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The Great Tour.

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26-06-2003, 07:43
(OOC: invitation thread only, they know who they are, Trez if you are on, feel free to join in, nathi well yeah your already on :P.)

Official government inviation.
Sent to: Dread Lady Nathicana D'Aquisto dal Lupo, Dread Lady of the Dominion, Emperor Devon Treznor I, Of Treznor.

I President General Carlos Quil'Raya Invite you to attend an official tour of the newly built Spacestation Zelgado, departure will take place two days after you arrive in Gothmog City, you will be given free run of a presidential palace each both upon arrival and return from the space station.

The tour is expected to last roughly three days with a 14 day trip to and from the station. As such the invitation is only open for the next 4 weeks with the station moving out of accesibility shortly after that.

I look forward to hearing from you.

President General Carlos Quil'Raya
Inherited ruler of Iraqstan
supreme commander of Iraqstani Armed Forces
Inherited Leader of Um Lizaa
Supreme commander of the island expansion program.
Loyal Member of GOD
We have Muhammed Saeed Al-Sahaf for an information minister yay!

(OOC: not sure on the orbit time so a month seems fair enough, and 14 days is roughly accurate to get there since I dont have jump gate or FTL capabilities :P)
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-06-2003, 08:37
To President General Carlos Quil'Raya:

I am very pleased to accept your gracious invitation, and look forward to meeting you in person, seeing your country, and visiting the Zelgado station.

This should be a wonderful opportunity. I can be ready to go shortly, if that works with your schedule.

In hopes that this proves to be a pleasant, and dare I say, lucrative visit, I remain,

--Nathicana D'Aquisto da Lupo
26-06-2003, 08:41
Of course it fits the schedule, I would be greatly honoured by your presence in gothmog city, please, allow me to arrange a giuded tour of Iraqstan and her outlying lands for you whilst we wait for the other response.

I hope to meet you seen, and am too looking forward to this meeting.

Dread Lady Nathicana
26-06-2003, 09:05
(jumping ahead somewhat)

Nathicana, wearing dark sunglasses, and dressed somewhat conservatively for once, steps off the plane gracefully, looking around for her host.
26-06-2003, 09:17
Carlos spies Nathicana stepping off her plane and motions for the honour guard to array themselves as he quickly walks out onto the tarmac smileing happily and wearing his favorite military uniform.

"Dread Lady Nathicana I presume, an honour to meet you" Carlos says as he bows formally to her.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-06-2003, 09:30
She smiles pleasantly, giving a very ladylike bow at the waist, her straight skirt preventing a courtsey.

Nathi extends her hand. "A pleasure, my dear. Truly."
26-06-2003, 09:34
Carlos smiles and a hint of mischeif in his eyes is portrayed as he takes nathi's hand and kisses it gently. "The pleasure is all mine" Carlos lets her hand go and spreads his arms wide "Welcome to Iraqstan, the heart of the divine empire and home to some of the better technological traits to come out of my scientist's minds. We have a chaufer and honour guard awaiting to escort you to one of the better positioned palaces in gothmog city, as well as free use of the Bandit MKII that stays there...of course any damages done to the city will be exempted from some account or other I can most likely find."

Carlos grins again and motions nathi forward "But for now I am your host and the city is our park, unless of course you would like to rest"
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-06-2003, 09:50
Ah, a charmer ... he's going to make this so easy ...

She smiled more deeply at his attentions, managing to blush slightly at the appropriate moment.

"My dear Carlos", she said, looking at him in a measuring manner. I have no other pressing matters, and so, await your pleasure."
26-06-2003, 09:57
Carlos smiles brightly and leads the way to a luxurious limosuine and opens the door smiling ever so brightly "After you m'dear we will drop by the palace to allow you to unload luggage, freshen up and then a light meal and perhaps a tour of some of the more....public venues."

Carlos continues to smile Charming, remember charming a host is alwas charming, ensure the people you visit are loyalists, this must appear kind.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-06-2003, 10:04
She tilts her head, acknowledging.

"My thanks. I look forward to it." she says, sliding into the limo gracefully, allowing ample view of her left leg as just before she pulls it in after her. Settling herself comfortably in a seat, she waits for him to join her.

He's nervous. Good.

ooc: last post for night - need zzzz's. :)
26-06-2003, 10:10
Catches the view of her leg as she gets into the limo and just continues to smile after she is setteled in he hops in the limo and shuts the door, immediatly the driver pulls out of the park and heads towards the palace assigned to nathi.

"My dear I do hope you enjoy your stay, I have planned this little adventure personally and hope it meets your likings. There are many wonderous things to see here in Iraqstan and I do hope you will allow me the time to show off my lovely country."

Carlos chuckles slightly and offer nathi a drink. "I took the liberty of attempting to get a detailed background of you and all I could find was that you liked Ice water for a drink?"

Calm yourself boy, it's just a visit it's not like the invasion nobody is going to be taking anything from you, atleast not without a fight. Smile, be charming and ensure she is kept happy.

OOC: Will link ya after you wake up sleep good :)
26-06-2003, 10:12
ooc: Just a question. Where in the known galaxy is this station? I would like to know if it's not within or near one of my held systems.
27-06-2003, 07:19
ooc: Just a question. Where in the known galaxy is this station? I would like to know if it's not within or near one of my held systems.

OOC: Earth system, it's still in this system :P just at a very...interesting location
27-06-2003, 12:44
A small civilian jet approaches Iraqstan airspace with a fighter escort of four Super-Bugbear fighter/strike jets. The moment they become visible on Iraqstan radar, fighter jets are scrambled and move to intercept. Fortunately, they're not going to be seeing combat today.

Attention Iraqstan Station Sierra-Whiskey Three Five. This is Treznor Flight Alpha One with escort. We formally request entry into Iraqstan airspace at the invitation of President General Carlos Quil'Raya."

Calls are made, identities are confirmed and the instant response force becomes an additional escort for the Emperor of Treznor on his way to Gothmog City. Two hours later, Devon Treznor steps down on the tarmac with a minimal security contingent and looks around.

"Warm place, Iraqstan. Don't you think, Yvonne?"

"Mmm," replies the head of his security detail, a tall blond woman with lean features.

"You're still miffed with me, aren't you?" Treznor raises an eyebrow at her and grins. "Relax. Carlos is an ally, and a friend. He was kind enough to visit our city, so now it's our turn. We really don't need a full platoon of security for a state visit. Plus, it was his visit that got you promoted. Doesn't that earn him a little gratitude?"

"Mmm." Yvonne grunted a little more forcefully and cast a watchful gaze on the scene around her. Her eyes focused on a small fleet of vehicles approaching at high speed. She gestured imperceptably, and the other two guards stood at alert.

"Ah, there's our reception now," Treznor observes with satisfaction. "Smiles everyone, smiles. They carry bigger sticks than we do."
27-06-2003, 12:50
Carlos was quick to finalise the papers he had to attend too before organising a proper tour for his visiting leader when the call that Devon Treznor was landing.

Grabbing his most prized jacket and made sure his more civillian uniform was sitting straight on him he rushed out of his offices in a swirl of hello, goodbye and take messages picked up his 3 favorite guards and literaly ran down to the car pool.

Jumping into his custom made sleek limosuine he ordered his guards to set off immediately, as they arrived he saw Devon and a woman stepping out of the plane, also taking notice of the bodyguards snapping to attention Carlos laughed to himself A little more open with his concern than the fair dear lady, perhaps this will prove to be quite fruitful Carlos stepped out of the car and walked unguarded over to devon.

"My dear friend, it is an honour to see you again! welcome welcome, I do apologise for the stifling heat but summer is as summer does one would think." Carlos pauses and bows formally to the lady beside Devon "Forgive me my manners are quite off I am President General Carlos Quil'Raya, who might you be?" bowing again Carlos winks at Devon a hint of mischief in his eyes.
27-06-2003, 12:59
Yvonne unwillingly returns the bow to the mischievous man before her. "Commander Davis, Chief of His Majesty's Personal Guard." It's almost possible to see the ice drip from her words.

Treznor laughs and claps Carlos on the back. "Sorry about her, old man. Ever since Haraki she hasn't let me go anywhere unescorted, not even to visit friends. But she's not too bad on the eyes, so I let her tag along.

"You've got air conditioning in that beast, right? Let's go! I think I'm going to melt on the pavement!"
27-06-2003, 13:02
Carlos laughs and returns the clap on the back to Devon "Aaah my dear friend, the pavement is made of melt absorbent material do not melt you would literaly disappear but yes yes that beast has air conditioning, and I must say hard is an understatement couldnt even kiss the fair hand" Carlos mocks sadness and winks at Devon.

"Please where are my manners come come all of you even you Commander Davis the strikingly beautiful but cold cold chief of security."

Carlos grins and whispers none too softly "Perhaps we should let her have the convertable? maybe the heat would melt that ice interior and make her more....approachable?" grinning again he leads the way to the cars.
27-06-2003, 13:17
Treznor shrugs and matches step with Carlos. "I think she spontaneously generates her own ice field. I keep meaning to have my scientists study her. But seriously, you're just seeing her professional side. Occasionally she lets her guard down and even cracks a smile once in a while. And she's terribly competent, which is why I keep her. Much better than the last fellow with her job. In fact, I reminded her that the reason she got promoted was because of your last visit. Didn't even smirk. Too damned professional, if you ask me."

He steps into the waiting car and sighs with relief. "Thank the gods, air conditioning. If anyone ever questions your capacity for civilisation, just point out your climate control technologies. No self-respecting barbarian would ever be caught in a comfortable environment."
27-06-2003, 13:23
Laughing loudly carlos hops in beside Devon and makes room for the commander "You dont say, smiles eh I'm going to have to put some cameras in place for that! but yes heat here is a rather constant thing unfortunately so air conditioning is a great prize.

And yes that visit, such memories eh? I'm still getting grumbles from those three guards for spending that time in the dungeon whilst we went out on the town never live it down I tell you."

The convoy loads up and heads out official police escorts surround the cars as they drive through Gothmog city "For now though I'm giving you free run over one of my palaces here in Gothmog City, all my own staff has been cleared out in respect for your people's suspisious and of course yours, so the palace is empty and yours to use. The bandit MKII in the garage is a new toy of mine, one hundred of them i purchased one for each palace, charming toys they are the guards scramble out of the firing ranges when I roll in on one of them. Feel free to use it, I've told the city and outlying region security services to ignore any reports of a war cycle blowing up things." Grinning mischieviously Carlos looks over at the commander "And for you my dear I believe I could set up a private fridge perhaps? such beauty must be kept on ice no?"
27-06-2003, 13:34
Treznor's eyes gleam at the thought of getting behind the wheel of a war machine, whatever a bandit MKII might be. "You're definitely going to have to introduce me to your new toy. Even with your generous offer, I promise to keep the reconstruction bill to a minimum. Just point the way to your firing range. I'm sure I'll be able to amuse myself." He grins jovially.

Yvonne nods slightly to acknowledge the President General, but doesn't respond. She keeps her eyes roving about as the vehicle begins to move, searching constantly for any possible threat.

I do believe the lady is blushing! Treznor notes silently. Well, it serves her right for butting in on my vacation. If Carlos' people can't protect me, or even if they want me dead, there's damned little she's going to be able to do about it.

Oh well. Like she reminds me, she's just doing her job. I'll let her do it, so long as she doesn't get in the way of mine.

"So, Carlos. Have you heard anything from Frederick yet? I appreciate you backing me up after I stuck my neck out on that GOD issue. It's a pretty sad thing when you can't trust an ally to respect the conditions of a treaty. I might be willing to join you in a new treaty even if we don't withdraw our GOD membership."
27-06-2003, 13:41
Carlos smiles broadly as he see's Devon's eyes glean "Of course my friend I'll have the location sent to you immediately, costs, hah like I'm going to believe you'll limit your fun by all means enjoy the cycle it's a great toy. Frederick no I have heard nothing and think nothing of it, I too have questioned these same things many times and to be honest if I was half as upfront as you I would of said something but alas I am not, all this political motioning I have done recently has dulled my upfrontness, but I would be most honoured to join a new treaty with you outside of GOD developments.

Yes a sad thing it is indeed in that event, but as always we must do what we can to retain our level headedness in times of frustration."
27-06-2003, 13:51
Treznor nods seriously. "Well, I've found that you can catch a lot of people off-balance by being direct with what you want. With so many people looking for daggers hidden in silk, I find that most of them completely miss the ones staring them in the face. Plus, the aggressive stance of allies becomes a direct threat to my national security if only by association. Danneland made his position very clear when he formed GOD: we are not seeking war. Seeing Barbarosea trash that and invite other warmongers into our ranks (in a senior position, no less) bothers me a hell of a lot, and I'm not afraid to say so.

"If you were to form a new organisation, what would you call it? I think, if we phrased it correctly, we might even lure Nathicana into it. She's been fairly scrupulous about avoiding entanglements, but if you dangle the right bait in front of her it might be possible."

Plus, whether she knows it or not, she needs backup she can count on. It's all well and good to have heads of state fawning over her, but how many of them will really defend her without a treaty if it comes down to it? I don't really want to find out.
27-06-2003, 13:57
Carlos nods seriously "Indeed, it is refreshing to have someone so open and upfront, and a name? oh my I hadnt thought that far ahead yet perhaps that could be a topic for our next meeting? I dont know if your aware of it but recent events and this is strictly unofficial but myself and the dear Dread Lady have entered into negotiations about a research treaty up there on the station. I would of offered to you as well my friend but you have your hands dipped into many things all over the place and I did not wish to put added costs upon your budget by transporting scientists out when they are so busy with your own work.

But Nathicana is here in the city as we speak, she arrived before you a very fun lady isnt she? I would muchly enjoy having her in any sort of organisation we forged, she seems level headed and extreamly well versed in political intruige as well as a power leader as ourselves or so I've heard rumours of. Do you think she could be persuadaded to join?"

Carlos leans forward enthusiastically eager to pinpoint the spots to push with others.
27-06-2003, 14:12
Treznor laughs. "Do you think I'd be here if I didn't want to get in on the research potential of that monster you've constructed? You're right, I've got a lot of fingers in a lot of pies at the moment, but I can spare a team to go up there. We're desperately trying to miniaturise the fusion process you gave us, and I'm told we might have more luck if we attempt it in a micro-gravity environment. Funding isn't a problem, either. Once we deal with the closing of the platinum mine and the T-7 recalls, we'll be able to rebuild our reserve. I guarantee a healthy budget for research on your station next year.

"I know Nath is here already. I timed my visit to make sure she got settled, first. She's another one of those folks who gets too focused looking for daggers behind the silk. I try to make sure she's got her security where she wants it before she sees me coming; I'm not entirely sure she won't shoot first and ask questions later.

"I don't know if I can talk her into signing a treaty with us, but I'll give it a shot. She's awfully touchy about her marriage, so I might be able to point out the benefits of having guaranteed allies at her back if her husband sparks a war on one of his damned-fool stunts. He's rather prone to show-boating, that I've seen. Can't resist an opportunity to bare his teeth and proclaim his Alpha Male status. It's going to get him killed. I think Nath knows it, too.

"Mostly, I think if we push the advantages of a treaty, such as free trade and exchange of information without any entanglements, we might get her signature. She absolutely refuses to allow anyone else dictate to her on what she can or can't do, including defence pacts. Offer her a guarantee of military support without requiring her to reciprocate and she might go for it."

Treznor yawns. "I'm sorry, Carlos. Your company is stimulating, but I've been awake for nearly thirty hours trying to get things squared away for this little vacation. Do you mind if I take a nap on the way to the palace? You can show me around when we get there."

OOC: Okay, I'm off for the night.
27-06-2003, 14:18
Carlos laughs loudly and grins "well I suppose I could sit beside the esteemable commander it would please me greatly, by all means my dear Devon stretch out and nap, the palace is being made up for you so you can have a much healthier rest.

Aah she is independant like us eh? I wouldnt dream of dictating ways to a leader especially not one like us, but I will also give it a shot at talking her into one, and the station always has room for more people, I will discuss that with her too when I next talk to her.

Yes yes, some people are like that and it is always a bother to see a loved one on a self destruction whirlwind, I will of course push the angle of guarenteed defense with no expectation of repayment. But alas I am babbling again please rest my dear Devon and allow the lovely Commander to entertain me."

Carlos winks at devon and sits beside the commander and grins toothily.

OOC: Night dude.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-06-2003, 16:13
ooc: skipping back a bit - pre-Trez wrap up to get me up to speed ...

She accepted the water with a smile, taking a long, slow sip. Since her ... enhancements, she was relieved that she needn't be quite so paranoid about such things as tampered drinks and food.

All you could find? I highly doubt that, boy ...

"Why thank you my dear. And yes, I would very much enjoy a tour. I'm certain that whatever you have planned will be delightful."

Nathi could sense his nervousness, though he hid it rather well ... and she enjoyed every moment of it. So much the better - a nervous man made mistakes in negotiating.

She engaged Carlos in small talk as they drove to the palace, studying him carefully without appearing to. Her mind filing away little details, and any hint of weakness for later use.

When they reached their destiniation, she accepted his help out of the car with a nod of thanks and a pleasant smile, and takes his arm as he escorts her to her quarters.

"Extravagant, dear ... truly, you needn't have gone to all the trouble just for me." she teased.

"Well, truly nobody as extravagent as you, my dear Dread Lady, has deigned my palaces worthy of their visitage. This palace has been rebuilt specifically for your stay." he said with a big toothy smile.

She arched an eyebrow at that.

"Well then, I truly am flattered." she said with her most charming smile.

Upon reaching their destination, she thanked him, said her farewells, dismissed his appology for needing to leave so soon with a gracious smile, and settled in.

Noting a pitcher of ice water and a fresh glass at a nearby desk, she chuckled.

First things first. She plugged in her laptop checked her messages, all too aware that any missives could and most likely sould and would be monitored. Having been guaranteed a secure line by Carlos did little to ease her mind - she knew she'd use any opportunity to her advantage, and expected the same from others.

Seeing all to her satisfaction, though not quite pleasure as she noted economic growth still stagnant, she logged off and went to freshen up and grab a brief rest, keeping an ear out for her expected security team to show up from the airport.

This should prove to be ... interesting. she thought with a smile.
27-06-2003, 16:23
(OOC: a clarifying post here.)

Leaving Nathi to her room carlos smiles as he walks back to the car That went well, wasnt expecting her to be and stunning but I handeled myself well

Nodding to the driver he pulls out the tape recorders that recorded every line of conversation they had and replayed it to see if he gave away too much or too little information, smileing with satisfaction he takes out a bottle of scotch and pours himself a drink. "What a character she is, shall be an interesting tour with her and Devon to entertain." Carlos grins into his glass and finishes his scotch as the car pulls up outside his private palace and heads straight to his offices to make some calls.

First check in with the intel group see if they picked up anything no doubt she's contacted home by now After recieving no reports of anything positive carlos hangs up and returns to reading tour suggestions and writing in his own. At the top of the list was a tour of the education camp 4431 one of the better finished camps with more comfortable and cozy housing.

A knock filters in through the hard wood door "Come in" Carlos calls and the door opens one of his top security officers walks in and salutes "President General sir, Devon Treznor is arriving." He informs Carlos who finishes up his paperwork and grabs his jacket and rushes out the other posts :P
28-06-2003, 12:44
"Sir, I strongly object to this!" Yvonne says tightly, gripping her braided hair so hard that her knuckles are white. Everything about her body language shouts defiance, but her tone remains professional. "This may be friendly territory, but Iraqstan has suffered terrorist attacks recently! Going out alone, no matter how equipped the vehicle, is a security risk! I'd be negligent in my duty to allow it!"

Treznor says nothing as he zips up the black leather jacket and reaches for his riding gloves. Nice of Carlos to supply riding gear for me, and in my own colours to boot! Pulling the soft suede over his hands, he looks up and stares his chief of security in the eye. "Commander, we've been over this before. I'm going to take this baby for a ride, and nothing else is capable of keeping up with it. I know Reploid technology, and these Bandits are pretty damned slippery. You're welcome to follow me as closely as you're able, but I'm going out and I'm not going to wait for you. Also I'm at absolutely no risk of a terrorist attack. Don't ask me how I know this, I'm not going to tell you. You don't need to know. And last but not least, I'm the one who decides what your duties are. If I order you to stand down while I go off and enjoy myself, you are not negligent. On the other hand, if you attempt to hold me under house arrest I will not only have you replaced, I will have your replacement shoot you. Now, do you have anything else you want to say before I go for a spin?"

Yvonne opens her mouth angrily, pauses, and shuts it again.

