm going with it. We'll immobilise the terrorists, disable the bombs and clean up any messes left behind. I've got it under control, I was merely hoping you could shed some light on any unknown factors."

He glances at his watch. "The Grendels should be arriving at any moment. I should be there to meet them. Would you like to join me, or wait in my palace in Devonton? I'll make sure lunch follows you wherever you decide to go."
09-09-2003, 02:17
"No, I'll join you. Could use the walk, haven't had the chance to get out much lately"
11-09-2003, 04:39
Sometime later...

Treznor watches from a safe vantage point as intelligence operatives surround the school and prepare to go in. Well, he watches where he assumes they will be, based on the final briefing Ben had given him. From a distance, the stealth suits make his people effectively invisible. He only hopes they will provide them with sufficient advantage in close encounters.

The radio crackles. "Blue Team in position."

Ben's voice follows quickly. "Acknowledged. All teams are in position. Black Team, report."

Jas' voice responds curtly. "Black Team reports no change. All targets are in position and ready for picking."

"Acknowledged. Green Team, you are go, go, go."

The radio clicks twice as the leader of the Green Team keys his microphone in response.

Treznor turns to Allenson. "Any last words?"
12-09-2003, 02:37
"History will remember this as either a great day or a horrible tragedy, only time will tell. For the sake of the children let's hope for the first option. I hope your men are as good as our intellegence reports say they are. But either way today will mark the end of Iaceo."

Allenson pauses for a moment, then looks towards the school where the scene is unfolding before him. His prayers are with those children inside the building.
12-09-2003, 02:46
Tutela nervously waits near a window looking at the surrounding building but still see's nothing.

There is still four hour until the deadline, but he has heard nothing from Barthmall. He wounders if the Treznor authorities doubt his resolve, if they doubt that he is will to follow through on what he set out to do.

When the time is right he will show them what he is made of.


Tutela quickly turns to see where the sound had come from, but see's nothing. He slowly walk toward the sound.


He soon realizes where the sound is coming from. The wind is blowing and open door back and forth, the hinges need to be oiled. He a bit more on edge then what he earlier imagined.
12-09-2003, 06:31
12-09-2003, 06:32
Sergeant Addison nods to her team as the signal to "go" is received. One of them cranks a heavy valve to begin begin pumping Grendel nerve gas into the building at key points. Having been advised that they may be facing intelligence operatives, they've bypassed the central air ducts and instead drained the building's emergency sprinkler system. They wait fifteen minutes for the pipes to flood with gas, then open the valves from the central control.

The Grendel Medics and Engineers had been very specific about the potency of gas to be used in the presence of human children. Addison is aware that her orders are to consider the children's safety a secondary objective, and it doesn't sit well with her. However, she also knows that if she fails this mission, she won't live to see another. Per her orders, the mixture is slightly richer than what was recommended, meaning guaranteed death for some of the weaker children.

Silently, lethally, the gas permeates the building. Children and teachers yawn and slump where they stand, the gas permeating their pores as well as their lungs.

"Black Team report," Ben calls. "Are the targets neutralised?"
12-09-2003, 21:31
Tutela finished making his patrol.

his knee's where begining to feel a bit weak, it had been almost three days since the last time that he had got any sleep, and he was starting to feel the effects.

maybe i'll sit down for a few minutes, Rob should be walking by in a few minutes on his patrol route. If I fall asleep he will wake me up when he comes by.

Tutela sits down on a near by chair he can feel himself slipping away.
13-09-2003, 08:29
"Affirmative, targets are down. Repeat, targets are down." Jas' voice carries an unmistakable air of satisfaction to them. No one can really blame him. Treznor lets go of the breath he was holding.

"All teams, move in," Ben ordered. "Visual confirmations on all terrorists."

Another tense fifteen minutes pass while each team confirms that the terrorists are knocked out.

"Evacuate the building," Ben continues. "Gold team, prepare to disarm the bombs. Do not touch them until the building is clear."

