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02-06-2003, 06:03
Brazillico is ecstatic to be able to host this fourth edition of the World Cup and having seen the strengths and flaws from past cups, we will do everything in our power to try to integrate a little something from every cup to make this one the best ever.

Final Game, World Cup 3
Giant Zucchini 2
Crosshill 0

Previous Hosts of the Cup
Ariddia (WCI)
Alasdair I Frosticus (WCII)
Total n Utter Insanity (WCIII)

First of all, I’m gonna do away with the friendlies as seen in WC3 and just go straight to qualifying. The groups for qualifying will be as follows.

Group A
Al Quds
The Imperial Navy

Group B
Snub Nose 38
Spookistan and Jakalah
One Red Dot
Rhaken Kull

Group C
Runaway Moose
Her Sexyness
Shinjo ViCu

Group D
Dyelli Beybi
Alhana Catherine
The Divine Llama
Lunatic Goofballs

Group E
Dead Man
Caras Sidh

Group F
Alasdair I Frosticus
The Amused

*The top four teams from each group will advance to the World Cup

**The following teams have received byes on virtue of being the 8 highest ranked teams entered.
-Giant Zucchini
-Europa Britannia
-Tanah Burung
-Steel Shadows
-Total n Utter Insanity
-Der Angst

***The entire schedule for the qualifiers is at the bottom of this post

The results for qualifying will be posted in this World Cup 4 forum but once we make the actual World Cup, I will telegram you individually the results for your game before posting them in this thread a la World Cup 1 and 2 when you get your results one at a time. For the scoring system, I will use the formula invented by TnUI and used in World Cup 3 which is:

Defense = 0.9-(Rank/500)

That means the opposing team gets 12 attacks which are random numbers between 0 and 1, and the number of attacks greater than the Defence’s magic number will be your opponent’s score. I like this system because it’s fairer to the countries who have participated in the previous cups instead of putting people through who are just in to try it and don’t really participate.

Also, when I send the scores I’ll just send you the full time scores, so it will give you more freedom to RP the results as you and your opponent want them.

As for how my scores will be generated, I’m hoping TnUI will compute them, since he is familiar with the scoring system to dispel any allegations of myself cheating or fixing the results.

For the qualifying and group stages of the World Cup, tie breakers for teams advancing with an even amount of points will be, in this order: Goal Difference, Goals For, Most Wins. If you are still tied after this, a one-game playoff will take place to see who advances to the next round.

For any more information or if you need me to clarify something, feel free to telegram me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Al Quds vs Pablicosta
Dennisov vs Gesamtkuntwerk
Proxy vs The Imperial Navy

Snub Nose 38 vs Ravenspire
Spookistan and Jakalah vs McFitzerland
One Red Dot vs Massassipi

Ariddia vs Digitex
Runaway Moose vs Haraki
Rivadavia vs Her Sexyness

Lemmitania vs Dyelli Beybi
Alhana Catherine vs The Divine Llama
Enelando vs Audioslavia

Dead Man vs Spaam
Kingsford vs Vegana
Ineffectualism vs Caras Sidh

Alasdair I Frosticus vs Jurassica
Oglethorpia vs Pumpkinia
Altamira vs The Amused

Al Quds – Moyk
Pablicosta – Dennisov
Gesamtkuntwerk – Proxy

Snub Nose 38 - Rhaken Kull
Ravenspire – Spookistan and Jakalah
McFitzerland – One Red Dot

Ariddia – Shinjo ViCu
Digitex – Runaway Moose
Haraki – Rivadavia

Lemmitania – Lunatic Goofballs
Dyelli Beybi – Alhana Catherine
The Divine Llama - Enelando

Dead Man – GATMOG
Spaam – Kingsford
Vegana - Ineffectualism

Alasdair I Frosticus - Vegimate
Jurassica - Oglethorpia
Pumpkinia – Altamira

Al Quds – Gesamtkuntwerk
Pablicosta – Moyk
Dennisov – The Imperial Navy

Snub Nose 38 - McFitzerland
Ravenspire – Rhaken Kull
Spookistan and Jakalah - Massassipi

Ariddia – Haraki
Digitex – Shinjo ViCu
Runaway Moose – Her Sexyness

Lemmitania – The Divine Llama
Dyelli Beybi – Lunatic Goofballs
Alhana Catherine - Audioslavia

Dead Man – Vegana
Spaam – GATMOG
Kingsford – Caras Sidh

Alasdair I Frosticus – Pumpkinia
Jurassica – Vegimite
Oglethorpia – The Amused

Al Quds – Proxy
Pablicosta – The Imperial Navy
Dennisov – Moyk

Snub Nose 38 – One Red Dot
Ravenspire – Massassipi
Spookistan and Jakalah – Rhaken Kull

Ariddia – Rivadavia
Digitex – Her Sexyness
Runaway Moose - Shinjo ViCu

Lemmitania - Enelando
Dyelli Beybi - Audioslavia
Alhana Catherine – Lunatic Goofballs

Dead Man - Ineffectualism
Spaam – Caras Sidh
Kingsford - GATMOG

Alasdair I Frosticus - Altamira
Jurassica – The Amused
Oglethorpia - Vegimite

Al Quds – The Imperial Navy
Pablicosta – Proxy
Gesamtkuntwerk - Moyk

Snub Nose 38 – Massasipi
Ravenspire – One Red Dot
McFitzerland - Rhaken Kull

Ariddia – Her Sexyness
Digitex – Rivadavia
Haraki – Shinjo ViCu

Lemmitania - Audioslavia
Dyelli Beybi - Enelando
The Divine Llama – Lunatic Goofballs

Dead Man – Caras Sidh
Spaam - Ineffectualism
Vegana- GATMOG

Alasdair I Frosticus – The Amused
Spaam – Altamira
Pumpkinia - Vegimite

Al Quds – Dennisov
Gesamtkuntwerk – The Imperial Navy
Proxy – Moyk

Snub Nose 38 – Spookistan and Jakalah
McFitzerland – Massassipi
One Red Dot - Rhaken Kull

Ariddia – Runaway Moose
Haraki – Her Sexyness
Rivadavia – Shinjo ViCu

Lemmitania - Alhana Catherine
The Divine Llama - Audioslavia
Enelando– Lunatic Goofballs

Dead Man – Kingsford
Vegana – Caras Sidh
Ineffectualism - GATMOG

Alasdair I Frosticus - Oglethorpia
Pumpkinia – The Amused
Altamira - Vegimite

Pablicosta – Gesamtkuntwerk
Dennisov – Proxy
The Imperial Navy – Moyk

McFitzerland – Ravenspire
Spookistan and Jakalah – One Red Dot
Massassipi - Rhaken Kull

Digitex – Haraki
Runaway Moose – Rivadavia
Her Sexyness – Shinjo ViCu

Dyelli Beybi – The Divine Llama
Alhana Catherine - Enelando
Audioslavia – Lunatic Goofballs

Spaam - Vegana
Kingsford - Ineffectualism
Caras Sidh – GATMOG

Jurassica – Pumpkinia
Oglethorpia - Altamira
The Amused - Vegimate
02-06-2003, 06:05
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02-06-2003, 06:07
Hey, I Signed Up.

Sheesh. Look at the old World Cup Thread.

There was the old thread that was started before WC3 even started so I began a thread called "World Cup 4 Confirmation List" a couple days ago and took the first 50 who replied there.
Steel Butterfly
02-06-2003, 06:07
too bad I don't know a thing about soccer
02-06-2003, 06:07
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02-06-2003, 06:12
Oglethorpia vs. Altamira, eh? I hope we don't get knocked out too early!

And to Altamira: I'll RP the game, unless you wanna.
02-06-2003, 06:13
too bad I don't know a thing about soccer

ditto :?
Total n Utter Insanity
02-06-2003, 13:02
Well, Die :D

I wondered why you didn't play in WC3
Europa Brittania
02-06-2003, 13:21
This One is it, I will win it now, PLEASE!!
02-06-2003, 13:58
OOC: Won't that scoring system just result in every match being decided by who is higher ranked?

'Scuse my ignorance.
Europa Brittania
02-06-2003, 14:11
I would though like the ranking system to have some sort of role, as basically the Seeded teams have earned the right. Though it should obviously not totally decide the outcome.
Total n Utter Insanity
02-06-2003, 14:17
OOC: Won't that scoring system just result in every match being decided by who is higher ranked?

'Scuse my ignorance.

Did Al Quds win WC3?
02-06-2003, 14:55
OOC: Guess not. Fair enough. But when you're talking about the difference between 3rd & 51st... :P
02-06-2003, 14:58
I would though like the ranking system to have some sort of role, as basically the Seeded teams have earned the right. Though it should obviously not totally decide the outcome.

Oh, totally. You've earned your right as top guns. It's just that it doesen't really give newcomers a look in, & it seems a little odd having the outcomes decided entirely by a score generator. Not exactly free-form roleplay :wink: . But then, RPing every kick & maneouver of a game is even less appealing, & I suppose a middle-ground in pretty hard to come by.

Ah well.
The Imperial Navy
02-06-2003, 15:24
Me V.S Proxy? let's hope the server don't have a fault.... :lol:
Dead Man
02-06-2003, 15:36
When do we submit our teams and how are these matches done?
02-06-2003, 16:07
OOC: Guess not. Fair enough. But when you're talking about the difference between 3rd & 51st... :P
Here are 10 Sample Scores I Did Between the 3rd Ranked team and the 51st:
51st Ranked 1 3rd Ranked 1
51st Ranked 0 3rd Ranked 3
51st Ranked 1 3rd Ranked 2
51st Ranked 1 3rd Ranked 2
51st Ranked 2 3rd Ranked 2
51st Ranked 1 3rd Ranked 1
51st Ranked 0 3rd Ranked 4
51st Ranked 0 3rd Ranked 2
51st Ranked 1 3rd Ranked 0
51st Ranked 4 3rd Ranked 3

The 51st team got a record of 2 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses against one of the best teams in the tournament, and to prove how luck is involved, if the teams had swapped their attacks in the 4-0 win by the 3rd team, it would have resulted in a 2-1 win by the 51st team.

When do we submit our teams

You can submit them whenever you like, this will be the official world cup thread once WC3 is done with.
02-06-2003, 16:35
Usual Line-up
Not accounting for subs, reserves & the like, though it should be noted that substitutes are often introduced at some point for certain positions during a game. For the most part, though, the initial line-up will play the full ninety minutes, as they are to a man very hardy people with a lot of endurance.

Goalkeeper: BELISARIUS - Not exceptionally tall, yet far from short. Stocky, solid looking guy, but actually well-known for his agility more than anything else. The ad hoc Captain, if not the official one. Usually the team's player of choice for penalities, as he hits the ball devestatingly fast & hard with terrific accuracy. As he can play with either his right or left foot (As most in the team can.), he is also capable of fooling the enemy keeper when taking these spot kicks, which is another obvious plus.

Inner-Left Back: SILVERCLAW - Distant relation of Rahvin Silverclaw, one of the public faces of the Empire. About seven feet tall, a somewhat imposing figure, utterly unyielding if tackled or somesuch. Not half so lumbering as one might expect from a man with such a large frame, but fancy footwork is not his forte. Blockings, clearances & hefty tackles on the other hand, are. He has the ''header'' down to a fine art, & will occasionally be pulled up to the opposing team's box for corners if things are looking grim in order that he might be able to get in a shot the shorter forwards might not get to in time, being, as he is, something of a giant.

Outer-Left Back: ZENGHI - Shifty looking, beetle-browed individual. Unusually for a defender, he isn't a tall, broad shouldered person. Very fast, specialising in interceptions & also known for cleverly timed use of the slide-tackle. He might not be the best man for aggressive, heavy tackles & challenges, but he can duck, weave, & snatch the ball away from attacking players swiftly. The bane of the type of player who specialises in sprinting up the field & weaving around defenders who are often bigger & slower than them, as he can match them step for step, leap for bound.

Inner-Right Back: ROBOTNIK - Below average height, perhaps even a little short, but barrel-chested & broad shouldered. The defence's ''House of Bricks'', to be sure. With surprisingly nimble feet, he if often able to get the ball away from far lighter & faster players, who find getting it back off him again, being, as he is, so much stronger & thicker of build than most other men, a little tricky, to say the least.

Outer-Right Back: LEE - More prone to bringing the ball forward or moving out to stop an approaching opponent with the ball than the other dedicated defenders, Lee is slightly below average height, but very fast, & can often put on tremendous bursts of speed to run with the ball up to one of the wingers so that he can pass it on. It is his job to get the ball up the pitch when the chance of making a break presents itself. Works often with Montgomery to foil the attempts of the other team's forwards to play the ball into the Kull box.

Centre Midfield: MONTGOMERY - Midfield Defender, essentially. Average height, afterage build (If well-muscled & toned.), pretty unremarkable, apart from a small scar on one cheek, but even that isn't anything especially unusual, & it has no great story behind it. A decent "all-rounder" with a priority on defence. Covers a lot of ground during a game, & usually takes the corner-kicks, which he can occasionaly actually place well enough to score from, though this is not often attempted. Challenging another player for the ball or attempting to get it away from him he is determined, unshakeable & often surprisingly ingenuitive & frustrating.

Left Midfield: TEPES - Like his counterpart at the right of the pitch, Tepes is, when the team is not playing in its extraordinarily galling defence-dedicated style, a true midfielder, venturing away from the wings a lot more often than the other players that attack with the ball on occasion. He can switch roles from defence to attack almost instantly, guarding the flanks one minute, bolting down them the next. Tepes is essentialy a winger, but with more emphasis on guarding approaches to the Kull box than the flanking, as the forwards are. He is sometimes one of the players that carries forward the breaks, but is more likely to attempt to get the ball through to Musashi, the centre-forward than to make the attempt on goal himself than the forward wingers are. Very good when it comes to creating chances & setting up shots, but usually it will be another player that gets the goal, being, as he is, primarily a feeder.

Right Midfield: "RED" CAHAL - Tall & aloof in nature, Cahal's job is much the same as Tepes', but he is more prone to hanging back than the other. It is usually up to him to get the ball moving up the pitch to one of the forward wingers quickly when they are in a comfortable position, though he will often work with Lee & Musashi to get the ball into position for a direct strike. Quick, but immensely strong; with muscles that look like taught steel cords when flexed to their full potential, Cahal's tackles are heavy & very hard to resist.

Centre Forward/Striker (Captain): MUSASHI - The man wearing the armband, Musashi is surprisingly old (For a footballer, that is. At 38, he could hardly be concidered a geriatric.) for a centre-forward, but you can see why he might have been chosen for the task. He has a more oriental look about him than most Imperial subjects, & is, again perhaps surprisingly for a forward, fairly tall. He is fast, certainly, sure-footed & fairly agile, but he is not able to match the mad sprints & degree of nimbleness that most forwards aspire to, nor is that really what he is supposed to be doing. The ball is usually fed to him in the box, & that is where he is at his best, as he can place a header superbly, & has a strong, powerful kick. He is able to find a good spot to strike from fairly quickly, & when he does strike, boy; he strikes fast, hard & accurate, his shots travelling dead-on with a lot of power behind them at open spots in the goalmouth. There are no fancy frills, no scissor kicks or back heels etc in this player's style. Musashi is all about down to business, no-nonsense goal-scoring. He is also useful in an ''aggressive defence'' role, as, up at the front as he is yet a fairly strong individual, he can get the ball away from enemy players as they begin to bring the ball forward, being a strong tackler. Kicking the ball into touch more often than not, he gives the team a chance to fall back into its infamous defensive positioning whilst the other team has to set up for the throw-in. This kind of stopping & starting the flow of the game & time-wasting is something that the Kull team is well known for.

Left Forward: Von RICHTOFEN - As would be expected of your average forward, Richtofen is young, not too tall or bulky, fast, nimble & agile, able to weave amongst defenders with the ball if he needs to & able to place it when he makes his kicks with sublime accuracy. One of the two key wingers along with the right forward, he must be able, as a result, to curve the ball with his kicks, as he will often be driving in at an angle. This he can do better than any other player on the team, with a kind of skill & grace that is hard to come by in this day & age. As a result, he is the team's player of choice for taking free kicks & the like if they are awkward shots or to be taken fairly far away, as he can bend the ball around human walls & such at crazy angles & still be able to place it with superb accuracy.

Right Forward: SCHARNHORST - Essentially, Scharnhorst is a slight variant of Richtofen, though slightly less of an independent player & less prone to man-alone attempts. The two are in fact related, but as they very seldom have to play directly off one another & as ''family'' means something rather different in the Empire to what it does in most countries, they could hardly be called a dynamic duo. If anything the presence of a relation on the same team only makes the two work harder, as they want to be able to outdo the other (Though never would they allow this rivalry to cost them a game.). Scharnhorst is also a master of curving the ball in from the side as he flanks the opposing team on a break, but Richtofen is the clear superior in that field of play. Scharnhorst will often make his break down the wing as though he does intend to go it alone, but will then pass the ball back with an unexpected back-heel or somesuch to Cahal or even Montgomery, who can then often come forward & set-up Musashi nicely. Surprisingly tactical player, all things considered. The chess player to Richtofen's more intense "x-treme" sports.

OOC: Lucky for me I did this before, eh? Heh. I don't know if I can be arsed doing the same for my subs & reserves, but, eh, what can you do? Other than find me a proper work ethic, I mean (I believe I left a functioning one somewhere just to the left of the Holy Grail. ;) .)

As to the results, well, I stand corrected. Looks though everything is just fine & dandy. I hope you'll forgive my previous skeptisism.
Total n Utter Insanity
02-06-2003, 17:17
51st Ranked 1 3rd Ranked 1
51st Ranked 0 3rd Ranked 3
51st Ranked 1 3rd Ranked 2
51st Ranked 1 3rd Ranked 2
51st Ranked 2 3rd Ranked 2
51st Ranked 1 3rd Ranked 1
51st Ranked 0 3rd Ranked 4
51st Ranked 0 3rd Ranked 2
51st Ranked 1 3rd Ranked 0
51st Ranked 4 3rd Ranked 3

Where are the 50 0-0 draws? :D
02-06-2003, 17:18
Interesting... Now, since my team is already out of WC3, we'll start training for this one. Our lads and girls WILL make it to the semi-finals at last!! :P
02-06-2003, 17:21
OOC: Heh. One unfortunate aspect of a scoring system that fair, though, is that you won't see any hapless Muslim nations getting annihilated 10-0. :P
02-06-2003, 18:18
I've been away for the last few days, so I wasn't aware that I had to reconfirm my application to participate in WC IV. Now I seem to no longer be on the list even though I originaly put my name down quite a long time ago. It strikes me as rather harsh to loose my place in WC IV just because I went on holiday for a few days. Is there any chance of getting back in?
Total n Utter Insanity
02-06-2003, 18:22
Maybe, if the groups were changed from 7 to 8. It would mean changing all the match line-ups, but it's still possible.
02-06-2003, 20:02
I've been away for the last few days, so I wasn't aware that I had to reconfirm my application to participate in WC IV. Now I seem to no longer be on the list even though I originaly put my name down quite a long time ago. It strikes me as rather harsh to loose my place in WC IV just because I went on holiday for a few days. Is there any chance of getting back in?

Since you're a veteran of two cups and ranked at 8, I'm gonna boot one team out of the cup who showed passive interest towards the cup and was yet to post, Canadiensiana, and stick you in their place in their qualifying group. You'll have to go through qualifying though, instead of getting an automatic birth which you would have otherwise won on ranking.
02-06-2003, 20:38
Thom Klaittun: "Greetings, and welcome to the first World Cup edition of Sports At 10. With World Cup qualifiers about to begin, and Spaam looking good to make it into their first World Cup, its no wonder that the excitement is almost tangible, especially here in the ancient capital of Waerterstadt. Our guest tonight is none other Spaam National Football coach, Lopes Tosolini, live vis sattelite from Brazillico, here to give us his view of the qualifiers. Welcome to the show, Lopes."

Lopes: Thankyou Thom, its a pleasure to be here, or there.
Thom: ~laughs~ Anytime. Firstly, how are you enjoying Brazillico?
Lopes: Well, as you know we are training hard here, and so we haven't had much of a chance to go touring. But from what I have seen, this is an exciting place to be, and I cannot think of a better host for this World Cup.
Thom: Excellent, we're glad to hear. Now, how have the preparations been?
Lopes: Well, as you know, they've done away with the friendlies, which I though were a good warm up for the qualifiers, so we have only had two friendlies in the past month, against our sister nation Vegimite, and the small nation of Muslim Piglets. It was a lot of fun having the Piglets over there, and I thought it was a good moral booster for the lads.
Thom: And I'm sure the 5 nil scoreline was a bonus too!
Lopes: ~laughs~ Yes, that was a bonus, but I do see some promise in that young nation, and we are trying to organise a regular fixture against them. They did not make it into this World Cup, but they have already stated their enthusiasm at trying out for the next one.
Thom: And the Vegimite match, you also won 1 nil?
Lopes: Thats right, that was a very hard fought match, and it is of my opinion that they might throw a couple of upsets in the qualifiers. That was very good experience for the players, playing against another nation in the qualifiers, and we have also managed to improve in some areas after that match, so we have high hopes.
Thom: Ok, the draw. You are in Group E, against Dead Man, Kingsford, Vegana, Ineffectualism, Caras Sidh, and Gatmog. What are your chances?
Lopes: Well, Dead Man is 16th in the world, easily the top nation in our group, and is almost certain to go into the main draw. They got into the quarter-finals last World Cup, and were beaten 1 nil in a great match by their frequent opponents, El Gibbonia, who consequently aren't playing in this year due to internal strife.
Thom: Yes, in fact, 5 of the top 8 ranking nations aren't playing at all this year, which is certainly interesting.
Lopes: Indeed, a great pity, but it means that we will see more competition this year. Anyway, I will come back to Dead Man later. Kingsford is rated 44th in the world, I believe, and so is another strong contender, but we are confident that we will do well against them. But it should be a close match. The other four teams are relative new comers, and so we are not sure what to expect from them. Ineffectualism is a highly trained team, and so will do well. I have seen the Caras Sidh team, the Wings, train, and I am looking forward to playing against them, as they have a similar style of play to us. Vegana and Gatmog I do not know much about, but they are new teams, and so we should get good results from those matches.
Thom: I know you are going to hate me for bringing this up, but last World Cup, you were showing a bit of cockiness early on, and we all know what happened.
Lopes: Ahh, I knew you were going to bring that up! ~laughs~ I think we have leaned that lesson very well. We were looking set for a position in the main draw, but the last two matches let us down. We all remember the last match against Zinkoland, where we only needed a draw to get through, and seeing as they were at the bottom of our group, we were perhaps not careful enough. We went down 2 - 1 and they managed to leapfrog three teams with their one and only win to get into the main draw, only to not win a single match after that. In our defense though, that was a hellish group to be in, only 3 points separating all the nations, and noone winning more than 2 matches. We were on the wrong end of some bad luck. However, we are now much more careful, and our preparations have shown that. But we are still confident, and used wisely, that can be a very good thing.
Thom: I agree wholeheartedly. Now, your first match is against Dead Man. How do you think you will go?
Lopes: I honestly cannot say! They are a very strong team, but we have improved, and I believe we can take it to them. We have never met before, so that is a little pity, but we have shown our resilience against unknown teams. You have to remember, all the nations in our group are under the same disadvantage.
02-06-2003, 20:41
Thom: Actually, I believe Dead Man and Kingsford met in the friendlies before the last World Cup, with Dead Man winning 1 nil.
Lopes: Ahh, my mistake then. Well good for them then! ~laughs~
Thom: Very well. Now, what is your line up for the first match?
Lopes: Heh. Ok then, we have our goalie Khai Truun, who has been in excellent form, and has not let a goal past in his past 6 matches. Our defenders are Matius Anthon, Maryn Hou, K. K. Nevvytt, and Vibon Ajani. We are lucky that KK is fit and well, because he is certainly our utility player, and the highest scoring defender in living memory. Ajani has been training hard with us, having just transferred to Spaam from Epiphania at the end of last year, and has shown to be a valuable player as well. Aman Brar, Baddam Weddam, another Epiphanian, and Vo Sukkar will most likely be our midfielders, though Vo has been recovering from a cold. Our captain and superstar Juan Saavedra is pumped up as always, Ma Sheryn and Andrej Byshai will be up there as well, and our 17 year old wonder boy Jakwa Widjaja will be given a start as striker.
Thom: Well, pinup boy, show man, and the very tempremental Saavedra, how will he feel having Widjaja, someone 8 years his junior beside him, competing for the top position?
Lopes: Since Saavedra has become captain, he has matured a lot from the hot head that he was last World Cup, and so there hasn't been any trouble from that front. I think the both of them know that the other is a fantastic player, and respect each other for that. I have also been giving those two some combinations to work on together for the past few months, and so you may very well see a dynamic duo emerge in these matches. Saying all that though, Savvedra is still the show man he ever was ~laughs~
Thom: Excellent! Ok, before we go, your views on the other groups. Group A?
Lopes: Al Quds to top, easily. Pablicosta should make it in as well. Gesamtkuntwerk looks like a very classy team, so will probably go well, and I don't think I can pick the rest.
Thom: How about Group B?
Lopes: This is a tough group to be in, and so predictions are hazy at best. I'll be surprised if SN38 don't get in, and I am also putting my money on newcomer, Rhaken Kull. But again, I can't pick the rest.
Thom: Ok then, Group C?
Lopes: Well, Ariddia and Digitex easily in my opinion, but the rest are hazy. Her Sexyness seems to be a favourite, and so I'll put my money on them, alongside Runaway Moose. But I wouldn't discout any of the other teams. Probably harder to guess that Group B.
Thom: Group D?
Lopes: Lemmitania, Dyelli Beybi, Alhana Catherine, and Audioslavia. Of course, I have no idea who will top though.
Thom: Nice. And finally Group F.
Lopes: Ok, Alasdair and Jurassica should take out the top two spots there. Oglethorpia will probably make it as well. But we are all aware that we cannot leave out Vegimite. I think they have a good chance of making it their maiden main draw here. And I am sure they would love to have a crack at us then as well, and see if they can't gain their revenge ~laughs~ And I have to say, I'd like to give them the chance.
Thom: Thankyou so much for your time Lopes Tosolini, and I am sure I can safely say, that everyone in Spaam wishes you the best of luck.
Lopes: The pleasure is all mine. Dobranoc.
Thom: Ok, thats all the time we have tonight, but join us tomorrow for all the sports news here in Sports At Ten. My name is Thom Klaittun, and goodnight.
02-06-2003, 20:44
02-06-2003, 21:08

OOC: Just some background info, here:


"The Empire of Rhaken Kull does not, as a rule, participate in sports, either international or locally. At least, not ''friendly'' sports such as football, rugby, baseball & the like. However, for reasons unbenknowenst to the rest of the international community, &, indeed, most of the Empire's subjects, it has chosen to field a national side in the upcoming World Cup, the fourth since it was restarted after those troubled, distant times when such events had to come to an end..

For this reason, a full football team consisting of several formidable Kull males has been trained over a period of three years in a brutal, all-consuming & effective manner by a team of specialists in the field of ''sports''. Like the slaves that the Muslim warlords raised from birth to fight as warriors, so too have the Kull players no purpose but to play & to defeat the teams of other nations. The only truly real events in their lives begin & end with their football matches, & the rest is training, so that during those precious moments they may perform to their best ability for their beloved Emperor.

Rhaken Kull's team, as a reuslt, is a fair bit better than most, but this could have more to do with the fact that Kull people generally are fit, athletic & disciplined. In the Empire, children are raised in institutions collectively named ''The University''. Upon completing their education satisfactorily, they are drafted; whether men or women, for five years into the Imperial military. The military is the be all & end all in the Empire. Every man not a soldier or a Noble must (With the exception members of the Intellectual class) perform the back-breaking labout that fuels the hideous, overblown industrial sector.

After a citizens "compulsory" service with the military is up, most wish to stay on, as in the Empire a fierce, zealous patriotism & loyalty to the Imperial Clan & the Emperor is drummed into them essentially from birth, service in the military is the be all & end all for the Emperor's common subjects, & in truth, of all the millions of subjects that make up the peasantry the only ones of their number who are even vaguely remembered after death are soldiers. However, as an economy cannot survive with every single subject in the military, only a select few will pass the necesarry trials to be able to stay on & make a career in the standing army.

Those that have JUST missed the "A" list form the local Militias which defend individual settlements, be they vast gigalopolises or minute hamlets; a few of the more enterprising & highly skilled ones merging to form small, state-sponsored paramilitary corps or regiments.

It is from the cream of these paramilitary forces that the athletes in the national football team of Rhaken Kull are drawn. They are highly motivated, highly skilled, & not only determined but DESPERATE to pull off a win. They play with a fanatical zeal that in the Empire is only rivalled by that of its warriors, for without victory on the pitch they serve the Empire no use, however trivial, & all purpose in their lives is destroyed. No fans come to support the team, for the cheers of fellow contreymen are irrelevant, & those countreymen have no business engaging in such trivial activities in any case. It is an eerie sight to see, indeed, when the Kull team faces you; the stands at their banks utterly devoid of life or sound. The ''beautiful game'' has an almost incomprehensible meaning for these players, & it in no way mirrors that of those who play for the joy of it.

Thus these emotionless soldiers, with iron wills & eyes of chipped granite, when they walk out onto the pitch they are implacable foes- aye, foes -for the Imperial ''players'' view the sport as anything /but/ a "game".

Verily, they are a true Team Of Steel."

There we go!
02-06-2003, 21:30
Here is some information on the stadiums where the World Cup will take place in.

San Chavez International Stadium - approx. 72,000 capacity. This stadium was finished last year, and is regarded as one of the premier venues for football in the world. This site would host the finals as well as all of Brazillico's home games in the group stage.

Cordova Park - approx. 46,000 capacity. This stadium was constructed 3 years ago in the coastal city of Cordova, located in the west of Brazillico. This waterfront stadium offers a view of the ocean in the backdrop of this popular tourist town and at times some fierce winds coming from the sea.

Terrabella Stadium - approx 43,000 capacity. Located on the high prairie of Terrabella, the city which is the heart of the agricultural scene in Brazillico. Its searing hot conditions, often reaching upwards of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and moderately high altitude could prove to be a challenge for the fittest squad.

Monte Melini Arena - approx 37,000 capacity. This arena is located in the north of the country in the mountains has a retractable roof on it to protect it from the often harsh and unpredictable weather of Mount Melini. The playing surface is configurable for basketball, ice hocker, baseball or in this case football, where they will be playing upon real grass and altitude could be a factor here.

Kalita Sports Complex - approx. 65,000 capacity. This stadium is located in Brazillico's capital of commerce and most populated city of Kalita, with a population of 7 million. This stadium should play host to some of the more important games in the business end of the tournament.

San Pablo Amphitheatre - approx. 40,000 capacity. Brazillico's oldest still functional stadium went through a major renovation 3 years ago to restore it to its original splendour. This venue is home to the storied Real San Pablo in the Brazillico Premier League and arguably the most charming of all of our nations stadia.

