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Considering the lack of issues addressing taxes...

Austar Union
23-08-2005, 19:44
I have only just submitted the following issue for review. Thoughts, opinions anyone?

Name: Quit the Penny Pinching, Cry @NAME@@'s Beggers!

Description: A powerful group of @@NAME@@'s street homeless, naming themselves "Beggers for Life" have staged recent protests over the nation's belt-tightening taxes.

Validility: Available only for nations with more than 0% tax.

[OPTION] "How can you expect us to survive under such a heavily taxed regime?!" exclaims enraged begger @@RANDOMNAME@@ as he hides his fattened wallet behind himself. "I say we lower taxes... and increase those social security payments just a little. Afterall, I need those damn @@CURRENCY@@ if I ever want to get that financial breakthrough."
[EFFECT] Taxes have dropped, and @@NAME@@'s homeless are among the wealthiest people in the world.
[STATS] Taxes Lower, Government Size Increases, Social Welfare Increases

[OPTION] In the meantime, your Brother makes his own suggestion during your weekly round of golf. "I agree that taxes need to be dropped, if not even taken down to zero. But the answer isnt to increase social welfare if you really want to help the homeless. Just force @@NAME@@'s homeless to work for my company for as long as they remain poor. I get the cheap labour, and you dont have such big lines at the social security offices... Its a win-win situation."
[EFFECT] @@NAME@@'s homeless are now under forced-employment, but on the offhand taxes have been lowered abroad.
[STATS] Taxes Lower, Government Size Decreases, Civil Rights Decrease, Social Welfare Decreases, Commerce Increases, Crime Decreases, Economy Increases

[OPTION] "I havent heard a more rediculous idea Soldier!" yells General @@RANDOMNAME@@ at the top of his lungs. "In fact, we need more of those valuable revenues for more defense, not less! We're the only force stopping @@REGION@@'s loose-cannon's from breaking our border perimetres, dont forget! Drop and give me twenty!"
[EFFECT]Defense Departments have recieved major funding increases
[STATS] Taxes Increase, Government Size Increases, Defense Increases, Economy Decreases
24-08-2005, 00:40
Firstly - isn't it 'beggars'? There are some other typos as well.

Anyway, it seems a little...stale. The issue descriptions seem a bit forced - saying 'taxes have dropped' seems redundant given that presumably one will see a drop in tax levels. In addition, Option 2 seems to have a far more wide-ranging effect than the other two. I like the idea of the issue, but I'm not sure how well put together it is. Other areas, such as 'Happiness', could be affected.

For example, maybe [EFFECT] 1 could read 'the nation's homeless are regularly seen dining on four-course meals' - something to add a bit of individuality to the effect, rather than just describing the mechanical changes. Similarly, I don't understand the meaning of 'taxes abroad' in [EFFECT] 2, so maybe that could become 'the nation's homeless toil in forced labour camps to pay for corporate tax-breaks' - this could also affect 'Corruption'. And in [EFFECT] 3, no mention of the beggars is made - so maybe it could 'the military has received major increases in funding while ex-soldiers cannot afford a pair of shoes' - or something like that, to relate it to the issue.

Furthermore - how are the social welfare increases in [EFFECT] 1 funded, if taxes are reduced. Corporate subsidy, perhaps, or cut-backs in other departments. So maybe the beggar could also say 'I mean, why do we waste money on foreign aid when our own streets are swamped with beggars'. Or something - but I think that increase has to be accounted for.

Basically though it's an interesting idea - just one that perhaps needs a little modification to become workable.

Of course, I may well be wrong about all of this. Good luck getting it coded.
The Kea
24-08-2005, 04:20
[effect], [stats], and [option] are not capitalized. Add an option to execute all poor people to solve poverty problems while raising taxes. (That would be a quick and easy solution!) And make everyone more self-centered and evil, and a bit more crazy.
24-08-2005, 17:30
We already have an issue about this.
The Kea
25-08-2005, 03:43
Originally posted by Sirocco.
We already have an issue about this.

Originally posted by Sirocco.
Because that's how the issue was written. You could try writing your own issue about stem cell research though.

Now I'm all confused.
Austar Union
25-08-2005, 05:39
We already have an issue about this.

Well, then. Now I feel silly.