Cheering erupts from the crowds surrounding the school as children and teachers are carried from the building and attended by Treznor and Grendel medics. Over three hundred small bodies are carted away with emergency personnel to nearby hospitals, their lives endangered by the heavy dose of gas they'd absorbed. Only a handful survive.

Treznor watches intently, and hisses with satisfaction as the terrorists are carried out by Guardsmen, stripped and bound. They won't receive medical attention until they've been thoroughly searched and relieved of any suicide measures. He turns to Allenson.

"As you say, the beginning of the end of Iaceo. Now let's discuss how to best interrogate those bastards." He leaves the room, confident that his people will be able to handle the mop-up without him.

"Evacuation is complete," Ben announces over the radio. "Everyone is accounted for. Gold Team, you may begin when ready."

"Roger," replies the leader of the Gold Team.

Moments later, a terrified voice shouts over the air. "Oh my gods! Get out! Get out! It's gonna --"

The voice is cut off abruptly as five explosions go off simultaneously. The building comes down swiftly, burying those agents unlucky enough to be caught inside. In all, fifteen operatives are lost, including five members of the Black Company.

The next day, Emperor Treznor declares a day of mourning.
13-09-2003, 08:32
Treznor, can we be allies? Since you go Nuclear and I am to be allies? If you are...I need protection..
Dread Lady Nathicana
14-09-2003, 10:01
(ooc: All worked out with permission and rp'ed over IRC.)

Jas made his way down the hall, escorted by one of Devon’s underlings. His expression was dark, and he gripped his cigarette more firmly between his lips than absolutely necessary.

Entering the office, he nods to the man sitting behind the desk.

“Mr. Sanguinus, thank you for coming,” he says.

“I regret the loss of your people, no less than my own. My people are poring over the videos to figure out what went wrong. Thus far, we've had no answers.”

Looking across the desk at Emperor Devon Treznor, Jas scowls darkly, taking a long, slow drag on his cigarette.

“Has this misadventure spoiled your enthusiasm for the chase?”

“Of course not. Just damn sloppy work is what that was. Those were good people.”

Sanchez, Madani, Corrigan, Kotas, Zakarov … poor bastards. What the hell went wrong?

“:Mind if we take a look at those tapes too?” he ask casually, though his eyes are sharp.

“ Naturally, our intelligence with regard to the incident is open to you.”

Jas nods curtly. “I didn't get a report from my boys before it all hit the fan. Types of explosives used? Or is that known yet?”

“Massive amounts of C4, from what I'm told. I only received a preliminary report through my network,” he says, gesturing towards the data terminal on his desk.

“We didn't discuss a compensation clause in our rather hasty contract, but I am willing to negotiate on the issue. What do you consider a fair price?”

Jas shakes his head, taking another drag and exhaling quietly. "Shouldn't have had that sort of a mistake. I know damn
well your boys have been well trained. Who's voice was that last, coming through?” He quietly begins making calculations in his head at the mention of ‘price’.

Devon shakes his head as well and calls up the report. "That was Sergeant Addison. My people are still reviewing her tapes."

“Well,” Jas says, looking thoughtful, “That was five o' the Company, plus equipment.”

Devon nods slowly, waiting for Jas to decide.

“What say a ten percent increase on the final payment,” he says casually.

Devon ponders thoughtfully, then shakes his head.


Grinning wryly, Jas exhales, slowly, expecting the counter.

“Twelve percent,” comes the answer.

Jas looks surprised, yet his eyes tighten slightly. "What's the angle, Devon? You're already paying me triple my usual for this job.”

“Suspicious bastard, aren't you? I see where Nath gets it from, he says with a grin.

Jas chuckles softly. "She was a quick learner."

“Let's just say that tracking down these animals and neutralizing them is right now my number one priority. I'll do
whatever it takes to get it done, and quickly.” He pauses briefly before going on.

“Furthermore, I have another job for one, one that's closely related to this mission.”

"Wrap this up, and new contract, eh?" Jas says, nodding slowly.

“No, to run concurrently.”

“Say on.”

