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Issue Idea: Police Discipline

Cascadia Atlanticus
29-01-2005, 02:19
Here's another idea for a NS issue:

Citizens are protesting because of recent cases of police brutality and blatant disregad of citizens' civil rights. A debate ensues about the proper means of disciplining police officers who get out of control.

1. Famous trial lawyer: "The police are not above the law! If they wrong a citizen, they should have to compensate that person for their losses! It doesnt matter that we have criminal laws that already apply to the police -- If police officers know they'll have to pay for their mistakes out of their own pockets, they'll be a whole lot fewer mistakes, I'll bet ya."

2. Prosecutor: "If the police commit a crime in the performance of their duties, they should be subject to the criminal process, just like anybody else. This is all you need to keep the police in line, I can guarantee that."

1. Chief of Police: "This is an internal police matter. I can discipline my officers effectively without any intereference from anybody else! We don't need any of these other proposals -- especially the bit about making the officers defend themsevles in a frrivolous lawsuit! Will you people please let me do my job?!"
29-01-2005, 17:32
What about stats? What makes the economy go up? What makes civil rights go down? etc. etc.
Cascadia Atlanticus
29-01-2005, 17:57
What about stats? What makes the economy go up? What makes civil rights go down? etc. etc.

Hmm. I'd say going with the police chief would make civil rights go down (no outside supervision of the police). Also, you might say that choosing the lawyer's suggestion could make crime go up (police will be discouraged from serving on the force for fear of going bankrupt via lawsuit).

You might increase taxes for picking th prosecutor's argument, since it takes more resources to process more cases.

What do you think?