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SilverCities hosts Betrothal Party!

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01-06-2003, 16:06
To all Friendly Nations,

SilverCities is proud to announce that all three of our Royal Ladies have been Betrothed and would like to share their happiness...

Queen Silver Siren to Marcus of Alhana Catherine

Richenda Siren to Prince Dayne of Pantera

Rothana Siren to High Chancellor Zaek Invicticus of Gothicum

Music and entertainment will be provided, all are welcome.
Any special Requests will be considered...please respond if able to attend and how many will be in your party...

UnderSecretary of Public Relations
Regina Leah
01-06-2003, 16:09
I bet we aren't welcome.

*raises toll of gothicum outposts to an astronomical amount*

Oh and Zaek, beware of landmines. And should you be flying Iaeson, that will result in this dialog:

Soldier # 1: "What's that?"

Soldier # 2: "Dunno, but it looks pretty hostile, let's kill it."

Soldier # 1: "Yeah, it prolably hasn't got a flying licence."
01-06-2003, 16:11
OOC: *please note that Waldonzia is a non-existing nation, tolls are imaginary, mines aren't there and there leader is a virgin*
01-06-2003, 16:13
reads letter.
"Well, they did help me out...and all those attackers are gone for good so....I'll come!"
01-06-2003, 16:15
Grrr... i hate ignorance!

Ultimatum: According to an unwritten NS forum rule you can have nukes when you are a month old. Next week we are a month old so if you keep ignoring me i'll sling a few nukes at you.
01-06-2003, 16:15
"I suppose I can bring Longo too."
01-06-2003, 16:16
You are most welcome to bring anyone you choose Mardis..
01-06-2003, 16:27
01-06-2003, 16:35
*kicks empty can of Vanilla Coke*
01-06-2003, 17:02
Rothana after a long rest sat with her sisters in the Queen's Solar in the palace... Richenda and Silver were discussing wedding arangements...
" Now we all Know that you will be married here in the Temple of Irulan Silver, The question is now we have to figure out where our weddings will be held...." Richenda looked over some swaches of cloth that was sent as samples for wedding dresses...
Rothana shook her head.. it seemed strange to be back here in SilverCities after spending all that time in Gothicum, " Does it matter really? As long as we get it over with..."

Queen Siren looked at her sister with a odd look, "Feeling restless Rothana? Or just missing someone?"
01-06-2003, 17:06
Queen Lauren of Laurenwood would like to come and congratulate the noble ladies. Are young unknown nations invited as well?
01-06-2003, 17:07
In his quarters in the spire Zaek watched the dawning sun and sighed. He had been counting the days, hours minutes and seconds untill he would be wed with his bethrothed. He sighed and picked a black rose from a vase on his desk and inhaled deeply, smelling the sweet scent. His eyes closed and he thought of her godly visage.
01-06-2003, 17:08
Any are welcome... We are always Glad to meet new nations....
01-06-2003, 17:20
High Priestess White Raven read the letter and smiled, She hoped to Officiate at the Queen's wedding Herself.... Speaking to her Novice, she made arrangements to visit the country.. she was long overdue for a vacation...
01-06-2003, 18:41
Rothana sighed, "I'm sorry to be so snappish lately... just feel little edgy... "

Queen Siren smiled, "Its ok, I understand, i dont enjoy being away from Marcus either."

Richenda mentioned, " Why dont you go practice with your rapier, might make you feel a little better.." then she watched as her sister walked.. no almost stalked out of the room.. " Silver im worried about her..."

"Was it really that bad?"

"Couldnt begin to describe, but that is not what is bothering me, i think she ok with what she went through.. no its something else..."
01-06-2003, 18:54
From the desk of 2nd Minister Hook -

"Whataya know? I won the raffle for the chance to attend! Me! The guy who actually handles foreign affairs finally gets a chance to go to one of these things. I will arrive in full uniform by hovercraft soon!"
01-06-2003, 19:10
We are looking forward to your arrival good sir....
01-06-2003, 19:14
There was a knock on the door of Zaek's door
His best friend, Wilhelm Caster came in.
"Wil, did you ever notice just how beautiful our dawn is?"
"Yes, it is quite beautiful. Can you.."
"Not just beautiful, it's gorgeous, magnificent, breathtaking. I never really noticed before i met Rothana."
"When then it's lucky you found her. May I direct your attention.."
"Today is too beautiful fr maaters of state Wilhelm, lets grab the few hours of sunlight we have and go riding through the woods."
"But sir..."

Wilhelm sighed, then smiled

"Allright sit, I'll tell the stablemaster to saddle two Nightwolves."
Slutbum Wallah
01-06-2003, 19:20
To Regina Leah

In celebration of this joyous occasion, the Dominion of Sutbum Wallah will be happy to send Sir Jaffa of Trent, one of our top ambassadors personaly trained by my august person. He will be travelling without an escort since we trust that whatever security you can put together will be sufficient. We wish the couples a long and happy life together.

From Ambassador-General Butah
Head of the Madrigan Diplomatic Corp
Honorary Member of the Madrigan Nobility
01-06-2003, 19:24
Our small country of Sirntin, otherwise the Cat Worshippers, would like to send one of our high-ranking officials to congratulate the ladies, and maybe finally be introduced into world affairs.
From the King, " I would like to congratulate the ladies in their betrothal, and wish them the best of luck. I would be sending a high ranking minister of the Sirntin government. We wish your whole country luck, in either case of approval or disproval."

Jiar Davis
Minister of Foreign Relationships
01-06-2003, 19:39
All are welcome to the party.. we will be making sure that rooms will be reserved for all our esteemed guests....

Regina Leah
01-06-2003, 19:44
what will there be to eat, O gracious queens? giggle..
01-06-2003, 19:48
A delegation from Ariddia requests the honour of attending. We offer our warmest congratulations. Rumour has it the Prime Secretary himself might attend, which would be unprecendeted.

May the happy couples know only joy.
01-06-2003, 20:00
Rothana paced after her workout, her mind was racing... then she closed her eyes for a moment, and could swear she could feel herself on the back of a NightWolf, racing through the Gothicum woods, and she smiled...

Richenda was looking over the Invitation responses so far and was pleased that there would be such a favorable turnout... She called for the Captain of the Guards and reminded him to set extra watches for the day of the party she didnt want anything to go wrong... she then went to the window and saw her Twin, Rothana, in a patch of sunlight, eyes closed and smiling... 'well it looks like she worked it out whatever was bothering her'

Queen Siren oversaw the menu preperations, she wanted it all to be perfect this time.....
01-06-2003, 20:09
Zaek was racing with Wilhelm on the back of the NightWolf, through the woods. They jumped over some bushes and as a rabbit rustled out to its hole the water of the creek splashed up when the paws of Zaek's nightwolf landed in it. Wilhelm followed close behind. The fishes scattered as they raced through.

Zaek smiled as he felt Rothana think of him. He turned direction, headin back to the spire.
01-06-2003, 21:09
Regina Leah was nervous.. this was her first big assignment ... she knew Rothana was counting on her to make it run as smoothly as possible.. she thought, "How can i live up to Rothana's capabilities?" Sighing she returned to her desk, and buried herself in her work...
01-06-2003, 22:16
Earlier this evening, the Panteran retinue arrived. Accompanying the Evenstar to his wedding is his uncle, Reaver Lord Rhaegon of the Waves. Both men are towering, golden-haired figures, clad this day in shining silver and crimson chainmail, and each carrying a great blade.

For his wedding, The Sword and Shade of the Evening has kept his twin braids hannging down his back almost to his waist, though this day there have been many small golden ornaments braided into the wrist-thick locks.

Flanking Dayne is, as always, his sworn-sword, Caval the WarHound. The Hound is clad in crimson hued plate mail, and carries his great, snarling dogshead helm carried under one arm as he saunters along.

Following along close behind the three Reavers comes two giant eunuchs, bearing a massive oaken chest, banded with steel straps and glittering with jewels and ornaments.

The Evenstar raises his hand to a passing servant, motioning,"Boy. Please inform my sun and stars, the fair Richenda that I, Dayne the Evenstar have arrived, and my heart sings to know I shall be in her presence once more... Also, find Chancellor Zaek and inform him I have a few words I would like to exchange before the ceremonies begin, should you please."
Dayne's Full Desc: A true warrior poet, he stands 6foot 4inches tall and wears his shining golden hair in two wrist-thick braids. Eyes if indigo rest above a strong nose, and a thickly bearded face. His beard, split by a set of perfectly straight teeth, is worn gathered into a third braid, hanging halfway down his chest. Called "Strikingly Handsome" by more than one woman, at the young age of seventeen, he is the ultimate Reaver.

Rhaegon's Full Description: Towering over lesser men, Rhaegon is the perfect example of the legendary Panteran Reaver. He stands slmost seven feet tall, though he carries himself with the grace of a man half his size. Flowing golden hair cascades down his back, and the Indigo eyes of Reaver House Vayne gaze from beneath strong brows. He wears no beard, which is uncommon among Panteran men, but his high cheekbones are thick and give him a powerful visage.
01-06-2003, 22:38
To the Royal Ladies of the SilverCities

I would be honored to send envoys to attend your weddings, and bring gifts it it is appropriate. Please let me know. The envoys would be: Archduke Valerian, the Heir Apparent, Baroness Bennigsen and Baron von Potsdorf, including their personal servants and bodyguard. They will arrive by VTOL transport, if this is acceptable.

Empress Joanna von Sachshausen of Lavenrunz
02-06-2003, 00:27
marcus paced about the huge room, eyeing the garments with distress. he would give nod to one servant a raised eyebrow to a courtier and a dismissing hand to a tailor.

"no, no, no... these won't do!" he muttered to himself.

suddenly the large doors opened for the lady alhana catherine herself. her usual brilliant demeanor was clouded with impatience.

"brother! you've been in here since daybreak - why, it's almost time for dinner. you have to rest." she said with flaming eyes. "if you don't have dinner with me i shall have you pulled out of this room and pick an attire for you myself!"

remembering the last time her sister picked out his clothes -the very ball where he first met his angel- he snapped out of his reverie and looked closely at the suits laid out before him. he rushed to pick out an all black silk suit and was in the middle of discussing the alterations to be made when his sister gave a final cry and dragged him out of the room.

"honestly, with you two lovebirds i doubt you even notice anything but the deep pools of each other's eyes." she grumbled. "now hurry prepare for dinner, we have guests coming."

she left him floating towards his room, a dreamy expression to his face, leaving no doubt who was on his mind.
02-06-2003, 01:51
As Richenda saw her Chosen arrive through a small window, she started to panic..."Goddess, am i really ready for this?" she thought.

Queen Silver Siren considered for a moment... she was standing in front of her closet, gazing at a white Silk dress with Silver accents, the Dress she wore the night she met her Chosen Marcus.... 'Well wouldnt that be appropriate to marry him in?' She thought. She then lay out the dress and smoothed it with her hands...

