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New issue: Tazers

11-02-2005, 18:22
Already used in some polices forces in the United States, the stun weapons temporarily paralyze people with a 50,000-volt jolt delivered by two barbed darts whose current can penetrate clothing.

The debate:

1. "Im all for it," says police chief @@RANDOMNAME@@. "When police arrive at a crime-scene, or people turn violent against the police in other situations, the police can use this weapon. It could save many officers' lives."

2. "Abosulutely not," says health-activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I know of an incident where someone went into cardiac arrest and died. And another incident involved a teenager going into cardiac arrest."

3. "This is absolutely outrageous!" says human-rights activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Dictators can equip their officers with this to severely injure people who oppose their regime!"
11-02-2005, 19:46
Well, there is no "United States" in NS. Strike this reference.

Your second option has two sentences that say the same thing, basically.

The whole issue needs more padding. It's quite short. I would add more about the non-lethal nature of the weapon, and how it would save lives on both sides of the law.

To the second option, talk about how it's still unproven and untested technology. Something to that effect.

It also appears that you're new. This is a good idea for an issue, but you have to wait until you have 500 million population to submit. Read the Issues Submission Guidelines as well. You need to follow the format, and add [effects] and [stats].