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Demonic Terrorists
12-02-2005, 02:31
"We are the backbone of this country, and we demand a fair wage rise!" says union leader George W. Bush. "I don't think a 20% increase over two years is too much to ask. Unless the government forces employers to give us our due, we'll shut this whole industry down! Let's see how well Demonic Terrorists's economy manages without any Arms Manufacturing, huh?"

Don't sound like Dubya to me. :D
Evil Woody Thoughts
12-02-2005, 03:21
Not the first time that's happened, people have also reported that Bush advocates abortion :D

His name sure seems to come up a lot for a 'random' name generator, doesn't it? :rolleyes:
12-02-2005, 03:57
125,034 nations.
One or two issues daily.
@@randomnames@@ probably < 100

Not that improbable, is it?
12-02-2005, 04:02
Not that improbable, is it?
Aww, math ruins eall the fun.