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Archaeological Discovery in The SLAGLands

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The SLAGLands
14-06-2003, 08:16
(OOC: This will be an exploratory RP of some sort. I’ll welcome participants later; for now, though, what you’re being given here is OOC knowledge. You’re welcome to reply OOC, but none of your nations would know of this discovery.)

The orange sun hangs high in the sky above Grell, an island off the northwestern coast of The SLAGLands. The small island is about ten miles in diameter and rests directly on the Equator, and it is one of the few places in The SLAGLands that is not either very grassy or heavily forested. Like many of the nearby islands, Grell is a desert, and like many of these nearby islands, it is frequently visited by SLAGLandic archaeologists. Such a place seems unlikely to have housed any civilization; however, it is here that the very roots of aboriginal SLAGLanders can be traced. Very little is known about these people, and the frequent digs in these island chains, often called The Outset Islands, have been going on for several years now.

On this particularly steamy June afternoon, two scientists are hard at work at a site known as Site Tango. This site has long been considered relatively weak, as only a few makeshift tools of little significance have ever been discovered. Dr. Rede Summers is hunched near the middle of the site, brushing away at what appears to be another artifact of some kind. Her blonde hair is tied back and dripping with sweat, and her blue jeans and white tank top are covered in dust. Her counterpart, Dr. Verc Riviera, is sitting just outside the roped-off site beneath a tent. He is reclining in a lawn chair, sipping a cool glass of Tang, his spectacled eyes rolling back in his head in pure relaxation. Rede chuckles audibly.

“Wake up, Verc,” she says, looking back at him and smiling. Verc runs his index finger through his moustache, forcing a bored smile.

“I’m awake…” he replies. “You still working on that new find?” Rede nods, then returns to her work. “I’m telling ya, Rede, it’s another bust. Probably just some sort of baby toy or something.”

Suddenly, a loud tone emits from the spot where Rede is digging, and she steps back. One with a trained ear in music would recognize the tone as similar to a plucked harp and an exact middle C.

“What the hell?” Rede says, leaning back down. “The damn thing just made a noise!” Dr. Riviera stands up, tossing his Tang cup behind him as he steps over the ropes toward Rede. He pulls a rag from his pocket and bends down, then motions around the edges of the object.

“Finish dusting,” he says. Rede complies, dusting gently at the edges of the half-unearthed object. “Damn… looks really old. I’d say we’re looking at something at least twenty thousand years old.” Verc looks over the object once more, observing Rede’s brushings. “However… it looks strangely… sturdy.” At last, the edges of the artifact are uncovered, and Verc managers to force the rag under the object and pick it up.

The object is about one foot long and six inches wide. It is made of what appears to be carved limestone, and it is incredibly smooth—almost completely unweathered. A small wooden knob sticks from the end of the object, and like the stone, it is almost entirely unweathered.

“What do you think it is?” Rede asks, looking closely at the object.

“No idea,” Verc replies. “You heard it make a sound?”

”You heard it too, Verc. A harp or something.”

“Well, what did you do?”

Rede throws her arms into the air. “I don’t know! Routine brushing around the top section!” She points at the spot. “Here!” At once, Rede loses her footing, and her right index finger touches the object.

Almost instantly, the object springs to life. The square Rede touched emits a similar tone as before: a harp’s sound. This time, however, the square lights up with a bright yellow light. Moments later, other squares begin to light up, one by one, each one emitting a new note. The object begins to hover for a moment off of the cloth as the squares light up. At last, when the final square lights up, the knob on the end issues forth a tremendous ray of light into the sky with a force that knocks both Rede and Verc to the ground.

At that moment, the object falls, hitting the dirt with a dull thud.

Rede and Verc crawl toward the object, eyeing it nervously. Verc looks up, eyes wide, glasses fallen from his face.

“We’ve gotta call headquarters.”
The SLAGLands
16-06-2003, 04:43
(OOC: To all inquiring: this is your cue to join in. And yes, EZRALB, I'm quite sure of where this is going, though it is subject to change. And Ur, I've fixed your registration. You're now a TA. You should be able to post in all forums now.)


As many of you have no doubt heard in worldwide news reports, an odd artifact was recently discovered off the northwest coast of The SLAGLands. This artifact has, when disturbed, emitted a strange sequence of lights and tones before falling silent and dark. While The SLAGLandic Ministry of Science has attempted to discover the nature of this artifact, we have discovered virtually nothing. The stone is unbreakable by any means we have attempted, and we cannot find a source of the light and sound.

In a more interesting note, SLAGLandic archaeological digs have unearthed five more artifacts, similar to the first, throughout the surrounding islands, a chain known traditionally as The Outset Islands, one of the earliest sites of civilization in The SLAGLands.

With this in mind, I am hereby sending an open invitation to archaeologists, scientists, and government officials from friendly nations all over the world to come to The Outset Islands to view and study these artifacts. They are truly baffling even to a pragmatic scientific mind such as my own, and I am now honestly beginning to believe that these artifacts may indeed be... magical in nature.

An airstrip has been set up on the central and largest of The Outset Islands, Gavedale. I have enclosed coordinates and instructions for all nations wishing to view the artifacts. In order to keep this viewing as casual as possible, please do not bring excessive security, and please come with an open mind.

I anxiously await the world's reply to this remarkable discovery.

Kindest regards,
Dr. Tarrah Finn
Minister of Science
The Slagged Lands of The SLAGLands
16-06-2003, 05:04
{Secure Diplomatic Transmission; m12 Security Protocols}
x Lord Kyle sa'Diason (Lord of the Grey Court, Preternatural Affairs Directorate)
o Dr. Tarrah Finn (Minster of Science, SL of the SLAGLands)

Fascinating. I'll be sending a team of experts, expect them withing twenty-four hours. We won't send any dedicated security personel, although Signy assures me that the Third Fleet will be available should you require anything.

Grey Lord Kyle sa'Diason
Preternatural Affairs Directorate
Cetagandan Imperialate
16-06-2003, 05:06
Dr.Finn,It is with great anticipation that the Republic of EZRALB readies it's leading archealogical researchers and their teams.I myself,Dr.Kor Tanah will lead team A onto the site as soon as our travel arrangements have been finalized. If I may ask DR.have you locked in the exact age of these artifacts?Ah well,we shall speak soon and together find the answer to the origin of this magnificent find. Yours truly Dr.Kor Tanah Director of Archeology.
16-06-2003, 05:09
Following in like fashion, Ur sends a small team of professionals in this field. Their expedition is small, only a preliminary scope.
The SLAGLands
16-06-2003, 05:15
(OOC: *smacks EZRALB for using the wrong form of "its"*

Wait a minute... is your name supposed to mean Ezra Pound?)

Lord sa'Diason: We will welcome our Triumvirate of Yut allies to The Outset Islands. We do appreciate the support of The Third Fleet; however, given that this is an archaeological expedition, I doubt it will be necessary.

Dr. Tanah: You are welcome to attend this study. As for your inquiry, we have been unable to cement a date of origin for the artifacts, as they seem to be incapable of any sort of aging. A study of artifacts found nearby, however, may place these "magical" artifacts over 50,000 years old, much older than civilization is believed to have existed in The SLAGLands. Very strange.

Ur Delegate: You are also welcome to attend this study.

16-06-2003, 06:44
In a small, dark office in the catacombs of Silvercity university Dr. Zadok Allen recieved a phone call...

"Dr. Allen speaking"

"Dr. Allen, we are sending you to the SLAGlands."

" Whatever for ?"

"An artifact, actually several artifacts have been found. They are of unknown origin and seem to have most interesting properties"

" I will pack my things. I expect the helicopter is waiting"

"Of course, and be careful"

"always " he answered smiling....


TO: Dr. Tarrah Finn
Minister of Science
The Slagged Lands of The SLAGLands

From: Dr. Zadok Allen
Chair of Archeology Silvercity University
Head of Parapsycology board Silvercity University

Dear Sir,
Thank you so much for this invitation. I will be on site by lunch tomorrow. I will not be bringing a security detail or assistants. We have complete trust in your ability to ensure or saftey.

Again thank you for this opportunity.

Dr. Zadok Allen
Reploid Productions
16-06-2003, 06:56
We would like to send Tsunami Drakos and Kiara Alson to join in the study of these artifacts. The two specialize in the study of paranormal phenomena and are vastly intrigued by the discoveries in the Slaglands. They can arrive via Harukaze 100-S within a matter of hours. We will not send any security personel- Tsunami Drakos is a reploid dragon from the Drakos production line and originally built for combat. She can provide sufficient security for herself and Kiara.

~Tsume Dragonis
~Secretary of Foreign Affairs
~Shogunate of Reploid Productions
The SLAGLands
16-06-2003, 15:58
(OOC: Heh heh... Celeborne thought Dr. Finn was a sir...)

Dr. Allen: Your assistance in this matter is appreciated. I can assure you that you will be safe and secure during your stay in The Outset Islands.

Tsume: As always, our friends from Reploid Productions are more than welcome in The SLAGLands.

16-06-2003, 16:10
The Council of the Tribes of the Nomadic Peoples of Aerion will send four of our wise men, accompanied by a Council Ambassador for diplomacy to the islands by one of our diplomatic jets. (Granted to us by the Empire of Draconic States). They will help in the research, and will be there for any developments.

First Elder Wasterin V'i
Council of Tribes
16-06-2003, 16:32
Ur archeologists arrive at the site.

They get off the passenger plane. There are only 5 members of this group, all male, all relatively old.

I sent a lot of old guys to the SLAGlands.
The SLAGLands
16-06-2003, 16:35
(OOC: Ur, you may want to give these people names; you're probably going to be RPing them a lot in the next few weeks. :wink: )

Elder Wasterin: We welcome the wise men with open arms.

The SLAGLands
17-06-2003, 23:07
(Gavedale Island is the largest of The Outset Islands, and like those surrounding it, it is pretty well barren. Gavedale is about thirty miles in circumference and mostly consists of desert, with a few scattered oases and palm trees here and there. The land is hilly, but a large plain is on the southwestern tip of the island. It is here that the airstrip rests, a small makeshift series of runways and cabins for the incoming guests. It is evening, and the sun has begun to lower in the western sky, casting golden sparkles on the deep blue Slaglantic Ocean. Dr. Tarrah Finn is resting in a large lawn chair beneath a canopy to the right of the airstrip. She is wearing dark blue shorts and a button-up white shirt. She is fanning her sweaty face with a large straw hat and sipping a glass of lemonade. A group of scientists is nearby, and they seem a bit anxious to welcome the other scientists. Dr. Finn, however, seems reticent.)

"Geez... you know, I have no idea why I was ordered to welcome the insights of other scientists. This is a SLAGLandic issue, after all."

(A short, thin, younger male scientist looks over the airstrip, rubbing his stubble goattee.)

"Well, I suppose we could use some help. We're quite baffled about these artifacts, Dr. Finn. Even you yourself have no idea what's going on."

(Dr. Finn stops fanning and looks over at the scientist.)

"Yeah... you may be right, Dr. Vivaldi..."

(She turns back to the airstrip and resumes fanning.)

"Still, though, I do not see why we should labor under the presumption that scientists from elsewhere are going to be more intelligent than us."

(A large passenger plane touches down on the airstrip. Finn sighs and forces herself up.)

"And here's the first of the goons..."

(Finn and the group of scientists walk to the plane as the elderly gentlemen exit. She nods slightly.)

"Good evening, gentlemen. I'm Dr. Tarrah Finn, SLAGLandic Minister of Science. This is my assistant, Dr. Remmington Vivaldi."

(Vivaldi extends his hand.)

"Welcome to The SLAGLands, gentlemen."

(OOC: You may now begin RPing your arrival.)
18-06-2003, 00:16
To the SLAGLANDS. I wish to send a team to your country to discover the nature of these artifacts. In our country we have discovered a new artifact ourselves but it has appeared to be dangerous. may I also inquire hold old you think the artifacts may be? Both of our sites migfht be connected. i will send a team of 3 scientist if you let me. their names are
Dr. Carolyn Bloch, Dr. Ewa Fedurco and Dr. Zebina Khouri.
18-06-2003, 00:16
The Old Guys look baffled. They stare blankly at them for a second, leaving Vivaldi's hand untouched.

The younger of all the Old Guys looks nervously at the Old Guy that Vivaldi extended a hand to. He then steps forwards and smiles, embarassed, and extends his had in return.

"Hello," he said, shaking Vivaldi's hand vigorously, "My name is Professor Frank Uranass of the NSU."

He continues shaking, like a fool, a very embarassed fool, while The Old Guy continues to stare blankly.
The SLAGLands
18-06-2003, 00:30
Drs. Bloch, Fedurco, and Khouri: We welcome our allies from Celack to The SLAGLands. We would be more than happy to compare your relics to our own. We have estimated the age of our own relics to be approximately 50,000 years old, older than our estimates of the oldest civilizations in The SLAGLands. I am interested to hear how your findings compare with ours.


Meanwhile, back on Gavedale...

(Dr. Vivaldi pulls his hand from Professor Uranass's and smiles warmly.)

"A pleasure to meet you, Professor... odd, your name seems remarkably similar to that of your nation. Is that a coincidence, or..."

(Dr. Finn scoffs, then turns around, shoving her straw hat back on her head.)

"Stop asking inane questions, doctor."

(Vivaldi turns back to Finn nervously.)

"...yes, Minister Finn."

(Vivaldi turns back to the representatives, looking particularly at the Old Guys.)

"So... what's with the silence?"
18-06-2003, 00:37
Yes. Our artifact has so far been estimated at around 60,000 to 45,000 years old. Drs Bloch,Fedurco and Khouri should arrive in an hour.
18-06-2003, 00:46
Frank is glad that the Vivaldi character is embarassed as well. It made him feel a lot less uncomfortable.

"It's okay, really," Prof. Uranass said. "umm... My name is pure coincidence. You know..."

Frank looks away, embarassed again. To regain some sort of confidence he introduces the other Old Guys.

"This man is The Old Guy," Frank says, pointing to the one-that-still-stared-blankly. "He's kind of eccentric, but understands weird-ummm... stuff."

The other four Old Guys began scoping the area already.

One of the Old Guys, after scanning the area, speaks up:

"The object is not near here, is it?"
The SLAGLands
18-06-2003, 00:56
(OOC: Righto, TDP... jerk-off... :D )

(Vivaldi tries to speak, but is interrupted by The Old Guy.)

"Ummm... the artifacts are indeed here, but we're going to begin the official examination tomorrow morning. I'm sure you're all quite tired after your long flight, and we've prepared a big meal to welcome you with now that you're here."

(Dr. Finn, meanwhile, has returned to her chair and her lemonade.)

"So what are your credentials, Professor Uranass? What are you bringing to our team here?"
18-06-2003, 01:04
The Old Guy doesn't seem to notice that he interrupted Vivaldi, but Frank U. speaks up-again.

"You were saying something, Professor Vivaldi?" But then Frank realized that he just interrupted Dr. Finn. He blushes with a kind of silliness and says really quickly:

"I, uh, major in, uh, economics and, uh."

"Professor Vivaldi, you were saying something?"
Frank looks embarassed again. Dammit! I'm lookin' real good now.
The SLAGLands
18-06-2003, 01:08
(Dr. Finn shakes her head. Dr. Vivaldi seems content not to speak at the moment.)

"Economics... well, what are the credentials of your friends there?"
18-06-2003, 01:58
A pinnance and a smaller cutter with Cetaganda markings approach the assigned airstrip. After landing, several people exit the craft and head for the reception party. Their leader, a short woman with dark hair, says, "Good afternoon. I'm Lisa Streiksmor of Cetaganda."
18-06-2003, 02:03
The helicopter carrying the celackian Drs arrives and drops off some gear and then leaves.
Reploid Productions
18-06-2003, 02:16
A Harukaze 100-S jet arrives, drag chutes deploying as it touches down on the short airstrip. A brief flurry of activity later, a brown-haired, blue eyed young woman steps off the plane, backpack slung over one shoulder, and a suitcase in each hand. A small blue creature glides out of the aircraft's door and alights on her shoulder, surveying the area. The plane's crew quickly offloads the other gear the plane brought for the dig.

"Thank the goddess we're finally here." The woman, presumably Kiara Alson, comments to nobody in particular. "With all the turbulence, I thought I was gonna puke."

((OOC: Kiara doesn't like flying =p))
18-06-2003, 04:34
Continuing with the weird conversation between Vivaldi, Finn and the Old Guys:

Frank composes himself again. He was stung by Finn's words. It seemed that economics was not of an importance.

Professor Uranass looks right at Dr. Finn and continues.

"and mathematics. I had created the entire economic infrastructure that my nation's trade & business partners base their trade off of."

The Old Guy smiles faintly. "Stop bragging, Frank." He chuckles, startling the people around him.

"My name is Dr. Ess, I specialize in the supernatural. Oh, and I am not eccentric. I don't have the money." He laughs again. Damn, I'm writing this and I'm getting creeped out by this guy.
"But everyone calls me the Old Guy."

He points to the taller, skinnier of the Old Guys with a bad straw cowboy hat (?).
"That is Dr. Ess, as well: my brother. He looks to the stars."

"Hello, Dr. Finn, I presume." Extending his hand to both SLAG scientists. "Astrology, Astronomical Phenomenon. You know." (I'll just assume the hand is shaken, so I can move on)

The Old Guy continues to the short, skinny Old Guy, assumed Orient.
"Mr. Eddie Dee. This guy knows more about legends and crap than anyone else I know."

Dee lifts a brow, but extends his hand. (grip, shake, etc.)

The Last Guy seemed quite in shape for an Old Guy. He introduced himself:
"I do da real Science. I name Ae."
What am I on?
18-06-2003, 04:46
Dr.Tannah steps from the transport craft full of apologies,"sorry we're late,so many delays,so many idiots in the way,so sorry for the grammatical errors,but please if you would dr.finn,let us begin our examination of your find as soon as possible.(OOC)Yes Slag,it does mean Ezra Pound,I congratulate you,you're the first to get it.Also if it is easier to rp with me shorten it to ez.
The SLAGLands
18-06-2003, 05:31
(OOC: Well, I AM an English major, so I am expected to pick up on these Ezra Poundish things...)

(Drs. Finn and Vivaldi introduce themselves to all of the arriving scientists. Dr. Finn then clasps her hands together.)

"Well, on behalf of The SLAGLands, thank you all for coming. Now, I know you all must be tired after your long trips, so I have arranged for dinner to be prepared..."

(She motions to a large canopy behind her. A barbecue has been set up, and the scent of ribs and vegetables fills the air.)

"...over here. When you are finished eating, you are welcome to go to bed in one of our bunkers..."

(Finn motions to a long series of closed tents. Dr. Vivaldi runs over and opens one of the tents, revealing a few small beds inside.)

"...over here. Tomorrow we shall begin our study of the artifacts. For now, though, does anyone have any questions?"
Reploid Productions
18-06-2003, 05:36
The small blue critter perched on Kiara's shoulder speaks up, likely surprising several people standing near her. "Yes, actually. Has there been any further activity from the artifacts so far?"

Upon noticing the odd looks the little blue mechanical dragon gets, it clears its throat and speaks again. "Your pardon. I am Tsunami Drakos of the Arpean Historical Society." She indicates the young women she's perched on. "And this is my partner Kiara Alson. Pleasure to be working with so many people on this project."
The SLAGLands
18-06-2003, 05:39
"The only response we have managed to get from each artifact is the light-and-tone message, which seems to happen off and on when the artifacts are touched. The pattern of tones has not changed each time; however, the pattern of lights changes depending on where the artifacts are touched. Furthermore, each artifact demonstrates a different tone pattern, but with the same two beginning notes. This leads us to believe that this may be some sort of coded message, but I will wait until tomorrow to hear your opinions on this issue.

"Any more questions?"
The SLAGLands
18-06-2003, 05:46
OOC: Tones and lights, and shoots a bright beam out of it? Are you sure it's just not a phone for SlagNet? :P

(OOC: Damn... he's on to me!

Just remember to dial 1-800-SLAG-NET! It's free for you and cheap for them!)
19-06-2003, 00:41
Dr Bloch sits down at a laptop and being looking at the site in cleack throught a mobile webcam
suddenly one of the artifacts flashes and the sphere turns into this.
The SLAGLands
19-06-2003, 00:46
(Dr. Vivaldi notices Dr. Bloch looking at the laptop screen. He walks over to the laptop and looks over at it.)

"Is that the artifact you were telling me about? Geez... very strange."
19-06-2003, 01:14
BLOCH: Yes it is. Considering we he a team suked in by that vortex. I noticed that one of your artifacts flashed seconds before the vortex openned. Is there a connection?
The SLAGLands
19-06-2003, 08:32
(OOC: Come on, guys... let's pick this up again.)

