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"I have a cunning plan ..."

Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 02:42
ooc: Bit of 'flavor'/character dev plot here - all in fun, and with approval. If you dont' have a damn good reason to be here, don't be. This will prolly be short. I think.
Going over the arrangements again, Nathicana rubbed her temples tiredly. Seeing Jaime off had been a bit sad ... but affairs of state sometimes had to take precedence.

Jas was simply awaiting payment and her word to start his operations. Talethian was under control, especially now that the rising conflict seemed to be over. Janus was busily plotting away, which was a bit of a change, but Jas knew to keep a sharp eye on him.

She'd put down Raven for the night, still not entirely sure what to make of the little pseudo dragon. She shook her head and grinned in spite of herself, swearing, not for the last time, that she was going to kill Vortex.

Tilting back in her chair, she mused over all the recent events, and let out a long sigh of relief. This trip was truly going to be a welcome respite ... even if it was out of the ordinary, to say the least. She reached up for her ever-present glass of ice water, thinking that with all the celebrations she'd had more than her fill of wine.
The Damned People
10-06-2003, 02:43
OOC: Wish I could be here. Civil War going on in TDP. Been a while since I had a war RP. Oh well.

Leader Of The Free Land Of The Damned People
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 02:59
She took several deep swallows of the refreshing ice water. Suddenly, she stopped, looking with narrowed eyes at the glass.

This tastes ... off ...

Cursing, she threw the glass at the far wall where it shattered on impact. She got to her feet, but already her head was swimming slightly. All that damn wine still in my system ...
10-06-2003, 03:02
Without warning, the secret door behind Nathicana's favourite painting slides aside revealing the bolthole she never revealed to anyone. Shadowy figures in oddly shifting camoflague leap out with weapons ready. Two of them fire with soft puffs of air and darts come whizzing through the air.
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 03:26
How the hell did they .... she managed to think before twisting quickly to dodge the two darts.

With a deadly calm, she grabbed the knife out of her top drawer and launched herself at her nearest attacker, striking out with the heel of her hand and breaking his nose as she thrust her blade up under his ribs and wrenched.

Her head was throbbing. "Bastardi!" she hissed, yanking free her knife and throwing her free elbow into the windpipe of a second, crushing his larnyx.
10-06-2003, 03:40
With a hiss of anger one of the shadowy assailants draws a knife, but gets it knocked out of his hand by a smaller figure.

"Stop that, you fool! The Emperor wants her alive, and unharmed!" With a gesture the woman sends the remaining team into flanking positions and raises her snub-nosed rifle.

"Sweet dreams, Princess." The woman fires her gun, followed by the others in rapid succession.
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 03:49
Instinctively, Nathicana grabs for the next nearest opponent, and steps to the side, swinginging his body around in front of her to block the shots.

There is no way you're walking into my office and taking me anywhere! she thought triumphantly, letting the shots hit the operatives back ... just as a one hit her in the shoulder, causing her to jerk back with the force.

Her eyes blinked in stunned disbelief for a moment before they rolled back in her head as she slumped to the ground.
10-06-2003, 03:51
Jaime, having felt something, he didn't know what, but something involving Nathi at the party he was at, was currently in the cockpit of a plane, flying it as fast as was unsafe ( :twisted: ) towards the last place he saw her. Namely, her office.

He noticed the stormy weather up ahead. "Sh*t..." he murmured. "Oh well, though..." He didn't slow down, at all.

OOC: Yes, he did have that feeling, at the Icarus Coronation party, and yes he did run off.
10-06-2003, 04:00
"Damn," the strange woman mutters as Nathicana drops to the floor. "They said she was good, but not that good. Simon, Tony, Cale, clean up this room and bring the others with us. Peter, did any of those darts penetrate...yeah, I guess they did. Simon, you get to carry him. I've got her Dread Majesty. And for pity's sake, don't get sloppy this time. Emperor Treznor will have our heads if we..."

