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Issues positions far to extreme.

29-11-2004, 14:48
What is it with the issues? I end up dismissing more than I select as the offered opions are always on the extreme. Why is everything offered like this:

You find a single joint in your daughter's bedroom

a) She's a good kid, you forget about it and don't mention it.

b) You Kill her and have another kid.

How about some more realistic options that would better meet the actual needs. For example, I got the issue of the drug users causing trouble at places of work. The only options were "Create laws banning it in public", and "Legalize more". I dismissed this one as neither answer was what I would consider proper. Where was the "allow companies to set policy for intoxication at the workplace" option?

For over a week now, I have had 2 issues a day and only accepted a position on 3 of them because the stands were, in my opinion, improper. And even in those cases, I was annoyed that the stand was taken to an extreme. Just because I think some form of tariff is a good idea in some cases does not mean I would favor "punitive tariffs". And in all actuality I probably would have favored a a national "Buy Dukieland" program to foster good will to the local companies over tariffs as a first round, but non-extreme options never seem to be offered.
29-11-2004, 14:59
OOC: They are extreme because this site was made as a light-hearted advertisement for the book "Jennifer Government".
GMC Military Arms
29-11-2004, 15:18
Somone didn't read the FAQ...

Why is my nation so weird?

Everything is exaggerated a little. Well, okay, a lot. Your decisions affect your nation very strongly, so your country might seem like a more extreme version of what you were aiming for. Unless you have radical politics. In which case you probably think nothing's wrong.

My decision had unintended consequences!

Yep, that'll happen. For one thing, see "Why is my nation so weird?" above. For another, pretty much every decision you make will involve a trade-off of some kind. It's kind of an exercise in choosing the best of a bunch of bad options. You might find this frustrating, especially if you're the kind of person who thinks the solutions to all the world's problems are obvious.