(Dr. Finn nods.)

"Okay, since there are no more questions, you're all free to eat or go to bed."

(She and Dr. Vivaldi walk back to the canopy and begin eating. A few hours later, they hit the sack.)

(OOC: I'm now going to assume that everyone's in bed, just to get things moving here. Is that okay? Someone's going to get a pleasant surprise this evening... :D )
19-06-2003, 19:38
(Dr Bloch's laptop screen glows again.)
BLOCH: The web cam is online
(it shows this)
The SLAGLands
19-06-2003, 19:55
(OOC: Kieales, there is no Tunnel 3. No one has done any actual digging yet. All we have is these artifacts, which are going to be viewed tomorrow game time... today real time.

And Ur or Celack, since you seem to be on, do you mind putting your scientists to bed? I have something... special planned for one of the delegate groups. After that, we'll get to the artifacts. Sorry to be beating around the bush here, but I've been busy lately.)

(Dr. Vivaldi looks at the web cam image, eyes wide.)

"...that's very odd, my friend. Perhaps there is some link between this artifact and the ones we discovered."

(Dr. Vivaldi stretches.)

"Well, I'm hitting the sack. G'night, all!"
19-06-2003, 19:56
Bloch: yes. it is late. I think i'll join my fellow scientists in sleepijng. good night.
19-06-2003, 20:03
The Old Guy: "Sleep time y'all."
The SLAGLands
19-06-2003, 20:06
(OOC: Flipped a coin... it falls to Celack. :twisted: Hope you don't mind my playing around with your delegate a bit, but I'll let you dictate her reactions.)

(Late night on Gavedale Island is quiet, save for the gentle croaking of the Camofrogs... tenhut... tenhut... tenhut... Dr. Bloch is fast asleep in her tent as clouds cover the moon high in the late-night sky. Just then, Dr. Bloch is awakened by a rustling at the entrance to her tent and an odd sound, almost like tinkling wind chimes. If she looks toward the entrance, she will see that her doorway is occupied by a strange glowing creature. The creature is white, with deep red and yellow markings across its face. It stands about ten feet tall on its hind legs. The creature's form resembles that of a very large cat, but the creature is translucent. It cocks its head as it looks toward Dr. Bloch, not moving from its position in the doorway.)

(OOC: Now react how you will, Celack.)
19-06-2003, 20:09
(Dr. Bloch reaches over slowly and tappes Dr. Khouri, who was former nJB,. khouri wakes up and looks at the creature.)
The SLAGLands
19-06-2003, 20:17
(OOC: All hail Celack, Master of the Short Post.)

(The creature lowers down onto all fours. It begins to slowly pace forward, its glassy yellow eyes staring directly into Dr. Bloch's eyes. Its mouth opens, and a series of tones emit.)
19-06-2003, 20:18
(Dr. Bloch is stunned. Khouri jumps up, flashes claws, and growls.)
The SLAGLands
19-06-2003, 20:28
(OOC: Okay, time-out for a minute... what is Khouri? Everyone, let's clarify species before we go any further... the only one who really did that was Rep, so I didn't think it was necessary for anyone else.)
19-06-2003, 20:30
(Okay there is Bloch. Leader and the one who has laptop. There is Khouri who is a former Ninja bunny. and there is someone else who if this wierd creature is hostile that person will die.)
19-06-2003, 20:31
The SLAGLands
19-06-2003, 20:33
(OOC: Fair 'nuff. Although how can you be a former ninja bunny?)

(The creature glances at Khouri, its mouth still emitting the strange tones. It flicks its wrist nonchalantly, and Khouri's claws retract back into his/her paws. The creature then leaps onto Dr. Bloch's bed, yet for some reason, it feels almost weightless. It leans forward toward Dr. Bloch, forming what seems to be a strange grin.)
19-06-2003, 20:35
O.O.C.(Former? He quit.)
I.C.(Bloch screams waking the other member of the team and anybody other in the tent. Khouri lows at her paw in disbelief.)
Reploid Productions
19-06-2003, 21:22
Kiara is soundly asleep in her tent, while Tsunami, having completed her memory-backup for the night, sits at the entrance of the tent, wings furled, tail curled around her in a catlike fashion, keeping watch. Her head jerks around in the direction of the commotion from the Celack delegation's tent.

"What in Shimeki's name-?" She hops into the air and glides over to the tent, her tiny blue form a shadow among shadows.

((OOC: For the record, Kiara is human. Tsunami is a reploid (mechanical) dragon like Tsume and some of my other characters. Unlike Tsume, who's roughly the size of a normal human, Tsunami is small enough to perch comfortably on someone's shoulder. You can generally tell what type of reploid dragon the character is by the last name (taken from the production line). Tsume and Redwing are both from the Dragonis production line, while Tsunami's from the Drakos line ^_^ ))
The SLAGLands
19-06-2003, 21:41
(OOC: Sorry for taking so long to reply... dealing with IU on IRC YET AGAIN.)

(The creature leans over to Bloch's ear and whispers.)

"We are Brethren... We are..."

(As Tsunami enters the tent, the creature turns back to her and hisses. The cat turns around, putting relatively little pressure on Bloch as it leaps. Moments before striking Tsunami, the creature disappears in a puff of light and smoke.)
19-06-2003, 21:55
(I thooght my thign posted but it didn't)

Bloch(muttering): Breathren? are we realted? is this related to the site in celack. How did it disapear. How did it not weight naything?
Reploid Productions
19-06-2003, 22:01
((OOC: Ack, sorry about that, Celack! Fixed @_@))

Tsunami rears up in a defensive position, her fangs and claws bared, and hisses in response to the leap- an expression that quickly gives way to a confused expression when the creature vanishes. She settles back down to all fours and glances around.

"Doctor Bloch? Are you alright? What in the hells was that thing?" She inquires, while still surveying the area for further danger.
19-06-2003, 22:04
" I have no idea. Dr. khouri are you alright?"
The SLAGLands
20-06-2003, 04:12
(OOC: And we skip ahead to... the next morning!)

(The sun begins to rise on the eastern horizon, and Dr. Tarrah Finn has been up for several hours. A cigarette hangs from the right side of her mouth as she paces back and forth. A small continental breakfast bar has been set up, with bagels, cereals, jellies, donuts, coffee, juice, and milk. Dr. Vivaldi and the remainder of the scientists are also awake, but they do not seem nearly as alert as Dr. Finn. Dr. Vivaldi is, in fact, face-deep in a steaming thermos of coffee.)

"Gah... damn it, Minister... with all due respect, do we really need to..."


(Dr. Vivaldi sighs, shaking his head.)


(The rest of the scientists and delegates emerge from their tents, and Dr. Finn drops her cigarette onto the ground and stamps it out.)

"Ah... good morning, everyone. The artifacts are on their way here as we speak. In the meantime, I heard we had a bit of... unpleasantness last night. Does someone care to explain?"

(At that moment, another scientist emerges in the distance, pushing ahead of her a long cart covered with a blanket. Dr. Finn turns back to her and nods.)

"Dr. Grambling. Welcome back."

(Dr. Grambling rushes to the front of the scientists, pushing back her long black hair from her face.)

"Yes... how do you all do? I'm Dr. Shana Grambling, SLAGLandic Department of Paleantology. Now... I believe this is why you are here."

(Dr. Grambling pulls back the sheet over the cart to reveal six artifacts laid out on a blue blanket. The six artifacts look like... well... this:

The objects are each about one foot long and six inches wide. They are made of what appears to be carved limestone, and the stone is incredibly smooth—almost completely unweathered. A small wooden knob sticks from the end of each object, and like the stone, they are almost entirely unweathered.)

"We discovered these artifacts one week ago on the islands of Grell, Tumsim, Bauxine, Aarum, Tund, and Pharamiga. Each artifact, when touched, reacted with a similar pattern of lights and tones. Here they are for your examination; we will activate the lights and tones momentarily. For now, I or Dr. Finn will be glad to take any questions you have."
20-06-2003, 04:25
Dr.Tannah sits quietly wondering for not the first time why he agreed to this expidition.His colleague prof.Da Fal stands and asks the question on everyones mind,Could there be a relation to this find and the alleged disturbance last night?
The SLAGLands
20-06-2003, 04:41
An English major,well that explains a few things I believe.

(OOC: Such as... what?

And it's no big deal about the schedule thing. We're probably going to breaking up into separate parties later in the RP because of... well, you'll see. I'm very flexible about this, and I'm in no hurry to finish it.)

(Drs. Finn and Grambling shake their heads.)

"I... uh... haven't heard anything about this occurance last night."

"I have only heard a bit."

(Dr. Vivaldi tugs at his collar and steps forward.)

"Ummm... Dr. Finn, if I may..."

(Finn turns back to Dr. Vivaldi, a sneer on her face.)

"What? I suppose you know what that thing was last night?"

(Vivaldi swallows hard.)

"If I may..."

(He steps before the delegates, producing a picture. The picture depicts what appears to be a creature similar to the one spotted last night, standing high atop a hill. Its yellow eyes shimmer against the moonlight in the picture, and it appears to be licking its paw.)

"These creatures are known as felis mysterius... the Kabuki Cat. They received their name from the strange markings on their face, which resemble the facepaint of kabuki theatre actors. They have been known to phase in and out of corporeality, disappearing and reappearing, and sometimes even flying or speaking. The nature of these creatures is a mystery, yet the fact that they seem to speak some sort of ancient language interspersed with English implies that they are a very, very old race, and perhaps... very, very intelligent. I have good reason to believe that this may be what was encountered last night.

"As far as whether or not this is related to the artifacts... it is very likely. Kabuki Cats are not known to keep contact with humans, and rarely, if ever, has one gotten close enough to a human to whisper to him or her. I truly believe that whatever we are pursuing may have something to do with these Kabuki Cats..."

(Dr. Vivaldi eyes Dr. Finn nervously. Finn is shaking her head.)


(Vivaldi steps back.)

"Kabuki Cats... what a load of hokey. They probably do not even exist. Any further questions?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-06-2003, 04:46
A tired looking gentleman of moderate stature, dressed in khakis, loose off-white shirt, and an 'Indiana Jones' style fedora enters the tent, wiping his brow and pushing his circular wire-rimmed glasses back up his nose a bit.

"Scusilo ... I beg your pardons, all, on arriving so late."

He takes off his hat momentarily, running his hand quickly through his greying hair, setting it up on end more than smoothing it, then plunking his hat back on, and giving a perfunctory bow.

"Leandro Pacci, Minister of Science from the Dominion of the Dread Lady Nathicana, at your service."

Looking around, he is suddenly painfully aware that he has come in right in the middle of things, and is suddenly feeling rather sheepish.

"I ah ... perhaps if I just sit down ..."
The SLAGLands
20-06-2003, 04:54
(Dr. Finn turns her eyes toward Pacci, a look of vexation on her face. She snorts audibly.)

"Mr. Pacci, you know... you may want to consider punctuality a bit. I see no reason why if a small, insignificant nation like the Dominion of Dread Lady Nathicana wishes to make a name for itself, it sends its representative a day late to the proceedings."

(Finn wipes a bit of dust from her nose contemptuously.)

"Forgive me. I am Dr. Tarrah Finn, SLAGLandic Minister of Science. These are my assistants, Dr. Shana Grambling and Dr. Remmington Vivaldi."

(Doctors Grambling and Vivaldi nod. Dr. Vivaldi, meanwhile, slides next to Pacci and catches him up on what's happened thus far.)

"Are there any more questions?"

(OOC: Nathi, if you aren't caught up yet, I'll catch you up on IRC.)
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-06-2003, 05:00
Pacci blinked at the response, mouth opening once, then closing as he raised his brows.

Well I never!

Deciding discretion is the better part of valour however, he quietly takes a seat, smiling as Dr. Vivaldi joins and explains.

He nods, tilts his head, and even looks questioningly at the gentleman during the explanation, but nods again in understanding at the end.

He looks up to Finn with a look of 'by all means, please continue'.
20-06-2003, 05:03
BLOCH: If that species does not exist than what was in my tent that me and Dr. Khouri and the people from RP saw?
20-06-2003, 05:03
The Old Guy of the Ur Team is still sleeping. There is no waking him...
The SLAGLands
20-06-2003, 05:07
(Dr. Finn rolls her eyes a bit and sighs in frustration.)

"It was probably just a strange anomaly of some kind, perhaps a reflection of the moonlight that seemed to resemble some sort of creature. The existance of these so-called "Kabuki Cats" has never truly been verified; they are more or less The SLAGLandic version of Bigfoot. And like Bigfoot... I maintain that they do not exist. What you saw was most likely not a living creature."

(Finn looks around.)

"Has anyone seen the Ur an ass delegate? The really old one?"
20-06-2003, 05:09
BLOCH: are you sure he ever existed?
The SLAGLands
20-06-2003, 05:13
(Dr. Finn once again rolls her eyes in frustration.)

"I don't know, Dr. Bloch! Perhaps you'd like to explain what exactly happened last night!"

(Dr. Vivaldi, sensing Finn's quite-apparent anger, rushes to Dr. Bloch's side. He speaks quietly, so as to prevent Dr. Finn from hearing him.)

"Sorry, doctor... Dr. Finn can be a bit... harsh. She's quite stubborn. In fact, Prime Minister Cantrell is prone to call her a bi..."


(Vivaldi slunks backward.)

"Sorry, Minister..."

(Finn nods, then turns back to Bloch.)

"So what happened?"
20-06-2003, 05:16
Frank U. runs out of the tent, frantically. His hair, clothes are all in a mess. Something is wrong with his face. Wrinkles line his face.

"Dr. Ess! Ae!"

He continues his stumbling/walking.

"Finn. Finn!"

They turn and begin walking towards Frank. The other scientists are bafflied, it seems.

"Dr. Ess-," Frank U. begins to say. Then it seems that something grabbed his throat. "Old Guy...."

Frank falls to the floor in convulsions...

[OC: Deal w/ that!]
The SLAGLands
20-06-2003, 05:25
(OOC: That earns my official "What the hell?" award for the day.)

(Dr. Vivaldi rushes to the side of Uranass. He looks up at the old guys.)

"What... the hell?"

(He looks back down at Uranass.)

"You okay, man? Speak up!"
20-06-2003, 05:35
Bloch: Well there was the vreature last night and now this. Plus the things at our home site. What next?
(The unamed celackian dR. has a heqart attck)

O.O.C., forgot the guy's name so I killed him!
20-06-2003, 05:39
(Dr. Khouri rushes over to dr. ferduco and pops a pill in his mouth)
KHOURI: bugger forgot his pills again!

O.O.C. Happy now? And why did it take 10 pages for you to lock the flamebait topic?
20-06-2003, 05:49
Completely ignoring the medical oddities occuring around him, one of the Cetagandans asks, "Dr. Finn, can you tell us more about these Kabuki Cats? While you think they are legends, often legend is based in fact. And there was something there last night."
20-06-2003, 05:51
Professor Uranass continued convulsing on the ground. His face wrinkled more and more.

"He is rapidly dehydrating," said Dr. Ess, looking up at the gathering around him. "I have never seen anything like this in my life."

"Frank. FRANK."

The convulsions slowed; Frank was forcing himself to say something...

He opened his mouth.

"The artifacts... cat. Cat."

Convulsions return.

[OC: Sorry, SLAG. that I didn't check with you on this one. Looks like you'll have one dead Ur scientist to explain...]
Reploid Productions
20-06-2003, 05:56
While Kiara joins the others trying to assist the fallen doctor, Tsunami eyes the dubious Finn. "I'm not certain what it was I saw last night, but it was standing atop Doctor Bloch when I arrived at the tent after hearing a commotion. The creature then hissed and leapt at me, disappearing right before my eyes. And I can assure you, there is nothing wrong with my optical sensors. I ran a diagnostic as soon as things settled down."
The SLAGLands
20-06-2003, 06:05
(OOC: Eh... I'll work with it, Ur. I suppose it's worth noting that the Kabuki Cat was NOT hostile, but... ah, it may be explained later. I'll figure out a way to work it in.)

(Dr. Grambling rushes Dr. Uranass away from the scene. Finn, meanwhile, shakes her head at the mention of the Kabuki Cats.)

"Perhaps our resident... "expert" in this matter will be able to enlighten us more."

(She glares at Dr. Vivaldi, who sits blank-faced for a moment. He looks up at Finn nervously and points to his chest in a "Me?" gesture. Finn nods, folding her arms across her chest as Dr. Vivaldi stands up.)

"Errrr... right. Well, the Kabuki Cats have reportedly spoken to very few people, and they apparently always come with a very clear sense of purpose. Whenever another person short of those they wish to contact appears, the Cats disappear. We've... uh... never really been able to capture one, so we don't know ANYTHING about their physiology, eating habits, mating habits... anything like that. They seem to show up rather arbitrarily, and we've never seen more than one in one place at one time... which leads me to believe this creature may be an anomaly, the only one of its kind.

"The Kabuki Cat has only been photographed once..."

(Here he holds up the photograph yet again.)

"...and this is it. All other reports have been through stories that we have not yet confirmed."

(Vivaldi wipes the sweat from his brow with his shirt sleeve.)

"In any case, I'm inclined to believe that the appearance of the Kabuki Cat here, coupled with the apparent phrase, "We are Brethren," implies that this creature has some vested interest in the artifacts. Perhaps the Kabuki Cat created these artifacts... of course, we can't say for sure."

(Dr. Finn shakes her head.)

"Phasing cats... tabloid hooey... can't believe you people are buying this..."

(After the comment from Tsunami, Finn's eyes widen a bit.)

"Hmmm... interesting. Well, maybe this was some kind of illusion. Perhaps we are being... dare I say... pranked. Such a thing has happened before."

(She clasps her hands together.)

"Any further questions, or should we just look at the artifacts?"
20-06-2003, 06:06
EDIT: This was meant to be BEFORE SLAG's post above.

Dr. Ae emerges from the Old Guy's tent.

"Da good doctor is da same," Ae begins. Looks around. "But dead."

Frank's convulsions have slowed, his face still lined with wrinkles, expressionless.

Mr. Eddie Dee (legends buff) stands deep in thought.
"What was this creature that attacked you? What did it look like? What did it do? About what time of night was it?"

His sudden interrogation caused a silence to fall.
21-06-2003, 03:37
::A noise is heard in the sky, and all of a sudden the gravity in the area surrounding the camp increase twofold. A shuttle comes zipping down out of the sky, landing near silently. The ship has no visible engine, and its surface is made of a pitch black material. A door in the side of the shuttle opens, and a team of men pour out. The minute they clear the door, it snaps shut. Gravity goes to half of normal for a moment as the ship clears the ground, and returns to normal moments after the shuttle moves away. (my ships run by manipulating Gravity Fields). The team, which is comprised of 4 members. Doctor Shian, accompanied by bodyguard Katarina, and Doctor Esoph, accompanied by bodyguard Jorg. Doctor Shian is head of the DIAPH (Derien Institute of Abnormal Phenomenon and strange Happenings), and her bodyguard Katarina is princess of the royal family. Doctor Esoph is head of the DISAF(Derien Institute of Strange Archaeological Findings), and his bodyguard is the Ex-Imperial bodyguard. All members wear loose fitting pitch black clothing with a cloak of the same material. The material is uidentifiable, and you cant quite tell if it is metallic or merely cloth.::

:::the group walks over to the camp and introduces themselves, saying "Sorry for our tardiness, we came as soon as a shuttle was available. Whats been going on so far?":::

ooc: Sorry for the lack of depth in characters, havent had time to think their concepts out very much yet, I work alot.
21-06-2003, 03:38
Dr.Tannah:" I was wondering people if we could get back to the artifact that was found.I mean ghost stories are fine at the right time and place but really now we can't be asked to take this,this "cat" seriously,can we?"(OOC):An English major would pick up on sloppy grammar and usage,also you are one of a select few who obviously proofread your posts for spelling.This was meant for Slag.
21-06-2003, 03:54
(OOC)Didn't mean to ignore the shuttle,just bad timing on the post.I'll rectify that now.(IC)"Dr. Tannah:Bloody hell,a shuttle!"
The SLAGLands
21-06-2003, 05:14
(OOC: Oh, stop, Ez... you flatter!)

(Dr. Finn once again glares at the late-comers.)

"Punctuality is apparently not requisite for attendance of this study..."

(She rolls her eyes. Meanwhile, Dr. Vivaldi scoots in close and introduces the team as Dr. Finn continues.)

"Anyway, I'm sure you're all here to see the artifacts, so let's begin."

(She scoots the cart holding the artifacts closer to the team.)