Darkness falls.
10-06-2003, 04:03
Jaime lands the plane, vaulting out of the cockpit. It had been struck by lightning multiple times, and he just hadn't cared. He saw movement in her office. Whether that was a good or bad sign, he couldn't tell. For posterity, he drew his gun, loaded with stun bullets, and stepped towards the door inside.
10-06-2003, 04:08
Footsteps pounding on the stairs. Voices raised in alarm. A woman's voice hissing, "Hurry up, fools!" A panel sliding closed, and a painting swings back into place.

The main door opens to reveal...nothing. The room is devoid of life with no sign of any occupation except for a water stain on the wall and broken glass on the floor.
10-06-2003, 04:10
Jaime looked around. "If I know Nathi she'll have a secret passage..." he murmured. "She's not one to disappear without a trace."

He searched around the room, searching paintings first, then buttons behind desks etc. He prepared a flashbang for when he found the door.
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 04:15
ooc: well boyo, have to say, yes, I do leave myself options, but this had been a haven of sorts for me. The passage is hidden extremely well. Will take you a bit to discover it, guaranteed. There are no buttons on the desk - she's a bit old-fashioned that way. Might want to think about looking for clues around the room. And hey - no worries. Beginning of thread - this is all in fun, and done with complete permission.
10-06-2003, 04:17
He stopped. "D*mn. She's good..." He turned to the stain. "Water or..." He moved over to examine it. He looked down at the broken glass. "Was she drinking when she got attacked? Threw a glass at someone? That would explain the stain..."
10-06-2003, 04:30
OOC: Sorry about double post, but...


Jaime sighed. "That's it." he said, and held out his right hand. A katana appeared in it. "If there's a door in the wall this will find it."

He stuck the katana up into the wall about twelve inches and began walking around the room with it still in the wall. He would know where there was less resistance on the other side.
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 04:41
ooc: Oooooh, she's gonan be pissed when she gets her hands on you! *giggles* ;) Yes, going about it that way, you'll find it eventually. Be warned.

Hours later ...

Nathi groaned as she opened her eyes, head throbbing slightly. She blinked, trying to clear her vision. Where am I? Sitting up slowly, she looks around. Cursing softly she looks around the unfamiliar room.

It is a simple white room with a hospital bed. It's warm and brightly lit. No tables or equipment in the room. A single door stands closed in the far wall.
10-06-2003, 04:44
Jaime sliced into the edge of a picture and smiled. His katana felt no resistance. She would be angry, that he knew, but at least she might not be dead. He slid his katana in behind the picture, and pried it off the wall, revealing a passageway. He threw a flare down it, sheathed his katana, and pulled out his gun, hiding behind the corner.
10-06-2003, 04:52
As the katana cuts through a large painting by Raphael, there is a sudden lack of resistence. The secret passage has been found. Unfortunately, so is something else.


When the smoke clears, what's left isn't entirely obvious. Did the assailants want no witnesses, or did Nathicana set a trap for too-curious snoops? Either way, the passage has collapsed requiring many hours of labour to clear.
10-06-2003, 04:54
The white room is unremarkable for its austerity. The sound of footsteps approach, male voices are heard faintly from behind the door, and the latch is lifted.
10-06-2003, 04:55
Jaime raises an eyebrow. "Hmm ..." he said. "First things first. C4. Let's see if explosives can clear the mess that explosives created..."

OOC: I've gotta sign off ina few minutes, so...


Jaime moved all the objects in the room out of it and began laying C4 which he retrieved from his plane. "If this doesn't work I'll have to resort to something drastic..." he murmured, laying small amounts of C4 at strategic locations. "Nathi's gonna hate me for blowing up her office..."
10-06-2003, 04:56
ooc: confirming that Jaime left in a hurry from Icarus' coronation. Hope it comes out all right!
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 05:01
At the sound of the small explosion, people come running from all over the house, including security.

Coming upon Jaime laying more explosives, they hastily point their weapons at him.

"Put it down slowly, and get your hands up!" yells the leader in a firm voice, gun aimed for Jaime's head.

"Sir, are you kidding? Do you know who that ..." one of them whispers.