"Very good. Now rather than standing there banging your head against the wall, I suggest you make sure the chase team is ready to go. Like I said, I am not waiting for you." Treznor lifts the helmet and slips it on. He's already starting to cook in all the leather covering his body, but he prefers that to risking his skin with anything lighter in the event he has to ditch the bike. Then he mounts the Bandit MKII, keys the ignition, guns the engine and takes off leaving Yvonne to curse at the air behind him.

Treznor turns left out of the entrance to the palace and opens up, accelerating the bike far quicker than is really safe. He laughs out loud at the sheer recklessness of the act, enjoying a rare opportunity to play hooky. He sends the motorcycle careening around slower traffic, dodging pedestrians and pushing southeasterly.

Somewhere around here there's an artillery field. Gotta be somewhere I can play with the extras on this baby. I thought the map said southeast, but I'm not seeing it.

He slows down for several traffic jams, cursing the delay and tempted to use the rocket launcher on the Bandit, but refrains. Burning wrecks will only slow him down more. On the other hand...

Sticking to lower gears, Treznor hops the curb and uses pedestrian paths, forcing local people to leap out of the way as he bypasses traffic. He hears shouts of people yelling at him, and can only assume that the words are rude. He grins in delight.

Now where the hell is that testing ground?
28-06-2003, 12:54
Carlos sits in his office watching the security cams of a rather angry Commander and a positively joyous Devon argue before he zooms off on the MKII ooh, if only I could be less of a host and more of a flirt with that woman. He thought idly as he watched her organise a chase team.

Suddenly a knock comes from his door "Come" carlos called and in busteled one of his security chiefs saluting the chief speaks "Sir! someone is apparently terrorising the streets south east of the palace you gave to the treznor delegation, claiming a moter cyclist is using the sidewalks as his own road."

Carlos laughs heartily, "The poor man miss-read the map, southeast of his place was the OLD range, get an escort together and direct him to the real range, be careful as to not injure him but make it seem like he's being pursued I dont know how but get a message to him to follow you."

The security chief smiles and salutes, turns around and leaves the office. "my dear Devon you got lost and now we play chase I'm sure you'll enjoy this."
28-06-2003, 13:06
Treznor meanders around the southern streets of Gothmog City, looking for the firing range that just doesn't want to let him find it. He keys the onboard computer to display a map in the lower left-hand corner of his helmet. Yes, he's where he intended to be. It's the range that's gone missing.

Okay, I like this bike. Note to self: favoured trading status to the Reploids. Their tech absolutely rocks. I wish I'd had this while Nath and I were playing spies in the Dominion.

A black helicopter flies overhead, swooping low to catch his attention. His fingers stray toward the surface-to-air missile firing key, but he again restrains himself. Looks like I've been a bad boy. Carlos seems to have sent someone to fetch me. He sees a soldier leaning out of the helicopter, gesturing for Treznor to follow.

Okay, if I can't fire off these toys, maybe I can have fun playing tag.

Treznor guns the engine again and takes off to the west, heading toward an industrial district he'd passed earlier. He touches another key and the helicopter's position is targeted on his map.

I really like this bike.
28-06-2003, 13:11
The Helicopter getting a targetting lock on it, veers left and then returns to it's position, the officer gesturing to not shoot but notices the bike follows as instructed, altering their course and heading more properly into the industrial zones the helicopter accurately protrays the police force chasing the suspect whilst behind a multitude of Public Security Service bikes and vehicles clear the streets for their pursuit and ahead the civillian traffic has all but stopped.

(OOC: Will pick up when you get back :P)
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-06-2003, 13:56
Nathicana yawned, stretched, and wiped the sleep from her eyes.

Mmmmm they have comfortable beds here. And that bath - just how many people did he think would be sharing it? she chuckled to herself.

She felt quite pampered - and was thoroughly enjoying it. Idly, she wondered just how many cameras Carlos had in this palace ... and shrugged.

Ah well ... a small payment for what I hope to get out of this deal. She couldn't help but grin at that.

Turning on the news as she usually did in the morning, she was suprised to see quite the commotion going on in the city. Live shots showed a rather familiar-looking style of bike, sans passenger sidecar, tear-assing around town, hotly pursued by both police and government forces.

That sure as hell isn't a potato gun mounted on that thing ... she thought, remembering back fondly to her misadventure in NY with Barry. Now THAT boy knew how to prank. she pondered with a grin.

She watched with mild curiousity as the biker expertly wove his way through the streets, her mischievous grin never fading. A particularly bold move made her laugh outright, then pause, looking closer.

Why don't they just shoot him? she thought, then after a considering pause, And why does that rider seem so ... familiar? Her eyes narrowed, speculating.

"Bah ... letting your imagination run wild, woman."

She kept the tv going, walking shamelessly over to where she'd laid out fresh clothing the night before, and pulled them on. At a knock from the door, she calmly said, "Enter."

Marik, his large frame filling the doorway, nodded respectfully.

"Ready when you are, my Lady. And yes, it would seem we are being monitored, but as per your requests, we've taken no action."

"Good man." she said, returning the nod. "I'll be ready in just one moment. She sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled on her soft, low-heeled leather boots to where they fit snugly, just above the knee. Then she stood, tucking the tails of her loose white silk shirt into the black leggings, admiring the effect in one of the large mirrors.

"I'd forgotten to ask Carlos ... what sort of vehicles are at my disposal?" she asked Marik over her shoulder.

Nodding to the news broadcast, he chuckled. "Well, from a check of the garages, I can tell you that one just like that is sitting waiting ..." he trailed off.

She whipped around then, looking with narrowed eyes at the screen.

"It has to be. Carlos keeps too close a grip on these people to just allow that sort of thing, and the bike ... "

Her eyes lit up at the thought of a challenge.

Well well, Devon my dear ... perhaps we'll meet a touch sooner than I'd planned.

"Marik ... I'm going for a drive." she announced, grabbing a leather jacket from her bags and pulling it on. "Feel free to enjoy the city yourself for a bit ... and don't wait up."

Pushing her way past the man, she reached up to pat his cheek as he frowned.

"Now .. the garages?" she asked expectantly.

He pointed her in the right direction, knowing it was useless to argue.
28-06-2003, 14:04
Watching nathi closely Carlos smiles Clever girl, of course I would be watching you, and so quick to deny removal of systems, something there hmm? No You heard she was married Carlos better call her before she leaves the palace.

Picking up the phone carlos begins dialing the numbers to get to any phone in the palace nathi was given smiling again as he sees the striking woman moving about.

If only, I were a little more bolder with my flirtations oh well business at hand, time to inform her of the bike and to tell her how to get to Devon.

Waiting for someone to pick up he absently jots down the name of the man who spoke to nathi intending to place a tail or two on him. After all I wouldnt be where I am today if i was trusting.....
29-06-2003, 00:36
Treznor grins wildly as he jumps the bike over railroad tracks, cushioning the impact with his knees and speeding off again. As he expected, the helicopter is having no trouble keeping up with him, but the pursuit vehicles behind him aren't doing quite as well. Some of the bikes maintained a respectful distance, but can't seem to close.

Can't, or won't. Dammit, Carlos. I hope you're not spoiling my fun.

He swings through a roundabout, changes his mind at the last moment and takes an exit that brings him along a parallel course back the way he came. He experiences a moment of doubt as his knee brushes against the ground, but he recovers and speeds off. As he passes official vehicles at high speeds, he notes an expression of consternation on the face of one of the officers.

I'm sorry, am I going the wrong way?

He feels his face ache from grinning so much, and decides it's a small price to pay. The cobwebs from desk work are almost cleared from his brain.

I need to do this more often.
Dread Lady Nathicana
29-06-2003, 01:21
Nathi jogged down to the parking garage, and grinned widely as she saw the Reploid bike waiting for her.

My aren't we a fine machine ... She ran a gloved hand over the length of the bike appreciatively.

Zipping up her jacket, she swung her leg over, settled into the seat, and started it up.

Oh hell yes! she thought as the bike roared to life.

Taking only a moment to rev the engines a bit, she peeled out of the garage, and set off in the last direction the news had reported. Watching the sky for the chopper, she raced down the road, allowing her recently improved reflexes to push her skills to the edge and beyond, taking risks she normally would have at least thought about before trying.

Let's see if we can't at least catch sight of the boy ...
29-06-2003, 10:49
After a half hour of playing tag with Iraqstani officials, Treznor finds the game getting old.

I suppose it's time to head back to the barn. Shame I never found that firing range.

He slows down to pay more attention to the map display on his visor when the computer displays a new target.

Whoa. Whoever that is, he's coming in fast. Gotta be on another bike. Maybe I'll stay in the water a little while longer.

He makes a sharp turn and adjusts his course to intercept the newcomer. It doesn't take long before a dark blur comes up from behind, shoots past, angles sharply and comes screaming to a stop he would have sworn was impossible.

And I thought I was reckless! he thinks as he brings his bike to a halt.

They pause for a moment, facing off and revving their engines.

He's a she. he notes with some pleasure. Can't hide those curves. Damned good scratch rider, too.

He releases the clutch and lets the engine lift the front tire as his Bandit accelerates. His opponent likewise accelerates, but keeps her wheels firmly on the ground. They rush at each other at high speed, Treznor grinning fiercely as the distance closes.

She'll flinch. She's gonna flinch. Come on, baby, turn! Turn! Oh shit!

He wrenches at his bike, desperately trying to turn it to the left at the last minute to avoid collision. To his amazement, the woman merely wiggles her mount slightly, twisting safely out of the way and remaining impossibly upright. He's not so fortunate, laying down his Bandit as he comes to a slow and painful stop.

He pauses for a moment, letting the adrenaline subside before sitting up and painfully wrestling his bike back up.

Ouch. That hurt. Who is that?
29-06-2003, 11:43
Watching a live feed of the bike chase Carlos clucks to himself as Devon lays the bike to the ground and shakes his head That's gonna cost me breathing a sigh of relief as devon stands back up Carlos smiles and stares intently at the woman on the bike Your good, I must have a ride against you some time

Sitting back he watches the scenes play out.

OOC: hehe another time warp when nathi gets on I guess, all in good fun though :P
Dread Lady Nathicana
29-06-2003, 16:28
Got you. She raced past Devon, swinging around in a sharp stop to face him, revving her engines.

So ... you want to play, boy? Lets see what you've got. Chuckling to herself at his show of bravado, she keeps her wheels down as she hunches close over the bike, enjoying the feel of raw power beneath her as the machine rushes forward.

Come on, Dev ... turn. Flinch, boy ... dammit, bend your stubborn neck! Don't make me kill you just yet! Her grin contorts to a snarl as the distance closes all too quickly.

He swerves off, and she relies on her new reflexes to compensate, wriggling out of the way and swinging her bike around to survey the damage in squeal of rubber on pavement.

She watches for a moment, letting out a breath she didn't realize she was holding as he gets up slowly, then rights his ride. Revving the engine once, she pulls forward slowly to just in front of him, stops, tips out the kickstand, and dismounts.

Her eyes travel over his body, noting his stance, his injuries, and the way his riding gear hugs his solid frame. Smiling, she casually removes her helmet, setting it in the crook of her arm, shaking out her long, dark hair.

"Hello, Devon. It's been a while."
29-06-2003, 16:54
Watching the cameras closely Carlos smiles as nathi gets off her bike and takes her helmet off. God I wish i could be there, but cant let on I know about this....just yet, hmmm what should I do.... his eyes light up at the thought of a prank.

Swinging around he grabs his phone. "Sasha? excellent get onto the special iraqstani guard contingents down near devon and nathi, get them to pull up and try an arrest, lets see how much fun this could be.

If they refuse the arrest give chase and attempt to lead them both to the firing range please."

Getting a curt and respectful acknowledgement carlos returns to the video feeds and watches intently, waiting breathing lightly expecting the move....
29-06-2003, 23:36
Treznor blinks stupidly for a moment, his mouth hanging with shock and disbelief. Nath? That's impossible! She's never been that good! No one is! Then remembering where he is, he snaps his teeth together and rips off his helmet while stomping up to her.

"What the hell do you think you were doing, woman? Of all the crazy, foolhearty, suicidal stunts I've seen you do, that takes the cake! How did you know you wouldn't lose control of the bike? I nearly went ass over kettle myself! Almost broke my neck! If something happened to you, I swear..."

He notes two things as he approaches her: his tirade isn't having the slightest effect on her; she reclines comfortably against the seat of her Bandit regarding him with that smug look of amusement he remembers from their past. The other thing that he notices is that she looks more beautiful than he's seen her in years. His mind is torn between anger at the way she recklessly endangered both of them and a rush of desire. A flush creeps up his neck and he cuts himself short abruptly.

He clears his throat awkwardly and extends his hand to her. "It's good to see you, Nath."
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 05:53
Good lord, I really think he was suprised. she chuckled to herself. And ... worried? That last bit he seemed more upset at the thought of me getting hurt than him actually scraping the pavement. Reminded me of ... She pulled that thought up short.

Just glad he seems to be ok.

She notices the way he looks at her, remembering all too well that same look he had so often all those years ago. Without really thinking about it, she takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly, shifting her stance to be just that much more ... provacative, without making it seem obvious.

Her heart was beating wildly at the thrill of the chase, the intensity of the moment, and, she had to admit, the heat in his eyes.

She extends her hand out to him with her most ravishing smile and a sly wink. Her eyes show all the emotion her calm exterior belies.

Gods but I've missed this.

As she opens her mouth to speak, her hearing picks up the approaching sounds of pursuit.

"Devon, trust me on this." She puts back on her helmet and swings back onto her bike. Noting his look, she lets out a vexed sigh. "At least this once?" She starts up the bike, revving it once.

"Get on. We're about to have company."
30-06-2003, 09:02
Treznor flushes a little deeper, responding to her subtle provocations more than he'd like to admit. But her invitation confuses him.

"What's wrong? Company? My bike is a little scraped up, but it's fine. I can ride." As he speaks, he leaps over to where he'd thrown his own helmet to don it.
30-06-2003, 09:07
"repeat be on alert, it seems they've been warned of your approach. Proceed with caution." was the tone of the message being played over Public Security Service Officer Carl Cololf's radio, as he and his partner sped towards the two bike riders. Behind them another 20 cars, 10 bikes and over head another 2 military grade helicopters scream along knowing full well the capability of the bikes and hoping to not have to do any damage.

Grinning to himself Carlos watches the new forces speed onwards and another monitor shows nathi telling Devon to hop on her bike, a bit distressed at the prospect of losing a bike to some civillian he quickly orders a collection of the bike and have it repaired and repainted eventually.

Sitting back he watches as the cars begin to slow down nearing the two nation leaders.

"There they are, slow it down and prepare to stop, lets see if they run." Carl said to his partner as the car slowly brakes to a stop.
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 09:36
"Dev, don't argue with me - I don't have time to explain. You saw yourself ... you're hurt, your bike isn't at tops ... " she trailed off lamely.

They could both hear the approach by now, and she pulled up closer to him with a lurch.

"I don't know what game Carlos is playing, but I don't plan to stick to his rules."

She patted the seat behind her as she flicked up her dark visor, looking at him intently.

"Please? I don't relish the thought of you eating pavement again."
30-06-2003, 09:43
Treznor gives one last, longing look at his Bandit parked along the side of the road and hops on behind Nathicana. He sternly orders his body to behave itself and not respond to the warmly comfortable and familiar form in front. Then he wraps his arms around her waist and murmurs, "If you wanted a snuggle you could have just asked. This wasn't necessary."
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 09:50
"Shut up, boy, and just hold tight." she growls, peeling out.

Seeing security forces closing in both in front and behind, she quickly makes a decision.

"God I hope I can hold this together ... " she mutters, leaning down into the bike further, getting a good feel for it and the difference in handling with Devons additional weight.

The cars speed towards them. She maintains her course, repeating their little 'chicken' scene from earlier.

"They'll flinch. I know they'll flinch. Carlos couldn't afford to have us both dead in his country ..."
30-06-2003, 09:58
Carl begins to watch his partner in earnest "your going to flinch right? The Boss said not to injure them in anyways so you better be preparing to flinch...." he mumbles as his partner roars in at the two on the bike.

Carlos sits forward Come on car flinch damnit flinch! watching the screen the car roars in at the two on the bike and carlos begins to hold his breath "They're not gonna make it, flinch damnit NOW!" as if hearing him the car suddenly swerves left out of the way of the bike behind them the other cars peel off and screech to a halt forming effectively an honour tunnel for the pair to ride through.

Oh thank god for that, commendations all round for that wonderful display Carlos thought as he collapsed into his chair breathing heavily.
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 10:08
She smiles fiercely, pouring on even more speed as she races in between the cars.

Feeling rather pleased with herself, she readjusts her grip on the handlebars and stretches ... which pushes herself back with a twist of her hips against Devon in a rather suggestive way.

You never could resist teasing him, could you? she chided herself, still grinning.

Checking the onboard map systems, she yells over her shoulder, hoping he can hear.

"Where were you going?"
30-06-2003, 10:32
Treznor grins and squeezes a firm bit of flesh in easy reach, one of the ones he recalls she found particularly sensitive. Hmm...she's been exercising since we tussled last. Then he carefully reaches forward to the miniature dashboard and activates the Bandit's onboard comms.

"I was looking for a firing range to the southeast to play with the toys on these things, but I couldn't find it. I was heading back to the barn when I ran into you."
30-06-2003, 10:39
Carlos sits watching the events and notices the little hand movements of Devon and smirks Damn boy why can't i be that bold? Pausing he watches as Devon activates the bike's comm unit reaching out he taps his own and gets confirmation of an intercepted transmission replayed he hears what Devon said. "Captain get a link into that com link and patch it through to here.

A few minutes pass and there comes back an affirmitive from the internal comm system and suddenly the roar of the bike and sirens is more louder than it is on TV. "Devon, Nathi my dears what ARE you doing?" Carlos asks grinning wildly.
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 10:40
She gasps in a mix of pleasure and suprise, keeping her hands on the grips and refraining from elbowing him for his daring.

Oh come on ... you asked for that one. Let it pass. She had to grin in spite of herself.

"Sorry," she says through the com, "didn't take the time to check out all the toys on this baby. Was too busy catching up with you."

Let him think what he wants about that.

"So ... is it back to my place, or to the range then, hmm?" she said coyly.

At Carlos' interruption, her voice goes cold.

"I could ask you the same thing, boy."
30-06-2003, 10:43
hearing nathi's voice carlos laughs slightly "My Dears, you played chicken now we are playing tag, do not fret they wont harm you, I was trying to get Devon to follow them to the firing ranges but noooo, he had to play tag. So now if you would kindly follow them, I will see you there shortly ok?" Grinning again carlos watches the TV in hopes of seeing some sort of reaction.
30-06-2003, 11:09
Treznor is about to respond to Nathicana's coy invitation when Carlos' voice interrupts.

"Devon, Nathi my dears what ARE you doing?"

Nathicana's cold response reminds him of days gone by when she would dress down a subordinate who failed in a particularly spectacular way.

"I could ask you the same thing, boy."

Treznor just smiles and squeezes Nathicana gently about the waist.

Carlos laughs slightly. "My Dears, you played chicken now we are playing tag, do not fret they wont harm you, I was trying to get Devon to follow them to the firing ranges but noooo, he had to play tag. So now if you would kindly follow them, I will see you there shortly ok?"

Treznor shrugs gently so as not to upset Nathicana's balance. "You're in the driver's seat. I think it would be rude to our host not to accept his invitation, but you did mention going back to your place...."

He leaves the implications of the suggestion unspoken.
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 11:16
Just like old times ... too much so. Almost spooky. she thought with a grin.

"Incorrigible," she chuckles. "Besides ... several days here ... time enough for all manner of activities." she says, leaving it open. "By the way, have you seen the baths in thse places?"

Oh, stop that, woman!

"Well Carlos, it seems we'll be seeing you shortly." She taps in her destination, and sharply turns the bike in the proper direction, somehow managing to wriggle her hips back against Devon in the process.

"I've a few things I'd like to talk to you about regardless." she says meaningfully.
30-06-2003, 11:22
Carlos grins "Very well, my dears oh and please be mindful of your actions on that bike, there ARE children that watch the news you know" speaking impishly he leaves the rest unsaid "Very well, I will see you soon." clicking the comm off carlos fixes up his off duty styled clothes and heads out the door grabbing the keys to his bike.