"Now, each one of these exhibits a series of tones, all of which are impeccably tuned music notes that sound like a harp. The sequence of lights seems to be random, depending on where the artifacts are touched; however, the tones do not change. We have determined that the first two tones of every artifact are a C and a C# two octaves higher, and all of the other notes fall within this 26-note range. Now then..."

(Dr. Finn reaches down and touches each of the artifacts, one after another. The first two notes resound, followed by a brief half-second interlude. Lights come from each artifact as the tones fill the air, and eventually, all six of the artifacts begin to hover. Finally, from the tops of each one, a long beam of light extends upward, and each simultaneously emits the same eight-note sequence. At last, the artifacts fall back onto the cart.)

"...and that is what all the fuss is about. I will now take your theories, thoughts, and opinions about this... very odd find."
21-06-2003, 05:20
Dr. Ae is still anguished over the death of a colleague and the hospitalization of the other.

"Theories? Theories!" He shouts at Dr. Vivaldi. "I da got no time fer theories!"

Dr. Ess puts a hand on his shoulder and leads him away.

[OC: Wait, I think I ran out of characters to RP w/. Crap. Gotta go back. ]
21-06-2003, 05:43
Stieksmore says, "I think we can rule out conventional psionics, as the artifacts work on their own."
The Cetagandan man who spoke earlier says, "I'm James Dolismon, of CSS OSRD's Technomancy Division. Its possible that the artifacts are altering local gravitational feilds or working off a magnetic repulsion effect. Its a little-known fact, but Cetagandan gravitic technology is on based on priciples derived from research into magical methods of doing so."
The other two people present, Sean Aldars and Nita Fingan, look at each other, before one asks, "Is there any difference if they are activated in different groups?"
The SLAGLands
21-06-2003, 05:53
(Finn nods.)

"An interesting suggestion. However, I believe we should try to decipher the purpose of these artifacts before we start delving into just how they do the things they do. Once purpose is determined, perhaps we can crack one open and see what exactly makes it tick.

"Dr. Aldars, the artifacts all emit the same pattern of tones regardless of if the others are activated, leading me to believe that they are all functioning as independent entities. They may be related in nature; however, they do not appear to be linked in any way, mechanical or... 'magical'."
21-06-2003, 05:57
[OC: AH! Found someone to RP w/ finally!]

Mr. Eddie Dee:

"My colleague mentioned the artifact... This ancient relic does not seem of SLAGlands origin..."

He moves closer, scanning the object. He looks up at Finn, and extends a hand.

"May I?"
The SLAGLands
21-06-2003, 05:59
He moves closer, scanning the object. He looks up at Finn, and extends a hand.

"May I?"

(OOC: I assume you're talking about just one of the six artifacts?)

(Dr. Finn nods.)

"By all means."
21-06-2003, 06:02
"Of course, Dr. Finn," says Aldars. "Purpose is important. It would be a shame to waste too much time on what could very well be a children's toy. Well, unless you're a cultural person, but I'm much more of a technical specialist."
Dolisman asks, "Is there anything that seems special about that light?"
The SLAGLands
21-06-2003, 06:12
(OOC: Yes, Ur, it will. In fact... I'll just do that here. Also, when a number is mentioned with the note, that's an octave. C1, for example, is a C in the first octave, while G#2 would be a G# in the second octave. Everyone get that?)

(As Mr. Dee touches the artifact, it plays the first few notes... a C and a C# two octaves higher. Then, as the pattern of lights continues, the tones begin. One with an adept ear for pitch would notice that these are the notes:

G#1 C#2 G2 G1 E1 C#1 C1 F2 F2 E1 C#2 D1 D2 F2 E1

At this, the artifact has hovered and pointed skyward, at which point the light emerges and these notes echo forth:

C#1 F2 E1 G2 G1 F2 E1 C#2

The artifact then falls back to the cart, and its light goes dim.)

"As you can see and hear, the reaction is similar when only one artifact is pressed.

"Dr. Dolisman, in answer to your question, the only thing odd about the light comes from the very last light the artifact emits. As you can see, it extends straight upward, not in a cone, as most lights do, but in a very straight, cylindrical path. Another interesting aspect is that the light appears to go upwards of a few miles into the air, as you can see. This leads to my initial theory that these artifacts are some sort of beacon... but the question is, for what?"
21-06-2003, 06:18
Mr. Dee looks disheartened.

"Music is not my specialty. That would have been for our mathematician friend's area." Mr. Dee says, beginning to shake. "Sorry."
[OC: Don't want to whip out the keyboard right now]

He turns away, as Dr. Ess comes back alone from the tent.

He is carrying a glowing object.

"Dr. Finn! Dr. Finn!" Dr. Ess shouts anxiously. "I found this in my brother's hands!"

It seems to be a glowing... something. It emitted a bright white light, yet something was really peculiar for a light that bright.

"It's not emitting any heat, " Dr. Ess proclaims.

[OC: SLAG, again sorry for not working this out w/ you via telegrams, but I'm hoping to throw some surprises in to make this RP more innovative. :)]
The SLAGLands
21-06-2003, 06:38
(OOC: Ur, check telegrams... quickly.)

(Dr. Finn takes the glowing rock and examines it closely, feeling it gently with her thumb.)

"Curious... of course, this has been a week for curiosities. There seems to be some sort of engraving on the stone. If I'm feeling it properly... it seems to be some sort of... pick ax. Very strange."

(She places the stone on the cart with the other artifacts.)
Reploid Productions
21-06-2003, 08:25
Tsunami tilts her head as she watches the display. "Has anyone examined the artifacts via infrared or x-ray yet?"

Kiara looks thoughtful. "Given the light beam goes up, if it is some sort of beacon, wouldn't that imply some spacefaring race left the contraptions here? And why would someone want to mark the locations they were found at?"

Tsunami nods at her partner. "If that is the case, perhaps the real mystery isn't so much the artifacts as what they were marking."
The SLAGLands
21-06-2003, 09:13
(Finn shakes her head.)

"We have yet to do an infrared or x-ray scan. I am uncertain as to what these things would do to artifacts this old. If you have the capability, Tsunami, you are welcome to perform an infrared scan. I believe that would be safer than x-ray.

"In answer to your question, Kiara, we have not ruled out the possibility that this may indeed be beacon for a space-faring nation; however, given the estimated age of the artifacts, it is extremely unlikely that this is any civilization of which we are aware.

"In any case... concerning the tones... does anyone have any idea about this? The fact that the tones vary leads me to believe that this may be an extremely important difference between the artifacts."
Reploid Productions
21-06-2003, 09:45
Tsunami chuckles. "I was built with limited infrared vision for nighttime operations- hardly suitable for scientific use. We did bring some of our equipment for that job though."

She glances around. "I'm sorry Kiara and I are not of much help on the musical tones- if Kiara's karoke skills are any indication, my partner is quite tone-deaf."

"Hey!" Kiara protests indignantly. "You're no better than I am, Tsunami!"

The little dragon rustles her wings slightly. "Yes, well, I can at least differentiate the tones the artifacts give off."

"Oi... baka dragon." Kiara mutters. "At any rate, if I may borrow one of the artifacts for a brief infrared scan, we've got our gear up."
The SLAGLands
21-06-2003, 09:48
(Dr. Finn grabs one of the artifacts--the same one that Mr. Dee just activated--by the handle and hands it to Kiara.)

"Knock yourself out."

(OOC: What do they find?

...find out tomorrow, when As The World Slags continues!)
22-06-2003, 02:25
Strieksmore raises her hand. "Dr. Finn, we'd like to examine an artifact as well, preferably using some equpiment that we're setting up in a tent outside. Also, once Kiara is done with her scans, could you activate the artifacts again? I've been informed that a ship and several sats are now in in position above this location where they can take scans of the beams that are emitted."
The SLAGLands
22-06-2003, 08:55
(Dr. Finn looks up into the sky.)

"Ummm... right. Very odd. Anyway, Kiara, you may proceed."

(Kiara sets up the equipment and gives the artifact a thorough scanning. It exhibits nothing out of the ordinary--all heat signatures seem to be approximately normal.)

"Hmmm... let me try activating it."

(Kiara uses the machinery to activate the artifact. As she does so, dull heat signatures begin appearing where the artifact lights up. More interestingly, however, slight heat signatures actually appear to be given off around the artifact, as if the very air around it is charging it. Similar signatures appear beneath the artifact as it begins to hover. The tones echo forth from the chamber as the artifact faces skyward. Then, as the light beam shoots forth from the top, an intense heat signature is given off. Those not viewing the artifact through the lens would notice that the light beam has apparently penetrated the top of the chamber in which it is being held... strangely enough, without causing damage to the artifact. As the artifact drops to the ground, the heat signatures fade.)
Reploid Productions
22-06-2003, 09:20
Kiara and Tsunami both gawk at the results.

"Kiara, is the scanner damaged?" Tsunami looks at the contraption.

"No, despite the heat, the equipment is whole and seems to be in working order." Kiara frowns, eyeing the readout on a nearby monitor.

"Very odd." Tsunami perches on Kiara's shoulder, reading the screen as well. "No chemical or mechanical action that I know of would give off a heat sig like that- let alone shine THROUGH the machine without damaging it."

"So y'think it's some sort of paranormal reaction?" Kiara glances at the small reploid dragon.

"Quite possibly. Likely charging itself via airborne energy of multiple varieties- life force, light, heat... perhaps condensing that in some sort of energy field near the device, which might explain the heat sigs near the device..." Tsunami rambles on.
23-06-2003, 02:22
(BLOCH had been quietly writing a report up on her laptop about the previos night's events when she had an idea. She walked over to Tsunami.)
BLOCH: i know this may be a personal question but do your optical sensors have a memory? As in do they record thigns they see? If so can they be transferred to my laptop?
Reploid Productions
23-06-2003, 03:38
Tsunami bobs her head. "Yes, I can upload audio and video data via radio transmission." She grins slightly. "The Drakos production line doesn't include AV jacks. If you can configure your laptop for radio signals, I can upload the footage from last night."
23-06-2003, 03:40
BLOCH: Excellent. I already have set it up to comminutcate with home base. I just have to change the frequency.
(Fiddles around with her laptop)
23-06-2003, 03:48
After listening to the mysterious tones again, Mr. Dee seemed to awake.

"Could I borrow someone's satellite-connected computer?"
23-06-2003, 03:48
Bloch: ask Khouri. She has one connected to the site back in Celack.
23-06-2003, 03:58
Dr.Tannah,haveing been wandering aimlessly about the area,stumbles into the middle of the conversation and asks,"I was wondering if the heat sig. of the original item is in anyway similar to the charge the air takes on when lightning is about to strike?Does one's hair stand on end or does the skin tingle?Anything similar in that regard?
The SLAGLands
24-06-2003, 00:20
(OOC: Since no one seems to be cracking the code... I'm going to provide a big hint here.)

"Yes... I believe I did, in fact, feel a tingle in my skin when the artifact was activated. I wonder..."

(Dr. Finn scratches her chin. Dr. Vivaldi, meanwhile, stands up nervously.)

"Errrr... Dr. Finn... I've been thinking..."

(Finn rolls her eyes and turns around.)

"Oh, Christ..."

"Well... I was just thinking... you know, there are 26 notes in the range specified at the beginning of the activation... and there are 26 letters... so maybe the letters are..."

(Dr. Finn turns back around angrily.)

"Look, Doctor... if these artifacts are as old as we think they are... then why would they be in a code in the modern alphabet?"

(Dr. Vivaldi taps his fingers together.)

"Well... maybe... if..."

"Sit. Down. Remmington."

(Dr. Vivaldi sits down quickly.)
Dread Lady Nathicana
24-06-2003, 01:42
Pacci sat quietly, pondering ... then his eyes lit up with sudden understanding. Quickly scribbling something down on a pad of paper, he nodded, smiling.

"It's a message." he said quietly. One could hardly grow up in the Dominion without at least a basic understanding of music.

He stood up, gaining confidence, and read what he had scratched out.

"Now, mind ... I don't claim to understand what it means, but ... I doubt this is coincidence." he cleared his throat, shooting Finn a nervous glance.

"In the barren core. Brethren." he paused, looking for some sort of confirmation. "It's unmistakeable."
The SLAGLands
24-06-2003, 01:47
(Dr. Vivaldi's eyes suddenly light up. He leaps to his feet, pointing to Dr. Finn.)

"See? SEE? Told ya! I told ya!"

(He waves his arms in the air in an incredibly... incredibly stupid dance.)

"Told ya-told ya-tooooold yaaaaa! Told ya-told ya-tooooooold yaaaaaa! Told ya..."

"...oh, shut up."

(Dr. Vivaldi sits down quickly. Finn walks up to each of the artifacts and activates them one by one. The usual C1-C#3 deal plays, followed by the following five codes:

C#1 E1 C#2 E1 C1 G2 G1 G2 G1 E1 F1 D2 G#2 F2

G2 G1 E1 F2 E1 G1 G#1 D#1 E1 F#2 C1 A#2 C1 F2

C#1 F2 G#1 C#2 F#1 F1 D2 F2 G2 G1 G2 G1 E1 B1 G#1 F#1 G1 G2

G#1 C#2 G2 D2 F#1 D2 D#1 F#2 F#2 G#1 F#1 G1 G2

A#2 E1 G2 C1 A#1 E1 G2 G1 E1 F1 G#1 F#1 G1 G2

The artifacts each play the "BRETHREN" sequence, then deactivate.)

"If you're so smart, Mr. Pacci... would you be so kind as to decipher the remainder of the artifacts?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
24-06-2003, 02:06
He bristled somewhat at her snide comment, but quickly set himself to work, scribbling furiously, motioning for the artifacts to to be reactivated when he loses his place.

Looking back over his notes, he nods in satisfaction, shooting Finn a slightly superiour look, then clears his throat.

"As I see it ... the lines read as follows."

"In the barren core, beneath the four, there hides a war. Bring forth the light, into gods sight, we take the fight. Each followed by brethren, as I'm certain you'd deduced."
Reploid Productions
24-06-2003, 04:35
Tsunami nods, primarily occupied with transmitting her a/v data to the laptop. "Fascinating..."

"But what in Shimeki's name does it mean?" Kiara frowns. "It can't be just coincidence that the tones would translate to that.... sounds more than a little ominous."

"A vague prophesy to decipher." Tsunami regions the conversation once she's done uploading the data from the previous night. "Then the questions we need to answer are 'Where and what is the barren core?', 'What are the four?', 'What is this war?', and 'Who is 'we'?'. Given the second half of it, there must be some thaumatological, or 'magical', if you will, connotation."

"Core... Hey, does somebody have a map with the locations the artifacts were found marked on it?" Kiara interrupts. "Maybe the artifacts were placed in some geometricly symbolic pattern, and the 'core' is in the center of it!"

"... And I think my associate has been playing one RPG too many." Tsunami dryly comments. "But it is worth looking into."
24-06-2003, 05:16
OC: SLAG, I've been using the keyboard and trying to figure out some sort of chord patterns and stuff. Damn. I almost thought I was onto something! :)


Mr. Eddie Dee is astonished.

"Amazing," Mr. Dee says. "Dr. Vivaldi, do you have access to SLAGlands archives? I am unfamiliar with SLAG legends and history and would like to know more..."

Please send me a telegram with some hint if it involves history and legends.
The SLAGLands
24-06-2003, 05:41
(OOC: No... I am not expecting you guys to be well-versed in SLAGLandic history. So... here's a quick explanation for ya! Joy of joys!)

(Dr. Finn shakes her head in frustration.)

"Hmmmm... amazing. However, riddles are not my cup of tea, and I do not know much about this area. I suppose we shall have to..."

"Excuse me, Minister Finn."

(Dr. Grambling has reappeared behind the group. She is carrying a large roll of paper and a pointer. She stuffs the paper into the unexpectant hands of Dr. Finn.)

"Minister Finn, please unroll the paper."

(Dr. Finn seems taken aback. Her jaw drops for a moment, but she shakes her head and grudgingly unrolls the paper to reveal a map of the archipelago. Dr. Grambling begins pointing to six small islands surrounding the large island in the center.)

"These are the six islands upon which the artifacts were found. Going from due north clockwise around the island, they are Bauxine, Grell, Tumsim, Pharamiga, Tund, and Aarum."

(She points to each island as she speaks, then points to the four other islands surrounding the center island of Gavedale.)

"The remaining four islands in this area are Cilldah, Het Amid, Remen, and Charise. I have good reason to believe that these may be 'the four' spoken of in the riddle. It may be beneath these four islands that this war is being housed. But the question is this: how do we get beneath them?"

(She points back to Gavedale.)

"This brings me to the other portion of the riddle: "bring forth the light/into God's sight." In the center of this island, Gavedale, is a place known as The Host's Horizon. In ancient SLAGLandic mythology frequent in this portion of the country, it was The Host who created the world. The point at which he rested, according to legend, is The Host's Horizon, a rock formation in the center of this island."

(She lowers her pointer here, looking plaintively out to the group.)

"I believe if we go to The Host's Horizon and activate the artifacts... we will gain access to this place where the 'war' is supposedly taking place."

(Dr. Finn has walked away from the group, apparently toward a nearby plane bearing The SLAGLandic insignia. Dr. Grambling looks back for a moment, shrugs, and turns back to the group.)

"Ladies and gentlemen, I must now ask: who among you is willing to brave whatever we are about to face? If this is indeed a 'war,' we may well be thrust into the center of it. I, however, am more than willing to take that chance in the interest of discovery. If you like, you are all free to take the night to sleep on it and contact your home nations. I, for one, will be doing the same thing."

(Grambling looks back once more at Dr. Finn. Finn has boarded the plane.)

"So who's with me?"

Meanwhile, inside the plane...

Incoming transmission to Prime Minister Cantrell:

I am unable to continue further in this operation. Requesting permission to leave.

24-06-2003, 05:44
BLOCH: I am ready. I have reviewed shots from where the portal leads from my country and it seems to be underwater. As soon as I can get a gPS reading we may have found another way to see this war.
24-06-2003, 05:58
"We'll have to check with our superiors and get some equipment, but I think we can participate."
Reploid Productions
24-06-2003, 07:06
((OOC: My participation is going to drop off the map in about ten more days, but count me in! =D))

Kiara nods slowly. "I think I'll stick to home base on this one. If there is danger, Tsunami here is better able to handle it than I am."

Tsunami nods. "I am most certainly going. I can keep an AV transmission link back to 'home base' here. On any sort of dig, it's a wise idea to have the digging team, and a 'spotter' team well removed from the potentially dangerous area."
Dread Lady Nathicana
24-06-2003, 07:30
Pacci simply gathered up his belongings and nodded his head in consent.

"I'm in it for the long haul."
24-06-2003, 15:02
OC: In


Dr. Ae requests permission to leave...


Mr. Dee is allowed continued observation of the "discovery"
24-06-2003, 17:26
BLOCH: The gPS signal is comming within 10-20 miles of this location. In that direction(BLOCH points in the direction of Cilldah, Het Amid, Remen, and Charise.)
KHOURI: this might mean that there is another way in!. I suggest we contact our collegues at the site so that they can get in to! I will come along with this expasition for I was once in the army and I will be more likely to survive this "war"
The SLAGLands
26-06-2003, 01:54
(OOC: Celack, you're kicked out of this thread...


And I started working full-time this week, so lay off. ON WITH THE SHOW!)

(The odd-looking fat guy in the picture runs off as the delegates approach The Host's Horizon. It is sunrise, one week after the riddles were deciphered, and Dr. Finn has abandoned the island and returned to the mainland. As the delegates approach, they are greeted by Drs. Grambling and Vivaldi. Both are wearing denim jackets and khaki shorts, and they smile warmly as they shake hands with each of the delegates. Both doctors are carrying large brown sacks, which presumably hold the artifacts.)

"Welcome back, everyone... ummm... Dr. Finn decided to return home for... uh... personal reasons... in any case, Dr. Grambling and I will be taking over this expedition."

(Dr. Vivaldi motions to the formation behind him.)

"Now... uh... as you can see, The Host's Horizon basically consists of a series of stairstep-like rock formations. There are enough for all of us, so I think this is where we should activate the artifacts."

(Vivaldi and Grambling lead the delegates to the top of each of the formations. Vivaldi stands atop the highest one, while Grambling stands on the next one down. The remaining delegates file on, one by one, as the two doctors reach into the bags and pull out the artifacts. They hand the artifacts carefully by the handle to Dr. Tor of EZRALB, Tsunami of Reploid Productions, Dr. Bloch of Celack, Lisa Streiksmor of Cetaganda, Mr. Dee of Ur an ass, and Pacci of the Dominion.)

"Okay, the rest of you, sit tight... let's see what happens. Ladies, gentlemen... activate the artifacts."