Rothana was on the parade grounds, when she saw the guests start to arrive... knowing that her assistant was still fairly inexperienced she went to greet them herself... She was dressed her her black sparring leathers, the rapier that Zaek had given her sheathed at her waist, her long red hair was up in a casual ponytail but never the less she looked lovely...

"Welcome Honored Guests to SilverCities!"
02-06-2003, 02:14
2nd Minister Hook, short, stout, bald, with a grand white moustache, dressed in full battle regalia, held out his white gloved hand to take Rothana's lithe hand and kissed it.

"My dear lady," he grinned. "It is indeed an honour."
02-06-2003, 02:33
King Tahu scanned the invitation with uncharacteristic curiosity, his red eyes reading the missive in nanoseconds, he relayed by short radio waves to his assistants his intention of attending the Party...

The massive 7 ft tall mechanoid was made of crimson metal able to withstand the intense heat of the volcano in which he lived, he practiced using his voice mechanism so he would be able to congratulate the humans on their mating..
02-06-2003, 03:41
Zaek and Wilhelm reached the open field in front the spire. Zaek's Nightwolf decreased his speed, allowing Wilhelm to catch up.
"Wilhelm, my bags, are they packed?"
"Even moreso, they are already underway to SilverCities..."
"Good....It is time."

Zaek whistled and a loud screech echoed over the plains a a black shadow emerged from the trees, and into the sky. The StormCrows spread wings aligned beautifully against the light contrast of the sun.

Zaek loosened his leg straps, and moved his feet on the saddle, before standing upright on the Nightwolf, trying not to lose balance.

The black bird circle around to the back of the two men, before commencing a dive, and flying inches over the ground, just inches of the men as Zaek lept and grabbed the reigns, hoisting himself into the saddle.
They set course for SilverCities.
02-06-2003, 03:56
A message was sent from Chris Derek, the PM of Haraki, "Mind if I come with a few people?" It was quoted word for word, and nothing left out, except his name.
02-06-2003, 03:57
Regina Leah hurried out the door to see Rothana greeting the first of the arriving guests, Breathless she said to Rothana, " Go on now, i can take it from here.."

Rothana tuned to her and said " Relax, this isnt hard you will do fine.."
she then excused herself from Minister Hook, introduced Regina, and proceeded to her rooms to get ready.. her Chosen was on his way...

Richenda was as flustered as she ever got as she got the word that Prince Dayne had arrived.... she hurriedly went through her wardrobe to find the perfect dress... then she saw it, it was the same color as the blue in her engagement ring, made of watered silk, it would match her eyes and his....

Queen Siren sat at the window of her room staring at seeming nothing thinking of Marcus... She knew he was thinking of her as well.. then she heard the announcement as the first of the guests arrived.. she sighed and brushed her long Silver Blonde hair...
02-06-2003, 04:01
Regina, receiving a quick note From Haraki Replyed, "you are more than welcome here, looking forward to receiving you in our Fair nation.."
After hurriedly sending it via telegram she retuned to greeting the new arrivals
02-06-2003, 04:04
"Right," Chris said. He stepped out of his office, moving towards his car. He nodded to the three people in the room beside him: Jane, Alek and Jaime. (Confusing, ain't it?)

"Yeah, we've been accepted," he said. "We're on our way."

They nodded, and all moved towards their car, on their way to the airport.
02-06-2003, 04:12
OOC: lol i think i have everyone straight now .. sigh, good thing im one heck of a good multitasker or id be thoroughly confused by now.. smiles
02-06-2003, 04:20
OOC: Be glad I didn't send Jane and Jane :wink: It's a common name in Haraki.


A Haraki plane touches down at a SilverCities airport, and 6 people step out. It's the same group that originally attended the party at which the sisters were betrothed. However, there's a different look to the group. Jane looked frightened, having lived through a crisis in Gothicum, at the peace party.

Jaime's right arm was broken, hung at his stomach like a sling, from the bombing in NYNJ. There was a grim look on his face.

Chris looked vague. Since the last party he had attended, his wife had died, causing him to space out, seperating himself from the world. Only his friend Jane, who was otherwise involved at the moment, could cheer him up at the moment.

Klihk looked in pain, with bandages all around his chest and shoulders from fighting in Gothicum. His face wore a permanent mask of stoniness, with a glimmer, for those who knew him, of hidden pain.

Jane's bodyguard looked exactly the same as always, and Alek looked happy. He was the only cheerful face of the group.

Chris turned to them. "We don't look very chipper," he said, "Come on, cheer up. We'll make everyone else at the party depressed, just like us."

There was a chorus of nods, and the group tried to cheer themselves up, without success.
02-06-2003, 04:31
Regina noticed the thorougly battered group and made to welcome them, "Welcome to SilverCities," her voice failed as she saw how hurt they all were, but forged on.." we have rooms reserved for all our esteemed guests, will you be needing any special acommidations?" Regina's green eyes were worried as she thought she might need to send the Royal Physic to help them .....
02-06-2003, 04:53
a large clack chopper landed on the pad of the palace grounds. the blades stopped before two people got out, escorted by two men in grey suits.

"ah, we've finally arrived brother." the lady alhana catherine blew a wisp of her long fine hair off her face and smiled at marcus.

"siren..." the young handsome man whispered. his strong profile was highlighted by the light on the grounds, his black hair neatly brushed back, and his deep green eyes twinkled. "let's go." he half walked, half ran to the entrance.

alhana catherine gave up trying to follow him and smoothed her short, strapless white dress. she gave a little laugh as a slight wind blew her skirt upwards and made her hair fly. anyone who would have had the chance to see her would have thought she was a nymph.
02-06-2003, 05:04
Siren could feel her Chosen arrive and she was thrilled.. she hastily dressed in a white linen suit and headed out to meet him and his sister herself....
02-06-2003, 06:53
Two VTOLs bringing the party from Lavenrunz flew in, then hovered and landed at the appropriate place. From them disembarked the Heir of Lavenrunz, Archduke Valerian, a slender but athletic fair haired young man, in the black and silver dress uniform of the Imperial Hussars. He wore a sabre at his side. Along with him was the young Baroness Bennigsen, and the young Baron von Potsdorf. A group of Imperial Mirenburg Guards in full dress accompanied them.
02-06-2003, 06:58
Among the arivees was Queen Lauren along with her Ladies-In-Waiting all dressed in the soft clingy dress of her woodland people. She glances nervously around, realizing that she knows absolutely no one.
02-06-2003, 07:07
As the Evenstar and his retinue make thier way through the crowds, Rhaegon looks at his nephew and chuckles,"When shall I meet the maiden, Dayne? I grow impatient."

The Reaver Prince shakes his head, eyes casting across the area,"Your guess is as good as mine, Uncle, though I'm sure Richenda is taking care of her business. You'll see her soon enough, and I may have to slay you, should she captivate your heart as she did my own."

Rhaegon chuckles, waving a hand dismissively.

The Prince, noticing the eunuchs and thier great burden nods and waves a hand to them,"The two of you take our prize, find the chambers assigned to me and place it there. I would have the heart of any man who intrudes upon my treasure." The two massive eunuchs bob thier heads and shuffle away, bearing the massive chest and it's contents easily.

Dayne smiles once more, looking up at his Hound and motioning,"Maybe you yourself will find a love, you crotchety old bastard." His rich laugh echoes about the trio of Reavers, but Caval's face remains passive. The Reaver Prince snorts in good-natured disdain, shaking his head at his sworn-sword.
02-06-2003, 07:19
Among the arivees was Queen Lauren along with her Ladies-In-Waiting all dressed in the soft clingy dress of her woodland people. She glances nervously around, realizing that she knows absolutely no one.

Seeing that there was no immediate party to greet them, Archduke Valerian glanced around. He noticed the small group of obvious strangers. Strolling over, he bowed and said pleasantly, "We seem to be at a mutual loss, Madam. I am Archduke Valerian, Heir of the Empire of Lavenrunz. And to whom do I have the honor of presenting myself?"
02-06-2003, 07:32
Among the arivees was Queen Lauren along with her Ladies-In-Waiting all dressed in the soft clingy dress of her woodland people. She glances nervously around, realizing that she knows absolutely no one.

Seeing that there was no immediate party to greet them, Archduke Valerian glanced around. He noticed the small group of obvious strangers. Strolling over, he bowed and said pleasantly, "We seem to be at a mutual loss, Madam. I am Archduke Valerian, Heir of the Empire of Lavenrunz. And to whom do I have the honor of presenting myself?"

"Why, I am the young Queen Lauren of Laurenwood, and these are my ladies, June, May, and August. It's so very nice to meet you, kind Archduke."
02-06-2003, 07:42
As Dayne walks along, absently carrying on a conversation, Rhaegon seems distracted.

His gaze pauses on Queen Lauren and her retinue. His eyes sweep up and down the figure of the Queen, and his mouth hangs open slightly as he stares.

The WarHound, chuckles softly and lowers his voice,"Not polite to stare, M'lord..."

Rhaegon gives a small start, shaking his head and waving a gauntlet clad fist dismissively, though his eyes continually stray to the fair Queen Lauren.

"Hound, who's the man that woman is speaking to?" His gaze hard, the giant Reaver absently cracks his knuckles against the hilt of the ornate blade riding his hip.

"Eh... Laverrunz there. He'll get it when the old ones die. Commies been running amok in thier country, from what I hear." The Hound disgusted snort shows what he thinks of that, but Rhaegon seems only half listening as his eyes continue to drink of Queen Lauren.
02-06-2003, 07:43
"It is an honor, Your Majesty, ladies. Allow me to present my companions, Baroness von Bennigsen and Baron von Potsdorf. And may I ask what sort of country Laurenwood is?" Archduke Valerian asks politely.
02-06-2003, 07:51
"It is an honor to meet you as well, Your Grace. Delighted to make your acquaintences, Baroness and Baron." Queen Lauren gracefully falls into a slight curtsy. "Our home is a lush forested land with few people. We live well and want for nothing except some company now and again. I am the Queen and theoretically have exectutive power, but the Paliamentary Lasses and Laddies, elected by the citizens have a final say in everything."
02-06-2003, 08:13
Valerian (noticing scrutiny from the other party, bowing slightly to Rhaegon...but his hand for a moment tightening on the pommel of his sabre) smiles a dazzling smile, his blue eyes bright, and says, "Company? Well, perhaps we should agree to exchange visits, Lady. Lavenrunz is ruled by my mother, Empress Joanna, and is a large empire with many trading interests. However, my mother has final veto over the Volksraad. If it is not impertinent, Your Majesty is without a doubt going to be one of the most beautiful and striking people here, and I am very delighted to have met you."
02-06-2003, 08:18
With a nervous and blushing giggle, Lauren replies, "Why Sir, you do flatter me so! I would be greatly honored to meet your esteemed mother and visit your great nation. I am so glad to have met you tonight, Archduke Valerian."

Now for the first time noticing the glance of a man a few yards away. She flashes them a quick smile and a small glance before turning her attention to the hem of her gown, blushing.
02-06-2003, 08:27
As the Queen smiles, Rhaegon gives a soft growl of pleasure and makes a polite bow, flourishing his burgundy cloak about his shoulders.

