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Why won't my nation adopt this law?

15-02-2005, 19:38
I voted for something in my legislation, and It was supposed to be adopted overnight. That was five days ago. What's wrong?
15-02-2005, 19:42
It's a common bug - simply exit your region then rejoin it and it'll fix itself.
16-02-2005, 17:18
I was in the South Pacific and it's Password Protected. ne1 know the password?
16-02-2005, 17:37
The South Pacific does not have a password.
16-02-2005, 20:04
It says I need one to move my country in there.
16-02-2005, 21:10
It says I need one to move my country in there.
The South Pacific is a non-passworded Feeder region with over 7,000 nations, and is open to all.

South Pacific is a player-created passworded region with 86 nations, and is controlled by its UN Delegate, Madouvit.

Either move to the former or telegram the latter. There's nothing we can actually do for you.
17-02-2005, 14:18
Actually, my region was using the South Pacific to mount an invasion of one of the Warzones, and someone password protected it to stop us. That's what I was told, anyway.