(The delegates comply. One by one, each of the artifacts begins to float, lighting up and playing the musical message:


The light then heads from each of the delegates into the sky, although this time, a new effect happens. The lights from the first three artifacts, which were held by Dr. Tor, Dr. Bloch, and Mr. Dee, gather in the sky, as do the lights of the second three artifacts, which were held by Tsunami, Ms. Streiksmor, and Pacci. All at once, the lights swirl--the first one a bright shade of pink, the second one a dark shade of purple. The lights then fall to the earth, and all of the delegates disappear.)

(OOC: ...and where did they go? Okay, from here on out, I'll be posting in this thread under two personalities: The Hollow of Il Adib and The Brethren of Shade. I'll make it clear to which side you've been teleported in a moment.)
26-06-2003, 03:31
(OOC: EZRALB, Celack, Ur an ass, and Derieties have appeared here. You'll be answering to THIS pseudonym.)

(The delegates black out for a split-second, then wake up a few moments later in complete darkness. The air is cold and dense, and all of the delegates can hear running water nearby. From the darkness emerges the groggy voice of Dr. Shana Grambling.)

"Oooooh... Christ on a cracker... what was that? Can anyone hear me?"

(From the darkness, a flashlight clicks on, and the delegates can see Dr. Grambling shining the light throughout the chamber. It is very wide and tall, and stalagmites jut forth from the floor all around. There appear to be no other living creatures save a few pale, blind cave fish, which flit about in the river surrounding the tall cliff on which the delegates have appeared. She looks over the edge of the cliff nervously into the water.)

"Looks to be about 7 meters high... scary..."

(As she turns around, her flashlight shines directly in the face of one of the creatures encountered the previous week. The face-painted Kabuki Cat stands about nine feet tall and appears to have taken on a bit more of a substantive form now. Its face is expressionless. Dr. Grambling screams, dropping the flashlight in front of her. The cat stares down at the flashlight nonchalantly. An audible chuckle emerges from seemingly all around the cave as the creature begins to light up. The voice, once again, comes from seemingly all around; the cat does not move its lips as it speaks. kinda like Garfield... heh heh...)

"Forgive me... We are not used to receiving guests who are not blessed with the second sight."

(Dr. Grambling nervously leans down to pick up the flashlight, looking up at the cat.)

"In your tongue, our people would be called Brethren... Brethren of Shade. SLAGLandic biology has identified us as 'kabuki cats;' however, that assertion is incorrect. I congratulate you on finding our home."

(The creature stands silent, looking over the creatures beneath him. He suddenly smiles.)

"Forgive me... I imagine you are quite startled to have encountered Us so suddenly. We are the creators of the three artifacts you encountered above. We have summoned you here to... shall we say... observe."
26-06-2003, 03:40
OOC: Oh, crap. I got stuck w/ Celack? :) kidding you again...


Mr. Dee observes the Kabuki with great distrust and anxiety. His eyes narrows as he steps forward.

"Observe what?" in a rather harsh tone.

While he is rather afraid, he is more peeved by the funny looking cat-like creature.

OC: For more interesting RP, I will NOT look at the fine print SLAG/Brethren put. Ignorance is the way I chose for Mr. Dee. ;) Should be interesting.
26-06-2003, 03:43
(OOC: Cetaganda, Reploid Productions, and Dread Lady Nathicana have appeared here. You'll be responding to THIS pseudonym.)

(The delegates black out for a split-second, then wake up a few moments later in complete darkness. The air is cold and dense, silent save the sounds of a few chirping cave creatures. From within the darkness, the awakening delegates hear the voice of Dr. Remmington Vivaldi.)

"Geez... feel like my head's been in an egg beater."

(The sound of fumbling emerges, and soon, the delegates notice a flashlight beacon emerging from Dr. Vivaldi's location. As he scans the room, the delegates become aware that they are in a long, narrow cavern that extends indefinitely. Dr. Vivaldi begins examining the wall, noticing an array of markings.)

"What the hell..."

(As he moves the flashlight closer, the delegates can see that these are markings of arrows, fire, clubs, and all assortments of weaponry. The weapons are manned by strange, short figures with grinning mouths and no eyes.)

"This is... this is unlike anything I've ever seen before... a remarkable find..."

(Suddenly, the sound of laughter echoes from the opposite end of the cave. As Dr. Vivaldi whips around, aiming the flashlight in the opposite direction, he finds the passage blocked by dozens of creatures resembling men. Each stands about four feet tall and is barely clothed save a small black loincloth. The creatures have deep brown skin caked with grey dirt, wide mouths, monstrous noses, and no eyes. Their hair is long and wild. There appear to be no females in the group. The creature in the front of the group is larger than the rest, standing about five feet tall. He carries a large stone staff adorned with jewels at the tip. Dr. Vivaldi shrinks back in horror, and the leader laughs heartily. He speaks in a deep, booming voice that echoes throughout the caves.)

"Welcome, friends! I am Ortcan of Il Adib, and these are my followers... the Il Adib!"

(The creatures behind Ortcan raise their fists high in the air, revealing that each is carrying a pick ax.)

"I see that you have all put to good use the artifacts that I placed on the surface. This is good. I have summoned you here because... well... how shall I put this..."

(One of the Il Adib suddenly screams.)


(Ortcan nods.)

"Indeed... the Brethren... your upper world is in great danger."
26-06-2003, 03:47
(The Brethrenite nods.)

"Indeed... a great war is brewing, as our artifacts implied to you. Quite frankly, I am amazed that you were able to find the place at which to activate them, given the fact that we gave you virtually no clues other than the fact that the war brews beneath The Four Gods."

(He approaches Mr. Dee and sniffs at him a bit, then smiles.)

"I do not detect the scent of the native islands upon you. Who are you, good sir?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-06-2003, 03:53
Pacci mutters a long string of imprecations under his breath in his native tongue, rubbing his head. Shielding his eyes as the light flashes over his face, he gets to his feet and looks at what Vivaldi is pointing out.

"Well, I must say, I ... " he begins, nearly jumping out of his skin, unsettling his glasses at the sound of laughter.

Setting them back in their place, he listens to the strange man, jumping again at the outburst.

A threat?

"What's all this now? A threat? Upper world? Yes, the artifact mentioned war, but ... " he blinks, suddenly remembering he's not talking to the most usual of creatures. "I beg your pardon. Most irregular. Most ... unsettling."
26-06-2003, 03:57
Suddenly Eddie Dee couldn't breathe. It wasn't because of anyone's doing, it was simply he realized he shouldn't have been so rash before.

The presence of the Brethrenite so close to himself made him nervous and aware that this was not a place to show hostility, even if he thought it.

In the name of discover, he told himself... In the name of discovery. Then I will deal with my own agendas.

"I am..." he began to apologize, but...

"I am- They call me Mr. Dee." He finished, finally letting out a breath of relief. "I am here from the Peaceful Nation of Ur."

"That's right- PEACEFUL. No harm intended. None at all. Peace. My nation likes peace. I like peace.... Peace."

Good one, dumbass, Dee told himself.
26-06-2003, 04:10
(Ortcan suddenly whips his head toward Pacci. As he does so, the rest of the Il Adib do the same. Ortcan rushes forward, followed by the rest of the group. He glares at Pacci [or does what would be a glare, had he but the eyes to do it], leaning forward, and the rest of the group follows, letting out audible grunts.)

"Wuzzat, boy? Are you saying you're doubting me?"

(Without waiting for a response, he turns around. The rest of the group follows almost immediately in kind.)

"Yes, war... an invasion from The Brethren is inevitable. We've been fightin' 'em for... oh... I dunno. Hard to keep track of time down here. Mother called you all down here because she suspects that they're gettin' ready to make their move. Tell me, friends... have you encountered The Brethren on the surface before?"

(Dr. Vivaldi claps his fingers together nervously.)

"If you mean... the Kabuki Cats... then yes."

(Ortcan shakes his head.)

"Yeah, Kabuki Cats... whatever you seeing creatures call 'em. In any case, they don't much care for us two-legged folks. We gotta stick togther, ya see... so that's why we summoned you."

(Ortcan suddenly whips around, his mouth wide, his fists waving in the air.)


(The Il Adib grunt loudly, moaning in high-pitched squeals. The words "WAR!" and "TWO-LEGGERS!" can be heard among the group.)

26-06-2003, 04:17
The three Cetagandans look straight at Ortcan, the only sign that they were surprised an automatic flinch towards weapons at their sides. Strieksmore step forward. "I am Prime Lisa Strieksmore of Cetaganda. I thank you for your welcome, and for your warning. What sort of threat do these Brethren represent to us?"

(OOC: I'll have names and descriptions for each of my characters in a bit. If you'd prefer me to have less people, just say so.)
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-06-2003, 04:20
"N-nn-n-NO of course not! I, ah ... " he says, making placating gestures. He swallows nervously, eyebrows nearly crawling off the top of his face they're up so high.

He looks visibly relieved as Ortcan's attention is drawn away by Vivaldi.

Still ... War? Me? Good God, the Lady would ... no, no, don't think of that ...

He watched the goings on nervously.

What have I gotten myself into? he thought, and aloud ...

"Where are the others?"
26-06-2003, 04:47
(The Brethrenite places a paw on Mr. Dee's shoulder. It feels warm, as if Dee is sitting beside a fireplace.)

"No need to be nervous, child... I swear, ours is not to wage war against anyone except those who would seek conquest."

(The Brethrenite's facial markings suddenly turn deep red.)

"I speak of the Il Adib. Thousands of years ago, the Il Adib occupied the islands you now call the Outset Islands. A few of them migrated to the mainland of The SLAGLands, but most of them stayed behind on the islands. They watched as the tribes on the mainland remained in isolation of one another, and they built their strength... both in muscle and in mind."

(The Brethrenite suddenly leaps from the ground and begins floating over the creek.)

"Like The Brethren, the Il Adib are gifted with abilities that can best be described as 'magical.' Their great mental prowess enabled them something you eyed creatures cannot possibly understand: control. While their control is indeed limited... it is nonetheless powerful, and very difficult to contain. A few of them drifted to the mainland to serve as scouts, observing the activities of the tribes. It was then, when one lone Il Adib was left behind, that We attacked."

(The Brethrenite's facepaint turns suddenly pitch black, and the light in the room dims. The Brethrenite grins a bit, swiping at the air.)

"Oh, you should have seen it, eyed creatures... it was a marvelous battle. The forces of the Brethren and Il Adib collided. Many casualties were suffered on both sides. Magicks were thrown about... and finally... then came The Ban..."

(The light dims to total darkness again.)

"...when We brought the Il Adib beneath the surface... and we stayed here... to watch them."

(The light returns, and the Brethrenite is on the platform.)

"Now, though... we know that the Il Adib have come to the surface. It is only a matter of time before they fulfill their evil whims and march on the cities of the eyed creatures... and these surface lands will fall."

(The Brethrenite once again leaps above the creek. As it does so, a platform of light appears beneath it. The platform forms a path that seems to follow the underground river.)

"...but I digress. Perhaps you would like to visit our village?"

(OOC: I'll post the village stuffs tomorrow... want to give everyone a chance to respond.)
26-06-2003, 05:05
(Ortcan nods toward Lisa.)

"A pleasure to meet you, m'lady. Now then, the Brethren, the Brethren... what to say about them..."

(Ortcan leans against the wall and pulls out a small bit of wrapped paper from his loincloth. He snaps his fingers, producing a tiny flame not unlike a lighter. He lights the rolled paper and puffs slowly.)

"About a century ago, the Brethren attacked us. Why? I can't say. I mean, sure, we sent a few people to the mainland to investigate, but we kept to ourselves! They even left one of our own there... our dear, departed Bari..."

(The Il Adib hang their heads.)


"I suspect it was just because they didn't want us associating with the eyed folk... good friends like you all. Y'see, the Brethren... they don't trust two-leggers. All they do is wage war... and seal us up in this pit. And now, they're gonna get out of here! ARE WE GONNA LET THAT HAPPEN?"

(The Il Adib raise their pick axes high.)


(The group suddenly goes silent as Pacci mentions "the others." Ortcan cocks his head and frowns.)

"The... others? Were there others? Where were they? What were they doing? Did they disappear, too? Where did they go? How did they get off the surface?"

(He runs toward Pacci, and the others immediately follow.)

"I must know..."
26-06-2003, 05:14
Khouri watches the breatheren with distrust. She is fighting her instict to attack the for the apear as predator but is losing. She starts to leap but is grabbed by Bloch.
Reploid Productions
26-06-2003, 05:17
Tsunami hovers in the air, thoroughly confused. Since she has presently escaped notice, she stays silent, with the hope of being mistaken only as someone's pet.

I have a rather bad feeling about this entire situation... where are the others from the dig team? Is Kiara still receiving my transmission or are we completely cut off-?

She switches her optics to night-vision/infrared to better see in the murky darkness ill-illuminated by Vivaldi's flashlight. A shame that none of the others have an internal communications system.

With a careful beat of her small wings, Tsunami settles on Vivaldi's shoulder.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-06-2003, 05:17
"Gahhhah!" he yelps, pulled out of his ponderings as the strangers run towards him, holding up his hands in an effort to fend them off peacefully, and backing up against the wall.

"Yes! Yes, ah ... six. Six artifacts. We all held them, activiated them ... and we ended up here. The others ... well, that ah ... " he swallowed nervously. "Just how many artifacts did you say you left for us to find?"

He was all too afraid he knew the answers to both the how many and the where.
26-06-2003, 05:19
<snip for space>

(He runs toward Pacci, and the others immediately follow.)

"I must know..."

Moving between Pacci and Ortan, Sean says, "There were a number of others who activate three more of these devices, but they did not arrive here with us. Is it possible they ended up with these 'Brethren' somehow?"
Behind him, Lisa tells Pacci, "Don't worry, we'll be fine. Don't let them see you frightened, who knows how they could react."

OOC: Character description time.
Lisa Strieksmore: Tall, red hair, green eyes. She is a 3T (Telepath, Telekinetic, Teleporter) Prime, the highest rating for psionic power. She is a master swordswoman, and carries a katana and a short sword.
Sean Aldars: Tall, plain brown hair, plain brow eyes. Sean is an Adept, a skilled mage who is highly skilled at several different types of magic. His primary field of focus is in the area of non-living things. He carries a quarterstaff and repeating crossbow (yes, there is such a thing as a repeating crossbow).
Nita Fingan: Short, black hair, yellow eyes. Nita is also an Adept, and is Sean's partner. She specializes in living things and magical beings. She carries a number of knives; she's very skilled at close combat, although not as good with small arms. She also tends to get a bit hairy during the full moon.
They're all carrying Paranoid Cetagandan (TM) survival packs that include food, water (and water-processing equipment), tents, bedding, first aid kits, tool kits, comms equipment, and of course the requisite small arms, with some for everyone else because they know the other science types won't bring anything more lethal than a pointed stick. They also have the various stuff that they need to use their skills and to carry out the scientific stuff. Like most Cetagandans of the citizen caste, they all have a fair bit of hand-to-hand combat, small arms, and survival training. They all have training in using their powers to defend themselves.
26-06-2003, 05:27
(OOC: ...that's the biggest damn typo I've ever seen, Celack. :P

Also, Rep, should Tsunami try to contact the upper world, she'll find her signal horribly scrambled.)

(Orctan slaps his forehead angrily.)

"THREE! Three communicators!"

(The Il Adibs suddenly begin to shout, one after another, one row at a time.)

ROW #1:

ROW #2:

ROW #3:

ROW #4:

ROW #5:

ROW #6:

(The groups begin to sing out, one after another, until Orctan holds his hand high, at which point they immediately fall silent and perfectly still. Orctan begins scratching his brown-grey chin, staring toward the ceiling.)

"That was the message we relayed... in an effort to confuse Brethren spies, we added the signature "BRETHREN" to the end. Our designs are indeed similar... similar enough to confuse anyone, I suppose."

(Orctan turns around.)

"If the Brethren did indeed send communicators to the surface... then they may have intercepted your friends... in which case... your friends may be in graaaaaaaaave danger..."

(Orctan's head snaps to center suddenly with a smile. He holds his right index finger up triumphantly.)


(The Il Adib raise their pick axes high.)



(Orctan begins to lead the Il Adib down the path from which they came. Dr. Vivaldi looks over the group.)

"Well... uh... I guess we should follow..."

(He leads the group deeper into the caves. As Tsunami examines, she begins to see a large collection of heat sources in the distance beyond the Il Adib. They seem similar in shape. The walls of the cavern are also extremely elaborately decorated, and they seem to list the entire military history of the Il Adib. Vivaldi glances over at the dragon.)

"Seeing anything?"

(OOC: This may be the last one tonight... you guys will reach the Il Adib village tomorrow.)
26-06-2003, 05:35
The Cetagandans follow, taking careful note of how they get from where they are to the village.
Reploid Productions
26-06-2003, 05:40
Tsunami bobs her head. "There appears to be quite a few heat sources ahead of this group- I assume it would be their village." The dragon whispers in a barely audible voice by Viv's ear. "And given the wall decor, I have a distinctly bad feeling about what we have been dragged into."

((OOC: Man, this is gettin' good! =D ))
27-06-2003, 04:24

(Ortcan [OOC: Yes, Ortcan... not Orctan... my bad...] at last leads the group to the end of the tunnel, which is... well... pitch black. He turns back to the group and grins.)

"Welcome... to the Hollow."

(Ortcan holds his hand high and drops it, and immediately, dozens of torches light up, revealing the monstrous cavern that is the Hollow. Gigantic stone columns stretch hundreds of feet from stone to ceiling, and each is riddled with small caverns from which numerous Il Adib emerge and float to the ground. The explorers are on a mid-level walkway that encircles the entire Hollow. Along the walls, thousands of Il Adib are clinging and chipping away with pick axes, carving out new homes and terraces for their people. The Hollow seems to be divided along numerous tiered layers connected by stone staircases, with paths leading to the large columns in the center. Carved into the height of each column is this logo:

Ortcan leads the group around the walkway, his toadies behind him.)

"This is the Hollow, our grand city. This passage extends around the circumference of the entire facility and allows us access to all parts of the city."

(He stops the group, turns back, and smiles.)

"Before we go any further, do you have any questions? I, of course, am more than happy to give you the grand tour."
Reploid Productions
27-06-2003, 04:46
Tsunami trills (yes, trills. A sort of whistle-hiss-croon noise) in surprise, having not really expected to find such a massive complex underground. She nearly falls from her perch on Vivaldi's shoulder once or twice while preoccupied with looking around at everything.

While on the surface, where Kiara is...
Kiara slammed her fist against her makeshift desk in frustration, glaring daggers at her laptop, which was showing jumbled static. The signal had been lost when the dig team activated the artifacts.

"Work, damn you! I know Tsunami's transmitter was checked before we left, and it was working fine! Why won't you work, you stupid *bleep*ing piece of *bleep*?!" She swore at the uncooperative machine.
27-06-2003, 05:07
Sean looks around the cavern. "Interesting. How much of this is natural?"
Lisa then asks, "How do you grow food? Artificial lights?"
27-06-2003, 05:19
Meanwhile, on the shinier half of the cavern...

(The Brethrenite leads the group down the path of light through a cavern filled with sparkling gems. One skilled in * would identify ruby, sapphire, amethyst, and emerald within these walls, all carefully arrayed to form intricate patterns of light. The Brethrenite at last leads the group to the end of the path, turns, and smiles.)

"Welcome to Elysium... Our home."

(The Brethrenite leads the group down the path of light to a long, disc-like platform of light, upon which stand hundreds of Brethrenites. They are all intricately painted in the face, each pattern different from the one before it. The ceiling is high and sparkles in the light of the gem stones. The Brethrenite leads the group around. There appear to be no structures of any kind.)

"This is a place where We can contemplate... where We can work our spells in peace. We feast from the food of the river beneath us, and we discuss Our findings and musings here. It is a quiet place... I would imagine you would find it fairly boring."

(The Brethrenite pauses and turns.)

"I... suppose I should have given myself a name sooner. Forgive me. You may simply address me as Guide, and you may identify me by the markings on my face. There are Our birthmarks, differing between each of Us... not unlike your own fingerprints."

(Guide leads the group along the disc.)

"I am taking you to Portent and Marvel; they are Our leaders. Until we reach them... have you any queries?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-06-2003, 05:35
"Fascinating ... " Pacci murmers as he momentarily forgets his discomfort in the face of something new and intriguing, pen and pad out, furiously taking notes.

Noting immediately the absence of both females and children, his brow furrows in thought.

"But how ... " he looks around, "where are the children? The women? These numbers ... surely ... " he muttered, pondering. "Keep referring to Mother ... Hive society?"

He seems completely preoccupied and intrigued with the entire Hollow and its inhabitants.
27-06-2003, 05:49
(As Ortcan leads the group around the border, he acknowledges each question, one at a time. At Sean's query, he nods, oozing pride.)

