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New issue: Free internet for schools!

13-02-2005, 21:20
Name: Free internet for schools!

Description: Over the pas five years, the amount of internet connections and computers in primary, secondary schools and universities has decreased dramatically.

Validity: Every nation with civil rights of “fair” and above.

[option]”I strongly agree,” says @@RANDOMNAME@@, an advisor on the Ministry of Education. “Giving education-institutes free access to internet improves access to information. Government subsidy would only be a mere 15 million @@CURRENCY@@’s a year.”
[effect]Civil rights increases
[stats]The civil rights on your main country page will increase.

[option]”Ï disagree,” says @@RANDOMNAME@@, a random passer-by. “I want my tax money to go to something different then on free internet-access for youngsters.”

[option]”I’m afraid for the safety of the users,” says teacher @@RANDOMNAME@@. “Children can easily be exposed to scams, viruses, etc. If we do implant this, I suggest the government also provides for better anti-virus software and a course on how to use internet. I also call for a filter which filters out bad sites. However, this will cost 35 million @@CURRENCY@@ a year.”
[effect]Civil rights rises
[stats]Civil rights rises on your country’s main page, but 50% of the amount of number one’s.
Mutual Liberty
14-02-2005, 05:36
What you have listed under effects is actually stats. Effects is a short sentence that will go into your description for a while. Stats is civil rights increase, etc...

For the stats, we don't know how the system works, so I'd say just point out general directions for it, and let the mods decide how much to increase/decrease.

I would also dump the validity. It's an issue that makes sense for any nation.

From there, I would go to something like this, one proposing it, say something about it being a wonderful learning tool, then be like "who cares if we'll have to give up a few @@CURRENCY@@s, think of the children!"

One saying that it's a good idea, but it doesn't go far enough, maybe something about providing free internet to every home? With maybe a sly remark making them out to be loony communists (don't worry, I'm a communist, but I like making fun of our kind).

One saying it's a rediculous idea, and the government should get all the way out of the internet, and let service providers set prices as they see fit, with a sly remark at the end that makes them out to be heartless far righters, and that the internet prices are basically about to skyrocket. The effect in this case would be maybe "schools have begun selling advertising space in textbooks to be able to afford skyrocketing internet access prices".

If you want, you could also throw in some crazy religious guy talkinga bout how the internet needs to be controlled.