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Pico de gallo
11-12-2004, 04:31
pretty new to the game...thought i'd post s question about the options available on the issues, using the child gambling issue i just got as an example.
issue in general: there is a problem with kids gambling.
opt 1: ban gambling for everyone (including adults)
opt 2: let kids gamble.

what? where's the middleground? why can't i say "gee, kids gambling is bad, they could loose all their lunch money and not be able to buy chewing gums and candied apples. but you know, their father might enjoy a little game of chance from time to time and the tax revenue could pay for (?). so i think we should ban child gambling and allow adults to gamble."

i can only choose to be unrealistic and ban all gambling, or be a monster and promote CHILD gambling.

perhaps since i', new i have yet to realize the subtle ways in which this game forces you to choose what is at the fundamental core of your beleifs (ie. if kids shouldn't gamble it must be bad. if it's bad why to you want adults to do it?) but in the realm of a POLITICAL simulation boiling issue down like this seems odd.

could someone explain this, or at least their take on it? someone who has seen more than the twelve or so issue i have....

Pico de Gallo - Spicy Hot!
Nation of Fortune
11-12-2004, 04:38
or you could dissmiss the issue
17-12-2004, 07:33
The game was meant to promote the book Jennifer Government and, as such, all the issues tend to take political viewpoints to the extremes. Issues are used to create a UN category of nation or, as I did, you can fumble around for the first few months chosing the option closest to your political views and have your nation's UN category keep changing, your tax and crime rate climb. It's a learning experience but it's fun.