"Shut up - he's got explosives, the Lady isn't here, there's been some sort of explosion go off already, and I want answers!'
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 05:16
Nathi dashes from the bed, shaking the pillow from its case and twisting the fabric into a tight line between her hands. She debates standing behind the door for only a moment before quietly sliding up against the wall, one thigh and a shoulder out slightly to block the door if it's thrown open hard.

Her heart is beating rapidly, the blood pounding in her ears as she bounces slightly on the balls of her feet, readying herself.
10-06-2003, 05:20
The door opens quickly, and a short, undefinably ugly man in black and silver steps into the room. He pauses as he sees the bed is empty, and turns with a defensive right hand coming up. Unfortunately, he's just a fraction too late as Nathicana's makeshift garrote loops about his neck and tightens. His eyes bulge as air and blood are cut off, and he pulls at the cloth desperately.
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 05:25
Finally seeing who had her brought here, she redoubles her efforts, face contorting in an angry grimace as she tries to twist the ends around the back of his neck.

"Voi bastardo, li ucciderò!" she hisses. "So help me, I'll kill you!"
10-06-2003, 05:32
Treznor suddenly plants his feet solidly on the ground, jabs his elbow into Nathicana's ribs and twists violently, pulling at the cloth so Nathicana leaves the ground and flips over his body. As she lands, he spins to compensate for the twist she'd made and slips away, leaning against the corner of the wall and gasping for breath.

A uniformed guard rushes into the room with weapon ready, but holds at a gesture from Treznor.

"Nath..." Treznor says when he can find his voice again. "So good to see you again. *cough*"
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 05:36
Nathicana grunts as the air is knocked out of her. Landing unsteadily from his counterattack, she stumbles backward, sitting down hard, gripping her side with a grimmace of anger and pain.

Through clenched teeth she manages, "Devon. To what," she winces, "do I owe this charming and unexpected vacation?"
10-06-2003, 05:45
Treznor rests his hands on his knees as he gulps for air. "Pardon...a sec..." he wheezes. A moment later, he stands tall and straightens his collar. "There, that's better. *cough* This reminds me of the old days, neh?"

He turns to the armed guard. "That'll be enough, Private. Inform my chef that we'll be dining in a few moments."

He turns once again to Nathicana. "You will be the death of me one day, Nath, but I trust not today. At least hear me out before you set my head on a spike, all right?"

He offers an arm for her to join him. "Come, let's have lunch. We've got a lot to discuss."
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 05:52
Old days ... I'll bloody well give you old days, you snake.

Eyes flashing darkly, she gets to her feet as gracefully as she can. Her jaw clenches slightly at the pain in her side.

"One day I will indeed, Devon. I see now I made a mistake not taking care of you before."

Arching a brow at his offered arm, she lays her hand lightly on it. "Lead on, Fortunato." she says in a cool voice.
10-06-2003, 05:59
"Perhaps you should have, but to my benefit, you didn't." Treznor leads Nathicana out of the room and down a subterranean hallway. "Please understand I mean you no harm, but you really should take more care to restrain your baser impulses while you visit my empire. You could kill me but you wouldn't live long after. That would create a power vacuum in both our nations, and that would create an undeniable instability don't you think? So relax and enjoy yourself. You are not a prisoner, you are my guest. Once our dinner is completed, you may leave immediately if you wish. I rather hope you'll stay a little longer so we can work out our differences."

They come to an end where elevator doors await. Treznor pushes a button, and the doors open. He leads his guest inside and swipes a card for the penthouse.
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 06:08
Her eyes narrow suspiciously. "I suppose an invitation would have been to simple for you?" she asks snidely, stepping in beside him.

"Not that I would have come, of course. You're damn lucky I didn't want to upset the festivities any more than you already had in SilverCities, or so help me, you'd have never walked out of there. A rather moral group of individuals, I've come to learn - you should make the effort some time to thank them for your life." she says as they ride the lift up.

"Now cut to the chase. What do you want?"
10-06-2003, 06:12
she might hate you but aleast she and you are alive after all that
10-06-2003, 06:16
His mouth shows the beginning of a grin. "I did send you an invitation, if you recall. You RSVP'd by sending him pieces. A shame about Balthar, really. You would have liked him. He was just your type.

