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issue idea: humanity ad nauseum

22-01-2005, 18:53
This year's cencus has shown that @@name@@'s population is higher than ever and growing fast, raising questions about the sustainability of massive future generations.

"I say we make sure some people cannot procreate!" says hard-liner @@randomname@@, while being fondled by three gorgeous blondes, "Mandatory sterilization is the only way to keep the population under control. Who wants poor people, bums and prostitutes to multiply anyway? These are the people whose numerous children will cause major societal problems in future generations anyway; we could kill two birds with, errr, one snip."

"Its a well known fact that as education levels increase, birthrate decreases!" states human-rights activist @@randomname@@, while babysitting their twelve grandchildren, "Women with higher education and meaningful careers make more informed decisions about their families, and often choose not to have as many children, as early. We need to make sure contraception options are freely available to youth, and see that no one falls through the cracks of our education system!"

"A one-child per family limit seems reasonable to me." says senator @@randomname@@ "Everyone has the right to procreate, but hey, we've got to think about @@name@@'s future. Monetary penalties for going over the one-child limit would pay off the initial investment in...orphanages. The public must be made aware of the perils of overpopulation!"

"Restrict the population??? You guys must be nuts!" exclaims economist @@randomname@@ "Any economy that isn't growing constantly is stagnating. We need an ever-growing workforce! Besides, the demographics just don't stack up: we'd end up with a huge elderly population being supported by a working generation half its size, slowly leeching the economy of its power. What we need is to encourage folks to have children. So what if exponential population growth takes a toll on the environment and sustainable consumerism? We've got to compete on a global scale in this day and age"

I wasn't sure about the stats that would be affected. suggestions for stats and anything else would be most welcome.
22-01-2005, 19:03
Oh, I just read the sticky and it sayed that I can't submit an issue until my nation has 500 million people. Damn!

ah well. any comments are still welcome, and I'll just save it till then