THe Evenstar exchanges a look with his Hound and barks a rich laugh, nodding firmly and raising his voice to carry above the din of the crowds,"Aye, Hound. It seems the Mighty Rhaegon of the Waves has found something other than fire and war to appreciate."

The Hound laughs, but the Reaver Lord Rhaegon doesn't seem to notice the snickers that sound about him. His eyes continue to caress Lauren as he speaks absently,"Dayne, I pray you brought a bloom of Sunshade..."

The laughing Evenstar cuts short, arching an eyebrow slowly and nodding,"Aye, uncle I brought the bloom, though... Her?"

Rhaegon holds his silence a moment, giving a slight nod of his head and chuckling,"Aye, she might be..."
02-06-2003, 08:34
"Well, in that case we must make a definite date of that." The Archduke says. Obediently von Potsdorf notes something down in a little notebook. "I do ask, lady Queen, that if there is dancing you would honor me with a dance, at least one." says Valerian, admiring her smile.
He notices the direction of her eyes, and says quietly, "Potsdorf, do find out who those people are..."
Baron von Potsdorf, darker haired, and in the crimson and blue uniform of the Imperial Dragoons, walks over to the Panteran group and inclines his head. "Baron von Potsdorf, gentlemen. May I ask whom I have the honor of addressing?"
02-06-2003, 08:37
Says Lauren, "I would like that very much. Although I must warn you; my feet do not always do what my mind nor heart command, so please, watch your toes."
02-06-2003, 08:43
The WarHound, noticing the approaching man draws himself to his full height and interjects himself between Dayne and the man.

The Hound nods and replies,"Aye, you have the Honor to be in the presence of Reaver Prince Dayne the Evenstar, the Sword and Shade of the Evening, Second son of Lord Reaver Valanus Vayne, and one of the Grooms of this wedding."

Rhaegon's gaze rests on Lauren as the Hound motions to him,"This, is the Evenstar's uncle, Reaver Lord Rhaegon Vayne, known as Rhaegon of the Waves, Baron of the Blood Bay and Warden of the Cigarra Ports, and younger brother of the Lord Reaver"

The Hounds voice drops to a low, almost growl, as it echoes inside of his dogshead helm,"Now, I know who am I addressing, and why have you intruded upon our conversation, friend?"
02-06-2003, 08:53
Baron von Potsdorf smiles and bows. "Lord Prince, it is an honor to be presented. Archduke Valerian is very much looking forward to meeting you. And my lord, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance as well. I am Baron von Potsdorf, Chamberlain to his Highness."

At the same time, Archduke Valerian frowns and says, "Really, I think that the attendants must be distracted. May I offer you some refreshment aboard our plane, Lady?"
02-06-2003, 08:57
Rhaegon slowly takes his leave of Dayne and the Hound, making his way closer to Lauren.

His glance strays to the Archduke, but seems to dismiss the man as he returns his gaze to Lauren as he raises his eyes, a smile painted across his handsome face.

He flashes a brilliant smile and folds hismelf into a deep bow, sweeping his burgundy cloak about himself and resting a hand on the hilt of the ornate blade riding his hip. His other hand darts beneath his cloak and produces a small flower.

Leaves of the deepest blue are veined with crimson threads, and the petals of this flower are almost the color of Rhaegon's purple eyes. Several long, barbed thorns sprout from under the bud, though the black stem seems to be free to hold as one would. "My Lady, in the ancient lore of Pantera, the very first Lord Reaver gave a bloom of Sunshade to his true love the day he met her..." He clears his throat softly before continuing,"Pardons for being so blunt, but in all my life, I have never been at a loss for words, though at this moment your beauty has quite tied my tongue."

The towering Reaver Lord pauses a moment, his smile slowly slipping into seriousness,"Far be it for me to steal my nephews glory on this day, but I would lose honor, if I did not celebrate beauty such as yours... I am Rhaegon of the Waves, Reaver Lord of Pantera and Lord of House Vayne."
His smile returns now as he extends the delicate blossom towards Lauren,"I would ask your name, My Lady, though I know in my heart that godesses have a thousand and I would not press you to give me but one..."

Dayne chuckles, motioning to Bardon von Potsdorf,"Pardon my uncle. He seems to have caught a case of.. something, today. Though I have heard of Laverrunz, I have not yet had the pleasure of speaking to your leaders. Reaver sentiments towards communists are not fond, but we do not make rash judgements."
02-06-2003, 08:59
After not even being polite enough to respond to her invitation, Holy Empress Evendim arrived at her dear friends Palace.

"Squith, you dont think Rothana would mind me just appearing like this. She knows me well enough to know i wouldnt have missed this joyous accasion for the world."

"You're quite right madame. It will be a pleasure to finally meet Lady Richenda too."

"Oh yes, and her betrothed."

Evendim gracefully paraded through the halls, briefly acknowledging the seemingly very nervous girl, who Evendim assumed was Regina Leah. Regina of course recognised Evendim immediately, and quickly indicated the way Rothana has exited the entrance hall.

"Squilth go fetch the gift i have brought for Rothana and her sister, i want to give them to the ladies as soon as possible."

Squilth nodded quickly and ran out of the Palace.

"Now Rothana.... Where are you?"
02-06-2003, 09:03
Archduke Valerian's eyes suddenly looked rather coldly at the fellow. "And who are you...sir?" he said in an antarctic tone.

Baron von Potsdorf for a moment looked slightly irritated. "Forgive me, but Lavenrunz has a very small communist party that has recently formed. It is ruled by Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Joanna. Lavenrunz is one of the premier nations of the World Business Organization, and Her Majesty is currently Secretary-General of the South Atlantic Treaty Organization. We are not nor have ever been even vaguely socialistic."
02-06-2003, 09:13
Rhaegon pulls his eyes from Lauren to rest on the Archduke.

His indigo gaze narrows as he straightens from his bow and turns to face the man.

Voice a soft, dangerous rasp he replies,"I am Rhaegon of the Waves, and I was speaking to the Lady..."

His gaze hardens a moment but he notices Dayne, shaking his head firmly.

The massive Reaver emits a low growl, but wipes away the scowl quickly and shakes his head,"Pardons if I interrupted your doubtless important conversation, friend, but surely you would not begrudge me the oppurtunity to celebrate beauty such as hers..."

Dayne, distracted nods to the Baron absently and says,"Ah, my pardons, Baron. It seems I am in need of brushing up on my foreign policy, eh?" His chuckle is friendly, but his eyes rest on Rhaegon as his Hound hovers near.
02-06-2003, 09:28
Archduke Valerian nods pleasantly, though his eyes are now on Rhaegon's and his gaze clear and unafraid. "Indeed I would not sir. Though I believe it is the Lady's perogative, to whom she speaks."
Baroness von Bennigsen choses this moment to bow her head and say, "Lord Rhaegon, I am Baroness von Bennigsen, the Vice-Chancellor of Lavenrunz. How do you do?"

Baron Potsdorf, not taking his eyes from the scene, says, "Well, my experience says that we all find ourselves learning a great deal at times, my lord. And may I congratulate you on the happy occasion, incidentally?"
02-06-2003, 09:43
Dayne chuckles, bobbing his head and tossing his twin braids back over his shoulder,"Aye, my friend. Thank you. Richenda is my muse and my Honor. I only hope to be a strong husband for her."

The Evenstar continues smiling as he beckons to the Baron,"Come, let me meet the rest of your party, eh?"

He moves closer to the group, inclining his head respectfully to Rhaegon before turning to the others and dropping himself into a low bow.

With the easy confidence of being seventeen years old, he smiles and nods firmly,"My Ladies, Archduke, I am Dayne the Evenstar, Reaver Prince of Pantera and one of the bride-grooms of this celebration."

His rich lauch echoes about as he gestures about himself with a steel clad fist, taking in the Baronness and the surrounding ladies"Though on such a fine day, with such fine company, I somewhat regret that I am to be married. I hate to tie myself down when such beauty surrounds me."

Rhaegon chuckles, shaking his head and moving to stand alongside his nephew,"Do not let him fool you, Ladies. His pining and dreaminess over the fair Richenda is all I have heard of, for months." His jest is only half-hearted, and he only pays half attention, for his eyes once more rest on Lauren.
02-06-2003, 09:49
Baroness von Bennigsen, a merry faced woman with coppery blond hair, wearing a Menelmacari gown that hints at her slender figure, smiles and says, "My Lord, I must congratulate you as well. Lady Richenda is a very lucky woman indeed!"
"What would a man not do for love?" Archduke Valerian remarks rhetorically, smiling at Queen Lauren.
Baron von Potsdorf clears his throat and says, "Pantera is I believe a most esteemed nation, and our paths have not crossed...have you had a long alliance with SilverCities, my lord?"
02-06-2003, 09:58
Dayne smiles, nodding firmly and making a sweeping gesture,"Aye, since the moment I laid my eyes on Richenda, I have loved her Cities as I love my own Pantera. Formally, the Lord Reaver, my father recognizes SilverCities as a Panteran protectorat, though it is more than that, now. With our marriage, Richenda and I will seal an alliance that will last through eternity. Also, I shall be related by marriage to the Gothici ruling lineage, so therefore Pantera shall also pledge her Honor to Gothicum and Chancellor Zaek."

He motions to a small, dark-haired serving boy,"Wine boy, and glasses if you please."

As the boy scurries off, the Evenstar adjusts the slim iron crown which is perched on his brow, and turns to regard the group once more. "I have been out of the news loop for a few days, friends, so pardon me but, what has the stance of Laverrunz been in the recent conflict roaring across the globe?"
02-06-2003, 12:03
the massive doors opened and the lady alhana catherine walked in the chambers with marcus. he fiddled with the latch of a box he was carrying as his eyes surveyed the room, clearly searching for an angelic face. alhana catherine's hand on his arm broke his concentration and they walked down to a group that has formed around the pantera contigent.

"goodevening, ladies, gentlemen." marcus bowed and motioned to present his sister. "i am lord marcus and this is the lady of the nation of alhana catherine." to the evenstar, he held out both hands. "my heartiest congratulations on your bethrothal m'lord!"

the lady alhana catherine gave the group one of her brilliant smiles as she murmured her acknowledgement.
02-06-2003, 12:41
As the boy scurries off, the Evenstar adjusts the slim iron crown which is perched on his brow, and turns to regard the group once more. "I have been out of the news loop for a few days, friends, so pardon me but, what has the stance of Laverrunz been in the recent conflict roaring across the globe?"

"Lavenrunz has a neutral stance on the GDODAD conflict." replies Archduke Valerian. "Though it is being watched with great interest, I assure you."

As the lady Alhana Catherine and escort arrived, Archduke Valerian and his party bowed politely.
02-06-2003, 12:46
Richenda finally finished dressing the deep blue of the dress complimenting her eyes and hair she decended the stairs eyes scanning the guests for her Reaver...she saw AC and smiled...