“According to what the President of the Tappee has told me, this Latito Iaceo recruits from intelligence agencies. Somehow he suborns operatives and convinces them to join his cause. Allenson seems to think his people are compromised, and considering the boldness of the attacks in my nation, I have reason to suspect that mine may be as well.”

“I personally trained and mentored Benjamin Vitner, and I bet my life on his loyalty. However, I'm not willing to
overlook any possibility, regardless of my personal convictions. I need someone from outside to audit my intelligence community and weed out any traitors.

Jas whistles softly. "Got yourself some cleaning to do. Not a problem. Familiar enough with the methods."

“This will be something of an insult to Ben, as I'll be usurping his authority this way, but I want you and your team
to check everything. Leave no stone unturned. You will have an Imperial Edict to give you all the power you need to achieve your ends. Naturally, this will give you...unprecedented access to my intelligence records and methods. I think you'll find them somewhat familiar. I shall simply have to trust you to keep this knowledge to yourself.”

“Putting a lot of trust in me, Devon.” Damn the two of you can be alike.

“Indeed, I am. I'm now prepared to discuss what that trust will cost me.”

Jas shakes his head and chuckles, flicking the ashes from his cigarette, then taking another long pull.

“What would you kids do without me, eh?”

“Find another mercenary company,” Devon says with a wink.

Jas laughs loudly, nodding. Getting more serious, he goes on. “Right, then. Unlimited access. Confidentiality clause for you, immunity clause for ourselves.”

Devon nods. “Naturally.”

“Actions to be taken upon solid proof? What are our limitations? How far down do you want us to dig? Total purge?”

“If possible, take them alive and bring them to me. If not possible, then so be it. Better to terminate them than
leave them in the wild. Limitations are this: That you operate solely within your group and bring no one in from the outside. I'll provide you with whatever resources you need, but absolutely no one else is to be allowed access to my networks or resources.”

Jas nods, taking another long pull at his cigarette. Not a problem. We've enough personnel and resources to
avoid any of that.”

“Dig until you're satisfied we're clean, or that there's nothing to find. I will accept whatever you find.”

Jas ponders thoughtfully, then asks, “Any and all, or just those related to Iaceo?” He gives Devon a knowing look. “I know damn well you and Nath keep tabs on one another.”

“Any and all. It's entirely possible that there are other agencies that may have compromised my network. I accept Nathicana's presence and tolerate her activities within my borders. I know who her people are and what they're doing.
Anyone else is fair game.”

“Fair enough. Who and where isn't something she's seen fit to let me in on, so you're one up on me there. A list might be helpful so as to avoid any unfortunate 'mistakes'.” Nathi wouldn’t like me turning out her operatives at all, no sir.

“Naturally. You'll be granted access to everything. You won't be allowed to command any of my personnel, but you'll be allowed access to any information in our networks. No one, not even Ben, will be able to keep you out. I'll trust that your professionalism will keep you from snooping in areas not related to the task at hand.”

“Understood. Rights to keep what information we do turn up? For our own edification of course, under the
confidentiality clause.”

Devon thinks about that for a moment. “Hmm...I'll reserve the right to review what information you turn up before authorizing that.”

Jas nods quietly. “Agreed.”

“For compensation, I've noted with pleasure that you've chosen to purchase equipment from me in the past. It's always a pleasure to be able to supply a consummate professional such as yourself.”

“Your stealth tech has more than a few uses, aye,” he says, suspicious.

“In return for this favour, in addition to your regular fees (in addition to the triple bonus plus twelve percent for the current mission), I offer you the opportunity to purchase all your equipment from us at cost rather than market value.

“Well now.” Jas works some figures in his head, then nods. "Is this to be a permanent arrangement, or for the duration of the mission?"

“Well, let's say we'll extend this offer over the next five years, to be extended if you agree to go on retainer for me. With the understanding that nothing I ask of you will interfere with your business relationship with the Dominion."

Jas smiles broadly. “Those who've said you can't serve two masters have never worked the merc biz. You've got yourself a deal. Besides, will almost be worth it watching the two of you play.”

