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Could someone spoil an issue or two that'll fix my nations economy?

01-03-2005, 23:54
My economy just, over a period of time, took a dip from Very Strong to Reasonable; I feel I must have been too liberal (I'm a centrist at heart) or conservative, whatever. My political freedoms suck ass too. So any issues that'll fix it? :confused:
02-03-2005, 01:25
For political freedoms...

#0: Should Democracy be Compulsory?
1. "Compulsory voting makes about as much as sense as having the death penalty for attempted suicide," says civil rights activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "You can't force people to be free! You can only give them the choice. Besides, if all those derelicts who can't be bothered to get off their ass once every few years voted, who would they elect? I shudder to think."

If you're to this point already...if not, ignore this.
#11: People Request Not So Much Dictatorship, If That's All Right
2. "Perhaps the people could be given some more political freedoms," muses your Chief of Staff, who is your sister. "Is there really such harm in allowing public discussion of ideas? We could even have a real Opposition Party. One that isn't just full of your puppets, I mean."

#120: Two Parties For Two Long?
1. "Two-party politics is squeezing the life out of democracy in @@NAME@@," laments @@RANDOMNAME@@, leader of the Pragmatic Radical Party. "The Liberal Conservatives and Progressive Traditionalists have a monopoly on public policy - or duopoly, whatever you want to call it. The point is that there's hardly any difference between them, and their chokehold on the electoral process lets hacks and crooks stay in office forever. Ballot access rules must be loosened so we can give the voters a truly democratic choice."

I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones that shot out to me as good for political freedoms.
02-03-2005, 01:35
#4: Economic Collapse Looms!
2. "This is a catastrophe waiting to happen," says the Chamber of Commerce. "Think of the consequences! Without big business, where do the jobs come from? Where do we get our medicine? Our cars? Our latest fashions? There are dozens of useless regulations the government could abolish today to make life easier for commerce, and it's high time they did."

#36: International Community Comes Doorknocking
3. "Relief wouldn't hurt us... if we 'relieved' the right countries," suggests government advisor @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We give them a little humanitarian aid, they give us access to their @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ markets... it's win-win. Nothing wrong with a little quid pro quo, especially for a good cause."

That is, if you banned gambling before...this seems like a logical option.
#108: Gambling Interests Offer High Stake
1. "We are highly distressed at your decision to revoke our casino licences," says FamilyCorp. Representative "Fat Tony" @@RANDOMNAME@@, while sipping a glass of fine wine. "If the ban were to be revoked, think of all the money you could get from your cut of the profit. In addition, it would help ensure the safety of assorted members of @@NAME@@'s government. I think this is an offer that you should not refuse."

#161: Where There's A Will There's A Tax
1. "Every time I see a stupid rich kid having an easy ride of life with money they did nothing to deserve, I go into a jealous rage and start punching walls," says economically disadvantaged individual @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Abolish inheritance entirely! If the government takes the inheritance then we can spend all that cash on things that make ordinary people's lives better, like education, social welfare, and attack helicopters."

Again, there are probably a heck of a lot more, but these are the ones that stuck out.
02-03-2005, 02:16
One thing that you need to remember is that each of these issues are quite satirical, and that there are always going to be side effects for each decision you make. Before you answer an issue, think in your head, "Will this make my economy better or worse? Is this taking away from my citizens rights? Some of them won't be so obvious though, so good luck with that.
Green israel
02-03-2005, 09:58
ignore the gambling issue. for me it harm the economy.
Green communities
21-04-2005, 14:55
Does choosing the tax cut (option 4) for Budget time: accountants excited (issue 24), make your economy category worse? About a month ago I had this issue three times within a 2 week period and choose the tax cut every time, but my GDP/C crashed eventho I didn't choose any anti-economy options.
Light Keepers
22-04-2005, 05:41
:( I'm in the same boat here regarding my economy.

I had been doing fairly well for a while and had a "fair" economy. But something I voted on (don't remember what, but would still be in the original 30) made it completely plummet. Within 1 or 2 days of reaching "fair" it suddenly dropped really far down to "basket case"! I didn't think one issue, maybe two, could impact that severely and suddenly in such a short time.

But these issues already named will give me a good idea on what I could choose in the future should I get any of them. Thanks. *How would you suggest responding to issues 14,15,16, and 18 if they were to come up? (I've already had a couple of them but maybe chose poorly.) Do any of those directly hurt or help economic strength?
22-04-2005, 14:36
Here are some economy issues:

#138: Keep The Greenbelt Green, Say Protesters
2. "I agree with my colleague here, but he doesn't go far enough," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, a city planner. "These protestors are standing in the path of progress. It slows the growth of our economy and harms my portfolio - er - the future of our nation, I mean. It's unpatriotic and we should increase police funding to deal with these troublemakers. Then we wouldn't have to worry about greenbelts or any other nonsense about keeping the 'environment' safe. Think about it for a moment!"