Queen Siren Made her way to the hall where the guests were gathering... her snow white linen suit seeming to perfect her beauty.... she greeted that Lady of Lavenrunz and Sagesquagmire before making a beeliine for the side of her Betrothed.....

Rothana had changed into her Gothici clothes, Black denims with a Black silk peasant top in preperation for her Chosen's arrival, her long red hair left unbound in flowed down her back in silken waves...

OOC sorry it took so long guys.. i was sleepin! smiles but im ready now!
02-06-2003, 12:59
Archduke Valerian (OOC: male, btw...) approaches and bows to Queen Siren. "Majesty, from my sovereign and mother, Empress Joanna of Lavenrunz, greetings and congratulations to you and your sisters on this glorious and happy occasion."
02-06-2003, 13:03
Queen Siren smiled and replied ," Thank you ArchDuke, We are Delighted that you and you companions were able to join us on this happy occasion.."
02-06-2003, 13:03
marcus welcomed siren by circling his arms around her waist, lifting her and whirling her around.

"i've missed you, my angel..." he whispered.
02-06-2003, 13:05
Siren grinned and threw herself into her Chosen's arms..... she whispered back, " It has been agony being without you my love...."
02-06-2003, 13:08
alhana catherine watched their dramatic embrace with a bemused expression. after the couple finally let go of each other -and quite reluctantly, she observed- she held out the box marcus had been carrying and gave it to siren.

"you should have had this ages ago! the gothicum tiara."
02-06-2003, 13:15
Excited and nervous the young Queen opened the box given to her and once she did was stunned into breathlessness..... the glimmering jewels winked at her in the lights of the room, " Oh its beautiful Alhana, thank you" she then hugged her friend, then she handed it to Marcus, " Would you be so kind to crown me, my Chosen?"
02-06-2003, 13:56
"certainly." marcus smiled. he fiddled with the pins of the tiara for a few minutes when, at last, he had to admit defeat, "your beautiful hair is so silky smooth my love, that the pins slide off." he lightly protested.

my, he's become so smooth - a far improvement for how he once was around her... alhana catherine mused. she let out a little laugh and helped her brother's clumsy fingers to properly fix the tiara on siren. they both took a step back to check their work.

"your eyes are as brilliant as the jewels in your crown." marcus smiled gently as he took siren's hands to his own.
02-06-2003, 14:07
Siren blushed for a moment, then kissed Marcus gently....
02-06-2003, 14:27
Zaek smiled. As he raced through the clouds on his trusted Stormcrow Iaeson he could see the palace where his love resided. The sun gently caressed the land as Zaek took a pouch from his belt.

He pulled up Iaesons reigns and started to sprinkle the dust in the pouch. As he guided Iaesons reigns and sprinkled the dust, he drew a purple heart in the sky. He pulled back Iaesons reigns and flew through the heart, Iaeson outing a screech of joy.

Zaek noticed a group on the ground. Recognizing Alhana and Siren, he decided to land there. Iaeson flapped his wings creating a gust of wind as he landed, and Zaek dismounted and stepped towards Silver, Marcus and Alhana.
02-06-2003, 14:38
Rothana heard the StormCrow's call and looked out the window of her rooms.. she Grinned and dashed out of the room eager to be back with her Warrior...

Siren Looked up and Saw Zaek land his great bird, she excused herself for a moment from Marcus and Welcomed her soon to be Brother in law, " She has been nearly Impossible since she came home you know.." she mentioned speaking of Rothana...
02-06-2003, 15:09
Zaek saw Rothana, in Gothicum ornate dashing out towards him. He nodded to Silver with a smile.
"If you'll excuse me for a second."

He ran towards Rothana and caught her in his arms, spinning around. And when they kissed it seemed like time itself stood still.

"I missed you..."
02-06-2003, 15:14
Rothana Buried her face in his neck inhaling the scent of him, her arms wrapped tightly around him, " I was not complete without you," she replied... "I think my sisters were going to do something drastic soon," she grinned and kissed him again...
02-06-2003, 15:20
All of this flattering attention has made Lauren quite speechless, and despite her royal upbringing and training, she isn't very good with public situations. She accepts both the flower and the invitation for refreshments, and steps back to observe the various conversations about the goings on in the world today.

OOC: sorry, I went to bed, and now i'm going to work!
02-06-2003, 15:29
He kissed her and grabbed her lifting her from the ground. He caressed the side of her face brushing some a lock of hair out of her face.

"The dawns haven't been the same without you...pale, not as shining as when you were in Gothicum."

Zaek looked aside and noticed Alhana and Silver were staring, then burst in a jolly laugh.

"Excuse us, every second we are apart seems like a year..."

OOC:I know the situation
02-06-2003, 15:34
Rothana flushed pink, as she noticed her sisters amused smile...

Siren understood perfectly how Rothana felt, and now knew for sure what had been plaguing her... 'Their Bonding is very strong' she mused 'should make for some interesting nights im sure' then she smiled...
02-06-2003, 17:08
Zaek laid his arm around Rothana's waist and they stepped to Siren and Alhana.

"So.... did anything interesting happen in this beautiful country of yours?"
02-06-2003, 17:13
Siren smiled, " Not really things seem very peaceful right now, it was a perfect time to hold this gathering..." she then took Marcus' hand.. "Tho i think Prince Dayne and his retinue were looking for you earlier..."
02-06-2003, 17:18
"Then I'll go look for them."
He turned to Rothana
"I'll leave you here in good care, this is probably political stuff."
He kissed her again on her lips, trying to tiptoe away, finding it hard to break off the kiss...
02-06-2003, 17:25
Rothana followed his lips with hers for a moment then broke the kiss, " Ok love hurry back soon," she then whispered to Siren, "thank you for not Mentioning my terrible behavior lately"

Siren just smiled, " Like i said earlier i understand perfectly, "
02-06-2003, 18:01
An official from Sirntin, who had gotten drunk in a tavern, came running in, late as usual.
" Did I miss anything?!"
He looked around his envrionment... then made a small, " Tskk... Tskk..." noise, and in came running two black cats.
He than found the nearest place to sit down... and waited for something to happen.
02-06-2003, 18:07
Rothana Seeing the newcomer walked over to introduce herself, "Hello, Welcome to SilverCities. My name is Rothana Siren, Betrothed to Zaek of Gothicum" she held out her hand, "We hope that you will have a plesant stay in out fair Nation.."

She then took a glance at the cats, and smiled....
02-06-2003, 18:39
Graciously saying hello to the lady, he introduces himself.
" I'm Jacob Skarish! Nice to meet you, I hope my cats won't be any problem. It's considered a part of my religion to keep two cats by my side at all times. Sorry for being late... but you do have some nice taverns around here."

His cat jumped on his lap at that time, and purred as he began to pet the cat, Cleo. The other cat climbed to the highest place it could find and began to take a nap.
Cleo was wearing a collar that had a green gem on it, that shined, even in the dark.
02-06-2003, 19:20
As the Evenstar's indigo-colored eyes blaze into love and longing, he steps away from the group wordlessly and sweeps across the yard toward Richenda, his cool smile is fixed on his bearded face as he watches her.

He holds his silence a moment, simply staring at her, face carefully neutral though his eyes continue to flare and burn with inner passion.

When he speaks, his voice is a soft rasp, not the rich baritone of usual days,"My love, truly you are the only being on the earth who may bewitch me so. If an enemy would strike me down, now would be the time, my sun and stars, for your beaty blinds me as the sun blinds a man long in the night..."

Rhaegon's eyes tighten as Lauren takes the flower, though as the Archdukes invitation is accepted simultaneously, he grinds his teeth softly before turning to storm away into the crowd, his burgundy cloak flapping about his greave-covered calves.
02-06-2003, 19:23
Upon arriving, the Prime Secretary of Ariddia merely stood in a corner, watching and smiling in silence. He wasn't a veribly sociable man, and chose not to mingle. In fact, he rarely, if ever, attended any such events in other nations.

But he wished the young couples all the best...
02-06-2003, 20:05
Zaek walked over the grounds, looking for Dayne and his Hound. As he saw Dayne, in the near presence of Richenda, he remembered the private moments between himself and Rothana, and turned around, deciding to leave the couple in peace.
02-06-2003, 20:24
Richenda smiled when she saw her handsome Reaver, her heart nearly burst with joy and passion, at his soft words she fell speechless, for all her bravado she could never put into words how she felt when he was near her, so she did the only thing she could do, she took his dear face in her hands and brought her lips to his for a soul searing kiss...

Rothana talked to the minister of Sirin for a moment assuring him that the cats would not be a problem,then out of the corner of her eye she saw her Twin with her Chosen and smiled...

Regina Leah noting the newcomer made her way to the Representitive of Arridia, " Welcome to SilverCities, we hope that you will enjoy your stay here. My name is Regina, and if there is anything that i could do for you.."
Dread Lady Nathicana
02-06-2003, 20:32
OOC: Thanks for the invite! :) Been away for the weekend celebrating our anniversary. *beams* Ok, so it was with kids in tow, but ... was nice all the same. Let me clean things up in a few spots here, and if it's still all right, would love to join.
02-06-2003, 20:37
OOC: Of course you are welcome to jump in at any time Nathi.. smiles
02-06-2003, 21:03
Regina Leah noting the newcomer made her way to the Representitive of Arridia, " Welcome to SilverCities, we hope that you will enjoy your stay here. My name is Regina, and if there is anything that i could do for you.."

He looked up, faintly surprised. He wondered whether she recognised him; few people did. He didn't get out and about much...

"Thank you, you are most kind. No, there is nothing I wish for now... Only to express my best wishes." He smiled.
Dread Lady Nathicana
02-06-2003, 21:11
Nathi arrived without fanfare, though donning one of her typically daring black ensembles, hair up in an elegant twist. Smiling at the beauty of her surroundings, she hoped that rule of three would not apply here - the last two trips having had unfortunate incidents and violence marring the occasions.

Her brow furrowed a bit at that ... were she superstitious, she might think herself to becoming a jinx. Shaking off such unpleasant musings, she put on her most pleasant smile, and began to mingle with the other guests.
02-06-2003, 21:42
Zaek, leaving Dayne and Richenda their romantic moment, noticed a familiar face amongst the crowd.

"Aaaah Lady Nathanica, in a most dazzling outfit as ever... I'd try and describe your beauty in poetry but the words would fail me. How hast thou faired since your trial?"
02-06-2003, 21:43
OOC: Sorry, I was at school...


The Haraki party, looking slightly more cheerful, having had Chris cheer them up with several stories, arrived at the party area. They looked around, and Chris turned to Jane, who was still jumpy as a cat. "Calm down." he said, "That's an order."

Her bodyguard, Thamas (Think that's his name, if not ... Well, it is now ...) turned to her and said, "Lady Jane, please calm down. You're here to enjoy yourself." She nodded, and forcibly calmed herself down.