Heading down to the garage he calls his security teams to tell them to keep a lose eye on the firing range and remain invisible to the three of them and also tells them to round up Marik and the commander that Devon bought as well as any teams they wish to put together and jumps on his bike helmetless he dons his sunglasses (light sensative eyes) and kick starts it roaring off he leaves his security team perplexxed and rushing to comply with his orders.
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 11:27
"Mindful of my ... children?" she sputters angrily.

Venting her frustration and irritation at being treated so, she speeds up further, pushing the bike to its limits, once more taking horribly dangerous risks as she cuts through traffic, zips along curbs, and jumps small obstacles.
30-06-2003, 11:38
Treznor holds on tight as Nathicana performs more maneuvers he normally would have sworn were impossible. Gotta ask her about this. Soon.

"Hey, easy there Red. He means his children, not yours."

OOC: I don't really have much to say about this (the bantering with Nath could continue until the Universe expires in heat death or implosion or whatever theory gets you off), so I'll just take this opportunity to suggest an editorial fast-forward to wherever we want to be next. Treznor isn't driving, so I leave that to the two of you.
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 11:54
ooc: heh ... was just speaking back his comments aloud - heavens, what a jump there. ;)

"You know damn well I don't have any ch ..." she growled back to Devon as they pulled into the range, cutting off the thought as she wondered just what he'd meant by that.

Red ... that's twice he's used that with me. Time to set him down, or ...

Seeing Carlos there waiting, she pulls up in a screeching halt, sliding the bike slightly sideways, one foot down to help maintain balance.

She waits for Devon to dismount before swinging her leg around quickly ... perhaps too quickly ... dismounting, and whipping off her helmet.

Looking to Carlos with eyes that glitter dangerously, she arches a brow.

"So ... what is it you wanted to show us, dear?" she said in a very cold voice.

Careful ... careful ... don't offend. You need his signature yet.
30-06-2003, 12:01
Taking a slight step back from the spray of rocks and dust Carlos smiles and watches the pair dismount the bike.

"So ... what is it you wanted to show us, dear?" Nathi said in a very cold voice "Oh, nothing much was hoping since you two where having so much fun you wouldnt mind running a course or two for some fun, plus I wanted to see your reactiosn first hand as to the utter enjoyment I had watching this little scene." Carlos smiles over their shoulders as the police cars, military helicopters and military units pull up and fan out in parade ground fasion and he motions for them to walk with him.

"come come you must be dying in all that leather as charming and amazing as you both look, I have a limo for us enroute with air conditioning and fresh drinks, maybe we could take a quick tour of a special place for me. As I'm sure you both have recently observed I initiated a joint working force in the military industries, I was wondering if you'd both like to see one of those camps in action...and sample some of the products being built?" Carlos grins impishly and runs his eyes over Nathicana and Devon cooly from behind his glasses.
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 12:09
I'll give you 'enjoyment', boy ... five minutes, alone, with my tools ...

She put on a smile that never reached her eyes, unzipping her leather jacket and swinging it off to lay it across the seat of the bike. Stretching langorously, for Devon's benefit as well as Carlos', she plucked at the silk shirt that was now clinging closely to her body, attempting to loosen it and get a bit of air.

"Whatever makes you happy, Carlos. I'm sure it would be quite ... enlightening. Devon?" she finished, turning to her onetime lover, tilting her head slightly in the direction of the limo.

ooc: sorry on the delay and getting to destination - late on this end, mind wandering.
30-06-2003, 12:21
OOC: Damn these forum errors! I would have responded two posts ago if it had let me.

IC: Treznor removes the helmet and tosses it to Carlos. "You don't have to ask me twice. Nath, I was saying yesterday that air conditioning is the only real proof of civilisation." He unzips his black and silver jacket and shrugs it off, trying not to get distracted too much by Nathicana's preening.

"I'd love to see this demonstration. I brought along a couple of toys I thought I'd show to you folks, as well. I finally got my people to capitalise on the side-effects of our stealth technology."
30-06-2003, 12:26
Smiling brightly and eyeing nathi behind his glasses with wonder, Carlos leads them over to the sleek black limo that pulled up and opens the door.

"By all means my friends come come, next stop Education Camp 4431's current work assignment, and some field tests of a new weapons system we've been designing."
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 12:30
Nathi looked at Devon sharply at the mention of his stealth project.

Did he manage to fix it? Damn that's going to steal my thunder a bit.

"That's alright my dear boy. Lets get you cooled off, shall we?" she said too sweetly to Devon.

"After all, you know what they say - if you can't take the heat ..." she trailed off, shooting Devon a meaningful look as she followed Carlos to the waiting limo.

Weapons system ... this should prove interesting.
30-06-2003, 12:33
smiling all the time Carlos opens the door and lets the pair preceede him into the limo nodding to security chiefs who in turn spin around and hurry off he smiles. "Oh I took the liberty of collecting your two companions, Marik for you nathi and Yvonne for you Devon they will be following us to the test site and you can catch up with them when we arrive.
30-06-2003, 12:47
Treznor waits for Nathicana to precede him into the limousine before hopping in and reveling in the cool air. "Hmm...decadence. It's good to be the king."

He quirks an eye at Nathicana, noting with pleasure the way her shirt clings to her. "Well, I recall the kitchen getting too hot once before, which is why I was forced to disappear. But I think I've gotten better at walking on fire, and that's why I'm back."

He nods happily to Carlos. "Thank you for that, Carlos. I know Yvonne is still purpling the air over the way I left her and the others behind. That devotion to duty thing again. I hope you haven't been tormenting her too much. She's a sensitive soul, that one."
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 12:54
She settles in, getting comfortable as she nestles back into the seat, drawing her knees up under her somewhat, and turning to face Devon and Carlos more fully.

"Do fetch me a drink, dear? Water would do nicely." She gestured to the beverage cabinet, smiling at Devon thoughtfully.

"And yes, I believe you have gotten better. Will be interesting to see how much so."

I'm certain Marik will be all smiles, as usual ... and Yvonne? Lets see just what sort of lady he has watching over him so ... devotedly.

"Carlos - please, a little background on your system?" she said as they drove.
30-06-2003, 12:58
Carlos smiles and enjoys the view of nathi like Devon was and chuckles, "My friend I have been enthralled with your escapades through my city, to torment dear Yvonne. Quite impressive some of the things you pair pulled off on those bikes. Oh and the abandoned one is being retrieved and repaired as we speak." Carlos hops into the car and sighs as he hits the cool air. "Such bliss I have in this life." Nodding to the driver he closes the door and the car pulls out, around them police units fall into security formations and the helicopters pull up and away.

"Now for a surprise I'm taking you both to one of 100 new launch facilities being built in strategic places around Iraqstan, you'll forgive me if I decline from answering too many questions about these sites, but by the end of the tour you'll understand. Let me tell you a bit about the Education Camp we'll be seeing at this place, every year or so the military heads out and rounds up 5,000 men and young men to begin working in our military industries, these are rounded up from villiages whom live entirely off of the government supplying them housing, food and water due to the fact generations before them have worked in our military factories, they head to a trianing camp which I wont show due to it's current crowded state and recieve intensive training in the art of military production. Then when that is finished they are sent to one of the numerous factories around Iraqstan, Isla Quatio and Um Lizaa to begin mass producing military weapons, machines and what have you. When they reach the factory they relinquish their names and work tirelessly to produce some of the finest military items in the world."

As carlos explains all this the limo twists and turns throughout the countryside leaving the city behind and heading somewhat inland towards a massive towering building surrounded by a large wall and patroled by hundreds of troops. "As a bonus you'll also get to look inside the Command and Control FAcility for this part of my empire's droid infantry since the launch site we are going to is based in this area. I might even be able to arrange a meeting with our somewhat finished AI NADOHS who is turning out to be quite the work of art."

Carlos quietens down and lets it all sink in and smiles at them both.
30-06-2003, 13:12
Devon waits for Carlos to respond to Nathicana's request for water. When he realises that it isn't going to happen, he bows to the inevitable and pours a glass to hand it over.

As Carlos outlines the details of his project, Treznor's mind mulls over the numbers and scope being described. He begins to grasp the immensity of the labour and research involved, and internally flinches.

I'm still far, far out of my league here. My empire is pretty strong, but no matter how strong I might be right now I wouldn't even be a bump in the road to a nation like this. I hope Nath remembers that. We're just pilot fish swimming with the sharks. We're okay so long as we remember they have teeth.
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 13:27
She takes the glass with a nod and a smile. Any victory, however small, gave her a little thrill when it came to that man for some reason.

Damn Carlos ... I do not like being kept off balance like this. Those numbers ... gods, those projects. Would never work in the Dominion. Not like that.

Curious, she peered out the window at the building they were fast approaching, and not for the first time, felt a bit cold.

As charming and indulgent as he seems ... he's no fool. Flexing his muscles here. A reminder not to get too uppity with him. And there is the contract ...

She took a long, slow sip, focusing on the both of them, for entirely different reasons. Sitting this close she was able to breathe in Devon's scent - a clean mix of leather, heat, and ... him. That brought up anew all sorts of memories she was not entirely sure how to feel about.

"That's quite impressive, Carlos." she says softly, glancing only briefly at Devon, then shifting her attention firmly back on the Iraqstani leader, pushing aside her perplexing thoughts as best she could wilst sitting so close to the source.

"This should be an enlightening visit."
30-06-2003, 13:38
Carlos smiles sweetly and looks out the window pride creeping into his voice "This building was built at the height of my father's rule over these lands, the AI I spoke of was originaly named R8-CHL or Rachel after the head scientist of the project who sadly killed herself after my father died" Carlos looks down slightly blinking back tears

"The economic boom the divine empire has is largely because of my father's knowledge of international business and productivity, now I handel things as best as I can and advance the already highly done nation. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really doing any good....."

Suddnely as if he realises he's speaking too personally he looks up and smiles again "The facility ahead is immense, controling not only our infantry droids but acts as part of the space center's communications and sattelite guidance system, it's one of a few central positions of our early warning, anti-misisle and anti air systems, as well as one of 5 command facilities for the Sattelite Based Defense Systems in geo-syncronous orbit around Iraqstan.

The system we will be seeing today is a new design given to us by a friendly arms provider, it's a stealth grade Inter-Continental Cruise Misisle, and I feel it will be quite decisive in Iraqstan's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons deterrant program we have begun to extend."

Smiling again he flicks his eyes between Nathicana and Devon taking in both their reactions, body language and subtle looks There's something more here than mere friends with these two.... he thinks to himself as he reaches for his usual glass of scotch.
30-06-2003, 13:56
Treznor shakes his head as he listens to Carlos' self-recriminations. "Your father would be proud of the nation you've built in his memory. I know I'm in awe of it. If you weren't at least as capable as he was, everything he built would have crumbled into dust. Read up on the empires created by Alexander the Great and Genghis Kahn. They're all the example you need to prove you're doing just fine with Zelgado's legacy."

As Carlos describes what they're about to see, he suppresses a shiver.

Stealthed cruise missiles? Is that what he's doing with my tech trade? Biological weapons? Dear gods, what have I gotten myself in for? First Frederick suckers me into his terrorism scam, and now I'm allied with someone actively researching banned weapons? Dear gods, I'll get crucified in the UN if this comes out. I'll just have to hope for plausible deniability if it leaks.

He reaches for Carlos' good scotch and pours himself three fingers.

Even on vacation I can't get away from work.
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 14:04
Tears? And ... doubt? But is he sincere, or is this a ploy to get me to let down my defences? Her thoughts wavered back and forth on that point as she listened.

Her eyes went wide at the mention of the current systems as well.

If I could just get hold of the plans ... my dear, you may be getting in over your head. Walk carefully here. Damn, the implications of he and Devon working together truly makes me cringe. That boy is entirely too resourceful by half, and allied with this sort of power ... She bit her lower lip nervously without thinking. A sure sign of her discomfort.

Observing Devon pour himself a stiff drink, her brow furrowed.

And it seems I'm not the only one nervous here ... that can't be good.
30-06-2003, 14:09
Carlos smiles at Devon's comments and hides a few tears that run down his face and watches them both intently Nathi is biting her lip and Devon my friend a strong drink? hmmm perhaps they are sufficiently off put now

"Your words are kind my dear friend, but one cannot discount luck without it coming around to bite one on the butt later" chuckling he finishes his drink and smiles. "Enough about me, what did you think of those bikes?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
30-06-2003, 14:17
"Second opportunity to experience, first time to drive one of the Reploid models. Very impressive, my boy. A joy to drive ... made everything almost effortless. Have pondered buying some myself."

She shot a sly glance at Devon, hoping to judge his reaction, and rather glad for the topic change.

You let too much show in your effort to show off, she chided herself.

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30-06-2003, 14:21
Carlos smiles and nods "Yes they are wonderful machines, I regularly use at least one of them a day it's quite invigorating. I must say the populace doenst drive or go outside when I'm on the things, for some reason they fear me" Carlos shrugs slightly and looks innocently about him.

OOC: everyone leaving me :( but hehe it's fun
01-07-2003, 00:31
Treznor swallows the last of his scotch and reaches for more. Wow, that's smooth.

"I love that bike. I'm familiar with Reploid technology, but I'd never had the pleasure of driving one before. I'm sold. I'm going to buy a fleet of 'em for my police. If nothing else, they'll have fun handing out speeding tickets!"
Dread Lady Nathicana
01-07-2003, 01:50
Nathi chuckles, giving Devon a sidelong glance as she sips her water quietly.

"Have to admit ... you did look rather good on it, boy." she says softly.

"And I'm sorry, Carlos - but had you wanted our attention earlier ... there are more effective, and less costly ways to do it. I do hope we didn't cause too much of a stir downtown?" she smiled innocently.
01-07-2003, 05:45
Carlos laughs softly "There were other ways, indeed you missed my phone call to your palace as you were leaving my dear nathi, and for me to get to devon I would of had to give up the charade of enforcing law in my own city, plus it was highly fun to watch you both run circles around my police forces.....I think more training is needed for them.

But yes the reploid products are the highest quality I have ever seen, and I must say you both looked stunning on them" Carlos winks at them both and looks away for a moment as one of the car passengers whispers in his ear and he smiles as he's handed some ID cars.

"Now for our trip into the facility you will both require these to access most of the areas of the facility should you get lost, there area few high level places that are too dangerous for you to be allowed into but other than that the facility is open for your prying eyes and espionage witts" Grinning mischeiviously Carlos hands each one an ID card and sits back watching as the limo pulls into the gates of the huge compound.
01-07-2003, 12:39
Treznor smiles at Nathicana's compliment and winks quickly, signalling that he appreciates the compliment and returns it.

He grins as he accepts Carlos' compliment with equinamity, hiding his expression behind the glass of scotch. Okay, that's enough alcohol for now. Then he accepts the card and pins it on.

"Espionage? Us? Why Carlos, whatever gives you that idea?"
01-07-2003, 12:47
Carlos chuckles and grins "That idea? Only the fact it's what I would be doing if I were in your place" chuckling again carlos replaces his glass on the drink holders and looks over at nathi. "My dear you were impressive on that bike I must say, how did you manage to keep that thing upright though those tricky and dashing manuevers?" clucking to himself he gives off a wink and leans back and mutters to the driver.

"Excellent we are almost there, once we arrive you can catch up with your security chiefs and what have you and we'll organise the tour and test launch for you, that will take a few minutes I do apologise for that we have been having some troubles recently with the launch silo and I think we might of finally got it."
Dread Lady Nathicana
01-07-2003, 19:19
Nathi blushes slightly at Devon's wink and smile, but quickly tries to hide it behind another long sip of her water.


She composes herself, and flashes one of her most winning smiles at Carlos.

"Why, my dear ... I'd no sooner spy on you than I would my own sainted mother - god rest her soul."

"As for the riding ... well, lets say that trauma like that incident at my villa some time back tends to focus one more on the here and now. I'd say I'm ten times the woman I was before that unfortunate experience with the dissidents." She delivered that last with a sly grin and brief glance at Devon, knowing he knew the whole thing had been a cover up.

"That and years of practice, of course. I've always had a passion for bikes."

Among other things ... Ah, if only Devon knew. Ten times indeed. And then some. She chuckled softly to herself, taking another slow sip, eyeing them both over the rim of her glass with eyes alight with mischief.
01-07-2003, 19:26
Grinning slightly as the limo pulls up Carlos opens the door "Well now, we'll just have to see how good those reflexes are one day hmm my dear?" grinning slyly carlos throws her a wink and slides his glasses back on before stepping out of the limo. "But for now I do believe we have arrived, and by the looks of it Devon your dear commander is ready to chew me up and might digest me for being me.....perhaps you can save me?" chuckling carlos holds the door open for nathi and Devon to hop out smiling the entire time.

Reflexes and training, maybe I should see your personal trainer about some training regimes for my people, the way you rode that bike.....
Dread Lady Nathicana
01-07-2003, 19:46
She gives Carlos a considering, almost hungry look at the thought of competition, stepping gracefully out of the limo.

"Well my dear, I am here for an extended period. Should you wish a contest of sorts, such as swordplay or fencing? Or perhaps some unarmed sparring? I would be more than happy to put you through your paces." She looked back over her shoulder at Devon as she finished pinning on her ID.

"In fact ... perhaps the three of us could engage in a bit of friendly competition? I dare say, on a good day I'll wager I could take you both."

Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she deliberately dangled the inuendo before them, watching Devon for a reaction.
01-07-2003, 19:50
Carlos barks out a crisp laugh and shakes his head "I would be the fool to believe I could win, but more the fool I am I might take you up on that offer some time, even if dear Devon doesnt join in, I'm sure we could make some wonderful bruises." grinning impishly carlos opens his arms wide and spins around sun glinting from his glasses "Behold the pulse of Iraqstan, The Command and Control Facilit, next destination inside and building wide air conditioning."

Grinning again he moves to the side as the two different security details appear, off to the side a major stands motioning for Carlos to come over "If you'll excuse me I have to attend to something but do take the time to catch up with your security details" Nodding slightly Carlos moves off and begins talking with the major.
01-07-2003, 21:26
Treznor smiles at the reference to the incident at Nathicana's villa, but says nothing. It wasn't my fault you lost the Raphael, nor my team's. They wouldn't have set the explosives if they hadn't been pursued so unexpectedly. He pours ice water for himself and refills Nathicana's glass.

When he steps out of the limousine after Nathicana, he stops to admire the spectacular complex that Carlos is so proud of. Forced to squint in the sun he looks up to the top of the pyramid and makes some quick estimates. Has to be at least fifty stories, if it's an inch.

Nathicana's bantering brings him back to the matters at hand, and he returns her look. Sparring, eh? She's being coy again. It looks good on her; reminds me of when we worked together. She's got that cat-ate-the-canary look on her face, too. She's got a surprise she can't wait to spring on us. "Challenge accepted, of course. May I suggest we wait until we get up to the station? We can make it interesting with a zero-gee tournament. I've always wanted to try that." Plus, it'll offset my strength advantage. He pauses, thinking of his intelligence reports. If I still have one, that is.

Treznor swings his head around to see Yvonne marching grimly toward them just as Carlos predicted. Ooh, she's mad as a hornet. I'm in for it when we're alone, that's for sure.

He suppresses a grin. Oh, but it was worth it!
Dread Lady Nathicana
01-07-2003, 23:05
Nathi looked around, clearly impressed, nodding to Carlos almost absentmindedly as she surveys the grand structure.

Now this is what I want to get my hands on ...

Hearing Devon respond, she shoots him a grin, wriggling her eyebrows impishly.

"Done. I look forward to it, boy."

She followed his gaze to the woman stalking towards them, Marik following in his usual casual swagger, looking neither impressed, nor angry, nor anything else.

I swear ... nothing phases the man.

She had to admit, she liked him that way.
02-07-2003, 08:58
Carlos walks over to the major who salutes, returning the salute Carlos nods, "What is it major?" he asks and the major looks up and nods "Sir, we managed to get the launch facility up and running and the missiles are ready to go, but we have some concerns over these people being inside the command center, what if they slip into the bio-labs and find out what we are studying down there..." he asks quietly, carlos chuckles and pat the major on the back, "Tierce my friend you are too cautious for your own good, their cards dont give them access to that area and I intend to keep my eyes in my head for longer than the rest of the day" chuckling again carlos looks over at the two security chiefs. "Tell me Tierce what info did you get on those two? specifically Marik, he's entirely too casual for a security chief." Tierce looks over and frowns "Nothing much so far sir, and we are having difficulties getting into the Dread Lady's information systems since her laptop is hidden.