"100% natural, my friend... all carved over the course of thousands of years by the good, industrious two-leggers of the Il Adib. This place was a refuge for us even when we lived on the surface... we hold it quite dearly."

(At Lisa's question, he laughs loudly. Nearly half the Il Adib in the cavern join him.)

"'Grow' food? Surely you jest! We have no need to 'grow' our own food."

(Ortcan "spots" a nearby hole in the wall and grins. He thrusts his left hand in and fiddles around for a moment, tongue hanging out of the right side of his mouth. At last, the hand emerges crawling with insects and arthropods. He holds them out to the group.)

"THIS is our food: we call 'em 'cave critters.' A lovely bunch. Quite crunchy."

(Ortcan flings his hand backward, throwing the critters into his entourage. The Il Adib leap for them, wrestling them between one another and stuffing them into their mouths. It's a brutal, grotesque... and relatively nasty affair. Ortcan merely chuckles.)

"They love those lil' buggers..."

(At the mention of Pacci's question, Ortcan raises an index finger.)

"An EXCELLENT point, good sir! As a matter of fact, we're on our way to see the children... and the woman... right now!"

(The Il Adib begin to leap up and down, shouting, "MOTHER! MOTHER!" The chant begins to reverberate throughout the caverns as all of the Il Adib join in. Ortcan laughs once more.)

27-06-2003, 06:01
Lisa raises an eyebrow. "Hmm, sort of like 'pede-on-a-stick." Behind her, Nita mutters, "Thank the gods for combat rations."
Reploid Productions
27-06-2003, 08:34
Tsunami eyes the scene with an expression best described as an anime-sweatdrop.

"Thank the Goddess I don't eat. Those creatures look extremely unappealing even to me." She whispers quietly, recording information and notes to her memory all the while.
27-06-2003, 15:28
OC: For better RP reasons and more interesting RP, I have not read the posts by Hollow of Il Adib & Lady Nathicana, Cetaganda, and Co.
So if I sound like a moron, it's because of that. Or cuz I'm just a moron...

"I am taking you to Portent and Marvel; they are Our leaders. Until we reach them... have you any queries?"

Mr. Dee's brewing anger finally began to boil.

"Yeah, where the hell are the others?!"

He took a menacing step towards "Guide" and made the group stop amidst the glittering gems. The gems were interesting to Mr. Dee at first, but he remembered that the "Bretheren" had taken them hostage it seems. Mr. Dee made sure he stopped the entire group.
28-06-2003, 01:02
(OOC: Good form, Ur. :D I sure hope EZRALB, Celack, and Derieties join back in soon... the other side's kicking your ass as far as RP quantity goes. *drops subtle encouragement*)

(Guide cocks his head to the right.)

"Others? I do not understand. Were there other explorers with you? Did they not disappear when you activated our the artifacts? You remember, of course... 'In the barren core, beneath the Four, there hides a war.' Did they not disappear with you when you activated our artifacts?"

(Guide phases in and out of corporeality for a moment.)

"Very odd..."
28-06-2003, 01:42
Meanwhile, on the dark, dank, uninviting half of the caves...

(Ortcan leads the party to the complete opposite side of the cavern, where a long pole awaits. One by one, the Il Adib drop to their knees, while Ortcan steps forward and smiles.)

"Only the blessed may visit Mother... friends, I consider you blessed."

(He grabs onto the pole and clicks his heels against it twice. All at once, he begins sliding... upward. Dr. Vivaldi wrenches backward in shock, nearly knocking Tsunami off of his shoulder. He tugs nervously at his collar.)

"Oh... uh... heh-heh... I guess I should... uh..."

(He nervously lurches forward, then reaches out to grab the pole.)

"If I scream a profanity... you should probably follow me anyway."

(He clicks his heels against the pole and, like Ortcan, shoots straight upward.)


(His voice disappears. The delegates each grab the pole and click their heels, and one by one, they disappear in the ceiling. The ride is extremely quick and feels to the delegates as if they are traveling through quicksand... really, really freaking quick quicksand. At last, each feels him/herself forced up through a geyser, shot ten feet in the air, and then hitting the ground with an audible [i]thump. They are all covered in dirt from head to toe now. Dr. Vivaldi is brushing off his outfit with a noticeable scowl on his face.)

"Never said anything about gettin' dirty on this expedition..."

(As the group observes the room, they first notice the tremendous columns shooting from floor to... wherever the ceiling is. Unlike those in the main chamber of the Hollow, though, these have no holes; instead, they are elaborately decorated with grotesque animal faces and pick axes. Gigantic torches hang lit from each of the columns, each torch about fifteen feet tall and sporting a huge flame atop that gives the room a bright orange glow. At the other end of the room, Ortcan is on all fours, face down, before a gigantic fleshy beast. The creature appears to be around thirty feet tall and just as wide. She wears a few fortunately-placed bits of dark brown cloth over her sagging, wart-covered flesh. Her face is black, and her monstrous mouth a hideous chalk white. Her long, scraggly black hair hangs down to her knees, which sit slumped in front of her. She tilts her head down toward the visitors.)

"Welcome, dearies... I am Mother."
28-06-2003, 04:22
Lisa bows before Mother. "Greetings, Mother. I am Lisa Strieksmore, of the Cetagandan Empire. My companions are Sean Aldars and Nita Fingan." She pauses a moment to let the other introduce themselves. "We thank you for your hospitality. However, we are most curious as to what is going on."
28-06-2003, 06:18
(Mother groans, reaching down to scratch her nether regions. She speaks in a loud, extremely low voice with a slight scratching noise behind each word.)

"Ah, yeah... what's going on... I suppose that WOULD be quite vital information..."

(She looks down at Ortcan, who raises his face for a moment.)

"Yes... so I take it Ortcan has explained... at least a bit... about the war. Well, allow me to summarize a bit more about us and why you're here."

(Mother, with one flabby hand, digs into a hole in the wall near her. She pulls out a massive pawful of insects and starts chomping them down, spewing forth bits of wing and carapace as she speaks.)

"Well, as you guessed... I am the Mother of the Il Adib. I give birth to the little bastards. I've done so for about... oh... uh..."

(She scratches her chin with her free hand, looking up toward the ceiling.)

"Well, crap... I don't remember. Anyway, it's not important. What matters is that the Brethren and Il Adib are down here, sealed, locked in a perpetual war. After they sealed us, of course, we sealed them..."

(She slams her free fist on the ground.)

"...and dammit, we ain't letting 'em out anytime soon."

(She continues with her meal.)

"Anyway, we recently discovered that the Brethren have discovered a rift in the seal that's keeping us down here, the seal we created with the help of our old friend, Mason. You... needn't worry about him. He's not important. Long since dead. Anyway."

(She slurps the bugs off of her ring finger and chomps down on them.)

"When the Brethren found this rift, they immediately sent some of their creatures to the surface. You'd probably know them as... uh... don't remember the... uh..."

(Vivaldi steps forward nervously.)

"Kabuki Cats, Highness?"

(Mother smiles, snapping her fingers in triumph and sending a shower of bugs onto the party.)

"Yes, Kabuki Cats! Right! So the Brethrenites on the surface have been scouting out the main land, waiting for a chance to widen the rift and march through to the other side."

(Mother wipes the last of the bugs onto her tongue and looks down on the group.)

"That's why you're down here. Being two-leggers that we are, we want to help you guys out... after all, we ARE friends, right?"

(She holds out her arms imploringly.)


(Dr. Vivaldi inches back nervously.)

"Uh... right... indeed we are."

(Mother leans back against the wall, resting her head on her arms and revealing a sickening amount of armpit hair.)

"So... we thought that anyone brilliant enough to decipher the code would be worthy to come alongside us, to learn of the abilities we possess, and to join us in the fight! Now, what do you say?"

(Dr. Vivaldi looks around. He stares up into the extremely high ceiling. Creeping down from each of the pillars are millions upon millions of tiny creatures, each one about two inches long. They resemble small koala bears, only with no eyes and huge claws. As they open their mouth, they reveal monstrous fangs. Mother looks up at them and smiles.)

"Oh... forgive me... those are my children. Ungrown Il Adib, you see... well, reborn, anyway. Il Adib, upon death, return to me in spirit, at which time I birth them again. I suppose you could say it's one of our methods of... reproduction."

(She looks back down at the group and grins.)

"But my... they certainly are hungry..."

(One of the children scuttles down the pillar and up Dr. Vivaldi's leg. It makes its way onto his shoulder next to Tsunami and hisses at her, then turns back to Vivaldi, eyeing his neck. Vivaldi nervously blows at the creature, glancing up at Mother every once in a while.)

"I... uh... I guess we don't have a choice."

(Mother laughs, her laughter shaking the entire room. The child falls from Vivaldi's shoulder.)

"Of course you have no choice! As always in life, the choice is either to fight or die!"

(OOC: That's it for the night... I'm going to assume that the Il Adib lead you guys to your rooms for the evening, unless you have any queries for Mother. We'll pick this up later.)
Reploid Productions
28-06-2003, 07:22
Tsunami nearly falls off Vivaldi's shoulder when the... creature... hisses at her, but she wisely forces down her programmed instinct to extend her claws and hiss back. It's a very good thing Kiara stayed on the surface. I'm much less noticeable... and much less likely to get into serious trouble by putting my foot in my mouth.

She studies the room and the gigantic creature that is the Mother, fighting down a feeling of total and utter revulsion, and feeling extremely glad that her metalic armor doesn't stain and only needs a quick hosing down with water to come clean.

Being led by the nose by these.... beings... won't get us anywhere! The little dragon continues to survey the room, noting any potential escape tunnels or hiding locations.
The SLAGLands
28-06-2003, 07:31
(OOC: Don't feel like relogging in, so...)


Tsunami notices small holes dug throughout the lower parts of the walls of the room. They appear to be tunnels that lead outward, as they are very carefully dug, unlike the "food holes" from which the Il Adib extract their critters. The tunnels seem to lead back into the main chamber of the Hollow. Each tunnel is about one meter in diameter.

An infrared scan reveals that the ceiling is about two hundred feet high; however, this is not the most interesting aspect. As Tsunami scans, she sees that the ceiling is virtually covered with children. Millions upon millions of the little buggers latch on to one another, clawing and pawing back and forth. Some of them die, and the dead are quickly devoured whole by the living.

Tsunami also notices that Mother herself seems to be blocking some sort of passage. A close, careful, well-zoomed scan would reveal a thin crack just behind Mother's monstrous form. This crack appears to be a portal of some kind and extends across the width of her body and about ten feet high. Occasionally, Mother looks back behind her and chuckles a bit before refacing the group, almost as if she is gazing into the room and laughing at what she sees.
29-06-2003, 01:07
Lisa lifts an eyebrow at the fight or die comment. "How exactly are you and your enemies sealed down here? Obviously you somehow managed to bring us here, can't you use the same method to go to the surface?" Once that has been answered, she asks, "Incidentally, how many of you are there? And what kind of numbers do these Brethren have?"
29-06-2003, 04:15
(OOC: Good form, Ur. :D I sure hope EZRALB, Celack, and Derieties join back in soon... the other side's kicking your ass as far as RP quantity goes. *drops subtle encouragement*)

(Guide cocks his head to the right.)

"Others? I do not understand. Were there other explorers with you? Did they not disappear when you activated our the artifacts? You remember, of course... 'In the barren core, beneath the Four, there hides a war.' Did they not disappear with you when you activated our artifacts?"

(Guide phases in and out of corporeality for a moment.)

"Very odd..."

OC: Hey, hey. What about quality?


"Yeah, others." Dee said, as if Guide should have known. "You know. That blue bird lady... That other guy?"

"And the barren core.... Something. Something. Brethren."

Dee takes a moment to think. "Yes, definitely Brethren. It didn't make any sense."
29-06-2003, 05:07
(OOC: Didn't say anything about quality. Both sides are doing a good job. :D )

(Guide's face paint suddenly turns deep black. He shudders a bit, sending a wave of strange purple light through the area.)

"I fear the worst... perhaps the Il Adib placed the communicator-transporters upon the surface. If this is the case, your friends may already have been captured by the Il Adib... and they may be in danger."

(Guide's color returns, and he turns around to the path.)

"We must make haste. Come."

(Guide leads the group further along the path. They continue to pass the same relative group of Brethren for what seems like ten minutes, until at last, the path narrows to a tunnel, in front of which is a curtain adorned with gems. Guide turns his head back and smiles.)

"They are inside. Come."

(Guide leads the group through the curtain and down a long and narrow passage. The ceiling is low, but the group has no trouble walking through without ducking. The walls are lined with an intricate pattern of sparkling gems, giving the room a glow similar to the Northern Lights. At the end of the passage is a small chamber, not much wider than the rest of the passage, but with many more similar gems lining the wall. In the center of the room stands a Brethrenite, similar to the others save his deep blue fur. His face markings are deep orange and resemble a cross. On his head, he wears what appears to be a small crown, which glows with a white crystal. In the center of the crown is an engraving of an incredibly beautiful human female in a long white gown. She appears to be frozen flipping back her long blonde hair. The blue Brethrenite looks the party over. He says nothing. Dr. Grambling steps forward.)

"Good day, sir... I am Dr. Shana Grambling of..."

"The SLAGLands. I have been informed. You may call me Portent."

(Dr. Grambling immediately shuts back.)

"Welcome to my chamber. Please... make yourselves comfortable."

(All at once, glowing chairs appear behind each of the delegates. Dr. Grambling nervously looks down at hers, then carefully sits down. She pats the seat.)

"Wow... it's extremely comfortable."

(All of a sudden, the engraving on Portent's crown lowers its hands. She steps forth from the crown onto Portent's head.)

"Yes, we are quite skilled in making you comfortable."

(Dr. Grambling's jaw drops, and the tiny woman blushes a bit.)

"Forgive me. You may call me Marvel. I am Portent's advisor and assistant."

"Indeed. Marvel and I oversee the whole of the Brethren, ensuring our continued success in the war against the Il Adib... a war that, we fear, is heading back to the surface."

(OOC: Another update coming soon for this side, but I really need to do something on the Il Adib side, so you'll have to settle for having met Marvel and Portent for the moment.)
29-06-2003, 05:31
(OOC: And now to move the Hollow along... also, I'm doing the thing at the end in an effort to get Rep out of the RP and off to Anime Con. I'm going to assume you guys won't abuse the knowledge that falls at the end, as Tsunami's the only one who can hear it.)

"Well, as I mentioned, we were sealed down here by a lifeform named Mason. He's a magic-wielder who was recruited by the Brethren to seal us in this pit; luckily, once he sealed us, he realized that he also needed to seal up the Brethren as well. You know... for the good of the two-leggers and all of that crap. In any case, that's what's keeping us here. The reason why we haven't exited through this rift en masse is because we must do our best to keep the Brethren from reaching the surface before we leave. Thus... we fight on.

"As far as our numbers are concerned... our usual census places us at a few million. Most of 'em are... children... though..."

(Mother stretches her monstrous arms and yawns, her yawn shaking the chambers. A few of the children fall to the ground amidst the shaking, hitting with a sickening splat before being devoured by the other, opportunistic children. Ortcan suddenly stands up and waddles back to the group.)

"Mother wants to sleep. We must leave."

(Ortcan pushes the group back and leaps into the quicksand geyser. Dr. Vivaldi follows, as do the rest of the delegates. The ride back is similar, only... well... backward. At long last, they emerge at the pole. The entourage has broken up, and most of the village appears to have disappeared. Ortcan turns back to the group and smiles.)

"Time for bed."

(He leads the group along the edge of the passage, the side opposite the one on which they walked previously. A large hole has been carved in the wall, and crude straw mats have been laid out, one for each delegate. Ortcan motions to them.)

"Here. Sleep. Good night."

(Ortcan waves his hand over the group. Anyone who's not mechanical by nature becomes very sleepy. Dr. Vivaldi stretches and collapses into one of the mats, and the rest of the delegates do the same. Tsunami [I assume] feigns sleep.)

[i]Later that night...

(As Tsunami lies awake, she hears voices outside the room. As she lies, she can hear the voice of Ortcan and another Il Adib in passing.)

"...worry that they'll find Mason?"

"Most likely. It'd be damn hard to find him amid this mess..."

"...but if they find him, that'll be disastrous."

"Make sure they don't."

"Yes, sir. So anyway, do you think they're aware that..."

(The voices suddenly disappear, as if the two are ducking into another room.)
29-06-2003, 05:50
Immediately, after Ortcan left the room, the three Cetagandans drop from their feigned sleep. Lisa sent to the others telepathically, *Thoughts, people?*
*They're hiding something,* thought Sean. *Note that they haven't said anything about why the Brethren want to hurt us so much, or how they are even a threat.*
*I agree,* thought Nita. *And I'm not to thrilled with their oh-so-subtle threat. Have you tried getting a 'path throught to the surface?
Lisa sighed softly. *Not yet. I'll do it after we've got some sleep. I want us to be rested in case we need to demonstrate that we won't be pushed around.*

Nita had awakened as soon as Ortcan passed by, listening with her enhanced hearing. 'So this Mason is still alive, is he? Why wouldn't they want us to find him? And what are we aware of?'
Reploid Productions
29-06-2003, 06:43
((OOC: And now, I take my leave ^_~ So much to do before the con, and so little time... kiiiiya @_x))

Tsunami quickly and quietly uncurls, her tiny eyes twin pinpricks of light in the darkness. That is it. These beings are hiding something from us, something very important, that could be endangering our entire party. She gets quietly to her feet and surveys the room. Been awhile since I've done recon work. she notes dryly to herself, stretching her wings and scrawling a clusmy "Gone exploring - Tsu" on Vivaldi's notepad.

With a careful leap and downsweep of her small wings, Tsunami takes to the air and glides silently to the pole that leads back to Mother. After checking to make certain the area is clear, she activates the mechanism and rides back up to the chamber where the disgusting giant resides.

Kiya... what a repulsive being. Tsunami wrinkles her snout in disgust, thanking the Powers That Be that she lacks a proper sense of smell.

Keeping as silent as possible, she creeps up to Mother, to get a better look at the crack in the wall behind the giant. I could probably fit through there. Or I could try those other tunnels... but this one would likely be the one leading to the big secret. Why else situate such a grotesque guardian in front of it?

Deciding to take her chances, Tsunami lands carefully, and trying not to think about what she landed on that so effectively muffled the sound of her landing (while mentally noting to have a nice long cleaning session after this is all over), folds her wings close to her lithe, serpentine body, and squirms into the passage.
29-06-2003, 06:58
(Mother snores loudly as Tsunami enters, but doesn't wake up. As Tsunami steps down on a loose flap of her leg flesh, she snorts.)

"What the... who's there?"

(She lowers her head right as Tsunami's tail disappears into the passage.)

"Dammit... it's the dragon! GUARDS!"

(Second later, a few dozen well-armed Il Adib appear from the geyser.)

"The dragon's gone to Mason's Maze! Find her and crush her like she's a cephalopod skull!"

(The guards nod. Mother pulls back a section of her grotesque flab, and the guards retreat into the cavern behind her. Only half a second later, Mother is asleep once again.)
29-06-2003, 13:50
After meeting this... Portent and the tiny Marvel. Mr. Dee still felt as if his questions were not answered. Something didn't feel right to him, and he wanted answers and fast.

The magnificent lights didn't seem to have as much an effect on him as the gems did; there was too much on his mind. He looked at the other people in his little entourage, and thought:
"Maybe we should kill them off, because they're doing nothing"
"Maybe they know something, but they're not telling me."

Mr. Dee went then looked back to Portent and Marvel and addresses them:

"The Adib... What the hell is the Eel Adeeeb?! Why are the others in danger! Tell all! Tell all now!"

He awaits a response, but everyone is staring at the raving lunatic.
"Half the expedition is missing, my own expedition already had to break, and now you drag me through random cave tunnels, hoping that I'll just accept it? I WANT ANSWERS!"
Dee held a stiff, angry finger in Portent and Marvel's direction.
30-06-2003, 03:57
(OOC: I'm going to send them a telegram, Ur... I really wish they'd get in gear.)

(Marvel suddenly leaps from Portent's head and begins to hover in the air. She floats in front of Mr. Dee, a smile on her tiny face.)

"Patience, young man... allow us to reveal all."

(She roosts atop Dee's shoulder, and all at once, as if empowered by some greater force, Dee feels himself growing calm. Marvel holds one hand high, and the gems on the wall begin to light up, forming a pattern. The pattern is a short, stout humanoid with wild hair, huge lips, and an apparent lack of eyes. The image holds a pick ax in its hand.)

"These are the Il Adib. As Guide has explained to you, the Il Adib were long ago engaged in a plot to invade the mainland of The SLAGLands. However, just before they struck, we managed to trap them here in this cavern."