The group entered the party, starting to mingle. Jiame was looking more cheerful than he had in a while. He had heard Lady Nathicana was going to be here.
02-06-2003, 21:44
After making small talk for a while with some guests.. Rothana saw her friend Nathicana come through the door and went to greet her, " I'm so glad you could make it! It wouldnt have been the same without you." she smiled and gave her a friendly hug... "from what i understand Jamie will be here as well"

OOC: im gonna have to leave soon for a few Hrs but i will be back i Promise! :D
02-06-2003, 21:45
2nd Minister Hook took a break from the socialising and sat down on the end of a bench to lit a fat cigar.

"It's all very jovial, at least," he remarked to no one in particular.
02-06-2003, 21:48
As he is petting Cleo, Jacob notices the gem on her collar slowly turning red. Thinking for a moment, he figures it out.
He walks over to Rothana only to say something quickly,
" I believe that the Cat of Love has blessed you and Zaek in your bethrothal. Quite rare I believe."
He then walks away and sits down next to Cleo, who's stone is blaring red at the point.
02-06-2003, 21:50
OOC: Bed, then work I'll try tosqueeze in a post in the morning
Dread Lady Nathicana
02-06-2003, 22:28
OOC: shall dispense with a lot of small talk, and sum up to avoid over-cluttering *grin*

Nathi greeted them both warmly, happy to see them as well. So much had happened ... She appologized again for having had to leave, and expressed deep regret for the timing of it, having heard of the unpleasantness that had followed.

She told them briefly of her own fiasco in NY NJ, and of her subsequent clean-up back at the Dominion.

Nodding to Rothana on her comment about Jaime, she smiled, though looking troubled as well.
02-06-2003, 22:35
The group was mingling, when Jaime walked up to Klihk. "Don't put on a false air." he said, "If you feel pain, show it."

Klihk nodded, and then allowed himself to feel the pain. He breathed deeply, allowing the slightest symbols of pain to cross his face. Jaime nodded, and moved on, trying to make each member of the group stop lying to themselves, so they could enjoy themselves.

Once he was done, he started to walk slowly through the crowds, thinking.
Dread Lady Nathicana
02-06-2003, 23:42
She scanned the crowd, taking note of familiar faces, as she spoke with the couple.

They looked radiant, the both of them. So happy and content with one another ... they made it look so easy.
02-06-2003, 23:44
So many people here, Jaime thought, standing six inches taller than most of them, at an intimidating 6'6". However, he was getting a little tired. It had been a long trip, with four depressed people and a depressingly happy one ... He made his way over towards a bench, with the intention of sitting down for a few minutes.
03-06-2003, 00:54
03-06-2003, 01:04
Quietly wandering through the crowd, Queen Lauren glaces at the happy couples milling about. With a small sigh, she sits down and continues her people-watching.
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 01:05
Seeing Jaime across the room, she waved, hoping to catch his attention.
03-06-2003, 01:06
Jaime caught movement out of the corner of his eye, and his head snapped around. Seeing Nathicana, he grinned, and began shouldering his way through the crowd towards her - with his uninjured shoulder.
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 01:13
She couldn't help but grin as he bulled his way through the crowd. He does look rather striking ... she thought to herself. Now what am I going to do with him?
03-06-2003, 01:14
He managed to make his way through the crowd and over to her, "Hey," he said.
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 01:18
"Hey yourself." she said, smiling. "How's that shoulder coming along?"
03-06-2003, 01:19
He shrugged, "Oh, it's fine. No more pain, or at least I don't feel any, and the doctor that took a look at it says that the cast can come off in a few days."

He looks down, fishing in his pocket, "I, uh, got you something."
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 01:23
She arched a brow questioningly, then stood very quietly, a touch of worry in her eyes.

"Jaime ... " she began, not really knowing herself what she was going to say next.
03-06-2003, 01:24
He stopped what he was doing, and looked up. "Yes?" he asked.
03-06-2003, 01:27
alhana catherine eyed klihk as the man stoically observed the party. excusing herself from the people she was having a canversation with. she crept up behind him and lightly covered his eyes.

"why are you standing all alone in a corner?" she whispered. her mischievous smile returned as she watched the man fumble to figure out who she was. she lightly avoided his hands and disappeared towards the balcony.
03-06-2003, 01:28
He spun, smiling, "Alhana!" he called out in a joking-cross voice, chasing after her slowly.
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 01:29
"I ah ... I just ... " she stammered. "Nothing, really." she said. "You shouldn't have is all ... I mean, I ... I didn't bring anything, and ... " she trailed off nervously, brushing a stray lock of hair from her face. Just how is it he manages to addle your wits, woman? She blinked. "Really, it's nothing."
03-06-2003, 01:30
He smiled and shrugged, "All right," he says, reaching into his pocket again.

"I wish I'd had this when I actually proposed to you," he said, pulling out a small case and holding it out to her.

OOC: I gotta go for dinner, I believe.
03-06-2003, 01:37
she laughed her deep throaty laugh and her golden eyes twinkled.

"come on man, this is a party! a celebration of three happy bondings! why must you look so sour and pretend you're not having fun?"

she saw marcus from the corner of her eyes watching her, an amused and curious expression on his face. she nodded to him before facing klihk again.
03-06-2003, 01:38
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 01:40
OOC: brat - nice timing! *chuckles*


She stood very still for a moment, just looking at the hand that held the small case.

"I ... " she reached behind her as if to pull up a chair, but stopped as she realized there were none to be had. She raised her hand to her lips nervously, then gingerly reached out to take the case from his hand, hers shaking slightly.
03-06-2003, 01:52
A tall, richly-dressed yet undefinably ugly man steps out of his stately vehicle and steps up to the gate guards with an imperious air.

"I am Emperor Treznor, Overlord of the Empire of Treznor in the Wysterian domains. I'm an old...friend of the Dread Lady Nathicana. You may announce me."
03-06-2003, 01:53
Jacob had now migrated to a smaller table as the party grew on, so as not to interrupt the party. Cleo's stone had finally stopped glowing red, and now returning to it's usual green color, while his other cat had found a mouse, and left it to Jacob as a "Present."

As he was usually at parties, he was just a tiny bit drunk... but sober enough to have a smart conversation, just a little happier than usual. He was happy that Sirntin had finally started to get active in foreign affairs, even if it was just a celebration of recent betrothal.

He did feel a little out of place, as the groups of friends were all familiar with each other, while he was a total newcomer. He, and almost every other person in Sirntin, had never left the nation. Of course, being a candidate in the soon-coming election of Sirntin, he decided it was time to explore the world, and see the inventions and pleasantries of the other nations.

But of course, the Election wasn't for another seven years, which was quite soon to him, but to others, quite far away. He believed that he would win, only because of his political experience, compared to the other candidate.

" Getting bored, Cleo?," He asked his cat, and she purred in response. " Yes, I guess this is rather hard to get bored of."

He sighed, and looked around the room. " I'm sure this day has only started, Cleo. I believe this will be a wonderful place, just wait a few minutes."
03-06-2003, 02:39
8) 8) 8)
03-06-2003, 03:09
marcus finally excused himself from the well wishers and was about to get a drink from the bar when he noticed a man sitting alone with his cats. his "abilities" pulled him towards the party and he soon found himself standing in front of the man.

"welcome to silvercities. i am lord marcus of alhana catherine. i hope that you are enjoying the festivities." he held out his hand and shook the stranger's hand.
03-06-2003, 03:09
Klihk looked at Alhana, allowing a hint of pain to cross his face again, "I know," he said, "But it's a bit hard ... I still haven't gotten over those injuries from Gothicum."


Jaime looked up at Nathicana, smiling. "Go ahead, open it," he said.

OOC: Inside is a ring that he is 99.999% sure she will love.
03-06-2003, 03:13
A guard steps into the room with a bemused expression on her face. Squaring her shoulders resolutely, she bellows out, "The Emperor Treznor, of the Empire of Treznor in the domain of Wysteria!"

Almost before she finishes, the individual in question sweeps into the room beaming broadly. In his left hand he carries a brightly-wrapped package; his right hand is kept clear.

"Please, lords and ladies, don't get up on my behalf," he calls, ignoring the fact that nobody was. Then he continues in an even louder voice. "Lady Nathicana! It is so good to see you again! You look ravishing! Betrothals agree you, my dear!"
03-06-2003, 03:15
alhana catherine's smile disappeared and a look of concern shadowed her expression.

"soon enough, the physical pain leaves, but it is harder to banish the pain that memory engraves." she touched his arm lightly. "would you like to rest?"
03-06-2003, 03:16
He nodded, looking in less pain and calmer ather touch. "Yes, please," he said.
03-06-2003, 03:18
marcus attention was diverted briefly to a lavishly dressed man who had juts bellowed his own arrival. chuckling a little, he turned his eyes back on his companion.
03-06-2003, 03:19
Chris glanced over at the man announcing his own arrival, and then shook his head slowly to himself.

Jane, a little ways off, started laughing uncontrollably at a not-very-funny joke the man she had been talking to had told. He looked alarmed, "I didn't know it would do that!" he said. Thamas laid a hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry. She needed something to relieve stress. Your joke was it."
03-06-2003, 03:23
she led him to the second floor of the palace -the private wing. they entered the library and got comfortable at the plush couches in a corner.

"balls and festivities... it seems that lately it has been a whirlwind of events! it has been weeks since i actually had time to myself and relax." she smiled softly. "i've gotten the horrid habit of sneaking out off these parties to find a quiet place. don't get me wrong, i love my brother and i'm ecstatic at his bethrothal to siren. however, these parties do tend to be the same to a certain extent."
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 03:23
She slowly opens the box, her eyes going rather wide at the ring inside. "Jaime, it's ... " she begins, lip trembling slightly.

At the brash announcement, her head whips around. Seeing the man approaching, her expression goes cold as ice. She puts a hand gently over the ring in it's box, almost as if to protect it from him.

Chin tilted up in that imperious manner she has, she replies cooly. "Devon."
03-06-2003, 03:28
Klihk looked over at Alhana, "I know," he said, "I, personally, would rather not attend these parties. Usually only a few things make me attend. One is if any of my close friends wants me to. That includes only four people. Alek, Jane, Chris and Jaime. The other is if some people I know are going to be there."


Jaime looks up at Devon with an ... interesting ... expression. Any casual observer would think it was either an expression of hidden anger, or of hiddedn contempt, but it was actually neither.

Jaime shot Devon a look.
03-06-2003, 03:32
Treznor quickly steps up to the table where Nathicana and Jaime stand, stopping a respectable distance away so as to demonstrate he intends no harm. He offers them a polite little bow, as one peer to another, and grins broadly, apparently paying Jaime's look no mind.

"Ah, but it's good to see you, Nath. It's been a long time since our You can't imagine how delighted I was to hear of your subsequent promotion! My own adventure was slightly more convoluted, to be sure, but enough about me. This is your party! Engaged, at last! I never thought to see the day. Naturally, in honor of the event, I've brought you and your betrothed some gifts."

