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Political activism.

21-12-2004, 20:31
"Religious organizations are being forced to leave the country or pay income taxes like everybody else, political activists are routinely executed, citizens are bombarded with advertising from their compulsory minature radios, and new urban roads are threatening city parks."

Today I noticed that my Political Freedoms went up to Rare from Outlawed where they usually reside. A little bird tells me that executing political activists actually increases Political Freedoms. Could someone explain this to me, or otherwise fix this minor oversight?
21-12-2004, 22:11
Thats odd, political freedoms shouldn't go up because you routinely execute political activists.

I think its a bug, but are you sure you didn't deal with another issue that could have raised political freedoms?
21-12-2004, 22:17
I'm very careful about that. That's what annoys me so much to have such rampant political activism appear in my nation. ;-)