Corsa Paso Stadium - approx. 52,000 capacity. This venue is a state of the art stadium located in the coastal city of Corsa Paso, referred to as a post-modern architectural marvel, it reflects the high-tech flavour of this burgeoning city.

Locosi Colosseum - approx. 44,000 capacity. Located in the city of Locosi, a city housing Brazillico largest military infrastructure. Already dubbed "The Big Bunker", this concrete stadium is receiving mixed reviews on its styling cues.

For a map showing the geography of Brazillico and the location of the stadia:
02-06-2003, 21:37
OOC: Very nice. Where did these pics come from?

Side-note: Locosi Colosseum = Cool
02-06-2003, 21:37
OOC: I just stole pics from stadiums that are already built or planned
02-06-2003, 21:39
OOC: Heh. Figures. Still, Locosi Colosseum = Cool. :wink:
02-06-2003, 22:58
Since all teams have been eliminated from WC3 long ago or did not participate in it at all, I see no reason why the qualifiers shouldn't get underway. The results for Matchday 1 are being posted here and other results for qualifying will be posted around every 24 hours. Once we get to the World Cup itself, results will come out every two days to give participants more time to develop their RPs.

Al Quds 2 – Pablicosta 1
Dennisov 2 – Gesamtkuntwerk 3
Proxy 2 - The Imperial Navy 3

Snub Nose 38 1 – Ravenspire 2
Spookistan and Jakalah 3 – McFitzerland 1
One Red Dot 3 – Massassipi 1

Ariddia 4 – Digitex 3
Runaway Moose 2 – Haraki 4
Rivadavia 0 - Her Sexyness 3

Lemmitania 2 - Dyelli Beybi 4
Alhana Catherine 3 - The Divine Llama 5
Enelando 2 – Audioslavia 4

Dead Man 1 – Spaam 1
Kingsford 4 – Vegana 0
Ineffectualism 1 - Caras Sidh 2

Alasdair I Frosticus 1 – Jurassica 1
Oglethorpia 2 – Pumpkinia 2
Altamira 3 - The Amused 2

As you can see, a lot of the games were pretty high scoring, so for upcoming games, the number of attacks will be reduced from 12 to 10.
02-06-2003, 23:07
But aren't qualifying games for major tournaments usually high scoring? I remember seeing a lot of 7-0, 5-1, whatever, games for the UEFA qualifiers.
02-06-2003, 23:12
Wow, a tie. Close one. This'll make a good RP.

(BTW, if Pumpkinasia sees this, I wanna RP it. Or he can.)
02-06-2003, 23:42
03-06-2003, 00:07
The Holy Republic of Kingsford would like to congratulate the Holy Empire of Vegana on a game well played.

Goals were:
Tevir Yaeln (#38) in the 21st minute
Carl Strong (#2) in the 25th minute
Carl Strong (#2) in the 59th minute
Andrew Vellir (#56) in the 72nd minute
Dead Man
03-06-2003, 00:08
Ok since I drew is there a reply?
03-06-2003, 00:15
Ok since I drew is there a reply?

Yeah, we tied as well.

Darnit, i'm really eager to know what happened :o
03-06-2003, 00:26
<REALITY - The Virtuous, Uncensored News Service of the People of Al Quds>

Following their unsurprising, if undeserved exit from the 3rd World Cup, the players were thrilled and excited to be playing in the first match of the WCIV qualifiers.

Unfortuantley, as a result of injurues sustained during the emergency landing in Uhuhland, both goal keeper al-Baitar and defender al-Buzjani were unfit for the match.

They were replaced by Malaclypse the Younger and Errico Malatesta, giving the opening line up:

Goalie: Malaclypse the Younger
Defender: Errico Malatesta
Midfield: Al-Ghazali, Al-Marwadi, Ibn Haiyan, Jalal Al-Din Rumi
Left wing (Captain): Omar Khayyam
Right Wing: Ibn Khaldun
Striker: Hakim Bey, Al Masu'di, Ali Bin Rabban.

The game started of slowly as both teams tested the others defences. Acting Head Coach [1] Malaclypse the Elder stated categorically that the slow play had nothing to do with any alleged hang-overs brought about by alleged drinking binges the night before, especially not on the part of Hakim Bey, Al Masu'di, Ali Bin Rabban, and that they definitely were not being given heavy duty paiinkillers on the sidelines by him or any of the coaching staff.

Pablicosta were the first to strike, and a truly impressive attack by some of their players [2] penetrated our mid-field and while he struggled mightily, Malatesta is no equal to the mighty al-Buzjani and they scored.

Half time: Al Quds 0 – Pablicosta 1

The traditional half-time pep talk from Team Manager & Coach, His Excellency, President Idriss ben Abdullah served to rally the team, even though it was delivered by satellite video link up, and the team surged back on to the pitch for the second half like men possessed.

He said: "If you can't beat a team from a nation of lardy, lethargic, lentil-eaters, who wouldn't recognise a camel until after it had spat in their eyes, 'cos they never get out of their cars to actually use the muscles Allah saw fit to bestow upon them, you do not deserve to represent the Glorious People's Republic of Al Quds and the Martyrs who died to Bringing Her to Freedom!!!

"And, when I say 'do not deserve to represent', I am not just referring to our beloved football team, but in any capacity what-so-ever, so if you do not go out there and WIN, WIN, WIN, the Coaching Squads Security Detail will Put You Up Against The Goal Posts, Shoot Off Your Testicles AND WATCH YOU BLEED TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Within 3 minutes of the start of the second half, Omar Khayyam lobbed a long ball over the keepers head, straight into the back of the net, levelling the scores.

5 minutes later, a surprise run by Ali Bin Rabban from the centre line caught the Pablicosta defence completely off guard and beat the keeper to bring the score back to a much more sensible 2-1.

The Al Quds team sat on the ball after that, in order to rest themselves what promises to be a gruelling and long run at the World Cup this year.

Final Result: Al Quds 2 – Pablicosta 1

Certainly, if His Excellency, President Idriss ben Abdullah keeps to his guns, we in the REALITY editorial office believe that Al Quds has every chance of making it back to the Final, where they so patently belong.

[1] Due to His Excellency, President Idriss ben Abdullah attending a major international conference in Another Thread.
[2] How should we know who, they didn't send us a press kit [3]. Footballing nations these days, I really don't know. Hm!!
[3] Not even a centerspread from a tabloid newspaper.
03-06-2003, 00:34
That Haraki Hawks have emerged from their first game victorious!

The team comes off the field sweaty and tired, but happy and content :) .
03-06-2003, 00:52
...In sports news, Ravenspire's national football team started strong in their second year of international competition, defeating Snub Nose 38 by a score of 2-1 in the first round of qualifiers for the fourth World Cup. Returning striker Zhen Sui-Ling scored for an early lead, in the 17th minute of the game, but the Snub Nose team tied the score just before halftime. The second half was largely an exercise in running laps around the field, thanks to some great defense on both sides, but newcomer Amara Akizuki managed to score late in the game, just off the tips of the goalkeeper's fingers, and that proved to be the winning goal.

Kathryn Malley

A great game all around, Kath, and it looks as if our boys and girls are set on improving on their ranking of 30th overall.

Michael Black

Think they'll make it into the semifinals this year, Mike?

Kathryn Malley

Well, a lot of things can happen between here and the Cup, Kath, but the team's playing together much better than they were this time last year, and you can see they're more confident on the field. I think they've got a decent shot.

Michael Black

We'll be right back with some footage from the game, after this word from our sponsors...

Kathryn Malley, reporting for RNN
03-06-2003, 01:08
OOC: Heh. Figures. Still, Locosi Colosseum = Cool. :wink:

yeah, it looks like an earthbound UFO! lol
03-06-2003, 01:08
The Fiefdom is full of football fanatics. Captain Tsubasa is regarded as one of the great programs being watched and read(in manga) by everyone. Athletes train 8 hours a day and have perfected most of the football skills. Not only do they train physically, but mentally as well. They have integrated their kung-fu into the game of football.

As a result, the Kirins will play games in such a way that can only be visualized by other nations with special effects.
03-06-2003, 01:10
Alhana Catherine 3 - The Divine Llama 5

:( :cry: :oops: :( :cry: :oops: :( :oops: :cry: :oops: :oops: :(

:x :x :x
03-06-2003, 01:45
"What happen?"
"Someone set us up the bump!"

03-06-2003, 04:03

(we need ta know if the Oglethorpian Midshipmen have won or not)
03-06-2003, 04:06
too bad I don't know a thing about soccer

ditto :?

soccer rules I would have signed up if i knew about it earlier :?
03-06-2003, 05:06
An initial loss to Her Sexiness on Day I of the World Cup has not extinguished the Rivadavia citizens' pride and enthusiasm for their first Equipo Nacional Seleccionado, the Guanacos, and the team will continue to work hard, play hard, and enjoy the comraderie with other nations.
One Red Dot
03-06-2003, 05:32
Stu Dyogai: Good evening. I am Stu Dyogai and I will be your news presenter for this evening. Now to Sports News. The Free Land of One Red Dot have gained its first victory in the ongoing World Cup 4 in its debut appearance against Massassippi. It was quite a easy fight as the Red Dot Samurais scored 3 goals to the Massassippians lone goal.

For more details, catch the Red Dot Sports Update with Fann Atik later in the evening. This is Stu Dyogai signing off.
03-06-2003, 05:40
Announcer: As the World Cup opens the season, good news greets eager citizens of Gesamtkuntswerk. Despite the disadvantage of participating only for the first time in the WC, the Gesamtkuntswerk Sturms (Storms) have won a victory in the first round, besting the Dennisov team in a close 3-2 match. ::overlay to game cuts:: W.A. Trazom scores the first goal of the game in the twenty-first minute, with an assist from Hector Zoilreb. Then Dennisov team played aggressive offence, bagging two goals before the half was over. Rotation brought in Russian Rimsky Korsakov onto the field in the second half, rewarding the team with their second goal in the fifty-third minute. Emilo Ghezzi was tripped in the seventy-sixth minute, earning and successfully using a penalty shot. ::cut overlay:: Tight defence kept the Dennisovians from scoring again in the final moments, making the final score of 3-2 a keeper. Gesamtkuntswerkians look forward to the next round, eager to see more gameplay and, more enthusiastically, more victories. I am Peter Ilyich, reporting.
Spookistan and Jakalah
03-06-2003, 05:55
The people of Spookistan and Jakalah cluster around television sets and radios, in their homes, at bars, in their cars, even around large, temporary screens around the nation's capital, as the national team begins preparing for their first ever international game against McFitzerland. In their distinctive, and painful to look at uniforms of pink and orange, the team is ready for action.

Yes, the people are ready for this. They watch breathless. They watch the twin Jakalahan strikers, Takak and Balajal Tagarakak. They watch the 16 year old left back, Torren Borsten. But most of all, their eyes looking for the local legend, Tenerife Tenerife, unbeatable goalkeeper, international playboy, unofficial ambassador to the world, and sometimes embarrassment to the state. Will he live up to his enourmous reputation as an unwavering wall of hands in front of the net, or will he live up to his equally enourmous reputation as a womanising alcoholic?

The people of Spookistan and Jakalah have one question on their minds--Where is Tenerife Tenerife? Will he be cutting notches in his goalpost, or in his bedpost?
03-06-2003, 06:15
Altamira faced The Amused in the first round of qualifying for World Cup IV. The nation seeks its first berth on the national stage in, arguably, the toughest group in qualifying. The Altamiran spirits were high, but it was The Amused who struck first. In the 15th minute, some short play up front for The Amused caught the Altamiran defense flat-footed and it was, goalkeeper, Salvadore Cortez who would pick the ball up from the back of the netting and shouted some harsh words at his defenders.

The Altamiran defense would seem to heed the call and the back four would not allow any more goals in the remainder of the half. Altamira would climb into the match in the 35th minute, when a blast from the left foot of Gianni Gianelli rang off the crossbar and deflected over the outstretched fingers of The Amused's keeper. The rebound landed in front of Sean Grayson, who cleaned his plate and buried the equalizer. When the sides emerged for the second half, the boys from Altamira looked a little inspired. Almost immediately out of the gate, Altamira seemed to dominate the early second half and would take the lead in the 54th minute when Gianfranco Paglierra played a through ball to the boot of Sean Grayson. Grayson would blast a cannon from outside the area and celebrated as it made its way to the top corner. A buzz filled the stadium and confidence was high for the Altamiran side.

However, the celebration was short lived, when some more tricky play from The Amused forced the ball into Altamira's penalty area and an errant deflection from Miguel Moreno bulged his own net and brought the scoreline even.

The game would be decided in the 80th minute when, substitute striker, Filippe Vargas headed the ball toward the left post and watched it fall over the outstreched fingers of The Amused's sprawling netminder. The energy after the match for Altamira was unmatched. A few sloppy plays could have been the undoing for the Altamiran side, but fate was shining for them today. With two draws in their Group, Altamira finds themselves on top of the Group standings, set to meet second place Pumpkinia.
03-06-2003, 08:08
Thom Klaittun: "Welcome back to Sports At 10. The national Football team has come away with a 1 all draw in the opening match of the World Cup qualifiers, against Group favourite Dead Man. We will now show you highlights of the action, with match commentators, Anny Grai and Epiphania's Juan Bernobe."


Anny: Well it looks like we are going to have a good match here tonight, at the Corsa Parso Stadium, with the top two teams of the group facing off in the qualifying opener.

Juan: Yep, looks like! And how about we have a look at the starting line up:

Goalkeeper: (1) K. Truun
Defenders: (7) M. Hou; (3) K. K. Nevvytt; (17) V. Ajani
Midfield: (9) A. Brar; (26) B. Weddam; (8 ) V. Sukkar
Forwards: (10) M. Sheryn; (2) J. Saavedra (C); (14) J. Widjaja; (5) A. Byshai

Anny: A formidable lineup there, with a lot of room for moving some players about, don't you think?

Juan: Absolutely! I wouldn't be surprised if her moves the outer players back, and Nevvytt up to a midfield position if he is in a comfortable position during the game. Lets have a look at the lineup from Dead Man....


(7th minute)
Anny: Well, it looks like the players are having some trouble getting comfortable here, and Dead Man have the ball, trying to get it closer to the goal....

Juan: And a nice pass there from their midfielder and ITS A GOAAAALLLL! The Dead Man striker has sent a bullet through Truun's defence and they are up a goal in the 7th minute!

Anny: That is the first time Truun has let a ball past him in the last 6 matches but he was beaten by a world class player so....


(9th minute)
Juan: Dead Man are moving it back up again, and a nice tackle there by Nevvytt!

Anny: Yes, and he's immediately set it flying to Saavedra and he is in the clear moving towards the Dead Man goalie. Widjaja is with him and the rest of the players are behind them, it looks like its two on two and they're not going to catch him. Saavedra still has the ball and Widjaja is staying right beside him. And he passes and STRIKES AND ITS A GOAL! WIDJAJA HAS FOUND THE EQUALISER!

Juan: What a combination there! The defender wasn't going to be fooled into moving but at the last moment he chipped it to the right with some very fancy footwork to Widjaja, who just seemed to be prepared to put a very pwerful strike into the corner of the net and the goalie had no chance. Well, Spaam has hit right back here and its looking like a game here tonight....


(45th minute)
Anny: ....and thats half time. The game has reallly calmed down after the excitement in the first 10 minutes, and we haven't seen much more of the brilliance since then. Well, we'll see what happens in the second half.


(81st minute)
Juan: It just looks like both teams have been sitting on the ball for most of this match and are happy with just a draw, with Tosolini bringing most of his players back like were talking about before tha match. Certainly doesn't make for an exciting game in my opinion, but the players have to follow the coaches' directions so there is nothing we can do.

Anny: No, thats right, and it seems that the player are getting a bit antsy here, and WOAH! Ok, just what we were talking about has happened and Hou and the Dead Man number 6 have just come to blows here. Very unprofessional conduct and yes, the ref has given them both a red card. The teams are down to 10 players for the rest of the game and....


Thom: So Spaam has drawn with Dead Man in a game that started off brilliantly but ended up being a bit slow towards the end. Hou has a red card, so won't be playing in their next match against Kingsford, who has scored an impressive 4 nil win against newcomers Vegana. In the other group match the Caras Sidh Wings has defeated the highly trained Ineffectualism in exciting fashion 2 - 1. Next up....
03-06-2003, 09:07
*Understandably nervous, as this is their first World Cup, Team Goofball vents some tension by kidnapping several team mascots, painting them odd colors, and tying them in obscene poses.*
03-06-2003, 10:09
Skellor Collins, the KJV member whose pet-project this foray into the realms of international "competition" is, watches over each game carefully, his eyes beggining to tire after so long.

Of particular interest to him & team goalkeeper Belisarius are the games played by members of their own group, & of interest to all the players (When they cease their training for the day, which is slightly less intesive than the usual, on account of their upcoming match.) is the Snub Nose 38 - Ravenspire game.

"Well, this will set us in good stead, I would hope. We will be playing 38 fresh tomorrow, & they may still be tuckered out & demoralised after their defeat today." Was Belisarius' careful prediction, his eyes hard, his demenour so patently cold & calculating that it might send a shiver down the spine of a lesser man.

"Yes, yes..." the agent agreed, the vast majority of his attention still fixed upon the screens. "However, they may be spurred on to greater deeds after failing their nation, & they have experience that we do not."

"HA!" The keeper spat, his voice dripping contempt. "We shall expect the unexpected tomorrow, of course, but these nations are weak. They have neither the same sense of pride or shame as do the children of the God-Emperor."

"Yes...of course..." The agent still paying more attention to the screen. "But you will not underestimate them, Belisarius. Or you shall suffer for it."

However detached the agent Skellor might have been, there could be no mistaking the truth in such a frank & unconcerned threat. The keeper rose, signalling to the rest of his team-mates. His eyes, if possible, hardened further.

"Not for a second, Sir. Come! We will train, whilst there are still a few hours of daylight to be had!"

The players rose quickly, filing out of the door.

...& the agent remained in place, watching the screens carefully.

Always watching.
The Imperial Navy
03-06-2003, 10:14
#3-2! 3-2!#


*Orders team to be payed more.*
03-06-2003, 11:02
World Cup IV Qualifying Table is here:
:!: :!:

03-06-2003, 11:18
OOC: Oh, cool. Who do we have to thank?
03-06-2003, 12:07
Me. :P
03-06-2003, 12:33
OCC: Thanks for that.. it's really cool.. especially the colors. And yay! We're on top!
Dyelli Beybi
03-06-2003, 12:39
The usual soccer riot errupted in Cyro upon hearing the National team had one for once. Interestingly Dyelli Beybi has qualified for every world cup played yet this is only their 4rth recorded victory...
The riot quickly dispersed when the air force did a fly over with a squadron of Su-25s.
03-06-2003, 12:51
OCC: Thanks for that.. it's really cool.. especially the colors. And yay! We're on top!

Gotta love excel ;) And you are going down! We managed to keep Dead Man to a draw, so we should wipe you ;)


Sherry Theoballtt: This is Sherry Theoballtt for SNN live from Brazillico and I am speaking with Spaam national football coach Lopes Tosolini. So Lopes, firstly, what are your reactions after last night's match?

Lopes: Well, I was happy overall with the way the boys performed, and their defense in the second half was good. And the draw gives us a good start in the Quualifying stage.

Sherry: And what of your next match against Kingsford?

Lopes: They have certainly improved since the last World Cup, and their whitewash of Vegana is a perfect indication of that. So it should be a tough match. However I am confident that we will do well.

Sherry: Thankyou Coach Tosolini. This is Sherry Theoballtt for SNN.
03-06-2003, 12:51
I've been away for the last few days, so I wasn't aware that I had to reconfirm my application to participate in WC IV. Now I seem to no longer be on the list even though I originaly put my name down quite a long time ago. It strikes me as rather harsh to loose my place in WC IV just because I went on holiday for a few days. Is there any chance of getting back in?

Since you're a veteran of two cups and ranked at 8, I'm gonna boot one team out of the cup who showed passive interest towards the cup and was yet to post, Canadiensiana, and stick you in their place in their qualifying group. You'll have to go through qualifying though, instead of getting an automatic birth which you would have otherwise won on ranking.

That’s fantastic. Cheers. :D
The Imperial Navy
03-06-2003, 12:57
Gotta love excel ;) And you are going down! We managed to keep Dead Man to a draw, so we should wipe you ;)

We beat Proxy 3-2! we're on the road to victory!
03-06-2003, 13:24
Ariddia 4 – Digitex 3
Runaway Moose 2 – Haraki 4
Rivadavia 0 - Her Sexyness 3

The team.

*** = a player who has been in the team since WC1
** = a player who has been in the team since WC2
* = a player who has been in the team since WC3

The now mythical numbers 3 and 16 are still worn by Boulanger and Singh. Rumours suggest this might be their last World Cup, as both are beginning to age a little... But those are just rumours...

Nuage (2), who had been with the team since the beginning has, sadly, retired, as have Rodney Chang (18 ) and Aaron Lake (10). The veterans will be missed by many Ariddian supporters...

GK: Michel Boulanger (3, capt) ***
DEF: Tina Realm (9) **, Yves Martin (11) *, Jean Cerf (4), Vic Blau (15)
MID: Michel Legris (8 )*, Ranjit Khan (7) *, Alain Vinazzu (10), Kim Sun-Pak (19)
ATT: Terry Singh (16) ***, Raphael Ford (2)

GK: Timothy Marsh (1)***, Vicky Hill (23) **
DEF: Nathaniel Guildenstern (21) **, Boris Stairs (20) *, Eric Small (5), John Ness (13)
MID: Raph Khaled (22) *, Michel Leschamps (14) *, Samuel "Striker" Wade (17), Colin Jones (18 )
ATT: Rob Seagull (12) ***, Myrtille Dubois (6) *

Rob (Commentator): "And, ladies and gentlemen, we're under way! Welcome back to the magic of the world cup. Ariddia is in once again, with many players supporters have grown to know and love... and quite a few new faces, too! Tim?"

Tim: "Quite. It'll be interesting to see what strategy they try this time. Ariddia has never played against Digitex before, and..."

Rob: "We're underway! Well, a good start, Khan has taken the ball, playing back to Legris, Realm... Attackers pressing in, she has to pass to Blau... He's lost it! Digitex shoots... And a first save by Boulanger. Whew..."

Tim: "Not such a wonderful start afterall. But the game is just beginning..."

10th minute:
Tim: "Well yes, it would seem the 4-4-2 formation is definitely a thing of the past. Defenders such as Realm have proved their talent in previous games, but I doubt they could hold out alone without..."

Rob: "Khan has the ball again. He passes to Kim, onto Singh... Well played! And a cheer goes up from the Ariddian supporters in the stadium as their favourite attacker has the ball. Singh slips through the defences... No, he won't get past here. He... nice pass to Ford! Ford swings, strikes... and it's in! It's a goal! Oh, and what a magnificent strike by a new player, Raph Ford!"

Tim: "And Ariddia begins this World Cup with a goal in the 11th minute. Let's hope it's a good sign..."

14th minute:
Tim: "Well, that was magnificently played by the Digitex team. I don't see how Boulanger could have stopped that one... A beautiful shot. Cerf looks annoyed at himself for letting that attacker get through..."

28th minute:
Rob: "And 2-1 for Digitex. Tim, what happened here?"

Tim: "I think Realm and Blau miscommunicated. There was a bit of a muddle here... Not good. Anyway, this puts Digitex in the lead."

47th minute:
Tim: "Legris... Vinazzu... Legris... Singh... It's... No, they obtain a corner."

Rob: "Played by Legris. I think Singh... Yes! He sends it straight in! Singh equalises for Ariddia!"

Tim: "And just in time to boost the team's self-confidence. It's half-time; we'll see you for the second part of this exciting game!"

OOC: Digitex, want to take it from here? ;)
Europa Brittania
03-06-2003, 13:38
(OOC: just out of curiousity, when Can I expect to play? so I can keep my eye on the thread......)
03-06-2003, 13:50
Announcer 1: And in sports news, the Haraki Hawks have defeated the team from the Runaway Moose in the World Cup 4.

Announcer 2: Yeah, it really was an exciting game.

1: Here's some of the finer points:

--- Taped news broadcast ---

1: In the 7th minute, Kristoffer goes forward, and completely dekes out two Moose midfields, he passes it up to Hannegan, the pass avoids another one, Hannegan takes it up, then passes it back to Kristofer, who takes and shoots, and - OH, HE SCORES!

2: Some excellent teamwork there by the hawks.

1: Yes, oh, here comes the oppposition, in the 10th minute, three forwards, all passing back and forth. He passes, pass back, these guys are going so fast I can barely see them!

2: He passes again, passes back, and oh, he shoots ... He scores! It's a 1-1 tie!

-In the 23rd minute-

1: And it looks like the Moose players are using their offense trick again!

2: They're passing it back and forth and - Oh, look, Arik stole the ball! He passes it up to Hannegan, who's going forwards.

1: And he passes it up to Kristoffer, who's being faced down by three opposing defence players. Kristoffer passes it back, to Arik!

2: He's going up - Oh, right past him! Arik's on a breakaway ... And he shoots and scores!

1: And the Hawks are leading, 2-1!

-In the 44th minute-

1: Some fierce action in there, now Arik's got it, to Hannegan, over to Gery, over back to Airk, getting farther and farther up the field each time ... Thirty seconds, it's over to Arik again, Hannegan, Gery, and over to Kristoffer, who shoots and SCORES! He scores, with ten seconds left in the half!

-In the 4th minute of the second half-

1: And a Moose mid-field is on a breakaway! He's up, right past Arik, over to a forward, and the midfield draws back ... The forward shoots...

2: And he scores! It's still tha Hawk's game, 3-2!

-In the 21st minute-

2: Here come the 4, again. Over to Hannegan, Gery, Hannegan, Gery, Oh, Gery goes down just as he passes to Kristoffer. He passes it to Arik, over to Hannegan ... He shoots ... And he scores!

-End of the game-

2: And the Hawks win, 4-2, over the team from Moose.
Europa Brittania
03-06-2003, 14:00
(OOC: Might I make some suggestions for when the Cup Proper begins....

1) an award for Highest scorer, 2nd highest and 3rd highest. (gold silver & bronze respectivley)

2) An award for a country or team that displays the best good sportsmanship (Sportsmanship Award)

Just some thoughts,)
03-06-2003, 14:12
First game of the second WorldCup Dennisov entered, would be played against a newcomer. Having been one themselves last year, the players were warned. Surely these teams would pull up a wall of defenders and just wait for the inevitable openings.
After 21 minutes disaster struck when Zoilreb found enough room in the Dennisov defense to enable Trazom to score the first goal of their campaign. The Dennisov manager, usually calm and composed on the bench hit his head with the proverbial right hand. A trade mark he had made his own. The Dennisov players, this year without their hockey gear hadnt lost their aggressiveness. The players tried to get behind the goalie to try a wrap-around, but this goal was disallowed.
Nevertheless both Mario Lemieux and Gordie Howe were able to score, one from a long way out. The defenders of Gesamtkuntswerk (Storms) were making the available space smaller and smaller. The second half, Dennisov decided that it would let the storm storm, so to speak, confident that they would hold on to their 1 goal lead.
10 minutes into the second half, replacement Korsakov managed to find enough room between tight checking defenders to beat the Dennisov goalie, Tretchak. The trick had failed, and to make matters worse the referee of the day awared the newcommers a penalty when defender Leetch caught Ghezzi from behind to avoid a sure goal. Leetch was sent off and Gasamtkuntswerk converted the opportunity.
Fans in Dennisov went home disappointed, blaming the absense of any draft pick opportunities for this defeat.
The manager wasnt available for comments.
03-06-2003, 14:57
Damn that tie, now I only have 1 pt instead of 3.


The Oglethorpian Midshipmen better prove themselves next game.
03-06-2003, 15:02
(OOC: just out of curiousity, when Can I expect to play? so I can keep my eye on the thread......)

The qualfying features 7 matches and I'll post results every day so the cup itself should be up in about a week.
Total n Utter Insanity
03-06-2003, 15:10
(OOC: Might I make some suggestions for when the Cup Proper begins....

1) an award for Highest scorer, 2nd highest and 3rd highest. (gold silver & bronze respectivley)

2) An award for a country or team that displays the best good sportsmanship (Sportsmanship Award)

Just some thoughts,)

How would that work? You have to RP a team first, then say who scored, then add up all the goals. Sounds too much like work :) , but if you want to do it :wink:
03-06-2003, 15:15
The Oglethorpian Midshipmen made a good run at it and kept up with Pumkinia, but couldn't seem to pull off a last goal for a win.

Goals were;

Phillip Bjorn (#2) 36th minute
Hideo Kojima (#6) 54th minute

Hopefully next game the team will pull off a victory. We're glad to have at least got one point and not none.
03-06-2003, 15:15
(OOC: Might I make some suggestions for when the Cup Proper begins....

1) an award for Highest scorer, 2nd highest and 3rd highest. (gold silver & bronze respectivley)

2) An award for a country or team that displays the best good sportsmanship (Sportsmanship Award)

Just some thoughts,)

How would that work? You have to RP a team first, then say who scored, then add up all the goals. Sounds too much like work :) , but if you want to do it :wink:

OOC: Another flaw I could see with the highest scorer award is that teams would deliberately make the same guy score all the time to try to win it.

I wouldn't have a problem with a Most Goals by a Team award though, or sportsmanship either for that matter.
03-06-2003, 15:18
Al Quds 1 - Moyk 1
Pablicosta 1 - Dennisov 2
Gesamtkuntwerk 3 - Proxy 1

Snub Nose 38 0 - Rhaken Kull 3
Ravenspire 5 - Spookistan and Jakalah 1
McFitzerland 1 - One Red Dot 0

Ariddia 6 - Shinjo ViCu 2
Digitex 1 - Runaway Moose 2
Haraki 1 - Rivadavia 1

Lemmitania 1 - Lunatic Goofballs 1
Dyelli Beybi 3 - Alhana Catherine 3
The Divine Llama 4 - Enelando 2

Dead Man 2 - GATMOG 3
Spaam 2 - Kingsford 1
Vegana 2- Ineffectualism 1

Alasdair I Frosticus 1 - Vegimate 2
Jurassica 3 - Oglethorpia 3
Pumpkinia 0 - Altamira 4

OOC: I'll try to post the results everyday around this time
03-06-2003, 15:19
AW - another tie.

No way.

Well, still, better than a loss. If Jurassica sees this, either of us can RP I don't mind.
The Imperial Navy
03-06-2003, 15:20
Interview with the Imperial Navy Manager:

"So, how do you think you did?"

"We though it was all over in the First Half, with proxy 2 goals ahead."

"But luckily for us, Henry Godson, our star striker was on form in the second half, scoring 2 goals himself, and Peter Samson scored the winner in the 90th minute! We're proud of those two boys, and we expect them to be partying tonight. Now if you'll excuse me."

Goals from the Imperial Navy: (Minutes included.)

Godson, 56, 73
Samson, 90
03-06-2003, 15:31
After an evening session of soccer v. hockey tactics, the manager felt he finally had gotten through to his players. No more wrap-around goals, those were more than likely to be disallowed.