He lifts the package in his left hand for better inspection. It's a fairly small box and thin, suggesting it contains a garment inside.
03-06-2003, 03:35
Jacob, after listening to the man quietly, returned to the party. He then ordered a few drinks, being a little bored.
" Cleo, I wonder why Sirntin is the only place that has temples such as the Fahkirah Temple of Cats, it home-sickens me... alot..."
He then walked to a more populated area, and sat down, just listening to the conversation of the people there.
03-06-2003, 03:35
Zaek raises an eyebrow, quirks a smile and whispers to Rothana
"I thought this was OUR engagement party, well ours and your sister's"

Nevertheless he remains silent towards the man offering Nathanica a present and graciously smiles
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 03:39
Her eyes narrowed dangerously, wondering just how on earth he'd managed to find out.

"I believe your already limited intelligence gathering skills have atrophied further over the years, Devon ... this is not my party. I am merely a guest here." She looked suspiciously at the package he held out, making no move to retrieve it.

"Jaime, Devon Treznor." She said shortly, nodding in the man's direction and clearly refusing to acknowledge any titles on his behalf. "Devon, Jaime Walf."
03-06-2003, 03:40
Jaime nodded, never taking his eyes off Devn's face. Inside, he was thinking, What is the past between these two? but decided to dismiss it.

He waited for any sign from Nathicana.
03-06-2003, 03:46
Treznor shrugs eloquently, his eyes sparkling. "A trifle. I'll be sure to speak to my minister about his oversight."

He bows a little deeper to the gentleman at her side. "Lord Wolf! A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I must say, I admire you sir! Brave is the knight who can take this dragon."

He smiles winsomely at the pair.
03-06-2003, 03:47
"Uh ... My name's Walf, and I'm not a lord, although someone once wanted to make me one. I declined. Although I am descended from the Wolf clan, enough people hated them that I changed my name." he says, apparently emotionlessly.
03-06-2003, 03:48
Jacob, after a little bit of talking to some of the other visitors, walks outside for a moment. He returns with a package, with little air-holes punched in delicately, and a glass window on the side.

Walking over to Zaek, he says, " I have a present for you two. I believe it should be for you and Rothana, because you two are the one the stone reacted to."

He hands Zaek the package, telling him to be careful with it.

"There is a kitten inside, and with it a package of our Replikatâ„¢ system, which is just specially formulated milk to keep the kitten healthy. This cat is directly connected to the Cat of Love... keep the cat, a female for your informaiton, by your side, or Rothana's side, and your love will never die."

He looks around questioningly, and then sinks back into a dark corner of the room, happy with his present to Rothana and Zaek. He believes that it fits them.

The cat is a small white cat, with blue eyes, very delicate and fragile. It's paws aren't maine-coon size, but rather medium-sized. A soft, gentle mew can be heard from the package, which is the characteristic "mew" of the Cat of Love. You must let it trust you, or it's powers won't be granted upon you.
03-06-2003, 03:49
"Zaek thanked the man for the gift. It'll have a special room in my quarters in Gothicum, and i must express my sincerest thanks for such a wonderful gift, truly. I wish my luggage had arrived so I could present you with a return."

He looked at Devlon
This man is as fake as they get

Zaek still kept smiling, he did not want to disturb the party.
He laid his hand on the man's shoulder and guided him away from the couple.

"So Treznor... tell me about your country...want to get a drink?"
03-06-2003, 03:52
Treznor's eyes widen dramatically. "NOT a Lord? You must be jesting. No? My gods, man, I salute you! You can't have drugged her into it; I know well how her training prevents it." He winks conspiratorially. "This is certainly cause for celebration! Please, accept my humble gift in honor of your miraculous event!"

Treznor offers the box to Jaime.
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 03:53
She maintained her cold demeanor, but the muscles in her jaw tightened, and her right hand twitched as if reaching for a weapon, then realizing she didn't have it.

"What do you want, Devon?" she said tightly.
03-06-2003, 03:55
marcus interrupted zaek's group, giving the newcomer a quick nod before hastily saying, "i'm sorry, but have any of you seen my sister? she with with that - that man from haraki."
03-06-2003, 03:57
Chris turned to Marcus, "I believe they went up those stairs."


Jaime looked at Nathicana, not reaching for the gift. His good left hand started reaching inside his jacket, all-but unbidden.
03-06-2003, 04:01
Zaek, feeling the tension building up, tries to break the ice by loudly saying.

"Well, it seems we'll have nice weather for the party"
03-06-2003, 04:01
Treznor smiles coldly at Zaek and shrugs off the hand. "If you please, man, I haven't presented my gifts yet."

He turns back to Nathicana. "Why, Nath! I'm hurt by your tone. I never presumed on our relationship before, have I? I'm here to celebrate your betrothal, as I said!"
03-06-2003, 04:04
Jaime's eyes narrowed, and his head turned ever-so-slightly as to imply, I think you want to leave...

His look was now one of angriness, but he had stopped his left hand while it was sitting on his right shoulder, waiting for any word, and sign, to take action in any way.

Just say one more word ... I dare you ... he was thinking.
03-06-2003, 04:05
Queen Siren Seeing that tension over a small group of had become so thick you could cut it with a knife gestured to one of her guards to watch the situation and if it looked like it would escalate to take care of it...

She then turned back to some of her guests keeping a light link with her Chosen....
03-06-2003, 04:05
a shadow of anger flashed in marcus eyes and he excused himself, rushing up the stairs.


in the library alhana catherine was enjoying klihk's company when someone knocked on the door.

"yes? come in." she turned to klihk and gave him a warm look. "it's so rare to see a genuine personality at these parties. too many have their diplomatic facade about them that -"

"m'lady, i believe people are wondering where you have gone off to." marcus entered the room and gave klihk a peculiar stare.

she sighed and stood up from the couch, "thank you brother, for spoiling my fun." to klihk she said, "well, i shall see you downstairs."

as she left the room. marcus stopped klihk and murmured, "please, stay away from her."
03-06-2003, 04:06
Klihk stood up, at 6'6", and said one word, "Why?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 04:07
She glanced at Jaime and shook her head almost imperceptibly.

"Whatever relationship you seem to think we had, Devon, I hardly think it appropriate to bring gifts to us here, at another's party."

She refused to ask the man how he had known, when so few had been present.

Thinking it perhaps the best way to get him to leave, she clasped the box with the ring in it close, and took the package he had presented, handing it to Jaime.

"And now that you've done what you intended, perhaps you might wish to take your leave?" she said, more than a hint of command in her voice.
03-06-2003, 04:07
Zaek was shocked at the blatant disrespect for etiquette practised by the strange he turned to Nathaina with a look that said "Well, i tried and returned to the side of Rothana.
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 04:09
Nathicana nodded slightly to Zaek, hoping to convey that she would take care of the situation as quickly as possible.
03-06-2003, 04:10
Treznor smiles innocently.

"Won't you open it here? Or do you think I'm giving you old Arlen's tongue? Nathicana, when did you ever know me to be so obvious? It's a shirt, a man's shirt for Jaime. Specially tailored for needs. Take a look. I promise, it's in good taste."
03-06-2003, 04:10
Jaime took the package in his left hand, lowering it from his shoulder as he did, giving Nathicana a look that said All right.
03-06-2003, 04:12
Rothana whispered to Zaek, " What is going on with them, do we need to do something?"
The last thing she wanted was this to end up a fight between her guests....
03-06-2003, 04:13
Zaek slightly squeezed Rothana closer to him, not taking his eyes from Devlon. Those closest to him if they held still for a moment, could even hear a silent low growl escaping from his throat.
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 04:15
"Jaime, if you would please ... lets get this over with. Open it so he can leave." she said softly, a warning tone in her voice for Devon.
03-06-2003, 04:16
"All right," Jaime said in a low voice. He picked up the package in his right hand, in the sling, and started to tear off the paper.
03-06-2003, 04:19
Inside the box you'll find, as promised, a man's shirt. Red and black pattern subtly evoking the flag of the Dominion with white trim. It seems to compliment the dress that Nathicana wears.
03-06-2003, 04:21
Treznor grins broadly. "You see? I remember what you like, Nath, and I made sure it'll look good on the lad. But what's more, it's reinforced against cuts. Knives and swords will have a tough time getting to his sweet flesh."
03-06-2003, 04:26
Jacob looks around the room... he looks at the guests that seem to be getting quite aggressive...
" Cleo... these people fight a lot, eh?"
His cat went over to the fighting group and growled at Treznor.
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 04:27
Her lips tightened at his inuendo, eyes flashing angrily.

"It's beautiful, truly." she said, her tone saying anything but. "And now, perhaps, you'll wish to take your leave, before we find out if the same can be said of your ensemble?"
03-06-2003, 04:28
Jaime's eyes flicker ever-so-slightly to his suitcase, in which lay his two soul-katanas. However, he nodded in acceptance of the shirt and gave him a look saying, I believe you'd better do what Nathicana instructs...
03-06-2003, 04:32
marcus tensed and stood all of his 6'4 frame. suddenly he seemed to relax and as if telling him to forget, he gave klihk one last look and walked out of the room.

"just stay away from her." was all he said.
03-06-2003, 04:34
Queen Siren noticing the man with the cats went to introduce herself, her long Silver blonde hair shining in the lights, " Hello and Welcome, This is My Country, I am Queen Silver Siren, im am glad that you have decided to visit.. sorry about the tension im sure it will all be worked out soon.." she then glanced at Nathi and the odd man with her hoping that what she said would be true....

Rothana gave Zaek a quick kiss on the cheek and asked him to go check on something for her... she then went to join her sister Siren....
03-06-2003, 04:34
Klihk shook his head, and murmured, "If you can't give me a reason, I'm afraid I can't respect your wishes," and left the room.
03-06-2003, 04:34
03-06-2003, 04:35

03-06-2003, 04:35
Treznor looks down at the growling cat in surprise. A smirk appears at the corner of his lips and he bends down to pet it, but thinks better of it at the last moment and straightens.

"Well, if that's your wish. I'll depart for my Empire immediately, since I'm clearly not welcome. But..." He smiles slyly. "Before I go, there is the matter of my other gift."

Treznor reaches into his pocket, again with his left hand, and slowly withdraw a simple dagger in its sheath. Moving slowly so as to give no provocation, he hands the dagger to Nathicana hilt-first.

"An old momento I've kept near me for the past six years. I regret, unfortunately, I've let it get a bit rusty, but it has such sentimental value for me. I earnestly hope that you have the same luck with it for him as you did with me."

He winks at her and steps away once the dagger leaves his hands.
03-06-2003, 04:37


OOC: sorry, it was a double post. anyway...

upon hearing klihk's reply, marcus quickly turned around and pushed the large man against the wall.

"she's had trouble with the likes of you before." he half snarled, losing the composure he always carried. "i'm not going to see my sister get into the same mess again."
03-06-2003, 04:41
" Hello Queen Siren," Jacob remarked, surprised another person had come to talk to him.
" Just don't let them get old Fazir mad, he's got one of the weird things that some of our cats have evolved, poison claws as we call them."
" He's the one up on that bookcase... I'm sure he'll be fine up there though."
Jacob looked at Fazir... making sure that the ol' cat wasn't in a bad mood.
" Oh, and yes, by the way. I'm Jacob Skarish... nice to meet you. I believe this party is fine, Cleo is just more of a descendant from the Cat of Peace, as we would say back home."
Then he noticed Cleo walking back from the disagreement, a bit agitated. She jumped on his lap and purred before falling asleep, after washing herself that is.
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 04:41
She took it from him, eyes that once flashed angrily now cold as death.

