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02-06-2005, 15:00
Return of Ye Ol’ Guilds!!!

Recently, union activists have become fed up with incompetent management and constant circumvention and loopholes by businesses and corporations nationwide. Now, they demand a government reform of legalities and tax structure that would allow workers to form a local common market through convenient market squares and verbal contracts.

Option 1 [Medieval worker tone – To be revised] (Lowers Tax Rates, Increases Crime Rates, Increase Civil Rights, Increases General Welfare)

Harold Morgan claims to be enlightened by having the experience to communicate with those of King Arthur’s time and wishes to expand his vast new wisdom with all to hear.

"Our people have been under the thumb of our country's masterminds of monetary manipulation for too long. We are sick of arguing over wages and want to be able to purchase goods and services that we produce at prices we approve of. Our families have worried over the threat of starvation and eviction for too long. We demand self-regulation and the ability to barter and bargain like our ancestors had before when EVERYONE was enlightened! (Latin) [Renew the renaissance!! Return our rights!!] (End Latin)"

Option 2 [Chief of Marketing] (Lowers Civil Rights, Increases Economy, Decreases Political Freedoms)

Martin DeVard, head of Horizon Communications Corp. marketing division, believe that what is being proposed should be understood so that it can be “rationally rejected.”

"I don’t mean to be rude, but the reason we got rid of guilds was the sheer manner of their inefficient and archaic nature. Sure it seems right that we should let the people live with a 100% free market, but think about how we would manage our resources. Before you knew it, there would be shortages everywhere and people would be begging the government for handouts!!! Its only commonsensical that centralization and traditional management methods be left in place. If the union membership has a problem, let them sit down and negotiate with us! We’re perfectly willing to provide lower values…I mean costs for their products as long as they… um…well, take a reasonable wage cut er something like that."

Option 3 [Cabinet Member] (Lowers Civil Rights, Increases Tax rates, Increases Political Freedoms)

Secretary of State Lincoln V. Johnson deems the situation as over-inflated although some action is needed.

"Sir, to be honest I don’t understand why unions and corporations aren’t regulated enough. The easiest way to solve this is by instilling law requiring that reports on all organizations actions be detailed for every minute of every members activity; right down to how long it takes them to arrive and depart from the organizations facilities to when they use the toilet. That way we can allocate sufficient, yet minimal, government funding to satisfy all their whining complaints."

Option 4 [Socialist Activist] (Lowers Civil Rights, Lowers Economy, Increases Political Freedoms, Increases Tax Rates, Increases General Welfare)

“Management is evil!! Management is corrupt!! Management is the beagle; the rich man’s puppet!!” says Socialist Activist Troy J. Debs. "We don’t see any reason for the continuance of the privatization of economic decision-making. We want 100% worker rights now!! Give us the factories!! Give us the product!! Give us the refineries!! Give us the Market!!"

Option 5 [Anarchist Fanatic] (Increase Civil Rights, Increases Economy, Increases Political Freedom, Lowers tax Rates, Increases Crime Rates, Lowers General Welfare, Automatically introduces Crime Lord Corruption)

A leader of a hording mob that goes by the name of “Zeno” depicting his following of the Ancient Greek Philosopher, has petitioned for the following position:

"Never mind business alone, we don’t think anyone else should be involved in our day-to-day lives at all!! Heck, we don’t want any outside involvement in our lives what-so-ever. How about we throw out the government too with all of this corporate mumbo jumbo? It only confuses and convolutes everything anyway so why bother with it?"
Thx for reading and please, don't be afraid to put in your own 2 cents
The Kea
03-06-2005, 04:03
Put it into standard issue format, and use @@RANDOMNAME@@ for names unless those are supposed to be literary references, real people, or whatever.
In addition, unless you are trying to show the last guy's ignorance, I do not think that Zeno would be the right philosopher.
03-06-2005, 12:55
Thx. Those people do have real references though; I'll be revising the original post instead of adding additional ones to reduce the amount of reading material.
06-06-2005, 01:37
Like the title says..........
06-06-2005, 16:53
Put in [option], [effect], and [stats] and look up the Latin.

Otherwise, good issue & keep it up!

~Czardas, Supreme Ruler of the Universe