The second game against Pablicosta. Without the aging defender Leetch in the squad, Dennisov started calmly. The forwards Neely and Bossy were quite a handful for the Pablicosta defenders, nevertheless they didn't manage to get a shot on goal between them. The only goal of the first half however came from Dennisov, when defender Chelios deflected a corner into the Pablicosta goal with his head.
The second half saw a more balanced game, with Pablicosta showing off their superior skills with the ball. The Dennisov midfield was being overrun with a rather enjoyable showcasing of finesse and control on the part of Pablicosta.
As Pablicosta pushed ever more forward to get their much deserved equaliser, Dennisov's right midfielder suddenly broke away, fed with a pass from Morris he made a run for the opposing goal and finished the opportunity with a cool efficiency.
The second goal by Dennisov didn't discourage Pablicosta at all, as their pressure kept building. Tretchak had to make some very important saves to keep the two goal lead.
A brilliant chip did produce Pablicosta's first goal of the game, but by then it was already too late as the referee signaled for full time just 3 minutes later.
Once again the manager was unavailable for any comments.
03-06-2003, 17:28
After achieving first round victory, the Gesamtkuntswerk Sturms worked hard not to lose their edge. Looking at gameplay from both their game and the games of other teams, the Sturms reworked their strategy and came at Proxy full strength.

Starting with gusto early in the game, the Sturms, led by O.V. Bismarck, scored their first goal in the seventh minute, wowing both the Proxy team as well as the crowd with a dazzling bicycle kick. The Sturms then played smart defense, regaining control of the ball and spearheading another attack onto the Proxy defence. After a drawn-out struggle with Proxy, W.A. Trazom stopped a field kick with his body and knocked it past the defence, earning another point for Gesamtkuntswerk. The Sturms kept it strong, forcing past Proxy's defence once again and allowing for V. Aldi to score off a deflection in the closing minute of the first half.

The Sturms shifted strategy, pulling out its top attackers and opting for a strengthened defence. The Proxy team kept possession for the majority of the half but only managed to score one goal before the game was out. Gesamtkuntswerkians and supporters everywhere look eagerly to the next game with hopes of more victories to come.
03-06-2003, 18:30
OOC: HA! Result. This should allow me to type up a good, RPed introductory game.

May I type up the match IC, Snub Nose? All I'd need is maybe a little info on the way your team plays (Unless someone else who's seen them play can tell me first.) & maybe a little time (I'll probably be going out, so a few hours.) to get it up. Innuendo unintended. :roll:
03-06-2003, 18:52
"...and that's why people cut off other people's heads. Next on World News, we go straight to Gabe Banners, who's in Brazillico giving us live coverage from World Cup 4! Gabe?"

"Thanks Dan. It sure is great to be here.. all of the culture, and the amazing stadiums! Wow. Well, Kingsford had a great start in World Cup 4 with a 4-0 shut out against Vegana. However, the purple, gold and black were dampened with a 2-1 loss to Spaam. I'm here with Keeper Taver Raenan, the backup goalie who played the 2nd half, do to an injury. Taver, were you dissapointed with Kingsford's Performance?"

"You know, Gabe, it's hard against a team like Spaam to keep them shut out. We got a goal early on, but they slipped two by me during the last 20 minutes of the game."

"How'd they manage that?"

"Well, after we had a foul in the box, they stuck a free kick by me, and then they switched to a 5-4-1 formation, in which our conservative 3-4-3 was not able to contend against."

"Well, you certainly played a great game."

"Thank you Gabe. Being just the reserve, I only got my first World Level play in today, because on the Northern City Nobles, we just don't have that kind of competition. Overall, though, it was a great game."

"What do you think of the rest of Group E?"

"Well, I know we lost to Dead Man in a friendly in World Cup 3. I expect the four teams to go through will be Dead Man, Kingsford, Spaam, and probably GATMOG."

"You played Vegana yesterday.. do you think they have a good chance?"

"Well, they're a very young team, however, I think we'll be able to pull ahead of them.. we just have to get ourselves in an offensive position and score more goals than they do. The ball will be in our court.. and we have to keep it there."

"Thank you Taver. One more thing, how do you like Brazillico?"

"Oh, it's wonderful. The people are very kind and excellent.. and the culture is rich.. not to mention the nightlife."

"Alright, back to Dan Collins in Kingsford City."

"Well, it sure looks great there. After the break, an interview with Madonna, and famous IQs of 3rd World Countries, right after this..."
03-06-2003, 19:42
Tim: "Welcome back to Brazillico, and the World Cup continues with a second batch of matches... And we've seen some good playing all round so far. Rob?"

Rob: "Absolutely. Let's hope it stays that way tonight. You're joining us for Ariddia's second match, against Shinjo ViCu. What do we know about them, Tim?"

Tim: "Remarkably little. They're one of many new teams come to try and prove their talent, and we wish them best of luck... well, except tonight, of course."

Rob: "Let's see the lineup for Ariddia's team..."

GK: Michel Boulanger (3, capt)
DEF: Tina Realm (9), Nathaniel Guildenstern (21), Jean Cerf (4), Vic Blau (15)
MID: Ranjit Khan (7), Alain Vinazzu (10), Kim Sun-Pak (19), Raph Khaled (22)
ATT: Terry Singh (16), Myrtille Dubois (6)

Rob: "The national anthems have been played... and here we go!"

Tim: "Shinjo ViCu have the ball, and they're pushing forward with a lot of determination. Realm and Cerf are moving in, blocking them... The ball is passed around a little... A shot... No problem for Boulanger. Blau has the ball, passes to Realm..."

22nd minute:
Tim: "Still no goals so far. Dubois has the ball, she's streaking into Shinjo's defence..."

Rob: "We didn't see Dubois play much in the last World Cup, but she's fast. And agile... Watch her..."

Tim: "She passes to Singh, he passes back... Oops... No, she's still got it! She tries a shot... It's in!"

Rob: "Ariddia opens the score! Listen... Look at the Ariddian supporters in the stadium. What are they..."

Tim: "They're chanting the names of the Ariddian players! Cheering on the team..."

Supporters: "Number 1: Timothy... Marsh! Number 2: Raphael... Ford! Number..."

Tim: "That's great! Let's hope it helps..."

29th minute:
Tim: "Khaled is getting back up, looks like it's nothing serious. The game can go on... Khaled kicks the ball, sends it... over two defenders... and Singh is there to intercept! The defenders are moving in; he passes it quickly to Dubois... Goal!! She's scored a second goal! Only a young player, but my, she's proving she's got what it takes! That's 2-0 for Ariddia."

40th minute:
Rob: "2-1 so far, and anything can happen. The supporters are still cheering... My, Tim, was that a foul?"

Tim: "Singh is definitely claiming it is. Seems the referee agrees... That'll be a penalty kick. Who's going to... Singh is going to kick it. Well, I wouldn't like to be the Shinjo goalkeeper."

Rob: "It's in, a lovely shot. But this game is far from over... Another 50 minutes, an eternity in which everything can change..."

OOC: Shinjo ViCu, over to you? ;)

8pm news:
Yasmina Jones (presentator): "...Emergency measures have been taken, though local authorities seem certain there's little risk the river will overflow. Onto sport, now, and good news for Ariddia in the Brazillico World Cup! After a 4-3 victory in the opening game against Digitex, Ariddia have won their second match 6-2 against a very energetic team from Shinjo ViCu. We have attacker Myrtille Dubois on the line from Bazillico. Myrtille, first of all, congratulations."

Myrtille Dubois (a little out of breath): "Thank you... We're just... very happy right now..."

Yasmina: "That was quite a performance. You yourself scored three goals..."

Myrtille: "I know, I couldn't believe it! I... I'm just glad... But it was a team effort, and... Our opponents were good, they made it a good, challenging match."

Yasmina: "Myrtille, commentators have noted a new pattern in the team's playing. You've gone back to pressing attacks and scoring quite a number of goals, but this time the team manages to keep a solid defence. Has the team finally found the adequate balance?"

Myrtille: "I hope so! With two matches, it's too early to say, but... if we have, we'll try very hard to keep it up. We'll do our best, and make it as far as... as we possibly can."

Yasmina: "Thank you, Myrtille, and good luck."
03-06-2003, 20:05
Shemp Wooley: …And here on time delay is the national radio broadcast of Lemmitania’s second match, against Lunatic Goofballs. Joining us for the commentary will be Gil Lemson and Clem Gilson, who arrived last night in lovely Brazillico after an all-night flight from Lemmington, where they reported on-- or should we say partook in-- festivities surrounding the Lemmington Lemmings’ national rugby championship.

Clem, Gil, nice to have you with us.

Gil: Nice to be ‘ere, Shemp.

Clem: Likewise.

Shemp: You look a little under the weather, Clem. Feeling like you’re ready to call the game?

Clem: Just had a little too much of that yak-milk cheese last night.

Gil: ‘e was on a bender to end all benders. A bender-ender, don’t you know?

Shemp: Well, I hope you can hold it together for today’s match. Here come the boys in orange onto the field. Maybe you’d like to do the introductions for the fans back home?

Gil: I’d be much obliged. Well, first on the field there is Henny Henneman, the star hooker for Lemmingville. A mean drop-kick ‘e ‘as, Shemp. And right after ‘im that’s the Rosco twins wot plays for Lemvoola. On the left, ‘at’s Roger who’s a righteous left prop and Wilco there’s one of the top locks in the game. Then you got a passle o’ backs coming on, I don’t recall all their names at the moment—

Clem: That would be Mickelson, Hartford, Lemstater, Chang, and Debrowski.

Gil: All fine kids, wouldn’t you gents agree?

Shemp: Fine young men, all of them. But do you know what positions they’ll be playing in today’s game?

Gil: Oh, ‘ell, I don’t know. I imagine Chang’ll be winger, Hartford’s usually in at fullback, but so is Mickelson,’f I’m not mistaken. This is sort of wot you’d call an ‘all-star’ squad, Shemp. Players taken from ‘ere and there to give our Cup team the best players in the game. So Coach Lemster can put ‘em wherever ‘e think’s best, you know.

Shemp: Yes, but today they’re playing—

Clem: Look look look, something’s happening.

Shemp: Well, gents, it looks like the match is about to start, so I’ll be signing off. Good luck. I think you’ll need it.

Gil: Wot’s ‘at ‘e’s doing?

Clem: The referee is bringing the ball out to midfield and the players are taking positions. But we should probably explain for our listeners that if we sound a little confused, it’s because they’re not forming a scrum.

Gil: Is this some sort of foreign international rules?

Clem: I don’t know what they’re doing, Gil.

Gil: They’ve started kicking the ball around. Some sort of warm up, you think, Clem?

Clem: Shemp said it’s the start of the game. And the ref blew his whistle.

Gil: ‘e blew ‘is whistle all right, but damned if I can say why.

Clem: To signal the start of play, I think.

Gil: What kind of game is that? That ain’t rugby.

Clem: I don’t know. Let me check these—oh. Oh. I see. Folks, I’ve just been informed that this is not a rugby match.

Gil: Bloody ‘ell!

Clem: The game is called football, but it’s not rugby football.

Gil: You mean there’s another kind of football?

Clem: Could—Mike, can you send someone for—I don’t know, a rulebook or something? We’re a little lost here—(muffled) Folks, just bear with us. Bear with us and we’ll try to let you know what’s going on.

Gil: A ‘ole lot of runnin’ around is wot’s going on, mates. And kickin’ some kind of ball wot looks all round and circular.

Clem: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll try to do our best to cover the match. Ah, thanks, Mike. Gil, do you want to do the honors while I brush up on the rules of the sport?

Gil: Bloody ‘ell. Well, Henneman’s followin’ the ball around an’ e’s got a lot of those Lunatic Goofballs around ‘im. Nobody’s tackling anyone. No, wait, it’s the Goofballs who’s doin’ the following, an’ Henneman’s runnin’ after them. Clem. Clem!

Clem: Yes, Gil?

Gil: Who’s that kid from Lemming City, the flanker?

Clem: Joe Gorstein?

Gil: No, the blindside flanker.

Clem: Um… Schneider.

Gil: Right, Schneider. That’s the kid wot’s got the ball now. I mean, ‘e did a while back, when I was saying it. Wot they got the nets down at the bottom of the goalposts for, Clem?

Clem: I’m just reading up on that now.


(22nd minute)

Gil: …and ‘e kicks it. Now some other bloke kicks it. And it goes over ‘is ‘ead. Kicked by another bloke. Oh, that was a beauty. They’re all running the other way now. And ‘ere comes another bloke from off the side, and ‘e kicks it. Wot the ‘ell’s the point, is wot I’d like to know? Is there a way to score in this game?

Clem: Well, I think I’ve got a grip on it, folks. I’ve just read through the FIFA concise rules. So with luck our commentary will become a little more coherent from here out.

Gil: Oh, thank god. You take over, I’m going out for a beer.

Clem: Bring me back something.

Gil: What d’you want?

Clem: I don’t care. I’ll try whatever’s local.

Gil: You sure? You don’t know what the water’s like around ‘ere.

Clem: Look at it this way: I can’t get much sicker than I already am.

Gil: Yeah, you don’t look so good. You sure it’s safe to leave you ‘ere?

Clem: I’ll be fine. Just don’t get lost. All right, folks, let’s see what’s going on down there on the field. Well, I’ll be—It looks like the Lunatic Goofballs just scored! They’re really excited about something—Sorry we missed it folks, I’m sure it was an exciting play. Yes, they definitely scored. That makes the match one to nothing. That’s one point for a goal. I know it doesn’t seem like much after all the effort that went into it, but that’s the rule of the game. One point per goal. All right, they’re back and midfield, and we’re going to have a scrum. I mean a kickoff. No scrum. No scrum, folks, they just start kicking the ball in this game. And they’re kicking it. Kicking it around. I’m sorry I can’t be much more descriptive. The Goofballs are passing it around, and now Mickelson’s got it! Mickelson’s got it and he’s running down the field! And he stops. The Goofballs are kind of gathering around him. And he passes it across field to Henneman. I should point out for our listeners back in Lemmitania that in this game, players are only allowed to kick the ball or hit it with their heads. So when I say they’re passing the ball, what I really mean is, they’re kicking it. To each other. It’s not really as efficient as a nice toss, but that’s the rules of the game. Woo. All this talking is really winding me. I definitely should have known when to say when last night. But I’ll be okay. I will be okay, folks. I hope Clem makes it back soon. And they are still kicking the ball. The Goofballs have it right now. And it’s back to… you know, I’m really not feeling it at the moment. Really not feeling it. Uh, Mike? Mike?

--Dead air—

Final score: Lemmitania 1, Lunatic Goofballs 1
03-06-2003, 21:36
*BSN, the Brazillico Sports Network is offering some coverage and analysis into the qualifying groups, with analysts Roberto Puyol and Junior Gasol*

Puyol: Qualifying for World Cup 4 is underway and we have to say, we have seen our fair share of surprises thus far.

Gasol: Indeed, one of the biggest ones coming from Group A, likely the toughest group in the field, featuring established footballing nations such as Al Quds, Moyk, Pablicosta and Dennisov as well as Proxy, Gesamtkuntwerk and The Imperial Navy. Gesamtkuntwerk find themselves leading the group after victories over Dennisov and Proxy, while Al Quds is close behing with 4 points, followed by The Imperial Navy and Dennisov with 3 points each.

Puyol: Now lets take a look at Group B, where one of the favourites to win the group, Snub Nose 38, somehow find themselves dead last.

Gasol: Roberto, that truly is a shocker. Snub Nose 38 made it to the World Cup in Total n Utter Insanity, but have suffered two quick losses to Ravenspire and Rhaken Kull, arguably two of the better teams in this group, but no excuse for two losses by the highest ranked team of the group. Ravenspire is leading the group with 6 points, followed by 4 team tied for 2nd with 3 points, notably Rhaken Kull, One Red Dot, McFitzerland and Spookistan and Jakalah.

Puyol: As we look on to Group C, we can’t say there are any big surprises here, with Ariddia heading the group and returning to the form that saw them boast the best offence in World Cup 2.

Gasol: Ariddia have scored 10 goals in 2 games, they are indeed looking in fine form. They appear to have this group under control, with 6 points, followed by Haraki with four points and Her Sexyness and Runaway Moose close behind with three.

Puyol: The Divine Llama was totally unknown to most in the football community before this competition, but with 2 wins in their first two games, they’re quickly making a name for themselves.

Gasol: That’s correct Roberto. With a total of 34 goals being scored in the 6 games in Group D, its obvious that these teams are throwing caution to the wind. The Divine Llama thus far has scored 9 goals, while allowing 5, which is looking to be a respectable tally in this group. The real shock here is Lemmitania, a team that nearly made it into the round of 16 last cup has only been able to muster a point in two games. Divine Llama leads the group with 6 points, followed by Dyelli Beybi with four, Audioslavia with three, and three teams tied at one point.

Puyol: Looks like anyone could make it out of Group D and the same could be said of Group E, which appears to be the most competitive of qualifying thus far.

Gasol: Group E is one of the most talent filled groups and that is leading to some very competitive football. Dead Man, a team which made the round of 16 has only scored a point in their first 2 games. That shouldn’t be much of a concern, since the leader of the group, Spaam, has only 4 points, while followed by Kingsford, Caras Sidh, GATMOG and Vegana with three.

Puyol: And another shocker developing here, Alasdair I Frosticus, a perennial contender find themselves on the outside looking a less than spectacular start in Group F.

Gasol: At the beginning of qualifying, it looked like it was going to be a cakewalk for Alasdair I Frosticus, with 5 out of the 7 teams having relatively no international experience at all. However, these teams want it just as bad as the experienced ones do and they’re taking the fight to them. Altamira is the class of the group so far with 6 points, lagging behind in second place is Vegimate with three points, followed by Oglethorpia and Jurassica with two points to round out the top four.

Puyol: Well, that’s all the time we have for today, I’d like to thank Junior Gasol for his always welcome insight and this has been the Qualifier Report.
03-06-2003, 23:07
(a scene of Oglethorpia's Midshipmen shortly after the match)

A reporter runs up to Phillip Bjorn, captain of the Oglethorpian team.

Reporter: Phillip, can you tell us what happened out there?
Phillip Bjorn: Well we managed to score three goals, Kojima with one early there in the game and Fitzgerald with the other two. We just couldn't keep an advantage of the Jurassica team.
Reporter: Are you disappointed?
PB: Definitely. That makes two ties for us. We've got to start winning some games to get up there in the qualifying ranks.
Reporter: Well Phillip, thanks for giving us some insight. The best of luck to you and the team!
PB: My pleasure.

Well, that's the second game of Oglethorpia's world cup qualifying. It ended in another tie, 3 to 3 against the Jurassica team. We're wishing them the best!
03-06-2003, 23:07
Double post.
Spookistan and Jakalah
03-06-2003, 23:32
OOC: I see we got creamed by Ravenspire, but I can't find the score for the Spookistan and Jakalah vs. McFitzerland game. Are scores being posted elsewhere, or just in this forum?
Dead Man
03-06-2003, 23:57
So what I am gone?
04-06-2003, 02:03
OOC: No, you're not out. This is round-robin and the top 4 go through into the main stage.


Thom: "And welcome back to Sports At 10. In World Cup Qualifier news, Spaam has come back from a 1 nil deficit in the 70th minute to win 2-1 against Kingsford, and to lead their group after two games. Here are some highlights from the game..."


Anny: ....So it looks like Coach Tosolini is going with the same sort of lineup as last match, the most notable change being Matius Anthon replacing Hou who received a red card from their last match. And now the teams are coming onto the field....


(7th minute)
Juan: ....and a nice pass from the Kingsfordian midfielded to their striker who shoots and GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!! Kingsford has got a goal early in this match and they are not happy there....

Anny: No, definitely not. From the replays I think Truun could just not see their striker and so was caught quite unawares. This is the same place that Dead Man scored their goal last game too and so Spaam is down early on yet again. Can they score an equaliser like last time?


(47th minute)
Anny: And the Coach Tosolini is not happy here. They have not had a decent shot at goal at all this half and are still down 1 nil. Kingsford is dominating this game like the did against Vegana, though Spaam's defense is still hanging in there and thats half time! I'm sure Tosolini is going to have some harsh words with his players.


(50th minute)
Anny: Kingsford is almost panicking here! Coach Lopes Tosolini must've really gotten through to the team, because that and the changes he made in the break are really putting the pressure onto Kingsford. And wunderkid Widjaja has the ball yet again....

Juan: And he shoots and GOAL! NO! WHAT A SAVE! Oh my Ehlonna, that has to be the save of the year from the Kingsford Keeper! Widjaja sent it rocketing and I mean ROCKETING to the corner of the net and their keeper just flew and managed to make it hit the post and out of goal. What a save and....

Anny: ....and he is not getting up! It looks like their goalie is hurt here and they are going to have to replace him here.

Juan: Indeed, and there comes his replacement Taver Raenan onto the field. What a blow for Kingsford....


(70th minute)

Anny: Kingsford a seriously tiring here with Spaam putting incredible pressure onto them. Credit though, because they are still up 1 nil, and Kingsford keeper Raenan is doing a magnificent job. But how long can they last with what looks like a 5-4-1 setup here. KK has been moved up to a center position between forward and midfield, and coach Tosolini has brought in the only female player on the team, number 20 Lehua Hoopai into center midfield.

Juan: Yes, and they've been keeping the ball practically in the Kingsford end and what was that? Oooh.... that has to be a foul from the Kingsford defender against KK.

Anny: Yes it is, and KK has a free kick from right in front.... they're wasting no time here.... he shoots and GOAL! Spaam has finally come up with the equaliser with a free kick by K. K. Nevvytt and the pressure has finally payed off.


(85th minute)
Juan: Saavedra and Widjaja moving up.... Widjaja is going to shoot, NO, he passes and SAAVEDRA SHOOTS AND SCORES! They completely fooled Kingsford's Raenan and so Spaam has hit the front 2 - 1 in the 85th minute of this game. Tosolini's changes have definitely paid off here tonight.


Thom: And that was Spaam winning 2 - 1 in scintillating fashion against Kingsford. Now, we have here via sattelite again, national Football coach, Lopes Tosolini. Lopes, are you happy with your team's performance?

Lopes: Hello Thom. Yes, I am. We had to play around with the positions a bit, but after that they performed to my expectations. But we do have some improvements to do.

Thom: Like not letting past goals in the 7th minute?

Lopes: ~laughs~ Exactly. I'll put it down to not being comfortable yet, but I'll be making sure we don't give the opponents that sort of advantage again.

Thom: Next up you're facing Gatmog who managed to do away with Dead Man 3-2. Chances?

Lopes: Well, it looks Gatmog is a well rounded team, but in their credit, Dead Man was a bit unlucky with the refereeing in that game. We managed to put away Kingsford, so we will be giving ourselves a good chance of coming up with the goods again.

Thom: This group is looking like it is the closest again, reminiscent of last World Cup.

Lopes: Yes it does, but if we can come up with another win, I think we should be able to get through. But right now we are just taking it one match at a time.

Thom: Finally, Lehua Hoopai, the sole female player on your team.

Lopes: I am quite pleased with her performance, and I will see if I can bring her in again next match. But we won't be treating her any differently form any other player.

Thom: Thankyou Coach Tosolini. In other news, Vegimite has scored an impressive 2 - 1 win over Alasdair I Frosticus in their first World Cup qualifying match. Here are some highlights from that match....
04-06-2003, 02:24
The nation of Altamira was abuzz after their national team emerged victorious in the first round of qualifying for World Cup IV. The three points earned in the first match were enough to land them the top spot of Group F and the team was set to meet, second place in the Group, Pumpkinia. All eyes were on the lineup and many were shocked to see the same lineup on the pitch as in the first match, including Miguel Moreno. It was Moreno's own goal that negated the team's first lead in international play in the last match. If it wasn't for the superb play by, substitute striker, Fillipe Vargas, Altamira would be in much worse shape in their Group.

Any doubts about the calibre of the Altamiran side were quickly erased with their commanding early lead against Pumpkinia. Altamiran striker Ryan Johnson scored first in the 5th minute, converting an errant pass by Pumpkinia's back line. He would be joined on the scoresheet a scant two minutes later by, fellow striker, Gianni Gianelli's second goal in qualifying. Gianelli's tally had a bit more flair, but it's importance was immeasurable. The two goal lead in the first seven minutes allowed Altamira the flexibility to play a bit more passive and run a classic counter-attacking approach. The two goal lead was enough to lead the team into the halftime intermission.

When the teams emerged, a surprise substitution by the Altamiran manager showed a different face to their brand of football. Replacing star midfielder Sean Grayson with controversial striker Fillipe Vargas, the manager sported a 4-3-3 formation that provided marked results. The fresh legs of Vargas would net two goals in the 56th and 73rd minutes as the Altamiran defense showed spectacular form turning back the Pumpkinia attack.

When all was said and done, the four goals were remakable but one would have sufficed. Man of the Match awards went to, Altamiran netminder, Salvadore Cortez who stopped eight shots for his first clean sheet in international play. Another critical three points to Altamira keeps them atop their Group and gives them an extra round to celebrate and prepare for, their round four opponents, Alasdair I Frosticus.
04-06-2003, 02:48
[OOC: Trying a slightly different format here for easier reading...]

KM: ...Meanwhile, in sports tonight, the big news is once again the Ravenspire football team. Last night, we reported on their 2-1 upset over Snub Nose 38, a higher-ranked veteran team.

MB: Yep, they did well there, Kath, and it must've inspired them, because in the second game of the qualifying matches tonight, they completely dominated their opponents, Spookistan and Jakalah. Right from the outset... Can we get a clip of this up? Thanks. Now, this is about a minute into the game, and you can see the new girl, Amara Akizuki, coming in from the left to take the ball from the S&J striker... and there it goes, and she's away cleanly. This girl's definitely got a future in the sport, Kath.

KM: She's earned her share of fans already, between that beautiful play and her game-winning goal in the last game, Mike. And just look at the way she moves... halfway to the goal, and she fires the ball across the field to Zhen Sui-Ling. Sui-Ling's a veteran of the last Cup, as most of our viewers know; she was the high scorer for the team.

MB: Right. A lot of fans think if she hadn't been hurt in the qualifiers, the team might've done better. She was back in action by the Cup, but maybe not 100%, you know? Now here we're seeing her at her best-- look at that, she just completely faked out those two defenders, and she's got an open shot at the goal... and it's in. Two minutes nineteen seconds. That's amazing, Kath.

KM: It certainly is, Mike. I don't think we're likely to see a play like that again during the Cup, but we can hope.

MB: Like I was saying earlier, that set the tone for the entire game. There were two more goals for the crimson and black -- Amara Akizuki at 13 minutes, and Paul Lowell at the 30-minute mark. Paul's a bit of a surprise, by the way; he's a solid team player, but he's usually not a scorer. He seems to prefer to pass the ball and let Sui-Ling or Matt Roker take the shot.

KM: Could be he's gotten more confident, Mike. The Cup last year was the first time he'd ever played outside of his home town, Fal Dara. He'd never even played an away game inside Ravenspire.

MB: Well, you can't fault his speed and footwork. But there were those who were saying he should have been played as a defender... we'll see whether the manager's instincts about him are proven right.

KM: The second half started out pretty quiet... nobody really made much progress there for a while. About the 65th minute, you could see things start to heat up... Ravenspire scored two more goals in the second half after the 70th minute, one by Zhen Sui-Ling at 73 on a penalty shot, and one by Matt Roker on a regular shot at 80.

MB: Lightning-fast, those two were. But it looks like the team might've gotten a little overconfident there, because S&J managed to break away completely -- looking at the footage there, you can see Amara's stunned expression, she wasn't expecting moves like that... and they managed to evade the defense and score one just under the wire. A little lesson not to take anything for granted, there, eh?

KM: Well, I don't think any of the fans will fault them for it this time, with a 5-1 score and a possession rate of 74%. That was some amazing play on their part.

MB: It was, Kath, but let's hope they didn't use too much energy... they don't get a break until day 6, so there's three more straight games to go. No doubt the victory's going to fire the boys and girls up, but if they're not careful, they could exhaust themselves. Ravenspire's taken a lead in its group, but it's still too early to get complacent.

KM: Especially with their next match against Rhaken Kull.

MB: Right. The Kull team's gone 3-0 in its only match so far... that's a tough defense, especially when you consider their opponent was Snub Nose 38. Now, morale might've been an issue, since they were off their loss against Ravenspire, and the Kull team was fresh while Snub Nose wasn't. Even so, though, that's a stunning victory for a previously-unknown competitor. Most commentators agree that this next game is going to be Ravenspire's toughest in the qualifiers, now that the Snub Nose match is past.

KM: It's certainly going to be one to watch, Mike. In other sports news, the annual Tir Faran Kitten Punt was rescheduled after animal-rights protestors buried the stadium green beneath an estimated twenty tons of cat litter. Officials are still trying to figure out...

Kathryn Malley and Michael Black, reporting for RNN
04-06-2003, 02:49
04-06-2003, 03:04
OOC: I wonder if we can get a list up of all the female players in the cup? :)

Spaam: Lehua Hoopai
Ravenspire: Amara Akizuki (2 goals), Zhen Sui-Ling (2 goals)

Oh, and scores have been updated:

:!: :!:

:idea: SO FAR :idea:

Best Attack: Ariddia (10/2)
Best Defense: Rhaken Kull (0/1), Her Sexyness (0/1)
Best Difference: Ariddia (5/2), Ravenspire (5/2), Altamira (5/2), Rhaken Kull (3/1), Her Sexyness (3/1)
Worst Attack: Rivadavia (1/2), Snub Nose 38 (1/2)
Worst Defense: Alhana Catherine (8/2), Enelando (8/2), Shinjo ViCu (6/1)
Worst Difference: Snub Nose 38 (-4/2), Enelando (-4/2), Shinjo ViCu (-4/1)
Biggest Lead: Ravenspire (3 points)
Smallest Lead: Spaam (1 point)
Total n Utter Insanity
04-06-2003, 03:52
Oh, and scores have been updated:

:!: :!:

OOC: Your W L D tables are very confusing :) , I was wondering who uses that format?
04-06-2003, 03:55

Australians :P
04-06-2003, 04:02
Wow, our "change" is zero. Come on Brazillico, be kind! Give us some wins!

(btw, yes I know, it's a formula :D)
Total n Utter Insanity
04-06-2003, 04:04

Australians :P

OOC: These Australians are crazy :)
04-06-2003, 04:05
Please double check Altamira's numbers. We won 3-2 and 4-0 that's 7-2 w/l and 5 differential.
04-06-2003, 04:11

These Australians took time off thesis to do the table nicely and publish it on the web :P

And fixed....
04-06-2003, 05:39
OOC: I wonder if we can get a list up of all the female players in the cup? :)

Spaam: Lehua Hoopai
Ravenspire: Amara Akizuki (2 goals), Zhen Sui-Ling (2 goals)

OOC: 3 for Sui-Ling, unless you're not counting penalty shots. Ravenspire's got a few more female players, too, since we're a pretty egalitarian society. The usual roster is:

Goalkeeper: Zhen Bao (no relation to Sui-Ling)
Defenders: George Delamber, Lynn Armitage*, Jeff Anthony, Rick Thomas
Midfield: Rahne Spencer*, April Schauer*
Strikers: Paul Lowell, Zhen Sui-Ling*, Matt Roker, Amara Akizuki*

Female players *bulleted* for your convenience.
04-06-2003, 05:45
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04-06-2003, 09:57
OOC: The stupid forum won't let me post my exceedingly long & over-sized match report.

