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New Issue~ Need help with stats

Irritable Rah
13-03-2005, 08:45
NAME:"Let us be!" cry the public

DESCRIPTION:Over the last few months the number of buskers on the streets of @@NAME@@ has increased dramatically. At last some members of the public can stand it no longer and urge you to do something about it.

VALIDITY:Not valid for nations with low civil rights

[option] "We are tired of being pestered for money each time we step out onto our streets," says @@RANDOMNAME@@ whilst removing several earplugs, "This has gone far enough! I say we should have the right to send these tramps to jail. Sure, some of their music is decent, but more often than not, I would like to see these vagrants in jail where they belong."
[effect] popstars are facing prison sentances for 'singing for money'
[stats] civil rights decrease, police funding increases slightly, taxes increase slightly, happiness increases slightly

[option] "Alright, so begging in the street is not what everyone enjoys to see," says your Head of Taxes @@RANDOMNAME@@. "But what if we took, say, 40% of their takings? With so many buskers we're bound to make thousands of @@CURRENCY@@s! And if they don't like it their numbers will decrease anyway. Come on, it's win-win."
[effect] the homeless are taxed heavily if they so much as look at an instrument
[stats] happiness decreases slightly, civil rights decrease slightly, government budget increases, economy status increases

[option] "You aren't like, serious are you dude?" cries hippy @@RANDOMNAME@@ who has chained themself to an astonished tramp, "It isn't begging that those guys are doin' out there, it's expressin' their like, inner emotions. You big-wigs can't take that freedom away and I will most surely fight this hate crime to the death. Sure the public won't be overjoyed but just tell them that the answer is 'make love, not war'."
[effect] singing beggars on every street corner are driving the citizens insane
[stats] happiness decreases, civil rights increase, unemployment increases slightly, economy decreases slightly
13-03-2005, 11:23
Heh, I like this one - a little tidying up at the corners and a bit more generalisation (make the issue be about all beggars, not just buskers - though I like the popstars being jailed for 'busking'!) and I think this could make a pretty neat issue.