"The seal on the cavern was created by a friend of the Brethren, a human by the name of Mason. Mason was gifted with powers similar to those bestowed upon us and the Il Adib... a force you humans perhaps best knows as 'magic.' It is much beyond that, though... but I will spare you the description for now."

"In an effort to prevent an Il Adib attack on the surface, we volunteered ourselves to be sealed here in the caves by Mason. However, since that time, things have turned... unusual..."

(Suddenly, the image of the Il Adib transforms into another shape, this one appearing to be a cross-section of the caves themselves. Atop this cross-section is what appears to be a barrier made of green gems. All at once, part of the barrier begins to phase in and out, then thin a bit.)

"A rift has appeared. We are uncertain as to the reason for this rift; however, we suspect that the Il Adib are behind it. Thus, in an effort to get word to the human race, we have traveled through the rift to deliver the artifacts to your kind. And thus... you are here."

"But apparently, the Il Adib got the same idea and sent similar transporter-communicators to the surface... and thus, they most likely have your friends in captivity now. We cannot say for sure what has become of them; however, they have either been recruited by the Il Adib... or killed."

(The glowing image disappears, and Marvel floats back into Portent's crown.)

"This is where you come in. The reason we have brought you here is simple: it is our wish that humanity stands a chance in this invasion. Let us train you in the ways of magic, and we ask that you take your training to the surface with you. Then and only then, when and if the Il Adib do invade... The SLAGLands will be ready."

(All at once, Marvel resumes her original pose and seems to freeze.)

"Will you comply?"
Reploid Productions
30-06-2003, 04:07
((OOC: Whee! Tonight's my last night for the next few weeks, so I might as well have some fun =p))

Tsunami quickened her pace upon hearing the sounds of persuit. She wasn't honestly worried about what the Il Adib could possibly do against her, but she also wasn't going to take stupid chances, either. First rule of recon- escaping detection is far better than having to fight. She recounted to herself, scrabbling through the cave and looking for a suitable hiding place, or for a rockfall she might trigger to block the passage behind her and cut her pursuers off.
30-06-2003, 04:15

(OOC: Just to clarify... those who don't seek any more OOC knowledge, don't read this post. It's specifically for Rep. :P )

Tsunami enters a passage that almost immediately narrows off to the point in which a larger creature would have to crawl... of course, being a small mechanical dragon, she's more than fine. The chamber inside is virtually entirely unlit, but once again, Tsunami is more than fine. As she darts through the passages, which thus far seem fairly straightforward, she can hear the voices of her Il Adib pursuers approaching, but quickly falling back. She seems to have no problem eluding them.

At last, as the passage reaches a turn, she finds a small crevice in the ceiling that may be ideal to fit her. It is a sort of bizarre niche formation that turns back on itself, creating a sort of shelf that lies above the rest of the cave. Her options are as follows:

1. The niche
2. Proceeding forward
Reploid Productions
30-06-2003, 04:26
Quickly making her decision, Tsunami darts down the passageway a little, scorches the wall thoroughly with her 'breath' weapon, filling the air with the stench of scorched stone, and darts back and scrambles up into the niche. Now if I just stay totally silent, the stink down the tunnel will hopefully draw their attention away. And, in the worst case scenario, they can't fit up here, so if they do notice me, I just have to keep flaming out the exit and likely catch whoever tries to reach in here in the face.

She carefully backs as far into the little cubbyhole as she can, and waits in silence.
30-06-2003, 04:32
As Tsunami backs deeper into the niche, she feels herself colliding with something soft, which makes an audible hiss as she hits it. As she turns around, Tsunami sees one of these:

The scorpion/lobster-esque creature stands nearly as tall as Tsunami does, yet seems to be about three times as long. Its claws crash together, creating a loud clacking noise as it brandishes them in Tsunami's direction. It seems that Tsunami has invaded this creature's home, and the creature is none too pleased.
Reploid Productions
30-06-2003, 04:41
Tsunami backs away from the critter a bit, and tries some of the colorful phrases Kiara was rather fond of to herself. If I flame it, that'll probably cook the bugger, but the stink will give away my position. If I just try and ignore it, all the noise will give me away, and I don't know how strong those pincers are. I could try and wrestle it out of this niche in close-quarters, or get the hell out of here and try and loose those guys farther in the caves.

She sizes up the creature. It's longer than I am, but that just means in these close quarters I've got more room to manuver. Crouching low on her hind legs and counting on her mechanical strength, Tsunami bares her talons and fangs at the critter with an inaudible hiss.
30-06-2003, 04:48
The creature lunges forward, accepting Tsunami's challenge for the grapple. Almost immediately, Tsunami realizes that her advantage in leverage and strength will win her out. The creature hisses a bit in pain, then pulls back its grip. Recognizing that it has been outpowered, it retreats deeper into the niche and disappears behind a distant corner.

Meanwhile, beneath the niche, Tsunami can hear the Il Adib slowly closing in.
Reploid Productions
30-06-2003, 04:59
Tsunami blinks in momentary surprise. Well, at least it was smart enough to know when to give up. She notes as she hunkers down in the back of the niche, ready to flame out the entrance to her hiding space should the need arise. "One was armed with technology, the other with magic, each fighting against something they could not understand..." She waits, hoping the Il Adib lose her and leave the maze.
30-06-2003, 05:01
Tsunami hears the Il Adib passing beneath her, then their voices almost immediately fading off in the distance heading further down the cavern. As she looks around, Tsunami can see that the passage in which she is hiding seems to lead further back.
Reploid Productions
30-06-2003, 05:07
Well, that critter did retreat down there... Tsunami studies the passage. It might be worth checking out, and at least I can't be followed by the Il Adib. Granted, I might further piss off that critter, but it can just farging cope.

Updating her internal map as she goes, Tsunami delves deeper into the cavern.

((OOC: And with that, I think I'm officially out for the night. I've still got stuff to do, plus I hafta get to bed at a semi-reasonable hour tonight ^^; Keep it alive, guys! I want to see at least ten more pages to this storyline when I get back in a couple of weeks!))
30-06-2003, 15:51
(OOC: I'm going to send them a telegram, Ur... I really wish they'd get in gear.)

(Marvel suddenly leaps from Portent's head and begins to hover in the air. She floats in front of Mr. Dee, a smile on her tiny face.)

"Patience, young man... allow us to reveal all."

(She roosts atop Dee's shoulder, and all at once, as if empowered by some greater force, Dee feels himself growing calm. Marvel holds one hand high, and the gems on the wall begin to light up, forming a pattern. The pattern is a short, stout humanoid with wild hair, huge lips, and an apparent lack of eyes. The image holds a pick ax in its hand.)

"These are the Il Adib. As Guide has explained to you, the Il Adib were long ago engaged in a plot to invade the mainland of The SLAGLands. However, just before they struck, we managed to trap them here in this cavern."

"The seal on the cavern was created by a friend of the Brethren, a human by the name of Mason. Mason was gifted with powers similar to those bestowed upon us and the Il Adib... a force you humans perhaps best knows as 'magic.' It is much beyond that, though... but I will spare you the description for now."

"In an effort to prevent an Il Adib attack on the surface, we volunteered ourselves to be sealed here in the caves by Mason. However, since that time, things have turned... unusual..."

(Suddenly, the image of the Il Adib transforms into another shape, this one appearing to be a cross-section of the caves themselves. Atop this cross-section is what appears to be a barrier made of green gems. All at once, part of the barrier begins to phase in and out, then thin a bit.)

"A rift has appeared. We are uncertain as to the reason for this rift; however, we suspect that the Il Adib are behind it. Thus, in an effort to get word to the human race, we have traveled through the rift to deliver the artifacts to your kind. And thus... you are here."

"But apparently, the Il Adib got the same idea and sent similar transporter-communicators to the surface... and thus, they most likely have your friends in captivity now. We cannot say for sure what has become of them; however, they have either been recruited by the Il Adib... or killed."

(The glowing image disappears, and Marvel floats back into Portent's crown.)

"This is where you come in. The reason we have brought you here is simple: it is our wish that humanity stands a chance in this invasion. Let us train you in the ways of magic, and we ask that you take your training to the surface with you. Then and only then, when and if the Il Adib do invade... The SLAGLands will be ready."

(All at once, Marvel resumes her original pose and seems to freeze.)

"Will you comply?"

Whoa. Talk about mind-blowing.

IC: Mr. Dee felt mysteriously calm and pacified. He knew it was not normal, but couldn't help but embrace the feeling.

After the little flying hummingbird thing stopped explaining, it was as if he came out of a trance and everything made sense. Dee looked around, first at where the images were, where Portent and Marvel are, and where his colleagues stood.

Then turning his gaze back into space (in a Neo-like fashion), he stopped everything he was doing.


Everything came into view and he suddenly understood.
Some real shit's going down, he thought. And I'm fuckin' in the middle of it.
02-07-2003, 04:53
The next morning... or... whatever time it is...

(The delegates awake to a new face. The Il Adib who wakes them is similar to Ortcan in appearance, but slightly shorter, and with shorter, lighter hair. He clutches a large grey satchel in one hand and a pick ax in the other. He frowns as the delegates awake, speaking in a dull, quiet, monotone voice.)

"Morning, folks. Ortcan has... gone on leave. I am Mordiar; I'll be working with ya today. We'll be starting your training in the practice of magic today."

(Dr. Vivaldi rubs his eyes, then looks around.)

"Ummmm... where's Tsunami?"

(Mordiar shakes his head.)

"I'm afraid your little dragon friend attempted to go exploring last night... and she was destroyed in a rock slide. I am sorry about your loss; however, we knew coming in there would be casualties in this war."

(Mordiar reaches into the satchel and pulls out a handful of cave critters. He tosses them to the explorers. They all appear to be cooked evenly throughout.)

"Eat. Gain strength. You'll need it. We meet at Mother's Door in an hour, so be ready."

(With that, Mordiar nods and walks off. Dr. Vivaldi picks up one of the cave critters and sniffs at it nervously. He pops it into his mouth, crunching down hard to penetrate the deeply-cooked carapace. He nods.)

"Not completely and utterly terrible. I guess we don't have much of a choice."

(He grabs another and begins chowing down, then speaks in a quieter tone.)

"So... quite sad about Tsunami, really... I liked that lil' gal."
02-07-2003, 05:06
The Cetagandans take out a simple test kit and make sure the food has no poisons or other nasty chemicals that could hurt them. "I doubt that your friend was destroyed," says Nita as she eats. "I heard her leave last night, but I didn't hear any rockslide. I'm pretty Mordor guy was lying, too. Still, nothing we can do." She continues to eat wolfishly.
As she eats, Lisa extends a telepathic probe into the area around her. She's looking to see if there's any other humans around. She also gently prods a few of the Il Adibans as well, seeing if they're susceptible to telepathic influences.
03-07-2003, 04:32
(OOC: Come on, peeps on this side... Ur, way to keep it going.)

(Portent nods.)

"Well, then... perhaps you had all best sleep now. Feel free to do so here."

(Marvel suddenly moves once again. She blows a kiss to the whole of the group, sending a wave of sparkling golden lights over them. Almost immediately, the entire group feels exhausted.)

"Sleep... good idea."

(With that, she passes out, along with the rest of the group.)
03-07-2003, 07:36
--------------------Hollow of Il Adib post--------------------------------

Dr. Allen finally snaps out of the shock of the entire situation. he looks at the offered breakfast and then hides his under the straw met had been sleeping on. Reaching into on of the pockets of his "adventuring" vest he produces several energy bars and a bag of trail mix. He offers his bounty to the rest of the group.
"Breakfast anyone?"
03-07-2003, 19:09
Sean looks over at at Dr. Allen. "No, thank you. I would suggest you save your food for later, you might need it. This," he holds up a chunk of bug, "is decent. Not up to the standards of 'pedeonnastick, but not bad. Actually, while our new 'friends' aren't here, does anyone have any comments on the situation? And do any of you have any combat training?"
04-07-2003, 05:03
(Dr. Vivaldi shakes his head.)

"I don't have any combat training... nor am I much of a physical person myself. See, I've got this disorder... it's a eustachian tube problem. Basically, I have a very bad sense of balance. It's sort of kept me from taking up any sort of combat training."

(As the Cetagandan delegates perform their telepathic transmission, they notice that there appears to be a new human in the cave, down in the direction of Mother's cave.)
04-07-2003, 05:38
"Oh, well. I suppose rest of you haven't had any, either. Do any of you at least know which end of a gun is the one you point at people?"
04-07-2003, 05:40
"Very well then, but I think I will wait on eating bugs until I have to."

"As for combat training I must admit I have very little, but I do have some lovely gadgets." He opens his briefcase. Inside he has a small pistol (.22 caliber) , 2 flash/bang grenades, a grappeling gun, and various small vials. He also has several small bags full of candies, and a couple of tins of potted meat and some crackers.

" I hope some of this helps"
The SLAGLands
04-07-2003, 05:47

(Dr. Vivaldi snickers and reaches into his lab coat, removing a small pistol. He grins and pets the gun, pointing at the barrel.)

"I believe it's this end, Mister Sea..."

(All at once, the gun slips out of Dr. Vivaldi's hands. He fumbles to pick it up, but it hits the ground and fires, sending a bullet whizzing through the cavern. A few Il Adib leap out of the way. Dr. Vivaldi blushes, then modestly reaches for the gun with one hand, sending a wave with the other.)

"Sorry... my bad..."

(Just as Dr. Vivaldi is about to grab the gun, it begins to twist and disfigure. Vivaldi reels backward in shock as the gun begins to transform into a dull pile of iron, gunpowder, and plastic. As the group looks up, they see Mordiar standing above them, a sneer on his face.)

"Please don't try that again."

(Mordiar makes a waving motion, and a new person approaches the group. She is a short, slightly chubby woman who appears to be in her early 40's. She is wearing blue jeans and a red button-up shirt, and in her hands, she is holding a notebook and a cordless microphone. Mordiar stands back.)

"Some of you may recognize this woman. In any event, she is the latest to join our entourage. Mother has already briefed her on our situation. Now please... in front of Mother's cavern in fifteen minutes."

(Mordiar walks away, and the woman sits down, laying her microphone on the ground. All at once, Dr. Vivaldi's eyes light up, as if he's just remembered something.)

"You're... you're... that woman from SLAGLandic National Newscasts, SNN! Tina... uh..."

"Tanya Jefferson. Called in to do an investigative report on the new artifact... ended up here. God damn, is it ever dusty."

(She dusts off her shirt, paying no heed to the fact that she's doing so onto the nearby delegates.)

"In any case, it looks like I'm stuck here with you plebians, so... does anyone have anything to eat?"
04-07-2003, 05:55
Dr. Allen Curls up on the floor cobering himself with his briefcase when the gun goes off. After standing and brushing himself off " Sorry, I spent many years working as a teacher in the public school system."

"I have some energy bars and some trail mix, if you would like."
04-07-2003, 06:03
"Doctor..." Sean, at a loss for words, begins putting more wards on the weapons that the Cetagandans brought to prevent any more meltyness, while muttering something about giving weapons to idiots.
Lisa, meanwhile, rolls her eyes at Jefferson. "Please, have a seat with us, yeoman Jefferson. I am Prime Lisa Strieksmore, and these are Adept Nita Fingan and Adept Lord Sean Horatio Edward Aldars," she says, slightly emphasing their titles. "Would you like some roast bug? And what brings you to our little party?" As she gestures at the food, a great deal of dust swirls down from the ceiling around Jefferson.
06-07-2003, 00:53
(OOC: Sorry for the lack of updates of late... been busy. :oops: )

(The Brethren of Shade delegation awakens in the same chairs in which they fell asleep; however, they appear to have been moved to the main chamber some how. Several of the Brethrenites have gathered around the group and are sniffing curiously; however, for the most part, the group is greeted with relative apathy. The chairs have been rearranged in a circular pattern, and in the center of the chairs is a table. The table appears to be made of the same odd light that composes the chairs. Atop the table is laid out a veritable feast, a medley of greens and vegetables with complementing grilled fish. The meal smells positively delicious.

The next thing the group notices upon awakening is that there are five new chairs set up, and upon them, five new people [OOC: To be introduced soon...] are sitting.

The final thing the group sees is Guide himself, who is seated at the head of the table. He nods as the group awakens.)

"Good morning. We have prepared breakfast for you. Please eat to your heart's content; in a bit, we will be preparing you to utilize the magical powers we use. When you are prepared, please rise from your seats and return to the chamber of Marvel and Portent."

(With that, Guide phases and disappears. Dr. Grambling looks nervously at the food. She takes a small carrot from the vegetable plate and eats it. She smiles.)


(She begins chowing down.)
06-07-2003, 01:04
(As Dr. Vivaldi mutters something about not being an idiots, just being lovably incompetent, Jefferson wipes the dust from her clothing. She stands, glancing at her watch.)

"Well, perhaps we should be going to meet this Mordiar character. Looks to be about the proper time. Shall we?"

(Dr. Vivaldi also rises to his feet and leads the delegates along the stone path. The Hollow appears incredibly active: many of the Il Adib are participating in one-on-one duels, while still others are picking furiously at the walls and columns. As the group walks to the pole, they encounter Mordiar. The Il Adib Elite is holding another small satchel. He groans as the group approaches.)

"Welcome. Your penchant for eating slowly once again behooves you. Come."

(Mordiar leads the group the path clockwise, and as they walk, a small entourage of Il Adib begins to form behind Mordiar. Others look on from the walls while continuing to burrow. Mordiar stops the group in front of a small stone knob sticking out of the wall.)

"This is our destination."

(Mordiar pulls the knob out, turns it, then pushes it back into the wall. All at once, the wall rises, revealing a room behind it.)

"Not the best secret passage in the whole of the caves... but it suits our needs."
06-07-2003, 04:32
In the chairs sat Oglethorpian archeologists Kevin Green, Dan Adams, Jess Campbell, Kurt Jenson and Will Hedgewood, all ravenously hungry. None spoke, busy with the delicious food before them. "Scrumptious," Green said, a brief instant where he wasn't eating.
06-07-2003, 23:59
(Mordiar leads the group into the room, his entourage following. The room appears to be a perfect twenty-foot cube. The walls are an unusually smooth grey, and the room is lit by some sort of odd, permeating light, leaving no shadows within. Mordiar walks to the far end of the room and leans against a wall. As the last member of the group--Ms. Jefferson--walks through the portal, it abruptly slams shut. Those who look at the door will not find a separation between the wall and the door, implying that the two have fused together.)

"What the..."

(Jefferson touches the wall and immediately jolts backward with an audible swear, as if she had just touched a hot stove. Mordiar shakes his head.)

"In this room, you would do well to follow my instructions to the letter. Now lie on the floor on your backs."

(Dr. Vivaldi and Ms. Jefferson lie on their backs. As the other delegates do so, the Il Adib entourage places a small pebble on each of their foreheads.)

"The use of magical abilities is nothing more than a matter of will and concentration, not unlike the martial arts you people practice on the surface. The mind is, for the most part, similar to an untapped oil well: rich with potential, but blissfully undisturbed. For the next few hours, we will be tapping that well, reaching deep within your subconscious for abilities you didn't even know you had."

(Mordiar pushes himself off from the wall. He reaches into a satchel at his side and pulls out a cave critter, stuffing it into his mouth as he paces toward the group.)

"Have you perhaps wondered why we are without eyes? It is because the gift of vision that you simpler folks enjoy is, in the end, simply another distraction. Though many of my fellows--in particular Ortcan--may seem oafish to you people, they are, in reality, incredible mental giants who constantly parlay their mental prowess into the practice of these 'magical' abilities. It is because we let the distractions of the world disappear that we are able to practice these abilities."

(Mordiar stands over the group, a grimace on his face.)

"Now, I ask you all to close your eyes and will the pebble on your forehead to break in two. It is a soft rock, and provided you are able to concentrate fully, I don't think you should have much trouble. In a moment, this room will provide a buffer for all sounds--you may feel as if you have gone completely deaf. However, this is not the case; it is merely a way to encourage your own focus."

(He steps back.)


(All at once, all sounds in the room--the jibberish of the lesser Il Adib, the footsteps of Mordiar, the breathing sounds of the delegate--fall silent.)

(OOC: At this point, I'd like to ask everyone on this side to send me a bit of information. If your characters have any sort of martial arts or psychic background, send this information to me via TG. Do so via the Hollow of Il Adib address, in order to keep my SLAGLands TG box emptier. I'll let you know how you do. ^_^ )
07-07-2003, 02:46
Four figures wait silently near the mesa formation, huddling in the darkness. Their still forms belie the nervousness they feel.

A quiet crackling sound comes through their earpieces, and some of them jump at the sudden interruption.