What the Hell is this ''Invalid_session" crap?
04-06-2003, 09:58
What an odd experience.

Was all that Belisarius could think, as he strode from the pitch, the angry cries of a furious crowd at his back. He felt no sense of glory or jubilation; satisfaction & a sense of renewed conviction, perhaps, but, as he watched as Musashi practically threw an overly adventurous reporter that was insisting a little too intently on a few after-match impressions as he shoved the mike at the Captain's face aside, all he could think of was how strange these foreginers were with their petty games & trivial passions. Surely it was only the result that mattered?

But no. Assuredly, the people of "Snub Nose 38" (The goalkeeper felt a wave of contempt wash over him. That humanity could have sunk so low as to give so foolish a name to a sovereign state...) would be far better of at the feet of the God-Emperor.

This had been the Empire's first match. Well, obviously they had played football before; they were a national side, but this had been there first match played against a genuinely foreign team, the only match to have counted towards something, a true test of the Empire's mettle, an International confrontation in a global championship. This would be the match that decided if the men of Rhaken Kull were truly, innatlely superior to the rest of the world's rabble. They had challenged the best in the group, (Well, going on rankings alone. 38's side were not the group favourites.) they had given their best.

& they had dominated.


In the beginning, it had been an exercise in "testing the water". To see just how good they were compared to these teams that had played for longer, & had more experience. They had started with the ball, & they probed forward a few times, passing the ball back again to their own half when they looked to be in serious danger of losing it.

Already, five minutes into the game, the crowd was growing restless.

But the Kull had soon discovered that all their training, their harsh upbringing, their constand studies & exercises, analysing & dedication had left them a considerably formidable side. The "Team of Steel" had the skill to match their bravado.

& they settled down, basically. Back in their own half, close to the box, the Kull players pulled back, making no attempt whatsoever to carry the ball forward. They passed it to one another, keeping the players from Snub Nose at arms length. The gameplay grew ridiculous. The side from sub Nose 38 grew desperate & irate, individual players haring after the ball in an attempt to catch up with it & take it, but it was no use, not with all eleven Kull players playing in defence. Even when the players were able to take the ball, they found themselve quickly tackled by one of the heavy-set defenders, or their passes intercepted by one of the multitude of the Kull players. The players from 28 were growing both frustrated & angry, more & more of their number moving forward, until a long clearance from the Kull goalkeeper very nearly went over the advanced Snub Nose keeper's head & into the goalmouth. They tried their level best to get themselves under control after that near miss.

But this, surely, was no-way to play football. The stewards were having to work double-time to supress an angry crowd. For no Kull had came to see the game but those working with the team. It had been an eerie sight indeed with the stands empty at their backs as the two opposing teams had trooped onto the pitch at kick-off.

& so, the players from Sub Nose came on as the second-half began, it being their turn to start with the ball, full of determination & alight with renewed vigour. Several fresh subs had been brought on to replace the player's whose stamina had given out as they tried again & again to breach the Kull defences. Yes, now was their time to turn the tide, to show these upstart newcomers what was what. It didn't matter that they had lost to Ravenspire, a worthy foe, or that the Kull were still relatively fresh, their playing style having involved a lot less activity than Snub Nose's attacks, & they had not had to play a game the previous day.

Now was Sub Nose's time to shine, to assert their dominance, to show that their skills & their rankings mirrored one another as equal parterns.

Sadly, it did not quite turn out that way.

The Kull's style of play had changed? Why? It was very bewildering, a little off-putting. They had men on the wings, though their defences remained strong. The Snub Nose players were allowed to approach far steadier than they been before, & their attempts on goal, whilst often misjudged & always foiled by either one of the defenders or Belisarius himself, increased in frequency.

& then, it happened. The Snub Nose forward were off down the right flank, a few of the midfielders were up as well, nearer the centre. They stood a chance now, a genuine chance of putting one into the back of the net & putting an end to this debacle. The Kull had faltered in their sentinel-like guarding of their goal. The ball was passed, inwards, away from the touchline, to where the Snub Nose striker stood a decent chance of getting forward & belting one in.

The ball never reached him.

Suddenly Alexius Zenghi, the outer-right back, a shifty looking, beetle-browed individual, unusually short, wiry & quick for a defender, not especially thick-set or broad shouldered, darted forward. He was quick. He slid forward intercepting the ball, knocking it towards the touchline, away from the Snub Nose forwards. He sprung up almost instantly, after the ball he kicked it, into the midfield, where Montgomery was waiting. The midfield defender seemed to have moved forward a bit, just inside the Sub Nose half.

The Snub Nose team tried to pull its players back. They had beem too long up near the front, trying to breach the Kull defences. Their defnece was weakened. Montgomery bounded forward a few paces, passed the ball forward to Musashi, how immediately kicked in, off to his left...

Voc Richtofen had the ball. There were few that could move into the forward winger's way as he bolted down up the side of the pitch, flanking several defenders, before he moved in. For the kill. Coming in from the side, 38's goalie moved to stop the most likely shot to cover the best approaches...When Richtofen hit the ball, there was no stopping it. It curved gracefully, spinning on its axis, through the air, bending around, around the tip of the keeper's finger as he leapt in a desperate attempt to stop in, to knock it away. It was a desperate attempt. The ball, as if in slow motion went in on the far side, sinking comfortably into the netting. The Snub Nopse goalkeepr, in the meanwhile, had hit the dirt, his face imbedded in the mud. His leap had taken him too far.

There was a dead silence. Without so much as a casual sigh of relief, the Kull forward jogged back into his position. His eyes, & those of his team-mates, cold. They were doing only what they had been instructed to do. A secretary would not be overjoyed at having succesfully word-processed a manuscript. She, or indeed he, would have been doing what was required of them.

For the Kull it was the same. The "spirit" of the beautiful game was dead to them. This expedition to Brazillico meant something else entirely to the Empire. The satisfaction & the pleasure they drew from the game came from triumph over vanquished foes.

For the crowd, it was a serious upset. They had thought that the Kull team had been playing defensively because they had feared to challenge the team from Snub Nose on an equal footing, because they were no match, man for man.

They were wrong, & except for the nattering of commentators stirred from a near-comatose state & the yellings of a few dissafected fans, there was dead silence.

The forwards from Snub Nose carried the ball forward, determined to right this wrong. They had let their guard down, that was all. But the team from Rhaken Kull was on the offensive now, & its play, while sill defensive, was anything but conservative.

& the forwards were foiled almost immediately. Montgomery began to close down the player with the ball as Robotnik carefully marked the man on the wing he had meant to pass it too. Awkwardly, he cleared it to a player nearer the centre top of the Kull box, who took two steps forward, & was stopped dead in his tracks by the Silverclaw, the most impressive looking of the Empire's defenders, the seven-foot giant. It was as if in a trance as the crowd watched as the ball was passed over to Lee, then long ball-ed up to Von Richtofen. They attempted to corner the brillant young forward immediately, but alas, no, he weaved through the first two, & then, unexpectedly, back-heeled it up to Montgomery as he approached the goal-mouth. The Snub Nose defence was caught on the hop, trying to run across to intercept Montgomery as they left the wings where Von Richtofen had approached by. It was no use. Even as one of the defenders that had been left aways from Richtofen moved to block the encroaching midfielder he chipped it up, over the defender's head, to Scharnhorst on the right, who caught the ball a superbly placed overhead kick into the middle of the box.

Musashi, the venerable old team Captain & centre-forward, with only the keeper to beat, jumped up & headed the ball. The keeper had been preparing to jump for a shot into the most obvious, open gap in his defence. It would be a close run thing, but if he put in all his effort- & Musashi failed to do the obvious thing, knocking the ball straight down on a diagonal path for the ground. The Snub Nose goalie tried too late to reverse his momentum. The ball struck the ground in front of the line, bounced upwards, & right into the inside top of the net, passing between his legs.

Again, their was no show of emotion whatsoever from the Kull side. Musashi stood for a while, gazing almost wonderingly at the goalkeepr, who sat now on the ground, deeply frustrated.

He could not have known just how much contempt was welling up inside the Imperial side's Captain. Such an unashamed display of weakness, of emotion, over his failure. The outside world had indeed grown soft & weak in the Empire's abscence.

After that, with only seven minutes to go, the spirit had gone out of the team from Snub Nose. They played for three minutes with renewed vigour, further substitutes coming on, throwing their full fury at the Kull's defences. It could not be said that they did not make the Imperial side break sweat, for they were not nearly good enough to be able to shrug off a team seeded at 24. But it became apparent that 38's team WAS outmatched, overall. Outmatched, exhausted, & with only around three minutes in which to score two goals.

It just wasn't going to happen. Their assault took on a desperate edge as the game proceeded into injury time, until finally all the momentum went out of it, only 52 seconds of playing time remaining. Their strategy was now all out attack, & as before, it was foiled, & the Kull found a break, & again their wingers were sweeping up the flanks. The defenders were better prepared, however, & Scharnhorst, who was carrying forward the final attempt, which would be naught but a bonus, really, if it came off, which no-one thought likely, was cornered, in near the corner flag, with no hope of clearing the ball away, by two big defenders & a midfielder who had ran his legs off to be there, & the game looked to be at its end. He whirled around, & kicked the ball lightly at the legs of one of the defenders. It rebounded off his shins, & over the back line, giving the Kull team a corner.

The entire Snub Nose team was now back in the box. This had been perhaps the single-most embarassing match of the side's career. They were not about to let in another goal under any circumstances. You could never be too careful, & the match was now at its penultimate second.

& then came the final insult. Montgomery came up to take the corner. It looked to be somewhat half-hearted. His would likely be the last kick of the game, after all, & what hope did he have of scoring, with all eleven of 38's side milling around in the box? & then a strange thing happened. The swinging leg was jerked aside, the left leg whipping forward & hitting the ball in from the back. Montgomery fell, of course, completly unbalanced. But the damage was done. The keeper had already moved to jump up & snatch the ball out of the air as he saw the right leg make its swing, & two defenders moved in by the net, just in case the ball was fumbled or somesuch. But Motgomery had placed the ball upon bringing his left foot in with sublime accuracy. 38's keeper was already in the air, he could do nothing. The crowd watched in horror as the ball flew in at its foolish angle, connected with the back of the goalkeeper's head, & ricocheted into the back of the net.

& that was the last kick of the game. The Kull side trooped off. No exchanging of shirts or any such thing. 3-0. Three nil.

The Snub Nose team was a little sluggish in moving off the pitch, stunned. The crowd was on the point of rioting.


& so it was that Belisarius came to find himself walking along the corridor into the changing rooms. He could hear his commander- well, manager, officially, from the KJV trying to appease the sports journalists- parasites -with a few after-match comments.

"Well, we are of course pleased with the result. A three-nil vicotry over the best ranked team in the group is of course going to be cause for celebrations-"

A few of the journalists murmured that if the players stony countenances on the pitch were anything to go by, they thought that unlikely.

"-but -ahem- ''Snub Nose 38'' is not the nation that we are training to beat. Our boys-"

Skellor certainly seemed to be getting the hang of these peoples' slang.

"-have been training to beat Ravenspire. Today was a trial run, & I feel it went off succesfully. Tomorrow, however, the real work begins, & you will see the team performing to the best of it's abilities."

A tall order, to be sure. Belisarius shut the door behind him. He mightn't be the Captain, but he was most assuredly the team's leader. He had work to do.


Rhaken Kull 3 ===== 0 Snub Nose 38

70:12 - Von RICHTOFEN
82:00 - MUSASHI
04-06-2003, 10:24

OOC: I was wondering who uses that format?

Dosen't everyone? S'always the way it's been in Scotland (&, indeed, the rest of the UK.) .
04-06-2003, 10:31

Yes, I believe you are right....

Funny that the Americans try and tell us what format to use, when the UK is one of the biggest Football nations in the world ;)
04-06-2003, 11:26
OOC: Heh, well, we did invent it, after all. :P
04-06-2003, 11:33
Me. :P

very nice! that makes it easier to check the everyone's stats.
04-06-2003, 11:36
Plus you can see that you're not nearly about to bow out :P
04-06-2003, 11:41
04-06-2003, 11:45
Check the World Cup V thread.

Oh, and Muslim Piglets == Spaam
I'm just keeping in this body with the whole -__- debarcle going on.
04-06-2003, 15:01
I have The Amused, Vegimite and Altamira to play.

Gotta get some wins in here :D
04-06-2003, 15:09
OOC: I wonder if we can get a list up of all the female players in the cup? :)

Here's for Ariddia:

Tina Realm (9), DEF, in the team since WC2
Vicky Hill (23), Subst. GK, in the team since WC2
Myrtille Dubois (6), Subst. ATT, in the team since WC3; three goals in WC4
Total n Utter Insanity
04-06-2003, 16:39

OOC: I was wondering who uses that format?

Dosen't everyone? S'always the way it's been in Scotland (&, indeed, the rest of the UK.) .

OOC: the W L D isn't used by the UK W D L is :)
04-06-2003, 16:40
OOC I just think it's funny how many people have whined "But I don't know much about soccer!"

LOOK IT UP. It really isn't hard. I knew absolutely nothing about it before this. Yes, American. Guilty as charged.
04-06-2003, 17:52
OOC: Here are the results for Matchday 3, keep up the good RPing.

Al Quds 2 - Gesamtkuntwerk 2
Pablicosta 1 - Moyk 0
Dennisov 1 - The Imperial Navy 1

Snub Nose 38 4 - McFitzerland 2
Ravenspire 1 - Rhaken Kull 1
Spookistan and Jakalah 1 - Massassipi 2

Ariddia 3 - Haraki 0
Digitex 0 - Shinjo ViCu 3
Runaway Moose 4 - Her Sexyness 2

Lemmitania 6 - The Divine Llama 2
Dyelli Beybi 1 - Lunatic Goofballs 2
Alhana Catherine 2 - Audioslavia 1

Dead Man 1 - Vegana 1
Spaam 3 - GATMOG 5
Kingsford 2 - Caras Sidh 2

Alasdair I Frosticus 2 - Pumpkinia 1
Jurassica 3 - Vegimite 1
Oglethorpia 3 - The Amused 1
04-06-2003, 19:32
This is Shemp Wooley, the Dean of Lemmitanian sports, coming to you live from sunny Brazillico over the Lemming Radio Network. We’re thirty minutes from the start of Lemmitania’s third qualifying match for the fourth edition of the World Cup. Just to bring you up to speed, the Lemmings have a disappointing 0-1-1 record so far in the qualifiers, putting them near the bottom of the group D table. After making the tournament last year, the lemmings were really hoping for a strong showing this time around, but so far, we’ve yet to see any offensive action from the boys in orange. They’ve scored just one goal through two matches, and that’s really come as a surprise.

Another surprise, for our noble commentators, anyway, is the fact that the World Cup is a football tournament—not a rugby tourney. For those of you who tuned in to the last game and heard what can only be described as a pitiful effort by Clem and Gil, I just want to apologize. The guys have spent all their free time since the last match reading up on the game of football, and I think I can say with some assurance that today they’ll be doing a professional job of calling the game. And with that, let me introduce LRN’s own Clem Gilson and Gil Lemson. Clem, Gil, nice to have you with us today.

Clem: Thank you, Shemp.

Gil: Likewise.

Shemp: So, guys, any thoughts on the match you witnessed against Lunatic Goofballs?

Clem: I’d rather not think about it, Shemp.

Gil: Likewise.

Shemp: Oooooookay. Feelings on the Lemmings’ situation at this point in the qualifiers?

Clem: I hope they qualify, Shemp.

Gil: Likewise.

Shemp: Yes, I think we can all agree on that. Well, then… Have you spoken to Coach Lemster about the match?

Clem: No, Shemp, I have not.

Gil: Likewise not.

Shemp: Divine Llamas are sitting pretty atop the group D standings at this point, with two wins. Any thoughts on today’s chances?

Clem: Can’t say I like them.

Gil: Don’t like ‘em, not much.

Shemp: …Do you maybe have today’s starting lineup?

Clem: Um.

Gil: Maybe we could get that from someone.

Shemp: Mike?

Clem: Thanks, Mike. Mike’s out statistician, folks.

Gil: An’ a damn good one. Did CPR on Clem during the last match, don’t you know?

Clem: Yes, let me formally thank Mike for unblocking my breathing passages after the unfortunate incident during the Lunatic Goofballs match.

Gil: A match which I think we can all agree, we will never mention again.

Clem: Ever.

Shemp: Well, how about reading that lineup?

Clem: Happily. Let’s see. We’ve got three forwards: Henny Henneman, Roger Rosco, and Michael “Bing” Bingson.

Gil: That Bingson’s a bright kid, ain’t ‘e? Really brought the Lemvoola Leemcats up a notch in this year’s play.

Shemp: Gentlemen, might I make a suggestion that you refrain from referring to the players’ exploits on the rugby field? Maybe if you confine yourselves to football commentary, you’ll be less inclined to get confused.

Gil: Very well. Not a bad suggestion, if I might say so, Shemp.

Clem: All right. Then in the midfield there’s Wilco Rosco, Mick Mickelson, and Joey Lemstater. The defenders will be Dale Hartford, Mick Chang, Mike Debrowski, and Will Spud. Goalkeeper is Mel Flanders.

Shemp: Any comments on Coach Lemster’s selections for the starters?

Gil: That’s a lot o’ Michaels, Shemp. A whole lot o’ Michaels. I mean, you c’n ‘ardly swing a dead cat without you ‘it a Mick or a Mike.

Shemp: Well, Michael is a popular name. And I see the referee is getting ready to start the match, so I’ll be signing off. Good luck gentlemen, and good luck to our boys in orange.

Clem: Thank you, Shemp. Well, folks, it’s a lovely day for football, and Gil and I will try to keep from ruining it for you.

Gil: No argument there, Clem. Now, you folks at ‘ome are gonna ‘ave to give your commentators ‘ere a little slack, on account the fact we’re definitely wot you might call new to the game. I don’t ‘ave to mention a certain event that we’ve agreed never to mention again to tell you we’re a little behind on our football knowledge.

Clem: That’s certainly right. But we’ll try not to miss anything important.

Gil: Oh, crap, we missed something already. They’ve started playing, folks, while we were chatterin’ at you.

Clem: So they have. It’s Lemmitania in control of the ball at the moment, with Mickelson controlling it, working it downfield. Passes to Lemstater, he’s got a few Llamas around him, and he gives it a nice loft across to Bing Bingson. I have to say I like the way the Lemmings came out on the attack, Gil, not seeming to be intimidated by this Llama team.

Gil: Yes, our boys are playing like they want to win, Clem. At least I assume they are, I can’t honestly tell wot’s ‘appenin’ down there.

(16th minute)

Clem: Henneman and Bingson are pressing the attack. Have to like the way the Lemmings have been controlling the ball. And a shot by Bingson, knocked away by the Llama defender at the last moment and Henneman knocks it in! Henny Henneman scoring the first goal of the match, and the Lemmings are on the scoreboard! It’s a one-nothing game, folks. Thoughts on the goal, Gil?

Gil: ‘e kicked the ball an’ it went under the goalpost. Tell me again why there’s a net, Clem?

Clem: No idea, Gil.

(29th minute)

Clem: The Llamas have really recovered their cool since our early goal, and they’re controlling it nicely. Our defenders are really just playing catch-up with them, following the ball around. They’ve been working this attack for a couple of minutes, and we’ve been really struggling to regain control of the ball. Chang’s attacker now with the ball. Chang’s doing his best to get a foot in there—and he’s got it! Kicked it away, Hartford and two Llamas after it, and Hartford sends it back to midfield. The orange shirts are sprinting now, and the Llamas are running behind—it’s Mickelson with the ball, a Llama in hot pursuit, and Mickelson sends it on a high long one down the field to Bingson—across to Henneman on the break, and the Llamas’ goalie is caught off guard, Henneman takes the shot, the goalie dives and it in! It’s in! Henneman with his second goal of the game! And the Lemmings lead it two nothing. Wow, Gil, what a play. What a play by Chang.

Gil: Yes, ‘e kicked it, all right.

(56th minute)

Clem: I just can’t get over how the Lemmings have been in control all game. They’re up three to one at the moment, after having score just one goal in their first two matches. But the Divine Llamas are not giving up. They continue to press, and they’ve been in control, albeit without scoring, since the break. They’ve got the ball now, with Chang and Sylvester closing, and the Llama forward passes it across- holy—someone got behind the defenders to take the pass, he’s got a clear shot with no one to beat but Flanders and it’s good! A goal for the Llamas. 3-2. They’ve stepped it up, Gil.

Gil: Wotever you say, Clem.

(69th minute)

Clem: Well, since that earlier goal, the Llamas just haven’t been able to put much together. Two more by the Lemmings since then, and we’re just running away with the game at this point. I’m really shocked, Gil. Unless the group-leading Llamas come up with something in the next few minutes, this is going to be all Lemmitania.

Gil: Ain’t the game s’posed to be over by now?

Clem: It’s a long game, Gil. A long game.


Final: Lemmitania 6, Divine Llamas 2
04-06-2003, 19:32
"Welcome to Channel 3 News at 8! I'm your host, Dan Collins. First, we go live to Brazillico, where I'm sure all of you are following World Cup 4! Gabe Banners takes us there. Gabe, how's it going down there?"

"It's absolutely great, Dan. First off, lets look at the performance of the Kingsford national team. We faced the team of Caras Sidh today, and it was a tie. Now we're 1-1-1. Here with me is the man with the only goal of the game, forward Carl Strong. How are ya, Carl?"

"I'm great, Gabe. I'm absolutely thrilled to be here in Brazillico wearing my country's colors on the field."

"That's great. Tell me about your goal."

"Well, we had John Thompson, our starting keeper, back in the net today, he had only pulled a muscle in his leg. He threw the ball out to defender Arwen Nova, who then passed it up midfield to Tevir Yaeln. Tevir gave it to Winn Easton, who put it up left to Sam Young. Sam sent it soaring across the back line, and I pulled a fantastic header for the equalizer."

"Do you think the Caras Sidh team will advance to the next round?"

"It's really hard to say, Gabe. At this point, it's anyone's game. We've got three more games to play left in the qualifiers, so we could very well not make it ourselves, though I doubt it."

"What about their goal, can you tell us about that?"

"Oh, it was fantastic. Their forward pulled out straight after the opening kickoff and rushed through our defense. he pulled back to shoot, but he kicked it back to the other forward, who then proceeded to tap it in at the opposite end of the net."

"Lets take a look at the rest of group E. Dead Man tied Vegana 1-1. Any comments?"

"Dead Man hasn't displayed the talent I'd thought they'd have this Cup. Perhaps it's just the fact that this isn't their year. We pulled one on Vegana 4-0, and I thought for sure veterans Dead Man would do the same, but Vegana just got the upper hand, I guess."

"Spaam and Gatmog. 3-5. Comments?"

"Well, this game sounds exciting. I must say that Gatmog has had some great games, but Spaam has as well. I might just see Gatmog in the quarter, maybe even the semi finals, if they're lucky."

"Who do you think will come out of Group E?"

"Well, yesterday you talked to Taver Raenan, who picked Dead Man, Spaam, Gatmog, and us. I'm gonna do almost the same thing, but minus Dead Man, and add Caras Sidh. After seeing them play, I must say they have great talent."

"Thanks Carl. Now back to Dan in Kingsford City."
04-06-2003, 21:55
With World Cup 4 fast approaching, Brazillico's Manager Emilio Curtiba took this moment to introduce his team.

Goalkeeper: McMario (1)
Defense: Sequoia(21)
Defense: Roberto (6)
Defense: Cordova(33)
Defense: Fernandez (11)
Midfield: Lopez (2)
Midfield: Marcos (9)
Midfield: Luis (4)
Midfield: De Jesus ( 8 )
Striker: A. Hernandez (13)
Striker: McGarnicle (14)

Benchwarmers: G-Romario(0), D-Gulia(5), D-Delgado(3), M-Molera(15), M/S-Suarez(12), S-Quintana(16)


McMario: (31 years old, Club Team: Real San Pablo) This is McMario’s third World Cup and second as a starter. In his international career, he has let in 12 goals in 11 games played, while amassing a record of 3-5-3 (W-D-L)

Sequoia: (24 years old, Club Team: San Chavez FC) This will be Sequoia’s second world cup appearance, after serving his first cup on the bench most of the time, he will start in the far left position. Although his tackling has vastly improved since the last cup, his greatest asset still remains his speed.

Roberto: (21 years old, Club Team: San Chavez FC) This will be Roberto’s first World Cup experience in his young career. He is a solid tackler who accelerates well, although his ability to read plays could be improved upon. He will start on the right side.

Cordova: (26 years old, Club Team: AC Tirona) After watching most of the previous World Cup on the bench with Sequoia, Cordova is finally ready to start. Cordova is a stay-at-home defensemen who is among the best tacklers in the game and will be playing in the center of the field.

Fernandez: (33 years old, Club Team: Olympic Kailta) Fernandez, who will be playing in his third World Cup is a smart, experienced player. What he lacks in speed, he is able to make for in being able to read the play and ability to be at the right place at the right time. Look for him to clog up the middle with Cordova.

Lopez: (25 years old, Club Team: Real San Pablo) Lopez will be appearing in his first World Cup as a starter. He is a very well rounded player, who can pass, tackle, finish and run well, although not spectacularly. Lopez will mostly be covering the left side of the field.

Marcos: (26 years old, Club Team: Terrabella City) Marcos is your classic workhorse midfielder, who you’d expect to log 90 minutes plus in a game. Although not a blindingly fast runner, he can run forever and is a strong tackler. Marcos should be playing in the back of the midfield.
Luis: (34 years old, Club Team: Cordova Park) Luis is starting in his third world cup and will be wearing the captain’s armband for this edition after the retirement of Golaso. He is very fit, although no longer that fleet of foot and a very intelligent player, who will be covering the right flank.

De Jesus: (23 years old, Club Team: San Chavez FC) De Jesus is one of the elite play-making midfielders in the world. He has terrific speed, amazing sight of the field, the ability to pass the ball effectively and to create chances, not to mention he can finish if given the chance. De Jesus has attracted the interest of some international clubs and during this World Cup, we should see him prowling around between the midfielders and the attackers.

A. Hernandez: (29 years old, Club Team: Cordova Park) Alex Hernandez, the younger brother of the now retired Franco Hernandez, is part of the dynamic duo of strikers that boasted the strongest offence after the group stages of the previous World Cup. This is Hernandez’s third cup appearance as a starter and will be looking to match his performance of last cup which saw him average a goal a game.

McGarnicle: (27 years old, Club Team: Corsa Paso FC) McGarnicle, born to a Scottish father and a Brazillican mother is one of the most popular players in the history of Brazillico football. Although he does not have the awesome pace of Hernandez or De Jesus, he makes up for it as a good passer and a strong finisher, not to mention one the finest heads in the game today.


Romario: (26 years old, Club Team: Corsa Paso FC) Romario will be participating in his second World Cup from the bench. Many say Romario’s ball stopping ability and reflexes are superior to McMario’s, but he sometimes struggles to position himself well to challenge shooters.

Gulia: (24 years old, Club Team: Monte Melini FC) A rookie to the World Cup, Gulia is a speedy player, who we can expect to see put in if the team needs a shot of energy. That energy can sometimes be destructive, since he has a notorious reputation of getting into card trouble.

Delgado: (37 years old, Team: Terrabella City) A veteran of two world cups, this is his first where he will not be a starter. Delgado is a solid, stay-at-home defenseman who is a solid tackler and commits very few errors. His lack of speed is a definite concern, but if Brazillico drops into a 5 defender set, look for him to come into the game.

Molera: (26 years old, Team: Cordova Park) No one will ever make the argument that Molera is one of the most skilled players in the world, but on the same token, no one will ever question his heart. A gritty player, workhorse midfielder and a guy who will avoid losing at all costs, his will often propels him to great heights at crucial points in the game.

Suarez: (21 years old, Club Team: Athletic Locosi) One of the bright up and coming stars in Brazillico, Suarez is a utility player who can effectively be used as a midfielder or attacker. Receiving comparisons to De Jesus, these two could lift Brazillico football to great heights in the future.

Quintana: (17 years old, Team: Olympic Kalita) Quintana is the prototypical striker with good height and possessing tremendous speed, dribbling and finishing skills. Quintana still has a ways to go before being considered as one of the world’s elite. He needs to fill out a bit, for he gets easily pushed around in the box and his ability to deliver the ball to other players remains unproven.

"This is not the most experienced team in the tournament" acknowledged Curtiba, "However, I feel we make up for that with speed and skill."

When one reporter questioned not putting more experience on the team, Curtiba joked, "Well at least if we lose, the fans will go home entertained."

However, Curtiba looks confident that his team will do well and even if they do not, it appears that the increased funding given by the government is already beginning to produce dividends and will continue even more so in the future.
04-06-2003, 23:16
OOC: A draw. Not bad. Made it past the two veteran teams without taking a beating.

I expect Ravenspire would want to RP a part of this one, being not quite so lazy as SN38 ( :P ). The way I think it would go well would be if Rhaken Kull maybe got the first goal, & then did the whole over-the-top defence thing, finding the Ravenspire team more of a challenge, & mainting that until into the second half. At that point they are upset when, in some a flare of skill of some sort, their defences are broken, & a good goal put away. The Kull team goes on the offensive itself, & is frustrated, a final & very close effort in extra-time being foiled.

For the Empire, ICly, this is a pretty major wake-up call & cause for concern, I'm not sure what it would yield for Ravenspire.

I'd prefer to take the first half, myself, you the second (Because that seems to gel better.).

Of course, if Ravenspire would have it done differently, that's fine with me.

Finally, a request for Brazillico: Could results possibly be posted up a little earlier? This way I only get to see them late in the evening, being a Scot, &, as I have an ailing social life to intend to (Long story. Involves a failed relationship. None of your business. :wink: ) & school's back on very soon, so I won't have time for the whole desperate rush in the morning thing to get in some RP & help that handicap thingy along.

It's be appeciated if you could see your way to helpng me out a little.
Spookistan and Jakalah
04-06-2003, 23:22
The papers are filled with nothing but the name of Tenerife Tenerife. His stunning performance against McFitzerland left us speechless, but after his no-show in the second game of the World Cup, leading to a crushing victory, we were aghast. Now he seems to have committed the ultimate sporadic act, keeping Massassipi goalless in the first half, and rallying the team to score a goal in the 23rd minute, before leaving during half time, for a DATE, sending the team into disarray, and causing yet another loss.

The Spookistan and Jakalah national team is really in bad shape, with so much riding on such a sporadic man.

But really, the newspapers ask in teh final analysis, who can be angry with such a lovable rogue and Tenerife Tenerife?
04-06-2003, 23:31
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04-06-2003, 23:50
"Now let's take it down to Mike White & Junior Garcia, down in Brazillico following the Oglethorpian Midshipmen in their qualifying bid."