Devon grins at that. “I have my own reasons for not wishing to tread on Nathicana's toes.”

"Still as entertaining as ever, is she?" Jas says with a wry grin.

Devon assumes a poker face. "I don't know what I did for amusement without her. She has a knack for keeping me on my toes."

Jas laughs a bit at that. "Aye, on your toes, or whatever other position suits her fancy, I'll warrant. Not as I blame you,

Devon ponders thoughtfully for a moment. "What's your opinion of her husband, Prime Minister Walf?"

“What, the boy?” The question seems to take him by surprise, but he goes on with a firm snort and shake of his head. “Truth, I can't make heads or tails of that situation. He's a hot-headed, idealistic fool. Gonna get himself killed. Don't know what she sees in him.”

“I confess to some confusion on that account, as well. Unfortunately, he seems to have the luck of the devil. It's as if something or someone simply won't allow him to die.”

“Well, you know Nath ... she sets her mind on something, that's how it's going to be. And she's set her mind on keeping him whole.”

Devon nods and shrugs non-committaly.

“Should have seen the mess she sent me into just to haul his sorry ass outta trouble.”

“Yes, I heard something about that. I wasn't able to get in close enough for details, though.”

Jas waves it off, letting him know it’s fine. “She would have been better off letting it go. Boy's had a bad influence on her.”

“She gets attached to There was a day when she would put them away like old linen, but she appears to
have changed somewhat.”

Jas chuckles. “Toys, is it? Eh, who knows what she's thinking. I do know this at least - from the time she took on
this boy, til recently, she laid off the 'toys'. You'd think someone had tweaked her brain or something. Damn odd. Never thought I'd see the day she'd go soft-hearted, let alone soft-headed. “

Devon goes very still for a moment, then shakes his head and stands. “It's been a pleasure, Jacobian. I look forward to
working with you on a regular basis, even if I won't enjoy what you do next.”

Jas rises as well, putting out a hand and nodding in understanding. “Pleasure's mutual.”

Devon shakes firmly and escorts Jas to the door. “I'll have an edict drafted and in your hands within the hour. The sooner you can begin, the better I'll feel.”

“Ready to go as soon as we sign. I'll get the extra folks brought in now.” Jas nods in farewell, and heads off down the hall to initiate the preparations.
21-09-2003, 13:47
Ben Vitner trails along unhappily behind his Emperor as they walk briskly down a brightly lit corridor in what is affectionately known as the "dungeons." Ben has been spending entirely too much time here as he oversees the interrogations of the captured terrorists. Thus far, two had already died; one from complications from the Grendel nerve gas, and the other from an overzealous interrogator. The interrogator had not long survived his victim.

"Sir, I'd like to again protest your presence here; you're putting yourself at unnecessary risk by exposing yourself to these men!"

Treznor shakes his head sharply. "That's enough of that, Ben. I know I've been straining your loyalty to me, but this is something I have to do. I have to be sure, dammit. Your reports suggest this is the man to send back to Iaceo. Everything is in place, but I have to see for myself. I have to know."

"Sir, are you sure about bringing S.H.O.D.A.N. in on this?"

Treznor's lips tighten, and his back straightens slightly. "No. I'm never sure about anything where she's involved. But there's no better way of doing it. No one else I know has the technology to do what she can do. I don't have any choice if I want to bring this nightmare to an end."

Ben has no reply. Their footsteps echo loudly down the corridor, one of the intended effects of the dungeons. The thousands of prisoners hidden here never know if the footsteps are meant for them.

Treznor turns quickly and faces one of the endless doors with numbers on them. He squares his shoulders, takes a deep breath and nods to a Guardsman, who opens the door. He's forced to wait momentarily as his omnipresent bodyguard contingent enter first. After the all clear, he steps into the room and walks up to the man sitting in one of two chairs, slumped over unconscious. He takes the opposite seat and nods to Ben.

"Wake him."

Ben makes a brief gesture, and the medic they'd brought with them rushes forward with an antidote to the drug they'd used. Slowly, the man stirs and eventually opens his eyes. When they're clear enough to focus, Treznor leans forward.