"You're right about Queen Siren and her guests. I was fairly certain they wouldn't resort to mindless violence, or I wouldn't have entered alone. I wasn't quite so sure about your lover - husband now.

"Congratulations on that, by the bye. Very sudden, though. Quite unlike you. Maybe I'm wrong about the lad after all. Maybe he's devious enough to hold something over you? He wouldn't be the first man to be smitten by your charms."

Treznor looks over Nathicana with an appreciative eye. Then the lift beeps and the doors open. He leads her out onto the penthouse foyer and directs her to the left where a small, tastefully decorated dining room waits. The table has been set for two, and the silverware has been polished diligently.
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 06:34
She smiles at him archly. "Balthar was indeed a charming diversion. I have to admit, you showed rather suprising taste there."

Giving a sigh of mock regret, she studies her nails for a moment. "But I had to send a clear message, you know. Business before ... or is that after, pleasure?" she says, shooting Devon a wry grin.

"As for Siren and the others, don't mistake their peace-loving natures for weakness. A deadly group, that. But for some reason, they detest unneccessary bloodshed. Unlike most I've been aquainted with," she finished pointedly.

"Jaime, on the other hand, is quite frankly none of your business." Her eyes flashed briefly, daring him to comment further on the issue.

Turning her attention to the room, and away from his pointed stare, she nods. "Not bad ... once again, your sense of good taste suprises me."
10-06-2003, 06:46
Treznor seats Nathicana politely before assuming his own seat across from her. He offers her a glass of red wine, an Italian vintage, before pouring his own and sipping it contemplatively.

"Balthar was my olive branch. You sent a clear message to me, but I also sent a clear message to you, both at Siren's party and through my envoy. You're telling me that you're not interested in peace, but I think that you're being typically stubborn and atypically stupid. I'm not underestimating the Dominion, nor am I underestimating the friends you're making, but what do you know about me? My goals are largely peaceful, and the treaties I'm negotiating for throughout the region reflect that. Moreover, the nations I'm talking with are powerful in their own right, and I know damned well how you react to threats real and perceived."

He sets down his glass forcefully and captures her eyes with his gaze. "I'm telling you here and now, Nath. I'm not out to get you. I'm not out to get the Dominion. I'm not a threat to you or your interests, and this...invitation is about as blunt as I can get. If I wanted you dead, you would not be sitting here now sampling my Cabernet Franc. I want to open talks with the Dominion, and to do that I have to get past your prejudice. Like it or not I'm part of your past, a part that you normally have surgically removed. But we're past that point; such actions would have dire repercussions that neither of us can afford."

He sits back and reaches for his glass again. "So there it is. That's why you're here. Now that you've heard me out, you can stay for the main course or you can go home. I've got a jet waiting on the field ready to take you back to your mansion whenever you're ready."
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 07:00
She listens, idly swirling a fingertip around the rim of her glass. She dips in for a moment, bringing her wine-whetted finger to her lips and sucking it clean, all the while fixing Devon with a cool gaze.
Can't tell anything's wrong with it ... And I doubt he'd settle for poisoning me at this point.

Taking a slow sip, she lets out a quiet sigh of appreciation. Damn fine vintage, that. He always did know his wines.

"I admit, I have seen brief reports ..." she admits grudgingly. "I'm impressed with how far you've managed to come, boy. And dare I say, suprised at your current success at governing? And here I'd always thought you a lap dog for those more powerful than yourself." She lifts her glass to him, tilting her head slightly in salute before sipping again.

"And I'm impressed as well that you managed to get me here at all - no small feat of ingenuity, that. Though things have been a bit ... out of the ordinary at the villa of late."

Pondering for a moment, weighing and measuring him with her eyes, she smiles. A smile he knows all too well.

"Bring on the first course. You and I both know serious Dominion business is always discussed over a meal accompanied by fine drink."
10-06-2003, 07:17
Treznor's eyes harden a bit at the "lap dog" reference, but he hides it with visible restraint as he returns her smile. "Yes, of course. Let us dine."

He raps sharply at the table, and white-gloved servants appear magically to bring steaming dishes for their inspection. It isn't long before the plates are filled and the servants disappear once more.