Mike White: Thanks guys, glad to be down in here in Brazillico. We've been following the Oglethorpian team, and it's been a decent-but-fruitless two game run.

(Cut to a scene of a bar, and the last game ending in a tie. The occupants let out a sigh of disappointment.)

MW: The Oglethorpian team has made it through two games tieing both. As captain Phillip Bjorn put it, "we've got to win some games here." It seems the Midshipmen have pulled through, with their first win against the Amused team!

(plays a clip of a goal by Adam Fitzgerald)

MW: Here with me i've got fellow reporter Junior Garcia. Junior, what'd you think of this last game?
JG: Well the Oglethorpians have been able to do something they've failed to in the past games; maintain the lead. Under the 4-4-2 formation, they've left little for goal defense, and as such they've given up some leads to end a game in a tie.
MW: Yeah, we've seen some goals let go by the Oglethorpian team in the past.
JG: This game, they looked great. They were definitely the most on their game.
MW: Definitely. Bjorn scored a goal early in the 21st minute, and Adam Fitzgerald scored one just before halftime.
JG: Finally Alfonzo Clay scored their last in the 67th minute. The defense manged to keep out two other attempts. A great goalie, that Hernandez.
MW: For sure, kept one out of the box. Now let's bring up team captain Phillip Bjorn on video phone. Phillip, nice to see you!
Phillip Bjorn: Thanks for having me. Again. (laughs)
MW: Hah, you look like you're in good spirits. How'd the game go?
PB: Well, our defense is probably what won us this game. We definitely kept out goals this game that seemed to go by in the past matches with Pumkinia and Jurassica.
JG: How's the team looking?
PB: They're playining at their best, no doubt. Long as they keep the partying to a minimum. (chuckles)
MW: Well Phillip, that's about all the time we have. Once again, the best of luck to you! Keep up the winning streak for us, alright?
PB: We'll try our best! (smiles)
MW: Well Junior, we're out. That's 3 games for ya, a 1-0-2 record. From Brazillico, for Junior Garcia, this is Mike White. See ya next time folks!
Total n Utter Insanity
04-06-2003, 23:55
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04-06-2003, 23:59
I see.

Yeah, I always realize that when I get the "no posts exist for this topic" and go to the previous page.

I'll do it from now on though, I guess :?
05-06-2003, 00:31
Finally, a request for Brazillico: Could results possibly be posted up a little earlier? This way I only get to see them late in the evening, being a Scot, &, as I have an ailing social life to intend to (Long story. Involves a failed relationship. None of your business. :wink: ) & school's back on very soon, so I won't have time for the whole desperate rush in the morning thing to get in some RP & help that handicap thingy along.

It's be appeciated if you could see your way to helpng me out a little.

Since I'm from the other side of the pond, I try to put the results around 10 AM my time, so I figure thats about 4 PM in the UK and 1 AM in Australia... so its the Aussies that are at a real disadvantage.
Also, since this is qualifying and the matches are going pretty quickly, I'm not expecting huge match RPs for every game. Match reports, interviews with players/coaches etc. will suffice.
05-06-2003, 00:35
(I'm assuming that the post will be included, as it apparently isn't here.)
05-06-2003, 02:37

Table has been updated.
Can someone check that I've got it right?

:!: :!:

Best Attack: Ariddia (13/3)
Best Defense: Ravenspire (3/3), Rhaken Kull (1/2)
Best Difference: Ariddia (8/3)
Worst Attack: Pablicosta (3/3), Vegana (3/3), Moyk (1/2), Rivadavia (1/2)
Worst Defense: The Divine Llama (11/3)
Worst Difference: Digitex (-5/3), Enelando (-4/2)

Most Wins: Arridia (3/3)
Most Losses: Digitex (3/3)
05-06-2003, 04:32
The points look right... I'm not too sure about the goal totals because I just did the next set of results.
05-06-2003, 04:38
Hey, thanks for putting together that table. Pretty helpful.
05-06-2003, 05:24
OOC: Ok, there was a problem.... but its fixed. Hopefully everything else is right (I'll double check it in the second last round).
05-06-2003, 08:13
OOC: A draw. Not bad. Made it past the two veteran teams without taking a beating.

I expect Ravenspire would want to RP a part of this one, being not quite so lazy as SN38 ( :P ).

[OOC: Heh, I don't know about that. I usually just do a brief newscast-style coverage, nothing like the story you posted. That was impressive. In any case, I'm going to do another newscast-style thing, so any detail you care to fill in is all right with me. And congratulations on your performance so far. 8) ]

KM: ...resulting in a sixth straight freeform martial-arts title for Sakura Kitsuki. And of course there's the other big story in sports tonight, Ravenspire's football team. As many of our viewers are aware, today's game set the Ravens against Rhaken Kull, an unseeded team that is nevertheless considered a strong contender. Now, with more commentary on the game, here's Michael Black. Mike?

MB: Thanks, Kath. Well, we said last night that this was a game to watch, and that definitely proved to be the case. Nobody who's watching these competitions would deny the Kull team's very skilled. Since that first match, in fact, the odds on their making it into the semifinals have improved by over 300%, even if they're still a long shot to win. This particular game emphasized some strong defense on both sides.

KM: It wasn't quite as spectacular as last night's game, though, was it?

MB: Well, it didn't get off to such a dramatic start. If we go to the tape for a minute... there's Paul Lowell, taking the ball, looking to pass. In a minute, he's going to send it to Zhen Sui-Ling to try for the signature quick attack. There it goes -- and there you can see the Kull midfield and defenders shifting almost before he's kicked it. They'd clearly done their homework, Kath. Sui-Ling manages to receive the ball, but there's no clear pass... nice maneuvering by Kull, there... and she sees a shot, but the keeper catches it.

KM: No goals were scored for a little while... There's one more Ravenspire attempt blocked, and Keeper Zhen Bao manages to block two goal attempts... here's the second one, a shot toward the high corner. Just look at that jump.

MB: They say Bao dances ballet with a professional troupe in the off-season, Kath. It's one of the ways he keeps in shape. He's also a pretty dedicated cyclist.

KM: Still a close call, though. Here we have a shot from 25 minutes in. Ravenspire's got the ball back, and they're pressing toward the goal again. Amara Akizuki in possession... and right there, you see a Kull defender come seemingly out of nowhere.

MB: That would be Zhengi, I believe. Most of Kull's defenders are on the big and solid side, but he's more like most of Ravenspire's... speed and agility. He passes to the giant, Silverclaw, to avoid getting the ball anywhere near Sui-Ling. Looks like they've identified her as the most likely threat.

KM: That's probably a good call, considering her usual scoring performance, Mike. Anyway, they take the ball back down the field... there's a little knot there, people passing the ball back and forth faster than the commentators at the game could follow, I think possession changed about five times... and one of the Kull strikers breaks free and slams a shot into the upper left corner at the 29-minute mark. Bao's jump isn't going to get that one.

MB: Kull seems to be feeling some heat, here... they've dropped back to play all-out defense, like they did in their first match against Snub Nose 38. Ravenspire goes in, but they're playing it more cautiously than Snub Nose did, watching for those wings... maybe too cautiously, because the Kull team runs out the clock to halftime.

KM: Offense has always been a bit of an issue for Ravenspire, Mike, that last game notwithstanding. They're performing better this year, possibly thanks to freshman striker Amara Akizuki, but they still don't run the kind of high-scoring games some of the teams out there do. That might hurt them if they make it to the Cup.

MB: Well, we'll have to wait and see. Ravenspire does go further on the offense in their second half, as we'll see... at the opening, here, the Kull team is still playing defense, Ravenspire still playing along... this lasts a while, Kath, and some of the fans start to get a bit restless. Quite a defense, there.

KM: Right, but they're not attacking, either.

MB: They wouldn't need to, if their defense holds out. But Sui-Ling's come up with something here... she's darting forward, looks like a tackle, Kull passes the ball safely away, and she runs right past while Matt Roker heads for the new defender. Another pass, it's Paul's turn... and there's Amara and Sui-Ling, closing in like a pincer on Silverclaw. They've got the ball; the trick is to do something with it, with the entire Kull team playing defense.

KM: Now this is a bit hard to follow... Sui-Ling sends the ball right between a defender's legs while Amara's ducking around him. She immediately kicks it off the outside of her right foot, and it's high in the air... looks out of bounds, but Matt manages to catch it off his forehead. He's not a bad jumper himself.

MB: Being the tallest player on the team doesn't hurt, either. Here you see a mass of defenders on Sui-Ling, who seems to be right where the ball is headed. One of them deflects it off his chest... and there's Amara again, stealing it. She's almost clear at this point. Another kick... at the edge of the frame there, you can just see a defender moving to block... but it's not a goal attempt, she's aimed it off to the side, and it's Paul Lowell with a bicycle kick to score. Just barely managed to get that one past the Kull keeper, Kath.

KM: They seem a bit shaken that their defense has been broken, Mike.

MB: It's hard to tell, Kath. If so, they're not showing it, any more than they do when they score. This is, by the way, the first goal scored against them in the competition so far.

KM: 72 minutes into their second game. Not bad at all.

MB: Nope. Now they need to attack again if they want to pull out a win, and they definitely do. Here's some early aggression... the Ravenspire defenders are pretty well-rested after that break, though, and they're not letting anything get past them. There's midfield April Schauer pressing a striker... very unfortunate name she has, eh?

KM: I think it's cute, Mike. She's pretty aggressive herself, here. It seems like she's got boundless energy, but she might be overdoing it a bit...

MB: Indeed she is, as we'll see in a moment... there. She thinks she sees an opening, slides in to take the ball... but it's already past, and she's hooked the striker's foot. That's a penalty shot for tripping. This late in the game, that could've really made a difference, so hopefully she'll be more careful in the future. Here's the shot... a nice attempt, but Bao is on it. No goal. Kull is still pressing, Ravenspire having some trouble here... there goes George Delamber, momentarily faked out... another shot, Bao is really earning his pay... and there's the whistle.

KM: And Ravenspire's third qualifying game ends in a draw, 1-1. Quite a competition, there. And a second goal for Paul Lowell.

MB: Ravenspire maintains its 3-point lead in its group, and in fact they seem to be second overall in the qualifiers, with only Ariddia ahead of them. If they can keep this up, they'll be in good shape for the Cup.

KM: And there you have it. We'll be back in a moment with the weather, but first, this word from our sponsors...

Kathryn Malley and Michael Black, reporting for RNN
05-06-2003, 08:48
The 3rd game of this year's WorldCup, a game against the Imperial Navy. The bookmakers in Dennisov expected a draw, and after 90 minutes of football, both teams seemed to be accepting this prediction.

Both goals were scored in the first half, which was still of a decent level. The second half saw both teams preparing themselves for the next game instead of trying to push for the winner.

The game ended in 1-1, where the Imperial Navy had the better chances. Yet again Tretchak kept Dennisov's hopes of qualifying for the next round alive.

The manager was still unable to answer this newspaper's questions, perhaps qualification for the next round will make him more talkative.
05-06-2003, 09:05

Table has been updated.
Can someone check that I've got it right?

:!: :!:

Best Attack: Ariddia (13/3)
Best Defense: Ravenspire (3/3), Rhaken Kull (1/2)
Best Difference: Ariddia (8/3)
Worst Attack: Pablicosta (3/3), Vegana (3/3), Moyk (1/2), Rivadavia (1/2)
Worst Defense: The Divine Llama (11/3)
Worst Difference: Digitex (-5/3), Enelando (-4/2)

Most Wins: Arridia (3/3)
Most Losses: Digitex (3/3)

sweet! i'm not in worst defense anymore 8)
05-06-2003, 09:27
World Cup Four Coverage

Tim (Commentator): "Thank you for joining us, live from Brazillico, and tonight we have Ariddia's third match in the initial stages of this World Cup. Rob, can our boys and girls keep it up?"

Rob: "They seem to have developped better tactics and a true team spirit, that's for sure. If they can keep that going... who knows? Let's see who'll be playing for Ariddia, against the team from Haraki..."

GK: Michel Boulanger (3, capt)
DEF: Tina Realm (9), Yves Martin (11), Vic Blau (15), John Ness (13)
MID: Michel Legris (8 ), Ranjit Khan (7), Alain Vinazzu (10), Kim Sun-Pak (19)
ATT: Rob Seagull (12), Myrtille Dubois (6)

Tim: "Nothing too surprising here... except maybe the choice of forward players. It's the two substitutes who are playing tonight... And for the first time in as long as I can remember, Singh isn't on the field. Rob?"

Rob: "Well instead of Singh and Ford, we have Seagull and Dubois. I think the coach is giving all attackers a chance to develop their talent by rotating them, while making few changes to a defence formation that has proved solid... at last. Seagull has been with the team a long time, and has shown he's skilled, while Dubois was the revelation of the previous match, scoring three goals! I think we've got a good lineup here..."

Tim: "And we should also note the presence of John Ness, who'll be playing in the World Cup for the very first time."

Rob: "Well, the game will be starting in just a few minutes now... Let's see what the team can do..."

40th minute:
Rob: "Yes, and still no goals so far... Both teams have made some daring attacks, and both have defended well. Quite a few shots on goal both sides, but the goalkeepers have proven impossible to get past..."

Tim: "Well, the coach seems to be trusting his team; no substitutions yet for Ariddia."

Rob: "Ah, Kim has the ball. Has to pass backwards to Khan... Intercepted... Tackle by Khan, gets it back. He's on the move, passes to Dubois... She looks for an opening, no, there is none... But there's Seagull over there and... She sees him, passes... Defence not reacting fast enough this time... He shoots... It's in!!"

Tim: "Well, we've had to wait forty minutes, but it's a goal for Ariddia!"

49th minute:
Tim: "Haraki's defence are determined not to let another one get through, aren't they... Dubois, Seagull, Khan, able to keep the ball... And that... that'll be a corner. Vinazzu plays it... A little confusion here... Khan has it, but can't shoot... He... passes it back. And that's a clear opening for Dubois! She shoots! Goal!! 2-0 for Ariddia, and a long shot goal by Dubois!"

Rob: "Dammit, that girl has talent. And Seagull, too. They're not quite up to Singh's level, perhaps, but..."

Tim: "You know, strikes me it would be interesting if the team tried a 2-4-4 formation again. If we had Singh, Ford, Dubois AND Seagull in attack..."

Rob: "Well, I'm not sure... A four-person defence seems to be working very well now."

56th minute:
Rob: "A counter-attack by the Haraki players. They've... slipped past Blau. No, he's back, hounding that attacker. A pass... Martin defending well, keeping the attacker away. Ness slips in, intercepts... No, reintercepted... And taken back again by Realm! She clears it... Ariddia's turn to counter-attack. Khan has the ball, moving quickly. Defence scrambling... He shoots, from a distance..."

Tim: "That'll be a corner."

Rob: "Kim plays it. Ouch... Seems Khan and Vinazzu both jumped, mid-air collision... Vinazzu is getting up, but Khan is down, clutching his face. The medics are moving in..."

61th minute:
Tim: "Well, as you've seen, Khan has been carried off; "Striker" Wade is entering in his place. I hope he'll be all right... That looked painful..."

85th minute:
Tim: "Dubois running up field, passes to Legris... No, he has to stop, and pass back to Wade. Moving forward again... Oh, and a good pass to Seagull! I think that caught a defender or two off guard... He shoots... Goal!!"

Rob: "Well, I doubt Haraki can equalise now. Some good playing both sides, but today Ariddia were better coordinated."

95th minute:
End of the game. Final score, Ariddia-Haraki: 3-0.
Seagull (40th), Dubois (49th), Seagull (85th)
Giant Zucchini
05-06-2003, 10:26
NEWSFLASH: Zurich transfer not impossible

During this period of waiting for the top seeds, sources indicate that Atlantis F.C.'s teenage sensation Andrew Zurich, who is an Europa Brittania international, may be moving despite claims from their committee that they have not been approached by "any foreign club". Currently, clubs are fighting for the signature of Zurich, most significantly Giant Zucchini Premier League champions Marauding F.C., after hearing that his contract for Atlantis expires in three weeks.
05-06-2003, 11:50

Table has been updated.
Can someone check that I've got it right?

:!: :!:

Best Attack: Ariddia (13/3)
Best Defense: Ravenspire (3/3), Rhaken Kull (1/2)
Best Difference: Ariddia (8/3)
Worst Attack: Pablicosta (3/3), Vegana (3/3), Moyk (1/2), Rivadavia (1/2)
Worst Defense: The Divine Llama (11/3)
Worst Difference: Digitex (-5/3), Enelando (-4/2)

Most Wins: Arridia (3/3)
Most Losses: Digitex (3/3)

OOC: Thanks for sorting out the tables. I may be wrong but I think I may have acquired one extra loss and one less draw.
05-06-2003, 12:02
Thom: ....and Gatmog ended up winning the game 5-3 against Spaam. We have in the studio now, the Waerterstadt Herald sports editor, Peter Antaki. Hello Peter.

Peter: Good evening.

Thom: So, what are your thoughts on that game?

Peter: Well, Coach Tosolini was wary of Gatmog, after their 3-2 win over Dead Man, but was still confident. And he did have reason to be, because I think that as a team, Spaam has more cohesion and talent. But in the past 3 games they have just not gotten their act together in the beginning and Gatmog capitalised on it. Looking at this footage here, we see Gatmog striker Paul Garrig kicking the first in his hattrick. Where are the Spaam players? Gatmog is sporting a 5-4-1 lineup, while Spaam is still trying to organise themselves into their 4-4-2, and slightly more attacking format by Tosolin, and not necessarily a bad idea. As long as they start playing the game at the beginning, and not half way through. They are just all over the place from the word go, and so no attack, and only 2 defenders against 5 attackers, 3 of them being strikers.... Spaam may have more talent, but they are not THAT good. So the goal in the 2nd minute really threw them. Here is Garrig's second goal, in the 5th minute, and they are not letting up the pressure, which is a smart move. Now, Spaam here realised that they were in a lot of trouble, 2 nil down in the 5th minute, so they started throwing some weight around, which started working. They are playing a more physical game here, and it wasn't till the 27th minute that they slipped up.

Thom: That would be Hou, back from his red card incident in the first game.

Peter: Correct. He was too physical here, and I have to admit that the Gatmog midfielder is a good actor, so the ref didn't hesitate to give him a red card. I don't think Tosolini will be bringing him back in any time soon. So here is the Gatmog player taking the free kick, and Truun just a little bit too slow there. After that Spaam was down a man, and Garrig capitalised in the 35th minute, with his 3rd goal. And so we see Tossolini making another change, bringing Hoopai on for Sukkar, who was looking a bit off, and we can see her passing the word to all the players that they should take control of the game. We see KK moving back to defender, and the whole setup to 4-3-3. They pretty much closed it up for the rest of the half, but about 4 goals too late.

Thom: So 4 nil and a man down, and probably the worst position Spaam has been in an international game ever.

Peter: That's right. Their worst performance before that was a 3-1 loss in the qualifiers of the 3rd World Cup in their second last game. Now, as the players come back, Tosolini has opted for a 5-4-1 team, and Gatmog hasn't changed at all. And at the start of this second half it doesn't seemed to have paid off, as Gatmog forces another free kick and makes it with Truun just going in the completely wrong direction. Honeslty a stupid mistake by the team, and Truun has not been happy at all this cup. 5 nil down. But then Spaam finally claw their way back. 58th minute, we see Saavedra and Widjaja teaming up to finally make use of their prowress, and the GAtmog keeper had no chance. 69th minute, Saavedra and Widjaja again, with Widjaja scoring this time. And 83rd minute with KK Nevvytt, supported by Byshai. Full credit, having come from 5 nil to a slightly more respectable 5-3 loss, but a loss nonetheless. If Spaam doesn't make the major draw because of this, Tosolini is going to have some heat on his hands. Spaam really need to work on playing the game from kickoff.

Thom: Right, so the next game, what will happen.

Peter: If Coach Tosolini and his players get their act together, then I don't see any reason why they cannot do away with Caras Sidh, unbeaten so far as they are. I think Spaam's main problem is they have not had their bye yet, and their are two teams above them that have. Gatmog has not lost, and does seem to be about to me, having dispatched the two highest ranked teams, so they should make it into the main draw. Caras Sidh are looking likely as well, since they have not been beaten. Vegana, after their first hiccup against Kingsford are looking good too. Kingsford has been consistent and Dead Man could still turn their game around, being 16th in the world. So there are 5 teams the could easily displace Spaam if they don't start getting a real start in their games. The only team I think they don't have to worry about is Ineffectualism, a team that was touted as being highly trained, but so far has not shown that it is in the same league as the rest of the teams in this group. The next game is the crucial one. If they can beat Caras Sidh, then I will stake my reputation by saying that Spaam will make the main draw.

Thom: I hope you're right then Peter. What about our sister nation Vegimite in Group F. How have the impressed on you?

Peter: They have done rather well for a new Fottballing nation in my mind. A nice win in their first game against heavy weights Alasdair, and a 3-1 loss against another heavyweight Jurassica who has not been beaten in the qualifiers. Will they make the main draw? Look, they have already had their bye, so anything is possible. If they don't make it, then they will probably stay where they are in 5th position.

Thom: Ok, so a rundown of the groups Peter?

Peter: Certainly. Group A. Gesamtkuntwerk have proven that they are the team to beat, and should make it into their maiden main draw. I am nothing but impressed for a such a relatively new nation. Al Quds should also make it, also not being beaten yet, and really exciting team to watch. Imperial Navy are another new team, and have alredy had their bye, without being defeated, and again, I am impressed and will say they should make it. Pablicosta and Dennisiv have not performed up to their usual standard, but the 4th spot should go on of them. But they won't make it any further than the main draw if they do. Moyk has just been dissapointing, and Proxy is not up to the same standard.

Thom: Group B?

Peter: This is so easily the closest group I have ever seen, with no team without a win. Ravenspire should go through, as should Rhaken Kull, who is the dark horse of this World Cup, and one team I won't be surprised to see in the quarters. But the rest of the teams are too close for me to say anything.

Thom: Group C?

Peter: My prediction of the cup, Ariddia in the semis. They have won all their games so far, with an average over 4 points per match. I honestly cannot see them being beaten. People are raving about Runaway Moose as well, but I cannot say I am convinced. Any of the middle 5 teams can make it into the remaining 3 spots. I would personally like to see Her Sexyness in there, because they are an incredibly entertaining team to watch. I will say though that I am extremely dissapointed with Digitex, who is nothing of their further selves. The should NOT make it into the main draw, and I just don't think they deserve too.

Thom: Group D?

Peter: This one's a strange one. The Divine Llama with a for and against of 11 to 11 is too much into offense and not enough into defense. But the fact remains, they are still topping the table. Enelando won't make it; they are not a world class team in my mind, though 4 goals from 2 matches to their credit. Any of the teams above them have a chance however. I think Divine Llama will make it, and my punt of the week, Ahlana Catherine to make it into the main draw. Definitely a crowd pleaser that one.

Thom: And group F?

Peter: I've never seen a group that packed up top. The top 5 teams will make up the top 4 at the end though. Which one will miss out? Take your pick. All I can say is that Altamira probably WON'T, but I still think its too early to tell.

Thom: Well, thanks for the wrap up. Now, what are your top 3 picks for the next round?

Peter: Ok, Arridia over Rivadavia is a no brainer, and by at least 2 goals. Nice way to pick up some money at the bookies. Alhana Catherine over Lunatic Goofballs if you want to take a real chance. And I think Rhaken Kull should win over Spookistan and Jakalah.

Thom: Well, thanks for all that Peter, we will speak to you again soon.

Peter: Thankyou Thom.

Thom: And now we will take a short break.

OOC: Don't you mean one extra draw and one less loss? :P Fixed. Sorry about that....
Now to see if my predictions came through.... :)
05-06-2003, 13:28
I said....
The Imperial Navy
05-06-2003, 13:32
A DRAW! Aww...
05-06-2003, 15:42
A DRAW! Aww...

Heh, I had two in a row :D

Oh yeah, and bump.
05-06-2003, 15:47
Here are the results for Matchday 4:

Al Quds 2 - Proxy 1
Pablicosta 2 - The Imperial Navy 4
Dennisov 2 - Moyk 2

Snub Nose 38 0 - One Red Dot 1
Ravenspire 1 - Massassipi 1
Spookistan and Jakalah 3 - Rhaken Kull 3

Ariddia 1 - Rivadavia 1
Digitex 2 - Her Sexyness 1
Runaway Moose 2 - Shinjo ViCu 3

Lemmitania 3 - Enelando 0
Dyelli Beybi 2 - Audioslavia 3
Alhana Catherine 0 - Lunatic Goofballs 1

Dead Man 6 - Ineffectualism 2
Spaam 2 - Caras Sidh 0
Kingsford 1 - GATMOG 0

Alasdair I Frosticus 2 - Altamira 2
Jurassica 5 - The Amused 2
Oglethorpia 2 - Vegimite 4

OOC: Thanks for sorting out the tables. I may be wrong but I think I may have acquired one extra loss and one less draw.

Unless it was updated, the table looks right to me.
Al Quds 1 - Moyk 1
Pablicosta 1 - Moyk 0
05-06-2003, 15:49
Ahhhhhhhh, we finally lost.

I hope i'll be in third in my group (was tied for second before I lost.)

Oh well :D I'll RP tonite.
The Imperial Navy
05-06-2003, 15:51
*President Marshall is watching the match*

YAY! Pablicosta 2 - The Imperial Navy 4!


*Cracks open a can of beer*

*dances like a loon*

Phillip Marshall
President of the Imperial Navy
Head of the Imperial Alliance
UN Delegate for the Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist
The Imperial Navy
05-06-2003, 16:03
Interview with Imperial Navy Manager:

"Well Mr. Mahon, looks like the team will be celebrating tonight!"

"Yes, What a cracking finish it was. Galen, what a lad, scored a Hat-trick in the first half, Although Pablicosta scored 2 goals in the second half."

"Yes. Wasn't that header in the 82nd minute brilliant?"

"Oh, yes! Kiligan really knocked that one in. Free kick, and he had that well aimed."

"We have a message from the President. It says well done, and if you win, The team is going to get $1 Billion to share between themselves."

"Well, that's the Generosity of the President for you! Now if you excuse me, I have to talk to the men."

*Walks off*

"Well, there you have it, a fantastic ending for the day. Imperial Navy 4, Pablicosta 2."

Goals: Galen, 12, 21, 35
Kiligan, 82
The Imperial Navy
05-06-2003, 16:31


*Puts plaster on forhead*
05-06-2003, 16:50
OOC: 3-3, damn. Slipping. This does not bode well.

Well, at least I've been able to hold off a loss.

Spookistan, I'd rather like to RP this one, would you mind maybe giving me a little info on your players & their various styles & strategies?
05-06-2003, 16:51

Done updating. Naughty me :twisted:
:!: :!:

If anyone wants to check it, the old one is at

Best Attack: Ariddia (14/4), The Divine Llama (11/3)
Best Defense: One Red Dot, Lunatic Goofballs (2/3)
Best Difference: Arridia (8/4)
Worst Attack: Rivadavia (2/3)
Worst Defense: The Divine Llama, Enelando, The Amused (11/3)
Worst Difference: Enelando (-7/3)
Most Goals Per Game: The Divine Llama (22/3) :!:
Least Goals Per Game: Moyk, Rivadavia (7/3)

I'm working on a rating system based on the one used by FIFA....
05-06-2003, 16:59
And if you haven't signed up for World Cup V, DO SO NOW!
Dead Man
05-06-2003, 17:12
DMBC Sports news, with Barry Davies
"After a few weeks on holiday Manager Michael Kernaghan has returned after leaving Assistant Manager Paul Ashe in charge of the World Cup 4 qualifying and after hearing the results, Michael Kernaghan was not happy"
"I am dissapointed with the results, with Paul and the team. I thought the team would have performed to make an impression on Paul, since he was in charge, especially the new squad members. Obviously I was wrong and now I have to get to the World cup, after our exit from World Cup 3 under Paul's temporary management"
"Manager Michael Kernaghan's first match back couldn't have gone any better with a 6-2 thrashing of Ineffectualism with goals from Martin Krell, 2 goals from Ryan Mc Greevy, a goal from newcomer Alex Conaghan and two goals from another newcomer Rick Hunter. We wish our team the very best in the coming World Cup, goodnight"
05-06-2003, 17:51
OOC: Thanks for sorting out the tables. I may be wrong but I think I may have acquired one extra loss and one less draw.

Unless it was updated, the table looks right to me.
Al Quds 1 - Moyk 1
Pablicosta 1 - Moyk 0

It got updated :).
One Red Dot
05-06-2003, 18:14
Good evening. You are now listening to the Red Dot Sports Update. As Fann Atik fell sick a few days ago, she was unable to present the Sports Update. However, I, Stan Inn, will be bringing you One Red Dot’s first match.

In One Red Dot’s debut appearance in its first qualifying match in the brand new World Cup 4, the Samurais defeated the team from Massassippi with 3 goals to the opposition’s only goal.

The Samurais have been playing in the Red Dot Premier League (RDPL) and have emerged champion for 5 of the 8 seasons so far.

In its line up, the Samurai’s coach, Sam Kurtner sent out the main team. Here are the players in their famous 3-3-4 formation.

Line Up:

Goalkeeper -
1. Motoya GOKITAMA

Defenders -
3. Tamotsu JIFUSU (Right)
4. Kusa FUDACHO (Centre)
5. Royuu YUUGA (Left)

Midfielders -
8. Hagerai CHOTSUU (Left – Defending)
9. Tsuama SHIGAFU (Centre – Attacking)
10. Takora CHOTSUU (Right – Defending)

Strikers –
13. Ninyo SUTARA (Inner Left)
14. Hayyachi DEIKA (Inner Right)
15. Itokami KYOUUJI (Captain - Outer Left)
16. Nyodai SHIRU (Outer Right)


0th min - With Lady Luck smiling upon the Samurais, they get to kick off. SHIGAFU calmly holds the ball under his foot in the middle of the pitch. The referee blows the whistle and the game starts.

1st min – SHIGAFU kicks the ball T. CHOTSUU who kicks it back and rushes forward. He evades the midfielders easily and mercilessly but overconfidently kicks the ball towards the net. The ball deflects off the opponent’s striker’s leg and is picked up by another striker.

15th min – The ball gets passed between both teams before finally landing in front of KYOUUJI who takes advantage of the confusion and leads the ball up to the goal easily. Two opponent strikers unexpectedly confront him and the ball is tackled. Unfortunately, so was KYOUUJI’s leg. The referee decides to give the striker a yellow card. Shouts of applause sound out from the Red Dottian crowd but loud jeers came from the Massassippian side.

27th min – KYOUUJI receives the ball from H. CHOTSUU and promptly lobs the ball over the Massassippi goalkeeper and it’s a GOAL!!! The crowd goes wild and that puts the score at 1-0 to the Red Dot Samurais.

33rd min – The ball is kicked pass YUUGA by a Massasippian striker and heads straight for the goal at a neck-breaking speed. GOKITAMA dives to the lower right corner and the ball deflects into the air, off his arms and back onto the same striker’s head and into the goal, giving no time for GOKITAMA to recover. The Massasippian crowd goes wild and it puts the score to 1 all.