"Good bye, Devon." she said softly, never blinking.
03-06-2003, 04:45
Jaime looked at Nathicana with an almost-inquiring look.


Up against the wall, Jaime's eyes narrowed until they were almost slitted, and he said, in an degd voice, "Unhand me, now."

He asked another question, a few moments later, "Ask yourself this. From what you've seen of me, do I look like the kind of person who would hurt someone I know, whether on purpose or by accident? Why do you think my entire line of work revolves around protecting people, both physically and emotionally."
03-06-2003, 04:46
Siren smiled at the man and asked tenetively, " May i pet your cat? I have never seen such a lovely specimen of the species, she is decended from a cat Deity you say? how interesting..."

Rothana added, " well Silver he gave Zaek and i one as a gift, i would be wiling to share with you and Marcus... " she grinned teasingly at her sister....
03-06-2003, 04:50
" Yes you may, and in fact, if you want, I can grant you a cat too. The white cat for Zaek and Rothana was the only of it's certain kind, but I believe I have one just like Cleo in the palace. We had problems with cat overpopulation, but as our promise to never harm them, we now give them to people we believe would take good care of them. Our cats really are quite different from normal cats you know..."
He grinned, thinking about the days he had lived as a Cat Groomer in one of the temples.
" Cleo's the most peaceful type of cats... while old Fazir is rather... not."

" Zaek and Rothana's cat was... rare... very rare. The daughter of two of the proven cats from the Cat of Love... she is said to be a very mystical cat. Some say they have seen her in the moonlight... just staring at the moon while singing the song of Love, which is a beautifal song, since the Cat of Love actually can sing. Heh..."
03-06-2003, 04:51
Treznor bows gently, as before. "Goodbye, Nath. Congratulations on that coup, by the bye. I never could have pulled it off as well as you. But I found my own little niche far away from it, so you needn't worry about me. I'll have a representative swing by your palace to discuss relations next week."

He turns and addresses the assembled people. "My gracious lords and ladies! I apologise for the misunderstanding. I'll have my intelligence minister shot when I get home. In the meanwhile, please accept my congratulations, Queen Silver, and to your lovely sisters. Now, at the behest of Lady Nathicana, I bid you adieu."

Unless someone accosts him, he'll leave as he arrived.
03-06-2003, 04:56
Jacob sighed, and though a moment.
"By the way, Rothana, what is your cat to be named? One of the first moments of true trust is when a kitten is given a name it truly likes."
He smiled, and remembered when he got Cleo, a small black bushel of fur with 2 eyes and ears. He had tought her to eat cat food, saving her from starvation, and had kept her alive for 15 years now...
[The normal cat in Sirntin lives 33 years, the oldest currently being 56.]
03-06-2003, 04:57
OOC: Have to sign off for tonight, wish I didn't.
03-06-2003, 04:57
Siren slowly lowered her hand to the cat .. then smiled as she felt the warm fur under her touch, she petted it for a moment, " We would be honored to have one of these wonderful creatures in our home.."

Rothana was relieved to see that the situation had been defused... she would have hated to spill blood at this party... she then turned back to the Minister "did you say they sing? How wonderful! in Gothicum there is an extended period of night it would be lovely to hear that during the long nights.. I dont know... Zaek and I will have to decide together but we will be sure to do that soon"
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 04:59
Nathi watches him go without expression, though her knuckles are white from gripping the sheathed dagger.

Still watching him as he exits the door, she says softly "I appologize for the disruption."

Turning to Zaek and Rothana, she courtsies deeply. "One of the reasons that until recently, I've declined invitations to events. My past has a habit of catching up with me on occasion. Again, my appologies."

Taking a deep breath, she turns back to Jaime. "I'm sorry." she says, not knowing quite what else to say. Looking at the shirt she scowls. "Lets get rid of that thing."

OOC: Well curses! Have a good night, boyo :)
03-06-2003, 05:04
As the rest of the party was moving, many people were coming, but only one was leaving, as Fazir noticed.

Fazir was a descendant from the first cat, as in direct descendant. He had almost the same DNA, except for his poison claws, which could kill a single human in a minute if he excreted his strongest poison. Right now he was wearing a light coat of poison on his claws.


Jacob smiled as he saw Cleo react happily to another hand petting her.
" Yes they sing, and instead of an actual mew, it's a wonderful voice. There's a story told that they used to sing to help explorers find their way out of the forests of Sirntin. Our land was a crossover point for many explorers, so this is where the singing cats were first heard, even though there were some in the other countries around us. We're the only country with these cats left..."

" Each cat is said to have it's own song, each one is beautiful though... there's no way to change the song that the cat will sing, but I promise that you would never tire of it."

He then remembered the song Cleo sings each night as he's going to sleep... this made a wide grin cross his face.
03-06-2003, 05:06
marcus walked over to siren and gave her a long, tight hug.

"now what are you ladies up to? i thou-" he was startled to see the cat so near him, he almost stumbled backwards. he soon regained his composure and kept a safe distance from the cats.

"be careful." he whispered to siren.
03-06-2003, 05:08
Both Rothana and Siren were delighted to hear about these unique creatures... then Rothana mentioned, " I bet Richenda would like one too for her and Dayne.. we shall have to be sure to get her one.." she then glanced at the cat on the bookcase, "Perhaps one that would fit their warrior nature..."

Siren noticed her Chosen's reaction to the cat and whispered, "Is anything wrong love?"
03-06-2003, 05:08
Looking around to make sure Fazir wasn't listening, only because this was the only thing that made Fazir mad.
" Fazir is a singing cat... but he lost his voice in a fight against a human one day. He was on the streets in a different country... and a human kicked him, right in the throat. He killed the human though, with his claws... he was sent here, since we're known as the experts on cats in our area, and I was the boy granted to have him, along with Cleo."

He remembered from the past when he had gotten Fazir, the Singing cat that could not sing...
03-06-2003, 05:11
Cleo climbed out of Jacob's lap, and seeing the newcomer, Marcus, went over to him. She rubbed between his legs, hoping for some more attention from the new people she had never seen before.

Jacob smiled, and hoped Marcus liked cats, as Cleo was quite friendly with almost everyone...
03-06-2003, 05:13
marcus looked uncomfortable, and stared at the cats all the while he whispered to siren and held on to her shoulders, ready to pull her in an instant.

"it's just that, well, cats may get rather fierce... those claws are sharper than you may think, angel." he whispered. he moved back suddenly as one of the cats moved nearer to siren. "easy cat! stay where you are!"
03-06-2003, 05:15
Cleo mewed silently, looking at Marcus. She did not recognize any "Shoo!" commands, as she had never been shooed before, and rather just came closer to Marcus.
Jacob looked at Marcus...
" What's wrong?..."
03-06-2003, 05:16
Siren noticing his discomfort smiled to the friendly cats owner and then made a gracious leavetaking, bringing her Chosen with her... once they were far enough that they wouldnt be overheard she asked," now what was that about love, did you sense something about them?" She wound her arrms around his waist..

OOC: oops looked like we posted atthe same
03-06-2003, 05:16
marcus eyes grew large as he felt something brush his legs. he stumbled backwards, yelping in surprise and tripped.

he kept his eyes firmly shut, face flaming at the embarrassment. the only thing worse that could happen, happened when he felt a weight on his chest and heard a cat purr.

go away, go away, go away... he pleaded in his thoughts.
03-06-2003, 05:19
"Tssk Tsssk" Jacob made a sound, and Cleo came back towards him, as he stared at Marcus questioningly...

" Well... he certainly isn't going to like it when his betrothed's cat comes to them when I drop it off..."

He sighed... not understanding why so many people disliked cats... many rumours that were false had been passed by them...
03-06-2003, 05:22
Cleo was startled, the first time a human had ever rejected to give her attention... she did not understand...
The stone on her collar started to glow a little blue, showing her confusion.

Jacob said, " I don't know either, cleo..."
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 05:23
Nathicana watched the cats & the interplay with interest, arching a brow over Marcus' odd behaviour.
03-06-2003, 05:23
Rothana was surprised at Marcus' reaction but smiled at Jacob, " I wouldnt worry too much about it, if there is anyone who could change his mind it is Siren," she watched as Siren took her betrothed to a more confortable distance from the purring feline.. she reached to pet Cleo again...
03-06-2003, 05:26
Cleo graciously accepted the attention from Rothana... and a soft song could be heard coming from the cat, the song seemed to almost capture any hate in the air and carry it away.

Jacob again smiled, " I'm sure he'll learn sooner or later what a gift the Sirntin cats can be in a couple's life, even..."
03-06-2003, 05:29
Rothana was entranced by the Cats soft song and smiled, "What a wonderful thing!" she kept stroking the soft fur, and was considering good names for the little feline waiting in her rooms, " will i need to feed my cat tonight, is ther a certain schedule i should think about? "
03-06-2003, 05:34
alhana catherine walked over to the commotion.

"what happened to my brother?" she asked curiously.
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 05:35
Nathicana shrugged eloquently, watching the scene quietly.
03-06-2003, 05:36
"We dont know he seemed a little intimidated by the Cats here" Rothana replied, Siren is talking to him now .......
03-06-2003, 05:37
Jacob though a bit about how you should feed a little kitten...
" If you keep a bowl out with some of the formulated milk in it, and check it every once in awhile to make sure it's not empty, the kitten should be good for a while."
"Excuse me," he said, while running outside, and then back in.
" Here's the recommended food for cats, instructions for their eating based on their age on the back."
" Also there's a catalogue with that, so you can order that food from Sirntin whenever you feel you need to. Cats are quite low-maintance, really, and if you ever have problems, just mail our palace with a letter addressed to me, and I'll help you."
" Sorry for over-loading you with all this, kittens are a little troublesome, but once they grow up, it's a bit easier."
He handed her a piece of paper with some other general info that he had wrote down.
[edit:: Grammar Fixes...]
03-06-2003, 05:38
alhana catherine burst into a fit of giggles and clapped her hands in delight.

"you don't say? oh my... my brother is deathly afraid of cats." she grinned. "a childhood accident that may be too embarassing for me to gossip about!"

she stopped and looked at the group mischievously. "did i hear correctly that the couples will have new cats as pets? that would be fabulous!"


in a corner, marcus refused to look siren in the eye. he was so embarassed, he wanted her to forget the entire incident. he embraced her, hoping that will work.
03-06-2003, 05:39
" Afraid of cats?... wow... I can't imagine what would've happened..."
He though for a moment, and sighed.
" If you tell me what his problem was, I might be able to select just the right cat for him, so he can avoid that... and never worry about it..."
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 05:41
Perking up at that, "No really, Alhana ... do tell."
03-06-2003, 05:45
Rothana tried to keep a peal of giggles from escaping her lips, "well that is interesting. Thank you for the information Jacob i will be sure to keep in contact and let you know how things are going with the kitten"

Siren was trying to understand why a sweet cat like Cleo Frightened Marcus so but it didnt look like he was ready to say much yet , so she patiently waited...
03-06-2003, 05:49
As Cleo became more and more happier, her song started to grow louder, and as it became louder, it became more beautiful. It was starting to reach across the rooms, and as Jacob believed, trying to calm Marcus.
Cleo then fell into a sleep, but she kept singing her song to the room, always in the hope for peace.