"Hello, Tutela."
22-09-2003, 20:04
Hello, Tutela

"How is it that you know my name, and what is it that you want from me"

With the the events of the past few days his memory of they them where some wht distorted. he wasn't sure what he had said to them. But one thing was for sure these people where good at what they do.
22-09-2003, 21:26
"Your people are very good, Tutela," Treznor says quietly, in a voice Ben recognises as the one he uses when he's fighting to restrain himself. "We managed to get everyone out safely, but the bombs still went off when we attempted to disarm them. I don't know who trained you, but professionally I have to admire you.

"Personally, however, I'm confused. Why are you here, Tutela? Why are you attacking innocent citizens, even children? It was already too late for Barthmall. He committed suicide killing a man he hated."
24-09-2003, 01:48
I can not tell you why I am here I just follow the orders that I am given
24-09-2003, 03:24
Treznor shakes his head sadly. "You're an intelligent man, Tutela. Intelligent men don't follow orders blindly. You know more than you're telling me, but I understand that. It's part of the game. Just so long as you understand that I know that."

He inclines his head over his shoulder toward Ben. "Tutela, this man wants me to break you. He thinks, and I agree, that you're the key to this dilemma. With Barthmall dead by his own hand, you're the one in charge. What you know could help us destroy Latito and his entire organisation."

He pauses a moment to let this sink in.

"Tutela, I'm not going to do that. We could break you. We have allies who have told us your secret. But I've chosen not to.

"Tutela, this whole mess is costly in terms of life and resources. I'm not interested in fighting Iaceo, and I'm willing to negotiate. I want peace, and I'm willing to do what it takes to get it. If that means going in and wiping out an entire nation, then so be it. But I'd much rather settle this peacefully."

He sits back and folds his arms. "I'm letting you go, Tutela. You're the most dangerous one of the bunch, and I'm taking a terrible risk doing this. My ops chief is furious with me about it." He inclines his head toward Ben again. "But I'm going to trust you, Tutela. I'll trust you to take my message to your superiors and see to it that it gets to Latito. So I'm putting you on a plane to Callas and letting you go. You leave in an hour. The guards will take you to another room where you can clean up and eat."

He gestures, and the guards grab Tutela by the arms to hoist him up. Treznor stands and makes sure he stays at least three feet away as the terrorist is hustled out of the room.

"God speed, Tutela."
26-09-2003, 23:20
Tutela sits on a chair in the middle of a dark room. The only light is the one thats is located directly above his head, and it is only providing enough light to illuminate him in the chair. The rest of the room lies in darkness.

A voice emegres from the darkness

"So Tutela tell me what happened in Treznor?"

Tutela looks into the darkness trying to see who's talking to him, even though he know that it could only be one person Latito Iaceo. He thinks to himself for a moment then nervously answers.

"um... We began our operations by sabotaging a nuclear experiment, then to create fear we infected a local news paper with a virus and tried to poison the food supply. When Barthmall was catpured we followed his instruction and took a school hostage, and demanded his release."

Tutela again tried to look into the shadows to see how his responce was be taken, but found no answers.

Again the voice came to him, as if it was death itself speaking to him.

"And what of Barthmall?"

"When I was captured they told me that he had killed himself while trying to kill another"

"So tell me Tutela"

"Yes sir"

"Why did they let you go/"

"They want peace, how funny is that as if we would...."

A shoot cut though the darkness ending Tutela words. Tutelas lifeless falls to the floor.

"What should we do now Sir?"

Send a courier to the Treznor government

"what would you like them to say?"

"Tell them that Barthmall activities where not sanctioned by us. Give them the location of all cells that where working under Barthmall assuming that they haven't been captured. Also tell them that we will end all activites in Treznor only if they agree to execute all Barthmall's men"

"And what of the cells that where not under Barthmall"

"If Treznor agree's to these terms then once the act is done have everyone pull out ASAP."

"yes sir, what would you like done with the body?"