"Yes," Treznor says picking up his salad fork. "About the villa. It seems your...husband returned unexpectedly. He just about barged in on the snatch-and-grab team I sent for you, so they were forced to cover their tracks. I understand he did quite a bit of damage to your office on his own before he set off the bomb. It seems he prefers to use his head for a battering ram. He was about to plant charges to clear the way to rescue you. Anyway, my reports say he's all right but in custody of your house security. You might want to call them to let them know everything is all right."

He takes a bite of his salad and chews slowly, enjoying the reaction of his guest. "I confess I was a bit surprised at your reaction to my team. I mean, I knew you could have damaged them before, but it's been a while. I sort of expected you to have gotten a little softer after assuming control of the Dominion, not harder. I'm just glad I sent my second-best team. I need my best team intact, and you did not cooperate."
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 08:01
She hides a triuphant grin at his initial reaction as she lays her napkin across her lap. How she'd enjoyed lauding her power over him in the past ... However as he relates the happenings at her villa, she pauses with the fork part way to her mouth.

Blinking, she lowers her hand, her grip on the fork tightening alarmingly, her knuckles white. It bends slightly under the pressure. Her chin raises archly as he goes on, brows creeping up a bit. She looks the very picture of icy calm, but her eyes burn, the corner of one showing an occasional twitch.

My Raphael ... my office, in ruins ... and he sits here mocking me ... and my choice in husband ... How did he know to come back? And what was he thinking ... planting charges? In my bloody house? The thoughts come rapidly, punctuated by visions of what she'd like to do to the both of them. At this moment, she wasn't sure whom she was more angry with.

Carefully setting the now bent fork aside, trying not to draw attention to it, she reaches for her drink, taking a calm, slow sip.

"How nice it is to have suprised you, Devon," she manages. She takes a calming breath before continuing. "I assure you, I have kept my skills honed, and continued to improve where I could. I did not take the Dominion by being soft. You should know that better than most. Ours has never been a country to be run by a soft hand."

Ah, if only he'd waited til after my little jaunt. she thought darkly, pondering not for the last time the many entertaining ways she could kill him if given half the chance.

She smiled coldly at him. "I am truly sorry for your team. I can't remember ... it all happened so fast, you know. Was that two or three I managed to get past? Of course I'm relieved it wasn't your 'best'. Would be a pity crippling you like that."

"Now. About that phone call ..." she trailed off, questioningly. I ought to let him ROT for the mess he's made. she fumed silently while smiling at Devon. If I'm forced to smile any more, I swear, my face will crack.
10-06-2003, 09:42
"You always manage to surprise me, my dear. That's why I studied you so closely. I can only hope that I might provide as much entertainment for you." Treznor smiles broadly and finishes his salad.

"I do apologise for the damage to your villa. It was to be a quiet snatch with no damage or loss of life. You managed to incapacitate two commandos and kill a third. Acceptable losses, considering. I have reprimanded them for the use of explosives, but I can hardly fault their judgment. I have no doubt you would have done the same in their place, as would have I. I will compensate you for damages, although I'm afraid the Raphael was a loss once your husband cut through it to find your escape tunnel. After the explosion, there's no way to recover it."

He raps at the table again, and addresses the servant who appears. "The Lady Nathicana will wish to make a phone call. See to it."
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 10:11
She outright glared at his insinuation, though her face flushed somewhat at the memories that leapt up unbidden. Smug son of a ...

Picking up her fork, she stabbed at her salad with a bit more force than actually neccessary, eating in silence as she listened to his explanation. Gods, my Raphael ...

"You're damn straight you'll compensate me, Devon." she grumbled, setting aside what was left of her salad. She didn't appreciate his constant reminders and jabs about Jaime, even if accurate in this case. Vexed that she was doing such a poor job hiding her emotions, she berated herself again for letting anyone get that close.

She looked up, nodding sharply when the servant brought in a phone. Shooting a sidelong glance at Devon, she dialed up the villa, and gave quiet instructions concerning what was going on there, and what they ought to expect.