Carlos sighs and nods, "Very well, is that all?" getting a nod Carlos walks back to the gathered people and puts on his host face smiling brightly watching Nathi intently wondering again who she is and why she is so quick to want space on his station Devon I'm assuming wants space so he can get a line on stuff from me, but nathi? never has someone like her taken an interest in my activities, what is going on here. There cant be a simple coincidence these two, both seemingly known to each other have taken a sudden interest in my space station...Watch yourself Carlos that bio-lab and the biological warfare areas are close....
02-07-2003, 13:08
Treznor saunters up to Yvonne, daring her with his expression and body language to scold him. "Status report, Commander?"

Yvonne set her jaw firmly and saluted him in parade form. "All present and accounted for, Your Majesty. Security has been inspected and passed. We'll be far more restricted than I'm comfortable with, but as you say, we're guests here."

Treznor flinched internally, but schooled his face to not let it show. Ooh, that was low. She's mad, all right. He returned the salute with equal formality. "Excellent, Commander. Keep me appraised of any changes. Dismissed."

He watched her stalk off to rejoin the rest of his security team and sighed internally. She's really very cute. It's a shame she's so uptight. She could be quite entertaining if only she'd relax a little.

He went to find a glass of water to rehydrate himself.
02-07-2003, 13:17
Walking back over Carlos stands beside Devon and watches Yvonne and whisles "Damn boy, she gets better by the day seriously what genetic modifications did you do to her to remove the kindness behind the beauty?" chuckling Carlos pats Devon on the back "I do apologise about the heat my friend we'll be inside shortly"

And then I have to wonder if they will attempt to weasel info out of me, I'll definately have NADOHS watch them constantly...
02-07-2003, 13:37
Treznor sighs dramatically. "It wasn't me. She came out of the wrapping like that. Like I said before, too damned professional. If I could genetically modify her, I'd raise her body heat to thaw her out a bit."

He pauses for a moment, regarding Carlos suspiciously. "Mind you, that was just a joke. I can never be sure around people like you."

He tosses off the rest of his water and sets the glass aside. "Oh, don't apologise about the heat. I just have to be careful about not dehydrating, especially after that excellent scotch of yours. Who's your supplier?"
02-07-2003, 13:42
Carlos laughs loudly at the comment "Aaah my dear friend, I would never dream of doing anything to her unless you let me, of course there are many things she could do and i'd submit to them happily" grinning impishly carlos chuckles again "The scotch comes from a local brewery here fascinating blend smooth, delicious and perfect I'll have a few bottles purchased for you to enjoy on your trip home after all this."

smiling again Carlos walks towards Nathi a sly grin on his face and a bounce in his step.

It's good to be alive, but time to fish for more information
Dread Lady Nathicana
02-07-2003, 14:20
Nathicana was busy whispering quietly back and forth with Marik, who had to lean down considerably on account of his height.

She noted the exchange between Devon and Yvonne out of the corner of her eye, and grinned slyly.

At Carlos' approach, he straightened slowly, the hint of an amused smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. Nathi, however, shot Carlos a brief suspicious look, before smoothing it over into a charming smile.

She gave Marik a curt nod, and he stepped back to lean against the car, face never registering anything more than the slightly amused and casually unconcerned look he had about him.

"Something on your mind, Carlos?" Nathi said, tilting her head.

If only I can get away for a moment ... might be somewhere I can jack into the system and have a peek ...
02-07-2003, 14:23
Carlos frowns slightly over at Marik and shrugs dismissing it "Something wrong? no just making sure things are ok before we head in, I must apologise for keeping us waiting outside like this but we are having some technicalities with the bi...with some things inside and the entire place is in an uproar." Looking perplexed he quickly nods towards marik "I take everything is ok? no problems with the palace, or my people?" looking back to nathi Careful boy, your getting nervous.
Dread Lady Nathicana
02-07-2003, 14:37
My, my ... nervous as a whore in church, she chuckled. Was it something I said, or are you still not sure our presence is worth the bragging rights you'll get showing us what little you will?

Marik had things well in hand back at the palace. With the time he'd had while she was out chasing Devon, he'd managed to loop some of the cameras, giving her a bit more privacy. He had found and eliminated a number of bugs - she was suprised at the number of them and the expert way they'd been hidden. Carlos was no slouch.

"No problems whatsoever my dear Carlos." she assured him, looping her arm through his.

"You've truly spoiled me on this trip - I appreciate it. Now ... this facility of yours ..." she trailed off, leading him over towards Devon. "What exactly are you planning on showing us, hmm?"

Behind her, Marik quietly leaned back up off the car and followed at a respectful distance.
02-07-2003, 14:42
Carlos smiles sweetly and hides the frown creeping back onto his face and pats nathi's hand softly and looking over his shoulder slightly "Oh, nothing much some surprises that can wait and we might be able to see NADOHS in it's awake period if the techs are not digging into the brain again.

After the tour of the facility, we'll be heading to the launch facility which is just over there" pointing with one hand back accross Nathi's line of view carlos turns his head and catches a quick glimpse of Marik following and grins to himself Trust it seems is not something these people take for granted looking in the direction the building he points at sits dormantly in the sunlight.

"Of course my dear, you must forgive me if I refrain from answering some of the questions about the facility, due to operational security and the fact I'd be lynched if any thing got out" smileing sweetly he looks back over at Devon.
02-07-2003, 20:16
Treznor watches the exchange with a mix of amusement and dismay. They're posturing. Both of them are hiding something and they don't want the other to guess. Am I the only one on vacation, here?

He smirks slightly. Oh, Carlos is gonna skin me alive for this one.

"Come on, kids," he says, draping an arm around both their shoulders. "Let's get this show on the road. If they're not ready for us by now, they never will be."
07-07-2003, 00:35
Devon Treznor becomes aware of a presence behind him. He turns his head and finds Yvonne approaching with a phone in her hand.

"Sir," she says, offering the device. "Minister Vitner is on the line for you. I reminded him you're on vacation but he insists that it's urgent."

Devon nods apologetically to his peers and turns to accept the phone. "That's okay, Yvonne. Ben is an exception." He steps away to have a brief conversation.

"What's up, Ben? Yeah, I saw your report about it. They what? All of them? They're saying what? On television, no less? Yeah, that's big. Check it out, personally. If it goes swirly, I want you there for damage control. These guys are too big to insult casually. Keep it quiet, Ben. You know what to do."

Treznor hangs up and hands the phone back to Yvonne. "Thank you, Yvonne. If Ben calls again, put him through immediately." He turns to rejoin the others.

"Sorry about that. Somebody got caught dipping their hand into the candy jar."
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 04:27
Nodding, she smiles at Carlos, anxious to get a peek into the inner workings of his facilities. She chuckles as Devon puts an arm around them both.

"Indeed - lead on, Carlos."

After the brief interruption, Nathi arches a brow and looks Devon over, consideringly on his return and comment.

Cookie jar? Problems at home, my dear?

"I do hope you were able to take care of things, boy." she said quietly. "If that is the case, then by all means, lets continue."
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 04:57
"By the by," she said as they walked along.

"You two certainly have been busy here. That terrible incident with the ah ... 'accident' in the not so distant past? Terrorists, I believe?"

She paused briefly.

"That has been dealt with, I take it?" she asked innocently, though her eyes twinkled with mischief.
07-07-2003, 05:10
Treznor clears his throat and grins.

"Yes, well, I'm just providing humanitarian aide there. I'm given to understand that the threat has passed, but it isn't my fight. You'll have to ask Carlos. Right, old man?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 05:14
She grins at them both slyly.

"Indeed. Humanitarian aid."

Putting on an air of casual unconcern, she studies her nails.

"Truly interesting photos of the area, if I do say so myself. Amazing what one can ... pick up on, when one watches closely. Wouldn't you say so, Carlos my dear?"

Yes, I know he took care of things with Anaya, but ... I do so love to see them squirm a bit.
07-07-2003, 05:35
coughing into his hand to hide his surprise Carlos flushes red for a second before regaining his composure "Yes, quite interesting what photos can tell, but the threat has been contained and we are still unfortunately gathering the evidence needed to justify some sort of action against the suspect nation. By gathering I of course mean sorting out everything we have to make it presentable to the international community."

It's hard enough to get that HAZMAT suite to look right and the photos will take some fine touches but they can be done

Putting his arms around both he smiles again "Please please, this way into the heart of an Iraqstani military center and quite possibly the most advanced system in this part of the world"

Walking up to the doors the Special Iraqstani Guards snap to attention and salute Carlos and company as they pass through the doors into a well air conditioned and high ceilinged building as they look up the facility expands upwards with floor after floor of bustling activity the roof a mere speck of glint above them can barely be seen and all around them military officers and scientists rush about to show their productivity to the now watchful eye of their leader.

"My friends and security personel, welcome to the Gothmog City Command and Control facility. On each floor are people tasked with monitoring threat assesments, security divisions and active hostilities with remaining rebel cells inside and around gothmog city and iraqstan herself off to our right the door there leads to a secured facility which I will not give too much information on. To the left is the NADHOS labs where our techs are putting the final touches to it and directly ahead leads to a prototype computer lab.....there's nothing in there except some old ideas that a tech got to work"

Chuckling Carlos lets them take in the sights whilst stepping back to take them all in with his gaze. she shocked you with that last comment, keep it together kid nobody here will stick a knife in your back....unless they really want too
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 05:48
Got you there, didn't I, boy? Making it presentable indeed. I'm certain Anaya will give you ample assistance there, the clever minx. she thought with a smile.

Allowing herself to be led into the building, she looked around appreciatively at the site. The old computer lab that Carlos so casually brushed aside particularly caught her attention, however.

This is an advanced facility ... perhaps a jack there? she pondered thoughtfully. But how to get myself away long enough to sneak a peek in there ...

"I ah ... hate to be indelicate, but ... you do have a ladies room close by, I hope?" she chuckled, blushing slightly. "It was a long drive, and well ... "

She waited patiently for Carlos to direct the way, hoping it might lay in the general vicinity of the lab.
07-07-2003, 06:12
Carlos laughs casually, and smiles "I must apologise my dearest Nathicana, by all means the ladies room is just over there" Pointing between some computer consoles on the wall beside the old lab a door can be seen with the universal lady with a dress symbol on it.

"If you want we can continue on with the tour and you can catch up any one of the people here can tell you were we are."

OOC: and yay it's a nathi :)
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 06:16
"Excellent. I'll be right with you boys - don't get too far ahead now."

She quickly walks towards the ladies room, glancing back once over her shoulder before entering the door.

This couldn't have possibly worked out better. she thought with a smile.
07-07-2003, 06:30
Watching her go Carlos frowns slightly and shrugs turning back to his companions he smiles "Come this way we'll look at the sattelite control systems then venture on into the NADHOS labs."

Leading the way Carlos leads them through the doors to the left and into the sattelite control room just before the NADHOS labs.
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 06:45
Taking note of the camera placements, at least the ones she can see, she makes a quick, quiet phone call to Marik, who has been waiting where she left the group.

He walks nonchallantly over to place himself in the best possibly position to screen her as she exits quickly from the restroom to the lab.

This isn't going to work ... they'll notice, and I'll be busted ... but I just have to see ...

As soon as she's in, she looks around for any available place to jack in, hoping she's remembered enough from her brief experiences and what Unity was able to show her to make her way around and gather any intel she can from the system if she finds one.
07-07-2003, 06:54
The room Nathi enters is a large computer lab with a spot infront of one of the computers that seems out of place in any normal lab, above the computer consoles itself a sign says Prototype Neural connection.

The room is devoid of standard computer interfaces and some pictures hang on the wall of people that like most others in this country are unfamiliar and strange.

Back with the group Carlos and co fail to see Marik leave as they continue their study of the Sattelite control system and listen to the tech's explaining the system.

OOC: take it from here nath TG'd ya so hope all goes well :) I'd do a tech person but I aint smart enough for that science stuff ;P enjoy!
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 07:09
You have got to be kidding me.

She looked around quickly, wondering if this could be a set up of some sort. It couldn't be this easy.

Seeing nothing amiss ... she quickly made her way over, sat down, took the jack, and plugged in.

The now familiar falling sensation still made her stomach feel ... funny. Finding herself in a non-sculptured system, she decided to flex her skills and manifested as a glowing, non-descript female humanoid.

Greedily, she sought out any information packets she could easily access, doing a quick scan of the contents, and logging away details as she'd been trained to do for ages. She then turned her attention to less 'common' pathways, seeing which she could access without too much trouble.

Having no computer of her own to work with or store files away on, she relied on her own memory to continue 'jotting down notes', all the while mentally timing herself so as not to draw too much attention to her absence.
07-07-2003, 07:19
the system whilst rudimentary works well enough and pathways open to nathi are boundless except two or three which seem to be locked doors so to speak behind them quite possibly exist some of the top secret data that Iraqstan has developed over the years.

As for information available to her general security details being sent orders droid patrols in the compound and even data on where and what the Iraqstani spy satellites are watching at this moment in time.

A fleeting transfer of data from one section to the other hints at a program of great interest but most of it's info is hidden away...something worth investigating?
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 07:26
And investigate she does.

Tracking the trail of info packets on the subject, she tries to piece together what little she can, then tentatively probes the security on the files, veeling it out.

You can't be serious. You're no hacker ... going to get yourself fried if you keep this up.
07-07-2003, 07:37
The Security seems rather light for such a file but then the system its in has never had to deal with someone breaking in from inside the facility the security once inside is rather light and easily avoided if the correct key can be found....
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 07:43
Rummaging through the system with little finesse, she searches for the key that will unlock the files she's trying to access.

You know, you really should have paid closer attention ... AND gotten a few more lessons before you tried a stunt like this ... time, woman, you're running out of time ...

She focused on the task at hand, knowing the information she needed had to be there somewhere.

Key ... just need the key ...
07-07-2003, 07:48
An open message is sent from the recieving station which can be easily read asking for the decryption key for this particular file it is sent back and burning there in the view of nathi are the numbers 0245 (OOC: Zelgado's birthday) such minimal security for files is one thing but to send that sort of key through the system unguarded....clearly the Iraqstani techs dont fear their security systems weakness......
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 07:52
Heh ... your overconfidence is your weakness ... she chuckled to herself, quite pleased with the turn of events.

Using the proper code, she accesses the files, anxious to see what it is that had been hidden with such tantalizing clues.

Perhaps this key might work on other locked files?
07-07-2003, 08:07
The file she opens contains data on one of Iraqstan's programs to expand their influence over nations. A complete list detailing arms shipments money transfers and assasinations all planned for some time in the future also attached were divisions of infantry droids, planes and naval units to be used.

The key whilst seemingly unimportant has a big importance to the president general and thus stands a good chance at being used to access some of the locked doors nathi saw before....

OOC: back in 15 minutes
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 08:10
ooc: Please tell me there is something I can copy this info to ... blank disk, anything ... :shock: Or barring that ... direct transfer to my own laptop or office comp back in the Dominion. Is hooked up, after all ...
07-07-2003, 08:41
OOC: there should be a disk beside you and if that fails and you really want to run the chance of being discovered you can establish a link to your laptop if it's up and running :.
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 08:48
Disk ... copy ... gods, cannot believe this info ...

She makes copies of anything she can, then tries using the key on the other locked areas, hoping for continued success.

Carlos my dear, I think I'm going to have all the bargaining power I want now ... you're mine.
07-07-2003, 09:04
using the key again nathi gains access to one of the sections the other blares out a access denied code out of date warning. The other section opens up before her and spills out data on official Iraqstani held nuclear, chemical and biological weapons exact numbers placements of ICBM silos, ICCM silos and inventory of air craft based warheads. It also lists a research project for building and launching orbital based missile launchers with a note stating the project is on hold until funding and designs can be properly organised.

The seemingly endless stream of data on the weapons courses along waiting to be picked up a file containing research and progress of a modified version of AIDS is located and proves quite interesting.

In the satellite lab

Carlos looks around and hmmms "Has anyone seen Nathi?" looking around worried he flags a tech and whispers "Send an alert through the system to all available security stations we might of lost a person, have them check outside the building and the upper floors she might of forgot to ask one of the people to show us where we are."

The tech nodding rushes to his terminal and sends the message off.

Neural Connection Lab

Amid the flow of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons data designs for prototype atmosphere/space capable fighters are laid out, secret classified data on test subjects for the effects of different chemicals and torture methods, also listed as classified are the plans for two of Iraqstan's aircraft the IK-01 Hellfire and a klamath built ZA-28 supersonic interceptor. The Big catch of the design plans is a tank flagged as ready for prototyping a spider legged tank which from the specifications and data is automated and has plans for installing a semi-sentinent AI as controler. The techinical read outs spill into view listing it's power supplies and what not.

Flowing along with the data comes a pulse of emergency a transmission to all Security stations to look for the Dread Lady Nathicana who appears to be missing, replies come back indicating all available troops will begin searching for her.....

OOC: I think you have enough now :P
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 09:14
Wrapping up quickly, she bundles the info into a neat package and sends it off in two different directions after making copies to the disk.

One she sends to her computer back in the Dominion. The other, she sends to Jas.

A third dummy packet, she sends to her laptop back in the palace she's been staying at. Nothing of real value is in that one, and she hopes that it will help cover her tracks - she knows she's been less than delicate here.

Still reeling from the impact of the info she's gained, she slips back out of the system, falling back into herself, jacking out, and quickly scurrying for the door.

She slips out from behind Marik, slipping him the disk which he quickly tucks into an inside pocket on his jacket. Making a show of coming out of the ladies room she takes his arm, and briskly walks towards the nearest tech, asking directions to Carlos and Devon.

Her face is flushed with excitement - this was simply too much for even her to contain. Still on Marik's arm, she quickly makes her way in the direction noted by the tech, trying to not look quite so pleased with herself.

My, my ... we have been a naughty boy, haven't we, Carlos?

ooc: I should bloody well say so, boyo - ye gods! You are suicidal! *sinister laughter, stage left* Actually, with that, I'm outies for the night. Just noticed the time. *gasp* Catch y'all later!
07-07-2003, 09:22
OOC: hehe their security measures did not include someone breaking in from the inside :P our security is quite strong to prevent outside connections but inside...well yeah :P

The tech watches nathi walk off and shrugs, sending a message via phone to the satellite lab. "Found her sir, she's on her way seems she never left the bathroom"

Hearing the news Carlos moves quickly to the door and opens it stepping outside he watches for nathi and when he sees her waves her over.

And marik too...hmmm I'll have them run a system scan later to find out if anyone was using the systems anywhere.

Smiling greatly he waits for them to turn up and calls out. "I trust everything is ok my dear? If i'd of known you requried assistance I would of had a team to help..." smirking with obvious glee at the thought of that help he waits for them to arrive.
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 09:28
She gives him a cocky smile.

"Ah, Carlos my dear ... things couldn't be better." She left Marik's arm, to walk forward and take Carlos'.

"Besides - you've already been more helpful than I could have wished," she said giving him a sly wink.

"I mean, inviting us here, taking us on this tour, showing us such wonderful hospitality ... truly a gracious guest to see to all our needs so well, don't you think Devon?"

She reaches out to pat his cheek just soft enough to not be insulting.

Now ... how to properly use all this information ... with both of them.

ooc: ok, this time for reals. Buona notte!
07-07-2003, 09:35
Patthing nathi's hand he smiles and leads them back through the doors and back into a speech on Iraqstan's satellite systems leaning close to nathi he whispers "I do find this talk boring, I apologise for that but NADOHS is much more fun I feel." smiling again he returns to listening to the tech.

OOC: seeya nathi enjoy your holiday :P
07-07-2003, 22:28
Treznor winks at Nathicana as she returns. He whispers so as not to disturb the rather dry lecture on gyroscopes and satellite attitude adjustment. "Did you fall in, or did someone just catch your fancy?"

She was gone far too long. There's only one thing she could have been doing. This early in the game, too! After the embarrassment Carlos gave me in my office, I hope he's got his security up to snuff.
Dread Lady Nathicana
08-07-2003, 04:46
She returns Devon's wink, but pointedly glances down at her hands, then looks back up to smile at him broadly.

Quickly making some gestures she knows he'll remember from their days running security ops, she signals 'Must talk later. Private. My place.'

"No, no ... had to take a phone call is all." she whispers back, nodding at appropriate places in the tour discussion, and filing away any details for later perusal.
08-07-2003, 07:29
Seeing the hand signals Carlos frowns and shrugs it off, clapping his hands he grabs everyones attention.

"My dear friends and security team it's time if you'll follow me"

turning he opens the door to the left of the room and enters a bustling room filled with computer banks and techs watching print outs of information and reading screens of data.

"Ladies and gentlment I give you the upper floor brain nerve of NADOHS, the Artificial Intelligence of the empire and soon to be controler of most automated functions in defense and policing."

