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New Issue: Hard time or Primetime?

21-02-2005, 01:39
A friend of mine had this idea for an issue a long time ago, but never got around to finishing it and then ended up leaving NS all-together. Now I'd like to take over where he left off, so here it goes....

The Xerxes Broadcasting Corporation (XBC), the nation’s largest television broadcasting company has demanded that the government allow it to begin recording its controversial new show "The Trials of Grievance", which allows criminals to fight for their freedom in a series of grueling obstacles, whilst trying to avoid or eliminate all other criminals vying for the same goal.

[option] "It’s not as crazy as it sounds." Says producer @@randomname@@. "If we give criminals the choice to take part in this show we can give them a lighter sentence or even grant them freedom, depending on how popular they are with viewers. That way we can lower crime, decrease the amount of criminals crowding out our jails and make a lot of money in doing so. Sure, the other criminals might die, but hey… our streets will be that much safer with them gone."
[effect] criminals can now fight for their freedom on TV while the losers end up seriously injured or even dead
[stats] civil rights decrease, economy increases, crime decreases, size of government decreases

[option] "Great idea, but it’s not going far enough!" Declares NRA Representative @@randomname@@. "We should make it compulsory for criminals to enter AND have our soldiers fight them in order for them to give them a more realistic feel of the battlefield! Never mind the fact that our soldiers already have enough training for them to win every time!"
[effect] the new TV show where criminals try to win their freedom while trained soldiers easily massacre most of them is a hit
[stats] civil rights decrease significantly, crime decreases significantly, military spending increases, size of government increases

[option] "You’re not honestly going to listen to these lunatics, are you!?" Argues criminal psychologist @@randomname@@. "This is blatant violation of the rights of criminals! If you really want to lower crime, do it by rehabilitation and create companies that give jobs only to criminal and send their products to the government only. That way once they have done their time they will already have a trade and private companies won’t be harmed either by more competition. All we need to do is increase taxes to pay for it."
[effect] a new string of companies that employ criminals as a way to rehabilitate them have sprung up
[stats] civil rights increase, size of government increases a bit, taxes increases

So how's my issue?
21-02-2005, 02:40
Awesome!! Very original. I hope it gets accepted! :)
21-02-2005, 02:49
21-02-2005, 07:21
In my completely unbiased opinion*, this is, quite possibly, the single best issue I've ever seen. Neigh, it IS the single best issue I've ever seen, which, when you think about it, is a truly amazing thing, considering that of all the issues that ever have been or ever will be in all of space and time, we are here to witness this single greatest issue of them all.

I hope to see it come across my desk soon.

-Emperor Hyperion

*Unbiased, in that way that he is only a member of my region and an officer in our military.
21-02-2005, 15:17
Very good. Now if you have over 500 million people, you could submit it.
21-02-2005, 17:19
That's an awesome issue! Great job! Wish I could've thought of something like that. :headbang: Hope it gets accepted.