"Yes, you heard me ... leave him be. I don't care what he was carrying, give it back. I'll be there soon. If there are rumors, explain them away. Small gas line explosion or such. Tell him ... tell him I'll be back soon. Had to make a side trip before leaving." she rambled on a bit, firmly repeating herself a few times, the voice on the other end faintly hysterical.

Finishing, she put down the phone, and turned her attention back to Devon. "So. We agree at least on a few points. You're a part of my past." She emphasized that last word slightly. "We each have our own nation to run, and hence, in the name of stability ought to forego any further attempts at elimination. And negotiations between our countries could be profitable for each."

Her eyes narrow. "Now exactly what do you want from me, boy?"
10-06-2003, 10:34
Treznor grins broadly and sets down his wineglass. "Oh, Nathicana, you malign me. I want nothing more from you than you wish to give me. Even if you decide against trade relations with my empire, I'll be satisfied with simple neutrality from you. Disappointed, but satisfied. Still, our arms research has been fairly successful, and I think even you were surprised by the effectiveness of our stealth systems. That's only the beginning. I can't begin to compete with nations like the Grendels, but perhaps I could gain more by marrying their technology with mine. We just released our T-7 Assault Tanks on the market, and I dare say they're the equal of anything else even without their stealth advantage. Imagine Dominion jets built by Grendels with Treznor stealth. That's just the beginning, of course."

He sits back as the main course is served. The meat is rare, swimming in its own juices, and he savors a piece before he looks up at her with a mischievous glint in his eye. "You taught me well, Nath, but I've grown up. I learned a few things when I left the Dominion; it seemed wise to disappear rather than be taken out like your other lovers. You've already had a taste of my intelligence network. I carved out my own little corner and I'm quite happy with it, but it would be nice to relish the victory with old friends. You don't trust me, not yet, and I can't blame you for that. I think you should ask yourself if that mistrust is truly deserved. I don't expect the red carpet from you, but I prefer not to burn any bridges that don't need it. You have resources, personal and national that I could use, and I think you're learning what resources I might place at your disposal. I'm asking for a working relationship with you. Friendship, if it's possible, will develop or not as time progresses. I certainly can't ask for more."

He takes a few more bites from his steak and watches her struggle to digest this. She's a blank slate to most, but he thinks he understands her, and he knows he's confused her. She keeps expecting there to be a hidden price, and he's not giving her one. He expects that the mystery he presents her will keep her interest up.
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 11:10
She carefully schools her features as he speaks, finally managing to regain control of herself now that talk had turned to business, more or less.

Taking great care not to let the continual reminders and sublte innuendos ruffle her demeanor, she weighs the proposition in her mind as she eats. A portion of her registers the exquisite flavor of the meat, cooked just the way she'd always preferred, and the fact that the wine compliments it perfectly. Her thoughts continued to jump back and forth.

Too wrapped up in her thoughts to savor it as she usually would, her brow furrows slightly. Apparently, the little lap dog had grown up. More than she would have guessed. All the same, her eyes tightened at the mention of past lovers.

Weighing ... measuring ... "You offer an interesting proposal." she finally acknowledges. "One that I think would be ... mutually beneficial to explore further."

She took another sip of wine. "In matters of defense, you seem especially capable." She forced herself to remain cool and distant, not enjoying the emotions that all the talk of the past unexpectedly brought up. "We of course would be inerested in further dialogue concerning such trade agreements.

What is he hiding? she couldn't help but think. Where is the catch? After all I did to him ... she blinked for a moment at that. There has to be something else he wants.
10-06-2003, 11:26
Treznor drains his glass with a smile. She's hooked. He then refills his glass and lifts it to her. "All great journeys must have a beginning. To beginnings, then."
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 11:30
Putting on a pleasant smile, she raises her glass in return, her mind replaying his words back as she searched for any hidden meanings, besides the innuendos.

"Indeed. To beginnings." she says, sipping slowly, her eyes never leaving him.
10-06-2003, 13:41
Back at her villa, Jaime was rubbing his forehead agitatedly. "Geez, you guys. If you hadn't surprised me, that charge wouldn't have gone off! That's a last resort that I was setting up. I was planning on checking something else out, which I believe you should let me go do. Lady Nathicana won't be very happy with you for causing the destruction of part of her wall. So, I suggest you unhand me, as when I get angry I get very deadly."