The techs look up at the sounds of people entering and frown at the intrusion, spying Carlos they snap to attention and begin to work harder again.

"In a few minutes we'll get a complete run down of NADOHS and a test run of it's capabilities and then we'll continue on to the launch facility which I'm sure you are dying to catch a glimpse of..."

Chuckling again Carlos motions a tech to the corner "Have NADOHS run a scan of it's systems to see if anyone tried to get in and then run a scan of accesses to the main network here, look for points of access and any flags of someone trying to get in. Dont worry about codes being used I just want to know if and where the system was accessed."

Getting a curt compliance to his orders the tech rushes off and begins issuing commands to NADOHS and then to the main system.

OOC: will let yas all catch up before continuing on :)
08-07-2003, 09:25
Treznor looks around with interest, his eyes seeming to roam everywhere. In fact, the majority of his attention focuses on Carlos and Nathicana, but he makes it a point to make some intelligent questions about what's going to show he understands the basics of what's being explained to him.

OOC: I'm mostly a bystander for the moment; keep RPing and I'll leap in where appropriate.
Dread Lady Nathicana
08-07-2003, 21:53
"Carlos, your technological achievements never cease to amaze." she says with a smile. "After meeting with several E.I.'s, I admit, I've looked forward to meeting yours."

And let Devon think what he wants of that. she thought, glancing his direction briefly.

She noted Carlos speaking with the tech, and the corner of her eye twitched as she looked around, the only betrayal of her picture of outward calm.

Gods, let this go off smoothly ... she thought nervously, more than a bit concerned about going into close business with the man after what she'd seen. Of course she was aware of how he ruled, and some of the methods he'd used even with his own people, but the implications of biological and chemical agents, and the deployment of such had her ... concerned.

There was obviously much more to the man than met the eye.

And Devon was worried about the offworld sharks. I believe we've both gotten in a bit deep with one right here at home.
09-07-2003, 07:42
hearing Nathi's comment he smiles broadly, "NADOHS will most likely be less impressive than those others but it was inspired by the hisorical and current fame of S.H.O.D.A.N and them."

Turning around a huge image screen is lowered to the floor and a tech explains. "This screen is for when we want to do active tests of NADOHS' image awareness it projects images it computes as to be correct and we then mark it's accuracy. It can also be used to project the image NADOHS itself percieves it to be, we must apologise first hand for any shock the image will give..." turning around he begins to issue commands and NADOHS slowly awakens.

On the screen a faceless, genderless being dressed in a complete Iraqstani military uniform appears whilst a camera scans the people infront of it, identifying the President General NAHDOHS begins to speak through a speaker system.

President General Quil'Raya, and.......others, I am Networked Artificial Digitally Organized Heuristic Sentience. What is it I can do for you?

"NADOHS I'd like to introduce Emperor Devon Treznor I of The Empire of Treznor and the Dread Lady Nathicana of The Dominion, they were invited here for a show of yourself and our new system that was built within your current sphere of use."

NADOHS bows respectively and with a slight flitter of pixels reverts to it's standing form zooming in the fully body image is replaced with the faceless head.

Honoured I am to meet such governing people I compute 100% efficiency in registering and downloading your images, perhaps a voice imprint from the both of you?

Silence reigns as NADOHS and the others await the pair's responses.

Never done that before, what's it up too.... Carlos thought as he waited.

OOC: sorry for the poor AI RP there, still trying to work out it's manners and actions :P
09-07-2003, 10:35
Treznor schools his face to be impassive as Nathicana mentions meeting other EIs, but he knows that won't fool anyone. If he were a cat, his tail would be twitching madly.

Just what did SHODAN give you, my dear? More to the point, what did you give it? I wish I knew what those...creatures were capable of.

NODAHS impresses him mightily, and he's not ashamed to let his jaw drop. Unlike Nathicana, this is his first introduction to a non-organic lifeform. And I thought the Sakkra were alien! I wonder what my people could do with something like this?

"Hello, NODAHS. I'm Emperor Treznor, but you can call me Devon. How are you, today?"
09-07-2003, 10:49
My systems are functioning at optimal levels Devon. How are you?
Voice and Visual records updated and logged, Devon Treznor Emperor.
NADOHS makes another formal bow and resumes it's zoomed in appearance.

facial expression indicates shock, is there something wrong Devon?

Carlos stands to the side and watches the proceedings amusement flickering accross his face at Devon's open surprise and amazement.
09-07-2003, 13:37
"I'm quite impressed, in fact. My nation's technical expertise isn't anywhere close to creating a system as flexible and complex as yours. You say you're a digital heuristic system? I didn't think that was possible with binary programming. That's what my people tell me, anyway. We've been very interested in the working of Electronic Intelligence such as yourself."

Treznor casts a sly glance at Nathicana. Chew on that for a while, my dear!
10-07-2003, 16:53
Yes, I am a digital Hueristic system and my programming is not in binary it is paralleled off of the process used inside human brains. Of course I am not yet complete but my systems function at peak efficiency even now.

The image of NADOHS is replaced by images of her "brain" and she explains each part of it with great depth and understanding.

[OOC: I'd do that but uh...I have no real idea into the nitty gritty parts :P]
Dread Lady Nathicana
11-07-2003, 20:19
Nathi enjoys Devon's reaction ... or lack thereof at her mention of other E.I.'s, permitting herself a slight grin of satisfaction.

Oh, he'd find out sooner or later, knowing him ... and I do so love baiting him with these little tidbits.

She looks over NADOHS with interest, mentally storing away tidbits, comparing it with the others she's met. She watches the interaction between Devon and NADOHS with an amused smile as well, chuckling softly at his mention interest in the inner workings of such individuals, but giving him a sharp glance, quickly masked.

"I'm afraid our research efforts have gone in other directions in the Dominion ... we have preferred interacting with and if I might be so bold, befriending such entities to trying to develop one ourselves."

Just what did you mean by that, boy? she thought. Interested in the workings? Not if your meddling would interfere with my connections, I think.

Looking back to NADOHS, she listens intently to the explanation of operation, though granted, understanding only parts of it. When the EI is finnished, she nods and smiles.

"Truly a marvel, my dear, though I'm afraid much of your explanation is beyond my limited grasp." she says to NADHOS. "You say you are not quite complete? If it is within your security parameters to do so, could you explain?"
11-07-2003, 20:29
NADOHS focuses on Nathicana. "Voice print verified, and security clearance cards scan as acceptable for some information. I am not fully constructed in the sense not all my monitoring and sub-systems are on-line. I am recieving error messages every time I attempt sattelite communication with various units around the globe."

A tech clears his throat and speaks. "The reason for this is due to a large gap in our telecommunications systems we are having trouble integrating NAHDOHS into current systems and might have to rebuild our entire communications both civil and military before it's complete."

Smiling Carlos watches with interest and turns to an aid that walks towards him. Whispering "Sir, the military heads are requesting your authorisation for mobalisation of military plan #3 operation cut-out"

Carlos smiles "consider it authorised lieutenant" the man salutes and walks off.

Well, with the general controling that it should go well.
Dread Lady Nathicana
11-07-2003, 23:02
She nods both to NADHOS and the tech for their explanations.

"I can see where that would be a problem. Good luck with getting it up and running properly."

One that I'm sure Carlos is working dilligently on. At least that will keep him busy ... I don't like how this is all shaping up. Not with what I've seen on his system.

She notes the aide speaking with Carlos but thinks nothing of it - it's what goes on when one is a leader after all.
12-07-2003, 02:04
Treznor allows himself a slight grin at Nathicana's reference to her dealings with other Electronic Intelligences.

Flaunting your deal with SHODAN, are you? Dammit, I wish I hadn't heard about that report. It fits in too neatly with her extended absence and her new abilities. I think SHODAN might be capable of it, after all.

Hmm...that might be to my advantage after all.

Come to think of it...SHODAN and NODAHS. Not terribly subtle, Carlos. What do you know of SHODAN?

"NODAHS, what can you tell me about your operational parameters? What is your function?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
12-07-2003, 03:15
Well that was direct. she thought, watching the interaction closely.

Just what all are you up to, boy?
12-07-2003, 08:39
My primary function is to co-ordinate and oversee the military motions and actions of the drone based military units and monitor security and intelligence satellites in orbit. I also have the responsibility of keeping Defense systems readied and operational.

Looking up sharply Carlos realises he has let too much slip from NADOHS and mutters silently to himself.

"NADOHS is primarily our second line of military control and most likely the most important piece of the over-all plan for complete defensive coverage of the country."

Hoping that'll cover up his surprise he moves back into the midst of the people and smiles all around.
Dread Lady Nathicana
12-07-2003, 08:51
Nathicana's eyes widened slightly at that tidbit of information, but narrowed thoughtfully at Carlos' response.

Defense my ass, boy ... I've seen what you have cooking.

"Indeed ... no wonder you're anxious to complete the connections." she says aloud.

"I say, NADOHS," she continues in an offhand manner, "What do you think of things here? Do you enjoy your role? Have you met others like yourself? Have you been given any ... options or choices about any of it?"

Oh, I have a feeling Carlos is going to cut this part of the tour short, or at least come away from it regretting letting us in at this rate ... She couldn't help a brief smile at that.
12-07-2003, 08:59
NADOHS turns it's faceless visiage towards Nathicana

I am...happy? with what I do, and glad the President General see's fit to give me such...freedoms.

I have heard stories of other Sentinent and aware machines as myself but due to problems wiht long range communications cannot open any sort of dialog with them. When I was first constructed I was but a mere semi-independant program running in the background the President General saw fit to enhance and upgrade my systems and functions to what I am now.

He gave me the choice of continuing my work or becoming what ever I wished to become, I was happy to continue on with being the military defense system and running things when organic minds could not run effeciently.

Carlos clears his throat and speaks "You see it's a symbiotic relationship between NADOHS and IDF NADOHS of course can survive without the IDF but in a limited, less resourcefull format until we give it full access to long range systems and civillian systems. The IDF how ever would continue as as it always has but at a more handicapped pace if NADOHS was to abandon it's tasks here and thus it saw fit to continue it's work which is describe as fun by it."

Frowning again he checks his watch "Now the test launch of the new missile system is about due to start if you would be so kind as to follow me we'll move to the launch facility and begin the test."

Moving back towards the door he motions for the group to follow.
Some questions there that should not of been asked, hope I covered them well.
Dread Lady Nathicana
12-07-2003, 09:10
Nathi nodded, pondering.

"Well ... should you ever desire other options or find your current ones limiting, I'm sure I know a few folks whom I could put you in touch with, NADOHS." she said, tilting her head respectfully to the EI.

I don't dare say more, I think.

"It has been a pleasure meeting you. Good luck with your development - I wish you well."

Following after Carlos, she smiled as he looked back.

"Quite enlightening, my dear." she says. "Now ... missile systems, you say? It's been a while since I personally attended such a demonstration. Should be interesting."

I'm curious as to what he's using as a target. she thought somewhat grimly.
12-07-2003, 09:15
Hearing the exchange Carlos frowns to himself but puts on a smile as Nathi walks up.

"Yes of course the missile systems, we'll be running a long ranged relay link to the target area to test the long range flight capabilities of the missile but for obvious security and practical reasons it wont be a nuclear test. I would rather test conventional methods than nuclear."

That and i dont want to reveal how large a nuclear stockpile I'm building....

Stepping back into the general area of the Facility Carlos leads them towards a door he didnt mention, swiping his ID card through the reader he smiles as the door is opened and leads to a long corridor sloping downwards.

"For obvious security reasons the facilities below are encased in hardened bunkers and are assured resistance to nuclear strikes which is always a good thing I feel."

Chuckling again he waits for everyone to walk through the door before closing it.
14-07-2003, 05:15
Treznor nods in approval as he hears of the disposition of Iraqstan's resources. He grins slightly at Nathicana's suggestion that NODAHS might be given "freedom" to pursue its own electronic existence.

Free a tool to become a threat, particularly after it's been used as the nerve centre of your military operations? I don't think so! I don't know if Carlos ever actually offered this machine its freedom, but I'm damned sure he programmed it to "prefer" its current work over anything else. Good thinking, old boy.

So, why are you so nervous about NODASH revealing its operational parameters? Or were you hoping to keep the extent of your military preparations a secret? Foolishness. NODASH didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

He lets Nathicana through the door on the way to the missile test, and winks at Carlos before following.

Carlos, you worry too much.
Dread Lady Nathicana
14-07-2003, 05:39
Nathi smiles at Devon, tilting her head in a 'thanks' gesture.

What is the matter with you, woman? As if you didn't have enough on your hands to wrangle with, you insist on flirting with the man. Come on now - how much can he have changed in those years?

Well ... judging from his rise to power ... quite a bit, apparently. His manner, his boldness, and admitedly, the little rivalry they'd had going had more than perked her interest. And worse, she was sure he knew it.

Damn the man. she thought, though smiling.

She walked with the gentlemen down the sloping hallway, Marik shadowing the group from behind, never in the way, nor seeming to pay too close of attention to their conversations.

"Quite the facility, Carlos. How long did you say it took you to build?" she asked.
14-07-2003, 07:01
smiling as they walk Carlos replies "It took 3 years to build the place and roughly a year and a half for all the systems to be installed and integrated fully, quite the achievment. The system defenses the facility maintains took roughly 7 months to install and automate completely but now this place enjoys anti-missile, anti-air, anti-armour and anti-infantry protection...."

As the hallway slowly stops it's downward slant they begin walking on even ground passing door after door, ahead of them a brightly lit doorway stands barring any further progress.

"Up ahead is the security interlock and beyond that one of a few nerve centers for the facility and launch areas empire wide. Truly the place is more fascinating than I can ever describe my friends."
Dread Lady Nathicana
14-07-2003, 08:09
She nods as he explains, looking around them as they walk.

Everything but anti-Nathi proof, apparently. she thought with a smile.

"Frankly Carlos, I'm a bit suprised that you've been so ... willing to show us so much here." she said offhandedly, knowing damn well there was plenty he wasn't showing. "You've been a most gracious host."
14-07-2003, 08:25
smiling broadly Carlos replies "well, there's not really much of a point to hide all my gritty things when after all we all share the same sort of thoughts so hiding the most obvious of details would be foolish since you'd guess them anyway."

Walking along he tosses a wink to Devon and adds a slight skip to his step.

Lets see their reactions to low profiled well protected cruise missiles
14-07-2003, 11:46
Treznor notes the seductive sway of Nathicana's hips as she leads the way to the missile test. Oh boy, she's going to be a hell of a distraction, albeit it a pleasant one. It's been far too long.

He catches a look she gives him when she thinks he isn't looking and pretends not to notice.

She wants me.
14-07-2003, 12:29
reaching the door way Carlos smiles and awaits the door opening from the inside and looks around. "Soon, we will witness something I find rather exciting my dear friends, after this you can return to your palaces or you can find something else for me to show you both."

Smiling again he looks at nathi and devon.
14-07-2003, 12:49
Treznor eyes Carlos with amusement. "Exciting? A missile test? I suppose it could be exciting, if you still enjoy setting things on fire. Somehow I pictured you getting out of the house a little more often."
14-07-2003, 12:53
laughing loudly Carlos shakes his head "My Dear Devon when I am out of the house I am blowing things up on those bandits" grinning mischeviously he winks at Devon. "And you must remember the little escapade in your offices" chuckling he opens the door.

"I give to you my friends the missile control center for this half of the empire"

as the door opens a room full of consoles, computer monitors and techs watching monitors carefully intently aware of their leader watching their every move.
14-07-2003, 13:05
Treznor observes the busy room with interest. It's about what he expected from such a technically advanced facility. He watches several overhead displays scrolling information. "How long before launch?"
14-07-2003, 13:09
A tech looks up at the question asked and salutes Carlos and speaks "Launch will be in five minutes sirs, we will inform you when then launch is about to begin" smiling Carlos looks over at Devon and winks "Take a looksy around if you wish dear friend just dont launch any missiles...wouldnt want a nuclear war" winking again Carlos looks over at nathi, "And you too my dear feel free to take a peek at the place".
14-07-2003, 13:16
Treznor nods and wanders aimlessly, peering over shoulders and asking a few pointed questions here and there.

The room seems a bit crowded, not terribly efficient. I bet it would function better with half the number of people. This is a bit much for a test.

He lets his hand stray near a likely-looking bank of red buttons, but flashes a grin at Carlos and moves away.
14-07-2003, 13:19
Chuckling at Devon's actions Carlos shakes his head ruefully "My dear Devon you are a rascal honestly! Alright those that are not needed here please leave, your constant checking of systems grows wearisome they worked last month they will work today!" with that all but 5 techs leave the room and silence reigns.

"Much better dont you think my dear friends?"
14-07-2003, 13:23
Treznor looks around and whistles. The room suddenly feels very empty. "Okay. Now I'm impressed. That's a lot of automation in place. I presume NODAHS is your backup?"
14-07-2003, 13:25
smiling happily Carlos nods "Yes, yes she is the primary back up but the 5 consoles there are slaved so to speak to all the others here, at any time 5 people could start a war of great destruction...." Grinning he looks about with pride "The system still has a few kinks but when long range communications are completed of course it will be perfect."
Dread Lady Nathicana
14-07-2003, 21:12
Nathi looks around the room, quite impressed, making mental note of various things and comparing bits she catches on any monitors, clipboards or the like to the information she had tucked away from her earlier jaunt.

Tsk ... that boy ... always trouble. She smiled at Devon's joke with the controls and Carlos' response, knowing full well there was no way he'd ever ... at least she was fairly certain he wouldn't.

Why do you let him distract you so? You're married now, remember? She thought back to her most recent time with Jaime, and smiled broadly, not caring if anyone noticed. Let them think what they want of that ... probably think I'm up to something. Still ... Devon vexed her. And intrigued her. And ...

She 'accidentally' brushed against him as she passed, seemingly taking no notice of him as she looked at another panel of displays intently.

Admit it ... he was more than entertaining back then ... and he has rather kept himself up ... she thought, remembering back to earlier on the bikes. And he obviously wants something ... however straightforward he'd have me think his diplomatic efforts are.

She blinks somewhat in suprise as the room clears, and is from then on, more cautious in her 'peeking'.

Were we ever to develop wmd's ... she pondered quietly, then her thoughts turned to something Carlos had said earlier. Back to the palaces, eh? Possibilities ... besides, need to talk to Dev.

And then something else got her attention as she thought back to the comments made ...

"What incident in his office would that be, Carlos?" she said, turning to look at them both.
14-07-2003, 23:14
Treznor notes the accidental brush and staunches the upswelling rush of desire.

Yeah, she wants me. Almost as much as I want her.

At Nathicana's enquiry, he has the grace to look abashed. " himself by exploiting certain weaknesses in the palace. It inspired a major shakeup in my security forces. Now my new security commander is the ice queen you saw earlier; she won't let me blow my nose without at least two nannies and a lecture on imperial presence. She's not going to let an embarrassment like that repeat itself."

Particularly not after my intelligence forces received some refresher training through Barbarosea's people. Once they were cleared from tampering, they were invaluable in tightening up loose ends.

"We then proceded to paint the town red and hammer out some trade agreements. Carlos is to thank for the fusion power plants springing up all over my country."
Dread Lady Nathicana
14-07-2003, 23:32
"Did he now? My, my ... it seems we've all had our share of unexpected breaches, haven't we?" she said with a chuckle, grinning at Devon slyly, "Though I dare say we all recovered sufficiently, I hope?" Her hand casually brushed her ribs where he'd knocked her back that night.

She nodded her head at the explanation, confirming the connections there.
15-07-2003, 00:00
Treznor strokes his throat with two fingers and winks at her. "It has, hasn't it? Karma in action, I suppose. I think I'm making Carlos nervous as to when I'm going to repay him, but I think I'll let him sweat a while longer. It wouldn't do to sneak up on him when he's expecting me, does it?"

Treznor grins at Carlos to reassure him it's a joke. Mostly.
Dread Lady Nathicana
15-07-2003, 00:07
Ah, but that was ... invigorating. she thought, looking back on that night. He'd been quite ... well, powerful. Not at all like the boy he'd been all those years ago in at least that sense. He's grown ... and then some.

She looked him over appreciatively, one brow arched in almost a challenge as she smiled back.

"Don't let Devon worry you, Carlos ... he's harmless. Truly. When he wants to be, at least." she added.
15-07-2003, 00:13
Treznor arches a brow and affects a wounded pose. "Harmless! I resent that! I like to think that I'm a fully qualified ankle-biter, at least!"
Dread Lady Nathicana
15-07-2003, 00:24
"Now, now, boy ... no need to get ruffled." she said, laying a hand on his arm, her eyes alight with an all-too familar intensity.