"This is Team Two! We've got one! We're coming in!"

A small woman touches something on her neck. "Roger that, Team Two. Everything seems quiet. Did anyone see you?"

"Negative, Top. There's hardly anyone watching. It was a breeze."

"Don't get cocky, Bravo-Three," the woman snaps. "You're not out yet."

"Roger that, Top. See you in fifteen."

The woman looks over at Benjamin Vitner, who nods while fingered the handle of his weapon nervously. He refrains from drawing it.

Twenty minutes later, a soft rustling sound is heard and four barrels rise in reaction. The woman holds up her hand, and everyone freezes.

The rustling sound doesn't repeat. Instead, a whisper carries through the air: "He's bought us the best."

They relax. "A perfect and absolute blank!" the woman called back.

Two men detached themselves from shadow and approached quickly, huddling down with their comrades in the shadow of the mesa. On of them reaches into a pouch and withdraws a curious object. "We got it, Top! No sweat. Nobody even knew we were there."

"Shut up, Cale!" the woman snapped. "We've got a long hike back to our ride. Stow it and let's get out of here."

"Give it here," Ben ordered. "I'll carry it to the transport. If we're discovered, scatter and make your own way back. Anyone caught will be disavowed. Understood?"

Cale tossed the object back and forth between his hands. "It's a funny lookin' thing. Kinda reminds me of a grenade, but there's no pin or spoon."

Ben lunged forward to snatch the item away. "Stop that, you idiot! Give it--"

His hand slaps the top of the artifact, and a ray of light pierces the night sky. An answering bolt of light returns, and Cale and Ben disappear.

"Shit!" the woman called Top hisses. She fumbles for the fallen artifact, hampered by sudden night blindness. "Bravo Company, scatter! Meet back at the transport as ordered! Go!"

The others disappear into the darkness as the woman finds what she's looking for and makes her own exit.
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 05:05
Through all of this, Pacci has been unnaturally quiet. He has followed along, taking detailed notes of everything he sees, hears, and theorizes.

On the new situation with the rock however, he is ... perplexed, to say the least.

"You want me to ... to what?" he blinks in amazement.

ooc: Nope - no psychic abilities latent, or imagined. *grin* Just as mundane as they come. Will do more with this when I've time to think.
07-07-2003, 06:08
For Treznor's Eyes Only:

Benjamin Vitner abruptly reappears within complete darkness, and it is quite obvious that he is on his back. If he stands up and feels around, he finds that he is in a narrow cavern, about ten feet wide, with a ceiling just a shade taller than he is. The wall appears to be covered with markings, but of what nature, Ben can't say.

The sound of scuttling is in the distance, as if small creatures are approaching.
07-07-2003, 06:35
The proffesor uses his everpresent brief case for a pillow and lays back on the dirt.

Placing the pebble on his head, he trys very hard to concentrate, but keeps getting distracted by the "GIlligan's Island" them song in his head.
Dread Lady Nathicana
07-07-2003, 06:54
Looking extremely skeptical, Pacci, mutters to himself in his native tongue, lays back on the ground, and places the pebble on his forehead.

Of all the ... mystical mumbo-jumbo ... man of science, not some circus performer ... gah, what the other Ministers would say if ...

He stills his thoughts with some effort, closes his eyes, and concentrates.

The rock will break. I envision the rock splitting right down the middle. Break, damn you, break!
07-07-2003, 22:33
Ben spins his head around, confused. "Sarah? Cale? Is there anyone there? I can't see anything!"

When he explores his surroundings a bit more he shouts a bit louder. "Hello? Can anyone hear me? Where am I?"

At the sound of scuttling noises, he pulls out his gun and tries to identify where they're coming from.
08-07-2003, 04:14
(As the group finishes eating, Guide walks past, staring at the delegates.)

"Come. Time is of the essence."

(Dr. Grambling rises and follows Guide as he leads the group across the bridge of light. Guide speaks as he walks.)

"The 'magic' of the Brethren, as you people no doubt view it, is nothing more than the manipulation of will. Quite simply, if the will of a lifeform is strong enough, the universe cannot help but comply."

(The passage begins becoming narrower and shorter and the number of Brethrenites within it smaller and smaller.)

"Why does the tide erode and wash away the stone? Why does the river carve out the canyon? Why does the wind beat forth against the stone and form the great natural monuments of the surface?"

(Guide stops as the path meets a turn. He holds his head high.)

"It is a matter of will... a matter of the will of something greater than all of the world."

(He continues walking at such a rate that the group must speed up in order to keep up.)

"However, the use of will to manipulate reality in the way that the Brethren does--specifically, the manipulation of light and heat energy--is genetically engrained within the Brethren. It is as simple to us as breathing or picking up a stone. For you, however--as a creature non-adept in the ways of 'magic'--some training will be required."
08-07-2003, 04:35
(OOC: And now, the results you have been waiting for...)

(The tension in the air is thick enough to be cut with a knife, placed in a plastic container, sugarred up, and sold by Granny Slag's Homestyle Confections. Not surprisingly, the Cetagandan delegates are the first to break the pebbles. As they do so, Mordiar helps them up. Sound returns to the room just for them.)

"Very good. You are surprisingly adept in this skill..."

(A few short seconds later, Pacci succeeds in breaking his rock. The Il Adib help him up to his feet.)

"Ooooh, quite a talented group we have here..."

(As the rest of the group continues trying to break the rocks, the Il Adib treat the breakers to a show of a few cantrips involving fire. While not too impressive, it's a decent way to stave off boredom.

The next rock to crack is Dr. Allen's, which takes place after two hours. He seems exhausted from the high amount of concentration.

Dr. Vivaldi's comes next, but his comes after five hours. Mordiar frowns.)

"Well, some people just aren't as adept as others..."

(Tanya Jefferson, on the other hand, seems to be having virtually no luck. She grunts and groans and concentrates with all of her might, but she cannot break the rock. Mordiar shakes his head in dismay.)
Dread Lady Nathicana
08-07-2003, 04:40
Pacci blinks in suprise, speechless as Moridar helps him up.

"There must be some mistake ... some trick." he mumbles, picking up the two halves and examining them in disbelief, then jotting down some hasty notes, looking at the rock pieces again, then writing some more.

He watches with an equal measure of disbelief and intrigue as the Il Adib work their fire magic. He, as usual, has his notebook out and is furiously scribbling down notes on everything he observes, including time lapses for the other scientists for their rock breakings.

He is, after all, a very thorough sort of guy.
08-07-2003, 05:17
...The food was good...

...Guide's logic makes sense...

...It is still surreal...

With that Eddie Dee, an Old Guy, continues listening to what Guide and Portent and Marvel have in store...
08-07-2003, 05:23
Pacci blinks in suprise, speechless as Moridar helps him up.

"There must be some mistake ... some trick." he mumbles, picking up the two halves and examining them in disbelief, then jotting down some hasty notes, looking at the rock pieces again, then writing some more.

He watches with an equal measure of disbelief and intrigue as the Il Adib work their fire magic. He, as usual, has his notebook out and is furiously scribbling down notes on everything he observes, including time lapses for the other scientists for their rock breakings.

He is, after all, a very thorough sort of guy.

"Thank you, Mordiar. We do have some experience with mental powers, which is why we were selected for this mission." The Cetagandans sit down to wait for the rest to finish.
"A trick? Hardly, Mr. Pacci," Lisa says after she overhears what he says. "This sort of thing is child's play compared to what some telekinetics can do. Most of Cetagandan Earth-Jupiter, Earth-Saturn, and Jupiter-Saturn freight is moved with at least some telekinetic assist. Just because science can't fully explain something doesn't mean it can't happen. We don't really know why a sentient mind can do this sort of thing, but it can."
Dread Lady Nathicana
08-07-2003, 05:30
Pacci looks skeptically at the Cetagandans in general, and Lisa in particular.

"Be that as it may, was referring mainly to myself. Are you certain one of you didn't ... well ... break this thing, doing," here he made some 'mystical' gestures with his hands, "whatever it is you do?"

"Truly, I have no doubts that there are any number of things between heaven and earth that science, as yet, has no explanation for ... but when it becomes personal ..." he trailed off, making yet another notation in his notebook.
08-07-2003, 05:50
Dr. Allen stands and spends several minutes brushing himself of..
"Oh my...well...I did it , then, didn't I."

Dr. Allen spends several more minutes patting himself on the back, and being amazed.
08-07-2003, 05:58
"Have you ever been tested, though? In Cetaganda, most people are tested for Talent several times in their lives, especially during childhood. But we've found that in most nations, people with a latent gift simply never even consider that they could have it."
"Its also possible that the surroundings are affecting you," adds Sean. "There's a lot of power around here. We've seen similar things happen with guests who visit places where there's lots of energy overlays, such as Amylin Tower, Blazing Hill, the Darkening Reach, or one of the Accident Craters. Some people are more susceptible than others."
Dread Lady Nathicana
08-07-2003, 06:20
"Have you ever been tested, though? <snip>

"Tested?" Pacci looks ... well, scandalized.

"We have nothing of the sort in the Dominion. All this ... this ... " he waves his hands to encompass the entire surroundings, "This is all completely outside of my experiences and knowledge. Frightfully intriguing, mind, but incredibly surreal nonetheless. Our machinations and manoeverings are of a more ... mundane sort."

He mutters something in his native tongue, going around to examine the other scientist's rocks as well as his own once again, taking notes and scratching his head, puzzled.
08-07-2003, 06:22
" I am afraid that most of our testing involves filling in little bubbles and essays. I fear that if I had my students attempt to break a rock on thier head I would be run out on a rail."
08-07-2003, 16:40
Sean laughs. "Ah, bubblesheets. Even Unseen University, the greatest school of magic and engineering in the empire had those until they were finally replaced with tablet comps."
He looks over at the struggling Jefferson. "Looks like our dear reporter is having a bit of trouble. Seems we plebians have outdone her."
Dread Lady Nathicana
08-07-2003, 22:17
Pacci looked over at the poor reporter with a mix of pity and interest. Then something Sean said caught his attention, and he stopped scribbling entirely, looking over at him, blinking.

"I beg your pardon, but did you say University of Magic and Engineering?" he said in disbelief. "Why, I've never heard the like. Well, engineerinig, yes, of course, but ... surely not the other."
Dread Lady Nathicana
08-07-2003, 22:24
09-07-2003, 05:30
"Oh, yes. Very prestigious school. A lot of Talented go there to learn advanced magic once they've finished their basic training. Lots of space engineers come from there, too. Its the main Imperial research center for technomancy, interfacing magic and technology. To give you an example, Cetagandan gravitic technology is derived from experiments with magically driven airships."
Dread Lady Nathicana
09-07-2003, 05:35
He blinked again, the level of tech being far beyond his working experience, and the thought of magic being thrown into the mix so casually, simply baffling him to the point of speechlessness.

Pacci looked as though he were trying to sort out what he'd just been told, whilst trying to convince himself at the same time that he'd actually heard it in the first place.

ooc: Ah, poor Pacci & the Dominion folks in general (with one noteable exception) ... so mundane, so modern day without too many frills ... *chuckles*
09-07-2003, 05:39
Ben spins his head around, confused. "Sarah? Cale? Is there anyone there? I can't see anything!"

When he explores his surroundings a bit more he shouts a bit louder. "Hello? Can anyone hear me? Where am I?"

At the sound of scuttling noises, he pulls out his gun and tries to identify where they're coming from.

(All at once, a light appears behind Ben. As he turns around, he sees an odd sight: a cat, standing about nine feet tall at the head, extremely muscular. Its face is painted up with a bizzare red-and-yellow pattern. It glows with a soft light. The creature nods to Ben.)

"Come with me... before they see you.)

(OOC: Trez, I'm moving you to the other side, since that's the one with the least activity... in an effort to give it a kick start.)

Meanwhile, at the City of the Brethren...

(Guide finally leads the group to the destination. The room is a perfectly round dome approximately fifteen feet high at its peak and adorned with the same jewels as the normal wall. As the group enters the room, the wall behind them closes up.)

"Now then... the solution to manipulating and controlling light lies not in its presence... but in its absence..."

(All at once, the lights in the room fall completely dark, and the room falls completely silent, save the voice of Guide.)

"In darkness and silence, who is to say that you exist? The very nature of existence--observation--is absent here. The solution? You must make yourself known. Invision yourself becoming visible... and it will happen.)

(OOC: And now, those who are on this side, please send me any information regarding martial arts or psychic training your characters have received. Send it to my Brethren handle. ^_^ )
09-07-2003, 10:13
(All at once, a light appears behind Ben. As he turns around, he sees an odd sight: a cat, standing about nine feet tall at the head, extremely muscular. Its face is painted up with a bizzare red-and-yellow pattern. It glows with a soft light. The creature nods to Ben.)

"Come with me... before they see you.)

(OOC: Trez, I'm moving you to the other side, since that's the one with the least activity... in an effort to give it a kick start.)
Ben throws himself to the side and aims for the person who addressed him. Finding only a cat, and a big one at that, he freezes. He doesn't know what he expected, only that he didn't expect that.

Oh god, Dev, what have you gotten me into?

He slowly returns to a crouch, keeping the gun level with the cat's head. "Who are you? What are you? What's happened to me?"
10-07-2003, 05:33
He slowly returns to a crouch, keeping the gun level with the cat's head. "Who are you? What are you? What's happened to me?"

(The cat-creature cocks its head at the sight of the gun.)

"Please... put that down. I do not intend to harm you. If you do not put it down... I am afraid I will have to do it myself.

"I tell you this now: follow me. I am of The Brethren of Shade, known upon the surface of The SLAGLands as the Kabuki Cats... legendary, 'mystical' creatures. We do not intend to harm anyone, especially not human beings. You may address me as Watchman. You are beneath the surface of The Outset Islands... and once again, you are in grave danger. Please, I implore you... follow me."

Meanwhile, back in the darkedy chamber...

(All is silent and dark for a few minutes; all at once, however, an outline begins to appear. It is the form of Dr. Grambling... glowing a dull shade of yellow.)

"Whoa... how in the..."

(Guide's voice comes from out of the darkness as Dr. Grambling turns dark just as quickly as she lit up.)

"This is the untapped power that lies within you all... it is a matter of willing it to happen. Now, please... concentrate."

(The members of the group, one by one, begin to tap into their psychic energies. Dr. Grambling and Dan Adam are the first to light up after less than an hour, followed by Kevin Green, Jess Campbell, Kurt Jenson, and Will Edgewood. Mr. Dee concentrates very hard, but for the most part just doesn't seem to get it. Guide walks toward him in the darkness, whispering in his ear softly.)

"Patience... concentration... patience..."

(It is four hours before Mr. Dee finally manages to light up. The remainder of the group manages to do so over the period of two hours. All at once, the light in the room returns. Guide nods.)

"Very good... I am pleased to see that we have such a potent group here."
10-07-2003, 05:44
"Amazing," Green said to himself, as he began practicing the newfound skill over and over in the dark.
10-07-2003, 05:46
(The group continues to wait and wait... however, there is no display of psychic power from Tanya Jefferson. At last, Mordiar leans down to her and pulls her eyes open.)

"I'm sorry... not everyone is as gifted as others. I'm afraid you won't be able to continue in your training."

(He helps Ms. Jefferson to her feet.)

"Eh... I never believed in this hooey anyway."

(Mordiar shakes his head.)

"Hooey... yes... gentlemen, please escort Ms. Jefferson to a place where she can rest her weary mind."

(The wall opens up once again, and several of the Il Adib grab Tanya Jefferson by the arms, leading her out of the room. The wall closes up once again, and a few Il Adib begin gathering the broken pebble halves from the floor.)

"As for the rest of you, your display of psychic energy is quite impressive... I'd almost say several of you are natural-born psychics. In any case, Il Adib mysticism doesn't just involve the increase of the forces of chaos--entropy, as you surface-dwellers call it. We also have the ability to reverse these forces."

(The Il Adib place the pebble pieces into the hands of the delegates who broke them.)

"Once again, close your eyes... and will the stones back together."
10-07-2003, 06:19
It is four hours before Mr. Dee finally manages to light up. The remainder of the group manages to do so over the period of two hours.

OC: Ah, f*ck. :)

Slightly embarassed, Dee takes time to "unlight." He is tired and exhausted. He smiles, though, and looks up at Watchman. Taking out a cigarette and a lighter, he says:

"I prefer my way of 'lighting up'."

With that he takes a drag, and asks, "How did we learn to do that? If it only took, um, a- a few hours to learn, how come no one normal has done it?"
10-07-2003, 11:32
"Back together...well then, this should be interesting." Dr. Allen lays back down. Searching for a mantra that might help the only thing he can lock onto is e pluribus unim.
10-07-2003, 13:00
(The cat-creature cocks its head at the sight of the gun.)

"Please... put that down. I do not intend to harm you. If you do not put it down... I am afraid I will have to do it myself.

"I tell you this now: follow me. I am of The Brethren of Shade, known upon the surface of The SLAGLands as the Kabuki Cats... legendary, 'mystical' creatures. We do not intend to harm anyone, especially not human beings. You may address me as Watchman. You are beneath the surface of The Outset Islands... and once again, you are in grave danger. Please, I implore you... follow me."

Ben stares at the Brethren for a moment, then shakes his head. He looks around, then back at Watchman. "Grave danger? How do I know I'm not in danger from you? What did you do to me? Why am I here?"

He takes a cautious step forward. "Whatever's going on, you're my only way out of here. I'll follow you, but the gun stays where it is. I won't hurt you so long as you don't try anything foolish."
10-07-2003, 16:31
Sean stares at Jefferson as she's taken away. "How could she not do it? There's so much psychic overlay around here a rabbit could break that rock."
All three Cetagandans settle down and start trying to put the pebble back together. Sean has done things like this before, and Lisa simply thinks of it like connecting two cargo canisters. Nita, on the other hand, is having a bit more difficulty in doing it than the other two. 'Rocks. Why did it have to be rocks? Give me a person and I could put him together in two seconds, but rocks?'
10-07-2003, 16:59
OC: is Treznor with me?


Dee takes another drag.
11-07-2003, 05:25
(The tension in the air... uh... isn't as thick this time. But it's still pretty thick. In any case, this time, the lucky winner is... Pacci! Ol' Pacci manages to roll ANOTHER lucky 20 and completes the reassembly in ten minutes. All at once, the rock comes back together, exactly as it was. Mordiar smiles... as much glee as he's EVER shown.)

"Very good... you indeed have quite a gift, young man."

(The remainder of the group follows as such:

DR. VIVALDI - One hour
DR. ALLEN - Two hours

Mordiar nods his approval.)

"Excellent. I am most pleased with your progress."

(He taps his foot against the ground, and the wall opens once again. The group can now see that the wall appears to crack and rise when it opens, almost as if it is being broken and then reassembled.)

"Yet another display of what you'll soon be able to do."

(He motions for the door.)

"The rest of the day is yours. You are free to do what you will: practice your abilities in a less distraction-free environment, explore the Hollow, visit Mother once again... do what you will."
11-07-2003, 05:34
Dee looks around, impetuously. (what does that even mean?)

Taking another drag, he waits for some more magic lessons. Without realizing it, Mr. Dee himself begins to "light up," with each drag and puff of the cigarette.

"I don't know really what to do with this stuff. What is the point of glowing? And it's not like if there's a war, I'll go 'ooh, ohh! I'll take 4 hours to glow my enemy to death!"

He says this in a light-hearted manner and glows brighter.

"Anyways, who here isn't a Cat?" (OC: what other nations are RPing with the Brethren?)
11-07-2003, 06:29
(OOC: Sorry this is taking so long... working full time and doing a bajillion things at once. This side will soon have the freedom the other one will.

Since Dierietieis, Celack, and EZRALB have pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth, only Oglethorpia and Ur an ass are with the Brethren right now. Trez's character is on the way.

Speaking of Trez's character...)

Ben's Emergence:

(Watchman nods.)

"Then follow me this way... I will explain on the way."

(He turns away from Ben and begins walking, speaking as he walks.)

"The creatures who endanger you are called the Il Adib. They formerly waged war with the human race... that is, back when they were on the surface. We have managed to seal them into these caverns with the help of a powerful mystic named Mason; however, it seems that they have, much like we have, found a way to bring you here."

(Watchman turns his head back to Ben as he walks.)

"Luckily, we have managed to find the spot where they planned to intercept you. You should be safe with me. Once we return to our village, Marvel and Portent will explain everything."

Why The Hell Are We Glowing?

(Guide notices Mr. Dee's smoking and shakes his head.)

"Please put that out... the smell can be quite distracting."

(He begins in a circle around Mr. Dee.)