42nd min – YUUGA tried to pass the ball to T. CHOTSUU but is intercepted by a Massasippian midfielder. The ball is kicked out. YUUGA throws the ball in and another Massasippian midfielder quickly receives the ball and heads for the goalpost but is tackled by FUDASHO.

45th min – The score stays at 1 all in the first half.


57th min – The ball is kicked from the centre line by SHIGAFU and falls into the penalty box area. The Massasippian defender receives the ball but is tackled without delay by SHIRU. He moves pass both defenders and kicks the ball in beautifully into the goalpost and it’s another GOAL by the Samurais, bringing the score to 2-1 and the lead back to them.

83rd min – KYOUUJI is tripped over by a Massasippian defender. The defender gives Massassippi another yellow card. Kurtner substitutes KYOUUJI for KANNA. A penalty kick is also awarded to the Samurais.

84th min – FUDACHO kicks the ball over the nervous Massasippians. The ball lobs over, is headed by KANNA and lands into the goal. The score is now 3-1.

90th min – The referee blows the final whistle and the game is over.

It was an exciting match for the Samurais and from one of our interviews earlier with Kurtner, he said that “although we have done well for the first game, that does not mean we must be overconfident. We are also looking forward to our next match with McFitzerland.”

One Red Dot - 3
H. CHOTSUU (27th)
SHIRU (57th)
KANNA (84th)

Massassippi - 1 (33rd)

Thank you for listening to the Red Dot Sports Update. This is Stan Inn standing in for Fann Atik. Good night.
05-06-2003, 18:37
8pm news

Yasmina Jones (presentator): "...and the West Ariddian authorities made a further statement announcing Ariddia had no business commenting upon their internal affairs, which appears to have strained relations between the two nations yet again.

Onto sport, now, with Ariddia's fourth match in the World Cup hosted by Brazillico. Singh was back on the field with Ford in attack, and substitute goalkeeper Timothy Marsh was also playing. And today was their first World Cup match for Eric Small and Colin Jones.It appears the Ariddian coach wants to give all 23 players an opportunity to play.

Ariddia was playing against Rivadavia, and it was the Rivadavians who opened the score. Khan equalised in the thirty-fourth minute, bringing the end result to one all after an hour with no further goals scored.

The Ariddian coach congratulated the Rivadavian players on their, quote, "skill, determination and endurance", unquote, but made no further comment."
One Red Dot
05-06-2003, 18:55
Fann Atik: Good evening and you are listening to the One Red Dot Sports Update. I am Fann Atik.

Stan Inn: And I am Stan Inn. Despite One Red Dot’s 0-1 loss against McFitzerland 2 days ago, the Samurais have done much to bounce back up and defeated Snub Nose 38 to bring them to second in the World Cup 4 Group B Qualifiers.

FA: Yes, Stan. It is not quite surprising that the Samurais, who have trained harder after their first loss, won their third match out of the seven matches altogether.

SI: We shall now bring you the highlights of the game. Although the match was rather uneventful, the win meant a lot for the Samurais. But first, the line-up. Much of it is still the same since the first match except that Itokami KYOUUJI has been replaced with Jinyo KANNA, as his foot injury has not healed yet.

Goalkeeper -
1. Motoya GOKITAMA

Defenders -
3. Tamotsu JIFUSU (Right)
4. Kusa FUDACHO (Centre)
5. Royuu YUUGA (Left)

Midfielders -
8. Hagerai CHOTSUU (Left – Defending)
9. Tsuama SHIGAFU (Centre – Attacking)
10. Takora CHOTSUU (Right – Defending)

Strikers –
13. Ninyo SUTARA (Inner Left)
14. Hayyachi DEIKA (Inner Right)
15. Jinyo KANNA (Substitute for Itokami KYOUUJI - Outer Left)
16. Nyodai SHIRU (Outer Right)


0th min – Snub Nose 38 gets the kick off. Rejuvenated after their win against McFitzerland, they started off confidently but was tackled by FUDACHO.

27th min – YUUGA trips a Snub Nose striker and is given a yellow card.

42nd min – DEIKA gets the ball and makes a break for the goal after 41 minutes of a goalless match. He kicks the ball but the goalkeeper catches the ball.

45th min – The first half ends at 0-0.


63rd min – After 62 minutes of what looked like elementary school football, the Samurais finally showed some spirit. SHIGAFU receives the ball from T. CHOTSUU. SHIGAFU instantly kicks the ball to a ready SHIRUwho kicks the ball straight towards the goal. The ball goes straight for the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper is ready but DEIKA suddenly appears from the right and kicks the ball away from its supposed destination into the goal. This brings the score to 1-0 to the Samurais.

90th min – The game ends as the referee blows the final whistle. The full-time score is 1-0 to the Samurais

One Red Dot
DEIKA (63rd)

FA: It seems that the Samurais look rather low-spirited during the match, Stan. Resulting in a very low-excitement game.

SI: Yes. In fact, during an interview with Kurtner, the coach for the Samurais, he agrees that the loss against McFitzerland had a great impact of them. However, this win will lift their spirits and he hopes that the next match against Ravenspire, who is presently at the top of the table with, will result in another glorious victory for them.

FA: This is Fann Atik

SI: And this is Stan Inn. Thank you for watching the One Red Dot Sports Update. Good night.
One Red Dot
05-06-2003, 18:56
--duplicated post deleted--
One Red Dot
05-06-2003, 18:57
--triple post deleted--
05-06-2003, 19:30
Coming to you live on Lemmitanian National Radio from the nation of Brazillico, this is Shemp Wooley with the World Cup post-game report. Well, folks, we saw a fine performance today from the Lemmings, as they handily defeated group D’s bottom-dwellers, Enelando. This gives our boys in orange a record of two wins, a loss, and a draw, and puts them in a tie with Lunatic Goofballs atop the group D standings with 7 points.

It’s also the Lemmings second straight victory and their first shutout of the qualifiers, and you really have to think the team is coming into its own. Here to provide some perspective are LRN’s own Clem Gilson and Gil Lemson. Clem, Gil, thoughts on the game?

Clem: A fine performance by our boys. With two goals early in the first half, they just really took control right from the start, and never relinquished it. What’s remarkable, Shemp, is that it’s much the way they played Divine Llama in the previous match—and the Llamas went into that one the clear favorites. I have to feel that the Lemmings have hit their stride. Gil?

Gil: I ‘ave only this to say: ‘ow come they don’t ever pick the ball up an’ run wit’ it?

Clem: We’ve been though this, Gil. In football you can’t touch the ball with your arms or hands.

Gil: Well, why doesn’t someone get down on ‘is ‘ands and knees, and pick up the ball wit’ ‘is chin, then?

Clem: How do you mean, wedge it between his chin and his chest?

Gil: Right! ‘e could jam ‘is neck up against the ball real good and pick it up wit’ ‘is chin. Then all ‘e’d ‘ave to do was run down the field and drop it over the goal line.

Clem: I have to assume that’s not allowed, or someone would have done it by now. Shemp, you know a lot about foreign sports—

Shemp: That’s not allowed.

Gil: Right. Well, I don’t get this game at all, ‘at’s all I know.

Shemp: Clem, how do you like the Lemmings chances in their next match, against Audioslavia?

Clem: Hard to say, Shemp. Audioslavia’s coming off a tough win over Dyelli Beybi, who beat us in game one. But there’s no question the Lemmings have turned it up since then. I wouldn’t be shocked at a draw, or a close contest either way. What would shock me would be another runaway victory.

Gil: What would shock me would be if somebody did somethin’ other than kick the ball. ‘ow come there’s no tacklin; in this game?

Shemp: There is tackling.

Gil: I ain’t seen any.

Clem: It’s not like tackling in rugby, but they do call it tackling, Gil.

Gil: Wotever.

Shemp: And now a word from our sponsor.
05-06-2003, 19:58
<Cover story in the Kalita Times>

World Cup Churning Up Huge Profits
By: Conchita Cotto

Some say there is no greater honour to than to be priviledged enough to hold the World Cup, with all its prestige and history. Well, that may be the case, but many Brazillican business owners would argue that holding the cup has propelled their business to new heights.

The qualifying round is only halfway through and already, merchants are finding they are making big returns.

"We've been booked solid for the World Cup for the last three months," says hotel clerk, Jim Retundo, "I've never seen this place so full."

Indeed, the tourism industry is not the only one profiting from this, but the travel, restauration and retail industries are also seeing huge profits.

"We just can't keep the shelves stocked," said sporting goods store owner Clemente Del Balso refering to Brazillico jerseys, "We're also making good money off other teams jerseys too, I could have never forseen we would make such good business with the foreign teams."

It's expected that before a World Cup champion is crowned, 750 million will be made by the public and private sectors, making this World Cup an unbridled financial success. It only remains to be seen if the home team can match that.
05-06-2003, 23:07
OOC: Ugh, my whole schedule has gone to Hell. Sorry for my earlier complaints about the timing of the result posts. If anything, it would be helpful if they came slightly LATER (& fairer on the Aussies. ^_^), otherwise I'm going to have to RP the Spookistan game & the game against...uh...Red Dot, is it? Both in the same day.

Does RPing contribute directly to what your results might be if both teams RP from time to time, or would this period of slight sluggishness be allowed to go unnoticed?
Europa Brittania
05-06-2003, 23:32
"Tonight Ladies & Gentlemen an exclusive look at what the Brittanian World Cup IV Squad will look like, here only on S-Net. preparing to depart on their Fourth Consecutive Competition, having yet to not reach the Semi Finals at least in the competition, expectations are high. Also with rumours rife of The National teams star Striker Andrew Zurich close to agreeing terms with Maruading FC in a sensational Three Million Euro Transfer, and the news of David Winter being unable to take part in this competition becuase of A tragic bereavment in his family, the search is on for a partner that can handle and help the teen sensation. After long and protracted meetings Jarvis Smith is likely to go-

**Probable Brittanian Team**

3-5-2 Formation.


Jones Cannon Stacey

Uqhuart Junon Kahno(C) McHilton Simmons

Lionel Zurich

The Major changes being that Darren Lionel is welcomed to the team to partner Zurich up front. Lionel is twenty six years of age, and will win his sixteenth cap for his country, also The removal of Oliver for a more natural Left back, in Cambell Stacey.

Stay tuned for more inportant information, only on S-Net!"
05-06-2003, 23:43
I was about to work on the match report for Day 4 and noticed a small error. For Day 5, I am slated to meet Spaam (not in my Group), a quick check and this should be Jurassica.
06-06-2003, 00:23
Altamira Remains Unbeaten In Qualifying

After a brief rest, the Altamiran national team met, pre-qualifying favorites, Alasdair I Frosticus in a hard fought match. Manager Benito Arciniega added the boot of striker Filippe Vargas to the starting lineup at the expense of Ryan Johnson. Vargas has tallied three goals in relief thus far in qualifying while Johnson only accounts for a single goal.

It would be Alasdair I Frosticus who would strike first, scoring in the 23rd minute. A barrage of shots and subsequent saves from Salvadore Cortez led to a corner kick for Alasdair. The searching ball found the head of the Alasdair striker and was immediately redirected cross-net leaving Cortez diving in the wrong direction. Both sides had their opportunities, but the defenses were up to the task and the one goal would lead both sides into the break.

The second half belonged to Altamira, or so it seemed. The team showed the enthusiasm and determination that their fans have grown accustomed to and delivered the equalizer in the 57th minute. The goal came on the brilliant counter-attack that started with a perfect pass from the back line. Miguel Moreno laid a beautiful ball in the path of the streaking Gianni Gianelli, who nearly tore the cover off the ball, sending the ball inside the near post, astounding the near motionless keeper.

Altamira would take the lead in the 74th minute, when some tricky play between, midfielders, Sean Grayson and Gianfranco Paglierra led to a beautiful goal, bound for the highlight reels. Paglierra would net the ball, but the moves shown by Grayson created the space needed for the play. Both players pointed at the other in celebration and spirits were high.

As stoppage time rolled around, Altamira looked to wrap up the game when disaster struck. Fillipe Vargas took out the ankles of the bounding striker inside the area and the official pointed to the spot. Vargas only received a yellow card as his arguments fell onto deaf ears and Alasdair set up for the penalty kick. Vargas ran to the ball and blasted it into the stands, throwing his arms up in frustration. This undisciplined act quickly drew a straight red card and he was removed from the match. Alasdair converted the kick and the match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Altamira find themselves second in Group F (2 wins, 1 draw), a lone point behind their next opponents, Jurassica. Altamira does hold a game in hand, but the importance of the next match is unquestionable. Manager Arciniega made a brief statement regarding Vargas' conduct, "This is why I hesitated to start him in the first place. He played well for us from the bench, and could be considered our top player, if it wasn't for this side of him. He will definitely miss the remainder of qualifying. Hector Graziani will take his spot on the bench. If we qualify for the Cup and no further disciplines are levied, he may see some more playing time, but probably not as a starter. I can't really comment on much more, as I don't know what actions the powers that be will take. Right now, I'm off to prepare for Jurassica."
06-06-2003, 01:03
OOC - Sorry this is a little off topic of the qualifying, but does anyone know if there are final rankings posted from World Cup III?
06-06-2003, 03:22
After a close game resulting in a tie with Al-Quds (missed the window, so I'm not going to RP that game), the Gesamtkuntswerk team was given a day of respite. Determined to not let the gap grow and to secure group dominance, the Sturms held voluntary team practices, to which all but a select few (all who have suffered minor sprains and aches) have attended. Coach Tier commented on the team's gusto as "a positive sign that the Sturms won't let any team keep us down. We've yet to be defeated, but we're not letting that go to our heads. We're going to work ourselves to make sure that future games only build on our present success, not deter from it."
06-06-2003, 04:13
To answer Rhaken Kull's question, RPing has little bearing upon the results. Just the ones who don't RP will get weeded out in the long run and the ones who do fare better. I only use that sort of handicapping in extreme circumstances.

To answer Svecia's question, here are the rankings after WCIII (I only kept the top 50, anyone who slips below that came back as a new entry):
1 Giant Zucchini
2 Crosshill
3 Europa Britannia
4 Communism and Vodka
5 El Gibbonia
6 Pax Humanis
7 Tanah Burung
8 Moyk
9 Steel Shadows
10 Quohog
11 Svecia
12 Brazillico
13 TnUI
14 Der Angst
15 Al Quds
16 Dead Man
17 Ariddia
18 Vortexicca
19 Zinkoland
20 The Brotherhood of Nod
21 Alasdair I Frosticus
22 Central New Jersey
23 Utter Boredom
24 Snub Nose 38
25 Lemmitania
26 Zinkoland
27 Dyelli Beybi
28 Belly Bombers
29 ILO
30 Ravenspire
31 Botafogo
32 Neo-Wu
33 Joaonist Union
34 Andy Lim
35 Jurassica
36 Muchoflipflopcramshlam
37 Digitex
38 Western-Flanders
39 Spaam
40 Pablicosta
41 Moontian
42 New Romulus
43 Dennisov
44 Kingsford
45 Runaway Moose
46 Abfackeln
47 Delashaw
48 Skittletopia
49 James Boags
50 Xerlox
51 New Entries
06-06-2003, 06:54
You've got Zinkoland twice. :P

Just a note, the official World Cup V sign up thread is here
Anything endorsed by Ziotah is NOT official
06-06-2003, 07:32
KM: ...and finally, we report on Ravenspire's progress in the World Cup qualifiers. The team played Massassipi today, and the match resulted in another 1-1 draw. Mike, most analysts were expecting a win; what happened out there?

MB: Well, Kath, you might recall that in our last report we talked about Ravenspire's offense not being their strongest point. I think today's game showcased that. Also, you might have noticed that the team's manager kept Zhen Sui-Ling out of play today, instead sending in Raphael Montgomery. Rafe's a solid player in his own right, Kath, but he's no Sui-Ling, and I think it's pretty clear how her loss impacted the team's offense.

KM: Why would the manager make that call, Mike?

MB: He hasn't given a specific reason, but if you take a look at the standings, I think it's pretty clear. Tomorrow, Ravenspire is facing off against One Red Dot, who've collected some wins lately and are now second in the group, surpassing Rhaken Kull for the moment. Meanwhile, today's game was Ravenspire's fourth in a row, and I think the players might be starting to feel some fatigue, especially the strikers after that tough game against Kull. Massassipi is not a high-scoring team, so the manager probably felt he could safely pull Sui-Ling out to let her rest for tomorrow's game. He took a risk, and unfortunately it didn't pay off big.

KM: But it remains to be seen whether Sui-Ling's performance tomorrow will benefit. I see from the game statistics that newcomer Amara Akizuki got the credit for the Ravenspire team's only goal; she's doing well.

MB: Phenomenally, Kath. Yes, she scored 27 minutes into the game. Unfortunately, Massassipi evened things out shortly afterward, at 32 minutes, and our boys and girls just couldn't get another goal in before the final whistle. I'm sure it's a bit of a disappointment to them, but on the other hand, Ravenspire continues undefeated in the qualifiers and remains at the top of its group.

KM: And they're now third overall, after Ariddia and Jurassica. What about the rest of the group, Mike?

MB: Well, One Red Dot has been doing well lately. We'll be hoping to break their momentum tomorrow, of course, but definitely a contender. The Rhaken Kull team is still strong, but they tied 3-3 today; that's a big drop in their defense, and it comes against Spookistan and Jakalah, a nation Ravenspire trounced. It's possible they were more shaken by their game against us than they let on. If so, they might fall apart if they see a loss.

KM: And with three games left to play, that's a possibility. What about Spookistan and Jakalah themselves?

MB: Brilliant but erratic, Kath. They're the second-highest-scoring team in the group right now, after Ravenspire, but their performance varies wildly. Their keeper, Tenerife Tenerife, is undoubtedly skilled, but he seems to be causing them as many problems with his attitude as he solves for them with his skill. If he gets serious about this, they've got a good chance of making it. If not... well, they don't.

KM: And today's opponents?

MB: Surprisingly strong, so far, Kath, but they haven't stood out. They've got a relatively weak offense, like Ravenspire or One Red Dot, but they lack the strong defense both those teams share. They may make it to the cup, but they don't look to be serious contenders.

KM: Much like Ravenspire last year, Mike.

MB: That's true; perhaps we'll see more from them in next year's competition. Next, there's Snub Nose 38, which is just a total surprise to everyone. They were seeded best in the group, but they've been dead last in the standings, and it's looking like it'll take some luck for them even to make it to the cup. They really need a win right now.

KM: And that leaves McFitzerland.

MB: Things aren't looking good for them, Kath. Their offense has been no better than Massassipi's, but their defense is even worse. They're marginally ahead of Snub Nose, but they've played one fewer game. In order for them to make it to the cup, they'll probably have to pull off at least a draw against Ravenspire on the final day.

KM: And that's all the time we have tonight. Join us tomorrow for coverage of the next game. Plus: Is your child in danger? Find out tomorrow morning at 8!

Kathryn Malley and Michael Black, reporting for RNN
06-06-2003, 11:57
Audioslavia's president apologises for his recent absense. He blames the crap internet :)

I am delighted at our aging squads progress to 3rd with a game-in-hand over the team above us.

Our reporter John Motsky talks to our clubs highest scorer, striker Chris Cornell.

Chris, talk us through your opening goal against minnows enelander:

Cornell: Well, i was watching, while he was coughing, and i was drinking wine while he was nautious.... and then i just hit it in the back of the net, y'know.

Great, your team mates were proud of you for that goal

Cornell: All my friends are brown and red...

Yes.. well.... your side seemed to ignore the terrible conditions in your opening match with Enelander.

Cornell: mmmmm, well it was pretty harsh, but at the end of the day, y'know, we washed away the rain....

Like a black hole sun?

Cornell: say wha?

nevermind. back to you in the studio.
The Imperial Navy
06-06-2003, 12:03
Chanting- *Lets go-Lets go!*

*Come on you Blues!* (Colour of our uniform.)

"This is Jodie Woodland, reporting Live from The Imperial Navy. The Team is yet to find out who they are facing next, but they are training hard. After the last 2-4 Victory, the spirits in the team are high."

"This is Jodie Woodland for Imperial News!"
Snub Nose 38
06-06-2003, 15:39
:( The Hooligans apologize to the world in general for their poor performance in WC4. The fact that the left leg of everyone on the team is broken is a poor excuse at best. :oops:
THREE losses and one tiny little win? Ranked 24th and about to be booted :cry:
And, to make matters worse, we just learned that WC3 was won by a vegetable. :wink:
06-06-2003, 16:04
Dennisov - Moyk

a game against a team regarded as one of the top 10 of the nationworld.

The fear of this opponent was well founded, in spite of Moyk's recent performances, this team was not to be taken lightly. They could at any time show the world their quality side.

The first half was once again very pleasurable to watch. Chances on both sides kept the spectators on the edges of their seats.
A beautiful save from the Moyk's talented goalie kept the scores even at 0-0.

The second half saw Moyk pushing forward to force an opening in the up to then, unpenetrable Dennisov defense. This defense did not stand up for long, as on the hour, a corner taken by Moyk went behind Tretchak straight into the far top corner. A mistake by the Dennisov goalie, or just a wonderfully well taken corner? You decide, but this one will end up in the highlight reel, just you wait and see.

Not satisfied with just one goal, Moyk kept pushing forwards, this allowed the two attackers of Dennisov some space to roam around in. This resulted in a sudden breakaway and the equaliser.

A highly controversial penalty awarded to Dennisov meant that Dennisov could actually take the lead, even if it was against the flow of play.
But, sometimes, just sometimes, there is justice in this world. A long range effort from Moyk was deflected off a Dennisov defender and fell right in front of a Moyk striker, who had absolutely no second thoughts and put the ball in the back of the net.

The game ended 2-2. A game which according to logic and all other things should have gone to Moyk. Nevertheless, Dennisov will gladly accept the point.
06-06-2003, 16:14
Results for MATCHDAY 5
Al Quds 1- The Imperial Navy 2
Pablicosta 2 - Proxy 1
Gesamtkuntwerk 0 - Moyk 1

Snub Nose 38 4 - Massasipi 1
Ravenspire 1 - One Red Dot 0
McFitzerland 1 - Rhaken Kull 1

Ariddia 1 - Her Sexyness 0
Digitex 0 - Rivadavia 2
Haraki 2 - Shinjo ViCu 0

Lemmitania 2 - Audioslavia 1
Dyelli Beybi 2 - Enelando 2
The Divine Llama 1 - Lunatic Goofballs 0

Dead Man 1 - Caras Sidh 1
Spaam 1 - Ineffectualism 3
Vegana 1 - GATMOG 1

Alasdair I Frosticus 5 - The Amused 3
Jurassica 4 - Altamira 0
Pumpkinia 5 - Vegimite 1
06-06-2003, 16:18
OOC: Eep...
Dead Man
06-06-2003, 17:19
Could someone please post the tables for the Qualifying. I have 3 draws and a win and I am not sitting comfortably about it
Snub Nose 38
06-06-2003, 17:26
Egad! Another win! Go, Hooligans, go! :D

* takes entire team and coaching staff out to an expensive dinner *

On Match Day 5 the Snub Nose 38 Hooligans faced both a tough Massassipi side and potentially mathematical elimination. As it turned out, the Hooligans were able to overcome both.

The first half was a very tight game by both sides. Massassipi was able to move the ball up both the left and right sides into the attacking third a number of times, but could only achieve two decent scoring attempts. The first was a terrific shot from just outside the 18 yard box that curled down towards the upper right corner. The Hooligans keeper was just able to stop the shot, tipping it out for a corner with one hand. The second chance for Massassipi came on the ensueing corner, taken beautifully and headed down towards the goal - only just saved off the line by a Hooligan defenders boot. The Hooligans also only had two good chances in the first half, due to excellent defending by Massassipi, but were able to convert one to a goal. The first chance came on a fast break up the middle on a long ball from the Hooligan keeper, saved by one of the prettiest tackles in the box this announcer has ever seen. The second came on a set piece 20 yards out. The ball fell at the 6 yard line, and for a few seconds it was bedlam, ending when the Hooligan team captain, facing outward from the goal, discovered the ball behind him and kicked it backwards into the net. Half time score was 1 - 0 Hooligans.
Massassipi suffered some bad luck in the second half, loosing a key player to a minor injury at the 50 minute mark, and going down a man to a red card on what was a very questionable call in the box in the 59th minute. The Hooligans converted the penalty kick for a second goal. The remaining ten on the Massassipi side played valiently, and were able to score in the 73rd minute with some very pretty give and go passing around the defense and behind the Hooligan keeper. In the 79th minute a cross by the Hooligans from the left side hit the back of the head of one of the Massassipi defenders and fell into the net for an own goal. The final goal of the match was scored in the 87the minute by the Hooligans, who brought the ball up to mid field and were just passing it around looking for an opening. The Massassipi defense moved up to try to take the ball, and the keeper came a little off his line. A quick pass and chip shot later and the score was 4 - 1 Hooligans, which was also the final score.

* promises another fine free dinner if they win again *
06-06-2003, 17:43
After a strong showing in the first three games, Gesamtkuntswerk was bested by the Moyk team in a close 1-0 match.

The entire game showed the teams to be running dead even to each other, with strong defence meeting strong offence on each team. Because of leg pains that has developed out of a sprain, W.A. Tramoz was advised to sit out of the game. Folke subbed in for him, but did not live up to his predecessor's skills, failing to score in any of the several clinchers of the game. In the fifty-first minute of the game Gesamtkuntswerk golie B. Hoyle gave up the only goal of the game, ending the Sturm's streak with a final score of 1-0. No officials were available for comment.

[OOC though I can't imagine how a team 2-0-1 lost to a team 0-1-2... I know, it's possible, but it infuriates me all the same. No more "no loss Sturms" for Gesamtkuntswerk]
06-06-2003, 17:54
Could someone please post the tables for the Qualifying. I have 3 draws and a win and I am not sitting comfortably about it

Dead Man 1 – Spaam 1
Dead Man 2 - GATMOG 3
Dead Man 1 - Vegana 1
Dead Man 6 - Ineffectualism 2
Dead Man 1 - Caras Sidh 1

You're at 1 win, 1 loss and 3 draws with 6 points and I believe that puts you at 4th place in the group.
06-06-2003, 18:32
…and now for the sport:

After rather disappointing results in their last three games the Republics team have finally started making at least some impact on qualifying Group A in the current World Cup. A one nil win over Gesamtkuntwerk, has gone some way to silence growing criticism in several quarters that the team, which was ranked 8th in the world going into this competition, has been allowed to stagnate following the last World Cup. Relying to much on established stars and leaving no room for younger blood in the side.

The game itself was a rather lackluster affair with the Republics team showing very little of the attractive attacking football for which they have been known in previous years. During the first half neither team looked likely to score. Moyk started more brightly in the second half, and in the 51 minute a cross into the box found the feet of veteran striker Hamid which he finished of with trademark precision.

06-06-2003, 18:49
A tie with Ariddia? Unthinkable! We were just getting cushy with our "worst defense", "worst attack" and "least points scored" holdings. The unexpected turn-around of the Guanacos has caused a monumental boost in ratings and a rejuvenated national pride to Rivadavia.
06-06-2003, 18:52
OCC: Sorry about not getting one up yesterday, was at a paintball party.. yay.

"Live From Kingsford City, I'm Dan Reeves.. on the only channel in Kingsford bringing you live world cup coverage.. Channel 3! Now we go straight to Gabe Banners in Brazillico. Gabe?"

"Thanks Dan. Well, Kingsford has two more matches to play left in qualifying. It has been a tremendous year so far for the men in purple, gold, and black, and they're out on top of the pack! I'm hear with Left Defender and team captain, Arwen Nova. Arwen, are you excited about being the peak of group E?"

"Gabe, it's great to be at the top. Those people who say it's just a game, only say that because they suck. Well, everything's coming up us.. it's great."

"You had your first bye week this week, did you watch any other games?"

"Well, we have two opponents left in Group E to face, Ineffectualism, and Dead Man. Dead Man is starting to come around, but with 1 win, 1 loss, and 3 draws, it appears they play a conservative game, as was shown against Caras Sidh. If we press our attack, then we should be able to hold against them."

"What about Ineffectualism?"

"I was shocked when Spaam fell to Ineffectualism 3-1. Considering our only loss was to Spaam, I think Spaam just got too loose on the field, and Ineffectualism played strong and hard and slipped 3 past the keeper. What we have to remember in that game is that Ineffectualism isn't just some antisoccer nation that has never played the sport before, but they're the best of their whole country, which has to be worth something."

"The Kingsford team beat Gatmog. What can you tell us about that?"

"That was the best moment to date in Kingsford World Cup history. Last World Cup, we were pretty bad.. and Gatmog was undefeated.. so we come in with a 1-1-1 record and give a 2-0-0 team their first lost, which is amazing. It was a real moral booster for the kids as well. Wonderful."

"Thank you so much, Arwen. It's good to talk to you, and I'll be cheering for you."

"Thank you Gabe. And now, back to Kingsford City!"
06-06-2003, 18:55
OCC: Sorry about not getting one up yesterday, was at a paintball party.. yay.

"Live From Kingsford City, I'm Dan Reeves.. on the only channel in Kingsford bringing you live world cup coverage.. Channel 3! Now we go straight to Gabe Banners in Brazillico. Gabe?"

"Thanks Dan. Well, Kingsford has two more matches to play left in qualifying. It has been a tremendous year so far for the men in purple, gold, and black, and they're out on top of the pack! I'm hear with Left Defender and team captain, Arwen Nova. Arwen, are you excited about being the peak of group E?"

"Gabe, it's great to be at the top. Those people who say it's just a game, only say that because they suck. Well, everything's coming up us.. it's great."

"You had your first bye week this week, did you watch any other games?"

"Well, we have two opponents left in Group E to face, Ineffectualism, and Dead Man. Dead Man is starting to come around, but with 1 win, 1 loss, and 3 draws, it appears they play a conservative game, as was shown against Caras Sidh. If we press our attack, then we should be able to hold against them."

"What about Ineffectualism?"

"I was shocked when Spaam fell to Ineffectualism 3-1. Considering our only loss was to Spaam, I think Spaam just got too loose on the field, and Ineffectualism played strong and hard and slipped 3 past the keeper. What we have to remember in that game is that Ineffectualism isn't just some antisoccer nation that has never played the sport before, but they're the best of their whole country, which has to be worth something."

"The Kingsford team beat Gatmog. What can you tell us about that?"

"That was the best moment to date in Kingsford World Cup history. Last World Cup, we were pretty bad.. and Gatmog was undefeated.. so we come in with a 1-1-1 record and give a 2-0-0 team their first lost, which is amazing. It was a real moral booster for the kids as well. Wonderful."

"Thank you so much, Arwen. It's good to talk to you, and I'll be cheering for you."

"Thank you Gabe. And now, back to Kingsford City!"
06-06-2003, 19:07
Ann Ounza: ...And in sport, the Jurassican Team is astounding everyone in Jurassica with their success in World Cup IV qualifying. We go over to our on the spot reporter Corey Spondant, who is with coach Ivor Problem.