"I did say 'when you want', did I not?" She then leaned in a touch closer, her lips nearly brushing his ear, breast pressed slightly against his arm.

"I think we both know just how dangerous you can be when you put your mind to it." she whispered softly, her hand tracing down to touch another point on his side meaningfully, recalling a particularly good hit he'd gotten in once. That had had her laid up for a good while ...

She drew back then and smiled sweetly at them both.

"But we digress ... the ah ... tests?" she said, her eyes not leaving Devon's.
15-07-2003, 00:46
Treznor's eyes widen as he reads Nathicana's expression and body language. Particularly when it's pressed against him. The only thing that keeps his jaw from dropping is pure willpower, but other parts of him respond as designed. He only wishes the leather pants weren't quite so snug.

"Red, you're more than capable of getting me ruffled," he replies laughingly. He refrains from commenting on the rest, but the reminders of past encounters has the natural effect on him. He doesn't even try to hide it from her.

Okay, this trip is gonna be a hell of a lot more interesting than I thought. The fact that she's married will only add spice to it. Let's see where she goes with it, and how she deals with the aftermath.

At her reminder, he grins and maintains eye contact. Challenge received and accepted. "Ah, yes. Carlos, bring on the fireworks!"
Dread Lady Nathicana
15-07-2003, 01:05
Nathi notes his reactions ... all of them ... with a very satisfied smile, her gaze dropping pointedly once, then going back to his face.

Always did love toying with him ... in oh so many ways, too.

At the memories, and all this banter, she felt herself flush slightly, and her breathing quicken.

She forced herself to turn to Carlos, (though her eyes lingered as she turned her head) a look of expectation on her face as she waited patiently for the tests to begin.

Damn I could really use a glass of icewater right about now, she thought, whetting her lips.
15-07-2003, 07:32
Chuckling and watching the exchanges with half an eye but a full mental attention Carlos smirks at some comments and grins at thoughts of pranks at others hearing a question about tests he looks to the Technician who nods "Yes my Führer they should be ready by now" frowning at the slip in titles Carlos quickly shrugs it off. "Excellent and I must apologise for my lapse in being a good host, would anyone like a drink?" snapping his fingers a guard arrives and salutes clearly waiting for orders.

"We will get some drinks then the launch will happen, I must admit that this test wasnt put together as an complete show of military strength to you both, we recieved the launchers and missiles a month or so ago and have been setting this place up, it's now time to actually test the systems and the tour organisation fit well into it that I thought there would be no harm in allowing you to watch. Basically we will be testing the missiles ability to if you wish dodge anti-misisle fire with counter-measures and to see just how stealthy the thing really is." smiling he bowsh is head as his phone begins to ring. "Excuse me a moment." Heading into a corner he answers the phone. "My president, I took the liberty of running that scan now whilst you were all down in the misisle facilitiy and it appears that someone has tried to access the special projects section but failed, we are trying to pinpoint where the connection was made from but so far are having a bit of trouble. It should be done some time tonight hopefully." Carlos frowns and whispers "Thank you lieutenant, you'll be rewarded for such strong thinking and actions, I'll look into a promotion for you immediately. Good work" frowning in thought Carlos breaks the connection and turns back around.

"So who would like a drink?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
15-07-2003, 15:32
"Most definitely." she says, "Though just ice water will do nicely, if that's possible."

She avoids looking at Devon for now, her face thoughtful. Thoughtful enough in fact, to take no notice of Carlos' phone call, or the technician's slip in titles ... something quite out of character for her.

"And yes ... anti-missile avoidance ... " she says somewhat distractedly, looking at the monitors.
15-07-2003, 15:39
looking a nathi questioningly Carlos looks at the guard who leaves and returns a few moments later with a glass of ice water, "Devon I can have something bought in for you if you wish..." chuckling Carlos watches Nathi as she stares at monitors. What are you thinking my dear? I'd love to know... turning back to the technician he watches them move about preparing for the launch.
Dread Lady Nathicana
15-07-2003, 18:29
Focus. Don't get distracted by some damned man you've already had six ways from Sunday and then some. she thinks irritably, sipping her ice water.

She turns to Carlos, determined not to get any more side-tracked.

"You said you purchased them recently. I don't suppose you'd be interested in sharing your contact, if we're impressed with the demonstration?" she asks directly.

"After all, though a peaceable nation, we do have an eye towards improving our defense as needed."
15-07-2003, 18:43
Smiling at the question Carlos grins "well for security reasons I cant name the supplier but, I might be able to swing a few of our own produced items your way....of course that is IF you want me too...." shrugging innocently he smiles again.

"well it appears we are ready this end I just need you both to come closer and watch so when your ready we will begin."

Making room for them Carlos smiles and looks over the consoles with pride.
Dread Lady Nathicana
15-07-2003, 18:51
"Of course, Carlos ... of course." she says, nodding.

"Please ... at your leisure." she says, gesturing for him to continue, though looking over at Devon to confirm that he's ready as well.

Again, she has the look of someone measuring and weighing, though as an opponent, or otherwise is his to guess.
16-07-2003, 02:56
Treznor notes Nathicana's distraction and does his level best not to grin.

Don't blame me, Red. You started this one!

He watches Carlos carefully and concern registers at his expression.

That didn't look good. I hope it didn't concern us. It's too early for the game to be up already.

"A drink! Some of your excellent Scotch sounds tempting, but I think I'd better wait until tonight. How about mineral water? Got any on hand?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2003, 03:08
Noting his concern with some measure of suprise, she looks to Carlos again, then glances back at Devon with a questioning look.

Dammit ... I missed something. I know it.

"Indeed, would be a shame to dull your senses so early in the day." she chuckled, smoothing over her unease a bit.
16-07-2003, 03:39
Treznor winks at Nathicana. "Oh, but is that such a bad thing? You haven't tried it yet, I think. I could become blissfully blotto on a single bottle of that ambrosia. If you have a nip, you might see why."
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2003, 03:45
"Perhaps later I'll take you up on that. Truly, we do have a bit of catching up to do, yes?" she smiles at him, without any guile or subterfuge that he can see. She's certain that alone will make him nervous, or at least curious.
16-07-2003, 03:50
Treznor grins a her amiably and strokes her hand affectionately. "No time like the present. Maybe we can entertain Carlos with some nostalgia."

Having a chaperone should help put her at ease. Not that Carlos is any kind of gentleman. He's my kind of rogue; probably why I like him.
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2003, 03:56
She places a hand gently over his and gives both a little squeeze.

"Whatever makes you most comfortable, boy." she says, still smiling pleasantly. Then in a much lower voice, "Didn't realize I put you so ill at ease as to need back-up, Dev. Not to mention, our sort of 'nostalgia' is hardly polite conversation."
16-07-2003, 04:01
Treznor winks at her. Speaking low, he says "My dear, you never fail to get a...rise out of me. But we daren't snub our host; he might take it amiss. Plus, some of our more polite reminisces should be declassified by now.

"Must I remind you, you're the one who needs a chaperone lest tongues wag? I was attempting to think of your needs. Mine would involve a hot tub, champagne and an old friend."
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2003, 04:13
"We shall see, my dear Devon ..." she chuckles. "Although what I had to discuss had nothing to with such pleasantries. You can suit yourself. As for the others, declassify as you wish. My 'image' has weathered far worse of late than our past could conjure up, with no ill effect." she said with a wry grin, thinking on the paparrazzi tape a while back. "Nor do wagging tongues bother me, so long as my dear husband still holds me in esteem, which he seems to do despite my colorful past."

In a louder voice she said, "Of course - I'm certain the three of us have much more pleasant things to discuss than politics, armaments and the like. After the comments you both have made, I think a bottle of that scotch is in order."
16-07-2003, 04:21
Treznor's eyes rise in surprise. Damn, I keep forgetting how good she is. Gotta watch that.

"Comments? Moi? Madame, you malign me! I've said nothing untoward!"

Still, if we're going to keep Carlos from wondering what we're up to, we have to maintain pretense.
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2003, 04:25
She laughs out loud at that.

"What, Devon? A guilty conscience? I meant your positive comments on how fine the Scotch is, or have you so soon forgotten?"

Her eyes twinkled with amusement at the exchanges, clearly feeling superior.
16-07-2003, 04:32
Treznor affects a mock glare. "That isn't my fault! You implied I was being less than a gentleman! A very affront to my civil nature!"

He turns up his nose dramatically and looks away.
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2003, 04:38
She stifles a grin, then with as much seriousness as she can muster, then lays a hand gently on his shoulder.

"I assure you, I meant nothing of the sort. If I have somehow offended, I most humbly beg your pardon."

Walking around to where he can see her, her hand still on his shoulder, though trailing slightly down his arm in a somewhat suggestive manner, she looks up at him through her dark lashes, blue eyes sparkling, and her mouth forming a pretty though slight pout.

"I just couldn't bear it if you were to be upset with me ..."
16-07-2003, 04:50
Treznor slowly lowers his nose to a more natural level and regards Nathicana with obvious suspicion. "Yes, well then. I suppose I might find it within my gracious soul to forgive you. This time."

Then he winks and drops the serious demeanor. "What do you say, Carlos? A few bottles of Scotch back at the palace when we're done here?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2003, 04:55
She returns his wink, then looks back expectantly to Carlos.

"Indeed - certain we could all three do with a nice wind-down after a busy day." she says with a smile.
16-07-2003, 06:29
Shaking his head amusedly he smirk, "My dear dear dear children, it seems you have managed to completely confuddle me and alas I now have a headache! but as usual I have some....things to attend to when we are finished here that will prevent me from joining in right away, but an hour or two later for me to join if possible?" smiling softly he stands beside the pair and watches carefully.

"But now the launch system is online the ship has been evacutated and the targetting sattelite is ready, lets begin our live fire test."

With that Carlos nods to a tech who begins issuing orders, a countdown begins 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, FIRE from a camera outside the facility a bright flash of light shows from a sinister looking missile which on this burst of fire rises up from it's bed and soars into the sky so quickly it's almost lost.

Monitors light up around the room indicating speed, angel of trajectories and targetting algorithims a sattelite feed shows a zoomed in image of the missile flying upwards from the launch pad speeding towards the heaven.

A tech begins listing tracking ability by sattelite weapons and reports come back of a high probability of detection and neutralisation in space but that is to be expected.

As the missile begins it's approach on the target sensor profiles and things come back positive small hard to find eventually a missile gets a lock on and fires a single missile towards the ICCM which from video feeds from observation sattelites shows it deploy a drone which zooms off towards the missile a few moments later the missile explodes on the drone and the ICCM flies happily towards it's target opening up a smoke screen as it's target comes into sight the missile screams in and hits.......

The old destroyer erupts into a massive fireball of crimson glory as camera feeds from the ship end in fire and destruction other feeds show the ship ripped in half slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

After a while it finnaly sinks and the debris finnaly stop raining down the area seems peaceful and calm.

Carlos watches and smiles happily "Technicians, my esteemd comrades.....test succesfull!" the technicians begin smiling and clapping their hands in congradulations as Carlos turns to the nation leaders and grins. "Quite a show what did you think of it?" with a glint of mischeif in his eyes Carlos waits and smiles happily.
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2003, 10:18
Nathi carefully refrains from reacting to Carlos' inferrence on 'time alone', or looking at Devon, instead smiling pleasantly and saying, "Well, when your business is done then, we'll open a bottle, the three of us. I look forward to it."

She nods and watches intently as he initiates the test, sipping a bit more of her ice water.

As the drone approaches, her face takes on a look of intensity ... then she blinks as the destroyer goes down so quickly and smoothly, applauding the successful test, though her eyes were thoughtful.

Dammit ... I'd hate to have those used against us. Though I warrant in the near future, our defense systems will be upgraded tenfold. I doubt he'd turn on me, but ... one never knows. He's got his own agenda here. I think we've only scratched the surface. I'm still not certain he's entirely sane, given some of the files I've seen.
16-07-2003, 10:26
Smiling to himself he watches Nathi's reactions intently as he moves to the side allowing the pair to watch the replays fully This'll be an interesting evening, some news announcements on TV, an appearance at a special event, and then drinks with two people positively exploding with pent up frustrations of the non-business kind.....

Grinning again Carlos nods to a guard and whispers "Round up the PSS heads it's time those fools learnt that rule under me is a bit more rougher than under my father, have a round up of terrorists as well, I want a public show tonight." recieving a curt salute and a whispers "Yes my Führer" the guard turns and leaves the room clutching his sidearm as he goes.

"So you both will be drinking the finest the empire has to offer yes? I'll have it arranged immediately which palace, yours or Devons?" grinning again Carlos makes a mental note to place some sort of listening device on Devon's private rooms.
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2003, 10:57
She watches the replays with the expression of one who is impressed, and not at all flustered - she makes certain of that.

All those launch codes ... those horrible diseases he's been developing ... and this. All too efficient a delivery system with a few modifications. And in the hands of of a very unstable and dangerous man ... This is not good. I hope Devon understands who he's gotten so chummy with here ... if not, I hope I've enough time to fill him in on a few things tonight. She thinks back to their earlier banter with much amusement. [/i]Silly boy - still so easy to lead by the ...[/i] She clears her throat softly, taking another sip of water, careful not to blush as her gaze falls across him again.

As her augmented hearing picks up his whispers - the damn man had always moved away before, and provided plenty of ambient noise with others in the rooms - her brows arch up, and her eyes widen slightly. She turns her head so as to avoid notice, pretending to look intently at another screen. She goes a bit cold as the officer rushes out of the room, his hand on his gun.

Führer? Not president, but Führer? Just when the hell did that happen? I think the power has gone straight to his head. she thought, supressing a shiver. Well, it's happened ... I've finally met someone worse than me. And that isn't a good thing.

At Carlos' words, she turns to him and smiles warmly. "If you're willing to offer the best, then I'm certain we shall be more than happy to accept," she says. "Oh, and if you don't mind, I was hoping my place? Drinking always puts me out eventually, and I'd hate to be carted around in that state. I'm certain you men hold your liquor better." She looks to both of them for confirmation.

At least let them think that ... I've always been known to be a bit of a lightweight. Should put them at ease a bit. Now to remember to act the part when the time comes.
16-07-2003, 11:11
Chuckling Carlos smiles ruefully, "I've been known to handle my alcohol well...except when it's potent stuff, I grew up on this scotch so its mearly a hobby of mine but truly dashingly good scotch. I can of course arrange...other drinks if you wish I think there might be some nice local wines or even a vodka or two."

Smiling innocently he looks between the pair and studies Nathi before moving on to study Devon.

These pair seem to enjoy each other alot more than they let on, perhaps I should do some more background research into them some time soon. First once we leave I'll get that report from security and then do the other stuff needed of me then get drunk, but not too drunk I need to keep my guard up...

Resting his hand on the side of a control surface he looks at the technicians who are hard at work analysing launch data and accuracy results and listens to them talk as he mulls over concerns and thoughts.

"sometimes I feel I go to far, to quickly could this be one of them?" he whispers whilst the technicians talk and frowns.
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2003, 11:20
"You just round up whatever you want, and we'll make a night of it." she says pleasantly. "Though truth, I've always been partial to a good, sweet red." She winks, referring to the wine.

I can think of at least one 'Red' that Devon's partial to as well, no doubt about that. she thinks, chuckling to herself.

"An impressive display, Carlos. Very well done. When you're ready then?" she says, gesturing to the clothes she's wearing, "I could use with a bit of freshening up before kicking back with you tonight."

Now what the blue blazes did he mean by that ... to far, to fast? And why did he look at us like that? She ponders the implications and possibilites, though her face is still a mask of confidence and relaxation.
16-07-2003, 11:27
flinching at the mention of rounding up what ever he wanted Carlos smiles quickly and looks up "Why yes where are my manners, let us depart I'm sure you both would like to freshen up and rest." smiling like the host he is Carlos walks them to the door and opens it letting them preceed him through it.

"I'll see If i can find a good red wine as well and what ever else I can manage to scrounge up. Oh yes I'll also bring along the itinerary for our trip to the station, I'll get to unveil my new transport ship to you both designed entirely for my own comforts.

chuckling at that Carlos waves them all through and closes the door behind him nodding to the techs who begin shutting things down.

Tonight I dine and wine with some of the most curious of people, tomorrow we fly into space....such interesting days ahead I feel.
16-07-2003, 16:18
Treznor watches the missile test with fascination. He notes the acceleration curves and the defense measures used by the missile with interest. Pretty quick, there; has to be for ballistic re-entry. Two stage rockets, so it can maneuver toward the end. Surprising that it'd load dummies for anti-missile rockets; some of the most effective anti-missile defense comes in the form of unguided hot lead. Have to make a note of that.

He notes the complete destruction of the ancient destroyer, in spite of the single warhead.

What in the world was he packing in that thing? There weren't any secondary explosions. Whatever it was, it packed a hell of a punch. Gotta see what I can find out, later on. That'll be a good task for Ben to take on.

When the show is over, he turns and watches the play between Nathicana and Carlos. Carlos he doesn't know as well, but he can still read Nathicana with some accuracy. It's obvious something is bothering her, and equally obvious she's fighting her own reactions to Treznor's flirtations. He's both thrilled and concerned.

This is new, just in the last few minutes. She wants to tell me something, and she doesn't want Carlos to know what it is. That's gonna be a hell of a challenge, what with the bugs I found in my palace. Paranoid fellow, that Carlos. Probably why he's still alive.

"I wouldn't mind something red and sweet for dinner," he quips as they leave the room. "But for dessert I think I'll avail myself of the scotch. We can toast to the success of the missile, and the Zelgado Space Station."
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2003, 17:35
He flinched. Does he know? Dammit, I shouldn't have gone poking, but ... gah. At least I know I'm safe from any random poisonings ... but what about Dev? That thought actually gave her pause, and she was suprised at the amount of concern that went with it.

Surely not ... not on a state visit. The fallout would be catastrophic. He's sly ... if he wants either one of us out for some reason, it won't be on his home soil. At least I bloody well hope not.

At Devon's remark on sweet and red, she simply smiles as sweetly as she can at him.

"Definitely - I plan to avail myself of both. It's been too long since I properly relaxed." she says as they walk along.
16-07-2003, 18:00
OOC: Little bit of fast fowarding to move along a bit more quickly :P

Dropping Nathi and Devon off at Nathi's Palace Carlos promises them both he will be back within the next two hours as he steps back into the car he nods to the driver "Public Square move, we have somethings to do" as the car pulls off Carlos picks up the phone and calls his security techs at the facility "Any update on that scan technician?" getting a curt response of locating the access point at being in the old neural lab Carlos frowns. Now who on earth.....nah couldnt be but she did ask about it...I'll have to enquire with her later Telling the technician to write it up as an anomalous ghost he hangs up and prepares himself for the coming spectacles.

An hour later

Standing in the center of a huge parade ground Carlos stares at the thousands of citizens packed into the stands and walkways to watch the executions brushing his hands over his Military Uniform paying attention to straightening his vast line of medals, patches and rank sigils he looks up towards the cameras and speaks. "Enlightened people of the Empire! before you are the vermin whom betrayed us in Um Lizaa, they betrayed us in the motherland! they almost betrayed us in Isla Quatio these vermin! these heathen must pay! A trial that was closed because of the treachery caused by these 13 men they were found guilty! and so the purge of the traitors begins!" pausing Carlos lets the crowd roar it's approval nodding and smiling he salutes the crowd which as one thousands of voices scream out "Hail the Empire! Long Live the Führer!" and a tidal wave of hands rise in salute to Carlos.

"People of the Empire! I give you the purging of the foul blood! the end of an era of blood and the beginnings of the era of light! from this night forward we begin our march to full enlightenment! It starts with these 13 executions and continues with the burning of the books later! For the Motherland! For the Empire!" as the thousands roar Carlos steps back and 13 men step forward rifles held in honour guard positions from the side Carlos shouts "Guards take aim!" the guards unsling their weapons and aim at the 13 men "Fire!" as the last sylable is screamed out the guards pull their triggers and 13 shots explode from the rifles hitting deep into the flesh of the 13 men who twitch and are flung backwards and lay bleeding on the ground. Taking his hand gun Carlos walks past each fallen man and fires a single shot through their brain ensuring total death.

Once finished he raises his arms to the sky and cries out "For the Empire!" his call is answered by thousands chanting "Hail The Führer! Hail the Empire!" over and over as he leaves the parade ground.