"And when I get arrested I get very angry."
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 18:00
ooc: Going to do a little time/shifting here - not much, just a little for continuities' sake.

The eyes of the captain narrowed, and he opened his mouth to say something. The insistent beep of his phone interrupted whatever he was about to say.

"Yes?" he said tersely. His eyes opened wide as he heard the voice on the other end. "Y ... yes, my Lady. But, your office, it's in shambles. He was carrying exp ...," he broke off, interrupted, his eyes flickering back and forth between Jaime, and the wall, and his men. "Yes, my Lady. Gas line, you said?" he said, brows shooting up farther as the caller gave him instructions. "Of course, my Lady. I'll ... yes, but ..." He was interrupted again. His face a mask of confusion, he attempted time and again to explain the seriousness of the situation there, his voice getting higher and more stringent with each attempt, only to be cut off by the firm voice on the line.

Finally, he took the phone from his ear, a look of befuddlement clear on his features. "Stand down." he said to the operatives. They all assumed a relaxed if confused stance, weapons slowly put up.

"The Lady wishes you to know that all is well." He clearly didn't believe it himself. "She says that she will return here soon, and ... and that she had to make a quick 'side trip' for some reason or other." His eyes were still a bit wide, surveying the damage to the room. Good gods, her Raphael ... "She says that she is quite aware of the ah ... happenings here, and wishes to discuss it with you later, at length." He swallowed, licking his lips nervously. The last man in this office who dared have the audacity to simply bleed on her rug ... He shuddered at the memory. He'd been part of the 'clean up' crew for that. Whatever possessed this man to marry that bloodthirsty wench is beyond me. Must be insane. Gods, of course - look at the office!

"Ah ... now, if you will exuse us ... I believe there will be a crew here soon to clean up what they can, and we've our duties to return to. Your pardon, Mr. Walf." He gave a confused, yet curt bow, signalling his men to get back to their posts, then exiting the room himself.
10-06-2003, 18:35
An appirition suddenly appears in the room, directly behind Treznor. It is the image of Asakura Hojo. The appirition smiles, but remains still and silent, as if awaiting some reaction.
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 19:25
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10-06-2003, 21:10
Jaime turns to Nathi. "You have somewhat ... overprotective security. If they hadn't startled me,your office would have been undamaged. And don't worry, the only damage done to your paintings were tiny inch-long cuts in the corners. Easily repairable."
Dread Lady Nathicana
10-06-2003, 21:28
She fixed him with a steady look, clearly not amused by any of this.

"Startled you? Poking holes hither and thither through my walls, cutting up my paintings, and you claim they startled you? That explosion happened long before they arrived, boy - it's what brought them!"

She sat down in one of her favorite chairs next to the fireplace downstairs, rubbing her temples. The smell from the earlier explosion still hung in the air.

"I appreciate your concern, truly, though I've no idea how you got back here so quickly, nor what made you return. I will say this however - your report of the events and those of the sources I have at my disposal tell a strikingly different tale, as I've mentioned." She looked up at him sternly, unblinking, settling back into her role of 'Dread Lady'.

"Frankly, given your training and experience, I find your careless behavior rather shocking. For a man who so bemoans violence as I've seen you do, you certainly seem to resort to it more often than neccessary." Her mouth tightened as she thought of her lost masterpiece. What she had had to do to procure it ... she shivered, remembering. I should take it out of his hide. she thought darkly, though only half meaning it.

"If you find my security somewhat 'overprotective', let me just assure you that I've found it neccessary over the years to train them to be that way. You've already met Jas - I assure you he's infinitely moreso. Let us hope the two of you can get along in my absence."

Odd ... he still hasn't asked about where I'd gone ... Perhaps that was for the best. She decided not to offer any more explanation than she had, knowing how Jaime had reacted to Devon at the betrothal party.
Dread Lady Nathicana
11-06-2003, 00:24
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