"Have it gutted then put on display for the other so that they know what happens to those who would betray me."
27-09-2003, 14:44
In cyberspace, S.H.O.D.A.N. smiled. Everything was going according to plan. The observation rig, a simple QE communications array and a low-frequency microwave transmitter, that she installed in that worthless pile of meat Devon delivered to her had done its duty most excellently. ?Using triangulation data from the microwave pulses, she pinpointed the insect's last breath and took advantage of a scheduled TYCS Voyeur spy satellite overflight to take pictures at a one-millimeter resolution.

On Devon's end, it must look rather interesting... a S.H.O.D.A.N. avatar, grinning impishly, leads connected to the nearest electrical appliance with a large monitor, displaying the pictures taken by the spysat (with longitude and latitude prominently displayed in one corner) while relating her puppet's last conversation.

"So, my dear Emperor Treznor, what do you think of that? Acceptable work?"
27-09-2003, 23:57
Treznor stands quietly, arms folded with a slight frown on his face. He stares at the images on the screen as if intent on burning it by willpower alone. "Latito is there? You have the bastard's location?"

He turns to Ben. "Have the fleet drop stealth and begin their attack. Make sure everyone has their radiation gear on hand. If the bastards look like they even might slip away, drop the nuke. Go."
30-09-2003, 07:09
Seventy kilometres off-shore, the bulk of the Treznor Imperial fleet drops stealth and aim their guns toward the coordinates indicated by S.H.O.D.A.N. Nine frigates, six destroyers, four cruisers and two heavy cruisers open fire with cannons and mid-range missiles. The primary aircraft carrier, the Nemesis, launches flight after flight of Super-Bugbear fighter jets. The jets join their brothers in the sky and speed away toward their target at supersonic velocities. High above them all, maintaining a slow orbit around the fleet flies a single bomber, still stealthed and waiting for a special signal.

Accuracy is almost unnecessary with the sheer volume of artillery being dropped on the location. Great gouts of flame spring up, including secondary explosions from fuel and ammunition depots. Monstrous craters form where buildings had stood, and bunker-busting missiles burrow through soil to explode harmlessly on rock or reach underground caverns to detonate with lethal efficiency.

The barrage ceases, and an eerie silence descends. Then the second attack begins and the air is filled with diving jets strafing the ground wherever a target presents themselves, dropping more bombs and launching missiles. The squadrons are divided into three: one begins their run while the second pulls out of theirs, and the third keeps a careful watch above. They switch places with practiced ease, maintaining a steady bombardment on the coordinates below.

After half an hour of alternating between aerial attacks and naval bombardments, a halt is called while satellites inspect the results.
30-09-2003, 22:54
Treznor watches the satellite display with quiet intensity. He forces himself not to fidget during the lull, waiting for dust and debris to settle as he searches for signs of life. On the screen, nothing moves.

A minute passes, then two. Silence dominates the room, punctuated only by the gentle hum of machinery in the background. Finally, Treznor stirs.

"Okay, that's enough. Cancel the nuke and send in the ground forces to see what's left to mop up. If they can pick up any additional intelligence that's lovely, but I'm not expecting much. Inform the Tappee of our results, and I'll get with Alec on an offiicial statement. We'll also have to see what the NDA has to say about this."

He turns to S.H.O.D.A.N. and addresses the avatar directly. "Thank you again for your support in this operation. Without you, we never could have gotten close to striking the head of this viper. We'll talk later about appropriate compensation for your services."

He turns and walks from the room, his shoulders slightly slumped as though he carries a heavy weight on them. Rather than feeling satisfaction from the successful bombing run, he feels as though he's missed something, something that will come back to haunt him.

We don't even know what Latito looks like.
30-09-2003, 23:06
S.H.O.D.A.N. bows shortly with a little smile, mischievous glimmer behind her eyes. "You're welcome. I look forward to the discussion." It isn't as if he trusts me anyway. I might as well keep toying with him.
01-10-2003, 00:48
Treznor sits in his Imperial limousine, his attention directed to the screen in front of him. "All right Jacobian. That"s about what I expected to hear. I'll confess to being surprised at just how much infiltration there was from other nations, but I'm pleased you were able to mop up so many of the Iaceo insurgents. You've earned your bonus, and more."

