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Pensioners in Protest question

Gran Cienaga
09-01-2005, 23:50
I want to pick option two for this issue to keep the size of the government down, but are there any really bad effects to the second option (such as dropping civil rights down to zero)?

The Issue
Falling standards at Gran Cienaga's retirement homes have prompted OAPs to take to the streets and demand better treatment.

The Debate
"There needs to be more done for the elderly," says Stephanie Spirit, a resident of 'This Old Man' retirement home. "We can't work to support ourselves anymore, and the pensions we get are measly. We need more benefits such as higher standards of living, free bus tickets, and a continuous supply of dollars. All it requires is a little more generosity on the part of the tax payers - after all, we fought the war for their sort."

"I'm not giving any of my hard-earned wages to a bunch of old fossils," says Stephanie Hanover, a devout tax payer. "If they weren't smart enough to save enough money for their later years, then why should the government pay out for them now? They had their chance and they didn't take it. If they really want money so bad, they can go out and work for it like everyone else."