Jacob smiled up at the room, still wondering about Marcus' fright of cats... there was usually no-one, literally, afraid of Singing cats...
03-06-2003, 05:56
alhana catherine watched the cats and heard them sing.

"they are beautiful jacob! how have they developed so differently from others?" she turned to nathicana and gave her a smile, "my lips are sealed."


marcus looked into siren's eyes and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"it's only bad memories..." he tilted her head up and kissed both her cheeks. "embarassing, bad memories." he grinned.

he stopped when he heard the music. he turned to notice that it was the cat singing.

"how odd... that doesn't sound so bad. perhaps because i am with you?" he held on to silver and gracefully lifted her up and carried her to the balcony. "you're all mine now." his lopsided grin appeared, and at that moment he looked like an eager little boy.
03-06-2003, 05:57
Rothana was amazed at the cats song.. she knew that if her new kitten was half as talented as Cleo Zaek would be well pleased with her... "well i want to be sure that our Kitten is Comfortable i will return momentarily..."

OOC: ok Kids i have got to get some sleep... see ya in the morning!
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 06:01
Nathi gave Alhana a knowing grin and nodded with a wink. Sitting down, she closed her eyes and quietly enjoyed the song.
03-06-2003, 06:02
Jacob smiled, relinquishing when his father told him all the legends of the signing cats...

" No one knows for sure, but scientists have come up with this:
The population of cats was small, and very spread out. After awhile a group of cats came to Sirntin. We believe that the huge cliffs that came up all over sirntin after an earthquake, which blocked all the borders for a long while, the cats had a hard time communicating. Then, evolution tooks it's place of course. And this evolution has been encouraged since the first singing cat.
And now for the legend... some believe it to just be a gift of the gods... as the god of Narium came down, he saw the most beautiful creatures, playing in the woods. The only thing that made him sad was that some of these had harsh voices, and screeched. There was no music for the poor things! So he granted the singing cats with nicer voices, the "Meow" we now recognize, and now the singing of them."
03-06-2003, 06:04
OOC: Speaking of sleep, I need some too... you know, the whole going to work thing ~_~... I'll see everyone... next time I get on.
Jacob then got up, leaving his cats to mingle with the crowd as they pleased, but Fazir instead chose to follow Jacob up to his room. He asked a guard where his room was, and then layed down in his bed upon reaching the room.
" I believe this is quite a nice place. I think I'll do some writing for the council now..."
03-06-2003, 09:00
Evendim, not sure whether she should be insulted that she has been so thoroughly ignored, walks back out the entrance hall, and followed the sound of a song that was most exotic and strange to her ears.

She conitnued to follow the sound until she caught sight of a servant boy running towards her.

"You son! Take me to Rothana please"

"Im sorry Madame but..."

Evendim interupted the child quickly

"Take me to the Lady please. I am Empress Evendim, i require an audience with my friends."

"Yes madame."

Evendim smiled at the child, knowing full well that she had been quite rude, feeling most unkind, which was frowned upon in her Empire... she quickly handed the boy a small jade figurine of Lana, Goddess of Love and Lust.

"im sorry for being so short with you, im just a little tired from my journey."

Evendim then followed the quielty grinning boy who would take her to Rothana's presence.
03-06-2003, 09:11
Archduke Valerian had been quiet throughout these exchanges, noticing that these people seemed to know one another, and being courteously mindful that the point was, after all, betrothal. However, he bowed as the Empress of Sagesquagmire strode by, and thought of going to sit near Queen Lauren, who looked lonely and left out.
03-06-2003, 13:09
Klihk made his way back into the room, having just been to see the doctor. Being slammed against the wall had reopened his wounds. However, for whatever reason, the doctor didn't seem to have done a very good job. Klihk wore an expression of uncomfortableness, actually pain, but he hid behind the surface expression to mask his pain.


Jaime looked over at Nathicana, deciding not to ask what had happened between her and Devon. He held out the small ring-box again, with one half of his mouth smiling towards her.
03-06-2003, 13:13
Rothana, seeing Empress Evendim as she was coming down thesairs went to meet her, " Im so glad you came.. sorry i wasnt able to greet you earlier, its been a madhouse around here ......"

Queen Siren seeing that a few have not yet been introduced to her she sought them out, "welcome to SilverCities" she said coming up to Archduke Valorian and Queen Laura, " sorry if i have been remiss in my duties, it was not intentional i assure you"
03-06-2003, 14:19
Zaek held the little kitten in his hands, caressing the head with his thumb. He tapped the kitten's nose playfully with his thumb and laughed as the kitten held his thumb and bit it.

"Quite the little amazon." he chuckled.
03-06-2003, 14:21
Rothana seeing that Zaek had the kitten, went up behind him and asked, " So what are we going to name her? "
03-06-2003, 14:32
"Hmmm, how about Artemis?"
03-06-2003, 14:35
She smiled and wrapped her arms around him, " that is perfect, just perfect, did you know that these Cats sing?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 15:48
Nathi looked to Jaime with an expression of thanks and undisguised relief at his lack of questions. Time enough for all that later. she shuddered inwardly. She did not look forward to it.

Accepting the ring with an almost shy expression, which looked strangely out of place on the woman, she whispered, "It's beautiful, Jaime. I can't imagine how you managed it." And I'm certain I don't deserve it. Brushing such thoughts away, she stepped closer, she leaned against his chest, and put her right arm around his waist.

"Help me put it on?" she asked, looking up at him with a smile.
03-06-2003, 18:05
Minister Hook had been enjoying a pleasant conversation with Lady Beddevire of Upper Juniper, when she quite suddenly fainted from wearing a bodice that was far too tight.

She was taken away by a concerned number to recuperate and Hook stalked away quietly to find someone else to talk to...
03-06-2003, 18:38
Richenda, after having a sweet conversation with her Reaver, went to go mingle with the other Guests....
03-06-2003, 18:48
Zaek put the little kitten on his shoulder, miraculously it stayed put.

There's a good girl, petting the kitten's chin. The kitten instantly purred and bumped it's head aginst Zaek's.

"Sirntin, i must once again thank you for Artemis"

He turned towards Rothana
"They sing, so that what i heard, i thought the Ghost of Freedom was appearing here with the choir of Angels."
03-06-2003, 18:50
Rothana smiled, "I thought you might like that," she then petted the kitten, giggling as it demanded so much attention from Zaek," hey there little lady youre going to have to share him you know."
03-06-2003, 18:52
A jester walks into the room, clothed in his usual grey and red outfit with a matching cloak
"Sorry I'm late, Longo couldn't make it either."
03-06-2003, 18:56
the jester takes off his cloak and hangs it on a coat rack, he wanders over to the drink table
03-06-2003, 18:57
Richenda went to greet Barrett, " hi nice to see you again, sorry your steed couldnt make it, " she then gave him a brief hug...
03-06-2003, 18:59
"It's good to see you Richenda."
the jester fills himself a small glass of bourbon and sits down, enjoying the festivities in his own way.
03-06-2003, 19:13
Richenda, watched everyone for a whle her eyes caught Rothana and Zaek with a cute white Kitten... " now that is interesting" she thought..
03-06-2003, 19:17
The jester pulls out a lyre and strums a song for the background, it seems to put everyone in a good mood.
03-06-2003, 19:21
Rothana smiled at hearing Barrett play, she felt hopeful that this event would turn out well, so many calming influences..... She wondered if he would play at her wedding.....

Queen Siren heard light music in counterpoint to the Cats soft singing and felt it was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard...
03-06-2003, 19:23
The jester closed his eyes in happiness as he finally was in a good mood. He continued to play his uplifting song on the lyre.
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-06-2003, 19:25
Nathi felt herself finally start to relax in the first time since she could remember in ages. Perhaps this was a good idea after all, even if ...
03-06-2003, 19:27
Hook approached the jester, puffing his cigar and pulling on the end of his white moustache in time to the music.

"Very nice," he commented, "Do you know 'I'm In The Mood For Love'?"
03-06-2003, 19:29
"Hmmmm, who's it by again?"
03-06-2003, 19:33
he suddenly remembered and said:
"Never mind, I remember now...."
he began to play, quietly singing along in his easily recognised melodic voice.

"I'm in the mood for love simply because you're near me.
Funny, but when you're near me
I'm in the mood for love.
Heaven is in your eyesbright as the stars we're under.
Oh, is it any wonder
I'm in the mood for love?
Why stop to think of whether
this little dream might fade?
We've put our hearts together,now we are one, I'm not afraid.
If there's a cloud above,if it should rain we'll let it.
But for tonight, forget it,
I'm in the mood for love."
03-06-2003, 19:40
Rothana went all starry eyed for a moment while Barret sang, her thoughts focused on her love...

Queen Siren stopped and Listened, her mind wandered to Marcus adn how much she loved him....

Richenda too was lost in her own thoughts......

Regina Leah felt sad for a moment, "now why cant i find something like that?"
03-06-2003, 19:41
As the jester sang and played he thought about his own love but snapped out of it and continued to play for the lovers.
03-06-2003, 19:52
The jester, having finished the song, sat in his chair, sipping his bourbon, waiting for the next request.
03-06-2003, 19:57
High Priestess White Raven, Dressed in a pristine white robe entered the party accompanied by her Novice Lilia Silkenthighs...
Raven is tall with Jet black hair down to her waist kept in a thick braid woven with silver ribbon, her Green eyes looked over the peaceful setting appriciatively.
Lilia had a medium build and was wearing a saphire blue robe as was custom for Novices in her Order... her deep brown hair went to her shoulders, her black eyes scanned the crowd for the hostesses....
03-06-2003, 19:58
The jester brought his grey eyes up from his bourbon to see this new figure enter the room
03-06-2003, 20:05
White Raven spoke in her usual dulcet tones to her Novice," go see if you can find Queen Siren, i will go see about perhaps getting a drink,"

Raven headed for the Bar.... Noting the Jester she smiled...
03-06-2003, 20:05
As he went back to his drink, Barrett noticed that his glass was empty. Slinging his lyre over shoulder he stepped back up to the drinks table to refill his drink.
03-06-2003, 20:06
"How about that, huh?" said Hook, sideways, so the jester could hear. "What a woman!"

He smoothed out his moustache and ran a handkerchief over his bald head then approached the High Priestess.

"My dear lady!" he cooed. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am 2nd Minister Hook of the Borderlands of Marginal Hatred. Can I offer you any assistance?"