#126: Outsourcing An Outrage, Say Demonstators
3. "The only reason that companies are so unwilling to stay here is because of the constricting regulations," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, a ridiculously wealthy businessman. "Everytime my company tries to make a decision, we run up against about a million laws forbidding us from our ventures. Since when has making money been a crime? Allow more economic freedom and companies will be simply flocking to this country. The workers will suffer a bit from losing minimum wage laws, of course, but that's progress for you."

#16: @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ Workers Strike!

2. "We pay our employees very generous wages," says employer representative @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Especially when you consider that without us, they'd be OUT ON THE STREET. Hear that, you scumbags? OUT ON THE STREET! Anyway, my point is, if you cave in, you make our entire industry uncompetitive. You can't do that in the global marketplace. It'll hurt the whole country. The best solution, economically speaking, would be to relax industrial laws and allow us to fire troublemakers on the spot."

#31: Get Efficient, Private Sector Tells Nature
1. "Have you been to the beach lately? It's disgusting," says company spokesperson @@RANDOMNAME@@. "There's litter, there's teenagers smoking, and there are people enjoying themselves without paying for it. Let the private sector in on this, and @@NAME@@'s beaches will be the talk of the region! And a nice little earner, too."

#41: Software Giant Stomps on Competition
1. "These allegations are absolutely ludicrous!" shouts Microcosm CEO @@RANDOMNAME@@ from out the window of his 90-foot stretch limo. "Just because rival companies are incapable of producing products as brilliant as mine is no reason to punish ME! I say it's high time we abolish these idiotic antitrust laws and give big business the freedom to serve the public better. After all, I'm in this business for the people!"

#73: @@NAME@@ - Without Cars, Going Nowhere Fast
1. "The government was being utterly stupid in banning cars, especially at the whim of a bunch of nutjob, tree-hugging bicyclists!" cries @@RANDOMNAME@@, CEO of Coo' Stuff, Inc. "My workers are constantly late, they don't work as much because they have to leave early to walk or bike home... leaving this ban in place will only murder the economy!"

#80: Easter Egg: Aliens Wish Peace/Trade Agreement
1. "Take us to your kneader!" says Uw ydderf, alien lawyer. "We have heard wonders of @@NAME@@'s pizza, and must have it. We are certain that a valuable trade route can be set up between our peoples. You could have our first born, for example." Your Secretary of Trade is shocked, "First Born?! That's slavery!" but quickly calms down upon discovery that their young are considered a great delicacy there. "You know, maybe we should open up trade with them?"

#83: High-Speed Monorail Service Promises Connections
2. "I disagree," says @@RANDOMNAME@@ of Vroom-A-Zoom-Zoom. "If people are worried about the costs, why not let the monorail service be a private company? That way, it will have to compete with other industries and make a profit. And don't forget that'll bring in more tax revenue. Of course, that would make fares too pricey for a lot of people, but the rich would probably use it a lot!"

#89: "Don't Dam Our Rivers, Damnit!" Say Protestors
2. "Think before you open your mouth," says engineer @@RANDOMNAME@@. "While @@NAME@@ may have to pay the price in animal diversity, as well as adverse effects on the environment, do we really want fossil-fuel based plants polluting @@NAME@@? If you use your common sense, I think you'll find that damming some rivers would be a good idea. Plus, think of how much the economy would benefit from all the jobs these projects would create."

#97: Landfills Filling Up

4. "You're all missing the real solution," argues @@RANDOMNAME@@, president of the '@@NAME@@ First!' society. "Why should we bother building landfills at all? I'm sure that there are plenty of less-fortunate countries out there who would be more than happy to take our litter in return for some cash."

#105: Compensation Culture Must End, Say Corporations
1. "It's crazy!" cries @@RANDOMNAME@@, CEO of Sharp 'n' Pointy Things Incorporated. "These people should simply not be allowed to put the blame on us if they mindlessly abuse our products! I'd have thought it would be common sense not to stick hand your in a blender to 'see if it was working properly'. We need to outlaw these ridiculous lawsuits so I can get on with my business and those working in the law profession can get on with theirs."

#112: Put The Phone Down On Cold Calling?
2. "This must be a joke," retorts insurance sales solicitor @@RANDOMNAME@@, in between cold calls. "Telemarketing and door-to-door sales are some of the most effective methods of increasing revenues. Banning them would be a huge blow to business, and put thousands of workers out of their jobs! Let's face the facts - @@NAME@@ needs an economy, and banning cold calls isn't the best of ways to improve it. One way you could improve it would be to, say, give us some government funds. For the sake of @@NAME@@, of course."

#152: A Capital Idea
1. "GREED IS GOOD!" bellows @@RANDOMNAME@@, a famous advocate of capitalism. "The economy is stagnating terribly under government control. Complete privatisation is the only option here. It's time to give power back to the people! Well, rich people, anyway..."

This is all I've thought of so far, there might be more...