(Scene changes to two men in the stands of a stadium)

Corey Spondant: Following on from World Cup 3, where the team failed to even qualify, we are seeing the Jurassican team hit new heights. Can you explain how you have managed to achieve this miraculous improvement?

Ivor Problem: We tried the usual techniques of training and encouragement, but that didn't work. Then we tried bribing the team, again no success. Then we employed an expert in torture and theatening behaviour, and found the players seemed to respond better to this. Their performance just seemed to improve overnight.

Corey Spondant: How far do you think Jurassica can go in this competition?

Ivor Problem: I would like to say we had a chance at the cup, but I would be lying. There are some very strong teams in this competition. If we could get into the last sixteen would be quite acceptable, anything more would be amazing.
Runaway Moose
06-06-2003, 23:08
The nations hooligans were enraged today to find that their local sports channel hadn't been following qualifying matches! They swiftly enacted their rage on the channel's commentator, who as it turns out, had been holding out because of a bribe received from the national croquet team.

A loyal fan, Gus, who had been following the team was able to come back during their bye on match day 5 to share what he saw:

Well, the team played fairly well in the opener. Many fans feel the loss was due to their national hero MOZ still being injured from an inter-regional match. However, Tinesta managed to cover the hero's spot very well, even getting both assists. However, our side was weaker than the Hawks, and we have to commend them on a game well played.

The second set, despite MOZ not returning, proved better for Alces Rex fans, and Tinesta really showed his colors, scoring his first WC goal. The side scored early and maintained their lead through the half, when a breakaway goal by a swift forward on the Digitex team tied it up. The final goal of the game was a fabulous header by Gigas in the 86th minute, assisted by Mus. It was a very exciting last few minutes though, with the Digitex side never giving up, and putting almost as many shots on goal in the last 4 minutes as they did in the first half.

The third day of matches was another victory for Alces Rex, marked by the return of MOZ! Tinesta prooved his worth and was given starting preference over Moos. The duo really burned up the field. MOZ managed two goals, and two assists. Tinesta assisted one of MOZ's goals, and was a virtual iron wall on his side in defense. The other two goals were made by Andersoni, who was really on top of things up front. The second assist to MOZ came from Gigas on a fabulous switch play. Moosejaw only allowed the Her Sexyness side 2 goals. One was a fabulous shot by their left mid from way out. The other was after a poor defensive play by Wapiti allowed a breakaway. However, there was little for fans to be upset about... for about 87 minutes of the game Alces Rex played as well as they ever have and we are hoping they will be able to bring this kind of came to the next round.

The fourth day was a disappointment to Rex fans. While the team managed to sqeak 2 goals in (MOZ and Andersoni, both assists Tinesta)
The match was decidedly in favor of Shinojo ViCu, who had 3 strong goals and dominated, controlling the ball for 68 minutes of play. The coach of Alces has promised fans that the team is going to take day 5 to get it together so that they can provide a unified front for days 6 and 7, and bring some pride home to Runaway Moose.

And as for Gus, he's been promoted to the position of Runaway Moose International Sports Commentator. We know we can depend on Gus, and we are all cheering for Alces Rex!
06-06-2003, 23:14
Arciniega: Team Controls Own Destiny

The Altamiran national team manager, Benito Arciniega spoke candidly about their qualification chances. "This last loss really hurt us. One minute we're, sitting atop the Group, secure in our position; the next, we're fighting to qualify. To our advantage, our remaining matches are against the two sides that we're battling with. If we can manage four points out of the two matches, we should... and that's a big word (should)... qualify for the World Cup."

Altamira suffered their first loss in qualification at the hands of, Group leader, Jurassica. The 4-0 domination quickly grounded the streaky Altamiran side. Altamira stormed into qualifying, winning their first two matches. Giving the young team the bye in Round 2 was the turning point for the young squad. Perhaps excessive celebration played a part in the downward spiral that followed? Coming off the rest, the Altamiran side lost two points as they conceded a, game equalizing, penalty kick in stoppage time to Alasdair I Frosticus. This effort was followed by the losing effort as the team slid to third in the Group. With the club's remaining two matches versus fourth and fifth places, Arciniega held a tight lip about any changes that we may see.
06-06-2003, 23:29
"We're going to send you down to Junior Garcia and Mike White in Brazillico, here to give us an update on the Oglethorpian team."

Junior Garcia: Well it's the conclusion of the 5th matchday of World Cup qualifying, and we've seen the Oglethorpian team take some hits in it's group. Mike, can you elaborate?

Mike White: Well Junior, as you know the Oglethorpian team comes off a loss to Vegimite, and the standings aren't looking too good either. The Jurassica team is on a two-game winning streak with a recent win against Altamira.

JG: Well Mike, I think we both know that the Midshipmen definitely need a tie or a win next game, or they won't be sitting in a good situation. As it stands the team is 4th in the group and will need a tie or a win to stay in their place, or not qualify.

MW: Altamira's a tough team, looking at only a 3-1 record. The Oglethorpian team is definitely going to need to play a good game if they want to make it into the World Cup.

JG: We may see those two-ties come back to haunt the Oglethorpians if they fall back anymore in the standings.

MW: Ya know, to me it seems we've got a strong team in the cup. They've came off a 2-4 loss to Vegimite, but have played a good game against Pumpkinia and Jurassica. We've seen some good offense, but if they can hold up the defense and keep Altamira from scoring against them, the Oglethorpians may be sitting pretty at the end of qualifying.

JG: Good point. The Amused game was definitely a breakthrough. If they can keep their offense up, they may have a chance. I hate to say it, but the next series of matches may help or hurt the Midshipmen in the standings.

MW: Well we're definitely wishing the Oglethorpian Midshipmen the best! For Junior Garcia, i'm Mike White, and that's day 5 of World Cup qualifying. Back to you in the studio, Scott.
07-06-2003, 02:35
So here's hoping that strike gets resolved soon.

Moving on to Sports now, Dante Casey, another draw for the Wings in Brazillico today!

That's right Cathryn! The good news is, we've only lost one game so far. The bad news...we're dead even. You remember last week's win over Ineffectualism was countered by a loss the following day at the hands of Spaam. Then a draw with Kingsford, and today, another draw.

Casey: (voice-over) The crowds were in full force today, here to cheer on the Caras Sidh team...but after a long and well-fought match, the Wings are no closer to World Cup victory than before.
Trent Mason, Wings' Head Coach

Mason:Well, we played tough, it was a tough game. We really reached deep inside and, uh, our offense came up with some really big plays. Gwilleth is one of the greatest players that ever lived. We're just gonna keep focused, we still got some things to work on. We need to tighten up our defense. Defense wins games.

Casey: Well, good luck in your next game Coach. And that's the scene in Brazillico. Back to you Cathryn!
07-06-2003, 04:49
Live from charming Brazillico this is Shemp Wooley on the Lemmitanian Radio Network, bringing you match day 5 results at the World Cup. Today we saw another fine performance as the Lemmings faced off against Audioslavia, who entered the match trailing by just a point in the group D standings. This is one that everyone thought would be close, and it certainly was a nail-biter. Here with me to discuss the results are our very own commentators, Clem Gilson and Gil Lemson. Clem, Gil, thoughts on the game?

Clem: Wow. That's my reaction, Shemp. What a match. Without doubt, the most exciting we've seen so far this tournament.

Gil: It's definitely becoming more co'erent, Shemp.

Shemp: Able to follow today's action, were you, Gil?

Gil: Not as such. But I found myself less inclined to become confused as to why the players refused to use their 'ands.

Clem: we've been working hard on that one, Shemp. Gil and I have pasted the FIFA rulebook across the walls of our hotel room-- uh, don't tell the hotel manager, will you?

Gil: 'e's still upset about that incident the first day we got 'ere.

Clem: Gil didn't know that in Brazillico flowers are meant to be decorative.

Gil: They were bloomin' delicious, though, don't you know?

Clem: At any rate, we've been studying hard-- Gil's been trying to wrap his brain around that whole no-hands thing, and I've been focusing on some of the finer points of the game. We've also been listening to all the matches we can.

Gil: Non-stop. It's like a bloody football fanaticatorium in our 'otel room, Shemp.

Shemp: So the game's growing on you?

Gil: Well, it ain't rugby. Never will be, so far as I can see.

Clem: No, it won't likely morph into rugby. But still, it's football, and that's something. It's apparently a very popular sport throughout much of the world.

Shemp: It's the most popular sport in the world, hand down, gentlemen.

Gil: Well, be that as it may, it ain't rugby.

Clem: And in keeping with Gil's comments, I think it's safe to say that we won't be 'experts' any time soon. There seems to be a lot of subtlety in this game, and subtlety's... you know, hard to pick up on.

Gil: On account of bein' subtle. Or not there at all.

Clem: It's a nuanced game.

Shemp: So, you found today's match exciting, then?

Gil: I did like the part at the end, Shemp. When the score was tied at one-all and time was runnin' out. I must say I did begin to enjoy that. Thought I still cannot understand why they don't pick the ball up.

Clem: No hands. No hands. No hands.

Gil: Wit' their neck! We went through this the other day--

Shemp: I explained it to you, that's illegal. There's no carrying the ball in any way.

Gil: But wit' the chin--

Shemp: NO!

Clem: Forget it, Gil. Our is not to reason why.

Gil: True, true, there is that, then.

Clem: But as Gil was saying, the closing minutes of play really had us on the edge of the seat. You'll recall that I predicted a close match, not like the runaway victories over Divine Llama and Enelando. And sure enough, after the early goal by Mickelson and Audioslavia's answer a few minutes later, we had over an hour of tense play. It was really looking like it was going to be a draw, and then around the eighty-fifth minute--

Gil: Whoever 'eard of a game that lasts eighty-five bloody minutes? It ain't natural.

Shemp: If the game wasn't as long as that, the Lemmings would have wound up with a draw.

Gil: Well, you could just as easily say if our first game went on another three hours, we might 'ave made up our two-goal deficit.

Clem: At any rate, it was an absolute flurry around the eighty-fifth minute, with Henneman taking a header off Audioslavia's tender's deflection, and just past his outstretched hands--

Gil: I just about pissed myself.

Shemp:........and making the score Lemmitania 2, Audioslavia 1, where it stayed. And we'll be right back after these messages.
Runaway Moose
07-06-2003, 05:00
OOC: I adore Caras Sidh. I want them to qualify just to keep seeing commentary.
I'm inspired to do a much much better job.
07-06-2003, 05:27
OOC: So do I :)

Table has been updated:
:!: :!:

Best Attack: Jurassica (16/5)
Best Defense: One Red Dot, Lunatic Goofballs (3/4)
Best Difference: Ariddia, Jurassica (9/5)

Worst Attack: One Red Dot, Rivadavia, Lunatic Goofballs, Vegana (4/4)
Worst Defense: The Amused (16/4)
Worst Difference: (-8/4)

And I just want to say, that YET AGAIN, Spaam has been drawn into the Group Of Death. Noone has won more than 2 games. Everyone has won at least one game. Everyone has lost at least one game. Only one team has not drawn any games. The Standard Deviation of the scores is only 1.5. The next best is 2.48. I am not happy, Jan :P
07-06-2003, 06:07
Thom: And to the World Cup Qualifiers, and Spaam officials are in uproar after their shock 3-1 loss to Ineffectualism, and team which had up to that point not won a single game at international level. The game, which ended with strikers Juan Saavedra and Jakwa Widjaja with red cards, KK Nevvytt in hospital, and the entire team in disarray, was plagued with bad refereeing decisions and dirty tactics from the Ineffectualism team. Here is what Coach Lopes Tossolini had to say after the match:


Sherry: Well Coach Tossolini, I can see you're not happy, but can you elaborate?

Lopes: The game started off well, with Byshai scoring a text-book goal in the 14th minute, and we were very confident at that stage. But then some of the Ineff players were playing rough and badgering my players. One of them punched Juan who just pushed back, which is testiment to his improved behaviour. But then their player punched again, and so Juan went off and they got into a fist fight. Now this was happening right in front of the ref, so he should've seen everything, but instead he claimed that Juan started the punchup and sent him off, and only gave the other player a yellow card, and then gave them a free kick. I was disgusted, and they managed to get a goal. Then we were back at their end, and in a fantastic position, when one of their players ran in front of Jakwa, and then fell down. Everyone saw that it was deliberate on the other players part, and he was just acting hurt, but the referee automatically gave Jakwa a red card! And the other player just got up and shot a penatly, and played the rest of the game. The referee out there was definitely biased. So we were 2-1 down and our top strikers off the field. But yet again, we were back down their end, and KK with the ball, and one of their thugs just tripped him and kicked him in the head. But the ref didn't say anything even though everyone else saw it, and he wouldn't pay attention, and gave 2 of our players yellow cards for speaking up against the ref. And KK was not getting up, and their was blood streaming down his head, so he was taken straight to hospital. This was ridiculous. We still managed to keep them from scoring, and we still had most of the possession for the rest of the game, but our players were tired, so Ineff got one last goal in the 94th minute. I have never seen a ref so biased and a team play do dihonourably in my life, and I will be complaining to the highest authority about this. Ineff and ref effin' cheated. I am thankful we have a week off, so we will try and pull ourselves together.

Sherry: Thankyou Coach Lopes for your time.


Thom: Spaam Football officials will be complaining to the World Cup board about these incidents, and we will keep you up to date with latest developments. Now, we have in the studio....
07-06-2003, 06:43
KM:, the latest news about the recently-discovered Earthlike planet, Kirei. But first, a sports update with Michael Black. Mike?

MB: Well, we have to have our priorities in order, don't we, Kath? *laughs* Anyway, we're focusing again on the ongoing World Cup IV qualifying matches, and the sound-byte version is: Ravens Win Again. I'm sure you'll be seeing that headline on some of the dailies tomorrow, too.

KM: Today's match was against One Red Dot, at the time second in Ravenspire's qualifying group, wasn't it?

MB: It was, Kath, and as you might expect, there was some incredibly tough defense on display on both sides. Neither of these teams is known as an offensive powerhouse, but they're two of only three teams in the competition at this point to have allowed less than one goal per game. Any match between them was sure to be a grueling competition.

KM: So what are some of the highlights from today's game?

MB: Well, first of all, the fans were very happy to see the return of Zhen Sui-Ling to the lineup. You might remember that she was absent from the crimson and black's previous game against Massassipi, and there are some who think that game turned out to be a draw instead of a win because of it. It seems the rest did her good, though, as she was the one who scored the game's only goal. The way she was running all over the field, though, I'll bet she's as glad as the rest of the team to have a short break.

KM: I see from the statistics she scored quite late in the game. Any comment on that?

MB: It's true, she squeaked in just under the wire there. You see, Kath, the entire first half of the game was something of a nonevent. Defense on both sides was so tight that neither team got so much as an attempt on the goal. Both teams were playing a bit cautiously, and the strikers just got swarmed before they could find an open position. The second half looked to be going the same way, for a scoreless draw, and One Red Dot must have been feeling some pressure, because they suddenly made a concentrated effort to push through and shoot. Zhen Bao was on his toes, though, and he managed to catch it with another of those incredible leaps of his.

KM: After that... let's look at the clip... Bao's thrown the ball out, and Paul Lowell's got it. He's taking off down the side, and with the Samurai strikers and offensive midfield having been concentrated in the middle to open up that opportunity, he's past midfield before he's really opposed. There's Amara Akizuki coming up on his left... and the pass.

MB: It looks like Paul is stepping back from his recent offense streak, Kath. Amara's making a run for the goal... she passes it to Matt Roker to get around a midfielder, there, but Matt sends it right back... and right there, she suddenly fires the ball off to the left. A bit risky, but it looks like it worked, the defenders who were converging on her are momentarily confused.

KM: And that moment was all Sui-Ling needed, Mike. She's almost a red blur there, coming up from the sidelines to intercept the ball... Samurai goalkeeper Motoya Gokitama lunges for it, but it's just out of his reach, there's no way he can stop that one.

MB: A quarter-meter further to Sui-Ling's right, or higher, and it wouldn't have gone in at all, Kath. That's a goal at 89 minutes, and that pretty much sealed the game. And the competition, incidentally; Ravenspire is now guaranteed at least a second-place finish in its group, which means they're bound for the cup. Of course, they'll still be gunning for the win against McFitzerland, if only to preserve their undefeated status. An amazing improvement the team's shown this year, I must say.

KM: There you have it. For further in-depth analysis of today's game, please visit our Web site or VR world at [contact addresses]. We remind our viewers that Ravenspire doesn't play in the next set of games, so we'll resume coverage following the final qualifying match.

Kathryn Malley and Michael Black, reporting for RNN

[OOC: Edit because I realized Rhaken Kull and One Red Dot haven't played yet, which guarantees Ravenspire at least second, rather than at least third.]
07-06-2003, 06:44
Double post.
07-06-2003, 07:53
07-06-2003, 10:40
8pm news

Yasmina Jones (presentator): "...and they claim that living naked in the rainforest is far more satisfying than their former lives in the city. The government has made no formal statement on this matter.

On to sport, now. Today, Ariddia's opponent in the World Cup was the nation of, umm, Her Sexyness. We have Ariddian players Ranjit Khan and Raphael Ford on the line from Brazillico. Ranjit, Raphael, good evening. What can you tell us about your last game?"

Ranjit Khan (mid, 7): "Well, the team from Her Sexyness gave us a scare several times, but our defence kept cool heads... and Vicky was superb as goalkeeper. She stopped a few well-aimed shots that would have cost us the game."

Ford (att, 2): "And Her Sexyness stopped us from scoring quite a few goals, too... Ranj, d'you know why their country is called that?"

Khan: *shrugs* "No idea... Maybe from some historical figure that was really..."

Ford: "Sexy?"

Khan: "Yeah."

Yasmina: "Umm, gentlemen... Anything further to add?"

Ford: "Well, as always we'll try to learn from the mistakes we've made in this game. Just because we've won doesn't mean we should relax. There are still some tough challenges ahead. Ranj, d'you suppose their current leader is sexy?"

Khan: "Hmm... They wouldn't have changed their nation's name just because of their lastest leader, would they?"

Ford: "Don't know. Maybe we should ask the players."

Khan: "It could be a touchy subject. Taboo and all, you know."

Ford: "Well, we'll have to be diplomatic about it."

Yasmina: "Well, gentlemen, thank you for your insight, and good luck. From Rêvane, this was the 8pm news. Good night!"

Ford: "Come on, then, let's ask them."

*camera cuts*
07-06-2003, 13:33
OOC: I adore Caras Sidh. I want them to qualify just to keep seeing commentary.
I'm inspired to do a much much better job.

You're too kind, RM. Thanks. I was just going to say the same about reading "Clem and Gil" myself.
07-06-2003, 15:06
Results for Matchday 6

Al Quds 3 - Dennisov 1
Gesamtkuntwerk 2 - The Imperial Navy 3
Proxy 3 - Moyk 2

Snub Nose 38 1 - Spookistan and Jakalah 2
McFitzerland 1 - Massassipi 1
One Red Dot 1 - Rhaken Kull 2

Ariddia 0 - Runaway Moose 0
Haraki 4 - Her Sexyness 3
Rivadavia 1 - Shinjo ViCu 2

Lemmitania 1 - Alhana Catherine 0
The Divine Llama 1 - Audioslavia 3
Enelando 2 - Lunatic Goofballs 4

Dead Man 1 - Kingsford 2
Vegana 1 - Caras Sidh 4
Ineffectualism 4 - GATMOG 4

Alasdair I Frosticus 1 - Oglethorpia 2
Pumpkinia 2 - The Amused 4
Altamira 4 - Vegimite 1

There is only day of matches left, after I put up those results, I'll put down the groups for the Group Stage and I'll be telegramming the results to the final 32 before they get posted up on this board.
07-06-2003, 15:08
Brazilico, could you maybe post a summary of how many games each team has won and lost? For easy reference?


Haraki: 4-2

I don't know if that's my real score, but...
07-06-2003, 15:13
Honestly, SOME people have not been paying attention :evil:

:!: :!:

I'll be updating it with these results... um.... soon....
07-06-2003, 15:18
<edit: Haraki, I hope this will be of some help>

Here’s a little report on where every group stands looking at the last day of matches.
The Imperial Navy/Al Quds: Clinched World Cup births.
Gesamtkuntwerk: They’re guaranteed a birth in the cup with a win or draw against Pablicosta
Pablicosta: They can win assure themselves a place in the cup with a win over Gesamtkuntwerk or a draw paired with Moyk and Dennisov not winning.
Moyk/Dennisov: Need wins and a good goal difference to make it in.
Proxy: Although not mathematically out of it, they need a miracle to get in.

Ravenspire/Rhaken Kull: Clinched World Cup births.
Spookistan and Jakalah: A win or draw will against One Red Dot will give them a birth in the World Cup.
One Red Dot: A win over Spookistan and Jakalah and they’re in.
Massassipi/McFitzerland: Need a win and some help
Snub Nose 38: One of the pre-qualifier favorites is out.

Ariddia/Haraki/Shinjo ViCu: All of them will be in World Cup 4
Runaway Moose: A win or draw against Rivadavia will get them into the cup
Rivadavia: Must win against Runaway Moose to get in.
Her Sexyness/Digitex: Their World Cup dreams are dead.

Lemmitania, Lunatic Goofballs, The Divina Llama and Audioslavia are all in… Dyelli Beybi, Alhana Catherine and Enelando will have to watch the cup on TV.

GATMOG: Clinched birth.
Caras Sidh/Kingsford: Win or draw and they’ve clinched a birth in the cup.
Spaam: A Spaam win will get them in, as will a Spaam draw barring a huge Ineffectualism win.
Vegana: A win against Spaam and they’re in.
Ineffectualism: They need a miracle.
Dead Man: Another pre-qualifier favourite is out, for Dead Man’s chances are dead.

Jurassica/Altamira: They’ve clinched births to the World Cup
Oglethorpia: A win or draw paves their way to the cup.
Alasdair I Frosticus: They’re all done their games, all they can do is hope that Vegimate does not win.
Vegimate: Needs a win against The Amused
The Amused/Pumpkinia: They’re both playing for pride now.
07-06-2003, 16:14
Table updated :D

:!: :!:

Best Attack: Jurassica (16/5)
Best Defense: Ravenspire (4/5) :!:
Best Difference: Jurassica (9/5)

Worst Attack: ORT, Rivadavia, Vegana (5/5)
Worst Defense: The Amused (18/5)
Worst Difference: Enelando (-9/5)

Best Team So Far: Ariddia - they've ended up with an impressive 4-0-2 record, and a difference of 9 from 6 games. But Jurassica is also impressive, with 3-0-2, and 9 from only 5 games, with the best attack. If they can win the next game, then I can't see anyone doing better.

Worst Team So Far: Enelando. Haven't won a game (0-4-1) have the worst difference, and have let 17 goals past in only 5 games. But we will see....
Snub Nose 38
07-06-2003, 16:27
Ravenspire/Rhaken Kull: Clinched World Cup births.
Spookistan and Jakalah: A win or draw will against One Red Dot will give them a birth in the World Cup.
One Red Dot: A win over Spookistan and Jakalah and they’re in.
Massassipi/McFitzerland: Need a win and some help
Snub Nose 38: One of the pre-qualifier favorites is out.

* The Manager of The Hooligans, International Football side of the Borderlands of Snub Nose 38, orders all team members to fall on their swords. The team pauses for a moment, and realizes they have no swords. Laughing hysterically, they begin to pelt the Manager with banana peels and various vegetables. After the Manager escapes, the Hooligans slink away in shame. The team captain can be heard to be mumbling incoherently to himself * :roll:

OOC: Maybe WCV :?:
07-06-2003, 16:42
I would like to respectfully disagree with Brazillico here.

IF McFitzerland and Massassipi both lose, which is quite likely, AND One Red Dot loses by at least 2 goals, then surely Snub Nose 38 will make it, since they have a better difference? Or do you split ties like that according to who won the tie? (which would in this case be One Red Dot since they beat Snub Nose 38 1-0 in Round 4)
07-06-2003, 16:47
After having my eyes opened by Spaam, I have to agree with his previous statement and that Snub Nose 38 still could make it in the World Cup, given a big loss by One Red Dot and draws or losses by McFitzerland and Massassipi.

Snub Nose 38 still has a shot but they're on the outside looking in.
07-06-2003, 16:59
Thom: In latest World Cup Qualifier news, after reviews from World Cup officials, the red cards against top strikers Saavedra and Widjaja have been removed, so that they can play in their next match against Vegana. The referee Georgio Booshka was found guilty of "unprofessional conduct and decision making" and banned from all future international matches. No action was taken against Ineffectualism as they cannot make it into the main draw. KK Nevvytt was released from hospital with concussion and bruising, and will take the field against the crucial game against Vegana. We have in the studio, Football statistician Porll Yrrdysh. Porll, will Spaam make it into the main draw?

Porll: Well, it is as simple as this. Kingsford, Caras Sidh, and Gatmog will go through no matter what the results are. Dead Man cannot improve their position, as they don't have any matches left. Since Spaam is on 7 points, a team would need at least 7 points to make it through. A Spaam win will give them 10 points, a Spaam win would give them 8 points, and a Vegana win would give Vegana 8 points. So in fact, you would need 8 points to make it through to the next round. With Ineffectualism on 4 points, they cannot make it through either, so the last place is between Spaam and Vegana. If Spaam win or draw, they mak it through, else if Vegana win, Vegana makes it through. To see that Kingsford, Caras Sidh, and Gatmog will make it through, note that they all have at least 8 points. Simple. Also shows that you should never listen to Brazillican statisticians ~nerdy laugh~

Thom: Ummmm... riiiight.... thankyou Porll.

Porll: ~nerdy laugh~

Thom: So, in a position reminiscent of last World Cup, Spaam is again stuck in the closest group, and require a win or a draw to make it through into the main draw, or the second last placed team will leap frog them into that final position. Great. Frickin' deja vu. I'm sick of this job.... ~walks out~

~cut to commercial~

OOC: Hey, I wanted to have some fun :P
07-06-2003, 17:16

Hey, this is Dante Casey with a News Channel 4 Sports Update: the Wings have triumphed 4-1 over Vegana! Let's go to Brazillico now...

Casey(voice over, over screaming crowd)It's a sea of purple here in the stands! After a riveting victory, the Wings only have to win or draw one more and they're guaranteed a spot in the Finals! I'll go over the highlights quickly here...Aranya Gwileth scored two of the four goals, another by Ilmerea Ewiri--her first in these playoffs--and the fourth by Dash Buonorotti.
Trent Mason, Wings' Head Coach

Mason: Well, Dante, We're pleased, to say the least. After two draws in a row, we hoped to really pull out all the stops and that's just what we did. We're definitely looking forward to the next big game, and I'm proud of this team.

We'll have more on News 4's News at Six. We now return you to The Old and the Horny.
07-06-2003, 17:21
Lets go over Brazillico's predictions again :)

Group A:
The Imperial Navy will get through
Al Quds will get through
Gesamtkuntwerk will get through unless they lose and one of Moyk and Dennisov win, or if they draw and Moyk wins by at least 2, and Dennisov by at least 4.
Pablicosta will get through unless they lose and Moyk or Dennisov win or draw, or if they draw, and Moyk or Dennisov win.
Moyk/Dennisov will get through if they win. If they draw, then they need Pablicosta to lose.
Froxy will only get through, if Moyk loses, Pablicosta loses, and they have some luck.

EDIT: Caras Sidh, Brazillico was wrong. :P You are in NO MATTER WHAT :)
07-06-2003, 17:23

This just in...
Snub Nose 38
07-06-2003, 17:24
After having my eyes opened by Spaam, I have to agree with his previous statement and that Snub Nose 38 still could make it in the World Cup, given a big loss by One Red Dot and draws or losses by McFitzerland and Massassipi.

Snub Nose 38 still has a shot but they're on the outside looking in.
* The Hooligans, International Football Side of Snub Nose 38, stop dead in their tracks. The captain can be heard to say, "Hoot!!!". Several team members brush off the Manager. Plans for immediate departure for home are put on hold.

The entire team holds their breath * :shock:
07-06-2003, 17:38
Group B:

Ravenspire will get through
Rhaken Kull will get through
Spookistan will get through unless they lose and either McFitzerland or Massassipi win, or they draw and either McFitzerland or Massassipi win by at least 6. Brazillico was ALMOST correct ;)
One Red Dot will get through unless they draw or lose and both McFitzerland and Massassipi win, or they lose by a big margin and one of McFitzerland or Massassipi win.
Snub Nose 38 will get through only if One Red Dot lose by at least 2 and neither McFitzerland nor Massassip win.
McFitzerland and Massassipi, well, if they lose, they are out. If they draw, unless they are INCREDIBLY lucky, they are out. And if they win, they still need a bunch of luck.

Group C: see Brazillico's comments

Group D: see Brazillico's comments

Group E: Kingsford, Gatmog, and Caras Sidh will get through. Spaam needs to win or draw to get through. Dead Man is dead :P Vegana needs to win to make it through. Ineffectualism is blissfully out of it.

Group F: see Brazillico's comments

Well, Brazillico was right for half the groups, and almost right for the ret. Considering the work he as has done, pretty good I must say :D
07-06-2003, 17:49
...and now for World Cup news:

Questions are once again being asked following another loss by the Republics team, this time against Proxy, who up till now had not picked up a single point in qualifying group A. Much of the criticism for this years dire performance has been leveled at the teams management. However, the loss of several key midfield players just prior to the contest, coupled with worry back home over increasing instability in the Eastern European region are also seen as significant factors. Whatever the reasons Moyks team look alarmingly far from certain to qualify for this years World Cup.

Early sighs were that the team were beginning find some of their old form. A number of impressive attacks during the first few minutes made Proxys defence look vunerable and in the 6th minute the Republics team were rewarded with a goal. Things were looking even better after Proxy conceded a second goal in the 21st minute. However this lead was rapidly reduced less that a minute later by an impressive shot from one of the Proxy forwards left Harkonson floundering in the Republics goal. A corner in the 44th minute then saw Proxy level the score less than a minute before half time.

Leveling before half time had clearly strengthened the resolve of the Proxy team who looked impressive throughout the second half. Repeated attempts by the Republic to breach the Proxy defense floundered leaving us vunerable at the back. The winning goal came in the 61st minute, after which the Proxy team were content to sit on there lead...
07-06-2003, 17:57
OOC: Well, I've kind've missed the boat as far as the RPing is concerned for a game or two. However, expect a pretty sizeable post one my game against Massassapi is done- a game that the team is determined to win & win well, to make up for their humiliating run of draws & to, with a little luck, put them at the top of the group.

The fact that they're already guaranteed through is apparently irrelevant.
07-06-2003, 18:04
Official odds for Rhaken Kull vs Massassipi:

Rhaken Kull by over 2: 5-1
Rhaken Kull by 2: 2-1
Rhaken Kull by 1: 3-2
Draw: 2-1
Massassipi by 1: 5-1
Massassipi by 2: 20-1
Massassipi by over 2: 50-1
Snub Nose 38
07-06-2003, 18:46
* The official position of The Hooligans on the Rhaken Kull vs Massassipi game is - "We're still holding our breath" * :wink:
07-06-2003, 18:47
As the day draws to a close, Matchday 6 has left the Gesamtkuntswerk Sturms reeling from an astonishing game against the Imperial Navy resulting in a 3-2 loss for the Sturms.

