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29-06-2005, 15:23
Name: "Runway"

Description: @@NAME@@ International Airport is looking for expansion: and something has to suffer.

[option]"Stick on a new runway to the existing airport," calls @@NAME@@ International Airport director @@RANDOMNAME@@. "It's good for the economy. More jobs means more cash for people to spend on more products, which helps the economy grow."
[effect]citizens around major airports suffer from lack of sleep
[stats]better economy rating

[option]"Are you kidding?!" shouts nature-activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "People will suffer from lack of sleep! It has also been proven that schoolchildren's grades suffer when their school is right under a flight-path! I say NO to that runway!"
[effect]citizens that could have worked at a major aiport sit unemployed at home
[stats]economy suffers
The Kea
04-07-2005, 06:06
This issue needs a bit of work. First, the title could be improved. You should also add one or two options, like building another airport or banning planes.
04-07-2005, 06:15
I would cut off the " something has to suffer "

I agree that you should add making another international airport or banning planes as options. The effect of the second choice should be something like :

The @@NAME@@ International Airport has recently stopped telling people flights are delayed because that is expected

That needs to be shortened.

I like the idea and wish you good luck on its completion.
Tuesday Heights
07-07-2005, 05:45
This is a good idea for an issue. However, as others have echoed, it does need some work.

My first goal would be to create five strong options. From there, you can weed out one you don't want or rework the others to determine what works best for the issue. The issue effects for both seem a bit off, perhaps, you can go into a bit more detail or you could solidfy why that particular option creates that effect.

Also, the two options you have at the moment don't seem to be that far different from one another. I'd work on trying to get more solid options first, then, balance out how extreme you want to take the issue.