45 minutes later, ontop a balcony in Zelgado Avenue

Carlos steps out onto the balcony amid a hail of books after many apperances at other places this is his second stop at this particular burning he speaks once more "People, children and loyal citizens of the empire! Tonight you witness the first step in Iraqstan's evolution! We will walk as one nation! into the shining and bright lights of freedom from democracies, freedom from corrupt regimes and freedom from the oppressive demands made by democractic nations! Today Iraqstan breaks free!

The motherland will expand the heartlands will thrive the factories of war are once more pounding the way to a united and secure Empire! no more are we divine! We are the Holy Empire! We will unite under the banner of the enlightened we will unite under the banners of Iraqstan! We will enlighten those which have rejected us in the past!

We are blessed we are supreme we are greater than the vermin! The filth of Um Lizaa will be enlightened! these vermin will take the call of the empire! they will know their places! the world shall tremble at the united and secure might of the holy empire!" as he finishes the crowd roars in aproval and begins chanting "Long Live the Empire!" over and over as more and more books are thrown onto the fires the blaze grows bigger until it fills the sky with a red tint. The camera focuses back on the balcony where Carlos continues to throw book after book onto the fire and salutes his people.

Stepping back inside the building he looks at the three people he bought with him "Ministers, general and my dear brother, tonight and earlier you have seen what this nation will do for me and now you minister Al-Sahaf and minister Hussein will be the civilian eyes within this regime today Iraqstan becomes a military police state." Carlos' brother not by birth but by decleration of friendship smiles and whispers "Carlos my dear friend today you become more than your father hoped for brother you are a god!" smiling Carlos pats his brother on the back "And you are a Demi-God go take charge of the war in the mediteranean show the world we will not die!"

With a shaking of hands a brief embrace the pair depart Carlos for his limo his brother for the airport and the front lines, settlign himself in the limo Carlos pauses "Driver take me home first, I need to freshen up, and change out of this uniform." Calling ahead he makes sure the alcohol was delivered to nathi's palace on time and orders fresh clothes laid out, "Make them casual nothing formal for me tonight" sitting back in the comfortable leather seats he sips from a glass of scotch News all over these last few hours, wonder if they caught any of it smiling at that thought he closes his eyes and revisits the scenes he just witnessed.....
16-07-2003, 23:46
Treznor wanders around the guest palace provided to Nathicana for her stay. He nods firmly. "Opulent. Garish. Overkill. It's a lot like where I'm staying. I approve. Carlos doesn't do things by halves."

He gradually makes his way toward the private rooms and pulls Nathicana into the bathroom. He starts stripping off his clothes without any apparent concern for who might be watching, including her. "C'mon, Red. I'm still sweaty and grimy from the motorcycle stunts we pulled today. I'll scrub your back if you scrub mine." He winks at her.
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 00:46
This was clearly not what she'd had planned for their first moments alone, and he caught her completely off guard with it.

"For chrissakes, Dev," she began, half-scandalized even as she watched appreciatively, that familiar gleam back in her eyes.

All the same, she starts the shower for him, lighting a patchouli-scented candle she'd found whilst going through things earlier. She picks up his things one by one, carefully folding them and setting them aside, as was her habit.

Aiyee, how to handle this ... flirting is one thing, but I'm not sure I want him thinking I've loosened up THAT much ... not yet, at any rate. I need the boy comfortable, but still off guard. Slick though. Doubt that with all the play earlier Carlos with think anything of us going here so directly, nor the fact that I've got the bugs disabled here. Nicely done, Devon ... nicely done.

Still ... she watched quietly for a moment.

"You've taken good care of yourself, boy." she said quietly, her face unreadable.
17-07-2003, 01:03
Standing at the edge of the shower, Treznor looks over his shoulder at her and winks. "You think so? Thank you. I'm afraid too many hours chained to a desk has dulled my edge somewhat. Plus, I'm focused on staying natural with my exercise. I've known too many agents try for shortcuts and end up getting themselves killed.

"Now come on. You gonna join me in here or not?" He gives her a brief but direct gaze, nothing flirtatious about it. "My back needs work."
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 01:18
She shrugs, taking her time slipping out of her things, beginning with boots, and ending with her loose white shirt, folding each and setting them aside with care.

Damn the man ... we could have talked safely in the other room, in full view though without sound ... had thought perhaps a cuddle on the couch would be sufficient cover and distraction for Carlos. Ah well ... may as well enjoy. He always did have nice hands ... and after today, my shoulders could use a rub.

She let down her waist-length hair, shaking it out a bit, and stepped in under the water, letting herself brush up against Devon, all the while seeming unconcerned. Turning her face up, she let the water run down over her for a moment, sighing contentedly, then turned to face him.

"So," she said softly. "Just how deep are you with him, and how much do you know about what he's up to?" she asked directly.
17-07-2003, 01:31
Devon pauses for a moment, letting the hot water soak into his sore, tired muscles. Then he soaps up. He watches with pleasure as Nathicana begins to disrobe, remembering other, more intimate days. His body responds appropriately, and he turns away to wash away the soap. When her body brushes against his, he thinks he might explode. However, he keeps himself under firm control and turns around to lay his hands on her shoulders and rub with gentle, circular motions. "You look good, Red."

Then she turns to face him and asks her question.

He's taken aback for a moment, but recovers quickly. "Truth? He's an ally and we get along famously. We see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues. But I trust him as much as I trust anybody, and I know he feels the same to me. We still have a lot of secrets from each other. I don't think he's bothered much with spies in my country, and I haven't pushed too far into his. What I don't know about him can't incriminate me.

"But...I figure you already guessed this but the terrorists that detonated a nuclear device in Um Lizaa? That was my idea. Carlos mentioned offhand he wanted to test his nuclear warhead and I suggested he use it to clear some slumland and get the international community to foot the bill. Worked like a charm, and my own people got some valuable experience and research out of it."
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 02:04
Still has the touch. she admits, having enjoyed the shoulder rub . Too much so, or she'd have let it continue a bit.

She mouths a thanks at the compliment, smiling briefly, then is back to business.

"I thought I noticed your hand in that, boy ... in some things, he's less subtle than you, though no less devious." she nodded, rather pleased that he'd admitted so much, even if she'd given away that she had something on the both of them.

"Rather a heavy-handed approach, but ... to each their own. That, however isn't what I'm concerned about. That man isn't stable, boy. I don't know if you've noticed, but he's not stable at all. And the things he has at his disposal ... that little missile test today? Do you relish the thought of those packed with nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons? You've no idea the targets he has laid out. Not a damned one of us would get through unscathed. And his offworld plans ... disturbing. And frankly, his methods are becoming more and more extreme. I'd hate to see you get swept up in his rush to wherever he's headed. Do you realize what he's been doing with the AIDS virus?" she asks, incredulous. "And I'm damned certain I know more than a few folks who'd take issue with his AI plans for those legged tanks of his."

There, it was out. She gave a damn. And she was certain she'd said too much ... but his close proximity and obvious arousal was distracting. She knew where these encounters had invariably led in the past, and needed to stay focused.
17-07-2003, 02:17
Treznor frowns at the sudden flood of information, and his mind and body are temporarily distracted from the vision of beauty before him. He's too concerned with what's being said, and where it comes from.

"Whoa, wait a minute. AIDS virus? AI droids? Offworld plans? Yeah, Carlos can be a little loopy but so can both of us. He's building a war machine and crushing the populus of a puppet nation in the process. I can't say I exactly approve of all of his methods, but he's damned efficient. And his tech trades have benefited me enormously. I've helped him with my trades and I'm in a position to benefit him in the future. I don't think I need worry about him casting a conquesting eye toward me for a little while. Still, I don't know anything about the other things you're talking about. If you knew all this before, why did you accept his invitation?"

She wouldn't be worried about little old me would she? Suddenly he becomes very aware of her lush, wet and naked body standing close to his.
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 03:25
"Speak for yourself, boy ... I'm anything but 'loopy'." she says somewhat indignantly, looking as haughty as she can whilst standing naked in a shower. "Efficient he may be, and I respect that, but he's dangerous. And I want to make damned certain you understand that. There's a fine line between genius and insanity, and I'm afraid he's been crossing over it for some time now."

She eyed him sternly. "I never said anything about him turning on you. What I was trying to get across was the sheer coverage he's capable of. One needn't be a target to be affected."

"As for the why, you should know better. I want a spot on that station. I won't make any bones about it. A chance like that, to study in space - Dominion plans are years behind that capability, as I'm sure you well know. That small a partnership ought to give me what I want while still keeping him safely at arms length while getting a chance to learn more of what he's up to for my own peace of mind. You don't see me getting into bed with the man economically, treacherously or otherwise." she says pointedly, her tone clearly saying she thinks Devon may have made a mistake there.

Did he already know about the bio/chem plans? He's awfully calm about this ... I didn't think those were his style. As she ponders, she becomes aware of a change in his eyes ... among other things ... and she blushes in spite of herself.

"Come on, boy ... it's nothing you haven't seen before." she growls softly, her eyes not leaving his.
17-07-2003, 03:51
Treznor grins and steps forward, wrapping his arms around her leaning close to rest his chin against her neck. The intimate contact sends thrills shooting throughout his body, but he keeps his mind focused on the matter at hand.

"Pull the other one, Red. You've got public arrangements with Angelus and probably SHODAN up in space. I also got the report of the shuttle you used to buzz in and out of Siren's city. Unless you're just trying to diversify your interests, you've got more going on here than just a slot on Carlos' new toy. Then you spring all this on me, and I'm starting to think there's more going on here than just space interests.

"He's been one of my staunchest supporters in my challenge to the war stance of the G.O.D. leadership. He and I have agreed that military conflict is an absolute last resort, and I didn't sense any deception on that point. I haven't been given any good reason to distrust him, until you mentioned all this.

"Yeah, Carlos has a long arm now and he could possibly use his nuclear weapons to toast the earth. You think his is the first nation with that capability? Nothing he's said or done in private suggests to me that he's the kind to unleash it arbitrarily. Has he threatened you? Have you uncovered something that makes you think he's working against you?"

His hands work at the muscles of her back, rubbing and massaging. He decides she's been exercising like a fiend since he last touched her; not a surprise considering the intensity of the moment.

"Don't get me wrong, Red. I'm not doubting you, but I haven't seen your evidence and what you're saying is at odds with what I've seen. I need you to tell me more before I can pass judgment."
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 04:27
She stiffens, but has really nowhere to go. Her eyes go a bit wide, and she responds with a sharp intake of breath as he wraps his arms around her and presses in close.

"Don't call me that ... " she says, too softly, her mind scrambling for a response.

You should have waited on that .. so anxious to show off your new toy to Jaime ... you slipped. Again because of a man. Loosing your touch, woman. AND he got wind of the press release as well. Gods, what next? And proof? I need proof ... I'm not bloody well going to tell him about my jaunt into the system earlier, but how ... AH, the disk. I've a disk. Disconnect the laptop from the network, and voila. That final thought helped her relax somewhat, her momentary panic subsiding.

Thinking it best to suffer the losses with grace, she replies, "If you recall, I did mention 'keeping an eye on what all he's up to' as well. And yes, I do have more plans than this slot. It's time the Dominion pushed the envelope a bit, though I've not the faintest idea what you mean about 'more going on here.'" she insists, relaxing just a bit under his skilled hands, all the while all too aware of the obvious effect such close proximity is having on the both of them.

"I hope you're right about him, boy ... I truly do. But I sense ... instability there. Call it a gut instinct. As for proof ... once we've finished here, I've a disk you might want to take a look at for yourself."
17-07-2003, 04:39
He hears her protests, but recognises them for reaction rather than intent and continues what he's doing. His body is tingling with sensation, but he has to fight the temptation to push for more intimacy.

"Okay, you show me this disk once we can be sure Carlos isn't watching. I'll review it with you and we'll discuss what you've found. I'll keep an open mind; I promise. Would I have survived the Dominion if I couldn't?"

He pauses to savour their contact for a moment and brushes his lips against her neck. "I trust you. I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't. Even if I argue with you, remember that I'm listening."

He sighs audibly and pulls back just far enough to look her in the eye. "It's been a long time, Nath."
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 05:09
Her hands trail up along his sides, one pausing to finger a particularly memorable scar ... then she stops as he nuzzles her neck.

As he pulls back, she lets out a breath she didn't realize she was holding, her face flushed. At his look, she drops her eyes, looking off to the side with an expression somewhere between panic and unsurety.

"Please, I ... " she swallows once, licking her lips as she reaches up to brush a stray lock of wet hair from her face.

There's only one other man who's looked at me that way. The thought did nothing to settle her nerves.

"The disk ... " she began, gaining strength as she shifted back to business. "I've ah ... I've already taken the liberty of sweeping this place for bugs. Even managed to disable several of the cameras. If we're careful where we walk, he won't know the difference until too late. I can disconnect my laptop from the net here easily enough, and show you what I've managed to gather. You can decide from there."

She brings up her arms as she speaks, placing them on his shoulders, gently at first, then pushing against him slightly.

"We've limited time. Perhaps we should dry off?" she says, not meeting his eyes.
17-07-2003, 05:30
Treznor shudders gently at the touch and moans slightly.

She almost killed me that night. Then, after...

Then, when he sees her confusion he nods and brushes her cheek with his left hand. "Yeah. Me too."

It might happen after all. Just gotta be patient, Dev. She's still getting used to the thought that you're not trying to kill her after all.

Gods, but I want her now.

When she suggests viewing the disk, he nods again and reaches back to turn off the water. "You knew we didn't need this, but you let me do it anyway?" The grin on his face is priceless. "Dear gods, woman, but you are a piece of work."

He steps over to the towel rack and selects a terrycloth body rug. "May I have the honour of drying you off, Milady?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 05:50
Her eyes close as he brushes her cheek.

Dev, don't do this to me now, boy ... of all the times for you to come walking back into my life. Her lip quivers ever so slightly.

She didn't trust herself to look at his face again, and was angered by her lack of control ... and at him for causing it all. Using those thoughts and avoiding the more troubling ones, like the emotions she read in his eyes, she gathered her wits and tilted her chin up in a familiar haughty manner as he held out the towel.

There is no damned way I'm going to let you dry me off - I know all too well where that usually led. And piece of work ... I'll show you piece of work, boy.

"I don't think so, boy." she said in a much firmer tone, walking over and taking the towle from him. "As enjoyable as that would be, I don't think we have time for what used to come after... unless of course you'd prefer Carlos walking in on that? You know as our host, we'd be obliged to ask him to join."

Her eyes were much cooler than earlier as she brusquely dried off, wrapping up in the luxurious towel and taking a smaller one to dry her hair with. On the outside at least, she was all business again.

Still, she refused to meet his eyes.
17-07-2003, 06:06
Treznor releases the towel without a fight and chuckles at her mercurial shift in attitude.

Right on cue. Reassert control and attack. Life is never boring with you, Red.

"Oh, I don't know. I'd rather he walk in on that than some other things we'll be doing. It'd be easier to explain." He goes silent as he works at getting himself dried off, then takes down a bathrobe and dons it. He offers another one to Nathicana.

"Shall we retire to the lounge? There should be a television in there, and just in case you missed something it should help provide some cover."
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 06:19
Nathi simply nods curtly, dropping the towel unashamedly, then taking the offered robe and putting it on.

"That's where my computer is. Best place for talking as well - huge television. Should provide excellent cover, as well as allow Carlos to see we've been up to nothing he should be concerned over. I left the camera on there. Won't be a problem to place ourselves where he can't see the screen, however."

Putting on a satisfied smile for the cameras, she leads the way into the other room without pretense, moving quickly and fluidly. Taking out the disk Marik had left her, she disconnects from Carlos' lines, and pops it in, sitting down on the sofa and gesturing for him to join her. Pulling up the files, she tilts the screen and points quietly to several specifics, though letting him peruse at leisure.

As he looked over them, she hit the remote, recalling the news channel she'd been watching earlier that day.

"So ... do you still think your friend the Führer is harmless? Perhaps an all around nice fellow? Or am I letting my imagination run away with me? If so ... I believe there will be some upcoming coverage tonight that might give you pause, if those files don't." she said after the tv was safely on, blaring some commercial or other.
17-07-2003, 06:44
Settling himself comfortably on the couch next to Nathicana, Treznor does a quick scan of the details of Nathicana's list. He notes with some concern the timestamp on them.

She got this right before the missile test. Marik must have scrambled to get it, then she took the risk of viewing them on site. Foolish risk, Red. Not what I'd expect of you.

He nods as he browses the reports of Iraqstan's efforts to influence other nations. "This is on par with one of G.O.D.'s goals. I've been doing this myself, on a smaller scale."

He frowns at her description of Carlos' title as "Führer." "No, I never said Carlos was harmless, just not a warmonger. If he does go that path, he's likely to incur the wrath of a few dozen more nations including myself. ICCM or no, he'll get pasted and he knows it."

Then he reads on to the listing of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons and silos. He sighs deeply. "Dammit, I didn't want to know about this. Carlos hinted something about it in the car and it could splash onto me if it gets released."

At the portions detailing the prototype aircraft and spider-legged tanks, the ones he'd gotten intelligence reports about. I wouldn't mind a copy of this file myself. Too dangerous to be caught with it, though. The numbers impress him mightily. Then he sees the part about the semi-sentient AI's.

He looks up at Nathicana. "AIs again. You've developed a real soft spot for Electronic Intelligences. Is that what's bothering you? What's going on, Nath? I know you visited SHODAN during your 'recovery.' Rumour has it you've become a cyborg, but you felt pretty human to me. Still, AIs are programs. Even if they get to the point where they can be considered individuals, the Dominion has never cared about the rights of the individuals. Why should an AI be any different from a human?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 07:16
"That bio/chem info was what had me most concerned, actually." she says quietly, still smiling and looking for all the world if she is simply showing off a digitized photo album to an old friend.

"I didn't think you'd gone in that direction, and your reaction in the car, well ... I felt you needed to know." Her tone was approving and concerned at once.

At the AI question, her brow arches in a clear expression of amusement, and she laughs outright at his cyborg theory, dismissing it with a wave of her hand.

"Whoever's been saying that has been reading too many sci-fi books lately." she assured him.

Don't blow it now. He doesn't know a thing.

"And a soft spot? Hardly. Means to an end, boy." she lied. "Do you think I'd be where I am today without them?"

That statement made her uncomfortable. Sure, it may have begun that way, but ... things had changed. Radically. She recalled conversations with Shodey, and the bond she felt there. She winced inwardly at the words she spoke next, feeling somehow ... dirty.

Do not show weakness. Do not give yourself away. Not yet.

"All part of the plan, my dear. And as you know, it worked out better than I'd hoped for. Organic or not, I've found all sentient life forms are equally easy to manipulate to get what you want. Believe you me, I've gotten all I want and more ... and I plan to continue to do so."

If there is a God, I beg - let no hint of those words ever reach my friend's ears. I'd die of shame. She let none of her internal conflict reach her eyes as she finally met his gaze, the usual cold, calculating light in them she had when gaining the upper hand, though the corner of one eye twitched slightly as she smiled.

"As for you, why so open? Why all this play, boy?"

She notes he's finished reading, and promptly reformats the disk, soon after running another program to wipe all traces of the files from her computer. She takes out the disk, carefully uses both hands to snap it in half, and tears the sensitive material inside.

"What is it you want from me, boy?" she says, fixing him with an intense look, half afraid of what she'll hear.
17-07-2003, 07:42
Treznor nods in agreement. "The weapons concern me, but clearly not to the extent that they bother you. Carlos is stockpiling banned weapons. He might even be selling them for profit. I would, if I were in his place, but I'd never start the program in the first place. Look at some of these date codes. A lot of this stockpile is before his time. This program was started by his father and he's been maintaining it. Yeah, the smart thing would be to bury these things and retool the production for something else, but he's just a man. It may never have occurred to him."

Treznor sits back and casually drapes an arm around Nathicana's shoulders. "Everything in that file paints a picture of a man who is clever, ruthless, resourceful and efficient. He also happens to be the dictator of an old and powerful nation. Judge him for that, and you judge me and yourself. It's impossible to run a nation like this without making some mistakes. I agree there are areas of concern, but to me it doesn't add up to the danger signs you're seeing. I'm sorry, Red. I just don't agree with you here. It's enough to make me cautious, but I don't regret allying myself with him. Not yet, anyway."

At Nathicana's dismissal of the cyborg issue, he shrugs. They're both familiar with bad intelligence; it's just a fact of life. He also listens to her explanation of her dealings with EIs without comment.

That's not what you were getting at when we were chatting with NODAHS. You're actually concerned with the rights of these beings. What happened to you, up there?

