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Odd randdom name....

North American
26-02-2005, 00:02
Just got this issue...
The Issue

Prospecting company Nukes4U has uncovered a large uranium deposit in North American's south-west.
The Debate

1. "This is terrific find!" claims Nukes4U CEO Violet Dredd. "It will provide an enormous stimulus to our economy and create thousands of new jobs. It's win-win! All we need from the government is permission to bulldoze the rainforest that's on top of the deposit."

2. "You've got to be kidding," says Green politician Buy Mombota. "This rainforest is thousands of years old! This country needs more environmental protection, not less. And to destroy the environment in order to mine uranium that then goes into nuclear bombs--well, that really sticks in my craw."

3. "There's no need for an either-or decision," says the government's Minister for Mining, Clear-Felling, and the Environment. "We can preserve most of the rainforest and allow mining of a small part. After all, think of all the good that the money from this uranium deposit can bring to North American."
Look at the CEO's name. Anyone we know? [violet] and [dredd]? :D
The Zoogie People
26-02-2005, 00:10
And the CEO of Nukes4U, too!
New Commustan
26-02-2005, 17:19
Once I got a an issue with this

"Anne-Marie Bush, who happens to be your brother"