The game was akin to a fast-paced action thriller, with ne'er a dull moment for the audience. The game was widely anticipated, due to help that the Imperial Navy has granted Gesamtkuntswerk in the past and a cordial international relationship. The fact that the game was also a must for qualification for both the Imperial Navy and Gesamtkuntswerk only further stressed the playbility of the game.

The Imperial Navy opened the game with a quick goal in the seventh minute, stressing the competetive nature of the game to come. Not to be outdone by their compatriots, the Sturms seized control of the ball and kept it in the IN devensive zone for thirteen minutes before Rimsky Karsikov scored on the IN goalie.

The rest of the first half was an astonishing battle of ball control between the teams, peaking when field kick by the IN goalie was halted by the skull of Zoilreb and a flurry of activity by the IN defence prevented another goal by Sturms.

The second half promised to be more intense than the first. With the crowd's cheers roaring in the background, the IN offensive strikes resulted in two more goals, scored in the fifty-ninth and sixty-third minutes. The Sturms galvinized their attempts, but only made one more goal before the game ended in a 3-2 loss for Gesamtkuntswerk.

Coach Moyl of Gesamtkuntswerk: "Bloody good for them. We gave the IN a real run for the money, but in all fairness, we weren't at full strength. We'll be working it hard and bringing back Trazom from the bench for the game against Pablicosta to make sure that we move on to the next round of competition."
07-06-2003, 19:44
Best Defense: Ravenspire (4/5) :!:

[OOC: We are loving the random number generators this time around, oh yes.

...Now watch me lose the final game by ten goals. 8) ]
07-06-2003, 19:59
Official odds for Ravenspire vs McFitzerland:

Ravenspire by over 2: 5-1
Ravenspire by 2: 2-1
Ravenspire by 1: 3-2
Draw: 2-1
McFitzerland by 1: 5-1
McFitzerland by 2: 20-1
McFitzerland by over 2: 50-1

07-06-2003, 21:27
Altamira Qualify For World Cup IV

Coming fresh off a 4-0 defeat to Jurassica, the Altamiran team looked eager to put the past behind them. The team showed determination and pride as they faced off against Vegimite in the second to last qualificaton match. Altamiran manager, Benito Arciniega showed a different formation in his latest match, defender Giorgio DiPriva replaced Antonio Jiminez on the bench, making room for a fifth midfielder, Miguel Rothargos, on the pitch. The new-look 3-5-2 formation was combined with an aggressive attacking style and returned marked results for Arciniega's team.

Altmira would score two goals in the first half, both from the left boot of Gianni Gianelli, while their defensive play was superb. The Altamiran striker scored in the 23rd and 42nd minutes giving the team a two goal lead at the break. Vegimite would knock home a goal shortly after the break, in the 49th minute, from a set piece just outside the area.

Seeing their lead cut in half, the only word that could describe the Altamiran play is 'inspired'. In the 63rd minute, Rothargos would make an overlapping run and take the feed from Sean Grayson, leaving himself one-on-one with the Vegimite keeper. Giving a classy finish, Rothargos would regain the two goal lead and take the wind out of Vegimite's sails.

Gianelli would complete the hat-trick in the 78th minute, scoring his fifth goal in the qualification rounds. Deservedly, Gianelli took Man of the Match honors, congratulating his teammates after the match. "I really saw the ball well today. My mates were giving me crisp passes to open space and really set the table for me on several occassions. Sean (Grayson) was a force in the midfield, he really took the pressure off Ryan (Johnson) and myself. Benito implemented a gameplan that featured short, quick plays between the midfield and us up front, which worked with good effect. It could have been any of us that scored the goals, I was just in the right places at the right times and the guys around me had the vision to the situations as they played out. We didn't find out until after the match that Alasdair I Frosticus had lost. We're in the World Cup! You'll never meet a bunch of happier guys than right now. We knew that we had the talent to make our run, but being our first international experience, one can never tell how things would unfold, especially after the Jurassica match. Coach won't let us celebrate, however. There is still one more match to play, and the Oglethorpia team is very dangerous. Plus, they need at least a point or some help to make it through, they will be playing hungry, very hungry."
07-06-2003, 21:29
Maybe we can arrange to tie and give us both a point :wink: Just kiddin'.
Runaway Moose
07-06-2003, 22:43
"Um, hi, I'm Gus, and I'm the new official international commentator. We lynched the last guy... I hope I do okay. :oops: Anyway, I’m here today with my friend Liz to report on match day 6, Runaway Moose v. Ariddia. There is a slight drizzle coming down as the teams take the field… here comes Tinesta, the youngest member to be given a starting position since MOZ…”
L:“He’s so hot.”
G:“Um, yeah, anyway, HERE COMES…(overwhelming sound of cheering ensues)…that’s right, the darling of our nation!
L:“I love MOZ.”
G:“Don’t we all? Um, I mean, anyway… MOZ and the Ariddia team captain take the toss, and Ariddia wins it. They choose to…. defend. Apparently. So, Alces Rex will be kicking off and here we go…. okay, um, well, they’re moving kinda fast… sorry, it’s my first day really doing this. Well, we have the ball, Alces Rex that is, no… wait, we don’t anymore… oh no, now we do… okay, Tinesta has it, and passes to MOZ, who sends it over to… okay now Gigas, who takes a shot… no… yes, that was a shot, but the Ariddia keeper has it and no… it’s out again…”
L:“You stink at this.”
G:“Stop distracting me. Wait! Okay, Ariddia is taking the ball up the left side… passes to… and over… nuts… and they’ve gotten around Tinesta and switch sides… and switched back… and where is Wapiti? Tinesta is sprinting to get to the ball and OH! The ref is blowing his whistle!”
L:“WHAT? That was so legal. Tinesta would never! WHAT!? “From behind” my…”
G:“That’s right, the call is that it’s from behind. Tinesta is issued a yellow card right outside the penalty box thankfully. Ariddia fans are calling for a PK while Alces Rex loyals are booing the call.”
L:“What a bunch of…”
G:“Liz, shut up! Oooh! It looks like Moosejaw saved the shot. Thanks for making me miss it you jerk! Wait, what’s happening now? Oh, okay, throw in for Ariddia… nice header by the Ariddia mid to the forward… and YES! MOZ takes it from the forward and brings it up the field. This is tough. You have to talk an awful lot. I’m just going to give you folks at home the highlights… you have the game on your TV.”
L:“You’re just lazy.”
G:“Yeah? You do it then.”
L:“Fine. Ariddia’s keeper has the ball and he throws it out to the defender, pressure being put on by Gigas, and the defender sends it over to the mid. Mid dribbles it up the line and is confronted by Tinesta who puts it out off of the mid’s foot. Throw in Alces Rex, Tinesta takes it and it goes to MOZ. MOZ sends it over to Mus, who then switches sides, sending it to Tinesta, who is sprinting up the side, switching with Gigas, who then drops it to Gigas who takes the shot and… saved by the Ariddia keep.”
G:“How did you do that?”
L:“My dad is an auctioneer.”
G:“Oh. Anyway. Um, well, you go. I’m uh, going to the bathroom. Be right back.”
L:“Whatever. Ariddia is in control of the ball…”
G:“I’m going now.”
L: “Yeah. Okay. Taiga tackles the Ariddia mid and it’s out, throw in Ariddia.”
G:“Um, do you think I could do a locker room interview at half time or something?”
L: “Yeah, sure, now go, you’re making me miss… OH! Who just took that shot? Somebody just took a shot and I missed it. Honestly! Well, go! There are only 9 minutes left plus whatever added time is left for this half. If you want that interview you’d better be back in 7!”
G:“Yeah. Will do. Thanks.”
L:“It’s a throw and Ariddia is in control of the ball again folks, and it looks like they’re going to sub… don’t quite know what happened to their forward because of a certain bumbling idiot, but it can’t be too serious as he’s walking off. But it looks like the fresh feet are doing some good because the sub is running like a blue streak up the line and the throw doesn’t go to him but it’s passed to him and the call is offsides… that’s right folks, he ran so fast he got ahead of the defenders. Oh well. Indirect for Alces Rex. Taiga is going to take it. Sends it back to Alces who sends it to Wapiti, who passes it back in to Mons. Mons holds it a bit while the team moves up field and sends it to Mus. Mus runs into some trouble from the Ariddia defense and drops it back to Taiga, but the fleet-footed Ariddian is there first and it is one on two. Some swift footplay around Alces and he’s one on one with Moosejaw who dives on the ball and YES! SAVED!! The forward waited just a second too late and Moosejaw came up big!!! Alces Rex fans are going mad! Moosejaw recovers herself and clears it out to Tinesta who sends it up the line to Gigas, Andersoni making a run and Gigas lofts it in, but it’s just high for the Andersoni header, and Shirasi can’t get to it before the Ariddia defense does.”
G:“I’m back. Um… The guy outside wanted me to tell you there’s only 2 minutes of added time. So, uh, how’re we doing?”
L:“Tied… but wait… okay Ariddia is making a strong run on goal as our defense didn’t recover fast enough, but no, the pass intended for their fresh forward is intercepted by Taiga who gets a head on it, but not enough to control, it’s going to be a corner for Ariddia.”
G:“Oh! We’re going into added time! This is exciting!”
L:“Right. Well… the kick is beautiful and a forward gets a head on it and OH! That’s a sound every keeper loves. Ping off and over the crossbar. So that’ll be a goal kick for Moose. Gus, I don’t think we should bother them at the half. They’ve played their hearts out. Let’s give them a break eh? Okay, and that’s the whistle… Runaway Moose’s Alces Rex maintained control in the added time, but no shots on goal.”
Runaway Moose
07-06-2003, 22:46
L: We'll be back after the break with more World Cup Four Qualifier Coverage!"
G: Um, yeah!
07-06-2003, 22:51
OOC: I don't understand. Since, technically, me & Massassapi are both ranked 51st, dosen't that mean that the odds would be the same?

Though I perhaps arrogantly feel as though I should be somehow superior. :wink:

(& with that, I tempt fate & lose 4-1 to Massassapi on Matchday 7. Oy.)
Europa Brittania
08-06-2003, 00:04
"...In other sports news the Brittanian national football team left Khandrias International Airport at 7am BST, leaving as the Preliminary qualification rounds slowly come to an end, they will arrive sometime within the next seven hours. They will spend their World Cup adventure at a well equipped sports hotel and Training faclilty. S-net will bring in depth commentary and interviews as and when the National team settle in."
Dead Man
08-06-2003, 00:15
DMBC sports
"Manager Michael Kernaghan has aired his dissapointment about his team falilure in qualifying for the 4th World Cup"
"I am very dissapointed with the team. I thought we still have a chance if we at least drew our last match but unfortunately not. I am going to go home and train my team harder than ever. I am not angry with them because I believe they did their best but I will make sure I will go far in the next World Cup"
"Hard luck to our boys. Better luck next time"
08-06-2003, 01:09

"It's World Cup Fever!

DR - Here in Kingsford. I'm Dan Reeves, reporting from Kingsford City.. but that's not where the party is. We go straight to Gabe Banners in Brazillico. Gabe, what's it like down there?"

GB - "It's crazy! Kingsford is on top of Group E, and for the first time in our international soccer history, we're going past the qualification round of the cup! We've got fans of all types and shapes, age and weight here in Brazillico. Here's a group of young devoted fans right now!"

"Everyone is going mad with excitement. Kingsford played extremely well against Dead Man. Here with me is Keeper John Thompson, #1."

JT - "It's great to be here Gabe."

GB - "Lets talk about that incredible save you made, shown in that picture."

JT - "Well, the ball was headed straight for the net, so I just jumped, and I guess I saved it."

GB - "You sure did. Well, tell me about the festivities tonight, what's it going to be like?"

JT - "Well, tradition has always been, that after a soccer victory, we do something stupid. Tonight will be no different. However, I cannot reveal the prank that we'll pull."

GB - "Are you worried about tomorrow's matchup against Ineffectualism, the last match you play in Group E?"

JT - "Not at all.. we just have to remember that they're a real team, and not just some poorly funded excuse for a soccer team, like Oglethorpia's team."

GB - "Thanks John. Back to you Dan."

DR - "We'll be back, right after this."
Snub Nose 38
08-06-2003, 01:46
* :shock: Hooligans - - still - - holding - - breath :shock: *
Total n Utter Insanity
08-06-2003, 02:13
* :shock: Hooligans - - still - - holding - - breath :shock: *

OOC: Wouldn't they have died by now? :lol:
Snub Nose 38
08-06-2003, 02:20
* :shock: Hooligans - - still - - holding - - breath :shock: *

OOC: Wouldn't they have died by now? :lol:
OOC: I think they're about to, one way or the other :wink:
08-06-2003, 02:37
Rivadavia's first appearance in the world arena of sports with the Guanacos team in World Cup IV has brought attention to the country's alarming lack of adequate reporters to cover this most prestigious of football competitions. National universities are hastily modifying their communications departments to accomodate the popularity boom of this field of study, however it will be a while before Rivadavia can RP their games in an informative, comprehensive manner.
08-06-2003, 03:05
*Team Goofball is pleased with their performance... A win, a tie, a loss, 6 trashed bars, almost a dozen barfights, three arrests, letters from various animal cruelty organizations after the infamous mascot incident... it had been a good competition.* :lol:
08-06-2003, 03:37
Due to an impending threat of a tropical storm to perhaps hit some of the coastal stadiums, matchday 7 has been pushed up to tonight as a precautionary measure.

Pablicosta 2 - Gesamtkuntwerk 2
Dennisov 4 - Proxy 2
The Imperial Navy 2 - Moyk 2

McFitzerland 0 - Ravenspire 2
Spookistan and Jakalah 1 - One Red Dot 1
Massassipi 2 - Rhaken Kull 4

Digitex 1 - Haraki 1
Runaway Moose 2 - Rivadavia 1
Her Sexyness 3 - Shinjo ViCu 1

Dyelli Beybi 3 - The Divine Llama 0
Alhana Catherine 4 - Enelando 2
Audioslavia 0 - Lunatic Goofballs 1

Spaam 6 - Vegana 3
Kingsford 2 - Ineffectualism 2
Caras Sidh 5 - GATMOG 3

Jurassica 3 - Pumpkinia 0
Oglethorpia 1 - Altamira 3
The Amused 3 - Vegimate 3

We will keep you updated on the weather and the groups for the group stage of the World Cup.
Runaway Moose
08-06-2003, 03:42
L:Hello sportsfans and welcome back to game day 6, Runaway Moose v. Ariddia. An exciting match so far today, with the score still at zero-zero and both teams vying for first blood. Ariddia will be kicking off this half and we can't wait to see what these teams are bringing to the field this half.
G:Yeah. It should be good. The teams are coming on to the field now, and I'm happy to note that the rain has cleared up, since this is an open stadium!
L:Right. Okay, the teams are ready and here we go. Ariddia kicks off and immediately drops the ball back. The defense kicks it around a bit and then they pass it up the right side. The right mid brings it up and drops it to the center mid who is hanging back. The center mid passes it up to the striker but Alces is there and ready for it Alces sends it out to the side to Wapiti, who drops it to Moosejaw to give the offense time to recover. Moosejaw sends the ball out to Mus who does a scissors move around the Ariddia left mid. Mus is attacked by the center mid who does a killer slide and the ball is out… Mus goes to take the throw but the ref calls it the other way. The Alces Rex fans are outraged! What is going on! Wait a second ref! HEY!
G:Chill out Liz, it’s just a throw in.
L:No way! This guy is biased. I’m going to find out who I complain to about this. This is unjust! I will not… HEY! Okay, shot on goal by Ariddia forward, but Moosejaw saves. Anyway. Stupid ref.
G:Um, yeah. But the team is doing fine anyway. They haven’t been scored against.
L:They haven’t scored yet either you idiot!
G:Yeah, but this is a World Cup qualifier. The teams are all bringing their best to the plate.
L:Whatever. I hate the ref.
G:Oooh! Did you see Andersoni’s shot! That was a great shot, but what a save by Ariddia’s keeper!
L:Are you an Ariddia fan?
G:Are you serious!?
L:Sorry. I didn’t mean to insinuate that you were a TRAITOR!
G:Liz, chill out. Honestly… YEAH MOZ!!! MOZ is bringing the ball up and WHAT A SHOT! Oooh! Another save by the Ariddian keeper.
L:Alright. Ariddia is making a run on the goal, stopped at the mid by a nice move from Mus. Mus is really coming up strong this half. Don’t you think so turncoat?
G:That is IT Liz, you and me… outside…
L:What? And miss the game? You’re nuts. Oh man! It’s another charge on goal by the fleet-footed-forward from the first! Tinesta is sprinting to catch up and OH! That was a takedown. He was obviously going for the ball but… this isn’t going to be good… AAAAH!!!! Another yellow! Tinesta is ejected from the game! Alces Rex is down to 10 AND Ariddia gets a PK! This is not good! This ref is biased! The ref just HATES Tinesta, that’s all there is to it. I cannot handle this… wait, the PK!
OOOOOHHHHH YEAAAAAHHH!!! Moosejaw comes up with the save! That’s right! Oh yeah! Moosejaw Moosejaw Moosejaw! What a show! What a game! The score is still 0-0 and there are just minutes in the half. I trust our team, I’m off to find who to complain to about this referee. Gus you take over.
G:No way, if you’re fighting I’m watching!
G:Fine. Um… goal kick and um… well, honestly this is Liz’s thing… I just really like to watch the games… I’m more of a sum up kind of guy so… I’ll watch and let you know….
So basically, nobody scored. Liz has yet to return. Zero-zero and Tinesta is out for the next game. Either Moos will return or we’ll see Antlura or M. Antlerus get their first cap. It all comes down to this next game, and I think we can expect a big turn out from Alces Rex fans. Until then, this is Gus, and I suppose Liz too, when I find her. Thanks for listening!
Runaway Moose
08-06-2003, 03:45
Bonuses to the national team players and coaches and wild parties in Runaway Moose lasting all night long! It's a crazy time to be a Moosenian!
08-06-2003, 03:46
GROUP A ~Locosi Colosseum and Monte Melini Arena~
Der Angst
Al Quds
Rhaken Kull

GROUP B ~San Pablo Amphitheatre and Kalita Sports Complex~
Steel Shadows
Shinjo ViCu
The Imperial Navy

GROUP C ~Cordova Park and Kalita Sports Complex~
Tanah Burung
Runaway Moose
Lunatic Goofballs

GROUP D ~Cordova Park and Corsa Paso Stadium~
Total n Utter Insanity
Spookistan and Jakalah

GROUP E ~San Chavez International Stadium and Terrabella Stadium~
Giant Zucchini
The Divine Llama

GROUP F ~Monte Melini Arena and San Pablo Amphitheatre~
Alasdair I Frosticus

GROUP G ~San Chavez International Stadium and Locosi Colosseum~
One Red Dot
Caras Sidh

GROUP H ~Corsa Paso Stadium and Terrabella Stadium~
Europa Brittania

*Here is some information on the stadiums and the weather forecast, for heightened RPing*

San Chavez International Stadium - approx. 72,000 capacity.*Forecast: Cloudy, 18C* This stadium was finished last year, and is regarded as one of the premier venues for football in the world. This site would host the finals as well as all of Brazillico's home games in the group stage.

Cordova Park - approx. 46,000 capacity. *Forecast: Wet and rainy, 14C* This stadium was constructed 13 years ago in the coastal city of Cordova, located in the west of Brazillico. This waterfront stadium offers a view of the ocean in the backdrop of this popular tourist town.

Terrabella Stadium - approx 43,000 capacity. *Forecast: Overcast: 22C*Located on the high prairie of Terrabella, the city which is the heart of the agricultural scene in Brazillico. Its searing hot conditions, often reaching upwards of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and moderately high altitude could prove to be a challenge for the fittest squad.

Monte Melini Arena - approx 37,000 capacity. *Forrecast: Dome, 21C*This arena is located in the north of the country in the mountains has a retractable roof on it to protect it from the often harsh and unpredictable weather of Mount Melini. The playing surface is configurable for basketball, ice hocker, baseball or in this case football, where they will be playing upon real grass and altitude could be a factor here.

Kalita Sports Complex - approx. 65,000 capacity. *Forecast: Showers, 15C*This stadium is located in Brazillico's capital of commerce and most populated city of Kalita, with a population of 7 million. This stadium should play host to some of the more important games in the business end of the tournament.

San Pablo Amphitheatre - approx. 40,000 capacity. *Forecast: Wet and windy, 12C* Brazillico's oldest still functional stadium went through a major renovation 3 years ago to restore it to its original splendour. This venue is home to the storied Real San Pablo in the Brazillico Premier League and arguably the most charming of all of our nations stadia.

*Corsa Paso Stadium - approx. 52,000 capacity. *Forecast: Wet and windy, 15C* This venue is a state of the art stadium located in the coastal city of Corsa Paso, referred to as a post-modern architectural marvel, it reflects the high-tech flavour of this burgeoning city.

*Locosi Colosseum - approx. 44,000 capacity. *Forecast: Cloudy: 18C* Located in the city of Locosi, a city housing Brazillico largest military infrastructure. Already dubbed "The Big Bunker", this concrete stadium is receiving mixed reviews on its styling cues.

*First match will be played at the first stadium listed in the groups, second match at the second stadium*
Der Angst - GATMOG
Al Quds - Rhaken Kull

Steel Shadows - The Imperial Navy
Dennisov - Shinjo ViCu

Tanah Burung - Gesamtkuntwerk
Runaway Moose - Lunatic Goofballs

Total n Utter Insanity - Altamira
Lemmitania - Spookistan and Jakalah

Giant Zucchini - Ravenspire
Spaam - The Divine Llama

Svecia - Oglethorpia
Alasdair I Frosticus - Haraki

Brazillico - Caras Sidh
Ariddia - One Red Dot

Europa Britannia - Jurassica
Kingsford - Audioslavia
08-06-2003, 03:52
Today has proven to be a moving day for Gesamtkuntswerkians and Sturm supporters alike as the qualifying matches for World Cup Four has drawn to a close.

[OOC: Due to time constraints, I will leave RPing the game to Pablicosta.]

After the game drew to a close, Coach Moyl congradulated the Pablicosta team for a terrific game and invited him to find out the results of the other games with him.

Desipte the prespirant nature of today's game for fans and players alike, the team opted to skip the customary shower and oil massages to watch the final moments of the other Group A games. The collective gasps after witnessing the IN-Moyk tie clenched the team's hearts together; the unilateral roar of exuberence to the close of the Dennisov-Proxy game rattled the walls of the locker room. The team then showered and hit the town, to better unwind and enjoy the victory of making it to the World Cup the first year out.

Coach Moyl was not available for comment, though it has been noted from an unidentified source that Moyl extended his sympathies to the Pablicosta team and wished them luck in their future endeavours.

The team is slated to have the rest of today and tomorrow off, though a voluntary practice session will be held during tomorrow's afternoon hours. The team goes back at it on Sunday morning, working even harder to achieve World Cup victory.
Total n Utter Insanity
08-06-2003, 03:56
"We shall crush them!" said the new, new, new manager of TnUI, when asked about their first opponents of the World Cup Finals.
08-06-2003, 04:00
*The players look out their hotel window. The team captain, Barry Greenman says slowly and deliberately* Mud game. *A devious smirk slowly spreads across his face as cheers rise up behind him from the other players*
08-06-2003, 04:24
*Roberto Puyol and Junior Gasol coming at you live with the World Cup Preview Show*

RP: Welcome to our studio at the San Chavez International Stadium, in a day from now this place will be packed and waiting to see Brazillico’s debut in World Cup 4.

JG: That’s true, this place will be electric tomorrow night.

RP: That’s right Junior, but let’s take a look at Brazillico’s draw, Group G.

JG: I have a feeling this could be one of the most exciting groups of the tournament. Both Brazillico and Ariddia have proven how potent their offences can be on the world stage. Caras Sidh won their qualifying group and were able to score 14 goals in the process and One Red Dot with their four attacker set should make for some action-packed matches.

RP: There’s no doubt about that, but what do you think about Brazillico’s first match against Caras Sidh?

JG: As I mentioned, Caras Sidh won their qualifying group, which was one of the hardest groups in the pool. However, they averaged letting in two goals per game and look for Brazillico’s experienced forwards, Hernandez and McGarnicle to put plenty of pressure on them. Brazillico’s experience and home crowd advantage should end up taking over in this match and I think the boys can pull off a win.

RP: Well, Caras Sidh has one of the largest contigents of fans here, but you know Brazillicans from all around are going to take your word on what you just said. Finally, do you think Brazillico can make it out of the group?

JG: This isn’t the easiest group in the cup, but I still have faith the boys can do it. This is the most talented side I’ve seen Brazillico field for any international event thus far and I have to say I’d be surprised if they didn’t make it, simply on virtue that this team, unlike editions of the past have no major flaws, since they are solid in defense, midfield and attack. Emilio Curtiba’s 4-4-2 is starting to sink in with the players and they have looked sharp during friendlies.

RP: Thank you for your insight Junior, you’ve been a font of knowledge. Well, that’s all the time we have for tonight, we’ll see you tomorrow… Brazillico against Caras Sidh… don’t miss it!
Total n Utter Insanity
08-06-2003, 04:29
Dave: Welcome to Cordova Park on this cold, wet and windy day. I don’t know about you Mike, but it’s making me homesick.

Mike: *chuckle*

Dave: Current estimates are 10,000 TnUI fans made the long trip here. Most have been here for a couple of days. The pubs and clubs have been open 25 hours a day.

Mike: Indeed.

Dave: You’re a man of few words, aren’t you Mike?

Mike: Yes.

Dave: Then why did you decide to become a commentator?

Mike: Dunno.

Dave: Riveting words there from my co-pilot. The players are expected to come out in the next 5 minutes, but first let’s see if we can get the cameras to pan out over the waterfront. There it is, doesn’t it look great, clear blue water as far as you can see...

Mike: Here they come.

Dave: Mikes right, here come the teams that will be battling for pride and honour on the world stage that is the World Cup.

Mike: Do you listen to yourself?

Dave: I liked it better when you weren’t speaking. Total n Utter Insanity in their home kit, red and white. Playing from right to left. Altamira to kick off...
Snub Nose 38
08-06-2003, 04:30
Congrats to all those who got safely through, and good luck. See you all for WCV 8)
* Hooligans slowly begin to breath again, and slip quietly over to the WCV thread *
08-06-2003, 04:37
Rivadavia congratulates Runaway Moose on their victory and wishes them good luck in the WC finals. The Guanacos are sad to cut their vacation in lovely Brazillico short, as their flight leaves early tomorrow morning, but are ecstatic to have played in the midst of such talent. The team hopes to see everyone back for WCV!
08-06-2003, 06:15
ACK! You posted them early :(

How I'll have to go do heaps before blah.... Serves you right if I decide to write a 2000 word commentary of the last round :P
08-06-2003, 06:30
OOC: Sorry to Spaam and all the others that I had to send the results out early, I did this because I knew I couldnt find time to do them up and send them out tomorrow and probably only around late Monday.

Anyway, as he said, results have been sent.
08-06-2003, 06:34
Runaway Moose! *shout the players* Runaway Moose! How do you stop a moose from charging? *the fans respond* Take out it's batteries, stupid! *The players laugh and head out to practice for their game, something they are loathe to do, but desperate times call for desperate tactics.*
08-06-2003, 07:15
The table for the last round of the Qualifiers is up:

:!: :!:

Best Attack: Jurassica 19
Best Defense: Ravespire 4
Best Difference: Jurassica 12

Worst Attack: 3 teams which I'm not going to type out with 6 each
Worst Defense: Enelando/The Amused 21
Worst Difference: Enelando -11

Best Team: Jurassica (4-0-2-19-7-12)
Worst Team: Enelando (0-5-1-10-21-11)

Closest Group: Group E (again :()
08-06-2003, 07:16
*If sheer fun could feed a team, then the Goofballs were well-fed. The field had become a sea of mud, and the madcap, irreverent style of the Goofballs served them well. Though outclassed by the Runaway Mooses, the poor conditions went a long way toward evening the odds, as did the skill of the goalie, Neville Moran, whose spectacular saves were cheered almost as much as the facefuls of mud he stood back up wearing. Shot after shot was saved, and even though the Mooses make nearly twice as many attempts, the final result became more and more inevitable as the clock ticked onward, and the roar of the crowd grew.*
08-06-2003, 07:32
And there will be a table for the World Cup proper, here:
:!: :!:

IC: Lightning strikes have brought down power for much of Waerterstadt, and so coverage of the final Qualifying game could not be proadcast. However, there was much rejoicing as Spaam made it into the main round, with an incredible 6-2 defeat of Vegana. The entire country will be up to watch the results of their first World Cup match.

OOC: Blah :P
Giant Zucchini
08-06-2003, 07:33

Giant Zucchini started off their World Cup campaign in Brazillico with a disappointing 0-0 draw to Ravenspire in the San Chevez International Stadium. Head Coach Mr Hurr, "I thought I was doing the right thing resting Urk for today's match. The end result was disastrous. I will be reconsidering my tactics for the next match."
08-06-2003, 07:34
OMG! Nil all draws DO exist! :P
Total n Utter Insanity
08-06-2003, 08:41
Dave: Okay lets just take a very quick look at the team line ups for today


Waller(4) Teel(2) Freeson(3)
Ovel(5) Hilton(6)

Tomme(8) Jal(12)

Yunn(9) Kellis(10)

Dave: TnUI still favouring the 5-3-2. The main thing will be Mann missing from goal after picking up a minor injury just hours before the game. It's a good chance for Rettler to prove himself at this level.

Mike: Yeah.

Dave: *sigh* Anyway...

Gianelli Johnson

Paglierra Sipricci

Moreno Fernand DiPriva



Dave: A very weird formation, what do you make of it Mike?

Mike: Weird.

Dave: Yes...Back to the match...
Total n Utter Insanity
08-06-2003, 09:05
3:00 (0-0)
Dave: Already Altamira on the attack. Sipricci takes the ball passed Hilton. Freeson tries to stay with him. He dummies, the cross is good. Grayson from out of nowhere steamrollered his way into the box and headed straight in the top left hand corner. Rettler didn't stand a chance.

Mike: Fluke.

7:00 (0-1 Grayson)
Dave: Ovel has the ball; he chips it over Paglierra, to Tomme. Moreno comes for it. Foul surely, the ref is having words with him. He's just let him off with a warning. Ovel to take the free kick. Kellis, Yunn and Jal all in the box. Ovel plays a short ball to Tomme, fooling the wall. Tomme gets the ball in. Yunn at the near post, GOAL!!!

Mike: Sheer class.

19:00 (Yunn 1-1)
Dave: Both teams have settled down, following the exciting first 10 minutes, where it looked like both teams were going to score double figures.

22:00 (1-1)
Dave: The action has died down as both teams are playing defensively. Which is okay, 'cause we are going for a commercial break. Join us again soon...