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truckers demand more roadbuilding

13-02-2005, 21:24
hi guys this is my first attempt at this so bear with me

option 1
truck drivers union leader red barclay says hell what is happening out there
the roads are so congested it is affecting us doing our jobs we demand the
goverment builds more roads so what if a few houses and acres of forest need to disapear it will mean we will be able to deliver the goods sooner and faster thereby boosting the economy

option 2
build more roads thats just enviromental suicide says well known enviromental expert professer gerald mooney the ozone layer is thinning causing globalwarming that will eventually lead to the polar ice cap melting thereby raising ocean levels that will lead over time to half the country being under w ater

option 3 town hall janitor erline johns replies so what if the country will be underwater and temperatures will rise i won,t be around to see it let the goverment build more roads but hey lets make the truckers pay for them by charging tolls lets see if they still want to drive then?
13-02-2005, 21:35

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