When she formats the disk, he opens his mouth and closes it again quickly. It's a pity to ditch that after going to so much trouble to assemble it. But it's the smart thing to do; I'm surprised she didn't do it before. It was really important for her that I see it. Why?

He freezes at her last question. I suppose I did drop my pants back there, literally and figuratively. But, what can I tell her?

He struggles for a moment with his answer, knowing his silences tells her as much as any excuse could. In the end, his courage fails him.

"What makes you think I want anything in particular? Why wouldn't I want to go back to the fun and games we had when you were the Minister and I your lackey?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 08:30
Nathi carefully schools her expression at his words, maintaining the pleasant smile, leaning back against his arm, and snuggling in a bit, her head resting on his shoulder, insisting to herself that it is all for the camera, nothing more.

He's talking sense, and you know it. You would have said much the same not so long ago. What the hell is wrong with you? Go from wanting to kill him one minute, to wanting to ... She cut that line of thought abruptly.

At least he let he AI thing go. she thinks with some relief.

However, his reactions to the questions she most wants to know make a cold shiver of apprehension run through her.

Il buon dio, non lo lascia essere così ... Don't let that be why. Love? Surely not. Not after what we put each other through. Not now that I'm married. Gods, Devon ... why? You damned fool of a man ...

She fingers her ring quietly, then without warning gets up off the couch. She walks over to her suitcaise, selects of all things a simple black t-shirt and a well broken-in pair of cutoffs, her mind mulling over the implications. All that in mind, she takes unusual care to be modest as she dresses - something she's never done. She slides on the shorts while still wearing the robe, her back to Devon. Then she shrugs off the robe, letting it fall to the floor, while in the same motion, pulling the shirt on over her head. Grabbing up the smaller towel, she works over her hair, then combs through it with her fingers. Lastly, she puts it back in a ponytail, all in complete silence.

In the background, she notices the news announce what she's been expecting as she finishes with her hair. She nods, and comes back to the couch, swinging over the back to sit with her knees up, slightly away from Devon.

"I think we'll want to see this." she says quietly.
17-07-2003, 08:45
Treznor watches her get up and get dressed, aware of the sudden change of mood. However, this is one he's not familiar with, not from her.

She's taking her marriage seriously, a lot more seriously than I would have expected. She married a boy, and a fool at that. If she'd waited a little longer, I would have been able to offer her another choice. I did, in fact, but she moved too fast.

When the news broadcast begins, he turns to it almost gratefully. And watches in silence. The chanting of Hail the Empire! Long Live the Führer! echo loudly in his ears, and promises of purges and genocide fill the room. He finds his hand gripping the edge of the seat tightly, and he forces himself to relax.

Okay, so Carlos has decided to tighten his control. No problem. He can be a military police state if he wants to be. But Führer? Purges of Um Lizaa? Burning books? This is an international disaster, and he chose to do this while Nath and I are visiting, implying that we support him and these actions. He didn't even give us the option of distancing ourselves.

All right, Nath. You made your point. I'm now officially nervous. Carlos just put my head on the chopping block along with his.

He looks at Nathicana seriously and begins to gather up the fragments of the disk she'd destroyed. "How clean was Marik's intel? How likely is it that Carlos will trace the theft to you? You might need to leave. Tonight. I can cover for you; he has less reason to suspect me."
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 09:14
Nathi watches him for a reaction from the corner of her eye, nodding imperceptibly as suspicions are confirmed. He is definitely less than pleased.

She doesn't look smug, and no gloating comments are forthcoming as they watch in silence, wholely unlike her normal modus operandi.

At his concern and offer however, she shakes herself out of the thoughs running through her mind, and looks at him with suprise.

"Marik?" she says, then quickly grasps what he's getting at and continues. "Oh, of course. Yes, clean. Very clean. I doubt very much he can trace it back, and if he does, well ... he may not find what he expects." she says vaguely.

"I can't possibly leave right now, not just before we go up. I want this station deal, Dev. And I get what I want." She looks at him directly with those last words, but moves on with barely a pause.

"I appreciate your willingness to do that for me, boy." Her tone is softer, and she reaches over to give his hand a squeeze. "I don't think you need to put your neck out for me though. Not yet at any rate. Just remember - all you saw here was the news post. Steer clear of any of the rest."

She looked over at the clock. "I imagine he'll be here any time now. Shall we find you something to put on, or ... " she left it hanging.
17-07-2003, 09:30
Treznor's eyes narrow suspiciously at Nathicana's slip about Marik, but he files it away and moves on. He has bigger concerns for the moment. He finishes gathering up the disk and finds somewhere to dispose of it quietly.

It's going to be found sooner or later. We don't want them in our possession in case of a search. The only place is really the central rubbish chute. It's small enough that it might go unnoticed, unless...

He looks at Nathicana. "How many more of those disks do you have?"

At the question of clothing, he shakes his head. "No, let him think what he wants. I'm comfortable in this, and my clothes aren't clean yet."
17-07-2003, 09:32
Dressed in a simple black t-shirt, leather pants and a jacket to boot, Carlos sits in the limo as it rolls to a stop outside Nathicana's palace smiling at the thought of seeing these two people again he hops out of the car a bottle of wine and a bottle of scotch in each hand and walks up the steps ringing the doorbell he awaits politely to be admitted.
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 09:37
She nods, pointing to the case she carries her laptop in. "Several - front pocket." Unfortunately, he'll notice they aren't a match.

He noticed the slip. Dammit.

On hearing the doorbell ring, she literally jumps. Cursing herself quietly, she makes her way to the door, looking over her shoulder at Devon questioningly.

"You set? If you need something to change into, think I saw some men's clothes in the armoire over there." she says, gesturing.
17-07-2003, 09:43
Treznor dumps the disk in his hand down the rubbish chute, then leaps over to the laptop to grab two more. "These should do." He snaps them with a quick twist and they follow the first down the hole.

Damn, they look different. It'll be noticed. But we'll just stick to the story.

He walks back over to the couch and seats himself. "I'm fine. Let him in and we'll see how this plays out, shall we?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 09:49
She nods, going out to the door and opening it with a warm smile.

"Carlos! We've been waiting. And you've broght the drinks ... excellent." she loops her arm in his and escorts him in.

She casts a quick glance at Devon sitting on the couch, and realizes the news ist still playing. Not only that, but a new problem suddenly presents itself.

Devon is still in a robe. Her hair is wet, his is too, and her robe is uncharicteristically tossed on the floor.

She's going to be forced to act the part of one who's recently been very closely involved with the boy. Being standoffish is not an option if suspicion is to be averted.

So help me ... if we get out of this cleanly, I'll kill him for that alone.
17-07-2003, 09:54
Smiling gallantly Carlos nods and pats Nathi's hand as they walk inside, "Yes my dear, drinks with more arriving". Walking into the lounge he notices Devon in a robe and another one on the floor and smirks "It seems I interrupted apologies" noting the TV turned on he looks closely at it and wonders for a minute Wonder if they saw my little...escapade, robes on the floor Nathi's hair wet...and Devon's tsk tsk I dont want to know

Placing the bottles on a table nearby Carlos sits down carefully on a chair and looks at the two. "I trust you have both setteled in comfortably" asking with a sly grin to his face Carlos sits back and watches the pair of them.
17-07-2003, 09:57
Treznor nods politely to Carlos as he enters, but doesn't stand up. His eyes are dark and not entirely friendly. "Good evening, mein Führer. I see you've had a busy evening without us. It's certainly a fine diplomatic pickle you've created without consulting us."
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 10:01
Nathi goes to answer Carlos' comments amiably when Devon makes his statements. Her mouth opens ... then shuts as he finishes.

Well, so much for beating around the bush. He's more upset than he let on earlier.

She quietly takes the bottles from Carlos, walks over to the bar, and opens the scotch, pouring three glasses.
17-07-2003, 10:02
Chortling to himself Carlos stands up and accepts the glass. Looking over his shoulder at Devon he offers a glass "Firstly, it's Carlos to you we are all equals in this room...Secondly any implications can be avoided by the simple fact of your ability to deny knowledge of this, which of course I will support since I didnt mention you I didnt show footage of either of you. Agreed guilt by association is a hassle but one easily brushed off when people begin to sit and think. Have I done anything other than execute 13 traitors and burn some books that were causing problems within my country? No, the people are still alive living in great health just because I call them vermin doesnt mean they are being hunted down and shot int he streets."

Walking back to the chairs with the bottle and glasses in one hand he places them on the coffee table and sits back down staring at Devon he continues. "Further I for some time now have been seen as an oppressor of my people and nobody has set a foot in any direction, even releasing to the public my intention of rearming my strategic deterrance programme recieved nothing but a few quip critiques. Really my dear friend you are jumping at shadows that are caused by the light shining brightly upon but one man and a country of fanatical followers."

Smiling brightly he sips his scotch "Please let us kick back and discuss less....firey times together the night is young and fun is at hand!"
17-07-2003, 10:14
Treznor shakes his head as Carlos makes himself comfortable. "It isn't that easy, Carlos. Yes, we can deny our involvement and it'll even be true. The fact remains that Nathi and I are making very public visits to Iraqstan; nobody paying attention can miss the timing here. You chose to announce your stance as a military police state with the implications of blatant civil rights violations and purges that critics will call genocide to your face. It doesn't matter what spin you put on it, that's the impression people will get. And because you timed this event with our visit, Nath and I are seen to be in approval unless we pack up and leave this very minute.

"I like you, Carlos. I truly do. You're my kind of scoundrel. But you forgot for a moment that while you don't give a damn about the international community, I do. I've been working very hard to make sure my voice in the UN and on various international boards is heard and respected, and you just threatened that with one small speech, however innocent you thought it was."

He pauses to accept the scotch from Nathicana with a nod of thanks, but doesn't touch it. "I don't want to burn any bridges, and I don't want to leave. I'm supposed to be on vacation, dammit. I don't particularly care what you do with your government or your people; it's your decision to make. But I don't appreciate the position you've put me in. I'd like to discuss some options for damage control, if you don't mind."
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 10:23
She nods in agreement with Devon, oddly enough, taking a slow sip, her eyes blinking at what is most definitely a more powerful drink than she's used to.

"Agreed. I've found myself oddly respected in certain circles of late, and would hate to jeapordize what I've worked so hard to create. I very much doubt my allies in the Triumvirate of Yut would appreciate one of their members being so closely involved and appearing to approve of these sorts of actions."

"I truly hope you have not lessened my image in their sight, nor caused me to inadvertently become an embarrassment to them." she said in a dangerously soft voice.

"I too wish for no ill will between us, but these recent events ..." she shook her head, taking another sip. "Your timing, I'm afraid, could have been better."
17-07-2003, 10:31
Carlos' eyes glint at the mention of genocide and he grinds his teeth together, taking a breath he looks down at his drink then slowly looks back up speaking quietly "Timing could of been better....yes, but these things were planned months before you pair arrived the people of Iraqstan were demanding a move and as much as I control them they control me. I do not feel that suspected threats of genocide even when I have said the era of blood is over, will dampen anyone's feelings towards either of you. You Devon are in an organisation of Dictators, none by far are as good as you some are worse than I am, and you my Dread Lady, history speaks much of things in your past if they accept them then they will accept absent minded actions of but one link a link so small in your movements that it most likely will be overlooked." sipping his scotch he stares at the floor for a moment composing himself "Neither of you can be blamed for your reactions but I cannot be held over a fire for something I had little control over, it would of either been a government controled movement or a blood spilling riot of proprotions this country has not seen since the fall of the democracy. I accepted risks and I apologise for them but I did not think you would be affected much by the independant movements of myself within my own borders...forgive me if I thought wrong...."

Standing up he walks to the window and looks out over the city hideing the embarrasment thrown at him behind glass and darkness. To accept my hospitality and then insult me....If I did not care for these people they would be leaving in caskets but I like them both, accept their anger and move on.
17-07-2003, 10:44
Treznor nods and takes a sip from his glass for the first time.

"Okay, I'll grant you that. You couldn't control the timing of tonight's events. So why didn't you warn us? I know the space station has a limited window of opportunity, but we could have chosen to go last week or not come at all. I told you, what you do here is your business but you didn't give us the opportunity to make a choice. You have your sovereign right, but as the heads of our nations Nathicana and I carry our national borders with us. When we visit, what you do reflect on us. That's my complaint, Carlos. If I'd known what you were going to do on public television I could have at least known what I was getting into, maybe prepared ahead of time."

He stands up and walks over to the older man. "I'm sorry I was so short with you. It's rude and inexcusable. I consider you a friend, but you surprised me, and I don't like surprises. Not like this. I'm sure we can figure out some sort of compromise that'll let us keep our alliances. I have to do something, Carlos. When it looked like Barbarosea was going to drag all our names through the mud, you and I stood together to make sure he toed the line. So let's figure this out."
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 10:56
She watches the interaction between the two, though her brow furrows at Carlos' last words.

Throwing my own favorite argument back at me, boy? Bastard.

He had done his homework it seemed, though as to exactly what incidents he was referring was anyones guess. She made a decision.

"Indeed ... I appologize for any hasty words." she said in as sincere a tone as she could muster. "Lets all sit down, enjoy this most excellent Scotch, and discuss our options. I'm certain three such crafty statesmen as ourselves can come up with something good."

Yes, if I can keep my head clear long enough. She studied Devon, brow furrowing again.
17-07-2003, 11:04
Carlos' eyes flick to the relfection of Devon approaching and he stares intently "Yes we have worked things out, and you are right to be angry but truth be told I had little choice tonight yes, I enjoyed what I did how can one not enjoy the ammased loyalty and love flowing out of tens of thousands of people gathered in one spot, These actions were planned for another 3 weeks from now but one of the people who...finished service tonight leaked this info in hopes of the public rebelling but got the opposite they wanted to move and were going to move with or without me.

More than 600 million voices ring out for a change is hard to ignore, not like the old days there will be some new laws announced in the coming weeks laws which are revisions of old ones and a perhaps some new ones.

It's not like I'm going out and invading the countries around me, nor launching a nuclear, biological or chemical attack on my most hated enemies, I meant what I said when the era of blood was over. Those deaths tonight were needed but I do not want to execute anymore of my people enlightened or vermin.....

I'm sorry for putting you both in this but I had no real option I hope we can clear this up. I would like nothing better than to wipe tonight from history but I cannot and such I must accept what has happened you are right in your anger but I do not feel wrong in how things went. I prefer a populace happy than a populace killing each other." paushing Carlos sighs and drinks from his glass before looking back out over the sky who's colour is tinted with the red of burnings.

"Still those fires give a rather serene and stunning look to a city do they not?" grinning mischeviously Carlos looks back out over the balcony.
17-07-2003, 11:09
Treznor walks up to the window to observe the view. "A toast. To friends, new and old. Something to transcend nations, treaties and politics." He raises his glass to them both.

Carlos, old man. You're still my kind of scoundrel.
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 11:16
Can't argue with the logic there ... few for the many ... keeping the peace ... you know you'd do similar. It's his style that has your back up more than anything. That and the books ...

All the same, she remains cautious in her opinions of Carlos. His last comment only solidifies that stance.

My he's a cold one ... was I ever ... ? She can't believe how soft she's gotten.

When Devon proposes the toast, she walks over to both men, putting on a pleasanat smile, and raising her glass.

"To friends." she echoes softly, drinking and watching them both closely.
17-07-2003, 11:21
Smiling at Devon and Nathicana he raises his glass in salute "To friends, politics and opinions freely exchanged" taking a drink he watches nathicana intently "Oh yes before I forget, sometime today whilst we were either enteraining NADOHS checking out the ICCM or studying the sattelite systems someone broke into the computer systems in the Facility through the old neural lab I was wondering Nathi if you saw anyone go in there whilst you were in the bathroom. It matters not of course since they didnt get into the area they wanted to get into but I was wondering all the same. Security seems to be lacking internaly more so than externaly and I might have to institute some security reforms."

Watching her from behind his glass he smiles softly and drinks some more.
Catholic Europe
17-07-2003, 11:32
What tour is this?
17-07-2003, 11:34
What tour is this?
As explained in the first post, it's a tour of some of Iraqstan's military facilities and their new space station.
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 11:38
She covered any possible tightness of her mouth by sipping again from her drink, the very picture of calm, now that certain isues were out of the way. Inside, her stomach turned to ice.

I knew I left traces ... but what the hell does he mean, 'didn't get to the area they wanted' ... that first lock? That had to be what tipped them off. Security flag. What could it have possibly been?

"I didn't see anything or anyone that looked out of place," she said, her years of training and practice paying off. "Of course, this is a big place, and you do have plenty of personnel going about their business here. I didn't have much else on my mind at the time, if you understand." she chuckled, blushing slightly in a ladylike manner over the discussion of such things.

Her eyes flicker briefly to Devon, and she covers it by giving Carlos a disarming smile and slipping an arm around Devon's waist in a more-than-friendly fashion. "And I admit, having Devon here has brought up some rather fond memories that have been a pleasant distraction. I admit I've had the good old days on my mind more than I should."

Let Devon think what he will of that ... it's true enough in any case.
17-07-2003, 11:42
smiling Carlos nods and watches Nathicana's movements carefully and grins ruefully "Of course, hard to ignore such a man as Devon" winking he chuckles and turns back to looking out the window. "Thank you for answering that looks like there's a few people inside that facility that need reminding of what private and high level security means...."

Drinking again Carlos watches the pair through the window's reflections with interest. Here I thought Nathicana was married....controversy ontop of controversy and they decided to yell at me for my actions...interesting steps there.
17-07-2003, 11:48
Treznor quirks an eyebrow and looks back and forth at Carlos and Nathicana.

By the nine circles of Hell, Nath, you should have taken my offer. He suspects.

"Did someone access something sensitive?" he asks quietly. Then he grins. "I swear it wasn't my people. There's no way I'm going to return the prank you pulled on me in my palace when I'm going to be out in space with airlocks I can be pushed out of."

When Nathicana cosies up to him, he wraps a comforting arm around her shoulders and gives her a squeeze. "Like I said, old friends."

Now if she'd just give my hormones a chance to settle down...
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 11:59
As he gives her a squeeze, she thinks, Pushed out of airlocks? She shivers slightly at the thought, cursing as she realize Devon will feel it ... and probably mistake it too.

She didn't feel good about those who might die due to her little adventure ... nor did she feel terrible about it either.

Shodey told me back there to do what I must, but be prepared to live with it. she thought resignedly. It wasn't as though they'd be the first deaths on her hands. She kept perked for any new information, though she doubted much more would be forthcoming.
17-07-2003, 12:06
Chuckling Carlos drinks the rest of his drink and moves back to the bottle "Well someone attempted to gain access to some files that they didnt have a clearance for, couldnt find anything else but I think an enounter with an eletrical experiment will do the heads of security wonders at that facility....." trailing off Carlos pours himself another drink and looks back over at the pair "So this was meant to be a fun event for the three of us, so far we've discussed wrong moves and attempted espionage by my own people...enough about me lets talk about you" grinning again he sits back and rests his feet on the table.
17-07-2003, 12:15
Treznor drains his glass and with one last squeeze of Nathicana's shoulder, he joins Carlos for a refill. "Well, I for one was mightily impressed with the missile test. What did you pack into the warhead? It didn't look nuclear, but it effectively demolished the ship."

He pauses to tighten the belt of his robe before starting on his second drink. Yes, I know what you wanted to hear, but you're going to have to actually come out and say it, you rascal.
17-07-2003, 12:18
Chuckling Carlos fills Devon's glass back up "Just a high mixture of heavy explosives my techs dont explain much to me since I dont understand their mumbo jumbo but it was an interesting display. My dear devon if you want clothes there are some in the spare rooms around this place, though my style might not agree with you...." grinning Carlos sits back and sips his scotch eyeing them both cautiously
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 12:20
"Yes, that was rather impressive." she agreed, making her way to the couch and lounging on it comfortably. She took another sip before continuing.

"Although I have to admit, I loved those bikes of yours." She chuckled softly, recalling the scene earlier. "Not feeling too scuffed up, I hope, Dev?"
17-07-2003, 12:22
Treznor rolls his eyes and laughs. "Why is everyone so concerned with my choice of wardrobe? I had a shower. So did Nath. It helped get the road grime off my skin. Nath is more comfortable in her old clothes, and I'm happy in this. It's soft, warm and dry.

"Or was there another question you wanted to ask?" He grins and takes another sip of scotch, his eyes glinting with hidden laughter.
Dread Lady Nathicana
17-07-2003, 12:26
"Don't feel you need to get dressed on my account, boy." she says, unable to resist the tease.