Jacobian nods to the screen in front of him. "Quite the infestation you've had here, Devon. More than one, I was a bit surprised at, but I do think we managed to get rid of your current problem at least. And, I hope, given the rest of them pause." He mentions nothing about the bonus, taking it in stride. "No hard feelings from your boy? Think we ruffled more than a few feathers with some of the inquiries."

"Well, they say no system is absolutely secure, and you just proved it. Hopefully, as you say, this will give the rest some pause. But leave Ben to me. I'm sure he understands, even if he doesn't like it. Not that I think he'll be inviting you over for some beers."

Jacobian chuckles, his face momentarily clouded in a haze of exhaled smoke. "Don't doubt that. Just glad he had enough sense not to try and send me home in a box. Would have been a pity." He makes no special emphasis on try. He doesn't need to. "Speaking of which, recovery of the bodies from the site. We're hoping to take our own back with us."

Treznor nods quickly. "I understand. They've been kept undisturbed in cold storage. Coltrain will release them to you whenever you're ready."

Jacobian nods. "Right. I'm still waiting for a more detailed analysis of your tapes," he says, eyes locking on Devon's via vidscreen. "I'm certain you'll let me know when your teams have gathered enough data?"

He inhales slowly, hands never touching the cigarette clenched between his lips.

Treznor frowns. "If you'd like copies of the tapes, I can release them to you. I'm surprised they weren't already. I suspect Ben is being petty. I'll get right on that.

"Incidentally, I noted in your report that you have detailed information on troop and military hardware lists. I accept that as a necessary part of your investigation, but I'd prefer that information not leave with you."

Jacobian exales, directing the stream off-screen, his eyes still locked. "Wondered. And not a problem. We have been horning in on his territory. Man has his pride after all." He ponders that last bit quietly, a grin working its way across his face. "That we do, that we do. Amazing what these little ops can turn up, eh?" To the last he nods firmly. "As per contract.

"Quite the little setup you've made for yourself here, Devon. I remember you from way back, you know. Never would have thought you had it in you. Impressed."

Treznor breaks out in an uncharacteristic smile. "Thanks, Jas. I never realised you'd noticed before."

Jacobian grins wryly. "Couldn't help but. Hell, boy, you should know I like to keep tabs on my prodigies. Nath's no exception." He pauses, taking another slow drag then releasing it. "I don't know what you did, or how you managed it, but you've been good for her. Been more herself since you've been lurking about. At any rate, payment and bonuses as per agreement, military tech and equipment upgrades as outlined, and the ongoing retainer clause. All to your satisfaction, boss?"

Treznor pauses to think, lost in thoughts of Nathicana for a moment. Then he stirs again and smiles. "There's a small list of details waiting for you, additional matters I'd like to cover under the confidentiality clause. I don't think you'll find it too restrictive. As for the rest, I--"

A high pitched whistling noise cuts through the air, penetrating even the armoured and sound-proofed cabin of the limousine. It lasts just long enough for Treznor to freeze in shock, wondering what it was before the first explosion brings the vehicle to a shattering halt.

Treznor is thrown across the seat, stunned by the violence of the impact. He lands in an uncomfortable heap along with two of his security detail, who fight to extricate themselves.

"We're sitting ducks here!" the head of the detail yells to his man. "Get the Emperor out!" Then he fumbles for his radio. "Echo Bravo Whiskey! We are under attack! The Emperor is in danger! Where the hell are those choppers?"

The junior security man struggles with the door for a moment, then manages to throw it open. He grabs Treznor by the shirt and collar and throws him bodily out of the car. He grips the metal, preparing to leap out after him, but too late. A second missile whistles in and detonates the fuel tank, sending the limousine up in a fiery explosion that rains debris down everywhere. It engulfs everything in a ten-meter radius, including the body of Emperor Devon Treznor.

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Dread Lady Nathicana
20-10-2003, 07:12
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