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Poontang and Spoons
02-02-2005, 18:15
Title - Warring Nation Begs @@CURRENCY@@s

Description - One of your allies has decided to "liberate" a smaller nation run by an oppressive, fascist government. They ask your support, politically, militarily, and financially.

Validity - Isn't this happening somewhere else in the world?

Variables - Affects the economy, the arms manufacturing industry, and defense spending.

[option]"Our forces are woefully inadequate, SIR!" barks Gen. @@RANDOMNAME@@, of the Coalition for Liberation. "Just two days ago, we ran out of ammunition while attacking a known enemy safehouse! Our weapons are a joke! We are running low on troops! We need @@NAME@@ to help supply us with the means to WIN THIS, SIR!"
[effect]the government has been pouring resources into foreign wars halfway around the world
[stats]arms manufacturing industry becomes stronger, economy goes down, defense goes up

[option]"The government is going to do WHAT?!" moans @@RANDOMNAME@@ of the Give Peace a Chance organization. "This war is illegal, immoral, and a general outrage! I can't see how these people can sleep at night. The government of @@NAME@@ needs to issue an official condemnation of this war, and all the Coalition of Liberation stands for!"
[effect]the citizens in general have a firm anti-war stance
[stats]arms manufacturing becomes weaker, defense spending goes down

[option]You receive an anonymous comminuqué. "The government of @@NAME@@ needs to give aid to the war effort, yes, but not to the Coalition. Who is on the side of justice here? Is it not we, the freedom fighters, defending our homeland against foreign invaders?"
[effect]the government has been secretly supplying guerilla fighters in foreign nations with money and weapons
[stats]arms manufacturing becomes stronger, economy goes down
02-02-2005, 21:25
Think your effects are a little backwards here. Arms contracts would boost the economy, though it would increase government spending for defense if you've giving them away. Effects of helping could be more foreign contracts in the newly liberated country - another economy boost, and the opposite for failing to support.

How about another peacenik option to send only humanitarian relief?

comminuqué should be communiqué.