"In answer to your question... all power must begin small. Does the canyon begin as mighty? No... it begins as a river. Over millions of years, the river cuts into the land, deeper and deeper, until at last, the great canyon is formed. What we are doing right now is forming the river; soon, we shall begin to cut the land."

(He stops, walking before the other delegates, then cocks his head.)

"Hmmm... we will soon have a guest. We shall catch him up when he returns. In any case... this is your next exercise."

(The room goes completely dark again.)

"Once again, concentrate very hard... and project the light you have just made into right index finger. Continue projecting the energy until you feel heat appear in your finger. Heat will become a very potent weapon for you... later on."
11-07-2003, 13:28
Dr. Allen returns to his sleeping area and while munching quietly on an energy bar begins to make notes on the days activivties.

"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tell......"
11-07-2003, 19:09
(Guide notices Mr. Dee's smoking and shakes his head.)

"Please put that out... the smell can be quite distracting."

(He begins in a circle around Mr. Dee.)

"In answer to your question... all power must begin small. Does the canyon begin as mighty? No... it begins as a river. Over millions of years, the river cuts into the land, deeper and deeper, until at last, the great canyon is formed. What we are doing right now is forming the river; soon, we shall begin to cut the land."

(He stops, walking before the other delegates, then cocks his head.)

"Hmmm... we will soon have a guest. We shall catch him up when he returns. In any case... this is your next exercise."

(The room goes completely dark again.)

"Once again, concentrate very hard... and project the light you have just made into right index finger. Continue projecting the energy until you feel heat appear in your finger. Heat will become a very potent weapon for you... later on."

Mr. Dee drops the cigarette after one last puff and stomps it out. He stops glowing immediately.

Canyons? River? Okay, got it. Well, sort of. This Guide character is so full of philosophy and...

"Alright, what now? I'm going to glow so brightly that my enemies will be blinded!?" /sarcasm.

Dee takes a disapproving look from Guide, and then begins to stare intently at his index finger.
Dread Lady Nathicana
11-07-2003, 20:51
ooc: FINALLY I have access! Gah! Now to try and catch up ...

Pacci looks perplexed at the thought of rejoining the stone, as he still wasn't entirely sure he'd broken it, and if so, how, to begin with.

However, he did as directed pragmatically. Focusing all his attention (well, other than the rather persistent internal questioning that kept popping up) on the two halves, he envisioned them as they had been when first given to him - whole. Unbroken.

As it was ... make it so again. Two become one. Meld ... seal ... close the rift and be whole.

He held the two pieces between his hands tightly, squeezing them together as if that might help his efforts.
12-07-2003, 00:07
Ben's Emergence:

(Watchman nods.)

"Then follow me this way... I will explain on the way."

(He turns away from Ben and begins walking, speaking as he walks.)

"The creatures who endanger you are called the Il Adib. They formerly waged war with the human race... that is, back when they were on the surface. We have managed to seal them into these caverns with the help of a powerful mystic named Mason; however, it seems that they have, much like we have, found a way to bring you here."

(Watchman turns his head back to Ben as he walks.)

"Luckily, we have managed to find the spot where they planned to intercept you. You should be safe with me. Once we return to our village, Marvel and Portent will explain everything."
OOC: I can sympathise. I just got full-time work for the next few months, so I won't be posting as much as I could.

IC: Ben frowns as the "cat" explains about the epic struggle between the two forces. "So, you're helping humans out of the goodness of your hearts? What's in it for you? Why did you disappear with these Ill Adobe, or whatever? Why haven't we heard of you before? And you still haven't explained how I got here. Is this some kind of new technology? Is that what that ray of light was? Did you beam me up to your spaceship?"

If that's true, Dev is gonna plotz when I bring it to him! What a coup, if we can develop a teleportation device ahead of the Dominion!
12-07-2003, 01:14
ooc: FINALLY I have access! Gah! Now to try and catch up ...

Pacci looks perplexed at the thought of rejoining the stone, as he still wasn't entirely sure he'd broken it, and if so, how, to begin with.

However, he did as directed pragmatically. Focusing all his attention (well, other than the rather persistent internal questioning that kept popping up) on the two halves, he envisioned them as they had been when first given to him - whole. Unbroken.

As it was ... make it so again. Two become one. Meld ... seal ... close the rift and be whole.

He held the two pieces between his hands tightly, squeezing them together as if that might help his efforts.

OOC:'ve already succeeded.

Looking around the group, Lisa asks, "Would anyone object to going back to that room we slept in and discuss the situation, maybe practice bit?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
12-07-2003, 01:18
ooc: well bah ... *chuckles* too much to catch up on. At any rate, s' all good now.

"No reservations whatsoever." replies Pacci, still looking perplexed at how he'd apparently managed the rock trick.

He did however look around at their 'hosts' with some amount of concern.

"Though how much privacy for talk is anyone's guess."
12-07-2003, 05:13
(The groups makes their way back to the original room. The Hollow still seems quite busy, as the Il Adib continue to do... whatever it is they're doing. Dr. Vivaldi sits down on the straw and pulls out a packet of spearmint chewing gum, sticking a piece in his mouth before proferring it to the group. He glares nervously at a few Il Adib who seem to be sniffing around the group curiously.)

"So... any idea of what they did to Tanya?"
12-07-2003, 05:41
"Wait just a moment," asks Lisa. Walking in a circle around the group and murmuring under his breath, Sean casts a spell to keep out any magical evesdroppers. At the same time, Nita turns on a small white noise generator to stop anyone from listening in more normal ways.
That done, Lisa says, "I'm wondering that as well, Doctor. I don't think we're being told the entire truth, either. If you listened to Matty Iesus, you'd only hear about the evils of SATO. Same thing here."
"The way they're threatening us doesn't bode well, either," adds Sean. "We may need to find a way out."
Dread Lady Nathicana
12-07-2003, 06:02
"Well be that as it may," Pacci says, "I can see no alternative but to continue on and learn what we may from these beings. Unless one of you has a means of checking out their story?" he continued with an arched brow.
Dread Lady Nathicana
12-07-2003, 21:14
"And you're right, Vivaldi," he continues, looking around. "Where is our reporter? And that little creature ... what was it? The one that perched on your shoulder?" he gestured.

"I suppose going to look for them wouldn't be entirely out of the question? We seem to have been left to ourselves for the time being - and it might turn up a few answers, to boot."
13-07-2003, 05:26
"Maybe we should split up and explore for a while. Not alone, though. Given that two people have disappeared, that doesn't seem wise at all."
13-07-2003, 05:29
(OOC: Larkinia, you can start RPing your arrival at The Outset Islands if you want. Security shouldn't be too tight, and rumor and innuendo will lead you to Gavedale, the proper spot, and what exactly you should do.

*places an artifact in a convenient location and walks away whistling*)

A Late-Night Discussion

(The Il Adib, upon the use of the magic, realize that they've been pretty well buffered. They shrug and return to work.)

"Her name was Tsunami... and yes, perhaps we should look for her. Maybe if we split into smaller groups, the Il Adib will be a bit unaware that a few of us are gone?

As for me, I think I'd like to stay here and observe these Il Adib further."

The Search for Mason

Tsunami has been spelunking the caverns for a time period she determines is exactly one day, nine hours, eighteen minutes, and fifty-two seconds... fifty-three... fifty-four...

The caverns haven't gotten any lighter, nor have they gotten any more inviting. Tsunami has traveled for quite some distance--unless she has an on-board odometer or something, she can't say how far. Nevertheless, she seems quite far from the entrance, and the path seems fairly straightforward up to this point.

In a path Tsunami has already traversed, she hears the sounds of voices and footsteps.
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-07-2003, 05:34
"Well, together or alone, I don't feel right about just sitting here. I'm sure there's a rational explanation for all of this ..." However, he seemed less sure of that now than he had before.

"I'm fairly certain I remember where they took her off to ... perhaps it's best to start there? After all ... " he thought back to breaking then melding the rock. Logically, if it could be done with one thing, it could be done with another. His brow furrowed a bit still at the thought of psychic abilities, but the evidence did seem to point to it.

"At any rate, I think it's possible to pursue a search in that direction." he finished, head tilted as he thought it through.
13-07-2003, 05:45
(OOC: All apologies to the Brethren side... I was just getting ready to update last night when the forum shut down. -_- )

Ben Just Can't Learn To Trust:

(Watchman flickers a bit. In the dim light of the cavern, it almost seems to be a form of laughter.)

"Patience, young one... all will be explained soon enough. The device that brought you here was a communicator/transporter invented by the Il Adib; fortunately, I was able to find you before they did."

(Watchman and Ben finally arrive at a large rock cliff overlooking what appears to be an underground river.)

(OOC: Trez, read over the early Brethren of Shade thread to figure out what happens next. Basically, he takes you to the Brethren city and introduces you to Marvel and Portent. The end of the Marvel/Portent discussion is where we pick up, only you won't be falling asleep.)

You See That? You See The Way My Body's Glowing Like That? Yeah... A Lot Of People Can't Do That.

(The group concentrates... and concentrates... and hot damn, do they continue concentrating. This time, Mr. Dee completely owns everyone. The glow across his body moves into his arm and his right index finger. He feels intense heat building. The process takes about half an hour. The others follow in kind: first the Oglethorpian delegation at about two hours, followed last by Dr. Grambling at three. Guide nods, smiling.)

"Well done, everyone... that is quite enough for today."

(All at once, the wall opens back up, revealing the normal passageway.)

"The rest of the day is yours. You may practice your abilities, look around the village, explore the caves a bit... I leave that to you. But please... if you see any creatures with no eyes, report back here at once.)

(OOC: And lo, this side doth receive the gift of freedom. ~_^ )
13-07-2003, 06:03
(OOC: All apologies to the Brethren side... I was just getting ready to update last night when the forum shut down. -_- )

(The group concentrates... and concentrates... and hot damn, do they continue concentrating. This time, Mr. Dee completely owns everyone. The glow across his body moves into his arm and his right index finger. He feels intense heat building. The process takes about half an hour. The others follow in kind: first the Oglethorpian delegation at about two hours, followed last by Dr. Grambling at three. Guide nods, smiling.)

"The rest of the day is yours. You may practice your abilities, look around the village, explore the caves a bit... I leave that to you. But please... if you see any creatures with no eyes, report back here at once.)

(OOC: And lo, this side doth receive the gift of freedom. ~_^ )

OC: Yes! Dee Rocks! Woot! {Insert Cheer here-->_________}

Dee, very pleased at his new power, begins to twirl his finger around, watching the glow leaving a trail across the dark. In amazement that he learned it so quickly, he begins to childlessly tease the other people.

"My finger is ho-ot! My finger is hot!" In congratulating himself, he realizes that the other people are slightly miffed at his behavior and decides to compensate his ego with a cigarette instead.

He takes out a cigarette and a lighter, but realizing his new power, uses his finger to "light up." And after taking a drag, Dee glows brightly.
He looks at this right index finger, still glowing brightly, and shakes it, putting it out.
13-07-2003, 06:13
"That seems like a good idea, Pacci," says Lisa. "Sean, make yourself usefull and go with him. We'll wait here unless something comes up. Here's a comms unit for you if you need to get in touch. In fact, everyone should have one." Lisa opens a pack, handing everyone a small device like a cell phone.
Sean quickly packs and stands up. He turns to Pacci, his staff in hand. "Ready whenevery you are.
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-07-2003, 06:15
"Excellent." He seemed quite glad to be actively doing something. "I suggest we make sure the comm works before heading out." he said as he gathered his things.
13-07-2003, 06:19
"Of course." They test the comms, running through all channels.
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-07-2003, 06:28
Nodding in satisfaction, Pacci turns to leave, making sure he doesn't leave his companion behind.

"Well now ... this should be interesting, yes?" he says cheerily.
13-07-2003, 06:32
"Oh, yes. Very interesting. In much the same way the Unseleighe Sidhe are interesting." As Sean walks along besides Pacci, he keeps an eye out for anything strange.
13-07-2003, 06:39
OOC: gotcha, I sense.. young man will be approaching soon... and whatdya know!

IC: Javin Katana (OOC: Name change at the last minute) pulled the backpack a little higher on his back as he watched the boat speed off in the distance. He threw on a cap over his light brown hair and a pair of Ray-Bans to protect his hazel eyes from the blazing sun.

The old lady was right, he thought. This place is amazing, and just what I needed.

He started walking along the beach, throwing a couple of rocks into the charging surf. He'd felt pulled his last year of school, and the years he'd spent in the military before it, like something wasn't right, like he wasn't right. He'd asked for a leave from the university, and after it was granted, threw his computer and gear into a backpack and headed off where he felt this pulling would lead him. Which led him to the Outset Islands.

He looked off in the distance a moment, and didn't notice what he stumbled over.

What the? he thought as he looked towards the sand.
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-07-2003, 06:50
Pacci chuckled, recognizing the reference to the less than friendly fae. He makes his way with Sean to the main chamber where they last saw Tanya escorted out.

Though he has kept his eye out, he has been busily scribbling down notes and muttering to himself as he notices new details that he'd missed before. He seems, oddly enough, fairly at ease, and excited about the new discoveries.
13-07-2003, 06:51
A Vacation on the Outsets:

What Javin has discovered on the sand is an artifact, precisely similar in appearance to the one mentioned on page one of this thread. Javin will recall hearing about the artifact in international news telecasts, as their use and discovery was widely reported. He will, of course, recall the disappearance of the delegates who used this artifact on a place known as The Host's Horizon.

What he does now... well, that lies in his hands, doesn't it?

Taking a Look Around:

Pacci and Sean walk out to the main chamber, and the Il Adib pay them very little heed. There is no sign of Ortcan or Mordiar anywhere.

The chamber is, as previously mentioned, laid out in a circular manner. Tall pillars stretch out in the center, each one filled with holes. Along the edge of the platform, ladders have been set up that lead both up and down; however, they appear to be a bit difficult to reach. The Il Adib, of course, seem to have no problem navigating the caverns without them, as they dig into the walls with their sharp nails and their pickaxes.

The pole that leads to Mother is clockwise from the group, the training chamber is opposite them, and the entrance to the Hollow is counterclockwise.

Up, down, across, around... the choice is yours.

Vivaldi and the Gang:

(Dr. Vivaldi looks over the rest of the group, chomping hard on his gum.)

"So what are the rest of ya planning to do?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-07-2003, 06:59
Noting the diretion she'd been dragged in, Pacci paused.

"Good heavens, you don't suppose she's been ..." he left that thought alone, and continued on, somewhat less confident than before.
13-07-2003, 07:06
Javin looked down at the artifact, Hey! I remember this story. My archeology advisor was telling me about it. I could have sworn that was on a different island though.

Javin takes off the backpack and put the artifact in it.

What a find! I'll show Dr. Ceven when I get back to school, I can do this. Piece of cake.

Javin slung the pack again and walked down the beach toward a fisherman. (OOC: Sorry to be throwing him in, Javin needs directions to The Host's Horizon or the camp)

"Excuse me sir," he asked. "I need the quickest directions to someplace called.. um... The Host's Horizon."
The SLAGLands
13-07-2003, 07:20
Javin Finds Stuff:

(Javin doesn't find a fisherman; instead, he finds a SLAGLandic military official. The man is dressed in dark beige camoflauge gear and wears a grimace. He points to the north upon receiving Javin's question)

"Host's Horizon is attaway, kid. And be careful. Strange shit's been goin' down there."

Looking for Tanya Jefferson:

Pacci and Sean receive a few glares from the Il Adib as they walk about the main chamber, but nothing longer than a second or two---most likely just due to the fact that these odd creatures with eyes are wandering around.

The two find a ladder leading up and down and Mother's pole in the direction where Tanya Jefferson was dragged.
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-07-2003, 07:26
Pacci studied the three paths with a furrowed brow. He surveyed the area closely, searching for any clues that might lead them to Tanya.

"I beg your pardon, but truly, if we needn't disturb Mother, so much the better." he muttered, still rather disturbed by her.
13-07-2003, 07:30
"Yes sir, I will sir," Javin says as he pushes up his sunglassses and starts to walk in the direction the officer points.

And after a trek of (hours, days, weeks, eons) Javin looks in the distance and sees the Host Horizon.

Almost there, come on, hup hup hup...
13-07-2003, 07:36
Javin Finds Stuff Again:

Actually, the trek is only about twenty minutes... see previous post to see what the damn thing looks like. It's pretty much all but deserted at the moment.

Jinkies, Gang! I Found a Clue!

As Pacci examines the area, she finds a bit of dust-covered cloth near the pole stuck on a sharp bit of rock. It appears to be of the same material and color as Jefferson's pants. It is about three feet in front of the pole.
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-07-2003, 07:39
Noting that with some alarm, Pacci continues his search closer to the pole.

"I ah ... I'm afraid that perhaps ... well, we may have no choice, curse it all." He looks at the pole resignedly, then shifts his eyes a bit to see if any of the Il Adib are taking notice of their proximity to it.
13-07-2003, 07:44
Pacci's Gonna Go See Mama!

No one seems to be looking, and a tiny voice in Pacci's OOC head is chanting Do it... do it...
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-07-2003, 07:45
He curses in his native tongue, under his breath ...

"Well Sean my boy ... there seems nothing for it. I'm off. You're quite welcome to follow me. If not, I still have my communicator."

And with that, he heads down the pole with a grimmace.
13-07-2003, 07:47
Javin Finds Stuff Again:

Actually, the trek is only about twenty minutes... see previous post to see what the damn thing looks like. It's pretty much all but deserted at the moment.

OOC: Cool, I didn't want to say *whoosh! And a miracle happens and Javin's there* in case you had something else planned.

IC: Javin approaches the structure slowly. So this is it. This is where those delegates went, you go in but you don't come out.

"Nothing to spectacular about this place, maybe I'll be able to see something from up top..."

Ignoring the voice in the back of his head telling him he was about to do something stupid, Javin walked up the steps to look around.

Damn, can't see any scientists from up here.

He slipped off the backpack and took out the artifact and a granola bar before throwing it back on.

"But what does this have to do with anything?" he grunted as the pack hit his back.
13-07-2003, 07:56
Javin Finds Stuff... Disappearing!

(All at once, as Javin pulls the artifact, it comes to life. A soft but gruff voice issues forth from it, and a series of light appear around it.)

"To the Horizon... to the Horizon..."

(The artifact lifts forth from his hand and lights up in midair, sending a beam of light skyward. The light forms a swirling mass of deep purple light that falls down and encompasses Javin. He blacks out.

He wakes up... an unknown amount of time later in total darkness. He is on his back in what seems to be a cold stone cavern.)

Off to Visit Mother:

(As Pacci steps onto the pole, he is zipped through the ceiling and back into Mother's chamber. The monstrous woman is groaning loudly, and a few dozen Il Adib are gathered around her. Several seem to be of the taller persuasion, similar to Mordiar and Ortcan. One of them turns his head and notices Pacci. He grimaces.)

"I... uh... suggest you turn your head."
13-07-2003, 08:01
Javin groaned as he rolled over. Damn, that's some messed up granola bar I was munching, who laced it with shrooms?

Javin slowly opened his eyes, staring out into the darkness he muttered, "I knew I shouldn't have given up smoking. At least I'd have a damn lighter with me."

He sat up then stood up slowly. Concentrate, focus.

He closed his eyes and reached out his arms.

No different than fighting blind. Know your center and stay balanced. He took a step forward, feeling for the walls.
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-07-2003, 08:02
Of course this was not at all what he had been expecting, and true to form, the dear man looks rather ... flustered.

"I ah ... well I of course meant no ... " he sputters, averting his eyes for the most part, but like a passerby at a train wreck, keeps glancing over. Again, he jots down a few hurriedly scribbled notes.

He takes the time to look around the rest of the chamber however, and looks for any signs of Tanya.

"Oh, that ... good gods, that's just not right ..." he murmers to himself, once again glancing over, then turning away with a grimmace.
13-07-2003, 08:08
(OOC: Last one tonight... good job, all!)

No Different Than Fighting Blind:

Javin fumbles around, finding that the walls are about ten feet apart and the ceiling slightly lower than that. He feels a strange series of designs on the walls, as if the walls have had designs carved into them.

As he stumbles forward, Javin hears the sound of footsteps heading his direction from in front of him. There appear to be about seven sets.

Oh... Dear... God...:

(As Pacci looks back and forth between the wall and Mother, he comes to a few conclusions:

1. The taller Il Adib seem to be the leaders in all manners of Il Adib life, as they seem to be running the show.
2. Little care is given to Il Adib children as they are born.
3. Mother is very, very loud when she's pushing out kiddies.
4. Mother is capable of bearing a LOT of children during one birthing period.

One of the taller Il Adib yells toward Pacci as he looks back and forth.)

"So why exactly are you here? Maybe I can help... although this will probably be going on for a while."